Daily News - November 2011

Wednesday 30 November

Abid Mohammed Saddique dubbed his car the "Rape Rover"
'Send us cash or we'll rape her again': Thai sex attackers' sickening call to mother of 23-year-old
Rochdale police hunt Blacks who raped man
Radiation from WiFi can reduce sperm activity in a quarter of men!
Olympic security manager David Thorneycroft arrested after online grooming sting
Police hunt 7ft 'olive'skinned' man after Liverpool attack
Thirteen sentenced for Bletchley riots
British press is 'frankly putrid' Alastair Campbell claims
180 degree irony from the stench-ridden King of New Labour Spin
LSE criticised for links with Gaddafi regime in Libya
Girls are growing up in a "moral abyss"
So says Girls' School Association president, Dr Helen Wright
Medical student Sandeep Patonde charged with 'molesting' woman on bus
'Ten days to rescue euro'
Osborne introduces six more years of pain
More than half of adults in the UK are not married
Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks 'knew about phone hacking!'
News of the World editors 'listened to phone-hack tapes'
James Murdoch survives as director of BSkyB despite hacking scandal
Warning over 'excessively strict' discipline in UK madrassas
Ex-Chaplain Leslie Carter gets 3.5 years for child sex abuse
'Porn obsessed recluse' (10,000 images of child abuse on computer) spared jail
Private sector can no longer afford to indulge state workers
For too long they have got away with murder (Allegedly)
Benefits for jobless rise but workers lose out

Tuesday 29 November

Fox, Werritty and our Man in Tel Aviv
Were they 'running a pirate, pro-Israel... foreign policy?'
Arran Akhtar groomed and sexually assaulted 13-year-old schoolgirl
He was jailed for 3 yearsYoung mother sexually assaulted (by Asian) in Stockton
5 Days in August
The interim report into the riots
Black/Asian punches woman during attempted rape
Zimbabwe women accused of raping men 'for rituals'
Cops abandoned streets to rioters
They 'gave impression of surrender'
A pompous and egotistical Speaker's 'vanity project'
John Bercow is Jewish
Poor whites 'feel like they are last in line for council housing'
Brutal attempted rape by black man in Manchester
Black/Arabic man responsible for bus sexual assaults in Cleveland
19-year-old dragged down alleyway and raped by black man
NHS Patients admitted out of hours are 10% more likely to die

Monday 28 November

Working class white areas 'alienated' report says
Despite knowing what THEY are doing, the sheeple still "reject the BNP"
Hospital patients 'more likely to die at weekends'
Pensioner died after waiting 5 hours to see doctor
Anger at aid to help Africa cope with climate change
As UK faces economic meltdown, ministers hand over another £330m!!!
Britain faces six more years of misery says Chancellor
Bring your own private nurse if you’re in an NHS hospital!
Half of children who passed 11-plus exam are turned away from grammar schools
There are no places for them!
Lax Olympic border checks 'may let in illegal migrants'
Irish mayor gets death threats for telling the truth about race
New Ecstasy fears
Two dead and one seriously ill following club weekend
Christian loses her job after being 'targeted' by Islamic extremists
She says Christians at Heathrow are victimised because of their religion
Portsmouth owner Antonov in court after arrest over alleged bank fraud in Lithuania
If you ever thought we were free - think again!
Support David Duke
He's at it again! Airmiles Andy jets off to visit 'torture' leader
Michael Barrymore on drug and drink charges after crash
The second coming of David Icke!
Why is America falling at his feet?
Social mobility in UK 'lagging behind other nations'

Sunday 27 November

Ireneusz Mydlarz charged with William Saunderson-Smith death
Drug dealer jailed for gun crime wins 'human rights' case
Swoop reveals 40% of register office weddings a sham
Barrymore charged with cocaine possession and being drunk/disorderly after crash
Bare-chested Romanian sought over metal theft
He left a badly burned friend at hospital
Don't rage at the laughing burglar
Save it for the clowns who let him go free
Terrorists to use border strike to sneak into Britain
Race variation in jail sentences
The PC Crowd would have you believe it's discrimination. It isn't
BLAIR WARS: Afghan sniper killed two British soldiers
Britain's most feckless father has 15th child!
With two more on the way!!!

Saturday 26 November

NATO slaughters 26 Pakistani troops in "unprovoked and indiscriminate" attack
That'll make our Pakistani chums love and admire our Western values
Border agent Samuel Shoyeju let in 44 illegal immigrants
'Disabled' wedding dance man Mohamed Bouzalim jailed for benefit fraud
'It's my human right to continue running my £300m criminal empire'
Notorious drugs baron fights order to stop him breaking the law
You're a fraud! Judge blasts Reggae Reggae star for lying to Dragons' Den
But entrepreneur Levi Roots wins court case over sauce's origins
Now UK faces a £5bn bill to bail out Spain!
As ministers plan for euro collapse
Will World War III be between the U.S. and China?
Nope. The big beasts only attack the little people
What did the Keystone Cop tell the eleven-year-old schoolgirl?
'You can’t visit your sister’s grave in your school uniform'!!!
'Predatory' sex attacker Muhammed Tayyab jailed for 4 years
1-in-3 non-EU men marrying EU brides in Leeds sham marriage fraudsters
Saif Gaddafi: a monster of our own making
Casual sex and 'bad touching'
Guess what your eight-year-old is learning at school these days?
As China builds its African empire where are the 'anti-colonialist' Left?
When a foreign Comrade sh*ts in a third world garden the PC Crowd snigger
Ad tells kids it's mum, not Santa, who brings Christmas presents
THEY are happy to destroy every last iconic illusion

