The Madhouse Update

Wednesday 20 June

GERMANY: Migrant who murdered teen bragged about everything being free, no need to work!
Teenager left with fractured skull after being attacked by 'Asian' savages!
Aziz Rehman kept his wife prisoner in their Birmingham home for 16 years!
Romanian human trafficking gang who advertised victims as ‘fresh stock’ jailed
SPAIN: Immigrant arrested after sexually assaulting six children!
Rapists freed from jail 'carry out five new sex attacks a month!'
Cambridge University don brands 'all white' porters 'racist' for not calling her 'Dr!'
Newborn baby died in hospital after a 'host of failings' by staff
POLL: Most Brits say Brexit too slow, Irish border ‘exaggerated to suit political agenda!’
Swedish populist party leader semands EU referendum
UK hands £1bn foreign aid to African regime splashing out millions to sponsor Arsenal?
23 MILLION Britons face working beyond retirement age!
Gangs are selling our bank details and passwords on sites available on Google?
Head of BBC comedy says Monty Python types wouldn’t get on TV now - More diversity wanted!
Bill Clinton shows compassion for immigrant children but abandoned his own son?
Trudeau's Canada legalises recreational marijuana
Multi-million dollar US cannabis business - A Cautionary Tale!
EU sacrifices Italy and Greece to save Merkel!
Trump claims crime in Germany is up 10 per cent since 'migrants were accepted!'
Suicide risk greatest in the first six months following cancer diagnosis

Tuesday 19 June

80,000 children in Birmingham live in a “workless” home?
Trump says mass immigration into Germany 'violently changed their culture!'
Merkel's leadership under threat, Italy locking down borders, Soros is being crushed!
Euro caused Italian economic MISERY! German MEP BLASTS EU for 20 years of NO GROWTH!
Right-wing Sweden Democrats call for referendum on EU membership after 2018 election
Orbán: EU's draft budget 'could have been written by Soros himself!'
Israel to shut down human rights groups that film its troops’ interactions with Palestinians?
Pervy paedo Mayor of Godalming, a former Tory councillor, jailed for 9 years!
Lithuanian deported 4 times from Sweden jailed in UK but we still can't boot him out!
Sham marriage fraudsters lose appeals against sentences
Habitual criminal thrown out of UK 4 years ago walks back in and continues one-man crime wave
Jonathan King'raped a 15-year-old boy then praised him for '"being brave"'
SOUTH AFRICA: British botanists kidnapped by terrorists in February found dead in April!
SWEDEN: Immigrant stabs neighbour 130 times, beheads her, leaves sister in critical condition
AMSTERDAM: Van crashes into fans at pop festival: 1 dead, 3 injured
DR DEATH! GP prescribed fatal painkiller overdoses to elderly and signed 833 death certificates?
US far-left group, SPLC, to pay Maajid Nawaz $3.3m settlement over anti-Muslim ‘Hate List’
Building society boss hogs at the trough...
Ditch the statins and EAT your way back to good heart health
Ex-Tory leader, William Hague, says war on pot is lost and we should legalise!
Century of ever-longer lifespans has almost halted in past 8 years
EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier threatens Britain again!

Monday 18 June

'WINDRUSH DAY!' Celebration of British-Caribbeans to be held anually with £500,000 grant!
Police solve less than 3% of burglaries!
Police hunt thug who reversed mobility scooter into two pensioners
Cops hunt savages, William Deo and Gavin Okwu-Brewis, following ammonia attack in Ilford!
British Muslim bomb-maker triggered laptop ban on flights
PERVERT! Dr Iftekhar Ahmed, who told patient to bring sex toys to his surgery, is banned!
‘Allahu Akbar!’ - Woman carries out box cutter attack in southern France
Lithuanian deported 4 times from Sweden jailed in UK but we still can't boot him out!
TURKEY: Brute chops the legs and tail off a defenceless puppy!
Blame the parents, not the cops? WRONG! Blame them both!
US bombs Syrian military site killing Assad's forces!
'No deal is better than a bad deal!'
‘I can't work with THIS woman!’ German Minister BLASTS Merkel over REFUGEE policies!
EU CHAOS: Merkel wants crunch migration talks as Germany verges on IMPLODING over crisis!
EU CHAOS: Merkel wants crunch migration talks as Germany verges on IMPLODING over crisis!
68% of Italians back populist leader, Matteo Salvini, for standing up to EU on migrant ferries!
Merkel's crazy immigration free-for-all could destroy the EU! (Fingers crossed)
'Merkel is the past, Salvini the FUTURE!' Farage hails Italian populists!
'We could collapse the Government!' Tory remainer, Dominic Grieve's threat!
How party dips can give you Norovirus and even HERPES!
Anti-Brexiteers DISRUPT Corbyn's speech at Labour Live festival!
Thornberry ('white van woman') calls Trump an 'asteroid of awfulness!'
2014: Film about Muslim paedos suppressed for 7 years amid fears it would be branded racist!

