Daily News - October 2011

Monday 31 October

Care in the community is 'a £100bn failure'!
The mentally ill have been neglected for decades says Iain Duncan Smith think-tank
African immigrant jailed for bogus marriage scam can stay in UK
After having three children with two men!!!
The face of Crime, Hertfordshire, 2011
Illegal immigrant Abid Ullah involved in ‘systematic’ exploitation of young girls
The pervert was jailed for just 13 months
Meera Syal's teenage daughter 'glassed friend's ex-boyfriend' at party
Billionaire, Victor Dahdaleh, charged with bribing officials
Footballers chased "hero" to take revenge on a witness
The "hero" helped put a teenage girl's killers behind bars
Poppy-burning Muslims plan new 'hell for heroes' demonstration
Orthodox Jew guilty of first ever proven case of black-market organ trafficking in USA
Levy Rosenbaum bought $10,000 organs from Israel and sold them in the US for $120,000
Israel seeking to upgrade its nuclear weapons capabilities
Teenager shot in Poplar, east London
An attack on Iran would be a disaster for Israel
Prince Charles has the right to veto new laws!
Ministers have sought his permission to change the law 12 times in 5 years!
Thieves desecrate memorials to our war heroes EVERY OTHER DAY!
Who thinks we native Brits are committing these crimes?
In Joanna’s name, close these vile sites
Who thinks it was coincidence Vincent Tabak was addicted to violent pornography?
Toma Mladenov, Toma Ivanov and Ivan Mladenov charged with theft of cabling
The Pikeys will be livid!
When it comes to the EU Nick Clegg is the true extremist
Nick Clegg issues fierce rebuke to Tory right over Europe
Wow! that will upset them!
BLAIR WARS: British workers amongst 13 killed in suicide bombing
PRIMARY schoolgirls go without food over fears about their weight
Binyam Mohamed is going out shopping
The terror suspect pocketed a million in compensation!!!
May attacks judges for overzealous use of Human Rights
EU chief Baroness Ashton takes five star spa break
As Europe teeters on the brink of financial collapse
10,000 criminals seized at our borders

Sunday 30 October

Cancer patient, Anthony Wilson, died after being attacked by illegal immigrant in next bed
This was the week that European democracy died
Squeezed middle? Miliband's adviser buys mansion for £8.5million in CASH
Both Miliband and Andrew Rosenfeld are Jewish
How 80 patriots can save us from 57 liberals
Cameron's Big Society guru held in airport drug swoop on suspicion of smuggling cocaine
Fear and loathing in the classroom: the girls think they are fat and the boys carry weapons
12-year-olds drinking equivalent of 19 glasses of wine a week!
Tony Blair, the billionaire Lakshmi Mittal and a deal in Kazakhstan
What financial downturn? Mandelson's £600k profit
Tory MP 'hidden for his own safety' as extremist group storms his mosque visit
MP's wife not jailed for burgalry and theft of lover's kitten
Royal Mail has betrayed its glorious legacy
Saturday first-class post now goes the same as second
Royal Mail keeps it secret
NHS fatcats take pay offs then come back for more

Saturday 29 October

Blair defends opening the door to mass migration!!!
If you are an indigenous Briton, you must hate this man with all your heart. You must want the bought-and-paid-for traitor arrested, tried for treason, found guilty and executed
BLAIR WARS: 12 Americans and a canadian killed in Afghanistan
LUNACY! Disabled black gangster had his carer murdered!
Now, his family want to sue NHS for not keeping up the same level of care!!!
Andy Mao condemned businesswoman to 'truly appalling death'
Mao poured chemicals over Jenny Lam which burnt 75 per cent of her body
Fight for Britain, Prime Minister!
Mail poll shows massive majority want powers back from EU
Our dear Jo's murderer should hang!
Vincent Tabak gets life for murdering their daughter
British families are £6,000 worse off than 3 months ago
The Benefits Cheats' Olympics: Running marathons. Weightlifting. Even skydiving!
The 'disabled' benefit fraudsters who deserve gold medals for brazen dishonesty
'Radical Islamist gunman opens fire outside US Embassy'
Conservative MP take five-star junket to Equatorial Guinea
My pay is very low moans advertising tycoon with a basic salary of £1 MILLION a year
Martin Sorrell is Jewish
Police demand emails in Chris Huhne speeding points case
BNP conference: I'm in charge says Nick Griffin
MP’s wife Christine Hemming given suspended sentence for cat theft

Friday 28 October

Misery for millions as elderly care funds cut
Funding for nursing homes and support for pensioners cut by almost a fifth
Government after government failed to face up to Britain's long-term needs
Asian sought in connection with the sexual assault of a schoolgirl
Black, gay Detective, who wanted 'special treatment' sues the force
Kevin Maxwell was depressed after bullying "due to his race and sexuality"
British tourist Paul Atkins murdered and robbed in the Philippines
His assailants shot him in the head
Vincent Tabak guilty of Jo Yates' murder
Premiership star Titus Bramble charged with two counts of sexual assault
'If you don’t hurry up, I'll cut you'
What a mother was told by midwife at NHS Trust where 5 died during labour
Help us out, Europe begs China
EXPENSES: Margaret Thatcher's £500,000 claim revealed
John Major and Tony Blair also found gobbling in the taxpayer trough
EXPENSES: EX-MP, Margaret Moran, had it away with £80,000!
EXPENSES: Prescott and Co casino jolly in Oz
Paid for by us!
So much for austerity: fat cat bosses give themselves 49% rises
Bankers get £4.2bn and Shell rakes in 4.4bn
Two men divorce their wives and go gay
They then become transgender lesbians and marry after one has a sex change
Inspectors find culture of abuse in NHS trust's maternity services
And the ethnicity of the abusers? Name and shame them!
Was the Big Bang good for the City of London and Britain?
Good for the fat cat few, bad for the innocent many
Baby Hitler Parents Lose Custody of All Three of Their Kids

