Daily News - October 2010

Sunday 31 October

Should America invade Iran? A Jewish Suggestion
Ishaq Hussain charged with murder of Laura Wilson, 17
Yamine Ladghem-Chikouche gets 15 Years for Murdering Duncan Macrae
Nursing homes owner James Safo accused of rape attacks
Rapist Muhsen Nasser posed as city cabbie
Michael Boadu jailed for nightclub fire escape rape
Sky TV salesman Charles Woghiren jailed for raping Cannock woman
Gheorghe Chiricea raped teenager
Father blasts driver who killed son for appealing against sentence
Woman Regrets Marrying North African Toyboy - He Gouged Her Eye Out
Asian Brutally Sexually Assaults Pensioner
Waqar Abbas Locked Disabled Woman in his Bedroom and Sexually Attacked Her
Hammer attack pair jailed
James Costello jailed for violent attack on Woman
Paedophiles Juned Choudhury, Moin Ahmed and Syed Aslam Set to be Sentenced
Churchgoer raped by Ponty Tshibasu after shopping trip
Mohammed Mehmood jailed for sex assault on boy
Iraqi immigrant, Aumed Salih, caught masturbating in car - Allowed to keep job as a doctor
CCTV images released in sex assault inquiry
Black people six times more likely to face drug arrest
Disgraced vicar Nduna Mpunzi has his court order cut
Teenager Clifford Baffour 'was Sexually Frustrated'
Police worker Mohammed Elahi sexually harassed schoolgirl, 13
Youcef Hamadache 'Could' be Deported
Jury starts deliberations on teen sex assault trial
Police name man sought in shooting probe: Duane Tomlin
PC bitten on arm...by Zimbabwean Tinashe Henry Tembo
Haydar Yaldiz used music shop as front for drug dealing
Black wanted for mugging two women
Temitope Apanshile caught for Mermaid nightclub assault
Najibullah Jannati Punched Woman in Face
Drugs courier Deepesh Gohil jailed after 115mph chase
‘Working to tackle the problems in Pakistani community’
Indians are Buying Blackburn Rovers because of Large Local Asian Population
Long-Serving Police Officer Almost Loses Career Over "an old Bernard Manning joke"
Wales’ ethnic population
Police help build confidence within travelling community
Black History Month-themed treaure hunt for school children
Schoolchildren learn about evils of racism
Council chief quits £203k job on health grounds, lands £260k job and keeps his £50k pension!!!
Harriet Harman forced to apologise for branding Treasury supremo Danny Alexander 'ginger rodent'
Andrew’s friend the Abu Dhabi prince and the £3billion windfarm that could earn the Queen millions
Cameron won’t make me a Minister - I’m a white, married, Home Counties Christian!!!
Shamed media tycoon Conrad Black has two fraud convictions overturned (two other charges upheld)
'More immigrants should work for the state': Angela Merkel adds to the country's roaring immigration debate
Bogus bride who fell in love with an illegal immigrant on Facebook spared jail
BLAIR WARS: UK soldier shot dead in Afghanistan
Schools urged to tackle knife crime
Drinking at 11, meet the drunk generation
Jacqui Smith wins lucrative jobs with Labour's friends
Cleric accuses Church leaders of ignoring his warnings over sham marriages
Christian couple who cannot accept homosexuality challenge their fostering ban
Investigation reveals thousands of bogus church weddings may have taken place
Child violence against parents on rise
Prisoners on indeterminate sentences 'left in limbo' over parole dates

Saturday 30 October

African immigrant, Romuald Mindoukna Andele, accused of raping woman twice
Yusuf Yusuf gets seven years for armed robbery
Farid Abdelmoula gets 13 years for heroin smuggling
former solicitor, Rajeev Grewal, admits child porn offences
Former barrister, Syed Ahmed jailed for 8.5 years for massive immigration scam
Britain told to make it easier for migrants to get benefits
‘Lying’ teacher Anna Yerrakalva off sick 6 years costs us £180k
Let-off for thug who kicked cancer victim like a football
Another European Union assault on Britain looms
Migrants took 9 out of 10 jobs created under Labour
Britain has woken up to a grotesque irony - So many on welfare are better off than hard working families
DIVORCE - Islam-Style!!!
Yemen bomb scare 'mastermind' lived in London
Cargo plane bomb alert
'There is a Dangerous Economic Imbalance in Europe'
Anti-Islam praise from Wilders provokes Merkel
Grinning Miliband is failing to cut the mustard

