Daily News - September 2011

Friday 30 September

Fraudster Achilleas Kallakis used forgeries to give illusion of wealth
He then tried to defraud Allied Irish Banks and Lloyds of £750m
E.coli outbreak killed one and made 250 ill
It was kept secret for 7 months
Three girls injured in drive-by shooting
A mother holding her baby was one of the three
Benefits cheat, Younes Izouaouen, defrauded 6 councils out of £400,000
He was jailed for just 3 years. His brother got a suspended sentence
Low-flying Israeli warplanes and helicopters "harassed" a Turkish ship exploring for natural gas
Refusing to kill daughter, Pakistani family defies tradition, draws anger
Kainat Soomro was gang-raped and dared to complain
Police chief Ali Dizaei is reinstated as Scotland Yard commander
Despite facing corruption re-trial! YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP!!!
Muazim Shah left bloody footprint on Lynne Farquhar's face
Lynne was left with a fractured skull, broken ribs, a numerous other head and neck injuries
Tony Blair: I could cash in a lot more than I do
Schools will be judged on gay and gipsy pupils' progress!!!
Children aged 10 given lessons on airbrushing
To boost their self-esteem!
Whatever the BBC say, Britain is still mainly white, Christian and straight!
Turkey to shape British laws!
Playboy son of African dictator has £5million in supercars seized from outside his home
This is where our aid money goes, folks
Here comes the first black Bond!
UK faces £2.5bn benefits bill rise FOR EU migrants
Brussels to sue Britain if we don't let in 'benefit tourists'!!!
Hundreds of mothers turn to crime
Tony Blair: Quotes from his interview on Indian television
Labour murder the Red Fkag and Jerusalem!
European Parliament: Palestinian statehood is 'legitimate'
Sarah Dixon jailed for 3.75 years for loan sharking activities

Thursday 29 September

Abid Kwaik used his car to kill teenager for throwing eggs
He also seriously injured two others
Pervert Fady Malaty jailed for groping schoolgirl
E-fit of black man Released After Southend Rape
Councillor Lester Holloway’s fury over golliwog dolls
"They... are reminiscent of colonial oppression and overt racism" apparently
UK 'Is Worst Place To Live In Europe'
Defence cuts mean Britain could lose the Falkland Islands
Former Lib Dem parliamentary candidate, Vincent McKee, faces 33 counts of fraud
Titus Bramble arrested for 'sex attack in taxi and drug possession'
The make-up of modern Britain: 70% of us claim to be Christians. Only 1.5% are gay
And yet who are promoted? Who are persecuted?
Lifestyle 'is better in Poland than Britain'
Tens of thousands of surgical patients dying needlessly because of poor NHS care
Says Royal College of Surgeons!!!
Customers' fury at banks refuses to go away
As 10,000 complaints are made every day!!!
Four care workers on trial after elderly dementia patient given 1/10th of her food intake
Even at Christmas
Europe May Have Found a Common Enemy in Gypsy Travelers
Migrants more likely to claim jobless benefit
Phone hacking: 11 million News International emails handed to police
Cherie Blair "stands to gain from NHS privatisation"
At least 150 people were killed, more than 100 women suffered brutal sexual violence
I wonder why the PC Crowd never told us about this?
Universities report 1,500 concerns over foreign students every month
Tony Blair's job in jeopardy as Palestinians accuse him of bias
UK has worst quality of life in Europe
Workshy go to back of council housing queue
About time. What about the immigrants? Can you put them at the back as well? Thought not.
We must resolve the crisis in the pensions industry

Wednesday 28 September

Mohammed Ali Ege paid 'a pittance' to hitmen Ben Hope and Jason Richards
And the blundering addicts murdered the wrong guy, A-level student Aamir Siddiqi!
48-year-old Asian karate instructor seduced “vulnerable” 13-year-old pupil
Jaspal Riat was cleared of rape. Dana Baker committed suicide when she was 16
48-year-old attacked for no reason by one black and two Asian men
Romanian mother-of-4 seen putting £54,000 of jewellery down her skirt
Saina Sava was jailed for just 16 months. As was Sedra Niculescu
Fraudster Fayyaz Ahmed caught with hundreds of fake IDs
The Pakistani immigrant was jailed for just 18 months
Bosnian Muslim family of four claim €90k a year in benefits
Premier League's Titus Bramble arrested: sex and drugs charges may be preferred
Dr Sanjay Chatterjee denies sexual assault charges
Zohaib Bukhari had sex with a schoolgirl as he prepared to sell crack cocaine
He was on bail at the time
British Muslims unwilling to integrate into British society
What are BNP supporters really like?
UK government grants cops right to stop far-right groups marching!
Facebook is watching you - even when you're NOT logged in!
Social network giant in new privacy row
Mayor branded call centre worker a 'bloody P***'!
Councillor Bob Clark is to undergo ethnicity awareness training (Brainwashing)
Why race isn't so black and white: The smarter you dress, the 'whiter' it makes you appear
Gypsies ‘scare police’
Criminals exploit kidnap loophole
Caught on film: Mother who 'looted' with her baby
Typical Labour con artist!
Meet the real Rory Weal, ‘hero’ of the Labour conference
Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed i court charged with murder of daughter Shafilea
PC Crowd at the BBC label Florence Nightingale 'neurotic and sexually repressed'
Peter Wilson cleared of sex attacks
Parents slam his treatment as 'disgusting'
Is it one law for travellers, another for everyone else?
Not quite: it's bash-the Brit law for us, screw-the-Brit law for everyone else
Harriet Harman, the high priestess of political correctness
The human cost of an uncaring NHS
Textbook marxism from Ed Miliband
Janet Daley should know, the Jewish American journalist, is a former Marxist herself
Dundee Utd's Keanu Marsh-Brown gets the boot!
"For reportedly stealing from his team-mates"!
Wembley Stadium to host flagship black history event
I bet that'll be a sellout. NOT!
Spared jail, Muslim thug who beat up his ex-girlfriend, 16, in street
The Left is rewriting Britain's immigration history
Peterborough prison inmates 'feel unsafe', report finds
Caleb White charged with murder of Tom Crittenden

