Daily News - September 2010

30 September 2010

Leon Fyle gets life for murder of Destiny Lauren
Abbas Burhanpurwala charged over stab death
Asian sex attack
Judge's fury as he jails man who had 23 children by 14 different women for not paying support
King Samir Says Whites Use Black Babies as ‘Alligator Bait’
King of the Nazi hunters, Simon Wiesenthal, was a fraud
£27 a day pensioners: Retirement income barely enough to cover bills
America shows us how: Black Dad of 23 children by 14 women JAILED for not paying child support
Benefit fraudsters 'face lifetime ban'
The live-apartners: How one million couples live in separate homes
Bogus NHS dentist Vinisha Sharma earned £230,000 in 9 years
BBC 'should show gays positively'
Ed Miliband: soothing, but intellectually dishonest
Schools to teach about rape in move to cut violent crime

29 September 2010

Nasir Khan torched 12-year-old Damian Clough’s house and the disabled boy died
Illegal immigrant Seidu Abbubaker raped Claire Catlin: She committted suicide
DNA evidence snares serial sex attacker Joshua The High Priest after 25 years
Convicted immigrant smuggler, Sher Hassan Jabar Khel, gets 8 years for rape of student journalist Wendy Paduch abandons her kids to marry penniless Tunisian lover
The Black man punched and kicked her more than 10 times - Then he and another Black stole her car
Police pledge swifter response to racism and homophobia than 'ordinary' crime
Girl, 14, 'stabbed abuser (black) to death after finding out he wouldn't be prosecuted'
Gang of 19 Eastern Europeans arrested over online bank fraud
Vulnerable elderly 'forced to pay for medical care'
Sham marriage: Seven Eastern Europeans jailed
Aliens tampered with our nuclear weapons say ex-military chiefs
The First World War ends on Sunday: OFFICIAL
'Mumbai style' terror attacks on UK, France and Germany foiled
Secret letter: Tony Blair 'knew of torture claims 8 years ago'
Want to know how many people use drugs in your country?
Pete Doherty charged with cocaine possession again
Israel holds Gaza blockade Britons
Foxtons sues gay couple ‘who stole database to poach clients for new agency’
Killed vicar helped at Sussex church after gun offence
Mother arrested after baby Aliyah found dead in garden
Dotun Adebayo: "White" schools failed my daughter
Prisoners get cab-ride to hospital 200 yards away
Pink Floyd star in 'antisemitism' row

28 September 2010

Eating disorders affect 1.6 million people in the UK! A fifth will die from associated health problems!!!
E-fits of Black rapists released
Almost half of teenage girls 'feel unsafe at night'
Doctors' official warnings show 50% increase, figures show
Modern-day Fagins who 'sent 200 Romanian children to beg and steal in UK'
Jilted boyfriend Gulamyr Akhter 'knifed teenager to death as she walked home'
Doctors' official warnings show 50% increase, figures show
E-fit released of Huddersfield sex attacker
£150,000 fake children scam by Abiodun Olaleye
EU warns UK it can't stop thousands more immigrants claiming welfare handouts
Professor slapped with £155 fine for getting off his train one stop EARLY
Surge in reprimands for doctors
Asylum seekers win £15m payouts
What does Labour stand for?
Firm fined after dead mouse found in loaf of bread
Supermodel's husband suspected of rape
'Hitler was a great man and the Gestapo were fabulous police'

27 September 2010

Rapist Yassin Mohamed is 'every woman's worst nightmare'
Victim's Mum Died just months after Murderer Mario Carvalho was Caged
Woman Attacked by African Hammer Thugs
Disabled Mother Horrifically Attacked on Packed Bus - Passengers Just Watch
Derrick Johnson jailed indefinitely for knife attack
Knife killer Daniel Smith gets life
Crack and Smack Gangsters Jailed
Drug dealers Kimona Ward and Wilber Jurdine Jailed
Drug dealers jailed
Malachi Ezeilo jailed for smuggling cocaine
Adamo Kizey gets 5 years for smuggling gun into college
Drug dealing gunman Richard Allen gets ten years
Avgoustie Avgoustie gets 7 years for petrol station raid
Teenager knocked out by laughing black thugs
No Jail for wife-whipper Mohammed Zubair
Gang-Banger Thug Kemo Stewart Jailed
Naked nurse terror as terror gang raid home
6ft 5in Black Spies on 10-Year-Old
Appeal following Asian indecency
Fiddlers on the Roof
Foreigners Sneer, Snarl and Threaten - FAB! We turn our backs on it and get A FINE AND A TELLING OFF!
Black Man Steals Loo Rolls!
Is Quaker Brand Cereal Racist?
"The England team was being abused by people who sound English"
Sister of Christopher Alder Wants Racism Compensation
Why Black Brits aren't safe in Britain
Five-year ASBO for ‘Godzilla’ gran Josephine Eze
Bosses ban soldier from keeping microwave oven in his room
Man needed stitches after gang attack
20 Blacks Accost Screaming White Man
Priest accused of raping pregnant woman
Jose Orozco-Lucini made Racial/Sectarian remarks
Muslims Give Cops Islam Lessons
Camden schools celebrate diversity in the name of Stephen Lawrence
Tackling UK poetry's ethnic imbalance
Mohammad Javaid charged over 'sale of baby'
Dr Salah Chilab sues his old university for £300k after flunking exams
Mandelson is still being paid £8,000-a-month by EU two years after quitting Brussels
Don't mention Blair: Brown 'bans' any reference to him after book attack
1.75m jobless have been on benefits for five years
Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock accused of sending sex texts to vulnerable female constituent
The ugly truth about Clegg's lie detector
Cocaine air hostess Elphia Dlamini jailed
Now cutbacks hit foreign criminals
BLAIR WARS: British doctor abducted by Afghans
Labour’s historic error — choosing the wrong brother
New Labour is dead
Lord Ashcroft 'avoided £3.4m in tax' ahead of rule change
Millions paid in compensation to immigrants locked up in UK
Muslim MP's peerage blocked by the taxman