Sunday 17 June

Under 5% of all burglaries and robberies solved!!!
Suicide of heroes who fought side by side in Iraq! At least 12 vets have killed themselves in 2018
Male fertility is plunging! More couples than ever fail to conceive!
The greatest betrayal so far - The Marrakech Declaration!
The Marrakech Declaration - Rabat Process!
Tunisian Moslem made deadly ‘biological weapon’ for attack on Germans
Vatican to host conference on ‘Migration, Xenophobia, and Politically Motivated Populism!’
This 6-year-old was married to this man to resolve a family feud
Muslim who beat policeman at Tommy Robinson rally spared prison!
"Boy" changes name from Charlotte to Gabriel as "he" awaits hormone treatment to stop puberty!
Merkel could be out by NEXT WEEK for refusing to back down on 'open-door' migrant policy!
Moscow taxi driver hit accelerator instead of brake? Yeah right...
3 arrested after grenade thrown and gunshots fired at houses in Salford
60% of failed asylum-seekers vanish from Swiss centre!
GERMANY: Large mob of armed asylum seekers attack police officers!
Anglers' fury after a gang of Romanians illegally plunder lakes of prized carp!
Takeaway delivery man tears cross off door and rips it in half in ‘religious attack’
Albanian who sneaked into the UK on back of a lorry conned his way to top police job!
Jezfest FLOP: Labour Live SLAMMED as festival 'fails to attract crowds'
MAY: ‘Brexit Dividend’ WILL deliver multi-billion pound boost to health spending!
'What he did to me was criminal!' R. Kelly's ex-wife breaks her silence
Chloe Green's 'hot felon' fiance 'is moving to the UK?' Will he be allowed in?
'Rude and erratic' Lily Allen is barred from Loose Women1

Saturday 16 June

Tyranny of the minorities! We live in an age of mob rule by minorities in which anybody who disagrees with them is censored and freedom of expression is something only THEY enjoy
Congressman Gosar: USA should intervene over 'persecution' of Tommy Robinson!
194 Islamist terror plots in EU - January 2014 to December 2017 - 357 dead and 1,678 injured!
"Israel... aiding Saudi Arabia in developing nuclear weapons?"
EU proposes pumping billions more into Africa - Buy weapons for crisis zones!
80% of Italians support populist government and migrant blockade!
Spain’s SOCIALIST government vows to dismantle border fences obstructing African immigrants!
At the Bilderberg summit where 'cabal of global, largely liberal, elite' decide our future!
Royal family's first gay wedding! Lord Ivar Mountbatten and James Coyle
Thug who stabbed young dad Michael Hoolickin to death was released from prison early!
Mother and daughter ISIS terror cell jailed for minimum 22 years
Infatuated stalker has been following frightened 17-year-old around Oxford for 8 months!
Why did police do NOTHING to stop travellers destroying historic brewery?
Labour buries own investigation into alleged rape of 19-year-old activist?
Children forced to wait 6 months+ to have teeth removed as levels of tooth decay soar
Joshua Connolly-Teale, 16, bought ecstasy from a stranger and died hours later !
Half world's wealth belongs to the rich and they just keep getting richer
Tens of thousands of foreigners can now study in UK without having to prove they speak English!
Iran footballers forced to borrow boots from others because of US sanctions?