Thursday 27 October

Rizvan Rahman gets just 18 months for £180,000 art fraud
Black thief steals bag of dog sh*t!
"Perhaps thinking that there was something of value inside"
The country has had enough of deception
It's time to close the yawning gap between the ruling and the ruled!
Repeat criminals responsible for half a million crimes
Face of the father left unrecognisable by 15-strong black gang
The enrichers stole his wedding ring
French billionaire shot dead in his Paris mansion
"Dray, one of the most prominent Jews in France, owned a string of hotels around the world"
Top black barrister 'sexted' girlfriend of crook he was representing
Roy Headlam was the second most highly paid barrister in UK in 2010
Iranian asylum-seeker, Asghar Najafi, tried to snatch 14-year-old boy from street
He had already been on the sex offenders register for 4 years!
The BBC, an everyday story of bias and falling standards
White man subjected to race attack in Bolton by Asian gang
"British" girl faces 15 years in US jail for smuggling cocaine
Only the PC Crowd would call Ayesha Olivia Niles "British"
"Brit" who 'faked his own death for £1.25 million insurance' found
Only the PC crowd would call Alfredo Sanchez a "Brit"
Woman raped by black man in Flixton alleyway
The rapist is in his late fifties and has a cleft lip
"Midwife" Mercy Ngozi Okeke accused of a catalogue of blunders
Including “strangling” a newborn baby with its umbilical cord!
More sexual assaults by 'tanned complexion' man
Angolan immigrant, Rogerio Joao, charged with attacking shop assistant with a chain
Sikander Raja charged with attempted robbery
Efit of Asian issued after two women sexually assaulted
Thieves take statue of WWII soldier from garrison town's war memorial
Cameron shows his true colours on the EU
And they run deepest yellow
Clegg's wife gets new job as firm's EU trade chief
Miriam Gonzalez is taking a job with US law firm, Dechert
IDS threatens to qiut over whipped vote
Protester 'gang raped' at anti-capitalist camp in Glasgow
'Disabled' rioters were well enough to riot!
Fuelled by unwanted immigration, the UK grows by 500,000 every year
Such a population increase equals a city the size of Leeds
Imigrants to send Britain's population soaring to largest in EU
4,000 foreign criminals set free to fight deportation
Said 'criminals include include murderers, rapists and child sex offenders
Foreign crooks roam our streets
Swaggering arrogance of child sex attackers
Girl, 2, died 'after her mother burned her in the shower'
Lord Boateng's sex attacker son grins for his mugshot after assault arrest
Yet again our military men and women are betrayed by the Government
As national governments have to make cuts greedy MEPs want huge budget rise
At last, Raed Salah will be kicked out of Britain for 'fostering hatred'
Yet again an EU summit that will achieve nothing

Wednesday 26 October

Man attacked by four Asian men in Bolton
Police in search for Asian rapper after sex claims
Spurned lover Edmund Bruton drank bottle of antifreeze
Then he drove his car into his ex's house at 80mph
Forbes Edwards, Dwayne Devaney, Damien Noonan and Abdul Khan charged with kidnap and assault
Pensioners preyed on by Black, White and Asian
Cash for Crash fraudster Mohammed Samsul Haque jailed
Army claws back £433 'overpaid' to dead soldier
Jordan Bancroft died after receiving his wages
Half of young criminals say prison does not rehabilitate
Proportion of black/minority ethnic young men rose to 39%!!!
Britain facing new multi-billion-pound bill to prop up the euro
Even though we are NOT IN THE EURO!
‘Eurosceptics... won’t succeed, as long as I’m in government!'
Clegg puts two fingers up at the British people
'Let me finish him off' screamed knifeman John Onyenaychi
He slashed PC Paul Madden’s throat with a Stanley knife
Families are £15 a week worse off than this time last year
'It's the biggest squeeze in living memory,' says King
One cannabis joint ‘can bring on schizophrenia’ and damage memory
Prince Charles's fawning letter to Gaddafi
Lord Boateng's son guilty of sex attack on sleeping woman
Party drug meow meow kills one young Briton a week
Mephedrone is also blamed for causing a further 19 users to commit suicide
US sugar daddy parties 'are coming to UK'

Tuesday 25 October

Lord Boateng's son found guilty of sexually assaulting drunk woman
The rise of the stay-at-home dad
One in seven families now have father as primary carer for children
Police hunt for 'illegal immigrant hit and run driver'
Gang of boys, 11, 'sexually assaulted girl, 12
Just yards from school gates'
£5,000 payout for falling out of bed
Bizarre claims in councils' £75m compensation bill
Fraud Lord's battle over 'unlawful arrest'
Shameless expenses cheat Lord Hanningfield launches £6k compensation claim
Bogus doctor's web of deceit
Married love cheat faked DNA test so he could deny girlfriend's child was his
A shabby night for British democracy
Scandal over EU betrayal
Education cuts worst since the 50s
David Cameron hit by biggest Conservative rebellion
Butt and Asif accused of corruption on basis of 'guess work'
Chandlers Ford bank robber 'had armour-piercing bullets'
'My 28,000 images of child porn are just like stamp collecting'
Says married civil servant, Steven Hawkins
Senior officer wined and dined brothel worker at police parties
Samuel Johnson says he didn't know Michelle dasic was a prostitute
John Onyenaychi jailed for police stabbings
Unnamed PC sacked for not responding to 141 999 calls
He was reported when he couldn't spell one caller's surname - Immigrant?

Monday 24 October

Too sick to work but not too sick to riot!
One in eight defendants was on incapacity or disability benefits
Failed asylum seeker who has dodged deportation for a decade told he can stay
Because Amir Beheshti goes to the GYM!
Clegg hires £500k team of 7 'spies' to snoop on Tory ministers
England rioters 'poorer, younger, less educated'
Golliwog racism charges against Jena Mason dropped
Rioters came from 44 countries: 1 in 7 was a foreigner!
That's globalism for you!
Cameron's Big Society guru 'raided' think tank coffers to fund jet-set lifestyle
Air Miles Andy takes a tour of the Far East by private jet
even though he stepped down as UK's trade envoy three months ago
Violent Jamaican drug dealer avoids deportation twice
By claiming it would breach his human rights
Obese children as young as 11 to get a gastric implant on the NHS
BBC criticised for spending £70,000 on leaving parties and awards ceremonies
Alarm at private police operating beyond the law

Sunday 23 October

Negligent doctor, Olufemi Dina, contributed to the death of Elaine Carter
He also delivered a baby that died whilst he was banned! He still works in the NHS!
Says behaviour Czar, Charlie Taylor
Demoted for not backing gay marriage
Housing manager's pay slashed for criticising new law on Facebook
MI6 warned Werrity that he was jeopardising British policy in Iran
Baby death hospitals trust 'has worst mortality ratio'
Village hall told it could lose funding
if it lets BNP leader's speech go ahead - That's democracy for you!
Burglar Isaiah Bovell shot dead breaking into cannabis factory
Rupert Murdoch takes on shareholders (and protesters outside)
As investors tell him and his sons to quit over phone hacking
This is no SuperCam - just Ted Heath Mk 2
Complete with his own Thought Police
Scandal doctor Olufemi Dina defied NHS ban
Complaints against doctors rise by 40 per cent
Tony Blair adds Kazakhstan to his list of business clients
Cold homes will kill up to 200 older people a day
Imported plants bring diseases that threaten to kill millions of British trees