26 September 2010

Council slaps ban on mother-in-law jokes for being 'offensively sexist'
Scandal of 2 million carers on just £1.54 an hour
Top supermarkets secretly sell halal: Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, and M&S don't tell us meat is ritually slaughtered
How Yates of the Yard spent £33,000 on flights - and gave air miles to his family
Police chief who urged 'reclaim our streets from yobs' was forced out of his home by drunken yobs
The Year 11 asylum seeker pupil who was really 23
£40m: the price of flying illegal immigrants home
Gay statistics: Not everyone wants to talk about their sex life on the doorstep
Number of prisoners reaches new record
Sugababe Amelle Berrabah faces drink-driving charge
Manchester leaders bid to stop Iran family deportation

25 September 2010

4 out of 10 British youths killed by knife
Jan Michal Biliniewicz charged with murdering wife
Afghan war hero denied family home whilst a refugee gets a £1.2m seven-bedroom mansion
Why decent folk deserve better from cops who let yobs run amok
EXPENSES: MPs have built a luxury £500,000 nursery for just FOUR of their kids!!!
Carpenter who paid for 5,000 leaflets to find a job loses benefit - He wasn't 'actively looking for work'
How 70% of New Zealand lamb imports to Britain are halal but this is NOT put on the label
UK gay, lesbian and bisexual population revealed
Employers warned of changing diversity in workforce of future
Sweden joins Europe-wide backlash against immigration
'I forgot it was a double decker bus because I was too pissed' said Gurdeep Singh Sagoo

24 September 2010

Police hunt Asian rapist after student suffers horrific ordeal
Bogus cab driver Astor Murray jailed for rape
Artur Piotr Kleibor charged with Peterborough rape
Clementine Nicholson, 17, died of meningitis - Dr Patodi sent her for an unnecessary CT scan and took a 30-minute break
Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or the most heroic?
Catholic school 'could be run by mosque'
Police 'have lost the public's trust says Yard chief
It’s soft touch UK: just occupy any house you fancy
Social workers thought Baby P's mother was 'caring'!!!
Knife-wielding Lithuanian squatters who move in when residents go out
UK sixth form college bans the veil 'for security reasons'
Bulgaria opens EU doors to allow 500,000 more immigrants to live in Britain
Black Expert says Black kids do badly in class because blah blah
Who wouldn't want a trip to Mauritius asks Cherie Blair at summit on world poverty
£15bn needed for safe schools
UK second fattest nation in the world
Immigrant threat to homes
The state takes all and gives you some pocket money
Council conned out of £102k of taxpayers' money by African fraudsters
Pensioner, 80, dies in manhole trap set by yobs
Only one in 100 Britons is gay despite long-held myth
Israel’s Jewish population nears 6 million
How can the UK be the 'first safe country' in which to claim asylum?

23 September 2010

3-year-olds being labelled bigots by teachers as 250,000 children accused of racism!!!
UN panel accuses Israel of war crimes
Cops give child rapist and other serious offenders official warning only
Foreigner rapes 18-year-old in nightclub toilet
Ahmed Rukshar charged with sexual assault of young girls
54% increase in minicab-related sex attacks in past year
3 Youths Gang-Raped a 13-Year-Old ay Knifepoint in Soouthwark - a black area
Merkel to Germans: Get Used to More Mosques
Race and Equality Centre investigates school racism - Shantele Janes, in the centre's boss
War hero with weeks to live "not ill enough" for NHS care
Lithuanian immigrants boot 72-year-old George out of his own home!
How immigrants snatched our homes!
Hina Patel charged after 'having sex with two pupils'
26 yob crimes happen every minute!
How the police surrendered our streets to the yobs
Police see tackling antisocial behaviour as beneath them
It's called New Labour Nepotism
David Miliband gave green light for interrogations in 'torture nations'
Business Secretary talk of "spivs and gamblers" in big banks
Nigeria gold rush sees 200 children die
UK shipping emissions 'up to six times higher than calculated'
Furious judge condemns MPs
We don't need old-style "personal touch" bank managers says Lloyds chief Win Bischoff
How to instill the Multicult - CATCH THEM YOUNG!
Polish builder who fell off ladder sues homeowner
Jesse Jackson's son 'offered $6m to impeached governor for Obama's former Senate seat'
The joke's not funny if only middle-class white people laugh
War hero with weeks to live "not ill enough" for NHS care

