Daily News - July 2011

Sunday 31 July

Labour councillor John Friary has pleaded not guilty to charges of grooming a child for sex
Woman suffers sexual attack by Asian
UK households squeezed harder than US or Europe
Our moral bankruptcy is Tony Blair's lasting legacy
Public sector workers need 'discipline and fear', says Jewish millionaire Oliver Letwin
George Soros says America must give up dollar and accept world currency!
AND the New World Order! Bow down before the Banker USA!
The damning of Tony Blair: Former PM will be held to account on Iraq
'Voodoo' row as the Lottery gives £200k to spiritual healers available on NHS
Pupils of 5 hear school governor swear as he describes inspectors report as sh**
No driving licence until you say if you will donate organs
MPs spend 1,000 hours a year tweeting and send 2,500 in one week
Union boss Dave Prentis bags a 31% pension rise
Disabled woman abandoned to be murdered for fun by gang of savages
In a society run by Nationalists the "savages" would be strung up
One more mass killer, one more drug-addled mind
Moroccan rapist confesses to Majorca attacks on Brits
Ed Miliband’s links with Murdoch
Shamed care tsar Dr Chai Patel to run 250 homes
David Cameron cannot duck his European problem
British traders helped supply Breivik's arsenal of weapons
Hundreds of pre-teen children treated for eating disorders
Phone hacking row: Cameron 'must come clean' over Murdoch

Saturday 30 July

"These hateful, privileged brats at the camp boycotted Jews and sided with Jew-killers"
How Jewish politico Debbie Schlussel sees slaughtered Norwegian children
Labour councillor John Friary has pleaded not guilty to charges of grooming a child for sex
Woman suffers sexual attack by Asian
Kai Taliana and Khaled Ait-Said charged with murder
Denzel Sasa and Levi Ingram jailed for corner shop raid
Ola Apena jailed for 'execution' of Samuel Ogunro
Jordean Franklin Thomas charged with murder
You're a viper in our midst!
Judge's attack on extremist who used internet to incite Muslims to murder MPs
Ex-Blair mandarin earning £4,400 A DAY in austerity Britain TO ADVISE ON FOREIGN AID
Probe into secretive Sharia law courts scrapped as Muslim leaders close ranks
Fury as judge frees paedophile teacher and says: Staff are often attracted to children
Activists use No.10's plan for people power to force MPs to debate death penalty
The moment brave shopkeeper fights off robber who held gun to his head
Extremist Bilal Zaheer Ahmad is jailed over rant of hate
I ‘probably’ took drugs confesses Tory MP Louise Mensch
Civil servants spend thousands on limousine tour of California
Down and out in London – thanks to the 'human rights' that put them there
Glenn Mulcaire 'acted under instructions' over voicemails
Wirral school governor jailed over indecent images

Friday 29 July

Was the Massacre in Norway a reaction to BDS?
BDS = Boycott (Israel) Divestment (from Israel) Sanctions (against Israel)
Arsonist Richard Kwakye murdered baby in 'evil' petrol attack
News of the World hackers 'targeted Sarah Payne's mother!!!
On a phone given to her by Rebekah Brooks!!!
Postman Yogeshbhai Patel stole almost £50,000 from mail!!!
Schools suspend 900 abusive pupils a day!!!Newham cabbie disfigured over £6 fare
Tobi Egunjobi and Jerome Taylor were jailed for 2 years
Growing number of children 'don't know their own name' when starting school!!!
Sex attack in Crouch Hill: the suspect is Asian
NHS delays operations 'as it waits for patients to die or go private'!!!
'He won't learn English if he moves here says Rashida Chapti
Our Banish The Bags campaign had Tory and Lib Dem backing
But in power they've done nothing and now we're using 300million more!!!
Detective Mark Fisher 'offered to pay off woman's £300 drug debt if she slept with him'
Protests as inquiry into 'blagging’ case minister Jonathan Djanogly is dropped
‘Keep petty criminals out of jail’

Thursday 28 July

£6.3m heroin gang jailed for 50 years
Mohammed Arif Hassan, Hafeez and Rashid Rahman, Asim Khan, Amur Fiaz, Mohammed Jangir, Arshad Mahood, Rashid Rahman, Sahib Hussain, Ilyas Tahir Karim and Faisal Amin trafficked 90kg of the drug.
Have you never wondered how the Hassans and the Rahmans can afford to buy all these businesses and properties? How you can have 3 or 4 take-away's in close proximity and the owners all drive BMWs? How the paedophile gangs never seem to be short of the drugs needed to stupefy young white girls before raping them?

I have.

Shariah law posters appear in Stratford!!!
Courtesy of Labour, the Tories, the Lib Dems and the PC Crowd! You sheeple can't say you weren't warned!
Kaniel Martin and Avie Howell murder Katherine and Ben Mullany
After robbing them, they shot the honeymooners in the back of the head
The head Nazi-hunter’s trail of lies
The Times tells us that Simon Wiesenthal "fabricated much of his own Holocaust story"
UK nuclear test veterans fight for compensation
Pole dance class for girls age 7!!!
Whitehall pays £3,500 for a £250 computer!
Men hired to act as Taliban for Army training exercises were 'illegal immigrants'
Met cop's 'shockingly greedy' wife took £1million in bribes for inflating house values
Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities
Sickness benefits have wasted the lives of millions who claim them
Transplant warning over Hepatitis C
Pill-pushing GPs dish out 18 million drugs every week
Minister Jonathan Djanogly faces investigation over 'blagging'
Anders Breivik sent 'manifesto' to supporters of BNP, English Defence League and Combat 18
Cameron's senior adviser Steve Hilton suggests UK should abolish maternity leave
£161m loot recovered from Britain's criminals in 2010-11
One in 20 move out due to neighbour
'Baby had meningitis but Greek locum said he was teething'