Tuesday 27 September

British families face £5,000 bill to bail our debt-stricken Euro nations
British-born Muslims accused of 'plot for mass murder' against their own country
Rizwan, Ali, Nasser, Ahmed, Khalid, Ashik - All here courtesy of the PC Crowd
The PC Crowd rape another family
Ismail Abdurahman, Younes Tsouli and Wahbi Mohammed use Human Rights Act to dodge deportation
Greece is doomed. Banks are bust. And Ed Balls is silent
Judge jails teenager for TWO MONTHS for taking photo in court
Why are our prisons so full? Judge Barbara Mensah is a Ghanaian immigrant
Of course he does! Promise the earth to get power, put two fingers up afterwards!
Oh right. It must have been someone else then!
The anti-human EU laws that allow foreign killers and rapists to stay must be seen off
Dominique Strauss-Kahn claims immunity in US civil case
Strauss-Kahn is Jewish
America's most wanted paedophile, on the run for 17 years, living in London
Shawn Sullivan was also convicted of attacking two 12-year-old girls in Ireland
Child rapist claims 'slopping out' is a breach of his human rights
Roger Gleaves' action could cost taxpayer hundreds of millions
These terrorists should all be wearing orange jumpsuits
NOT jumping on a red London bus!
Libya rebuffs UK Lockerbie request
Blue Labour peer returns with call to look again at European immigration

Monday 26 September

ian Botham says: "Bring back the cane"!
Shame he isn't saying 'hang the PC traitors' as well
Released after half his sentence but still 'a risk to the public'
Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali is free to stay thanks to his human rights
Six men to appear in court on terrorism charges
Irfan Nasser, Irfan Khalid, Ashik Ali, Rahin Ahmed etc.
Charges dropped against Demar Provan and Adewale Ogunsanya
They were accused of involvement in shooting a policeman. Damian Devine had his case adjourned
Black gunman threatens post office staff during robbery
Hamzah Khan lay dead in his cot for two years
Mother-of-8 Amanda Hutton and her eldest son Tariq Khan were arrested
Female journalist decapitated by Mexican drugs cartel over comments
One wonders how many 'Mexican drugs cartel' types the PC Crowd has imported into the US in recent times
IMF 'can't afford to save the Euro'
The current threat is 'worse than crisis in 2008'
What a shame, eh? The money-for-nothing types are suffering too!
Tracy Woolridge, 45, faces jail for having sex with a dog
The degenerate slag also pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child. Gary Underhill took indecent images of children and animals
Blair the envoy 'pushed deals worth billions'
For an investment bank that pays him £2m a year!
An ill-judged obsession with making money
Ill-judged? No. Blair's intrinsic nature is that of an unscrupulous and venal profiteer
Labour 'got it wrong' on immigration says Ed Miliband
Miliband and co. 'got it wrong' intentionally! With malice aforethought!
Migration boom DID drive down wages and living standards admits Labour
Imran Khan calls for Britain to cut aid to Pakistan
So do the vast majority of the British people
Primary schools are being 'punished' if they stop sex lessons
As secondaries are ordered to hand out contraceptives
Boy, 16, stabbed on same estate where London riots began
Axe murderer who hacked 3 people to death allowed out of prison
Thomas McCulloch will undertake a course on CHOPPING DOWN TREES!!!
Olympic triple jumper Yamile Aldama does not represent us!
Aldama, who has already competed for Cuba and Sudan, represents globalism!
Our language is being hijacked by the Left to muzzle rational debate
'Members of the majority who want to destroy their own culture' are behind this
Foreign doctors should not have lifelong right to work in England says NHS

Sunday 25 September

The BBC and a Marxist plot to destroy civilisation from within
'Herbert Marcuse, A JEWISH ACADEMIC... deliberately set out to dismantle every last pillar of society'!
Forced to work as 'tarmac cowboys'
The British men trafficked abroad by Irish slave gangs!!!
11 Muslim paedophiles men face rape and trafficking trial
Kabeer Hassan, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Rauf, Mohammed Sajid, Adil Khan, Abdul Qayyum etc
UK cannot deport Nigerian convicted of rape European court rules
Police hunt for smartly dressed Asians after assault in High Wycombe
BBC turns its back on year of Our Lord
2,000 years of Christianity jettisoned for PC 'Common Era'
How Labour 'hid migrant figures'
Blair had secret meeting with Gaddafi aide at his home
A month before Lockerbie bomber’s release!
Tony Blair’s intriguing friendship with one of the richest divorcees in Israel
And how Cherie was warned of ‘a sexy conspiracy’
Have Tony Blair’s bodyguards been given a taste of power?
Gordon Brown tops up salary
Dave vs Nick: As fake as Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks
Who, in this nest of vipers, stole a stack of Michael Gove's private emails?
Mystery over publication of messages from his account
Osborne forced to deny plan to let the Greeks default on debts
Rowan Atkinson brands Church of England clergy 'smug' and 'arrogant'
The Prince of Wales's company makes £4 million but gives nothing to charity
Axing of migrant return scheme 'will cost taxpayers £2m a year'
Red squirrel and hedgehog under threat, study says

Saturday 24 September

Simon Wolfson, CEO of Next, credited with devising 'rotten' planning proposals
The proposals 'could endanger the green belt' - Wolfson is Jewish
Mother charged with murder of 4-year-old daughter at Moss Side home
Tory donor snaps up Olympic Village at a knock-down price - and it's costing you £275m!
Jaimie Ritblat is Jewish
New EU rules on jobs 'can't be challenged' says Cable
Asim Javed raped two students
He has been jailed indefinitely
Former Bassetlaw Hospital worker Matthew Shah charged with sex assaults
Polygamy: How Muslims can exploit the benefits system
Blair attacks Palestinian bid for state recognition
Israel's best bought-and-paid for Goy lashes out at the underdog
Mother charged with murder of 4-year-old daughter at Moss Side home
Tory donor snaps up Olympic Village at a knock-down price - and it's costing you £275m!
Jaimie Ritblat is Jewish
Simon Wolfson, CEO of Next, credited with devising 'rotten' planning proposals
The proposals 'could endanger the green belt' - Wolfson is Jewish
New EU rules on jobs 'can't be challenged' says Cable
Beware the Wolfson in Next clothing
Stones and half-bricks thrown at white pupils by Muslim classmates
Legalise drugs, Mr Dimbleby? Try telling that to the children neglected by junkie parents
Eight-month prison sentence for pervert who 'starred' on TV dating show
On the desert trail of Tony Blair's millions!
Christian charity told staff to remove cross 'in case it offends public'
A-level exams in English literature have dumbed down
So has most other stuff
Inside the squalid home of the family who slept
As their son, 4, and daughter, 2, walked barefoot across a main road!!!
Rupert Murdoch staff spied on me says MI5 boss
‘Racist’ gollies banned from Enid Blyton stall
BBC spent £8m on consultants while cutting programmes!
Media group faces new hacking blows
Labour to flood London with poll candidates
Former Victoria Station cleaner elected President of Zambia
Ajax FC to be sued for racist 'PRO-JEWISH' chants
You couldn't make it up!