Friday 25 November

Evangelical Churches claim '100 per cent success rate' in curing HIV!
Through exorcism and prayer alone!!! LOONIES!
Mediterranean-appearance man stabbing women with needles
Chris Huhne, his crassly naive lover...
... and why I’d lock all lobbyists in the Tower
British teens study cowboys and Indians and the Nazis
Rather than their own history
Would-be rapist (black) strangled and threatened to kill woman
Solicitor Shiraz Imtiaz killed Simone Hill on her 18th birthday
Vajid Ali attacked Rolf Fantom - 12 stitches
MP says Blackpool is a ‘hotspot’ for child sex exploitation
Black kidnappers jailed
Delvin Harris and Calvin Mingle got 19 years
Soban Ikram jailed over University attempted rape
Rajinderpal Ghala guilty of violent and sustained rape
Azad Ibrahim Abul Hasan sexually assaulted girl on bus
Sodor Alam does not turn in court to answer rape charge
Zulfikar Ahmad Nawaz gets five years for sexual assault
Teenager gang-raped by Asians
Britain's most notorious drug baron told: Stop running your £300m empire from prison
Curtis 'Cocky' Warren's going to take a lot of notice, I'm sure
If you are 14 you can get caught with a gun and walk free
Philip Green leads massacre on the High Street
Green is Jewish
Tens of thousands of hardened criminals spared jail
Despite having 15 previous convictions
The little communist who grew up to be the world's most powerful woman
With the future of capitalism in her hands
Dogs in kennels are treated better than many of Britain’s elderly
Death of a currency as eurogeddon approaches
'We risk creating a generation without hope'
One in five young people are now NEETs
The £5m squat: Group of Eastern Europeans take over Victorian lodge in one of London's most exclusive areas
Mugabe blasts Cameron over his threat to pull out of anti-gay countries
Cameron's Big Society needs Christian values behind it, says Blond
Interpol seeks Indonesian tribal leader living in UK

Thursday 24 November

16-year-old burglar's 'apology' to his victim!
I'm not sorry, it was your fault, you're dumb
Somali drug gangs return to terrorise residents in Southend tower block
Russian city to ban gay propaganda?
Immigration soars to record high despite Tory promises
CROYDON: 10-year-olds being arrested for sexual assault, robbery and arson
Jogger sexually assaulted a week after rape in same area
She was attacked by a "dark-skinned" man
Sabir Hussain jailed for child assaults at Keighley mosque
Convicted thief, Andre Lake, jailed for stealing from his colleagues
THEY had given him a 'second chance' with a MINISTRY OF JUSTICE job!
Calling police to report a crime?
That's 15p please! 101 hotline puts a fee on doing your duty
Traffic warden relieves himself in broad daylight
And yes, he's black
Black 16-year-old stabbed and paralysed Tomasz Baranowski
Clegg accuses banks of discriminating against their black customers
Your banker pals dicriminate against the poor, you slag!
Tony Blair, the Kazakhstan tyrant and an £8m consultancy
Curb on Romanian and Bulgarian migrants will be lifted in two years
When Europe insists we have to - More Gypos on the way then
Danish right-wing extremists getting ready for 'race war' say cops
They are 'conducting weapons training in preparation', apparently
Nowadays "it is 'racist' to show such a 'typically white' family!"
John Lewis’ Christmas advert isn't to everyone's liking, apparently
What price dignity for Britain’s elderly?
Cancer cash wasted on NHS salaries and bureaucracy
Phone hackers are sick vultures
James Murdoch resigns!
Bullseye! Well, an outer bull (25 points) anyway
Our own Euro Convention judge slams our xenophobic stance on Human Rights
If THEY choose a chap named Nicolas Bratza to bat for us, expect no better
Pay gap widens between rich and poor
The state secrecy law that shames South Africa
Shame? Savages like Jacob Zuma and his ANC cronies don't do shame
Europe surges ahead of UK on life expectancy
High immigration could drive Britain's population to 77million by 2035
Paedophile who downloaded extreme child porn spared prison
The judge says jail will make him WORSE
Clarke abandons plan to scrap 'ineffective' Youth Justice Board
Civil servants to man UK borders
Arab spring is in truth the victory of militant Islam
The Death of 'thank you'

Wednesday 23 November

Magistrate Rashpal Chana jailed over death of scalded toddler
Her Latvian mother assaulted and bullied her throughout her short life
Grooming takes place "in far greater numbers than was ever imagined"
The politicians always knew about it. They just didn't want to admit it
Cruelty of the carers: Damning report into home help for the elderly
Neglect was so appalling some wanted to die
Cold kills 180 British pensioners a day during winter
Pay gap widens between rich and poor
The state secrecy law that shames South Africa
Shame? Savages like Jacob Zuma his ANC cronies don't do shame
Leveson Inquiry into phone hacking at the Murdoch Empire
Tory students burn Barack Obama effigy
EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration
Britain and Turkey: a new special relationship
We're being set up for Turkey's entry into EU followed by mass immigration
Bangladeshi student set up sham marriage bureau
Mohamed Tanin, 25, married Maria Marques, 47, before his visa expired
Cruelty of the carers: Damning report into home help for the elderly
Neglect was so appalling some wanted to die
Those hit hardest by recession most likely to avoid negative info about it
And the mantra of the sheeple is: Ignorance is bliss!
Bogus clamper Mohammed Asif Ashraf condemned as pirate
Bishop Comfort Mgbechi Nsionu smacked, pinched and beat with drumsticks
David Cameron in £140,000 land deal with lobbying boss
IMF 'credit line' will funnel Brit cash into Italian economy
Florence and the Machine video accused of racism
Looks like the professional race-complainers were up early this morning
Racism on the gay scene!
Shocking pink racists!