Saturday 22 October

Ann Widdecombe is right: Christianity in Britain today is under severe persecution

Did jailed rapist attack more women?
Cheslin Campher was arrested for robbery - His DNA matched that of the rape victim
Sahid Sule and Nicholas Allon-McVytie killed motorist in 'mistaken identity execution'
They were jalied for 28 years
Benefits cheat Beverley Douglas was too fat to get in the dock
Now she won't have to wear an electronic tag - it doesn't fit round her ankle
Village hall at centre of BNP row
Many too poor to bury their family
Ann Widdecombe fights to save Christians from abuse
University of Wales abolished after visa scandal
Tony Blair helps Kazakhstan boosts its image in West
Gun smuggling gang leaders Mohammed Tariq and Atique Arif imprisoned
Sakawat Shah, Mohsin Hussain, Mudasser Iqbal, Akbar Sultan and Feroz and Raees Khan were also jailed
Jail terms 'to double' for crimes linked to membership of gangs
Murdoch confirms Dowlers to receive £2m over hacking
Wakefield Prison inmates claim dentistry compensation

Friday 21 October

African-Caribbean boys 'would rather hustle than learn'
Child beggars as young as 4 making £100,000 a year each for gypsy gangs
Sanchez Brown and Blake Mehmet charged over bus Stabbing
Abusing a pregnant woman, they stabbed a passenger who tried to intervene
Mohammed Abdul Hasnath charged with terrorism offences
Lerone Boye charged with Ilford stab murder
Andrew Clark and Abnan Irshad smuggled heroin from Pakistan
Knifepoint robberies rise by 7% as muggers target iPhones and BlackBerrys
Tories Ministers threaten resignation over EU vote ban
Mayor Boris Johnson youth crime rates questioned
Brussels pen-pushers overpay themselves £81m in expenses
Col Gaddafi killed: 'Lost secrets’ of Tony Blair’s links
How Blair and the West were fooled into embracing Gaddafi
City's speed cameras all switched off to save cash
But they still managed to catch council boss
Lawyers condemn police spies who 'deceive' justice system
Surrey Police knew of Milly Dowler phone hacking in 2002
Anger at Nick Clegg’s £5m to Egypt

Thursday 20 October

'Twin-Swap' Couple Guilty Of Child Cruelty
Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia inflicted more than 20 injuries their baby
Levy Chandler cleared of the manslaughter of Private Rory McWilliams
Yet Chandler punched Rory from behind without warning
Tianhui Zhan walked up to stranger Michael Davis and stabbed him 3 times
The Asian nut thought Michael was zombie, apparently
14-year-old girl assaulted by black in Bognor Regis
Robbery in Harrow: police to speak to Edwin Sarpong
Illegal immigrant, Mojisola Madandola, defrauded the NHS of £95,000
The Nigerian nurse got a 6-month suspended sentence only!
Politicians encouraged mass immigration but failed to build enough houses
Now they are bullying the elderly into giving up their homes!!!
'Crash for cash' gang conned insurance companies out of £3million
Illegal immigrant, Vladimir Buchak, who fixed fake marriages, is not deported
Daylight sexual assault by Black man on Woolwich Common
School worker Alexis Bailey jailed for looting
When they vote on the EU referendum, MPs should ask themselves just one question
Islam-hugging academic Bob Lambert (ex-Special Branch) was police spy Lambert is also ex-Special Branch
Gravy train scandal the EU parliament tried to keep secret
Britons are 'lazy' and 'addicted to benefits' says Jin Liqun, a Chinese bigwig
Courtesy of our treacherous politicians we're "addicted" to a lot more than benefits
It's everyone's fault but mine
Liam Fox plays the victim as new sleaze inquiry called
How 100,000 pupils are branded 'special needs' by the age of 5
Rotten regimes will plunder aid millions
As Britain gives more, fraud will grow, warn MPs
Ricardo Vinagre harassed his female boss
Commonwealth 'fails to stand up for democracy'
Thousands dying because they can't afford heating bills
James Murdoch knew phone hacking was widespread, MPs told
Killer tree disease arrives in UK
Exposed: Dentists who fail on basic care despite demanding big fees
Dale farm fiasco should have been resolved years ago

Wednesday 19 October

Estonian immigrant, Jevgeni Matjuhha, strangled his girlfriend
He then used her credit card to pay for a flight out of the country
Cops missed 11 chances to save murdered mum
Sanchez Williams kicked Casey Brittle to death in front of her toddler
Drug dealer, Keno 'Blood' Forbes, banned from Islington for 10 years
The crack and heroin dealer was jailed for 3 years
Cops warn residents after spate of violent muggings
"The suspects... are described as being black men"
Young woman hit repeatedly on the back of the head with a brick
The perpetrator was black
Black thug launched vicious attack on a pedestrian
Fifa vice-president Jack Warner blames Zionism for downfall
Taxman hides errors to stop taxpayers appealing unfair demands
Patients put at unacceptable risk
Foreign doctors get less NHS training than Boots' chemists
Cameron facing mutiny from his own MPs
Cameron may order his troops to vote against the proposal
'Whitewash' inquiry puts asylum seekers before Gary McKinnon
Blacklisted after asking for a home birth
Speaker Bercow protects his gold-plated pension
As other MPs agree to take a cut - Bercow is Jewish
The 'Russian spy' and her 4-year affair with married Lib Dem MP
Katia Zatuliveter 'deliberately targeted womaniser Mike Hancock'
Mervyn King: time 'running out' to solve world economy crisis
US forces 'massing on Afghanistan-Pakistan border'
Dominique Strauss-Kahn accused of New York orgy with prostitutes
Europe returns to haunt yet another Tory leader
Breaking news: Cameron now officially even worse than Ted Heath
Hedge fund baron Hintze - sugar daddy to Cameron and Co