Wednesday 27 July

Boris Johnson aide resigns after boasting about how he steals his lunch
Tobi Henry had sex with Norman Barrett then stabbed him to death
There is one Tobi Henry in Facebook - He is mixed race
Breivik conspired With “Business and Political Leaders” Before Massacre
Sex abuse scandals: Anti-Vatican mood is sweeping Ireland
Adil Iqbal and Mazar Latif drugged and raped a 16-year- old girl
Iqbal also raped a 13-year-old
Asylum seekers: Pay for us to have a holiday
Afram and Bibi Ismail want an extra £50 a week each
Verity La Roche attacked in doorway of home by unknown black man
EU Exploits Norway Massacre to Stifle Dissent
Hackgate: Ministers meet Rupert Murdoch's News Corp every three days!!!
Polish man forced 'friend' to wear dog collar during Dublin rape
Rapist Asim Javed snared after takeaway customers recognise e-fit
Black youth repeatedly stabbed granddad who asked for directions
Doug Slade still ran after his attacker
HIV monster Nkosinati Mabanda infected woman with virus
He is known to have had unprotected sex with seven others
The shirking classes: Just 1 in 14 incapacity claimants unfit to work
Walking the street, the hate preacher banned by Britain
Sheikh Raed Salah is now using human rights law to stay here!
Four in five GPs prescribe drugs to patients they believe are addicted
BLAIR WARS: Soldiers slaughtered after row over water
Three British troops killed by Afghan national army soldier
Requiring immigrants to speak English 'breaches human rights'!
Probation staff spend 75% of their time tangled in red tape
Hackgate: Ministers meet Rupert Murdoch's News Corp every three days
Germans charged under the Terrorism Act

Tuesday 26 July

George Osborne has met News Corps executives 16 times as Chancellor
Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia guilty of baby girl cruelty
The 7-month-old baby died in June 2009
Masood Ahmed guilty of 'sickening' rape
Nigerian immigrant jailed for rape after re-entering the country illegally
Ola Adisa attacked the 17-year-old in the basement of a Croydon restaurant
Nizam Ahmed gets 6 years for sexual assaults in Burnley
Jewish author cited by Norway attacker expresses regret
Breivik cites Gisele Littman's work approvingly many times
Drug addicts offered money to vote Labour in Norway
BLAIR WARS: British helicopter gunship injures children in Afghanistan
Nkosinathi Mabanda pleaded guilty to maliciously inflicting GBH on his lover
He knowingly infected her with the HIV virus
"British" Afghans 'were planning attacks in UK'
Black robbers suspected of punching and threating to stab a teenager
Nigeria and the Internet Romance Scam
Google Suspending and deleting accounts with no warning!
EVERYTHING is being purged from some accounts. All such users' data and resources are vanishing
Alfredo Merigo stabbed his estranged wife 100 times
Are the Tories ready for punk rock chairman Grant Shapps?
Vince Cable's brush with the Murdochs -and the lessons he learned
Britain has dropped its demand that Colonel Gaddafi must leave Libya
Strauss-Kahn hotel maid feared for her life after discovering his identity
Eviction of travellers from Britain's biggest gypsy camp delayed while bailiffs undergo 'cultural awareness training'
Norway massacre: Police probe killer's links to UK
Nick Griffin re-elected BNP leader ahead of Andrew Brons

Monday 25 July

Substandard care linked to maternal deaths in London
England and Wales need 4,700 more midwives to provide a safe service
What THEY didn't tell you about the Melting Pot
Antoine Willis was set alight by his mother's boyfriend
Is hackgate judge Lord Leveson impartial? He's attended Murdoch parties recently
Leveson is Jewish. Murdoch is the world's no. 1 media Zionist
Euro-geddon: The EU is now a byword for waste, financial chaos and unaccountability

Sunday 24 July

Tea with Tony and dinner with Cherie – How the Murdochs wined and dined the Blairs
George Osborne's relationship with Murdoch under scrutiny
Anders Behring Breivik is not an anti-semite... He might even be a pro-Israel, philo-Semitic racist Nazi
Aryeris Angelis was speeding he knocked down and killed Elizabeth Beach-MacGeagh
Norway attacks: in today's world, nowhere is safe
Married Tory donor fathered children by African escort during 5-year affair
Top cop: We need more officers with tattoos - they break the ice with the public
Hospital tells families to use Skype to save cost of visiting sick patients
Tory MP skips constituency meeting for a drink with Made in Chelsea star
Chinese-American congressman 'sexually assaulted teenage daughter of campaign donor'
Police chief Andy Hayman paid for champagne dinners with News of the World journalists

Saturday 23 July

Norwegian gunman is a "right-wing" "Nazi" "Christian" who "hated Muslims"
Rapist Lee Brophy infected woman with hepatitis C
Raped at 12 by gang of footballers freed by a judge
Victim speaks about sickening sex attack
Wanted in connection with a sexual assault on a train
Doubling of rape figures in Blackpool
Sexual assault by black man prompts witness appeal in Swindon
Black gang stripped teenager naked and posted pics on Facebook
Cops hunt Turk who sexually assaulted teenage girl
Pensioner thought she was going to die when Napindi Palu broke into her home and sexually assaulted her
Damian Divine charged over police officer shooting
Gang-rapist cousin of Leona Lewis faces jail again for armed robbery
Hindu teenagers 'twice as likely as Christians to go to university'
Prison population hits record high with 85,578 behind bars
George Osborne met Rupert Murdoch 2 weeks before BSkyB decision
French MP says she turned down chance to meet Dominique Strauss-Khan...
... in the apartment where he allegedly tried to rape a French writer
ENGLAND: 'Divorce capital of the world'
150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs!!!
Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years
Poles are sending home £3bn a year
We pay them £4.5m a week in benefits
Coulson faces claims he committed perjury while in Downing Street
Peter Mandelson's lover Reinaldo da Silva becomes his director
Asylum seekers furious at rush to hit deportation deadline

