Daily News - February 2012

Wednesday 29 February

Ron Paul Beats Obama In New Poll… Again!
RIOTS: Asylum-seeking jewel thief, Salim Mahamoud, jailed
July 7 bomber's widow 'on the run' over links with terrorist cell
3 sex attacks on lone women in Southampton in last 24 hours - Asian sought
‘Slave’ ordeal of the young bride beaten by her brutal husband, Bilal Hussain, and his mother
Girls raped during trip to Belize sue former school
ASBOs for Leszek Lipski, Miroslaw Kosmala and Marek Brandt - That'll stop 'em!!!
Post Office worker, Ketan Petal, jailed for scamming elderly customers
"Dangerous" Danhi Smith "is described as black"
Al-Shabaab: the growing menace
Abuse of power! Controversial court cases/inquests to take place in secret!
Lib Dem peer says Israel will not last for ever
DRUGS: Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool branded 'no-go' areas by UN
BURY: Mosque would enrich town’s culture!
£1 in every £7 spent on policing goes on paying pensions of retired officers!
Cops guilty of 'unforgivable' failure to investigate extent of phone hacking says Lib Dem MP
Chris Tappin extradition: Government was 'deaf and blind to the possibility of injustice'
EU-hugger Jack Straw calls for the EU Parliament to be scrapped!!!
Let's vote over gay marriage!
Who was the New Town built for? Artist impressions show only white folk!
Millionaire Chris Huhne, forced from office by prosecution, wants £17k taxpayer pay-off
Keystone Cops missed desperate, screaming 999 call from murdered Chinese family
The great social engineering flop: Poor miss out on university boom
Britain failing the elderly say Health Chiefs
Met Police and News International were 'intensely close' says MP
Archbishop of Canterbury says law has no right to legalise same-sex marriage

Tuesday 28 February

Police found Uzi at drug dealer Eurel Wilson's home
OAP so terrified of burglars he slept in armchair instead of bed is murdered... by burglar
Sleeping pills: a tiny dose can kill
Charlotte Church: "Multinational news corporation (Murdoch)... has sickened and disgusted me"
Sun journalist 'given £150,000 to pay public officials in just two years'
Nigerian governor funded international playboy lifestyle with £50million fraud
British motorists pay up to 60% duty and VAT on petrol - highest figure in EU
Stuart Gulliver to receive £5.9m bonus on top of £1.25m basic wage despite mis-selling scandal
Patient's horror after nurses find rodent with teeth sunk into his neck
Foreigners to be offered free treatment for HIV on the NHS
Victoria Osoteku found guilty of stab death
Police rape investigations criticised

Monday 27 February

Now it's racist to twitter there are too many black players in a football team!
Vandalised cemetery blamed on new legal high. BBC don't mention it's sold in Polish shops
4 'non-nationals' carried out sex assaults on Kildare 14-year-old
First black actor to play Heathcliff sectioned for racially abusing ex-girlfriend
Unlicenced cab driver, Amir Bhatti, jailed for sex assaults on women
George Osborne: UK has run out of money! (I wonder if £12bn in foreign aid, billions wasted in Euro bailouts and huge numbers of immigrants on benefits (along with our own) has anything to do with it?)
Hans-Peter Friedrich tells Greece to exit eurozone! (Which is what all us non-economic, common-sense types have been saying from day one! Hundreds of wasted billions later, the German Interior Minister decides to come clean
Schmallenberg livestock virus hits 74 farms in England
Narraser Gordon: the liar who got a standing ovation from New Labour?
Phone and email records to be stored in new spy plan
Thousands of elderly may be forced to sell their homes
Red Ken used loophole to avoid paying £50,000 in tax
David Haye admits holding a glass bottle in Dereck Chisora brawl
Footballer Mark McCammon launches race discrimination claim
Lack of parental discipline is blamed for aggressive and anti-social children
Christianity gets less sensitive treatment than other religions admits BBC chief
Strauss-Khan invited to speak to students - Cambridge women disgusted
Fireman Sam creator branded a racist over quip to airport security
BNP leader Nick Griffin 'a sex pest who exposed himself to former glamour model'
No British blood should be shed in Syria’s civil war
Fraud allegations known before David Cameron chose families champion
Benefits families could pay off £1m mortgage
More teachers 'quitting the classroom over indiscipline'
We need reforms to protect the rights of Christians

