Daily News - December 2010

Friday 31 December

Kanye West video features the corpses of murdered (mostly white) girls and necrophilic intimations
Knighted – for services to high gas prices and Cadbury's demise?
Eric Baikubi and Magalie Bamu remanded over Newham body in the bath death
Knighthood for British Airways Boss!!!
How the Zionist lobby shapes UK politics
Three Arrests After Gun Death and Stabbings
Former President Moshe Katsav guilty of rape and sexual assault
Bishop of St Albans speaks of the need to "stand firm" against racism
Gay footballer Aslie Pitter in New Year Honours list
Foreign drivers 'escaping millions in parking fines'
750,000 on benefits have turned down or quit work
Mandelson banned from lobbying: No Blair-style cashing in for next two years
Fears over new legal party drugs that are 'as dangerous as cocaine'
The EU will never be Britain's friend
Kate Middleton's friend questioned over 'racist' gun threat
Number of homeless on the rise in Britain
British female inmates rise
London fears new wave of gang deaths

Thursday 30 December

Appeal 15 years after Camden murder of Alan Holmes - The BBC don't mention the chief suspect was black
Heathrow staff told to ALLOW DRUG SMUGGLERS IN!!!
UK will NOT hit its target to cut immigration in 2011!!!
Gheorghe Badea charged with murder
Teenager shot dead and two others stabbed
Abu Yahya, jailed for preaching race hate, now accused of swindling benefits
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan death toll passes 700 in deadliest 12 months since conflict began
Labour's Ken Macintosh "exaggerated the threat of antisemitism in order to win Jewish votes"?
Benefits cost each family £3,000
60,000 criminals spared prison
Britain leads in Israeli denial efforts
Rabbis' wives call on Jews not to date Arabs
BLAIR WARS: UK soldier killed in Afghanistan blast named as Charlie Wood
Execrable and incompetent! Why do rail bosses and politicians treat the travelling public like idiots?

Wednesday 29 December

Dennis Makurah in court accused of ill-treating dementia sufferers
Muslim population has grown from 1.65 million to 2.87 million since 2001
350,000 fatwas thought up by Muslim scholars on their website
Banks tried to silence university scientist who exposed fatal flaw in chip and PIN cards
Cops knew Crossbow Cannibal was dangerous but were "powerless to act"
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Afghanistan
Midwives warn of 'calculated backlash' against home births
Lib Dem Gay, Simon Hughes, gets higher education role
Israeli authorities deny Palestinian prisoners access to lawyers
Russia lashes out at western critics of Khodorkovsky trial - Khodorkovsky is Jewish
Footballers make adultery seem normal to boys
Shame of Fat Cat Council Bosses
Music teachers told to avoid physical contact with pupils - paedophilia accusations

Tuesday 28 December

9 in court accused of planning Christmas terror blitz on London's busiest landmarks
1.5m are spending fifth Christmas in a row on sick benefits
Christian assemblies face axe over claims they infringe children's human rights
'Death to all soldiers': Asian thugs' taunt to veteran they beat up over his RAF blazer and poppy
The classified maps that show Afghanistan is becoming more dangerous with high risk areas spreading
British foreign aid bill rockets to £753m
Christmas baby boy for Sir Elton
Half of Germans want to axe the Euro
The Coalition must protect the right to be true to our Christian faith
David Cameron must face the challenge of Islamisation
Eric Baikubi and woman accused of bath boy murder

Monday 27 December

Muslim, Bahá'í and Zoroastrian chaplains to be recruited for House of Commons! John Bercow (Jewish Speaker) is behind the move
Bishop of Winchester: legal system discriminates against Christians
How Labour left the taxpayer a £245bn bill!!!
A thousand post offices closed or were put up for sale this year!!!
Nine charged with conspiracy to cause explosions in UK after counter-terrorism raids
Public 'don't want Murdoch to control more of news media'
Authors' backlash forces Gove to keep free books for children
Sorry, Archbishop, but there IS a big difference between the deserving and undeserving poor
Sister held after boy found dead
Why does Dr Rowan Williams never stand up for Christianity?