Friday 29 October

Jury starts deliberations on 8 Asian Paedophiles
Britain today is arguably the most mixed race nation in the western world
Police hunt black man after woman raped in Didsbury hotel
Hiwa Mohammed Ghafoor denies charges of sexual assault and indecent exposure
What justice? Reece Kent walks free from court
Veterans' group who took money from the BNP to be struck off charity register!!!
Nursing assistant Lorraine Nkuni Tshuma found guilty of £50,000 fraud
Former barrister, Syed Ahmed, gets 8.5 years for his role in a massive immigration scam
Cops 'know' who was driving when David Lees was murdered!!!
Mr T look-alike in Keynsham road rage attack
Hero and the hatemonger: Maimed soldier and an Islamic fanatic
Hate Preacher Freed to Call British Troops ‘Murderers’
Up to half of British laws come from Europe
Footballer Ivan Klasnic arrested over rape claim
Farooque Ahmed allegedly planned Washington attack modelled on the July 7 bombings
Booze puts a Briton in hospital every 7 minutes
Almost 1,000 released prisoners on run after being recalled
One in 3 women is now main earner
Other nations stop Google acting like a Peeping Tom
Bills for Labour ministers' cars rose to £6.74 million as Britain was plunged into recession
The £200,000 Shirley Valentine who starved to death after fleeing to Dominican Republic

Thursday 28 October

Nina Kanagasingham faces tube murder charge
Ronald Seymour jailed for shooting ex-wife
Bogdan and Marius Nejloveanu ran 'family business' forcing traffickedwomen to work as sex slaves
200 killers and rapists set free
Miliband's Russian cousin admits she was close to Stalin's daughter
Israel offering millions of dollars to pass off African migrants
Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys!!!
Cameron is preparing to retreat on pledges to cut the European Union budget
Western couple mocked as 'infidel' and 'swine' by 'minister' in Maldives
Lloyds TSB charges new parents £1,700 in fees for going 8p overdrawn!!!
Say cheese! Bungling armed robber pulls off disguise in front of CCTV
Foreign aid millions wasted on taxis and doing up the office
Just one in four 'skilled migrants' ends up in a top job
Bosses of top firms grab pay rise of 55% in a year
Up to 42 children died last year under social services care
Teenager 'stabbed to death in pre-arranged gang fight'
Boy, 15, has jaw broken by thugs who beat him unconscious
Golden parachute deals net MPs £10.3m
Labour's gleeful hopes for a double-dip recession are juvenile
Baroness Warsi 'pressured' to skip France veil ban debate
The biggest threat now facing free schools - The enemy within
UK carmakers attack immigration cap
Illegal eviction magistrate Stephanie Lippiatt quits
Sex offenders face less supervision to cut costs
Shop staff held on suspicion of entering the UK illegally

Wednesday 27 October

Wesley Gordon, the most out-of-control child in Britain aged 4, jailed for rape after 19-year reign of terror
Illegal immigrant Sankey Bezeera 'taxi driver' is jailed for rape
George Kibuuka 'consulted witch doctor' before murdering his wife
Mother Iman Omar Yousef 'knifed girl of 3 and dissolved her body in acid'
Julian Felisi jailed for life for murder of workmate Gary Bennett
Transvestite 'pushed in front of train' in rush-hour horror
Boy savagely beaten in Harold Hill
Illegal immigrant sex suspect almost freed
Just one London hospital ward treated babies from 72 different nations!!!
Le Figaro: Israel behind attacks in Iran!
Blair faces new Iraq grilling amid claims of inconsistencies in his testimony
A royal welcome for the £50bn Emir buying Britain brick by brick
"No hope" generation will turn to crime and gangs
Britain is going to pay a high price for globalisation
Send all violent criminals to court: Judge warns far too many are being given just a caution
Dr Sulieman Al Hourani cut off testicle by mistake
Sameer Mirza drove 100 miles towing tiny caravan with 7 kids and 3 adults inside
Health authority spends £2.6m to provide hospital with 4 parking bays
London 'will be as segregated as Paris' after cuts
75% of incapacity claimants are fit to work!
Cherie Blair makes princely sum of £10 selling Tony's autograph on eBay
Silvio Berlusconi gift to Blair sold for £98 on eBay by Cherie

Tuesday 26 October

Iman Omar Yousef repeatedly stabbed her baby daughter and doused ner body with acid
Baby Peter 'was failed by all agencies'
Murderer George Kibuuka 'consulted witch doctor'
Gary Bennett bludgeoned to death by Julian Felisi
Locum doctor at Stafford Hospital was paid £5,667 for one 24-hour shift!!!
Transport cops stopped Tube staff from helping on 7/7
Mohammed Ayub Khan charged with 2003 Forest Gate double murder
Britain to evict poor out of rich areas
One in five primary schools 'full or overcrowded'
Britain's Foreign Aid Bill Scandal
Big Issue pervert placed on sex register
Baby P 'failed by incompetent staff from every agency
Rudolf Hess 'was lured to Britain by MI6 plot'
Is David Cameron diluting his pledge to cap immigrants?
Blackmailer Sebastian Bennett tormented pop star over her laptop photos
Groom in sham marriage didn't remember name of wife-to-be
CCTV aimed at Muslim areas in Birmingham to be dismantled
London Probation Trust's risk assessments 'inadequate
Military 'told to strip prisoners'
Guns 'easily available' in Sheffield
Sham marriage still happens in UK
Schools in better-off areas will lose cash to aid poor
Lessons on gay history cut homophobic bullying in north London school

