Daily News - December 2011

Saturday 31 December

Knighthood for Tory donor who made millions from credit crunch
And a CBE for jailed Jew, Gerald Ronson!!!
Ali Ugurel must serve minmum of 3 years 130 days for rape and kidnap
3 years? Not much of a deterrent, is it?
No jail for Asian pervert, Yousaf Choudhry
Shafique Miah and one other had sex with 'drunk and frightened' girl, 13
Tony Bushby charged with murdering babysitter
Crackdown on gangs after stab death
New Year Honours: London list includes ex-gang member!!!
Roland Kadas-Tar jailed over fatal satnav crash
Peace and Goodwill?
Over Christmas, 14 people have met violent deaths in Britain
Porn, gambling, inciting violence and vulgar language
What cops and civil servants have been getting up to online
Payouts to paedophiles and murderers double in a year
The rioters who escaped with a slap on the wrist
Fake vodka health warning
Before we build Cameron's big society, we need to know what it is

Friday 30 December

Manzar Juma charged with Ruby Love's murder
Convicts spared jail attack 50 people every day
18,000 convicts reoffend within 12 months after avoiding a jail sentence
BLAIR WARS: Senior British officers killed by roadside bomb
2011: The year that shame died
Shocking figures show teenagers have a quarter of abortions in Britain
Labour blew £11m on health spin in its final 12 months in power
Manzar Juma murdered and dumped young mother in canal on Christmas day
Thug released from his tag to celebrate New Year at same nightclub chain where he was arrested for drunken brawl (even he’s surprised)
Britain must put its own vulnerable first
Criminals spared jail commit more than 18,000 violent and sexual attacks within year of sentence
Multicultural college 'suspended staff for being white Christians'
1981 Files: Files hint at Afghan secret war

Thursday 29 December

Vaides Juras charged with brother's Christmas day party murder
Sales knife victim, Seydou Diarrassouba, ‘was a violent thief’
The PC Crowd will miss him
Record number of patients catch infections in hospitals
Stalkers avoiding justice as figures show only 2% are jailed
Brussels rules let 11,000 migrants a year slip into the UK by back door
Britain is STILL giving aid to Brazil!
Even though it's richer than we are
Cuts 'spell a care crisis for the elderly'
900,000 won't get support next year as councils slash funding
1-in-5 children lives with a single parent
Sicknote Whitehall: Civil servants' take 15 extra days off every year

Wednesday 28 December

23 applicants for every job vacancy
One in three on jobless benefits has criminal record
Teen stabbed to death at Oxford Street sales was member of violent street gang ABM
Seydou Diarrassouba was facing charges of robbery and assault
9,000 parents a year convicted of letting pupils play truant
25 were jailed
Israelis rally against ultra-Orthodox extremism
1.2m criminals get benefits
Ferraris and Rolexes in hock to lenders amid financial crisis
Retiring council bosses 'billed taxpayer for lavish spending'
Blair gave politics a licence to schmooze

Tuesday 27 December

Illegal immigrant has his sentence CUT by six years
Mohamed Boudjenane only raped a nanny and hacked off his neighbour's head
Afghan rapists celebrated as victim left hysterical
Abdul Khalazai pleads guilty to rape
Cops seek 'dark-skinned' Christmas Eve sex attacker
Black man wanted for indecent assault
Sex attack by Asian in Gloucester
Which 'enriching' ethnic group would kill over a pair of trainers?
Here's a clue: 'from the same south London area'
Murdered (over a pair of trainers) at Boxing Day sales
Two teenagers stabbed on Oxford Street in separate incidents
Just one criminal goes to prison for every 100 crimes
Goodwill to all men – apart from the bankers
Cameron's crackdown on bad teachers fails: Just 4 a week are sacked
UK war on free speech
Carnage in Iraq: New fear, new game
Make nukes and preach peace?

Monday 26 December

Brazil overtakes UK as sixth biggest economy!
Israel Caught Selling Patriot Missiles to Red China
Max Keiser & the UK’s 950% Debt to GDP Level
Ministers 'will defy meddling EU over votes for prisoners'
Cancer fund betrayal: Millions haven't been spent
And patients are paying the price
Charity hails East Africa appeal
Jail's so cushy, villains reoffend to go back in
Archbishop laments the 'abuse of trust'
Children twice as likely as adults to have a betting problem!