Sunday 26 December

Mossad chief to apologise for use of UK passports in Dubai killing
Why is this government making it even harder for children to read?
Tories slam 'preposterous' plan for statue of Tony B Liar
Killjoy officials ban panto stars from throwing sweets to kids and genie's pyrotechnic entrance
Writers attack axing of book giveaway as ‘gross cultural vandalism’
Secret lair of Muslim hate preachers
Multi-faith chaplains to make House of Commons more inclusive
A Government that isn’t afraid of faith: Alleluja!
The secret double identity of murdered spy
Archbishop's fears for 'hardworking and honest' poor in Coalition cutbacks

Saturday 25 December

New superbug found on Isle of Man
Marriage should be between a man and a woman
New poll casts doubt on whether Britain wants to be a 'big society'
Christmas Day will be coldest ever
Albanian asylum seeker who dumped loaded handgun outside Tony Blair's house
Chairman Mao and the Coalition's lunatic fixation with change

Friday 24 December

John Pilger - The War You Don't See
Where did Labour's £1bn foreign aid go? There are no proper records!!!
SNOW: Hospital taxi driver dumps sick grandad a mile from home!!!
More than 500 pupils a day excluded for abusing staff
1,800 websites selling counterfeit/non-existent goods shut down by cops
Dealers peddling potentially lethal legal highs in Christmas stockings!!!
BBC nativity drama was not 'anti-Jewish'
Guilty! Socialist Tommy Sheridan told he faces jail for perjury
2.2million mothers are working full time to keep families afloat
Frankie Boyle embroiled in race row after N-word outburst
Illegal migrants can stay ‘to safeguard their rights’
Christmas in a field to keep out gypsies
Immigration to rise by another 200,000
Vince Cable’s arrogance is simply breathtaking
Coalition ministers consider gay marriage plans

Thursday 23 December

'Christmas is evil': Muslim group launches poster campaign against festive period
Muslim Gang battered pedestrian with crowbar in brutal road rage attack
Footballer Michael Ricketts admits head-butting girlfriend for 'being disloyal'
Heathrow 'failed' to order enough de-icer to cope with heavy snow
EU borders stay shut to Romania and Bulgaria over fears of crime flood
Abu Hamza's daughter-in-law arrested
BLAIR WARS: UK soldier killed by explosion
Lib Dems show why they are not fit for purpose
A fifth of all homeless people have committed a crime to get off the streets
Lesbian former UKIP MEP wins sex bias case
BAA in war of words with BA as Heathrow disruption continues

Wednesday 22 December

Why did no one stop the Crossbow Cannibal when he warned probation officers he intended to kill?
WikiLeaks: 1-in-3 British Muslim students back killing for Islam and 40% want Sharia law
Osborne brands gay Labour MP a 'panto dame'
Our cancer shame: Survival rates in UK are worst among leading nations
'I bet you are still a virgin': What Dr Chukwugozie Ujam said as he pestered medic for a date
Ashley Bucknor murdered innocent teen just 6 months after early release from jail
Migrant marriage rules condemned by Court of Appeal

Tuesday 21 December

Anti-terror squad arrest 12 men 'plotting to cause Christmas shopping carnage'
£1bn wasted on Whitehall consultants - Huge spending during Labour's last year in Government
Harry Potter actress beaten and branded prostitute by brother after dating man 'who wasn't Muslim'
Door closes on 'highly skilled' migrants as quota is filled early
Time for the reckless to join the real world
Peter Tatchell bids to overturn gay marriage ban at EU Court of Human Rights
WikiLeaks cables: Libyan attacks aimed to force out 'Zionist' Marks & Spencer
BBC DJ Lubna Qazi to be sentenced for benefits fraud
Iranian parliament considers UK ties' cut
Domestic violence 'on the rise' in Britain
'I didn't think of Iraqis as humans' says Yank who raped 14-year-old and killed her and her family
Twelve men arrested in anti-terror raids
People Trafficker Ferzad Pezeshk could be freed within months
Stabbed four-year-old identified - Nusayba Hassam was killed by her mother
£300k bombproof car to protect Nick Clegg from protesters
Obama FCC Caves on Net Neutrality -- Tuesday Betrayal Assured
UNREPORTED: A hundred+ US veterans chain themselves to the White House fence

