Daily News - May 2011

Tuesday 31 May

Albufeira tourist Ian Haggath killed in gang attack
Kevin Attew beaten to death on Thai island
Child-molesting immigrant Zulfar Hussain claimed it was his human right to stay in UK
Bolton: Teenager Raped by Asian Immigrant
Portuguese immigrant Tiago Sousa in court for rape
E-fit of Asian wanted in connection with sex assault on 17-year-old
Norwich: Woman Sexually Attacked Twice by Same Immigrant
EXPENSES: Black Lord jailed for 12 months
Black Mob Burn Monkey Alive - Say it was a witch!
Ukrainian Muslim, Katya Koren, 'stoned to death after taking part in beauty contest'
What credit crunch? FTSE 100 chief executive pay rose by 32% in the last year
UK's £400m aid for India schools 'squandered' after education standards FALL
The PC politicians should be made to pay this money back to us!!!
NHS pension millionaires: Health cuts bite but bosses' retirement pots are still gold-plated
Heroin dealer Nadia Hassan caught with a stun gun
What credit crunch? FTSE 100 chief executive pay rose by 32% in the last year
MALTA reported to global quango for failure to rescue would-be immigrants
Now they're talking about drugging our water with lithium
New York doctor, Jacob Appel, is behind it
Tapayer pays more than £1m a month bribe money to get illegal immigrants to go!
UK Immigration sees substantial increase in 2010
Cameron lied!!!
Sponsors raise the alarm over FIFA bribes
64% of young adults give up on dream of buying their own home
Ukrainian Muslim, Katya Koren, 'stoned to death after taking part in beauty contest'
Two thirds of serial criminals dodge jail: Thousands with 15 convictions or more 'let off' with fines or community service
Uproar at £4bn uk bail-out for Greece!!!
Lord Taylor of Warwick faces jail over expenses fraud
Two killed in a weekend of knife violence
Queen concerned that United Kingdom will be broken up
Aid money will boost foreign companies
Why Germany said no to nuclear power
David Miliband: Labour should back the Big Society

Monday 30 May

Black thief posing as car buyer 'mows down' women
Out of 2 million older people in England with care-related needs, 800,000 receive no formal support
US arms dealer takes over running of Scottish nuclear base!!!
World's largest E coli outbreak kills 14 in Germany
Two thirds of serial criminals dodge jail!!!
Thousands with 15 convictions or more are 'let off' with fines or community service!!!
“The Queen is identifying potential threats to the UK"
She never noticed the foreigners piling in and the politcians siding with them?
Increase in attacks on East Midlands ambulance crews
'Bradford is very inbred'!
Muslim outrage as professor warns first-cousin marriages increase risk of birth defects
Lewis Hamilton gets done for dangerous driving - His response?
'Is it 'cos I's black?'
Aid deals make the UK popular abroad claims International Development Minister
So popular the alien wants to to come join their kinsfolk on the gravy train
Cameron cuts ties with Jewish charity!!!
Wow! That's brave!
Police guide to sandwich fillings and fluffy pillows
The 'ludicrous' booklet on lifestyle advice given to thousands of cops
Live aid and a PM who sounds like a callow teenager in an Oxfam kaftan
New EU Quango to police our borders?
And how many do we think they'll prevent from getting in?
Abortions among women in their 40s up by a third
Shoesmith fiasco shows the judiciary is out of control
Civil servants live high-life on credit cards funded by taxpayer
Social care failing disabled over 65s, says report
Child sex abuse mounts in Britain

Sunday 29 May

'Schoolboy' Niamat Miah exposed as a 19-year-old illegal immigrant after stabbing two teenagers with a broken bottle
Professor risks political storm over Muslim 'inbreeding’
BLAIR WARS: Sam Alexander and Lt Ollie Augustin killed in Afghanistan
Abdul Gill charged with rape and making threats to kill
Hussain Hadi and Onsiyam Malembe on trial for rape of 15-year-old girl
Violent rapist, Asif Bashir, fled to Pakistan
Abdi Nasir Osman wanted for questioning in connection with Bristol rape
Mazar Latif and Adil Iqbal deny rape
Wherever there’s trouble, you’ll find Human Rights
Tragic toll of babies dying as doctors fail to make vital checks
14,000 British professors – Only 50 are black
'Black academics (and the PC Crowd) are demanding urgent action'
Man exposes himself before 12-year-old girls (looks Asian)
Woman subjected to serious sexual assault by dark-skinned Asian
CCTV immage of Black sought for sexual assault
Teenage girl sexually assaulted by black man
Pradeep Baskaran indecently assaulted woman
Black man throuws bottle at teenager's head after rejection
Failed asylum-seeker, Ali Salam-Moussa, jailed for violent sexual assault upon student
Man who 'looked Estern European'sexually assulted mum in front of her child
Eli Morin jailed for 1991 sex attack
Czech pervert, Tomas Gabor, should be booted out of Britain says Judge
Sirazul Islam bailed for sexual assault and disappears
Wish you Waziristan: The bizarre Foreign Office video designed to stop young Muslims becoming extremists
Meet the neighbours! Residents in uproar after squatters move into £3m property on celebrity estate
Bright pupils turned away by grammars
Why gush over Obama’s guff?
Hundreds of trafficked children are disappearing from the care system
'Lost generation'of older workers is stuck on the dole
One in six recruits to Army is aged 16
Window cleaner? No, I carry ladders as therapy for my back,say benefit fraudsters
Rebuke for Ken Clarke as May demands long prison terms for ALL rapists
'A child dying does not equal a department in disarray' says defiant Baby P boss

