Daily News - January 2012

Tuesday 31 January

Kautilya Nandan Pruthi admits 'biggest Ponzi fraud in the UK'
Crime victim payouts axed: Thousands hurt in violent assaults no longer merit compensation
As British jobless toll soars, UK bosses recruit thousands in Romania
Radiographer Nwke Nana groped five colleagues but 'was not sexually motivated' says tribunal
Water bills in England and Wales to rise 5.7% in April
Ron Paul: America’s Last Chance?
Ron Paul Tied with Obama and in Two-Man Race with Romney
Parents who neglect basic duties are accused of causing London riots
Taxpayer still funding trips for Airmiles Andy
More woe for England rugby as star fullback is arrested over nightclub assault
Margaret Thatcher complained about Asian immigration to Britain
Complained perhaps but, in the end, did sweet FA and the Carrington option won out

Monday 30 January

Muslim family jailed for life after 'despicable' honour killing of daughters who dared to date boys
Sarkozy gloats: 'The United Kingdom has no industry any more'
Prisoners taunting victims on Facebook
Despite quitting as UK envoy, Duke attends Swiss summit and taxpayers pick up £39,000 bill
'3 strikes' rule for yob gangs: Cops must act on complaints or face the sack
Parents must have the right to smack their children says Boris
The cops have lost their way but should they be run by meddlers like Prescott?
Police must take action if neighbours complain
Girls as young as 9 forced to marry in mosques in Islington
Guardian 'slammed' for Jewish security article
Tinie Tempah (rapper) and Mario Balotelli (chip/shoulder footballer) named GQ's best dressed men
Delon Armitage accused of assault
CCTV captures moment hero Smurf is run down by Rochdale petrol thief

Sunday 29 January

Heroin in the supermarket... why ever not, Sir Richard?
Labour MP: Smacking ban led to riots! Parents fear kids will be taken away if they discipline them!
Pakistan knew where Bin Laden was all along
Rebekah Brooks' deputy editor arrested over corrupt payments
Diane Abbott 'fell asleep in key Westminster debate on abortion laws'
Soaring numbers of patients die with bedsores and infected wounds
Hotter summers 'may kill 5,900 every year'
Now German implants spark cancer fears for 20,000 British women
Did Germany sow the seeds of the eurozone debt crisis?
Fake drugs given to NHS patients still untraced
MI5 ordered to reveal links to murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko
Archbishop of York tells Cameron not to allow gay marriage

Saturday 28 January

Man glassed, pregnant woman kicked in stomach - Malik, Junaid and Nawaz at play
Asif Rehman and Adil Ishaq charged with the murder of william McKeeney
Kajus Scuka murdered his wife, attacked another woman with an axe and committed gross indecency and indecent assault in the Czech Republic! THEY let him into the UK. Guess what happens next?
Are we about to witness the end of Britain?
Drugs, the teenager found murdered on the Queen's estate and how the Baltic Mafia is terrorising one of Britain's oldest market towns
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has no problem at all with a Drama School exclusively for "Asian and ethnic background” students only
Michael Gove criticised for awarding public funds to Jewish group
Haiti and the shaming of the aid zealots
Iranians Suffering From Afghan/US Opium Cultivation
Corruption scandal shakes Vatican
Mum-of-4 attends sham wedding of partner and then assumes bride's identity to stay in UK
Vilified for telling the truth after Christian GP questioned the legalise drugs campaign
The Equality and Human Rights Commission has no problem at all with a Drama School exclusively for "Asian and ethnic background” students only
Stephen Lawrence's mother says No 10 must do more on race
BLAIR WARS: UK soldier killed in Afghanistan
Anton Ferdinand 'sent a bullet' 24 hours before FA Cup reunion with John Terry
Britain, US and France send warships through Strait of Hormuz!
Far-right Vienna ball sparks outrage on Holocaust Day
MPs try to shame RBS boss into giving up 'immoral' bonus