Monday 20 December

Italy passes resolution to combat online anti-Semism - Fiamma Nirenstein seems to be the lead truth-squasher
£300k bombproof car to protect Nick Clegg from protesters
Anjem Choudary to hold anti-Christmas protest in Oxford Street!!!
£5m Drugs Mastermind, Nicholas Aristotelous, gets 7 years
Joseph Boscombe stole war hero’s gallantry award
Caged: Mohammed Liton attacked ex-wife with hammer in front of kids
EU Scheme for Union with Africa!!!
Abuse of the Elderly
Sea Cadet Workers Resign after Commanding Officer Victimised
As offences linked to social networking sites increase 7,000%, the truth about criminals targeting your home
The 5,000 children given a licence to fire guns
The soaring rate of 'no-father' families: Lesbian couples and single women rush for IVF
Internet pornography curb by the Government
'Abortion is worse than al-Qaeda,' says Duke of Kent's son Lord Nicholas Windsor
Masked knife robbers steal cash
Muslim and Jewish groups object to labelling of ritually slaughtered meat

Sunday 19 December

Firms claimed millions from Home Office - 'to house asylum seekers who had gone missing'
Calls for 'anti-Semitic' student leader to quit after Facebook message about Jews
Our gutless rulers get in a flap over one unhinged killer - but do nothing to stop 100 others
Christmas cards with religious images disappear from High Street shops
Britain's airports branded 'Third World' as flights grounded by big freeze
The Tories have let themselves go soft on crime
Asylum decision on hit-and-run driver embarrasses PM
Bottle in neck for youth who challenged snowball gang
Shoah teaching will stay

Saturday 18 December

The 15-strong gang of thugs was made up of Asian and mixed race teenagers and men
Teenager stabbed in neck over snowball row in Sheffield
Tony Dyce, murderer of mother and two young girls 28 years ago, jailed for life
John Paul Onyenaychi accused of attempted murder of policemen hurls abuse in court
The Red Cross bans Christmas!!!
The migrant cap is illegal say judges
I'm gay and fed up with living a lie says Tory MP Nigel Evans
Our coverage on immigration and Europe was weak admits BBC Director General
Muslims in bomber's town get £500,000 to combat terror but don't give cops a single tip-off
Muslim Mother cuts out the heart of her daughter, 4
Friend of 7/7 victim in air rage outburst about Muslims
18,000 boys start secondary school with reading age of seven
Schoolchildren, 14, become Britain's youngest mother and father

Friday 17 December

John Paul Onyenaychi charged with attempting to murder two police officers
Newham Council plans to axe up 1,600 jobs yet spend £111m on luxury offices!!!
Aso Mohammed Ibrahim who left girl, 12, to die after hit-and-run can stay... Thanks to Human Rights Act Cameron promised her father he'd scrap!!!
London 'the TB capital of Europe'
Violent knife thug’s Christmas breakout
Prisoners serving less than four years WILL get Vote!!!
One in six boys of five can't write their name after year of school
Murder victims' relatives 'left more traumatised' by criminal justice system
British kids face delayed surgeries
Assange: Victim of a conspiracy
69 inmates released by mistake
How 1.4 million spent a decade on the dole under New Labour
Griffin to hear contempt verdict
Austrian man convicted for yodelling while Muslim neighbours prayed
One black applicant in 100 gets 'fast-track' Whitehall job
David Cameron: Britain's ties with Israel are 'unbreakable'

