The Madhouse Update

Friday 25 September

Common colds 'may account for some reported COVID-19 cases', PHE survey says
Ben Swann analyses the outlandish claims of Vallance and Whitty!
Britons face worldwide quarantine as 4 more countries added to UK Covid travel ban list!
Sick children to be turned away from two major London A&Es to make way for Covid patients!
FARAGE: Britons must fight against Coronavirus government ‘tyranny!’
Boris goes full Fascist!
The Government is floundering within a disaster of its own making!
CRACKPOT POLICY! Now the Government wants to cancel students' Christmas! What next?
Far too many of us have no idea just how bad this is going to get
Khan’s London: 11 police injured in suspected acid attack during drugs raid!
Rapist who fled country after impregnating 12-year-old gets short sentence
Albanian pervert giggled as he is spared jail for sexually assaulting a vulnerable teenager!
USA: Black savage executed for murder of white couple, Todd and Stacie Bagley!
Larynzo Johnson identified as suspect in shooting of Louisville officers!
California veteran, 77, attacked for wearing “MAGA” hat!
LOUISVILLE: 'Breonna's law' lawyer arrested for rioting as Louisville is descends into chaos
Pro-Antifa DA drops charges against terrorist who hurled Molotov cocktail at police!
Louisville cop calls BLM/Antifa supporters 'punks' who live in their parents' basement!
Los Angeles: Black cop condemned for black-on-black racism!
EU reveals ‘mandatory solidarity mechanism’ to spread migrants across all states!
‘If we go off script we're race -traitors’ – Black educator mobbed after criticising BLM!
Ben Carson: ‘Race is being manipulated to create chaos’ and ‘divide’ Americans!
Betrayal, infuriating betrayal!
The US is using the Guardian to justify jailing Assange for life! Why is the paper so silent?
Andre Vltchek dead! Murdered by NATO/Zionists?
The Weinstein scandal as paradigm of Jewish predation on atomized Gentiles!
Nearly all top ten baby names in Paris suburbs have Islamic connection!
Harry and Meghan have made the best Trump promo video ever!
Prince Harry is in danger of ruining America's love affair with the Royal family
Americans like me don't want to hear what Prince Harry has to say about our politics!

Thursday 24 September

COVID: THE FACTS! Absolute proof that the political class has knowingly betrayed us!
Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines!
2010: The Rockefeller plan to gain total control! Prison State via Pandemic!
Vallance and Whitty faced backlash in March and asked for help to 'calm down' academics!
Doomsday prediction of 50,000 a day in October based on a few hundred positive cases!
Covid restrictions on care homes could mean elderly don't see their loved ones for a YEAR!
Top health professional whacks it to the media who don't want to hear it!
Diagnoses of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer 'plummeted 50% during lockdown!'
UK to test Covid vaccines on humans deliberately infected with virus!
Britain’s Coronavirus Lockdown is six months old today and may last for six more!
COVID: Failure to engage in rational debate is driving dangerously one-sided response!
Dominic Raab says second Lockdown could follow if new restrictions don’t work!
COVID-19: Plastic face shields DON'T work! Infected airborne droplets escape through visors!
Florida AG refers Bloomberg to FBI after he paid felons’ fines so they can vote for Biden?
Senate report links Hunter Biden to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’
Khan brothers kept women as slaves to run their £1,000-a-day drug-dealing racket!
‘Islamic extremists launched brutal attack on prison officer at HMP Whitemoor!
UK failed to learn lessons of 9/11, 7/7, says father of Ariana Grande terror victim!
15 sex offenders/paedos will have their convictions QUASHED after government blunder!
Two officers shot in Louisville amid Breonna Taylor protests
PITTSBURGH: 4-year-old white boy murdered by black burglar!
Twitter's Jack Dorsey funds project that provided supplies to Louisville rioters?
NRA says a Biden victory would deprive Americans of ‘your AR-15!’
It CAN Be Done! Tunisia stops and turns back hundreds of boat migrants at sea!
WALSALL: Head teacher tells pupils to 'get used to being cold!'
WOKEY! WOKEY! Harry and the actress are 'using their privilege for change!'
TRUMP: 'I’m not a fan of Meghan. I wish Harry luck, cause he’s going to need it!'
Buckingham Palace washes hands of Megarry for telling Americans to vote out Trump!

Wednesday 23 September

This governmental rule by decree must end forthwith!
Boris goes full Fascist against Lockdown protests! But not BLM or XR!
Ridiculous Covid rules are hurting the young! Nobody wants them punished in our name!
Boris's message to the nation: you can't behave and it's all your fault!
Is Boris trying to blame the British public for the Government’s failings?
'Implausible!' Scientists hit out at warning of 50,000 Covid cases a day!
Tory MPs angry! 'Shutting down society causes massive damage to health, lives, and jobs!'
Why the woke National Trust placed 100 properties on BLM-inspired list of shame!
Facemasks will kill off pubs and restaurants just as they are 'getting back on their feet!'
Professor Gloom and Dr Doom's 50,000 prediction is b***ocks!
COVID UK: Sex no longer illegal for non-cohabiting couples but casual sex still forbidden!
It's not for Michael Gove to decide which sort of social contact is "necessary!"
Britons are swamping police line to rat on neighbours!
WALES: 'Care' worker, Aymen Babiker, raped extremely vulnerable patient!
Hervé Ryssen gets 17 months for challenging Jewish version of WW2!
CANADA: Muslims who brutally assaulted 75-year-old man will serve less than two years!
Lord Owen blasts health chiefs for contributing to 'tainted blood' scandal!
Owen Jones has head in hands as Piers Morgan humiliates him!
Now Democrats want to impeach Trump AND Barr to stop Supreme Court process?
First-time asylum applicants in Cyprus almost 10 times higher than EU average!
‘It is… a police state!’ Australia’s crackdown on freedoms during COVID like 1960s Berlin!
The 10 most extreme "critical race theory" classes/trainings at US colleges!
Leftists protest new migrant camps – Want even more generous housing for illegals!
The National Trust’s job is to conserve our history – not vilify its heroes!
Barbados moves to drop the Queen as Head of State 'driven by Chinese interference!'
Now Meghan condemns book that fawned on her and Harry!

Tuesday 22 September

Dozens of Tory MPs set to refuse unconscious bias training!
Viktor Orbán: Today’s European institutions serve the ‘interests of George Soros!’
Viktor Orbán: Schools must protect children from ‘gender ideology and rainbow propaganda!’
FARAGE: "The government is increasingly behaving like an elected dictatorship!"
Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics – the Deadly Danger of False Positives!
'Implausible': Scientists hit out at warning of 50,000 Covid cases a day!
Officials urged public 'not to be complacent' over free flu vaccination!
Thousands of Britons fined for breaking 'unclear and ambiguous' Covid lockdown rules?
We cannot discuss lockdown when it is not based on evidence!
We can beat Covid without lockdowns, says top German virologist!
The public needs more than Project Fear!
A prophesy of doom and gloom from the two horsemen of the apocalypse
Whitty and Vallance's attempt to dress down the lockdown sceptics was unconvincing!
WALES: African Health Minister 'wouldn't rule out' introducing mandatory COVID vaccine!
Government threats of lockdown are as unfair as keeping the whole class in school detention!
LEICESTER: Hit-and-run driver, Fatheha Begum Abedin, ran over her own father-in-law!
LOUISVILLE: White folks murdered by BLM activist wearing 'Justice for Breonna Taylor’ shirt!
CANADA: Muslims who brutally assaulted 75-year-old man will serve less than two years!
Christian branded Nazi and sacked for opposing compulsory sex ed/transgender ideology!
Sweden: Court rules that employers must pay Muslims for praying on the job!
Pakistan: After floods, ‘only homes of Hindus are bulldozed!’
Colonisation robbed me of my mother tongue and my identity! (Well f*** off elsewhere then!)
Joe Biden joins globalist pile-on against conservative Poland!
“RBG” and the Death of the Constitution!
The War on Populism: the Final Act!
"Millennials and the Holocaust," by Gilad Atzmon!

Monday 21 September

We must get rid of the government’s doom-mongering scientific advisers!
Carl Heneghan tells MPs how it REALLY is!
Chris Whitty says we are at 'a critical point in pandemic!' Boris considers 6 months of curbs!
Lockdown failed! We must follow the Swedish model and learn to live with Covid!
Second wave of coronavirus is not as deadly… If we panic, many more lives will be lost!
Government 'ruling by decree' and treating public 'like children', says Chair of 1922 Committee!
Time for the PM to take back control from unaccountable advisers
A Government message that educates and inspires would be more efficient than threats!
Culture warriors are weaponising language in their bid to dominate British public life!
FARAGE: ‘Say No!’ to second national Lockdown, reject Boris’ ‘elective dictatorship!’
‘White Privilege’? Working-class white kids most disadvantaged as system prioritises minorities!
UK to penalise schools which don’t teach children LGBT lessons!
‘Boomerang’ migrants given asylum in UK despite being deported previously!
‘British FBI’ arrests another two men connected to alleged grooming gang abuse
Ten men convicted over gang rape in Germany!
Moroccans make up nearly a quarter of all juvenile jailbirds in Spain!
Lawyer says: 'Burn Congress down before letting Trump try to appoint anyone to SCOTUS!'
Tory donor, Lubov Chernukhin, linked to $8m Putin ally, Suleyman Kerimov, funding
Ireland is being used by the US and the EU as a weapon to attack Brexit!
Every passenger who flew on Jeffrey Epstein's aircraft to be revealed! ELITE PANICS!
Is cancel culture a force for good? Columnists go head-to-head!
Andy Murray wants Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena renamed because she's not on message re: transgender athletes and LGBT?

Sunday 20 September

'Burn Congress down!' Former CNN host, writers, a professor urge violent response if RBG's Supreme Court replacement is voted in before the election!
MODERNA: Fauci and Gates DO have ties to COVID-19 vaccine maker! Where is the evidence for going back into lockdown?
Coronavirus! £10,000 FINE if you don’t isolate in Big Brother Britain!
Covid is getting less dangerous. has No 10 noticed?
Common sense? Decency? We can't allow that in Covid Britain!
Sadiq Khan says London needs a new lockdown by tomorrow!
Lockdown failed - We must follow the Swedish model and learn to live with Covid!
Thousands at Trafalgar Square in FURIOUS lockdown protest - police arrest 32
LONDON: Cops clash with ‘Act for Freedom’ anti-Lockdown protesters!
White working-class children are UK’s most deprived pupils!
BLM's war on the Deplorables!
New Ambassador feels the wrath of the Jewish lobby!
Woke capitalism (and a Nigerian immigrant) at Goldman Sachs!
Julian Assange trial - The Mask of Empire has fallen!
Wilma Hochstetler murdered by black savages in Indianapolis!
Disaster for BBC as 237,000 families stop paying licence fee costing £40million!
So much for ‘green jobs!’ Wind turbine manufacturing work goes to China!
Hungary rejects EU’s new calls for open borders!
Judges ground another entire deportation flight for illegal immigrants!
Ex-equality Tsar Trevor Phillips criticises ‘woke ultras’ trying to erase British history!
Parliamentary staff urged to profess feelings online about 'white privilege' after BLM protests!
Meghan Markle calls RBG the 'Justice of Courage!' (Surprise me not!)

Saturday 19 September

The genocide of the white race? It's coming...
Jewish BBC boss is replacing white presenters with non-whites to ‘diversify!’
THEY don't want another lockdown? Second wave? (B***ocks!) THEY are f***ing with us!
Last time we locked down to buy more time for the NHS – so what exactly is the reason now?
A third of Covid deaths in July and August 'primarily caused by other conditions!'
Only half of Americans would take a Covid-19 vaccine!
Help For Heroes makes 90 staff redundant after income dropped by third during Covid!
Van Morrison attacks ‘Fascist bullies’ in anti-Lockdown protest songs
Cole Kershaw was shot dead on 12 August, 2020, by a gang of Muslim men! WHO KNEW?
In case you haven't seen it, Jim Davidson dares to speak out against DIVERSITY and BLM!
Surprise! Jim Davidson goes on a 'racist' rant? (Or maybe he's just telling the truth?)
Home Office ‘clueless about how many illegal migrants are living in the UK!’
Trump will ignore Ginsberg's dying wish and nominate a replacement in days! GO DONNIE!
Jewish women back campaign to make misogyny a hate crime
Church of Iceland depicts Jesus with a long beard and breasts! In Sunday School!
If ‘Kill Whitey’ now passes for comedy, the BBC is in real trouble!
LONDON: XR and BLM activists demand Reparations during ‘Walk of Shame’ protest!
'Postmodernism gone mad': is academia to blame for cancel culture?
Queen strips Harvey Weinstein of his 2004 CBE for contribution to British film industry!
"This is ludicrous!" - Newt Gingrich questions 'the Soros cover-up!'
Zionists Jews the biggest threat to humanity?
CLINTON: Dems must employ every possible ‘obstacle’ to stop McConnell replacing Ginsburg!
YouTube deletes Joe Biden/Ukrainian President anti-Trump audio tapes!
Illegal immigrant brothers rape 10-year-old in Louisiana! (Allegedly)
Mail-in ballots postmarked November 2 may be counted 2 weeks after Presidential election!
Dominic Raab's bodyguard 'left gun on plane'
Swedish women’s national soccer team kneels in support of Black Lives Matter!
Gary Lineker congratulates Alex Scott on A Question Of Sport role!