Saturday 28 May

Taxi-driver drug barons, Fazal and Faisal Hussain Faisal jailed
Afro-Caribbean men are more likely to abandon their families says Judge
My £372,000 payout... for not having a comb in cells!!!
Girl risks her life to rescue woman from hoodies - as police sit in their car and do nothing!!!
22.2% of Irish people would exclude Israelis from Irish citizenship
11.5% would deny it to all Jews - The world is waking up!!!
Burglar is freed to care for his children - Judge rules prison breached his 'human rights'!!!
The Jamaican benefit cheats laundered £600,000... and had deposit box at Harrods!!!
The East End villains who thrive behind a veil of multiculturalism
These immigration figures should give David Cameron sleepless nights
Baby P chief set for £2.5million payout
Croydon school bans pupils from hugging and handshakes
Fears of deadly bug in salads
Blitz on Gypsy invasions
Europe on the edge of financial collapse
'I saw Live Aid and I'm sticking to my promise'! Cameron justifies billions Britain spends abroad
Great choice, Dave: Trade Ambassador Tamara Mellon has attended just ONE event in seven months
Baroness Ashton 'facing axe' from her £250,000 EU job because she's 'too weak'
£100m... The bill to you for town hall chiefs' five-star credit card accounts
Miliband is doing a great job of wrecking Labour
Tories must return to real British values
Immigration and the ruin of the British economy
Councils spend £100m on taxpayer-funded credit cards
Two teenagers hunted down and shot dead in Milton Keynes
Jailed burglar Wayne Bishop freed to care for children
'British see Obama as most anti-UK'
Council credit cards: home cinema gear, theatre trips and silk ties
Nazi uniforms banned from East Lancashire Railway war weekend
East Lancs Railway Chiefs don't want to offend the Jewish community

Friday 27 May

Major food alert: Cucumber E.coli is a killer
Asian Gang attack 53-year-old William McMullan in Blackburn Park
Uzair Ellahi glassed Ian Glover in front of his wife and daughter
He was the boyfriend of the daughter at the time
Half of our soldiers are overweight - More than one in ten is obese!
Asian taxi Driver sought in sexual assault case
Despite the savage cutbacks at home, we top world league in foreign aid!!!
Our global managers would rather take it from us and give it to foreigners
The NHS discharged 4,412 patients with malnutrition last year!!!
Why is Britain now producing nurses without a scintilla of compassion?
Immigration is 'out of control' admits Immigration Minister Damian Green
Measles rates ten times higher than this time last year!
It's being imported from France, Spain, Germany and Romania - that's globalisation for you
Would you buy a home where 3 people were killed?
The Mail does not mention that Anthony Kelly was black
Schools win right to turn away middle-class children