Monday 25 October

Why 7/7 victims were left to bleed to death
BLAIR WARS: Murder, rape and the final proof that Britain should never have fought this shaming war
Church Diocese Axed Because of Muslim Influx
Samaritan who sheltered homeless beaten to death
Romanian kids found working as farm labourers in Worcester
Irish comedian says - "Six million? I would have got 10 or 12 million!"
Imigrants strip New Forest of its mushrooms!!!
Why are we sending aid to India?
100,000 civil servants to quit at 50 on full pensions!!!
Travellers 'offered a new site a mile away' - Could cost up to £10million
Humiliated Grandma refuses to divorce Gambian so he'll never get a UK visa
Forests will be sold off
Taxpayers Pay Fine For Baroness Uddin's Expenses Claims
Language tests to hit Britons the most
Boy of 16 shot dead in east London
Boys arrested on suspicion of murder
Abdoulaya Diagne jailed after using passport stolen from brother
18 illegal immigrants caught in raids on businesses
Google admits Street View cars DID take emails and passwords from computers
After Blair's conversion to Catholicism sister in law says I'm Muslim

Sunday 24 October

Arshed Mahmood accused of three fire murders
Asian Walks Free after Savage Racist Attack
Teenager shot dead by balaclava-clad gunmen
Ministers plan huge sell-off of Britain's forests!!!
Councils plan for exodus of poor families from London!!!
Government spends £250,000 bottling tap water for minsters in 'farcical waste'
Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth converts to Islam
Mystery: 'Blair babe' Jo Gibbons quits as company director
Couples bid to overturn gay marriage law
Cameron tells Baroness Warsi not to appear at Islamic conference
7 Romanian children forced to work as farm labourers
Prison Governor's Wife Romps Naked with Life-Sentence Black
One third of 'brain surgeon' immigrants in unskilled jobs

Saturday 23 October

30 years jail for Odai Salah, the 'cool' killer of Devon pensioners
Corrupt PC, Mesut Karakas, and 4accomplices planned to kidnap bank manager
Inside job bank manager, Rachael Shariar-Namini, jailed for 12 years
Nisar Ahmed - the first teacher banned for life for being useless
Vatican body asks UN to 'end Israeli occupation'
UK is worst in the West at giving lessons in 3Rs
Dentist Milan Shah offered to give me a discount if I slept with him
Pentagon's nasty Iraq records posted on WikiLeaks
Foreign Aid Fury
Fury as 1,000 travellers leapfrog thousands of people on council house waiting list
Sex crimes up as 14,000 women alleged they had been raped between June 2009 and June 2010
Jilted ex-boyfriend Gulamyr Akhter found guilty of Asha Muneer murder
'Britain's Islamic republic': transcript of Dispatches programme on Lutfur Rahman
Labour stunned as Luftur Rahman trounces its man in Tower Hamlets
Pink parenting boom in London as more same-sex couples adopt children
Sir Ian McKellen visits secondary schools to talk about gay rights
Conservative Party suspends councillor photographed giving Nazi salute in Adolf Hitler costume
Daniel Dighton convicted of parents' manslaughter

Friday 22 October

75% of most serious crimes are never solved!!!
Could Turkish and Kurdish gangs become new 'mafia'?
Taliban: 'Britain is our greatest source of funding'
Tower Hamlets is "Britain’s Islamic republic now”
14-year-olds face years behind bars
Bill Clinton 'lost vital White House nuclear codes'
EU budget rise for staff holidays - Cameron faces pressure to block huge increase for Brussels bureaucrats
I lied to my voters about where I live admits Tory MP Nadine Dorries - Her blog is mostly fiction
Footballer Manuel da Costa arrested in sexual assault probe
One in five babies are now born to women over 35 as would-be parents feel pressure of high mortgages and debt
20,000 British Soldiers Still In Germany
British Budget Cuts 'A Dangerous Experiment'

Thursday 21 October

Odai Salah jailed for 'executing' elderly couple
Muawaz Khalid and Nabeel Shafi guilty of murder
Khalid Sarwar guilty of killing Glasgow radio host Nasim Jamil
Yusuf Arslan jailed for Tottenham murder attempt
Love triangle MP Hemming’s wife accused of breaking into his mistress's house and stealing her kitten
Syrian boy, 5, gets engaged to three-year-old... and parents buy rings for the happy couple to exchange
Cafe owner ordered to remove extractor fan because neighbour claimed 'smell of frying bacon offends Muslims'
Residents applying for council allotments asked: 'Are you gay?'
Senior judge warns dozens of courts should not close
Criminal behaviour
Immigrants to be charged for appeals
Jabed Ali jailed for 6-year-old's murder
>Cash for foreigners will rise to £12.6billion a year!!!
British poor must pay!!!

