Daily News - June 2011

Thursday 30 June

28% accused of 'street grooming' (of underage white girls) is Asian
‘Disproportionate’ number of Asian men involved in the sexual grooming of white children
They comprise 6% of the population - 28% are engaged in paedophilic activity
12-year-old threatened with knife by Black pervert
Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung to be charged with drug and money-laundering offences
Is George Soros Forging a Closer Alliance With the Muslim Brotherhood?
Mass Murder Based on Lies: 1.4 Million Iraqi Dead at the Hands of the Labour-Tory Elite
The far-right Jewish voice split and in 'disarray'
Britain faces diabetes timebomb as cases rise
Around 800,000 people have dangerously high blood sugar levels
Councillor Jim Long: "I'd rather be called a racist than a traitor"
Most Jamaicans say they would be better off ruled from London
Taste of India restaurant fined £5,000 after rats discovered
Rise in muggings and burglaries linked to economic downturn
Marvin Henry killed in Mill Hill for 'bin humiliation'
MPs back sentencing reforms that 'catapult criminals back on street'
Mother-of-6 benefits fraudster Kerry Melia invented 15 foster children
Asian racist Mohammed Miah called Stephanie Monks “a white bitch” and “white trash”
'Rapists and killers will walk free' after judge rules suspects must be charged or released after 96 hours
Police drag boy out of bed for throwing an apple
Is George Soros Forging a Closer Alliance With the Muslim Brotherhood?
UK population is growing at its fastest rate for half a century driven by immigration
Danilo Restivo faces life for murdering neighbour
Teacher Samantha Burmis 'used daughter's fingerprints to hide criminal past'
Banned hate preacher who strolled through Heathrow is arrested
Young offenders planning criticised

Wednesday 29 June

Italian immigrant, Danilo Restivo, murdered and mutilated neighbour Heather Barnett
The nutcase is also suspected of murdering Elisa Claps
More than 2,000 children 'victims of sex grooming'
Half offenders excluded from report - 38% of rest white - 62% not white?
Failed asylum seeker Sujon Uddin and his pal raped a teenager in a park
She was having an epileptic fit at the time! The traitors who force thousands of our most vulnerable children to "cohere" with Sujon Uddin and co. should be forced to "cohere" with a firing squad!
Darvinder Singh charged with two separate rapes
'I’m A Celebrity' rapper and alleged rapist Aggro Santos re-bailed
Rapist Amrullah Hafizi jailed for 6 years
Boguslaw Chmiel and Krzysztof Szalus killed flatmate, Wieslaw Filus
Families see savings shrink and spend more money to buy FEWER goods
Boguslaw Chmiel and Krzysztof Szalus killed flatmate, Wieslaw Filus
Lithuanian immigrants dragged woman from taxi and gang-raped her
African immigrant 'Fagin' got gangs of kids to attack and rob more than 50 schoolchildren
Polish immigrant doctor struck off! Robert Bartosik kicked an autistic patient
EU Court of Human Rights bans us from ejecting “dangerous” foreigners!
Rapists, murderers, paedos must stay if they face “inhuman or degrading treatment” back home
E-fit of Asian child molestor
Hakeem Shittu lured a student to his friend’s bedsit and sexually assaulted her
Erdington: Woman Attacked in Nettles by Asian/Mixed Race
15 year-old girls sexually assaulted by Asian in number 9 “Rooney” shirt
Cops hunt foreigner in connection with sexual assault on teenager
Mediterranean type performs indecent act in front of 55-year-old
Asian sexually assaults 16-year-old
Musheer Kamram guilty of inciting children to engage in sexual activity
The joke of 'secure Britain'!
Boguslaw Chmiel and Krzysztof Szalus killed flatmate, Wieslaw Filus
Banned militant strolls through Heathrow immigration as 'Human Rights' allows 200 Somalian crims to stay!
Greedy bankers 'STILL starving small businesses of lending lifeline'
Bloodsucking Brussels demands an extra £2BILLION a year from UK!
They squeeze £15.3billion a year out of us already!!!
BBC boss Mark Byford got 950,000 pay-off
BLAIR WARS: Taliban commandos kill at least 10 guests at Kabul Intercontinental hotel
Athens burns as Greek MPs debate EU's call for £25bn in cuts
GP bonuses 'lead to poor patient care'
Hospitals leaking patient data to 'no win no fee' firms
Dutch parliament votes to ban ritual slaughter
Jews and Muslims will not be happy
Iran attacks BBC for documentary on life of prophet Muhammad
Muslim 'fired for wearing headscarf at work' suing Abercrombie & Fitch
Child abductions by parents up 10%
Doctors reject NHS reforms saying they are 'one of the biggest social injustices'
Prisoners should be allowed to BUY their way out of jail early says Lib Dem councillor
Six of UK's most wanted are in the Netherlands

Tuesday 28 June

Rabbi Dov Lior quizzed over endorsement of Kings Torah
This says says children of Israel's enemies may sometimes be killed
"All the thugs were either black or mixed race and both victims are white"
2 young men minding their own business were stabbed repeatedly by an 8-strong gang
24% of all babies delivered during Ireland's baby boom were from immigrant women
Was Israel behind Japan's Tsunami?In February 2010, Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran
Banned Islamic fanatic strolls through border controls
Graduate gloom as 83 apply for every vacancy
University leavers' job crisis worse than ever
Girls as young as ONE 'forced to have sex change operations in India'
Indians pay surgeons to turn girls into boys
24% of all babies delivered during Ireland's baby boom were from immigrant women
Immigrant parents are keeping their children hungry in protest over benefits
Taliban issues chilling threats against TEN targets in UK, U.S. and France
Secret millionaire Nick Leslau buys St Katharine DocksProperty entrepreneur Leslau is, of course, Jewish
Living wage MP Lyn Brown criticised over unpaid job
Mean and hypocritical. That's New Labour for you
Our backdoor Greek bailout: UK will be forced to double its IMF payment to £20billion
Guess where the money is going!
'Burka Bandit' armed with knife and umbrella robs travel agents
Police dogs die after being shut in hot car by moron cop
Jack Straw attacks injury claims 'racket'
Funny how he never atacked it the 13 years he was in power
Food parcels sent to a primary school
Challenge to 'hooding' guidelines
Shabaaz Hussain faces terrorism charges