Thursday 26 May

Just one criminal jailed for every 93 crimes!!!
Alcohol-related hospital admissions reached 1,057,000 in 2009-10!
Blair, Brown and their ministers MUST be tried for treason
Muslim savages get just 5 years for attack upon Gary Smith
Zhen Zhao charged with the manslaughter of Noel Fegan
Young woman raped twice by the same stranger
She did not report Onile Huggins' first attack to police
Elderly patients dying of thirst in hospital
Doctors forced to prescribe drinking water to keep the old alive!!!
Immigrants take a fifth of low-skilled UK jobs
'You don't deserve this baby' said bullying black midwife
Biobelemoye Toby said ‘no pain, no gain’ as Heather Paterson cried out for help
Mexico gang shootout kills 28
There have been More than 34,000 drug murders in Mexico in the last 4.5 years
Bomb kills seven Nato soldiers in Afghanistan
Swim at your peril: 46 UK beaches warned to clean up
To our American cousins judges interfering with freedom of speech is unthinkable
EXPENSES: Lord Hanningfield convicted
Government to contribute £2.1m to Auschwitz
Burglar boasts on Facebook after being told he wouldn't face charges
Pauline Reddick suffered a stroke after Louis Corbett and Liam Cunliffe broke in
Dr Sasha Johari said: ‘Don’t worry, you won’t drop dead’
Lucy Rudol visited her doctor up to 50 times to voice her worries at the headaches
Chambermaid 'agreed to sex and then tried to blackmail me says Strauss-Kahn
Poor, black immigrant? Rich Jewish financier? Which one is lying?
'Do you think I've done Milly?' joked Gypsy Levi Bellfield
In case it "harms" the Romanian beggar on benefits
The British: 12 hours a day glued to a screen
64,000 pupils now play truant every day
‘Smiley’ pervert Homayon Norouzzad paid string of children to touch him
Hate crime against Brighton and Hove churches
5 year jail sentences for Scottish football fans
Sing a song supporting your own side and you'll get done!
Labour's biggest private donor? Spin doctor, Alistair Campbell

Wedenesday 25 May

West Midland's Police officer Dean Bonner 'helped himself' to £50 from suspect's car
Freed! Lorraine Mbulawa who knifed mum repeatedly '
Judge Keith freed her because she was "possessed by evil spirits"!!!
Strauss-Kahn's friends 'secretly tried to pay off "raped" hotel maid's family in Guinea'
He 'shouted "Don't you know who I am?" during attack'
Beware Internet users! Sarkozy is coming!
17-year-old raped by "olive skinned" man
Oldham schools divided by race

Tuesday 24 May

A family of black murderers
Anyone out there want to "cohere" with or be "enriched" by any of these?
Benefits cheat Beverley Douglas too fat to prosecute
Muslim gang launched horrific attack on religious studies teacher Gary Smith
They did not him teaching Muslim girls
After 30 years as a teacher the PC Crowd sacked Ronnie Lane
For grabbing an unruly pupil's arm
PC Simon Harwood will face manslaughter charge
At last! A thug in blue will be tried for the terrible crime he committed
Britons 'penalised by protectionism of foreign banks'
Princess Anne's husband accused of 'cashing in' on defence cuts
Strauss-Kahn's DNA found on dress of New York hotel maid
"Family man" and "role model" Ryan Giggs exposed as "love rat"
Giggs' grandfather was an African immigrant
Nothing to do with mass immigration, Iraq or greedy bankers then
Greek crisis forces thousands of Athenians into rural migration

Monday 23 May

Police admit gang of Asian paedophiles are trying to abduct children
100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted!!!
More stunning stats from those who must not be criticised
US arms sales at odds with Obama's words
Police admit gang of Asian paedophiles are trying to abduct children
Globalism in all its glory
Indian billionaire steel chief as he axes 1,500 jobs from UK factories
Stress, debt and work worries rank Britain as third worst for home life in Europe
Time to ignore the bleeding hearts and shut down the ministry of foreign aid
Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant
Report reveals IMF's culture of sleaze
Strauss-Kahn was an animal to my girls, claims infamous Manhattan madam
Thousands robbed of pensions nest-egg: Workers misled into giving up gold-plated schemes
Modern life has made British children weaker
MPs criticise Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld on Cadbury takeover The Jewish lady's attitude "steered close to... contempt" apparently
Murder suspect Anxiang Du may have changed his identity

Sunday 22 May

Hunt for gang rapists of British women in St Lucia bungled
Bulgarian killer's gay ex-lover claims beheading maniac's mind was poisoned by drugs in Britain
Intelligence experts tried to stop Iraq dossier exaggeration
Dominique Strauss-Kahn: new claims of sexual misconduct
$1bn fraud at Kabul Bank!!!
That's where our aid money goes!!!
Only Four Ruling Capitals Matter
Zhirinovsky Threatens to Destroy the World Using Secret "Tsunami-WMD"
Norwegian MP Christian Tybring-Gjedde Has Had Enough of Labour´s Mad Demographic Experiments
British holidaymaker 'raped in bed next to unconscious husband
After they were gassed' at Costa del Sol hotel
Prince Andrew's secret love revealed... Sakskiye Banyas
Inside Blair's nest of vipers: Tony was delusional; Prescott a bully
The revellations of former Labour MP, Bob Marshall-Andrews
Some rapes ARE worse than others... There, I've said it
Gordon Brown's IMF dream dashed
Judges block Home Secretary from deporting convicted terrorist
Wave of 'Arab spring' refugees heading for Britain
GP rapped for talking about God with patient
Why open these legal loopholes for terrorists?
Chris Huhne to face second driving offence allegation
Unhappy families: UK is third worst in Europe for home life

