The Madhouse Update

Monday 17 December

BRIGHTON: Schools ordered to teach 8-year-olds that ‘boys can have periods too!’
Gingerbread men are replaced by gingerbread persons in Scottish Parliament!
Spain’s Ponce becomes first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe!
PC GONE MAD! Girl Guide leader claims she was SACKED for using ‘love my God’ pledge
Europhile Lord Patten says Brexiteers are like VERMIN and Commie revolutionaries!
MPs plot to stop Boris Johnson ever becoming Tory leader!
Who the hell does Blair think he is? Former PM's outrageous one-man mission to Brussels!
BORIS: ‘People’s Vote would be BETRAYAL of what we voted for!’
KATE HOEY: EU and Ireland want our money! They're ‘conniving’ to keep us close!
REPORT: Theresa May’s closest allies plot second Referendum!
BRANSON: 'Hard Brexit WORSE than WW2,' says Remainer who owns his own island!
Lesbian MP, Justine Greening, must be stopped from pushing transgenderism on children!
Petition for ‘No Deal’ Brexit overtakes petition for second Referendum
17 murders? Freddie Scappaticci was the notorious IRA double agent Stakeknife?
How German hate preacher who inspired jihadis made UK his HOME under May!
Sexual misconduct by immigrants at youth ‘EuroWeek’ camp?
Woman who thought she had the perfect marriage finds hubby's a serial bigamist with 13 children
Francois Ortalo-Magne, first university chief to break the £500,000 barrier!
Italian X-Factor winner criticised for ‘liking’ Salvini and Trump on Facebook!

Sunday 16 December

BRUSSELS: People protest against the controversial UN migration pact!
Celebrities back campaign for Black £50 note character!
2017: 'Reflecting diversity, choosing inclusion' - Mark Carney
Banning gender stereotyping in adverts is dangerous PC lunacy!
Government rejects official petition for UK to make a clean break from the EU WTO terms?
Sabotage! Govt blocking discussion of Brexit Backstop alternatives!
'NO-ONE tells us why UK would 'CASH IN' with no deal Brexit!
Hammond wants second referendum?
FURY as Rudd and Hammond set to back SECOND EU REFERENDUM!
May's Deputy PM AND Chief of Staff are both plotting a second vote!
Brexiteer Dan Hannan says EU exit WON'T happen at all!
Brexiteer MP has STERN warning for Remainer Rudd
Israeli settlers queue to perform the daily 'hate crime!' Spitting on cross at church door
Way to win 'Strictly,' Stacey!

Saturday 15 December

French Generals accuse Macron of “treason” over UN migration pact!
After fourth victim of Strasbourg terror attack dies, a traitor pays his respects!
Italian MEP: Europe cannot continue this way, we need to Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Rudd, Hammond, Gauke, Clarke and Lidington want second referendum?
'FARAGE: Our politicians will betray us completely!'
Traitor Blair insists on a new referendum (Because first didn't produce result he wanted)
Japan finalises EU deal: no Backstop, no free movement, no £39bn bill!
Brexit Betrayal – It’s even worse than you feared!
Polish PM: Federal EU Superstate ‘not what Europeans desire!’
Furious Brexiteer warns of 'REVOLUTION' if May fails to deliver
Hartley-Brewer tears into Heseltine over Brexit rerun demands – 'ABUSE of democracy!'
Time for the Prime Minister to pursue a "World Trade" Brexit!
a href="https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/more-bbc-broadcasters-turn-on-gary-lineker-over-his-brexit-rants/ "/>MORE BBC broadcasters turn on Gary Lineker over his Brexit RANTS!
UK: No-go zone Bradford headed for “disaster,” non-Muslims “scared”
Jamelia's stepbrother 'Dreads' is found GUILTY of murder
Shah family ordered to pay £250,000 after 'cramming' 31 immigrants into a 4-bedroom house
The 14 Grenfell ghouls who stole £670,000 from the disaster's relief fund
Top cops enjoy pay/pensions bonanza as council tax bills rise to fund 'cash-strapped' forces
Yellow Vest protests spread to UK!
Doctor warns: Vegan food may lead to mental retardation!
Harvey Weinstein 'masturbated on an aspiring actress' and forced oral sex on her!
Disney Channel actor, 48, arrested for 'trying to have sex with a 13-year-old
Cher: Trump a ‘liar, thug, crook, traitor’ who’s ‘ruining’ America!