Monday 27 June

These Fake Chinese Microchips Were Made To Disarm U.S. Missiles
And David Cameron has just been kissing their a**es!
'Criminals' aged just 3: Children responsible for hidden crimewave...
...including rape and vandalism and there's nothing police can do
Gang hunted over village murder One of the killers "is described as black"
Milly's killer Levi Bellfield could be responsible for 5 more murders and a string of sexual assaults
Bellfield is a Gypsy
Admissions: Practising Christians 'will no longer get priority' at Church schools
Swedish school bans 'him' and 'her' in bid to stop children falling into 'gender stereotypes'!!!
Elderly 'facing cuts to care despite promises’
Middle classes 'must find £50,000 for care' as spending on elderly slashed by 8%
As our treacherous politicians hand over £12 billion in 'foreign aid'!!!
Population in the UK will hit 70m earlier than feared thanks to 'immigrant baby boom'
China: We'll spend billions to prop up stricken euro
And, as a result, Red China will end up owning even more of our continent!!!Rachel Cowles was almost grabbed like Milly but cops didn't act for 3 years
She repeatedly tried to report the incident but they refused to take it seriously
Fear is turning to anger, but the EU bureaucrats will still screw us
Woman who claimed Tory MP groped her says 'My life is destroyed'
Faults found with surgical tools
Tories must stick to their promises on robust justice
East London Mosque breaks its promise on homophobic speakers after just 8 days

Sunday 26 June

Elderly patient dies after Polish immigrant blocked air ambulance landing space!!!
He "refused to move from its landing space"!!!
"Irish social workers are lovely people, quite different from any of those I have encountered in England"
The judges and social workers involved in Vicky Haigh's case should be flogged
What HAS the West got to show for ten bloody years of war?
A leading historian's devastating verdict
Endemic pro-Israel bias in UK TV coverage
27 percent of Americans say more interracial marriage is good for society!!!
Israeli PM's son insults Muslims on Facebook
Black Congressman says Palestine does NOT deserve a State
Mystery death of Cameron's top Tory ally
Christopher Shale's death came just hours after he wrote a deeply scathing report on the future of the Tory party. Shades of David Kelly?
Threatened, isolated, under siege: the UK's working class today
BLAIR WARS: Deadly attack on Afghanistan hospital - 27 dead 53 injured
'There's no reason to join the Tories. We've come over as voracious, crass, always on the take'
David Cameron's own constituency chairman says so
Outrage at £260,000 Wimbledon junket by RBS chiefs - after job cuts and a £20bn taxpayer bailout
Boy, 13, charged with murder after 'killing foster mother in stab attack'
Milly Dowler: What was done to this family was legal, but immoral
Police and lawyers blame each other for ‘inhuman’ court ordeal of Milly Dowler family
Murder tore Milly's family to shreds, and the legal jackals feasted on what was left
£94m cost of Olympics arts festival no one has heard of
As Dave 'does the talking', war dead are sneaked out of the back gate
Did Russian mafia kill the body-in-a-bag spy?
It is not an offence to abuse police: Officers told not to arrest people who scream obscenities
Prisoners win £10m in compensation
Crooks to be named and shamed
E.coli: advice chanced as UK firm linked to outbreak
Tony Blair's personal details 'hacked'

Saturday 25 June

Wanted Polish criminal, Kuba Dlugosz, bound and gagged pensioner and left her to freeze to death
He was found guilty of manslaughter only. Szymon Wyrostek faces a retrial
'Evil', 'barbaric' thug, Azad Khan, jailed for torturing defenceless dogs
This is what our politicians insist we cohere with
£4m bill to defend a Gypsy serial killer
CLINTON: Israel has the right to defend itself from flotillas!
That would be unarmed peace flotillas she's talking about
Euro meltdown is the biggest threat to our recovery
Hasmukh Shingadia, the fraudster who was a guest at William and Kate's wedding
Labour should ALWAYS have a woman as leader or deputy says Harriet Harman
Cameron has finally woken up to the disaster that is immigration. But he's left it too late
Baby P case boss in new fight
Lord Black sent back to prison
'The flag of Islam will be over Downing Street and Queen Elizabeth will wear the burqa'
Says Abu Waleed. And our politicians want me to 'cohere' with him?

Friday 24 June

Israeli Jew turned Catholic priest named head of papal court
7 out of 10 voters want Britain’s spending on foreign aid frozen or slashed
43% want to scrap it entirely. Will those we vote for take any notce? Will they f***!
The demolition of Palestinian homes picking up speed
Israeli bulldozers have razed 103 homes so far this year leaving 700 homeless
In London boroughs like Newham only 8% of children up to 11 are white British
Midlands Air Ambulance Service robbed of public donations worth £12,000 by 3 black men
Sexual assault of woman in a nightclub: Asian suspect souhgt
Black light heavyweight Dominic Powers beat up Andrew and Dean
Illegal immigrant arrested on same train as Theresa May
Child sex: Kabeer Hassan charged with conspiracy to rape
The amount of litter dropped in Britain has increased by 500% since the 1960s
Drug cocktails putting elderly at risk: Mixing medication may be fatal!
Fatal cocktail of common drugs putting elderly at risk
BLAIR WARS: At least 40 killed after bombs blast Shiite Baghdad
Reggae star Buju Banton gets 10 years for his role in cocaine deal
Obama's policies threaten to turn Afghanistan in to Vietnam Mark II
Ed Miliband seeks to change shadow cabinet selection
So he alone can choose the shadow cabinet (Labour MPS decide now)
Nuclear Secrets: 5 Russian scientists who helped Iran among 45 killed in plane crash
Iranian nuclear scientist 'killed by Mossad or the CIA'
Why Is Government-Mandated Racism against Whites Still Allowed?
Picking up litter cost Local Authorities £1 billion in 2010 (MacDonald's most to blame)
Gypsy Bully who raped and tortured girlfriends
Levi Bellfield fathered 11 children with 5 women and had countless other lovers
Stupid Keystones insisted Milly Dowler's dad murdered her!
Ka Yang murdered her own daughter in microwave

