Daily News - August 2011

Thursday 1 September

Peter Bryan sent to Broadmoor for eating victim's brain
10 days later he killed a fellow patient he wanted to eat
Anarchists hijack the travellers' last stand: Fears of bloody confrontation
Mail survey reveals why new jobs are going to immigrant workers
Payoffs up to £750,000 at spending watchdog as 25 officials pocket £5.2m
Alistair Darling to expose 'brutal and volcanic' Gordon Brown
C4 drops athletics presenter Ortis Deley after string of on-air blunders
Disabled mother 'beaten unconscious' by Wayne McCatty
Nutcase Kashif Baig stabbed his ‘beautiful, ambitious’ wife to death
Sham marriage rumbled after Elmira Umajewa couldn't spell husband Amjad Javid's name
Travellers invaded my village a year ago and it's sheer hell
Travellers should live by the same rules as us
Police track down absent fathers to save children from gangs

Wednesday 31 August

30% locked up in our biggest youth jail in 2010 were foreigners!!!
How many of the rest were second-generation immigrants?
Have-a-go hero tries to stop a thug fleeing stab scene
As slack-jawed PC Plod looks on
9 out of 10 jobs were taken by foreigners last year - AGAIN!
Anyone who says the LibLabCon artists aren't traitors is working for them!
African immigrant, Elizabeth Addo, jailed for benefit fraud
Big Brother and his pet footsoldiers
BLAIR WARS: TA soldier, William Blanchard, killed in Afghanistan
Tell the truth: Scotland has been indulged for too long
Cab driver Shamraz Akhtar walks free after sexually molesting passenger
Vanessa Redgrave: 'gentle' Gypsy 'lives will be ruined' if eviction goes ahead
The do-gooders never seem to worry about the ruination of our lives, do they?
18-year-old obsessed with Pete Doherty died of heroin overdose
Doherty is a leading light of the far-left Unite Against Fascism group
Jerusalem Post writer fired for speaking out
"The Palestinians... who killed the 8 Israelis... were justified to attack"!
French Socialists turn on Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Benefit fraud bill is still on the rise
As total hits £3.3bn despite PM's crackdown pledge
UK plunges into debt danger zone after Labour's 10-year borrowing binge
Thousands of career criminals spared prison in Coalition's first year
Agripina Gheorge gets Asbo for begging in Cardiff
This is what passes for a Coucillor nowadays
Jodie Jones, 23, sits drunkenly in the street clutching balloons and bottles of alcohol
Dominique Strauss-Kahn is 'mentally ill'
According to Michel Rocard, a former French prime minister
Teacher defends double life as a porn film star

Tuesday 30 August

Scots each get £1,600 more state cash a year spent on them than the English
Courtesy of Brown (Scot), Blair (Scots/Irish) and Cameron (56% Scot)
How the hard-up MOD wasted £110m of our money
Boy of FOUR is threatened with £5,000 fine
For 'playing too loudly' in his garden!
I was abused as a child: Esther Rantzen reveals 'disgusting' attack at 15
Presumably her perverted 'male relative' was as Jewish as she is
A million of our best-qualified citizens now live abroad
Export the best, bring in the alien ordes. That's Globalism for you!
Boy, aged ELEVEN, treated for chlamydia as 1,000 under-16s seek help for sexual disease
The Daleks are doing what, darling? Danny Cohen is the BBC boss that gives us a gay Torchwood
Police hunt knife-wielding Carnival thug
Labour spent tens of thousands of pounds on African drum lessons for civil servants
Fans of English club in Scottish league banned from flying St George's cross at away games
Easy way into UK for illegal immigrants
UK pupils 'worst in Europe for learning foreign languages'
Hackgate: Judge to question Rupert and James Murdoch under oath
Quango bosses double their pay
Letter shows Blair and Bush planned Iraq war without second UN vote

Monday 29 August

BBC inundated with complaints about explicit gay love scenes in Torchwood
RIOTS: Jah-Kiel McDermott charged with car attack on police
Woman sexually assaulted by Jamaican
RIOTS: son of London Assembly member and former head of Met Police Authority arrested!
Len Duvall is a senior Labour politician Without history, we have only ignorance
The failure of schools to teach history has helped create a wider crisis of identity
Planning reform to make Britain 'a giant building site'!
The back-door immigrants
BLAIR WARS: SAS hero of Iranian embassy siege dies 'of a broken heart'
John McAleese never got over the death of his son in Afghanistan
Popular Fruit Shoot children's drink contains no fruit at all
Many popular brands are loaded with sugar
'Do not approach him': Public warned over violent rapist on loose
Graeme Jarman is wanted in connection with the murder of 77-year-old Judith Richardson
Why is the 'The Beast of Sligo' free to roam the streets?
Despite being jailed for 238 years!
Immigrants' camp 'staging post' to Ireland and then Britain
David Cameron must show us that his party is not just for the rich
13 years of Labour misrule and the country cries out for more vigorous, Tory government
Especially on immigration, Europe and crime
Hospital workers held over manslaughter of Joan Dixon
'He's having a holocaust'! Sky Sports pundit compares Arsenal's defending to genocide

Sunday 28 August

Rapist John Ssewaggudde claims he musn't be deported as he's gay!
Now nurses’ uniforms ban patients from trying to speak to them!
Mouthwashes with high alcohol content have been linked to cancer
More than 10,000 drivers escape ban despite full points
World cholera pandemic traced to Bangladesh
Welsh tell Jonathan Edwards, MP, to lighten up over race 'slur'
Rebels wreak revenge on dictator's men
Gaddafi's black "mercenaries" targetted
Immigration is no longer taboo – but tackling it still is
Man's jaw broken outside pub
Premier League footballer Nile Ranger arrested
Fresh questions over Mandelson's business dealings
Secretive new venture is revealed
Jacqui Smith's husband in fresh expenses row after his consultancy firm approaches MPs
Six arrested after three girls, all 15, 'gang raped' in Ipswich flat
Campaigners travel from across Europe
They wish to stop the eviction of Gypsies from Britain's biggest illegal camp
Anger at £4,000 interest-free loans for wealthy MPs awaiting expenses claims
War on the scroungers
Andrew Mitchell thinks the sun is still shining
Hold a bonfire of the bureaucrats
Jacqui Smith, the conman and the one-to-one mentoring
Travellers defy eviction with High Court hearing
Grandmother 'prepared to die' rather than swap her lifestyle
UK philanthropists give £1.8m to African drought crisis