Friday 27 January

Men arrested over burnt and headless body of John Grainger
Victoria Osoteku denies kicking a dying schoolboy in the head
Sham wedding vicar, John Magumba, was so corrupt he didn't even bother to hold the ceremonies!
£1m reward for failure: He's missed lending targets, the share price has plunged and axeing 3,500 jobs but still RBS chief pockets huge bonus
Inside the Chinese factories making iPads for Apple
Edward Syrad dies after break in by armed raiders
Hungarian banned after he stuffed his Audi with 11 people (cramming 4 kids in the boot)
Now allegedly corrupt cops can no longer be tried, the missing files have been found!
Why won't the army rescue our hostages?
Drinking kills almost 9,000 people every year
Bar where John Lee Barrett was stabbed to death closed down
Paedophile of 'the most sickening order' was able to film himself abusing girls in primary school classrooms because bosses did NOTHING despite 30 warnings
Metropolitan Police commander warns of rise in gangs
Darren Martin Jackson charged with rape and murder
Mandelson accepted lavish hospitality from billionaire Russian oligarch (Oleg Deripaska is Jewish - Mandelson's dad was Jewish)

Thursday 26 January

Danny O'Shea murder: Chris Nathaniel, (took part in anti-knife crime sessions with Blair/Brown) arrested
Check out a PC Crowd footsoldier! And remember the traitors who raised him up!
Heart attack deaths halve in 8 years due to fewer smokers, better diet
Mandelson admits taking the benefits of globalisation for grated
'Strict Muslim' raped four women at knifepoint
Vicars ‘conducted hundreds of sham marriages to help illegal immigrants stay in Britain’
277 men and women who turned down honours
Iain Duncan Smith rebuked by watchdogs over figures on migrants
'They should have been hanged!' White 'racist?' Bigoted dinosaur? Nope. Damilola Taylor's dad as one of his killers is freed after just five years
Axe murderer 'killed a homeless man with a hatchet and ate his brains and eye'
Not unreasonable to ask how our tax money is spent
The Muslim Brotherhood is not the Taliban
Calls to save Tower Hamlets pub amateur gay strip night
Police Commander Ali Dizaei 'may have faked injury'
MPs attack private security guard immigration removals
Patten: BBC must promote excellence and not be vulgar

Wednesday 25 January

Archbishop declares REAL moral scandal is our £1trillion debt
Sunny Islam guilty of 7 rapes, assault by penetration and kidnap
Pazeer Ahmed Bhatti charged with the murder of a 5-year-old boy
British mother-of-two Nicola Raybone found dead on Antigua beach
Jordan Kagbo-Clarke gets 6.5 years for 7 sexual assaults, a robbery and an assault
Mohammed Abdin to cop: “F*** off you white ****... I'll cut your head off and machine gun the lot of you!”
David Ojo jailed for laundering £581,000
British people are less honest than they were
London hospitals write off 'over 90%' owed by foreign patients
Eric Bikubi "very quiet and quite calm" after murdering Kristy Bamu
Anti-social behaviour is just a nuisance: Cops aren't recording/investigating some crimes!
Cops attacked for wrongly writing off thousands of crimes
'Beasts from the east'! 12 of Met's 14 most wanted foreigners are east European
Thulani Khumalo charged with Boxing Day murder in Oxford Street
Sussex priest Wilkie Denford questioned over abuse claims
'Doctor' Abdul Pirzada denies fraud charge
MoD sacks hundreds of troops but not one penpusher
Government debt hits £1trillion!!!
Rothschild says sauna with Lord Mandelson was purely pleasure Israel naked: the "disproportionate power of extremists who, in their actions and rabbinic decrees, poison the name of Judaism
Corruption in Israel has risen to record dimensions
Israeli protesters: Israel's economy is killing us, not rockets
Livni: Netanyahu trying to quash Israel protests, not solve problems
£5bn a year for Town Hall pensions
Youths in 'college of crime' jails
Chapeltown pupils given lessons over 'anger'
Europe's top judge: Cameron is wrong about human rights