Thursday 23 June

Children's Minister claims racial sensitivity kept child sex 'under radar'
THEY put the "sensitivities of the immigrant before the health and welfare of the British child
‘Europe is dying’ U.S. population expert tells Senate hearing
World's wealthiest people now richer than before the credit crunch
Surprise, surprise
Caretaker 'was voodoo wizard who trafficked young girls, kept them in coffins and forced them to eat hearts'
Axel Doumbia carried out a security van raid while on bail for gang rape of 13-year-old
The bond between soldiers and politicians is close to breaking Convicted rapist Ashkor Ali trawled the internet looking for vulnerable little girls
The DELIBERATE Hit-and-run killing of David Lees
Tariq Mahmood says he 'can't remember' what happened
Philippe Gandus tried to snatch a 3-year-old child
He was deported but now he's back
Dumbartonshire Councillors receive "international" death threats
After a council decision to boycott Israeli goods sparked outrage within the Jewish community
Zionists beating up Rabbis in Israel
Ryan Lovell-Hancox: Murdered boy 'was not protected'
Fourteen agencies missed opportunities to save a three-year-old
Asian punched and mugged for £4 in Accrington
Foreign criminals get more human rights protection than Britons facing extradition
Nigerian immigrant, George Abrue, scams our pensioners of £20million
PhD student, Mohammed Al-Sulaiti, stole more than £250,000 in benefits after claiming to be asylum seeker
Thought Police drag victimised former Mayor, Keith Gilbert, through courts
Federal Reserve Chairman admits it's "certainly not clear things are improving"
Ben Bernanke says "part of the slowdown is temporary, part... may be longer lasting
Will we ever have a black prime minister?
If the PC Crowd and the globalists have anything to do with it, certainly.
UK fears migrant influx as EU bids to break down border controlsThe historical truth behind the Israeli-Palestinian narratives
Grammar schools 'should be allowed to expand' says Gibb
Prudence sees Ed Balls for what he is: a sidekick of Gordon Brown
Union leader's 10% pay rise!
At a time when Christine Blower is about to shut our schools

Wednesday 22 June

Axel Doumbia carried out a security van raid whilst on bail for the gang rape of a 13-year-old virginHe was jailed for 15 years
One in four primary school pupils are from an ethnic minority!!!
Almost a million schoolchildren do not speak English as their first language!!!
The £2,500 freebie: Council smooths private driveway to MP's home before pot-holed public roads!
French accuse Tony Blair of ‘Soviet-style' propaganda in run-up to Iraq war
"The label 'conspiracy theory'... is used to discredit criticism of the powerful"
Greek crisis could cost UK £336bn!
Germany owes Greece a debt
66 years on, the New World Order reparations monkeys are still at it
Blair: Iran must not be allowed to develop nuke program
But your best friends must be allowed to keep them, eh, Tony?
Cameron to defence chiefs: 'You do the fighting, I'll do the talking'
Cameron/Blair/Brown to squaddie: 'You do the dying, I'll do the lying'?
"I don't have contact with the Asian males any more so I'm a lot happier"
Shame the traitor politicans don't care about the happiness of our little girls, isn't it?
Griffin Must Go!
Was World War Two the “Last Good War”?
Last statement of Tom Ball: self-immolation victim
Tiger Woods' lied about racial attack when he was a kid
"90 to 100 percent" probability Colorado fire started by illegal immigrants says Sheriff Dever
POLL: Three party leaders and we can't stand any of them
Agoraphobic benefits cheat escapes trial! He's 'scared to leave his house'!!!
Colin Watson takes the p*** courtesy of our traitorous politicians
John Galliano: Vile racist or victim of an amoral industry?
Tony Blair President of Europe? 'A dreadful thought', says Diane Abbott
Judge James Allen battered his wife for not making his dinner
London to host first gay dog show
Law student, Aisha Mather, made up rape story - gets banged up for 2 years
Report into sexual grooming of children soon to be made public
And will it tell the whole story? Is the moon made of green cheese?
Chris Evans in race row after saying he could not see black scientist
Equality staff 'paid too much' - Quango blew £1.6million 'without authority'
Immigration swoop on food company
UK skills crisis: Should degrees and A-levels be taught at work?
Will we ever have a black prime minister?
Will we white folks ever want one?
All knife thugs to get six months

Tuesday 21 June

Law student, Aisha Mather, made up rape story - gets banged up for 2 years
Afghan immigrants charged with the rape of a young woman in Leeds
INDIA spends £200m on the world's tallest statue!
That's India, to whom Cameron and Clegg have given so much of our money to!!!
The long list of everyday violence against Christians in Uzbekistan
Blair/Bush were cuddling up to the Uzbek regime when Saddam was attacked
The euro has not brought Europe closer it has ripped it apart
Obama tells Jewish donors he strongly backs Israel "US and Israel will always be stalwart allies and friends"!
Confidence in police drops the more contact a victim has
The more contact, the more a victim realises whose side THEY are really on
Girl, 15, tells how she was sold to Asian men for sex
After being enticed with drugs and alcohol
Girl sold to Telford restaurant workers for sex
18-year-old woman being assaulted by Somali men in Ponders End
Coalition 'will miss its migrant targets' unless they rip up the rulebook
Who thinks THEY will rip up the rulebook?
Convicted sex attacker Rafal Mlodzinski arrested for breaching his Sexual Offences Prevention Order
Massive migration cut 'unlikely'
Anyone out there surprised?
Net migration target to be missed, warn academics
Tell me the same old story
Forget two world wars and one World Cup geneticists reveal 50 per cent of Britons are GERMAN
Oh yes. THEY had brother killing brother in the many millions back then
Angler’s death: Anthony Ogburne is charged
How could an African woman steal this British housewife's identity and get away with it for 15 years?
Because THEY are at war with us and immigrant crime is to be applauded
How CAN 15 minutes' contact with carers a day ever be enough for the elderly?
It isn't. But that's all THEY are prepared to allow
Liberal Democrats forced David Cameron to compromise on benefits
If you want to rebuild Britain, the family is a good place to start
Former Langbar chief jailed for fraud
Jack Warner quits FIFA
Rough sleepers in London increase by 8% to 3,975
One in six young offenders are back in jail in a month
Justin Hughes steals bike, shoots up neighbourhood, gets shot dead himself