Friday 18 September

Local authority pressures care homes to accept COVID-19 hospital patients! AGAIN!
DARPA-funded implantable biochip to detect COVID-19 could hit markets by 2021!
Government could use emergency powers to give us UNLICENSED vaccines!
Bolton is a LOCKDOWN virus hotspot! AND YET! It has only TWO Covid-19 patients in hospital!
COVID-1984 from a two-week Lockdown to mndatory vaccination and life in prison!
The WHO considers your child's presence in school informed consent to vaccinate that child!
Extreme face mask rules for parts of North Yorkshire as full emergency declared!
It’s easy to be a pro-Lockdown hardliner if your job and salary won't be adversely affected!
Top Tory says he'll refuse to partake in BLM-inspired ‘unconscious bias training’ in HoC!
New Ambassador to Germany falls foul of the Jewish Lobby!
Cops hunt savage who punched, kicked, stamped on NHS worker, 63, on London bus
Herschel Walker slams BLM as 'anti-government, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-everything!'
'Cheer' star Jerry Harris charged with producing child pornography
Footage of Dijon Kizzee picking up a loaded pistol before he was gunned down!
Judges REDUCE $1M bail for Lancaster BLM 'rioters' and lets some walk free!
'Trained Marxist' BLM co-founder funded by group linked to the Chinese Commies!
Hey, Joe! Stop lecturing us on Brexit and get the 'killing and rioting' in the USA sorted!
New York City murder rate soars by 27% and gang violence rises 52%!
Inciting racial hatred against whites is all in a day’s work at CNN!
Second UK military migrant camp set to open in Wales, as migrant crisis grows!
BBC TV tax subscribers collapse by quarter of a million in one year!
Trump slams FBI chief for saying ANTIFA is 'NOT an organisation' and Russia is anti-Biden!
Home Office immigration unit has 'no idea' - MPs

Thursday 17 September

How to get vaccinated without parental consent! (You won't believe what is said here!)
They loved Big Brother! 69% of Britons support Coronavirus curfew!
SUMPTION: Fear has brought about 'the greatest invasion of personal liberty in our history!'
Bill Barr compares national coronavirus lockdown to SLAVERY!
Chris Whitty is advising PM to introduce two week national lockdown!
Stillbirths surge 50% during lockdowns as pregnant women avoid seeking care!
Delusional Covid 'suppression' strategy has sent us into a downward spiral!
The police should focus on real crime, not punishing people for mingling!
I’ve taken the Australian state of Victoria to the Supreme Court!
Chinese virologist who says coronavirus was created in a lab suspended by Twitter!
OFFICIAL! BLM riots are the most costly manmade damage to US property in history!
‘If we go off-script we’re race-traitors!’ Black educator mobbed after criticising BLM, race theory!
As a black man, it is now almost impossible to stand up to the Black Lives Matter agenda!
Farage watched French warship escort migrant boat into British Waters!
EU contempt! Merkel accused of being behind withdrawal agreement stitch-up!
Greeks arrest 5 immigrants for arson at migrant camp which left 13,000+ homeless!
GERMANY: Pakistani immigrant stabbed a German teenager to prevent deportation!
AUSTRIA: ISIS jailbird threatened to behead inmate and formed a terror cell!
Democrat donor responsible for the deaths of black men? Gave them gave methamphetamine?
Pentagon's missile chief subject to seven years of sexual harassment claims!
Girl, 7, begs doctors to let her die after suffering terribly at hands of parents and uncle!
Twice-deported Honduran charged with sexual assault of pre-teen girl!
Mozambique orders probe into video of ‘horrifying’ killing of naked woman
Washington Post smears pro-Trump activists, gets them banned by Twitter and Facebook!
“F***ing racist dirty c*nt” (4 times) versus “stop being a lesbian”...
USA: Another race-faker unmasked: Teacher admits lying about being black and resigns!
Majority of young Americans live with parents for first time since great Depression!
Black comedian, Sophie Duker, jokes about killing white people on Frankie Boyle's BBC2 show!
Kate Middleton selects photo of BLM protester for her Lockdown exhibition at NPG!

Wednesday 16 September

The NHS is injecting our children with GOD KNOWS WHAT without parental consent! Schools are complicit!
UK patients denied vital services, NHS staff absent from work due to Covid testing crisis!
Archbishop of Canterbury voices fears over impact of 'rule of six!'
The Government must decentralise to survive Covid
I supported the lockdown – but the Rule of Six treats us like toddlers!
SCOTLAND: Covid hospital patients slashed from 262 to 48! Stats overplayed by 80%!
Coronavirus cases across USA decline for 8 straight weeks - Deaths drop for a month!
BARNIER attacks UK politicians, says Boris wants to shift focus away from the coronavirus pandemic by causing uproar over Brexit!
ITV flooded with complaints over ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ BLM dance routine!
Candace Owens: ‘We are not in a race war’ – That narrative is created to destroy America!
Trump: Minorities suffer the most from weaker policing!
'Look at this body man!' Michael Cohen laughs as friend drools over teen daughter!
Tucker Carlson blames Democrats for LA deputy ambush!
Will woke Jocks kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?
Posh male students' competitions to shag ‘poor’ girls? Contempt for working-class women
Brutal UAE and Bahrain autocrats outplayed a tired, deluded Palestinian leadership!
Democrats go all-out for Israel!
HYPOCRISY! Jewish groups support BLM but ignore Palestinian genocide!
Joe Biden - 2019: I’ll ‘makes sure’ fracking is ‘eliminated!’ NOW: ‘I will not ban fracking!’
Are the forever wars really ending?
What hath white Liberals wrought?
Army barracks to become UK’s first ‘migrant camp’ following surge in Channel crossings!
Detectives investigating a rape in Westminster want to identify this man!
HUDDERSFIELD: Young man attacked and rushed to hospital - This man wanted!
Immigrant benefits cheat, Iveta Stojkova, swindled £30k in scam!
Dozens jailed in England for TV Licence evasion! (Scots only get fined)
ST. LOUIS: Air Force veteran, Chaise Dunlap, 27, beaten to death with a car jack!
LA sheriff says 'we hope they (deputies) f***ing die' protesters are 'worthy of ISIS!'
ARIZONA: Rafael Vasquez charged with killing of homeless, Elaine Herzberg
LOUISIANA: Illegal immigrant twins charged with raping 10-year-old!
Domino's delivery man 'shot dead by girl after he kills her boyfriend in self-defense!
Judge throws book at 13 Lancaster rioters, sets $1M bail for seven!
Oregon woman forced a suspected arsonist to the ground at gunpoint!
Victoria Cops did this because Timothy Atkins had left hospital and was a danger to himself!

Tuesday 15 September

Is 'wokism' creating an army of alt-Right teens? (Fingers crossed!) A new generation has had enough of the PC dogma they're fed at school and at home by overly liberal parents!
Globalisation of healthcare has been planned for a long time! Covid-19 is just the latest sortie
Douglas Murray – ‘America has all the bases set for Civil War!’
Number of Brits drinking at high risk levels doubles to 8.5m since February!
700,000 jobs lost in first five months of crisis!
Swine Flu Scandal! (Channel 4 - 2010)
Deadly Deception - Dr. Robert E. Willner on the AIDS deception
Bye bye Barnier! Chief negotiator on way out! Brexiteer pinpoints huge EU error!
EU put ‘revolver on the table’ with threat to block food exports, Boris rages!
BBC accused of bias as viewers blast Maitlis for 'supporting EU!'
EU has behaved with shameless illegality and injustice towards Britain!
Bill Cash savages EU in Brexit rant! 'There's NEVER been a level playing field!
NBC’s Sunday night football ratings crash nearly 30% for 'woke' opening weekend
The spirit of 'woke' and 'get Whitey' is strong in the NFL!
Want to know where all those corporate donations for #BLM are going? Here's the list
BLM protesters chant ‘f*ck the police!’ Call for Dick to resign!
The BLM version of history is a wilful misrepresentation of the past – and present!
Meghan Markle plans Netflix documentary on ‘Marxist’ Black Lives Matter founder!
Michael Cohen says, "Trump loathes Christians and mocks their faith!" (A Cohen would say that)
Prince Charles named patron of the Jewish Lads' and Girls' Brigade after years of support!
Europe must take action to combat rising anti-Semitism? Really?
Lancaster, PA: Suspect lunges at Officer with a knife! And yet... RIOTS!
MSM catches up to Farage, finally reports alleged refugees evading authorities!
Trump is ending war in Afghanistan where Obama, Biden promised and failed!
Miley Cyrus pushes young to vote for ‘someone fit’ for Presidency! (This is irony, right?)
Man defecates in Nancy Pelosi’s driveway as a form of ‘peaceful protest!’
Pregnant woman loses baby after jumping out of Glasgow hotel window to escape Godwin Mattia
'Cuties' director, Maïmouna Doucouré, defends film hyper-sexualizing young girls!
Black Netflix star solicited 'sex and explicit photos from twin brothers?'
'Right-wingers are more friendly,' says cross-dresser, Grayson Perry!
Bill for BBC stars' pay soars by £1m! 76 presenters earn more than the PM!
BBC’s annual report 2019/2020 released - all pay over £150,000 is listed!
Monday 14 September

Jeffrey Epstein 'was secretly bankrolled' by Ghislaine Maxwell's media magnate dad, Robert!
UK’s new Covid rules are authoritarian/arbitrary! How much longer will we put up with this?
UK’s MSM has slavishly obeyed government over Covid like the docile arm of a despotic state!
Dr John Lee says lockdown could cause more long-term harm than COVID-19 itself
‘Scrap the rule of six!’ Experts warn BoJo's decision could have ‘major social consequences!’
Shocking figures! Hospital admissions for 7 major non-Covid illnesses fall by 173,000!
NHS cleaners twice as likely to be infected with Covid-19 than intensive care staff!
Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan says Coronavirus lab 'cover-up' m ade her flee China!
Brexit negotiator calls out EU’s Barnier on Northern Ireland dirty tricks!
Pro-EU ex-PMs Blair and Major attack Boris over Brexit plan!
Bad-faith EU is furious that the UK now has a backstop of its own!
In 2017-18, BBC Media Action received £2.7m from the EU and £400,000 from Council of Europe!
UK has to defend itself against predatory diplomacy, deal or no deal
America’s War on Terror the true cause of Europe’s refugee crisis!
TRUMP: ‘Stupid’ corporations funding ‘anti-police’ leftists should fund families of fallen officers!
Trump condemns radical Left’s ‘open war’ on law enforcement after deputies shot in L.A.
Trudeau creates race-based $221m fund for black people only!
ISRAEL: Model Bar Refaeli gets 9 months community service, mum jailed for tax evasion!
Israel becomes first nation to lockdown for a second time!
Syrians deported from UK to Spain try to return
WEST LONDON: Light-skinned black/Asian ‘knifeman’ attacking lone women in parks!
French Police catch pregnant 13-year-old immigrant pickpocket!
'Emergency services murdered my son!' Mum of bombing victim blames them for his death!
People flee the Golden State due to wildfires, liberal politics and high taxes!
XR’s stupid stunts mask the fact that the establishment agrees with its ridiculous aims!
2012: David Lammy MP says absent fathers 'key cause of knife crime!'
Ultra-processed food is ageing our cells!
Johnny Mercer MP just called me a c***!
England star Mason Greenwood pictured 'inhaling hippy crack!'

Sunday 13 September

Let's call it genocide!
STANFORD - June 2020: "The case for keeping the country locked down falls apart!"
'Rule of six' leaves events industry 'staring into the abyss'
Coronavirus spreading in care homes again?
Why Boris Johnson’s ‘moonshot’ plans have made people really (and rightfully) angry
“I’m sick of the government gaslighting us over coronavirus! Their mistakes are not our fault!”
Oregon cops are "arresting people who are intentionally setting fires!"
4 people arrested on arson charges in California, Oregon, Washington wildfires!
Four arsonists arrested on West Coast, one a ‘regular attendee’ of anti-cop rallies!
PORTLAND: Jett Thomas tried to set a hotel gas pipe on fire!
Los Angeles police officers fight for life after 'ambush shooting!'
Bus passengers threatened with meat cleaver in south London!
Abused from the age of 12, rather than see her as a victim, the cops criminalised her!
Grime artist Solo 45 sentenced to 24 years for raping and imprisoning women!
British should be educated on benefits of LGBT lessons, say unbiased pollsters! (40% disagree)
U.N. chooses teen prostitution advocate for top human rights post!
HITCHENS: Government is wading into a swamp of despotism one muzzle at a time!
Authorities ‘overwhelmed’ by ‘absolute mayhem’ as 200 illegals land!
Meddling anti-Brits, Tony Blair and John Major, wade in to Boris row!
Boris Johnson set to opt out of human rights laws
The EU is not acting in good faith. It’s time for Britain to walk away from this mess!
Gary Lineker is an idiot!
Firefighters in Brussels can request police escorts after serious attacks!
After years of horror, Swedish PM admits connection between migration and crime!
Greeks strengthen military amid increased Turkish aggression!
Marxist BLM commemorates 9/11 by mocking anniversary!
Are these Antifa/BLM riots a Jewish coup?
Harvey Weinstein 'to be stripped of CBE!'
Philip Green's retail empire takes 'millions in government handouts while making staff redundant!'
Topshop boss Sir 'Shifty' Green issues grovelling apology!
Ritual public shaming!
Trump: ‘If Biden wins, the mob wins!’
CHER: ‘Trump is a mass murderer’… ‘The punishment is death!’
Merck doctor admits cancer and other viruses found in vaccines!
BLAYLOCK: Fluoride's Deadly Secret!
9/11 was an Israeli job? America was neoconned into World War IV?
The 19th anniversary of the Deep State Attack on America!
The 19th anniversary of the Deep State Attack on America!
The real Lenin: Traitor, parasite, failure!
Kids at play in the 1950s

