The Madhouse Update

Wednesday 26 January

MP Bob Seely: 'Never before has so much harm been done to so many by so few!'
‘Obscene’ COVID policies serve Big Pharma, not people, say experts!
Do 75% of all COVID deaths involve people with 4 comorbidities?
MSM blackout of doctors 'pandemic response roundtable' is a crime against humanity!
Bars and gyms are bustling as Americans learn to live with COVID!
BOSTON: Gravely ill dad taken off heart transplant list because he's unvaxxed!
Hundreds of Canadian truckers drive to capital to protest vaccine mandate!
Flawed CDC study wrongly concludes COVID vaccines safe in pregnancy!
Israel recommends FOURTH Covid jab to all adults!
NIH study confirms COVID vaccines affect menstrual cycle!
Flawed CDC study wrongly concludes COVID vaccines safe in pregnancy!
Criminal investigation into Boris Johnson’s Lockdown parties!
Johnson is greasing the wheels for an illegal immigrant amnesty!
ISIS bride Shamima Begum begs Boris to bring her back to Britain!
Woman to Justin Trudeau: "You have sold us out to globalism... We used to hang traitors!"
Do globalist plans for next stage of population reduction include deploying nuclear weapons?
Propagandists have ‘overplayed their hand!’
Monster who stabbed Yasmine Chkaifi to death in Maida Vale was ex-hubbie, Leon Mccaskie!
Woman arrested for murder after body of 5-year-old found in house in Coventry!
Over 1,000 illegal boat migrants land in Britain this month, 5 times more than last year!
Ian Hislop tells sleaze watchdog the public are 'very sick of being taken for fools' by MPs!
MPs behave like workers in normal offices - I blame Tony Blair, he reduce parliamentary hours!
Should we get entangled in Ukraine? The short answer is no!
Hunter Biden arranged to share family’s office space in DC with 'the f**king spy chief of China!'
‘Communist China loves Biden!’
Zionist power over Washington!
Jerome Powell: America’s most dangerous unknown man!
Britain must 'take responsibility' for vast fast-fashion mountains!
Piers Morgan blasts Adele for 'destroying' fans' dreams after cancelling Vegas residency
That Reminds Me – in defence of Bernard Manning

Tuesday 25 January

Treasury minister quits at despatch box, citing 'indolence, arrogance and ignorance' that let Covid fraud run riot!
Billions in COVID funds led hospitals to prioritise treatments that KILLED rather than CURED!
Judge calls for investigation after gang successfully applied for £145,000 Covid business loans!
The frustration and anger at No.10 over partygate is growing!
Boris's hypocrisy in black and white!
Joe Rogan speaks to Tim Dillon!
Natural immunity denial is the Achilles heal of the vaccination program!
30,000+ demand end to vaccine mandates, government overreach at DC rally!
‘Obscene’ COVID policies serve Big Pharma not people, experts say!
Ex-NYT journalist says COVID restrictions will be remembered as ‘catastrophic moral crime!’
Dr. Meryl Nass suspended for ‘ppreading misinformation,’ tells RFK, Jr. ‘this has to stop!’
We need to declare the pandemic over!
The real reason Australia kicked out Djokovic!
How COVID vaccines suppress the immune system!
277 fully vaccinated residents of Indiana alone died of COVID in 3 weeks!
Tougher Covid restrictions in Scotland and Wales made no difference, scientists claim! Unjabbed nurse: I’m sad and angry that I may lose the job, I love!
The Pfizer vaccine – more harm than good!
Join American doctors and nurses in bringing America home!
Admiral sacked for speaking sense over Ukraine!
Liverpool bomber was rejected for asylum SIX YEARS before attack!
Harlem savage who executed NYPD rookie cop and critically injured his partner is dead!
87 more illegal immigrants cross Channel in record-setting January!
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange wins the right to appeal extradition ruling!
LITTLEJOHN: Lycra-clad loonies on racing bikes now rule our crazy golf course city centres!
MAIDA VALE: Hero driver tries to save stabbed woman - Cops arrest hero driver!
Scotland Yard cops used sexist and derogatory language as lecturer was strip-searched!

Monday 24 January

Doctor demands investigation and immediate stop to “vaccines!”
COVID vaccines were designed to fail - That’s HOW they won authorisation!
OCTOBER 2020: Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us!
Timcast UK ENDS Passports! With Gab CEO, Andrew Torba!
CONFIRMED: It's just the flu!
Bill Gates, Indian Government targeted in lawsuit alleging AstraZeneca vax killed 23-year-old!
Thousands protest in Washington against vaccine requirements!
USA: Covid testing company in scandalous cover-up!
Beware the Covid turncoats crawling out of the woodwork!
I was pilloried for being a lockdown sceptic! Now it's clear I was right about some things!
The 'pandemic' emergency must be ended, now!
Healthcare workers discard uniforms in vaccine mandate protest!
Brussels: Cops clash with protesters at 50,000-strong anti-vax passport rally!
Swedish government accused of covering up Coronavirus pandemic documents!
Nervous system disorders after the jab – a case study!
Sturgeon refuses to rule out keeping Scotland's mask laws in place for YEARS!
A day of protest and the power of pictures!
Postcard from Heidelberg jail!
Oh, for a firebrand like Gideon!
Neil Oliver: Are there any leaders left worthy of the trust of decent people?
Biden family gotd ‘$31 million’ from folks linked to ‘highest levels of Chinese intelligence!’
NIH transgender monkey experiments! Fauci must be ‘fired!’
Liz Cheney loses Wyoming straw poll to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman!
USA: Bari Weiss and Bill Maher on the Covid policies of the Left!
The secret behind America's most terrifying killing spree!
Girlfriend of Brit hacked to death in Thailand looked killer in the eyes!
Merseyside Cops' LGBTQ+ network promotes cow mascot!
How the FBI finally ran Ghislaine Maxwell to ground!
Did Adele's 'diva' requests lead to the collapse of Las Vegas shows?

Sunday 23 January

37,927 deaths, 3,392,632 injuries after COVID shots in Europe! The young continue to die!
Doctors demand investigation of vaccine-related child deaths!
1,932 deaths after vaccine according to Yellow Card reporting system!
MIT Scientist: COVID vax looks like 'pefect set-up' for neurological damage!
Huge protest hits London as fury erupts at NHS Covid vaccine mandate!
Whitty and gang must be held to account on Covid fearmongering!
Health unions call for the Government to delay mandatory jabs for NHS staff!
Stop testing kids now - Thousands of school pupils continue to miss out on vital lessons!
Jacinda Ardern subjects New Zealand to increased restrictions from Sunday!
HITCHENS: Who is Labour's hero? A nurse who stopped a man seeing his dying wife!
It is our duty to question Government policy, not a moral wrong!
Lithuanian MP says German companies bending to Beijing’s will are destroying EU single market!
Vote of confidence in PM is inevitable unless he kicks out all Carrie’s pals!
Woke BBC quietly censoring classic comedy programmes!
Katie Price's vile texts!

Saturday 22 January

31 politicians/doctors call on regulators to reassess COVID vax for 12-to-15-year-olds!
No 10 staff 'partied to 1am' on eve of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral!
O’KEEFE: Facebook whistleblowers leak documents - Vaccine censorship on global scale!
Swiss Olympic sprinter gets pericarditis after Pfizer booster!
As Novak mulls Australia lawsuit, France signals no unvaxxed stars will play in French Open!
Covid-19: Study shows an increase in deaths in 145 countries after vaccines introduced!
How much did top 10 US billionaires add to their fortunes during pandemic? $1 billion a day!
Doctors demand investigation of vaccine-related child deaths!
Triple-jabbed over-30s have higher infection rates than the unjabbed!
Schools forcing kids to wear masks in defiance of government decree!
No 10 staff 'partied to 1am' on eve of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral!
Exposed: Klaus Schwab's School For Covid Dictators, Plan for 'Great Reset!'
MIT Scientist: COVID Vax Looks Like “Perfect Set-up” for Neurological Damage
Mandates are about political control, not health!
WHO lowers recommended age for children's Pfizer vax from 12 to 5 years old!
Sobbing girl, 9, and 5 adults arrested at museum for refusing to show vaccine cards!
Two-thirds of Canadians favour mandatory vax? A quarter support jailing unvaxed?
Is America heading for a systems collapse?
VACCINE? 'Sudden death' of 19-year-old girl at the military base, Larkhill, Wiltshire!
The end is nigh... HOORAY!!!
Synagogue terrorist was referred to UK’s anti-terror prevent programme twice!
Lesbian baby-killer shows NO remorse in first jail interview!
NORTH YORKS: Five Polish immigrants on trial for murder!
NY cop shot dead, another fights for life - Gunman, Lashawn McNeil, in hospital!
Biggest increase in murders ever recorded in the United States in 2020! Total 21,570!
Putin is right!—About wokeness!
COVERUP! Home Office to stop publishing daily illegal immigrant figures!
Multi-millionaire Tory MP at centre of second jobs scandal gets £47,000 for just 34 hours work!
CHINA: COVID, concentration camps and state brutality and the elites let them host Olympics!
Outrage at BBC 'woke cuts' on classics like Dad's Army over 'race and sex slur' fears!
Self-obsessed Adele's never-ending Sob Saga! The next chapter

Friday 21 January

Pfizer CEO admits current 'vaccine' offers zero protection against Covid-19!
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla awarded Israel's $1 million Genesis Prize for 2022!
Hospital executives bully COVID doctors!
Fauci’s holdings in Chinese companies!
Why Boris will make life harder for the unjabbed!
VACCINE: Young woman thanks French government for ruining her health!
Top Muslim politicians still advocating masks despite scrapping of England's mask mandate!
The far-left NEEDS your pandemic fear to retain their CONTROL!
Europe’s vaccine sceptics still under the Iron Fist!
The suitcase of booze has given me some hope!
Robin Monotti’s plea: Save our human rights!
'This isn't such a crazy conspiracy theory after all!'
Boris must end green taxes, SAGE, No. 10 incompetents and Carrie's unending chaos!
For a clever man, Boris Johnson can be incredibly stupid!
At least 134,000 pensioners were let down by the Government!
This mumbling, stumbling President is a clear and present danger to world peace!
US Defense Department poured billions into China’s ‘military buildup!’
French National Assembly adopts resolution denouncing China genocide!
Synagogue Muslim: “We’re coming to f***ing America” to give Americans a “f***ing war!”
Scammer, Anouar Sabbar, used Grindr to rob and blackmail men after having sex with them!
Irish police held back angry crowd after foreigner charged with murder of young woman!
Congressman Jamaal Bowman arrested at US Capitol during voting rights protest!
French man gets just 4 years for driving hundreds of illegals across the border!
Top cop calls for closed-down stations to reopen to repair faith in the force!
Harvey Weinstein leered at Noel Gallagher's wife Sara MacDonald at bistro in Paris!
Prince Andrew's former maid left in tears by 'demanding and entitled' Royal's behaviour!

Thursday 20 January

Testimonial: A mother’s account!
Compulsory vaccination for NHS staff back on the agenda?
Are covid vaccinators following GMC and NHS guidance?
Pandemic management - Many wrong paths have been taken!
CDC admits natural immunity outperformed vaccines against Delta strain!
What is the truth about jabs and baby deaths?
Thousands of health jobs sacrificed for the sake of saving face!
Forget the headlines, these are the vaccine facts!
So gene therapy is ‘safe’? What drivel!
Italy implements even more COVID “Green Pass” rules!
CDC finally admits cloth masks were always political theater!
Tin-pot London tyrant Sadiq Khan slammed on GB News over mask mandate!
How to put your MP on the spot!
Join the global rally for freedom!
What’s that dreadful noise? It’s the ‘silenced’ climate zealots!
A year on, Biden’s presidency is ailing and failing
Slovakian immigrant charged with killing Irish primary school teacher, Ashling Murphy!
Terror police arrest men from Birmingham/Manchester after 'Brit' killed in Texas synagogue!
Conservative MP, Christian Wakeford, defects to Labour!
Some Tories are plotting to overthrow Boris Johnson!
Time's up for smug Lords who ignore wishes of the public!

Wednesday 19 January

Lady Victoria Hervey says Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton 'were like brothers!'
Prince Andrew's ex claims Ghislaine ‘used me as bait’ to ‘fish’ for girls for Epstein!
Deep State effort to stop Trump pardoning Edward Snowden and Julian Assange!
GREENWALD: The inside Story of why Trump refused to pardon Snowden and Assange!
D-day for Boris as dozens of MPs threaten to trigger vote of no confidence!
Time's up, Boris! Last hours in job as Tories claim enough signatures to axe him!
Boris's drink-soaked Downing Street a lot like Fleet Street in the 1980s – What happened to that?
BORIS: 'His time has gone!' Brady statement imminent...
Johnson is worse than a liar … he’s a faker!
Portugal: Boy, 6, dies from cardiac arrest after first dose of Pfizer vax!
Triple vaxxed Olympic Athlete speaks out about Covid vax side effects!
UPDATE! Sage scenarios versus actuality...
‘Wildly incorrect’ Covid modelling bounced Boris Johnson into second lockdown!
As protests erupt, some countries backtrack on COVID mandates, others double down!
Health Professional does not recommend boosters! Check it out...
What the Mail’s take-down of natural immunity gets wrong!
Eric Clapton: I fear what the vaccine will do to my children!
Robot-humans, Part 2: The State hard-wired into our bodies!
5G goes live in the US and sparks international chaos!
PETITION: Politicians and the press are too close!
Bercow: Five times former Commons Speaker disrupted Brexit!
Carlson: The homeless crisis is a symptom of our society collapsing in real time!
The green ‘principle’ that has let loose tyranny!
LA: $250,000 reward offered for capture of Shawn Smith for the murder of Brianna Kupfer, 24!
Concerned teacher removed from woke school board meeting for 'transphobic comments!'
Inflation nullifies last year's wage increases to wages!
Former Tory MP contacted police claiming she was threatened by senior party activist!