Friday 14 December

Real number of homeless sleeping rough on Britain's streets is 24,000 - 5 times the official figure!
Cambridge University's Oluwadamilola Erogbogbo jailed for sexually assaulting fellow student!
Why can’t we go to Christmas markets without worrying about being killed?
Judge blasts 'scandalous waste' of £200,000 on anarchist's 'ludicrous' bid for police payout
Police must fill in a form every time they SHOUT at a suspect they are restraining!
Paul Craig Roberts: Truth and free speech are being taken away from us!
Past their sell-by dates, Merkel and May cling on to power with plot and process
US Ambassador: President Trump eager to make ‘strong Free Trade Agreement’ with UK!
Theresa May has ‘FAILED’ to get deal changes!
'Tony Blair talking BO***CKS!' Listeners react with FURY and threaten to TURN OFF BBC!
Gary Lineker accused of breaching BBC guidelines, told to keep political views to himself'!
Theresa May has ‘FAILED’ to get deal changes!
'Tony Blair talking BO***CKS!' Listeners react with FURY and threaten to TURN OFF BBC!
'Stop calling me INSANE!' Economist SHUTS down Polly Toynbee
'It sickens me!' Tory Brexiteer launches FURIOUS attack on MPs attempting to THWART Brexit
Rees-Mogg in FURIOUS row with Chancellor Hammond who labelled Brexiteers “EXTREMISTS”
Philip Hammond makes grovelling apology for calling Tory Brexiteers ‘extremists’
No, Ashkenazi Jews are not ‘functionally white!’
Thank God nobody wants to keep up with the greedy, dumb, ruthless, nudity-loving Kardashians

Thursday 13 December

Google, Facebook and Twitter initially promised us free speech BUT NOW...
UK commitment to UN migration pact ‘all but violates’ government's immigration pledge!
The 'Vatican's treasurer,' Cardinal George Pell, GUILTY of sexually abusing choir boys!
CoE issues guidance for clergy on sex change ‘celebration’ ceremonies!
"Muslims... Jews.. sexual groups.. black church ladies.. college queers" HATE WHITE PEOPLE!
Cherif Checkatt (27 convictions for theft/violence) still at large after Strasbourg murders
Majority of French reject Macron’s offers, want more Yellow Vest protests!
Macron's government orchestrated Strasbourg shooting to distract from Yellow Vest protests?
Strasbourg terror suspect yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ during attack, has 27 prior convictions
Banker Zahid Naseem 'seen on CCTV kissing high-class escort before beating her to death'
FRAUDSTER 14: Abolaji Onafuye claimed sister and nephew died in Grenfell for £35,000 payout!
Brit tourist Nixon Smith, who went missing in Spain after he was mugged found dead
London BLOODBATH! Homicides rise to highest this DECADE!
SOUTH AFRICA: White existence is a crime, says BLF spokesperson
Cannibals Nino Mbatha and Lungisani Magubane raped and murdered Zanele Hlatshwayo
Harvey Weinstein says rape accusers lied
Brexiteers are the only honest people left in Tory politics
Jacob Rees-Mogg launches DEMOLISHING ATTACK on May
CONFIDENCE? May remains as Tory leader but will step down before the next general election!
Ding dong the Witch isn’t dead! May lives to ruin Brexit!
Raab, Davis and Foster launch alternative plan without May’s ‘poison pills’
Who are Theresa May's die-hard Remainer advisers - blamed for Brexit mayhem?
Who will replace Theresa May?
EU LIES: How France DECEIVED Britain into handing over CASH to French farmers!