Saturday 12 September

"If you do not believe in this ANTIFA thing, listen to me now. They are in a community and they are setting fires... Our friends are finding camps., our friends are catching them and they are setting fires!"
500,000 people in Oregon forced to flee wildfires!
"My husband died in 9/11!" Leftie replies: "GOOD! GOOD... Your f***ing husband should probably f***ing rot in the grave!"
Inside the privileged lives of protesters busted for rioting in Manhattan!
UK: The Muslim invasion is real and exploding!
Boris says the EU is a threat to integrity of the UK!
Maroš Šefčovič, the former Commie who imposed the EU's Brexit deadline!
If the EU unleashes economic sanctions/legal action against UK, it's OK by Gina Miller!
Downing Street hits back at EU threat to block UK food exports!
A Biden Presidency would be no friend to Brexit Britain!
STANFORD DATA - June 2020: Chance of dying from COVID-19 = One in 19 million!
Eco-obsessed councils, under cover of Covid, have spent millions to shut Britain's roads!
Steve Baker says PM's 'draconian' COVID rule 'isn't a fit legal environment for a free people!'
Covid marshals? It’s a deeply alarming notion
Coronavirus: New infections DROPPING - graph rubbishes fears of second wave!
Where is the evidence for Government lockdown threats and excoriation of the young?
Eco-obsessed councils, under cover of Covid, have spent millions to shut Britain's roads!
Was 'Eat Out to Help Out' behind Britain's Covid case spike?
Is Ibiza clubber, Layton Migas, behind Bolton's coronavirus case spike?
David Starkey: 'Our universities have become woke superspreaders!'
Suspended nurse, Kate Shemirani, becomes the new face of anti-vaxx!
Chinese virologist will publish evidence proving COVID-19 is manmade?
Teenager dies two weeks after being stabbed in a London park!
MITCHAM: Sutha Sivanantham charged with murdering her five-year-old daughter!
NEWQUAY: Blagovest Hadjigueorguiev charged after police officer set on fire!
Grenfell conman, Anh Nhu Nguyen, said his wife and son died in tower!
MI5 knew Manchester bomber had visited Jihadist in prison but did nothing!
Cops told they can no longer stop and search suspects who smell of cannabis after ‘humiliating’ founder of Black Cyclists Network!
Sarkozy says word n***** should be allowed! Can he call people monkeys?
Denmark’s Prime Minister opposes bill seeking to ban non-medical circumcision!
Burger King depicts mascot in gay kiss with Ronald McDonald for new ad campaign!

Friday 11 September

Care home residents 'losing will to live' amid Covid restrictions in England!
Scottish health chief, Jason Leitch, admits tests used to detect Covid-19 cases are 'a bit rubbish!'
SAGE experts warn £100bn plan to test 10m people a day may be a waste! (False results)
SIKORA: Rule of 6 poses real danger! Boris has succeeded in spreading fear, not much else!
Boris's Covid marshals will tell people which side of the pavement to walk down!
Boris Johnson has led a Fascist coup against the United Kingdom?
Boris' marshals dismissed as 'Covid Wombles!' WOW! Even the cops are contemptuous now!
The madness of Boris Johnson’s testing ‘moonshot!’
Gilad Atzmon on COVID and apocalyptic hysteria!
Australian governor defends her 'draconian' coronavirus restrictions that have split families!
LITTLEJOHN: Heir to Churchill? No, Boris is the second coming of Warden Hodges!
We're currently living in a one-party state, and it's called Lockdown!
Christmas is cancelled and fortress family feels under attack – Boris is testing our patience!
Matt Hancock puffed out his pigeon chest to defy the naysayers!
Ignoring the lesson of Sweden makes a tougher Covid crackdown inevitable
Vitamin D supplements 'could keep Covid-19 patients out of intensive care!'
Which countries have the most anti-vaxxers?
Farage calls on Boris to ditch the 2019 withdrawal agreement with the EU!
A dozen serious criminals are deported (At last!)
Savage double rapist tried to murder a woman because ‘he felt like it!’
Police renew appeal to trace Melad Mustaffa-Ali following alleged sexual assault!
Joshua Ungersma: White man, working two jobs to support family, murdered by black teen!
WINCHESTER: 3 children seriously injured when school bus hit a railway bridge!
NFL fans boo a moment of silence for BLM!
Orthodox Jews won't be voting for Trump! You listening Donald?
'I have never met anyone more racist' than race-faking anti-white Jew, Jessica Krug!
Agenda 2030 - An interpretation
From 9/11 to the Great Reset!
Extinction Rebellion protesters deface Churchill statue despite police presence!
Trump says Joe Biden is the ‘worst Presidential candidate’ in history of politics!
Joe Biden promises to let Mayors import foreign workers!
Israel funds US Israel Lobby, was taxpayers pay for endless fraud against themselves!
100 Orthodox Jewish rabbis urge Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to ditch Southern Poverty Law Center!
Canadian flight cancelled after toddler refused to wear face mask!
Over-privileged diva, Alesha Dixon, says we "can kiss" her "black a***!"

Thursday 10 September

All-cause mortality during COVID-19 - No plague! Mass homicide by government?
Exposing the real threat behind COVID-19!
Scotland health chief's 'astonishing' admission - Coronavirus tests are "a bit rubbish!"
Britain’s second lockdown will be even more terrible than the first!
Under cover of Covid, the Government has launched an all-out assault on British civil liberties!
'Covid-secure marshals' enforcing rules on social gatherings or power-hungry snoopers?
COVID-19: Countries that use hydroxychloriquine haved fared much better than those that don't!
British grandad died from Covid-19 in December - 3 days before Beijing reported it to WHO!
Irrational and inconsistent, these policies only succeed in breeding fear!
Farage slams ‘Draconian’ Lockdown laws which he clims won’t be respected by BLM protesters!
Covid crackdowns are paralysing our society. We must learn to live with the disease!
Government warned delaying return of crowds could 'kill sport in this country!'
First black female Dallas police chief resigns amid attacks on police!
Twitter thinks supporting Kyle Rittenhouse and self defence "glorifies violence!"
Nationwide ammo shortage as Americans stock up amid civil unrest!
Trump to withdraw 2,200 troops from Iraq?
Donald Trump nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!
Technosexuals: Alarming rise of dysfunctional behaviour!
BREXIT - Diplomacy will be replaced by gunships if EU doesn't back down!
Andrea Leadsom savages Stephen Kinnock in heated Brexit debate!
Horror as police officer ‘struck by car’ at scene of vicious knife attack!
CARLSON: ‘Critical race theory is a lie, from the first word to the last! It is vicious, it is cruel!’
Giant fatbergs caused by flushed wet wipes removed from sewers in Suffolk!
Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline' due to human destruction, scientists warn
Shame on Rio Tinto for its preposterous excuse for blowing up an Aboriginal site
Academy lists new ‘diversity’ requirements to win Oscar for best picture!
Britain's Got Talent get 7,581 complaints over Diversity's controversial BLM-inspired routine!
Meghan Markle and Harry 'shopped themselves around' before £112m deal, says Netflix boss!

Wednesday 9 September

Ariana Grande bombing victims were murdered by political correctness?
Manchester Arena victim didn’t receive chest compressions for 116 minutes!
Zephaniah McLeod charged with murder and and 7 counts of attempted murder!
Police search for Aydimire Tahir - He failed to appear in court to answer rape charges!
CORBY: Woman sexually assaulted by a mixed race man!
BOLTON: Mohammed Suman (in jail for raping a boy) denies he took part in gang rape of girl, 12!
FINCHLEY: Obina Ezeoke shot Bervil and Annie Kalikaka-Ekofo after breaking into their home!
Pensioner beaten up on London bus by two black passengers after calling them 'monkeys!'
Sports psychologist, Robert Child, branded his mum a 'Brexit-voting halfwit' before killing her!
Army veteran Ronnie McNutt commits suicide in Facebook livestream!
70% of the French public believe France is becoming more violent and “savage!”
Police probe 153 cases of horse mutilations across France!
Forced to sleep in broom cupboards, molested by cruel predators – Britain’s modern slaves!
UK Border Force lands 223 more illegals! Locals suggest more were undetected!
"Saying that you 'prefer' white women is racist!"
The authoritarian left never rests!
The snarling intolerance of my fellow Lefties has become disturbing!
LEFTIE RANT! BBC executive unleashes vile outbursts on Twitter and wishes Trump dead!
Department for Education's war on parents' rights!
Trump says, 'Democrats want to remove America's guts!'
Gatherings of more than six people will be banned from Monday!
10 reasons there'ss less to fear from increasing coronavirus cases - despite 'second wave!'
Well done, Matt 'we’re doomed!' Covid fear now a bigger threat than the virus itself!
Subjecting the young to yet more Covid restrictions is stark staring mad
What does 'you have tested positive for the Coronavirus' mean? The answer will astound you!
'Economically illiterate' to build Royal Navy supply ships abroad!
Sutton's LibDem council outsourced special educational needs to Cognus. The rest is history!
Manchester to give old people’s homes LGBT makeover!
All change at Woman's Hour but the show can survive in an orthodox Jew's 'safe hands?'
Jenni Murray has gone – beware the BBC’s ‘young and cool’ agenda!
Ellen DeGeneres 'treated us like we were nothing!'

Tuesday 8 September

Jacob Billington, 23, was stabbed to death in Birmingham by an African savage unknown to him!
Asylum seeker who raped teen in Hull cemetery tells judge, ‘yes, why not?’
BIRMINGHAM: Violent thug, Thsharif Ali, kicked woman in head in drunken 'rage!' NO JAIL!
Usman Ghani had a disturbing secret past as a sex attack cabbie!
Britain’s ‘neutral’ Civil Service infested with radical ideas on ‘tackling Whiteness!’
The Civil Service has been infiltrated by extreme, politicised ideas about race!
EU’s sinister agenda laid bare by French politician: ‘They ignored us too!’
Cases of Covid-19 at least 3 times higher than official stats show during peak of the crisis!
60,000 Brits could have been suffering with 'long COVID' for more than 3 months!
Up to £3.5BILLION of furlough cash has been lost to fraud or handed out in error!
Prostate cancer referrals dropped by HALF during lockdown!
Everything bad in history was the patriarchy’s fault, says United Nations!
50,000 withdraw applications to join Military after 'Snowflake' recruitment drive!
British Army to blow £500,000 on woke ‘Diversity and Inclusion Directorate!’
Black staff claim BBC ‘institutionally racist’, like working on ‘plantation!’
'Chief spokesperson' for Extinction Rebellion now works as a spin-doctor for the nuclear industry!
XR and BLM Activists demand reparations during ‘Walk of Shame’ protest in the City of London!
London police arrest Extinction Rebellion leader ‘Rainbow Surfer!’
LITTLEJOHN: If Extinction Rebellion and BLM want power, let them stand for election!
For German far-right activists, Trump is an inspiration!
Twitter allowed 'deceptively edited' video that made Trump look 'disorientated!'
Stupid England players tried to sneak FOUR women into Iceland quarantine hotel!

Monday 7 September

BIRMINGHAM: Witness saw ‘black guy’ stab woman ‘several times’ in the neck!
Man arrested after knife rampage - Cops let stabbing spree continue for two hours!
LONDON: Sean Williams stabbed to death after intervening in fight at illegal rave!
Hey, Seattle, define irony! As Black Lives Matter terrorism rages across America...
Black Lives Matter harasses and verbally abuses diners in Pittsburgh!
Store owner explains how family business was destroyed by BLM/Antifa arsonists!
London ambulance staff suspended due to 'racist' comments about Black Lives Matter!
Birmingham forces ‘equalities training’ on officials, ‘race equality education’ on schools!
Student leader says Whites should stay home unless ‘poor, disabled, gay or transgender!’
More that ever, Trump casts himself as the defender of White America!
Trump’s opponents need to portray him as the true enemy of the nation!
Mob tactics show how these eco-lunatics hate our democracy
Columnist, tech boss, taxman, ex-Paratrooper... why are they censoring the press?
Rise in COVID-19 cases will see more hospitalisations but deaths will fall!
Up to 90% testing positive for Covid barely carry any virus, aren't contagious! Stats are bogus
Overzealous social distancing is turning the return to school into a tragedy!
The biggest stumbling block to a Brexit deal is the EU's intransigence
Will the denazification ever end? Not until the “vernichtung” of the whites!
Apocalypse Now!
USA: My career as a white police officer!
SWEDEN: Gang Members threaten to rape police!
OXFORD: I'm certain that Rhodes will fall. This is why
Prince Harry is Britain’s most toxic export since Piers Morgan?

Sunday 6 September

Birmingham Council to create fast track recruitment programme for ethnic minorities, force staff to undertake 'equalities training' and launch a new 'race equality' curriculum in schools!
BIRMINGHAM STABBINGS: "Black guy, between 20 and 25" was responsible!
Police in Birmingham declare 'major incident' after multiple stabbings in city centre!
The Civil Service has been infiltrated by extreme, politicised ideas about race!
FARAGE: Thank you BBC for inspiring the silent majority to stand up to this cultural revolution!
BBC chief asks Andrew Neil, scourge of woke brigade, to return!
Brexit talks 'will be over in days unless the EU realises Britain is serious about no-deal!'
'Bunch of metro-liberals!' Farage blasts BoJo for bowing down to 'woke agenda!'
TRUMP: "Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organisation... Bad for black people, bad for everybody!"
White House CANCELS racial sensitivity training - It is 'un-American propaganda!'
Antifa suspect in fatal Portland shooting killed by police during arrest!
Antifa ‘protesters’ set man on fire with bomb thrown at Portland police!
Vote Black Lives Matter? Million People March leader to contest seats at next General Election?
Wealthy NYC woman busted in BLM rampage!
Cop admits that 'decisions' on who to enforce COVID rules upon are 'way above my pay grade!'
Swedish Court overturns deportation of migrant who raped child over 100 times!
Extinction Rebellion! Middle-class eco rabble who want to kill off free speech!
Extinction Rebellion facing 'organised crime' curbs!
Green fanatics have terrorised a generation of children. Now they're turning on free press!
Police accused of facilitating assault on press freedom
Britain should rethink its foreign aid target!
HITCHENS: Protest against our new State of Fear banned! By order of Dead Parrot Parliament!
Jews in the Pacific Northwest are turning on each other!
ERDOGAN: Greeks will be made to ‘understand’ Turkey has ‘military power’ to ‘tear up’ map!
Ukrainians caught smuggling immigrants to Greece from Turkey by boat!
Biden and Obama got tested for AIDS!
‘Meghan changed Harry too much,’ says royal friend!