Sunday 26 February

Harriet Harman's law on equality 'is anti-Christian' and unacceptable
Asylum seeker Hafedh Abdullah jailed for raping lone teenager
Boy punched, kicked and left with broken jaw by Asians
Sexual predator Abdi Ahmed laughed at his victims
Nurse Denita Williams, who left a 95- year-old alone in a broken chair overnight, struck off
Tanbir Hussain was looking after the £25,000, cannabis and cocaine for someone else!
Brothel Madam, Larissa Miesnieks, trapped by her laptop
Moynul Haque stabbed Muslim cleric stepfather to death
Sau Ying Maher struck off for putting lives of patients at risk
Isayas Yemane violently attacked friend of woman who rejected his advances: No jail time!
Reece Parillon gets 4.5 years for stabbing Wendy Toye 4 times
Gypsy murder: John Vincent killed Tommy Warde
Tharini Navaratnarajah fraudulently transferred £20,000 to Hossein Mehrabadi's account
Ezekiel Oladejo: no jail for hospital worker who stole £8,673 in benefits
'Squatter' living in a €1m house with his wife and the other woman
How Cherie Blair and New Labour's aristocracy plan to cash in on Tory health reforms
Kidnapped by USA: Our laws, freedom and people - Courtesy of the traitors in Westminster
'Gay marriage' to be taught in schools!
Christians sent to the lions yet again
Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs
Britain’s crime hot spots revealed

Saturday 25 February

Mansions built by Romanian Gypsy Rostas family who robbed passengers as they slept
The Dumitrus' gypsy gang told to pay back just £17.65 of £800,000 benefits they stole
'Who's got a lighter? Let's torch the place!' The words of riot thug, Gordon Thompson
Mundil Mahil got thugs to batter and set fire to TV exec she said tried to rape her
Havinder Shoker murdered Gagandip Singh
Sabir Hussain jailed over Bradford 'affair' killings
Brian Mudziwapasi charged with shooting at three officers
Manchester gun pair Kieron Bryan and Dean Fleming jailed
With lorries thundering past feet away, the squalid camp of the homeless immigrant
Rochdale violence raises fears over racial tensions in north-west England
5-year-olds and the gender identity industry: Kids given puberty suppressing drugs on NHS
Cameron's pathetic pandering to Clegg
Christopher Tappin: Preacher of hate has more rights than me says Brit extradited to USA
Taxpayer-backed Lloyds is £3.5bn in red after PPI scandal
Crimes in parks and shops revealed on new website
Lynne Featherstone tells Church 'don't polarise gay marriage debate'
British journalists working for Iranian TV arrested in Libya

Friday 24 February

Government lawyer kept me as a slave and tried to strangle me says nanny
Pratima Das, a low-caste Indian, was brought here as nanny and cleaner by Shibani Rahulan, principal legal adviser at Dept of Health
Isaac Hodges jailed for kidnap and torture
Gordon Thompson pleads guilty to burning down House of Reeves
Thornton Heath 16-year-old convicted of murder
4,500 offenders let off with caution having committed at least 15 crimes each
Girl, 15, gives harrowing account of being passed around Asian gang for sex
Rochdale 'child sex-ring' trial: Girl 'grabbed by throat'
BLAIR WARS: Marine Dylan Kemp found hanged at his home
Alvaston Park swans 'killed for meat'
Vermin plague blamed on reduction in bin collections - 1-in-4 notice rise in mice numbers
Back-to-work tsar quits after damning revelations! How can she STILL win £15m government deal?
Eric Boyce, MP, goes beserk in brutal fight at Commons
Darlington councillor Mark Burton jailed for sexual assault
Britain lets in 593,000 immigrants a year!
£6,000 a minute lost on benefit fraud and error
Jihadis recruited from gangs in Britain
Offenders to be given 16-hour-a-day curfews, under new plans
England riots lead to 1,500 convictions so far
I'll make it illegal to block mixed-race adoption says Gove
GPs make £162m out of 'ghost' patients
Illegal Immigrants Sleep On Streets
Rochdale takeaway attacked as youths clash with police
Burnley subway sex attacker facing jail
$15trillion fraud exposed by Lord James of Blackheath
Dr Raj Mohan admits abortions tantamount to 'female infanticide'
'Pregnant women have asked for terminations because they did not want their holidays spoilt'

Thursday 23 February

Labour MP held by police 'after brawling at Commons bar with Tories'
Germany rejects demand to stop castrating sex criminals as part of their punishment
Vicar Brian Shipsides raked in £30,000 conducting 250 sham marriages
15-year-old plied with alcohol and passed around Asian gang for sex
Gay football stars should come out and set an example says minister
Male students at top university banned from dressing as girls on pub crawls
We give £220m to ‘world’s terror CAPITAL’
Burglar freed on human rights rules back in jail
Mass immigration has changed our country for ever
Doctors giving women illegal abortions based on sex of their unborn baby no questions asked
MEP Nikki Sinclaire held in European Parliament fraud probe
BLAIR WARS: Iraq attacks kill 55 as Shia and police targeted
GPs make £162m out of 'ghost' patients