Wednesday 12 December

END OF MACRON: French president faces NO CONFIDENCE vote TOMORROW!
The 48 letters are in! A Tory leadership contest will now take place!
May: I'll be fighting to remain!
Owen Paterson, MP: Why I lost faith in Theresa May!
Next EU Chief says Uniting Europe With Africa is a ‘matter of destiny!’
£250,000-a-year city banker, Zahid Naseem, on trial for the murder of IT worker Christina Abbotts
Aron Warren found brutally stabbed to death inside his south London flat!
STRASBOURG: Terrorist gunman at large after three killed and 12 injured at Christmas market!
'Threat to the state' Cherif Chekatt escaped arrest hours before Christmas market carnage!
ISIS supporters CELEBRATE Strasbourg Christmas market shooting!
Former British Prime Minister John Major demands immediate halt to Brexit
Everything you need to know about the Brexit fiasco!
MP Kate Hoey says civil servants are working to an EU agenda in Brexit talks!
‘Are you stupid or racist?’ Young woman abused on the Tube for pro-Brexit bag!
Macron's 'yellow vest protests' set to SPREAD WORLDWIDE?
Trump claims ‘TOTAL VICTORY’ after Stormy Daniels ordered to pay STAGGERING legal costs!
Jewish Lord accused of sexually harassing women's rights campaigner in Lords RESIGNS!

Tuesday 11 December

More than 750 million people now want to migrate!
Medication is being massively over-prescribed and may do more harm than good
Four savages jailed for the murder of Richard Hardy!
Michael Grimshaw 'stabbed to death as he challenged man who called his fiancée a s**g'
SHEFFFIELD: Franck Mvila Kiongazi stabbed Ryan Jowle, 19, to death!
"Capable of violence on an extreme level," Earl Obi stabbed a man seven times
REDHILL: 17-year-old Ross Hedley stabbed by Joseph Lubasi
Afghan suspected of murdering 16-year-old Austrian girl
Look what the liberal elite have forced upon Australians!
Pro-EU counter-protesters arrested for assault, weapons offences at UKIP march!
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner ‘IN CONTROL' of Trump presidency?
Details of calls to attack Trump by US ‘Muslim Sisters’ allied to Brotherhood
Macron surrenders to Yellow Vests!
Macron offers minimum wage increase to buy off Yellow Vest protesters
Merkel hails UN Migration Pact that Le Pen says would Change France forever!
France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ issue Trump-style Manifesto!
Facing certain defeat, Theresa May delays ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit deal
Two nuns stole $500,000 from a Catholic school and used it to go gambling in Vegas
Rees-Mogg on Brexit: ‘No taxation without representation!’
“Of the 4 politicians here, I'm the only one who wants to stick with what was voted for!”
May in Europe to BEG Juncker and Merkel for EU concessions!
Brexit BETRAYAL: How ECJ ruling 'echoes treachery’ of Maastricht Treaty
Alastair Campbell RIDICULED over second vote plea - 'Isn't that what you said in 2016?'
'May is making a mockery of Britain,' says Brexiteer MP!
We are NOT biased against conservatives says Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai - LIAR!
UK Foreign Aid Dept offers mealy-mouthed response to UN migrant pact petition
Tucker Carlson: Ruling class consider themselves gods!

Monday 10 December

MARRAKESH! – The UN’s sinister blueprint for globalist migration hell!
Drugged up drivers on Britain's roads hit record levels!
Surging levels of greenhouses gases are making people tired and stupid, scientists claim
Tony Blair 'told government officials to keep details of lucrative post-No.10 work secret!'
TREASON! Cabinet ministers in talks with Labour MPs about holding another Brexit referendum
Ex-IMF Director ridicules anti-Brexit economic forecasts
British ports chief shoots down ‘No Deal’ Brexit scare stories
Silencing the VOICE of the people! EU judges rule UK can REVOKE Article 50 and STOP Brexit
Sajid Javid PLOTS LEADERSHIP BID if May's Brexit deal not supported in Commons
BREXIT BETRAYAL MARCH! Farage BOOED by UKIP supporters at demonstration
Video shows EU-branded armoured vehicle crushing Paris protests
Yellow Vest protest spreads across Macron’s France
France accuses Trump of interfering in its politics as ‘Yellow Vest’ protests rage
Police fight Yellow Vests at EU HQ as protests spread to Belgium, Netherlands
Jesse Kempson charged with murder of Grace Millane
Sadiq Khan's gravy train! Average TfL salary now £83k despite £11bn debts!
Four British girls and their teacher sexually assaulted at gunpoint during school trip to Ghana
USA: Serial rapist who claimed women as his property faces hundreds of years in prison
South Africa 'sets date for white farmers land grab!'
95% of the world’s tigers have been wiped out in just 100 years
Jodie Whittaker's debut season and Doctor Who's 'politically correct' storylines
Radical Jewish feminists and the one subject they never talked about
Jewish Democrat Adam Schiff says President Trump faces 'real prospect of JAIL!' Hey, Adam! You related to Jacob Schiff, the Wall Street banker who sponsored the Russian Revolution?