Tuesday 22 November

Woman attacked from behind and raped in Croydon
The cops aren't giving us a description of the rapist
Rohan Crooks deliberately ran over a cyclist
The Jamaican immigrant was jailed for 9.5 years
Carol Bright left paralysed from the neck down after being run over by van
Cops arrested Alexander Abimbola - He was bailed and legged it
Taxi driver Mohammed Javed deliberately ran passenger down
He was jailed for just 6 months
David Cameron: our plan to cut debt is failing
From Tottenham to Tennessee, capitalism is destroying politics
Jail for sham weddings Polish couple
Mayor refuses to represent black Africans
Councillor Darren Scully doesn't care for their ‘aggressive’ attitude
Latvian drink-drive killer, Intars Pless, revealed as axe murderer
"Welcome to our world", says Judge. No, Judge, welcome to OUR world!
Taxi driver Mohammed Javed deliberately ran passenger down
He was jailed for just 6 months
CROYDON: Rape cases rise by almost 40 percent!
Violent crime rises by 15.2 percent
'I rang her phone, she picked up her voicemail... I said she's alive!'
Milly Dowler's mother on the hacking that gave her false hope
"Don't be frightened by your £70,000 student debt..."
"...It's just a lifetime of payments!"
UK 'must do more to assure aid budget is not lost to corrupt foreign regimes'
Cutting the debt is harder than we expected says Cameron

Monday 21 November

Catalogue of failure by cops and care agencies! Asian grooming gangs targeted
Our traitorous politicans didn't fail. They WANT British society destroyed!
MP's agent jailed for 12,000 picture stash of 'most serious' child porn ever seen
New Labour MP Chris Bryant once advertised for gay sex in his underpants
£70m of British aid 'paid to the Taliban'!
Cash wasted on bribes and protection money!
Firms who take on British teenagers instead of immigrants should be given subsidies
So says the head of the CBI
Thousands of migrants 'disappear' in cities under new official system
EXPENSES: Labour Lord plays race card!
Baron Ali (GAY) says ban on peers who claimed nearly £200,000 is racist!
Education reforms are a crime against humanity says teachers' union chief
Calls for Brighton and Hove "gay village"!
Politicians are loathed the whole world over
They're even daring to boo Putin in Russia now
Parents who let girls dress in sexy outfits 'can't tell right from wrong'
Just one in four teenage muggers is locked up
The vast majority of young criminals walk free
Desecration, defecation and drugs
Filthy conditions of the St Paul's protest camp
Mother left in a coma after using L'Oreal hair dye
Julie McCabe has only an 8% chance of survival
Living in a city makes you fat, infertile, blind, depressed...
... and even causes cancer
The EU: 'A German racket designed to take over the whole of Europe'
Sikhs can carry six inches long ceremonial daggers to Olympic Games!
If we carry a pen knife will we get done?
Playing politics with the most vulnerable
Quit the EU or the UK will become a German puppet
Thousands of long-term sick are able to work says report
Judge: it's no crime to swear at police! They are used to it!
BLAIR WARS: Another British soldier killed in Afghanistan

Sunday 20 November

Four policemen stabbed in street
My money's on 'dark-complexion' man
Steve Jobs to blame for consumer society according to Chief Rabbi
Nothing to do with billionaire business Jews then
Barak reassures Israel over "empathy" for Iran atom bid
Pressure mounts on Lottery to give more for war memorials
Roma double murderer to be kicked out of Ireland?
Fotballer jailed over bid to take revenge on murder witness
Elliot Omozusi was jailed for 2.5 years
Generation betrayed by bogus promises (and lies!!!)
Our failing schools are 'forcing UK firms to choose foreign workers'
The court of King Chuka! MPs rebel against rising Labour star
When the time comes, the sheeple will bleat in time with their black better
Pressure mounts on Lottery to give more for war memorials
News of the World journalists' computers destroyed
By 'putting them through a grinder and smashing them up'!
What secrets will Gaddafi's playboy son reveal?
He will be quizzed about pals, Blair, Mandelson and Prince Andrew
Mandelson 'would have needed £5million mortgage to buy his £7.6million mansion'
British judges to get final say on immigration?
I'll believe that when I see it!
Barak reassures Israel over "empathy" for Iran atom bid
Safeguard our society and crack down on knife crime
Is there a society left to safeguard?
Now Cherie Blair’s charity may bid for foreign aid money
The abuse of 'right to family life' must end
Migrants in cosmetic OPs scam