Friday 23 September

Staring down the barrel of economic disaster
Cameron warns the world as £64billion is wiped off value of British firms
As France issues first fines, burka rebel says: I’ll stand for President
Most Britons still oppose gay marriage
Foul-mouthed teachers brand pupils 'scumbags' and liberally use four-letter words!
Passmores school has been praised as 'outstanding'
Gang accused of sex trafficking women into the UK face conspiracy charges
As one of their victims claims she was raped in Fred West's former home
Eastern Europeans still come to Britain for work despite recession
Parents ('who cannot be named') 'force-fed baby until death'
The mother of the baby is a nurse!!!
Stockwell mosque accused of links to 'terror' in Pakistan
Blairites blame Balls for failure to gain traction as the economic news worsens
Christian doctor faces watchdog for talking about faith with patient

Thursday 22 September

Murdered Ross Parker remembered 10 years on
Ross was murdered by Ahmed Ali Awan, Shaied Nazir and Sarfaz Ali
Leon Fyle guilty of murder of Destiny Lauren
Fady Malaty gets 12 months for groping a 12-year-old schoolgirl
He was with his own child at the time
Rochdale newsagent, Arshad Ali, escapes jail
The perv grabbed and forcibly kissed two 12-year-olds after they went in to buy sweets
Serious sexual assault on a woman in Sheffield: Asian sought
Abdul Mehri denies sex assault on 16-year-old girl
£12bn NHS computer system is scrapped!
It's YOUR money New Labour p***ed away, you do know that, don't you?
The Polish audience laughed. 'They were making fun of British people’
Says Maciej Dakowicz, who took the photographs
And the first prize in the Somali quiz for kids? An AK-47!
3rd prize was £250 and hand grenades! More than 108,000 Somalis live here now
Illegal immigrant, Vladimir Buchak got 4 years for organising hundreds of fake weddings
He was out in less than two and he isn't being deported
£625m 'wasted on synthetic insulin'
Flu jabs campaign axed despite last year's outbreak claiming 600 lives
Newspaper pioneer Eddy Shah held over underage sex allegations
Unprincipled hyenas and political whores
The two-faced truth about Clegg's nasty party
Nick Clegg shows he knows nothing of the real world
Murdoch execs told of hacking evidence in 2006!
'The only alternative is violence'
Palestinian fury after Obama urges them to drop UN independence bid
Dale farm travellers go to another illegal camp
Nurses 'wore golliwog keyrings to mock black colleagues' tribunal hears
Airmiles Andy 'wastes £150,000 flying to Saudi'
Taxpayers fund his private jet for three-day trade mission
Britons lose the art of queuing

Wednesday 21 September

Chan Wright raped and beat 3 women and indecently assaulted others
The drug dealer had previously been jailed for rape. In 2007, judges ruled it was 'irrational' to think he posed arisk of re-offending and refused to deport him
England soccer team to remember Holocaust at 2012 Poland/Ukraine Euro Cup
Remember also the 1933 Ukrainian Holodomor and the Jew, Lazar Kaganovich
Clegg to announce £50m summer schools for 'disadvantaged children'
Looters + rioters + Lib Dems = £50million for 'disadvantaged'
Zaid Ahmed admitted kidnap, ABH and making threats to kill Kimberley Catlow
Jailed for 4 years, out in 2. "Restraining orders" don't work on the Ahmeds
Paedophile rapist, Akindoyin Akinshipe, can't be deported!
EU judges say it would violate his right to family life!!!
Top judges say Violent mugger, Sasha Shannon, is ‘not dangerous’
He punched and kicked one victim many times and threatened to stab and 'slice' others
Olympic youth ambassador, 18, charged with two nights of rioting
Now Chelsea Ives faces separate trial for assault on rickshaw rider
Loking for worke?
Learning website for unemployed littered with spelling mistakes
EXPENSES: Thieving MP Elliot Morley freed
He had served just a quarter of his sentence!!!
Grandma Norma is an illegal immigrant!
Don’t forget the home front Prime Minister
A quarter of over-55s have less than £500 in savings
Planning changes 'will make gypsy camps easier'
Blair's verdict on himself after Freedom of Information Act was launched?
'You Idiot. You naive, foolish, irresponsible nincompoop!'
Traffic fumes can trigger heart attacks!
Lee Fisher dies after brawl outside Cannes nightclub
Joanna Yeates's parents encounter Vincent Tabak in court
They say the immigrant killer is Dutch but Tabak is a Turkish name
Andrew Lindo guilty of murdering fiancee and hiding body in suitcase
UK bids to avert Palestine showdown
Southwark Council (Labour) gives Bonfire Night a PC new name
'Miracle babies' pastor Gilbert Deya to be extradited
He faces face child abduction charges in Kenya
Man stabbed defending London bus passengers
Tim Smits has 'no regrets'
BLAIR WARS: David Fairbrother killed in Afghanistan

Tuesday 20 September

Lauren Hopkins, 15, may be with another girl - both are vulnerable
They may be 'in the company of older Asian males'
Buddhist monk charged with raping girl in 1970s
Pahalagama Somaratana Thera has been charged
Ryan Donovan gets life for deadly gun rampage
Into 'violent video games and gangsta rap,' meet Able Seaman Reggie Moondog
Terror arrests: home of man convicted of plot to behead British soldier raided
Riots showed streak of savagery in Britain says Dame Helen Mirren
More senior Asian and black female cops is Ms Mironoff's oh-so PC answer!
LibCon to give £355m to educate Asian and African girls
Some of ours can't read, write or add up at 11!
Tony Blair advising David Cameron on Middle East
The £469 million Whitehall fiasco of FiReControl goes unpunished
Outrage over the underage sex offenders
Travellers celebrate high court reprieve
Murdoch pays Dowlers £3m for phone hacking
Ex-MP Moran in tears during expenses case
'I always enjoyed female company' says Brazilian father of 50 children
'Treat the Gurkhas like asylum seekers'
Blair's courtship of Gaddafi is final straw for lifelong Labour supporters
Blair's gushing letter to Gaddafi telling him how to invest his cash