Sunday 25 December

Archbishop speaks of 'broken bonds'
Archbishop of York attacks bankers' 'massive bonuses'
Pope Benedict condemns commercialisation of Christmas
When Islam met the diversity industry…
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan injury kills RAF man
Mikhail Gorbachev calls on Putin to resign
Jails are so comfortable inmates get themselves locked up
Prescott seeks apology
He is cleared of misusing public credit cards at casino
Up to £300m of child maintenance debts to be written off
Rail boss and wife commit suicide after taking bribes from company executives

Saturday 24 December

Was Syrian government behind the Damascus bombs?
Or did the Israelis/CIA fix it so that it looked like that?
Empathy has fled the inner city
Mass immigration + political correctness = (White) empathy flight
Tory Councillor Robert Payne jailed for five months
The drunken bum 'decapitated two kittens' in 'appalling scenes'
Sex attacker Sajid Mahmood jailed for a year
Yet more 'Human Rights' b***ocks
Cops 'recommend Chris Huhne and ex-wife be charged over speeding penalty
UK health chiefs say controversial breast implants safe
French government tells 30,000 women 'have them removed'
More than a MILLION thieves and thugs dodge court
Thanks to on-the-spot fines
More people than ever will spend Christmas behind bars
As prison population reaches 'unsustainable' levels
How can our son's murderer have more human rights than we do?
Home Office refuses to say if boy was killed by an illegal immigrant
Stop teaching about holocaust so children see Germany in a better light
Jeremiah Watson charged over fatal stabbing
Ex-police community support officer admits raping girl

Friday 23 December

Senthooran Kanagasingham pushed 'gender-variant' solicitor under tube train
Kanagasingham was, himself, 'undergoing gender reassignment surgery'
Michael Jackson impersonator jailed for planning £75,000 bank swindle
Iraqi vice president likens prime minister to Saddam Hussein
Remind me again, Tony, why did all the people have to die?
Iraq heads towards seemingly inevitable sectarian conflict
Courtesy of the Great Satan his best pals over the water
How can we remain silent while Christians are being persecuted?
With the Anti-Christ in charge of our spineless, little lives, it's easy
Teenage rapists 'elated' after horrific sex attack
Margaret Thatcher deserves every honour?
High Tory tripe from Oborne
Put the myrrh down and step away from the baby Jesus...
Let's be more robust about our Christian faith
Number of Christians down 10% in five years
Deputy Head sacked after sending sex texts to colleague gets £10,000 compo
Top cops probed over murder case
Warning over equality measures cost
The union boss, his lady friend...
... and a fight with a pigeon fancier next door

Thursday 22 December

If only our leaders learnt the lesson of Iraq we'd have fewer foreign wars
If only our journalists dared to tell the off-limits truth we'd... etc. etc
Has there ever been a time when so many politicians were both stupid and dishonest?
Shahzada Khan and Jallat Khan 'elated' after horrific sex attack on woman
Four teenagers jailed for life
Jordan Burree gets 33 years for murder
Muslim baby born out of wedlock must be adopted
To save her from 'honour' killing by her own family! Deport the sla*gs!
Beatrice Mawamba killed nine-year-old girl on FIRST driving lesson
She was jailed for two years
Stores 'ashamed' to sell religious cards!
Whilst obscene cards litter the High Street!
Jailed London rioters named by Met Police
'Together for 'five moths' and she 'loves disko music'
The not so romantic crib sheet found in sham marriage raid
Asylum seekers can stay
Sir Gus O’Donnell: The UK faces break-up
One in 20 Britons related to a criminal
Lib Dem/New Labour voters one and all
Desperate European banks snap up £400bn in emergency aid
EU orders Britain not to send asylum seekers back to Greece
Fury as John Terry faces racism charge
The police must regain control of Britain’s streets

Wednesday 21 December

The killer shielded by the Home Office
Alarm as Dutch lab creates highly contagious killer flu
Elemer Patakfalvi charged with murder
First time Beatrice Mawamba got behind the wheel she killed a 9-year-old girl
'This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back'
'Wolf fetish' sex offender Kristian Timmerman jailed
He was 'grooming' a 12-year-old girl
Thousands of women 'should' have breast implants removed
They should never have had them implanted in the first place!
'70% of crime unsolved' in Kent
"For us Europe is much more than a currency or a single market..."
"... It is our destiny!" Thus spake Germany's Foreign Minister
Ilyas Hanif and Bakish Allah Khan have their drug convictions quashed! ­
EU judges ruled human rights violated because a cop sat on their jury!
Homeless people in the UK have life expectancy of just 47
Officials say it's against law to reveal if murderer is an illegal migrant
House of Lords ban cheating Peers
Leveson inquiry: Piers Morgan confronted by 'worst hits'
Matthew Freud picks up £1m-a-year contract with Department of Health