Monday 20 June

NHS negligence bill tops £1bn a yearOne in 10 people who undergo treatment in hospital are victims of medical accidents
Nizam Ahmed guilty of two rapes
Moe, Larry And Curly Bernanke
MP Khalid Mahmood gave character reference to Asians who used it to perpetrate a multi-million pound fraud
Mozam Aziz, a criminal with a "drink problem" and Saghir Afzal, who was banned from being a company director because of previous convictions, were the benficiaries of Mahamood's largesse
Child grooming 'much larger than thought’ by cops, social workers and charities say MPs
Actually, it's much larger than ACKNOWLEGED by said groups AND MPs - They have all tried to keep it quiet
Blairs cause outrage by charging for end of school party for Leo
Judges launch scathing attack on the 'abusive' way migrants exploit appeals
The Judges Council says 85% of cases are dreamt up by lawyers looking to make money
Outrage as hero postwoman faces the sack
Julie Roberts jumped on her van to stop a thief getting away
Bad home care for elderly by councils 'breaches human rights'
In the Coalition's first year 87% of the 400,000 newly created jobs went to immigrants!!!
Foreign Office memo says EU chief Cathy Ashton isn't up to the job
Child killer Luke Mitchell 'to be released by Supreme Court'
He was denied access to lawyer during police murder interview
Gay men could be ordained as Church of England bishops 'to comply with new equality laws'
UK bill for Libya military action running 'into the hundreds of millions' minister admits
Rights that make a mockery of justice
It's not just absent fathers, Mr Cameron. Family breakdown is driven by single mothers on benefits
Eurocatastrophe: turning a drachma into a crisis again
The ‘rights’ I would give these scum
BLAIR WARS: Gareth Bellingham killed in Afghanistan

Sunday 19 June

NHS negligence bill tops £1bn a year
One-in-10 hospitalised patients are victims of medical accidents
Christians are more militant than Muslims say black Equality boss
Trevor Phillips wades into debate on religion in modern society
Germany: Merkel Tells Germans to “Accept Migrant Violence”
Bailed out RBS shuts three care homes to save £1.3m
But boss Stephen Hester who earns FIVE times as much won't take pay cut
George Osborne plots £7bn pensions 'raid' on better off
‘Are Jews Responsible for 9/11’? Camden library book leaves Jewess shaking!
"They have spent our rates on a blatantly anti-Semitic tract," says Ms Freedman
John Sentamu: The fight to end global poverty must not be sidetracked by selfish detractors!
Our African archbishop wants what the greedy bankers haven't already nicked, lads!
Germany: Merkel Tells Germans to “Accept Migrant Violence”
George Osborne plots £7bn pensions 'raid' on better off
Church of England to approve gay bishops
Arrogance, not sex, was Anthony Weiner's downfall
Weiner the Congressman perv is Jewish
Lamah Prince murdered student whilst he was “unarmed and defenceless”
Wife of German chancellor Helmut Kohl raped at age 12 by Russian soldiers
Red Ed Miliband was a fan of Maggie Thatcher
George Osborne plots £7bn pensions 'raid' on better off
Cameron's senior policy adviser backs calls to pull out of Europe!!!
Lords on the EU payroll blocked Europe referendum
The Kinnocks, Leon Brittan, Peter Mandelson and Michael Heseltine, all the biggest creeps are there
BLAIR WARS: 3 soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2 days
Lamah Prince murdered student whilst he was “unarmed and defenceless”
Muslims to break away from Scottish education system
The foreign students who beat us at English
Benefits and treatment for drug addicts cost £3.6 billion a year
David Cameron: Absent dads are as bad as drink drivers
Taxpayers' £212,000 bill for Ken Clarke's ministerial car
Commons dog ban breaches my human rights says MP
Refugee inventions highlighted

Saturday 18 June

Black pimp, Clive Brown, sold underage girl for sex
Multiculturalism must go says Piet Hein Donner, the Dutch Home Affairs Minister!
13-year-old raped in Torquay: Who saw a girl with "a black male"?
This persecution of the law-abiding is a disgrace
Ed Miliband: an 'idealistic and fanatical supporter of the European empire'
Unwed parents are six times more likely to split by the time their child is five
The pornification of pop
The immigrant is THEIR footsoldier, the media is THEIR A-bomb
Barrington Laing banned from entering Croydon town centre
Afghan teenager could now be owed payments until he is 21
Argentina President Cristina Kirchner says UK is "a crass colonial power in decline"
500 legal aid barristers earning more than the PM
Tory MP says disabled people should offer to work for less
School bans 11-year-old boy for having 'cornrow' hairstyle
High Court judge says it's 'racist'
Judge's fury as cannabis addict claims £16,000 in benefit
Because smoking the drug has made him too depressed to work!!!
15 million Britons are listed on new national police database
Total of Romanians in uk jobs trebles in year
Many of these are Gypsies
Jail terms to be halved for guilty pleas
Lamah Prince jailed for murder

Friday 17 June

Hit-and-run driver, Rohan Bingham, got less than 5 months after he left Clare Carver 'to die'
He drove off to a party and bought crack cocaine instead
So Solid Crew rapper bloodied teenage girlfriend's nose
She refused to do his laundry
Black man sought over rape of 13-year-old schoolgirl
How many other women were targeted by 'dark-skinned' rape gang?
'Find a river to dump her in': Chilling note found in car near to home of Joss Stone
HUMAN RIGHTS: 3,200 criminals, failed asylum seekers and benefit tourists can't be kicked out
Because of their right to family life!!!
BLAIR WARS: Another two soldiers killed in Afghanistan
He Served the Empire Abroad; The Regime Killed Him in His Home
Errol Jeffrey, Troy Shaw, Christopher N'Jie and John Otugade charged with Bogdan Paduret’s murder
Drunken 'racist' Tridib Bhattacharjee gets ASBO only
'He subjected his neighbours, including small children, to repeated verbal abuse'
Quarter of UK population will be on new police database
Tesfaye Bramble guilty of raping teenager
Death wish: Routine use of vital antibiotics on farms threatens human health
Pop 'descending into pornography'
It descended a long time ago.
Free taxi rides for family of terror suspect
Greek debt crisis: billions more will be pumped in to rescue Greece
PC Thomas Hatton charged with drug dealing
Is Big Society guru Steve Hilton about to quit No 10?
Police drop sex assault case against Tory MP Andrew Bridgen after just a week
Debt, denial and the delusions of Mr Balls

