Daily News - August 2010

31 August 2010

The Afrikaners are starving!!!
Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezem al Murisi caught with 'mock bomb'
G20 pathologist Dr Freddy Patel guilty of misconduct
Dishonest locksmith Mark Makowski jailed for four years
Illegal immigrant Waleed Albashir jailed for sexual assault
Israeli cops release Rabbi arrested for inciting the killing of Gentiles
Elderly patients 'left to starve' admit two-thirds of NHS nurses
Millions facing a huge cut in pension payouts
Just 23% of deportation orders are carried out
Offenders on unpaid work schemes attack supervisors
British Muslims should give money to UK causes says charity
Latvian woman in marriage scam claims she was raped
Chinese dope gangs target Scotland
BLAIR WARS: Helicopter shortage forced troops to guard most senior officer's body for 3 days
Commons man may be jailed for fraud
Labour braced for Blair memories
Lottery backs 'social bond' plan to cut prison numbers
Blair prepares to trash Brown in first major interview since he quit
Priest unveils bride of sham wedding by reciting list of train stations
Inside Colonel Gaddafi's Islam conversion party

30 August 2010

'Wild dog' Corfu rapist, Dimitris Aspiotis, jailed
Thousands of council homes go to foreigners
Golden goodbyes: Labour ministers' £5million pension pots
Elderly still starving in UK hospitals
Union resolution condemns Israel
170,000 school leavers face the dole - despite record A-level results
Obscene waste of taxpayers’ money by quangos and EU
Blair boosts David in the battle of the Milibands
How George Bush 'tried to keep Gordon Brown out of Number 10'
'Illegal workers' caught in raid on Home Secretary's favourite Indian restaurant
Blair secretly courted monster Mugabe to boost trade
A vipers' nest of greed and corruption
Police question 4 Pakistani players
Obama not worried by Muslim rumours
Lord Birt's son converts to Islam
Travellers offered a better deal
NHS Direct to be replaced

29 August 2010

German banker slammed over anti-Semitic remarks
Marr to grill Blair ahead of book release
£30m Turkish heroin smuggler Ali Osman avoids deportation
Man stabbed by thugs trying to steal van
Arrest over Pakistan-England Test cricket 'betting scam'
Cervical cancer jab for girls aged 12 can be given without parental consent
BLAIR WARS: Blair ‘Ignored WMD Concerns’
Scandal of bail for terrorists
Europe-Wide 'FBI' Police Force to Battle Organised Crime
Ambulance driver could lose job for speeding to save a life
Sublime to the ridiculous: new cases in the extradition courts
How Bush and Blair plotted to stop Brown
Too white to adopt: The PC Crowd says Whitey can't raise a black or Asian child
Paedo trucker suspect James Connor took boys on driving jobs
Baroness Scotland's ex-cleaner faces deportation
Eric Pickles helps end rural blight of gypsy sites
£50k to dine with Dave: Wealthy Tory donors buy access to PM
Give my sister £30k job, new MP begs his fellow Tories

28 August 2010

Tory prisons minister Crispin Blunt splits from wife of 20 years - HE'S GAY!
Blairs buy £1m London townhouse for their daughter
BBC producer Andrew Brennand led double life as serial sex attacker
France expels its gipsies
Primary school teachers arrested on suspicion of child porn
Vince Cable demands no limit on immigration
Four tourists raped by Dimitris Aspiotis after police fail to issue warning
200,000 new immigrants in Britain as foreign students flock to UK
Debts, lawsuits and internal feuding cast doubt on future of BNP
Cole escapes driving ban – His wife is too famous
Cutting short jail sentences 'will not reduce crime'
Poverty link to Scots child tooth decay
MP criticised after 'attack' on sex education
Sham wedding - Three immigrants charged
Tory councillor Faraz Bhatti arrested for assault
Babies to foreign mothers at record levels
UK faces new wave of homegrown attacks

27 August 2010

Black Tied Up 83-year-old - Then Punched and Stabbed Her
Stefan Motoaca Dumitru Pleads Guilty to Raping 89-year-old
Terminally ill wheelchair-bound gent brutally attacked by black men
Teenager fights for life after Attack in park during GCSE celebrations
Cyril Donovan Brown found guilty of rape and assault
Teenager in 'Serious Condition' after Brutal Stabbing by 'Mainly Black' Gang
Helen Fields lover tried to set her on fire at the black man's orgy
Vicious Robber will now spend 8 years behind bars - Why did the cops allow this to happen?
Mystery surrounds fate of Pauline Richardson's Tunisian killer
Ikram Surgan jailed for horrific sex assault
Boy robbed and beaten by Asian thugs
Teenager beaten up by Asian gang
Ex-Wycombe Wanderers player Nathan Ashton charged with Raping 12-Year-Old
Barmaid Jodie Byrne scarred for life after glassing attack
Hunt for Gypsies after Brutal Baseball Bat Attack on Boy
Drug gangsters, Amir Ebrahimi, Ama Mohammed, Victor Brandao and two others get 10 years
Sanjhiv Auchraj tried to stab housemate over loo-seat row
Elderly Women Fought Off Asian Knifeman
Teenager forced to flee flat by drug dealers who used it to groom girls
Man attacked with Hammer and Dogs during in Burglary
Youngsters Attacked by Gang of Asians
Hunt for 'callous' Black Gang who Attacked Teenager
Jail for Abdizak Daoud after armed police called to seize gun
Damion Munn jailed for drugs and weapon offences
Nathan Williams facing eight fraud charges
Yoga teacher Kyno Hunt pounced on women in their homes
Tourist attraction worker Manuel Schwabgi 'molested girl' London Bridge Dungeon
Masturbating Bangladeshi Mohamed Nurul Haque Enjoys Lerwick's Cool Climate
Ladies' toilet peeping Jermaine Debrah claimed he was tying shoe laces
Masturbating Zsolt Treso was trying to “scare off females”
One-legged flasher Graham Shepherd escapes jail
Immigrant notches up 7 Burglaries
Police Appeal after Teenager bitten by Black
12 Year Old Boys Robbed by Multicultural Gang
Dodgy DVD seller, He Ping, faces deportation
Black man sexually assaults woman
Battering Ram, Max Williams, gets 8 Years
Mrs Omonbhude Attacked by Women
Sufiyan Mohammed jailed after nightclub attack
Loan shark Paul Leroy Ashman stripped of assets
Pakistani Stalker Targets Teenager
Black robber Caught on CCTV - Cops Not Interested
ASBO for Racist
Douglas Chima and girlfriend guilty of attempted robbery
Make-up tattoos for girl, 14, defended by mother
'I don't like British people’ says Japanese politician
Qamar Yasmeen jailed for stealing identity
People invited to attend events during Black History Month
“It doesn't seem very British. I feel like I am back in South Africa”
My night on the town with London’s star footballers
Jews Selling Blacks - Book Review
Grandmother hopes You Know her Daddy - He's Black
Qamar Yasmeen stole woman's identity
Stacey Morris jailed for breaking bus driver's arm
£10K benefits cheat ordered to repay £250
About 800 jailed Muslims ‘converted to terrorist cause’
Alisha Ahmed, sister of suspected honour killing victim, arrested for armed robbery
Why should a foreigner on the run for 17 years get kid-glove treatment from the law?
How a convicted sex offender ran an international child porn network on Facebook
Foreign mums fuel UK baby boom
224,000 immigrants win right to stay in Britain
Children's grasp of the 3Rs at its worst in a decade
Poverty blamed as seven-year-olds fail writing tests
Terror risk 'from targeted inmates'
It's no wonder sex diseases are rife among the young
Immigration is more than an economic issue
Parents are forgetting how to play with their children
Net migration to UK rose in 200