Saturday 27 August

Jersey deaths: Damian Rzeszowski charged
Oxford Street stabbing: Jerome Odigie charged
Johvan Chevi stabs good Samaritan Dorian Davies
Baby P-killer, Jason Owen, free to walk the streets after just two years
Polish immigrant Mateusz Guzowski rioted 2 days after arriving in England
He was jailed alongside Sebastian Bladzinski and Michael Antoszewski
Drunk driver Mandeep Singh Rai tried to blame crash victims
David and Pamela Dawes are still recovering from multiple injuries
Property baron, Sly Malik, jailed for claiming benefits
At the time of his last claim he owned 9 properties
Benefit cheat Chiedu Ikenma fraudulently claimed £5,180 - No jail time
Asian sought after sex assault on train - CCTV
Three teenage girls, all 15, 'gang raped' in Ipswich flat
CCTV catches children aged FOUR and SIX sent into store by their mother to shoplift
Prison numbers reach record high in England and Wales
Counter terrorism officer sues Met over De Menezes 'cover-up'
Hated rules that benefit terrorists and rapists
Nurofen Plus recalled as drug manufacturer suspects sabotage
Convicted rioters victimised by other prisoners
What a shame, eh?
Google chief says UK obsessed with 'luvvy' school subjects and calls for 'Victorian' return of science
Was Yvonne Fletcher shot dead by Abdulmagid Salah Ameri?
Human Rights Act is GOOD for us insists Clegg
Alan Duncan backs down after accusing Israelis of 'land grab'
Labour MP tells of bribe offers
Greg Clark: planning for the Big Society

Friday 26 August

Shops report worst trading for 40 years!
Women waste 50 BILLION litres of water a year shaving their legs in the shower
Tut tut girls! Don't act like a New Labour, Lib Dem and Tory airhead!
Immigrant mothers gave birth to 181,514 babies in 2010
1990 = 11.6% of UK births; 2000 = 15.5%; 2010 = 25.1%! As the dozy British slept
RIOTS: 'Naked Greed' wrecked model Mohima Khanom’s dresms
The greedy slag was jailed alongside Umang Patel and Ade Alagogo
Foreigner-first Clegg pledges to defend hated human rights laws
Damian Green: "Under Labour Britain had become addicted to immigration'
Green has seen even more immigrants arrive since he became Immigration Minister
Immigration soared by 20% last year making a mockery of Government pledge to bring it DOWN
Seven million foreigners living in Britain as immigration rises by a fifth
Wake-up call for the Tories on immigration
Government sued for over £500million by US contractor Raytheon
Over the loss of e-Borders contract
Hello, Jacqui, there's a Romanian family in my wine cellar
Outrage at payout for Algerian crook we can’t kick out
Teenager who urged Facebook friends to 'kill a million police' is jailed
Along with a looter who took a single lick of stolen ice cream
London: Riot arrests reach 2,000, Met Police says
Complaint figures are hidden by NHS trusts
Missing data means 150,000 total is only part of the picture
Quango chief's salary doubles to £200,000
Setting a bad example for council managers asked to take pay cut
Dale Farm travellers deliver petition to Downing Street

Thursday 25 August

So, is it worth getting a degree?
One in five graduates is earning less than a school leaver
Romanian Gypsy's squatting in our homes
Will the establishment ever do anything about it?
The law is 'avin a laugh' but the joke is on Britain
Killed for having an abortion
Nattalie Muir was stabbed to death on the orders of spurned teenager
Jobless young soars to 979,000
A million drinkers end up in hospital every year - a 25 per cent rise in half a decade
Tottenham police 'could have stopped riots’
UK schools 'not fit for purpose'
Jacqui Smith: why prisoners painted my house
Because they “didn't have anything else on”
Jacqui Smith 'rented out her newly-decorated house'
After convicts made home improvements
Jacqui Smith could do us all a community service by emigrating to Outer Mongolia
State fat cats pocket £250,000 payoffs
800 at 'wasteful and bureaucratic' quangos share £23m in redundancy bonanza
Coulson legal fees 'paid secretly by Murdochs'
Market crash 'could hit within weeks' warn bankers
Germany fires cannon shot across Europe's bows
266,000 asylum seekers stay in Britain illegally

Wednesday 24 August

Jacqui Smith used day-release prioners to paint her home!
They were meant to be improving parks and clearing up rubbish-strewn streams
Turkish immigrant and rickshaw driver, Murat Durmus, raped a female doctor
3 Asians carry out “cowardly and shocking” attack on an 87-year-old lady
She was hospitalised with serious injuries
Jawaid Iqbal guilty of causing death by careless driving - He did not stop to help Lisa Saville!
Why did she fall out of his moving cab? And WHY WAS HE NOT JAILED!
BBC admits role in toppling of democratically elected Iranian government in 1953
Greenspan Says Euro ‘Breaking Down!’
£10bn legacy of shambles over asylum
'Labour failings have left 250,000 illegals'
The grisly moment Yousseff Wahid struggled through Heathrow
With the body of Fatima Kama stuffed in suitcase
11 Cops were on hand to arrest Jacob Michael for affray
But they pepper-spayed him anyway and he died as a result
Daft and dafter: The top ten barmy elf 'n' safety diktats
Oh, THEY do NOT want us enjoying ourselves, that's for sure
Call an East European 'BORAT', he gets compo and you're a racist!
Paul Donnachie 'defiles Israeli flag' and loses his University place as a result
We’re all spied upon, but to what purpose?