Thursday 16 June

Rabbinical court rules spirit of secular lawyer transferred into dog's body!
Dog sentenced to death by stoning!
Rabbi charged with raping 12-year-old girl
The world's most dangerous countries for women
This is what the politicians invented the race laws to protect
Equalities office where women earn 8% more than men
Whitehall’s most politically correct department has 107 staff. 65% are women
Five million families struggle to cope with noisy neighbours
Asylum seeker, Nizam Ahmed, denies attempted rape and rape the following month
Working class pupils 'perform better in Slovenia than UK'
Student sexually assaulted by 'dark European'
Sexual assault: e-fit of Asian-looking man
Kaldeep Singh arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting 17-year-old girl
He was bailed and now he's disappeared
OBAMA: Birth certificate forged?
Asylum seeker, Chalachew Mohammad, charged with rape
The breast cancer patients TOO OLD to save
Girl of 15 'sold off to chip shop workers by gang for petrol money'
THUS SPAKE BLAIR: 'Be more like me or you won't survive as Labour leader':
Low mark for half of all schools
Trade union leaders do not speak for the British people
Boris Johnson aide resigns after boasting about how he steals his lunch
Child porn merchants could be eligible for jail term 'discounts’
Al-Qaeda’s Eton & Ritz bomb plot
Old Bailey security guard Ifamuyiwa Callisto jailed for robbing lawyers

Wednesday 15 June

'DJ Roni Size threw ex-girlfriend like a rag doll' - court told
And all you traitors couldn't care less
Council ignored warnings 11-year-old immigrant was a danger to others
He went on to rape a 9-year-old diabled Sunderland boy
Singer Joss Stone and the "two black men" murder plot
14 more paedophiles arrested in Manchester
18 months for £80,000 benefits cheat Laura Lee Jones
Dr Shoab Ibrahim sent dying 4-year-old home with Calpol found guilty of misconduct
But he can continue working!!!
Asian Sex gang groomed girls of 13 and turned them into prostitutes
Cuts have left us too weak to sustain 'tinpot' war in Libya say admirals
HUMAN RIGHTS: Padeos and rapists can have names taken off sex register!!!
Supreme Court says 1200 paedos/rapists can have names taken from Register annually
British tourists forced to strip before being murdered
Prison life 'like Carry On comedy
As inmates dished out sex favours and lesbians romped in office'
Insolvent Royal Mail pays boss Moya Greene £780,000
Human rights victory for rapists
Outrage as MPs back foreign aid
Elderly Britons in care homes 'crisis' Europe's human rights chief warns
Government complacent about level of UK corruption claims campaign group
One in six children 'are in streaming by age of seven’
Nichola Crombie has curfew lifted so she can enjoy her hen do and wedding
Widow, 84, forced to wash herself in sink for THREE months after boiler breaks and council can't fix it
State pupils 'held back by soft A-levels'

Tuesday 14 June

Ahmed Aldubaili charged with causing the death of 3-year-old Henry James Blacklock
Aldubaili was driving a Jaguar without a licence or insurance
Khaled Ullah and Ahad Ali raped a 16-year-old virgin
Ullah was on bail for raping a 13-year-old virgin at the time
Student killed by a hit-and-run driver Aryeris Angelis
Marcin Rafal Fangrat hit Rebecca Jacob and kicked her as she lay on the floor
He got 10 months
Iyad Albattikhi, found not guilty of murdering Charlene Downes, up on sex assault charge
Bulbul Ahmed accused of sexual assaults on 3 very young girls
Titus Bramble's brother Tesfaye denies raping teenager
Nizam Ahmed denies grabbing women around the throat and sexually assaulting them
Cameron pledges ANOTHER £814m towards vaccinating the world's poorest children!
On top of the £2bn we are already donating!!!
Iraqi playboy races his Ferrari supercar around London's busy streets 'at up to 120mph'
With Labour, there ain't no Sanity Clause
Foreign aid bill rockets by £814m
‘Scandal’ of tax cash to migrants
UK teenagers leaving school without good maths skills
DJ Roni Size denies attacking partner
Foreign nationals resident in UK face benefits clampdown
Metropolitan Police 'Osman' murder warnings treble
Britain ranks 7th out of 19 on high tax

Monday 13 June

Mazhar Rashid charged with the murder of Emma Ewart
Julius Malema says ANC Youth League "will never" befriend white people
The only people who will benefit from a united Europe are its politicians
Thousands of elderly people are in substandard care homes
Emma Abbott iscovered my fiance was cheating after John King Abbey was stabbed to death by one of his best friends
And we knew the ethnicity of Emma and John and John's pal before we read the story, didn't we?
Child victims of the chemical cosh: Boy who killed himself after taking Ritalin
Fivefold surge in convicts hauled back to prison after early release
The classes where children as young as THREE learn to pole dance!!!
Labour knowingly made millions suffer
Privileged life for 98% of inmates
I read the Koran every day says Tony Blair!!!
It all begins to make sense
England cricketer Monty Panesar 'arrested by police'
Slovakia is now the country with most citizens moving to the UK
UK tax rate 'one of the highest’
Scandal of foreign crooks we can’t kick out of Britain
Just what does it mean to be called British these days?
Britain looks into own slavery crisis