26 August 2010

Net immigration rose by 20% in 2009
Gang crackdown ahead of Notting Hill Carnival
Fugitive tycoon Asil Nadir 'returning to UK'
Man indecently exposed himself on coach
Sexually transmitted infections at 'record high'
Corfu rapist who targeted British holidaymakers arrested
Immigrants living in UK long-term soars by 20% - quarter of babies are born to foreign mothers
Nadja Benaissa ESCAPES jail after admitting having sex with men without telling them she is HIV
Tolkien travellers upset locals by pitching up camp on picturesque site one month before Pope visit
England is most over-populated country in EU
Swearing MPs describe expenses system as 'abortion' and call staff 'monkeys'
The cruel couple who loaned girls to paedophiles after duping social workers
Six white cops to sue the Met for racial discrimination
Man jailed for Jill Dando murder wins first round of battle for £1.4million compensation
Baroness Ashton wastes more taxpayers' money
BLAIR WARS: Series of Iraqi bomb attacks kill more than 60
MPs' expenses: Abuse of power
A sexual disaster for teenagers and society
Oona King is accused of using leaked lists as mayoral fight turns nasty
Exiled Kazakh banker Mukhtar Ablyazov accused of $2 billion fraud
London worst in UK as sex diseases increase
'Sham' marriage arrests
Blair: we have a duty to listen to Israel’s side - Thus spake a bought man!
Shirlena Johnson: "I'm not crazy."

25 August 2010

'Disgusting' attack on Widnes woman, 80
Illegal immigrant Mario Machado with 17 different aliases jailed for schoolgirl sex
Young man assaulted by black in attempted robbery
Omobolanie Akinloye accused of rape and sexual assault
Former air steward Youseff Ahmed Wahid arrested over murder of woman found in Heathrow suitcase
Jaysinge Sivaganesh jailed after targeting 90-year-old woman
Transvestite faces jail over sex line scam and thousands of hoax calls
Nigerian immigrant, Samson Bello - Serial Would-be rapist
Suspected killers and rapists among 5,200 bail-jumpers on run from Met
Police probe report of sex attack
Teenage girls most at risk as STIs in the UK reach record levels
The fatal mistakes that led to this shameful cover-up
Working class 'still die' earlier
G20 pathologist Dr Freddy Patel guilty of blunders in other post-mortems
Poorly educated Graduates do not match up to foreigners
Almost 500,000 new sex infections in UK last year
Betrayal of the cancer patients
Record numbers achieve GCSE top marks - A 5-year-old passed and a 7-year-old got an A star!
Axe Labour laws that turn us all into criminals
Body of British spy found in a sports bag in his bath
Labour's 3,000 'crimes' to trap bad guys including not giving goldfish as prizes!
Sprinter Matthew Thomas claimed £14,000 in sick benefits whilst training runners for the Met!
Border officials seize £45,000 hidden in German businessman's underpants
Criminals who confess 'to receive shorter prison sentences'
Israel will act if Iran attacks!

24 August 2010

Murderer's fury over stereo ban in jail- Orlando Sir is serving a life sentence
School lab technician Jared Shreeve jailed for drugging pupil
Christopher Varian stabbed to death at golf club - Jonathan Limani accused
Five immigrants tried for gang rape - Arturas Bagdziunas, Aivaras Urbonas and 3 others arrested
Was Father James Chesney an IRA bomber? Did Home Sec cover-up his role in Claudy bombing?
Hall, Ozdil and Anthony Babalola guilty of violent armed robberies
Orthodox 'fraudster'Eliyahu Weinstein defrauded British Jews out of millions of pounds
David Cameron's election vow to pensioners may be broken
BLAIR WARS: Jonathon Allott killed by IED inquest hears
Knifeman flees after being hit with footstool
Blair buys eighth home - £1.3m pad for daughter Kathryn
Bogus dentist, Saman Rasoul, lied through his teeth to work in the UK
Tip of the iceberg - More than £1BILLION lost to disability benefit fraud and error
Tories' £500,000 from the City boss who calls himself 'Keyser Soze' after movie villain
£75,000 benefit cheat scandal
Manners in decline, no thanks to ‘cheers’
‘Lives at risk’ as EU bans checks on foreign nurses
Avastin prolongs life but drug is too expensive for NHS patients, says NICE
BBC should have a religion editor, says Church of England
Beauty queen axed from Miss GB contest
Israel mulls over deportation of migrant children - "to preserve Jewish character of state"!
Lewis Hamilton was fined £288 for "behaving like a hoon"
Two thirds of Britons have not been to the library in the last year
George Michael admits drug-driving but walks free from court