Monday 19 September

Convicted hammer killer Joseph Williams carried out ELEVEN armed raids on day release
Violent rapist Jermaine Kraftner locked up for nine years
50 babies a day born to Polish mothers in UK
'I'm A Celebrity' star Aggro Santos in court charged with raping two women
BLAIR WARS: Marine shot dead in Afghan ambush
Atheism is cool says Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams!
Six men and a woman arrested over 'major terror plot'
'Invisible ink' Al Qaeda fanatic jailed for 10 years released after serving less than THREE
'It was a moral mistake and I'm not proud of it'
Strauss-Kahn breaks his silence over allegations he sexually assaulted a maid
Two thirds of wind farms are foreign-owned!
Schoolboy politicians and grown-up crises
EXPENSES: Former Labour MP Margaret Moran in court accused of fiddling £80,000
Britain's navel-gazing politicians fail to see they are locked in a battle for civilisation
Read the awful story of Fiona then accuse me of ‘moral panic’
Why the Tories will have to close hospitals (and so would Labour if they were still in power) from Blair’s health guru
Anti-British EU-sniffers like Danny Alexander at the Lib Dem Conference
'My cousin wanted me for a passport'
Dr Satoshi Kanazawa and "why black women are less physically attractive"
UK travellers may no longer have to declare their sex
To spare the feelings of 'transgender people'
Lib Dems act like members of leftie students’ union
Teacher accused of assaulting pupil as he attempted to restore order in school
Boris accused of being a serial seducer with 'no moral compass' by former colleague
Blair made two secret visits to Gaddafi in Libya before Lockerbie bomber's release
Phone hacking: David Hare makes a drama out of the crisis

Sunday 18 September

'It's impossible not to be angry with politicians who.. did not care'!
Isle of Wight teen raped at Bestival: E-fit of suspect
Maida Vale sex attack: Asian sought
Arabic-speaking knifeman "had been a source of trouble"!
Gangs are travelling from Europe to STRIP THE UK BARE!
Colombian cocaine dealer can't be deported
It would ruin her social life and be a breach of her human rights!!!
Leader of Dale Farm traveller camp was jailed twice for £9m fake cigarette racket
Ugandan immigrant to become Head of the Church of England!
Don't THEY just love to take the p***!
Clegg pledges to make Lib Dems less "male" and "pale" and more diverse!!!
Traitor Clegg wants less Whitey, more black, brown and everything else!
Joey Barton labels footballer lifestyle "vulgar" He has sold his £500,000 watch collection - and his car
St. Louis Radioactive Rainfall 133 Times Greater Than Background Radiation
UBS plans to broaden its Israeli operations
Hungary destroys illegal GM corn fields
It also plans to make distributing GM seeds a felony
Palestinian anger at US fuels diplomatic crisis over statehood
Mahmoud Ahmadinijad accuses the "Zionist regime" of starting WWI and WWII
The European dream lies in ruins
Blair/Gaddafi - Secret meetings
More than 3,000 London police officers have a second job
Masseuses, models, film extras - Meet the modern cop!
Boris aide's son dies in Thailand
Convicts to get phones in cells
How the Tories became the gay-friendly party
No one told us Lib Dem fraudster was on our island
Berlusconi boasts of sleeping with eight women in one night
'It's not just the euro, it's the European Union that needs rethinking'
So says ex-Chancellor, Norman Lamont
Sperm bank turns down redheads
Next THEY will be turning down blondes
Where do Britain, Israel, the United States stand on Palestine's bid for statehood?

Saturday 17 September

Jailed: gangster who stashed drugs and handgun at his home
Alexander Michael Deacon was sentenced to 10.75 years in jail
Daniel Mason gets 20 years for organising drive-by shooting in Moss Side
Islington man stabbed on bus
The ethnicty of the BLACK gang isn't mentioned
Frog-first new law! Muslims caught praying on streets of Paris face arrest
Who's gonna call Sarkozy (immigrant/Jew) a racist?
Sex attack update - third woman suffered serious assault by black man
Sundeep Ghuman jailed for trail of destruction arson attacks
Foreign doctors 'must be trained to work here'
Slavery in 2011: Vulnerable men snatched off Britain's streets by travellers
Snatched by non-native beasts aided and abetter by the PC Crowd in parliament
Looters in suits: Britain's bankers have learnt nothing
And have been let off the hook again
Anti-fascist protester, Milad Ahmed, found with drugs in his boxer shorts
Paedophile's park ban lifted by judge because of his
Christopher Williams has a 'human right' to keep fit, apparently
Does UBS fraudster Kweku Adoboli think it's funny?
Never mind 'weeping in court', he's certainly smiling a lot outside it
Hysteria, scaremongering and desperate bid to keep twitching EU corpse alive
Welcome to Dale Farm- twinned with Darfur
Europe must act over debt says US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
Gordon Brown fears euro crisis worse than Lehman as 1930s beckon
The perversity of Britain's diversity regulations is bad
The lies and the laws of the land
Schoolboy Tasered after locking his mum out of the house!
Thousands of jobs at risk at UBS after 'rogue trading' arrest
'Every parent should know that you don't go on Thailand's buses at night'
Says Gillian Melling, whose son died on the road to Chiang Mai
Qatar's royal family want Machester United - US Jews aren't selling
What's wrong with letting Utd's English fans own it?
There was an expectation Luciana Berger would be a leading pro-Israel voice in Parliament
The 'expectation' was that of the Jewish lobby