Sunday 9 December

Angela Merkel: Trump has almost destroyed the ‘New World Order!’
French protests are a warning to Europe over the widening gulf between rulers and ruled!
WALGRAVE, NORTHAMPTON: Horrifying assault injuries photo! Black man sought
Police hunt armed savages who left elderly woman with bleed on the brain
Muslim chaplain arrested after 'trying to smuggle £60,000 worth of Spice into Belmarsh!'
Jihadis plot devastating CHEMICAL WEAPONS attack in Britain!
Billy Charlton, 53, Charged with ‘stirring up racial hatred’ for speaking out against rape gangs
Born into the ultra-orthodox Jewish community, Miriam finally found the courage to flee!
86% of Express readers demand PM ditch deal! Poll received 15,500+ responses in 24 hours
May betrayal! Britain on the road to Brexit in name only
‘May’s deal irrevocably weakens the UK’ - Latest minister to resign speaks out!
Theresa May set to DELAY Tuesday’s Brexit deal vote
FREDERICK FORSYTH: "We have all been subjected to the most hysterical and mendacious campaign of fear in my lifetime!"
PAXMAN: My dog could have won a better Brexit deal!
Corbyn slams ‘neoliberal’ EU, claims Labour will ‘respect’ Brexit!
Paris riots live updates: Macron protests SPIRAL out of control
Far-left and far-right unite in Yellow Vest movement to topple Macron
Police fight Yellow Vests at EU HQ as protests spread to Belgium, Netherlands!
Jewish intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy supports Macron's police, slams the Yellow Vests!
Trump on France chaos: ‘End Paris Agreement, return money to the people’
7-year-old footballer sentenced to death in Afghanistan - 'Football is against Islam!'
British Forces mired in identity politics, army winning ‘race for diversity!’
France and Germany tell EU states ‘to take refugees or pay’
Migrant Crisis: Number of ‘non-lethal’ weapon licences doubles in Germany!
Meghan Markle: Rumours of 'Duchess Difficult' grow...

Saturday 8 December

‘Yellow Vests’ descend on Paris! Police arrest hundreds and fire tear gas
Fireman enters burning building trying to save life - Gets sacked by 'health and safety' Stasi!
Mohammed Miah faces 'long prison sentence' for brutal Christmas Eve gang rape
Colchester rape victim's emotional statement after Shibbir Ahmed jailed
Pakistani who stabbed Dublin-born lecturer to death claimed he insulted prophet Muhammad FINLAND: Crackdown on criminal migrants after children gang raped
Robert de Niro linked to child sex trafficking ring?
Girl, 14, sexually assaulted by Muslim - School asks her to consider it from his point of view!
CANADA: Arsonist blows himself up as he tries to set a car on fire
Macron’s moment of reckoning...
Boris is right – May’s ‘S & M Brexit’ will sting
Sadiq Khan calls on May to stop Brexit
'Project Fear on STEROIDS!' May mocked for 'LAST THROW OF DICE' doom-mongering
END of EU? Brussels in 'weak and vulnerable' position!
Jacob Rees-Mogg rubbishes Theresa May’s deal in six tweets!
Brexiteer MP BEMUSED at why May didn't accept THIS 'perfect' EU deal
'Two years of political MESS!' Fishing boss blasts 'disastrous' EU fishing rules
Dynasty with no shame!
Clinton Foundation whistle-blowers come forward with hundreds of pages of evidence!
Another "true" Holocaust story exposed as a fraud!
France and Germany tell EU states ‘to take refugees or pay’
‘It is time to bring out our inner Vikings’ – Swedes start protesting against mass migration!
Mini-Merkel replaces Merkel as Germany’s CDU Party Leader
UN envoy slams opposition to Migrant Pact as Latvia is latest to pull out
British beauty queen forced to marry Bangladeshi twice her age - He 'raped her every single day' so she'd get pregnant and he could move to the UK

