Daily News - November 2010

Tuesday 30 November

Hate crime figures published for the first time
100,000 pupils 'squeezed into full schools', figures show
England footballer Ledley King faces ban after driving 100mph in his Mercedes
British Airways worker Rajib Karim 'offered to be suicide bomber and advised terrorists of airline's weaknesses'
Mohammed Miah jailed for pub glassing
8 in 10 want tighter controls on immigration - Even Lib Dems want a cap
Government to make U-turn on election promise to jail knife thugs
Councils 'spending £315m on CCTV'
Forces warned over stop and search
David Cameron Branded ‘Lightweight’ and shows ‘Lack Of Depth’
Ali Dizaei witness identity questioned
Prince Andrew and the Kazakh billionaire
Prince Andrew's four-letter tirade that shocked the American ambassador

Monday 29 November

Wikileaks: There Are Only One Million Blacks And Browns in Britain - in 1985
And then along came Blair and his "longed-for immigration boom"!
Schools where English is a foreign language for 80% of pupils
English is a second language in schools
U.S. contempt for world leaders - Concern at Prince Andrew's behaviour
British shipbuilders axed because Poles are 30% cheaper
Unemployed father-of-10 having another 4children and is 'engaged' again
Soft justice is not the answer to knife crime
Happiness index is just a cynical attempt to control our minds
Arabs 'Urged US Strikes On Iran'
There are several billion reasons to get out of Europe
WikiLeaks: Labour minister was 'a hound dog with women'
Poverty is more likely cause of mistrust than race, says study
Swiss voters back expulsion of foreign criminals

Sunday 28 November

!x*@ the Brits! They want the top job for Blair, but they won’t get it
One for the road? Author reveals how Tony Blair loved a tipple when travelling
Prince’s suicide friend linked to gangland thugs
Police raid bank owned by 'Cashier to Kremlin'
Taxpayers’ £120,000 to teach envoys how to stand up straight
Lord Dholakia in row over peerage for his friend Raj Loomba
And a very happy Diwali, to you too! Christmas 2010
General Butt - 'the most evil man in the world'
Gordon Brown ‘Weak And Unstable’
The 70 Foreign Prisoners Still at Large
Now Cuts Are Leaving Killers To Strut Our Streets With Impunity
Scottish Lords claimed £2 million in expenses
Exposed: the hospitals whose high death rates are failing the NHS
The Conservatives' immigration cap is a control that seems to suit nobody
Sentence review to slash numbers of women in jail
Paedophile name-change 'danger' threatens Sarah's Law
Met police faces new scandal

Saturday 27 November

Smirking gang members raped 13-year-old at knifepoint
Waqar Abbas raped disabled woman
Gang rape cousin of X Factor winner Leona Lewis back in jail Adrian Henry was a member of Learco Chindamo's brutal gang 'Venom' which terrorised North London in the mid-1990s.
Voters feel angry, neglected, have traditional views and worry about immigration - Why will no politician speak up for them?
I spoke up for them at the 2010 election and got just over 400 votes!!!
Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuclear Weapons Ambitions

NATO is now the military arm of the 'New World Order'
Secret court seizing £3.2bn from elderly
Illegal immigrant Khalaf Agha gets five years for attempted rape and assault of two women
21-year-old sexually assaulted by Asian
Black man commits sex assaults on three women
Morad Jacobs sexually assaults taxi passenger
Taliban fighter London cabbie 9 months a year - He kills soldiers the other 3!!!
U.S. warns Britain over new WikiLeaks revelations that will 'expose corruption between allies'
Asian gangs, schoolgirls and a sinister taboo: As 9 are jailed for grooming up to 100 girls, the disturbing trend few dare talk about
Britain has highest lung disease death rate in Europe
Two million: The new homes Britain needs to build to cope with the next 25 years of immigration
Whatever happened to freedom of speech?
'Hypocrisy' of Huhne at the eco summit with personal Jacuzzi in each £240-a-night suite
Mother-of-eight still waiting for home after 10 years in B&Bs
X Factor's Gamu Nhengu visa ruling reversed
Train crash tanker driver Arvydas Bartasius jailed
Jewish? Gay? Join us, white extremists say
Dawn of the flexisexual: The new word for the women who refuse to play it straight