Tuesday 20 December

THEY let Mohammed Khaleel out to murder again!!!
Szymon Wyrostek, who left pensioner to die of hypothermia, jailed
Marcin Kasprzak guilty of attempted murder
Staying outside EU risks millions of jobs warn 20 "British" businessmen
Thus spake the un-British a***holes who REALLY rule!
Big firms let off £25BILLION in taxes!
As THEY chase families for every penny, corporate giants dodge their bills
How big hearted Britain keeps on giving
We’re now fifth most charitable nation in the world
Germans beg us to stay in the EU
Lord Freud urges elderly to donate winter fuel cash
Israeli Minister says Iran must chose between a bomb or survival!!!
Frugal WHITE spinster managed to save £22,000 from her benefits Now THEY make Pauline Ford pay it back AND fine her another $5,000!
GROUP SEX! The latest 'trend' for teenage girls
Judge says no to inquest on weapons inspector Dr David Kelly

Monday 19 December

Financial Armageddon to begin in London
The UK's debt "is nearly ten times greater than the country's GDP!!!"
Family of 'vultures' conned 'war hero' Stanley Flack out of £300,000
War hero/Vultures - Who do you think the PC Crowd care for most?
Victim fights for life after being stabbed by man 'of Asian appearance'
‘The state ceased to exist’
The damning verdict of police tactics during summer riots
Manhunt after Woman burned alive in New York lift
Wards close as cases of winter virus soar
Up to a million people each year are affected by the virus
The Tories promised to deport the foreign murderers and rapists
And yet they are still here doing what they do
EU demands £25bn lifeline from the UK!!!
Why the Dickens should Sir Fred Goodwin get away with it?
Manhunt after Woman burned alive in New York lift
Big Brother said Kerry was too dumb to marry and have kids
It's not us they hate in Europe
Adolescent Lib Dem leader is living in a different world
Mandelson warns of dangers ahead for Labour leader
The riots "were about instant gratification" says Home Secretary
Ban reporting on UK riots young offenders!
Says Children's Commissioner, Maggie Atkinson
"Racism" on the rise in Ireland
Robins in a battle to survive
The population has crashed by 88% in three decades
Gove calls for schools to adopt Far Eastern-style curriculum
Miliband told to concentrate on policy

Sunday 18 December

MPs treat themselves to record 25-day break for Christmas
The death of History! The subject is all but extinct in some areas
THEY do not want the young to know how great we once were
Caught on CCTV: Teenagers wanted by police
A ticket inspector was knifed in the back when he quizzed fare-dodgers
Cherie Blair turns football fixer to boost son's career as an agent
Ed Miliband's speeches like getting an email in capital letters
So says his OWN £40k-a-year speechwriter
Scandalous cost of justice: £861 a night to lock up young crime suspects!
£650 to stay at the Ritz
'I've got a surprise for you': Husband blindfolds his wife....
... then chops off her fingers to stop her studying for a degree
Has reality has finally caught up with our cosy elite?
Prince Harry's friend Tom van Straubenzee gets robbed
Tony Blair’s rum role in tax haven advertisement
Nottingham girl, 16, indecently assaulted
Ban reporting on UK riots young offenders says children's commissioner
Yep. Keep the truth from the majority as long and as often as possible

Saturday 17 December

Melissa Crook and baby Noah died in house. Melissa's father died later
Danai Muhammadi (Melssa's husband), Farhad Mahmud and Emma Smith deny murder
16-year-old Reading girl drugged up and raped by Travellers
Speak up for Christianity PM tells Archbishop
Cameron calls on Church to defend 'values and moral code' of the Bible
Fiancée of 'gangster' whose death led to riots is let off drugs charge
Toddlers banned from making gestures as they sing Twinkle Twinkle!
'In case it offends deaf people!'
18 pieces of radioactive material seized from Iranian
A generation of childless women
A fifth of 45-year-olds have not started a family
Wife loses fight to bring over man who can't speak English