Friday 7 December

Give 6-year-olds the vote to tackle age bias, says Cambridge University's head of politics!
UK lawmakers to respond after 100,000 sign against UN migration pact!
Marine Le Pen on the UN migration pact
Merkel's Germany launches ‘how to identify Nazi parents’ guide for schools!
Jewish leader asks Hungarian Prime Minister to “limit freedom of the press!”
Tommy Robinson speech - What the traitors YOU vote for don't tell you!
Tommy Robinson speaks to the “bully” whom the 'bullied' Syrian boy threatened to stab!
More on Tommy Robinson and "Jamal," the Syrian lad who got "bullied!"
Bank of England staff knew their dire “No Deal” Brexit predictions were “against public interest!”
The EU 'almost STRANGLED' Tony Benn for wanting to expose their 'DIRTY little DEALS!'
Esther McVey: I knew May's Brexit deal was terrible but my Cabinet colleagues crumbled
If Brexit is blocked, will it ever be worth voting again?
Ex-asylum seeker was getaway driver after five killed in shop explosion?
Hit-and-run driver, Gentjan Lalaj, found guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving!
British photographer told police she feared for her life while staying in Jamaica
FINLAND: 10-year old girl repeatedly raped by gang of foreigners!
USA: 50 illegal alien drug traffickers, 3 wanted for murder, arrested in Boston ICE raid
That aged badly: Macron worship turns sour as protests intensify
‘Parisian arrogance!’ State officials criticise Macron government’s disconnect from the people!
Right-wing winner of Paris riots as Macron may be replaced by Army General!
Obama granted Soros group $310m to help migrants avoid deportation!
200+ academics sign letter accusing Cambridge academic of publishing ‘racist pseudoscience!’
US teacher on paid leave for refusing to call female student ‘he’ or ‘him!’
Tumblr to ban all porn from its platform - LGBTs furious!
Apple's gay CEO threatens to censor views he doesn't like! "No place on our platform!"
Irish 4-year-old: 'I have nowhere to stay, we have nowhere else!'
Pearl Harbor: White House 'KNEW attack was coming and could have prevented it!'
Millionaire Arsenal stars filmed inhaling hippy crack!
Science can't explain this! It`s happening now!

Thursday 6 December

Woman kills parents after claiming lack of support during gender transition!
Tommy Robinson speech - What the traitors YOU vote for don't tell you!
Expert who says sex/gender are different threatened with rape/murder by transgender activists!
Pharmacist and gay lover pictured before Mitesh Patel was jailed for strangling his wife
IPSWICH: Teenager, 17, was 'butchered by rival postcode gang members
Burglary gang smash into pensioner’s home - Maureen Whale, 77, died on phone to police!
Irish teacher stabbed to death by former student (Pakistani origin) outside Paris university
Youngsters are "laughing at the law" and running a reign of terror on Britain's streets
The more English you feel, the more you think immigration is bad for Britain
HORRIFIC: Attorney General’s legal advice underlines May’s Deal disaster!
'It's a TRAP!' Theresa May scrambles to avoid Brexit defeat as furious rebels LASH OUT
Full scale of Brexit betrayal revealed after British government forced to publish legal advice!
Brexit PLOT: Is this PROOF that Theresa May WANTED to lose crunch vote?
UK's Remainer Chancellor sticks up for May’s ‘compromise solution’ Brexit plan!
The Macrons spend 300.000 euros on a new carpet!
Monster raped 'crying' children, had sex with dog and made victim watch!
Muslims demand full legal protection from Islamophobia
VP of European Parliament applauded Spanish warship illegally sailing through British waters!