22 September 2010

Rapist attacks girl, 15, in Oldham
French PM: 'Taxpayers' Money Should Fight Gypsies
Lib Dems back gay church weddings
Taxpayers fund retirement of EU fat cats
Top Cop: Officers must ignore half of all crimes!!!
One in three call centre workers is a graduate
Police ordered to clock off early to save money Criminals brand it the 'golden hour'
60 firms will collapse every day this year!
A callousness at the heart of society Bred up by the wallet-stuffing politicians and the PC Crowd
Justice Minister says "Jail is a 'macho response' to crime and doesn't workW
Bled dry by the banks: UK mortgages worst value in the world
Ship's Captain Bruce Anthony Jones shot dead in the Philippines
Sunderland FC's Titus Bramble Held Over Rape Claim

21 September 2010

Kaloyan Penev charged with three seperate rapes and ABH
26-year-old attacked and robbed by 2 men: One arrest - Somali sought
Delhi Commonwealth Games village "filthy, unhygienic and unfit for human habitation"
BLAIR WARS: Blame the generals and politicians
BLAIR WARS - 'They did not die in vain' says Cameron - Cameron and the Tories voted for Blair's wars
BLAIR WARS: 9 Nato troops killed in helicopter crash
Sheffield: Number of ethnics more than doubles in 20 years!
Money laundering at the Vatican bank
Healthcare assistant, Martha Sackey-Addo, guilty of assaulting vulnerable 88-year-old hospital patient
Israel seeks release of Jewish spy in exchange for extending settlement freeze
Give lie detector tests to MPs, not taxpayers
Now the banks are lending even LESS
Cops wouldn't let wife talk to Mark - 7 of them then shot him dead - None have faced any charges
16 weeks for yob who hounded David Askew, 64, until the day he died
What's the point of jailing George Michael when our prisons are awash with drugs?
Nick Clegg ‘thinks he is bigger than his party’
Secret deals still being offered to MPs
Sadat's daughter to sue over claims he poisoned Nasser
Irish PM Brian Cowen under pressure after 'drunk' radio interview
X Factor prostitute Chloe Mafia arrested more than 140 times
Simon Cowell: Vice girls are OK on X Factor

20 September 2010

36 years in jail for gang-rape Blacks
Avon and Somerset Police say would-be rapist Abdiaziz Shide is "potentially dangerous
32 Bradford cabbies convicted of violence
Richard Allen gets 10 years for drugs and firearms offences
20-year-old robbed and then sexually assaulted by Asian
Former Asylum-seeker, Succeed Mangava, conned more than £15,000 out of the NHS
Immigration backlash spreads in Europe
Kaloyan Penev charged with three sex attacks
Blair,a Capitalist or a Socialist? (Traitor sums him up best)
Now pupils entered for 'GCSE' in brushing teeth!!!
Almost 50% of girls under 18 feel unsafe in UK cities
Now ten babies by ten women for Britain's most feckless father - It will cost the taxpayer £1.5m by the time they've all grown up
BLAIR WARS: Two Killed in Afghanistan
Crimewave warning issued over cuts
Britain's 'yearning for Christianity': Pope's parting message
British terror suspect of Somali descent arrested by Dutch police
9,000 public sector fat cats paid more than Prime Minister
£12,000 fine for MoD man who trashed neighbour's Porsche

19 September 2010

Teenagers to be awarded 'GCSE in sex'!!!
What made you become heterosexual? Just one of the questions council chiefs are asking nowadays!
Syed and Shakeel Ahmad, Britain's biggest tax fraudsters, get 10 MORE years!
Keystone cop calls for decriminalisation of cannabis!!!
We ring fence foreign aid but slash defence - How your money makes poverty worse
Labour scandal will destroy area
Britain goes halal! But no-one tells the public!
Vince Cable: (who's wife was Indian) Send our school leavers to do apprenticeships in India!
Air Miles Andy and the £5,000 trip to present a golf trophy
15,000 children with no school place in Labour admissions fiasco
Soldiers to tame thugs
Gypsies cling to Barnacle
Mad Man? Tony Blair looks like one