Wednesday 22 February

Mass immigration and how Labour tried to destroy Britishness!
Former doorman and cage fighter Liam Rockley gets just 3.5 years for killing Robert Holland
Pakistani sex gang accused of grooming underage girls
'Rochdale gang of 11 men plied young girls with drink and passed them around for sex'
Men gave girls alcohol and drugs and forced them to have sex, court hears
Andrzej Chranowski 'tried to tear out Christine Seymour's beating heart after stab attack
Two boys beaten and robbed by 15-strong Asian gang
Girl, 11, was 'willing' so Roshane Channer and Ruben Monteiro get just 40 months for raping her
Jordan Kagbo-Clarke jailed for 6 years for for robbery and violent sexual assault
Valentine's day murder in wembley: police seek Somali
Pregnant woman slashed in brutal Kilburn attack: cops looking for 3 black males
Olivier Danilo denies rape
Black teenager jailed for Gladstone Park sex attacks
Mateusz Zmujdzin jailed for Bonfire Night sex attack
Drug dealer, Rilwan Bankole, shot Richard Kwakye in head. Kwakye lived to murder Bankole's baby daughter
Brothel owner, Earl Warburton, murdered
I am bilingual and am almost always understood. Everywhere apart from my own country that is
'There's black people, then there's n*****s'
Darren Scully: ‘Some people won’t be happy until I am deported’
British journalist Marie Colvin killed in Syria
Nottingham Council handed out taxpayers' money corruptly - 10% of job placements, worth £960,000, went to companies connected to councillor in charge of scheme, Hassan Ahmed
4 former staff of Cameron's 'back to work' tsar arrested in major escalation of fraud inquiry
Britain WILL have to pay for the £110bn Greek bailout!
The rise and rise of Ms Incompetence: Border Agency boss rewarded for her failure
Strauss-Kahn arrested by French police for ‘complicity in pimping’
It's time to pull up the drawbridge: ban immigration for 5 years and give our youth a chance
Student, 19, sacked by Chinese restaurant for being WHITE
You pay £500 to rescue Greece! British families hammered again!!!
80% of babies born in London have foreign parents!
Two-thirds of London babies born to foreign parents
Failed Algerian asylum seeker (here for 18 years) demands £50,000 compo
Simon Burgess drowned after firefighters said they couldn't enter water for 'elf and safety reasons!

Tuesday 21 February

Nine-year-old among pupils excluded for racist abuse
Taxi driver, Zameer Arshad, jailed for Accrington sex attack on passenger
19-year-old white male confronted by three Asian youths
Truth about UK borders: Eurostar passengers let in unchecked, database of terrorists ignored, foreign students waved through
The border shambles that betrayed Britain
Europe needs more immigration says David Cameron and allies!
Multicultural society dead declares Pickles! Yet Cameron says we need more immigration?
We'll stand up for the majority: Minister signals an end to multiculturalism
Quarter of our smallest firms fearing collapse in the next two years
Jobless attending courses by 'back-to-work tsar paid £8m by the Government 'were ordered to sign blank timesheets'
Four-year £515m CCTV camera bill 'would buy 4,000 police'
One in four dementia sufferers prescribed dangerous 'chemical cosh' drugs
Welsh to get prostate cancer lifeline denied to the English
Dominique Strauss-Kahn faces questions over French prostitution ring
Jeremy Paxman: BBC is like declining empire over building projects
Gender Identity Disorder! Five-year-old boy lives as girl
210,000 people face alcohol death risk, warn doctors
Tycoon can use African law to fight divorce even though fortune made in UK, wife British and they live together here!
Cross-eyed rioter jailed for 8 years over £1m arson attack
Mother of boy asked 'Are you brown because you're from Africa?' slams school for branding episode a 'racist incident'
Border scandal: 500,000 passengers allowed to enter Britain without checks
Gay marriage: David Cameron faces church backlash over 'cultural vandalism'
Richard Dawkins, secularist campaigner against "intolerance and suffering", descended from slave owners

Monday 20 February

'Suspend back to work tsar': police launch fraud inquiry over job placements
Police shoot African immigrant 'brandishing sword' after Tasers fail to stop him
Lloyds Bank strips five directors of more than £1 million in bonuses
Frog 1 (Dad Hungarian immigrant, Mum Jew) styles himself man of the people
Drought summit as rivers in England dry up
210,000 people face alcohol death risk, warn doctors
A million youngsters face bleak future as bosses give what jobs there are to immigrants
Turkish chip shop owners sacked Kimberley Burrell for being English
Brawl thugs Haye and Chisora face boxing life ban - diversity at its most fluffy
More black people needed on Match of the Day says Sol Campbell
Letting gays marry would be wrong says former Archbishop
Gay, black cop wins his racial and sexual discrimination against Scotland Yard
UK Border Agency slammed in report
Why are we paying millions in bonuses to the public sector?
William Hague warns Israel over Iran military action
China Is Stealing America's Business Secrets