Saturday 5 September

Anti-White grifter lies about Britain’s past and present!
Will they be fined £10,000 like Piers Corbyn was?" Thought police have no answer!
Anti-lockdown activist banned from speaking about 'ANYTHING related to coronavirus?'
Most Brits have no confidence in BoJo’s quarantine rules after thousands left high and dry!
'Today' editor slams 'entitled' young BBC staff who expect to have their views aired!
JOHN HUMPHRYS: PC mob holds bosses at the 'woke' BBC hostage!
Trump acts to eliminate leftist (BLM/ANTIFA) 'critical race theory' from government!
Tony Abbott's gay sister leaps to his defence and accuses critics of 'cheap political point scoring!'
Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, (D) refuses to deploy the National Guard to Portland!
Police Chief charged top Democrats with Confederate monument destruction - Now 'on leave!'
Melbourne police clash with anti-lockdown protesters at ‘Freedom Day’ rally!
Michel Barnier to be sidelined by EU leaders in bid to break Brexit deadlock
Guy Verhofstadt's plan to turn UK into Ukraine after Brexit exposed: 'Best solution'
Macron ruined: French politician exposes 'ugly truth about catastrophic EU recovery fund'
Farage brands the arrival of 416 migrants a day as a “complete humiliation!”
210,000+ 'underage' immigrants have applied for asylum in the EU!
Top official in Afghanistan, Fazel Fazly, collects welfare despite not living in Sweden!
SWEDEN: 11-year-old assaulted by a gang who called him a “pig bastard” for wearing a crucifix!
Savage jailed after sex attack on schoolgirl on London bus
Kingpins who operate Channel trafficking rackets and UK lawyers who coach asylum seekers!
Jewish Prof who pretended to be black skipped own mom's funeral to avoid being found out!'
‘Black’ professor Jessica Krug admits that she is really white and Jewish!
Humans to blame for 96% of all mammal extinctions over the past 126,000 years?
Some ancient Egyptians were natural blondes!

Friday 4 September

COVID-19: Dr Andrew Kaufman blows the whistle - AGAIN!
Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. criticises Big Pharma and politicians!
Secret Service admits destroying records in alleged Biden breast-grabbing incident!
SPANISH FLU! 1918 Flu Pandemic!
Vaccination Condemned! 'I was an-on-the-spot observer of the 1918 influenza epidemic!'
The Vancouver Action Plan (1976): Property rights must be taken from the people!
'Institutional racism' in USA? American Psychological Association calls for 'true systemic change!'
England whose England?
Extinction Rebellion sparks OUTRAGE as NHS ambulance blocked by gleeful demonstrators!
Corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan defers resolution of innocent General Flynn until after the election!
26% of French Muslims under 25 refuse to condemn 2015 Charlie Hebdo terror killings!
Bestial savage, Zahid Younis, stored bodies of female victims in a freezer!
Aston Villa youth player stabbed to death by two teenagers after one 'tried it on' with his girlfriend!
HUDDERSFIELD: Manzoor/Zahid Hassan, Saqib Raheel, Sholan James on child sex charges!
Psychologist called his mother a 'Brexit-voting halfwit' before bludgeoning her to death!
Labour councillor who worked in children's home had a million child porn images! NO JAIL!
SWEDEN: Violent mob brutally beats a man defending a church from being set on fire!
'Bully' cop pepper sprays passenger for not wearing a mask - despite 'medical condition!'
Husband of Tory minister Chloe Smith is a Covid conspiracy theorist! (Bravo that man!)
RFID tags in ladies bras and underwear! Cut them out!
Tesco shoppers' fury after bills are 'automatically' rounded up to the nearest pound!
Labour MP, Naz Shah, sues 'Leave EU' over grooming gangs slur!
Farage on BBC Proms: ‘Woke crowd’ pushing ‘illiberal code’ are ‘vociferous minority!’
600 Jewish organisations/synagogues sign full-page ad in the NYTimes supporting #BLM!
19 non-ctizens charged with voting in 2016 election in swing state!
New boss says partisan campaigners and opinionated columnists shouldn't be working at BBC!
John Cleese says political correctness is 'stifling' comic creativity!
Has Lineker scored asylum own goal? Munificence of celebs isn't going to solve migrant problem!
Gary Lineker thanks refugees for fish and chips in bizarre video voiced by Jo Brand/Yasmin Kadi!
Lineker ignores pledge to stop BBC stars sharing PC opinion! Supports illegals crossing Channel!
John Boyega says his Star Wars character was 'sidelined' as white co-stars got 'nuance!'

Thursday 3 September

Why America has gone mad!
Donald Trump moves to DEFUND 'anarchist' cities!
How it came to THIS!
Questioning ‘systemic racism’ ruined an academic’s career and got him branded a heretic!
CSIS promoted this study knowing that it would make waves. But you can’t check its data!
Police investigating brutal brick attack on Baltimore man despite missing victim!
Black man stabbed AutoZone employee because he felt the need to find a white male to kill!
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler plans to move out of condo to avoid riots in his own city
Farage/Murray criticise government for failing to defend monuments vandalised by BLM activists!
Does the New York Times care about the facts?
Twitter the Tyrant
'There is no sign of a second wave!' Experts rubbish Matt Hancock's warning!
Male suicide is at a 20-year high. Given that the world hates us, is anyone surprised?
CUOMO: Trump ‘better have an army if he thinks he’s gonna walk down the street in New York!’
Hungary shuts borders over Coronavirus spike — EU immediately criticises!
Rule, Britannia! BBC boss compares Britons’ patriotism to Nazi gas chambers!
Can Tim Davie help the BBC escape the wormhole of woke that threatens to destroy it?
BBC’s new chief says it must represent all of UK, not just liberal London!
Rule, Britannia! Woke brigade refuses to accept defeat as they slam BBC U-turn!
Israeli News Live: Gilad Atzmon on the Jewish Question
Gay Community News, February 1987: Gay Manifesto - "We Shall Sodomize Your Sons!"
Harry and Meghan strike 'megawatt' Netflix deal to make their own 'impactful' TV shows!

Wednesday 2 September

NAACP outraged by comment calling for Cannon Hinnant's killer to be hanged!
Trump accuses Kenosha rioters of 'domestic terror!'
Let's be honest about what the Black Lives Matter movement wants: It's not 'equality' or 'justice!'
FARAGE: “Growing racial divide because people will not be put up with being dictated to by a Marxist organisation called ‘Black Lives Matter!’
Large scale BLM protests “contributed” to the massive rise in attacks on British police!"
Joe Biden's America being burned down by Joe Biden's supporters!
California DA - Hey, cops! Did looters 'need' what they stole? Don't file charges before you know!
Democrat leaders are worried! Trying to distance themselves now from the terror they created!
Washington Mayor wants Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial removed! RACIST!
OPIOIDS: The other public health crisis killing Canadians!
Charlie Hebdo reprints Mohammed cartoon by artist murdered in Islamic terror!
Europe is waking up to the truth about the Coronavirus scare!
BORIS's coronavirus plan to get people back into offices - Chris Whitty threatens to quit!
Belgian no-go area Molenbeek hardest hit by Coronavirus!
1,450 migrants crossed Channel in dinghies last month, taking year total to more than 5,000!
Immigration added 313,000 to UK population last year, with non-EU arrivals at record levels!
Brexit Fishing Wars! EU ransoms treaty until UK surrenders territorial waters!
More than 80% of all English Channel cod is caught by French boats!
China says Australia is becoming ‘poor white trash of Asia’ by resisting Beijing!'
Record number of young people on benefits!
NHS looks like a heartless behemoth which is deaf to the people’s suffering!
Andrew Neil launches attack on BBC for ignoring Brexit voters in favour of 'metro elite!'
The BBC despises people who pay for it - and the feeling is mutual!
BBC comedy's propaganda masquerading as satire stopped being funny a long time ago!
BBC urged to BAN left wing comedy shows and rectify bias - ‘Shut it down!’
C4 to show erect penis for first time on British TV! Online public not impressed

Tuesday 1 September

Tucker Carlson: When do we get America back?
COVID19 - Conspiracy or Ignorance? Why world leaders are Covid copycats?
Dr. Andrew Wakefield discussing the safety of corona vaccines...
Mainstream Media and science expose COVID-19 as a fraud!
Girl, 16, ‘raped in Liverpool hotel’ as police arrest six men
USA: Black man ‘stabbed AutoZone worker’ because he ‘felt need to kill a white male!’
In defence of Kyle Rittenhouse!
The Mainstream Media isn't showing the facts about Kyle Rittenhouse, and the Portland shooter!
'I am 100% Antifa!' Portland shooter previously arrested/released for bringing gun to a riot?
Portland suspect, Michael Reinoehl, 'under investigation' for murder of Trump supporter!
Joe Biden calls Trump supporters ‘an armed militia in this country!’
Who's encouraging violence? MSM journalists, progressive politicians and Hollywood Marxists!
James Woods says 'this is all you need to know about why we are where we are now' - He's right!
Why are American liberals so naive about riots?
'It’s gonna blow - Be a miracle if it don't!'
USA: Confessions of a voter fraud - I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots!
Does western civilization have a future, or is it already in its grave?
If the BBC doesn't serve all of Britain, I fear it won't survive, says ex head of TV news!
BBC bias: 'Left-wing' comedy shows under threat as new BBC boss plans major shakeup!
Jobs should be given on merit and not diversity quotas, says Trevor McDonald!
Plans for News Network to rival ‘woke’ MSM, as MPs slam BBC for Proms scandal!
Facebook hires an Israeli censor - Another attack on free speech by the Jewish State!
Brexit: Barnier BLOCKS fisheries talks until Britain relaxes 'unrealistic' demands!
UK ready to walk away from Brexit trade talks over state aid demands!
The Euro almost destroyed Sweden's economy and political system
Home Secretary Priti Patel under fire as deportations fall to lowest level EVER!
Dominic Raab won't let Foreign Aid budget be reduced to help pay Covid costs?
LITTLEJOHN: Who needs Extinction Rebellion when we've got Grant Shapps?
UK government funds sexual acts dice game for 13-year-olds?
‘Unconscious bias’ training for MPs is dangerous and wrong!
British Parliament staff confess racial sins, pledge BLM support!
Sturgeon tries to ban word ‘British’ from UK festival?
Jewish porn actor Ron Jeremy, 67, charged with 20 new counts of sexual abuse!

Monday 31 August

Donald Trump pays tribute to Jay Bishop, shot dead in Portland by BLM protester!
Tipping Point? Jay Bishop shot dead in Portland for backing Trump!
Will Hillary and the Dems get the civil war they are trying to provoke?
Brother closes $14.7m GoFundMe account day before report revealing George Floyd died of overdose released!
And the onlookers think it's funny!
BURY: Khan, Khurshid and Mohammed charged with murder of Cole Kershaw, 18!
NORMANTON, DERBY: Child migrant, 15, guilty of raping boy, 5! NO JAIL!
NAME THE "ASIANS!" Four men sought after black cyclist killed in Birmingham hit-and-run!
Veronica Lee Baker: Black teens arrested for murder of white 17-year-old in North Carolina!
FRANCE: Hostage describes Muslim involvement in armed bank robbery!
FRANCE: African immigrant biteds police officer in court!
French no-go zone residents organise to force government to act against violent ‘youths!’
NEW YORK: Oh look, #DIVERSITY is attempting to rape a young woman in front of commuters!
Crime spikes as Soros-funded DAs take charge: ‘They’re not progressive, they’re rogue’
Anti-Brexit electoral commission ‘not fit for purpose’ says Conservative Party!
UK ready to walk away from Brexit trade talks over state aid demands!
Five years after 2015 migrant crisis, traitorous German hag tells media: 'I'd do it again!'
Home Office will not say how many asylum seekers are being housed in Derby!
'Just a few hundred BLM activists' march through streets of London in 'Million People March!'
Statue of Canada’s first PM toppled, decapitated by ‘Abolish the Police’ BLM supporters!
Piers Corbyn gets first £10,000 fine for helping organise huge anti-Lockdown rally in London!
Germany – The COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee
More from the COVID-19 Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee
Anti-Brexit electoral commission ‘not fit for purpose’ says Conservative Party!
SCOTLAND: Atheists plan to target Christians for ‘spreading hate!’
Chelsea Clinton is teaching her kids to "erode white privilege!"
Yes, Virginia (Dare), Black supremacism really is a thing!
Jewish shell games, mind rapes and final solutions!
Mr Gay England: Trans man competes 'against an idea of male beauty!'
Government paid reality TV stars between £5,000 - £10,000 to promote NHS Test and Trace!