Tuesday 18 January

Dr Alan Mordue MB ChB, FFPH: 'The betrayal of public health during the Covid 'pandemic'!"
The apologetic medic at the other end of the phone says no boosters!
What did they know and when did they know it?
World Economic Forum lays out Great Reset agenda!
Dr. Robert Malone posts irrefutable proof on Ivermectin!
Only 10% of Americans trust media on COVID! 30% trust Fauci?
Legal challenge to classroom masks!
Navy bosses warn sailors they face the SACK if they decline to get Covid vaccine!
Vinay Prasad, MD - Time to face reality - Spread of Omicron can't be contained by boosting!
LITTLEJOHN takes peek inside in the Prime Minister's Whitehall bunker!
"Human Augmentation" - Robot humanity? British/German admins were discussing this in 2021?
The little people feel the pinch but what do the Tories care?
Acne drug, Roaccutane, drove Annabel Wright, 15, to suicide!
Guest slams '90' prison sentences for Brits who shunned BBC licence fee!
Deep State effort to stop Trump pardoning Edward Snowden and Julian Assange!
GREENWALD: The inside Story of why Trump refused to pardon Snowden and Assange!
Black Americans fleeing Democrat-controlled New York, California!
Dramatic 14-point shift in party preference gives GOP biggest lead since 1995!
Mexican migration agents find truck crammed with 359 Central Americans bound for USA!
Synagogue terrorist was known to MI5!
NBA owner who said ‘nobody cares’ about Uyghurs is a Democrat mega-donor!
Ghislaine Maxwell will no longer protect the identity of 8 men who allegedly had sex with minors!
British media malpractice in Ghislaine Maxwell case!
Hugh Hefner 'really believed he owned these women!' (Demanded orgies 5 nights a week)
Anne Frank was betrayed by Jewish council member, Arnold van den Bergh?

Monday 17 January

Terrorist shot dead after taking hostages at Texas synagogue named as Malik Faisal Akram!
DERBYSHIRE: Former mayor's wife, 86, murdered by burglars, husband fights for life!
Top Met cop who bullied staff and made bogus expenses claims sacked for gross misconduct!
Teenagers arrested over Texas synagogue siege that saw Blackburn terrorist shot dead!
Metropolitan Police’s Asian 'hate crime' group connected to alleged Chinese spy!
Retired BBC Panorama director, 76, found with 832 child abuse images!
This cynical plan to staff care homes with asylum seekers is a scandal!
Asylum seekers can work in care homes after Priti Patel rule change!
Dr Mike Yeadon's key testimony — Part I: The 8 Covid lies!
Express anti-vax lies about death of daughter!
Pat Cash and leading scientists rally to Novak Djokovic’s cause!
Only 10% of Americans trust media on COVID! 30% trust Fauci?
Vaccine judge whose mind ‘was already made up!’
“They’re inserting Covid Passport Microchips WHERE?”
Trust the science? Not on your life!
Net Zero, Covid and time for a rethink!
Kiwis perform a HAKA to stop cops taking away the anti-vaxxer head of NZ megachurch!
Nicola Sturgeon tells Scots they may have to wear masks for YEARS!
Why the regime hates Joe Rogan!
Israel uproots Palestinians to plant trees!
The whitewashing of Bill Clinton's links to Jeffrey Epstein when Hillary ran for President!
Prince Harry demands UK police protection despite dumping royal duties!
Prince Andrew may have DATED Ghislaine Maxwell

Sunday 16 January

BBC invested more than £150m in Chinese companies guilty of appalling human rights violations?
Hook-handed hate preacher's TOXIC family: Abu Hamza's 7 sons all criminals/extremists!
My evil boyfriend killed two of my babies in eight months!
Must we wait for the knife at our throat before we wake up to totalitarianism?
Now even Labour call for an end to lockdowns!
Joseph Keating, 26, died of myocarditis 4 days after receiving his 3rd Pfizer shot!
BRAZIL: Soccer player suffers heart attack while playing! (Vaxxed a few days previously)
SUDDEN LOSS! Bachelorette star Clint Arlis was found dead in Chicago home!
10 days isolating with few symptoms, as tests keep others off work despite feeling well!
Boris has shown disdain for the Crown, indifference to the public!
Prime Minister on ‘death row’ after lockdown parties in Downing Street!
Partygate: Boris Johnson 'to sack top aides' in 'Night of Long Scapegoats?'
Boris Johnson set to command five figure sums for after-dinner speeches when he leaves No. 10!
Huge crowd attends Trump rally in Arizona: ‘Nobody’s ever had a movement like this!’
More than 550 migrants have crossed English Channel in first two weeks of 2022!
Emmanuel Macron is now running EU - thank God we're out!
Farage Predicts ‘a lot more’ Chinese spies will be fFound in Westminster!
Treason: Former Danish Defence Minister charged with leaking state secrets!
Nadine Dorries clobbers the BBC with a £2billion funding cut!
At last the biased BBC faces an opponent it can't easily neutralise!
England star Kyle Walker and wife in row with neighbours over ‘swearing and screaming!’

Saturday 15 January

London woman fined £12,000 for birthday party day after bashes held in Downing Street!
No. 10 staff boozed at two leaving parties the night before the Queen grieved alone!
Downing Street 'held wine-time Fridays EVERY week' throughout the pandemic!
Dick and Met still WON'T take action over Boris's Downing Street do!
Fully vaccinated Australians in hospital for COVID-19 surpass unvaccinated!
Thousands protest against tougher Covid rules in France!
Australian officials should be ashamed of Novak Djokovic treatment!
European Medicines Agency admits repeated vaccinations may cause problems!
Wikipedia 2122: The Great Covid Madness!
A victory for vaccine justice!
Americans hit with mandates as 4-in-10 illegals refuse COVID vaccine!
Chinese spy at the heart of Whitehall allowed to stay in the UK!
Labour Party accepted £700,000 from alleged Chinese Communist spy!
David Cameron and George Osborne were the useful idiots who opened door to China spies!
Smiling savage,' Raphael Chevelleau, randomly attacked five people at a Manchester mall!
Savage swings Alsatian pup by its leash and slams it to the ground shattering rear end!
British father-of-two, 48, 'is stabbed to death by his Indonesian girlfriend!
Swedish top cop admits migration/iIntegration related to gang crime issues!
Top cops finally apologise for tasering white man, 80, mistaken for a black man in his 30s!
As UK’s natural population declines, mass migration will soar!
Mandelson's 10-year friendship with paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein!
E-cigarettes 'can damage men's fertility!'

Friday 14 January

MSM continues to ignore rising vaccine deaths!
Covid passes are set to be SCRAPPED within a fortnight!
The five deadly lies of Jacinda Ardern and her government!
‘Transition from democracy to tyranny!’ MEP decries brutal cops at Lockdown protests!
Canadian Judge removes father’s visitation rights over vaccination status!
GERMANY: Lockdown saw up to 3-fold increase in child suicide attempts!
LITTLEJOHN: Boris’s booze-up proves that he knew lockdown was bonkers!
The lesson of Partygate isn't that Boris is a lying hypocrite but that Lockdown laws are have always have been stupid!
My TV clash with Edwina Currie over Johnson’s lies!
Gene that more than DOUBLES risk of severe Covid discovered - 10% of Brits have it!
Turning of the tide? No, just a lull in the storm!
Wearing a facemask makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? (F*** OFF!)
Spare the Rod for the real bad guys!
MI5 claims Chinese ‘spy’ successfully managed to infiltrate UK parliament!
Chinese spy who targeted UK Prime Ministers!
Why DID Labour's Barry Gardiner take £600k from a Chinese spy?
5million+ EU citizens have applications to remain in UK after Brexit approved!
What John Solomon found out about the Presidential Election!
Glandular fever may be the biggest cause of multiple sclerosis
Microsoft launches fresh investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Bill Gates!
Ann Coulter: The great Epstein cover-up - Part 2!
Queen strips Prince Andrew of all military titles and patronages!
Prince Charles and William demanded Andrew's exile
Army top brass tell of widespread relief as Andrew is stripped of honorary military titles!

Thursday 13 January

What John Solomon found out about the Presidential Election! An open letter to Austrian Parliament from Professor Diether Schönitzer
Top Israeli immunologist slams global response to COVID-19 'pandemic!'
Cover-up, deception and our chief Covid advisers!
Why the vaccines cannot work and why they CAN do harm!
Been an NHS nurse for 19 years - THEY will sack him for refusing the jab!
'Stop Covid theatre!' Lord Frost lays into Johnson’s Covid policy -'That’s why I resigned!'
Lockdown for US parties for THEM - Boris is in REAL trouble!
Cover-up, deception and our chief Covid advisers!
Why the vaccines cannot work and why they CAN do harm!
Unvaxxed parents of boy battling leukemia evicted from Ronald McDonald House in Canada!
SAGE adviser says lab leak origin of Covid but debate stifled as it could cause harm to China!
Hulk Hogan says stars Bob Saget, Sydney Poitier and Betty White all died soon after vax jab!
Tampa Bay Rays catcher Jean Ramirez dies suddenly at 28! (VACCINE?)
Miranda Fryer, who played Sky Mangel on Neighbours, 'dies suddenly,' aged 34! (VACCINE?)
'Healthy,' fully vaccinated model, 18, dies from 'Covid complications?' (VACCINE?)
German President wants ‘debate’ on mandatory vaccination!
WEF simulations - '... not weird, not suspicious!'
Boris apologises for joining Lockdown garden party!
Ex- top cop questions why officers stood down as Boris ‘blatantly’ broke Lockdown!
'I didn't know the party I was at was a party... honest!'
Lockdown for US parties for THEM - Boris is in REAL trouble!
BORIS - The 'greased piglet' slipped away again!
After Johnson? More of the same!
US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media!
No help for cold Britons: Oath-breaking Boris punishes MP who voted to cut heating tax!
French police injured after attack by “Allahu Akbar’ yelling man!
Democrats push ‘big lie’ of ‘voter suppression’ to ‘make it easy to cheat in elections!’
Joe Biden is senile, only Lefties like lockdowns and men today are insufferably woke!
'Queer', dishonest, rich Rhodes Scholar said she was poor/in foster care! Loses scholarship!
Idiot Andrew is out of options!

Wednesday 12 January

“Premeditated manslaughter of millions coordinated at the highest levels!” Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone respond to Project Veritas video!
Boris Johnson's litany of lies!
Boris aide (BYOB email inviting staff to no. 10 drinks) attended another boozy do!
Ex-chiefs pile pressure on Met and Cressida Dick to probe No 10 lockdown parties!
Bernard Tomic 'really sick' after failure at Australian Open! (No mention of fully vaxxed status)
"Sudden death" of Northumberland County Councillor, Paul Scott! (VACCINE?)
Hulk Hogan says stars Bob Saget, Sydney Poitier and Betty White all died soon after vax jab!
Tampa Bay Rays catcher Jean Ramirez dies suddenly at 28! (VACCINE?)
"Sudden death of a woman at Stafford Services off the M6! (VACCINE?)"
Shock at sudden death of Castle Hotel head receptionist, Kim Pavey! (VACCINE?)
Two hours after my booster I collapsed... Paralysis in my left cheek, leg and lower lip!"
"Thank you, Joe Biden, for bringing on the premature death of a life not fully lived!"
Ronald McDonald House in Canada to evict all, including children, who are not vaxxed!
Triple jabbed Swiss marathon record holder and Olympic athlete diagnosed with myocarditis
800+ fines for breaking Covid law in England/Wales during no. 10 boozy bash week!
Brits urged to get another jab as we begin to contract 'flurona?' First word? 'F...' Second word 'off!'
Parents! Fight the folly of school masks!
Witch hunt of radio host who dared to question the booster jab!
When will they tell us the truth about vaccine harm?
Fauci caught muttering "what a moron" after a fiery exchange with Senator Roger Marshall!
Dozens of rallies across Germany as anti-Lockdown protests continue!
GERMANY: Vaccinated can volunteer to wear identity mark to prove jab status!
Rise in non-Covid virus that can leave children struggling to breathe!
The toxic incompetence of Justin Trudeau!
Happy New Year? No, 2022 will just be 2021 with knobs on!
Brigitte Macron 'received anonymous phone call saying her husband was with a gay lover!'
Plans for smart motorways AXED over death trap roads with no hard shoulder! (24 killed)
Romanian lorry driver was trawling sex sites on his mobile when he killed 3 Brits on the A1!
Lesbians posed as nurses to steal morphine and painkillers from dying patients!
Transplant surgeon burned his initials onto the livers of unconscious patients!
Sending cops to all burglaries cuts number of offences by half? Imagine our shock?
Climate Change? Want the truth? The earth is getting colder!
We're all paying the price for rampant eco-hypocrisy!
USA: DHS cannot account for 50k migrants released in 2021!
USA: Chamber of Commerce CEO: Flood US with legal immigrants, amnesty for illegals!
Hug Your Dog! Energy company's ‘Dickensian’ tips to stay warm amid soaring prices!
Danish spy chief arrested on alleged treason charges over data leaks!
Illegal with criminal record discovered at Swedish PM’s house working as a cleaner!
As Channel migrants surge, a rising tide of asylum age-fakers!
Hollywood's woke revolution will kill the entertainment industry!