Friday 16 December

Asylum-seeking rapist dumped his victim on a rubbish tip
Alphonse Semo was released TWO hours from deportation!
Turkish immigrant, Salih Karakas, stabbed Danny Mulqueen five times
Fijian immigrant, Aisea Yaranamua, guilty of attempted rape
How did he get to be a technician aboard a nuclear sub?
"Predatory rapist", Abdul Nasir Osman, jailed for 8.5 years
Failed asylum seeker fraudulently claimed £20,559 in benefits Mohamed Chenoun was jailed for 14 months
Rail passenger attacked: CCTV of non-native attackers
8 years on America finally pulls out of Iraq
The Great Satan's legacy? 5,000 coalition dead. Up to 1,400,000 Iraqi dead
London hospitals in 'shocking state!'
Thief who stole World War One memorial plaque jailed
One for the notebook: Michael Coyle
Yet another Lib Dem paedophile
Nathan Brett Bale held the Bude North and Stratton seat until recently
'Cameron behaved like an obstinate kid at Brussels summit' sneers Sarkozy
“Culture of disruption and irresponsibility” condemned!
Flog them back to responsibility!
Celebrity culture and obsession with wealth is harming children!"
Education minister Nick Gibb states the stone bl**ding obvious
FROGS declare a war of words on Britain
Corrupt examiners make thousands a year providing 'inside information' on exams
Pickles wags his tail for the Jewish version of WWII
The 74 illegals we should have sent back years ago
EXPENSES! Legal costs let-off for three convicted MPs!
Now trough-gobbling MPs want their union to push for better pay
Because of new expenses regime's 'huge burden'
Another schmoozing lobbyist with too much clout
One in four young women admit they had underage sex
More than twice as many as their mothers' generation
Have a very messy Christmas says Archbishop of Canterbury

Thursday 15 December

Afghan immigrant Farid Hussani gets just 5 years for stab murder
"Angel Gabriel" murdered by Nordine Amrani
Fatima Habib looted Argos with her baby in her arms
Yet another spared jail
Lord Irvine: human rights law developed on false premise!
And yet, Irvine introduced the law! (Lord Lester (Jewish) persuaded him)
Murdoch manager insists he DID show James Murdoch evidence of phone-hacking
Gang of 9 escape without ANY punishment
They beat up autistic teen so badly she was off school for 10 months
This sorry display of self-interest ShameS the Commons
Europe: Voters liked the veto – now they want more
One child in three is too fat by the age of 11
Where are all the school playing fields when you need them?
'Let's pray together' - Heart-breaking plea by kidnapped student
Just minutes before Laurance Lovette and Demario Atwater executed her
Cameron targets hard core of 120,000 troublemaking families
They cost taxpayers £9bn a year
Up to 8,000 forced marriages take place in England every year
How dare these bloated Eurocrats lecture anybody?
Welfare reforms will deny wounded soldiers vital benefits
EXPENSES: Cheats to be banned from Lords

Wednesday 14 December

6 killed and 123 hurt as career criminal attacks Christmas shoppers
Nordine Amrani (sex attacker/drug dealer) let loose upon Lieges by the PC Crowd
Shevonne Legister hid machine gun hours after it was used in fatal shooting
She was jailed for 5 years
PM's retail guru says there are too many small stores and thousands must shut!
No! The are are too many Tescos and Sainsburys! SHUT THEM!
Up to 8,000 forced marriages take place in England every year
In our so-called democracy THEY are only now CONSIDERING making them illegal!!!
Families betrayed over care homes funding
James Murdoch was sent details of phone hacking in 2008
Britain may have to contribute a further £30bn to eurozone rescue loans!
NHS whistleblowers are being gagged, says consultant paediatrician
Leicestershire head teacher admits 'altering' test papers
Aleksander Grubisic says he wasn't falsify results or improving school's league tables
Paranoid schizophrenic 'tricked' his way into Britain
Hishyar Baper has now been found guilty of murder
Drunken Grandma Ingird stole loo roll and threatened to stab cops
Grandma had a prior criminal record and was jailed for 16 months