Friday 22 July

Dr Aloke Basu jailed for killing woman in road crash
Roland Alabi jailed for 'cheap phone trick' street robberies
Surgeon Nayef El-Barghouty suspended over misconduct
Coalition rules out legalising multiple Islamic marriages after Whitehall leak
"Creating the conditions for integration"!!!
Coalition rules out legalising Islamic polygamy after Whitehall leak
The £8.7bn benefits bill for dizziness, headaches, coughs and stress!!!
James Murdoch 'misled MPs about widespread phone hacking'
The gravy train rolls on: One in five MPs still has family on the payroll
Marriage is a good thing for society and children
The carnage after Linford Christie smashed head-on into taxi driving on the WRONG side of the road
Crime warning as one in 10 police officers face axe in Government cutbacks
Prince Andrew shamed into quitting as trade envoy
Doctor who failed to spot Baby P abuse eight days before he died allowed to return to work
3 in 4 middle class mothers work after a baby as housewives become a rarity
Handcuffed on their 'wedding day': Sham marriage raided moments before couple tie the knot

Thursday 21 July

Edita Matijosaitiene charged in connection with rape by gang
34,000 police jobs will go by 2015!!!
Baby P doctor, Jerome Ikwueke, can start work!!!
"Some people like Picasso..I like pictures of children with no clothes on"
Says Tory ex-councillor, Martin Fisher, former Sheriff of Canterbury
University graduate Akbar Bukhari masterminded £5m heroin empire
8-year-old Orthodox Jewish boy murdered by observant Jew
Parts of Leiby Kletzky's dismembered body were found in Levi Aron's freezer
Polish career criminal Kuba Dlugosz tied up old lady and let her freeze to death
He was wanted in Poland when BLAIR, BROWN and CAMERON let him in!
Jailed for Life: Tatsuya Ichihashi beat, raped and strangled Lindsay Hawker
Rupert Murdoch's Fox News ran 'black ops' department!
Gwynneth Paltrow used to think 'Religion is the cause of all the problems in the world'
Now she says ’I'll raise my children Jewish' Airhead factor? 10/10!
4,500 'Mickey Mouse' courses to face the axe...
Including the 'GCSE' in claiming benefits! What? Politicians on our side?
Tied to chairs, sedated or locked up
The ordeal faced by thousands with dementia
Injured man forced to wait 25 minutes for an ambulance
After falling out of his wheelchair in HOSPITAL car park!!!
Murdoch empire finally stops paying jailed hacker's legal fees
The school where pupils speak 44 languages (including Zulu)
British Taliban suspects arrested
Nurse held over 'sabotage' deaths
Volunteers offer to support London's young black boys
I wonder how many of the "mentors" will have a criminal record themselves?

Wednesday 20 July

Edita Matijosaitiene charged in connection with gang rape
Dr Asia Ndaga is accused of a series of failures
Including not being able to take a patient's pulse!!!
BLAIR WARS: Cpl Mark Palin killed in Afghanistan
Aaron Fearon glassed barmaid leaving her with 'horrific' injuries
Linford Christie in head-on crash!
He was driving on the wrong side of the road!
Councillor Shelina Akhtar and sister Hazera Akhtar accused of benefit fraud
Thomas Ossel shot dead during robbery in Venezuela
His brother Jack was wounded
Pakistani spies 'operating in Britain'
CIA fake vaccination programme could cost lives
Harvard professor argues for 'abolishing' white race
Ignatiev is Jewish
Presidential historian, Barry Landau, accused of stealing millions
Landau is a Jewish name
The scandal MPs ignore
Bankers get £14bn bonuses and IMF warns of euro meltdownBenefit fraud: Billions lost to bogus claims and mistakes
Outcry at benefits for serial killers
Fury at Met 'catalogue of failures'!
20% of MET's public relations operatives worked for Rupert Murdoch!!!
Quotes from Rupert and James Murdoch
News International 'deliberately thwarted' police phone hacking inquiry
Andy Coulson was George Osborne's pick not mine says Rebekah Brooks!
Further embarrassment for Cameron
Hacking suspect Neil Wallis worked as Tory adviser
Did they try to buy silence?
Murdochs admit phone hackers' legal fees paid after their convicted
From humble pie to custard pie
Rupert tells MPs how sorry he is but he isn't responsible for anything
He took me with the vulgarity of a soldier
Says the MOTHER of girl Strauss-Khan is accused of molesting
Population to hit 7bn by October with 5 babies born every second
Outrage! Former union boss Derek Simpson pocketed £500,000 'golden goodbye'
Sex attack on teen: Judge's fury as he has to free pervert, 73
Scandal of 'extremely dangerous' rapist released two months into sentence!!!
BLAIR WARS: Thrill-kill cult inside US military in Afghanistan!
US military in Afghanistan uncovers sadistic death squad in ranks
Up to a million US soldiers and their families secretly exposed to toxic chemicals