Friday 26 November

Nigel Farage on the warpath
Britain assists Israelis in war crimes
Philip Lawrence's killer is re-arrested - Chindamo's rapist cronies sent back to prison
White couple slashed - kids racially abused
CCTV images of black suspects in rape enquiry
Shoplifter Saphhia Da-Silva who mowed down policeman told 'Take 7-week trip-of-a-lifetime before we lock you up'
Saturday Hassan convicted of shooting brothers
Jacob Samba jailed for stabbing ex-girlfriend
'My dad Amad Jumaily is stabbing my mum'
Sacre Ngola groomed girl, 10, for sex
Somali pirate gang who held Chandlers 'have families in Britain - One kidnapper's wife is an asylum seeker'
580,000 immigrants in Labour’s last year: Overseas students help push up population total
Surge in Migrants Puts a Huge Strain On Public Services
Children 'ignorant of British history' because of trendy teaching
Securitas raid gang members lose appeal
Nearly 150 people arrested in London hate-crime raids
Police chief on gross misconduct charge
400 British schools labeled 'failing'
Boy, 6, and girl, 5, 'married' in church
Labour peer booted out of Lords claimed £40,000 AFTER expenses fiddle came to light
Storm over Tory peer who said benefit cuts would 'encourage poor to breed'

Thursday 25 November

Rapist and Murderer of 3 - Suspect, Wilbert Dyce, on trial 28 years on
Asian gang raped girls as young as 12 after picking them up on the streets for sex
John Woodward: Patriotic Cabbie's Victory
Three Post Offices closing every week - 900 could be gone within a year
Cannabis 'raises the risk of cancer and other killer diseases
Community sentences 'a slap in the face for victims'
Pay rises all round on EU gravy train
Sentenced to make carnival costumes: Criminals get so-called 'tough' alternative to jail
Rapist cop who attacked 30 women is finally behind bars
Get Britain Out Of Europe
Britain Damned By Sick Note Culture
The writing's on the wall for our failing education system - But can anyone read it?
Polish mugger, Kris Lewandouski, to be extradited - Leaving his family here!
Girl, 15, arrested over 'Facebook Koran burning video'

Wednesday 24 November

Asian sex gang convicted of grooming and abusing girls
Asian rape gang 'targeted children'
Burnley woman, 84, dies after three muggings
Norwegian student "unlawfully killed" (not murdered) by Farouk Abdulhak - Adulhak has a mega-rich dad
Lebanon frees Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad on bail
Police doctor Hisham El-Baroudy to be charged over custody death
Teenagers 'harden views on immigration as they age'
Paedophile Zulfar Hussain makes plea on deportation
Governor's wife's has sex with lifer, Abidan Raphael
Lloyd Bartley gets 20 years for murder of pregnant Penny Taylor
Gulab and Khalid Mohammed charged after £5 million heroin seizure
Boy, 5, died hallucinating in agony after catching E-coli in school meal
Ian Baynham murdered by Joel Alexander and two white girls
Convicts ‘Must Get The Vote’
Ugly Betty actor Michael Brea 'killed mother with samurai sword'
Tory mayor claims Hitler had the ‘right idea’ about travellers
Cameron predicts influx of Irish jobseekers as bailout threatens to spiral out of control
Gold plated: Civil servant leaving with an £85,000-a-year pension gets new Cabinet job on an £85,000 salary
80% of young jobless are 'fit to work but choose to claim benefits'
Control order plea to stop son joining al-Qaeda
Extremist Muslim schools: Islamism's most worrying manifestation of all
BBC Asian Network presenter admits £18k benefit fraud
Labour ducked immigration issue with voters say former ministers

Tuesday 23 November

Jealous drug dealer Lloyd Bartley murdered pregnant ex-girlfriend
Romanian gypsy Illie Schian lived luxury lifestyle with £113,000 benefits stolen from British taxpayers
Romanian Benefits Cheat Shows System is a Mess
30 years on Britain's ambassador to Israel must stay silent
Fury as Anti-Semitic Lies are Being Taught To Muslim Children
Muslim schools chief defends lessons in sharia
A third of ten-year-olds view pornography on the internet
More than half of young people have never heard of the King James Bible
Hospital Patients ‘Left To Drink Water From Vases’
Family breakdown leaving generation of elderly parents isolated and lonely
Lack of monitoring of Bulger killer allowed him to develop child porn interest
Church of England braced for fresh row over gay rights
The day Gordon Brown woke up and didn't know if he'd save the world or lose his job