Benefits savaged, jobs axed, budgets slashed
Thousands more criminals spared prison and 18,000 fewer police!!!
Hotelier leaves his £700,000 home for a week and 15 squatters move in!!!
Sex attacker Kyno Hunt posed as a yoga expert
Wayne Rooney: Role Model For All That is Rotten in Britain
Keira Knightley considers a lesbian school drama
Policing and criminal justice cut by 20%!!!
Hardline British Muslims call for murder of Ahmadi Muslims
BLAIR WARS: David Barnsdale killed in Iraq
Bogus wedding bigamist Natasa Lakatosova sentenced
Police in Derbyshire urge BNP to reveal venue
Gay playboy killer seeks asylum
Sephardi leader Yosef: Non-Jews exist to serve Jews
Big Brother WILL snoop on your calls and clicks!!!

Wednesday 20 October

As swingeing cuts hit Britain the bloodsuckers Goldman Sachs rake in £8.3bn bonus
Israel lottery draws same numbers as three weeks before!!!
Stalker Thomas Nugesse stabbed schoolgirl 32 times - Cops were warned he had threatened her
George Kibuuka accused of killing wife Margaret with sledgehammer
Three boys convicted of gang-raping girl, 13
Britain can never again fight alone
1 in 10 public sector workers will lose jobs in biggest cuts since the war
UK North-South life expectancy divide increases to 13 years
One in four boys diagnosed with special educational needs
Record numbers of primary school truancies in 2009
Abu Hamza's £2m Fight to Keep British Passport
Armed Forces pay for Labour's neglect
ECHR denies Russian appeal over Klein extradition
Anti-Semitism Cannot be Equated with Islamophobia
Defence cuts: Cameron attacked by Royal Navy Harrier pilot
Salmond cast independence adrift for 'Three Fs' and four more years
UN Secretary General warns against European intolerance of Muslims
Afghan teenager's deportation challenged in High Court
£9billion worth of council homes inherited by 90,000 who don't need government help

Tuesday 19 October

Archbishop Of York: Black men! Don't blame racism for your problems!
Mum hacked to death because Harpreet Aulakh could not abide a 'mere woman' leaving him
Baroness Uddin, Lord Bhatia, Lord Paul ordered to repay £200,000
Foreign worker numbers surge to a record 2.4m as Eastern Europeans return to Britain
Muslim PC sues after workmates ‘laughed at his beard
Islamic extremism, intimidation at London's City University
Huhne's shameless U-turn puts nuclear back on agenda as power plant plans are unveiled
Her fat mother Aly Gilardoni put her on a diet at the age of two
Men ALLOWED to beat their wives and young children (as long as they don't leave any marks) rules UAE court
Canadian pilot who flew for the Queen pleads guilty to murder
Multicultural mistakes
It's the poor who are being clobbered
Radical immigration plan 'would hand UK border controls to French'
Ministry of Sound gunman Dwayne McPherson jailed

Monday 18 October

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews!!!
Islamic face-veil part of 'British way of life' says Alveena Malik, former faith adviser to New Labour
Machines of War: Blackwater, Monsanto, and Bill Gates
'Racist' policies blamed for deaths of 77 immigrants in 4 years
One wonders i) Why they come to live alongside us nasty 'racists' in the first place ii) Why they kill themselves when they're not allowed to stay with us iii) How many of us have died at the hands of immigrants in the last 4 years
Banks are hiding £19bn?
An inspirational teacher is fired - So who will tell the truth now?
'Four Jobless Chasing Every Job'
Drug Addict Has Vasectomy For Cash
Does multiculturalism work?
Warning over parent alcohol abuse 'child effect'
Very cosy comrades! Ed Miliband and Yvette Cooper
The Spending Review is an Absurd Political Pantomime
National lottery cash used to pay Arts Council pension deficit
Former Southampton UKIP chairman Ryan Newell faces sex charges