Tuesday 19 July

Lord Grabiner (Jewish) to chair News International standards committee
Lord Leveson (Jewish) is the Chairman of the 'hackgate' inquiry. Joel Klein (Jewish) will chair News Corps' internal enquiry - Murdoch is the world's top media Zionist
Johnny Gannon's youthful Jamaican bride dumped him 20 minutes after she got here!
HIV-positive immigrant, Gift Veremu, 49, denies raping 16-year-old
Santanu Roy: £50k-a-year computer expert and leering pervert
Is this curtains for pro-Israel Murdoch?
Rebekah Brooks and mystery of dumped bag
Laptop, phone and papers 'belonging to husband' found in bin near their home
Nathan Phipps didn't like Det Insp Peter Howarth telling him not to sound his horn
So he ran over him then reversed back over him
Sean Hoare, News of the World whistleblower, found deadSexual assault by "olive-skinned" man on teen in Banbury
Taha Osman shrieked ‘All Jewish children must die!’ from his Taxi
He wasn't jailed - Would we have been locked up if we'd said that?
Yates investigated over claims he got job for Neil Wallis's daughter
Serious Fraud Office considering investigation into News Corp
We are in trouble when even the police can't tell right from wrong
We've been in trouble for a long time now
£24bn wiped off FTSE as fears grow over international debt problems
James Murdoch to face police grilling over 'hush money' to hacking scandal victims
'You're a danger to girls... but I won't send you to prison'
Bogus agent who tricked schoolgirl into posing in underwear walks from court
Dewani 'exercises for hours'... but is too ill to stand trial due to 'fragile mental state'
BLAIR WARS: Another soldier killed
Lance Corporal Paul Watkins was killed on Saturday
Police chiefs thrown to the lions

Monday 18 July

Demar Provan and Adewale Ogunsanya charged over policeman's shooting
Meltdown at the Met: Yard chief Sir Paul Stephenson resigns!
Freeze immigration and put British people first says Ed Miliband's policy guru
Nice ay to win votes, eh?
Cameron in crisis: PM forced to call emergency session of Parliament
As a SECOND Yard chief quits over hacking!!!
Town hall snoopers get personal in 'diversity' questionnaires
Released suspects carry out a crime every four minutes!!!
The politicians waffle as our industries die
The world's largest human experiment: GMOs, Roundup and the Monsanto Experiment
'British Democracy Is a Farce' say German Newspapers
Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'had sex binge in New York before alleged assault’
Clegg warns of serious threat to UK from global debt crisis (but why is he talking Britain down?)
Labour's £1m boost from property tycoon in cash for honours row
If Miliband is such a hero, why won't he tackle the REAL threat to our way of life - the BBC?
Burdened military is let down by this spineless coalition
Immigration should be frozen says Miliband adviser
Vote James Murdoch out Lord Myners tells BSkyB shareholders
Rebekah Brooks released on bail but arrest casts doubt on appearance before MPs

Sunday 17 July

Rebekah Brooks arrested over phone-hacking allegations!
"What this country needs is MORE IMMIGRATION!"
Says Jewish gent Simon Wolfson, son of top Thatcher advisor
The Knockout Game: Racial Violence and the Conspicuous Silence of the Media
Serial sex attacker (middle-eastern accent) strikes again in Bournemouth
Cameron sent people to their deaths to secure the support of The Sun
The Murdoch empire wanted Britain to go to war AND WE DID!
BLAIR WARS: Our soldiers failed by senior officers and ministers
The Knockout Game: Racial Violence and the Conspicuous Silence of the Media
Defence shake-up means our smallest Army since the Boer War
Israel's child prisoners of war
Libyan Rebels Accused of Pillage and Beatings
Missing drug dealer, Ivy Brown, poses risk to the public
BLAIR WARS: Another soldier killed in Afghanistan
Elisabeth Murdoch threw decadent party hours before the Milly Dowler scandal broke
Check out the skunks on view: Mandelson amongst many
Cameron's top ten mistakes
Elderly left to scream in pain
Revealed: Senior MP's secret links to Murdoch
"James (Murdoch) and Rebekah f***** the company!"
Says James' sister, Elisabeth, allegedly
Mephedrone is more popular than ecstasy among UK clubbers

Saturday 16 July

'Merciless' gypsies made £1m preying on elderly!!!
This is what we must cohere with. This is what THEY insist is "enriching" us!
‘I was appalled at what Labour did to the working class' says Roger Daltrey
Me too, Rog. THEY betrayed us. DELIBERATELY! THEY are traitors
Jerome Ikwueke bungled Baby P case to be reinstated
The GP will be able to work at his Tottenham surgery.
'Half of GPs want freedom to have sex with patients'!
Revealed: Cameron's 26 meetings in 15 months with Murdoch chiefs!
As my dear old dad used to say: "They all sh*t in the same pot"!
Woman claims she was raped at home of Fred West
Iveta Viragova, Votjech Virag and Ludmila Nistorova face charges of trafficking
Lambeth Housing official 'squatted' in Naomi's flat and 'trashed it'!
Venetia Bailey and Ernest Henderson, also a Lambeth employee, owe her £6,000 as well!
BROWN: I was only prime minister: it was someone else’s fault
Our great institutions are becoming tainted by venality and incompetence. Where are leaders of integrity when we need them?
They aren't there. This is the political generation that gave our world away
Alastair Campbell was like 'an unguided missile' over Iraq dossier says MI6 officer
Fresh EU cash grab 'will force Treasury to raise VAT'!
Labour whip unleashes 4-letter tirade at blind man for getting in her way
Hospital poisoner who killed 3 tries to murder 36
Les Hinton, CEO of Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, resigns
Rupert Murdoch's bloody Friday as Rebekah Brooks and Les Hinton quit
Robin Ligus murdered at least 3 men