23 August 2010

‘Bungling’ prosecutors share £330,000 bonus
Girl, 10, mugged for 68p in purse
Bank employee Rachel Shariar-Namini guilty of sketching robbery plans
Road rage murderer Tracie Andrews 'let out of jail for eight-hour shopping spree'
Tony Blair's book 'is like a love letter to George Bush'!
BLAIR WARS: Iraq's still suffering as Blair cashes in
BLAIR WARS: Jordan Dean Bancroft killed in Afghanistan
BENZO FURY: Polish drugs gang flooding Scotland with lethal new legal high
Immigrant gangsters forcing young girls to work as prostitutes
Safety tests on EU nurses working in Britain scrapped for being 'discriminatory'!
Asian woman lifts lid on on genetic consequences of first-cousin marriage
More than 1,000 Britons were 'exported' for trial last year - They couldn't even ask a judge to test the case against them!
Emma Caldwell murder suspect, Halil Kandil, to sue police
Britain's gay mental health crisis
Immigration 'DID cost Labour votes at the election'!
Fury at Taliban video game - Players shoot dead British soldiers
British graduates are losing jobs to immigrants
Prescott: Labour’s Close To Going Bust
We need a return to decent values in Britain
Villager held for firing warning shot at Gypsies
New approach urged in drugs war
How Winston Churchill Stopped the Nazis
DNA tests reveal 'Hitler was descended from the Jews and Africans he hated'
Germany to bring in Turkish police to combat crime in ethnic community!

22 August 2010

Sergei Zolotovsky remanded over mother and daughter murders
Damilola Taylor's 'kicking timebomb' killer
These beggars are not helpless casualties - as my black eye proves
Number of travellers' caravans leapt under Labour
Tony Blair sets up Mayfair ‘bank’ to act as a dealmaker in investments for the super-rich
Man ordered off flight and arrested by armed police because of a traffic dispute!
Fears that Iranian regime plans to get bomb gather pace
Police probe into illegal immigrants working as House of Commons cleaners
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Afghanistan - death toll now 332
Britain needs a peasants' revolt, not 'tighten your belt' lectures by Charles
The blazing row between Iain Duncan Smith and George Osborne
WikiLeaks hacker Julian Assange and rape ‘set-up’
Second fine for the Earl's con artist ex-wife who used a false identity to gain a US passport
Muammar Gaddafi invites Tony Blair to his Mayfair celebration
Surge in Britons deported for trial
Immigration cap will devastate UK companies, employers fear
9 nursing home illegal immigrants deported

21 August 2010

Sentences of 'happy-slap' killers Leon Elcock and Hamza Lyzai'not unduly lenient'
Rapist Cyril Donovan Brown attacked two women after jail release
Police hunt attack gang
Court hears of Facebook ordeal for teenage sex victims
Polish taxi driver, Shawky Gabriel, faces jail after being convicted of sexual assault
No pension until 72
Travellers quit genteel resort... because the locals were 'too rude'
Twelve accused of '£400k iTunes scam'
Shopkeeper fends off Asian robbers with beer cans
Alarming rise in teenage promiscuity and abortions linked to women's binge drinking
Agony of family of dying grandmother who devoted her life to NHS
No wonder Tony Blair can afford that charity payout
Sex and money scandal claims at Network Rail
BLAIR WARS: A shameful war without any winners
NHS spent £313m on consultants
This is Racist, Says N-DUBZ Pop Star Found Guilty Of Sex Attacks
Labour politicians and an unseemly dash for cash
There are lies, damned lies and George Osborne promises
Timothy Winter: Britain's most influential Muslim
Ray Gosling faces jail over euthanasia claim
Rage, rage against educational defeatism!
Iranian family in hiding over deportation fears
Glasgow fears over Israel vote

20 August 2010

Gay vicar, 65, to 'marry' Nigerian male model half his age
Distraught Mum Appeals to Find Albanian Who Killed Her Son
Alphonse Serges Kruizinga accused of bus row murder
Mory Conde in court on charges of rape and making threats to kill
Asian 'Punched, Dragged then Raped' Woman
10 Asians Launch Unprovoked Racist Attack on Lone Man
Thugs Throw Grandad into Canal
Hunt for Asians Who Smashed Woman's Face
“F*ck you, you Haggis-Munching Ginger B*stards. I'm going to Bomb you White F*ckers”
Robber Aadam Nozeer jailed for seven years
Abdul Raman Habib jailed over Neil Coates kidnapping
Ricky Preddie Wants £100,000 Compo - Fellow Inmate Sliced His Ear Off
Double sex attack trigger manhunt for Asians
Marcel Pic jailed for striking and groping teenager in drunken attack
Little Compensation for Nurse Kidnapped by Justice Ngema
Zbigniew Kozlowski found guilty of sexual assault
Charles Chuwang tried to rape drunk woman
Paul Renford jailed for job centre attack
Shaista Miah denies sex attack
N-Dubz drummer Fagan guilty of sex charge
Foot Fetish Paedophile Zolly Littlechild denies Sexual Assault
Former councillor Leo McKnight charged with attempted murder
Elderly Couple had Savings Stolen by Asians
Black Man Punches Disabled woman punched during attempted robbery
Angry dad takes to the streets after son's mugging
Man Knocked Unconscious by Black
Muslim elder appeals for calm after attack
Police search footballer Jlloyd Samuel‘s home after sex assault claim
BBC launches competition for multicultural writers - Its sitcoms are branded 'too middle class'
BBC gives £28,000 Children in Need cash to Gypsy charity
Lesbian Guardian Journalist Tells Women “Embrace Your Facial Hair”
Foreign Men Who Wed Dumb White Women for British Visa
Stanley Fink to replace David Rowland as treasurer
David Miliband - Get the nibbles in and have a quick vacuum!
Mohammed Umer Farooq jailed over sex crimes
Attorney General refuses to open secret David Kelly files
Anger at 35,000 Eurocrats in line for triple pay boost
Natwest refused to give dying cancer sufferer access to her own money!
BLAIR WARS: Taliban hire sniper to hit troops at 600yds
One in 30 'has confronted criminal'
Blair bank bombshell
Church minister's child sex charges
£7,500 funding to remember world's first black footballer
Rabbi arrested on suspicion of incitement to racism
MP Yasmin Qureshi banned from driving