Tuesday 13 December

Sham marriage vicar John Magumba facing jail
Gunman kills at least 3 and injures many more in Belgium
Nordine Amrani was known to cops for firearms and drugs offences
'Too Pretty' Isabelle Guyler, 12, Found Hanged
Detectives conclude no bullying happened despite claims of Isabelle's friends
Jean Say slit children's throats to spite wife
Machine-gun thug killed 'blameless' pair in a row over parking
Senthooran Kanagasingham admits killing Sonia Burgess
Sodiq Adeojo guilty of murder
Mother and daughter 'charged £18,000 to provide girls as young as 13 for sex'
Angela and Natasha Martin provides girls for sex at Dorchester Hotel party
Clegg in a sulk! The Commons at its most infantile
Now Germany bids to seize our skies!
Europe led by pygmies. What a way to face a crisis!
Fred the Shred gets off Scot free!!!
Goodwin mentioned just 13 times in report on RBS collapse
Migrant boom over last 14 years 'was driven by open borders and not jobs'
Chronic fatigue syndrome 'affects one in 100 pupils'
Age of criminal responsibility 'too low', experts say
Funny how experts always get it wrong, isn't it?

Monday 12 December

Grave flowers thief Berta Manzanero spared jail
Michael Richards claimed £2.3m for crash injuries
Now he's been filmed in gym
These human rights rulings are bonkers
The black chap jumps aboard the ship he helped to sink
'Catalogue of financial errors' led to RBS needing £45.5bn bailout
RBS report: 'poor decisions' by management and FSA blamed for failure
2,000 rural post offices will close from next summer
Chief executive pay packets up 1,200pc in past 25 years
If the sheeple keep voting for blooduckers, bloodsuckers they will get
Tory fury at Clegg's 'pygmy' insult to Britain
Lib Dem leader accused of talking nation down
Were the police to blame for Milly's deleted voicemails?
The News of the World 'was not responsible for raising false hope'
One in three NHS hospitals and care homes breaking law on dignity and respect
Two thirds rise in burglaries in parts of the country
It is the EU and not Britain that is becoming isolated
Transport department's 'new war on Whitehall poor grammar'

Sunday 11 December

Jack Carter killed by Mohammed Nazakat Alam and Nisar Shah
The Equality and Human Rights Commission should be abolished
Young People Sleeping Rough: Numbers Rise
Should there be a referendum on UK ties with the EU?
22% said no? Who are they? Lib Dems? New Labour? Globalists? Sheeple?
£9billion cost of Britain's 120,000 problem families
Cost a lot less for a bullwhip and a gibbet
Portuguese manager forced out of British fruit-packing factory
Because he doesn’t speak Polish!!!
Cops warn US attacks on Pakistan may spark riots here The US is prepared to send troops to take charge of Pakistan's nukes!
Police arrest 143 at Dem Rep Congo vote protest!!!
The controlled media are playing this one down
Katie Price wants to be a 'Police Commissioner!'
Islamic cleric bans women from touching 'penis-shaped' foods
Ministers won't back cross-ban Christians
Former archbishop condemns 'illiberal' assault on faith
50,000 protest over Putin's election fraud
Sorry Santa you are redundant says school
EU treaty: Britain wanted a deal not a row
Britain and the EU: The Failure of a Forced Marriage
The Man Who Said No to Europe
A Whitehall scandal that's bigger than lobbying?
David Blunkett in secret payout over phone-hacking claims

Saturday 10 December

Filoso Kasai jailed or rape of unconscious woman
Rapist James Safo tries to hang on to business from behind bars
Eugene Robinson wanted for serious sexual assault
Convicted rapist Davinder Singh slashes his arm in court
Pension strikes: You might as well protest against rain!
Good, old p***ed-off Pete tells it how it is
Furious white rape victim confronts her black rapist
If Heidi Damon had said this here, the PC Crowd would have arrested her
Cases of rickets increase fivefold in 14 years!!!
THEY have overseen the re-introduction of this Victorian disease!
X Factor culture fuelled the UK riots, says Iain Duncan Smith
Aplogists for the Mob!!!
Left wingers claim the summer looters were victims!
A new kind of riot? From Brixton 1981 to Tottenham 2011
New? Nah! The immigrant Black was pre-eminent in both
Murdoch met Cameron at Downing Street twice during BSkyB bid!
How many more sharks in our High Street banks?
London Lubavitch Senior Girls School Wins State Aid
More of the taxpayer's cash for our Jewish chums
Le snub! Moment Sarkozy dodges Cameron's handshake
What the Jew does when he doesn't get his own way
More than 1,000 failing primary schools are facing closure
NHS postcode lottery survey reveals wide UK disparities
The 'stalker who won't stop stalking'
TV producer Elliot Fogel is Jewish
How many more sharks in our High Street banks?