Tuesday 18 October

Sanchez Williams murdered Casey Brittle
He beat her up regularly
James Tierney was "in the wrong place at the wrong time"
And Dale Duncan and Aisar Khan beat him to death
RIOTS: Adam El-Wahabi gets 14 months for 40-strong gang attack on PC Blake
Asian sexually assaults 19-year-old in Launceston
Leon Zylicz jailed after trying to have sex with 84-year-old care home resident
Mitcham tram stop sex assault
‘Sham marriage’ arrests: Four Nigerians in Romford
Black man assaults two 9-year-old girls in Bournemouth
Lesbian cop denies sexually assaulting woman in hotel room
PC Rachael Taylor bit the woman's body
Milos Louzecky charged with Sheerness murder
Mustafa Elsherkisi, 49, was ordered to serve at least 15 years before he can ask to be freed
WPC Heather Cooper's body found in woodland
Detective Peter Foster, an African immigrant, quizzed over killing of his lover
Six charged with murder of Mayfair doorman
Ekprkpo, N'Jie, Otugade, Dixon, Shaw and Errol Jeffrey are so charged
Son of first black Cabinet minister 'in sex attack on stranger'
Benjamin Boateng denies assault by penetration
Women with HIV die after they stop taking life saving drugs
"100% free from HIV-Aids following the prayer of Pastor T B Joshua!"
Kevan Thakrar denies trying to kill prison guards
Thakrar is a triple murderer
African mental health nurse 'groped patients'
David Omolayo Ayoola Ajayi is facing 70 misconduct charges
Everton's Magaye Gueye left 'shaken' by theft
The robbers are "described as black"
Strangled in 20 seconds
Tabak killed Joanna with just one hand
Letter from a jailbird - 2011 style
'It's relaxing in here, we play snooker and do rock-climbing: it's quite good'
5 children a day held trying to get into the UK
A third of them aren't accompanied by an adult (We breed 'em - you feed 'em)
120 firms a day are going bust!!!
The true figure could be 'much worse'
GPs ban patients just for daring to complain
Entire families unfairly removed following trivial disagreements
Stepping Hill Hospital: Seventeen patients poisoned
Iran pours scorn on Saudi/US 'plot' claims
Cops fail to release CCTV footage of burglars that struck TWICE in six weeks
"Old Hippie" social worker whose drugs killed schoolgirl
Isobel Jones-Reilly, 15, died at a party in Brian Dodgeon's home
Prisons at 'bursting point'
NHS hospitals drain money from elderly care says Lord Warner
Six white police officers sue Scotland Yard for race discrimination
Bad language in video games and on TV linked to aggression in teenagers
Common sense really
Judges' £2.5m delay in extraditing six UK terror suspects
But they were quick to seal hacker Gary's fate
Britain's 'Shameless' families cost the tax payer £8bn every year
MPs want extra week’s holiday
Israeli court rejects last-minute attempt to block Gilad Shalit prisoner swap

Monday 17 October

US Treasury Secretary Geithner: THERE ARE SIX DAYS TO SAVE THE WORLD!
The prophet of doom is Jewish
Adam Werritty 'plotted with Israel' to topple Ahmadinejad!!!
UK economy brought to grinding halt by Euro crisis
Ali Aboalkassem charged with Cambridge rape
Health reform: economics of the madhouse, care regime of the almshouse
Stefan Ramin eaten by Cannibals?
Diversity and enrichment, eh? The PC Crowd will be orgasmic
Right to a family life for rapists and killers?
Foreign criminals using Human Rights to fight deportation
How Labour cash in on ambulance chasers
The Party makes thousands from links to 'no win, no fee' solicitors
Thugs kill BBC's Paul Gunner as he celebrated his 32nd birthday
Pictured with sawn-off shotgun, armed robber Jobe Kilbride, 13
Big Brother bin searches double in a single year
Councils are snooping through the rubbish of 30,000 families!!!
Cameron's the expert on cronies
Cameron under pressure to crack down on lobbyists
Crime fears as street lights go out to save cash
Four top civil servants quit Michael Gove's department
Court relaxes alcohol ban for teenager but only if he has trifle

Sunday 16 October

Was Mossad using Fox and Werritty as 'useful idiots'?
Ex-Ambassador reveals how links made by 'advisers' set alarm bells ringing
Mocking Jesus on Israeli TV!
What THEY REALLY think of us
Mocking Jesus and Mary on Israeli TV
Taxpayers' millions lost by EU-funded regional schemes
Why did Adam Werritty behave as he did? Because he could
Chief of Defence Staff admits wrong tactics used during war in Afghanistan
Wife's pleas to deport immigrant husband who flouted law ignored for 10 years
Foreign language driving tests to be banned after soaring accident rates
BLAIR WARS: British soldier shot dead in Afghanistan
Baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain
300,000 babies stolen from their parents and sold
Unscrupulous landlords build homes for immigrants illegally
Britons want immigration reduced
Politicians 'can do little on migration fears'
Foreign criminals: the legal loopholes that let them stay
We fund fight to keep bomb suspect in UK
Elderly patients condemned to early death by secret use of do not resuscitate orders
Thousands of streets left in darkness to save money
More than 60% of terrorists are well educated
Inmates taken to court in taxis by security firm paid £42m
Former escort, Zaynab Alkhatib, drunk and disorderly
She was fined after swearing and lashing out at police officers
Referee with FRENCH father sent off Welsh captain
Former escort, Zaynab Alkhatib, drunk and disorderly fined
She swore and lashed out at police officers

Saturday 15 October

John Onyenaychi stabbed 3 policemen and stabbed someone else before that
He had just been released early for killing someone whilst driving dangerously
Yahya Harun, Sharmake Abdulkadir and Fuad Awale deny double murder
Bribe conviction for court clerk Munir Patel UK-first
Drug dealer Sean Grant jailed for four years
Kawser Ali gets two years for gym thefts
Damning investigation into rapist who re-offended suppressed to protect HIS privacy
Pauline Cawsey accuses him of favouring radio in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Ken Bigley beheading video 'found' in Ahmed Faraz's home
Birmingham bookseller accused of "priming people for terrorism"
Black barber shaved 'fool' in vulnerable man's hair
Michael Campbell was found guilty of common assault
Father Laurence Soper of Ealing wanted over sex abuse
The intelligence experts who doubled profits under Dr Fox
Immigrant MP, Keith Vaz, invites extremist preacher Raed Salah to Commons
Now drug advisers say heroin should be decriminalised
Chinese Gucci workers 'tortured' during shifts
Secret cash trail that meant Fox had to go: Defence Secretary resigns after claim he 'personally asked Tory donor to fund his best man'
Call the spelling cops! Hundreds of officers paid to correct colleagues' paperwork
Scandal of criminal immigrants hidden among 37,000 appeals to stay in Britain
Up to 10,000 children being exploited by sex gangs, says children's commissioner
Police private army revealed
Children at risk as 'pocket money heroin' hits the streets