Saturday 21 May

Nathaniel Pope jailed for 'sick' attack on mother who bumped his pushchair
Black pest, Alphonse Kruizinga,stabbed Polish teenager to death
He was found guilty of manslaughter only
Hair-in-hand murder DNA 'matched’ to Danilo Restivo
Ex-MP Elliot Morley jailed for expenses fraud
Former Mugabe torturer, Phillip Machemedze, granted asylum in UK
Face of Britain "changed forever"! Mass immigration fuelled 40 per cent increase in nation’s ethnic minority population
UAF icon druggie Pete Doherty jailed again
Sex offender Matei Haidu ‘living on park bench’
Fred the Shred's lover promoted twice whilst he was CEO of RBS
Sir Fred Goodwin is Jewish
Former BBC man Peter Rowell in court on sex charges
£200,000-a-year council chief spends £400,000 on 'gagging orders' to silence her disgruntled staff
Anger erupts as David Cameron refuses to back Gordon Brown for IMF job
Now Chris Huhne is accused by Lib Dem councillors of lying over '£60,000 election expenses'
Benefits Boulevard: Gypsies' gaudy mansions built in Romania... with YOUR money
Judges are unelected, out of touch and shockingly arrogant
Rape judge swipe at Ken Clarke
Monkey business inside the House of Commons
BNP leader Nick Griffin isolated after election disasters

Friday 20 May

Michel Andrade De Souza gets 8 years for New Year's Day rape
Hussain Ahmed and Omar Ali get 11 years each for rape of 15-year-old care home girl
The five British soldiers were 'unlawfully killed'
Obama admits 'differences' on Middle East
Furious Netanyahu says there will be no peace "based on illusions"
Knife-wielding black rapist sought: she was attacked after he broke into her Crumpsall home
Zihadul Haque charged with sexual assault
Efit released of European "tanned complexion" sex assault suspect
Mosque teacher charged with assaulting pupils
Crime study highlights teenage knife carrying
Fred the Shred had sexual relationship with married colleague on eve of £45billion collapse
Jerusalem 'at risk of being reserved for gay weddings’ as vicars dismiss it as a song not a hymn
Cameron blasted for welcoming 'torturer' of Bahrain to No. 10
'Chemical cosh' boom: Demand for ADHD drugs soars 70% in five years
Vegan cookery book sent to prisons after complaints by meat-hating inmates
London's Latin Americans ‘ignored’

Thursday 19 May

Polish man guilty of raping woman in toilet
Serious sex assault perpetrated by East European and Asian
Uncontrolled immigration brings murderous nutcases here
Danilo Restivo, who had murdered before in Italy, killed and mutilated Heather Barnett
Non-white British population reaches 9.1 million
Immigration 'boosted the UK population by 1.75m in just 8 years'
Britain’s 40% surge in ethnic numbers
Immigration comment
MPs attack BBC over migration boss
'Black women are less attractive than others'
Controversial LSE psychologist sparks backlash with his 'scientific' findings
Lars von Trier banned from Cannes festival after 'I'm a Nazi' comment
No need for inquest on Dr Kelly says PM, leading to anger as Cameron appears to pre-judge review
Will rape storm kill Ken Clarke's career?
'I'm glad I'm out as gay' says David Laws

Wednesday 18 May

Rapists could be out of jail in 15 months if they admit their guilt quickly!!!
Nursery worker, Nisha Rani, faces jail after hitting boy, 2, over the head with a space hopper
The Government 'hates and wants to destroy the nation's police with savage cuts'
Father-of-two Jeffrey Wingrove dies of a stroke after GP diagnoses 'vertigo'
Dr Bamidele Francisca Ogunbiyi refused his desperate wife's plea for home visit
Disgraced Hoon gets top job at defence firm Westland
Westland landed a £1.7bn contract when he was Defence Secretary
Romanian member of child trafficking gang jailed for £800,000 benefits fraud
UK developing youth underclass
Poorest fear they have 'no future'
EU bailout bill is £500 per family: Total soars after Osborne agrees Portuguese deal
Give aid where it's needed... at home
Disgrace is what this arrogant lot deserve
The country is weary of Clegg's tinkering
Will the power brokers propel Gordon Brown into the IMF job?
Youth jobless total may reach 1m
London PCSO Jeffrey Opoku-Bempah jailed for sex assault on girl
HUHNE: I'm a busy man. Don't trifle me with tittle-tattle
UK eyes another illegal move on Libya
New evidence; UK sought Iraqi oil