Sunday 12 June

Teenager left with a broken jaw after being repeatedly kicked and punched by Asian gang
NORWAY: 14-year-old girl commits suicide after rape by "boys... of foreign origin"
They all despise the British
102 foreign criminals and illegal immigrants we can't deport
Coward cops 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic’
The wagtail yellowbellies were afraid of being called 'racist'
A unified Europe will be great news for the Eurocrats
Theodore Ferrigon pounced on a heavily pregnant woman and tried to rape her
Afghan immigrant Ali Rezai faces jail after raping two women
Daughter of Labour's Gwyneth Dunwoody held over 'attack on child at home'
Prison governor, 49, jailed after being found guilty of sexually touching an underage girl
Blessed are the Spongers? That's not what St Paul said, Archbishop
We need a real Opposition, not Cain and Abel
Gordon Brown and Ed Balls ignored warnings and wasted billions

Saturday 11 June

Serial London rapist Lawrence Dugbazah is jailed for morning attacks
Houssam Djemaa guilty of murdering woman
NORWAY: 14-year-old girl commits suicide after rape by "boys... of foreign origin"
Shahadat Mollah Sohag and Mohammed Anhar jailed over waiter murder
Tony's cronies and snouts in the trough
One-time Labour bigwigs are raking it in
Heroin dealer spared jail to go on transplant list
After heart surgery saves his life
Phillip Machemedze enjoyed being Mugabe's torturer
Judge says it's his human right to stay here at taxpayer's expense
The Coalition's absurd energy policy is adding hundreds of pounds to every family's fuel bills
And it's damaging industry
Croatia is latest EU burden
Cheapening of citizenship
Labour spending: Gordon Brown and Ed Balls ignored warnings and wasted billions
Labour spending: how Gordon Brown cast aside warning on public spending levels
Peter Oborne: a plot too far for the red peril?
Russel Crowe in trouble with the Jews He thinks circumcision is 'barbaric and stupid'
The suicide of our peoples - Bishop Williamson
Russell Crowe says circumcision is 'barbaric and stupid'
UK aid cash helped African dictator buy himself a £30m jet
Labour spending: Gordon Brown and Ed Balls ignored warnings and wasted billions

Friday 10 June

Sajjad Anwar was 'showing off' in his Audi Quattro when he killed Catherine Teeters
Rape beast Michael Chandler raped 6 women in 21 months
Now he's out after serving less than half his sentence!
The suicide of our peoples - Bishop Williamson
‘Barbaric’ Asian thugs kill girl’s kitten by throwing it under moving car
Farhan Ahmed broke into a pensioner's home and raped her at knifepoint
Child rape suspect Henry Akhigbe still at large one year after the cops bailed him
Police hunt suspected rapist Costas Sampson
Dambusters dog to be renamed Digger because N-word might offend Yanks
Humourless, PC encouraged Mark Bohonek stabbed party goer repeatedly - gets just 3 years
Russel Crowe in trouble with the Jews
He thinks circumcision is 'barbaric and stupid'
Lib Dem savage, Javid Iqbal Kakroo, gets suspended sentence for sex attacks on vulnerable women
Tomasz Galas wanted for drug smuggling, human trafficking, robbery, fraud and attempted rape
Ali Rezai faces jail after raping two women
Serial rapist, Lawrence Dugbazah, faces jail for sex attacks on teenagers
Drug dealer Ricardo Brady jailed for five years after Highbury arrest
Heroin dealer Andrew Hitchman gets seven years
‘Barbaric’ Asian thugs kill girl’s kitten by throwing it under moving car
Dambusters dog to be renamed Digger because N-word might offend Yanks
Romanian migrants send home £500,000 each day from the UK
Convicted rapist Tolgay Istek caught just hours after Crimewatch appeal
End the tragedy over disabled babies born to Muslims who marry their cousins
Tory MP held over 'drunken sex attack' on political aide
Blair says Europe needs an elected President (so is this your job application Tony?)
Kuba Dlugosz and Szymon Wyrostek tied up pensioner, stole her jewellery and left her to die of hypothermia
Britain's rudest dentist: Rajesh Narendranath refused to apologise
French muslims use our cash to fight burkha ban
Gwyneth Paltrow encourages children to learn about lesbian parents
Paltrow's father is Jewish
David Kelly – what is behind the conspiracy theories?
One in five parents cannot read aloud
Murderer Robin Ligus 'admitted other killings’

Thursday 9 June

Farhan Ahmed broke into a pensioner's home and raped her at knifepoint
Mother-of-3 strangled and battered to death by Algerian immigrant
Houssam Djemaa admits killing Jacqueline Barrett
Rochdale child 'prostitution ring' - 8 Asians charged
Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Ikhlaq, Adil Khan, Liaquat Shah, Mohammed Sajid, Qamar Shahzad etc.
Lithuanian immigrant Victor Akulic gets life sentence for beatings and rape
Jaswinder Singh should have been deported in 2002
He's just been jailed for murder
Rowan Williams condemns 'frightening' Coalition
Tony Blair: EU needs a president!
I vill be your global fuehrer, OR ELSE!
Dwayne Mullings in court for rape
Lib Dem savage, Javid Iqbal Kakroo, gets suspended sentence for sex attacks on vulnerable women
Police hunt suspected rapist Costas Sampson
Tomasz Galas wanted for drug smuggling, human trafficking, robbery, fraud and attempted rape
Ali Rezai faces jail after raping two women
Teenager sexually assaulted by black man brandishing kitchen knife
Irfan Ahmed and Faiyaz Mohammed jailed for credit card scam
Left to rot in a Taliban hell hole, a British Army major was put in Afghan jail on false chargesWhat did our diplomats do? Nothing!!!
Rowan Williams condemns 'frightening' Coalition
Tony Blair: EU needs a president!
I vill be your global fuehrer, OR ELSE!
Irfan Ahmed and Faiyaz Mohammed jailed for credit card scam
Hospital patient left to die in corridor - His body was ignored for hours
Then staff simply dragged Peter Thompson away
Nearly 200 patients left to die as Government's £22million cancer fund goes unspent
Beauty salon offering, make-overs spray tans and facials for...
17 MILLION more to swamp open-door UK
EXPENSES: Peers in line for 40 per cent rise
Judge Sean Morris jailed Leonard Johnston for 15 years to protect 'dignity of elderly'
Finally, a judge who gets it!
Carl Muggli, who built Princess Di's totem poles, murdered wife
UK cancer survival rates 'worst in the Western world'
MEPs vote for free borders with Bulgaria and Romania
One in three criminals spared a court appearance
Elderly patients left to wipe hands on bedsheets
Labour MP: 'Most immigrants are fruit pickers'