Friday 14 October

'Thousands of children' sexually exploited by gangs
And the sheeple keep on voting for those who brought this about
Jamaican immigrant Georgia Forteath and husband Harvil Connally jailed
They tried to steal nearly £1 million from the estates of dead pensioners.
76% nurses say they are TOO BUSY to talk to patients
Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'did assault writer'
'But it is too late to charge him' say French authorities
Girl knocked unconscious by Black
After defrauding banks out of £1million+ Roseanne Tugbobo skipped bail
She is now living life of luxury in Nigeria. Accomplice Charles Egbiremolen was NOT jailed!
Cops refuse to investigate rooftop lead theft
It was 'too dangerous' to climb ladder
Teacher Nyanza Roberts suspended over 'inbred' locals slur
Nurse Joshy Thomas abused an elderly mentally infirm patient
Margaret Amao threatened to cut Kath Booth into little pieces, gouge her eyes out and bury her
Uladzimir Barysiuk put care home residents at "serious risk"
Militant Sikh mob wreck centre in booze row
Benfits cheat Devinder Singh Matharu had £130,000 in the bank
Cleaners 'sacked for being British'
Nauman Haider outrages public decency twice
Illegal immigrant Kuldeep Singh sexually assaulted female passengers
Zambian immigrant, Victor Ngombe sexually assault same woman twice
Cops refuse to investigate rooftop lead theft
They said it was 'too dangerous' to climb ladder
Profit margin for energy firms rises to £125 per customer per year
'Police knew about Milly Dowler hacking in 2002 but took no action'
Researchers find boundaries key to reducing ethnic violence
Exactly the opposite of what the PC Crowd and globalists always say. Exactly the same as Nationalists always say
53-year-old Labour Councillor admits grooming girl, 15
John Friary sent her 'graphic online messages'
Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin threw documents into park bins
Letwin is Jewish
Law that put poppy burning Muslims in the dock faces the axe
Muslim immigrants want Switzerland to change national flag
Europe to destroy traditional family and sexual identity
London remains world's safest place for oligarchs
Genetically Modified Food To Make Mankind Retarted in 21 Century?

Thursday 13 October

Russian pimps jailed
African children trafficked to UK for blood rituals
The wretched scandal of Gaza
Pope says gay marriage is 'insidious and dangerous'
I'm scared of growing old and ending up in hospital, neglected and humiliated
Force-fed to death by her Ghanaian mother, A NURSE!
Gloria Dwomoh poured liquidised food down 10-month-old baby Diamond's throat
Elderly suffer poor care in half of NHS hospitals
Foreigners imprisoned for £4.5m phone scam
Mohammad Butt, Abrar Arshad, Abiola Salami, Nikhil Jamsandekar & Ade James were jailed
Russian pimps jailed
Shane Lewis and Zeleke Ford charged with murder
Judge attacks courts for using human rights laws to defy Parliament
In the battle against forced marriage
Jobless toll is the worst for 17 years
'Legalise gay marriage? You may as well legalise marriage with animals'
Tory councillor suspended over anti-gay tweet
Prisons allow jailbirds to wear own clothes TO IMPROVE SELF-ESTEEM
I don't care about a minister's sexuality but object to gay card being played in his defence
Liam Fox denies cover-up over male friend who slept at his flat when he was burgled
Cheapest deals 'ignored' by energy providers
'Racist' film Drives woman to court battle
Cameron condemns UN adviser's 'antisemitic' cartoon
Paul McCartney marries Jewess, Nancy Shevell
Linda Eastman was also Jewish

Wednesday 12 October

James Citro charged with woman's murder
Tomasz Baranowski murdered by black teenager
Larry Malone shot dead by Sutton man in auntie's house
Lemuel Robinson and Andrew Cross are accused of killing him
Paul Kamara accused of the murder of Paulo Lutumba
Rui Borges admits killing Maria Coelho
"South East Asian" arrested on suspicion of sexual assault
Sexual assault in Woolwich: e-fit of black suspect
Clinton vows action over Iran plot to kill Saudi ambassador in US
Here it comes. Invest in body bags, folks! THEY are slavering for another war!
Britain has pledged backing for US reprisals against Iran...
... following an APPARENT assassination plot
Boris Berezovsky says Roman Abramovich is a gangster
Forbes Magazine once said Berezovsky was head of the Russian Mafia! Both men are Jews
Islam's war on the Cross
Egypt's 'democracy' under threat after latest attack on Christians
Farce of Pakistani 'student' who has been allowed to stay in Britain
Despite BUYING a certificate saying he could speak English
Beautiful blonde forced to strip by black policemen
The South Arican cops then took pictures of her!
Israel anti-boycott law an attack on freedom of expression
So who exactly is on the national DNA database?
13,000 killers and sex offenders out on the streets are NOT listed!!!
Reading skills of English teens lag behind Chinese by 1.5 years
Bride in forced marriage raped by husband she had just met
He was good enough to knock her out with chloroform first
Jo Yeates suffered 43 injuries as Vincent Tabak killed her
They call him Dutch but 'Tabak' is a Turkish name
Damning investigation into rapist who re-offended suppressed…
To protect HIS privacy!!!
Head of UCL: 'Don't accuse London universities of being hotbeds for terrorists'!
Met 'refuses to protect' anti-Mafia journalist
Employers reject 40% of job applications because of poor spelling and grammar
Immigrants saved my family and are crucial to Britain
Says Ian Birrell, little drummer boy for the global elite
Drugs factory found in Croydon
Fox, four foreign breaks and MORE questions