Tuesday 17 May

British women 'gang raped' while camping in Caribbean
Stephen Bosco gets 7 years for rape of 14-year-old
13-year-old raped by black man
If you use an image of a blonde, blue-eyed sportsman in Olympic advertising...
That's Nazi symbolism now!!!
Satoshi Kanazawa slammed over 'black women less attractive' research
Yes, you mustn't tell the truth in Britain these days, Satoshi
Custard on pupil's arm? £750. Fall off classroom chair? £6,000. How 'compensation culture' is spreading through schools
EXPENSES: Tory peer 'was on plane to India when he claimed for accommodation in London'
Teachers want to ditch lengthy novels because pupils 'don't have the stamina'
Now our bill for EU bailout hits £12.5bn!!!
Robber spared deportation: When did 'family' mean some bird I met in the pub?
Fury as junkies get £1bn benefits
Chaos as 181,000 migrants vanish after visas run out
Kieron Carew-Donaldson and Darius Kwakye charged with murder
Hacker, Zachary Woodham, ruined stranger's web business 'for a game'
He is spared jail so he can continue a law degree!
'Paedophiles could be allowed to work at schools'
Children at risk after loophole found in new Government vetting scheme
Arab Sultana and Kainet Bibi accused of evidence tampering
Border Agency has 'lack of control'
BLAIR WARS: Nigel Dean Mead killed in Afghanistan
'I raped a child hundreds of times': Ex-prison officer confesses

Monday 16 May

Polish immigrant Piotr Skut guilty of 'horrific' sex attack on toddler
If it wasn't for the PC Crowd in Parliament the pervert wouldn't be here
Muslim paedophiles are grooming, raping and prostituting underage girls in Shropshire!!!
New Study Confirms Mercury In Flu Shots Is Toxic
60 Lab Studies Confirm Cancer Link to Vaccine
Israeli forces kill at least 12 Palestinian protesters
Who did the government enrich when they invented car clamping?
Walton Wilkins for one - to the tune of £10million!!!
Mossad carries out daring London raid on Syrian official
Have our politicians complained? Doubt it
RAF helicopters to be upgraded
IN ROMANIA!!! The Romanians get the work - our lads get the sack
Britain’s much-vaunted open borders seem a fatal trap
Suddenly? Nationalism have been pointing out the fatalities from way back
Nile Ranger: Some role rodel!
I don't want to "cohere" with a creep like him!!!
Cops wamt to keep Jack the Ripper files confiential
Looks like they or their paymasters have something to hide
Bulgarian maniac: I want a knife this big - I’m going to kill someone
The fat-cats paid 145 TIMES more than their workers
Police claim IMF boss Strauss-Kahn tried flee the country
Migrants get 'squatters' rights' to stay in UK if they've stayed 14 years
Burglar with a cleanliness obsession is spared jail... because he'd find it too dirty
Jailbirds 'part of big society plans'
Unforeseen evils of uncontrolled immigration to UK
Kieron Carew-Donaldson and Darius Kwakye charged over stabbing of London schoolboy
Playboy Saif Gaddafi, the Tory donor and girls in bikinis – how the Libyan dictator's son does business
Thousands of London council homes left empty
'Blair created pack of lies on Iraq war'
"Kill the Elderly", says Nurse!
They're doing it already

Sunday 15 May

IMF chief Strauss-Kahn questioned over 'sex attack'
Strauss Kahn is Jewish

Study Suggests Jews Are Wealthiest After All

Osama Bin Laden killed in Abbotabad near Islamabad by Pakistani forces!!!
You'd think the elite could get their stories straigt!
Jennifer Mills-Westley pleaded for help before she was beheaded by Bulgarian
Huhne's damning phonecall: Cabinet Minister's attempt to silence claims he 'tried to dodge speeding points'
Controversial council chief treats herself to £205-a-night hotel... while senior councillors' rooms cost just £85
Lying illegal immigrant who committed a string of crimes set to receive thousands in compensation for being 'falsely imprisoned'
Senior police officer suspended after his arrest in corruption probe
Europe and immigration are vital issues, so let's discuss them
Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools, say European leaders
Doctors miss one in three cancer cases
Human trafficking fears as key UK staff are lost
Trafficking victims lured to the UK: locked up and raped at £30 a time
Marvin Bailey arrested following fatal stabbing
Greater Manchester Police inspector Mohammed Razaq in corruption probe