18 September 2010

Pub Closures! British village life 'dying out'!
Orthodox Jews burn New Testaments in Israel!!!
Hassan Salahi Repeatedly Smashed Skull of 88-Year-Old - Manslaughter not Murder!
Czymon Wyrostek and Kuba Dlugosz charged over killing of Eveline Kelmenson who died while bound in duct tape
Black murderer Philip Harkins laighs at the law
Ed Miliband's 'Guardianista' manifesto cost us the Election, claims Mandelson
Edgar Ngongola raped ‘comatose’ party goer
Daniel Abeyomi rapes woman
Akif Mushtaq killed Swedish student
Hunt for city centre rapist (black)
Henryk Krolikowski raped student in Bath flat
Boy, 13, suffers Broken Jaw in unprovoked attack by Asians
Muslim Plot to Kill Pope
Judge warns of immigrant gangs who prey on old folk
Judge issues warning: Eastern European crime gangs coming here!!!
No Jail! Drunk driver Gurdeep Singh Sagoo sliced roof off school bus!
'Sadistic' flesh-eating killer Graham Fisher locked up for 21 years
Emmanuel Nimley used iPhone to record blockbusters inside cinema - jailed for six months
Tony Blair? Gordon Brown? What has Harvard done to deserve this?
Jermain Defoe sentencing delayed over phone driving offence
Carole Caplin set to blow the lid on Blair's sex secrets?
Tony Blair and Gordon Brown celebrate Pope's visit
Foreigners to have a say on voting reform!!!
Rio Ferdinand's plea after friend shot dead
Two-year sentence for Amir Uddin after sex attacks
Blacks attack and rob woman at midday
Richard Fumudom in sex attacks on two women
Emad Mauthoor faces jail for tube frottage
Woman attacked at night by two thugs
Appeal after schoolgirl attack by Black
Asian War Fought Behind Argos
Woman Distressed after Attack by Black
Liviu Purice denies ‘intent to rape’ charge
Sex Assault on Woman by Dreaklocked Black
Rafael Matesco charged with sexual assault
Pensioner injured during robbery by Black
Omatayo Osuntuyi charged with Stabbing and Sexual Assault
Teenage girl sexually assaulted by Asian
Uwais Komal Runs Over White Man - Just 5 Points on License
Blacks Kick Pregnant Woman in Stomach
Mapendo Kasiba and the Mazambis Jailed for Children in Need Theft
Black boxers on ropes after fraud case
Zubascu, Staicu, Bara and Maris jailed for ticket machine theft
Tube knife attacker Neil Mitchell jailed
Khalid Hussain stabbed victim in head repeatedly
"Cornrows iz my Culture, innit"
David Checkley "man with the golden tongue" gets years
"We've got some N*gg*rs backstage"
Gypsy Rampage - Worried Residents Threaten to stop paying council tax
Nurse Rhoda Sibanda avoids jail over sex with patient
Fears over Greek 'bigot' trial
We've Had Enough of Asian Drug Gangs
Spectacular win for Tories in Stoke Newington by-election
£184,000 for Blacks to go to the Woods
Who is 'the Jewish Person of the Year'?
Dark Skinned Rapper is Racist for Blacking Up
Study reveals Jews' role in Edward I's castle building

17 September 2010

Shafique Miah convicted of sexual activity with a child, 13
Mohammed Khan fractured Ben Keating's skull with a claw hammer
School trips to learn about "Holocaust" spared in budget cuts
Britain's WHITE child slaves
Vince Cable threatens to quit Government over immigration cap as he claims it does 'great damage' to the economy
Immigration workers set to go on strike
Now jails minister Crispin Blunt in 'fruit riots' gaffe
How can a nation ring fence foreign aid but slash defence?
EXPENSES: Former Labour MP charged YOU to insure his wife's ring
Exiled Pakistani politician stabbed outside London home
Taxpayers shell out £8,000 a day in compensation for prisoners
County cricketer charged with match-fixing fraud
500,000 benefit scroungers will be made to seek work
Ahmed Ali detained for killing London flatmate with axe
Kristopher Zdrzalek sold drugs - he is spared jail
Rabbi warns: 'don't exaggerate antisemitism'
Putting a stop to anti-immigrant attitudes!
Inderpreet Singh attacked woman, 79, in street robbery
Blackburn Eid street disorder

16 September 2010

It's official: nobody loves the euro except the eurocrats
Asian Commits sex attack on woman walking dog
Colon cancer cases 'may rise 50%'
Cloned food 'in all our shops within two years' watchdog reveals
Dr Shiverdorayi Raghavan earned more than £1m from the NHS at his two surgeries
School orders pupils to address teachers by their first names
David Cameron thinks foreign aid is more important than Britain's defences!
Shoesmith: I’ve No Regrets over Death of Baby P
Phil Woolas says lying about opponent would have been 'political suicide'
People smuggled into UK via Victoria coach station
London in top 10 for pickpockets
Murder accused husband 'wanted normality'
London millionaire Ronald Seymour guilty of trying to murder ex-wife
EU threatens to take Sarkozy to court over Roma crackdown
Some public sector employees really are bone idle