Friday 15 July

News of the World hacking suspect was £1,000 paid consultant for the Met!!!
And Britain's top cop, Paul Stephenson, employed him!!!
Patients die on ward after saline drips are sabotaged with insulin!!!
Rebekah Brooks resigns!!!
Hee hee! The rats are leaving the sinking ship! The ivory towers are tumbling!
Predatory sex beast Amine Kacem disguised his car as taxi and raped young woman
Arrest after serious sexual assault on 17-year-old
The suspect is described as Asian or tanned
Teenager with learning difficulties sexually assaulted by Asian in library
Three out of four jobs go to foreigners and UK top for migrants
No wonder so many Britons languish on benefits
Over half on housing list are foreign!!!
Traitors and the treason beneficiary are everywhere in the white world
Heads of schools to be given powers to sack teachers with extremist beliefs
I guarantee BNP members will be fired, Shariyr law types will not
Discrimination against Whites in US Federal Employment
Loan cheat Ali Syeda lied about gang rape
'Majority of US Jews worried about Obama Israel policies'
Teenager Maddison Wrixon stabbed 13 times by crazed knifeman on holiday island
Burglaries rise 14% to a seven-year high!
More than one home a minute is hit by a break-in
One in five households in fuel poverty as energy prices soar
Rupert Murdoch attacks Gordon Brown
Don't you just love it when the worst people in the word are p***ing on each other?
Murdoch says 'we only made minor mistakes' as daughter Elisabeth turns on Rebekah Brooks
Britain should consider quitting the EU say scornful Euro MPs

Thursday 14 July

Teenage tourist stabbed to death others injured by Stelios Morfis and Dimosthenes Mylonas
'Overly fertile' foreign mothers and middle-aged women behind biggest baby boom since 1962
5 killed at industrial unit 'used by migrant workers to illegally brew vodka'
Taxes to rise by 12p to repay Britain's debt... and we'll be suffering for 50 years
Over 4million foreigners working here now!
334,000 more foreigners were employed in last year, just 77,00 Brits were employed
Euro plunges deeper into crisis as Greece's credit rating slashed to 'junk'
Scum footballers say girls of 12 wanted sex
So scum judges free them!
Eliot Fogel: TV producer and stalker

Wednesday 13 July

Efit: Man wanted for sexual assault
Fences will be put up around Portsmouth war memorial to stop EDL protesters from laying wreath
Forget the 3 Rs, Hackney pupils learn how to deal with stab wounds
Image of black man wanted over rape
Burglar Christopher Lemar Johnson charged with murder and sexual battery of 83-year-old
Rape Gang realeased from prison
Lord Justice Moses cut their sentences to one year
The New York rabbi and the Shabbat sex scandal
Rabbi who groped Israeli soldier sentenced to jail
UK debt set to pass 100pc of GDP, says watchdog
Michael Jachimowicz murdered his dad and buried him in the back garden
So he could inherit his wealth
Meat cleavers, bayonets and axes: Weapons seized from Schoolkids as young as six
The REAL cost of Britain's debt mountain: £78,000 for every family... thanks to New Labour
EU immigrants who have never worked In Britain to get British pensions?
Church of England 'will be dead in 20 years'
England's changing street names: goodbye Acacia Avenue, hello Jinnah Close
Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan
Almost half the Irish population is now on welfare!
Keith Donaldson-Jones gets 8 Years for series of armed robberies
Britain is Europe's top destination for permanent migrants
Families face £260-a-year surge in food bills
That's what you get for voting LibLabCon
Murdoch's News Corp had £4.3bn wiped off its share value last week!RESULT!

Tuesday 12 July

No jail for £30k benefits cheat Shakila Rauf
Nigerian Fraudsters steal £1.1 million
Ayodeji Kareem, Babatunde Fafore and Vincent Alonge tried to steal £4.25 million
Sexual assault by this man on a 14-year-old girl
'Unstoppable' sex disease
New strain of gonorrhoea resists all antibiotics! It could spread quickly
Violent crime rife in schools as cops record 65 serious assaults EVERY DAY
Why do 60% of children from poorest homes get to secondary school without the 3 Rs?
Because a dumbed-down society is much more easy to manipulate and destroy!
Christians should learn how to be a 'minority' from Muslims says bishop!
Rt Rev Nick Baines, the Bishop of Bradford, a 100% traitor to his tribe
Coronation Street faces ratings crisis
Viewers switch off outlandish storylines with 'too many' gay characters
Afghanistan: Karzai's skunk half-brother assassinated
Equality Police change their minds again! Christians DO have right to follow beliefs
Skunk mum locked her kids in a sweltering car for 45 minutes
Kelly Langham is a druggie
Corrie faces ratings crisis as viewers switch off outlandish storylines with 'too many' gay characters
The Taliban does the world a favour - our politicians support slime out there
'Do you remember the headteacher in Maida Vale?'
Immigrant murderer 'used his notoriety to intimidate robbery victim'
Scotland Yard at war with Murdoch over leaks
Fury at latest revelation of bribes to royal protection officers
As Gordon and Sarah Brown learnt of son's illness...
... the Sun's editor Rebekah Brooks called to say she knew!
RBS chiefs spend £8,000 of taxpayers’ cash on 30-course meal
Millions in legal aid for asylum seekers was misspent by collapsed immigration charity
Cameron can't be allowed to shackle the Press
Banned activist able to fly into UK because of failings...
... in a multi-million pound computer system designed to protect national security!