Tuesday 11 October

Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia jailed for FIVE years
They switched identity of twin babies to hide child abuse
Makela Patterson relives the moment friend Denise Beckford tried to kill her
Spate of indecent exposures on Chorleywood Common
Police are looking for a black man
'Life of Brian' couldn't be made today
Monty Python's Terry Jones blames political correctness and religious extremism
Europe - Taxes - Immigration
After 52 years, Lord Hesketh explains why he's turned his back on the Tories
Egyptian army ordered to kill Christians without discrimination?
26 protestors were killed - So much for the Arab spring
Institute of Fiscal Studies says, by 2015, 3 million British children will be living 'in absolute poverty'
"Waqar (Younis) and Wasim (Akram), Ijaz, Moin Khan, they all did it"
Hands Off Our Land: planning author says policy must change
Now EU bans children from blowing up balloons
And blowing on whistles!
Quarter of FTSE 100 subsidiaries located in tax havens
Father calls for shopping centre boycott
The cops quizzed him aggressively for taking photos of his own daughter
One way to help our broken society...
...rebuild our cities destroyed by post-war vandals
EXPENSES: 20 MPs to be be named
Liam Fox, his best man and their cosy steak dinner with US general running the war in Afghanistan
Immigrant must pass history test to earn UK passport
I'll believe it when I see it
First Sikh High Court judge is sworn in

Monday 10 October

“You white boys need to die”
A black man hit a seated man over the head with a bottle
Sexual assault in Lawrence Hill: CCTV images of black suspect
Vincent Tabak was bored 25 minutes after murdering Joanna Yeates
Bexleyheath stabbing: Woman killed in Broadway
Thieves who want to steal your car and ship it to Uganda OPERATE IN THIS AREA
At home with the 'catgate' gays
Camilo Soria reveals how he stole porcelain feline from Debenhams
Shop owner Jayendrakumar Gajjar will be deported at end of jail term
So THEY say
Jamal Farooq punched two men in separate unprovoked attacks
During a drug and booze fuelled night out in Southampton
Thieves steal large plaques from a war memorial in Sidcup
Now which ethnic group has a history of stealing metals? Hmm...
Two blacks, two whites sought after sexual assault
Jewish settlers descrate Christian and Muslim graves on Yom Kippur
Gypsies steal statues, gravestones and ornaments from graveyard
Marian Lingurar and Chrisa Rostas were refused bail
Kaddus Miah admits sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl
Occupy Wall Street activist blames 'the Jews'
British riots vanish off the map
The majority of Argentinians think Jews' first concern is making money
The Argies also believe they have too much power in business world
Witnesses sought after sex assault in Bournemouth
The attacker had a "tanned skin" and a "foreign accent"
Now Liam Fox grovels to save his job
Dr Frederick Kamyuka ran up £23,000 bill for overseas calls on NHS phones
The Ugandan immigrant also wrote a fraudulent prescription for his brother
900 rabbis or Jewish religious leaders outraged by attack on Mosque
'US is number 1 Palestinian enemy as it backs Israeli oppression'
Top general says we're only 'half way there' 10 years after invading Afghanistan
Desite 2,753 soldiers killed and £258billion spent
Gay marriage is ‘a step too far’ says Defence Minister
As Cameron proposes full marriage rights for same-sex couples
Foreign aid for countries with anti-gay rights records to be slashed, pledges Cameron
But lots of aid if they only abuse heterosexuals?
Crackdown on immigrants using sham wedding to settle in UK
I'll believe it when I see it
An emergency plan to help save Britain's economy
Leo's common sense ideas are almost identical to those of the BNP and National Front
Chris Huhne caught trying to smear Tory ministers
UK riots: Man in wheelchair jailed for role in theft
Taxpayers funding rail depot for trains that only run in France!
London NHS GPs' patient lists exceed population!
BNP facing accusations of fraud

Sunday 9 October

Still operating: the doctor whose botched 85 operations!
Manjit Bhamra cost the NHS £1m
200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK'
Abdul Muhid had a stash of vile child porn and had repeated sex with a 15-year-old
He was jailed for five years
An entire system of global trade is at risk
With the key word being GLOBAL, the favourite word of the trough-gobbling elite
Madness! Secret diary of a Labour Immigration Minister
Phil Woolas railed against the Human Rights Act!
Cameron fails to honour promise to introduce 3,000 extra midwives in England
This is putting the safety of mothers and unborn babies at risk
200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK'
An entire system of global trade is at risk
With the key word being GLOBAL, the fave word of the trough-gobbling elite
School bans 'dangerous' footballs from the playground
Liam Fox's adviser pal involved in arms deals!!!
Cameron's 'can-do' Britain has 20,000 fewer companies
Businesses are closing down at an alarming rate
'Bridenapping' – a growing hidden crime
Yet another brutal crime committed by the non-white wonderfolk
Europe's asylum seekers and Italy - interactive
Youth joblessness highest since Tories last in power
BLAIR WARS: Father of James Philippson, the first British soldier killed in Helmand...
... says the 10-year war was a "waste of time and lives"
A new wave of protests, a new Jarrow march
And a new generation blighted by joblessness
We are not the feckless, there are simply no jobs
Say the unemployed in David Cameron's own constituency
Why do intelligent young women drink themselves to oblivion every night in Britain?
So, there is a Plan B after all
Saving the reckless at the expense of the thrifty!!!
What human right frees a July 21 terror plotter...
... but sends an Asperger's victim to languish in a foreign cell?
We'll cut your aid if you persecute gays Britain warns Africa
But IT'S OK if they persecute non-gays?Parent of a child with ADHD?
Have a free car under £1.5bn taxpayer-funded scheme
Climate change zealots are wrecking every last industry this country possesses
EU is to spend £13billion on a drive to attract a million students to study abroad
Global b***ocks at a time of financial meltdown
Fred the Shred's secret Royal role as adviser to Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust
Goodwin is Jewish
I won The Apprentice but Lord Sugar didn't want to know
Sugar is Jewish

Saturday 8 October

Six years for park rape of a Good Samaritan
She thought Abbas Ali needed help. Her kindness was met with brutality
Black man sexually attacks 19-year-old
Careless driver, Manjit Sumal, kills Ernest Norton - NO JAIL TIME!
Sumal, who tried to blame Ernest, was banned for 6 months earlier this year
Patients go hungry in half of hospitals
Elderly routinely left for hours without a drink
Ungrateful North Africans riot on Italian island
54,000 immigrants landed on Lampedusa since the Arab revolts began
Immigrants Cause Fire, Riots on Lampedusa
Lampedusa mayor, Bernardino De Rubeis, says: "We're at war!"
‘Broke’ £100,000-per-year Dizaei is given legal aid for retrial
Til Rana stabbed his teenage girlfriend to death in front of her mum
Terror checks at Heathrow were racist, claims gay, black Detective
Kevin Maxwell is suing the Met for homophobic attitudes and racial discrimination
Cops were told illegal dogs were being bred in house where boy was killed They ignored it
Another two foreign trips for Dr Fox and his 'adviser' (former flatmate)
1.99% of British adults are of mixed parentage
Goodbye Brits as you sleepwalk into history
Asian sex pest molested woman
Value of private pensions falls by nearly a third in three years
Hands Off Our Land!
Loss of green spaces breeds social strife warns Ray Mears
Boris Johnson defies David Cameron to call for referendum on Europe
Gay scout leader abused children over a 15-year period
Brian Bailey was jailed for 6 years
Executioner Mohammed Rafiq jailed for a minimum of 22 years
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan 'risks turning into civil war'
The need for men and women to have children, bring them up and look after one another...
Speculation over Chris Huhne's 'fingerprints' tweet
Another two foreign trips for Dr Fox and his 'adviser' (former flatmate)