15 September 2010

Pauline Richardson, 64, Murdered by Tunisian Boyfriend
Romanian immigrants Suras Rusu and Mihaita Iroftei get life and ten years for rape
Asian Gang who tried to sell young girls’ virginity jailed
Shock as 14-year-old raped by Black in Sudbury
Asian doctor kept '£10-a-month slave woman from Africa' at her £500,000 home
Diane Abbott: Protect Women And Black Workers From Job Cuts
Paedophile priests still play active church role!
Drugged up junkie George Michael jailed and banned from driving
5-year inquiry into prison murder of Billy Wright found NO state collusion
Plane-load of Ryanair passengers enters UK with no passport checks
France's Senate bans women from wearing the burka in public
Military 'had no idea' why we were going to war with Iraq says Colonel Tim Collins
Ethnic pupils go to top of the class at 16 overtaking white Britons for first time
'Serial love cheat' conman David Checkley jailed
Millions of pounds wasted on chairs
Pupils in asylum appeal
The problems of being called a 'Muslim intellectual'

14 September 2010

Scotland Yard sting foils plot to 'sell virginities' of young girls for £50,000 to wealthy Arabs
Council threatens father for not walking his daughter, 7, to school bus stop 20 yards from family home!!!
Tony Blair awarded Liberty Medal by Bill Clinton for his 'resolution of conflicts' around the world
Carer Rhoda Sibanda admits having sex with rapist patient
Premiership footballer Carlos Tevez's brother jailed for armed robbery
1.4m adults have never had a job
Up to 750,000 'special needs' pupils just "badly taught"
British teen banned from America for life after sending Obama abusive email
Blow for middle classes as Gove plans to let poor pupils 'jump queue' in school admissions shake-up
NBA star John Amaechi in gay bar access row

13 September 2010

Asians face string of sex charges against young girls
Sean, Babak and Navid Iran charged with golf course murder
Rapist Arben Doci freed
Illegal immigrant stole Briton's passport and masqueraded as her for SEVEN years to get a job, home and husband
Who said: 'Not all sex involving children is unwanted and abusive'? Answer: The Pope's biggest critic
Junior doctors and the Britons dying because we won’t stand up to the EU
Analysis: Blair, a Capitalist or a Socialist?
Analysis: How UK armed Saddam in 80s
Labour MP Phil Woolas in court accused of smearing election rival
Phil Woolas campaign 'sought to make white folk angry'
Moderate Muslim groups ‘share al-Qaeda’s goal’ Made in China: The fashion line Bono and his wife founded to help African farmers
German banker quits for racist remarks
Giving asylum seekers social welfare would double cost
High life of the poverty quango bosses
BLAIR WARS: Revenge fears for British troops as Koran is burned
Ministers look at raising age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12
Attacked in the street: I've miscarried Bin Laden twins!
Gay Saudi diplomat seeks asylum in US 'his life is in danger'
No money, no morals and no millionaire Dad either
Alarm at child alcohol emergencies
Mandela 'felt betrayed' by Blair
10,000 burglars get light sentences
Ministers must not give in to public sector threats
Israel snubs Hague's Gaza aid visit
Tony Blair sees a ghost but doesn't invite him to stay
British servicemen suspected of murdering Iraqi civilians

12 September 2010

EQUALITY, DIVERSITY, RAZIA AZIZ and THE TAXPAYER - We fund Aziz's 'adventures in Sindia and Lesbianandgayland' for Council workers!
Senior Labour politician and his links to paedophile headmaster
Blair rescued Palestine deal worth $200m to his £2m-a-year paymasters
The fiasco behind Britain's first black supergrass
We lose seven UK terror suspects
MP warns of 'civil disobedience' unless gypsy camps removed
Student visas are the worst migration mess of all
Revealed: not a single burglar gets maximum jail sentence
BLAIR WARS: British soldier dies of injuries after Taliban attack
The secret dossier of lawbreaking that spells trouble for Murdoch...and Cameron
Judge rules gay soldier ban illegal
Barnardo's wants most prosecutions of under-12s to end
Congolese immigrant starts plane riot to avoid deportation
Israel rejects proposed visit by senior EU foreign ministers
Britain's top tax boss forced into humiliating apology for bill blunder hours after refusing to say sorry