Thursday 16 December

Asylum Killer Aso Mohammed Ibrahim GETS TO STAY!!! The hit-and-run driver left 12-year-old Amy Houston to die!
Wiesenthal Center tells Jews not to travel to Sweden
'I see no future for Jews in the Netherlands'
Tony Crony Wants Drugs Legalised!!! Bob Ainsworth was Blair's Drugs Minister and Brown's Defence Minister
9 TRILLION DOLLARS Missing from Federal Reserve and the Inspector General has not investigated it!
Killer on run slashes policeman's throat
Two white Britons 'killed fighting for Al Qaeda'
Even judges are confused by the law says Britain's top judge
Blair has some very bizarre friends - Monster who trades in human body parts beats the lot
Asylum Gets Even Softer
New MPs scandal as auditor refuses to sign £14m expenses
Immigration: Translation Costs Soar By 40%
Immigration: EU eases visa rules for Albanians (Muslims) and Bosnians (Muslims)
Why lower taxes are the answer to Britain's problem
Ledley King gets driving ban for speeding

Wednesday 15 December

Hit-and-run man, Aryeris Angelis, killed Elizabeth Alice Beach-MacGeagh
Alfredo Sanchez faked his own death in £1m insurance scam
MP’s wife and son face jail for drink-drive smash lies
British Jews "distancing" themselves from Israel
Stall staff working here illegally
Primary school league tables could see over 900 closed or taken over
How your Christmas dinner has travelled 260,000 miles
Non-native species cost British economy £1.7bn

Tuesday 14 December

The 1,000 primary schools failing our children: 11-year-olds leave unable to read or write
Shocking video of police tipping disabled man out of wheelchair during student protest causes outrage
Police failings as officers handed toddler to stranger
Coalition reveals list of 142 court closures
Primary school league tables: faith schools dominate top positions
Too fanatical for the mosque: So why did no one tell the police?
Torture ordeal of engineer held at gunpoint by neighbour, Jevgenij Kizajev
Tony Blair's company 'to make £27m advising Kuwait on how to govern itself'
Miliband hiring spin chief who faced cocaine claims
How Sikhs and Hindus became the bedrock of middle Britain
LIVE baby mice tumble out of crisps bag at Tesco store
Bungling G20 Tomlinson pathologist Dr Freddy Patel is under fire again
WikiLeaks: Drive to tackle Islamists made 'little progress'
UK among Europe's unhealthiest nations
Abu Hamza Loses Bail Bid

Monday 13 December

Houssam Djemaa charged with Alison Barrett's murder
Muslim fanatic bomber was radicalised while studying in Luton
Brit-based murder husband accused of killing 3 years ago
Archbishop of York and the couple facing jail for immigration scam
Ma Bo-kee, father of Lewis Hamilton's ex-girlfriend jailed for £40m con
BLAIR WARS: 6 Nato troops killed in Afghanistan
Harriet Harman hails ‘hero’ migrants who send welfare cash home
Harriet Harman criticised for 'heroic' immigrants comment
Anger at UK’s £1bn bill to help Albania and Serbia join EU!!!
The Britain Where Ignorance And Brutality Flourish
Anarchists from Argentina, Germany, Italy and Latvia plotted London tuition fees protest
Sympathy for those on benefits is lowest since Thatcher's time
Police appoint officers to fight homophobic hate crime
English Defence League and hate on the High Street

Sunday 12 December

British passports to be made abroad!!!
EU Commissioners say Europe needs more immigration!!!
Universities ‘are hotbeds for breeding radical terrorists’
Harriet Harman praises 'hero' immigrants who send welfare handouts home
The real enemy will soon be roaming your street, giggling and blank-eyed set free by this bumptious idiot of a Tory
Freed mentally ill prisoners could 'bump someone off' - but they should NOT be in prison says Ken Clarke
Move to ban American anti-Islam campaigner from entering UK
11-year-old boy calls me a f****** cow and there's not a thing I can do!!!
BLAIR WARS: Chilcot inquiry - Real shocks are still to come
WikiLeaks 'rape' victims had hidden agendas - I've seen the proof says Julian Assange's lawyer
Prisons: smuggled mobiles turn prisoners into radicals
Civil servants spend £1m on first class rail travel each MONTH
£7m - the true 'profit' made by Andrew on Sunninghill