Friday 16 September

Carrie Maclaren and Chelsea Cannon killed: Shamail Syed jailed for 7 years
Mohammad Afzal, who drove Syed away from the scene, got 2 years
Police issue image of black Crouch End rape suspect
Cannibal killer smashed head of victim he ‘planned to eat’
Peter Bryan was allowed to mingle with other patients at Broadmoor, inquest told
cash-for-crash conmen Rezwan and Rehan Javed jailed
14-year-old sexually assaulted by Asian
English city riots involved 'hardcore' of repeat offenders
Is Julius Malema South Africa's president in waiting?
Texas death row prisoners – interactive
Just 26%think our MPs do good job
Only 15% think they are "in touch with the public"
Islam prevents taxi driver taking woman with terminal cancer to the pub
It was Sarah McNaughton's birthday
Historic Elstree pub to become synagogue
“Why did police put Persil in the water cannons? To stop the colours running!”
Joke cracked by Richard Barnes, Boris Johnson’s deputy mayor
Military whistleblower tells of 'indiscriminate' Israeli attacks
Israel fury as Egypt puts peace accord in doubt
Cameron's government quietly changes the law
Now senior Israeli officials cannot be arrested
Cameron withdraws UK from United Nations racism event
He said the first "saw open displays of unpleasant and deplorable anti-Semitism"
Apple Drops Racist ‘Jew or Not a Jew’ App in France
Last Facebook message of banker accused of £1.3bn fraud: 'I need a miracle'!
No, Kweku, you need leg irons!
49% of parents and 19% of pupils say bring back the cane
Illegal immigrant lived in hospital for more than a year
Red tape prevented doctors discharging him
GMC says overseas doctors come here withour proper experience
"Too many examples... undertaking clinical practice with little or no preparation"
Euro crisis: the bond that unites Europe is at breaking point
Former MI6 chief says ministers approved Gaddafi links
Kinnock Jnr becomes Danish first husband despite gay label
Ah the nu-elite - How it doth consolidate

Thursday 15 September

Rogue trader, Kweku Adoboli. charged with defrauding Swiss bank, UBS.
The Ghanaian London-based immigrant cost them $2 billion, apparently
Rapists laughed as they 'enjoyed the humiliation, pain and harm' they inflicted
Iraqi immigrant, Salman Ahmed, had been here less than 4 months
Drug-resistant 'super TB' cases double in a decade
Experts believe many more are not reported
Illegal immigrant, Namo Salah, knifed me as I shielded my girl
Salah was jailed for just 18 months despite having committed violent attacks before!
'Shy' children at risk of being diagnosed with mental disorder!!
Israel warns of 'harsh and grave' consequences of Palestinian UN bid
Some Israeli ministers want to annex parts of West Bank if the Palestinians proceed
Gurjeet Panesar pleaded guilty to 17 offences of VAT fraud after stealing £650,000
He was jailed for just 2 years 4 months!!!
R&B singer Kelis has lashed out at the British after experiencing racial hostility
Sarah Palin snorted cocaine and had affairs with NBA star and husband's business partner
Nigerian immigrant, Kola Ayoola, gets nine months for passport fraud
Woman assaulted by black man in Crystal Palace alleyway
Every year some 40,000 migrants enter the country either to marry or to join an existing spouse
Bringing with them another 9,000 children and other dependants
Met's freebie king, Ian McPherson, exposed
UN busybody, Yves Cabanne, compares Britain's eviction of travellers...
... to human rights abuses in Zimbabwe and China!!!
Clegg slaps down Euro-doubters as Lib Dems suggest MORE taxpayer bailouts for Greece
Andrew Lindo strangled, battered and stabbed his fiancée
Midwife shortages in England dangerously high
Why are there shortages? Because the immigrants are having so many bl**dy kids!
Girl punched 3 times at festival "celebrating Asian culture"
The 16-year-old had refused to dance with her Asian attacker
Emma Smith charged with conspiracy to murder
Danai Muhammadi and Farhad Mahmud have already been charged with murder
Drunk mum, Rabbin Bashir, seriously injured children when she crashed her car
Bashir, who had been racing her boyfriend, was not jailed!
Stephen ‘Aki’ Akinyemi stabbed Arron Coughlan in the neck, chest, arm and hand
The ‘Teflon Don’ was, subsequently, charged with his murder
Callous fraudster Ariana Ali jailed for 20 months
"Who voted for Barroso to lord it over us, anyway?"
Says Douglas Carswell, MP, after EU leader calls for new "superstate"
Peer freed early arrested again over fresh allegations of fraud!
Lord Hanningfield, allegedly, made false claims whilst leader of Essex County Council
Jack Straw urges MPs to back Palestinian statehood bid
Why does this creep do the RIGHT thing when he's out of power?

Wednesday 14 September

Immigrants, particularly Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, have big families to claim benefits
Says Baroness Shreela Flather, a Pakistani immigrant
Black, teenage looter murdered 68-year-old Richard Bowes
For trying to put out a fire
25-year-old woman raped by black men
Hunt for man with foreign accent after sexual assault
Six-year-old boy sexually assaulted by black man
UK Border Agency database says 124,000 foreigners cannot be traced
50,000 files have been added since April admitted Jonathan Sedgwick, Agency head
UK has one of worst student dropout rates in developing world
Burglars? You'll have to sort it out, police tell Tony Goodeve
Tony, a pensioner, was in his pyjamas at the time
Some police officers are 'barely literate because entry standards are so low'
Dale Farm Gypsies own multi-million pound housing estate back home in Ireland
British parents are trapping their children in a cycle of "compulsive consumerism"
Prison officers told they have a 'moral duty' to call jailbirds 'Mr' and 'Mrs'
If the PC Crowd gets its way we'll be calling them Sir and Milady before too long
Crude politics is being allowed to trump the national interest
Harjinder Singh Bhurji stabbed to death in Ilford car robbery
The man who murdered Harjiner is black, 6ft 2in and slim
'Racists' aged THREE: Toddlers among thousands of children accused of bigotry after name-calling
James Murdoch to face fresh grilling by MPs