Tuesday 24 January

Zimbabwean immigrant Njabula Ngwenya raped student in Leeds
New Labour's 'secret deal' to hand over Gibraltar over to Spain!!!
Soros Warns of Violent Riots In America, Financial Collapse, Government Clampdown! (And all because of trough-gobblers like him)
Shofik Ali raped 3 young girls in one night!
Sajid Waseem Hassan convicted of sexual activity with a child
The Cops knew Milly Dowler's phone was hacked by News of the World 10 years ago!
Labour and Lib Dem peers and the Bishops derail plan to cap benefits
Illegal immigrant who arranged sham marriages left jail with £1,500 bung - Now he's doling out UK passports in Pakistan!
Asil Nadir 'stole £150m from Polly Peck to pay for his life of luxury'
A quarter of children aged 10 to 12 can’t do basic addition and one in five don’t know the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’
Westminster is 'migrant magnet'
Council care rip-off: Elderly 'penalised' by ruthless drive to charge more
Caught with six kilos of cannabis? You could still avoid jail!
Stepping Hill: two more patients die in hospital poisoning
Mitt Romney paid even lower tax rate than previously thought
Rothschild defends Mandelson's invite on Siberian sight-seeing tour
Jew accused of being 'puppet-master' behind Mandelson (half-Jew) and Russian oligarch (Jew) deal - Rothschild launches High Court action

Monday 23 January

4 patients die thirsty or starving EVERY DAY in our hospitals!!!
Oxford finalists are 'little better than A level students!'
Many pupils 'cannot add or spell!'
Lithuanian immigrant, Rimvydas Liorancas, in court over double murder
Anti-Israel Essay Desecrates Martin Luther King’s Memory but Wins M.L.K. Award!
Jewish newspaper calls for Obama assassination!
Wake up, judge! We've been letting everyone in for years
Who would have predicted it? Heidi Klum's marriage to Seal is over!
Nick Clegg: We must give more to the IMF!
Trust in government has 'suffered a severe breakdown'
Islamists kill over 178 in Nigeria's Kano region
How illegals use human rights law to stay in UK
Extra benefits for multiple wives banned! Why was this ever allowed in the first place?
Devolution a raw deal for the English! Scots pocket more than their fair share
How many of these are here now courtesy of the PC Crowd?

Sunday 22 January

Sacha Williams-Rowe was left in coma by boyfriend Lloyd Lothian - She has now been jailed for refusing to testify against him!
One-third of Big Issue sellers are now Romanian!!!
Pilot 'with links to terror extremists' accuses airline of racism after sacking
David Miliband takes job with a Pakistan-based City firm backed by a Swiss playboy as brother Ed rails against Capitalist predators!
33.4% of the prisoners in Feltham Jail are Muslims!!!
Scientists create Armageddon flu virus that 'could put world at risk of catastrophic pandemic'
We should be proud of what we give away in foreign aid! Thus spake the Tory millionaire behind the giveaway
We shouldn’t try to outlaw bankers’ greed! Thus spake an American Jewess
Let Sir Fred Goodwin keep his knighthood! Thus spake the Establishment
The EU ignored years of expert warnings on cruise ship safety
Wake up, judge! We've been letting everyone in for years
Naked truth of how we failed our pensioners
Fruit and vegetable consumption by poorer families falls 30%
Prison officer's family want retrial over Kevan Thakrar attack
Jewish school pupils taught how to 'cure gays'

Saturday 21 January

Fijian immigrant and Navy engineer Aisea Yaranamua tried to rape 50-year-old
Drugs boss, Daniel Stirling, jailed for eight years.
Travis Gotting raped sleeping student and attacked others the same night
Boy, 14, detained for public protection for raping pensioner
Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper reveal sex of their 'gender-neutral' child
Muslim fanatics who called for execution of gays face up to 7 years in jail
Tens of thousands commit a new crime within a month of receiving a caution
Stop this abuse of British hospitality
How much are you paying in welfare to immigrants?
Courtroom drug smugglers jailed
WBA player Gonzalo Jara Reyes banned from driving
We hacked emails too – News International
EU Commissioner: Britain CAN ban doctors who can't speak English
Abortion clinics get TV ad go-ahead

Friday 20 January

William McKeeney dies in "unprovoked and violent attack" by Asians
370,000 immigrants are claiming OUR benefits!!!
More than £2 BILLION benefits paid out to foreigners each year
Immigrants 'wrongly paid benefits'
Labour didn’t care who landed in Britain
Caring for the country or themselves?
Crime and transparency
29 murderers freed to kill
2m single parent families in Britain: majority of kids raised by mum alone
Cotton wool kids. Just 1-in-5 children play outside every day!
Knife-point robbery up 10% in a year: a crime is committed every 35 minutes!
CCTV of 'olive-skinned... eastern European accent' pervert
16-year-old raped by travellers
Asylum seeker's private parts centre stage in battle with Council!
Harman's hubbie (Jack Dromey MP) didn't declare £60,000 Union wages!
How News Group hid the phone-hacking scandal
Gagandip Singh murder trial: Attack on TV executive 'surreal'
Brighton and Bournemouth footballers in sex assault inquiry
Council abandons attempt to evict family involved in summer riots