Sunday 30 August

LOCKDOWN: "Why did SAGE order it when infection rate had already peaked? Why did ministers go along? Why did broadcasters stoke panic?"
N. Ireland’s Health Minister asked why those dying of cancer etc. are registered as COVID!
A second national lockdown may be coming in England, warns Hancock!
Business leaders rage at Matt Hancock's 'scaremongering' talk about a second lockdown!
Scandal-ridden WHO ‘listening in’ on online conversations to counter ‘fake COVID-19 news!’
It's unlikely that under-10s will give parents/grandparents Covid-19! Teens pose greater risk!
£500billion cost of ghost town Britain!
1896 - Victorians enjoying a day on the English coast! (Check out the diversity)
Kids Company charity got £50m taxpayers' cash! Alan Yentob may be barred from TV?
BLUNKETT: Angst-ridden and middle-class, BBC ignores values of those who pay their salaries!
DAVID MELLOR: A Minister, I defended the BBC against Thatcher - Now I'd abolish licence fee!
British Library’s chief librarian, Liz Jolly, says “racism is a creation of white people!”
PORTLAND: Man in patriot prayer hat shot dead during clashes with BLM!
BLM's Joseph Rosenbaum filmed before his death taunting armed men with the N-word!
When will London Mayor Sadiq Khan stop posturing and fight for his dying city?
Want a degree from Cambridge? Write essay on Kanye West! (Pandering to ‘woke zealots')
BIRMINGHAM: Murtaza Nazit latest victim in spate of knife and gun attacks in last week!
Muslims riot, stone Cops in no-go zone after protester burns Qur’an!
Zola Tongo returned to jail for refusing to reveal truth behind Anni Dewani's murder!
Montreal protesters topple and deface statue of Canada’s first Prime Minister!
BELGIUM: Firefighters lured into no-go zone and attacked!
FRANCE: Horses being killed, ritually mutilated, ‘emptied of blood!’
Lawyers successfully frustrate efforts to deport all illegal migrants on flight to Spain!
SPAIN: 21 police injured after 200 migrants riot!
Radical Islamist asylum-seeker costing German taxpayers €4,000 per day!
Paedos on Twitter and Instagram using cheese and pizza emojis to share images!
Brain scan study uncovers bias/disgust toward mixed-race couples in the USA!

Saturday 29 August

Chemicals used in packaging, cosmetics, fragrances, medicines trigger ADHD in teens?
Coronavirus: 85,000 possible winter deaths?
Bogeyman Hancock is scaring the kiddies! Another 'nationwide lockdown' threatened!
Louise Hampton says NHS has been 'dead' throughout pandemic and she's done nothing!
What BLM protestors actually do - You'll never see this on the BBC, Sky, C4!
‘People are fed up with seeing this kind of mob rule!’
Kyle Rittenhouse is no 'racist!' Exercised his right to self-defence!
KENOSHA: All three anarchist rioters have violent criminal histories!
The Democrats' embrace of BLM may be about to monumentally backfire!
Al Gore imagines a scenario where the military removes Trump if he refuses to concede!
DOUGLAS MURRAY: It’s in the UK’s national interest for Trump to triumph
Robert Kennedy jnr. is speaking in Berlin today - Bill Gates and co. BEWARE!
Just 5% of Britons support BBC cancelling 'Rule, Britannia' and 'Land of Hope and Glory!'
EU’s mask slips as Charles de Gaulle confession on bloc’s founding purpose exposed!
Yasin Amare stabbed Russian businessman, Gleb Zhebrovsky, to death in Poplar!
Violent riots erupt in Malmo after Koran-torching! Cops admit they have lost control!
Check out the Muslims burning our flag and yelling 'Jihad!' Cops nowhere to be seen!
‘Activist lawyers’ block deportation of every single migrant on planned removal flight!
‘Take back control?’ Net immigration rises to 313,000, driven by non-EU arrivals!
Deportation of migrants stopped after lawyers claimed they were trafficking victims!
Whitehall mandarins have lost sight of what it means to be politically neutral
MIGRANT HOTELS! Britain First exposes the Novotel hotel in Newcastle!
SLAVERY? Swedish construction firm accused of exploiting foreign workers!

Friday 28 August

Sub-Saharan Africans trace 19% of ancestry to extinct species not found in Asians/Caucasians?
I'm fed up paying for a 'woke' BBC that I barely recognise, writes JAN LEEMING!
The BBC’s leftie elite doesn’t report the real news – it shapes it!
Songs of Praise producer said all who sing Rule Britannia are Nazis? Wants anthem rewritten!
Who in the arts will survive Covid? Not the agenda-driven obsessives!
Labour MP calls Tory MPs 's***bag racist w***ers' after Jake said we shouldn't be slaves to PC!
FARAGE: Thank you, BBC, for inspiring silent majority to stand up to this cultural revolution!
No healthy child has died from coronavirus in the UK!
PC Andrew Harper's killers received £465,000 taxpayer-funded legal aid!
KENOSHA: All three anarchist rioters shot have violent criminal histories!
GEORGIA: Murdered tot beaten to death by mum’s boyfriend? (Broken jaw, cigarette burns etc.)
COLORADO: Black Lives Matter man stabbed dog walker!
Ty Sheem Walters III rear-ended a car then shot dead Laura and Charles for being in the way!
SWEDEN: Teenage boys tortured, raped, buried alive and RESCUED!
Anis Fouad Hemissi gunned down Missé Beqiri's brother in front of his wife and child!
15m patients wait for further treatment on NHS hidden waiting list! Far higher than official total!
NHS hospitals 'like the Mary Celeste!' Surgeons at 50% capacity despite record waiting times!
Did protecting the NHS actually cost lives?
Net immigration reached 313,000 in year to March 2019! Tories’ migration pledge in tatters!
Three-quarters of Britons see illegal migration in Channel as serious issue!
Trump says Biden and Democrats ignore hundreds of Black American murder victims!
Hollywood holds hate parade during Trump Republican nomination speech!
Banksy funds refugee rescue boat operating in Mediterranean!

Thursday 27 August

'The Blackening of Europe!' A review of a book we all must buy!
Labour MP, Neil Coyle, calls Brexit supporters ‘absolute sh*tbag racist w*nkers!’
COVID-19 'is a load of b***ocks!' NHS nurse blows the whistle!
From Lockdown to police state: the “Great Reset” rolls out!
Europe is at last waking up to its lockdown folly
German capital bans anti-lockdown protest, condemning ‘corona deniers/right-wing extremists!’
Coronavirus victims will be paid to quarantine?
BBC vows to make diversity an ‘absolute priority!’
BBC is run by ‘white liberals,’ says ex-news chief
The unsackable civil servants who truly govern us! Highly remunerated, frequently incompetent
Hillary says Biden shouldn't concede even if he loses! Democrats will 'win' by hook or by crook!
Lady diner tormented by BLM mob for refusing to raise her fist in Washington DC!
BLM’s perpetual fake outrage cycle!
Pro-family Hungary says birthrates are up 5% in 2020!
Dublin panics after losing Brexit weapon - 'Ireland shot itself in foot!'
Greek coastguard rescues 96 illegal immigrants from a yacht sinking in the Aegean!
When your abuser is a cop, it's even harder to get justice!
Royal Ascot to axe Rule Britannia and Land of Hope And Glory amid fears of 'racism; backlash?
Transgender 'woman' undergoes EIGHTH rhinoplasty after skin on her nose turned black!
'Keep their names out of your stinking unbrushed mouths!' Ian Wright attacks 'racists!'

Wednesday 26 August

TUCKER CARLSON: When do we get America back?
"Land of Hope and Glory" now no. 1 in the charts! Eat it, BBC!
Vera Lynn's 'Land of Hope and Glory' tops iTunes charts after Laurence Fox urged download!
Dear BBC, we don't want to live in a land of woke and sorry
Boris bashes the BBC: We must stop this ‘cringing embarrassment about our history!’
BBC staff will be given diversity lessons to stop 'microaggessions!'
Channel 4 will host a 'Black Takeover Day' in 2021!
'White silence is violence!' BLM protesters threaten restaurant diners, demand solidarity!
Man shot in the head in Kenosha, Wisconsin!
Shots fired during Kenosha riot! ‘Bodies everywhere!’
Gun-toting BLM rioters in Kenosha corner Sheriff's truck and force it to RETREAT!
9,392 deaths from all causes England/Wales 7-14 August - Just 139 linked to Coronavirus!
Pompeo calls out ‘China virus’ for ‘spreading death, economic destruction’ in USA!
'Some days we don't get a single customer!' COVID cowardice is killing a nation of shopkeepers!
FARAGE: We must free ourselves of EU asylum-seeker rules to curb Channel migrant crisis!
EU's disastrous policy is 'sending money to the rich, not the poor'
Vandals desecrate Lutheran Church in Malmö seven days in a row!
Sri Lankan immigrant instructs the Swiss to integrate because ‘mass migration can’t be stopped!’
Property empire worth £17million seized by 'Britain's FBI' after 8-year probe into drug trafficking!
Polanski loses OSCAR Academy court case after fleeing USA in 1978 over sex with girl, 13!
Transgender 'woman' undergoes EIGHTH rhinoplasty after skin on her nose turned black!
PC on STEROIDS! Avanti West Coast roll out UK's first 'Pride' train staffed by LGBTQ+ crew!
Meghan Markle gushes over Jewish feminist, Gloria Steinem!

Tuesday 25 August

SATANISM: Torahs found in Syria feature Baphomet, Illuminati triangle, all seeing eye, kabbalah!
Only ONE Covid-19 victim in English hospitals under 40 last week! 90% over the age of 60!
Swedish disease expert says just wearing face masks could be ‘very dangerous’
‘There is no emergency!’ Spanish doctor challenges Coronavirus ‘second wave!’
100 nudists test positive for Chinese Coronavirus at ‘naturist’ resort in France!
If Cuomo won’t allow outside review of NY nursing home COVID-19 horror, he admits guilt
'It’s in the UK’s national interest that Joe Biden wins the presidential race,' says top Tory globalist!
Trump accuses 'mail-in ballot' Democrats of 'using COVID to steal election!
Nikki Haley: Democrats are making it ‘fashionable’ to say ‘America is racist!’
Black Lives Matter rioters torch Danish Brotherhood lodge in Kenosha!
Politicians DO lie! Scientists prove those in office are dishonest - It helps them get re-elected!
LONDON: Murderer and serial rapist who fled to India finally jailed!
LONDON: Obina Ezeoke shot dead mother-of-9 and her nephew in botched revenge hit!
LONDON: NHS Migrant Doctor Gets ‘Life’ Sentence for 90 sexual assaults on patients!
‘Rule Britannia’ is ‘racist propaganda’ says black studies Professor, Kehinde Andrews!
BBC defies Government! 'Rule, Britannia' will not be sung at Last Night of the Proms!
Laurence Fox leads call to strip BBC of licence fee! 'Racist' anthems offend crybabies!
LITTLEJOHN: Welcome to the Last Ever Night of the Proms before Age of Stupid re-purposes it!
Twitter’s purge of the anti-woke satirists!
Now the British Library has gone woke!
Barnier issues blistering demand for EU states to be ‘cold-blooded’ with UK!
Do these tiresome anti-Brexiteers ever get fed up with being wrong?
Andrew Neil and Nigel Farage will set up 'GB News' channel in 2021 to rival BBC and Sky News!
Asylum-seekers who pass through safe countries to get here must be turned away, say lawmen!
Mozambique: Jihadi militants making inroads!

Monday 24 August

COVID! NHS told care homes to put blanket 'do not resuscitate' orders on ALL residents!
Blood pressure drug taken by millions of Britons cuts risk of dying from coronavirus by a THIRD!
MADELEY: Half a million Covid deaths was ABSURD we are being DUPED!
Is Coronavirus really as bad as we are being told, asks Frederick Forsyth!
From climate change to Coronavirus, we are all victims of Deep State hysteria!
Companies accused of furlough fraud after two thirds of workers carried on working!
New Zealand's lust for lockdown is the latest example of vapid political virtue-signalling!
Gunshots ring out as armed rioters confront police in Wisconsin!
Left-wing protesters intimidate diners in Charlotte! ‘White silence equals violence!’
Trump says mail drop boxes a voter security disaster! Allow many votes! Twitter censors tweet!
Don't write off Trump – the candidate of unfashionable America!
Five elderly couples brutally slain! Serial killer feared to be behind the double murders!
Man fights for life after huge gang of knife and bat-wielding youths attack him in London park!
Ruthless leaders of human trafficking gangs wanted across Europe but living in UK!
BRAZIL: Father-of-two slit pregnant wife’s throat ‘because he didn’t want any more kids!’
Somali migrant torched churches as revenge for a Qur’an being burned!
Tories must address Britain's illegal immigration crisis!
Fury as two Border Force vessels sit idle 170 MILES away from migrant crisis
At Least 25% of ‘child migrants’ in Kent are actually adults!
Salvini threatens legal action against Italian government for aiding illegal migration!
After shambolic handling of A-level results, future of DoE’s senior civil servant in doubt!
Full stop symbol intimidates youngsters who interpret it as a sign of anger? (BULLSHIT!)
Woke warriors can’t leave anything alone and Proms is in their sights!
‘Black Lives Matter Proms!’ BBC may scrap ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory!’
Why is Queen Elizabeth’s nurse wearing a masonic belt?
Asteroid heading towards Earth has 0.41 per cent chance of hitting planet, Nasa data shows

Sunday 23 August

Theodore McCarrick, ex-Archbishop of Washington, ran a paedo sex cabal in the 80s?
Africans say they'll never give up trying to cross the Channel as the French 'don't want them!'

"The French don't want them!" And he thinks we do? Well, yes, that's the impression our politicians, businessmen, PC Crowd and Global Elite have deliberately created in the tiny minds of such impressionable idiots.