Tuesday 13 September

Sorry, I was wrong! The EU is a disaster blighting our lives!
'And I've been pro-European all my life' says Max Hastings!!!
Young man punched to ground and slashed with knife in 'senseless' attack
The loony who attacked a 23-year-old stranger on his way to work was Asian
No jail for looter Daniella Jackson!
Despite saying ‘everybody should be blowing up... police stations’ on Facebook!
Taliban fanatic 'sent more than 20 recruits to fight British forces in Afghanistan'
Munir Farooqi believed killing British troops was an ‘obligation’
Black hammer raiders attack two Nottingham homes
Craig Palmer murder
Ireneusz Malesza, Bartlomiej Szostek, Mike Zur and John Battams face trial
Ex-West Ham star Manuel Da Costa on trial for sexual assault
He 'punched his victim in the face twice when she demanded he leave her alone'
Jayesh Patel arrested on suspicion of immigration fraud
Following an investigation into sham marriages
Who Gets Crushed If Greece Goes Bust
Former USSR satellites not happy with the EUSSR!
The Crisis Rolls On, Full Steam Ahead
Walsall voters' details dumped in a skip!
The secret immigration policy they tried to hide
Union leaders Neil Greatrex and Mick Stevens deny stealing nearly £150,000
From a charity for sick and elderly miners!!!
Nicolas Sarkozy 'received cash from West African leaders'
More accident and emergency and maternity units face closure
David Mark Schofield: Killed by BMX thief and advertisement
An advertsing hoarding blocked David's view of a bus bearing down on him
George Osborne took cocaine with me says Natalie Rowe
The former prostitute says her phone was hacked too
Bring back grammars!
‘Mummy wants me dead’!
Justice Mostyn says he was comprehensively and deliberately misled by abusive family
Shin Bet: Israel's extreme rightists organizing into terror groups
Planning reforms: 'stop locals resisting developers'

Monday 12 September

24 Britons, starved, beaten, 'KEPT AS SLAVES' found on TRAVELLERS' CARAVAN SITE!!!
Some were held captive for 15 years! Were they enslaved by Gypsies?
1.4m uninsured drivers kill and injure more than 23,000 on UK roads every year!
The postcodes of the uninsured suggest most are of immigrant origin
Families hit by the biggest squeeze on incomes since Second World War
And there's years of pain ahead!
Dirty doctors allowed to keep jobs
100 Muslim radicals burn American flag outside U.S. embassy in London during minute's silence for 9/11
And we're supposed to cohere with these?
EDL members stabbed outside a pub on Edgware Road!
How could the Tories let developers rip out the lungs of England?
How Labour “opened the floodgates” to workers from eastern Europe
1.92million signed on the Worker Registration Scheme and could thus claim benefits
Unions driven by self-interest will hold us to ransom
British tourist murdered, wife kidnapped in remote Kenyan resort
Victims of crime 'kept in dark' despite promises
Unruly pupils' parents should be told...
Work with school or lose your benefits!!!

Sunday 11 September

Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed
Minority unemployment costs us £8.6 billion a year in benefits and taxes
Man and boy stabbed in London
Kai Taliana and Khaled Ait-Said are in custody
How Labour secretly put Libyan dissidents under house arrest
Following Tony Blair's 'deal in the desert' with Gaddafi
Yates of the Yard is still drawing £185,000 salary
Two months after stepping down over phone hacking scandal
US Ten Most wanted
Jude Kenan Mohammad thought to be plotting 9/11 bombing
Tony Blair denies all knowledge of rendition claims
As another Libyan victim threatens legal action against the Government
Tory MP Laurence Robertson puts wife AND lover on public payroll costing you £65K
Secret new life of fugitive Lib Dem donor
Fraud probe councillor wins £123,000 payout
Raghib Ahsan claimed he was deselected because he was Asian
Sir Philip Green: UK riots were allowed to get out of control
Pupils as young as seven carrying weapons into the classroom
9/11 anniversary: The end of Islamic extremism is far from nigh

Saturday 10 September

I'm a Celebrity Aggro Santos charged with raping 2 women
Tyrelle Ritchie has also been charged with rape
Dishonest doctors claim NHS millions for 3.5m dead patients
Latest scandal: GPs Arun and Jayanti Singh, Vinodray Patel and Nusrat Mazhar investigated
Man robbed on Hackney Downs train: Recognise these women?
In decade after 9/11 our inadequate leaders plunged us into disastrous wars
Whilst ignoring the great economic challenges of our time
after 9/11 our inadequate leaders plunged us into disastrous wars while ignoring the great economic challenges of our time
Muslims feel so British, they're ready to die for this countryChristina Odone, (immigrant) is at it again
Postal workers refuse to deliver Bible recordings because the CDs are ‘offensive’!
The houses secretly 'owned' by travellers facing eviction
Many of them are connected to homes in Rathkeale, a town in Ireland
Fat fraudster Bev Douglas faces jailThe prodigious Jumbo stole £35,000 in benefits
Will Britain take gold for the most PC Olympics ever?
The bizarre advice being given to games volunteers
Majority Feel 9/11 Story Might be Wrong In Important Respects
EDL picks new Jewish Division leader
Canadian, James Cohen, is 'expected... to recruit supporters of Israel'
George Woodburn sees girlfriend run over - He's convicted of racism!
Muslims feel so British, they're ready to die for this country
Christina Odone (immigrant) is at it again
Albanian spy chief wanted for torture lives here!
Ilir Kumbaro has been living in a council flat on benefits for the past 15 years!
Where my wife comes from, they SHOOT squatters
Doctor whose £1m home was taken over by spongers hits out at the law
Millionaire dentist Dr Chirag Patel branded 'skinflint'
He used dead man's disabled badge to park his £140,000 Ferrari
Munir Farooqi, Israr Malik and Matthew Newton tried to recruit others to kill British troops
Gangsta salute for ‘fallen soldier’ Mark Duggan who sparked riot
Conservatives given millions by property developers
Prison population sets new record
Tony Blair proves God has a sense of humour
9/11: Bin Laden death was important, says Blair

Friday 9 September

Britain's laziest parliamentarians?
Roger Godsiff came top of the Guardian's non-attendance for votes poll - He's Jewish
Numbers of homeless people in UK up by 17 per cent
Nurses who can't speak English put patients in danger
Lord Winston's stark warning over NHS workers from Romania and Bulgaria
'It's too dangerous to meet my constituents!
How Labour MP Stuart Bell justifies not holding a surgery for 14 YEARS
We're even worse at maths than Albania
The dumbing-down of our people was DELIBERATE!
Judge frees supermarket conman because 'jails are full of looters'
EU diplomats accidentally paid too much allowed to keep the money
Doctor accused of groping patient
Subramaniam Balu says 'She tried to seduce me'!
Dole cities where 1 in 3 households is jobless
Brentwood social services and the 'destruction of common sense'
David Cameron: we need elitism in schools
Wide variations in rape figures revealed