Tuesday 23 August

Wealthy Russian students gang-raped fellow pupil at exclusive private college
Oleg Ivanov, Norayr Davtyan, Armen Simonyan and 23-year-old Gregory Melnikov filmed the rape on an iPhone
Are The Federal Reserve’s Crimes Still Too Big To Comprehend?
'She's big, black, smokes and likes chicken burgers'!
The only things Mojeed Bello could tell the police about his bride-to-be!
English cricket is racist, says Sarfraz Manzoor of the Guardian
“What we need are some Hashim Amlas... and Hashim Amla is a devout Muslim!"
British troops may act as peacekeepers if Libya descends into chaos
Here we f***ing go!
Gaddafi's son is NOT in rebel hands as previously claimed!
Saif al-Islam is free and defiant and the civil war still rages
As he spun the news for David Cameron...
Andy Coulson was still being paid by News of the World
Family banned from having 'fire hazard' doormat outside their flat!
Because of elf 'n' safety!
Cash-strapped council spends £20,000 on ‘Olympic torch project manager’
To guide flame through Cornwall for ONE DAY!
Ken Clarke's ministry pays £6m bill to subsidise union activity
Benefits cheat stole £25,000 claiming she was too weak to walk
Tina Attanasio is pictured on a WATERSLIDE during action-packed holiday
Muslims demand Sharia student loans
Paying interest is against Islamic law!
What’s good for Tripoli also goes for Tottenham, Prime Minister
Benefits must no longer be unconditional
10 get £2m of benefits in bungle
Middle Britain has been betrayed by the political elite

Monday 22 August

Defiant Israel rejects calls for restraint in Gaza
Israel "politically and legally responsible" for killing 5 Egyptian policemen IN EGYPT!
Historic battalions could be lost in cuts, warns general
Dominique Strauss-Kahn sex charges 'to be dropped' - Why are we not surprised?
He yet may face prosecution in France over another attempted rape (alleged)
GCSE results: pupils 'steered away’ from tough subjects
Schools have promoted “soft” options to boost their position in league tables
How Labour let a generation down with easy GCSEs
Binge Britain: The cost of treating liver disease to hit £2billion a year
Police hunt 30,000 rioters: More than 3,200 crimes were committed in 4 days of violence
Criminals let out on bail responsible for one fifth of burglaries
England is NOT in moral decline, blasts Blair as he claims both Tories and Labour are wrong about reasons for riots
Boy, 14, charged with murder of teenager
How can you afford that £8m home, Mandelson?
1,700 mentors join Boris plan to give youths role models
And all because of the fanatic irresponsibility of the absent BLACK dad

Sunday 21 August

Top spy, Jonathan Pollard, (spied upon the USA for Israel) must be freed!
So says his fellow Jew, Alan Dershowitz
Extent of riot crimewave revealed
Judges weaken rules on paedophiles
UK riots: The end of the liberals’ great moral delusion
Mandelson's £8m mansion
Questions over former Labour ministers wealth after 'huge property offer'
Cameron's US Supercop advisor quit over inquiry into free holidays from billionaire tycoon
Miliband 'plans to use public funds to bail out Labour' claims leaked report
Eight out of ten parents give their children junk food for 'an easier life'
The picture that tells you everything you need to know about the Great Faker
Hundreds of police officers caught illegally accessing criminal records computer
The phone hacking scandal has hacked at the pillars of society
Chronic fatigue syndrome researchers face death threats from militants
England's riots shouldn't be blamed on 'moral decline', says Tony Blair
The great moral decliner would say that, wouldn't he?
London riots: Almost 3,300 offences investigated
David Cameron: human rights in my sights
£40bn lost on the bailed-out banks, costing every family £1,500 after plunge in shares
Top military brass 'use helicopters like taxis'
Admiral flies to a meeting only 16 miles away and it costs nearly £700
Mother murdered in Turkey lived with suspect

Saturday 20 August

'Witch-finders already have their sights on me'
David Starkey hits back
UK riots: It’s not about criminality and cuts, it’s about culture
Recep Cetin murdered Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore
Because Marion wouldn't let him marry her daughter. Does take much, does it?
More than 150 people caught after rioting swept across UK ‘were foreign nationals and will be deported’
I'll believe it when I see it
Diet book for girls as young as SIX
Quite rightly, it has been branded 'irresponsible' by nutrition experts
'Cut foreign aid, spend more on police’
"Too much is being spent on foreigners" (£80billion in this parliament) said one MP
Outcry at £40,000-a-day cost of prison payouts
NHS spends nearly £16 million a year on headhunters
London riots: Police release more CCTV suspect images
Madame Tussauds in Hitler row as it refuses to stop customers doing Nazi salute
One girl in four to take top grades in best GCSEs ever

Friday 19 August

45 council homes a DAY will have to be built to house immigrants!
80% Somalis, 49% Turks, 35% Jamaicans, 33% Iranians, 29% Nigerians live in OUR council homes!!!
Burglar Blacks bound and gagged elderly victims
Peter Lindsay and Leonard Carr caused one old lady to have a heart attack
Irish women murdered by teenage Turk
The boyfriend of the daughter of one of them did it
Lisa Fletcher denies offering pre-teenage girl to Adnan Mohammed for sex
Senior nurse, Yoosoof Assen, kicked a dementia sufferer in the back
She was lying on the floor of her care home bedroom at the time
And ultra-PC jail inspectors have backed their complaints!
Grandmother sent back to ‘giant’ rats home in Camden
RIOTS: 'You think you rule? Look who’s ruling now'
Police hunt black man over violent bus stop sex attack
TREASON! Olympic Village sold to Qatar and Delancey for £175m loss!!!
Delancey's CEO and founder, Jamie Ritblat, is Jewish
What Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks of Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Bernanke is Jewish, as is his long-serving predecessor, Alan Greenspan
Civilise yourselves you darkies!
'Gay' Ugandan asylum seeker avoids deportation
Mother fearing eviction chooses £1m council house over son accused of looting
Taxpayers left to pick up the bill for Labour's PFI folly
Former News of the World editor James Desborough arrested in phone hacking probe
Learco-Chindamo: He tapped me on the shoulder. I stabbed him in the heart
And this is what the PC traitors say we must "cohere" with!
Championship footballer Frederic Piquionne fined for dumping rubbish three miles away in neighbouring village
Former Lib Dem councillor Chris Basson admits benefits fraud
Suspended sentence only
BLAIR WARS: Attack on British Council compound in Kabul kills nine
Prison chiefs warn cells will be full within weeks as jailed rioters take their toll on justice system
Shameless quangocrats who jump from one state-funded gravy train to another
Police spend £82m talking to immigrants
Thousands of patients could be taking statins needlessly
Statins set my mother on the downward spiral that killed her
England rioters: young, poor and unemployed
Oh, the poor, little rioting f***ups! Give the tw*ts a medal!
Leroy James murder: Two held over London killing
Kervin Kavuala charged with murder
Shervin Irvani and Ithai McPhee jailed for wheelie bin murder
Councillor Bob Frost suspended after calling rioters 'jungle bunnies'
Boris Johnson: he's just like Hitler!
Ken Livingstone slammed for 'crass' comments about Mayor of London