Saturday 19 November

Child rapist William Danga used 'human rights' to fight deportation
Then the Congolese Jehovah's Witness struck again!
Black men sought over stolen poppy collection box
"In my opinion they want their fingers chopped off", says Jack, 81
Family robbed and threatened with claw hammer by black twosome
Mixed-race/tanned-skin woman trawls hospitals stealing house keys of elderly patients
So she can burgle their homes
Star footballer Elliot Omozusi jailed
He and other gang members tried to take revenge on a murder witness
Court clerk Munir Patel jailed for taking bribes
Khobaib and Ishaaq Hussain, Shahid Kasam Khan and Naweed Mahmood Ali face terrorism charges
BLAIR WARS: David Boyce and Richard Scanlon killed in Afghanistan
A million young Britons are on the dole
Whilst foreigners fill the job vacancies!!!
Germany's war on the pound
You must join the euro and you will, sooner than you think!
Union fat cats given £26,000 a year towards their retirement
England 'is world's sixth most crowded country
High rate of immigration blame for population surge
Wanted: £160,000 human rights court judge for Britain
The applicant doesn't have to be a Brit! The mockery goes on and on
Blair should pay up for his robber Baroness
Children 'dropping English literature in schools'
Jail limit for downloading child sex abuse angers judge

Friday 18 November

Germany's secret plans to derail a British referendum on the EU!
Peter Eustace killed in Helmand province
BLAIR WARS: More British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Njabula Ngwenya and Nicolas Antonio Soto-Canto remanded for rape
Travis Gotting admits rape and sex assaults
Heroin dealer David Dean jailed
Bristol gang who posted gun video on internet jailed
Thieves posing as pals of Chelsea player steal jewellery worth £70,000

Slopping out breached Roger Gleaves' human rights!
Legal-aid child rapist demands thousands for 'degrading' jail treatment!
Too sick to serve time! Killer motorist with 50 convictions spared jail!
Judge says his hands 'are tied'! Kevin Bracken wouldn't get care he needs
Sex crimes increase on London transport
German memo shows secret slide towards a super-state
Where are all our bobbies?
One in four Britons has NEVER seen a police officer on the beat
Two in three Brits cannot speak one foreign word
Why is it taking so long to decide whether to charge Mr Huhne?

Thursday 17 November

53% of secondary pupils in London are now from an ethnic background!
Outstripping white pupils for the first time
Lessons on homosexuality and 'good and bad touching'
For children as young as SIX!!!
Parents rebel over lessons on sex for pupils aged four
And plans to teach homosexuality to six-year-olds
Give Ritalin to four-year-olds with ADHD say experts
'Send the kids out to play as we used to do and boil the experts,' say I!
Asian hoodies took a poppy from a box and spat on it
Then they spat in Bethany Holmes face 3 times
Woman attacked on train in Streatham
Threatened with a hammer then punched and kicked to the ground
Police are looking for an Asian
Along with hard-working Polish plumbers...
... we have countless criminals from former Iron Curtain countries
BARONESS WARSI: We must drain the poison of antisemitism from OUR country!
Or: Muslims and Jews must drain Whitey from HIS country!
Meet the British bosses who say give us foreign workers every time!
After dumbing us down, drugging us up and destroying our society, it is to be expected
Foreign workers take yet more UK jobs
As number of Brits in work plunges and youth unemployment hits a million
Volunteers aged just ten checked for criminal past!
£70m cuts but Mayor set for 80% pay rise putting him on £100,000!
'Totally unacceptable': Vatican slams Benetton 'unhate' campaign
This shows Pope Benedict kissing an Imam on the mouth
Reggae Reggae sauce millionaire Levi Roots 'lied on Dragons' Den
'It wasn't my grandmother's recipe'

Wednesday 16 November

Sneering Clegg calls us‘populists, chauvinists and demagogues’!
He says the EU "means absolutely nothing to millions of ordinary people"!
Just hours after £20m eviction is complete, the travellers RETURN!!!
The aliens take the p*** out of the system, the system takes the p*** out of us!
Youth unemployment reached 1.02million!!!
Asians gang rape teenager in Slough
Serious sexual assault on a woman in Sheffield: Asian sought
Zulfikar Ahmad Nawaz gets 5 years for sexual assault of teenage boy
Abdul Mehri denies sex assault on 16-year-old girl
Kimpton Japajapa banned from going to the toilet
The Zimbabwean immigrant received a 5-year CRASBO for reliving himself in public
David Starkey in new British 'mono-culture' row
Teaching a 'Ken Livingstone-esque view of rainbow Britain' is 'profoundly misleading
The case is a charade, and a vindictive charade at that
The Stalinists get their show trial
Paul Krugman is rewriting history
Now the eurozone, beloved by US liberals, is going down in flames

Tuesday 15 November

MERKEL: 'Europe is in... the toughest hour since World War II!'
'If the euro fails then Europe fails!'
Rise in prostate cancer 'due to use of the Pill!!!
It increases men's exposure to oestrogen'
Death knell for family viewing!
Penelope Keith blasts TV's youth cult
Stockwell double rapist Onile Higgins jailed for 12 years
Kyle Kinghorn, Helder Demorais, Ricardo Giddings and Jamal Moore found guilty of murder
Nadia Boukhari jailed for Paul Duffy killing
Lord Boateng's party animal son jailed for sex assault
Baroness Uddin allowed back into House of Lords!
Despite failing to repay a penny of her £125,000 false expenses!
Gynaecologist Dr Phanuel Dartey 'botched surgery on five patients'
He said he could use laser surgery to revolutionise their sex lives
Phone hacking 'a cottage industry'!
At least 28 News International journalists involved!
Passport checks 'were relaxed 2,500 times'
Leaks show that private aircraft were ignored!
Border checks were relaxed at 28 ports and airports
MPs kept in dark on Theresa May’s role in lax border checks
British workers accuse Chinese telecoms firm of race discrimination
49 non-Chinese staff made redundant
Children in broken homes 3 times more likely to run away
Tell us news not history
Francis Maude accused of trying to mislead with 'personal smears'
Gaddafi DID have chemical weapons
Secret stash proves he broke pledge to Blair
Knife crime among survey concerns