Saturday 11 December

Gurjinder Narman jailed for attacks on child and elderly women
Failed asylum seeker, Abdul Amouz, jailed for Huddersfield rape
UK student fees hike will be softer on Indians And, consequently, harder on the English!!!
Pensioner wearing old RAF jacket headbutted by Asian/mixed race thugs
Gary Grubb gets 10 years for park attacks
One-in- 4 trainee teachers is a dunce: Thousands struggle to pass simple literacy and numeracy tests
Teachers scared of confronting school yobs
Israel’s religious extremists send the peace process up in smoke Ex-EU leaders urge Israel sanctions
Fuk Wu 'blackmailed billionaire for £3m
EU wants end to Czech practice of making 'gay' asylum seekers watch porn to check for arousal
Nick Clegg and a sickening insult to Britain's democracy
David Miliband paid £25,000 for speech at luxury Middle East resort
Prison is for the idle – let’s put them to work
WikiLeaks hackers threaten British Government
Town tries to ban 'truly appalling' Romanian busker

Friday 10 December

Mohammed Nawaz raped a 13-year-old more than a hundred times
16 year-old boy punched and stabbed by two black males
Illegal immigrant, Jacob Samba, stabbed Stephanie Hunter a month after being bailed for a previous attack on her
Immigrant Abdul Amouz jailed for club rape
E-fit of Asian cab driver rapist
Church of England to scrap diocese of Bradford - Muslims now outnumber Christians 7-to-1
Graduate blinded after accidentally bumping into a stranger
Doctor Ewa Stasiowska failed to spot dying baby's plummeting heart rate
Government to pay for security guards at Jewish schools
Doctor Amad Jumaily murdered wife
Golliwog doll must not offend Oprah Winfrey!
Immigrant baby boom leaves schools 500,000 places short
Marlon King loses sex assault appeal
Youth reoffending 'costs £11bn'
Immigrants living in Britain double to 6.9m in 30 years - Most had no UK connection before they arrived
Hate crime reports rise in Norfolk says black policeman
Matt Skelton jailed for lying to police
Judge attacks force that let off Superintendent caught driving 29mph over speed limit
Payout for anti-gay preacher over arrest: Landmark ruling in Christian's battle for free speech
Banned from the Commons: Disgrace of Blair's Ministers Hoon, Byers and Caborn
Lesbian couple in bitter court battle with sperm donor
Sex texts for teens: Controversy as NHS promotes mobile advice line for children as young as 13
British schools slump in global league table

Thursday 9 December

3,000 patients starved to death in hospital under Labour!!!
Eze Eke 16, guilty of murder
Balraj Singh jailed for murdering colleague
Pharmacist Roshan Lal groped young girl's breast checking her blood pressure
Millionaire conman, Amit Sharma, sold counterfeit clothes on eBay
Ireland bailout could cost British taxpayers over £7 billion
Why Barack Obama doesn't much care for Britain
Ken Clarke's prison policy: What would Tony Blair say?
Tunisian official's son batters puppy because he's 'having a bad day'
NHS reforms put more children at risk
Ministry papers get own chauffeurs
Green agenda will kill UK’s vibrant energy industry
Barack Obama signs law for Indian tribes and black farmers
Fashion is still racist says Naomi Campbell
Fraud officers arrest ex-vice chair of Somerton council