19 August 2010

Woman, 80, died after cyclist mugged her
Pictures of sex stalker who attacked woman on Tube
Hunt for Phillipe Gandus - He tried to abduct child from church
Two-and-a-half-foot rat shot on estate
'Nanny' bosses issue guidelines on cop underwear
Muslim Disneyland employee outraged after she's told she 'cannot wear her hijab to work'
France begins deporting hundreds of gypsies from illegal camps
Muslim woman who hasn't shown her face in public for 18 years ordered to remove veil in court
Oona King is back and she wants Boris Johnson's job
So much for new 'tough' A-levels as 1 in 13 gets an A*
NatWest manager Rachel Shahriar-Namini accused of providing inside information to her bankrobber boyfriend
Migrants rob young Britons of jobs
12,000 foreign ‘sex slaves’ made to work in UK brothels
Immigrant nurse has 30 years to pay back benefits
Attorney General will step in to end speculation over David Kelly death
Gordon Brown to hit the lecture circuit - at £64,000 a go
Bid to block gays adopting fails
Traditional hymns falling out of favour at funerals
Changes to benefits hidden in Con-Dems’ budget will hit sufferers with serious illnesses hardest
Taxmen who deliberately under-paid child benefit to non-nationals sacked
Cameron accused of breaking his promise on middle-class benefits

18 August 2010

90-year-old war hero, Geoff Bacon, murdered by Black
Boys Who Tried to Rape 8-Year-Old White Girl - Sentenced to 'supervision order'
'Burly' transsexual attacked hospital staff
'Most wanted' hunted
Nine arrests in iPhone premium rate number scam
Policeman Shahzad Malik to face rape trial
Schoolgirl sexually assaulted on bus by Asian
Carer, Kamran Robinson, stole £4,000 - Claimed money was Lottery winnings
ASYLUM: UK Sends Fact Finding Mission to Zimbabwe
Rochdale police learn about Islam
Nozizwe Mlotshwa defrauded widower of £300,000
Masood Ahmed in court charged with West Byfleet rape
Blair's gift to soldiers' charity and the millions HE may save on tax
Couple took cash for 'loaning adopted girls to paedophiles'
Clarke to slash legal aid bill for asylum seekers
Killer doc Daniel Ubani dodges hearing that could have struck him off
Israeli soldier poses with blindfolded Palestinians and posts snaps on Facebook
1-in 5-offenders escapes with slap on the wrist
Shame? Blair doesn't know what it means
Cannabis farmers take up arms to defend crops
BLAIR: From political wizard to a byword for excess
Rampage of UK asylum gunman Nadim Injaz

17 August 2010

Ranjit Nankani, who nearly decapitated young father, jailed for life
Bus driver Raouf Mraidi gets 4 years for causing death by dangerous driving
Callum Hall guilty of Southwark Tube police chase shooting
Asian charged with sexual assault
David Sieni jailed after robbing minicab driver
Want a degree from Oxford? That'll be £69.90
Christian convert loses discrimination case
Tory Councillor 'committed a Sexual Act in Public Toilets'
Man Gets 10 Months for Face Paint Prank
Britain 2010: Meet The Sperm Hunter
20 cannabis factories found every day
Cops told not to pursue stolen motorbikes - Thieves aren't wearing helmets and might get hurt
Smoker faces £2,500 fine... For dropping cigarette ash on pavement!
BLOOD MONEY BLAIR!!! Former PM accused by relatives of war dead
Blair's "magnanimity" will not change public opinion
Universities woo foreign students but close door on Britons!!!
Benefits couple with ELEVEN children (and a baby on the way) get £30,000 a year and a free 5-bedroom home!
Benefit shame: 83 year old faces eviction from his council house
Teenage boy 'kidnapped and assaulted eight-year-old girl
Nick Clegg dismisses coalition plans to introduce cap on immigration!!!
How to buy a bride (and a British passport) for £6,000
100 days on Brits 'disappointed'
Domino's Pizza forced to axe Halal Menu after poor sales
Anger as 1,000 Gypsies arrive at ‘tiny’ festival
Cocaine should be legal, says top doctor
Ofsted warning over 'untracked' children
John Denham calls for clarity over fluoridation
Andrew Rees-Long downloads more than 500 vile images of kids and escapes jail
Knife attacks rise despite campaign

16 August 2010

The horrific trade in British children for sex WITH ASIAN MEN!!!
Man Attacked by Asian Gang has ear bitten off
Black footballer, Josh Scott, arrested over glassing of girlfriend, Amy Somers
Putting a mosque at ground zero insults victims
Dr Kelly: Just 1-in-5 thinks it was suicide as official cause of death branded 'impossible'
Damilola killer, Ricky Preddie, sues for 100k - His ear was cut off in jail
HIV-positive German pop star, Nadja Benaissa, Dad Muslim passed disease on to partners
One foreign criminal a day wins right to stay in Britain
Tory MP backed Commons 'erotica' dinner for sex industry boss, Savvas Christodoulou
More than 900,000 have been off sick for a decade - costing taxpayer £4bn a year
The fake homeless are raking in more than £20,000 a year
Alan Milburn is no friend of middle classes so why has Tory PM given him key job?
100 Council Chiefs on £200k
Frank Bruno Let Off Ban After Driving at 105mph
Hundreds of children call helpline over parents' drink and drugs abuse
32% of pupils skip breakfast before school
Iraqi in immigration dispute disappears
UK prison population 'on the rise'

15 August 2010

Paedophilia and Prostitution: Asian Men - British children
Jaswant Dhillon in court over Geeta Aulakh mutilation murder
Sons of man killed by Dr Daniel Ubani face prosecution for calling him "killer"
MI5 'vetoed Security Minister over links to Ukrainian oligarchs'
Obama backs new 'Ground Zero' mosque near 9/11 site
Alarm at Foreign Crime Wave
Rat Numbers Soared by 1.3m Under New Labour
Education System Could Create a Lost Generation of Youngsters
Hindus and Jews ask EU and UN to stop French picking on Gypsies
Fined £150million for not flying EU flag: British firms fighting back?
Councils pay for prostitutes for the disabled!!!
BLAIR WARS: John Charles Sanderson died a month after Afghan blast
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Taxpayers Face a £1m Bill for Charity Quango
Ground The Red Arrows Says Jonathan Edwards MP
Immigration: Britain Through The Back Door
‘Bogus boy’ asylum seeker makes Facebook getaway
Government's blitz on £93m benefit fraud nets just £47,000