Sunday 17 October

Asaad Abdel-All charged with murder of woman found dead in flat
Husband and wife arrested over immigration fraud
College to introduce scheme paying A-Level students £5,000 for FAILING exams!!!
Islamic students at top university 'are preaching hard-line extremism'
Multiculturalism has failed says German Chancellor!!!
We still won't face the consequences of immigration
Tower Hamlets extremist vote poses Miliband's first big election test
CIA paid Liverpool buyout tycoon millions to use his jet for 'torture' flights
"I could stay and keep handing out money like a Bourbon king" said Mandleson about to leave office
Tory fury after Ed Balls gives taxpayer cash to favourite soccer club's charity
The police must have power to stop and search ethnic groups
Tony Blair's Gifts Revealed
Benefits Cheats 'Mugging Taxpayers'
EXPENSES: Asians Lord Paul, Baroness Uddin and Lord Bhatia face suspension from Lords
Public funding for research into history of black British jazz!!!
Three escape jail for 'high-five' Tube attack
Church of England is fascist and vindictive says bishop defecting to Rome
Middle England is sacrificed for symbolism
Blacks are 26 times more likely than whites to face stop and search
Iranian President Taunts Israel
Tens of thousands of NHS jobs 'to be cut'
Grahame Norton's Problem Page???
EXPENSES: Three face suspension from House of Lords
Linda Norgrove was hours from freedom - And then an American cowboy slaughtered her!!!

Saturday 16 October

Danny Cohen named as new BBC One controller
Michael Davis, 21, stabbed to death in random attack by Chinaman
Oxford University under fire after admitting only one black Caribbean student during academic year
Islamic face-veil part of 'British way of life'
17-year-old girl sexually assaulted by Asians
Two dozen Conservative peers set to be created before Christmas
Somali gunmen take British hostage
Peter Mandelson under fire for fly-on-the-wall documentary mocking Labour's dying days in office
Who will we let off next... rapists and murderers?
Minister says inmates should have choice of 5 dishes for dinner
Ali Dizaei is made to pay just £750 of £64,500 trial costs despite his 3 homes
'There's no such thing as rape within marriage' says Muslim leader of sharia law courts in Britain
Pregnant new bride dies after being set on fire in garden
Despite all the fanfare, just 29 quangos will be completely abolished
The quango monster is wounded but not yet slain
Britain is losing its battle against Islamic extremists says MP who banned the burqa
War on middle classes is no laughing matter
Taxpayers settle £72,000 of parking fines for Whitehall staff
Anger over return of 'Sus' laws - cops to target minorities?

Friday 15 October

Linda had ESCAPED Taliban captors when ELITE Yanks lobbed a grenade at her!!!
'Depraved' gang leader forced 91-year-old to perform sex act on her carer!!!
'European Jewish communities are in serious danger'
'Jews in Europe Entering a Dark Period'
Career criminals with 100 convictions are spared jail
In line for a payout, Somali criminal who's cost us £½m
3 postal workers from the same depot commit suicide in last 3 months!!!
Cancer is a man-made disease fuelled by the excesses of modern life

Thursday 14 October

YouTube rapper Aron Thomas fired 8 shots randomly at crowd
Plastic surgeon Aivar Bracka struck off by the GMC
Send fewer thugs to jail and save £20m a year judges and JPs told
EXPENSES: Denis MacShane, one of the foulest Blairites, expelled from Labour Party
Stephen Lawrence's Mum Carjacked by Three Blacks
World in grave danger of financial collapse says Ken Clarke
50,000 stay-at-home mothers forced back to work in 12 months
Decade-long immigration boom means Britain will need 550,000 extra school places by 2016
Vince Cable paves way for foreign firms to control Royal Mail!!!
Doctor given character reference by Ed Balls covered up failure to visit sick patient
Scandal of Blair's £31m flagship school: Leaking roof, Broken designer toilets, Useless computer system
BLAIR WARS: 'Soldier blunder killed aid worker'
'£13m a day' to educate immigrants
8-out-of-10 prison governors say short jail terms do not work
Rape 'impossible' in marriage, says Muslim cleric
Jogger victim of sex attack

Wednesday 13 October

"The sheer brutality of these murders" by Pakistani Muslims
Pregnant 12-year-old found in Roma raid: Six arrests as child-trafficking ring is smashed
Al-Qaeda webzine suggests crashing trucks into crowds
"Users of khat reported... tooth loss, stomach problems, mental health issues"
Wall Street bankers to pocket record-breaking $91 BILLION just 2 years on from crisis
Met Policemen 'hate living in London'
Girls as young as 9 admitted to hospital with anorexia and bulimia!!!
Hundreds of foreign GPs work in Britain unchecked!!!
1,500 stand-in GPs haven’t passed English test!!!
92 million: The population of crowded Britain after a century of mass migration!!!
Labour leader Ed Miliband to earn more than Prime Minister after pocketing payoff
Police quiz MP Mike Hancock over woman's claim
MPs' expenses: Margaret Moran may be fifth MP to face court
Ban on openly gay troops in US army is suspended
How to make immigration work in Britain's interests
'Inefficiency costs UK billions'
Wolverhampton City Council ends asylum seeker contract
British judge rebuked for anti-Israeli remark