Saturday 14 May

Bulgarian nutcase decapitates British woman in Tenerife
Deyan Valentinov D - a violent loony known for attacking passers-by and the PC Crowd let him out
I'm a scapegoat for expenses scandal, says ex-MP Illsley
Cash for illegal who won’t say where he’s from
Fight goes on for new saint’s day
It’s grim, grim, grim for the Lib Dem men
Army to ditch Danish bacon
MPs' expenses: David Laws 'facing criminal investigation'
Ed Miliband has a nose for avoiding new NHS restrictions
The EU's troubles pose dilemma for Britain
Girl murdered by her uncle 'failed by social services'
Police wish to trace Marvin Bailey after Camden stab murder
Quarter of households predicted to turn off heating
Nigerian gunmen kidnap Briton and Italian
Is UK sincere in being surprised at Gaddafi's use of British arms?

Friday 13 May

Teenage Mum Laura Wilson stabbed to death and dumped in canal
Her former Muslim lovers, one the father of her child, murdered her
We need 420 new schools a year to cope with migrants
Mass immigration ‘has made the UK’s poor even poorer’
The proof that Campbell and Blair DID lie about the Iraq War
Kenneth Walters died of thirst - IN HOSPITAL!!!
Trainee doctor Mahya Mirfattiahi admitted failings
General Michael Laurie accuses Alastair Campbell of misleading Chilcot inquiry
Death threats to women who don't wear veils. Gays attacked in the streets
Labour's £1m to rescue SIX children from poverty
European Union debt crisis is in danger of spreading, warns IMF
Tower Hamlets Taliban: Death threats to women who don't wear veils. Gays attacked in the streets
And all in a borough at the heart of Britain's capital

Thursday 12 May

Congo named 'worst place on earth' to be a woman with more than 400,000 rapes reported in just one year
Showdown at EU as Theresa May insists we won't take any more immigrants
Cab driver banned from displaying 'phallic' cross
Immigration team sent to detain woman was not told she was pregnant
Anger as children charged to play
48 women and girls are raped every hour in Democratic Republic of Congo
Check out the Congp rapists here
The cold killed 36,700 of us in the winter of 2008/9!!!

Wednesday 11 May

Cyclist Wayne Stockdale executed by Blacks or Asians
"Mistaken identity" - No - The footsoldiers of the PC Crowd will shoot anyone
I’m A Celeb Rapper, Aggro Santos, held on ‘hotel rape’ charge
Dead men found in Bradford
What happened to Letitia Murphy when she challenged a black man stealing her bag
'We must not surrender the meaning of Britishness to bigots, the BNP' says Clegg
We must surrender it to Dutch-Russian, pro EU/immigration millionaires like him!
Prison DOES work: Criminals who spend longer behind bars less likely to reoffend
Lib Dem treasury chief David Laws 'broke six expenses rules'
Milly Dowler 'snatched off the street and killed by Gypsy Levi Bellfield: He went on to kill two other women'
Pensions shake-up will hit millions
Warning over arrests of children
£2Bn a year paid to council fraudsters
What sort of democracy treats losers like they're winners?
Paracetamol 'link' to blood cancer
UK plans to promote Israel condemned
Britain and US eye Yemen as next target
Recession fails to affect UK's richest
BBC Head of Drama, John Yorke, slams "too white" Eastenders
Alert over immigrant welfare fraud
Mohammed Younis guilty of animal cruelty - No jail!
Emaciated dogs were discovered in his in a bedroom covered in their own faeces

Tuesday 10 May

Eastern European immigrants charged with the murder of Jonathan Turner
Bragdas Kilic and Vjaceslavs Solovjovs attacked him outside a pub in Mansfield
David Cameron has broken pledge to support family values
Says think tank founded by Iain Duncan Smith
Triesman: FIFA four wanted bribes to back bid
And not blonde, blue-eyed bad guy in site
Convicted killer Sean Manning terrorised houseboat couple
Town Hall Fat Cat, Andrea Hill, told to stay at home amid 'staff suicide inquiry'
We face paying billions to bail out Greece as country's debt rating is downgraded AGAIN
1,600 NHS bosses earn more than PM: Big pay rises handed out as front-line staff face axe
Police chief faces sack
Now EU wastes £225m of your money on ‘spin’
Only 1 in 20 Brussels jobs filled by Britons
Taxpayers fund jobseekers' tattoo removal
Aiah Tondoneh jailed for murder of nurse
Stalker Susanne Ibru jailed
Cornrow ban is unlawful
Pedro Varela jailed for publishing works the Zionists don't like
Another New Labour paedophile escapes jail!
Former Lambeth councillor Toren Smith was found with 94,000+ images of abused children
David Cameron has broken pledge to support family values
Says think tank founded by Iain Duncan Smith
Egyptian Christians say they are 'under organised attack'
Muslim groups are at the forefront of the attacks - "The Hidden Hand" is behind them