Thursday 18 August

Immigrants rob young Britons of jobs
Large increase in immigrant workers but UK unemployment rises
Immigrant jobs boom: We're in last chance saloon, claims Iain Duncan Smith
Duped out of their pensions: Millions are warned to beware of cash offers to ditch final salary schemes
Sarkozy and Merkel plot £13bn tax raid on the UK to save euro
"The mistake that Berlin is making is to believe that, somehow or other, everyone else can be made as economically virtuous as itself: that Greeks can, via austerity, be transformed into Germans"
How Germany is using the financial crisis to conquer Europe
Europe's economy slides towards disaster
Mother who shopped Olympic ambassador Chelsea Ives after riots weeps
Draconian sentences, weak-kneed liberals and why thugs need to fear the law
UK riots: Coalition split over tough stance of courts
Gangsta culture is a poison spreading among youths of all races
Think tank damns penalties for jobseekers who skip training courses
Shock figures on London's jobless as unemployment surges
Terror suspect claims abuse by British officer
Mrs Speaker will pocket £40,000 for appearing on Celebrity Big Brother
James Murdoch should step down as chief of BSkyB says MP
Norway gunman Anders Behring Breivik 'prepared second bigger bomb'
Police asked to reinvestigate Chris Huhne

Wednesday 17 August

Dale Burns killed by cop
The "nice lad" was tasered THREE times
Terrorism, witchcraft, honour killing, sharia law, gang rape and murder, electoral fraud, where does it stop?
She offered to help Abbas Ali before he raped her
Hackgate: Clive Goodman's letter to News International
Sensational letter claims Andy Coulson condoned hacking
Coulson was David Cameron's former press chief
Demand from immigrants has made it much harder for British families to be housed
The Express has only just noticed this? Immigrant to the top of the housing queue has been the norm for almost 50 years
Jews Have Little to Fear From Black Anti-Semitism
A record number of babies were born to mothers in Newham (7,389) in 2010
The borough has the highest birth rate in the country
Blundering social workers wrongly accuse parents of breaking baby's limbs
The Garlands were treated like criminals and separated from their children more than 18 months
Millions feel the pinch as bills for all the basics rocket
Age of the £10,000 train season ticket
'Scandalous' 30% fare increase will hit millions
Lib Dems: The Be-Nice-to-Rioters Party!!!
The be-nice-to-everyone-but-the-British-majority party
'Paedophilia is Hollywood's biggest problem,' says Lost Boys star Corey Feldman
Teenager, 16, 'killed kindly OAP with single punch' during riots
She offered to help Abbas Ali before he raped her
Demand from immigrants has made it much harder for British families to be housed
The Express has only just noticed? Immigrant to the top of the housing queue has been the norm for 45 years
A record number of babies were born to mothers in Newham (7,389) in 2010
The immigrant borough has the highest birth rate in the country
UK population grows at twice EU average
Migrant baby boom fuels 400,000 rise in one year
Hackgate: Clive Goodman's letter to News International
Sensational letter claims Andy Coulson condoned hacking
Coulson was David Cameron's former press chief
Hackgate: 'orchestrated cover-up' of hacking at News of the World
Four Asian doctors suspended at Streatham practice
Health chiefs stay "tight-lipped" about the matter
Afzal Arif, Saeed Hussein, Shahid Hussein, Sajjad Hussein and Ruqiah Begum charged with murder
Blundering social workers wrongly accuse parents of breaking baby's limbs
The Garlands were treated like criminals and separated from their children more than 18 months
Millions feel the pinch as bills for all the basics rocket
Age of the £10,000 train season ticket
'Scandalous' 30% fare increase will hit millions
Looters caught on camera pulling biker off his scooter and stealing it
Modelling in her underwear at 12 and pregnant at 15, Soya Keaveney’s mum can't wait for a new council house
That’s what today’s role models produce
Your £1bn a year bill for migrants’ homes
Police ridiculed over blacklist of ‘offensive’ words
It’s hard to believe Cameron’s words will match his actions
Jews Have Little to Fear From Black Anti-Semitism

Tuesday 16 August

Hacking 'widely discussed' at the News of the World!
Senior figures knew all about it!
‘Devil’ son raped his own mother and gouged out her eyes
The Slough "devil" was obsessed with rap music
Judge Farook Ahmed helps Jamaican drug-dealer stay in England
Vincent Miller had already been deported twice
Ingratitude of refugee family given £2m, 6-bedroom home so they could be near friends
Bulbul Ahmed accused of sexual assault on a girl aged 13
Gordon Thompson charged with burning down historic furniture store
Julia High came home to find Romanian gypsies squatting in her house!
They were wearing her clothes and drinking her wine
Suspicious "dark-skinned" man with "foreign accent" approaches Lincoln 10-year-old
Jealous soldier Robert Kariuki raped woman seven times in one day
Kariuki is a Kenyan immigrant
Beware You NCOs! If you insult a soldier and he retalliates violently...
He wil NOT go to jail! (As long as he's an immmigrant, like Kennedy Makunde)
Julie Fox was so drunk when she picked up her 7-year-old...
... the deputy headteacher confiscated her car keys!
Soros calls on Portugal and Greece to pull out of euro and quit the EU S
oros and his fellow finaciers are betting big the euro will fail
Thanusanth Navaratnarajah to stand trial over sex assault
Obinna Achogbuo sexually assaulted a nine-year-old girl during a game of Scrabble
Police want to speak to black man after Mitcham robbery
Ipswich: Police looking for black man after woodland sex attack
Cameron and Miliband blame bankers for riots
But will either deprive the bankers of their ill-gotten gains? Course not!
17-year-old dies after being stabbed at a party in London
Caught on camera: Looters mow down two police officers
Britain's future rests on Cameron dismantling the pernicious Human Rights Act
Asylum blunders cost taxpayers £14m in legal fees
UK riots: magistrates told 'ignore the rule book' and lock up looters
Cameron pledges to turn round 120,000 'troubled' families
National service for every teenager
'Tear up the sentencing guidelines and jail EVERY looter'!
BLAIR WARS: Tributes to young officer killed in Afghanistan
Now all convicted yobs will lose their benefits?