Friday 9 December

Double rapist Michal Tejkowski jailed for 18 years
Muhammed Tayyab launched a violent, prolonged sexual assault on a teenager
He was jailed for 4 years
How calling someone a white bitch isn't racist
And being a drunken Muslim saves you from jail
BLAIR WARS: Scott McLaren was tortured and executed by the Taliban
Like mother like Daughter
Skunk looters locked up together
British holidaymaker repeatedly raped in three-hour Benidorm nightmare
Spanish police arrest 42-year-old Romanian
Lenin, Trotsky and the 99 percent - The denial of democracy
How calling someone a white bitch isn't racist
And being a drunken Muslim saves you from jail
Transgender lessons for pupils aged five!
Classes will 'overload children with adult issues' say critics
Kwayle Appiah accused of David Scott stabbing murder in 1999
16 -Year -Old Denies Killing Richard Mannington Bowes
No mention of his non-indigenous ethnicity
Thieves target elderly couple on east London bus
'They can cook, clean and marry you'
Foreigners fly in brides for saleEx-BBC presenter Peter Rowell remanded over sex charges
Goldman Sachs whistleblower threatened with the sack
Psychopaths are just misunderstood say researchers!
And they could even be cured! Yep. Adopt a Hannibal Lechter today!
Divorce up by 5% as recession hits home
Immigration scam bigamist spared jail
Despite walking down aisle for the THIRD time!
Britons working longer
Christians cry out for the chance to fight for their faith
Home Office told to bring asylum family back to UK!
Illegals immigrants can exploit 'Lille loophole' to get in to UK
Dominique Strauss-Kahn hotel surveillance videos shown on French TV
Killers of transgender people to get longer sentences
Britain stays out of EU financial crisis deal
200 Congo demonstrators cause evacuation of Oxford Circus Tube

Thursday 8 December

The truth about our liberal elite and race crime
The 'liberal elite' is at war with us. The immigrant is their footsoldier
Teachers 'coached by examiners'! Gove orders inquiry into cheating row
Did HSBC sharks prey on 20,000 pensioners?
Staff were told to target lone, elderly customers!!!
CHURCH FURY! McDonald's Muslim manager to open on Christmas Day
Germany and France declare: 'THE TIME HAS COME FOR A FEDERAL EUROPE'!!!
Miliband is a second-generation Jewish immigrant
Call to axe minister over 'Gaddafi' insult to Arctic Convoy heroes
Residents who protest next to traveller site face eviction THEMSELVES
They are told THEIR camp is illegal!!
Sacked council fatcat cost taxpayer £2m
Now he bids for MORE pension cash
Europe tax could cost 500,000 jobs in UK
NHS computer farce to cost another £2bn
HMRC tax deal with Vodafone 'may have been illegal'
News of the World private eye arrested over hacking
Michael Barrymore admits cocaine possession
More than 100 arrests in London domestic violence raids

Wednesday 7 December

Shahidul Ahmed charged with the murder of Rachel Manning 11 years on
Niall Hall was carjacked, kidnapped and beaten by a South London gang
Now THEY are admitting it!
Emma West in Court!
THEY are keeping her in prison away from her kids over Christmas!
Former Lib Dem councillor admits child porn charges
Nathan Bale was the office manager of Lib Dem MP, Dan Rogerson
Surge in Eastern European Criminals in Britain's Prisons
10,779 immigrant jailbirds make up 12.6 percent of our prison population
And an 'increasingly hostile Wall Street-Corporate-America-Washington conspiracy'
Police face months of public disorder
Leonora Sinclair murdered her ageing husband
He wanted to watch football - She wanted to watch TV Vurp
North West TB cases 'highest in Blackburn'
"Family links to countries with high TB rates" blamed. IMMIGRANTS!
Soldier ran gas pipe into mosque to 'burn them out'
Simon Beech was arrested at his barracks in Preston
"Only 16% of people define themselves as part of a 'traditional' family!"
Power and politics: who’s fleecing who?
SCUM: The men who made a fortune exploiting the elderly
Philip Spiers, Nick Tyler, Peter Fisher - Names for the notebook
Cops check just 1-in-7 criminal records of foreigners!
Even after they are arrested!!!
Want to know what a slimeball looks like?
Check out Tory Defence Minister, Andrew Robathan
High-flying Channel 4 executive, Sarah Mulvey, committed suicide
After being 'systematically bullied' by Channel 4 bosses
Fred the Shred 'tries to dilute RBS report'