Tuesday 11 January

Another footballer keels over...
COVID: The dodgy data/flawed forecasts of the doomsters the greatest scandal of all?
CNN, Tapper finally discover 'misleading' COVID hospitalization numbers!
KAZAKHSTAN: It's all about mandated vaccine cards!
Email proves Downing Street staff held drinks party at height of Lockdown!
Cabinet anger over misleading Covid isolation guidance!
Brits urged to get another jab as we begin to contract 'flurona?' First word '?' Second word 'off!'
Project Veritas obtains Gain-of-Function documents!
Djokovic is the whipping boy for angry Australians who will never admit their zero-Covid stupidity!
Australia should be STRIPPED of right to hold tennis grand slam for way it treated Djokovic!
What Djokovic’s battle means for health freedom!
FARAGE: Djokovic wins first ‘Big Victory’ against Coronavirus State!
Djokovic has exposed Australia as world’s biggest joke!
Cops pepper spraying Djokovic fans in Melbourne!
Covid is now killing just HALF as many people per day as a bad flu year!
Almost half of reported NY COVID hospitalizations aren't due to COVID!
Ex-ITV boss: Are the vaccine mob getting worried?
Austria ‘considerably’ intensifies crackdown!
5 theories on the origin of Omicron, the variant that might end the pandemic!
Pfizer, J&J Among Pharma Companies Accused of Funding Terrorism in Iraq
When will THEY give us the facts? When MSM starts doing its job instead of mirroring NWO spin!
PCR tests scrapped for people without symptoms who test positive on lateral flow!
A self-fulfilling prophecy: Systemic collapse pandemic simulation!
Stasi Mask Commies!
145-country study shows increase of transmission/death after COVID vax introduced!
Time for a rethink on forced jabs for health staff, Mr Javid!
Sturgeon tells Scots they may have to wear masks for YEARS!
Anti-lockdown protesters march through cities across Germany!
Mumbo jumbo, BoJo-style!
Boris won't say if he/Carrie attended party at No 10 when we were locked down! (He did)
Rage doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about No.10's damn stupidity!
The French resistance rises again!
A protest, not an insurrection!
Afghan who raped and murdered Austrian child, fled to UK by boat! UK 'MAY' deport?
PC Pope Francis rages against 'cancel culture?' Imagine my shock!
New GMO tomato may not be safe!
Karma? Gove declares ‘outstanding’ Blair deserves knighthood, gets stuck in elevator!

Monday 10 January

99.99% of under-20s survive COVID! 97.1% of old folks do as well!
Boris accused of attending mid-Lockdown drinks party in No 10 garden!
Djokovic RE-ARRESTED, dad claims after WINNING Australia appeal!
UK health chiefs blasted by stats watchdog for saying 200,000 were catching Omicron every day!
Fully vaxxed and boosted leftie, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, tests positive for COVID-19!
PROFESSOR DALGLEISH: "Obsessive tests are tantamount to self-harming!"
Mike Yeadon - "Something very bad is happening... It's nothing like you're being told!"
Neil Oliver: The NWO's "Build Back Better!"
The epidemic of the vaccinated!
Hospital where doctor sorted Sajid Javid could lose 1,000 unvaxxed staff after new rule!
‘Make the unvaccinated pay’ demands failed ex-PM’s sister-in-law!
Austria: 40,000 protest in Vienna as ‘Corona apartheid’ continues!
100,000 French protest vax pass after Macron vowed to ‘piss off’ unvaxed!
Greece considers imposing vaccine mandate on all over-50s!
The zealots threatening our civilisation can be beaten!
Freedom abolished by state decree!
Ignore the trolls!
The unreported truth about teenage murders!
Deported from Britain... and then it's straight back again!
Criminal damage is not on ‘the right side of history!’
George Osborne backs Colston statue smashers!
5 grieving mothers betrayed by 'Sir Tony Blair' light candles for late soldier sons!
The life and crimes of ‘Sir’ Tony Blair!
Cyber bullies caused schoolgirl, 14, to take her own life!
Sacked for being 'too short' – after 34 YEARS in the job!
Radio 4's Nigel Rees quit the BBC after 46 years because of 'patronising' focus on diversity!
California put a policeman and his family ‘through the fires of hell’ over false accusation!

Sunday 9 January

Louisiana Nurse: 'More kids are dying from vaccines than from COVID!'
English schoolchildren refusing to wear masks, left-wing unions complain!
The doctor who told Javid the truth about the vaccine!
Neil Oliver: The NWO's "Build Back Better!"
Mike Yeadon - "Something very bad is happening... It's nothing like you're being told!"
Fauci, NIH colluded to discredit scientists behind Great Barrington Declaration!
Video of young girl, 14, 5 days before her death - She was never right after receiving Pfizer vax!
VACCINE? Mali star Ousmane Coulibaly suffers heart attack on pitch!
Andy Murray sends support to Novak Djokovic amid visa saga in Melbourne!
Boris accused of attending mid-lockdown drinks party in No 10 garden!
Treat Covid like the FLU: Ex-chief of the UK's vaccine taskforce calls for 'new targeted strategy'
Denmark health chief says Omicron signals end of the pandemic! 'Normal lives back in 2 months!'
4th COVID booster could cause ‘immune system fatigue,’ scientists say!
Boris Johnson to ‘scrap free lateral flow tests within weeks?’
Rand Paul to Fauci: "Your repeated denials have worn thin!"
'They're taking everything!' Cod crisis as foreign fleets plunder everything from the North Sea!
Lord Frost twists knife on Boris in extraordinary interview: 'Change or you're out!'
HITCHENS: If Tony Blair wants a gong, he can buy an Order of Lenin on the internet
Who are the real insurrectionists?
PR giant Publicis promotes greed, deception on behalf of world’s most powerful!
USA: 346 police officers shot in line of duty during 2021!
Sadiq Khan’s plan to decriminalise cannabis could see London murder rates soar!
Illegal immigrant who sexually assaulted women on English beach jailed!
Leader of sect behind Britain's biggest mosque told rape victim to keep quiet?
Staff wore hijabs and went to mosque 4 times a day - Nurse wears a cross and gets sacked!
Rapist jailed for preying on sleeping women avoids deportation back to Afghanistan!
MANDY and the PAEDO! Peter Mandelson parties with Jeffrey Epstein!
Sinead O'Connor's 17-year-old son found dead!
Trans swimmer beats females again!
China's TikTok promotes ‘gender reassignment’ surgery, transgender lifestyle!

Saturday 8 January

Toe-curling! 'SIR' Tony Blair sucks up to murderous Kazakhstan despot for £5.3million a year!
Tony Blair secretly promised George Bush he'd 'spin' the Iraq war to the world!
Blair and wife claimed £80,000 taxpayer cash to cover staff wages at Cherie's law firm!
7-year-old dies 11 days after Pfizer shot, VAERS report shows!
CDC isn't investigating myocarditis death of boy, 13, days after Pfizer shot!
COVID-19 vax sensitises vax recipients to more severe disease than if they weren't vaxxed?
Christian cleric says no politician has right to force vax upon us!
COVID vaccines prolong menstrual cycles by 19 hours, study reveals!
Unvaxxed doctor challenges Sajid Javid over compulsory jabs for NHS staff!
'Masks in class are alien… dystopian,' says Gruffalo author, Julia Donaldson!
4th COVID booster could cause ‘immune system fatigue,’ scientists say!
Could Omicron be even LESS deadly than seasonal flu?
SYDNEY: Double vaxxed powerlifter with no health problems, 23, is dead! From COVID-19?
Supreme Court Justice falsely claims 100,000 children in ‘serious condition’ from COVID!
Sturgeon compared to Emperor Hirohito as Rees-Mogg tears into Scottish lockdown rules!
1981: On cloud nine… 2021: On jab three!
Ryan Cole: "The spike is the toxin!"
Macron's vaccine war begins! France confirms plan to ban unvaxxed from 'basic life!'
Macron humiliated as only 27% of French support EU in damning poll!
'Rewilding' is a fad for Carrie's rich pals!
Edward Reeve was targeted by drug dealers during lockdown - Yob, 16, arrested for murder!
Alec Baldwin STILL hasn't handed over his cellphone to cops despite search warrant!
Fury erupts over 'outrageous' £400k salary for new Head of BBC News – 'Bully boys' blasted!
Food security must take priority over rewilding our fields
Murray Rothbard on Twitter - This thread...
Another boss but the same old bias at BBC News!
Fury as MPs' pay rises £2,000 to £84,000 on same day families hit by cost of living tsunami!
Gay cake saga ends, with common sense the victor!

Friday 7 January

YEADON: Exposing the lie of asymptomatic transmission once and for all!
Ryan Cole: "The spike is the toxin!"
Joe Rogan says his COVID doctor supplied 200 members of Congress with Ivermectin!
Brazilian reporter, 36, collapses and suffers cardiac arrest during live TV broadcast!
All the answers the Covid criminals will need!
Daddy, what did you do in the Covid war?
Why face masks could be doing our children more harm than good!
FARAGE: Increasingly difficult in the West to lead normal life if you choose not to get vaxxed!
Crime, punishment and mandatory jabs!
NIH funded 257 grants on social disparities with COVID, only 4 on how it spreads!
Now the Army is sent in to help hospitals cope!
Parents accuse unions of trying to throw a 'pandemic straitjacket' around schools!
Moderna CEO warns Americans they may need ANOTHER COVID booster in the fall!
The demonisation of Novak Djokovic!
SEPTEMBER: Jeremy Chardy: I regret getting vaccinated, I have series of problems now!
UN official slams police ‘SAVAGERY’ during Lockdown protest - Cop union whines!
How to defend your freedom with the Constitution!
'Clobber families' Sunak's stealth tax raid to drag 1.2 MILLION people into higher band!
Tories can't escape the cost of this living disaster!
Australian Health Minister and the New World Order!
'You made ISIS!' Blair knighthood fury as petition to axe honour nears MILLION signatures
Traitor Blair slammed over secret amnesty for IRA murderers within N. Ireland peace talks!
Kazakhstan gangster dictator 'fled the capital in panic' after fury at his rule erupted into violence!
Labour mayor blasted as furious Edward Colston statue row erupts on Jeremy Vine!
LITTLEJOHN: One rule for Colston woke, another for us! World's gone stark, staring mad!
Youth of today dismissive of the past, dislike the present and pessimistic about future!
Marjorie Taylor Greene and the tyranny of Big Tech!
Democrats’ ‘misleading’ Jan 6 narrative ‘more detrimental to our republic than the day itself!’
Presidents lose their minds and their manners!
The climate scaremongers: Extreme weather, 1961 style!
MP calls for ‘paedophile’ Lord Ahmed of Rotherham to lose his title!
Alcohol causes cancer - We knew that...
Blasphemy death sentence on a Christian that shames Pakistan!

Thursday 6 January

Scott Morrison spouting bull...
Katie Hopkins: How much tyranny will you accept?
Inconvenient truth: More patients were in hospital two years ago than during current Covid wave!
Covid deaths tumble AGAIN for sixth week in a row!
When will they tell us the truth about vaccine harm?
Google manipulates results as 'mass formation psychosis' searches explode!
Father Savvas Agioritis - What is to come for those who are vaxxed!
Biden orders parents not to allow their kids near the unvaxxed!
Macron says he wants to ‘piss off’ unjabbed by banning them from social life!
Farage brands Macron a 'ghastly little man' after vow to 'p*** off' the unvaxxed!
Florida Governor condemns vaccine passports!
John O'Looney: 'Avoid hospital at all costs!' (Are THEY infecting their critics?)
Mass psychosis – Covid’s No 1 symptom!
I’ve quit Labour, the party I once loved, sickened by its Covid cowardice!
COVID: Killed by cancer because she couldn't get a face-to-face appointment!
Italy makes vaccines COMPULSORY for everyone over-50!
Djokovic's dad says Australia holding son ‘captive’ over vaccines!
Djokovic visa: 'Australia doesn't deserve a grand slam' – how the world reacted!
Hamburg to ban unboosted from restaurants if no proof of negative COVID test!
'Call your doctor': 'Common’ medications recalled over cancer fears!
The Honours List – talk about rubbing our noses in it!
Tory anger over 'BBC bias' on state of NHS!
Starmer leads his 'patriotic' party on the road to nowhere!
USA: Savage 'murdered cop in cold blood with her own weapon as she begged for her life!'
NEWPORT: Savages ‘mocked’ father-of-one as he lay dying!
Lord Ahmed: Former peer guilty of child sex offences!
Lord Ahmed found guilty of trying to rape a young girl!
Apparently the World Owes Tony Blair a ‘Debt of Gratitude’. I’ll Pass
Narcissism led Tony Blair to invade Iraq - It will make him ignore anti-knighthood clamour!
Labour MP defies Starmer and attacks Blair knighthood!
The matters of war and peace weighing on a semi-senile US president!
Freezing to death in the name of global warming!
Ann Coulter: The Great Epstein cover-up, part I!
An extraordinary, dangerous vandals' charter: MPs slam Colston verdict!
Full marks to the girls’ schools who dare to defy the trans mob!
School replaces JK Rowling with Kelly Holmes, who also commented negatively on trannies!
Boris’s total conversion to Brownism on tax is a betrayal of Middle England!
Only the woke could object to saying a cheery ‘no worries!’
Meghan Markle awarded just £1 in damages from Mail on Sunday lawsuit!

Wednesday 5 January

Tony Blair’s defence chief says he was told to destroy memo saying Iraq invasion could be illegal!
The damning truth about Tony Blair's war! How can this creature be worthy of honour?
BLAIR: The award that mocks the memory of our dead!
Show slimy Blair what you think of him!
Google cheats! 'Mass formation psychosis' searches explode due to collapsing COVID narrative!
Scientists create huge death-toll modelling to fit the fear agenda!
Why masks could be doing our children more harm than good!
Macron vows to ban the unvaccinated from public places in foul-mouthed rant!
We were told to fear Omicron – but it’s a pussycat compared to what came before!
New York to deny white people COVID-19 treatments to fight ‘racism!’
We are playing whack-a-mole with variants – and the virus is winning!
Truth about hospitalisation! Covid patients in intensive care is HALF peak level 12 months ago!
Covid testing rules to be relaxed to solve staff shortages!
Dr. Malone reveals how medical community has felt about Fauci ‘for decades!’
Teacher arrested for illegally injecting a Covid vaccine into a minor!
VACCINE? Guatemalan soccer player, 25, dies after heart attack in training!
New York to deny white people COVID-19 treatments to fight ‘racism!’
Sweden's fully-vaccinated king and queen test positive for Covid!
Italy considers completely banning unvaccinated from workplaces!
A life-threatening allergy to the vaccine? No, we won’t exempt you!
Paul Weston on the Covid response – a crime against humanity!
Rally against Lockdowns sees 100,000 Germans protest!
Dutch police baton charge military veterans! This is your EU
Tories in danger from know-nothing Boris!
Many U.S. voters believe FBI is Biden’s ‘personal Gestapo!’
Joe Biden faces embarrassment after Elizabeth Holmes convicted of fraud!
Georgia probes illegal ballot harvesting in 2020 election!
11,000 migrants arrived in Germany by Belarus route in 2021!
Macron’s bid for EU domination is unravelling fast!
Why is Sadiq Khan decriminalising dangerous drugs?
I know how cannabis destroys neighbourhoods. For Sadiq Khan to decriminalise it is lethal!
Armed cops Taser old WHITE man after smashing into his home looking for BLACK suspect!
BLACKPOOL: Healthcare worker, Hernando Puno, charged with sexually assaulting 7 women in hospital! SNP politician Karen Adam says paedos are 'our family, friends and colleagues!' (Suffers backlash)

J.K. Rowling cancelled by Chelmsford school over transgender views!
'Ghislaine was a predator as guilty as Epstein!'
More than 400 churches close in a decade amid ‘shocking’ threat to parishes!
Prince Andrew to seek U.S. sexual abuse case dismissal!
The court of public opinion has already found Prince Andrew guilty – there’s no going back!
Jewish actress Maureen Lipman says Helen Mirren should NOT have been cast as Golda Meir!