Tuesday 12 October

Mohammed Nawaz denies raping teenager
Why didn't judge jail Desmond Samuel Budd - He killed policeman
Hina Patel had sex with two 15-year-old pupils
Thousands of prisoners jailed indefinitely 'should be freed immediately'
Gay Masseur gave Saudi prince an erotic massage 3 days before he killed manservant
GYPSIES: 103 children found in raids on Romanian 'Fagin' gangs
Robber Jose-Jov Torres gets 10 years
Sweaty groper, Richard Le-Hair, jailed for Tube sex assault
Boris and Lottery Fund announce £5m funding for cultural centre in Brixton
Grinning thugs face life after killing 'beautiful boy'
The 6/7 bombers: Terror attacks delayed a day as ringleader took wife to hospital
Finance according to Just William!
One benefit reform that would make us happier and richer
Scandal of your wasted billions
Teacher who tells unpalatable truths about our schools
Anton Ferdinand faces arrest and custody
1/2 million to lose sick pay benefit
White Bus driver Racially Abused
BBC deputy director general given the boot and a staggering £1m pay-off
Global warming is the greatest fraud in 60 years says Prof
Jail for foot fetish Florin Vlasceanu who preyed on tenants
Campaigners question why local government bosses are almost all white
Asda accused of encouraging sex abuse by selling 'padded' bras for young girls
Brought up, educated and married in England but dad denied UK citizenship for not being 'English' enough!!!
Chubby Asian masturbates in front of schoolgirls
Keystone Cops failed to spot a dead pensioner had been murdered!!!
Cannabis should be sold in shops doctors' journal says!
Cost of university tuition will hit £36,000!!!
Linda Norgrove: US handling of bungled rescue raises concern
We should be bashing bankers not the young, poor and disabled

Monday 11 October

Polish immigrants charged with killing of pensioner, Eveline Kelmenson, 83
Blacks are 7 times more criminal than Whites in England and Wales
Onile Huggins charged with raping same woman twice
Using TV to babysit can make children mentally ill!
Handouts roll in for asylum seeker in £2m mansion
Open door immigration is now a back door amnesty
Indians and Chinese get better jobs than white British men!!!
St John Ambulance cadets to teach in India - Why not have them teach white boys here?
London bombings inquests to begin
Family Want to know truth about Linda Norgrove's death
UK aid worker may have been killed by rescuers' grenade
Millionaires (like him and his bro) should still get child benefit says Ed Miliband
Plight of the middle-aged women

Sunday 10 October

Company director Assia Shahzad beten to death: Sons Arrested
''Backdoor amnesty'' for failed asylum seekers in UK
The Middle-Class will no longer Get our Child Benefit but they WILL in Eastern Europe!!!
Council flagpoles now celebrate diversity and druids
BLAIR WARS: Red Cap Murders: Iraqi judge drops charges
BLAIR WARS: Drone attack kills eight in Pakistan
Mother of shot barrister says her son was no threat Of course he wasn't - The moronic Keystones murdered him
Ed Miliband is the costliest politician in British history
The Hypocrisy of the Lib Dem Leader
They shot dead Mark Saunders like a mad dog
Equality report slams divided Britain

Saturday 9 October

'Black Jesus' cult leader guilty of raping his flower-girl followers - It is thought that Steven Tari ate some of his victims
Corrupt police officer Mesut Karakas in kidnap plot
Student debt could soar to £80,000
Gunmen torch 29 more NATO oil tankers in Pakistan!!!
Police appeal to find train attacker
George Soros, the Jew who "Broke the Bank of England", says China is to blame
BLAIR WARS: Hostage Linda Norgrove killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Another soldier killed in Afghanistan
India trade deal will allow thousands of immigrants into Britain
Disabled people 'to lose £9bn from cuts'
Don't Call Them Gipsies!
BLAIR WARS: Agony of a soldier in Afghanistan
Mobile phone risks hidden
PC Jobsworths in rope swing ban
Whiter shades of pale that provoke black racism
Heir to Blair and Thatcher - can David Cameron really be both?
School dinner lady in 'grooming for sex' row after giving pupil a BISCUIT
Britain has the fewest intensive care hospital beds in the developed world
If you want a job you have to speak ROMANIAN
West is being 'outspent, outmanoeuvred and out-strategised' by Islamic extremism warns bought-and-paid-for Blair