Monday 9 May

Street performer, Dechko Ivanov, jailed for attack on fellow performer
Promising footballer Femi Ismail get 9 years for gang rape
Muhammad Tayyab charged with digital penetration and sexual assault of girl, 19
Job tribunal rules: 'Believing in BBC ethos equivalent to a faith'!!!
More PC insanity! And this is what the lemmings keep on voting for!
Farmers' fury as Tesco ships in beef from U.S.
Benefit fraudsters: The scam involved 8 members of the Pathmanathan family
Tory councillor Mark Sykes threw tea in lover’s face
Nighclub for failed asylum seekers in Kirkheaton
Mishal Husain's 'tribe need to behave like proper English children'
Mossad and al-Qaeda 'both use fake Irish passports'
Now Britain may have to bail out bankrupt Greece
Now Britain may have to bail out bankrupt Greece after Osborne fails to rule out propping up euro
NHS loses £3bn a year to fraudsters... but bosses don't try to stop the drain on cash
Beaten black and blue for his bus pass and hearing aid: Horrific ordeal of grandfather, 80
Now Muslim militants target Prince Harry: Outrage after extremists post chilling online hate video
Criminals to be charged by letter in bid to save cash by cutting down on police time
Time for David Cameron to unleash forces of conservatism
David Cameron under pressure to boost religion GCSEs

Sunday 8 May

Black Muslim 7/7 Bomber 'the perfect gentleman' says brainwashed PC slapper Nicki Pike
Angry Lib Dem peer called Cameron 'a toffee-nosed slimebag' - Britain holds the liberal elite to ridicule
Baroness Ashton puts Europe and Britain on collision course over call to give Brussels a seat on UN Security Council
Garter snub for Blair’s General: After wedding invitation slight, ex-PM’s military chief is denied honour
Worse than Michael Foot! Ed Miliband faces calls for change after polls promise turns to nightmare
Police pay Muslim with links to 7/7 leader to teach them how to fight terror
Bin Laden’s death changes nothing... the 9/11 killers got EXACTLY what they wanted
Huhne in driving penalty claims
11% 'denied first choice primary'
Garter snub for Blair’s General Lord Guthrie

Saturday 7 May

The Humbling of Clegg
Fury of the 7/7 families whose loved ones fought for their lives
They waited in vain for rescuers hindered by red tape
Professor Sir George Castledine had improper sexual relationship with 85-year-old patient
Spin and evasion over Bin Laden's death will sow distrust and hatred
7/7 inquest: London 'woefully' unprepared for terrorist attack on 2012 Olympics
Hundreds of militant Muslims stage mock funeral for Bin Laden outside U.S. embassy in London... as relatives of 7/7 terror attack victims weep at inquest just three miles away
Bombers marked as 'low priority' targets by security service
'Justice not done for unarmed bin Laden'says the Archbishop of Canterbury
Vince Cable launches fresh attack on 'ruthless, calculating' Conservativ

7/7: Police Federation don't like criticism of health and safety
Chris Huhne 'asked others to take speeding points'

Friday 6 May

Brierfield youth 'raped East Lancashire pensioner'
We are not told the rapist was Asian - Nor is he named
Usman Butt raped woman then threatened to set her alight
He has previous convictions for violence against women
Muhammad Arif charged with rape of 62-year-old
He is also charged with raping another woman
Nariah Wagnall gets 8 years for violent assault and rape
Asylum seeker, Ciise Mohammed, subjected teenager to terrifying sexual assault
Teenager suffers violent sexual assault by black man
Sexual predator Rajesh Sahota jailed for three years
17-year-old sexually assaulted by black man
Foreign gangs highly active in Ireland
Cops seek black man engaging in "suspicious activity" with horses
Gang Of women sexually assault youngsters
The women had an Irish accent
Sacked for 'abuse', teacher who carried naughty boy of six in from playground
Invaded by travellers, ignored by the police. Now Gerald Cleave faces a £20,000 fine
'Slap in the face' for 175 police officers forced to retire then told 'Why don’t you come back and work for free'
Met Police 'failed in Night Stalker case' says IPCC
Shazad Ahmed groped 13-year-old