Monday 22 November

Israeli soldiers walk free in Gaza human shield case
Toddlers will have jabs for SIX diseases at once!!!
Lord Young resigns after 'never had it so good' gaffe
'Let children aged 10 have guns' – police chief
Children living in Kabul are safer than those in LONDON
Lord Boateng's son quizzed over sex attack on girl
Think tank: 92% of Afghans never heard of 9/11
Muslim fanatic caged for plotting terror attack back on streets after serving 3 months
Every family in Britain will have to pay £300 to bail out the Irish!!!
BBC's Panorama claims Islamic schools teach antisemitism and homophobia
BBC uncovers 'weekend schools' that teach pupils how to hack off thieves' hands
Christmas overtime pay axed: Bosses say it discriminates against other religions
'Tell your guy to cool it'! Obama shocked by Gordon Brown
Tory education minister attacked over decision to end funding guarantee for school sports
He's ignorant, cruel, un-Christian. But don't expect Church to banish Bishop Pete
Lavine Samma: I’ll keep having babies till I get a council house
Immigrants ‘won’t jump council house queue’?
Time For Britain To Abandon The European Union
William Hague calls the future of the Euro into question
Eva Longoria's black ex has been bombarding British model with saucy texts

Sunday 21 November

As many as 90% of those claiming to be Holocaust Survivors may be frauds!!!
Forced adoption: another win for the child snatchers
Professor Nutt, the cannabis propagandist, in a scientist's white coat
The end of council tenancies for a lifetime: We could be kicked out after just 2 years
The shocking powers of prosecution the EU has over all of us
Hague says "Who knows"? when asked if euro will survive Irish debt crisis
Brown earns £60K for 50-minute speech about the economic crisis
Pope says in some cases condoms are OK
Lord Mandelson: I was ‘hurt, denigrated’ by Ed Miliband
Remembering Damilola: The killing goes on, but the fightback is under way
What is it to be English, today?
Wuthering Heights: The first black Heathcliff

Saturday 20 November

13-year-old raped after accepting lift in black man's car
Brothers Rohan and Jameal Gordon jailed for Stamford Hill stab attack
Police hunt black stabber
Elias Dehimi jailed for stabbing Scott Blundell
Man’s face slashed after argument with black teens
Ashley Brayford “manslaughtered” John Clarkson
Footballer Josh Scott to face trial for glassing Amy Summers
Black robber mugs at least 15 women
Gypsy who cheated taxpayers out of £114,000 benefits gets just 3 years
Illegal immigrant Zeeshan Ali admits four sex assaults in public
Albanian Illegal immigrant rapist Ervis Bulica will be deported after serving three years
Four men accused of gun charges
Audi Mazoera Johnson and Andre Rose Targeted family on Christmas Day
Esmael Khogianwal wanted over violent robberies
Chisom Eriken, Ali Shahihali and Chandra Kelly jailed for robbery at former brothel in Camden
Hertbert Osuji and Diroy Hall jailed for 'horrific' Rickmansworth robbery
Drug dealer Samson Ogbeni jailed after crack found in his pants
Kyle Mullin jailed after swallowing class A drugs
Drug dealer Venode Mohan ordered to pay back £200k profits
Jailed: Mum and sons who launched bottle attacks on clubbers
Ashley Brayford Murdered White Man - He'll Serve Just 12 Months Jail
Iraq war vet Courtney Lockhart murdered student he abducted in her car by shooting her in the back as she tried to flee naked
Daggers player Scott to face trial
Hammer attack by gang of 20 Asians on father and son
Dance Star MC Viper denies Bottling Woman
Asian Gives Newspaper Editor Glasgow Kiss
Mohammed Choudhury Jailed for Threatening Judge with Meat Cleaver
'Brixton is as crime-ridden as Cape Town' says South African police chief
Yasmin Ahmed received a suspended six-month sentence last year for screaming 'white b*******' at two male bus passengers
Anti-immigrant political party issues image of naked models
Jancelina Capitao accused of molesting little girl
Dr Yenugula Srinivas accused of sex assaults
Yassine Falah Has Sentencing Adjourned
Grandma Joan Wakely, 65, who lived in Britain since she was 6 months old, threatened with deportation!!!
Labour MP who branded middle-class hypocrites, drunkards, paedophiles and racists jailed for drink driving
Supermodel ‘lost £45,000 as trusted PA Michelle Knox-Brown thieved to fund lavish lifestyle'
Council puts up lights for Hindus and Muslims so they don't miss out on the festive spirit
Our £7bn is bailing out a bunch of liars, crooks and bunglers
BLAIR WARS: Christopher Davies - the 100th soldier killed in Afghanistan this year
Gypsy ‘child smuggler’ jailed for benefit fraud
Green energy for africa puts Britain in the red
In Lisbon, they talk - In Afghanistan, they die
Harriet Harman - TRAITOR!
Grammar is back - Spelling will score marks under exams shake-up
How my teacher Hina Patel seduced me by boy of 15
How Britain benefits from a migration cut
Muslim woman’s race rant
Teachers given new powers to discipline pupils