Thursday 8 September

EU immigrants commit 100 crimes a day!
So much for diversity, enrichment and cohesion! Cohere with a criminal? No thanks!
50,000 Iraq and Afghanistan vets will 'develop mental health problems'
Suresh Nahar charged with murder
Ban On Gay Blood Donors Set To Be Lifted
Galliano fined 6,000 Euros for 'dirty Jewish face... dirty Asian s***' slurs
Beating that led to Baha Mousa's death was NOT a one-off
He suffered 93 separate injuries after being hooded, cuffed and beaten
Former senior adviser to Blair government sentenced to 12 years in Cambodian jail
He sexually abused three young girls
Fury at law that lets foreign killers stalk our streets
Crime by EU migrants trebles!
And we still can't throw them out!!!
Muslim parents of 'honour killing' schoolgirl charged with her murder
EIGHT years after she vanished!
Romanian squatters evicted from home of doctor and pregnant wife...
... invade plush new property just 300 yards away!!!
Stuart Bell: a Labour MP who hasn't held a surgery for 14 years!
Cameron must stop running scared of these abortion zealots
David Cameron: a professional who plays like an amateur
Rising childcare costs put quarter of parents in debt
They are forced to turn down jobs now

Wednesday 7 September

Student stabbed to death by gang member
Stephen Grisales had the tememrity to ask them to stop throwing conkers at him
Sexual predator, Juraj Badi, repeatedly abused under-age girl and impregnated her
Badi had served two long sentences for rape in his native Slovakia
Mehul Patel 'abducted teenagers and asked a 13-year-old girl for sex'
Judge Steven Everett says no jail time
Cambridge United footballer, Jordan Patrick, convicted of assaulting taxi driver and threatening a cop
The mixed-marriage Townies and a Grandma on a race-hate charge
'The Harmony of... 'idyllic Suffolk community... shattered by a golliwog'
Dr Subramaniam Balu accused of groping patient’s breasts
Eight held over £1m benefits and immigration scam
Another home broken into and occupied by Romanian Gypsies
Gypsy Blackmail: Give us six million quid and we'll go!
First we fete them, then we bomb them - That’s politics
Says Boris Johnson
Israeli General talks up the likelihood of war
Eyal Eisenberg says "Arab Spring" may turn into "radical Islamic winter"
'Officially sanctioned cruelty'!
The EU says puppies and kittens can now be clubbed to death
Ibuprofen 'can double the risk of miscarriage'
Murdoch 'knew truth about phone hacking three years ago'
Stomach upsets cost British industry 11 million lost working days anually
65.2% of all chicken sold in supermarkets is contaminated with campylobacter
The big lie that doomed the euro to failure
Herman van Rompuy declares ambition to be leader of United States of Europe”
Thug gets to keep £1million he won on Simon Cowell's new gameshow
Nathan Hageman spent 30 months in jail for beating up Amy McLean

Tuesday 6 September

The Wheel of Fortune
I don't know how factually accurate the information in the above is. But Mr Stokes seems to know what he's on about.
'Squatters aren't criminals and can be GOOD for society'!
Judge Fiona Henderson orders council to publish list of empty homes
Moira Ogilvie ‘bullied, intimidated and victimised staff'
Turkish immigrant charged with 2 murders and an attempted murder
Ensar Gol killed his British wife and mother-in-law and tried to kill young girl
Unite Against Fascism Fascist kicks woman on the ground
Says Jean-Claude Trichet, president of the European Central Bank
Edmonton burglar who preyed on pensioners jailed
Michael Sammie was jalied for 5.5 years
Peter Tatchell turns out at anti-EDL demo
Gets sneered at by Muslims! Boom boom!
Women carjacked at knifepoint by black man!
Romanians view Britain as a land of opportunity
In the first six months of 2011 nearly 90,000 Romanians applied for 22,000 UK jobs!!!
Gang drove girl to suicide attempt after stripping her and posting pictures on Facebook
The moment EDL bus is attacked by dozens of Asian men
Almost 75% of adult rioters already have criminal records
Behind the Salford riots: 'the kids are angry'
Rendition and the UK: hands-on experience
Simon Schama: 'Teach events of 9/11 to all children'
As long as the whole truth is taught and not establishment spin
European banks face collapse under debts
A warning from Deutsche Bank chief Josef Ackermann
Godfather Tony, Rupert's white-robed top crony!
Blair attended the baptism of Murdoch's daughter on the banks of River Jordan
15,000 Romanians chasing jobs in Britain every month
UK ‘could keep ban on votes for prison inmates’
EXPENSES: MP Margaret Moran to be charged today'
Huhne to learn speeding points fate 'this month'
Most schools 'shunning law on Christian assemblies'
More Albanian children 'like to read than pupils in UK'
Dan Glass and Janet Burden support Dale Farm travellers
Burden is a Rabbi and Glass is a 'Jewish supporter'
Nick Clegg: UK has 'one of most segregated school systems in the world'
Victoria Beckford, Siobhan Vaughan and Sian Roberts jailed over abuse of girl, 16, in south London
Andrew Lindo 'hid partner's body in suitcase’

Monday 5 September

Ziani Aissa charged with murdering blind iman
Turkish husband stabs British wife and mother-in-law to death
Mihaela and Julie Sahin lost their lives in Thame, Oxfordshire
Soldier who lost 3 limbs put in a tiny flat on the SIXTH floor!
Whist £1m homes go to asylum seekers!!!
Salim-Ahmed assaulted a cop and fraudulently claimed over £3,000 in benefits
Upon arrest the illegal migrant said 'I will kill you English, I will kill all you English'!
Burglar Napindi Palu jailed for sexual assault on pensioner
Dale Farm Travellers get Jewish backing
Rabbi Janet Burden says they deserve protection under human rights law
Tens of thousands of Israelis reclaiming their EU citizenship
29% of white people believe they are victims of racial prejudice in Britain!!!
Whites who claim discrimination at work and race lost them a job doubles in 5 years
Faisel Yaqoob faces jail over sexual assault in car
This saga of moral squalor shames Britain
Sins of the past that still haunt Miliband
Who’ll trust Labour while it is being led by Ed Miliband, a protégé of Gordon Brown
What a pity nurses are to stop wearing their Do Not Disturb waistcoats!
Gay Belgian hedge fund boss up for one of the UK's biggest divorce settlements
Pierre Lagrange is now with fashion designer Roubi L'Roubi whose parents are Somali
Secret files reveal UK 'crossed the line' to prop up Gaddafi
Our government handed rebel to his torturers
So much for Blair's 'ethical' foreign policy
Tony Blair is godfather to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter!
The 15,000 police who never make arrests: too busy doing paperwork
Biggest problem in EU is UK says former German leader
It’s time for Britain to stand up for our national interests