Thursday 19 January

21 months after Charlie Wright was murdered the cops finally tell us "4 to 5 young BLACK MEN run from the scene"
Lithuanian immigrant, Rimvydas Liorancas, charged with double murder
Lithuanian child-rapist, Victor Akulic, allowed in to rape again!!!
Lying nurse, See Moy Fernando, struck off. She was in charge of rapist who escaped from hospital to murder David Kemp
PC Daniel O’Sullivan punched woman who complained about him urinating in public!
Pakistani made SIXTEEN applications to stay in Britain
Natalie Terry jailed for leaving daughter, SIX, home alone for FIVE DAYS
Moldovan squatters: How good citizens suffer whilst parasites flourish
Harinder Shoker says he had not reason to murder TV executive
EU determined to brainwash us into Euro federalism
Goldman Sachs enters £8 BILLION 'parallel pay universe'
Strip Fred 'the Shred' Goodwin of tainted knighthood
Blair government used hidden device to spy on Russia
Dizaei trial: Prosecution witness 'convicted fraudster'

Wednesday 18 January

Luke Julias used car as a weapon leaving Beverley Cousins with life-changing injuries
16-year-old with learning difficulties raped in Morrisons by Kyle Tyrone Dacosta
Attempted rape by black man
Cab driver Mustafa Hassan jailed for 1996 rape
Aylum seekers and refugess pocketing huge compensation payouts
Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research
HIV terror of student raped by boyfriend, Victor Agada
Murdoch 'too cosy with political class' says Ian Hislop
Men who murder cheating partners can now use 'loss of control' as a defence!
Thug who punched 92-year-old escapes jail. It'll disrupt his anger management course!
Tory candidate John Smart jailed for child abuse
Rioter Edward Adeyemi gets 3 years 10 months
Brazilian Big Brother housemate 'raped on live TV'
Double insult to Britain's elderly!
Downsize your homes! Fund care costs through house equity!
Romanian Big Issue seller gets right to claim housing benefit
On top of the £25,000 she already claims!
Sex offender kills widow after being released on licence
Ali Dizaei trial: Arrested man felt 'scared and threatened'
Guess who's "institutionaly racist" now? FOOTBALL REFS!
Union irritation with Miliband boils into open rebellion

Tuesday 17 January

A century-old exercise book that humbles today's schools
You should HATE the 'left-wing educationists' that made such war upon our world!
Knifepoint rapist, Aliriza Cezmi, jailed indefinitely
"Lacking the feature that distinguishes man from beast"
Learned opinion of Milton Brown in 1997 - Would any dare say that now?
Time is running out for Middle East peace
'The haves and have yachts'
Botkiss Gove calls for a new royal ship for the Queen
Hate cleric Abu Qatada cannot be deported EU judges rule!!!
Cannabis Farm found in Mansion
Two Vietnamese arrested
'I was doing my duty'
Says Muslim who handed out leaflets saying gays should be hanged
Judge refuses to jail female plumber who glassed clubber who smiled at her
'Because she had been sexually harassed during training!!!'
Labour's 'Twitter tsar' forced to quit after comparing Alex Salmond to Hitler
Time has come to put the Euro out of its misery
Israel doing 'immense damage' to peace process says Clegg
Ali Dizaei trial: Dispute was 'over £600 web bill'
Metropolitan Police changing London gang crime tactics