14 August 2010

3-Year-Old Girl Diagnosed with Syphilis
Murder victim had reported Sergei Zolotovsky to police four times
Levi Jacobs gets 8 Years for Third Rape
Mikael Rodriguez, an unsupervised L driver, killed cyclist
One-legged Mohammed Farah accused of rapes
Black Brutally Attacked Grandmother with Brain Tumour
Rapist Aaron George told Young Woman 'She Was Asking For it'
Abdul Basir Khalazai cahrged with rape
Smirking Sex Monster Danielus Sil Galis now Behind Bars
Asian Hit-and-run driver hugs victim before fleeing
Man has permanent scars following black gang attack
Young woman viciously attacked by Asian
”These Gangs of Muggers are not Romanian - They are Gypsies”!
Israr Zahir and Ishtiaq Zahir broke man's skull
Knifepoint robbers, Hakeem Baker and Shane Brown, jailed
Woman Knocked Unconscious by Violent Frenchman then Robbed
Mohammed Imran abused 14-year-old
Asian Sex Attacker Hunted
Mustafa Assayed Abuhashim Groomed 13-Year-Old
Online fraudster, Adewale Taiwo, must pay back £53k
Nim Njuguna denies sexual touching
Ibrahim Arpaci attacked woman
Jayce Simms jailed after two road rage attacks
Zawar Hussain says “Police Blackened My Good Name”
Manhunt after Sex Attacker Strikes at Beauty Spot
Michael Lothan Attacked Bus Driver
Bartlomiej Dziuba Sexually Assaulted Medic Helping Him
Anzil Majid Abused Little Boys
Jabu Somgxada and Gertrude Chikware sentenced for DLR train attack
Attempted abduction by "dark-skinned" man
“Putting Me in Jail Damaged My Reputation” says Rapper
14-year-old sex fiend snared by angry husband
Gun victim’s family in £130k drugs racket
4 Asians Rob Woman - White Men Give Chase
Vicious Asian Attack
Woman Jailed for Helping Azerbaijani Lover
Black sought after attempted kidnapping
Has Asian post office scammer struck again?
Quang Loung Headbutts Female Student - Judge says No Jail
Police Caught Man Raping Horse!
Police charge Marian Suchodolinsky with indecent exposure
Labour Councillor faces lewd text charge
Tory councillor accused of homophobia Joins Pride March!
Day-release con Rashpal Singh made thousands running a brothel as he served time for burglary
Gassed in their beds: Ordeal of tourists victims of Mediterranean crimewave
Pupils forced to use mobile classrooms as city flooded by 20,000 migrants
Boots sells morning after pill on internet: Under-16s can now 'stock up' without seeing a GP
Areas where English is foreign to two-in-three schoolchildren
Scheme to give repeat offenders STOLEN bicycles so they can find jobs!
New Labour leadership hopefuls keep missing the point
EXPENSES: Lord Taylor denies £24k claims ‘fiddle’
Surprise, Surprise: Refugee is Alive & Well
Sorry, Gramps - We're Sending Your Mail Order Bride Back
Lea Michele is proud of her Jewish nose

13 August 2010

Teenager raped by Asian
Ten years for cab driver Mohammed Ahmed in sickening rape case
Serial Stabber, Elias Abuelazam, Suspect Arrested Trying to Flee to Israel
Sergei Zolotovsky held for murders of wife and mother-in-law
Rapist Mark Ramdin jailed for 'utterly terrifying' attack
Boy, 14, Brutally Attacked by 9 Asian Men
John Pilime and Jesiah Yee-Mon jailed after attacking sleeping train passenger
GP Dr Parag Bhatt is struck off medical register
Police to probe drop-in centre run by friends of shamed council chief Steven Purcell
English second language for 30 per cent of all Manchester schoolchildren
Prime Minister Sends Message for Ramadan
Job cuts threaten UK's justice system
BLAIR WARS: British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Aid Blow in Forced Marriage Fight
EXPENSES: Lord Taylor in court
Boy, 10, charged with stealing bike
Boy, 13, on cannabis factory charge
Romanian footballer, Lorand Borbely, admits deception
GP Parag Bhatt fondled patient's breasts - She went to see him about a broken finger!
Gageen Preet Singh was paid to sit your driving test
BLAIR WARS: The final harrowing moments of humanitarian workers
Luxury hotels, race days and massages - The pampered life of a Labour mandarin
Patients dying because NHS ignores warnings from safety agency
College where ‘migrants get an English pass in 15 minutes’
375,000 council tax cheats pay less after claiming to live alone
Miliband gets £50,000 from millionaire donor Labour once rejected
Dr Kelly investigation 'was inadequate': NINE top docs demand inquest
Cops to face trial over 'assault' of terror suspect Babar Ahmad
Rescind These Ridiculous Laws
Alan Milburn shows Jacqui Smith the way to do it
Why foreigners are the new working class
Europe must bring back border guards to fight illegal immigration

12 August 2010

Israeli organ-trafficking ring busted
"God has made this nation servants of America and Zionists"
Martin Newman jailed for cocaine in rum bottle death
Carnival terror for girls assaulted and robbed by Asian gang
Two teenagers assaulted by a gang of Asians
No Jail for killer, Mohammad Haghir
£12m cash for crash fraudsters - Rezwan and Rehan Javed staged collisions
Alexi Stelio Jerome jailed for sexual assault
Young Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black
Mudassar Ahmed and parents guilty of beating and locking up wife
An OAP lies down to stop travellers invading park - Guess who the cops move on?
Under-12s to be denied asthma jab if they live in England!
The EU must not be allowed to impose direct taxes on Britain
First milk, then beef... Now cloned veal's on the menu!
Report a crime - end up on a secret database! Cops have logged 180,000 names
Dora Duggan, 81, was dying - They put her in a storage cupboard 'for being too noisy on ward'
BLAIR WARS: Lee Brownson and Luke Farmer died in night patrol blast, inquest hears
Force claim Cynthia Hatton is 'prolific police complainer' – She blames racism
Labour Councillor, Robert Hull, Loses Election and has a sex change
Bobbies told to catch bus to catch a thief as force tries to save £15m
£500,000 a year for council boss who 'retired' then got a job with ANOTHER local authority
Foreign workers surge by 114,000 - The number of Brits with jobs falls
Foreigners get 77% of new jobs in Britain as too many of us live on benefits
Record four out of five jobs going to foreigners between May and June
Jobless Figures Deceive
UK at risk of creating a jobless 'lost generation'
19th Century Working Men's Club to be turned into Mosque
20 expatriate Bangladeshis held in UK
Blair book launch to cost us a fortune... Whilst he earns £4.3m
As millions suffer wage freezes, RMT's Comrade Crow pockets £10,000
Labour Attitude 'Culture Of Excess'
If you were really middle class, Mr Cameron, you wouldn't be so sneery about 'sharp elbows'
Bhutanese refugees arrive in UK

