Daily News - April 2011

Saturday 30 April

SICK BRITAIN: Have-a-go hero John Harvey told he might be charged
Apparently, it is part of police procedure to give such warnings!!!
Calm down pet, this is completely barking
Academic who hosted party where girl overdosed and died wrote report that concluded: Cannabis is good for you!!!
You can’t have a laugh with a Lefty
Thousands of young men fleeing North Africa - with the UK (and its benefits) in their sights
Paedophile attacks boy, 7, in McDonald's: Parents call for bail hostel to be closed
Peter Moss dies in Morocco explosion
Hundreds of union reps bankrolled by YOUR council tax
We always warned Britain is breeding ground for terror
Time to nail the five lies about AV
Immigration officials have turned HIV patients into prisoners claims hospital

Friday 29 April

74-year-old Tom Carnegie attacked by five Asians
"I don't know why they did it. This is not the world I grew up in", says Tom
56-year-old's leg broken during robbery by Asian
UK will be like paradise! You get rich on benefits without working!!!
15 Asians challenge 2 teenagers to a fight. They were left with head and chest injuries
Scottish immigration at record levels
Fears of new asylum crisis
Rabbi who said Jews shouldn't rent to non-Jews rewarded
One in 10 Headmasters 'assaulted by a PARENT'!!!
'If you don't stop shouting we won't send an ambulance'!!!
What 999 operator told mother after daughter suffered brain haemorrhage
The death of common sense and how our police are losing the plot

Thursday 28 April

Tributes to “good mother” Julie Morrison who died in Rainham car smash
Agibola Akinyosade is charged with dangerous driving (whilst disqualified with no insurance)
Jail for cash for crash gang who made claims on 'industrial scale'
Kamsan Mahmood, Istafa Hussain, and Peter Charlery pushed up premiums for EVERY driver
University campuses 'hotbeds of Islamic extremism'
Tory hopeful, Payam Tamiz, calls local women "sluts" on Facebook
Moss Side brawl: 'Somali community tensions' blamed
On duty Blunkett bobbies slope off to brothel
Surprised the got they sack - You'd think Big Bro would have given them a medal
Cameron accused of sexism by Lesbian shadow Minsister
Angela Eagle was told to "calm down, dear"!
Charlotte Porter's death may be linked to acne medication!
Foreign influx 'threatens uniquely British identity of public schools'
WPCs brushed aside sawn-off shotgun to corner armed robbers
Look what the PC Crowd have in mind for us now!
Toxic Barclays bankers bag £85m
University of St Andrews accepted money from Bashar al-Assad
Syrian officers received training in Britain
Mad Yank, Theresa Riggi, gets just 16 years for stabbing her children to death

Wednesday 27 April

Polish Beasts Kus, Ostolski and Bartnowski charged with pensioner murders
Blair, Harman, Mandelson, Straw et al, who invited in the alien hordes, are much bigger beasts
Energy saving light bulbs 'contain cancer causing chemicals'!!!
Lithuanian-on-Lithuanian shooting
Al-Qaida assassin Adil Hadi al Jazairi Bin Hamlili 'worked for MI6'!!!
Energy saving light bulbs 'contain cancer causing chemicals'!!!
Irish Foreign Minister “absolutely opposed to Israel’s use of aerial weapons in attacks on Gaza”
Afghan pilot 'kills six Nato soldiers at Kabul airport'
Romanian gang of 15 arrested in prostitution ring probe
Wikileaks: Diplomats warned 2005 London bombings were “natural consequence” of policy of sheltering terrorists
Hislop brands Andrew Marr a hypocrite
Pervert teacher Philip Walker jailed after 20 years of abuse
100,000 eastern Europeans coming for hand outs!
Arrested for 'racism: Simon Ledger sang "Kung Fu Fighting" at a Chinese do
Britain IS a centre of terror
Sentamu wants us to let in more immigrants
Man City's Kelvin Etuhu jailed for punching and kicking Owen Fitzpatrick