Wednesday 8 June

Men should be allowed sex slaves! Prisoners could do it!
Thus spake Muslim politician, Salwa al Mutairi!!!
Robin Stanislaw Ligus faces trial for three murders
COVER UP! Coroner launches stinging attack on 11 midwives
They didn't spot a baby's infection and 'conspired to hide negligence'
Islamist hatemongers funded by the taxpayer
With money earmarked for schools
Mothers warned nursery of paedophile toddler rapist
Our man in Albania 'was a migrant trafficker'
British diplomat 'nodded through scores of visa applications'
The £135million cucumber bailout
UK taxpayers forced to share compensation bill for Germany's E.coli outbreak
Rapist released early attacked new victim within weeks
Now millionaire Asil Nadir gets legal aid to fight Polly Peck charges
Two more arrested for abusing patients at Winterbourne View care home
I warned about this years ago. Now ministers admit I was right
Short jail terms 'are no deterrent'
Extremists to have cash axed
Teenager killed in Tulse Hill housing estate shooting

Tuesday 7 June

Jewish Congressman, Anthony Weiner, sent lewd photographs of himself to admirers then lied about it
A Jew? Telling lies? What is the world coming to?
Onile Huggins guilty of raping same woman twice
Abdur Raheem Green tells students, "terrorism works"
Poles now largest foreign nationality in the UK?
545,000 of them. Way too many! Still, the largest group? Never!!!
Anti-Semitism in the UK On the Rise, But Jewish Life Thrives
The hushed-up hearings of cops found guilty of crimes and misconduct
'Be as proud of our £12bn foreign aid bill as you are of the Army'
Says PC Tory superclown Andrew Mitchell, Overseas Developement Minister
No 10 man at heart of care homes scandal!!!
Blair/Cameron aide had key role at bank overseeing sale of Southern Cross
Mr Gay UK policeman charged with raping another man
Brothers cleared of Damilola Taylor's murder get £70,000 compensation
SEVEN TIMES the amount the schoolboy's family received
Britain's £6m a week bill for bombing Gaddafi's military machine
Backlash as minister boasts 'Be as proud of our £12bn foreign aid bill as you are of the Army'
Fanatics' internet threat to children: Youngsters can watch Jihadi material at school and in libraries, report warns
Mother handed police threat texts days before ex-partner murdered her and her baby daughter
French let 100 illegals a week slip into Britain
Failed anti-terror campaigns 'waste of money'
Civil servants fight to keep Whitehall expenses secret
Ham stuffed in shoes of muslim worshippers
More than 70 per cent of NHS trusts break rules to deny IVF – and save money
Care worker Daleen Van de Sande jailed for theft

Monday 6 June

HIV in UK Doubles in a decade
WHITE Zimbabwe policeman denied asylum - BLACK Robert Mugabe torturer can stay!!!
Stop these useful idiots: Multiculturalism is more than a failed ideology: it threatens our safety!
40 UK universities now breeding grounds for terror
Hardline groups peddle hate on campus
Vulgarity and junk culture is wrecking British society
Europe shames Britain on care for the elderly
We rank 17th out of 20 in list of money spent on our elders!
Scandal of illegals freed onto streets to clear the backlog
All aboard! How smugglers charge £3,000 for ticket to UK
Killers, sex offenders and muggers will be freed early!
Jail terms slashed for 10,000 criminals every year
Fury as Blatter and cronies at Fifa get best seats at the Olympic Games
BLAIR WARS: Corporal Michael Pike killed in Afghanistan
Teachers 'expect less' from black, middle-class pupils
BLAIR WARS: Soldier dies in Afghanistan blast
BBC spends £6,400 a day on luxury travel despite pledging expenses cut
German bean sprouts blamed for E.Coli outbreak

Sunday 5 June

Israeli troops fire on unarmed protesters killing 20!!!
Michal Tejkowski faces rape charges
Muhammed Qasim Salam, Imran Khalifa, Faizan Rehman charged with conspiracy to commit a bomb hoax and theft
HIV: Thirty years after the first diagnosis, Britain heads for 100,000 cases
The Independent doesn't mention that Africans are responsible for most heterosexual infection
Oslo, Norway: ALL rapes were committed by "Non-Western" types
Jewish groups blast 'Foreskin Man'
Wealthy Yank playboy kills two British tourist whlst drugged up and speeding
Hit-and-run merchant, Ryan LeVin, was not jailed
Theresa May and Michael Gove at war over crackdown on home-grown terror
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Afghanistan
Former Southern Cross tycoon owns five houses worth £77m - 31,000 may have to leave their care homes
You want louts like this punished? Are you a 'nasty extremist' like me?
The asylum gravy train
David Cameron must stop immigrants walking all over us
London PCSO charged over possession of cocaine
Scots health bosses spend £2m on extravagant bandages
Too much sex in British culture
Food chain at risk of being poisoned by terrorist groups
Scandal of killers who control their victims' estates