Friday 8 October

Immigration tribunal won't let Stpehn Hewitt come home!!!
Odai Salah Murdered Elderly White Couple
Levi Bellfield to face trial for murder
Woman Killed by Carlton Lewars
Pedro Cardoso killed Linda Bennett
Murderer’s son jailed for robbery
Scarred sex monster raped a woman twice
Man blinded in acid attack
Paralysed Boy Still Waiting for Insurance after 8 years - does Sajid Hussain care?
Kader Bouohut finally jailed for raping widow 20 years ago
Parents Warned about Asian Paedophiles
Turkish Gangster Yusuf Arslan faces prison over machine-gun shooting
Car wash worker Samer Hussein convicted of sexually assaulting a pregnant woman
Jamaican mugger strikes in Slough
Earl Assamah charged with dog attack
Teenager Rescued from Sexual Assault
Carer Nozizwe Mlotshwa jailed for fraud
Glenard Beaumont, the Tube sex attacker jailed
Sex charges denied by Musa Camara
Betting shop Robber Marcus Moore Jailed
Damien Smith, Ngoini Dunkley, Christopher Harrow sentenced for cash-in-transit robberies
Four crack cocaine dealers jailed
Joshua Kurt Munnings carried loaded gun through busy shopping centre
Violent mugger jailed for ‘bite’ attack on learning difficulties victim
Sex-pest taxi driver Tuhel Miah will probably go to prison
Efit released of Black robber
Hackney’s most wanted revealed
Storm over CLR James set to rage through Black History Month
Councillor Ilyas Khan found guilty of racial abuse
Jury fails to reach verdict on Qamar Zaman,
Deputy head who dared attack the state school system sent home
Ministers told to take the Tube but their papers are chauffeur-driven home
Eight Britons 'trained in Pakistan for European terror strikes'
Italy to become next European country to ban burka
Now Dave, George and Nick want to squeeze those on £40,000 a year even harder
Prisoners paid to take lessons in anger control
Criticising family size used to be taboo – no longer
Claude Makélélé 'attacked by ex-girlfriend'
Jack Straw: a third of new shadow cabinet is ‘incapable’
Barclays saviour Sheikh Mansour makes £2.25bn from sale of bank stake
Tony Blair has rewritten history – without modesty or shame
Students 'face radicalisation risk'
Lesbian posed as boy to get girls

Thursday 7 October

Britons arrested, robbed or killed abroad
Black rapist attacked same woman twice in 12 weeks
Four men charged over car park gun murder
Cops hunt two sex fiends - one Asian, the other ???
Mohammed Memari denies sexual assault
Dentists Ikhlaq Hussain and Jaspal Singh Bachada jailed for defrauding patients
How Tameside Council celebrates our "culture and heritage"!!!
Now police are ordered to protect 'Doggers' indulging in outdoor sex!!!
Turner Prize chiefs tell Press they can't take the mickey!
British terror suspect 'was head of The Islamic Army of Great Britain'
'Dehli belly' strikes down 15 swimmers at Commonwealth Games' - Pool water blamed for sickness outbreak
Unemployed man forced to attend 'Back To Work' seminar instead of job interview to avoid losing benefits
Cuts 'will lead to more prisoners'
Now squatters have set up home...in a police station
These stupid equality laws infantilise us all
West being 'out-manoeuvred' by Islamic extremism, says bought-and-paid-for Blair
Immigration rules 'favour soccer stars over talented scientists'
Academics warn over immigration cap - Of course they do
Spurs and England footballer Ledley King caught 100mph speeding

Wednesday 6 October

Gay Saudi prince attacked manservant in hotel lift months before he 'sexually abused and battered him to death'
Gavin Isaie: "I Want to Find a White Woman to Rape"
Gay Saudi prince 'murdered servant in ferocious attack'
Nizam Ahmed charged with rape and attempted rape
Schizophrenic who 'posed no danger' stabbed stranger 81 times
Terror suspect 'was head of The Islamic Army of Great Britain'
Four boys AGED NINE suspended after being caught selling cannabis at primary school
Kelly Marshall invests her benefits in a boob job
70% of teachers consider quitting over yob kids
Prison jobs 'could put law-abiding workers on the dole’
Ikhlaq Hussain and Jaspal Bachada jailed for patient scam
Students urinate on war memorial and vomit in gutters as Carnage revellers shame our streets again
Kicked off X Factor, now Gamu and her are told to leave the UK

Tuesday 5 October

Piotr Zasada killed mother in front of child
Poor may be shut out of top universities
'Iraq war planned long before invasion'
Britain's £100bn mental health crisis
139,000 immigrants beat the jobs crunch: But number of Britons in work drops by 654,000
Harriet Harman embroiled in £18m nightclub battle
John Maden who murdered niece will 'never be freed'
Victims' groups slam Home Sec as anti-paedophile officer quits over cost-cutting
Grammar for graduates: Building society hires teacher to improve recruits' written English
Prisoners should get £12,000 a year to work full-time says Ken Clarke - when we're cost-cutting like crazy elsewhere
TOP COP: Surveillance officers are white, of a certain age and sit in cars eating crisps