11 August 2010

Richard Dawkins: 'The Burka is a Full Bin-Liner'
New antibiotic resistant 'superbug' found in UK hospitals! - NDM-1 was brought here from the Indian subcontinent!!!
EU tax and the ultimate surrender of Britain's sovereignty
Another UK energy firm sold overseas - International Power sold to France
Daniel Ubani - A shameless killer silencing his victim's sons
Paul Coke and Fatmir Kadena jailed for making 'James Bond-style' weapons
Abdihamid Omar stalked grandmother, beat her and stole her bag
Immigration officer jailed for four years in passport scam
GP Navin Shankar to be struck off? He ignored victim's cancer symptoms for 6 years
Middle Eastern businessmen arrested after crashing £180,000 Lamborghini
Rape victim is denied NHS counselling after officials rule 'it might make her upset'
Children 'being sexualised by pop music porn'
Eight million Britons working part-time
Woman forced to live in a tent after squatter takes over her house
Home Office whistleblower claims agency ignored sham marriages
Immigrants set up makeshift camp on busy roundabout
Cheats, spies and the REAL welfare scandal
Worthing care home bosses ordered to pay back almost £500,000 for trafficking
Old Etonian David Cameron says I'm Middle Class
'Big Brother state' - Bounty hunters to catch benefit cheats
Strictly star Ricky Whittle denies dangerous driving
Anti-terrorist hotline ad banned for being 'offensive'
Seven staff arrested at Chinese restaurant
Illegal workers arrested following Hampshire raid
Gwent firms fined for illegal workers

10 August 2010

Careless French lorry driver, Frederic Morel, walks free after killing Patricia Murphy
Musdafe Jama in court on Milton Keynes murder charge
Woman sexually assaulted by Eastern European whilst out jogging
Dutchman charged with drug smuggling
Christopher "Macho" Brown wanted for drug offences
Chinamen guilty over cannabis factory
Jamie Fort stabbed his mother 80 times and then called police
Immigrants given one-in-fifteen new council houses!!!
Richard Dawkins speaks of his 'visceral revulsion' at Muslim dress
Girls starting puberty as young as SEVEN due to rising childhood obesity!
Family on £42,000 benefits get new 7-bedroom house
SHAM MARRIAGES: Gang sold them at £10,000 a time
SHAM WEDDING: Czechs, Nigerians and Syrians
Too many parents don't have a clue how to raise children
Family with two council houses disgusts Britain
More than 30 police officers paid more than Prime Minister
Bounty hunters to cut benefit fraud by £1bn
Hamburg's 9/11 Taiba mosque closed
Naomi Campbell 'arranged gift of diamonds' - Delivery 'was no surprise' says ex-agent

9 August 2010

Boy taken from family for being a fussy eater!
UK maternity units where only 1-in-10 mothers is of white, British origin!!!
Asian Rapes 41-year-old in Manchester
Leon Fyle strangled a transsexual prostitute to death
Alamgir Kabir charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl
Rapist Jakub Tomczak.will not face charges over death four years after attack
Alamgir Kabir charged over rape
Woman raped on playing fields - Detectives say the rapist is "possibly Asian"
Extradition sought in murder probe of Ayab Khan
Teenager robbed by 3 men - One is white, another Asian
Bogus marriage immigrants vanish
Fraud investigator Badrul Islam siphoned off £200,000
17-year-old groped on bus by black man in his 40s
Illegal immigrant, Ivano Woods, sectioned by judge
British couple gunned down in Pakistan in suspected honour killing
Breast cancer rates in UK ‘four times as bad as east Africa’
BLAIR WARS: Soldier killed in Helmand, Afghanistan
UK Border Agency finds cause for 'significant concern' - Colleagues expressed anti-immigration views!
Britons are digging their own graves
Greedy Tony wants £150 for a limited edition copy of his memoirs
Labour Treasury minister who said there was no money left accepts near-£20,000 pay-off
David Cameron declares war on benefit cheats
Vulnerable children forced to wait a year for care home verdict
Oyster Card top-up users double charged

8 August 2010

Mother and daughter, 12, fighting for life 'after they stabbed each other during knife fight'
Michael Fagbuaro charged over shooting
Man injured during attack by gang and dog
Diana Giustiniani falsely claimed £65,000 in benefits
Free milk for under-fives faces axe
Ex-vicar banned from being a foster parent after refusing to let gay couples visit
Dave, Nick (and Sam's) 100 days - an unparalleled insider tells of rows, tension and fragile future
A quarter of a million homes where no one's ever had a job
Sara Al-Amoudi fails to gag MoS over her £12m property debt
Lib Dem MP in council tax probe had 3 men staying with her
Detective who found David Kelly's body raises questions over his death
The cloud of doubt over Dr David Kelly must be lifted
Lord Kinnock's son embroiled in tax row that might cost his wife the Danish prime minister's job
BLAIR WARS: 'My life hung by a thread, all for the want of a £10 cable'
I was only doing traditional Turkish dance, claims husband arrested for assaulting his wife
Halfwitted leniency failed again... Yet still Mr Injustice Ball thinks he’s right
£6m bill to translate migrants' benefits
Military declares war on home front fiddlers
More smuggle illegal meat
Chief Rabbi questions Prime Minister's Gaza comments
Britain's forced adoptions: The hidden scandal we can't ignore
Lib Dems to vote on full marriage rights for gay couples