Wednesday 5 December

The globalists want to flood our world with even more migrants!
GP who gave sex-change hormones to children fined £14,000!
Mother of Labour's Kate Osamor, who quit over son's drug dealing, takes her place in the Lords!
The fat cat boss getting fatter with £2million bonus off the backs of the vulnerable is obscene
US TV boss 'had employees on call for oral sex and destroyed evidence of his misconduct!'
MACRON's FRANCE: Frog cops bludgeon protesters!
The Jewish origins of multiculturalism in Sweden
Asian punched partner in the face at funfair and told police it was acceptable in his culture!
FARAGE: As Macron ‘virtue signals’ to the world, he ‘disconnects’ from the French people!
MPs vote to hold ministers in contempt for the first time in history!
Remainers mobilise after European Court opens door to cancelling Brexit altogether!
Theresa May suffered historic triple defeat in the House of Commons last night
‘LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!’ Rees-Mogg says 'establishment DOESN'T know best!'
USA: Black man brutally beats passerby for his headphones
'They will live to regret it': Furious Andrea Leadsom (traitor) speaks!
Bank of England Governor clashes with predecessor over Brexit ‘betrayal’ predictions
How Dominic Grieve has KILLED no-deal Brexit!
Brexit SHAMBLES: Former chief whip to vote AGAINST May’s deal after 13 years of loyalty!
SABOTAGE! MPs launch a coup on 17.4million people who voted to LEAVE the EU!
'The Establishment HATES Brexit!' Tory MP delivers passionate Commons tirade!
German biker gangs stand up for their country’s women, beating ‘refugees’ who assault them!
Meghan Markle: a ruthless, social climbing actress determined to milk it for all it's worth

Tuesday 4 December

UK can revoke Article 50 and reverse Brexit, top EU law officer says!
Attorney-General admits UK can't end Brexit deal unilaterally but refuses to show legal advice
Lord Mervyn King: May's deal is 'worst of all worlds!'
‘Everyone hates Michael Gove,’ says Cabinet colleague, Liz Truss?
Theresa May admits Brexit can be stopped by new referendum!
‘LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!’ Rees-Mogg says 'establishment DOESN'T know best!'
Theresa May's Brexit plan leads Britain 'further into Europe'
RAAB: The legal advice is clear - The EU has a veto!
Fishing boss reveals 'EXISTENTIAL THREAT' to UK in May's Brexit deal
Leadsom turns full traitor!
Speaker says: ‘Arguable case’ government may have broken rules over Brexit
‘Parliament will BLOCK a no-deal Brexit,’ says TRAITOR HAGUE!
'Leave won and you lost!' Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan grill Tony Blair
Monster killed 3 children he was babysitting - Now the Parole Board may free him!
GRENFELL: Abolaji Onafuye dishonestly pocketed £32,000!
Horror at Wales school as '15 children stabbed’ with insulin needle!
NYC Top Cop: Tackle London crime wave with return to traditional policing!
We're ruled by Mafia bankers. Soros, Rothschild, Goldman Sachs are behind pawns like Macron!
Macron’s France: 80-year-old woman dies after being hit with tear gas
Anti-Macron protests spread, ambulance workers join rebellion
Paris in Flames! Thanks, Macron!
DENMARK: Child rape is “part of our culture” says Islamic preacher!
Student who pointed out that 'women don't have penises' fired from university journal!
"Voters are much more savvy than that!"
Bouncers sacked for savagely beating young rugby league player and friend outside nightclub!
Driving examiners are sexist and racist? 32% black women pass test v 56% of white men!

Monday 3 December

PAEDOGATE! Prince Andy faces being dragged back into Jeff Epstein child prostitution scandal?
PC GONE MAD! Criticising migration could become CRIMINAL offence under new plan!
RABBI: Jews who promote open borders not true Jews! Mass importation of 3rd world into ours is 'treasonous!'
Traitor May's government WILL SIGN UN proposal to make immigration a human right!
The ‘Great Replacement’ – Not a ‘conspiracy theory’ a demographic CERTAINTY!
Ex-Brexit Secretary says ‘No Deal’ will free Britain from ‘dead hand of EU!’
Italy: 60% of ‘retired’ migrants receive pensions while they didn’t work a single day
Drug dealer, lying Corbynite mum and cover-up! Osamor's son STILL lives off public purse
'Murdered' for his trainers (by a woman) in Hertfordshire jungle!
Mother-of-nine 'died twice' after being stabbed by knifeman who 'came out of nowhere'
Hunt for missing woman, Amy Louise Gerard, who vanished on night out in Tenerife
Christians face 'imminent extinction' in the Middle East warns Archbishop (Way too late)
Why is Brexit different to the Iraq war? Piers Morgan TEARS into Blair
Brexiteers BATTLE to stop 'gross BETRAYAL' by Remainers
Breakthrough for anti-mass migration VOX Party in Spanish regional election
Five swans and their cygnets killed in 'air gun attack!'
Bono, Soros and Von Rompuy hanging out together!
ROWLING: Princess Pretentious - 2018!