Monday 14 November

The EU's architects never meant it to be a democracy!!!
Romanian gangs 'drive increase in metal theft'
As cost of plunder hits £770m a year
Top Judge wants new laws to put women and ethnic minorities ahead of white men
Master of the Rolls, Lord Neuberger, is Jewish
Historic Army regiments may be sacrificed in budget cuts
UK air pollution 'puts lives at risk' In 2008, air pollution killed 30,000 in the UK
Westminster is "overwhelmingly white, male and middle-class"
Which is a very, very bad thing, of course
Parkinson's disease linked to industrial solvent
'She swindled me then spent it on other lovers'
Ugandan immigrant Shanita Namuyimba took David Greenhalgh for £2.4million
New border agency scandal: Passport control allowed ferry passengers into Dover without full checks for 4 years!
A tipsy Tory, a blast of abuse...
... and a Prime Minister who needs to remember who his friends are
Life is one long party for foreign benefits cheats
Betrayal of our Arctic heroes
PM accused of breaking pledge of medal for war convoy sailors
New border agency scandal: Passport control allowed ferry passengers into Dover without full checks for 4 years!
Shop assistant, Irfan Patel, sexually assaulted a female customer
Blair has sold himself to a foreign power
He sold himself to the US and Israel decades ago
A tipsy Tory, a blast of abuse...
... and a Prime Minister who needs to remember who his friends are
Life is one long party for foreign benefits cheats
Faster work by MET 'might have spared Manchester riots'
Israel refuses to tell US its Iran intentions
Oliver Letwin's 'aide' arrested after asking questions about Home Office

Sunday 13 November

'I wept as I comforted our soldiers maimed in Iraq'. How could I tell them Blair's 'just war' was an illusion?
The words of Dr Peter Lee, an army Chaplain during the Iraq War
Blair's Africa charity bids for share of £8bn foreign aid budget
Tory MP calls Cameron 'the worst British politician since Gladstone'
Knife your foes, don't be a nice guy... join any party to get on
The ruthless political philosophy of Chris Huhne, aged 19
Louis Marrafa charged with murder
'Corruption, sexual abuse, white actors blacking up as suspects'
A whistleblower's devastating claims against Britain's answer to the FBI
Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp to stand trial for tax evasion
Police arrest 19 suspects for unsolved crimes
They fell for the free beer offer
Criminals enter UK as border staff battle over targets
This border skirmish is about far more than immigration
Police told me to relax passport rules says former borders chief
Checks on asylum seekers halted in row over stab vests
Health spin doctor joins Asda
The supermarket that backed her £250m anti-obesity drive
Cameron accused of 'running away to Berlin' to escape grim jobless figures
Drug-dealing dwarf spared jail so he can keep his specially adapted home

Saturday 12 November

Police brutality against EDL members wearing suits and the poppy
Around two hundred were arrested!
Baby force-feeding death: Gloria Dwomoh jailed for 3 years
The Ghanaian immigrant IS A NURSE! You couldn't make it up!
Menace of the bus sex attackers
All three suspects are Asian
Helah Miah, Tyrell Goather and Philip Johnson jailed
They hid a machinegun at a children's playground
Dancing at his own wedding 'paralysed' Moroccan who claimed £400,000 benefits
Illegal immigrant Mohamed Bouzalim won't be kicked out because of human rights
Black dwarf caught selling crack cocaine
Pele Watson was not jailed!
Number of children prescribed powerful antipsychotic drugs doubles in 10 years Some of them are as young as five!
Sergeant Calvin Gibbs murdered unarmed Afghan villagers
5 soldiers from the 5th Stryker Brigade were accused of murder
Millionairess abandoned by Gambian husband of two years
Now Mustapha Jabbai wants Christine Ince's fortune - Bet she's a LibLab voter
Wounded soldiers face sack under new Army redundancy plans
Hacking police find 'bombshell' emails
Now detectives may want to question James Murdoch
Hair-fetish killer serving life here convicted of Italy murder
Outrage as Tesco backs gay festival but drops support for cancer charity event
'I've paid my debt to society - now I'm heading back to Parliament'
Says jailed expenses cheat Lord Haningfield
Egypt shuts down pyramid over fears Jewish freemasons would stage rituals there
Raed Salah allowed to challenge exclusion in new blow for May
A "new blow" for us more like! We don't want "radical" prechers here!
How high street stores fob you off over faulty goods
Customers are denied legal rights on returns
Boris accused of 'cultural cleansing'
He removed the word 'black' from title of conference for schoolchildren

Friday 11 November

Jonathan Limani charged with murder of Chris Varian
The Albanian immigrant denies beheading his boss
Cameron McFly and Danny Samuel charged with murder
'Wicked' man torched home and watched as it burned and killed little girl
Immigrant, George Sitole, was jailed for 17 years
14-year-old sexually assaulted by black man in Windsor
Cops believe the same man attacked a 20-year-old woman a few days before
Benefits cheat built £500,000 property portfolio on fraudulent claims
Social worker, Jennifer Myrie, was jailed for just 18 months
Senior Border Agency official guilty of handing out scores of visas for cash
Samuel Shoyeju is, himself, a Nigerian Immigrant
Thug student, Frank Koffi, attacked bus inspector
BLAIR WARS: TA soldier Matthew Adam Thornton killed in Afghanistan
Disabled benefit? Just fill in a form!
200,000 got handouts last year without face-to-face interview
Muslims Against Crusades banned
What is happening to our borders?
Former public schoolboy dressed as lawyer before shooting drug feud rival
Met Police Chief Inspector sacked over sex and drugs boast
Ethnicity? THEY are keeping it to themselves
Don't call me a Mafia don
James Murdoch denies code of silence over phone-hacking