Sunday 19 February

Being raped by a gang is normal says Isha Nembhard
Thus spake diversity & enrichment. Such are the gurus THEY raise up to destroy our daughters
CHISORA: "I'm going to shoot David Haye!"
Thus spake diversity & enrichment. Such are the icons THEY raise up for the sheeple to gawp at
Foreigners responsible for a QUARTER of all offenses in London! (How many more have second-generation immigrants committed?)
ENRICHMENT 2010: 591,000 foreigners IN - 339,000 Britons OUT!
Trainee GP stalked by ex-boyfriend Al Amin Dhalla reveals terrible truth
Haye and Chisora brawl after bout
24-hour drinking was a mistake (one of many) says Tony Blair's pet alcoholic
Chisora wears Union Jack like a mask: slaps world champ at weigh-in
Tory MPs' anger at having to pay more into their pensions
MoD staff paid £40m in bonuses while armed forces face deep cuts
Nothing works in modern Britain
Former Pakistan spinner Danish Kaneria accused in spot-fixing case
Greater Manchester Police 'stretched beyond capacity'
Tony Blair's charity refused aid funding
David Cameron should beware of making concessions to Alex Salmond
Education Sec says Equality Act doesn't extend to schools: some faith schools homophobic!
£1m payout to child asylum seekers
English cricket shamed as Westfield jailed for spot-fixing
Metropolitan Police lose track of 123 sex offenders

Saturday 18 February

Elliott Dearlove, 7, asks fellow pupil if he's brown 'cos he's from Africa.” Now he's a racist!
John Luper murder: Cops seeking info do not mention that at least two of his killers were black
Magdalena and Grzegorz Rzucidlo jailed for pepper spray attack on cop
Waltham Cross jewellery looter was on licence from jail - Adam O'Harro is black
Rioter Leandro Santosdesasevasconcelos left scene of a £20,000 jewellery raid empty-handed
East European crimewave in London - 11,000 offences committed in 2011
Incredulity at the Yard over politically-correct poetry contest
PIP implants: Over 2,800 referred for NHS care
4,000 Olympic seats go to US fat cats as millions of Britons miss out
Nepalese mob burns 'witch' alive
Young Person’s Guide to Emigration (Ethnic cleansing of Brits encouraged by media!)
I'm suffering from famous person fatigue
Civil servants allowed to claim for wear-and-tear of clothes - We pay!

Friday 17 February

Why was he ever let into the UK, asks family of couple murdered by Polish burglar
Ireneusz Bartnowski jailed for 'brutal and savage' murders
Sodiq Adeojo jailed for 30 years
Jordan Williams, Lennie John and Colin Aghatise get life terms for East Dulwich bus murder
30 years for Sodiq Adeojo, young athlete's killer
Gang of up to 4 black men hunted by police after burglary
Newsagent, Ajay Suchak, repeatedly caught selling alcohol to children
Equalities chief tells Christians: You’re no different to Muslims who want sharia law!
Blair said smashing opium trade was reason for invading Afghanistan. 10 years on heroin production up from 185 tons a year to 5,800!
Jewish human rights campaigner Councillor, Sarah Bevan, plays the 'Holocaust' card
UK 'could ignore Euro ruling on Qatada and face no real punishment', admits official
Our banks are brutish institutions run by brutes!
'Greece could be utterly destroyed by infighting in the Eurozone!'
Yet ANOTHER quango boss paid £235,000 in 'tax loophole' scheme despite crackdown pledge
Top judge's fury at £74,000 legal fee for a £13,000 claim
Rioter, Beau Isagba, 'facing long time in prison'
Greedy Euro MPs demand pay rise

Thursday 16 February

Police 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic'
Gang members Jordan Williams, Colin Aghatise and Lennie John guilty of murder
515 held in London anti-gang raids
Axeman rioter, Karl Smith, jailed for 5 years
Sex attacker Mohamed Kendeh committed crimes as he used human rights to stay deportation
£20,000 to find killer of Mark Corcoran (More than 40% of Croydon is non-native)
Failed Asylum Seeker Mohammed Gholamy stole £14,212.87 benefits - No Jail Time!
Polish man who repeatedly slammed police dog's head in a door walks free from court
Failed asylum seeker Abdel Zahali sues Home Office for £50,000
Luftur Rahman, Mayor of poor London borough, hires £1,000 a day personal aide
And still the banks betray our small firms!
Care-in-the-community nut (history of psychiatric illness) murdered Casey Kearney
BLAIR WARS: Soldier killed best friend checking weapon in Afghanistan
580 foreigners a DAY got jobs here last year as British unemployed soared
'Feed him to the crocodiles': Ben Fogle slams Sean Penn over anti-British attacks
Sean Penn should return his Malibu estate to the Mexicans
Britain has gone from God-fearing to God-jeering
'Screaming' boyfriend, Maysam Mayani, burned himself to death
Greeks brand Germans 'Nazis' for imposing cuts and 'taking control of their economy'
Yet again BBC omits to report ethnicity (Asian) of rapist!
Multicult Queen says CoE has 'duty to protect all faiths'. It doesn't! The LAW does!
Harmondsworth immigration centre protest sees arrests
Chris Huhne, MP, and ex-wife to appear in court
Olympic ticket 'secrecy' criticised