11 September 2010

Judges ordered to show more mercy on women criminals when deciding sentences
How Britain attracts more migrants than France AND Germany
Blair Babes Inc: The harem of loyal, scarily clever and VERY glamorous women behind the ex-PM's money-spinning empire
'Christmas for criminals': 40,000 frontline police staff face axe if spending cuts go through, warns union boss
£85,000 benefit couple's 4 homes
Middle-income families face losing sickness benefit
Population boom is real threat to London’s future
Royal Mail is to be privatised
Mohammed Shahjahan, Feizal Ali and Nicholas Jones jailed over rape attack filmed on mobile phone
Pickpocket gang grab £1,000 in map scam
Pair jailed for smuggling illegal immigrants
'Mint' smuggler's lies (Mateusz Malecki) fail to wash with customs
Juliet Ubiribo and Ovo Mayomi sentenced over £43,000 immigration and identity swindle
Fifty detained in illegal immigration crackdown
Jail term puts brakes on driving test fraudster Balbir Singh
Jawad and Hammed Irshad, Shujaur Rehman and Ghurfran Rashed sentenced after 'thuggish' attack on Muslim sisters

10 September 2010

Drug user, Ali Ismail, jailed for attack on man, 84
Rochdale Woman Traumatised following Partner's Brutal Attack by Pack of Asians
Landon Levi David Graham will serve just 2 years for leaving man brain damaged
Alfredo Merigo stabbed wife to death 'in front of son'
Black drug gang jailed
Webwide manhunt for force’s most wanted
Kenton Bonner caught with kilo of cannabis jailed for 21 months
Chech immigrant Michael Kostka accused of spying on women in showers and masturbating
Police Hunt Theiventhiram Thirumugunthan Who Raped Disabled Woman
Ryan Agostini sentenced for firearms offences
Depraved Sanjiv Dale had half-a-million kiddie porn images - judge says no jail
Louis Vicente Shot Innocent Bystander in Head
Don’t let Spen Greenway become No Go Area for Whites
DJ Roni Size Arrested for Beating Woman
Police Release E-fit of Dark Skinned Asian Flasher
Toff Gets Enriched by Arabs
Asian Actor Rashid Omar Who Stars in Anti-Abuse Video is a Wife-Beater
World champion David Haye causes outrage with 'gang rape' jibe at heavyweight rival
Audley Harrison

Do you Recognise Black Blackberry Robber?
Crystal Palace star Edgar Davids set to be quizzed by police over claims he slapped a woman
Laughing Boyfriend Kenny Michael Freed after Horrific Attack on Girlfriend....She's Waiting for Him
Midwife Latiefa Lutta banned after telling grieving mother 'God knows best'
Who Killed Deon?
Woman sexually assaulted in city centre by Asian
Hideously diverse Britain: Wrongs and rights for whites
“It’s time the Welsh Paid for slave trade past” says Benjamin Zephaniah
Non-Asians are given the boot
Ralph Miliband: The father of a new generation
Harrow Interfaith Council hits out over halal school meals as hunger strikes are threatened
Forget Mixed-Race.... SUPER-DIVERSE Kids Are Latest Fashion
Peter Tatchell the 'blood-crazed ferret'
Black Boyband Launch Range of Condoms for Young Girl Fans
Teen Who Raped Animals & Boys is Jailed
Shakir Raza facing multiple sex charges
Santo Gear Commits Sex Act in front of 4-year-old
Jugraj Nahal , a youth club manager, plied teen with booze and pestered her for sex
Computer geek Alex Lewandowski spared jail for child porn haul
Mohammed Kabir Charged with Grooming Young Girl
Angelo Castro Picked Nose Whilst Masturbating
Asian Teacher Sexually Abused Little Girl
Gurjinder Narman who raped elderly women - now admits raping boy, 12
Introducing the Islington English Dictionary and Liberal Phrasebook
Iranian community come to the fore
Avram will be excused crucial Stoke game to observe Jewish holiday - even if Hammers are bottom
Why don't black Americans swim?
Rowan Animashawun had 39 rocks in anus
Mohammed Hussain pleads guilty to racial abuse during ‘car park rage
Man Glassed by Eastern Europeans
Hashim Us Salaam jailed for killing teenager
Damilola Taylor's swaggering killer back on streets after just 4 years in jail
Anjem Choudary plans revenge for US Koran burning
Baby P bungler is MP’s adviser!!!
Britain doles out most passports in EU with a QUARTER of all applications by foreigners
Blair accused of stealing lines from 'The Queen' for his memoirs - The film's writer admits he made them up