Friday 15 June

GILLINGHAM: Five black youths jailed for murder of 17-year-old Kyle Yule!
75th London murder inquiry of 2018 launched!
UK: 3,500+ forced marriages between 2014 and 2016 - Just two successful prosecutions
ISIS vows to attack Russia and releases video showing drones bombing World Cup stadiums!
MPs granted vote ‘to block no-deal Brexit’ in Theresa May’s deal with Remainers
Tony Blair gloats! Now a 40% chance of blocking Brexit!
Tories' Brexit rebels brand Theresa May 'sneaky' and insist they'll defeat her!
City spinmeister orchestrating the plot to reverse Brexit!
LITTLEJOHN: The Bad Boys of Brexit speak for Britain!
Assaults on free speech are led by the left!
Is Merkel's open door migrant policy about to cost her her job?
Social media giants accused of ‘exploiting our children’ to generate more traffic
Suspect in Charlton Athletic players Ibiza rape investigation 'claims he tried to STOP sex attack
‘Imagine the outcry if Israelis were held in open air prison like Gaza & 120 were shot dead!’
Inside the Mayfair brothel that brought down Sir Martin Sorrell
DJ Jonathan King 'infiltrated one of Britain's top public schools to prey on boys as young as 14
Colonialist Turkey has exported ‘thousands’ of teachers, religious scholars overseas!
UK vets demand Halal meat exports be banned as Saudi Arabia trade surges
Children eat a year’s worth of sugar in just FIVE months
Church of England bishops will call on Theresa May to surrender Britain's nuclear deterrent!
Non-Muslim cops take part in 18-hour Ramadan fast to... signal their virtue?
Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell arrested in Moscow
UNREALITY TV! Channel 4's drug-fuelled orgy!

Thursday 14 June

Anna Soubry says mass migration isn't a problem and Leave voters should just 'suck it up!'
Oxford sex gang jailed for 90 years
GUY VERHOFSTADT: All who want out of EU are 'Putin's cheerleaders?'
Asylum-seeker raped disabled Belgian woman for 3 days hoping for 'anchor' baby!
The Dishonours List! Top awards went to people sitting on committees which hand them out!
Parliament's Serjeant at Arms, Kamal El-Hajji, probed over bullying claims!
Brexit LIVE: Brexiteers betrayed? May on KNIFE-EDGE !
‘Concessions make no-deal MORE LIKELY!’ Rees-Mogg pulls May's Brexit apart
Tony Blair says Brexit can STILL be blocked!
SNP leader promises to disrupt Brexit 'as much as possible!'
‘We voted for FREEDOM!’ Iain Duncan Smith tells May get a deal or WALK!
HOORAY! Sebastian Kurz wants ‘Rome-Berlin-Vienna axis’ to fight migration!
Hungarian PM: ‘Population replacement underway in Europe! Speculators like Soros hope to profit from its ruination!’
LONDON: Gang violence to surge during summer holidays!
UN General Assembly condemns Israel for ‘excessive’ force at Gaza border!
Belgian 'Marie Claire' Editor on trial for migrant smuggling!
Crime lord masterminded international drug smuggling racket from his prison cell
IPSWICH: Teenager fights for life after he was stabbed in McDonald's
Shop assistant who rang 999 when robbed by knifeman told to ring non-urgent 101 instead!
CIB chief Paul Drechsler pocketed £7.4m payoff then lectured other bosses on excessive pay
Israeli Chief Rabbi called black people ‘monkeys!’
Travel diaries reveal Einstein's racist views
The travel diaries of Albert Einstein
Jonathan King denies 24 serious sexual assaults on boys aged 14 to 16!
Albinos - Persecuted minority struggles to prevent witchcraft-inspired killings
SALTON SEA - How to make a ghost town!
Palestinian olive trees vandalised in suspected West Bank hate crime!

Wednesday 13 June

Police whistle-blower - "This goes right to the top!"
HOME OFFICE PROPAGANDA: June 2018 - "In the UK and Europe, extreme right-wing groups (patriots?) ... seek to exploit any anxieties around globalisation... and migration... They share the racist view that minority communities are harming the interests of a 'native' population!"
3 Theresa May Ministers hold secret talks with Soros' anti-Brexit group!
Kensington Palace is going to great lengths to snub Israel and insult Netanyahu government?
Lifeboat men sacked over porno mug hung out to dry lose appeal - Hung out to dry by RNLI!
Mayfair brothel at centre of Martin Sorrell scandal run from flat owned by Defence Minister?
Israel confiscates 6 acres of Palestinian land and gives it to settlers!
BIRMINGHAM: Black savage attacks white stranger with a machete in city centre!
Muslim hit cop in face with walking stick during Tommy Robinson rally! (No jail be my guess)
Child sex savages jailed for a total of almost 90 YEARS
Jihadis free to roam UK! Only 40 of 400 fanatics returning from Syria/Iraq prosecuted!
Claudio Gouveia ordering acid attack on British ex-girlfriend! Rodrigues Fonseca carried it out
This what they're employing at the Minsistry of Justice?
Katie Hopkins updates Alex Jones on Tommy Robinson, Brexit, UK!
Online gambling addict stole his grandmother’s £430,000 life savings to fund habit
Convicted rapist freed to attack again!
24 hours in Khan’s London! Broad daylight stabbings, raids on drug network
62% of students want harsher treatment of druggies and dealers on campus
German interior Minister ‘fully in tune’ with Italy on migration, rows with Merkel!
Leave.EU founder mocks ‘Fake News’ inquiry, claims anti-Brexit Chair took money off Russians
With one reckless tweet, official tw*t, Alastair Campbell, reminds everyone why Blairism is dead!
George Soros contributes funds to Brexit Remain campaign
Prince Edward takes £37,000 taxpayer-funded private jet - Train would have cost £250
Wildlife wipeout! 1-in-5 British mammal species could be extinct in a decade!