Monday 15 August

Gay Irish crime family boss Dominic Noonan ordered riots in Manchester
Says Donal MacIntyre
CIA knew top Al Qaeda were in the US and no one told Richard Clarke! WHY NOT?
If Clarke, the US' top counter-terrorism adviser, is informed, 9/11 doesn't happen!
Horror in gentle Jersey
Polish immigrant murders 3 children and 3 adults
Damian Rzeszowski murders six, three of them children, in Jersey
There had been no killings on Jersey for seven years
BLAIR WARS: Bombs kill sixty people in Iraq
London Blitz memorial defaced by 'racist' 'Kill the Brits' vandals
The suspects are Asian
BLAIR WARS: Bombs kill sixty people in Iraq
Joey Barton catches burglar!
BLAIR WARS: Lieutenant Daniel Clack killed in Afghanistan
Parents responsible for quarter of online teacher abuse
Child Protection Now! Why do YOU vote for this?
When the British people win their country back, those who made this happen will be punished
EDL could carry out Breivik-style massacres if they are not monitored
Says the Daily Star. The Star is owned by the Jewish pornographer Richard Desmond who owns The Express, which, I believe, has previously give its backing to the EDL
"Christian... riot rapist" isn't from a "broken home"
The ethnicity of the yob, who robbed and raped a 13-year-old,wasn't mentioned
Water cannon and plastic bullets? After 50 years of the most lavish welfare state on earth? What an abject failure
Semi-pro footballer Mario Quiassaca sacked by club after looting store and stoning police
David Starkey backed in furore over 'whites and black culture' claim
It's only the PC Crowd and the immigrant who don't back him
Lib Dems revolt over Tory pledge to strip looters of benefits and council houses
My son's the victim says mother who faces eviction from taxpayer-funded flat
Zero tolerance: The moment armed officer holds a gun to the head of a 15-year-old in Manchester
Masked looters pose with their loot
Don't howl Starkey down. Gangsta culture is a poison
It's only the PC Crowd and the immigrants doing the howling!
UK riots: Name and shame young yobs
Spare us a useless and costly inquiry into these riots

Sunday 14 August

Attila Ban held over murder of Alice Adams and Tibor Vass
The murder suspect is a Hungarian immigrant
Black bully, Luke Jolly, jailed for manslaughter of cycling champ, Ray Eden
The man who was "no stranger to violence" was jailed for just 4 years 9 months
I’m not responsible for my son, says 'devout Christian, Maite de la Calva
So who is, Maite? The eviction-facing lady is now howling 'human rights'
Another British soldier killed in Afghanistan
Ursula Nevin didn't riot but accepted a pair of looted shorts
The mum-of-2 was jailed for 5 months by Judge Khalid Qureshi
Somali family (8 kids) on £8,000+ a month benefits get £2million house
Asylum seeker Saeed Khaliif has never worked since getting here
Fury over civil servant gold card cover-up
Ministers blamea Civil Service boss Gus O'Donnell for blocking exposure of abuse
'I thought England was civilised but it's sick' says Monika Konczyk
You're right, love. So when will you be leaving?
Since "late 90s (TIME OF TRAITOR BLAIR) the force has been in headlong retreat from its core duty"
Intent instead on "convincing the world of its non-racist and non-sexist credentials!"
David Starkey TV outburst provokes race row as he claims Enoch Powell was right
Sulky child looter in the dock as courts clampdown on rioters
Drug companies lavish free oversees trips and sports tickets on NHS bosses
As thousands of youngsters are arrested cops issue pictures of 88 more suspects
9 hours of repeats a day on BBC2!
600 rioters were on parole!!!
After the riots, the media sort the heroes from the villains
David Lammy: Prejudices of the few eclipsed by civic pride
US 'supercop' Bill Bratton says riot arrests not only answer
US Rapper Jayceon Taylor could face charges over 'flash mob tweet'
Was David Starkey being racist on Newsnight last night?
You May Not Like It But David Starkey Was Right

Saturday 13 August

Black serial killer faces death by lethal injection
Anthony Sowell murdered at least eleven women
Rapist O'Nile Huggins attacked same woman at same place twice!
BLAIR WARS: MI6 produced bogus Iraq war evidence under pressure from Downing Street!!!
TRAITORS!!! MI6 should be tried for treason alongside Blair!
How Jewish is Hollywood?
Maralyn Monroe and the Jews
19% more hospital patients bitten by bugs!!!
£70m of British aid 'paid to the Taliban'
Cash wasted on bribes and protection money, say campaigners!
'Race hate' gang in Temple Bar orgy of violence
The "race hate" gang was African
White Riot: Assimilation and Cultural Death in England
Legacy of a society that believes in nothing
England riots: 'The whites have become black' says David Starkey
Outrage as historian Starkey says: Enoch Powell was right with infamous 'rivers of blood' speech
The day the mob came crashing through Mary-Lu Cole's door
She's "trying hard" to keep her "faith in human nature"!
Black model Shonola Smith got six months for looting
So did her sister and Donness Bissessar. They left the dock in tears
In this multicultural ‘utopia’ why does one community demand to be treated differently?
Cult gang film Shank inspired Amed Pelle to riot
Shoppers encouraged to 'shop a looter' - Number of rioters arrested breaks 1,600
When will they be arresting the politicians and the PC Crowd who created the looters?
Riot boy's family is kicked out of home
Looter and mother are the first to be punished with eviction
Mark Duggan's uncle was crime lord
Man whose death sparked riots is linked to notorious gangland chiefs
Riot boy too young to be locked up!!!
London riots: parents of young rioters don’t care says judge
'People were making gun signs... I have never experienced such malice towards the police'
Really? When the cops do the bidding of, and behave just like, lying politicians?
Riots: Arrest over death of Richard Bowes
Fury over minister's help for 'Bambi' murderer described by judge as 'evil, almost beyond belief'