Wednesday 8 December

Amir Ali firebombed a pub then ran into a lampost
A Teacher who wasn't jailed, sacked or even suspended
Tony B Liar recalled to Iraq Inquiry
New Labour government secretly promised to limit the scope of Iraq war inquiry "TO PROTECT US INTERESTS"!
'I thought I was going to die': Disabled mother, 36, beaten unconscious on bus by black after prams collide
Damning indictment of Labour: OECD condemns British education
Husband paid me £1,400 to kill bride: Black taxi driver claims murder was a set-up
Asians Manjinder Kaur Somal, Jujhar Singh, Varinder Singh, Fateh Singh Bal etc. made £10m from migrant "slaves"
1.6m benefits claimants have never had a job 'because it does not pay to work'
Killers 'to serve shorter jail terms'!
Immigrants to blame for record rise in TB
How I saved the world by Gordon Brown
Shameless bride wed migrants for money
Jail yobs? No we’ll send text to say stay indoors
Cloned British meat is 'safe’
Teacher who said child was 'white trash' convicted of race crime
Twenty-one Oxbridge colleges took no black students last year
Chabad man in cocaine arrest, insists innocence
Taser left on police vehicle roof is lost
How the rape claims against Julian Assange sparked an information war
Warning over signs of meningitis
Non-EU students face new jobs clampdown

Tuesday 7 December

38% of key UK assets are foreign-owned
We still haven't woken up to how much poorer the West is going to be
38% of key UK assets are foreign-owned Sold off by the traitors from Thatcher to Brown
Footballer Michael Ricketts charged with assaulting a woman
Euro at risk of collapse
Human rights laws cost Britain £42bn in rulings and payouts
Overcrowded wards of shame: Elderly exposed to risk of infection and neglect
Broken Britain: Half of all parents split up before their children reach 16
Pagan prisoners given time off to worship the Sun God
Up to 1,000 foreigners have a pass for the House of Commons
Adults are deliberately dumbing down language
How two one-night stands sparked a worldwide hunt for Julian Assange
Thousands to avoid jail under plans
Call to scrap term 'OFFENDERS'
Sentencing proposals could allow criminals to breach court orders over and over again
One in 20 pregnant women is dangerously obese
MP's Russian spy suspect to fight deportation bid
The future supply of traditional English mistletoe is under threat
Asian drug dealers friends cry 'foul' at police
Nuisance nine nine nine negro Wayne Davis nicked

Monday 6 December

Schools drop Christian assemblies in favour of multi-faith sessions or 'moments of reflection'
College principal, 62, repeatedly raped student whilst threatening her with deportation
Drug-driving Moroccan immigrant kills 8 in Italy
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed by US jet
Ken Clarke to drop knife = jail pledge
Was John Lennon's murderer Mark Chapman a CIA hitman?
Ousted teacher exposes the tyranny of liberalism that has betrayed a generation of children
Child poverty among unemployed families is falling but INCREASING in working homes
Curb on using sex to sell to children
Bogus foreign students facing visa crackdown - a quarter flout the rules
Inmate exposes prison 'failures'
Shorter sentences in ‘soft justice’ shake-up
Britain is just the whipping boy for FIFA and the EU
Mervyn King: Federal eurozone could marginalise Britain
BLAIR WARS: British soldier shot dead in Afghanistan
Wikileaks: Saudis 'chief funders of al-Qaeda'
Colleagues of Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock raised concerns about sympathies with Russia
Anni Dewani 'sexually assaulted' before murder
Mike Hancock, his Russian assistant and questions on Trident
Four stabbed after gang attack
EU's economic recovery gloomy: IMF
UK to become safe haven for war criminals

Sunday 5 December

Attempted Murder: Drug gang freed!!!
Harpreet Aulakh planned his wife's murder - Sher Singh killed her with a machete
We pay £17 BILLION for Human Rights!!!
Not even 100 convictions are enough to put a crook in jail!!!"Dark-skinned man sought for gunpoint post office robbery
Tony Blair EU rebate 'surrender' to cost billions more than estimated
Now trough-gobbling MPs cash in on 'THIRD HOME' ploy
Kick Out Foreign Criminals
Britain pays a high price for foreign takeover
Cadbury goes Swiss to avoid British tax: the Treasury will lose £60 million a year
Mandelson's speeches for multi-billion fund run by Andrew's Kazakh friend
Blair's bodyguards 'bought a rocket launcher on expenses to protect him in Gaza'
The eternal Coalition: Perfect for politicians, lousy for the rest of us
School sports: half a million pupils protest against Michael Gove's cuts
Record levels of poverty among families with wages
Fortress Europe's busiest frontier is awash with illegal immigrants - despite mines, forest and razorwire
Casino sues Tory donor Pierre Rolin over £70k bounced cheques