Tuesday 12 June

Mum’s agony after son Kyle, 17, was murdered by machete gang - Will they make Nikki Yule a Baroness, like Doreen Lawrence?
BIRMINGHAM: Zain Islam, Hassan Yousaf, Amir Husain charged with attempted murder
Violent black gangsters jailed
Teenage girl stabbed to death in park in Viersen, Germany - Turk hands himself in
Cops warn ‘evil predators’ after Luton taxi driver jailed for historic rapes!
Young men slashed in Kensington High Street branch of Waitrose!
Bedded 2,500 women? Leaves restaurants without paying? Career criminal? GO TO JAIL!
Anti-French 'Jihad' rapper to perform at Bataclan?
Met Police warned it is wasting money, undermining mayor's call for more funding
UK: Doctors who kill patients will keep jobs and 'learn from mistakes!'
Young people really ARE more stupid! IQs fall by 7 points per generation!
Only 1-in-4 jihadis returning from the Middle East are prosecuted!
Police defend thousands of hours investigating 'hate incidents' in midst of crime epidemic
As MPs vote on Brexit, ignore the will of the people at your PERIL
'Sharia' Uber driver told me women shouldn't be out late at night, says actress Frances Barber
'Gender identity' lesson in English primary school - Drag queen reads to children!
Muslim Scholar states clearly, prophet Muhammed was a paedo
World could be on brink of financial crisis?
Historian says EU facing COLLAPSE over next decade
Left-wing mayors defy the will of the Italian people - Throw open cities to immigrants
We pay £400 to help foreign nurses pass English test!
IRAN - They don't all wear hijabs!
Labour MP bombarded with 600 online rape threats? Imagine my disbelief!
De Niro/Maher hate Trump so much they’d rather see USA at war than him succeeding?
Robert De Niro was a client of an international prostitution ring?

Monday 11 June

Former PM David Cameron attacks populism but admits our immigration concerns were ignored!
George Osborne boasts Tories never intended to keep immigration promises!
UKIP and Farage seize upon Osborne's immigration revelations!
Knesset disqualifies bill seeking equal status for Jews and Arabs!
"Muslims... are one Ummah. We belong to the the Islamic State... We belong to one nationed governed by Shariyr law!"
Erdogan predicts 'war between the Cross and Crescent' over Austria mosque closures
London: Massive crowds gather to hear Geert Wilders demand Tommy Robinson's release
Italy's new anti-immigrant government turns away boat carrying 600 immigrants!
German Parliament disrespects moment of silence for raped and murdered Susanna, 14!
BOURDAIN: "The world has done many terrible things to the Palestinians!"
INDIA: Muslim slits throat of daughter, 4, to appease Allah then tells cops Satan made him do it!
London carnage continues: Three more stabbings in capital
Diane Abbott enraged after Tory MP backs stop and search!
'Islam means submission. Will you sumit, or resist?'
Farage DESTROYS Adonis after Remainer DENIES anti-EU surge across Europe!
'Whole thing is in crisis!' EU unravels as 5 countries fight Brussels power grab!
Rail firms accused of “breathtaking disregard” for passengers over compensation for disruption
Our mother died in agony at £900-a-week care home!
Flood of cocaine is fuelling the huge surge in violence?
Trump REFUSES to sign G7 agreement - BLASTS Theresa May and Justin Trudeau
Robert De Niro was a client of an international prostitution ring?
'The Grand Commander' versus 'The Little Potato?'
Who rules Canada? FAKE-EYEBROW MAN!