Friday 19 November

Lorry driver Dennis Putz with 'God-awful hangover' guilty of crushing cyclist while talking on his mobile phone
Stop being so generous to migrants: French plea to Britain after Dunkirk suburb is over-run
PC arrested after 'road-rage' death of woman driver, 64, who had heart attack during row
Government's own immigration watchdog says numbers must be cut by a quarter
Nick Clegg's office paid £88,000 to his wife's law practice
Harman aide halts publication of 'secret' deals by expenses cheats after just ONE MP objects
More than 100 failed asylum seekers have gone missing in six months after being ordered to leave the country
The Burger Bobbies: Hard-up police force patrols streets with McDonald's marshals to beat crime
'Despicable' policeman sacked for having 'non-consensual sex with severely drunk woman at railway station' 
The Shocking Truth Of Whitehall Waste
Xolile Mngeni Charged with murder of Anni Dewani
Lord Young (Jewish) says: 'You've never had it so good"!
Stop being so generous to immigrants!

Thursday 18 November

1,000 pupils sent home from school for assaults on teachers and pupils every day
By 2066, white Britons ‘will be
outnumbered’ if immigration continues at current rates

Osborne gets ready to bail out debt-ridden Ireland with OUR billions
Pay cuts? Not for town hall fat cats as only 34% of councils will slash management costs
Police 'left dying man in van for 45 minutes' after armed officers arrest gang in sleepy Home Counties village
Polish plumbers return: Number of migrant workers from East Europe hits new high
Five Muslim boys and white girl, all 12, excluded over Facebook death threats to classmate who supported British troops
Cannabis-crazed schizophrenic Tennyson Obih free to murder policeman after care in the community scaled back his treatment
Don't take us for fools, Mr Cameron. You picked a very good day to bury your bad news
4M migrants work in the UK
MPs’ anger after they are secretly served halal meat
Would it be such a catastrophe if the EU did collapse?
'Xenophobic' British students shun foreign universities
Half of young offenders say custody does not work
Night lights 'could cause depression'
MoD leak: latest embarrassing disclosures of confidential Whitehall documents
Employers of illegal workers failing to pay fines
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan: soldier killed in ambush
Indian immigration law adviser held over fake papers scam
Sexual assault on teenager by Asian

Wednesday 17 November

Teenage daughter sold in part-exchange for used car 'kept chained in shed and used as a sex slave by travellers'
Stefan Motoaca Dumitru admitted trying to rape an 89-year-old in her own home
Cops hunt Northern Line tube pervert
Investigation after Liverpool council reveals identity of Yassine Falah’s child sex assault victim
"Drop Black History Month" says Conservative Croydon Councillor
Sex attacker Vasile Ancute jailed for seven years
Teenage Girl attacked by Asian
Mixed Race man attacked 17-year-old girl
Anger as child sex attacker Zabhullah Boota allowed back in victim's neighbourhood
Mum hopes park sex paedophile Abdul Gaffoor will be jailed
EC president Barroso accuses Britain of abandoning 'European spirit'
Harriet Harman’s ridiculous equality law to be axed
The BBC's idea of Impartiality