Monday 11 July

Marcus Hutton killed in front of his family by Delroy Hines
Rumour has it Hines made a nasty comment about Marcus' girlfriend
Moroccan raped Cheryl and stabbed her in the chest and neck
Asian shoots white man with an air rifle
Dumb burlglar Jonathan Ochola wrote about armed robbery on his diary
"Education, education, education"! Violence in schools doubles in a year
Almost 1,000 are excluded from school every day
Spanish police hunt 'serial rapist' who stabbed British tourist
The knifeman rapist is "dark-skinned"
Gypsy gang 'deliberately drowned' pony in front of horrified families
Electricity to rise by as much as 47% to meet EU targets
Muslims in Danish schools
Extremely low intellectual skills, undisciplined, disrespectful, unambitious parents
The political elite’s disdain for us has shattered all sense of national solidarity
More than 1,000 firefighters' jobs axed
One in 10 jobs could be lost in the next three years
Pensioners arrested in Israel
When the city streets are visited by sudden death
Emails reveal News of the World was bribing cops 4 years ago
Alan Sugar rows with Miliband's favourite MP after becoming Labour's biggest donor
Miliband's "favourite" is black - Sugar and Miliband are Jewish
Dad fined £1,000 and guilty of harassment - He warned families about a paedophile
Lord Ashcroft 'to publish proof of wrongdoing by Miliband adviser'
Poor pupils in struggling schools 'lag further behind'

Sunday 10 July

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's victory in ethical fishing fight
For 40 years, the EU has forced fishermen to throw up to 80% of their catch back into the sea!
Dizzee Rascal faces BA life ban for abusing stewardess
Jamaica is a "deeply homophobic society"
So their gays can claim asylum here
MURDER FOR PROFIT: Huge hike in gas and electricity
Fuel poverty contributes to 25,500 excess winter deaths every year!
Tories to invite 10,000 more Brazilians to pile into our country
Traitor Blair 'tried' to hush up hacking scandal!!!
What utter scum that man is
Insider reveals: 'PR men would think up a story... Some were complete fiction'
And yet Rebekah's Sun and News of the World would run it, word for word!!!
German bank that sacked 300 Britons pays Janet Jackson £11,000 a minute
Eight detectives accused of framing trio for vice girl murder...
... told prostitute her kids would be taken into care if she didn't collude
Huge rise in free school meals as parents struggle
John Yates: I failed victims of News of the World phone hacking
Yes you did, you skunk! Sack the corrupt f***!!!
Con artist Dr Maurice Saadien-Raad sexually harassed nurses and misprescribed drugs
Because of 'gross negligence' by regulators
Lord Sugar gives Ed Miliband a big bung!
Both gentlemen are Jewish
Mystery over Tony Blair’s millions for charity
When the city streets are visited by sudden death
Middle classes are Britain's new homeless: State safety nets are gone
Twelve pro-Palestinian Britons 'detained' in Israel
Five arrests during Cambridge EDL and anti-fascist marches
Dr Daniel Ubani fined £6,275 over Cambridgeshire patient's death

Saturday 9 July

Mikhail Mohammad jailed for raping girl, 13
Nigerian whose 5 babies on the NHS cost us £200,000 IS MARRIED TO A TYCOON!!!
Euro judges force UK to pay thousands to Iraqi insurgents!!!
BLAIR: Brown wasted my New Labour legacy!
Legacy? Mass immigration? Iraq? SPIN? Debt in the trillions? Murdoch and greedy banker-hugging? Political correctness? positive discrimination? etc. etc. etc.
BLAIR WARS: Afghan sniper killed two British soldiers with one shot
BLAIR WARS: Soldier killed after Army bosses barred him from opening fire
On insurgents planting roadside bombs!!!
EU cheats us out of jobs
Britain’s soft justice for Islamic terrorists
'Criminal cover-up' at Murdoch HQ
Cameron abandons Rebekah amid claims of email wipe-out
Even gypsies don’t want any more gypsies
News of the World phone hacking scandal hits No. 10
James Murdoch could face criminal charges on both sides of the Atlantic
Andy Coulson and ex-royal editor Clive Goodman arrested
Religious education in schools 'under threat'
Street lights switched off in HALF of Britain
Hugh Grant and the unlikely cast of characters in the phone-hacking crisis
More lesbian couples getting ‘married’ than gay men
Barnard Castle mayor gets 12-month local pub ban

Friday 8 July

Church of England faces being wiped out, report warns
Serial rapist Gene Benjamin convicted of 7 rapes and nine assaults
Police think many more were attacked but were too scared to report him
Race hate Africans "orgy of violence"
5 Dubliners left with horrific injuries, courtesy of the PC Crowd
Double rapist Onile Huggins sentencing delay
Psychiatric assessment to the rescue
20 years for Juju child sex trafficker Anthony Harrison
Schools that fill Oxbridge: Top five take more places than 2,000 comprehensives combined
Comprehensives: first foist upon the British working-classes by a Labour Government
Israel threatens ‘military action’ if Iran refuses to stop nuclear programme
Of course it does
Edna Beck, 80, gets ASBO after shouting 'Heil Hitler!'
Locked up again: The Somali crook we can't send home
Abdisamad Sufi cannot be deported from Britain because of his human rights
Yahya Harun, Sharmake Abdulkadir and Fuad Awale charged with murder
250 lose their jobs on the News of the World
Yet the woman who led it to disaster remains defiant and in place
Now Andy Coulson is facing arrest
Ex-Downing Street aide in quiz on hacking and police bribery
News of the World staff direct fury at Rebekah Brooks
Phone hacking scandal: enemies of free press are circling
Newspaper 'sacrificed to save one woman'
MP claims 1p for a phone cal and it costs £30 to process
The sooner Oona gets a real job the better for us all
13 benefit fiddlers who cost the taxpayer £1m
University fined £56,000 for not flying EU’s flag
How to end our ’elf and safety madness
Gay 'divorces' up by 44%
Too many criminals get away with on-the-spot fines says top judge
One in three children has never climbed a tree as figures show 60% would rather watch TV