Monday 16 January

Mohammed Nazakat Alam gets just 21 months for killing Jack Carter!
Nisar Shah admits ABH (he stood on Jack's head) and he walks!!!
Henry Assumang denies infecting Hampshire women with HIV
Banned drink-driver Zahoor Hussain was speeding when he crashed
And 17-year-old Zoe Smith was killed
William McKeeney killed in 'completely unprovoked and violent attack'
His attackers were 'of Asian appearance'
Sergiu Horvath charged with rape
'Severe problems... would bring chaos to the country'
A week would be all we'd have because of our reliance on 'the globalised economy' Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims
Solly Solicitor won't like that!
Students censured after 'Nazi drinking game' & attack on Jewish student
The Jewish gent objected and got punched on the nose (Titter ye not!)
Church of England faces court battle by gay clergyman
JJ says he was blocked from becoming a bishop 'cos he was a fairy
Iran accuses Britain of triggering nuclear scientists’ assassinations
Failed football coaching scheme cost taxpayers £6m
Elderly may be told to pay £60,000 for care

Sunday 15 January

Pole leaves WPC with broken wrist
Iran could face UK military action says William Hague
Here we go again
Sue was sacked and her life ruined. She helped an old woman in distress!
The PC Crowd must be ecstatic. They've managed to raise two generations of moral lepers completely devod of conscience or care.
Abbot's at it again
If MI6 did the work of Libyan renditions, who gave the orders?
Inside the intriguing world of Tony Blair Incorporated
Malawian doctors - are there more in Manchester than Malawi?
Kicked off her course after race comments
Bus firm flew bosses to Poland to hire 50 foreign drivers
They claim they couldn't find Brits to fill the jobs
Accountant in £5m celebrity tax scam taunts Revenue and Customs
BBC axe investigation into Jimmy Saville and schoolgirls
Muslim Brotherhood Declares 'Mastership of World' as Ultimate Goal
'Mossad recruited Jundallah terrorists'
Durham County Council awarded contract to foreign firm
Despite a British company quoting a price £250,000 cheaper!!!
Ex-soccer star linked to investment scheme that cost top players millions
Pay us £10k and you get Cameron's phone number
Tory chief Rickie Sehgal offers reporter personal access to the PM
Milibanned: Labour suspends Ed lookalike over anti-Semitic rants
Call for cut in child prison terms
Yep. We've got to be nicer and nicer to the crims!
Catholic monks faced child abuse investigation

Saturday 14 January

10-year- old boy shatters teacher's leg and kneecap in classroom attack
The Bishop of Cordoba says UNESCO has a 20-year 'program'...
"... to make half the world population homosexual!!!"
Haiti still a shattered wreck despite billions in aid donations
First black Heathcliff facing prison after racially abusing pregnant lover
‘You little P*** slut. If I catch you I’m going to kill you!!!’ etc. etc.
28% of 2006 university graduates weren't in full-time employment 3 years later
And almost all of them owe bundles because of tuition fees etc.
'Buried alive case' Marcin Kasprzak jailed
France is stripped of its AAA credit rating
Green light for more than 750 pitches for travellers
90% of hospitals fail to check on nurses' English before letting them on wards
Cable faces police quiz after Huhne case
Tony Blair and his weapon of tax deduction

Friday 13 January

Oxford lecturer Dr Devinder Sivia held over death of science professor
Stop and searches to fall as Yard tries to improve relations with Blacks
In other words, a charter for black crims courtesy of the PC Crowd
Mervyn-Westfield: First English cricketer to take a bung to bowl badly
Let's hope he doesn't have to be stopped and searched!
Half of care home residents exposed to medication errors
Rajvinder Kaur admits manslaughter of mother-in-law Baljit Kaur Buttar
'Elf and safety threat to blood donors
Nurses banned from tapping skin to raise a vein!!!
'Dumbed-down' degrees!
University standards under fire as 50% more students awarded a first
Hospitals hand out law firm leaflets encouraging patients to sue for compensation!!!
Expenses for BBC bosses rocket by 20% as a result of move to Salford!
British worker faces jail in Abu Dhabi for 'insulting Islam'
Fergie faces 22 years’ jail for secret film in orphanage
Former News of the World employee accused of bribing prison guard
Polish protest against Winston Churchill