Tuesday 16 November

Multi-million pound payouts to silence terror suspects held in Guantanamo
Middle classes are liars and hypocrites says New Labour's Eric Joyce
Father of girl killed by Iraqi criminal speaks out
Satpal Kaur-Singh killed her autistic son, 12, by forcing him to drink bleach'
An overdue end to the abuse of legal aid
Woolas Seeks Reversal of MP Ruling
Christians attacked again in Iraq as gunmen kill two
MPs pocket rents from homes paid for by taxpayer
Stop and search plans are 'discriminatory'
Gang jailed for £100k robberies in London
Advisor 'sacked for refusing to let gay couples adopt'
Dozens of flights arriving in Britain without immigration checks

Monday 15 November

'Tottenham Ayatollah' arrested during shootout with police
The mawkishness that shows Britain no longer knows what its heroes are dying for
Why this toadying to Bush the bungler?
School Bullying 'Goes Unreported'
David Cameron will bow to business and relax immigration cap
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Afghanistan brings death toll to 344
Robbers break man's jaw for £7
David Cameron - Tony Blair's understudy
Commons ‘food-taster’ will cost taxpayers £500 a day
Dutch lesbian and Nigerian man arrested at altar moments before sham marriage
Helen Mirren: Britain is Cruel
Black and Asian candidates face racism in Westminster
Doctor asks Europe to rule on gay adoptions
Project to tackle gang culture

Sunday 14 November

Asim Javed accused of raping two women
British woman killed on honeymoon in South Africa
Fluoride is BAD for your teeth!
Britain's top soldier says al-Qaeda cannot be beaten
Boy, 5, dies after being given SEVEN times too much of epilepsy drug
Lib Dem peer: ‘Israel is the root cause of terrorism'
Osborne bows to banks over levy! Of course he does!!!
Tories accused of ‘abandoning’ gay Brit after his arrest by Syrians
Pornography? No, just an NHS video to encourage teens to use condoms
Waterboarding - As shameful as the Inquisition
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan's three parallel wars
Literacy standards 'fall short'
Penelope Keith bemoans poor use of English
Gay Nigerian wins challenge to deportation
Black power shifts from politics to kitchen, catwalk and hip-hop

Saturday 13 November

George Soros, Puppet Master part 1
George Soros, Puppet Master part 2
Glenn Beck: Is Obama a George Soros Puppet?
George Soros the Puppet Master
New Labour MPs, Mike Wood and Greg Mulholland, speak well of Asian paedophile They both sent references to court on behalf of businessman, Gulam Bobat
One in five children now have rickets, claim doctors
Jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza's home has a £40,000 makeover paid for by taxpayers
One in five children now have rickets, claim doctors
Gun held to head of shopkeeper and baby in Bury raid
Fire chief bans religious service to mark Remembrance day in case it offends non-Christians
Jailed hate preacher Abu Hamza's home has a £40,000 makeover paid for by taxpayers
Foreign doctor worked for NHS even though he killed a patient in Spain
Foreign workers benefit from economic recovery
Trust in politicians halves in wake of MPs' expenses scandal
Britain must listen to the Quiet Man
Soldier's mother's benefits cut

Friday 12 November

Muslim Fanatics Burn Poppy
Our Parliament is rotten to the core
Surveillance state 'more intrusive than ever'
Shevonne Legister Lemuel Robinson and Andrew Cross deny murder
Love cheat MP's £200,000 loan paid for by YOU
Gingerbread 'person' - Now even biscuits can't escape the PC brigade
Asian attacked student after she left nightclub
Surveillance state 'more intrusive than ever'
Hate preacher goes on the run after life sentence for financing al Qaeda
£20,000 reward to find knife gang who killed boy for a bike
Nedas Alcauskas tells judge: I haven’t got the energy to carry out work order