Tuesday 26 April

Baltic crime gangs hook up with IRA
Teonna Brown makes a habit of attacking white folk
Real IRA makes threatens to kill more policemen
Hackney treasure belongs to Max Sulzbacher!
Black-on-black murder outside MaCDonalds
Poor white pupils lag behind black peers
Name and shame 1,000 head teachers on £100,000-plus per year!
NHS desk worker gets £37k Porsche Boxster funded by taxpayer!!!
Ecstasy death girl Isobel Jones-Reilly 'idolised drug-taking musicians
Can't read or write English? The PC Crowd say you can still serve on a jury!!!
35 radicals trained for terrorism at British mosques
£300,000 of YOUR money 'found its way to Al Qaeda terrorists'
Gaddafi's troops use rape as a weapon of war
Jesus vs Che Guevara
WikiLeaks: Guantánamo Bay terrorists radicalised in London
WikiLeaks: Files accuse BBC of being 'possible propaganda media network'
Sharon Bridges gave up her husband and son for black con Rickey Bridges - Now she feels "like an idiot"
Do you feell like a disgusting slag as well, Sharon?

Monday 25 April

15 pupils under six attack teachers every day: Growing toll of disruptive primary children
Bar on benefits lifted for East European migrants who will be able to claim £250 a week
The great supermarket fish scam: Shoppers 'are being duped into buying mislabelled species'
The latest EU rip-off: Eurocrats' pension bill to cost British taxpayer an extra £170m
Why Gordon Brown should fear Mrs Darling
Migrants flood back to Britain
Call to identify made-in-UK goods
Concerns over unqualified teachers
Warning over rise in care home charges
Royal couple face rogue's gallery of despots in Abbey's front row
21,000 Britons on benefit for addiction

Sunday 24 April

David Cameron studies plans for multi-faith Lords
Muslim imams could sit alongside Anglican and Catholic bishops!!!
Drugs slave smuggling ring busted in Europe-wide crackdown
Mastermind bosses demanding more black and Asian contestants
Here's why there are so few non-native Mastermind candidates
Israeli Police Attack Christians Trying to Reach Holy Sepulchre
High Court judge 'sits' in Tenerife: Child protection cases to be heard by telephone
Police accused of cover-up after failing to identify officers who abandoned blinded victim
Equality? As a lawyer, I never thought I’d have to defend Christians in a Christian nation
Privacy farce as BBC is forced to blank out parts of Have I Got News For You
Asylum seekers run up £2,500 taxi bill - The bus fare costs £1.80!!!
Parents 'fail to support schools'
Royal wedding: No place for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
Stop foreign criminals using 'family rights' to dodge justice
Father vows to fight on for daughter killed by failed asylum seeker
Human rights laws protecting the wrong people
Muslims slam Wahhabi 'wedding day' plot

Saturday 23 April

Woman raped in Brighton after losing mobile phone
Two Blacks almost beat white woman to death! What the PC Crowd has done to the white world
Shirley Patterson: This is what teaches our kids nowadays
Our teenage girls drink TWICE what they do in rest of developed world
Spare the rod and spoil the children
Lib Dem councillor posted raunchy pictures of herself on the internet
£6m drugs trial axed after juror talks to accused on Facebook
Prolific crooks released early from prison because of Royal Wedding and Easter
Gordon Brown gets new economics post - He's going to save the world from another financial crisis!!!
Government accused on schools cash
UK ‘closed to war refugees' - Yeah right
BNP faces meltdown at local polls after defections and infighting
"Libya war doing nothing for civilians "

Friday 22 April

Teenager raped in Doncaster by black immigrant
'Sadist' black gang leader, Sabrina Barber, has sentence cut
Premier League star Dominic Vose arrested for 'rape of teenage girl at party'
Family of 12 asylum seekers land in UK - Get £6,000-a-month home paid for by you
Dr Death heads to UK - Why is he allowed to promote euthanasia in our schools?
Milos Louzecky charged with murder after stabbing
Man knifed to death in afternoon 'gang' fight
Women to sue hotel that 'banned them because they're gay'
Fraudsters who work while on the dole cost the taxpayer more than £100m a year
Christian electrician wins cross battle!
Cameron under pressure to block EU demand for £400 per British family
Struggling families outraged at benefits chaos
BBC presenter Peter Rowell charged with indecent assaults
Four arrested in operation at Bristol squat
Now Obama approves the use of unmanned aircraft in Libya