Sunday 10 June

More than a million families in England stuck on waiting lists for social housing!
COPS: Candidate for 'I-Should-Not-Be-A-Policeman-Of-The-Year' on show here!
Public increasingly frustrated by cops investigating 'hate crimes!' Tackle violent crime!
Transgender parent demands its baby be first in UK to be legally motherless
Transgenders take 1st and 2nd in girls' track competitions!
Sadistic killer set for £20,000 sex-change operation paid for by YOU!
30 week pregnant woman pulled over by cops - She shouldn't have England flags on her car!
German Parliament shockingly disrespects a moment of silence for raped and murdered Susanna, 14!
London's new normal! Thanks, LibLabCon!
Man fatally stabbed in North Haringey, London!
Wild West Huddersfield! Gunman shoots victim at point-blank range!
Gang of thugs launch terrifying hammer attack on driver in Birmingham
Jeffrey Kachila jailed after knife attack in Teddington shop
CAMBRIDGE: London drug dealers jailed
Where is Tina Cantello?
MP says cops should stop MORE black people!
USA: Andre Thomas murdered white ex-wife, son, stepdaughter in gruesome fashion!
LONDON: Massive crowds gather to hear Geert Wilders demand Tommy Robinson's release
Syrians/Iraqis believe the USA uses ISIS for its own purposes!
Assad claims 'colonialist LIAR' Theresa May 'STAGED CHEMICAL ATTACK' in Syria!
Theresa May WARNED Brexiteers are prepared for NO-CONFIDENCE vote! IDS says we could EASILY paralyse EU by withholding £40bn! Guy Verhofstadt CONDEMNS Steve Bannon in furious tirade!
Brainy Britons are backing Brexit!
Brexit is becoming a national HUMILIATION fumes Hartley-Brewer!
Left-liberal media celebrates remainer editor's Daily Mail takeover
GERMANY: Bribes for asylum decisions - Abuse widespread
Merkel pushes for Soros-approved Africa aid plan!
FARAGE: Barnier is trying to break up the UK! He’s not negotiating in good faith

Saturday 9 June

GILLINGHAM: Kyle Yule, 17, stabbed to death by Victor Maibvisira and gang of 'vultures!'
GREENWICH: Career criminal, Jordan Bailey-Mascoll, murdered Danny Pearce for his Rolex!
Arthur Waszkiewicz charged with robbery and manslaughter of 100-year-old woman!
'Schoolboy' fights for life after stabbing in south London
Boy in school uniform stabbed in broad daylight
Muslim kills baby - Blames Ramadan fasting!
London's new normal! Thanks, #LibLabCon!
Jeffrey Kachila jailed after knife attack in Teddington shop
Moped gangs targeting parents on the school run
Austrian far-right triumph inspires nationalists in EU!
Austria's right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 60 imams!
Top Cop, Cressida Dick, hides behind dodgy crime figures!
You'll never solve housing crisis while there is rapid, mass, uncontrolled immigration!
Romania joins Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czechs in rejection of Muslim migrants!
Cops waste 3,750 hours dealing with ‘hate incidents’ too trivial to be considered actual crimes!
Cops waste 3,750 hours dealing with ‘hate incidents’ too trivial to be considered actual crimes!
Muslim students at public school walk out when national anthem plays?
Syrians/Iraqis believe the USA uses ISIS for its own purposes
ISIS terrorist dubbed 'Dr Jihad' who featured in NHS-style propaganda video 'dead?'
Services axed, passengers stranded, timetable meltdown - Network Rail boss gets a gong!
Honours for failure as Network Rail boss Mark Carne is made a CBE - despite trains chaos
MP seeks 'to shut down freedom of speech by reporting emails she doesn't like to the police?’
Dear President Trump, don't blame us for our dreadful PM!
SNUB! Trump fed up with Theresa May's school mistress tone!
14-year-old German girl found murdered, asylum-seeker suspect flees to Iraq!
Teaching boss not interested in 'conservative' Shakespeare, 'dead white men!'
Anti-elite Conservative, Doug Ford, wins landslide in Ontario!
Putin crushes Soros and Western liars!

Friday 8 June

Police threaten pensioner with fine for taking care of a stray cat!
Stop and search harms fight against knife crime, says top black cop!
Parliament offers Islamists and Soros Lefties chance to create official ‘Islamophobia’ definition!
Cops fail to catch 86% of muggers and and 78% of burglars!
Brutally beaten in her own BED! Elderly woman, 90, left fighting for her life!
GRENFELL: Abolaji Onafuye, Koffi Kouakou, Abdelkarim Rekaya charged with fraud!
Police arrest 9 Grenfell fraudster' suspected of falsely claiming up to £100,000!
Moslem bomb maker's nuclear war threat!
London moped robbery up 50% in one year - Woman fights for life!
Omar Jaiteh's smoke alarm goes off - Neighbour calls fire brigade - Jaiteh chases with knife!
BRIXTON: Drive-by shooting injures two
SWEDEN: Rakhmat Akilov gets life for 5 murders and 119 counts of attempted murder
Fallout from Merkel’s open border policy continues to cause huge problems!
FRANCE: 50 Islamic terrorists and 450 radicalised prisoners to be released by 2019
Justin Trudeau groped a reporter in 2000?
SWEDEN: Pensioners slide into poverty as state pays billions to invaders!
Gordon 'bigoted woman' Brown waits until now to call for tougher approach on migration
Philip Hammond acting as a one-man road-block against Brexit!
Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered the Tsar's family in cold blood 100 years ago!
BoJo says May must show more 'guts' on Brexit or UK will be 'locked in orbit around EU'