Thursday 11 November

EU chief says nation states are dead!!!
The end of Britain as a nation state? Not on your life, Mr Van Rompuy
Van Rompuy: more dangerous than he looks
Salim Chand charged with grandmother's hit and run death
Accused rapist, Ponty Tshibasu, is a TV reporter
Henry Akhigbe wanted over rape allegations
Late night attack on student after she left nightclub
Shock number of Black nurses disciplined
Onome Aruoture admits £20,000 shop swindle
Lloyd DaCosta wanted for licence breach
Nyaradzo Masendeke jailed for £56,000 uni fraud
Norman Foreshaw head-butted woman outside city nightclub and split her lip
Woman groped at bus stop by black
Greek dentist 'faked his death in a car crash to claim £1.8m from insurance policies'
Iraqi immigrants Ali and Omar Hussain jailed for life for 'honour killing'
Rape case police 'faked evidence to improve Met's clear-up rate'
Peacemaker's killers 'intoxicated by guns, high on adrenaline'
Wanted: Jamell Shakes
Corrupt officer Salim Razaq aided gangster brother
"Dark-skinned" man sexually attacks girls in churchyard
Cameron suggests plans for sharp hike in tuition fees will see charges for overseas students held down!!!
UK is cocaine capital of the western world - Number of young Britons using the drug shoots up by 50 per cent
Child Care Body 'Unfit For Purpose'
Boxing champion Dereck Chisora spared jail for assaulting woman
EU’s shameful waste as we suffer spending crackdown
Case could clear names of hundreds of men accused of child pornography
Haider seeks UK asylum after contract suspended
David Chaytor, Elliot Morley and Jim Devine face criminal trials over expenses
Big society? Is it Ann Widdecombe asks confused Tory minister
Hamleys illegal cleaners held in dawn raid

Wednesday 10 November

Protesters smash into Tory HQ and storm the roof
Muslims against Remembrance Day
British Soldiers Will Burn In Hell - Remembrance Day 2010
Look who owns Britain: A third of the country STILL belongs to the aristocracy
Seventeen Charged in 42-million dollar Holocaust Survivor Scam
Woman raped at knifepoint in her own home by Nigerian she met on internet
Teenager gangster O'Neil Hall stabbed three rivals after he was branded 'has been'
John Palmer posted a snap of himself grinning whilst holding news report of Simon Whittall's death
Life sentence for serial rapist Cyril Donovan Brown
RAPE SUSPECTS: Pictures revealed
Police reveal CCTV images of elderly woman attackers
Camelford water contamination: 'poisoning ignored'
George Kibuuka jailed for murdering wife
Imran Iqbal jailed for murdering wife
Man killed in north London shooting
Tube sex pest Tony Uwaifo given 18 months in jail
Tube sex pest Tony Uwaifo gets 18 months in jail
Carlos Hutchinson wanted after kidnap
Wayne Williams bullied victims into handing over phones Men jailed after £250k Blackburn jewellery robbery
Black kidnappers jailed
Cash handouts for foreign prisoners returning home are TRIPLED!!!
British public opinion doesn't matter says Bush!!!
Roma Fraud Case Exposes Absurdity Of Benefits System
Barclays pays bankers £220,000 each despite tumbling profits
5,000 border agency jobs to go
Gordon Brown hits out at 'broken promises' of Tony Blair
David Cameron's obsession with image and spin is failing the country
Labour MPs launch a fighting fund for Woolas
Labour MPs mutiny over 'cowardly' Harman

Tuesday 9 November

Shop assistant banned from wearing a poppy - 'it is not part of the uniform'!!!
My 13-year-old pupil swung his fist at me and yelled 'I'm gonna break your jaw'
Speaker 'follows wife's advice' and delays decision on lying MP Phil Woolas
Cameron's embarrassing retreat on Afghan pull-out
Jail for Gypsy activist Lavinia Olmazu who ran £10million benefits racket
Mother-of-two Ruth Ben-Adir lives in Britain's most expensive council house (2 years rent free)
DJ Richard Blackwood's mum claims London Hilton guilty of racial discrimination
The gay dad, the lesbian partners and the future of two children
Coalition must end this care home shame
Sham-Marriage Clues
Islam TV Shamed For Backing Marital Rape
New Wave of Illegal Immigrants Feared
BNP leader Nick Griffin accused of lying over party's constitution
'Terror' Tube driver with al Qaeda links walks free
Halloween killer's father puts blame on social services
Someone must know who this sex killer is say police
Teenager 'serious' after stabbing in Brixton