Thursday 21 April

"Nightmare in Downing Street" hate preacher, Abu Waleed, calls Kate Middleton a whore
UK manufacturers losing out to foreign rivals
Amanda Beresford murdered by Jeffrey Clark
Russian official, Konstantin Poltoranin, says "survival of the white race" is in doubt!
'Deep-rooted hatred of the British': Israel armed the Argies in Falklands!!!
And Blair, Brown and co. were cuddling up to these!!!
Judge Jeremy Roberts should be charged with treason
Andrew Theocharous cleared of rape because of low IQ attacks another woman
Abu Waleed and his "Nightmare in Downing Street"
Waleed calls Kate Middleton a whore
Serial rapist Lawrence Dugbazah convicted
Bomb disposal expert Lisa Jade Head killed in Afghanistan
Number of sex offences continues to soar
UK photographer killed in Libya
Fears of a long war as Fox says Libya is the new Afghanistan
Taking sides in Libya’s civil war is just pure folly
Amoral judges, shameless celebrities and a Britain that's coming close to a police state
Thousands of school teachers 'lack subject expertise'
Radioactive spills and breakdown revealed at British nuclear plants
TB screening misses 70% of latent cases
Last straw for British taxpayers: £400 per family demanded by EU
80,000 alcohol and drug addicts on sickness benefits
Blitz on Britain’s benefits madness
Retreat on halal labelling
Former Avon and Somerset PC Bryan Davis guilty of sex offences
Cameron backpedals on immigration cut
Birth outside marriage booming in UK

Wednesday 20 April

Babysitter rapist Dunston Crichlow snared after DNA match
Nurse Girija Sundar denies stealing large quantities of Class A drugs
'How can they live with themselves?': Vile thugs hurl brick in four-year-old girl’s face after her father tells them to stop kicking football at his van
Muslim fanatics to burn effigies of royal couple and turn wedding into 'a nightmare'
Why 47 dangerous criminals on the run can't be named: Because of their human rights, of course!
Lawyer caught with almost 6,000 child porn pictures 'fantasised on MSN chat about underage sex'
British troops go to Libya amid 'Vietnam' warnings
Mohamed Ali guilty of shooting
Cameron backtracks on immigration - Anyone out there surprised?
Jail for Tomasz Sobczak,
Unveiled: UK, oil & Iraq war links
Royal mail accused of spying on staff
"From this day on, we fight!"

Tuesday 19 April

Freed to kill: Black gunman freed to murder British tourists
Drug Baron Mohammad Sarwar jailed for 21 years - He was a college teacher!!!
Obama: Now you know why there's no birth cerificate!
Brothers of Lib dem candidate Jahangir Aziz arrested for attacking Labour activist’s son
Interracial marriage
Top Labour Coucillor gets finger bitten off whislt canvassin!
Will there always be an England, whatever the origin of its people?
London is no longer an English city, says John Cleese
Fire chief charges taxpayer £20,000 to move home - and it's not even in the county where he works
Violence against under-11s rises by 20% 'because fewer children taken into care'
Britain spends millions on aid: Arab states give little
Boy, 16, stabbed in east London takeaway
Manuel da Costa faces sex assault trial
Traditional family life dying in UK

Monday 18 April

Shawn Tyson murders James Kouzaris and James Cooper
Isaac Williams charged with attempted murder of Vicky Meek and her two children
The collapse of family life
Half of children see parents split by 16 - Births outside marriage hit highest level for two centuries
British men shot dead on holiday in Florida
Newtown, where James Cooper and James Kouzaris died, is a black area
Nationalists make gains in Finland vote
Girls' behaviour in class 'deteriorating'
Teachers awarded millions in compensation last year
Fears over carbon monoxide poisoning figures
Whitehall accused of online blunders over secrets
World Bank president: 'One shock away from crisis'
Labour councils 'sitting on billions' as they axe crucial services
Dance lessons in Africa, jets for tyrants, derelict offices... How EU wastes aid billions
'Wear a headscarf or we will kill you'!
How 'London Taliban' targets women and gays in bid to impose sharia law
Foreign aid budget: Why do THEY duck the easiest cut of all?
Because THEY are at war with US!!!
Foreign aid farce costs Britain £1.4bn
The one-world-ruled-by-THEM-forever globalists, that's who's responsible
The Prime Minister should sack Vince Cable right now
Cloak-and-dagger day with the BNP – a party in crisis
UKIP seen as a polite alternative to BNP