Saturday 4 June

Oslo, Norway: ALL rapes in the last 5 years were committed by "Non-Western" types
How Catherine and Ben Mullany were murdered on honeymoon by savages
Mushtaq Javed stuck knife in Mum's head and attacked 3 young girls
‘What are you white boys doing with this Paki?'
COHESION! Cohere with an Asian girl and you could be left with bleeding on the brain
Tobacco will kill nearly six million people this year
And how many of us did THEY kill before we got wise?
Judge attacks rules that free dealer with £5,000-worth of drugs in home
Drink and drug addicts on disability benefits soars by 250% in a decade to almost 23,000
Anger as disability benefit claimants soar by one million
We’re coming because you’re kind say migrants
Chris Huhne spends £46,000 on chauffeur-driven cars and taxis in just 6 months
First cousin marriages in Muslim communities are putting hundreds of children at risk
Now £200,000-a-year fat cat council boss will be probed over her expenses
Ed Miliband is a disaster not just for Labour but for democracy
Toxic e.coli cases rising in UK
Britain closer to a new £4bn bailout for Greece
People earning over £100,000 must give up their council houses
Mail WAS right and Ofcom was wrong over X Factor 'soft porn'
Numbers paid benefits after claiming to be hyperactive rockets
Alex Salmond's battle to hide local income tax secrets costs taxpayers £103,000
BLAIR WARS: Soldier killed in insurgent attack
Albanian fugitives 'hiding in London', Met Police say
Tadzingwa Gambiza charged with murder
Gun crime comes to Milton Keynes as two teenagers shot dead
Employers reject four out of 10 job applications because of spelling and grammar howlers
Child sex case hits Church of England
£400m British mogul Andreas Panayiotou is unable to READ
'People say I'm sponging off the state': Burglar freed from jail to care for his children speaks

Friday 3 June

Demonisation of Israel 'becoming mainstream' in UK
Independent London!
Scandal-hit Israeli billionaire Sami Ofer found dead
Arturas Bagdziunas, Minddaugas Mickevicius and Alvaras Urbonas jailed gang rape of 16-year-old
How EU spends £20m a year promoting left-wing causes in the US!!!
1 in 4 London children leaves primary school unable to read or write properly
Devon and Cornwall Cops: We Give up on Crime!!!
US Jewish investment banker destroys UK care homes now we must pick up bil!!!
Stephen Schwarzman and our politicians put the lives of 31,000 elderly Brits in jeopardy
Matthew Russell beaten and stamped on by three East European immigrants
Matthew suffered "life-changing" injuries as a result of this attack
86-year-old attacked and robbed by "dark-skinned" Europeans in his own home
Txi driver Mohammed Ishaq accused of rape
Marai Ben Miled said he'd slit his English wife's throat
Jermaine Kraftner and Corrie Pinney beat up and raped young women
Colin Lewis, 75, died after Alfug Andom, Elwira Koziel and Euphemia Ntintili covered up a bad fall
Asian sexually assaults 17-year-old
Father condemns 'hedonistic drug culture'
Joe Simons, 16, died after taking ecstasy
Sepp Blatter: the ugly face of football
violent physical abuse routinely meted out in "care" home
Education on the cheap!
Many EU students will never pay back their UK loans
Ashtiaq Asghar admits murder of his lover, Laura Wilson, 17
Smurfs condemned as racist and anti-Jewish
Asian pervert offered young girls supermarket vouchers for sex
Romanian whores in Limerick
Mutant E.coli in Britain!
Seven victims in UK have new contagious strain that's killed 18
New form of MRSA found in cows' milk and human flesh wounds
Amnesty shambles lets in 250,000 failed asylum seekers over two decades
Lin Homer gets £1m reward for immigration ‘shambles’
War on drugs has failed and caused 'devastating consequences for societies worldwide'
Tougher sentences? 80% of thugs caught with knife are let off
Tadzingwa Gambiza charged with murder
EXPENSES: Cheating MP Eric Illsley just kept on claiming
As others receive a staggering £3.2m expenses in just TWO months
Families where no one has ever worked doubled under Labour
Bike-riding sex 'predator' strikes for the ninth time
Cambridge students warned not to go out alone at night
Blowing the roof off a benefits scam: Nigerian fraudsters exposed
Romanians make Britain their no 1 choice for jobs
Stripping the taxpayer: Civil servants run up £1,300 bill in burlesque bar

Thursday 2 June

Corrie Pinney and Jermaine Kraftner raped and battered two women
Wash your salads! E.coli outbreak sweeps Europe killing 16
AMNESTY: 161,000 asylum seekers allowed to stay after blunders by Border Agency
Anuysa Parmar owned 10 houses: She claimed £100 a week benefits for 7 years!AND YET! They let her off with 100 hours community service!
A Dickensian scandal for the 21st century
And yet, before the election, Cameron promised faithfully to put an end to it
Britain opens door to asylum seekers
Asylum rules change 'meant amnesty’
Boozing is a major sin warns bishop
Even doctors call bonus plan 'completely unethical'
Israel and Britain are allies in the fight for democratic values
Decriminalise possession of drugs say celebrities
Schoolgirl, 10, 'takes dealer father's cocaine stash to show-and-tell session at school
Lawns with Greek statues, a computer suite, hairdressing lessons - Our newest holding centre for immigrants
Minister Blunt 'agreed to let prisoner father child'

Wednesday 1 June

Third of rapists and killers 'are foreign'!!!
The PC Crowd in parliament and the media brought this brutal trash to our shores!!!
216,000 people diagnosed with chlamydia in 2009
1 in 4 London children leaves primary school unable to read or write properly
Sitting for too many hours will kill us!!!
Richard Kwakye 'killed sleeping toddler and maimed family for revenge'
Malaria among UK travellers up by 30% in two years
There were 1,761 new cases in 2010
UK urged to back slavery convention
A city of children who cannot read!!!
'HUMAN RIGHTS' - Prisoner allowed to father a child from jail!!!
HUMAN RIGHTS - Gang member jailed over Rhys Jones murder allowed out
Black cop sacked - 'Inappropriate relationship' with care home girl, 14
Laughing at the law: The thug who's been convicted 40 times for 73 crimes
Cannabis users who start early perform worse on mental tests
A night in A&E reveals the grim truth behind binge-drinking culture
Thusha shooting: Police release CCTV of potential witnesses
All tanning is dangerous
BBC is anti-Christian and snubs the elderly
According to its OWN survey!!!
School orders pupils to wear baggy clothes
'To deter paedophiles who like boys in tight trousers'!!!
This gruesome farce of convicts' rights
Four arrested over hospital 'abuse'
EXPENSES: Black Lord claimed £11,000 for home he NEVER lived in
Witnesses to girl's shooting
Scandal of the homes with not a single book to read
Patient abuse caught on film labelled 'torture’
Officials are often out for what they can get
Dignity in old age comes at a high price
Judges have gone too far with gagging orders

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