Tuesday 4 January

COVID: Ex-ITV boss, Mark Sharman, attacks cowardly MSM!
Britain got it wrong on Covid: Lockdown did more harm than good, says scientist!
Introducing, from France, the latest 'new variant'...
Covid hospital admissions FALL in capital for first time since new strain took hold
Lateral flow tycoons! Tiny UK firm went from £3,500 in debt to a £20MILLION profit via Covid test!
Whitty and Van-Tam, knighted for defending the indefensible!
Welby’s sickening descent into the Covidian cult!
Schools will not return to normal until masks are cast out of classrooms!
Dutch police baton charge military veterans! This is your EU
Developer says there's no stopping roll-out of microchip implants: 'Whether we like it or not!'
Petition to stop Tony Blair's knighthood passes 530,000!
We're still paying the price for Tony Blair's vanity, greed and folly!
Former Theranos CEO guilty of fraud and conspiracy!
Met Police probes Harvey Weinstein over 12 'victims' in Britain!
2022 must be the year we restore Britain’s common sense!
Poll: Trump dominates Republican primary poll by 43 points!
Labour MP excuses BLM’s statue smashing and violent protests?
Plight of the white male student!
Democrat Commissioner charged with raping 15-year-old boy!
Donald Trump endorses Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán for reelection!
Leading British girls schools won’t accept male trans applicants!
More than 400 churches close in a decade amid ‘shocking’ threat to parishes!
Sadiq Khan to begin decriminalising drugs in London!
Generation Z's obsession with feelings only makes them more miserable!

Monday 3 January

9-month Lancet study of 1.6m Swedes found that vax protection against COVID declines with time and, after 6 months, some vaxxed groups were at greater risk than unvaxxed!
Public Health Scotland says fully vaxxed account for 9/10 Covid-19 deaths over past 4 months!
Dr. Robert Malone interviewed by Joe Rogan!
German data suggests most fully vaxxed will have Immunodeficiency Syndrome by now?
Government spent millions on Covid antivirals and ditched cheaper vitamin D!
Following complaints a UK Covid test provider admits tests cannot be used to diagnose Covid!
Backlash against face masks in secondary schools!
Masks in schools are as pointless as they are cruel!
AMSTERDAM: Cops set dog on anti-vax protestor and beat demonstrators with batons!
Healthcare giants 'must repay their furlough millions?' (Chance be a fine thing)
Popularity surge for ministers who fought Covid restrictions!
After booting out unvaxxed soldiers, fully vaxxed Defense Secretary contracts COVID!
Science and the art of deception!
Cancer timebomb of the anti-miscarriage drug given to 10,000 patients!
More than 350,000 sign petition against Tony Blair's knighthood!
FARAGE: Two years on since Brexit Day, so many hopes yet to be realised!
Serial killer of women now housed in women’s prison! (Says he's ‘transgender’)
Cops in rape gang Rotherham not recording ethnicity of abusers!
Khan’s London: 2021 was a record year for youth murder!
Macron's France: 874 cars torched and 441 arrested on New Year’s Eve!
BIDEN’S TROJAN HORSE: He's bringing unvetted military age aliens into the US!
SURPRISE! Democrats want Mike Pence to run for President!
Green taxes are driving families into the red!
'Our son has been locked up like an animal for 21 years... for being autistic!'
Thousands with prostate cancer could be cured with HOUR-long operation using electrical currents to destroy tumours!
TCW reach booming! 2021 readership page views totalled 13,651,515!
Grenadier Guards are 'uncomfortable' at drinking to the health of Prince Andrew!

Sunday 2 January

Coronavirus 229E is, actually, the common cold?
Protesters party in central Vienna in defiance of New Year’s Eve Lockdown!
10 times the Lockdown fanatics broke their own Covid rules!
Secondary school pupils will be told to wear face masks all day!
Blacks over 3 times more likely than average to have been hospitalised with Omicron!
If we must wear masks to help stop COVID spread, can we at least get ones that work?
Matt Hancock and lover at Number 10 cheese/wine do on day he told us to keep 2 metres apart!
Why are some who are regularly exposed to COVID yet to become infected?
Cops trying to enforce mask rules surrounded and heckled by angry customers and staff!
Secondary school pupils forced back into face masks in lessons!
Everton bosses read riot act to Jordan Pickford! WHY?- His wife supports anti-vaxxers...
Ontario mayor calls for overhaul of 'misleading' COVID-19 hospitalization data!
What goes on behind the scenes with Big Pharma!
COVID: Australian government now admits severe side effects!
Tory MPs slam NHS 'betrayal!'
BoJo trolls Britain with a ‘F*** You’ honours list!
Blair knighthood ‘a kick in the teeth for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan!’
Military mothers describe Tony Blair's knighthood as the 'ultimate insult!'
Ministers plan to relax immigration rules to make it easier for Indians to live and work in UK!
72 MPs pocketed a total of over £70,000 by filling in surveys!
HITCHENS: Just like the Reds, Greens think they're too nice to be wrong!
Matt Taibbi: The Deep State exists and LIBERALS are doing its bidding!
Inflation and integration: the Euro turns 20 years old!
Corporate and political leaders assault our desire to live in safety and to provide for our families!
Deny free speech, a cornerstone of free, democratic society, and we close the safety valve!
"We have cynical elites and politicians who are trying to weaponize our differences!"
Top group of girls' schools says it 'will not accept transgender pupils!
Legal tricks won't wash any more - Prince Andrew is jeopardising the monarchy!
The case against Prince Andrew!
MAXWELL: Wealth/privilege gave power permission to do whatever, to whomever, whenever!

Saturday 1 January

Mass murderer, Tony Blair, gets top knighthood in new year honours list!
Covid heroes? Whitty and Van-Tam knighted! (How many died deprived of Ivermectin?)
La Quinta Columna: Disappearance of the human species!
TRUDEAU: "Do we tolerate... mysogynistic and racist" people who haven't been vaxxed?
Damehood for head of chaos-hit Covid testing system in New Year Honours list!
Health chief says ‘a lot' of patients enter hospital 'WITH' COVID, rather than because of it!
COVID: New York prioritises antiviral pills for ‘Non-Whites!’
Britain needs to 'throw the book' at outrageous anti-vaxxers says Tory MP, Ben Everitt
The Six Miracles of Covid!
Pfizer Partnered With China’s Vaccine Passport!
Government to relax immigration rules on care-worker jobs! (Sack the Brits, ship in the aliens)
March 2018 - Saleem Said murdered Leanne Collopy and set house on fire with daughter inside!
Monster mother, Kristy Siple, charged with murder in the rape and killing of her daughter, 5!
Preston woman's teeth smashed with punch by savage!
London's teenage murder toll hits shameful record high!
History book with BLM banner on the front to be given to Wales schools!
State schools increasingly adopting 2-week half term for 'mental wellbeing of teachers!'
2021: A year of massive big tech fails!
Delingpole: My biggest disappointments of 2021!
Boris, Greta, Extinction Rebellion: Britain’s year of climate craziness!
7 times Boris and co. promised a route back to normality since March 2020!
Britain finally stands up to EU, imposes own import controls!
Boris Johnson’s sister = Ghislaine Maxwell’s ‘chum!’ (Why are we not surprised?)
Staff 'sleepwalked' into Andrew crisis 'too scared' to stand up to him because he operated with 'impunity' within Royal Family

Friday 31 December

The spotlight must now turn to the rich men Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked girls for!
'I wish her well in hell!' Chauntae Davies groomed by 'calculating witch' Ghislaine Maxwell!
Daddy's depraved darling! Maxwell was born into a life of unimaginable privilege and power!
How Ghislaine Maxwell went from privileged childhood into Jeffrey Epstein's arms!
Andrew will face justice after Ghislaine Maxwell verdict!
Ghislaine Maxwell: How the socialite I knew thought she was untouchable!
The stranger-than-fiction history of the Maxwell madhouse!
Ghislaine Maxwell more evil than Epstein, says Virginia Giuffre!
Strip away the private jets from Maxwell and it's Rotherham and Rochdale all over again!
La Quinta Columna: GRAPHENE and the disappearance of the human species!
Omicron-fuelled fourth Covid wave has passed, says South Africa!
NO need for any new lockdown measures to tackle Omicron says NHS boss!
Scientists and doctors warn against EUA COVID-19 vaccines!
Twitter bans mRNA Covid vaccine critic Dr. Robert Malone!
Britain needs to 'throw the book' at outrageous anti-vaxxers says Tory MP, Ben Everitt
Catching Omicron may protect against Delta and usher in endemic phase of Covid!
Why lockdown and climate policies are doomed to fail!
Severe addiction rise feared as at-home drinking soars in Lockdown Ireland!
Priti Patel slams anti-vaxxers!
Is there a cover-up to hide the harmful effects of cell phone radiation?
What have they done to us?
Here lies the truth!
Progressives DESTROYED our traditions. Here’s how to restore them!
Ban of 'Her Majesty' and 'Brexit' from day-to-day language is deeply sinister!
Woke Welsh Labour consigns 'Brexit' and 'Her Majesty' to the PC dustbin!
Murder investigation launched after 15-year-old fatally stabbed in Croydon!
Hospital bomber lied about converting to Christianity - He was a practising Muslim!
NYC ‘knifeman’ flees after slashing woman as she walked with her kids!
35,000 migrants landed on one Italian island in 2021: 5 times its normal population!
Number of fake ‘child’ migrants in Britain more than triples in a year!
Israel is trying to push war with Iran — and the US press barely cares!
In archived documents, Tony Blair's ruthless political instincts are as clear as ever!
World's 10 richest people gained $400 BILLION in wealth in 2021!

Thursday 30 December

Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty of grooming girls for Epstein!
Ghislaine Maxwell: How girls were lured to be abused by Jeffrey Epstein!
Will Ghislaine 'start naming names' to get a shorter sentence?
Ghislaine Maxwell guilty: Socialite facing 70 years in prison for sex trafficking!
Maxwell didn't act alone. Hold others accountable! Andrew accuser's reaction to guilty verdict!
Prince Andrew emerges with barely a mention in Maxwell trial!
GLENN BECK: The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism!
Omicron may be mother nature's booster!
Brave nurse speaks out against vaccine mandates!
Twitter permanently suspends MRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone!
TCW’s Covid Roll of Honour 2 – our readers’ nominations!
JUNE 2021: Barred! A GP with the courage to say NO to vaccines!
CDC withdraws use of PCR test, admitting it cannot differentiate between flu and COVID!
Why COVID vaccines cannot work! Irrefutable evidence of their role in death after vaccination!
‘Contempt for the People!’ 20+ Irish government officials/staff attend Lockdown champagne party!
Data shows a third of 'Covid' patients are in hospital for reasons other than the virus!
Prof Angus Dalgleish: NHS facing crisis because THEY are forcing staff to stay at home!
Test and Trace bosses back down after wrongly telling people to self-isolate for 10 days!
Sociology Professor says: 'We must confront Covid’s vested interests!'
NEW YORK: Mother and child kicked out of restaurant by cops! No vax passport!
Five reasons Boris Johnson must hold firm against the Omicron doomsters!
BoJo's difficult year is nothing compared with what’s coming next!
MPs more worried about party than country should be ashamed!
Sturgeon's Calvinst zeal leaves Scots with little to cheer!
Firm of Tony Blair's eldest son (£160 million fortune) suffers £18.8m loss!
FTSE 100 hits 22-month high as investor fears over omicron subside!
Macron spitefulness knows no bounds!
Captain Tom Moore memorial vandalised with IRA graffiti!
Police officer jailed for attacking Blacks found dead at his home!
92 terrorists could be released from jail in the next year!
ITALY: Moroccan immigrant strips naked and threatens locals with knife!
Biden’s mass release of illegal aliens into US to cost Americans $6.6billion annually!
George Bush jnr - 1998: 'I don't know much about foreign affairs!'
Freedom will dawn, and truth will damn the ‘progressives!’
Facebook/Instagram ban Tom Paine quote! 'He who dares not offend cannot be honest!'
War on crime must begin by recalling/removing ‘every last Soros’ District Attorney!
Kate Middleton faced ‘lots of mean comments’ from aristocracy as she married William!
Morris Dancers’ blackface paint cancelled after racism allegations!