Monday 4 October

Young ethnic minorities more positive about UK life than native Brits
UK 'On Cusp Of Second Banking Failure'
Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders on trial for inciting racial hatred
Five times more Americans than Brits gay or bisexual!
Belusconi tells "anti-Semitic" joke!
Briton, 91 and his 82-year-old wife ordered off QM2 cruise ship after expletive-ridden row over 'anti-Semitic' remarks
The schools where EVERY pupil is forced to to wear a veil!!! And Ofsted inspectors have approved them!!!
STAFF to be given English lessons so their bad habits don't hamper pupils
Muslim woman sacked from estate agency for REFUSING to wear a headscarf!!!
BLAIR WARS: Soldier dies because the army wouldn't buy a gun
Vulnerable tenants targeted by drug gang 'cuckoos'
Dentists Ikhlaq Hussain and Jaspal Singh Bachada to be sentenced
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: The forces of hate are still with us

Sunday 3 October

"Fernando" sought
over Brighton University rape

Bigots (the unbrainwashed) are always a menace says a black journalist
BLAIR WARS: B Liar held secret war talks with US general 11 months before Iraq invasion
Terrorist Plots Darken Europe's Immigration Debate
BLAIR WARS: Soldier dies in Afghan explosion
England team "bond" at Dachau Concentration camp!!!
Polish immigrants rushing back to Britain now the worst of the recession is over
Why should these bleating sheep decide who runs the Labour Party?
Immigration cap damaging the UK, warns services group
Ed Miliband told the Labour Party conference how his Jewish grandma and aunt lived in fear
Labour spent £800 on a Christmas tree for number 11

Saturday 2 October 2010

American scientists deliberately infected Guatemalans with syphilis 60 years ago - The world is ruled by evil-doers - and we keep voting for them!
Coalition enacts Harriet's PC equality law which means ANYONE can sue for ANYTHING that offends them!!!
South Africa accused of "acquiescing" whilst Zimbabwe starved
Larkland May avoids jail over London 'runaway van' crash
If the French can ignore the European Court of Justice, why can't we?
Lisa Riozzi smothered her baby to death after taking heroin
Sri Lankan immigration scam suspects bailed
Rules that discourage teachers from restraining/comforting kids to be scrapped - A little common sense at last!
Fears of Chinese land grab as Beijing's billions buy up resources
Taxpayers are blamed for gypsy squalor
Councils use taxpayers' cash to lobby against cuts at party conferences
Gypsies paid to leave France face tough new measures to prevent their return
Bail call for minor crime suspects

Friday 1 October 2010

John Hemming, MP: "All parties are involved in political fraud"!!!
Asians Gang-Rape Teenager - Ibrar Mohammed, Harjinder Singh and Haider Kanwal were jailed
Chinese Gang Members (illegal immigranst) Jailed For Murder of Chen Cai Guan
Serial sex attacker (Asian) linked to six assaults
"Carer" Nozizwe Mlotshwa stole £300,000 from 81-year-old - The Zimbabwean immigrant got just 2.5 years
"Vast amount" of terror material found at home of Somalian immigrant, Musse Yusuf
Hit-and-run driver drags birthday girl to her death
African Asylum seeker, Joao Da Silva, broke into a home and sexually assaulted woman
Black man attacks 14-year-old in own home
Rapper 50 Cent says Kill Yourself if You're Gay!
Nasser Eidres charged with with sexual assault of schoolgirl
11-year-old chased by a dark/tanned man she feared was trying to abduct her
99.6% of King Tut’s DNA is Western European
Have you seen these olive-skinned female thieves?
Labour electoral fraud 'in Asian communities' cost Tories majority at election claims Baroness Warsi
Millionaire dentist, Dr Chirag Patel, used dead man's disabled badge on Ferrari
BLAIR WARS: Huge Taliban bomb killed three UK soldiers
Harriet Harman off song as Ed Miliband belts out the red flag
"British" brothers ‘plotted bomb attacks across Europe’
Seven Poles charged with money laundering
Police apologise for putting 200 CCTV cameras in Muslim area
How 1.2million Britons could be forced to sell their homes to pay for their retirement
Hypocritical Harriet Harman needs to cut the clap
330 PCSOs detected just 50 crimes - They cost taxpayers £8m a year
Commonwealth Games 2010: Concerns 'not heeded'
Spending cuts 'to hit frontline policing'

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