Tuesday 6 December

Marcin Kasprzak and Patryk Borys buried terrified mum alive!
Kasprzak was bored with her and thought didn't think she was pretty enough!
Girl gang who kicked woman in the head yelling 'kill the white slag' freed!!!
Judge sympathised as the Muslims aren't used to drinking!
Illegal immigrant jailed for sex with girl of 14
Nawaz Dil also assaulted her
Black gang jailed after armed burglary
BBC reveals huge scale of "honour" attacks in Britain
But fails to mention the word Islam once! That's the PC Crowd for you
Now cops say the Occupy wall Street folk are terrorists!
Iran's Revolutionary Guards prepare for war
Silly me, I didn’t realise the rioters were victims
Common sense abandoned as the Left finds usual excuses for criminality
BLAIR WARS: Shi'ite shrine attack 'kills 48' in Afghanistan
The do-gooders have done as much good in Afghanistan as they did in Iraq
Politicians forget about the people and the gulf widens between rich and poor
THEY do NOT forget! THEY are at war with us!
Lobbyists boast of their close relationships with Cameron and Hague!
Massive bill for the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies
Security costs are now over £1billion
Tory MP's Auschwitz slur on newspapers
Zac Goldsmith criticised for 'pathetic' remark to privacy committee
Amanda Knox hires Tony Blair's lawyer to help secure book deal
Murder: Life sentence unjust say PC lawyers
Ex-council boss Christine Laird's legal costs plea

Monday 5 December

John Hayward speaks out on New Addington attack
John and his son were a attacked by around 30 savages
Stabbed in the back by Black
A young man wouldn't buy booze for 3 Black youths and a white girl
Gael Kamki raped drunken woman as she slept
10-strong gang of black, white and Asian men punch and stab man alone
Egyptian immigrant Sherif Elsayed charged with sex assaults
Man attacked by two Blacks, raped by one
NHS should be "opened up" to private healthcare firms says Cameron!
Critics say commercial interests are being put ahead of patient privacy
England riots: Anti-police anger 'was factor'
We're angry! Let's riot! Makes sense to your criminal type, I guess
Analysis: The riots data so far
Man held for Danny O'Shea's murder
The BBC doesn't tell us that a black gang chased and stabbed the teenager
NHS should be "opened up" to private healthcare firms says Cameron!
Commercial interests put in front of patient privacy. What else is new?
Gangster wins right to be told what prison warders say about him
After forcing them to 'show respect' by not using his first name
British students lose out in sciences
As number of foreign students continues to rise
Britain's Got Talent dancer jailed for riot looting
Ex-Man Utd player to be sentenced
3.8 million children 'own no books'
This time Britain must finally have an EU referendum

Sunday 4 December

Danny O'Shea, 18, chased and stabbed to death by 'group of black males'
'Racism' was invented to destroy Whitey. Black-on-white murder is real racism
Boateng thought he was untouchable
The son of a New Labour Lord thought he could get away with anything
Black man sought over six burglaries
So much for the season of goodwill!
Postmen told Christmas tips could mean jail on bribery charges
Seema Malhotra-Suma 'tones down' £3m home and double-barrelled name
To avoid losing votes!
Child abusers get legal aid to fight to see their victims
Christians a minority at 'biased' BBC
Staff are more likely to be atheists or non-believers
Miliband tycoon's £21m profit on Swiss home
He sold it to the daughter of a dictator 'who boiled enemies'
Pension strikes: You might as well protest against rain
Hidden scandal of school frauds costing millions
Cherie Blair has a manly vision
David Icke - would you believe it?
Animal test firms given your NHS data