Thursday 7 June

Pollution is killing off our trees!
TREVOR PHILLIPS: We must salute first West Indian arrivals and celebrate integration!
"We are heading for one of the great political betrayals... establishment against the people!"
Top CNN host suggests US war industry jobs are more important than Saudi slaughter in Yemen!
Belgian Minister says EU must close borders, turn back boats!
Sadiq Khan should QUIT as London Mayor if he can’t end deadly crime wave
London gangs like 'Mali Boys' more organised, driven by drug profits
Pakistani awaiting deportation stabbed his own baby and wife!
100-year-old mugging victim dies! Cops had said injuries (broken neck) weren't life-threatening
Victims of Wild West Britain: Grandma left with broken back and neck
Airport parkers ‘dumped cars in mud in £1million scam’
Pervert who groped three women on Birmingham buses still on run
Australian presenter victim of 'armed' mugging in London
BIRMINGHAM: Larhys Fuller attacked bus drivers in five-week reign of terror
'Culture of fear' now hangs over some London areas?
IPSWICH: Tavis Spencer-Aitkens stabbed to death by bicycle gang!
'There's people shot everywhere!' Video of Las Vegas shooting
GERMANY: Police searching for missing girl find corpse - Iraqi migrant main suspect
USA: Chilling photos of shallow graves outside Springfield House of Horrors
Girls aged 12 and 13 are rushed to hospital after taking 'Snapchat' pills!
22 people go blind every month in UK due to delayed/cancelled hospital appointments
May holds talks with Netanyahu amid protests over Israel's bloody crackdown in Gaza
Tory MPs batter Theresa May over rail chaos!
Gove declares war on fat cat executives who have ‘rigged the system?’ (Rhetoric or reality?)
Top prison officer suspended after defending Tommy Robinson and criticising Islam!
Soros blames Putin for Italian anti-immigrant party!
After years of being groomed by George Soros... America's first (second?) Muslim President?
This is Morrissey: an interview

Wednesday 6 June

UN Secretary General - 2016: “The idea that management of migration is a matter of national sovereignty is extremely limited... Migration is inevitable and will not stop!"
Met Police say criticism of Islam constitutes ‘Islamophobia!’ (Confirming anti-indigenous bias?)
Former Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell LIED under oath to national child abuse inquiry!
New Italian family minister says “a family should be between a man and a woman!"
A web of lies!
London murders 'not that bad' - Top cops claims death toll was WORSE a decade ago
Ashleigh Shackelford, LGBT/BLM activist, says all white people are racist, demons, not human
Government doubles charity donations to improve lives of world’s poorest! (And our poor?)
McIntyre: The terrifying moment that sums up lawless London!
Wild West London! 60 moped attacks a day, mugged woman fights for life, drug crime on rise!
Boy, 14, charged with murder of man stabbed to death in Chelsea
Mum fights off mixed-race man who tried to abduct her two-year-old!
Man arrested after a 17-year-old stabbed in the City of London
Woman fighting for life after being punched to the ground by moped muggers
Gynaecologist who caused a baby to be decapitated cleared to return to work?
Gangs of African prostitutes and pickpocket masters turn Magaluf into a tourist no go zone!
Victorian STIs such as syphilis/gonorrhoea increase by more than 20% in past year!
The dark side of life on a superyacht!
'Inhumane' firms at heart of the Grenfell blaze still refuse to take responsibility!
Oxbridge's lack of diversity is 'staggering' says Universities Minister, Sam Gyimah
May’s popularity with activists crashes amid Brexit woes! Sajid Javid to succeed PM?!?
Partners of EU gays may live in any member state – Even those opposed to gay marriage
Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to two rapes and one sexual assault
The truth about Italy!
Ghastly oilman says EU is best thing 'since the fall of the Western Roman Empire!'
Archbishop of Canterbury has a bad case of Brexit derangement syndrome!
Labour wants the softest Brexit it can get!
Media smear Ambassador Grenell - Don Trump jnr. defends him!
Sex change expansion on the NHS!
Migrants believe British girls have no rights because they are "non-Muslims?"
Disgraced Navy commander and ex-head of Queen's bank faces further sex charges
2017: Trump calls out so-called allies before election!