Friday 12 August

Rioters Icha and Micha Livingstone in custody
BNP leader, Nick Griffin, addresses the nation
"Black, with a big build" left Richard Mannington Bowes, 68, critically ill
Richard was trying to put out fires the rioters had started
Richard Mannington Bowes dies after attack
The BBC, as usual, does not mention the ethnicity (black) of the killer
HIV expert kept woman as a slave in Thamesmead
Rebecca Balira is an African immigrant
Perhaps the most astounding element in TV coverage of the riots has been...
... the steadfast refusal to mention the race of most of the rioters!
Clamour grows to strip rioters of benefits and council homes
Judge jailing looters captures the anger of the nation
Do you know these looters?
Olympic ambassador Chelsea Ives 'hurled bricks at police car'
She also led the attack on Vodafone store during riots
Tough sentences? Forget it. The yobs will be treated as if THEY'RE the victims
Rioters face losing their benefits and they could be kicked out of council houses
I'll believe it when I see it
The politics of envy was bound to end up in flames
Police fury as courts give thugs slaps on the wrist
1 in 4 Britons will retire into poverty
Is this the moment the British public finally had enough?
UK riots: the young yobs back on the streets despite David Cameron's pledge
The rhetoric collides with judicial reality
More than 900 arrested over disorder

Thursday 11 August

Terror of pensioner, 100, mugged for her pension by East European thugs
London riots: 'Bleeding, I called 999. A tired man told me to go home'
Media darling, Andrew Gilligan, got roughed up
BBC orders staff to refer to 'English' riots to avoid offending Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish
As many as 2,863 have been killed in Pakistan by US drone attacks
168 of them were children
Riots reflect a society run on greed and looting
Cops 'ordered to stand and observe' as capital burned
Petition calling for looters to be evicted from council houses gets 83,000 signatures in 24 hours
THE RIOTS: "Immigrants love this country more than we do!"
Says Christina Odone, yet another immigrant sneerer, without a trace of irony.
Boy accused of post office fire. Mum Makes ADHD excuse
Don't tell the rioters! they'll all be claiming ADHD!
Terror of pensioner, 100, mugged for her pension by East European thugs
African Charity director Memory Mafuta fraudulently claimed £31,000 in benefits
She walked free from court and won't repay a penny
Third of trainee teachers shunning state schools
Who wants to teach immigrant rioters who don't want to be taught?
Russian senator blames failure of multiculturalism for UK riots
Honesty from a politician! And it takes a Russian to tell it!
Britain's liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social value
UK riots: 'Those who seek to racialise this problem are taking us backwards'
UK riots: 'Being liberal is fine, but we need to be given the right to parent'
Looting 'fuelled by social exclusion' By Thatcherism, Blairism, Brownism certainly. Immigrant morals and culture too.
Met's PR chief Dick Fedorcio sent home on 'extended leave' over phone hacking scandal
School worker, postman, boy, 11, among first looters fast-tracked through courts
Riot twins told their mother they were going to the gym
They joined the mob on the streets instead
The moment thug set fire to dress and caused High Street inferno
Right-wing extremists (working-class Whitey) hijacking vigilante patrols protecting against looters warn police
A broken society needs a strong leader
Cameron urged to reconsider cuts
Murdoch vows news corp 'integrity'
Retailers count the £392million cost
The breakdown of family life has led to today’s anarchy
Cameron condemns sick society as grammar school girl in court over riots
12th arrest in hacking row
Riots: water cannons to be used on 'sick society'
Alex Salmond accused of 'gloating' over English violence
Name and shame: cops release more photos from the riots
Police release more CCTV suspect images

Wednesday 10 August

former News of the World news editor Greg Miskiw arrested
London riots - Cops says: “We can’t cope. We have passed breaking point”
Primary school worker, Alexis Bailey, pleads guilty to looting
Is this Mr Big? Did he direct the mob in London, Birmingham and Manchester?
Who has seen this animal?
Police kettle white defenders in Eltham!!!
Cops do zero as alien hordes burn and loot but, when WHITEY wishes to defend his folk, big, brave Bobby kettles them!
Did a Breakdown in the Drugs Trade Cause the Riots?
Irene Mitchell dies after being sent home by foreign doctor Ali Mehri
GP pervert, Haleem Bhatti, sexually assaulted 5 patients whilst examining them j
He was jailed for 7 years
Years of liberal dogma have spawned amoral, uneducated, welfare dependent, brutalised youngsters
Thatcher's greedy, selfish society, immigration and rotten politicians also had something to do with it
Young offenders taken on all-expenses trip to Alton Towers'
Will this deter the rioters?
£20bn cost of Labour's rubbish Private Finance Initiatives!
Crowd heckles Boris Johnson as he finally returns from Canada holiday. Clegg told 'Go home'
London's looters stay home as 16,000 police flood the streets
'It's unbelievable BlackBerry Messenger hasn't been shut down'
'We don't do water cannon, we rely on consent': May rules out tough action
UK riots: Manchester gangs using children as lookouts
UK riots: Mark Duggan ‘had a loaded pistol’

Tuesday 9 August

White man fights for life after beating by armed, black gang
Fukushima: Lethal 'off-scale radiation levels! HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS may die!
Keeping this out of the news, aren't they?
Foreign thieves rob 100-year-old woman of money and bank book
Strauss-Kahn maid claims she suffered "violent and sadistic" attack
RIOTS: Do you recognise these slags?
'This will be the most pleasurable experience of your life, Priyantha Kandanearachchi told pregnant patient
London Riots: Hasidic Jews jeer at police!!!
Guardian admits "make-up of the rioters was racially mixed"! Not BNP then? Wow!
Forced to strip naked in the street. Humiliation by Darkie
The Daily Mail withdrew its picture of a naked white woman
We ran for our lives as thugs ambushed bus
Kara Mahoney said gangs were targeting white people to rob them
Israel's Stuxnet Virus Opens New Era of Cyber War
Surrender! Powerless police let the mob seize the streets
'Looter' posts photo of himself and his booty online
Mark Duggan was no stranger to the police
Red sky at night, Tottenham's alight - Looters liberate everything from trainers to flat-screen TVs
London riots: BBC criticised for branding thugs as 'protesters’
Rioters need jobs says Carpetright's Lord Harris
Who wants to employ a rioter? Rioters need deportation
London riots: why did the police lose control?
Riots: the underclass lashes out
Boris Johnson attacked for refusing to return from holiday abroad
Irons slams political correctness
Hull council failed over child protection
Liam Fox directs conflict in Libya from holiday villa in Spain
Handouts for disability have soared 185%