Wednesday 29 December

Journalist Jan Crawford reports negative effects of COVID policy! (CBS deleted this clip)
CDC admits they overestimated Omicron spread by more than 200%!
‘Killing Our Patients!’ Whistleblower nurse exposes hospital failures, side effects of vax!
CDC admits they overestimated Omicron spread by more than 200%!
EU is a drafting a law allowing seizure of property during pandemic!
MAY 2021: Why are we being lied to about Covid? Dr Mike Yeadon
Fauci admits mandates are 'just a mechanism' to get more people vaccinated!
Just one-fifth of new Covid hospital patients are true cases!
Test and Trace wrongly tells people with Covid to self-isolate for 10 days!
Ministers must be ready to cut the Covid isolation period!
Full vaccination could be required for players to face France away in Six Nations!
Mark Drakeford’s Wales is the best advert for the Tories!
The game is entirely changed thanks to Omicron's decreased severity!
Absurd new Covid rules that prove the Left just love to boss everyone else around!
Covid cases in South Africa drop by 38 per cent in a week!
That Reminds Me – when doctors were our friends!
Whatever happened to ‘women and children first’?
DAVOS: The global elite’s annual jamboree is well past its sell-by date!
Brits face 'cost of living catastrophe!'
Boris Johnson is most unpopular member of the Cabinet!
Boris slammed as energy crisis sees UK return to 'dirty' coal-burning to keep lights on!
WALES: Labour bans the words Brexit and ‘Her Majesty’ in 'bonkers’ new rules!
Macron spitefulness knows no bounds!
GERMANY: Afghans cut sister’s throat and buried body in suitcase over western lifestyle!
Windsor Castle crossbow intruder was ‘isolated and demotivated’ by lockdown, says Dad!
Riot police break up traveller barricade that trapped residents in their own homes!
'Delta Karen' who assaulted old man on flight threatened to kill mum and dad!
Ghislaine Maxwell trial: What is holding up the jury?
Prince challenges accuser’s residency status in bid to have sex abuse case thrown out!
NEW YORK: Elementary school removess 'Jingle Bells' over 'controversial' slave imagery!
Camile Paglia on the indispensability of men!
Another woke Harry Potter star says JK Rowling's transgender views 'damaging!'

Tuesday 28 December

COVID vaccines - Irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination!
NYT editor, 49, dies of heart attack day after boasting about getting Covid booster shot!
Democrats ‘make history’ by electing convicted killer as nominee for key position!
'Brain bleeds, heart attacks in 50-year-olds - No doctor will admit this is from the vaccine!'
Pro-lockdown 'experts' condemned for trying to rebrand Covid restrictions as 'protections!'
Covid hospital admissions are down more than 50% on this time last year!
Covid clampdown now could have been catastrophic... Common sense has prevailed!
LOCKDOWN IRELAND! Banning church and jailing grandma!
Fauci tells Americans to cancel New Year’s Eve plans!
FBI agents arrest hag who attacked old man for not wearing mask on plane!
Sturgeon has single-handedly devastated Scottish hospitality industry and ruined the New Year!'
Dr. Makary: 'We’ve never seen this level of martial law and paternalism to prevent mild infection!'
Just one last heave, anyone?
Roll of Honour 1 – Yeadon, Coast Guy and everyday heroes!
Heretical thoughts on the NHS!
A LOOK back at the Prime Minister’s utterances over the past year!
Carlson: The Democratic Party is failing, so they're trying to ruin your Christmas!
Biden’s approval rating at historic low amid high crime, inflation and Americans in Afghanistan!
SNP politician compares border control to turning baby Jesus over to Herod!
Americans overwhelmingly distrust teachers/schools with children’s sexual identity!
1,100 asylum seekers pretend to be children! 2/3 seeking refuge in UK claim to be under 18!
Classmates brand would-be Queen assassin, Jaswant Singh Chail, an 'oddball!'
Trio of human traffickers made £1m sending hundreds of migrants across the Channel!
Four victims of Post Office IT scandal are believed to have killed themselves!
Greta Thunberg slammed President Joe Biden's climate change efforts!
KING JAMES - Tortured and burned, the innocent victims of Scotland's witch-hunt hysteria!
BBC ranked 3rd on a 'global antisemitism top ten' list by major Jewish group! (Ho-ho-ho!)
TV mumbling blamed on directors who think it's 'cool' for actors to slur their words!

Monday 27 December

The master plan behind the Covid crisis!
18 reasons I won't be getting a Covid vaccine!
NY Times editor, 49, dies of a heart attack one day after receiving Moderna 'booster' shot!
4 young footballers (4 different countries) die this week from sudden heart attacks!
Pfizer concedes ‘large increase’ in adverse event reports and even this is under reported!
Unvaxed paramedic get notice to quit - Speaking out now!
It's time Boris trusted our common sense and left us to get on with our lives!
Children with learning disabilities offered 'do not resuscitate' orders during pandemic?
Pfizer CEO responds to Joe Rogan - Albert Bourla and Lex Fridman!
Covid PCR test providers use ‘alphabet hacking’ to rip off travellers!
In 2021, the Tories surrendered the country to the medical-socialist state!
TCW’s Covid Wall of Shame!
Lockdown increased terror threat and rise in risk of young becoming radicalised!
USS Milwaukee stays in port - Sailors get COVID-19 despite being '100% immunised!'
Scumwoman, emboldened by mask propaganda, attacks old man on plane!
Janice Long, BBC DJ and broadcaster dies at 66, 'after a short illness!'
Director Jean-Marc Vallée, 58, 'suddenly passed away!' Family 'shocked!'
Jim Jordan: Biden admin ‘has done everything wrong!’
Crossbow nut threatens to assassinate Queen in revenge for 1919 Amritsar massacre!
At least 18 shot Christmas Eve/Sunday morning in Lightfoot’s Chicago!
'Britain's Most Wanted!' Many aren't British!
Where is Devon schoolgirl, Leona Park, 12?
First 9 months of 2021, Germany saw a 33% increase in number of asylum seekers!
40,000+ illegal immigrants descend on arrive in Spain in 2021!
We’re betraying our Armed Forces’ sacrifices!
CORRUPTION: Austria's ex-Chancellor Kurz lands Silicon Valley job!
Minnesota school board votes unanimously to pay non-white teachers more!
Celebrity doctor, Mehmet Oz, defends trans swimmer: ‘have compassion!’
Stop cancelling dead white men!
Historic London landmarks sold off ‘ridiculously cheap’ to developers!
Signora Gucci, patron saint of gold diggers!
Facebook is the least trusted social media network!
Israel approves plan to double Jewish settlement in Golan!

Sunday 26 December

Gates, Fauci and Daszak charged with genocide in court filing!
Immigration rules reaxed for care-workers to replace sacked vax-hestitant indigenous!
South Africa eases self-isolation rules as Omicron fades!
AUSTRIA: Police/Military among protesters against Covid vax passports!
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi: Organs of dead vaccinated proves auto immune attack!
26-year-old’s death from heart inflammation ‘probably’ caused by Pfizer COVID vax!
Scumwoman, emboldenrd by mask propaganda, attacks old man on plane!
UC has put me on leave after I challenged vaccine mandate in court!
UK to consider imposing new Lockdown rules as early as next week!
Candace Owens excuses Donald Trump's defence of vaccines - 'Too old to use the internet!'
GRAHAM BRADY: Cabinet Ministers lining up against lockdown? Best Christmas present of all!
‘Dodgy data’ used in push for tighter Covid restrictions!
Covid lockdowns plunged 900,000 Britons into poverty?
Patchy Covid data could condemn thousands of Britons to a life of poverty!
HITCHENS: After two years of mass hysteria, are we finally coming to our senses?
Barricaded from Covid reality by government and media!
Dare to dream, and carry the torch for freedom!
Trans paedo (identifies as girl, 5) attends court dressed as an elf!
Traitor Archbishop uses Christmas sermon to lecture us on welcoming boat migrants!
Hate Actually! Snowflakes hit out at 'creepy, fat-shaming' Love Actually!
Cook museum in Whitby put a mask on Captain Cook!
Christians are murdered routinely - Why does the BBC et al so rarely mention this?
Soldiers 'take their own lives within hours of each other' at Salisbury Plain bases!
Girlfriend of NFL Safety, Deshazor Everett, killed when his car hit a tree!

Saturday 25 December

Democrat States enforcing mask mandates, vax requirements, lockdowns, lost population to Republican states that ditched such policies!
Pharmacist acknowledges there is NO 'informed consent' for Covid-19 vaccine!
Nearly $100 billion stolen from COVID-19 relief programs!
OMICRON: Socialist Spanish PM mandates wearing of masks OUTDOORS!
Anti-Covid passport protestors storm grounds of Romanian parliament!
Tougher Covid rules lasting until spring among several proposals drawn up by experts!
New study suggests MRNA vaccines increase probability of infection with Omicron after 90 days!
A year after Brexit trade deal was agreed, relations with EU have rarely been so poor!
Lockdown vested interests hate Omicron good news!
Mark Drakeford's Omicron rules are absurd!
Defeating Covid with vaccines 'impossible' if we all needs 4 doses a year, says top scientist!
Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party is failing, so they are trying to ruin your Christmas!
Just shut up and take the jab!
Croatian footballer Marin Cacic tragically dies aged 23 following collapse in training!
So that's how they made Greta Thunberg!
Boris says getting jabbed for others ‘is the teaching of Jesus Christ’ in Christmas message!
Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party is failing, so they are trying to ruin your Christmas!
Beat your lover, sell crack, shoot a guy dead? Become a Congressman!
Pennsylvania court allows inspection of Dominion voting machines!
‘I can’t support this!’ USA swimming official resigns in protest of trans swimmer!

Friday 24 December

Lancet science paper DESTROYS false COVID narrative! Vaccinated perpetuate the pandemic!
Nearly $100 billion stolen from COVID-19 relief programs!
"The first person to die of Omicron?" ALL LIES!!!
South African Omicron patients 80% less likely to be hospitalised!
STURGEON: Anger boils over at football matches in Scotland over tougher Covid rules!
‘Killing our patients’: Nurse whistleblower exposes hospital failures, side effects of COVID shot
Austrian doctors defy law that criminalises the non-vaccinated!
This narrow obsession with Covid has starved our lives of meaning!
Cowboy Sturgeon sticks to her guns on Covid rules, even as chickens come home to roost!
Fourth Covid vaccinations likely after warnings of waning immunity!
Prof Lockdown's apocalyptic omicron claims undermine vax and fuel unnecessary shutdowns!
1-in-3 Covid patients caught virus in hospital? Making lockdown ‘difficult to justify!’
Fraudsters who claimed £10m in Covid loans while on bail jailed for 33 years!
Don't bow to the high priests of lockdown!
SAGE says Omicron needs to be 90% milder than Delta to avoid major NHS pressure!
Why can't we stay open like England? Sturgeon/Drakeford accused of 'pressing panic button!'
Boris Johnson says getting booster jab will be a 'wonderful gift' to families!
Americans flee left-wing Lockdown states for open, Red states!
Fraudsters who claimed £10m in Covid loans while on bail jailed for 33 years!
OLDHAM: Man with meat cleaver and boy chase father-to-be, 25, and stab him to death!
Hunt for 'knife-wielding' attacker who told Jewish man he wanted to 'kill my first Jew!'
Money launderer on the run after smuggling suitcases stuffed with cash to Dubai!
Romanian cleared over £25m raid faces jail for having £1m counterfeit cash!
London cops to be investigated for failing to investigate government Christmas party!
'Nato can go to hell!' Vladimir Putin says Western encroachment is to blame!
Water firms pump a fifth less cash into sewage works despite leaks and rising bills!
UK to overrule use of ‘Orwellian’ non-crime hate incidents in free speech win!
Father Ted creator says online 'trolls' and 'conmen' used Hate Speech rules to weaponise cops!

Thursday 23 December

Jabs for Life! Tony Blair calls for fourth jab!
Prof Lockdown's 'apocalyptic' Omicron claims have fuelled unnecessary shutdowns!
CNN's medical analyst, Leana Wen, says Biden should 'go further' in restricting unvaxxed!
MSNBC's medical analyst, Vin Gupta, says it's time to place lower priority on unvaxxed!
Biden's dark holiday message of death versus Dr McCullough's uplifting statement to America!
Fauci’s War on Science - The smoking gun!
New Year’s Eve in jeopardy as politicians consider forcing England into 2-week Lockdown!
Jabs 4 Jesus? Refusing vaccination goes against Christianity, says Archbishop!
Britain's out-of-control boffins consider FOURTH Covid vaccination!
WHO tells wealthy nations ‘you can’t boost your way out of the pandemic!’
Soho is now a ghost town! Pub bosses need urgent clarity on Covid! curbs
Mark Drakeford, Wales's tinpot Corbyn, may live to regret fining people for going to the office!
Does anyone care what Archbishop Welby has to say about vaccines?
Germany says a FOURTH Covid shot will be needed to tackle Omicron!
We are heading for a face off between real world data and Sage modelling!
Shameless BBC hosts Big Pharma’s drive to get Africa hooked on Covid vaccine!
Ministers must reject further Covid lockdowns!
UK’s own ‘let's go Brandon’ moment as sports fans turn on Boris!
24 states sue Biden admin over Covid mandates for children!
I don’t hold with curfews, and neither does the virus!
NHS staffing crisis deepens: One in 10 doctors is now off sick!
Covid in hospitals fear! Stroke cases will go untreated if victims delay seeking help!
How quickly have we lost sight of our right to freedom?
Which of the Tories will speak for liberty?
'The NHS is not beyond reproach!'
Mark Drakeford's omicron rules are absurd!
Sturgeon and Drakeford are drunk on power!
Nicola Sturgeon's Brexit gamble has failed. Now she has nowhere to go!
Boris Johnson's ex-lover Jennifer Arcuri suggests Carrie is a 'Satanist!'
President Biden has overseen a calamitous erosion of the West’s influence in 2021!
New videos capture Pennsylvania officials hiding evidence of election fraud!
Truck rams into pedestrians, cars at Dublin airport!
Deputy head guilty of child sexual abuse in ‘one of the worst cases’ ever seen!