Sunday 4 September

Alistair Darling: Gordon Brown as PM was 'chaos'
Management of NHS hospitals by foreign firms 'discussed'!
Parents of 7 told: Your children are too fat! You will never see them again
THEY would rather Big Bro raise our kids: easier to brainwash
X Factor Derry robbed me on a train. I thought he had a gun, says 15-year-old victim
Cameron branded 'gutless' by fellow Tory
Fukushima's nuclear ghost town abandoned by people fleeing the fallout
Secret files: Labour lied over Lockerbie Bomber
Megrahi was handed back because Gaddafi threatened holy war if he died here
Jail bosses' get £15k bonuses but staff must endure pay freeze
Head teacher bullied out of her job by 'insensitive' Baby P council boss Ms Shoesmith
Truants' parents may lose child benefit: unemployed told to sign on twice as often
Theresa May pulled the plug on Dave’s ‘macho’ US Supercop after dinner party row
Peter Mandelson’s company flouted internet rules for almost a year
BBC plan film on vice girl's Tory links in George Osborne ‘cocaine’ pictures
Windsor Castle paedophile ring: Cops arrest another Queen's guard
Criminals released by cops: Two hundred commit further crimes EVERY DAY!
Coalition splits over schools, banks and health
Why did nobody stop Gordon?
Immigrant domestic workers to demonstrate over visa changes
If you don't like it here, ladies, you know where you can go!
LOOTERS: CCTV of suspects released

Saturday 3 September

Jim Traficant: "Israel has used us like a whore!"
Gaddafi regime's links with New Labour and Bush regime revealed
One-legged rapist, Mohammed Farah, jailed for attack on teenager
Rapist Mahbub Nur "used extreme violence" on 52-year-old victim
East Lancashire rape gang sentenced
Amjad and Shahid Hussain and cousin Tanveer Butt were jailed indefinitely
LOOTER! Doctor's daughter jailed for 8 months
Some "healthy" bulbs "emit enough radiation" to "make skin cancer more likely"!
Daniel Tesfay charged with murder of Jonathan Barnes
Child porn Cop Philip Savidge jailed
'Shaman' Peter Aziz jailed over psychedelic drug drink
Australia bans BC (Before Christ)
Our countryside is being ripped apart by the bulldozers!
The Tories mean to concrete over England despite local objections
Yvonne Fletcher suspect was claiming benefits in Britain
Global Markets Plunge
Fury as the Pound is banned on Eurostar!
Internet and supermarkets kill off 2,000 bookshops
Robert Zoellick warns of new "danger zone" for global economy
Vatican rejects cover-up claims over Cloyne report
Hampshire foster children 'sent up to 250 miles away'

Friday 2 September

1951: “Antipathy to coloured people is considerable amongst at least one third of population”
Yet those we vote for ignored how we felt and kept on bringing them in! TREASON!
John Cleese: London is no longer an English city
Because those we vote for kept on shipping them over! TREASON!
Natasha Reid, a 'graduate' and 'aspiring social worker' (LOOTER) stole TV
She worked out she was going to get done, handed herself in and they let her off!
115,000 students who graduated in 2007 (27.7%) are not in full-time paid work 3.5 years later!!!
So that's why Big Bro saddles our children with a mountain of debt!
Just 3% of benefits fraudsters go to jail!
And they pay back an average of just £200 each!
Child sex abuse convictions rise 60% in six years
Former head of MI5 decries 'war on terror'
Eliza Manningham-Buller delivered a withering attack on the invasion of Iraq
Israel used "excessive" violence against the aid flotilla to Gaza according to a UN inquiry
"Most of the deceased were shot multiple times... in the back or at close range"! Excessive? I'll say
Households where no one has EVER worked doubles to 297,000 in 15 years!
Shopping mall bosses shocked at staff who cannot read or write
In Blairworld? People are still shocked that we have been dumbed-down?
Beautician spray tans her FOUR-YEAR-OLD daughter
To help 'boost her confidence'
Travellers plan to use their children as human shields!
As 'Foreign Legion' gathers at illegal site
Gay MP, Alan Duncan, faces questions over Libya oil contract
After firm he has close links with secures deal
Libya: the minister, the Tory donor and a contract to supply oil
80% of knife crime thugs do not go to prison!
Tories accused of breaking vow to lock them up
BBC presenter Ashley Blake was given cell where Fred West hanged himself
Mind you, he did beat a teenager with wooden pole
There are now 4 million scrounging families in Britain
Child sex convictions 'up 60%'!!!
Councils told to end 'diversity' quiz
Wow! The times they are a changing it would appear
Tories pledge to end classroom chaos and the obsession with pupils' rights UK riots: Michael Gove pledges to tackle 'underclass
Lots of Tory pledges. How many will they keep, we wonder?

Thursday 1 September

African athletes accused of molesting students at World Athletics Championships
HIV efforts 'woefully inadequate' in UK
Peter Bryan sent to Broadmoor for eating victim's brain
10 days later he killed a fellow patient he wanted to eat
E-fit of immigrant who attempted rape
‘Loving husband and father’ murdered by in takeaway by Sharn Devan Farrell
Ahmed Saeed Hassan gets 25 years for attempted murder
Harpreet Singh gets for glass attack on barman
Foreigners owe West Middlesex Hospital more than £170,000
Munir Patel first person to face charges under the Bribery Act
Slave trade: Romanian trafficker ran brothels in Irish cities
Anarchists hijack the travellers' last stand: Fears of bloody confrontation
Mail survey reveals why new jobs are going to immigrant workers
Payoffs up to £750,000 at spending watchdog as 25 officials pocket £5.2m
Alistair Darling to expose 'brutal and volcanic' Gordon Brown
C4 drops athletics presenter Ortis Deley after string of on-air blunders
Disabled mother 'beaten unconscious' by Wayne McCatty
"I'm going to f***ing kill you white bitch" said the diversity and enrichment type
Nutcase Kashif Baig stabbed his ‘beautiful, ambitious’ wife to death
Sham marriage rumbled after Elmira Umajewa couldn't spell husband Amjad Javid's name
Travellers invaded my village a year ago and it's sheer hell
Travellers should live by the same rules as us
Police track down absent fathers to save children from gangs

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