Thursday 7 July

Pakistani generals 'helped sell nuclear secrets'
Dost Mohammed was bailed TWICE for rape and fled to Pakistan TWICE
Deported Nigerian crept back into Britain to carry out £1m fraud
'David Peters' has 131 aliases!
Ten great myths about foreign aid
As Cameron describes critics as 'hard-hearted', how our money is squandered
Aggravated burglary: 4 black men sought
Armed black thugs beat up young man in own home
Imran Mahmood attacked and racially abused Steven Morris
No Jail time!
Brighton sex assaults by "foreigner"
Terrorists planning to blow up planes with bombs INSIDE their bodies
Stand up for Britain's silent majority Patten tells BBC
Director-General admits: We failed to address immigration!
It's not all white: Up to 20 chemicals in a glass of milk!!!
News International's 'link to criminal underworld'
Scale of crime in university cities revealed
Nottingham is the worst
EXPENSES: MP Jim Devine whinges from behind bars
We want British jobs for British workers
The nine lovers of Rio Ferdinand, family man
We must stand up to Brussels over Bombardier job
Illegal immigrants can enter UK without a passport!
One in five eight-year-olds has seen nudity online
Murdoch empire in crisis
Illegal immigrant who pleaded to be deported is still being held here 4 years later

Wednesday 6 July

Fined £500k for not flying EU flag!!!
Brussels bureaucrats penalise UK museums, firms and councils!!!
Sir Nicolas Bratza is 'British' and the most powerful judge in Europe
Yet he's never been a top judge here! (But he is a human rights devotee)
Critics of foreign aid are "hard-hearted" says Cameron
We MUST bring back our grammar schools or risk another generation faling
Says biggest study yet on education
Cameron pledges inquiry into hacking by Murdoch's rag but refuses to delay Murdoch takeover of Sky TV!
Politicians = Scum!
Amjad and Shahid Hussain and Tanveer Butt 'conspired to rape teenagers'
Paedophile with a foot fetish who abused 18 girls at takeaway
Islamic extremists call on Muslims to establish independent states within the UK!!!
Relentless Drive by Globalists to Kill the Constitution
The Elite don't try to Hide their Hate for the US Constitution
Pension age 'will have to rise to 70 because of Labour's reckless borrowing binge'
The council that sacked all 6,500 staff
They only get re-hired if they agree to take a pay cut
Thousands axed as our government gives train jobs to Germany!!!
Rich 'protected more than victims’
Families of 7/7 victims 'were targets of phone hacking'
Two-year-olds 'to be given compulsory education checks'
Sun and Mirror in the dock over coverage of Joanna Yeates murder
Cops 'kettled children' at London student protest
Go Dutch to expel idle migrants

Tuesday 5 July

Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that neo-Nazi literature and speech is not a punishable crime
By "neo-Nazi... speech" the court means "free" speech uncensored by THEM!
West Indian immigrant Julian Browne took time off work to rape teenager
He has previous convictions for rape in Barbados
Embassy staff accused of serious crimes hide behind 'immunity'
59 diplomats have been held for crimes committed in London during the past 3 years
Child sex offender Hafiz Zeeshan Ikram was bailed!
Now there's a warrant out for his arrest!
Amjad and Shahid Hussain and Tanveer Butt 'conspired to rape teenagers'
Paedophile with a foot fetish who abused 18 girls at takeaway
Milly Dowler's phone was 'hacked by News of The World'
Dutch want to throw out migrant Poles who can't find a job
More than 1,000 girls under 15 every year are having abortions
Fat-cat council boss resigns after outcry over her £219,000 salary
Andrea Hill resigned with a six-figure pay-off
Council spend £100,000 on 'McPath' to help pupils get safely from school to the nearest McDonald's
Statin prescriptions soar to a million a week despite side effects
Nigerian woman who cost NHS £200,000 is working illegally as an Avon Lady
Executed by the Taliban: British soldier kidnapped and killed
On the day Cameron goes to see how well we are doing
Bimbo has no right to be in Britain. She came here on a tourist visa
With the explicit intention of giving birth on the NHS
Corrupt regimes 'will steal more British taxpayers' money' as aid budget balloons
Dominique Strauss-Kahn facing second sex charge
Tristane Banon will file charges of attempted rape against the “rutting chimpanzee"
Dr Adeniran Yesufu exposed himself to staff
Asians murdered David Lees - They "can't remember" what happened
No charges!!!
African immigrant Rachel Hiheglo threw boiling oil over policeman
Britain's last train making company Bombardier announces 1,400 job cuts
No such thing as "made in Britain any more is there"?