Wednesday 22 December

Why would anyone wish to celebrate white erasure?
Lancet science paper DESTROYS the false COVID narrative! The vaccinated are PERPETUATING the pandemic!
TONY BLAIR: "Frankly, if you're not vaccinated at the moment... you're an idiot!"
Vicar's wife speaks out against vaccines and establishment liars!
Gideon van Meijeren catches Mark Rutte in a lie regarding Klaus Schwab and 'The Great Reset!'
The unvaccinated are immoral, says Archbishop of Canterbury!
Omicron continues to fade in South Africa as Covid cases fall for the fourth day in a row!
Il Divo star Carlos Marin was jabbed with Johnson & Johnson vax before dying FROM COVID?
England hospital units may close as staff revolt over jab!
Austria is hiring people to “hunt down vaccine refusers!”
Biden predicts ‘winter of severe illness’ for unvaxxed, ignores science on vaccines/treatments!
We must stop the perpetual spiral of restrictions!
Omicron variant causing milder disease than delta in most Britons!
Welsh face ‘outrageous’ £60 fine for going into the office but they can still go to the pub!
It’s time for humanity to prevail over scientists!
Sorry, Prime Minister. The party’s over!
STURGEON: Anger boils over at football matches in Scotland over tougher Covid rules!
Fauci and Francis Collins worked to smear anti-Lockdown scientists!
Kennedy’s Fauci revelations – Part Two!
Smugsville, an everyday story of vaccinated village folk!
"The quiet onslaught taking place against our liberties!"
British government borrowed £136 billion over fiscal year to November!
"Acts of murder committed by Israeli troops during the War of Independence!"
Capitol cops killed 2 women on 6 January – Did they kill a third after firing on crowd?
33 Congressmen/women on 'advisory board' of outfit partnered with CCP-affiliated think tank!
We’re a Christian country, so naturally the BBC makes a Muslim its religion editor!
28,000 illegals got here by boat in 2021¬
Tucker Carlson: On the “paedo outbreak” at CNN!
Can someone tell the Scottish government that my alcohol problem was not an illness?

Tuesday 21 December

The Covid 2022 battle lines have been drawn! On the side of hysteria and never-ending restrictions: Christopher Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Neil Ferguson, BBC News, Michael Gove, Sajid Javid, Keir Starmer, Sadiq Khan and communists!
Firms risk devastation by 'stealth lockdown' as bars, restaurants, etc. close ahead of Christmas!
Why have 200,000 NHS workers not had Covid jabs?
He's lost the room! Darts fans sing 'Stand up if you hate Boris!'
Football crowd chant, 'Boris Johnson is a c***!'
Tony Blair: Preparation for 4th Covid jabs needed to 'stay ahead of curve!'
As Sajid Javid says the unvaccinated are damaging society, the battle lines have been drawn!
Sunak, Truss and Rees Mogg fight off tougher Christmas restrictions... for now!
We don't need a new lockdown, writes PROFESSOR PHILIP THOMAS!
Omicron death count = 12 - No increase in hospitalisations!
26-year-old’s death from heart inflammation ‘probably’ caused by Pfizer COVID vaccine!
CDC admits knowledge of 8 cases of heart inflammation in 5-to 11-year-olds after Pfizer jab!
CDC/FDA say NO deaths from COVID Vaccines - VAERS data tell a different story!
Half patients in London hospitals 'with Covid' only diagnosed after arrival with another ailment!
LITTLEJOHN: Is dodgy data being used to manipulate us into another Covid lockdown?
Stop tracking and tracing, it's not doing any good, says SA government!
A conspiracy of silence has left us trapped in permanent Covid fear!
We must stop the perpetual spiral of restrictions!
Grieving relatives said final goodbyes over Zoom while no. 10 held ‘cheese and wine’ gathering!
We must stop the perpetual spiral of restrictions!
An interview with Fauci’s nemesis!
Churches should not be shutting their doors at Christmas time!
How the West was lost!
Romario Henry arrested after knifepoint robbery at home of Olympian, Mark Cavendish!
Woke headmistress ditches traditional head boy and head girl titles!
Trans people should be able to self-declare their legal gender, say MPs!
Can someone tell the Scottish government that my alcohol problem was not an illness?
"We were lied to." So why should Blacks trust you now?
Against the modern Judaizers...
Ghislaine Maxwell 'was a sophisticated predator who knew exactly what she was doing!'

Monday 20 December

Brian May, vaxxed twice and boosted, gets 'COVID' and STILL tells us to get vaxxed!
NELSON: I tackled a Sage Covid modeller on Twitter and it was quite the revelation!
JAVID: Unvaxed ‘must really think about the damage they are doing to society!’
Former Prime Minister of Slovakia arrested on live TV for backing COVID protest!
Number of London NHS staff off sick doubles in a week!
Lord Frost: Britain needs low taxes and no vaccine passports!
Brexit Minister Frost resigns over Boris Johnson’s tax hikes, Lockdown lunacy!
Minister threatens to quit, letters of no-confidence if new Christmas crackdown introduced!
Il Divo star Carlos Marin, 53, dies of COVID, despite being vaccinated!
Omicron: Four most 'commonly reported' symptoms after two shots of a vaccine!
I won't cancel Christmas! We are done with people telling us what to do in our own homes!
Piers Corbyn arrested after calling for the offices of pro-lockdown politicians to be burned down!
Why so many have willingly been hypnotised!
How to create a Pariah!
ISIS Bride enjoys media spotlight after serving less than half her six-year sentence!
USA: Jacqueline Avant, 81, friend to stars/ex-Presidents, murdered by savage in own home!
'They were my life... my world,' says Deveca Rose, aftre leaving them home alone!
Why was Prince Andrew accuser not called in trial of Ghislaine Maxwell?
Italian island sees 500 illegal immigrants land in 48 hours!
UK surrenders Brexit red line, will allow EU Court final say in Northern Ireland!
Newly-ordained Lutheran pastor hosts DRAG Bible study class for kids at woke Chicago church!
Swim girls lose out in the transgender trap!

Sunday 19 December

16,000 physicians and scientists agree kids shouldn’t get COVID vaccine!
Top SAGE scientist admits they provide government with the stats it wants!
Omicron wave driven by 'young, healthy, vaccinated' population!
Spanish basketball player, Oscar Cabrera, collapses on court! (Vaccine?)
SAGE seeks 'immediate' curtailment of indoor mixing, putting Christmas gatherings at risk!
Lord Frost quits Cabinet as Boris considers Christmas Covid lockdown!
Lord Frost is a genuine patriot. His departure will be a grievous blow!
Boris government proposes two-week ‘circuit breaker’ Lockdown!
We know that Lockdown is a social and economic disaster - Don't do it again, Boris!
Boris promised 'irreversible unlocking,' so Plan B was the final straw for Frost!
BMJ condemns Facebook over inaccurate, incompetent, irresponsible fact-check censorship!
Trump says Fauci never told him he was funding a virology lab in Wuhan!
Kamala Harris: “We didn’t see Delta coming… We didn’t see Omicron coming!”
Boris aide says he should replace Chief of Staff, Dan Rosenfield!
Cops injured during 'scuffles' at huge anti-vaccine protest in London!
5,000 cancers a month may be missed as GPs axe routine checks in booster drive!
Instagram bars Robert F. Kennedy Jr! Vaccine 'misinformation' or plain truth?
‘General Hospital’ star sues ABC after being fired for not getting COVID vaccine!
Brendan Cole branded ‘selfish’ after condemning COVID Lockdown/vaccines in Instagram post!
'New normal' is already here, get used to it, says Economist! (21% owned by Rothschilds)
Monsanto to plead guilty to 30 environmental crimes, pay $12 million fine!
Popular UK painkiller can cause liver and kidney damage
HITCHENS: My nightmare before Christmas? TONY BLAIR RETURNS!
Ghislaine Maxwell to start 'naming names' if she's found guilty of child sex trafficking?
Transgender group says Doctors should give kids sex-change drugs if they think they're trans!
Father Ted's creator says trans zealots are forcing him out of stage version of his own show!
Parents erupt at California school board meeting over ‘coaching’ of students into LGBTQ club!
Black Lives Matter statue-toppling an ‘act of love’, court told!
Denmark to send hundreds of foreign criminals to prison in Kosovo!
Muslim convert plotted to behead soldier - Then, in jail, he stabbed prison gurad!
Illegal immigrant shot at French police trying to stopped a brawl!
Belgian Prosecutor wants at 15+ years for people-trafficker connected to 39 deaths!
Farage predicts ‘doom’ for Boris as ‘hundreds’ more illegals land!
Is Afghan soccer squad all it seems? Real players left behind to make way for top players' pals!
Meghan staged new paparazzi pictures? Surely not!

Saturday 18 December

“Only 1.7% of identified Covid-19 cases were admitted to hospital in the second week of infections in the fourth wave, compared with 19% in the same week of the third delta-driven wave!”
Matt Le Tissier wants sportsmen/athletes collapsing with sudden heart problems investigated!
USA: 20,244 deaths, 155,506 serious injuries reported to VAERS following COVID vax!
SAGE says UK needs a two-week lockdown and ban on household mixing!
Paul Thacker wins top award for exposing veiled interests of ‘expert’ COVID policy advisors!
Did Boris Johnson attend a Lockdown-breaking Pizza party in May 2020?
Seven times Boris government promised a route back to normality since March 2020!
Simon Case steps down from Partygate probe! Lockdown-busting bashes in his OWN office!
Dutch royal family held Lockdown-breaking birthday bash!
Modelling behind Sajid Javid’s claim of 200,000 daily omicron infections ‘no longer valid!’
Omicron and Boosters: Doctors McCullough and Bhattacharya talk with Sean Spicer!
New Zealand kept in the dark about vaccine safety fears!
Child-Saving Doctor Targeted: Medical establishment aims to destroy dissident MD!
Gates/Fauci: Formidable pair wield great power over US public/global health/food policies!
CDC endorses Pfizer, Moderna vax over J&J, citing blood clots! (All 3 similarly risky)
A climate of dread around Covid deliberately manufactured by scientists and my fellow medics!
Prof 'Lockdown' Ferguson warns of 5,000 Omicron dead daily unless tighter restrictions return!
Boeing backs down, drops vaccine mandate for US employees!
Piers Morgan turns to meds to help fight long Covid 5 months after testing positive!
SWEDEN: Cancel Christmas if you get Coronavirus symptoms - Even if you're fully vaxxed!
Sajid Javid and ministers risk wrath of lockdown sceptics as they heap praise on Chris Whitty!
They may not realise it, but the lockdown sceptics have won the Omicron war!
With days to go before Christmas, Denmark shuts down public places, citing virus!
BoJo's bid to move on from by-election rout derailed by fresh leaks!
Apathy, anger and a PM ‘losing his grip!’
Business and health leaders urge Government to stop regulations paralysing the economy!
HUMPHRYS: Only 5% believe our leaders act in Britain's best interests!
The BBC is wilfully ignorant about Tory Britain!
The bloated public sector is stifling any chance of a strong recovery!
Rejected by Remainer publishers, will the Brexit Spartans soon be heading to Hollywood?
Contempt is a word inadequate to describe Archbishop Justin Welby!
Nizamodeen Hosein kidnapped and murdered Muriel Mackay 51 years ago!
Brexit Britain signs trade deal with Australia, righting ‘historic wrong!’
FIRE DEAD! Left alone the week before Christmas by NHS carer, Deveca Rose?
Channel migrant THEY beckoned in and put up in Ibis hotel, raped and murdered Vienna girl, 13?
Sir Richard Sutton's killer found guilty of murder after 'biting the hand that fed him!'
Now France vows to sue Britain over fishing licences!
Why is the Left suddenly worried about the end of democracy?
Katie Price funded 6 holidays and £15,000 cosmetic surgery when she's bankrupt/owes £3.2m?

Friday 17 December

Oh, look! Another young, fit sporting hero dies 'suddenly!'
Taniela Moa dead at 36: Tonga rugby World Cup star passes away suddenly!
North Shropshire by-election - Humiliation for Boris as Tories lose to Lib Dems!
Boris Johnson’s embrace of the Big Brother state goes well beyond Covid!
Boris accused of attending ANOTHER lockdown party!
When WILL they tell us truth about Britain's only Omicron death?
Boosters may only give 'slight protection' against Omicron!
‘Many lives are being destroyed’ by Government’s failure to recognise natural immunity!
Omicron isolation is on course to paralyse Britain!
Shock rise in vaccine injury to the young!
Devastating toll of Covid scare tactics!
Is the extraterrestrial Chris Whitty writing his own policy on omicron?
Chris Whitty is ‘running the show’ on Covid policy, complain Tory MPs!
Call yourself a scientist, Vallance?
Give us a vote on Net Zero before the lights go out!
774, or MAYBE 11? Another Minister can’t remember number of Omicron cases in UK hospitals!
Is the extraterrestrial Chris Whitty writing his own policy on omicron?
Does the NHS want lockdowns as an anti-Tory weapon?
More than 40% of EFL players are NOT double jabbed despite Covid cases rocketing!
LITTLEJOHN: I Can't Believe It's Not Lockdown!
CANADA: Doctor offered own daughter $5K not to get vaccinated - She didn't listen!
Who will stop our hospitality industry bleeding to death?
New Zealand’s blind rush to roll out flawed vaccine!
Christmas cancelled in the Netherlands! PM tells public not to cuddle grandkids!
Piers Morgan turns to meds to help fight long Covid 5 months after testing positive!
Ghislaine Maxwell: In a bizarre procession of witnesses, no supporter could offer an alibi!

Thursday 16 December

Tucker Carlson speaks with Scott Atlas, advisor on Trump's COVID task force!
Project Fear: Number of UK Omicron hospitalised revised from 250 to 10!
MSM thugs ramp up war on vaccine ‘refuseniks!’
Shock rise in vaccine injury to the young!
The Left’s vaccine hypocrisy!
Senate psses legislation to prevent dishonorable discharges for unvaccinated servicemembers!
Boris reaches for WW2 imagery to push Covid booster campaign - AGAIN!
The horrifying vaccine damage testimonies of Australia’s silenced nurses!
The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage Covid vaccines can do!
Boris Johnson: Vaccinate your children over the holidays to keep schools open!
NHS urged to STOP counting thousands of Covid 'patients' being treated for other illnesses!
Dr. Chris Smith: Is omicron becoming the common cold?
We're almost certainly overreacting to the omicron variant!
'I've never been more concerned about the pandemic than I am tonight,' says WHO whore!
Time to bring this madness to an end!
The government is becoming U.K. news publishers’ most important client!
Personal gas chambers – Assisted dying the easy way?
Surrender to political correctness cost this little girl her life!
Star Hobson's Gipsy murderer laughs in court as she is handed life sentence!
The Civil Service’s sabotage of Brexit marches on!
Is criticising Joe Biden a danger to democracy?
Woke Salvation Army goes broke!
PIERS MORGAN: Ben Affleck is a narcissistic deadbeat douchebag!
Police to appeal Katie Price's suspended sentence! Drove while high, drunk, banned - NO JAIL!