Thursday 10 November

Israel may launch strike on Iran as soon as next month!!!
Foreign Office: ‘We’re expecting something as early as Christmas'
Clegg won't rule out strike on Iran
Will the world act on Iran wonders the Jewish Chronicle?
Will the world nuke Iran? Oh, sorry, you said 'act,' not nuke. My mistake
South African immigrant, George Sithole, jailed for murdering a six-year-old girl
Woman sexually assaulted by Black BLAIR WARS: Afghan soldier shoots 3 Australians, 2 Afghans
Junior Ademujimi-Falade guilty of Carl Asieduman's manslaughter
His actual killer fled black to Nigeria. Former schoolmates jealous of his success?
Sexual health experts warn of new syphilis threat
More than 200 GPs earn over £250,000 a year while thousands earn more than Prime Minister
Patients face medicine shortages as their NHS drugs are sold off abroad!!!
BLAIR WARS: Another British soldier killed in Afghanistan
Councils 'lose £7m in false bank account scam'
Borders chief in line for a six-figure payout
Even if he did defy orders
The great poppy con: How one company gives only 10% to the British Legion
Ecclestone admits to paying banker on trial for embezzlement £27m to keep taxman at bay
James Murdoch faces MPs again over News of the World hacking affair
Call to cut crime risk to public
Why Iran wants the bomb

Wednesday 9 November

Kevan Thakrar CLEARED over prison stabbings!
The triple murderer stabbed 3 guards and jury CLEARED HIM!
Jack Widdowson's neck broken by 'mixed-race' mugger
The 19-year-old ballet dancer is now fighting for his life
Teenager raped by Asians in Slough
Robbed by black men in Slough
Robbed by Asians in Slough
Remilekun Thomas sent schoolgirl to have sex with a 64-year-old man
Beaten and robbed by Blacks in Shepherd's Bush
GPs gave 15,000 children as young as five chemical cosh!!!
Yet another sham marriage scam
The Euro elite are totally out of touch with the modern world
Why not listen to the voters on immigration?
Because globalism is too important to the global gangsters
Foreign jailbirds 'a serious problem'
Not a single overseas prisoner deported since coalition came to power
Says Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke
Border Agency boss resigns and launches scathing attack on Theresa May
Brodie Clark accuses the Home Secretary of misleading public
May washes hands of letting in illegals
David Cameron deconstructs 'the Big Society'

Tuesday 8 November

Sarkozy on Netanyahu: 'I cannot stand him. He's a liar'!
Obama: 'You're fed up? I have to deal with him every day!
This Is How Israel Runs The British Press
Negligent doctor, Olufemi Dina, contributed to the death of Elaine Carter
He also delivered a baby that died whilst he was banned! He still works in the NHS!
Spurned lover launched frenzied hammer attack on teaching assistant
Habibur Rahman was jailed for just 4 years
Zakaria Mohamed charged with murder
Asaad Abdel-All admits the murder of his Polish girlfriend
Two women attacked in Oxford
An Asian tried to rape one woman and "tanned complexion" man tried to rape another
Levi Bellfield 'converts to Islam while and changes his name to Mohammed
Never heard of a Gypsy turning Muslim before
Kanwaljit Bal sexually assaulted train passenger
He was not jailed
Slovakian immigrant family scammed taxpayer of £1.2m
Darina Balogova, Marek Balog and Jaroslav Bado were jailed for 11 years in all
Family of Al Qaeda terrorist set to be evicted from the home they own
Because Munir Farooqi 'used it as a base to recruit jihadists'
Class A drugs caused me long-term mental damage
Tory MP Louise Mensch's candid confession
Pressure for another Westminster immigration debate and vote grows
100,000 back second online petition
Blunder allowed 'danger migrants' to vanish
We'll never know how many terrorists or criminals got in admits Home Sec
We lost our border controls years ago
UK Border Agency staff: passport checks were 'suspended daily'
Pro-Israeli Lobby Made BBC, Sky News ‘Change Narrative’ On Stories
David Miliband warns of rising far-right extremism
Goldman Sachs 'escapes paying £10million bill in sweetheart deal with taxman'
Liam Fox and Adam Werritty could face questions in court
Student avoids prison sentence despite 'utterly disgraceful behaviour'
Out of prison he can carry on studying for a masters in "human rights law!"