It is war. TheSudanese gentlemen seen in The Daily Mail video are the foot-soldiers of those who want us gone.
Bill Gates negotiated $100 billion contact-tracing deal with sponsor of Congressional Bill 6 months BEFORE Coronavirus pandemic?
Get on with your lives! Professor says coronavirus is 'not as deadly as first thought!'
‘A bit like flu!’ Coronavirus will stay with us ‘FOREVER’!
The High Street is dead! Covid-19 and lockdowns leave once-bustling cities like empty husks!
Nursing homes were bullied into accepting Covid patients from hospitals! Damning report!
LOCKDOWN: Birmingham cops called to 70+ parties! Organisers soon to face £10,000 fines!
#BLM - BBC may drop Rule Britannia/Land of Hope and Glory from Last Night of the Proms!
Pro-veterans rally and Antifa activists face off in Nottingham city centre!
Democrats can't lead America into the light if they're unable to condemn Left-wing street violence!
US SCHOOLS: It’s soft bigotry to lower standards for minority kids!
Reparations for Everyone? What happens if we’re all victims?
GOP has the National Anthem - Democrats have the national lie!
Democrat Convention hides its radicalism!
One week in America - Do the lives of murderers matter more than those of their victims now?
Stoke hit-and-run: Bellal Ahmad was speeding when he seriously injured a mother and child!
On 13 August, Ryson Ellis was charged with the murder of 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro!
BROOKLYN: James Hill robs and murders Verneice Abrams
Elderly Swedish lady stabbed by man who ‘hates white women!’
ROME: Arson attacks connected to turf war between gay, immigrant prostitutes!
Beautiful, talented girl, 19, ‘terrified of losing her freedom’ during lockdown, hangs herself!
Sweden sees lowest population growth in 15 years as pandemic stalls mass migration!
Over 5,000 illegal migrants have now landed in Britain in 2020!
'Drunken, drug-addled' Hunter Biden, who lined his own pockets via 'shady business deals', was thrown out of the Navy for cocaine abuse!
EU Panic! Donald Tusk warned Brexit would end 'Western political civilisation!'
‘Sturgeon is a dangerous demagogue who you must play at her own game!’
How Israel wages war on Palestinian history!

Saturday 22 August

Hospital lists 'LGBTQ' as a 'mental health disorder!'
Multicultural Brussels has 3-4 times more Tuberculosis than rest of Belgium!
Researchers find new drug-resistant strain of Tuberculosis in asylum-seekers!
No lockdown, no masks, no hysteria, no problem - Is Sweden proof THEY got it terribly wrong?
Irish and EU politicians caught breaking Lockdown rules at party!
Anmol Chana stabs mum and stepdad to death, contacts prostitute, goes to pub, plays pool!
HACKNEY: Monique Roach bit hand of pensioner, 75, and stole her wedding ring!
Islamic school let teacher jailed for life for terrorism show children a pro-ISIS video!
BRADFORD: Immigrant paedo, Damien Kovac, robbed underage girl of her virginity!
BRIXTON: Man stabbed in 'gang fight' begged for blanket as he lay dying naked in street!
LONDON: Man fights for life after being stabbed following two knife murders in 12 hours!
Ghislaine Maxwell's legal team bid to keep pages of potentially embarrassing deposition secret!
‘Child migrant’ who drowned in Channel actually a 28-year-old man!
Let's stop talking to Barnier and show our mettle by going for a no-deal Brexit!
Steve Bannon released on $5m bail! Says 'this entire fiasco is to stop the wall being built!'
BBC launches comedy show hosted by married Jew/Palestinian lesbians!
MEGHAN Markle calls on women to vote in this year’s US election! “We all know what's at stake!”

So now the Royals are electioneering on behalf of a liberal establishment that spawned #ANTIFA, #BLM and creepy Joe Biden?

Nice one, Harry!

Friday 21 August

Coronavirus hospital admissions inflated at height of pandemic!
BBC impartiality row: Newsnight policy editor accused of 'off the scale' bias!
BBC News At Six and News At Ten face axe as audiences move online!
Legendary newsreader, Jan Leeming, says paying to watch the BBC is a 'waste of money!'
SCIENCE DIRECT: Hydroxychloroquine is protective to the heart, not harmful!
Former senior officers, who led a failed inquiry into grooming gangs in Manchester, investigated!
Prosecutors identify Berlin motorway crashes as ‘Islamist-motivated’ terrorism!
Ariana Grande concert terror bombing plotter sentenced to 55 years in prison!
Soldier who carried coffin at Lee Rigby's funeral dies - Had a history of untreated mental illness!
Israel hits Gaza for third time after major uptick in rocket fire overnight!
Israeli planes bomb Gaza for seventh straight night!
ISRAEL: Girl, 16, 'gang-raped by 30 men' in an Eilat hotel!
INDIA: Muslim cleric rapes girl, 9 - Family pressured to drop complaint and let him marry her!
Trump defends QAnon during white house briefing!
Spanish MP says MSM/social media companies censor VOX and cover up far-left violence!
Be careful Boris: your backbenchers are running out of patience
FARAGE: ‘Metro-liberal’ Boris lacks political will to turn back illegal boat migrants!
Taylor Swift hands Tottenham teen £23,000 free dosh! Any celeb got a sub for a poor, white teenager?

Thursday 20 August

GOODBYE FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Jewish lobby declares an 'online hate crisis!' Government says it will be 'first in the world' to introduce laws making social media safe and tolerant!
RABBI: "We have no part in Zionism... no part in their wars... no part in the state of Israel!"
'Bible expert' says Israel peace deal is End of the World prophecy unfolding!
INFOWARS' Millie Weaver arrested shortly after releasing a documentary 'Shadowgate!'
Deep State smashes Millie Weaver for truth-telling!
Brother of Manchester Arena bomber, Hashem Abedi, faces life for his role in mass murder!
USA: 80-year-old man beaten and robbed in grocery store dies! Demaris Wade charged
PAKISTAN: Girl, 6, raped and tortured to death before being dumped in sack!
FRANCE: Migrant with deportation order stabs father of girl who refused sexual advances!
ISIS 'Beatles' will NOT face death penalty in US after UK court's intervention!
Greek police seize weapons and explosives after raiding Antifa squat!
Migrants prevented from entering high-welfare Europe by Hungary’s border fence dig tunnels!
Most UK coronavirus transmissions happen in homes, says Health Secretary!
My hospital has become a medical Mary Celeste! NHS waiting lists rocket!
Tony Blair suffers backlash after latest TV rant on COVID-19!
Farage says 'we're seeing change' after embarrassed Home Office shuts migrant hotel!
FACT CHECK: Biden has consistently fought to send US jobs overseas!
Britain is about to be sucked into a catastrophic economic doom loop
Fathers, families and children!
British far right ‘becoming more racist’ after Black Lives Matter protests!
Cash in COVID-19 and beyond!
Billy Vunipola on not taking a knee: 'Parts of BLM movement are not aligned with my beliefs!'
Prison diversity officer, Pamela Belonwu, had inappropriate relationship with jailbird
Meghan Markle humiliation after snub from popular Netflix show

Wednesday 19 August

More doctors censored for saying Hydroxychloroquine works!
Twice as many UK adults suffered depression during coronavirus pandemic!
1.3 MILLION Covid-19 tests removed from official England figures due to ‘double counting?’
Managing the Narrative: Corporations/government use the web to control info!
Goodyear employees say new zero-tolerance policy from Akron HQ is discriminatory!
George Floyd contributed to his own death by taking lethal dose of fentanyl as he resisted arrest?
Cannon Hinnant and State-sanctioned violence against Whites!
Embers of racism, with Obama's help, turned into an inferno!
"Are you loyal to Britain? NO!"— Black Lives Matter protesters' chant at London demo!
Student, Jae Ikhera, twice defaced statue of Lord Nelson - NO JAIL!
Black cop, Charles Ehikioya, sues Met Police after being stopped in his car by white officers!
Cuba Gooding accuser claims he raped her after luring her to a Manhattan hotel room in 2013!
Democrats formally nominate Joe Biden as their Presidential candidate!
Farage predicts Trump win in November! Biden is ‘wholly unfit for high office!’
Hollywood celebs turn out for the Democrat Convention! “So happy I’m a f***ing Democrat!”
Canadian Finance Minister resigns amid growing Charity scandal - Replced by Trump critic!
Racial discrimination at Harvard!
Google 'investigative unit' volunteers 'far-right' YouTube and Gmail data to police!
Twitter declares war on satire, suspending Titania McGrath etc. Hit too close to home?
Ofqual chief, Sally Collier, faces sack as MP calls quango 'absolutely useless!'
British universities offer worse value for money than other countries
KATIE HOPKINS points out what asylum-seekers are entitled to!
Award winning architect struck off for calling for Jews to be banned from public office!
Pornography or feminist triumph? How Cardi B’s WAP video started a culture war!

Tuesday 18 August

Shadowgate documentary deleted by Facebook and YouTube after filmmaker’s arrest!
The BLM 'security' man filmed kicking a Portland driver in the head is Marquise Love!
Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay 'killed over cocaine deal' as two charged over 'murder' in 2002!
Hit, mocked and scalded: Hidden camera captures 94-year-old's care home ordeal
Savages found guilty of ‘horrific’ rape of schoolgirl after one robbed her with machete!
Ross Kemp and the savages on the streets!
BLM protesters arrested for tearing down/defacing George Washington statue at LA City Hall!
Owner of 'devil dog' that mauled miniature pinscher to death is a social worker!
Huge crowds ignore Lockdowns to celebrate Pakistan Independence Day, attack police!
Has the world gone mad? 10 bizarre Covid rules (all in the name of science)
Where did it all go wrong for the Government?
Inept ministers can't just blame the quangos when they fail to dodge banana skins!
British universities have become indoctrination camps - A reckoning is long overdue!
Kent says it cannot take any more child refugees without government help!
FARAGE: ‘She’s taking us for a ride!’ ‘Migrant hotel’ in Home Secretary’s own constituency!
SNP’s new hate crime law could criminalise past views warns historian Neil Oliver!
Hollywood celebs turn out for the Democrat Convention! “So happy I’m a f***ing Democrat!”
Gay top cop with funny hair named Derbyshire's new Chief Constable!

Monday 17 August

"Everything we were originally told about the Coronavirus has turned out to be wrong!" Or, how to "establish a totalitarian world order!"
Doctors pen open letter to Fauci regarding use of Hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19!
Covid-19 survivors can't access NHS rehabilitation services? 'No proof they were infected!'
RICHARD MADELEY: Half a million Covid deaths? ABSURD! We are being DUPED!
Coronavirus exposed modern day slavery trade in the UK?
LOCKDOWN? What Lockdown?
LOCKDOWN? In Ilford, the celebration of Pakistani Independence is more important!
Illegal immigrants take selfies as they wait to be rescued from the Channel and brought to UK!
FARAGE: The Rivenhall Hotel is housing asylum-seekers - It's in Priti Patel's own constituency!
Watchdog investigates 3 former top cops who led failed inquiry into Manchester grooming gangs!
Sedgley: Good Samaritan, 24, beaten to death trying to break up fight outside pub!
LONDON: Aaron Murphy raped woman, 49, twice and tried to murder her because he felt like it!
BATLEY: Moosa Kayat tried to blackmail a 15-year-old boy into having sex with a cat!
DETROIT: Tyler Wingate, 24, involved in minor collision with black motorist. Gets beaten to death!
Illegal immigrant arrested for triple homicide after returning to USA!
USA: 5 UPS employees arrested in connection with firearms stolen from the company!
PORTLAND RIOTS: Media continues to paint rioters like choir boys being attacked by police!
The perverted world of Marc Dutroux! (2005)
SNP plot to DESTROY the United Kingdom and hand power back to EU?
Cologne University students donate €8,500+ from student fees to far-left Antifa group!
Boris Johnson's government imposes homosexual marriage pon the Cayman Islands!
Outside Canada no one likes Justin?

Sunday 16 August

Keir Starmer wants to force diversity upon us? Calls for all-BAME shortlists!
LONDON: Sahme Mohammed and Muhammed Al-Ali get 15 years each for horrific acid attack!
GROOMING GANGS: National Crime Agency arrests sixteen in Rotherham and Leeds!
London Bridge victim needed 8 months of hospital treatment! Now suing terrorists estate!
MANCHESTER: Knifeman attacks three police officers leaving them all in hospital!
LONDON: Jailed cannabis cafe boss, Khabeer Khan, boasts of drug dealing in jail on Instagram!
British kingpin, 'The Banker,' controls multi-million pound cross-Channel people smuggling ring!
GERMANY: Afghan arrested for beating wife to death in front of their children!
50 hotels across Britain benefit from £4billion 10-year contract to house asylum seekers?
Wrecking the economy and state-sponsored panic has killed more people than Covid ever did!
Covid-19 survivors can't access NHS rehabilitation services? 'No proof they were infected!'
Whitehall's systemic failure exposed: why this was a disaster ten years in the making!
Boris Johnson has ‘lost control’ of illegal immigration!
Wrongthink Profs want to expose lack of free speech and thought in academe!
BLM and Antifa confront pro-Confederate groups at Stone Mountain!
ITV now has EIGHT non-white presenters a day
VJ DAY - Kipling poem binned by the BBC after Jamaican opera singer complains
Massage sessions with aloof Prince Andrew in Jeffrey Epstein's house of sin!
Luvvies flee as liberal politics and coronavirus turn Hollywood into ajunkie/violent criminal cesspit!
'Finding Freedom' is full of fluff, guff, gobbldegook and gush! Meghan's fingerprints are all over it

Saturday 15 August

Netanyahu 1995: 'Next thing you'll see, militant Islam is bringing down the World Trade Center!'
CHINA: Bubonic plague spreads!
2016: HILLARY CLINTON - "If that f***ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!"
Israel attacked 1,000 Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria since 2017!
Elliot Abrams and the nuking of Beirut!
Alan Dershowitz attacks Epstein accuser, Maria Farmer, concerning alleged sexual misconduct!
TUCKER CARLSON: Democrats don't care about our real problems, they fund the chaos!
Google's 'kill switch' can cleanse the Internet of all right-wing content at a moment’s notice?
Chicago looting sparked by false Social Media reports of police shooting of teenager!
Charlottesville 3 Years On: Dress rehearsal for 2020's nation-wide Communist coup!
ANTIFA terrorists get a large cache of weapons in preparation 'TET Offensive' against America?
Fans jeer and shout 'U-S-A' as players kneel during national anthem before first MLS game!
SNP voters do not want English to visit Scotland!
British backpacker Hannah Witheridge's killers have death sentences commuted!
LONDON: Sahme Mohammed and Muhammed Al-Ali get 15 years each for horrific acid attack!
Seven-strong Somali gang raped and abused girls in Bristol!
13-year-old boys running a lemonade stand in Illinois robbed at gunpoint by older teenagers!
Cops condemn ‘trial by social media’ after Dawn Butler’s racism accusations!
Britain is now the sick man of Europe!
FARAGE: Middle England will lose hopeope in Boris on law and order, migration!
Asylum-seekers in their bike rack!
We can no longer escape from the necessity of borders!
DISGRACEFUL! Britain's WW2 heroes 'erased from history!'
French fishermen warn 'we’re coming for your fish' post-Brexit!
Trudeau spent nearly 25% of 2019 and 21% of 2020 vacationing and not at his desk
Ben & Jerry suffer backlash for backing illegal Channel migrants!