Wednesday 15 December

McCullough: "Early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive, suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death!"
Democracy is dead in the UK – And everywhere!
Last year, in the middle of Lockdown, top Tories had a 'raucous' Xmas party!
Tory rebels crushed by combined weight of government and opposition in UK Lockdown vote!
Sajid Javid says double-vaccination doesn't count! Get boosted or NO VAX PASS!
Covid rebels deal hammer blow to Boris Johnson's authority!
Thank God some MPs are prepared to take arms against pseudo-scientific scaremongering!
Top Tory quits over 'rule-breaking' Christmas party scandal!
Tory MPs sick and tired of being undermined by No. 10 behaviour!
How lockdown helped a lesbian murder baby Star, despite family’s warnings!
New furlough calls only reinforce the sense of blind panic!
FARAGE: Conservative MPs ‘must rebel’ against ‘dangerous’ Covid passes!
Senior Cardinal says the elites are ushering in 'total control surveillance state' through COVID!
Aussie PM, Scott Morrison, compares vaccinated to sheep!
The shocking death toll from Omicron is… NIL!
This retired PC standing up to the vaccine fanatics is a hero!
The Tory grassroots will never forgive Boris!
To break the tyranny and restore freedom, vote Reclaim tomorrow!
Europe begins vaccine drive for children as young as five!
Curbs could be over by January said The Saj. What year, hollered the furious!
Experts accuse Sajid Javid and health officials of blatant scare-mongering!
Omicron and Delta may COMBINE to create even worse variant, SAYS MODERNA BOSS!
Too late we see liberty lost: Our shackles are already forged!
Star Hobson's grandfather killed himself as daughter awaited trial over one-year-old's death!
Star Hobson was killed by PC! Murderer said she was a victim of gipsy/homophobia!
MORE tragic children victims of social work and medical blunders!
FIVE doctors admit they failed baby, Ella-Rose Clover!
CNN Fires Cuomo Producer Charged With Luring Minors For Sex!
Tucker says ‘everyone knows’ Mitch McConnell is an ‘instrument of the Left’
Tories to fix human rights law after murderer/paedos dodge deportation? (Chance be a fine thing)
BBC's younger journalists 'do not understand impartiality!'
Britain doesn't need a foreign court to uphold its ancient liberties!
Why Jordan Peterson loves Great Britain
J.K. Rowling labelled a witch for challenging trans dogma!

Tuesday 14 December

DAVID MARTIN: The TRUTH About COVID + HIV and the Action We Must Take!
Did Britain's 'first Omicron death' die FROM the Covid variant or WITH it? Professor slams government's 'lack of transparency' and says No. 10 is causing 'unnecessary alarm!'
Rand Paul: Vaccine zealots “won’t be until they get your newborn!”
Horror in France as vaccine mandate riot sees protesters beaten by armed police!
Dr Coetzee says: 'I alerted wider world to Omicron and I believe Britain is overreacting!'
Why sacrifice our freedoms for a 2-jab vax passport when even boffins admit 2 jabs don't work?
Japanese Experts: Vaccines pose 7 times higher death risk than Covid for young people!
The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage Covid vaccines can do!
Horror in France as vaccine mandate riot sees protesters beaten by armed police!
Vaccine injured!
Chants of "arrest Boris Johnson" as protesters gathered outside parliament!
Harvard epidemiologist says the case for COVID vaccine passports has been demolished!
No face-to-face appointments with GP until New Year as doctors are told to focus on jabs!
China is creating “humanised pigs” for Covid research!
Sajid Javid says double-vaxxed won't be entitled to Covid passes if they don't get boostered!
Chants of "arrest Boris Johnson" as protesters gathered outside parliament!
Hospitalisations, mortality cut in half after Brazilian city gave Ivermectin to all pre-vaccine!
Tory MP accuses government of creating ‘miserable dystopia’, slams Labour for backing BoJo!
As MPs are spooked by omicron, Boris Johnson is social distancing... from democracy!
Boris Johnson’s booster challenge ignores the real state of the NHS!
Surgeries and medical appointments postponed for BoJo booster drive!
Vaccine passports 'not particularly intrusive', says Dominic Raab!
Lockdown is coming, and the surging costs now threaten to overwhelm us!
Omicron wave driven by 'young, healthy, vaccinated' population!
South Africa’s omicron Covid outbreaks may already be running out of steam!
An unvaccinated nurse is better than no nurse at all
The prospect of more closures leaves parents/children exasperated by the overreaction!
Nearly two years into this pandemic, the economy is still an after-thought!
Jim and Kate – An NHS horror story!
Toleration withers on the Vine show!
How do you solve a problem like Johnson?
El Salvador’s President accuses Biden admin of corruption!
The ‘third worldisation’ of the West!
DeSantis seeks $8M to bus illegals out of Florida to Biden/Obama back yard!
Families whose relatives were killed by illegals say: We need Governors to stop the invasion!
Top Cops consider declaring their own forces ‘institutionally racist!’
Manchester bomber once punched female student in row about her wearing short skirt!
'Men' and 'women' removed from education curriculum in Wales! Woke Labour 'erasing sex!'
Ghislaine Maxwell's 'Little Black Book' will not be made public!
"BBC news website (said) racial slurs against Muslims (by Jews)... heard from inside the bus!"
Not even our advent calendars can escape the tyranny of the woke!

Monday 13 December

Stop nannying us over Covid! The people know what’s best, NOT YOU!
Top Tories flouted the rules as new restrictions were imposed in London!
Doomsters’ prediction of 75,000 Omicron deaths by May questioned by experts!
UK records first Omicron death, Boris Johnson confirms!
Doctor warns stillbirths are rampant among fully vaccinated mothers!
Dr Coetzee on OMICRON: "After 4 weeks... we say to you, it's mild disease!"
Veiled Threat? Boris instructs us to get booster jab to save ‘freedoms and way of life!’
NHS staff ready to give Covid vaccines to children as young as five!
FORBES: By The Numbers: Who’s refusing Covid vaccinations!
VIENNA: ‘NO to Vaccine Fascism!’ Tens of thousands protest Lockdowns/Covid vax mandates!
The most detailed evidence yet of the devastating damage Covid vaccines can do!
Hospitals are making up their own inhumane rules on visiting!
TORY: BoJo must go if he misled Parliament, no evidence vax passports work!
Make no mistake, we are living in a lockdown!
We must take control of our lives and resist the Government’s restrictions!
Twenty-year genetic trail behind Covid’s creation!
A desperate cry for help from Austria!
Hillary Clinton: If Trump wins in 2024, it ‘could be the end of our democracy!’
EU agrees to import 38,000+ Afghans, over half to Germany!
Orbán accuses West of experimentation! Mixing huge masses of Muslims with native Christians!
Cop cameras that recognise your face in the street are a sinister step to an Orwellian future!
Jailed 'for life' but freed to kill again! 129 ‘double-lifers’ in just 10 years!
1991 - PC Jim Morrison murdered by 'north African!' Appeal over officer's London killing!
Tyrone Williamson stabbed to death in Bolton!
Abdul Elahi blackmailed 2,000 victims into paedo activity, self-harm!
Italian petition calls for women-only train cars after brutal rape!
SWEDEN: Gang-related shooting leaves 12-year-old girl dead!
Spanish populist leader meets Bolsonaro to promote transatlantic anti-Communist front!
Macron wants a fishing licence to commit environmental vandalism!
French fishermen plan to ruin Christmas for millions of Britons with blockade!
Get ready for more blockades, warn militant French fishing barons! Vow to disrupt Channel trade!
'Biden gave out way too much free money and nobody wants to work anymore!'
Factory behind Cathedral City Cheddar admit 21 pollution incidents/permit breaches since 2016!

Sunday 12 December

Neil Oliver: Governments = hundreds - We = millions! They are few and we are many!
GRAHAM BRADY, MP: We must end this disastrous assault on liberty!
STEVE BAKER, MP: Boris's overreaction to omicron is squandering goodwill and trust of voters!
Boris Johnson HOSTED Downing Street Christmas quiz last year!
How many people are the vaccines killing?
Vaccine holdouts in U.S. military approach 40,000 even as omicron variant fuels call for boosters!
It’s lies upon lies! These tyrannical measures are nonsensical, we’re Not in a pandemic anymore!
Boris faces Cabinet revolt over Covid rules!
Chris Whitty's School of Tropical Medicine says we may suffer 75,000 Omicron dead in 5 months!
South African scientists share 'positive' news Omicron isn’t causing spike in deaths!
Pennsylvania Supreme Court says acting Health Secretary has no authority to issue a mask mandate for schools/childcare centers!
Life as an anti-vaxxer
Giuliani: Esteemed doctor tells the TRUTH about the science surrounding COVID!
Britain must not fail its children again!
According to UN, this is Guardian for International Peace and Security! (Beast - Revelation)
New York used federal Coronavirus relief funds to advance critical race theory indoctrination!
For all the lessons that should've been learnt, Covid strategy = Russian roulette!
The return of ‘shirking from home!’
Gove leads push for Covid Plan C including 'pub passports!'
Tenfold increase in patients waiting over eight hours to be transferred from ambulance to A&E!
So Matt Hancock is dyslexic? Who knew?
British politics has turned into a toxic spectator sport with no winners!
How Boris’s early promise gave way to chaos and confusion!
Anti-mass migration activist claims migrant sexually assaulted her in her home!
Boris goverment promises to fortify border - UKRAINE'S BORDER!!!
How did universities become so toxic?
A generation is puzzled by the idea that anyone has the right to say things they don't agree with!
Top academics at Durham University accused of stoking up left-wing student mob!
BBC's Martin Bashir finally confesses to taking the clothes of murdered Karen, 9
Watchdog 'dragging its feet' over publication of report into the children's charity Kids Company!
Ghislaine Maxwell 'believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered!'
'Jeffrey Epstein was the monster but Ghislaine Maxwell spun the spider's web around him!'
CNN Producer arrested, accused of sexual abuse of underage girls!
Bearded 6ft reporter identifies as a woman and Selfridges, Matalan, Uniqlo etc. let him use female changing rooms!
James Bond could identify as 'non-binary' in future, says 007's producer!
Julian Assange has a stroke in Belmarsh prison!

Saturday 11 December

In 1998, trillions of dollars started to get sucked out of the US government. It was 'a coup d’etat by financial means!' The government was stealing everybody’s retirement!
21 months ago - Fauci to Zuckerberg: 'This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety, actually made people worse!'
Treasury staff held a boozy party to celebrate Rishi Sunak's spending review during lockdown!
Despite Omicron infectiousness, not one of 1,265 cases in UK has gone to hospital or died!
CDC announces 79% of all US Omicron cases have occurred in vaccinated individuals!
CDC pushes 3rd shot for teens, as deaths reported to VAERS after vaccines nears 20,000!
Voters won’t forgive calamitous new curbs!
Irony of Rod Liddle speech on tolerance that sparked a firestorm of intolerance!
Almost 9,300 more people than usual have died from conditions unrelated to COVID since July!
Mask mandate in England has been massively expanded today!
Move towards mandatory vax would create ‘subclass of people’, warns Big Brother Watch!
Lockdowns mean lost jobs, domestic abuse, neglected illnesses and mental damage!
Dad who 'felt cold' died after 'very rare' reaction to Covid jab, inquest hears!
Voters won’t forgive calamitous new curbs!
NY Judge aides against scientist father, rules 11-year-old daughter must get vaxxed!
Pfizer CEO declares FOURTH COVID shot needed “sooner than expected!”
This hypocritical Government has lost the moral authority to impose lockdown!
Johnson’s phoney war on drugs!
BoJo’s ex-chief advisor says his Liberal wife wants to ‘control the country via him!’
Former Tory minister Andrew Griffiths repeatedly raped and physically abused wife who succeeded him as MP
Politicians? They’re unbelievable!
Wisconsin election investigation finds more illegal votes cast than Biden’s margin of victory!
Irony of Rod Liddle speech on tolerance that sparked a firestorm of intolerance!
Around the world in wokey ways!
Smollett story an example of ‘fake news’ attempts to villainise MAGA country!
Former Tory minister Andrew Griffiths repeatedly raped and physically abused wife who succeeded him as MP!
KENSINGTON: Abdul Awil held girlfriend prisoner for 4 days as he beat, starved and raped her!
‘F*** your mothers, racist f***s!’ – Migrants recorded attacking Polish border guards!
BBC’s ‘100 women 2021’ includes transgender individuals!
Work-shy Britain only cares about ‘me, me, me!’
Thugs 2 - Woke Police 0 (match abandoned)!!!