Friday 7 October

Grooming case rape suspect, Muhammed Shahzad, on the run
Harley Davies, 17, subjected to a brutal beating by 3 Asian men
They didn't like his long hair
Fareed Tariq charged with Swindon rape
Somalis v Bengalis in Sheffied
Abdulla Awil Mohammed killed by car
'Hero' dad who called for calm after son killed in riots charged with road rage attack
Tariq Jahan accused of breaking driver's jaw. The PC Crowd will be upset
2,753 soldiers killed, £258bn spent
And top Yank General says we're only half way there
woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Fleetwood
Tracy Edwards 'delighted' by new dangerous driving crime plan
Antonio Boparan Singh was speeding on wrong side of road when he hit her car. Baby Cerys suffered a broken neck and brain damage. Singh, whose father is fabulously rich, served just six months of a twenty-one month sentence.
Jevgenni Matjuhha punched and strangled his girlfriend
He then used her credit card to pay for a flight out of the country
Bank chief warns of worst-ever crisis
Mervyn King felt it necessary to pump £75bn of our money into economy
Nine-to-five GPs have lost trust of patients
Premature births are 30% higher in cities because of pollution
Another triumph for the elf'n'safety headbangers
I fear the Tories aren't serious about axing the Human Rights Act
AFGHANISTAN: General McChrystal says USA had "very superficial understanding of situation"
And of the country's history
More Pakistani cricketers named in betting scam trial
Outsiders could be parachuted in to police to boost diversity
And you thought the Tories would be less PC! They are ALL at it!
Warning over France's Islamic suburbs which are becoming 'separate communities in a divided nation'
Madonna's bodyguard 'smuggled 81 guns into Britain
Steven Greenoe stripped them down and carried them on planes
Murad Osman punched police officer and kicked at his dog in London riots
And he has not been jailed!
Victoria Osoteku bought kitchen knives and set up the murder of boy, 15
As many as 2 million mixed-race people in Britain
Whitey is being bred out of existence much quicker than THEY are prepared to admit
Courts finally take hard line on travellers
Thomas Cash, who began building illegally on green belt land, has been jailed
Britain blocks attempt to arrest Israel's Livni

Thursday 6 October

Man fights for life after being attacked by thirty youths
The media doesn't mention the ethncity of the black attackers
Boys hailed for giving in lost cash
Guess the ethnicity of Bath residents, Will Miles and Ryan McClory
Parents protest outside Thornhill Community Science College
Allegedly, Muslims had been perpetrating 'racist' attacks upon other pupils
Tejinder Singh Chumber was speeding when he lost control of his car and smashed into Rosemary Ward’s car
He was jailed for 40 months
Palestinians want Tony Blair axed as Middle East peace envoy
He is 'of no use at all', apparently
Bogus cabbie, Faisel Yaqoob, gets 7 years for sex attack on teenage passenger
Theresa May and the truth about Cat-Gate
Archbishop attacks Cameron's 'gay marriage' plan
'Cloning' used to create embryonic stem cells in humans
Think your 12-year-old is too young to be involved in drugs? Think again
Foreign aid 'sign of strength' - Cameron's 'cash for Africa' appeal
Foreign Aid is a sign of THEM giving what is OURS whilst taking the p***
Lincolnshire protest march against migrant workers
Brussels bureaucrats award themselves an extra £7billion!
The Commission's budget for 2012 is now £114billion!
Birmingham riots: Two arrested over police shooting
Moses Mathias pleads guilty to murder of Giuseppe Gregory
Adoption review to focus on black children in care
"We breed 'em, you feed 'em"! Tell me the old, old story
Met loses diary that may have proven former chief's links to Murdoch
Aberystwyth councillors plan to to fly Romany Gypsy flag on pier front!

Wednesday 5 October

Would a rugby player have glassed a bride-to-be in the olden days?
We were a different breed back then. Greg Johnson was jailed for 2 years
Teenager sexually assaulted by Asian in Taunton
6 Asians charged with Ravensthorpe rape and related offences
The victim was just 15 years old
Pensioner punched to the ground during riots
The culprit was Asian
Manchester riots airbrushed from official crime statistics!
Mother-of-9, Mary Otim, swindled £40,000 in benefits
Immigrant nurses have such exemplary characters, don't they?
Gypsy mother-of-9, Chavelle Price, claimed £63,000 benefits fraudulently
What is it about these non-native mothers of 9?
Stress is te top cause of workplace sickness'
It is so widespread it's dubbed the 'Black Death of the 21st century'
Michael Prince Jackson-Bailey peddled drugs at Crown Prosecution Service HQ!
Jackson-Bailey worked in a team that deals with drugs cases!
Five years of London murder victims listed
More generals than tanks!
Anger over bloated army stuffed with penpushers
The Myth of Cable Street
West Midlands Police officers feel ill equipped
Cameron's no to EU referendum could lead to electoral disaster
Fraudsters turn to debit and credit card snatching
University of Wales degree and visa scam exposed
Failed asylum seeker denies abusing the system
Chinese Xiu Fang Zhang still can't speak English properly