Monday 8 August

8 violent foreign thugs escape deportation after series of Home Office blunders
Russia bans BNP logo!!!
Russian immigrant gets a year and a day for helping scam $105K in Holocaust reparations
Sex assault on 65-year-old, "mixed-race... tanned-skin" man sought
The attack has similarities to two others
Bullet fired at officer 'belonged to police' not to Mark Duggan!!!
And top cop Sandra Looby flew off on holiday as tensions grew!!!
Call to scrap 'useless' equalities watchdog which costs taxpayers millions
Multi-millionaire property tycoon Shiraj Haque lives in £135-a-week council house
Councillor Ayesha Chowdhury is also living in council housing despite having properties worth £1m
‘Aftershock’ Book Predicts Economic Disaster
Violence, drugs, a fatal stabbing and a most unlikely martyr
Jamie Cumming is about to father his 15th child with his 13th lover
He pays for none of them!
Fury as Cameron rules out EU referendum
Because we had our say in poll 36 years ago!
Our police are not trusted any more. So why SHOULDN'T Dave ask America's top cop to run the Met
Yeah! Get more foreigners in to control the useless Brits - No thanks, Mel
SNP rift over gay marriage widens as MEP blasts ‘bigots’
Sickening violence nothing to do with poverty or racism
London riots: Violence spreads to all corners of capital
Evicted Gypsies launch human rights claim

Sunday 7 August

Jackie Onassis believed Lyndon Johnson had JFK killed!!!
Reverend Nathan Ntege arrested on suspicion of conducting sham marriages
North London in flames as police cars, bus and shops burn over police shooting of 'gangster'
The politicians and the media darlings who brought such evil to our towns and cities and, once established, promoted and encouraged it, should be tried for treason.
Endgame draws closer as the euro teeters on brink
As economy burns, David Cameron flies his British tennis coach out and retires his Italian one
Prison drug taking is so bad that even the wardens are getting stoned
Police credit card spree on beehives, lingerie and luxury jewellery
And it's all charged to the taxpayer
More than half of Britons want return of the death penalty
£750,000 for patients left in agony by surgeon and 'government advisor' Manjit Bhamra
Head of studies at the Royal Air Force pilot training college is a convert to Islam
Australians kick Blair where it really hurts – if only we would do the same
Turbans and scarves in games kit
BLAIR WARS: James Wright killed in Afghanistan
New Home Office foreign criminals scandal
Voters doubtful on David Cameron's aid policy
Sharia: a law unto itself?
"Presumption for development"!
Tories to concrete over England?
Ministers go to war with green charities
Coulson vetted by investigator linked to News International

Saturday 6 August

BLAIR WARS: 31 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan And THEY say THEY are winning. TROOPS OUT!
PUTIN: U.S. is a 'parasite' on the world economy
Romanian Gypos move in when Julia High is away for the weekend!
If you can vote for our traitorous politicians after seeing this you're a traitor yourself
Capitalism in crisis, a warning from history
Ending Wootton Bassett repatriation procession is a cynical attempt to conceal the price of Britain's misguided wars
'Just Judge jails brother of Premier League footballer for rape
School confiscates girl's Vaseline for her dry lips... due to health and safety fears
Lodger jailed over the death of Baby P is released from prison after just two years
BLAIR WARS: Marine killed in Afganistan
The government’s record on NHS waste is an absolute scandal
Humphrey Lyttelton’s son claimed thousands in illegal benefits
Murdoch presses on with academy plan despite hacking row
Father dies and policeman hurt in 'terrifying' shoot-out
Now Guardian executive faces Met hacking probe
Maulin Patel jailed for Kartik Patel murder

Friday 5 August

Students could pay off debts by donating kidneys says academic!!!
Alternatively, academics could pay for their intended crimes against the young by donating theirs
Guardian journalist: Phone hacking gave me a 'thrill'
Six months in a cell with a sex-starved psychopath would give David Leigh an even bigger thrill
Jewish Minister 'has agenda to damage Church'
Israel 'smeared candidate' for Irish presidency
40% of the Irish would not want a Jew in their family
Irish upgrade Palestinian diplomatic status
Euro crisis is spreading says Skunk-in-Chief Barroso
Britain could be forced to pay more!
Pervert with 'uncontrollable obsession with child pornography and torture' has sentence slashed!
Justices Simon, Moses and Gilbert overturned the original sentence
A lesson in democracy for our political class
It's beyond parody to lavish aid on corrupt dictators but leave Britain defenceless
Mohammed Sajid and Shasta Khan charged with terrorism offences
Teenager licked and sexually assaulted by Asian taxi driver
Thief Mounir Raki refuses to divulge his nationality so we can't deport him
Now the leech who has cost us £250,000 is screaming human rights
Judge's fury as sobbing teenager branded 'wicked woman' by barrister Tayyab Khan
Ahdel and Mubarek Ali, Noshad Hussain, Mohammed Ali Sultan, Tanveer Ahmed, Mahroof Khan and Mohammed Islam Choudhrey deny 50 charges relating to sexual exploitation and child prostitution
Bestiality with a goat at the Clarendon Fine Art gallery!
The Jewish artist Robert Lenkiewicz owed £2 million to creditors when he died
There ARE too many immigrants in the UK say 71% of Britons
The traitors at the top just do not give a damn what the majority wants
Panic rips through global markets: Worst day of trading in 3 years
£50billion wiped off the value of Britain's biggest companies
Take-home pay has fallen by more than £1,200 in two years since the bank crash
£311,000 golden goodbye for fat cat...
... and that's for a quango chief who 'failed to deliver'
The primary school where just 4 pupils out of 417 speak English as first language
90 per cent at Bradford Moor Community Primary are from Pakistan
Debt crisis: Global markets plunge as eurozone contagion speads
Global? Get it? The Globalism THEY forced upon us is responsible
BANKERS quaff champagne like the recession never happened at £3 million party
English students should study abroad says Universities Minister David Willetts
Because we want foreigners to study here! That what GLOBALISM's all about, folks!
George Osborne takes luxury LA holiday
Will he be thinking of the victims of his failed policies back home?
Women killed by ex-partners failed by police, says IPCC
The secret interrogation policy that could never be made public
Tony Blair evaded questions over his role