Monday 7 November

12-strong Asian gang did this to peacemaker Joshua Longford
'Diversity'? 'Enrichment'? 'Cohesion'? Anyone want to cohere with Joshua's attackers?
Pauline Pearce, 'heroin' of the Hackney riots, is a drug dealer
Samuel Shoyeju 'took bribes to allow Nigerians into Britain'
Shoyeju was a senior immigration officer at the time
UK gives £20.1bn to the IMF with £20bn more on offer!!!
The global elite do love to give away the bit we have left, don't they?
Gordon Thompson is alleged to have torched House of Reeves
He has confessed to looting stores on the same night
NHS blunders kill 8,000 in 13 years
Rebekah Brooks received £1.7m golden goodbye after resigning from News International
The REAL issue that explains the bedlam at our border controls
Immigration farce and the enemy within
Gay men blood donation ban lifted
And, if someone contracts AIDS from a blood transfusion now, will the 'experts' be prosecuted for Biological GBH?
79% say England is crowded as fears grow over migrants
The day before, 94% of Sunday Morning's viewers said Britain was 'full up.'
Why doesn't Ed Miliband stand up for the British people?
Racism claims over morgue body mix up
Small Serb town protests over wave of asylum seekers
The Serbs were at war with Bosnian and Kossovan Muslims a few years ago

Sunday 6 November

Church leaders accuse bankers of losing their 'moral moorings'
I wondered when they'd catch up
What the European Arrest Warrant can do
In 2010 over 1,000 people were extradited from UK under this law
Lesbian lovers collapse and wail after being sentenced to life
Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Cunningham murdered 3-year-old Serenity Richardson
Woman raped by Black man in Epsom
Police searching for black man who sexually assaulted a 12-year-old
A second man (no description) was bailed
Mohammed Eagle jailed for 16 years after repeatedly raping young girl
Police release E-Fit of black man after sexual assault
Serious Sexual Assault by Asian
Cab driver, Zulfikar Ahmad Nawaz, sexually assaulted passenger
Brighton woman sexually assaulted by Black
Chowdhury Haffez Ahmad convicted of fraud
Saulias Ciuzas stole £10,000 worth of lead from St Paul's church
Police search for man after Netherfield arson
Now the Union Jack is under attack
The EU wants us to adopt a United States of Europe flag
FIFA bans England players from wearing the poppy
Serious concerns over welfare in Gillingham care home
The founder and Chairman of the European Care Group is a Mr Anoup Treon
Ed Miliband's multi-millionaire backer wanted to be a Tory donor!
Andrew Rosenfeld, who is Jewish, spent 10 years trying but they wouldn't have him
Lesbian kickboxer elected as Tories new Scottish leader
Ruth Davidson was inspired by David Cameron to enter frontline politics
EU contempt for the nation-states it governs grows ever more flagrant
'Don't call us lazy, we can't feed our children'
St Paul's Cathedral funded by 80 wealthy City asset-strippers
Europe's debt crisis 'will last a decade' says Merkel
Government spends thousands on training/equipment for security officers IN YEMEN!
The Euro elite are totally out of touch with the modern world
2002 pamphet: 'Why Britain Must Join the Euro'
By Chris Huhne (Lib Dem big shot), Adair Turner (ex-Director of CBI) et al
So, Mrs May, why is the back door into Britain still being left open?

Saturday 5 November

Police release image of Flixton rape suspect
Sarkozy insult to 'island' Britain: Frog 1 dismisses the English
Sarkozy is Jewish
Haffez Ahmad guilty of fraud
Isbar Ellahi and Shafiq Mohammed jailed for violent disorder
BLAIR WARS: Matthew Haseldin shot dead in Afghanistan
Unidentified family doctor who earns £770,000 a year!!!
UK border chief axed passport controls!!!
Brodie Clark left Britain open to terrorists and criminals!!!
Outcry as England stars are banned from having a poppy on their kit!!!
Jacob Dunne gets just 2.5 years for killing James Hodgkinson in unprovoked attack
MPs hand out more jobs to relatives and friends than before expenses scandal!
Shamed peers allowed to keep seats
Sun reporter arrested in bribes probe
When the law is an ass
Control immigrant invasion to help young unemployed
Oxford Tories' nights of port and Nazi songs
Britain suing Europe to stop 'benefit tourism'

Friday 4 November

Nurse threw her hands in the air & begged for Jesus' help as baby had heart attack
Amazingly, in this PC age, Omolayo Abayomi wa struck off
Court awards £17,000 to illegal immigrant
Joseph Mjemer was convicted of more than 20 offences in the 3 years after his arrival
18-year-old gang-raped after being abducted by Asian gang
The man was attending a funeral when he was shot 6 times at point blank range
He was wearing a school uniform. Operation Trident (black-on-black) are investigating
15-year-old boy punched and robbed by 6-strong Black gang
Big Brother's THREE MILLION targets
Massive surge in intrusive surveillance by state snoopers
Playgrounds scrapped and children to share unisex toilets
As schools look to accommodate 350,000 extra pupils
Illegal immigrant, Said Adam, brutally assaulted 23-year-old and scarred her for life
Border officials 'have lost track of 124,000 asylum seekers and migrants'
Swastika and human excrement smeared on British war memorial
Jail care for criminals better than hospital care for elderly
The verdict of former prison Chaplain, Jo Jacques
MORE British billions risked to save euro
Merkel threat: We'll kick you out of EU if you hold referendum!
We will never be able to trust cricket again
Failed asylum seeker, Younas Beraki, murdered his ex-lover
The Eritrean immigrant had been deported THREE times previously!!!
BLAIR WARS: British soldier shot dead in Afghanistan
Baby thrown to the ground after muggers target mother and grandmother
500 claims a week of abuse and neglect of the elderly
Algerian refugee 'in first global flying ban to UK over terror plot fears'
Former soldier, Oluwadare Adaramola, claims race bias over microwave ban
The Nigerian immigrant denies he was kicked out of the Army for various misdemeanours
Bob Diamond admits bankers must be 'better citizens'
Youth drop-out blackspots revealed