Tuesday 4 October

Sex charge hospital worker, Ameet Mohabeer, found dead
He was accused of sexually assaulting 14 male stroke patients
Mark Nunes and Andrew Markland shot dead as they tried to rob security van
Gursamraj Khaira charged with attempted murder after hit-and-run collision
Young woman raped by mixed-race man in Southampton Park
Kind-hearted widow conned out of £35,000 by drug user Sukhvender Deo Muhammed Shahzad sought in connection with child sex and rape
Takeaway boss, Azad Miah, accused of paying young girls for sex
He was also charged with running a brothel
Immigrant fraud gang who stole millions
Yuriy Konovalenko, Yevhen Kulibaba, Karina Kostromina, Valerij Milka etc.
CCTV of black robbers who stabbed footballers in Islington
Girl, 16, sexually assaulted by black man on Racecourse
Child is mauled by rottweilers in Southend
The owner of the dogs was black
Britain's most-wanted foreign criminals revealed
Karen v Murdoch
Christian Lebanon Disappears, Quietly
Pakistan's blasphemy laws have left even judges in fear of their lives
Hugh Grant: 'Half a dozen newspapers were involved in phone hacking'
'Sometimes doctors do things that patients don't think necessary'
What Eduoard Yaacoub 'told disabled patient as he indecently assaulted her'
Failed asylum seeker who had four children AFTER moving to UK
Xiu Fang Zhang says sending her back to China would violate her family’s human rights
Immigrants arrested over ‘vile' acts at racecourse
Southampton Cenotaph descrated with paint and human excrement
Cameron 'weasel words' under fire as Tories demand referendum on EU
New law will bar doctors who can't speak English
So, up till now such doctors HAVE NOT BEEN BARRED? WHY THE F*** NOT?
Sue Sanders wants even more gay rights in classroom
Sanders is a lesbian
Three Blacks charged in US execution of white man due in court
Christian Lebanon Disappears, Quietly

Monday 3 October

New DNA links Ricky Smith murder to Harlesden attack
The cops/BBC don't mention the black man responsible also stabbed others in Highbury
John Thurlby fleeced of £200,000 by Ghanaian bigamist, Godsgift Tettegah
Why did Judge Michael Heath have to call this ugly tart 'strikingly attractive'?
Corrupt immigration official, Benjamin Orororo, jailed for five years
Damilola Adeyemo, Nero Bobby Omoruyi and Damilara Bammodu left five seriously injured
All three are African immigrants
Nine Romanian Gypsies taken into custody
Five will be accused of burglary, criminal damage and handling stolen property
Mother and child robbed at knifepoint by three black men in Romford home
Russia 'gave agents licence to kill' enemies of the state
Protectionism beckons as leaders push world into DepressionProtectionism? BRING IT ON! Next step NATIONALISM!
Banking crisis set to trigger new credit crunch
Bedfordshire slavery investigation
Irish Gypsy, Tommy Connors, charged with 11 offences
I want to scrap the Human Rights Act but Clegg won't let me says PM
Pathetic, isn't it?
Forget the conference smiles. The Tories are deeply split
PM will NOT support a referendum on UK membership!
Even if MPs vote in favour of one!
How David Cameron swept aside sceptics over Libya campaign
Hey Dave! Women can spot a phoney a mile away!
Hey Mel! Did they spot Tony Blair?
Cut school leaving age to 14 says Sir Chris Woodhead
To give less academic students the chance of learning a trade
Goodbye, mother and father! Now Parent 1 and Parent 2 appear on PC passport form
Goodbye, mother and father!
Now Parent 1 and Parent 2 appear on PC passport form!

Sunday 2 October

"Dark-skinned" men sought after serious sex assault in Guildford
Deadly foreign diseases threaten Britain's trees
Yet another deadly foreign threat for the indigenous life forms to contend with
Thomas the Tank Engine joins the PC bandwagon
'Another example of the PC brigade trying to airbrush Christmas out of our lives'
MP John Hemming's mixed-race wife found guilty of kitten theft
Frances Maude thinks National Trust's views on conservation are "bollocks"
Chief Superintendent David Musker, the latest fart in the PC collander
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital put men and women in same wards 213 times in a year
New Labour promised to do away with mixed wards
MPs to debate whether to give us a referendum on the EU
The MPs who vote against it will be globalist traitors
William Hague snubs Tory right over EU referendum demands
Supercomputers preying on human fear taking over the world's stock markets
Dementia patients let down despite promises
Ali Dizaei plots new legal claims against Scotland Yard
Libyan link oligarch funded Blair initiative
Oleg Deripaska is Jewish, as are so many of Russia's Oligarchs
The EU dream has turned into a nightmare
The euro project was always based on a colossal act of make-believe
Millions of pounds has been “shamefully” wasted ferrying prisoners’ relatives to jail
And putting digital TV sets in their cells!
Bill Bryson warns the Coalition against turning England into a suburb
£42million ChildBenefit being sent abroad each year
Scotland Yard anti-corruption officers 'held back CCTV film of police race attack'
What it's like to be mixed-race in Britain?
George Alagiah says we are 'a country largely at ease with its rainbow people'
MP John Hemming's mixed-race wife found guilty of kitten theft
We have a lot of crime, it's about time we had the prison population to match
Girls in the gutter and a betrayal of feminism
Wow! A politician who wants what we want!
Theresa May wants the "Human Rights Act" scrapped!
Manchester's "Ethnic Diversity Fair"
"Exhibitors... recognise that valuing cultural diversity is a business imperative"!
Head teacher ‘Miss Whiplash’ jets off on holiday during term time
Cherie Rivero has gone to Egypt just 3 weeks into the new school year
Mandelson firm hires top Whitehall civil servants
Secret visa bans over death of Russian whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky
Labour Party row over tobacco firms' invitation to conference

Saturday 1 October

Omar Saadi accused of Belfast rape
Britain must not surrender to EU dictators on mad benefits demand
Revolt over EU benefits diktat
12 nations join UK fight to curb welfare tourism free-for-all
Hate preacher wins human rights payout
Sheikh Raed Salah shouldn't even be here!
Black cop used race card 14 times!
Peter Vince-Lindsay was rebuked by judge for 'unjustified claims'
Everyone's a little bit racist but it's not our fault
Blame TV and magazines instead say scientists
'If I was interested in money I could make a lot more'
Blair blasts accusations of profiteering over phone and gas deals
Geordies are the 'straightest' Brits
Sexuality map shows London has highest number of homosexuals
Met Police chief Ali Dizaei is reinstated as Scotland Yard commander
He is set for £180,000 back pay
Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times and cut out her liver
Shayma Ali thought such behaviour would 'exorcise evil spirits'
Single mum looter Shereka Leigh seen trying on stolen trainers
Leigh was jailed for 8 months
Failed asylum seeker Hossein Abdollahzadeh strangled and drowned former lover
Agnieszka Dziegielewska refused to marry him so he could stay in the UK
Fury as prayers are banned at council meetings
Rimas Venclovas extradited from Lithuania
He is suspected of murdering a young mother
Dale Farm: Travellers could move to supermarket car parks

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