Thursday 4 August

These 'animals' murdered 16-year-old Nicholas Pearton
This is what the traitrorous dogsh*t in parliament insists we 'cohere'with
85-year-old head-butted and robbed by African immigrant
Abdoulie Soweo entered the toilet cubicle the gentleman was using and attacked him
Chief Constable Sean Price and deputy arrested in corruption probe
The serial turncoat and former tax exile bankrolling 'Red Ed'
Property tycoon Andrew Rosenfeld is Jewish, as is Miliband
Life-threatening salmonella superbug sweeping Britain
It is resistant to antibiotics
£300million haul of cocaine seized from yacht at British dock
'Heroin CEO' Akbar Bukhari jailed for 18 years in £7m smuggling scheme
He masterminded a £7m heroin trafficking operation
Anti-White Violence by the Left as Precursor to Today’s Mainstream Anti-White Establishment
Website helps female students pay off debts by dating 'sugar daddies'
Prostitution then
Young women are having to prositute themselves to pay off debt
And they are being encouraged to do so!!!
Fish stocks in River Wye being decimated by East European poachers
£35bn wiped off UK shares as fear stalks the world economy
Britain at greater risk of attack than any other Western nation
Polish cleaner Barbara Kuligowska stole jewellery worth £90,000!
From a Tory minister's millionaire wife - Not quite so bad then
Daily Mirror 'hacked calls from Paul McCartney
Piers Morgan bragged about listening to messages
Bus driver, Miroslav L, murdered student Kate
Owen Carl and brother Direece Roche murdered Adam Steele

Wednesday 3 August

Anti-White Violence by the Left as Precursor to Today’s Mainstream Anti-White Establishment
The Brevik Massacre: Down to the New World Order?
School drugs counsellor Mahfooz Ahmed exposed as 'one of Britain’s biggest heroin dealers'
Stephanie Knight lured young girls for rape by Asians
Amjad and Shahid Hussain and Tanveer Butt drugged and raped the 16-year-olds
Nottingham shop robbery police release CCTV of black men
Karim and Rahim Yazdani deny role in opium ring
Three hundred police officers swoop on Hackney gangs in dawn raids
Nurse Gilbertha Mutyoza jailed for £38,000 fraud
Black teenager exposes himself to 11-year-old girl
14-year-old girls sexually assaulted by man with "foreign" accent
Asian sexually assaults women during burglary
Joe Biden compares the Tea Party to terrorists
Is this the most crass and nasty US presidency in decades?
Taxpayers paid £15million for the privilege of handing a huge rail contract to a German firm
Imran Khan, Jaspla Kajla and Amjed Mahmood charged with conspiracy to murder
Zahid Ali jailed for 5 years over crash deaths
So much for the bonfire of the quangos!
Thousands of bureaucrats have been recruited since Cameron's election pledge
Milly Dowler killer Levi Bellfield suing for £30k over bathroom attack
Bellfield is a Gypsy
Cuts have left our troops with mission impossible
Shumsheer Ghumman tried to hire a hitman to murder Hannah Rhind's father
Joe Biden compares the Tea Party to terrorists Is this the most crass and nasty US presidency in decades?
Pakistani + Latvian = yet another sham marriage

Tuesday 2 August

News of the World's Stuart Kuttner arrested by police
Kuttner was managing editor of the NotW's for 22 years. He is Jewish
Sex attacker we can’t deport gets £1,000 a month in handouts
Sarafa Salami says it's his human right to live in Britain
Crimestoppers hunts UK's most wanted fraudsters
Six of the ten featured criminals are of immigrant origin!!!
Morris dancers 'kicked out of pub
Because the bells on their shoes broke a music ban!!!
Lib Dem Deputy mayor Judith Best arrested over attack on Neil Potter
She and son Scott Richards left him with a broken jaw, busted ribs, needing 27 stitches
Stuart Kuttner, the public face of the News of the World and its most vocal public defender for 22 years, has been arrested by police
Kuttner was managing editor of the NotW's for 22 years. He is Jewish
21-year-old Catherine bludgeoned to death in Poland
Policeman found with 'disgusting' child porn walks free from court
Baby P social services boss set for £1million compensation payout
After Bilderberg Meeting, Jewish Facebook official Says End Internet Anonymity
It will be so much easier for the Machiavellians to pick off the honest man then!
Third of 11-year-olds fail to grasp the 3Rs
200,000 STILL struggle to read, write and add up
Pylons linked to babies' asthma
Hairdryers, vacuum cleaners and microwave also a risk
"If disaster is an outside risk in America, it is an odds-on likelihood in Europe"
America is merely wounded, Europe risks death
After Bilderberg Meeting, Jewish Facebook official Says End Internet Anonymity
It would be so much easier for the rich and powerful to GET the little guy then!
Marvel Comics reveals the new Spider Man is black - and he could be gay in the future
Families to be £1,500 a year worse off, IMF warns
7 in 10 babies eat more than double the recommended amount of salt
"Tanned-complexion" man strikes again! He robbed a newsagent at knifepoint in Bognor Regis
Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez admits to murdering 1,500 people

Monday 1 August

The anorexia victims aged FIVE: Doctors blame ultra-slim celebrities
Labour years of waste: £3.75bn cut from Whitehall budget in ten months
'Elite' EU border guards powerless to stop immigrants
Chilcot points the finger at Blair over Iraq: Inquiry 'will condemn over four key failings'
Around 270,000 serial users of heroin and crack cocaine are living on state handouts
NHS cash 'diverted from the poorest to the wealthier parts of the country'
UK parents 'biggest spenders on private schooling in Europe'
Up to 14 million workers will retire with pensions smaller than their parents
Muslim teenagers convicted of criminal damage
They sprayed burkas onto scantily-clad models in Lynx poster
Hatred, smears and Liberals bent on bullying us into silence
Slay this tax monster gorging on our money
Anders Behring Breivik is not insane says expert
He IS insane says me! No excuse though. The nut should be blowtorched and boiled!
UK immigration analysis needed on Turkish immigration say MPs
Inspector Russell Dew charged with two counts of sexual offences against a child

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