Thursday 12 January

Europe's war on British justice: UK loses three out of four human rights cases
Average migrant worker earns more a year in the UK than British-born!
MI5 named in Britain's most gay-friendly employers!!!
Stephen Lawrence conviction to boost hate prosecutions
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert indicted again
Former Israeli President, Moshe Katzav, begins a 7'year sentence for rape
BLAIR WARS: Hero killed as he went to rescue Afghan civilian
Poor foreign doctors put patients at risk in NHS!
Bomb blast kills nuclear scientist in Iran - Israel accused
Osborne admits extra billions could be handed over for foreign bail-outs
Bishops claim shops don't want Christian Easter eggs
Niger consul threatened, grabbed and flashed colleague in hospital
Sanjeev Dhir, Ranjit Gojra and Anthony Malone deny kidnap and assault charges
Taxpayers foot the bill for loss-making banks' lobbying
'Death penalty for gays' – five accused over leaflet campaign

Wednesday 11 January

France deported 33,000 people in just 12 months!!!
And they are signed up to the same Human Rights b***ocks that we are!!!
If they can do it why can't we? ANSWER: Treachery in Westminster and the courts!
'Anti-semitic' car bombs on the anniversary of Kristallnacht!
They were motivated by insurance fraud AND NOT RACIAL HATRED!!!
Crash accused Eduard Mereohra to face trial for killing David and Dorothy Metcalf
Murdered doorman refused entry to John Otugade, Errol Jeffrey, Christopher N'Jie etc.
4 MILLION consumers complain about energy bills!
Seminars on anti-Semitism awareness for British MPs!
'Close you eyes. You are feeling sleepy. Sleeeeep. Listen carefully...'
Drunk and speeding, Panagiotis Kotsakis killed Dwayne Thorley
Baby Murder: Shakeel Hussain and Rabeel Malik arrested
Unqualified carers 'doing nurses' jobs!!!'
Migration IS killing off jobs! 'There was no care for my mother at all'
Hospital made 140 blunders over gran who died
NHS hospitals that feed patients on 90p a meal
Whilst others splash out £7.50
Victims of crime banned from having a say on sentencing
Rochdale councillor Farooq Ahmed quits
A video shows him smoking a joint
Middle England in revolt: Tory shires furious as high-speed rail link gets go-ahead
160,000 Brits miss out on work because job taken by foreigners
Millions hit as pensions shrink by £3,000 in 4 years

Tuesday 10 January

Racist Attacks and Crime: The True Story
NHS nurses 'too often lack ability, compassion or even the desire to work in the profession!
La Tatchell Speaks: 'Future Sex! Beyond Gay and Straight!'
You heard it here, folks
Impact statement of Michelle Manwaring's mother censored by probation officers!
She told Merek Thorun to 'rot in prison!' Tut! Tut! The lovely, fluffy immigrant only murdered your daughter!
Fake goods scam worth millions!
'Londoners' Zoheir Habet, Maroud Abad, Elies Dehimi, Sid Dehimi found guilty
Police accused of 'racist' discrimination against urban music scene
'Racist', the most popular word in the PC lexicon
Diane has nothing to apologise for
More ghastly PC b****hit from Liz Jones
City wants to ban foreign students from shops to cut thefts
THEY say the Plymouth initiative is 'racist and ridiculous', which should surprise no one
Clifford David stabbed teacher he met through gay and bisexual ‘app’
Teenager stabbed to death and boy, 13, arrested for 'shooting 14-year-old'
Paedophile who had a MILLION images of child abuse spared jail
Miliband needs more enemies!
Here! here! To the power of n!
Khalique Miah jailed for holding ex-wife prisoner on the toilet
After blasting her western knickers as SATAN
Earl's son 'raped girl of 16 after he spiked her Ribena'

Monday 9 January

Bernard Mumbaya-Kimbing stole charity and birthday money
The postal worker ripped open birthday cards and letters donating to charity
Four jailed for attempted murder of footballer
One wigger + 3 Blacks = TOS ('Thugs of Stonebridge')
Manzar Juma charged with the murder of Ruby Love
The authorities had, supposedly, 'banned' him from from seeing her
The £12m tax mystery
Tony Blair's earnings soar by 42% (but he only pays £315,000 to taxman)
Burglar who forced his way in after grabbing woman by throat walks free
Says he doesn't want to be seen as 'yet another violent black kid: Judge sympathises!
Diane Abbott has nothing to apologise for
Says media wagtail, Liz Jones(She has bragged in print about never having had a white man)
190 10-kid families who cost us more than £11million in benefits a year
'Witch killers' abused girl too!
Magalie Bamu and Eric Bikubi accused Naomi Ilonga of witchcraft
'Ed Balls' behaviour is like someone with Tourette's'
Cameron apologises for gaffe about 'annoying' shadow chancellor
East European surge blamed for 1m young Britons being on dole
Even Labour MPs think Ed Miliband is losing the plot