Sunday 17 April

Muslim Council: women cannot debate wearing veil
Obama hits rock bottom in latest Gallup poll
Stop slaughter of our children
Foreign GP, Helmut Ilg, 'told dying woman with serious heart condition he did not have time to visit'
Immigration blunders that left Mohammed Smoured free to kill Agnes
Be as diverse as you like as you like, but you can't be Christian
Colin Atkinson told he faces the sack for Christian symbol on his van dashboard
1981 Brixton riots are now being hailed by the Traitor Left as a heroic uprising
Miliband ally, Labour Peer Lord Glasman, attacks Labour migration 'lies'
Online poker sites shut down and charged with fraud
Muslim hate cleric targets Kate Middleton's and Prince William’s big day
Catholic church: Big Society is failing
White cider is becoming like heroin among alcoholics
Raymond Andes remanded over garden shooting
Named and shamed: Council bosses who refuse to freeze pay
Leave it aht, Dave! Nobody's buying your Alf Garnett routine

Saturday 16 April

Lukasz Michewicz raped a sleeping woman
Rehees Ali said he was going to kill shop assistant and raped her
Ian Patrick Joseph gets 17 years for his part in armed robbery
Maslah Mohamud attacks and tries to rob two - gets 3 years
Paramedics forced to leave man to die after being 'shot at' by gangsters
Roziur Choudhury denies raping 17-year-old
Eastern European sought over sexual assault
Rodney Francis allegedly broke in and raped young woman 26 years ago
Adam Elmegirab convicted of sexually assaulting woman while she slept
Asian tries to grab 13-year-old
Mohammed Jainul Abdeen found guilty of sexual assaults on buses
Sex attack cabbie, Usman Ghani, has his sentence slashed
Paulius Troninas could have 15-year sentence for life-threatening sex attack increased
E-fit of brutal, black sex attacker
Black man assaults woman
E-fit of Asian who attacked woman
E-fit of black bus groper
Mayor Lutfur Rahman gave ‘good character’ reference to sex pervert, Zamal Uddin
Wajid Mahmood charged with sexual assault of 14-year-old
Disgraced hospital doctor Benjamin Obukofe convicted of sexual misconduct
Dr Death suicide film being shown in schools
The violent pupils who have sexually assaulted teachers are being let back into the classroom
Baroness Warsi uses taxpayer-funded official visit to Pakistan to slip off for family wedding
The suburb hijacked by gangs where this week it was a 15-year-old's turn to die
Sham wedding groom seized at the altar after officers hid in the church vestry
One in every eight people now living in UK was born abroad
'Labour lied over migrants'
Police spending £100,000 a day on press officers
Immigration could still be a public concern even if numbers are cut
UKIP attracts anti-immigrant vote as polite alternative to BNP
Market bosses tell Covent Garden traders they can't sell flag souvenirs
Metropolian Police crime figures show murder increase
Nigerian ex-governor James Ibori due before UK court
Homelessness 'explosion' threatens UK

Friday 15 April

Harrison Ndirangu jailed for horrific alleyway rape
Household Cavalry soldier (black) tumbles from horse
11.4 per cent of UK were born overseas!!!
Asian thugs attack 14-year-old boy
Andrew Brons rubbishes Cameron's elections promises
Damian Green rules out ban on burkas in Britain
2million baby boomers face lonely old age
The real racists are the hand-wringing liberals who expect black pupils to fail
Now elf 'n' safety bans 400-yard Easter parade!!!
My Big Fat Gypsy burglary
Age UK says pensioners are struggling
Elderly 'must expect to sell their homes to pay for care'
PM is urged to sack Cable as immigration splits coalition
'An insult to the British public': Osborne ready to block Brown's bid for IMF job
First class fool: Ed Miliband gives TV interview on train and asks for luxury cover to be taken off his seat
Action on immigrants?
We pay Tunisia to halt illegals
Moussa Koussa gets UK visa and access to his oil millions
Blair aide gave me ultimatum to sign controversial uranium deal, Meacher claims
Far-Right 'as dangerous as Islamic terrorists'
Gay couple 'removed from Soho pub for kissing’