Friday 14 August

Trump's ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, says the President is 'a racist, a predator and a con man!'
Iran condemns Trump's Middle East peace deal and calls it a 'stab in the back' to Muslims!
Kamala and her Willie in 1995 - She was booted the following year!
Facebook bans anti-Semitic stereotypes in hate speech update!
Richard Day murdered by three teenage muggers outside Ipswich takeaway!
Veteran slams cops for not charging BLM demo woman who burned Union Jack at Cenotaph!
'#SayHisName' trends after MSM silence on the atrocious killing of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant!
No mention of Cannon Hinnant murder in New York Times or Washington Post!
SWEDEN: Migrant who raped child over 100 times avoids deportation!
Met top cop says labelling force 'institutionally racist' is 'not helpful' for her officers! (DIDDUMS)
UK: 449 babies sexually abused in past year, child sex crimes up 57% in five years!
Teachers submitted 'implausibly high' predicted grades for A-level pupils says regulator!
Mayor of Bristol urges locals to volunteer rooms to house asylum seekers!
FARAGE: Media too scared’ to report on London thugs rioting in small seaside town
Britons reject idea UK has responsibility for illegal boat migrants!
Turkish spy planes violate Greek airspace dozens of times!
French stopping only 20% of illegal boat migrants!
Israel becoming a 'refuge for paedophiles,' warns advocate for child sex abuse victims!
X-rated billionaire, Sumner Redstone, leaves behind a private life more lurid than his films!
Fans jeer and shout 'U-S-A' as players kneel during national anthem before first MLS game!

Thursday 13 August

UK's first socially distanced gig with fans in pens! (Like sheep/goats) to watch Sam Fender!
3.4 million in England have had Covid-19, Imperial study suggests!
Children under the age of 16 account for one per cent of coronavirus cases in England!
Nearly 10% of coronavirus deaths reported by Public Health England unrelated to Covid-19!
Fearing Islamophobia accusation, politicians allow Sharia marriages! RESULT? Marital captivity!
Calais Mayor: Stopping illegal boat immigrants is a declaration of war!
‘Sanctuary City!’ Mayor of Bristol calls on locals to host immigrants in their homes!
Why do we tell migrants not to come to Britain, then make it so easy for them to stay?
Failed asylum seeker used two FAKE identities so he could live in UK illegally for 20 years!
CROYDON: Police wish to speak to Jedaiah Param after a fight which left five people injured!
BRIGHTON: Illegal immigrant rapist jailed for attack in ‘anti-racist’ sanctuary city!
Khan’s London: Machete murder victim’s family want MORE police stop and search!
LEICESTER: Machete savage, Asfan Ber Mirza, (24 previous offences) narrowly missed man's neck!
2016: Anthony Showers beat ex, Jade Hales, and her mum to death and raped Jade 'as she lay dying!'
2014: Francis Nsiangangu murder: Bernard Ampaw jailed for life!
S. AFRICA: In 2014, Chrissie's body is found! In 2020, Andrew Ndlovu charged with rape/murder
Murderers/child rapists still in UK 2 years after THESE Left-wing activists blocked deportation!
Boy, 5, shot dead at point-blank range ‘for riding into neighbor’s yard!’
ROME: African immigrant attacks police, brags Judge will do nothing!
Judge rejects Ghislaine Maxwell's latest request to delay unsealing of explosive court documents!
Repeated vandalism attacks see statues in French church destroyed!
BBC bans Kipling's Mandalay from VJ Day! One line is 'derogatory to people of colour!'
Stephen Lawrence's found solace with a secret girlfriend! (And other routine b***ocks...)
FARAGE: Boris isn't really a Conservative and 'Middle England' is losing hope in him!
'SAS: Who Dares Wins' Ollie Ollerton axed from show - 'Diversity drive' behind his exit!
Tory MP tells 'virtue signalling' Gary Lineker to offer his mansion to immigrants!
Gary Lineker confirms plan to house refugees in his home! (Don't hold your breath)
Author of Harry and Meghan biography says Meghan guided him on ‘journey to wokeness!’
Meghan's new palace! A-list neighbors = Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres!

Wednesday 12 August

What are they doing in our care homes? 'Nil by mouth?' 'Euthanasia?' 'Do not resuscitate?'
FEATURE FILM: A Child's Voice! (This has just been 100% censored by AMAZON)
John Paul Rice blows the whistle on Hollywood
Film director, John Paul Rice, exposes Hollywood! May commit suicide any day now?
Joe Biden picks Planned Parenthood ally Kamala Harris as running mate!
CNN suggests Joe Biden could ‘step aside’ for Kamala Harris!
Son of George Soros congratulates Kamala Harris in Tweet!
In the UK, 16,000 people may have died as a direct result of the coronavirus lockdown!
Lockdown Lobotomy! Effects of lockdown cause far more damage than the virus ever could!
UK records 1,148 new coronavirus cases! (Highest number in 7 weeks!) With 102 deaths!
Our ‘stay safe’ society treats grown adults like accident-prone children
Horror in Beirut! Was it an accident or a warning?
USA: Darius Sessoms shoots 5-year-old boy in the head - Why? Savage felt like it, I guess...
Illegal immigrant, Peraslingam Nanthvavaraman, jailed for rape and ABH of a young woman!
CANADA: Dr Walter Reynolds dies after machete attack at his clinic! Deng Mabiour charged
12-year-old girl lured to Swedish asylum home and raped!
Ghislaine Maxwell is seen cavorting with fugitive rape suspect Jean-Luc Brunel!
Sex pest Labour peer, Lord Lea, 82, guilty of bullying on way to a behaviour change session!
2,000+ foreign killers, paedos and rapists waved into the UK without criminal records checks!
Rarely does one read that the dead were the victims of rogue cops or white supremacists!
"One mustn’t say what everyone knows, that blacks are..."
Migrants ‘revolt’ aboard Italian Coronavirus quarantine ship!
Migrant crisis reveals 'hollowness' of Brexit rhetoric, says National Security Adviser
FARAGE: Boris lacks ‘political will’ to stop migrant boats!
Pick your OWN exam results!
Cultural elitists can't handle that the public don't want a woke!
The Church's idea of justice is an unholy mess!
Anti-Zionist writer Alain Soral jailed, Jewish lobby overjoyed!
UK's first socially distanced gig with fans in pens (Like sheep/goats) to watch Sam Fender!
Rachel Riley is not a racist – But we shouldn’t defend her!
The 26 most toe-curling quotes from 'Finding Freedom!' (Harry/Meghan book)
Mr Bean defends free speech: Rowan Atkinson denounces Scottish hate crime bill!

Tuesday 11 August

'Corruption is bigger than the state!': Lebanese PM and his Cabinet RESIGN!
Almost 450 sex crimes against babies under one year old in UK in past year!
MURDER! French National Assembly approve abortion-on-demand up to the day of birth!
BIRMINGHAM: Kasim Shazada Khurum had sex with a corpse in funeral home!
WANTED! Mohammed Banaras dragged a police officer along the road in Birmingham!
Sex pest Labour peer, Lord Lea, 82, guilty of bullying on way to a behaviour change session!
COLORADO: Savage deliberately swerves SUV into white schoolboys = No hate, MSM silence!
Chicago prosecutor, Kim Foxx, dropped 25,183 felony cases!
CHICAGO: BLM holds protest in support of looters! Mayor Lightfoot denies encouraging unrest!
Seattle's first black female top cop RESIGNS after city council voted to defund police!
Seattle City Council approves plan to defund Police, layoff 100 cops, slash salaries!
Dawn Butler, MP, is NOT a victim of police racism!
Labour’s Dawn Butler is ‘stoking up racial tensions for political gain!’
Brussels ‘Boat Mafia’ is trafficking migrants into Britain! 4,000 in 2020 so far!
SLOVENIA: 43 illegal immigrants in one van!
15-year-old girls took their own lives after taking acne drug, Roaccutane!
Captain kicks Jews off his ship. 'The most disrespectful motherf***s' he's met in a 20-year career!
Chloroquine one of the smatest drugs in history! Covid-19 attacks cancer cells, not normal ones!
Dentists say masks cause tooth decay and gum disease!
NHS buys 50 million masks that can't be used!
Covid jobs bloodbath as number of people employed falls by 730,000 since lockdown!
Could your mask help SPREAD coronavirus?
Betrayal of children will be Covid's worst legacy!
Brexit betrayal! UK to stay shackled to EU under current deal as Union dismantled!
Migrant crisis reveals 'hollowness' of Brexit rhetoric, says National Security Adviser
Cultural elitists can't handle that the public don't want a woke!
The Church's idea of justice is an unholy mess!
Obama confession?
Treblinka and other stories...
The ADL's war on White Americans - Brother Nathanael
UK's hidden shadows! More on Prince Andrew...
Harry and Meghan to focus on Black Lives Matter activism, says Royal expert!

Monday 10 August

Israel nuked Beirut? Surely not!
Attorney General asks Democrats, ‘since when is it okay to try and burn down a courthouse?’
Barr blasts far left for making politics a 'secular religion!'
Man shot and another stabbed on another night of bloodshed in lawless London!
The city of London Police says the suspect is 'white' - What do you say?
OXFORD STREET: Teen killed in machete attack in broad daylight!
Nigerian throws boiling water on lesbian migrant!
ANTIFA preparing violent attacks on police and political opponents, say German authorities!
SEATTLE: Thousands come out to back the police, Antifa tries to cause trouble!
Liverpool Museum’s new slavery ‘expert’ is everything you would expect!
BBC journalist Mary Stretch attacks 'well-meaning charity show' for 'Camptown Races' inclusion!
Race and Crime in America!
Teaching unions 'sabotage' school reopening plan with 'impossible list' of 200 safety demands!
Coronavirus death count could be SCRAPPED after PHE found 'exaggerating' the tally!
Chemical spill kills tens of thousands of fish along stretch of pristine river in rural Wales!
France blackmails Britain for £30m to stop illegal boat migrants!
Japanese tanker spills 1,000 tonnes of crude oil on pristine beaches of Mauritius!
Invasion of the New Normals!
IT’S OFFICIAL! (Again) Lefties, particularly women, are nuts!
Michael Rockefeller and the cannibals behind his disappearance!
He's 94, she's 91!

Sunday 9 August

Israel destroyed East Beirut with a new weapon?
Who profits from the Beirut blast?
Babies fed to children?
Border Controls! How New Zealand got rid of Coronavirus!
Sweden, pilloried by the rest for refusing to lock down, may have the last laugh!
World's top epidemiologists say: MASKS DON'T WORK!
Just one in 40 illegal Channel Migrants is returned to the EU!
BORDER FARCE! Millionaire EastEnders star attacks Nigel Farage over Dover crisis!
Boris faces a public opinion ‘time bomb’ if he fails to cut migration!
NEW YORK: Killer Cuomo murdered thousands of vulnerable people?
Sadiq Khan DEFENDS foreign THUGS due for deportation!
Murder investigation after teen stabbed in West End dies!
NYC moms fleeing Upper West Side amid crime and chaos!
Swedish cops says gang members who shot dead 12-year-old girl are victims too!
STOCKHOLM: Violent gang leaders have migration background!
Alex Henriquez's chilling response to Piers Morgan's question about hurting children!
Elderly man tied up, wife and underage daughters raped on South African farm!
Migrants who travelled to Italian beach on government's ‘Holiday Bonus’ rob tourists!
Swedish cops, civilians working in No-Go area police station to get police escort!
Jeffrey Epstein’s brother claims paedo was ‘murdered’ in jail and didn't hang himself!
French hotel commandeered to house asylum-seekers now unusable!
PURE EVIL! Left-wing activist CELEBRATES arson attack on Tommy's family home!
JOHN BARNES - BIGOT! England ace in traveller race storm!
Antifa supporter provided fake tip to FBI and ruined a couple's life!
Blacks have smaller brains - Result = Lower IQ
The open society and its giant enemies!

Saturday 8 August

BEIRUT: Wherever there is mass murder in the Middle East you find the Israeli fingerprint!
Oh, look! Bill Gates' dad with some of the top eugenicists on the planet!
Lockdown 'killed two people for every three who died of coronavirus' at peak of outbreak!
ENGLAND: Recorded Coronavirus deaths could be reviewed down by 10 per cent!
Australian state goes full Coronafascist!
California (DEM) authorities say 18,000 jailbirds will be freed because of Coronavirus
Green Tea versus Coronavirus!
Green Tea extra...
Delhi researchers say green tea, black tea, haritaki have anti-viral capabilities to fight coronavirus!
More than 3 million people in England are so fat they qualify for obesity surgery!
What future do we have if the woke warriors destroy our past?
Army isn't big enough for war! Troop numbers a shadow of what they were, says top General!
‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ is reason Lefties censor Breitbart News!
Mayor Joe Anderson says refugees are welcome in Liverpool but Nigel Farage isn't!
BREXIT has given the EU a 'blank cheque' to pursue plans for a 'European superstate!'
BREXIT: Germany says British insistence on full independence is not ‘realistic!’
What is the point of Border Force if it cannot turn back migrant vessels?
London carnage: Police injured in clash with ‘Black Lives Matter’ demo after boy arrested!
Judge slams 'truly evil' killer for web of lies after rape and murder of Keeley Bunker!
Migrant smuggling sting brings M25 to a standstill! Driver of Romanian lorry arrested!
Released at height of pandemic, Ibrahim Bouaichi killed the woman who accused him of rape?
MIAMI: DJ/songwriter Erick Morillo charged with sexual battery after DNA test!
ITALY: Imam who headed ‘peace’ association deported for radicalism!
Is this happening to your child? Would he/she tell you?
"LOWER THE STANDARDS! White erasure is their goal here!"
Check out the supermarket staff!
The white slave trade of Africa!
Christopher Hitchens, Barbary pirates, the Muslim slave trade and Thomas Jefferson!