Saturday 3 December

'At risk of sexual exploitation by British Pakistani men' at 12
Stabbed to death by a British Pakistani man at 17
Asian dragged 14-year-old Oldham girl into his car - She escaped
'Christmas plot': Nine suspects deny charges
Junior Ademujimi-Falade was convicted of manslaughter
Arun Bhasin jailed for killing father
Was Fagin based on a black child-stealer called Henry Murphy?
And not the Jewish fence, Ikey Solomons?
Wanted: MORE IMMIGRANTS!!! (To boost British economy)
When the Tories said they'd reduce immigration to tens of thousands, they lied
Tory traitors to commit Britain to billions in foreign handouts!!!
Cops recorded at least 2,823 so-called 'honour' attacks in 2010
The vast majority perpetrated by Muslim men on their womenfolk
Foreign dentists who are ruining our teeth
They slip home to avoid damages claims, say lawyers
ELTON: Those who stigmatise AIDS are 'fascists, idiots and ar**holes'
'Stigmatising' those who DELIBERATELY pass on the virus is Fascistic now?
Afghan gunmen poured acid on faces of sisters and their parents
The eldest girl 'didn't want to marry ageing warlord'
Labour backs lessons on gambling!!!
Unelected, gay Shadow Education Sec says kids need to prepare for adult world
Huge rise in young alcoholics
Soft justice means knife yobs go free
Girls should learn about sexism, says head
Russian election watchdog 'silenced by the state' 3 days before polls
£7,000 payout for Latvian immigrant Anastasija Bouzir
Country Style Foods Ltd didn't give her the job she wanted
Taxpayers provided Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabe with £8million in aid to buy police vehicles
They were used to crush his own people

Friday 2 December

Ishaq Hussain not guilty of murdering mother of his child
Ashtiaq Asghar has already admitted murdering 17-year-old Laura Wilson
Fukushima nuclear crisis isn't getting better!!!
Bank of England Governor and a System in Crisis!!!
Mervyn King says systemic crisis extraordinarily serious and threatening
How India squanders £1.4bn British aid
India is rich and has a space programme! Globalism at its most Satanic!
Liver disease epidemic warning in North East
Hospital admissions for early 30s increased by over 400% in 8 years
Just 21% of those convicted of possessing a knife jailed
Barts and London Hospital surgeons quit over 'dangerous' situation
A lack of resources has seen patients "left with life-changing injuries"
Just 21% of those convicted of possessing a knife jailed
Barts and London Hospital surgeons quit over 'dangerous' situation
Patients "left with life-changing injuries" because of a lack of resources
1-in-10 banknotes now tainted with cocaine!
Suggesting cocaine use has trebled in six years
Hounslow cop Shahzad Malik sacked over sex attack
Fuel poverty affects quarter of households as bills soar and pay freezes
British soldier killed during training exercise in Kenya
Knife crime figures show 16% drop
In Britain: Albanian spy chief facing extradition over torture
Immigrants and attitudes 'not linked'
England Star John Terry faces racism probe
Regional immigration views revealed

Thursday 1 December

Woman beaten up and raped by black men
"Notorious" Leeds drug dealer jailed for nine years
Mohammed Kershid supplied large quantities of heroin and cocaine
Woman beaten and raped by two black men in Kilburn
Mark Goudeau sentenced to death
He forced his 8 female victims to choose rape or death
13 years of frozen incomes!!!
In 2015 households will be earning no more than they did in 2002!!!
"We mustn’t lose sight of the benefits immigration has brought!"
Thus spake Gavin Barwell. Yet another for the Big Book of Brit-bashing MPs
Those living with HIV in UK reached 91,500 in 2010 up from 86,500 in 2009
A quarter are unaware they are infected
16-year-old gang raped by Irish low lives
Paul Flynn, MP, says our first Jewish ambassador to Israel may have divided loyalties
Car pulled out in front of bus causing fatal injury to elderly lady
Man seen in passenger seat was Asian
Former Ivory Coast President charged with rape and murder
Laurent Gbagbo is first ruler so charged by International Criminal Court
The day the world's banks wobbled
Britain stumps up for another multi-billion-pound bankster bailout!!!
Deputy Lord Mayor sues tenants' group after chair he sat on collapsed
The big, fat, black chap decided to go for compo 3 months later
Cancer patient left 'lying in her own vomit'
She was ushered off ward to make room for NATO boss with fractured arm
HIV sufferers could be allowed to work as surgeons and dentists!!!
Osborne's impact laid bare: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
Oxford don who quoted Voltaire accused of racial discrimination
Blair government tried to get Saif a place at Oxford!!!
Before London School of Economics gave him dubious PhD
Why don’t benefit claimants have to share our pain? GOOD QUESTION!!!
Answer: too many of THEIR pet footsoldiers (immigrants) are on benefits
Town Council prayers challenged at High Court

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