Wednesday 15 February

Kamran Khan gets 5 years for killing Daniel Lee - Shamin Uddin gets 9 months
Graduate offered Barclays job jailed after attempted burglary during riots
Gavin Hopley 10th Anniversary Demonstration
How political correctness is ruining Britain's police
They wear nappies, drink cola and don't know how to open a book (schoolkids)
That's what 'education, education, education', 50 years of treachery and a dumbed-down, drugged-up electorate has given us!
Children 'forced to shout Long Live Sarkozy!' when Frog One visited their school!
Family of Romanian pickpockets targeted more than 40 sleeping commuters
Al Amin Dhalla guilty of stalking girlfriend Alison Hewitt
Shamima was locked up and her hair cut off after family saw her kiss white man on birthday
Will any of them be prosecuted for racism? Nah, racism is only meant to do Whitey down!
Al Amin Dhalla guilty of stalking girlfriend Alison Hewitt
Sex-slave trial girl 'stabbed for smiling at man'
Cousin of killers rapper gets O.B.E at 24!
Daniel Smith - turned down for 1,500 jobs!
An Act Of Iranian Terror, Or A False Flag?
The British lose faith in meritocracy
The British lose faith in meritocracy - A Nationalist's View
Taxpayers lumbered with £438,000 'greenery' bill for MPs' office block!
Schools cash axe on dead heroes' children
The Preservation of Favoured Races in The Struggle for Life
Beware the oily diplomacy of U.S. politicians
The BBC's £877million 'politically correct sop to the regions and a waste of money'
Bangkok bombs: Israel accuses Iran - FALSE FLAG?
8 Premier League clubs ‘to go bust like Rangers’
SEAN PENN: 'Britain is colonialist, ludicrous and archaic'
Millions now cannot afford to retire
President Eisenhower had 3 secret meetings with aliens?
Libya tells United Nations: 'Gays threaten the future of the human race'

Tuesday 14 February

Linford Christie's son in court for 'supplying crack cocaine and heroin'
Bill Nighy attacks Britain's treatment of the elderly
'True' UK unemployment is 6.3m says TUC!
Paedophile cop raped girl, 8, and attacked girlfriends
Pensions slashed in £3 BILLION rip-off
Huge rise in visas for wealthy foreigners
'Mossad continues to use UK passports'
BBC shelved Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation 'to protect its own reputation'
70% of British adults have high blood pressure due to lifestyle
“Tell them to remember the concentration camps if they give you any ****"
Blasts In Bangkok 'Linked To Iran Revenge!' (Says who? False flag?)
Sean Penn (dad Jewish) attacks UK over Falklands
Back to jail for Asian top cop found guilty of corruption for a second time
Civil servant gets £27,000 expenses to travel from home to London job
Jobless family of 12 say more room needed - get 8-bedroom house - we foot bill
Britain being overtaken by 'militant secularists' says Baroness Warsi

Monday 13 February

'Reservoir Dogs', Martin Dias, Derwin Ellis and Aaron Miller kidnapped and tortured royal aide!
Illegal immigrant, Majid Mullaaga, jailed after raping young mother in street
Bristol rapist, Aden Muse, had 'need for violent sex'
Teenager raped by black man off Ealing Broadway
Met Police commander, Ali Dizaei, jailed for corruption
Orphan slave girl tells court of abuse by Muslims
VAT on household fuel is killing the elderly!
Brothers speak of sex abuse at the hands of paedophile priest Roy Cotton
West Midlands Ambulance Service blames cold for calls rise
BLAIR WARS: RAF man killed in Afghanistan
Driving licence scam - The BBC doesn't tell us the man behind the fraud is an orthodox Jew
Elderly freezing to death as fuel bills soar: Hypothermia cases double in 5 years
'Selfish’ commuters did not help 14-year-old Oliver Tiplady
Cops to get much easier access to the web-surfing habits and personal information of all Canadians
When patriotism is an unrequited love
Amareshwar Arava, Sai Kishore Balguri and Nishanth Puttapaka charged after stabbing
Sham marriages: one city prevents 70 in a MONTH!
Britain's first 'male mother'(courtesy of the PC Crowd)
Vitali Piscari ran international ATM scam from his bedroom
German village where almost every household has resident suffering cancer
Curb on hate cleric: security operation costs us £10,000 a week!
This human rights fiasco needs to be brought to an end

Sunday 12 February

Teenage girl raped by Asian
Mum and daughter paying respects in cemetery abused by 20-strong Asian gang
Landlord Naizali Mohmed must repay £32,000 from benefit fraud
Man wanted after ‘indecent behaviour’ on trains from Stratford
Concentration Camps for Africans Given Go-Ahead - IN ISRAEL!
Nuclear protester's murder - DNA evidence - British Intelligence involvement?
How does the State get away with grooming 13-year-old girls for underage sex?
Even if we kick Qatada out, his family will stay
171 cops assigned to investigate - 20 raid one home - 5 more Sun hacks arrested
Whitney Houston dies at Beverly Hilton Hotel
Our leaders lost their hearts to focus-groupies
RBS staff held in tax fraud investigation
Under-fire tax chief's £10,000 expenses bill for transatlantic trips
No basic English but free to drive
Time for the PM To wash his hands of Andrew Lansley
The abuse of the Human Rights Act
George Carey: time to say that Christians have rights too
Damilola Killer: "He was screaming his head off"