Monday 8 November

Former nurse, Oliver Balicao, guilty of raping patient, 17, and indecently assaulting woman, 22
Millionaire Sam Hashimi had a sex change then changed back
France wants Canada to extradite former University professor (and killer) Hassan Diab
Forty-six 'dangerous' terrorists go free from jail
If we weren't in Parliament I would punch you in the face: What brawl-shame MP allegedly told victim
Millions Forced To Work After 70
Archbishop Attacks War on the Workshy
Freed Terrorists 'Pose Public Risk'
EU Plot to Force Britain to Take More Migrants
How The Taxpayer Is Footing The Bill For Militant Islam
Forty-six 'dangerous' terrorists go free from jail
Drug-addicted criminals will be spared jail
Britain's long, slow journey to remembrance
Rapper DJ Ironik stabbed by muggers
A civil proposal for marriage

Sunday 7 November

Muazim Ali Shah charged with murder of Lynne Farquhar
BRITISH refugees flee the tyranny of social workers
Ofsted praises Islamic schools which oppose Western lifestyle
B Liar paid £50,000 for speech to toilet roll manufacturers
Middle-class mum fell for Nigerian she met on web and gave him £40k to fund oil scam
NHS hospital is putting patients up in 5-star hotel rooms
Council spends £2m on new traffic wardens as it axes 530 jobs
MPs receive free first-class passes from rail company then praise firm without declaring an interest
£1 an hour to clear rubbish - New IDS blitz on the workshy
Donal Macintyre: British Justice Didn't Protect Us From Thugs
Muslims Cut Bodies For Faith
Burglars walk free despite long criminal records
Andy Coulson questioned by police in phone-hacking investigation
Labour MP Paul Farrelly had 'John Prescott moment' in Commons brawl
The West is turning against big government - but what comes next?
Britain, a safe haven for anti-Iran groups
Should America invade Iran?
Jews will soon be expelled from Palestine

Saturday 6 November

Gang of Asian 'Sexual predators' weep as they are jailed for 32 years for abusing white girls as young as 12
Thanks to Rev Tony Blair the language of Jesus Christ will soon be dead
Tea Giant Moves Jobs To Poland - With Your Money!!!
Hate preacher Abu Hamza wins human rights bid to stop us stripping him of UK passport!!!
Madness To Clutch a 'Viper To Our National Breast'
Drunken assaults, spreading smears? Can our MPs sink any lower?
Lying former Labour minister Phil Woolas barred from the Commons for three years
Army cadets banned from carrying rifles on Remembrance Day - It 'glamorises' weapons
One in ten pensioners go out to work to pay the mortgage
Prince Andrew in angry tirade against 'hopeless' defence chiefs
The Brightest And Best - Betrayed
Nikki Sinclaire: UKIP kicked me out because I was a lesbian
Minimum salary requirement for foreign workers
Ken Clarke to close 6 jails - He insists inmate numbers will fall
May versus Migrants
Gang of teen bullies who terrorised city and beat up disabled man named and shamed

Friday 5 November

Escaped killer Miguel da Silva went on to rape twice
Five Asians guilty of child sex charges
Double life of police sergeant Salim 'Sal' Razaq who ran gang with brother and stored machine guns at home
Cheating Labour minister Phil Woolas barred from Commons for three years
Muslim Hate Website ‘Must Remove List Of Pro-War MPs’
3 in 4 offenders return to life of crime after punishment
RSPCA tells British consumer to shun local chicken for Brazil and Thailand birds!!!
DJs, Kabaddi players, comedians and models beat government's migrant cap
Lying maid loses her £750,000 claim that she was kept as a slave
Want To Live In Britain? Er, No Thanks...
The British cities where one in three grow up in jobless homes
Northern Rock chief quits with a £½m golden goodbye... Taxpayers will be paying him £82,000-a-month until April to do NOTHING
William Hague is an enemy of Iran - Good enough for Israel
George Osborne accused of misleading public over UK bankruptcy claim
Nursery culture blamed for sex abuse
Cherie Blair defends Muslim women after half-sister turns to Islam
David Cameron backs down over migrant cap with entrepreneur visas
Do the poor have a right to live in expensive areas?
Ali Mohamed is declared Newham's new Young Mayor
David Davis calls for prison vote debate