Thursday 14 April

British tourist, Lee Bradley Brown, beaten to death in a Dubai police station
Alston Lynch banned from Lower Clapton estate for five years
Immigrant drug dealers walk free
Woman, 57, beaten by Asian and mixed-race robbers in Kew attack
Charlene Downes murder: Mr Beanz and Rowan Atkinson
Kazeem Kolawoli and Anthony McCalla arrested over shooting
Almost one in eight in UK are foreign born!!!
Woman, 57, beaten by Asian and mixed-race robbers in Kew attack
Asian Elders get £20,000 grant for Yoga classes
The Cop Clowns of Essex
How mass migration has divided our society: Cameron savages Labour's open-door policy
How over 65s are filling a third of new jobs: They are too poor to retire
Call young criminals customers! Probation chief says consideration stops re-offending!!!
Brown 'clear favourite' to be next head of IMF!!!
Danielle Lloyd's friend Craig Mason convicted of 'Ocean's Eleven' robbery after jury rejects model's alibi evidence
Top judge's frustration at the asylum 'merry go round'
Scandal of civil servants who run up £1bn credit card bill
We have to ditch the European Court of Human Rights
Prisoners 'should be given drug binge kits when they leave prison’
Britain funds wars via 'back door'
Alcohol causes over 13000 cancer cases in UK

Wednesday 13 April

To be Successful in Britain You Musn't Look British!
Found under a child's bed: Weapons arsenal of gang who killed schoolgirl
25 abused children die under the noses of social workers
Fighting the Taliban? Make sure you iron your uniform
Treated 'like a star': Now notorious Gaddafi henchman Musa Kusa flies out unhindered
Storm as Britain’s first BNP mayor is voted in
European court gives Cameron ultimatum on prisoner votes
Charlene Downes Protest held in Blackpool
Check out the Anti-Brit Propaganda!!!
Clegg joins in with the anti-Oxford Uni Bashing - He's for more "positive discrimination" too

Tuesday 12 April

Reverend Friday Archy poured boiling water over homeless Ben then stabbed him repeatedly!
Text-messaging Keisha Wall killed grandma Christine Lyon: Wall's mother, a driving instructor, WAS SITTING ALONGSIDE HER IN THE CAR!
Bad Samaritan Britain
Leon Dunkley and Mohammed Smoured jailed for murder of 16-year-old girl
Britain's First BNP Mayor
Becky Godden-Edwards "got involved with people who introduced her to drugs"
Nurses who just aren't up to the job by Andrea Spyropoulos, their leader
Britain’s £6bn nuclear timebomb
Navy seizes 17 Somali pirates then gives them halal food, nicotine patches and sets them free!
Fritz Haber: Jewish chemist whose work led to Zyklon B
Heads the banks win, Tails WE lose! The Vickers report is a damp squib
Sex trafficked prostitute wins damages after being sent back to Moldova
Rashiela Parekh gives toddler MMR jab without mother's consent! To meet government targets'!
Fury as EU migrants carry out 500 crimes every week in Britain
David Cameron brands 'all white' Oxford University a disgrace
SECRET EXPENSES: Politicians handed back thousands in taxpayers' cash!!!
Just two arrests as France brings in burka ban
Church in 'sham marriage' crackdown

Monday 11 April

At long last, Brown admits he failed to rein in the banks as shake-up threatens to close 1,000 branches
Kenneth Morgan, Britain’s dumbest burglar
Nurses, doctors and midwives are being sacked despite Government claims (lies) they wouldn't be targeted
Children see too much sex on television and are being forced to grow up too fast, say parents
EU migrants commit 500 crimes a week in UK: Poles and Romanians are the worst
Harriet Harman facing questions over son's internship
Wikileaks soldier Bradley Manning's treatment degrading and illegal
Turkey eggs make UK supermarket debut
France bans British extremist
Squeeze on families is the worst for 90 years
May rules out burka ban in Britain
British politicians are too cowardly to ban the burka
UK families dump food worth billions

Sunday 10 April

Arsenic and toxic metals found in baby foods!
Who let Moondogg the rapper guard the submarine?
Fire brigade relaxes strength/fitness test to make entry easier for women and wimps
Half of presidential hopefuls in Peru have ties to Jews
Two-month old baby boy in critical condition after being stabbed
Young Gaddafi: Nutcase who loathed the 'ugly British' and drank water from a finger bowl
Leslie Gadsby killed his father with a clawhammer and batter his mum with a spanner
After JUST 3 YEARS THEY let him out and now he has murdered his mother
Harriet hypocrite: Harman accused Tories of nepotism - Her son got first proper job working for her best friend
British Muslims arrested in burka ban protest in France
Super-injunctions are suppressing the voters' rights
Eliminating alien apecies is racist now!!!
Leslie Gibbon faces jail for insulting Jude Anyanwu
Study reveals racism in MONKEYS
Golden handcuffs: The £70k bobbies guarding our VIPs
Andy gets £1,200 a night hotel in Indonesia and a rose petal massage from Ria
From draper's son to judge - THAT was social mobility
Somebody should tell Nick Clegg it's over
‘Non jobs' gravy train rolls on for councils
Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch 'urged Gordon Brown' to halt Labour attacks
Aaron Romain charged with attempted murder
'Drunk judge acquits a paedophile'
Carlton Cole in sex attack quiz
RAF chief’s son is spared in job cuts