Tuesday 5 June

UK: Over 40% of terrorists jailed in past decade will be back on streets by end of 2018!
People more proud to be English in Leave strongholds
Why the police won’t talk about Cyril Smith, child sex abuse and corruption
Why did predators have free rein in Rochdale?
Child abuse inquiry lawyer: Labour's rule in Rochdale 'toxic!'
Merkel implicated in migration agency scandal where 46 radical Islamists were granted asylum!
ITALY: We're going in the 'right direction' if Soros is worried!
Ambassador Grenell on Soros, Breitbart and diplomacy
Media smear Grenell after Breitbart interview
Delingpole: The martyrdom of Tommy Robinson!
'Amazing dad' stabbed in Salford was due to be married
Rochdale: 3 teenagers rammed off the road and savagely attacked by a gang of Muslims
Mother and daughters plotted massacre at British Museum!
Two arrested under Terrorism Act after bomb squad rushes to Bury street
Al-Qaeda bomb-maker back in England intercepted yards from Downing Street with 3 knives
Dunkirk: Lorry driver stabbed by migrants trying to break into Britain
MANCHESTER: Zaccal Cliff stabbed a man in the neck for refusing him a cigarette!
Knifeman stabs one-year-old baby and a woman on London housing estate!
Michael McIntyre robbed by hammer-wielding moped gang on the school run!
ROCHDALE GANG ATTACK: Teen left with broken skull after car mows him down
Turkish drug lord was caught with £63m of heroin!
STRUCK OFF! Gynaecologist Vaishnavy Laxman caused unborn baby to be decapitated!
Priest stabbed by a Muslim in Bethlehem
Remoaners try to HALT marathon Commons session to OVERTURN Lords on Brexit
UK aid money used to fund Chinese film industry and healthy eating projects!
QUENTIN LETTS sums up all that’s wrong with the EU
London Fire brigade’s advice to stay-put proved to be 'tragically' wrong

Monday 4 June

Oxfordshire school bans shorts in summer! Head Moira Green says boys must wear skirts!
Pope says demonic possessions are on the rise due to 'easy access to Satanism online!'
Sadiq Khan calls on MPs to ACCEPT Lords Brexit plan and STAY in customs union!
EUROZONE ON BRINK: Merkel will SNUB Italy's debt relief plea
Car wash SLAVERY! Migrants forced to work gruelling shifts for £1 an hour
Britain's 'far-right' (patriots) are like ISIS, says Home Secretary, Sajid Javid!
Teenagers hospitalised after vicious racial attack
Machete thugs launch daylight attack on man outside Tipton Morrisons
Melbourne Jihadi gouged out wife's eyes, genitally mutilated and killed her in front of their kids!
The English question: Young are less proud of nationality
MAN in critical condition after being found stabbed outside London police station
USA: Younger Evangelicals waver in support for Israel
Elections watchdog puts aside £800k for EU votes despite Brexit!
"Even the best of Gentiles must be killed?" Explains a lot
Ambassador Grenell: Chain migration a key issue for Germany!
'Rampaging' man shot by police in Berlin cathedral
Rohingya Muslim militants massacre 99 Hindus who refuse to convert to Islam!
Muslim preacher in London: "We are not British. We belong to ISIS!"
Pakistan: Muslims murder prominent Sikh leader Charanjit Singh
Alastair Campbell's SHOCKING Rees-Mogg slur
A weekend in Sadiq Khan's London: Man ‘shot in face,’ Woman ‘slashed,' attempted murder
Spy bosses warn of years of 'imminent' Islamist theat one year after London attack
'New Project Fear!' Civil Service leaks 'Armageddon' food/fuel shortage claims!
Exit poll: Anti-immigration party wins Slovenia parliamentary election!
Grandma (lived here since she was 5/cares for dead daughter's child/WHITE) faces eviction!
'I want to kill a white person!' Armed police taser knifeman!
'Project Fear on speed!' by Jacob Rees-Mogg
Sajid Javid slams 'unrepresentative' Muslim Council of Britain