7 August 2010

BLAIR WARS: 10 killed as Taliban target medical mission - British doctor named
Police desperate to trace killers of Shawn Williams
'Sadistic sexual terrorist' jailed for raping children
Horror as Winston Desantos rapes a woman and attacks her friend
Romanian orphan jailed for stranger rape
Knife gang attacked man at party 'like pack of dogs' - Clinton Reid charged with attempted murder
Rape by Mohammed Shahjahan seen on mobile phone
Dennis Kacheche jailed for child sex at Balloon Festival
Sonic the Hedgehog Games Tester Jailed for Raping Woman who was being Sick
Bus driver in child sex claims
Prince Ben Rauf found not guilty of helping his brother to stab mum and her sons
Fatmir Kadena and Paul Coke guilty of running gun factory
On film, boy of 11 shows off gun in East End armoury
Taxi driver Ali Hassan jailed for sex attacks
Zeeshan Ali charged with sexual assaults
Woman punched in face and robbed by black
Woman attacked by black after being forced into car
Black robbers stole ‘lifeline’ phone from sick man
Coward smashes woman in head with bottle
The Bill star helps police arrest serial stalker Frank Olalaye
Jail for Andrew Brown and Blair Osbourne
Businessman offers £1,000 to find Asian who Punched Woman
Police Hunting Violent Blacks
Tasered man arrested for a 'racial outburst'
Brian Ndungu sentenced to three years
Councillor Ilyas Khan on trial over alleged assault
Young Girl Sexually Assaulted by Fat Asian with Bad Teeth
Barking JPs issue arrest warrant for man 'with no name'
The gangs of Peckham – as told by the girls who know them
Lord Carlile (Jewish former Lib Dem MP) Will Investigate Paedophilia
Rise in racism among schoolchildren
Olympic chiefs urged to fulfil multicultural promise by gay activist, Tatchell
‘Ignorance’ behind opposition to Bangladeshi cultural centre
Council advises tenants who have one bedroom too many to move now
English-speaking children are now a minority in some Hull Schools
We need an Asian detective says Dame Helen Mirren
Swimmers unhappy as Ramadan forces class to be cut
African love affair
RAF to shrink to World War One levels
Al-Qaeda’s new 'planning chief’ lived in US for 15 years
Muslim group Minhaj ul-Quran runs 'anti-terrorism' camp
100,000 households on benefits higher than the average wage!
Prisoners' legal aid bill hitting £60,000 a day as convicts demand softer punishments
How predatory gangs force middle-class girls into sex trade
Brown pollster reveals how immigration cost him power and is now damaging democracy
Footballer Marlon King vows to play again after release
Genocide, blood diamonds and the hypocrisy of Naomi Campbell
Jailed for 21 months, the paedophile trapped by Channel 5
Council bans kind carers from coming to my 80th birthday!
Tesco sells mini-skirt for girls, 9
Marriage counselling makes people think it's over
Lunch with psychopaths: Inside with killers, rapists and robbers
Jailbird Ali Dizaei complains of assault, racial abuse and death threats
Sex workers 'named and shamed' on Met police website
A Government of straight, white, privately educated men

6 August 2010

71 years' jail for jewel heist gang led by Aman Kassaye
Ali Mahmood jailed for fatal laptop robbery in Longsight
Co-op refuses to serve soldier after return from Afghanistan because he was still in uniform!!!
Jailed police chief Ali Dizaei in cell brawl!
Romanian President praises countrymen and attacks 'lazy Westerners'
Jobs for which no EU workers could be found
Jasbir Singh Takhar and Sukwinder Singh Sanghera convicted of landlord's murder
Luca Bertolone charged over Surrey teenage footballer crash death
Young Woman Gang-raped by East Europeans
You're the next Kriss Donanld!!!
Armed gang shoot man in Liverpool robbery
Hunt for Asian after teenager raped at Manchester party
Nusrat Hussain jailed over £8m oil and gas giant blackmail threat
Romanian pickpockets jailed for stealing 88-year-old woman's life savings
Fury as Killer GP, Daniel Ubani, bids to gag family
10 years on, child gangs still terrorise estate where Damilola Taylor was killed
Our dangerous dalliance with radical Islam
Cops smash 70-year-old stroke victim's window and drag him out of his car for not wearing a seatbelt!!!
Cop shoots schoolgirl with Taser after missing intended target
Romanian president: We take jobs off benefit loafers
Passport giveaway! 2m more Hungarians will have right to work here!
Passport loophole allows 5 million to come to UK!
David Cameron Accused Of 'Denigrating' Britain
A speech that shows the madness of EU expansion
'Innocent' student extradicted to Greek prison hell under EU arrest warrant
£224m child database is scrapped
Prisoners pocket £1m for being released ‘late’
Flawed plan that will have no effect on benefit culture

5 August 2010

Immigrant teenage parents charged with murder of their four-month-old baby son
Rapist Jay Murray back in jail for new sex attack
Three guilty of Comic Relief and Children in Need fraud
Ex-Hampshire police officer guilty of abusing boys
Damilola Taylor killer to be freed after less than four years behind bars
Nathaniel Belgrave bludgeoned a 40-year-old and then raped her in her own home
Congolese immigrats, Kyalemaninwa and Kitumbula Mazambi and Mapendo Kasiba, defrauded leading charities of more than £500,000
Young Woman Horrifically Gang-Raped by Eastern Europeans
Man shot through front door by Afro Caribbean
Man stabbed in abdomen by three men, all black or Asian
Simeon Major repeatedly booted his 7-month-old Staffie to impress cackling pals
Barrister who paid crack-addict husband's drug debt (to Kenroy Johns) goes free
The Talibanisation of British childhood
Despite 688 crimes burglar got another chance and re-offended
Council rejects 'racist' views of traveller sites
Violent clashes on Grahame Park estate as police swoop during raid
Immigrant with fake passport jailed
Police hunt Streatham sex attacker
Frank Olalaye intimidated female rail passenger
Mainstream Islamic organisations 'share al-Qaeda ideology'
And the same to you, Jackboots!
Greedy GPs Want More Cash
Britain: 25% of population will be aged over 65 in 20 years
Inadequate NHS websites cost more than £86 million per year
David Cameron braced for council homes 'for life' backlash
David Cameron drafts in Muslim Cabinet minister to calm Zardari
List to sent terror chief aligns peaceful Muslim groups with terrorist ideology
Naomi Campbell admits she received blood diamonds - Now they’re missing