Thursday 5 May

Top insider Steve Pieczenik' spills the beans on the Alex Jones show!
8 Slovakian Gypsies molest 14-year-old girl - No Charges!!!
It's "not in the public interest"!!! Open season on our little girls then
Acid attack on school-run mother by black man
Shawn Tyson charged with Florida murders of British tourists
'Blind' Porsche-driving GP, Aloke Basu, 'killed pensioner'
He had such bad vision he couldn't read top line of eye-sight test
Albanian immigrant gang pose with machine guns on YouTube
Pope urges Europe to welcome African immigrants!!!
Bill Gates: White kids not eligible for my scholarships!!!
And this isn't racist?
How the Fed triggered the Arab Spring uprisings
Pakistan and Osama bin Laden: How the West was conned
Barack Obama has emerged looking like a cold-blooded killer
And it turns America on!!!
Dumbed-down teenagers ask 'Who is Osama Bin Laden?'
'Guy Ritchie was circumcised for Madonna'
Labour leader (a second-generation immigrant Jew) says Labour will NOT set limit on immigrant numbers!!!
Obama refuses to release Bin Laden death photos
But images are published of three men killed alongside young-looking terror chief
Met top cop warns public to 'remain alert' as hate preacher rants of 'heavy retaliation'
Cameron accused of U-turn over the military covenant
Emergency migration controls force EU into borders U-turn
Tory Councillor Jan Mashlan gets £17,000 for not turning up!!!
David Attenborough: This heaving planet
Heaving because the non-white races are breeding in an insanely ill-disciplined way
Fire chief given £425k to retire then gets job back
Smugglers are exploiting open borders, warn police
Archbishop of York urges English to be more patriotic and celebrate St George's Day
UK prime properties sold to foreigners
Met Police reveals 121 sex offenders are "missing”

Wednesday 4 May

Ian Tomlinson was unlawfully killed by PC Simon Harwood
They could prosecute (but they won't) the bullyboy cop now
How it unspins: Bin Laden wasn't armed when he was shot
And he didn't use anyone as a human shield
Royal Mail sell-off 'could spell the end for 9,000 post offices'
Akeel Hanif back attacking white girls
White House WILL release gruesome Bin Laden corpse photo says CIA boss
As reluctant Obama faces claims terror chief is still alive
Just 800 yards away from the world's most wanted man
How U.S. soldiers trained Pakistani troops next to Bin Laden's hideaway
Thatcher's legacy: UK 'is the only nation working harder than in the 1980s'
Town halls cut just 17,000 jobs in two years despite promising to lose 140,000
Five men arrested on suspicion of terror offences at Sellafield
Anxiang Du hunted over family murders
Children 'staggeringly' inactive
Uproar as you pay to ‘cure’ a hooligan with acupuncture
Serif Aslan denies killing north London schoolboy
Isle of Wight prison security lapse 'let drugs in’

Tuesday 3 May

Osama Bin Laden CIA hoax? 'A collective created by America'
Children worse off in UK than in Estonia!!!
Families face biggest cash crunch since 1870
Jifeng Ding and family wiped out by a Triad hit squad?
And if the killer is ever jailed the "human rights" crowd will kiss his a***
Did Wikileaks revelations force U.S. to take out Bin Laden?
Hate cleric threatens new 7/7 as world fears brutal backlash
Why do we give £650m to haven for terrorists?
Eastern European immigrants' boost to economy 'insignificant'
Who dares break into a van full of SAS soldiers?
Osama bin Laden killed cowering behind his 'human shield' wife
UK manufacturing growth weakest in seven months

Monday 2 May

Bin Laden killed in US operation
Gay asylum claims not being counted despite pledge
Chemicals in food packaging linked to breathing problems in babies
South Africa's white farmers are being invited to sort out the rest of Afica
They wouldn't have thought much of this wedding back in 1953
Council boss Nick Johnson quits due to PERMANENT ill health
Weeks later he lands a new public sector job on £260,000 a year!!!
What a rebuke to the sour-faced whiners of the Left
EU wants to merge UK with France
Nepalese choir sparked immigration manhunt after vanishing from Heathrow

Sunday 1 May

Jordan Quailey arrested after woman's murder
'The EU are trying to wipe us off the map'
Nato strike kills Gaddafi's son
Years of political vandalism have wrecked our constitution
Fifth of headteachers bullied by pupils/parents on Facebook and co.
Andrew Marr superinjunction 'dents credibility as interviewer'
Public health quango seeks £250K PR team as hospitals shed jobs
NHS rewards bosses after 1,200 'excess' deaths at scandal-hit hospitals
Shane Jenkin: I'd string him up - What would you do?
Spending watchdog splashed out £1,000 a day on hotels for staff
Named: the highest NHS fat cat earners
Eastern European migrants 'add £5bn' to Britain's GDP
British royals hosted world's despots

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