Saturday 11 February

'Humans are hardwired to fancy other races,' says let's-get-rid-of-Whitey crowd
Potty training for 18-year-olds! University instructs foreign students in use of loo!
More court cases to be held in secret, sweeping away 'centuries of fair trial protections'
Lithuanian immigrant, Vaides Juras, pleads not guilty to murder of his brother
Interpol accused after journalist arrested over Muhammad tweet
Obama Signed Executive Order Declaring War On Iran
Sun reporters, Cop, MoD and Military men arrested: Murdoch says Sun will continue
Black robbers sexually assault Gloucester woman
Top Jewish barrister, David Friesner, jailed for theft
Gary Narwain and Sarah Singh murdered Ricky Basra
Tafari Adams and Sean Youngsam charged in connection with death of Rico Gordon
Virus-carrying mosquito discovered in Kent and Essex
Christianity under attack!
Sex attacker has 'human right to family life' in UK but why is his family even here?
Your rights are trumped by gay equality
Christian leaders vow to fight council prayer ruling
Obama Signed Executive Order Declaring War On Iran
Professor Les Ebdon, 'the epitome... of the cult of educational mediocrity'
Gypsy 'caravan' gets police escort to ILLEGAL site after council forces residents out!
Dave's big fat silence on Gypsies
The Oligarch, the Old Etonian billionaire and Lord Mandelson's integrity
All three of the above are Jewish
Striking a blow for freedom of the Press
Looter whose gang stole £400,000 worth of designer clothes jailed
Damilola's dad calls for inquiry after son's killer recalled to prison second time
Judge casts doubt on criminal's human rights reform
Abu Qatada: the evil let loose on our streets

Friday 10 February

Muslim dad jailed over rape and impregnation of his own daughter
Shy? Eccentric? Unconventional? Sad when your mum dies? YOU'RE NUTS say mindbenders!
Pakistanis locked a deaf child in a cellar and, for 10 years, used her as a sex slave!
Three Muslims jailed over gay-hate leaflet
Ray Honeyford: Racist or right?
British children are culture starved, study says
Justice Ouseley outlaws centuries-old tradition of prayers being said begore council meetings!
Yet another race hate attack in Manchester area by Asian gang
Nat Rothschild loses libel battle re. Mandelson/Russian oligarch deal! (All 3 Jewish)
Guide to the Horrible Youth Unemployment Mess in Europe
20 Ways the Recession has Changed how Young Adults See the World
'Plot to kill pope' sparks Italian media storm
Young Girls Forced Into Marriage in England
Muslims push for abolishing of age restrictions on marriage?
‘Families champion’ Emma Harrison's reward for failure? £8.6million in one year!
Universities drop maths because students AND THEIR LECTURERS can't cope with it!
British pupils fall behind as schools deny them chance to study core subjects!
Drivers who smoke pot up to 3 hours before driving ‘double risk of serious accident’
Bishops fight to save NHS chaplains
Royal Bank of Scotland cancels pensioners' free lunch
Elderly told: go back to work and downsize (You slags?)
Muslim gang who planned to blow up Stock Exchange jailed
Nine jailed over bomb plot and terror camp plan
Extremist preachers now radicalising young Muslims in private homes
Kick out Qatada NOW demand MPs!
'Nazi stag party’ MP accused of texting and dozing at Auschwitz
£1.2m funding for girl gang rape victims

Thursday 9 February

Gavin thought Afzal Arif was abusing a relative. Arif heard of his suspicions and killed him
Of the 29 'Most Wanted' by Greater Manchester Police, 18 are foreign!
4,800 London 'soljas' blamed for rapes, murders and shootings
With world population rising the era of low food prices is over
Girl of 13 faced online hate campaign for reporting she had been raped
Something has gone wrong with British justice.
Former councillor Jeffrey Burton dies in jail after stabbing neighbour, 70, to death
Romanian kids and women in ‘deaf and mute charity scam’
UK has Europe's highest rate of homes without jobs
6-fold rise in underage girls given contraceptive implants in past 5 years
England manager Fabio Capello quits over John Terry race row
Whose side are the BBC on?
Football's anti-racism boss branded a racist: he called Asian fan a 'coconut'
Coalition fails in its duty to keep us safe
Ken Livingstone in Tories 'riddled with homosexuals' row