Saturday 9 April

Cash-strapped council funds a celebration of the Brixton riots (and rebrands them an 'uprising')
‘What about my family rights?' Appeal court refuses to deport failed asylum seeker who killed daughter
How political correctness cripples my police force: Army medals out, Gay Pride badges in and theft blamed on badgers!
Special Forces scandal as officers are held 'for trying to leak secrets'
Libraries too middle class and we're right to be shutting them says Redwood
UK should limit Portugal payout says Balls (whose party signed the treaty that means we HAVE to pay)
It's even worse than we feared: Cost of national debt to each family is a staggering £138,360
Fake cancer drugs given to thousands: Conman jailed for importing two million doses
School leavers unfit for work: 'Firms forced to spend billions on remedial training for victims of education failure'
Give all doctors English test
Yobs who spit on the street face fines in fight to curb TB rise
Refugee in £30,000 fraud escapes jail
We pay jobless Poles, back in Poland
Alternative Vote referendum will cost £80 million
Labour's school building scheme 'wasted £2.5bn'
Dozens of handguns and shotguns stolen in London
Aiah Tondoneh admits woman’s fire murder
Parents at pub while child, three, drank lager at home

Friday 8 April

Nato won't apologise for bomb attack on Ibyan rebels
Libyan rebel leader said NATO had been informed of their troop movements!
Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old
And the cops kept it secret!!! This is treason. They are traitors!!!
Shamari Hanchard-Kerr stabbed three men - one died
He was on bail for attacking cops at the time
Male nurse, Obiri Asante, 37, sent 14 "flirty" text messages to girl, 13
Her parent was in hospital dying at the time
School leavers unfit for work: 'Firms forced to spend billions on remedial training for victims of education failure'
Islamic extremist enjoys £1,250-a-month benefits and rent-free luxury flat
Recession linked to huge rise in use of antidepressants
Britain's £6bn bill to bail out Portugal - Will Spain be next?
Libya to unleash wave of migrants on Europe
75,000 asylum seekers have gone missing in past 20 years
NHS calls for language tests on foreign doctors
It's even worse than we feared: Cost of national debt to each family is a staggering £138,360
Under-18s will be banned from sunbeds to cut soaring skin cancer toll
Wellington de Oliveira shot dead 12 schoolchildren in Rio de janeiro
Speaker John Bercow plans to boost budget for his office as rest of Commons faces cuts
MPs handed £3.2m in expenses at end of 2010
EXPENSES: Former Labour bigshot, Elliot Morley, admits fiddling £32,000
MPs' expenses timeline
Gordon Brown costs £16 a second
Expelled Libyan diplomat refuses to leave Britain