9 September 2010

Damilola Taylor killer is released after just four years
Seven million now live in households where no one works!
Law student, Mark Alexander, murdered controlling father
Schools warned after horror attack on white boy
BLAIR WARS: MPs vote to keep UK troops in Afghanistan
'Only rats' safe to eat at Indian restaurant
Postal workers sort mail on north Kensington pavement
Leeds crime boss Khalid Malik ordered to pay £10.6m
56 year-old woman sexually assaulted in her own home
80 child sex cases in just three months, Mohammed Moosa sentenced
Muslims will become majority in Europe senior Vatican official warns
'I was told it was indigestion': Mother given weeks to live after cancer was missed by ELEVEN doctors
Historian David Irving "outrages" Poles with death camp tour
London health care ‘among the worst in England'
UK 'blind' to British black female artists
Top prosecutor calls for American-style charges for murder
Britain now home to 4 million immigrants
Taxpayers forced to pay extra for HMRC blunder
Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Asif considers asylum in Britain
Refugee claim 'audacious'
Drugs gang jailed
Bogus colleges 'used as cover for illegal immigration'

8 September 2010

Gang member, Jamie Price, son of musician Goldie, gets life for murder
Alfredo George Mario Merigo stabbed wife Linda to death
14-year-old raped by Black in Bedford park
Sarah Hussain, Akeel Shakeel and a 16-year-old charged with violent robberies
PC Mark Carter (former Mr Gay UK) denies rape charges
The BBC's own boss says it's biased
Cancer patients from wealthy areas have a much better chance of surviving
10,000 building workers face sack as council house repairs firm collapses
Evangelical Christian Group in Florida Plans to Burn Koran
British primary classes are biggest in Europe
Barclays thumbs its nose at Britain
Britain accused of war crimes
Taxpayers treated worse than anti-social scum
Henry Webster: Schools ordered on offensive against racist bullies
Muslims will become majority in Europe senior Vatican official warns
Ed Balls: 'I want to escape the manipulated view of what I've done in the past'
Bid to jail BNP leader Nick Griffin adjourned
Mixed race woman doesn't like White man's ringtone - He gets locked up!

7 September 2010

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed!!!
Five Black Youths stabbed in Gang Fight
IAEA report confirms Iran's clean slate!
In respect of Iran's nuclear capability, Tony B Liar recently said: "We have got to be prepared to confront them, if necessary militarily"!!!
Blair cancels London book signing as anti-war protesters threaten to gatecrash Tate Modern
BLAIR WARS: Andrew Griffiths died in hospital after being injured in Afghanistan
Tony Blair's fairy tales
Five Asians jailed for electoral fraud - They wanted to ensure Tory Haroon Rashid was elected
Study shows ME/CFS 'virus link' found in children
Honour killings: The crimewave that shames the world
Residents complain of rats and flies as bins are left unemptied for TEN WEEKS
In handcuffs, jailed vicar who carried out 360 sham marriages in 4 years
UK war memorial could be scrapped because of German politicians
Car thieves aged seven
Experts urge 1.4m NOT to pay up for the taxman's mistake

6 September 2010

What about my human rights? Kawa ali Azad (asylum-seeker who beat Tania Doherty unconscious) freed by judge
Clown MP of the week - Mike Weatherley = His Brazilian wife is a prostitute!!!
£95,000-a-year benefits family of 12 re-homed in a £1,000-a-week house 'after they trashed the last one'
Blair lacked 'moral courage' and Brown was 'malign': Ex-Army chief hits out over military funding
BLAIR WARS: Two Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Why unions want to sabotage our fight to clear debt
Labour leadership contest shows politicians to be a useless MOB
Quango opposes crackdown on "Mickey Mouse" degrees
Student immigration levels unsustainable, says minister
Blair condemned over new book

5 September 2010

Osman Osman repeatedly raped a 10-year-old girl
Three Asians hunted after 16-year-old brutally raped
Winston Churchill 'ordered assassination of Mussolini to protect compromising letters’
Prime Minister who lacked moral courage versus a 'malign' Chancellor
BLAIR WARS: Army chief: How Blair and Brown betrayed our troops
Tony Blair pelted with eggs and shoes as anti-war protester attempts citizen's arrest
Police brutality on 5ft 2in woman, 59, found asleep in car
Cherie Blair in court battle over Mandelson's memoirs
Jermain Defoe seen talking on mobile phone while driving
Arab raiders steal £40k of jewellery from novelist, 80
Chris Mullin chronicles the last days of New Labour
Husband of Archie Panjabi (Bend It Like Beckham) 'stole laptop from John Lewis'
More than 40% of domestic violence victims are men

4 September 2010

What does MR ENGLAND look like? He looks like a black cowboy!
Muslim men 'raped girls in paedophile ring', court told
Antonio Anderson charged over stabbing death
Woman in her 60s sexually assaulted by Asian boy
Terry Bryant admits teenage girl attacks
Jail let off for £50k benefits swindler Joseph Shalem
4 Cops, a van and a fine for 84-year-old who cycled a few yards on the path
'Servants sometimes need a slap - we don't let ours out of the house' says council worker Rehana Mohamed!!!
Mudassar Ahmed, Iftakhar and Halima Ahmed avoid jail after wife abuse
Sex-pest doctor Theodore Soutzos struck off
Morrissey reignites racism row by calling Chinese a 'subspecies'
Radical Islam is world's greatest threat - Tony Blair
Headmaster faces jail for years of sex abuse of boys
MP EXPENSES: New climbdown - Credit card to pay household bills
How could they be allowed to foster any child?
Cameron's press secretary Andy Coulson 'lied' over News of the World phone-hacking
Harriet Harman's Rosh Hashanah greetings
Banker says I'm man of numbers, not an anti-Semite