Thursday 3 November

UK and US 'draw up joint plan to attack Iran'
Netanyahu pushes for a military strike on Iran
Rekawt Salih stabbed Tracy Donnelly and daughter Louise more than 100 times
How could Tracy ever have invited thE immigrant nut into her home, let alone her bed?
Police arrest 31 Polish benefit fraud people traffickers
It is war, ladies and gents, our own politicians are at war with us
Ebrahim Yusuf Kazi gets just 2 years for indecently assaulting 3 little girls
He was the Imam of Broad Street mosque in Swindon at the time!
Former Asylum seeker, Paul Ramses, says "I'm African. I want 12 children!"
He now wants to be President of Iceland and has already written his acceptance speech!
History & English teacher, Mohammed Akorley, had sex with a pupil when she was just 11
'No to 70m' e-petition is signed every three seconds!!!
45,000 join campaign in just two days!
Illegal immigrant murdered ex-girlfriend by pushing her off a bridge
Meera Syal testifies as daughter is accused of assault
Children behaving like animals
Capitalism does not have to be this greedy
Why has Bhopal poisoner been given 2012 deal, MPs ask Coe
A generation of young women drowning in debt
Anti-smoking drug Champix 'greatly raises suicide risk!
Strip them, flog them, send them down the mines
That's how you fix the ferals the PC Crowd made
Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors
Taxi driver attacked with claw hammer 3 Asians sought
Metal raids force closure of Birmingham church
Adopted children will be given priority for primary school places
All offers will be made on same day
Gay couples to be allowed to 'wed' in churches by end year
Dalwara Singh secretly fed wife steroids so she would pile on weight
He wanted her at home
Speaker John Bercow squanders £3,700 of taxpayers' money on fancy clothes
Bercow is Jewish
Judge dismisses Amir's claim that Lord's fixing 'was a one-off' as cricketing world waits for sentencing of Pakistan trio
I simply fail to understand how a Tory-led Government...
... can't muster a single warship to protect this nation's shores
Anglican church has been pathetic in St Paul’s crisis
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams calls for new tax on bankers
Murdoch writes off $91m for shutting News of the World
Concern over 'act less gay' anti-bullying advice
Betrayal of the family: Despite all those Tory promises...
... dads and grandparents will still be denied right to see kids after divorce

2 November

Palestinians hit by cyber-attack following success at Unesco
'To keep the majority, the rule within the Jewish majority... will mean apartheid'!
Says Professor Arnon Soffer
The 'legal requirement to cut US funds to any UN agency that recognizes a Palestinian state!'
Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee called UNESCO move 'anti-Israel and anti-peace'!
David Beckham? Roman Polanski? Sacha Baron Cohen? They're 'avin a larf!
European Jewish Parliament faces uphill battle to be taken seriously
Girls are being raped in disputes between rival gangs
450,000 young people are thought to be gang members in Britain
Stephen Devalda jailed for ten years after armed robbery
"A whole society paying for the errors and irresponsibility of bankers"
Thus spake the Archbishop of Canterbury - Not before time
Greece in meltdown! Markets nosedive around the world
Billions wiped off the value of Britain’s leading firms
Too many students have come to the UK with the aim of getting work...
... and bringing over family members
Eurocrats are terrified of democracy
Brussels jobsworths think their work too important to be subject to people prejudice
Israel punishes Palestinians for Unesco move
Settlement construction to be accelerated, tax revenues withheld
'He gets bullied but he's determined to be a performer'
PROUD mother tells of 14-year-old son's DRAG QUEEN ambitions
Asian bride 'drugged and held prisoner by her family
Naila's family wanted her to marry first cousin: brother threatened to kill her
Pakistan trio guilty of all charges
Captain Butt, Asif and Amir will be sentenced today
Headache for Viscount Linley
Russian oligarch's bank demands its £400,000 loan back

1 November

Corporation of London: an ancient institution that favours big business
Tony Blair's 2002 reforms gave "Goldman Sachs and the People's Bank of China" a "vote in... Britain's most important local election"
A stark metaphor for our history, heritage and tradition betraying times
"Gang culture has been allowed to grow without any government or police response!!!
So say the Tory bigwigs, May and Duncan-Smith!
Wealthy? I don’t know what that is says £10billion owner of Chelsea FC
Russian Oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky are both Jewish
Black man sexually assaults 14-year-old in Windsor
Asian knifeman mugs 13-year-old in Windsor
Windsor - Happening everywhere nowadays, isn't it?
China and Russia perpetrating 'disturbing' cyber-attacks on UK
And yet our leaders go cap in hand to both for energy, goods and cash!
US cuts Unesco funds over vote for Palestinian seat
The bullyboy doesn't get its own way and lashes out - what else is new?
The black flag, Jihad Jane and Ireland
Britain could take up to six years to recover from the recession
Britain will never recover from the treachery of the banker-cuddling politicians
Herman Cain denies sexual harassment allegations
Doctors ORDERED to treat elderly with respect
But shouldn't that go without saying?
Greek vote set to SINK euro bailout
Shock referendum could see cuts rejected
Gypsies squatting in Premier League car park leave us with £120,000 bill
E-petition demands drastic action to stop our population hitting 70million
The ‘e-petition’ calls on David Cameron to clamp down on immigration
New drugs used to tackle superbugs 'INCREASE risk of infection'
Taxpayers owed £66million by European governments in unpaid NHS bills
Social mobility of young people 'being held back by government policy'
Bad cops escape punishment by resigning

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