Sunday 8 January

Foreign nurses in NHS soar by 40%
There are 87,000 foreign nurses working in the NHS
Chinese resort planned for rural Wales!!!
"Disagreeing with an Emma West is no longer an option!"
"No, she must be tracked down and sent to prison!!!"
Jewish agitation behind Lawrence campaign!
The Director of Anne Frank Trust introduced Doreen Lawrence to Tony Blair
Police finance chief quits £121,000 job over hotel stay with colleague 
 NHS hospital where half of breast implants burst (26 times the official rupture rate)
Croydon, Copenhagen and a rich suburb of Lahore: benefit probe dad's THIRD home 
'Divide and rule' Diane Abbott sent son to £6,000 private school in Ghana 
Now expenses whistleblower MP has HIS claims investigated  
Children aged 11 held for dealing drugs as 12,000 under-16 are arrested! 
HACKGATE: Rebekah Brooks personal assistant arrested
Victorino Chua held in triple murder probe
Rebecca Leighton spent six weeks in jail accused of the poisonings!!!
I don't believe a man should stand trial twice for the same crime
 Race in Britain 2012: Has life changed for ethnic minorities?

Saturday 7 January

96 'racist killings' since St Stephen!
The Alien-upon-White killings featured here, do not, of course, count!
Media censorship of Muslim gang-rape of British children now endemic
Mother drowns baby daughter in bucket
Yasmin Chaudhry's baby woke and needed to be disciplined, apparently
Biggest Lib Dem Donor Arrested
Michael Brown is a multi-millionaire and a fraudster
Sophie's gems from despots
Countess faces questions after accepting lavish gifts from bloody Bahrain
NHS to offer 3,000 British women implant replacement
Ten per cent of all murders carried out by bail bandits
Diane Abbott sparks ANOTHER race row after branding taxi drivers racist
Big donors 'buying policy'
Payout for child asylum seekers held in detention

Friday 6 January

Nisar Shah charged with the murder of Jack Carter
The moment Miliband phoned race row MP Diane Abbott
Rapper Aggro Santos to face trial accused of two rapes
Premier League footballer Titus Bramble faces third sexual assault charge
The 'worse case of animal cruelty' imaginable
Paul Henry cooked a pet cat to death in a microwave
Support for the Lib Dems collapses!
TWO-THIRDS of those who voted for them say they wouldn't do it again!!!
£100 to play truant!
Schools accused of bribing worst pupils to stay away!
Nurses must be told to 'talk to patients!!!'
Britain threatens military action against Iran
Officer Neil Bull guilty of shoplifting
Racism? No, it’s all just double Dutch
Grandfather stabbed burglar to death in 'fencing match'
Pet food, trips on the London Eye and £700 hotels
How Whitehall is STILL blowing your cash!
'You're warm, you're lovely, you're getting raped'

Thursday 5 January

Diane Abbott faces calls to resign over 'racist' tweet
"White people love to play divide and rule"!
Boy tortured to death on Christmas day by his sister and her lover
Behold the PC Crowd pets: Eric Bikubi and Magalie Bamu
Jermaine Gilchrist stabbed his mother, Pastor Beryl Gilchrist, to death
“I left Huddersfield to kill her, judge her... she only does evil!!!”
Abdul Khalazai pleads guilty to raping young woman in Folkestone
Myles Williams accused of killing Kirsty Treloar
He is also accused of the attempted murder of Dean and Gemma Treloar
UK Government Fear Riots As 47 Muslims Go On Trial
Newspapers have been told not to report on this
Arab jockey drove on wrong side of road and killed toddler
More women at risk from suspect silicone implants
"Dark-skinned" Edinburgh sex attacker sought
Death rate in Welsh villages similar to African countries
Strip corrupt countries of British taxpayers' foreign aid!
As Hague and Cameron hand over a fortune to BURMA!
Britain announces boost in foreign aid to brutal Burma
No strategy and very little energy: Ed Miliband savaged by his own guru
Miliband and Lord Glasman are both Jewish
PC 'used police database to contact vulnerable women for sex while on duty'
And the constable in question? PC Jasbir Singh Dhanda
Lord Falconer's sham Commission
Their machinations could lead to 13,000 deaths a year
Racism: Still real but no longer speaking its mind?
Half of the workshy would give up benefits rather than get out of bed