Monday 4 July

Lenny Love 'raped his 6-month-old son and infected him with HIV'
Diversity in all its glory! This is what THEY insist we "cohere" with!
In last 3 years 1,150 children reported for "hate crimes" in Scottish primary schools
Rupinder Singh Khaira charged with attempted sexual assault and harassment causing fear of violence
Christians protest at Gay Pride
83% of teachers say they witness racism in their students
31% say they see similar behaviour in teachers - The brainwash isn't working too well
The Milking of the health service by foreigners
Victim suffered broken jaw in attack
Jeremy Clarkson in race row over 'Lenny Henry in a cave' jibe
Gaza Flotilla: Human rights defenders vs US-backed Israel
Strauss-Kahn maid 'told police she was raped after he refused to pay for sex'
Ah the sordid tales of black folks and Jews
Jeremy Clarkson in race row over 'Lenny Henry in a cave' jibe
Children are routinely eating far too much salt
From human rights to the EU, the tide's turning against the Thought Police
Tatsuya Ichihashi admits raping and strangling Lindsay Ann Hawker
Some families still receiving £100,000 a year in housing benefit
Children as young as 3 branded bigots and racists
Government repairmen travelled 300 miles just to confirm a cupboard door needed repairing!!!
Hospitals 'named and shamed' on bedsores
Bedsores cost the NHS £4bn a year!!!
Boy and girl put into care
After social workers decide they can't cope with life in YORKSHIRE
civil servant who mocked Government Ministers on Twitter stripped of job
Obscene? It's traitorous. The animals who devised such law are at war with the British people

Sunday 3 July

500,000 overweight children 'at risk of liver disease'
That's what happens if you rob them of their school playing fields
Why was the man behind G-A-Y and Porn Idol a guest at No 10 party?
Why? Jeremy Joseph is both gay AND Jewish
Writer Kia Abdullah mocks death of gap year students on Twitter
Kia Abdullah mocked the deaths of three gap year students in Thailand
At least 25 deaths a week are linked to side effects of medicine
However, experts say only 10% of cases are reported
Armed immigants 'collecting for mosque' attacked and robbed mum-of-3 in her home
Pictured: The teenage boy, 16, stabbed to death in London street at 5pm for his mobile phone
Sir David Frost paid £57,000 to boost Gaddafi's image
Workshy lose out
Immigrant crooks go free to save cash
TV adverts for commercial abortion clinics given go ahead
Banned preacher alert 'sent to wrong terminal'
Church warned of split if it relaxes teaching on gay relationships
Crisis? What crisis? As Europe wrestled with Greek bailout, Governor of Bank of England spent 6 days at Wimbledon!
Conservatives admit immigration law chaos

Saturday 2 July

Saddam Hussein's torture doctor worked in British hospitals for last 7 years!
More than 150 rapists freed early from prison went on to rape again!!!
The bad Muslim maid and the lovely Jewish Financier
Health and safety fears are 'taking the joy out of playtime'
RABIES! Rules on animals coming from EU and elsewhere to be relaxed
Bimbo the health tourist and her £200,000 quads want to stay!
Bimbo by name, Bimbo, bonzo, bozo and we-breed-em-you-feed-em by nature
Bulgarian pickpockets, Ivanka Koleva and Elissaveta Vassileva, targetted pensioners
Ex-MI6 chief, Scarlett, altered Iraqi Intelligence
Editor of Chicago Tribune tells us why race of criminal/victim is not mentioned
Political correctness at its most foul - This is how it is everywhere
The Treachery of Tribune Editor Gerould W. Kern explained
16-year-old stabbed to death in south-east London
Three-year-old car vandal youngest criminal in Britain
Brown's government 'left the British working man screwed by cheap labour', says Roger Daltrey
The Black Muslim lies that freed Jewish IMF boss, Strauss-Kahn
Tory peer who insisted: 'I did nothing wrong' jailed for expenses fraud
Give jobs to British? They’re too lazy and unskilled say bosses
Andrew Milewski projected porn to 11-year-olds
Children as young as four exiled to sin bin schools
Alastair Campbell: Blair was angry at Prince's interference
Sabir Hussain and Mohammed Mazar Iqbal in court over discovery of bodies
Church to review same-sex relationships policy

Friday 1 July

Gang rapists of Mediterranean appearance sought
Ramdai Singh banned from nursing for running care home 'no better than a kennel'!
Ashraff and Khairool Jaddoo owned the home
Asian-born Australians may soon outnumber whites, says government study
Kenneth Mills, 82, left to die in wheelchair as wife lay on the floor
Carers failed to call for 3 days
Dr Francisca Ogunbiyi tells Jeffrey Wingrove a stroke is vertigo: Jeffrey dies two days later
Couple tied up by raiders of Middle Eastern appearance
Richard Kwakye and Dimitri John-Lewis face jail over toddler murder
Red Ed Miliband repeats himself again and again and again"
So much for austerity: EU hires 65 spin doctors
Murdoch closes in on control of BSkyB: Government accused of making 'seedy deal'
Immigrants 'take the jobs from young Britons'
Cabinet Minister states the obvious: majority of jobs go to foreigners
If immigration isn't controlled "we risk losing another generation to dependency and hopelessness"
Chief Rabbi: Equality laws leading to new Mayflower exodus
British government's plan to play down Fukushima
Strauss-Kahn case 'close to collapse' say reports
16,000 jobs go to save billions for big banks
Dizaei in court on corruption charge
Hate preacher Raed Salah fights deportation
Sabir Hussain in court on double murder charge
Metropolitan Police say 175 murder suspects on bail
Britain would be a better place if families looked after their own
UK population grew by half a million in 2010, the fastest rate for half a century
Former Lloyds boss Eric Daniels paid £500,000 to do nothing as 15,000 jobs are slashed
Daniels is American of German-Chinese origin
Black Muslim Snooker player, Rory McLeod, refuses to shake hands with female referee Ivy Zhu

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