Friday 7 August

Wolverhampton machete murder - Sean Bulle arrested!
Judges force government to scrap ‘racist’ visa system!
Border Force Union says the Royal Navy is needed to return Channel migrants to France!
SWEDEN: Foreign Ministry worker granted 100+ frudulent visas to Afghan immigrants!
Hotel migrants got VIP tours of Anfield stadium!
Migrant arrested for repeatedly vandalising Greek cathedral!
Lebanon explosion the result of a missile strike?
Corona Power Grab! Local government given power to demolish ‘contaminated’ buildings!
NHS's 'test and trace' contract costs taxpayers £900 per person contacted!
Lockdown easing did not lead to rise in coronavirus infections in England!
Young women are the most likely to suffer depression, anxiety and loneliness in lockdown!
Au revoir, Macron! Marine Le Pen ‘poised to crush French President in 2022 election!'
Google and the John McCain cover-up!
Crash the cconomy, burn the Cities, infect the people! The evil plan to remake America!
Seattle's Bolshevik revolution!
Spain's runaway ex-King Juan Carlos hiding out in £10k-a-night suite at luxury Abu Dhabi hotel!
Delaware to require teaching of the Holocaust, genocide
Prince Harry says social media is stoking a 'crisis of hate?' (Diddums!)
'Vile bully,' Ellen DeGeneres, used to call him 'fat,' 'stupid' and 'took pleasure' in his distress!

Thursday 6 August

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS CATCHING UP! From lockdown to La-La-Land! BoJo and co. are still in fantasy world, in thrall to dodgy science!
Covid deaths are falling off – Now we’re dying of coronaphobia! Economy well and truly stuffed!
The shambolic reality of Britain's ridiculous quarantine policy!
When our betters imposed multiculturalism on us, they didn't tell us how much worse off we'd be!
BLM's White female fanatics - Big Sister is watching us!
BBC has become utterly divisive, corrosive, and self-serving - just like Reith feared!
Trusted friend raped and murdered childhood companion after birthday night out!
Accident! Jonathan Shoop killed by fellow cop, Mustafa Kumcur, after BLM activist shot at them!
Hit-and-run driver mows down woman and dog before 3 people abandon car and flee!
Berlin cops says there have been 210 rapes from March to July! Half involve immigrants!
Pakistani court says 14-year-old Christian girl must stay married to alleged abductor!
Did George Floyd die of a drug overdose?
French Muslim films himself slaughtering sheep in bathtub for Eid!
Luton's Labour Mayor, Tahir Malik, caught breaking coronavirus lockdown rules!
Standing up to 'woke' intolerance isn’t easy. But we must do it!
BBC pushes ‘White Privilege’ through 'Bitesize' school education service!
Top BAME teacher says BLM is encouraging institutional racism!
LEBANON: Officials were warned stockpiled chemicals could blow up all of Beirut!
Boris doles out life peerage to his brother! ‘Doing a Jo’ = Winning a prize in an undeserved way!
Michelle Obama suffering depression over 'Trump's hypocrisy!' (WAke me when I care)
$50m-a-year lesbian, Ellen DeGeneres, faces savage backlash over bullying!

Wednesday 5 August

German official leaks report denouncing Corona as ‘a global false alarm!’
Boris Johnson’s failure to close borders let coronavirus rip through Britain?
No 10's inexplicable decision to lift quarantine at height of pandemic! 10,000 infected allowed in!
Heart attack deaths rose almost 40 per cent after 'Stay Home' lockdown message!
The cyber attack on truth!
One Red Kite versus thousands of fish!
"Care" workers accused of running Fight Club using elderly dementia patients!
Syrian asylum seekers assault German then push him into the path of an oncoming train!
Western Europe experiencing daily 'low level' terrorism from foreign immigrants!
Top cop in charge of drug strategy suspended! Over alleged drug misuse!!!
Jeffrey Epstein's kinks are exposed in Ghislaine Maxwell court documents!
"Britain... brought the first unfree Africans to this country and helped to start slavery in America!"
BEIRUT - "Explosion of 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate... stored, in some cases illegally!"
Amid rising tensions between Lebanon and Israel, any involvement in Beirut blast denied!
Migrant boat ‘shadowed’ (escorted?) into British waters by French ships!
Bias against Conservative and pro-Brexit academics is ‘chilling’ free speech on campus!
Epstein Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, called for the lowering of the age of consent!
Councils can demolish contaminated buildings to stop second coronavirus wave!
Now English hockey has an 'endemic race issue?'
John Cleese says 'woke' cancel culture is killing comedy!
Salman Rushdie says Left-wing cancel culture threatens literature and freedom of speech!
From the Jewish Archive: Nelson Mandela and the Jews!

Tuesday 4 August

"Deaths due to COVID 54% to 63% lower than implied by 'excess deaths' measure... Over the lockdown period Government policy has increased mortality rather than reduced it!"
Andrew Neil uncovers truth behind 18 million worldwide coronavirus cases number!
Spain's scandal-hit former king Juan Carlos to go into exile!
Europeans are waking up to Government's COVID tyranny - Why are we still asleep?
Columbia University to hold 5 week ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ lecture series for White students!
Ghislaine Maxwell wins legal fight to keep 'highly intrusive' documents about her sex life sealed!
Why porn’s obsession with ever younger girls is putting our daughters in danger!
CHINA: Cops tell Christians they cannot believe in God!
Police bodycam footage shows moment-by-moment arrest of George Floyd for the first time!
BLM activists urged to become Magistrates to increase ‘diversity!’
FARAGE: BLM ‘paramilitary-style force’ broke law against political uniforms?
Democrat officials charged over mail-in election fraud! President Trump was right!
Donald Trump slams mail-in ballots as a 'great embarrassment our country!'
PENCE: Mail-in ballots is everywhere ‘ripe for fraud!’
Shot dead in front of daughter! Davon Delks, Devon Vines, Laquan Heyward arrested
Fear-based self-censorship has nearly 62% of Americans afraid to share their beliefs!
Immigration, Republicans and the end of White America!
Ex-Border Force boss says illegal migration may pass crisis level if Boris doesn’t turn boats back!
We may force diversity on you but we won't accept it here!
A fundamental pillar of globalisation? A vicious attempt to eliminate world's surplus poor!
Anti-Zionist writer Alain Soral jailed, Jewish lobby overjoyed!
Seattle's Bolshevik Revolution!
After all the hype, Statins may NOT slash the risk of dying from heart disease!
M&S renames Falkland Islands, 'Malvinas!' As for British troops who died there in 1982...
In slap at Turkey, Syrian government to build replica of Hagia Sophia with Russia's help!
Oh, look! In Tanzania dads are fathering THIRTY children! Lucky he found some diamonds, eh?

Monday 3 August

Minneapolis cops advise citizens 'not argue or fight with the criminal. Do as they say!'
Does anyone have the courage to indict Obama?
Trump demands reinstatement of death penalty for Boston bomber
Joe Biden should not debate President Trump, Clinton’s ex-WH spokesman says!
"RESET THE TABLE!" Latest power grab from the Rockefeller Foundation
Falkland Islands renamed 'Malvinas!' As for British troops who died there in 1982...
In slap at Turkey, Syrian government to build replica of Hagia Sophia with Russia's help!
Two men fight for life after four stabbings on another night of violence in London
Khan’s London - 3 shootings and multiple stabbings over the weekend!
LEIPZIG: Algerian kebab chef chops off teenager’s leg - NO JAIL!
Coronavirus is nasty but there's more to life than imprisoning ourselves, says Professor!
Britain’s ship of fools sails on, rudderless amid the Covid seas
Professor says Covid-19 ‘simply brought deaths forward by a few weeks!’ 80% of UK victims had life-limiting medical conditions!
If masks are normalised, we all become subservient!
TURIN: Muslims allowed to hold Eid celebrations in public despite Coronavirus!
UK faces paying for EU's huge debt mountain with new £160BILLION bill?
FARAGE: Government burying ‘their heads in the sand’ on illegal migration!
Chief Whip, Mark Spencer, 'failed to act in Tory MP rape case!'
BIRDS bakery sacks Meghan after 44 years for taking cash from elderly during pandemic!
MP Barry Sheerman sorry for antisemitic tweet after Jewish businessmen miss out on peerage!
Is the Church of England determined to kill off the parish church?
Mahatma Gandhi is set to become the first non-white person on British currency
Rugby League's Israel Folau, sacked by Aussies for saying hell awaits gays, refuses to kneel!

Sunday 2 August

THE LOST BOYS: The white working class is being left behind!
US doctor says laboratories are FAKING Covid-19 test results!
Antibody tests do not pick up people who had mild coronavirus?
More people die of bowel cancer than coronavirus! Top Prof says we are 'obsessed!'
China accused of 'global domination' plot via COVID-19 spread as 'Xi wants to rule world!'
HITCHENS: Government is keeping us perpetually alarmed about coronavirus!
My Muslim community just shrugs off COVID-19 risks!
Coronavirus doctor's diary: Will vaccine sceptics make trials a headache?
Top WHO disease detective warns against return to national lockdowns!
Kneejerk and arbitrary government policies threaten to derail the British economy!
GERMANY: ‘Freedom’ protesters gather to call for end of Coronavirus restrictions!
Italian island of Lampedusa runs out of room to quarantine arriving migrants!
11,000 invaders descend on Italy in a single week?
Over 130 immigrants relocated by Italian government test positive for Coronavirus!
After union intransigence, 'I cut up my union card because it made me ashamed to be a teacher!'
Met Police destroyed records for the night Prince Andrew allegedly had sex with teenager!
Documents allege an SAS execution squad killed 33 people in raids on Afghan homes!
Why are liberals so happy to be associated with Sturgeon's brand of nationalism?
Greece begins giving asylum-seekers on Aegean islands €2,000 to go home!
Marine Le Pen vows to deport criminal immigrants if elected President in 2022!
Cosy relationship between Europe’s human rights court and left-wing NGOs!
UK - Violent protests up 1,700% in 20 years!
Portland protesters light fires and burn American flags and Bibles in the streets!
Trump supporters to BLM protesters: "You're racist against my white heritage!"
Portland rioter Gabriel Agard-Berryhill, 18, arrested thanks to online Grandma
Brexiteers Kate Hoey and Claire Fox make Peers list — But not Remainer Bercow!
Ex-Tory minister arrested on suspicion of rape over ‘sex attack on woman in her 20s!’
The empty promises of the Modern Monetary Theory brigade!
Kate Rothschild's ex-boyfriend, rapper Jay Electronica, is an anti-Semite?
Did Rupert Murdoch's son quit his media empire because it isn't woke enough?
Meghan Markle's friends 'reluctant' to give evidence supporting her court battle!
Who killed Jimi Hendrix?

Saturday 1 August

LONDON: Brexit activist attacked by Black Lives Matter protesters!
EAMONN HOLMES: We need to know how the foreign aid budget is spent!
New MI6 boss's grandad was IRA man who won a medal for fighting against British rule!
Scottish Christians warn 'hate crime' bill could criminalise the Bible!
Christian charity loses access to banking After LGBT activists campaign!
The real danger from Big Tech is its power to tear society apart!
A peerage for BoJo's brother? (Shouldn't we scrap this creepy system of preference?)
Record for illegal Channel crossings as 202 immigrants reach England in one day!
Nazir Afzal admits BAME communities' genetics/lifestyle make them more vulnerable to COVID!
Craig Whittaker, MP, says some Muslims not taking Covid-19 seriously! (Surprise! Surprise!
2.7m people in northern England 'mopped up' by blanket lockdown
Government's insulting policy on face masks yet another nail in the coffin for our cultural life!
England stars, Maddison, Grealish and Alli ignore social distancing as they party in Ibiza!
Black Lives Matter founder says Democrats must defund police and abolish ICE!
Rapper, Solo 45, jailed for imprisoning, torturing and raping women!
Detective says Andrew Harper's killers and their Gypsy families were contemptuous of police!
PC Andrew Harper's Gypsy killers jailed!
GERMANY: Afghan immigrant arrested for child rape a month after raping another child!
ILFORD: Mass street brawl at 200-strong Eid street party! Policeman injured
BLM protesters arrested after Back the Blue rally in New York!
Epstein 'forced underage girls to have sex with Prince Andrew' so he could get blackmail info!
Jeffrey Epstein was blackmailing politicians for Israel’s Mossad, new book claims!
Israel is turning mosques into synagogues, bars!
Congresswoman thinks statue honoring saint who treated lepers is “white supremacist!”
Did CIA torture and kill DEA agent, Kiki Camarena?
Trump about to ban Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok in the USA!
Google meddles in Presidential election! Senator Tom Cotton wants answers!
Bill Clinton denies visiting Epstein Island!
2019: Epstein, Weinstein and Maxwell at Beatrice’s 18th birthday bash!
Brooklyn Beckham 'wants Harry and Meghan at his wedding?' Moden icons, eh?

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