Sunday 3 June

EU's Chief Brexit negotiator says: 'We don't want to negotiate!"
POPE: Muslim migrants’ rights more important than national security?
"The current threat level here in the UK is still at severe, that's where it's been since 2014!"
Italy challenges the postwar order!
SOUTH AFRICA: Savages set building alight with family inside!
Man who pretended to be taxi driver to trap and rape woman jailed
Hungary outlines 'stop Soros' legislation criminalising NGOs which aid and abet illegal migrants!
London Police: We can't stop Hezbollah flags flying on Al-Quds march
Two men in their 20s shot in Peckham last night!
Boy, 17, is stabbed to death in a 'targeted' attack in Ipswich
Jihadi who murdered Lee Rigby plans to write letter of apology to his family?
Italy's new far-right interior minister promises mass deportations!
Cannabis can harm unborn babies conceived years after parents stopped using drug
Corrupt Ugandan officials manipulate refugee statistics to con the UK out of millions!
Police hunt on-the-run credit card fraudster Ashley Dominic Singh
Is London about to be hit by a major EARTHQUAKE? (Deep state arranged?)

Saturday 2 June

JUDGE: Collapse of nuclear family should be applauded! Single and same-sex parents are fab!
Italy challenges the postwar order!
America's monstrous adventure in Syria - In a nutshell
UK jihadis who had kids while fighting for ISIS should come home with their families!
Inside Britain's secretive sharia courts!
ANOTHER Grenfell fraudster: Business student, 31, is fifth to falsely pose as a victim!
MANCHESTER: Woman, 20, dies day after a BMW ploughed into pedestrians!
OBORNE: The chilling perils of the EU’s latest bid to kill democracy
ISIS supporter encouraged Muslims to kill Prince George!
Albanian drug lords unleash a murder spree on Britain's streets!
Holborn station: 'Man armed with knife' on the Tube sparks panic!
Fake ‘child refugee’ gets weak sentence for violent rape of 14-year-old schoolgirl
Sandip Singh Atwal's bogus £837,000 NHS claim = Just 3 months jail time!
Corrosive substance thrown at two teenagers in Plaistow
Man and woman knifed in broad daylight after 'trying to stop London robbery'
Holborn station: 'Man armed with knife' on the Tube sparks panic!
Germany migration scandal is ‘security risk’ too says police union chief
Austria, France, Denmark and more! Europe rejects Islamic burqa
Truckers warn of 'Normandy invasion' after migrants abandon Calais
MANCHESTER: We MUST NOT walk our dogs in public! It violates Sharia and disrespects them!
UK school serves only water and halal meat in canteen! Bans packed lunches!
Mail journalist sneers at 'racist thug' Tommy Robinson
Flight of the oligarchs: Hundreds more millionaire Russians could leave Britain
Refugees aren’t economically beneficial, they are mostly unemployed and cost billions of euros
ENGLAND? Whose England?
‘WMD free zone!’ Russia & UAE agree to join forces on Middle East non-proliferation
Gaza medic killed by Israel was shot in the back
Stop 'bashing' Trump, Hungary warns EU!
Fresh claims over an asylum scandal at Germany's refugee agency

Friday 1 June

Tommy Robinson: Trials, protests, media blackout and global attention!
EU introduces 'widespread censorship' to kill off new media, satire and meme culture
Almost half of British Christians believing Islam is 'incompatible' with their values
52% of students submitting fraudulent applications for degree courses are black!
Since Tommy Robinson drew attention to Muslim paedos, the establishment has persecuted him!
NBC presenter praised blogger for calling on Ann Coulter to kill herself!
400,000 vulnerable elderly people lose out on free care at home due to council cuts!
POLLS: Populist support surges in Italy!
Spanish Senator unveils Soros' covert network in Europe
Delivery driver stabbed to death by gang - Murder 69 in Sadiq Khan's London
Lawless London: Knifeman tries to attack driver in broad daylight
NETHERLANDS: ‘Allahu Akbar’ axeman shot after killing police dog!
Egyptian asylum seeker who got into UK saying he was a Syrian child, raped schoolgirl, 14
Man 'blasted with a MACHINE GUN' as knife victim 'fights for his life!'
Have-a-go hero who spots a man beating ex-wife knocks him to the ground with flying head butt
GERMANY: Eritrean refugee stabs two on train - Shot dead by WPC.
Nigerians jailed for phishing fraud
MODERN PARENTING: 4-year-olds can't talk properly, dress themselves, or even use a toilet!
LITTLEJOHN: Let's hypnotise the Old Bill to catch criminals and actually investigate burglaries!
Former Chancellor George Osborne faces backlash over cash for editorial claims
Chuka Umunna slammed for advertising for unpaid intern while campaigning for fairer salaries

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