Sunday 2 December

Welfare queen who claims £30,000 a year for 8 mixed-race kids forks out £2,500 for BOOB JOB!
SICK thugs tape RAZOR BLADES to playground slide to cut off children’s fingers!
Telford sex abuse victim 'told to take her son to see her rapist or face jail!'
Birmingham child sexual exploitation victims NOT being recorded in city figures?
CRIME WORLD! Prosecutions plummet by half a million as murder and stabbings rise!
CRIME WORLD! Prosecutions plummet by half a million as murder and stabbings rise!
The people around May, or May herself, do not want you looking into her father's history
Theresa May's Brexit deal is illegal and must be stopped!
A third of Theresa May’s trade envoys will not back ‘disingenuous’ PM’s Brexit deal!
BREXIT: Theresa May deploying 'desperate underhand tactics' to FORCE deal through!
Theresa May has SECRET 'Plan B' Brexiteers will HATE!
‘Worse SURRENDER than Singapore!’ Theresa May accused of EU capitulation over military!
Tory activists go ON STRIKE and refuse to deliver May's 'DEAL' feaflets!
UK: Petition to reject UN migration compact breaks 40,000! Government yet to respond
Labour MP Kate Osamor quits after getting son £50k job despite drug offences!
Tommy Robinson calls-out hypocrisy over young English child attacked!
FRANCE! Water cannon, tear gas, stun grenades - Yellow Jackets storm security cordons!
Chain migration: 60% of ‘retired’ migrants in Italy have never worked!
Belgium faces ‘wave of Jihadism’ as radical Islam spreads in prison population!
WATCH: Sole German-speaking child in classroom violently bullied!
Stephen Fry: Brexit's Leave campaign was built on ‘deception’ and ‘racism!’
Bette Midler fantasises about Trump and family hanged ‘good and high!’

Saturday 1 December

UK: Number of FGM cases more than double in a year!
How many more will be killed by gun no. 6? Same pistol in 9 shootings, 3 murders
BIRMINGHAM: Child grooming drug dealer Zakaria Mohammed arrested
LONDON BLOODBATH: 16-year old STABBED in BRUTAL attack rushed to hospital!
Illegal immigrant who got £88,000 in benefits from Grenfell fund is 13th fraudster jailed!
French teenager dies after ‘refugee’ stabs him 23 times for no reason!
Drag Queen admits 'grooming' children at library 'story hour' events!
A girl at mom’s, a boy at dad’s: ‘Transgender’ child in custody battle
Does this look like a special relationship? May and Trump at the G20 summit
Former MI6 chief accuses Theresa May of ‘surrendering British national security’ to the EU!
Traitor Gove says mutinous Tories MUST back the PM's deal!
The Bank of England's reputation has been damaged by Brexit politics
New referendum call is threatening faith in democracy!
FOLK star Mike Harding attacks Theresa May and her Brexit withdrawal deal
Rothschild toady, Macron, attacks President Trump’s America first policies!
Macron whines to Saudi Crown Prince: ‘You never listen to me!’
Macron takes an egg to the head!
Anti-MACRON protests spread to Brussels!
Whistleblower who blew whistle on FBI ignoring Hillary's Russia dealings gets home raided!
MORDAUNT: 12 months on, billions more wasted on overseas aid - STILL NO AUDIT!
CNN fires political contributor after he delivers speech critical of Israel at the UN!
South Africa land seizures: High Court REJECTS white farmers' legal battle!
Gene Hackman says Trump could turn out one of the best Presidents USA has ever had!
Gareth Southgate says there were 'racial undertones' in Brexit vote! (Stupid celebs)
Network Rail worker gets £20,000 compo after 't*** look massive' in Christmas jumper comment!
Are YOU dating a psychopath? Scientists reveal the signs to look for

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