3 September 2010

The Afrikaners are starving!!!
Up to 40 times more aluminium in baby formula than breast milk!!!
954,469 alcohol-related admissions to hospital in year to March 2009
Tony Blair has rewritten history – without modesty or shame
The real shock for savers in Tony Blair's book
Rupert Murdoch took home $17m last year after 6% pay cut!
ACT OF EVIL: "African-American Female" throwns acid in face of "pretty girl"
Quarter of primary schools have no male teachers

2 September 2010

DNA evidence snares serial sex attacker Joshua The High Priest after 25 years
I'd back an attack on Iran says Blair - Thus spake Israel's puppet
Bogus cabbie, Astor Murray jailed for rape
Jagtar Johal gets 8 years for murder of Richard Price
Larkland May forgot to aplly the handbrake - David Smith and Claudia Kauert were killed
Osman Osman repeatedly raped a 10-year-old girl
Three Asians hunted after 16-year-old brutally raped
2,073 cops were subject to 3 or more complaints in 2009!!!
Outlaw Christian Pride demo, says town hall chief Pat Karney
Colondra Hamilton - Speeding, texting, pants unzipped, sex toy on her crotch, looking at porn, crack pipe in her purse
African Pastor Emmanuel Jones-Udokpan dumped rubbish by side of road
Alyssa Wallis deliberately doused scarred for life Hannah Orpin in scalding chip fat - Judge says no jail!
Crafty banks still managed to pay huge bonuses - And Alistair Darling is surpised by this?
Shirley Bassey's African dad was prosecuted for having sex with a 9-year-old!
Not guilty. The Israeli captain who emptied his rifle into a Palestinian schoolgirl
Irish ministers fight EU bid to give Israel data
Love letter to America: Gushing tributes to Obama and Bush in U.S. version of Blair memoirs
'Honour killing' parents dramatically re-arrested seven years after death of Shafilea Ahmed
Police given headcams as thousands of officers have complaints made against them
Grade gap is biggest among white pupils as better-off children surge ahead
Traveller gang conned 94-year-old victim out of £70,000 for building work that was worth just £250
Benefit fraud crimes shame Britain
Colonel Gaddafi May Be Paid By EU To Stop Immigration
Foreign students 'cheating on university applications'
Illegal cab driver Astor Murray guilty of rape
Chief rabbi challenges Stephen Hawking in row over origins of universe
Former PM Gordon Brown to focus on schools and Africa
Ex-Hampshire police officer jailed for abusing boys
Parents of murdered Shafilea arrested
Two Hussains, a Rashid and an Alum charged with GBH
Black Savages urinated over 75-year-old Jean Gausden
Heroin dealer, Ali Din, Gets 5 Years
Cops Hunt Bail Jumpers
Hague and a young, unqualified "special advisor" called Myers
BLAIR TALES: Ugly politicians and illicit sex
'Professional' beggar fined just £100 - He made £23,400-a-year plus £4,160 in benefits
Community payback: Criminals sentenced to smoke and play games!!!
Record population increase 'the biggest since the Sixties'
Tony Blair and a wasted journey
That nice Saddam Hussein... and other delusions
UK is a 'wasteland'of sex-mad ladette and gays, says churchman
Blair weaves that magic spell again? Don't be fooled
Armed robber Yohan Clarke jailed
Community punishment criticised as 'holiday camp'
Holloway Prison 'extremely difficult to run safely'
Wood Green pet shop owner Husseyin Salih evades jail term
William Hague: Hamas killings were 'provocations'

1 September 2010

Nicholas Richards jailed for infecting girl with HIV
Council of Mosques Chairman, Councillor Salim Mulla, on £9k benefit theft charge
EDL and the Jews
Constable jailed for 3 years for assault on soldier
Tony Blair on sex, politics and alcohol
Crocodile tears - and STILL no apology - Blair's memoirs push self-serving justification of Iraq War
He still can't see the scale of his crimes
A journey into Blair's fantasy world
That 'moral' war cry has a hollow ring
Tony Blair: I did not understand Islam at time of 9/11 attacks
BLAIR WARS: 22 US troops killed in Afghanistan in four days
Tony Blair: Gordon Brown tried to blackmail me
Nicholas Richards jailed for infecting girl with HIV
Off-sick athlete Matthew Thomas guilty of defrauding Newham Council
Binge-drinking is putting 825-a-day more in hospital
Asylum seekers stage Mosney protest

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