Thursday 4 November

Herman and Rosa Rosenblatt: The Holocaust Phoneys!!!
Children whose parents split up are NINE times more likely to commit crime!!!
Number of TB Cases at 30-Year High!!!
Asian Paedophiles convicted of sex assaults
Muslims Tell British: Go To Hell
Muslim student gets 15 years in jail for trying to murder MP Stephen Timms
Outrage over £8.3m deal for new Lloyds boss Antonio Horta-Osorio
Church of England cleric compares supporters of women bishops to Nazis
Islamist insurgents in Iraq threaten wave of attacks on Christians
The Prime Minister Must Stop Votes For Prisoners
Let prisoners vote, to remind politicians they are human
Vince Cable wins fight for exemption to migrant cap as thousands will be able to beat curb
Nonsense To Claim Immigration Cap Will Ruin Britain
Israel suspends Britain security meeting

Wednesday 3 November

GUILTY: Roshonara Choudhry tried to murder MP, Stephen Timms
The poor will be forced into 'townships' while bankers get rich bishop warns
Taxi driver told to drop "racist" patriotic sign
'Jesus was HIV-positive': South African pastor sparks outrage
Children without MMR jabs should be banned from school says Dr Sohail Bhatti
Free meals scrapped to pay for school improvement scheme
1,000 London teenagers hurt by guns and knives this year
'Romanian' girl aged TEN gives birth to baby
Police and prosecutors must overcome a mountain of form-filling to solve just one burglary
As 500,000 public sector staff prepare for dole Cameron's personal photographer gets job on government payroll
Anger at vote for prisoners
Immigrant clamp 'would stop only 1% from coming here'
Hague on collision course with Israeli government
MPs warn cap on arrivals will have little effect
Lesbians begin legal battle to wed
Silvio Berlusconi: "It's better to be passionate about beautiful girls than be gay."

Tuesday 2 November

Prisoners set to get right to vote!!! Courtesy of the EY!!!
'Smiling' Muslim woman 'stabbed MP twice in stomach after confronting him about Iraq war'
Police hunt black hoodie thug caught on CCTV hitting a pregnant woman in the face
Girls as young as 13 can get the Pill from chemists
How Iraqi politicians get paid $1,000 a minute, don't make laws and live it up for free at Baghdad's finest hotel
Scare or Menace? The latest terror panic
'Behaviour fears' for poorer pupils
Religiously 'illiterate' politicians treat all faiths with suspicion
The coming housing crisis is bad news for everyone but the far Right
Promote inter-racial adoption, children's minister tells social workers
BNP members to be barred from teaching!!!
Stafford Hospital pays out £1m over care failings
Asylum pilot scheme removes just one family

Monday 1 November

"Sexual assaults by strangers are extremely rare occurrences"? Hyung Woo Pyo got 8 years for rape
"This type of attack is rare"? Michael Chukwudi Anigbugu got 8 years for rape
Gay rights laws are 'a danger to our freedoms'! Bishops speak out
Teenager stabbed to death: white man "with dark complexion" sought
Doctor, Parag Bhatt who rubbed breasts is struck off
Making homophobia history or "trying to turn us gay" The kids seem to know the answer
Accused of assaulting cops Stephanie Rutter was cleared A court was shown CCTV footage of them attacking her
Teenager stabbed to death: white man "with dark complexion" sought
BLAIR WARS: 37 die in Iraq church siege
Ithai McPhee charged with Marvin Henry's murder
Alcohol is more harmful than crack or heroin? More PC b***ocks!
The PC's guide to arresting a witch: It's normal for people to be naked, bound and blindfolded!
Andrew Mitchell faces questions over 'Chocfinger' lobbying for £40k donor
Graduate unemployment at highest level for 17 years
Transsexual Scrabble player crowned as British national champion
South Wales Police 'mistreated' foreign teachers?

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