Wednesday 8 February

Dana Baker: latest victim of the PC Crowd and their immigrant footsoldiers
Beaten senseless for being white! Teen fights for sight after Asian gang attack
BBC tells its staff: don’t call Qatada extremist
Milly Dowler killer Levi Bellfield seeks appeal
Dr Hassan Khan jailed for sex assault
Landriston Macanda raped young mum at knifepoint
Ten foreigners jailed for Nottingham churches' sham marriage conspiracy
Judge catches clerk, Debasish Majumder, looking at PORN during rape trial!
Hate preacher Hamza may be freed after bail ruling on Abu Qatada!
Ken Clarke: Abu Qatada hasn't committed a crime and it's not EU's fault he was released!
Kick out hate cleric and become nation’s hero, MPs urge May
As Mrs May was being beaten up, the Lib Dems kept very quiet
Fury as contraceptive implants secretly given to girls aged 13

Tuesday 7 February

Sebastian Gryglewski gets 6 years for rape of teenager
London 2012: USA firm to print Olympics tickets! The treachery NEVER stops!
UK could face growing threat from 'lone wolf' terrorists returning from fighting overseas
Mohammed Imran Amjad charged with ‘sex grooming.’ 5 others are to appear in court
Editor of The Sun: 'Page 3 girls can be role models and a force for good!'
Women across the UK call to ban Page 3
Haslingden Muslim who groomed young girl on Facebook jailed
How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children
'I will reveal the names of Hollywood paedos that abused me,' says Corey Feldman
Weight-loss clinics handing out dangerous slimming drugs with lethal side effects
Bin Laden's 'ambassador in Europe' free in days. Judge says he can take child to class!
Why so soft on dodgy doctors? 7,000 complaints in a single year? Just 11 struck off!
Thousands of children start school without being toilet trained!!!
Archbishop John Sentamu gets racist emails from lovely, fluffy gay marriage types
Face of trainee chef left for dead 'by Asian gang in hate crime attack'
Shot girl of 5 'died' twice: She will never walk again court told
Killer's 'family life' plea thrown out - Nepalese thug CAN be removed from Britain
ANOTHER Catholic priest guilty of sexually abusing boys

Monday 6 February

Kazeem Kolawole, Anthony McCalla and Nathaniel Grant deny shooting 5-year-old
Councillor Shelina Akhtar sacked for benefit fraud
'Extraordinarily dangerous' radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada will be freed within days
Social workers seize baby after his grandmother failed to pay a speeding fine!
Ayatollah Khamenei: "The Zionists and the Great Satan (America) will soon be defeated!”
Unheard of Murder!
Unreported gang attack by Asians on white boys
Sarkozy spends £10k a day on food and keeps 121 cars under his palace
Capello speaks out in defence of John Terry: faces crunch meeting with boss David Bernstein
I'll go to jail for free speech: Joey Barton defiant on John Terry
War vet died an hour after nurse Carmelita Castro refused to call for an ambulance
Now MPs are visiting Abu Hamza at Belmarsh to canvass his views
NHS hospitals cater for 120 languages costing £23m a year on translators!
Why is fiddling peer, Baroness Uddin, still in her low-rent flat?
Aid may be ‘a peanut’ to India, but not to us
Fury as war crimes suspect is allowed to stay in Britain
Time for soft-touch Britain to get tough on immigration
2,785 British Jobs Advertised in Romania!
Radical Muslims 'target young inmates in prison’
Alex Salmond compares BBC boss with Nazi official
Prominent Tory, Tim Montgomerie, disowns 'religious right' and supports gay marriage
Was drug gang chief, Ali Armagan, assassinated by Tottenham Boys?

Sunday 5 February

Secret testing of 30,000 blood transfusion patients as CJD fears escalate
If Scotland secedes 'Hadrian's Wall' will be patrolled to stop illegal migrants entering England!
Polish builders are squatting in Army homes and living there for free!
'Terror link' pilot, Samir Jamaluddin, flew 747s for BA
Poland and Ireland dodge EU obligations re THEIR nationals in OUR jails
Woman indecently assaulted by black boy in Stoke Newington
Britain the whiplash capital of Europe (How many of the 'whipped' are non-natives?)
WHERE THE MONEY GOES: Polish immigrant help group gets £299k lottery grant!
"A culture that thinks it's acceptable for 4 or 5 19-year-olds to have sex with a 13 or 14-year-old"
Mike Harding: 'It's almost as if we're ashamed of our own culture in this country'
Downfall of a deeply divisive minister
Why UK cannot deport thousands of criminals
Private firms give UK police forces millions of pounds to investigate crimes
India says: We don't need the 'peanuts' you offer us in aid!
Single mums among first and biggest victims of Government’s welfare reforms