Thursday 7 April

More than 60 Blackpool schoolgirls degraded by gang linked to murder of Charlene Downes
And the police kept it secret!!! This is treason - Those who kept it quiet are traitors!!!
Ali Rezai denies punching one girl repeatedly and raping a second
He told one girl, “In my country, they kill girls who take money”!
Woman raped by dreadlocked black man
Slovakian immigrant Tomas Jenej had sex with a 13-year-old 3 times
Hunt for black and "possibly Cypriot" would-be rapists
Young girl sexually assaulted by squinty-eyed, "tanned complexion" man
Attempted rape: Muhammed Naeem jailed for 3.5 years
Owen Mak gets 6 years: He sexually abused a girl for 9 years
He started abusing her when she was just 8 years old
latvian immigrant, Arturs Polis, pleaded guilty to rape
Moni Nsiawete admitted a charge of having sex with a child
Jamalul Huda sexually assaulted teenager on packed bus then fondled a woman who fell ill on the tube
Asian tries to grab 11-year-old in Eastham, Liverpool
More than 60 Blackpool schoolgirls degraded by gang linked to murder of Charlene Downes
And the police kept it secret!!! This is treason. They are traitors!!!
Asian flasher sought by Leicestershire Cops
Recession linked to huge rise in use of antidepressants
Renowned children's heart doctor Philipp Bonhoeffer suspended over abuse claims
Lawrence Dugbazah 'grabbed women going home’
David Bieber murdered PC Ian Broadhurst - Now he gets £12,000 legal aid to fight for cushier life in jail!!!
Usman Shahzad admits mother's stabbing murder
EXPENSES: £47,000 ‘Golden goodbyes’ for sleaze MPs
Why do we give all this foreign aid? WE don't - THEY do!!!
Sickest patients being neglected as doctors focus on waiting list targets
Disgraced cardboard box firm sponsors Tony Blair's £500,000 lecture tour
Nick Clegg: I cry to music and even my sons ask why everyone hates me
Every single ex-MP claimed a 'golden goodbye' – Costing us millions
'Vengeful victims must not influence justice': Judges denounce plans to give victims more say in sentencing
HMRC 'worst' for incorrect bills
'Give teenagers genetic tests to see if they carry incurable diseases that could be passed on'
More 'join BNP in segregated areas'
UK reaffirms support to UN Gaza report
Anti-Israel protest held in London
UK arms export to Israel unclear

Wednesday 6 April

Britain caused many of the world's problems says Cameron!!!
The British working-classes causes no problems! Cameron's class caused them!!!
MILLIONS IN OVERSEAS AID ‘BEING RIPPED OFF’! - Through fraud in developing nations!!!
British war hero Corporal Marcus Kilpatrick living in car outside £1.2m Afghan council home
Junior Ademujimi-Falade and Abu Mansaray deny murder
Gambler Kuldip Sander jailed over £60m VAT fraud
Foreigner punches female bus driver in the face
Forget our ailing education system: Britain's giving £650m to Pakistani schools to make amends for the past
Privilege, guilt and a betrayal of the poor
Don't fight a class war, just fix the classrooms
White male culture dominates police says equality review
So let's get those white, British men then!
Clegg's millionaire dad got him jobs - He now rules parents can't open doors for their kids!
Reward for murder: UK and U.S. accused as Libya defector has assets freed
Public backs tougher jail terms for criminals: 80% say sentencing is too soft
Samuel Gayzer-Tomlinson accused of attacking teenager
Scandal of the 75,000 illegals who’ll never be tracked down
Arrest operation costs £20,000 - Salvagers took 47p in scrap from recycling centre

Tuesday 5 April

Hit-and-run driver Kabir Khan jailed after killing baby
Kazeem Kolawoli charged for shooting little girl and man
Immigration policy suffers from 'fundamental uncertainty' - Nobody knows how many are coming and going
Migrant crime wave revealed: Foreign arrests have almost doubled in just THREE years
‘Cyber sex pervert’ walks free after judge says he was seduced by 13-year-old!!!
Our government sold arms to Libya just months before Gaddafi slaughtered pro-democracy protesters!!!
More jets sent to warzone as troops risking their lives told: We're cutting 17,000 jobs!!!
Offences by over-65s rise by 47 percent!!!
Police boss who oversaw 700 job losses quits for £200,000 role then demands bonus from force!
Universities should ignore 'illegal' admissions rules
Crackdown on London's 250,000 'sick' claimants
Bus advertising campaign - 'Muslims for loyalty, freedom and peace'! Yeah right
UK economy faces 'worrying' times
Libya's Intelligence Chief acted as UK, US double agent

Monday 4 April

In 2010 more than 91,234 foreigners were arrested in Britain!!
The PC Crowd and our own politicians are at war with us!!!
Girl pushed baby into path of bus - Guess what happened? She was sent for anger management training!!!
Scots promised council tax and water bill freeze PAID FOR BY THE ENGLISH!!!
Positive discrimination robs people of their drive to succeed says TV presenter
Oliver Letwin doesn't want us to have a holiday? The ex-banker Eton boy is David Cameron's Cabinet Office Minister
Leo McKinstry: Why this woman is furious that she won a plum tv job
Rich Leech: Moronic white convert to Islam
Sandhurst mosque plans prompt public inquiry
Immigrants Out! We Want England Back!
Now leading Blair fundraiser is suspected of fixing papal honours
Schools face surprise raids to tackle rise in pupils' bad behaviour
Why we must take the public's lead and jail ALL drug dealers
Miliband's 'AV YES' campaign tainted by leaflets that 'airbrushed out' black poet for Home Counties readers
PM forced to retreat on health shake-up after Lansley fails to justify NHS reforms
Facebook sued for $1billion over 'Intifada' page calling for violence against Jews
Two million claimants on disability living allowance face being stripped of payments
Michael Jackson Fulham FC statue defended by Al Fayed
London urged not to embrace Kusa
Britain Census data open to US?
Most of us want to work beyond 65 says Iain Duncan Smith
Genetically modified cows produce 'human' milk