Saturday 4 December

Rapist nurse Oliver Balicao jailed over two attacks
UK utilities: 1 in 3 key firms is not British!!!
Luther: A hatred of Turks, Jews and papists
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Asian men, white women and a taboo that must be broken
Is England too honest to survive?
Minister rejects cloned meat ban despite health and animal welfare fears
One in 10 cop 'on sick leave or restricted duties'
Will the white British population be in a minority in 2066?
GUILTY! New Labour's David Chaytor could get 7 years
Nearly 60% of Germans want their Deutschmark back
Sikh sues Jobcentre after colleague jokes about landing remote controlled helicopter on his turban
MPs avoid voting on banning the burkha
Phil Woolas fails in bid to lift election ban
Grandad, 77, dies as he tries to stop yob gang spinning his car
The new alternative to jail - fixing the roads and repairing benches
Live mice found in noodles at Chinese takeaway

Friday 3 December

Was this the video that cost us? The very un-English presentation screened to FIFA delegates
Fred the Shred let off with a slap on the wrist as he's cleared of fraud
David Cameron spent £66,000 on TV coaching by Obama's body language expert during election campaign
Immigrant angler arrested after using SHOTGUN to blow fish out of river
Muslim imam who lectures on non-violence in Germany is arrested for beating up his wife
Four In Five Convicted Knife Thugs Spared Jail
Equality Act explained: positive discrimination versus positive action
Firms should make workplaces ‘gay friendly’
Harpreet Aulakh guilty of Geeta Aulakh murder
Babyshambles' Pete Doherty in court on cocaine charge
Wikileaks cables criticise UK military in Afghanistan
'Sixteen killed' after police contacted, says watchdog
Newborn deaths higher in deprived areas
Kes Nattriss guilty of trying to kill Berkshire detective
Survey shows Germans negative about Muslims and Jews
WikiLeaks cables: Gordon Brown an 'abysmal' prime minister

Thursday 2 December

Immigrant nut, Hassan Salahi, murdered 88-year-old Rosina Waller
Surgeon John Lu infected 11 patients and 5 died!!!
Ali Hayder Munir gets just 3 months for electoral fraud
Fears over record gas bills in cold weather
Appalling treatment of the elderly on NHS wards - Complaints reach record high
Economy freezes with two in five unable to get to work
We don’t insure people from Tottenham, says TescoTottenham was named the worst area for uninsured drivers in 2006
Firms told they can hire women ahead of men
Fears over record gas bills in cold weather
Outrage as Sir Fred Goodwin is cleared over RBS’s woes
MPs exploit another loophole to profit from second homes
Young Jobless Numbers Quadruple
Now Eurocrats Want to Control Our Law System
UK near bottom of league for 'family friendly' policies
David Miliband championed aid to Sri Lanka to get Tamil vote
Putin 'likely to have prior knowledge of Litvinenko murder plot
WikiLeaks: Putin's 'secret billions'
Cost of youth crime rises to £1.2bn a year
'We let in some crazies'... Cameron claims Labour went soft on radical Muslims
Report calls for radical redesign of cities to cope with population growth
Police arrive at crime scene and EAT the evidence
Gay sperm donor father can see lesbian's children for 152 days a year

Wednesday 1 December

Punished for being English: Welsh spared tuition fee rise as well as Scots
'The Chiles effect': 20,000 workers in public sector are on more than £117,000
Eviction time at the gipsy camp - but it's protesting villagers under threat
Former Archbishop Lord Carey: We're ashamed of Christmas in these politically correct times
Illegals Flood into EU Through Greece
UK is biggest loser in £300bn handouts
UK is the violent crimes capital of Europe
150,000 children at risk of neglect or abuse
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan bomb killed Serjeant Steven Campbell
Gaddafi demands £4 billion from EU or Europe will turn 'black'
No Christmas lights for Chichester this year

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