Saturday 4 February

"Right-wingers tend to be less intelligent than left-wingers", say left-wingers!
Watchdogs accuse South Africa of black-on-white Genocide
"Terry... a number of his black England team-mates had an issue with him"
Who thinks the chip-on-the-shoulder folk should be booted instead of our Johnny?
Huhne pays for his infidelity as feud with ex-wife lands them both in court
Andrew Burls: the cross-eyed firebug
BBC the 'propaganda arm' of the EU? Brussels bungs Auntie £3m in grants
'Jewish Indiana Jones' admits Torah fraud
50 soldiers killed in Afghanistan couldn't afford life insurance!
Ealing Broadway rape: Cops are looking for a black man
Israel claims Iran is producing long-range missiles that could hit US
Belgian politician, Filip Dewinter, risks Muslim backlash
Our foreign aid policy is a joke
Jasper Taruvinga, prime suspect in student murder, found dead
In a London street, the faithful find a way to pray as mosque overflows

Friday 3 February

Google and Twitter now censoring blogs at request of 'oppressive regimes'
Massive US Military Buildup Around Iran. 100,000 Troops Ready By March
'Abusive' lover, Sinclair Lewis, accused of cutting Julie Dorsett in half
Clifford Mills murdered former lover, Lorna Smith
Nathaniel Brown gets life for murdering Zandra Maxwell-Nelson
Riccardo Talarico charged with strangling a girl and two adults
Demmar Dawkins charged over the killing of 20-year-old Daniel Famakinwa
Loan shark Hudson Obetoh, who kept customers' passports as deposits, jailed
Illegal immigrants arrested in council house fraud crackdown
The Ann Frank "trust uses her memory to try and bend the arc of history!"
Thus spake a strangely truthful Miliband
US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta believes Israel could attack Iran in the spring
Israeli Apartheid Week
Loan shark Hudson Obetoh, who kept customers' passports as deposits, jailed
Illegal immigrants arrested in council house fraud crackdown
NHS care is worse on a Saturday and Sunday. You ARE more likely to die then
Stoke Newington is Britain’s burglary capital
Number of sex infections in over-45s doubles in 10 years
German Muslim converts entered UK with stash of bomb-making terror manuals
Thugs get cover-up permit
Israel won't pull out of the next Middle East war until Hizbollah is annihilated
Bonuses for rail bosses double their pay!
Elie Wiesel, the World's most famous "Holocaust Survivor," is a liar!
Amazonian Rainforest Fungus Eats Polyurethane, Potentially Solving a Big Landfill Problem

Thursday 2 February

Knifepoint robbers Nathaniel Moffett and Thaberi Francis punched a pregnant mum in the stomach
'Brightest And Best' immigrants wanted (by the global elite, Big Business, Bankers, the PC Crowd and other immigrants, no one else)
'Nationalism is propagated... by those who wear flags upon their desks and their nationalism upon their sleeve' - Thus sneered a top EU boss
'Traveller gangs' forcing British men into 'modern slavery' abroad!
Villagers who protected green belt from illegal travellers get THEIR marching orders
Cops wrongly lable at least 20,000 people as criminals!
Lloyds Chairman Victor Blank should lose his knighthood too! Blank, like Fred Goodwin, is Jewish
Dublin body bag murderer, Jasper Taruvinga, found hanged in England
Phillips Onikoyi jailed for Nottingham sham marriages
Former Lib Dem leader of Liverpool City Council, Warren Bradley, faces perjury charge
Cops link sex attacks in Brighton - 'Black or dark-skinned' man responsible
Migrants seeking a life in Britain to be asked how they can make the country better?
Rogue translators helping immigrants to cheat their way to a licence
Outrage as terror plotters plead guilty in turn for light sentences
Manchester worst for anti-semitism
Yobs locked up after child’s letter to judge

Wednesday 1 February

Stock Exchange bomb plot: Chowdhury, Rahman, Desai and Miah plead guilty
Drug dealer, Michael Edward, tried to stab PC Craig Bartlett
Ten Border Agency staff caught harbouring illegal immigrants!!!
Gang members face stark choice at gruesome day in court
Nathaniel Brown found guilty of Tottenham murder
Israel sets up elite command unit to strike behind 'enemy' lines
sham marriages vicar, Patrick John Magumba, jailed
US vs Iran, coming this May!
We give India £1bn in aid - THEY promise us 13bn jet contract - France gets it!
Lithuanian immigrant accused of killing couple had a record of violent crime
Patients being told they have cancer over the telephone
For kissing a white man her sisters 'branded her a whore, kidnapped her and cut off her hair!'
Drunken brawl at Christmass Mass! Paulo Rodrigues and Jose Barradas charged
Israel’s call for loyalty alienates American Jews
‘EU crisis entering chronic phase’
Fred's knighthood shredded! RESULT! (Goodwin is Jewish)
A daily can of diet fizzy drink 'increases risk of heart attack or stroke'
Asylum seekers 'coached' to act like kids to exploit our benefit system
The Afghan mother's fate after giving birth to 'undesired' third daughter?'
Bogus brides couldn't even identify whose groom was whose
Bankers’ greed and a matter of dishonour
Mandelson finds a way round new Lords disclosure rules

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