Sunfay 3 April

Michael Buerk's verdict on the BBC: "Left-wing, shallow and oh-so politically correct"!!!
Ivory Coast machete thugs hack to death 1,000 in just one town
Paedophiles and ‘Labour25'
St Andrews University students to stand trial for racially offending a Jewish student!!!
Andrea Hill - a "repulsive woman"
Council leaders raid children's services cash to pay for 'champagne-swilling' jolly
We can protect a mob in Benghazi, so why not a little girl in Stockwell?
Shooting of a 5-year-old and a broken promise
GANG MURDER BOASTS FILMED FOR SCHOOL PROJECT: “F*** your mum, I’ll shoot my gun”!
Key Labour figure's son's behind the violent breakaway cuts protests
Bureaucrats tell 'worst wounded' soldier he cannot have full compensation
Ed Miliband offers even less than Neil Kinnock
Lefties, not Etonians, are closing libraries
GWYNETH PALTROW IN TEARS AT ANCESTOR’S MIRACLE - It goes without saying the mirace worker was a Jew

Saturday 2 April

Young family ordered to leave their home - Labour's housing boss, Sue Vincent, then moved in!!! SCUM!!!
Black boxer Herbie Hide charged with rape Amount of drugs prescribed by GPs more than triples in 15 years!!!
Nigerian immigrant, Florence Olaye, hid fake ID and may not have been a qualified Doctor
Ex-Blair aide, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, 'collaborated' with tyrant's family
Drug gangs move on to internet
Mustafa Kucukkavradim and Ramazan Cengiz charged with manslaughter of Glenn Hudson
UK has most lone parents of any major European nation
Shameless letter Mandelson uses to tout for business from despots and dodgy billionaires
Armed Forces serving in Libya to be told: you face the sack
Anthony McCalla charged with shooting 5-year-old girl in Streatham
Seven killed in worst-ever attack on UN workers in Afghanistan
Banks stranglehold on customers condemned by MPs

Friday 1 April

Rekawt Mahmood Salih charged with murder of Tracy and Louise Donnelly
Uninsured driver Razwan Hussain killed 68-year-old Iris Moss
Carlton Lewars killed cyclist Jayne Helliwell
Femi Ismail, Aaron Birch, Eduardo Monteiro and Joshua Anyanwu gang raped girl, 16
Mustafa Shafi broke 85-year-old Sarah Capewell's nose and wrist
Afghanistan: United Nations workers beheaded in attack on compound
Khalid Khalifa launched vicious and unprovoked Kung Fu attack on midwives
Anjem Choudary says a terror attack is 'highly likely' at Royal wedding
Sheepsh****ing pervert, Kwaku Amable, jailed for 3 years
Parents glassed in front of their kids in racist attack
Satpal Kaur-Singh poured a cup of bleach down her 12-year-old throat and killed him
Muhammed Arshad was banned from driving when he killed David Stringer
Dr Lucius Okere worked in 14 different hospitals despite not knowing how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - He didn’t properly wash his hands either
Mustafa Shafi broke 85-year-old Sarah Capewell's nose and wrist - He was jailed for just 8 months
Glasgow's women demonstrate against rape attacks
Now 12 more of Gaddafi's men head to Britain
PC Crowd says there aren't enough black football managers!
A fifth of women are drinking too much - Rate rises to a quarter in under-24s
Army on strike standby as three more jails are privatised
Cameron's StartUp Britain advice website links users to computer VIRUSES
Anger as schools ban Gideon Bibles to avoid upsetting other faiths
Fury as Euro boss tells UK: you’re wrong to ban votes for prisoners
Britons need to see themselves as a single nation
Gaddafi's envoy 'visited London

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