Wednesday 4 January

Breast implants rupture in up to 1,000 women
But Government still insists there is no need to remove them
number of pupils doing GCSEs in traditional subjects fell by half under Labour
"Education, Education, Education!" or DUMBING DOWN!!!
Miliband is a flop, say Labour supporters
Tut tut! Don't they know justified criticism of a Jew is anti-Semitic!
Breast implants rupture in up to 1,000 women
But Government still insists there is no need to remove them
number of pupils doing GCSEs in traditional subjects fell by half under Labour"Education, Education, Education!" or DUMBING DOWN!!!
Miliband is a flop, say Labour supporters Tut tut! Don't they know justified criticism of a Jew is anti-Semitic!
Eurofanatics should join the Marxists in the dustbin of history
3 times as many Blacks 'LIKE STEPHEN LAWRENCE' in jail as are in university!
What? They're locking up all the budding architects now?
Elderly Robbed of Dignity by Failing Social Care Services
Murderer of Brits in Antigua stabs fellow inmate
Monk jailed for abusing two boys at Somerset school
Total Collapse - The Build up to World War III

Tuesday 3 January

Criminals in uniform! Almost 1,000 bad cops are still policing us!
Kirsty Treloar kidnapped and murdered by ex-boyfriend
I'm guessing he's a 'must-cohere-with-and-be-enriched-by-him' type
Girl, 7, murdered and has liver cut out in India
She was a sacrifice to the gods for a better harvest
Black man punches 11-year-old and steals his mobile
Whilst America shuts down fire houses and cuts infant nutrition...
... it subsidizes Israel army sushi courses!
Religion and Sex in Israel
8-year-old stopped going to school after she was spat on and called a prostitute
This is the treason we face
£200m drive to aid problem families
In other words, more cash for the badly behaved
Whining terrorist jailed for plotting to blow up passenger jet
Rajib Karim wants his mobile!

Monday 2 January 2011

2012 will be 'full of danger and risk' warn Sarkozy and Merkel
BLAIR WARS: John King killed in Afghanistan
"Junk food... causes brain damage!"
Oh yes. The grub the poor have to buy isn't the healthiest
The priest who thought Stalin was a saint
Hewlett Johnson was a mindless left-wing airhead who should have been shot
Collapse of the eurozone 'will start this year'
St Lucia cops say foul play not suspected in cliff fall death
Protesting Jews dressed children as Holocaust victims!
Archbishop of Canterbury defends rioters again
The priest who thought Stalin was a saint
Hewlett Johnson: typically mindless left-wing airhead of the God variety
Sacked Man City security man 'told he put squad at risk of Taliban attack!’
Branson accused of cashing in
Just weeks after Northern Rock deal that 'shortchanged taxpayer'
Police Staion thefts 'astonishing'
Brussels' VAT shake-up 'will cost families £800 a year'
Immigration 'won’t hit PM’s target’
Gordon Brown's Downing Street emails 'hacked'
Computer crime by press may be as widespread as phone scandal
Scandal of 'open door' for foreign students

Sunday 1 January 2011

Internet robbery boast of Damilola killers' cousin awarded OBE
Police warn revellers over Brighton sex attacks
The suspect is foreign
Bogus clamper, Asif Ashraf, locked up for five-and-a-half years
'Disabled' Hassan Gilani claimed £300,000 benefits from Britain AND Denmark
Dangerous sex predator threatened to kill both victims
‘Euphoria in Euroland’ How BBC hailed the birth of the euro
Husband's family mutilated Afghan girl for refusing to work as a prostitute
Revealed: true scale of breast implant scandal
Britain has let down young people, says Archbishop
2011 Conspiracy Year in Review
HMRC investigates secret perks given to footballers
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Afghanistan
We won't eat halal meat say MPs and peers
Immigration curb 'will miss target'
Cricketing student at centre of new human rights row
Seven-year-old sacrificed to the gods for good harvest in India

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