4 August 2010

Rise in male infertility linked to plastic food and drink cartons!!!
Hisamuddin Ibrahim, Habib Iqbal, Sadek Miah and Mohammed Miah jailed for life over Blackburn arson murders
Disabled man scalded to death by Lucky Okologume and Kamila Nait-Mouloud
Tajinder Jagdev in court on death by dangerous driving charge
Child rapist Robert Coello stamped to death in prison cell
Ukrainian immigrant, Dmytro Shepel, jailed for 3.5 years
Paedophile Aaron Sharp admits 17 offences
Gang hunted after attacks on women
Mohim and Miran Mirlashari and Mohammed Jawadi jailed for 'random' assault
Six arrests over UK online banking scam
Ali Demirci and Metin Bolat get for 24 years gor gun and drug crime
Green Party Serial Paedophile Jailed Again
Yvette Nana jailed for using fake ID to claim £90k in benefits
Burglar Edmond Massengor-Mammy shot victims with taser
Nursing home worker Jaspal Sandhar stole £50,000 from elderly residents
Asian threatened child with knife
Teenager jailed for double stabbing
Attempted robbery – E-fit of black man
Sohail Tabassum accused of flashing at primary school girls
Man injured in hit-and-run by Asians
Black Speaks to Police over Sex Attack on 9-Year-Old
How predatory gangs forced a public schoolgirl, 14, to become a sex slave
Knifepoint robber Neville Maparura blames recession
Chalkhill Blue Boys Banned from Area
No Jail for Serial Criminal John Harriot - Judge Praises Him for Changing Name to Jamal Mohammed Al-Gani
Decision to stop probe into voter fraud in Tower Hamlets slammed by politicians
Lesbian shouted homophobic abuse then attacked gay man in Bristol pub
Tory Leader Pervez Choudhry Charged with Bigamy
Doctors criticise 'flawed' TB screen for high-risk immigrants
Police fear being called racist so illlegal immigrants stroll free
Raoul Moat is a role model for my 8 children!
Chafford Councillor Slammed Over “Chaffrica” Comment
East London clergymen held in sham marriages probe
The search for the young journalist of the year – for ethnic minorities only!
How wet white liberals became the ultimate black joke
Rap fan was fined for racially abusing a black woman - as he sang along to a 50 Cent song
Ex-councillor denies racism after criticising foreign names
Businessman David Hunt sues Standard over Claims "He Controls London"
Anger over halal-only menus in schools
Immigration appeals won after officials fail to turn up
Cloned beef hass been on sale!
Airline security probe after veiled women board flight without showing their faces
100,000 under-24s get state benefits claiming they're too ill to work!!!
BLAIR WARS: Dale Alanzo McCallum and Adam Brown killed in Afghanistan
Police fear being called racist so illlegal immigrants stroll free
French proposals over foreign criminals prompts calls for same in UK
Scottish criminal record accuracy questioned
More sex pests caught on Tube but two in three go undetected
Revealed: London children aged 11 use crack cocaine

3 August 2010

100 clone cows on UK farms: Shocking evidence of how 'super calves' have secretly spread into our food system
Burkas don’t cut women off from society, says Tory party chairman
This is me solving the world's problems: Tony Blair uses Obama in online video to flog his cash-in memoirs
Fury as travellers set up camp on playing fields of top girls' school
England has worse crime rate than the US, says Civitas study
Asylum seekers win new strength to fight after Yarl's Wood hunger strike
Ofcom raps Press TV
9 Asians Groomed 14-Year-Old Child
Bangladeshi man Mohammed Kabir in court on grooming charge after police sting
Mail depot delivers ‘squatting’ toilets for workers - to Keep Asian Workers Happy
Soldier battered by lying thug
Perv lifer dies after ‘beating’ in his
Gordon Brown voted third worst post-war Prime Minister by historians

2 August 2010

HSBC makes £7BILLION profit in just six months... after handing its bankers £6BILLION in 'compensation'
Jay Jay Alexander filmed himself torturing three schoolgirls in 'Blair Witch' sex attack
Hisamuddin Ibrahim, Habib Iqbal, Sadek Miah, and Mohammed Miah convicted of murder over fatal arson in Blackburn
Lying special Pc guilty of attack
Vow to tackle asylum system faults
Harley Street psychiatrist Dr Theodore Soutzos ‘preyed on his patients for sex’
UK ambassador to Israel on 'hostile' Britain
"I nearly sent back my MBE because of Nick Griffin" says Nigerian
Training is the key to breaking out of jail, Ken Clarke
Immigration must be a bigger part of the reform agenda
Fury over BP plan to drill 4,200ft oil well OFF SHETLAND!!!
Lisa Sharpe dies in 'hell hospital' after going in with just a cough!!!
What some Muslims do - What others condone
Additives in sausages and bacon 'increase bladder cancer risk'
£1.2bn spent to beat swine flu - 26 lives saved?
£13million missing after Labour's 'crazy' attempts to bribe illegal immigrants to go
Police banned from putting suspects in blue boiler suits - because of their human rights
Clone farm's milk is on sale: Food watchdog investigates after dairy farmer's astonishing admission
Jacqui Smith's four-letter blast when questioned over her application to work for BBC
Obesity adviser to the Government is paid by diet firms
Lib Dem MP Tessa Munt accused of a council tax fiddle AND an affair
Israel accuses UK of anti-Semitism: MPs outraged by Peres's tirade against English
Adam becomes Alexandra: The WPC who used to be a PC back on the beat!
Pensioner tied-up and tortured with hot iron by burglars during raid
Russian conductor accused of child rape charge invited to play at the Proms by BBC
General Sir Richard Dannatt quits as Cameron aide
Euro police knocking on your door; Surgery halted by the 48-hour week; So much for Tory promises on EU
No-show Home Office opens door to migrants
Somalian immigrant wins double gold for UK
350k migrants in on ‘student’ visas
Police hit gangs ahead of Notting Hill Carnival
Sexual Assault in Southampton City Centre by black

1 August 2010

Israel's President claims English are 'anti-semitic'
As David Cameron calls for Turkey to join the EU, the growing repression at the heart of 'Eurabia'
Rapist Gheorghe Avadani freed from Romanian jail attacked women twice within months of entering Britain
More than 1,000 girls aged 11 and 12 are on the pill
Adamo Kizey Found With Pistol And Silencer
Jacqui Smith applies for top BBC job: £77k a year for just 2½ days a week and all the expenses she can claim
Charles urged to fight scheme for ‘hideous’ new Iranian embassy
The week that revived my love affair with India - and convinced me that Britain's future lies there - Cable's former wife was Indian
More broken-backed than Brokeback, the rebels afraid to strike
UK Border Agency makes blunders

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