Friday 10 December

Indian scholar, Vandana Shiva, says the Great Reset is a “project of extermination!”
One million Britons sign up to Christmas rave at Downing Street!
Deliberate stirring up of hatred towards the ‘unvaccinated’ across mainstream media outlets!
Not only do sheep comply with restrictions, many are comfortable with suppression of liberty!
Vax refuseniks must be punished! Why shouldn't elite types like Andrew Neil curb our freedoms?
Now SAGE expert calls for kids as young as 5 to be jabbed to fight off Omicron!
Vaccines are sabotaging immune system! Shingles may hold some answers!
Denver Broncos and NFL mourn the SUDDEN DEATH of Pro Bowl wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas, 33!
COVID Vaccines: What’s really in them?
Sep 2021: Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson asked crowd to cheer for Pfizer/Moderna/AstraZeneca!
Lords lash ‘incoherent’ drive to force jabs on NHS workers!
Moderna/Pfizer vaccines only 75% effective at preventing hospitalisation after 120 days!
Only a fraction of the population are susceptible to each variant!
Reasons given by the Met for dropping the probe into no. 10's COVID party don't stack up!
LITTLEJOHN: It's my party and I'll lie if I want to!
Lockdown – the Big Lie that will never end!
Boris encouraged Tory activists to ‘exchange bodily fluids’ just two months ago!
Twitter Purge almost exclusively targeted at young, White, Christian men!
Project Veritas scores big legal win in Biden diary case!
Ex-MI6 chief says UK science compromised by 'malign Chinese Communist influence!'
Craig Tamanaha set fire to Fox News Christmas tree! Released without bail!
CIA’s extraordinary role influencing liberal media outlets: Kos, Beast, Rolling Stone!
The climate scaremongers: BBC’s fake hurricane report!
£100 jab bribe that breaks the Nuremberg Code!
Jussie Smollett convicted despite the best efforts of former Michelle Obama aide!
Hollywood celebs who backed Jussie Smollett silent after guilty verdict!
NAACP blamed Donald Trump for fake hate crime against Jussie Smollett!
Biden, Kamala Harris, Democrat politicians rushed to defend guilty Jussie Smollett’s hoax!
Boris’s standards adviser on brink of quitting after PM allegedly misled him over refurbishment!
The young are rebelling against the cruelty of cancel culture!
Everyone except the Government is getting better at protecting us from scams!
The Left has destroyed Paris! Mayor Anne Hidalgo made it unsafe, ugly and dirty!
BBC paid £52,000 to two gangsters who went on to torture drug dealer to death!

Thursday 9 December

We're hurtling towards a Totalitarian Technocracy!
I don't trust the ‘Downing Street Christmas Party’ story!
Tories admit 'raucous' second party at Conservative HQ!
Were there SIX parties in Downing Street and Whitehall?
COVID-1984: Boris locking down Britain before Christmas… AGAIN!
Don’t go to work, but do go to parties, says Boris!
Plan 'Beached Whale' in full swing as Boris attempts mother of all diversionary tactics!
PM imposes plan B with working from home and vaccine passports!
If THEY don’t believe in their own Covid rules, treat them with the contempt they deserve!
'And I will tell 500 lies!' Twitter erupts with fury/mocking memes after Boris introduces Plan B!
The vaccine passport psychos must be defeated!
Devon dad and footballer died 11 days after AstraZeneca jab!
FDA now needs 75 years to fully release Pfizer Covid vaccine data!
Would we rise up against another lockdown?
End this dismal cycle of restrictions!
Farage slams Boris for calls to have ‘national conversation’ on mandatory vaccination!
Boris on the ropes!
Boris Johnson told he ‘should resign’ if he misled Parliament!
Boris can say what he likes, but trust in the Government may be damaged beyond repair!
'The nation's social contract with the government has been broken!'
Explosion in new heart conditions explained as “post pandemic stress disorder!”
Pfizer, Big Pharma ramp up lobbying to sink law aimed at protecting whistleblowers!
Mass vaccination was supposed to restore ‘normalcy.’ So why are excess deaths on the rise?
Three cheers for Dr Sam – and a judge who backs free speech!
Hunted and hounded – Australia’s dissenting doctors!
Covid vaccine is poison, says Dr Peter McCullough!
Covid has been horrible for me. Do I regret being unjabbed? Not for a second!
Finland: Millennial PM goes clubbing without official phone - Misses quarantine call!
Are you obedient?
Thousands of right wing users banned from Twitter, after Parag Agrawal’s CEO appointment!
Mark Meadows sues Nancy Pelosi and every member of January 6 Committee!
How Britcoin threatens our personal freedoms!
Conservatives flex muscles to kill woke provisions from defense bill!
Ukrainian soldiers dismiss Russia invasion threat: ‘There are a lot of lies!’
Paedos at Balmoral! Epstein and Maxwell pictured at Queen’s log cabin!
In Sturgeon's Scotland, anyone who rubs shoulders with the Tories must be punished!
Banning BAME from the BBC is really only a partial victory!
Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein lounge in Queen's log cabin at Balmoral!
Paedo who fantasised about under-5s jailed after filming himself have sex with a dog!
Cops could get personal fines for failing victims of crime?
Mother-of-one, 21, forced to dig her own grave before she was murdered on a Brazilian beach!

Wednesday 8 December

Africa has 17.46% of world’s population, but only 3% of world’s COVID deaths!
‘Government doesn’t want to show the vaccine is full of sh*t!’
USA: Mollie Paige Mumau, a teacher and board member of NEA, posted a Facebook message denouncing the unvaccinated and saying they deserve to die!
Teacher Union Official's FB post says people with religious vax exemptions deserve to die!
Police probe leaked video of Downing Street staff joking about lockdown Christmas party!
Gavin Williamson had dozens over for drinks, canapes when London was in Tier 2!
Even Ant and Dec mock Boris over No. 10 Christmas party cover-up!
8 top Pfizer, Moderna shareholders $10 billion richer after media hypes Omicron fears!
Covid booster vaccines needed 'for a number of years to come', SAYS TOP PFIZER BOSS!
Media are gagging challenges to the Government’s Covid narrative!
SNP's John Swinney says we should test for the COVID every time we leave the house!
MP slams ‘crazed scientists’ who have ‘socialist wet dream’ of locking down Britons again!
UK faces up to 300,000 new heart condition cases due to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder!’
Top British scientists linked to Covid lab ‘cover-up!’
A new TV channel for Covid truth-tellers!
552 fully vaccinated Oregon residents died of COVID!
MAY 2021: New York undercover nurse confirms COVID-19 criminal hoax!
If Omicron, with its mild symptoms, becomes the dominant strain, life can return to normal!
Don't listen to the drumbeat of doom!
Hypocrisy of BoJo’s Hunger Games cokeheads!
Big Oil raked in $174 billion in profits this year!
Javid’s children – out of shape and out of their poor minds!
Pollak: Putin didn’t dare invade Ukraine when ‘puppet’ Trump was President!
Carlson: Peaceful assembly suddenly a crime depending upon who you voted for!
Arthur’s tragic tale shows how lockdown became an abusers’ charter!
Bureaucratic Britain has become addicted to permanent failure!
This Government is failing the victims of modern slavery!
BBC bans ‘Bame’ as report reveals ‘white nervousness’ when talking about race!
BBC includes trans women among list of 100 'most inspiring and influential' women of 2021!
Parents' backlash is set to put brakes on new gender law!
We need legal 'protection' to express heartfelt views that are shared by the vast majority?
25-year-old Kabul airlift whistleblower delivered devastating indictment of entitled civil service!
Foreign Office head paid £185,000 a year stayed on holiday for 11 days while Kabul fell!
Scotland's war on drugs goes WOKE as it seeks to BAN words like addict, alcoholic, junkie!
Left-wing student leader behind Durham Uni protests wants to 'deconstruct toxicity' on campus!
Intimate photos reveal Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were 'partners in crime!'
'Ghislaine felt my boobs and said I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends!'
Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein WILL face 11 sexual assault charges in Los Angeles!
Alan Yentob's chummy chat with Mel Brooks via the 'British Backscratching Corporation!'
Paris: Christmas market set up for black merchants only!
Alec Baldwin deletes Twitter account days after name shows up in Epstein’s ‘little black book!’
Bullsh*t Baldwin storms angrily toward reporter who questioned him!
Sam Smith's pal, Shahmir Sanni, filmed telling fan to 'shut the f**k up, you dumb b***h!'

Tuesday 7 December

'You can't keep stopping & starting economy every time there's a new variant!' May blasts Boris!
End in sight? Light at end of pandemic tunnel as Europe's biggest Omicron outbreak is MILD!
7-year-old child suffers stroke and brain haemorrhage week afterPfizer shot!
VIETNAM: 120 teens hospitalized, 3 dead following Pfizer vaccine rollout for 15-to 17-Year-olds!
‘Damning’ Ivermectin tape exposes rressure by Big Pharma to suppress Ivermectin!
Pfizer, Moderna vax dramatically increase heart attack risk, renowned cardiologist warns!
Mother and 3-year-old daughter given COVID vaccines instead of flu shots!
People across world protest undemocratic restrictions imposed on Australians!
March 2020: Liberty shackled and uture blighted: RIP Europe, 312 – 2020!
Why have we doctors been silent?
Evidence that torpedoes Javid’s ‘jab them all’ crusade!
Italy bans unvaccinated from public life with ‘super green pass!’
Senior Tory MP accuses own Government of ‘waging’ Coronavirus ‘propaganda war!’
Punishing the unvaccinated would be both immoral and unjustified!
Nonsensical Covid rules are making a return!
100,000 'ghost children' at risk of abuse after failing to return to school following Lockdown!
Pope Francis Slams E.U. Attempt to Cancel Christmas!
Our top 25 blogs and our fight for truth!
'Sudden death' of footballer/fashion designer, Marvin Morgan!
Dispatches from the British civil war, 2021!
Paul Weston on the crooked, proto-fascist EU President Ursula von der Leyen!
CNN is a predator-protecting-machine, rife with perverts!
Kamala Harris is a ‘bully’ who delivers ‘constant soul-destroying criticism’, say ex-staff!
Transgender critics will be protected by new free speech laws!
Overweight detective who took 76 sick days a year wins payout for hurt feelings!
Professor who called students pathetic over woke, Rod Liddle walkout, barred, investigated!
Transgender swimmer smashes US women's records! Finishes a race 38 seconds ahead of rival!
Free speech fears over hate crime crackdown!
Lefty academic slams kids' classics by Dr Seuss and Disney as 'sexist stereotypes!'
Whistleblower lays bare shocking Foreign Office failures in fall of Kabul!
Sajid Javid ducks Commons questions in deepening Downing Street Christmas party row!
Elon Musk mislead buyers, undermined safety with Autopilot system blamed for fatal crashes?
I don’t need an inquiry to tell me Arthur could have been saved!
KATE: 'Ghislaine told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job!'
Epstein wired $30.7M to Ghislaine Maxwell over a period of eight years!
Jussie Smollett did drugs and masturbated at bathhouse with one a Nigerian who beat him up!

Monday 6 September

D-Day-size invasion force lining up, officials warn major European war only months away!
BBC invests £150million+ in Chinese companies with links to appalling human rights violations!
Speaker asks police to investigate ‘rife cocaine use’ in Westminster!
How care-crisis homes made Saudis millions!
Forced to get vaxed to stay on lung transplant list, COVID survivor, 49, dies after 2nd Moderna shot!
Gilead recalls 55,000 vials of Remdesvir due to glass contamination!
Fauci, Gates and Big Pharma – The terrible betrayal of the public health!
Fauci admits Omicron may be LESS dangerous than Delta variant!
The public has turned against the excesses of the lockdown fanatics!
Next pandemic could be more lethal than Covid says VACCINE INVENTOR, Sarah Gilbert!
Keep fears over this variant in perspective
Pointless over-reaction to Omicron variant is a hammer blow to travel industry!
Boris reported to Police for allegedly breaking COVID rules!
MASK: Ms Hyde – a few boats short of a Marina!
Net Zero: ‘A crash course of wishful thinking!’
If you say you’re mask-exempt, you are!
Lesley Manville: 'The last six months of Mum’s life were the worst!'
Keep fears over this variant in perspective!
Physician, heal thyself!
A crackdown on government profligacy is urgently needed!
The Swiss need the spirit of William Tell!
Why won’t we deal with this child abuse, rape and trafficking?
Now teachers 'may face court' under new gender laws if they tell children they cannot use opposite sex toilets!
Drug trade run by dangerous people whose evil has no limits!
Shameless Luton drug dealer, Mansoor Kiani, jailed for 15 years!
NEW YORK: Vincent Pinkney charged with murder, attempted murder!
By attempting to punish Britain for Brexit, Irish nationalists are forgetting their own history!
GERMANY: ‘Allahu Akbar’ knifeman threatened to slaughter children!
USA: 60 Police Officers shot, killed this year as ambush attacks skyrocket!
Ocasio-Cortez blasted for dismissing ‘organised retail theft’ crimewave!
Secret video exposes CNN! Producers, staff make admission about Cuomo coverage!
Biden’s refugee camp ‘larger than half the towns in New Jersey!’
Italian Prime Minister - Migrant landings 6 times higher than 2019!
Freedom of info request confirms Home Office is useless!
FRANCE: Female cops attacked by Senegalese migrant armed with a sword!
Government staff taught ‘gender isn’t binary’ using woke ‘genderbread person’ diagram!
Content note: This article mocks Cambridge University wokery!
John Bercow is still spouting his pompous bile!
Documentary that saw Amol Rajan apologise for 'rude and immature' attacks on Royals!
Dave Lammy, Starmer's would-be Foreign Secretary! 2003 Rose Revolution took place in Yugoslavia? Marie Antoinette won the Nobel Prize? Henry VII succeeded Henry VIII?

Sunday 5 December

Resistance is growing! Belgian court rules COVID pass illegal in Wallonia!
European Database: 31,014 Deaths 2,890,600 Injuries Following COVID Shots
Spike protein increases heart attacks and destroys immune system!
PFIZER COVID-19 VACCINE: Short term efficacy and safety data!
VIETNAM: 3 children dead, 120 hospitalised — Pfizer vaccine batch suspended!
ISRAEL: Triple vaxed Doctor gets Omicron and passes it on to another person!
Dr Sam White versus the NHS!
‘Wall of secrecy’ in Pfizer contracts as company accused of profiteering!
COVID mRNA shots are a ‘technology designed to poison people,’ says Canadian doctor!
More evidence that the Covid conspiracy theory is a fact!
The AstraZeneca vaccine's unlucky FEW?
Candace Owens: 'Australia currently, make no mistake, is a tyrannical police state!'
Team Biden, you can’t blame looting gangs on COVID and Trump!
WHO: ‘No Evidence’ boosting entire population offers greater protection to healthy individuals!
WHO: No one has yet died from Omicron variant despite new Covid strain in 38 countries!
Dr. Bryan Ardis says Fauci pushed Remdesivir for COVID knowing it was unsafe and ineffective!
Falkland islanders lose their last cash machine!
BoJo punctured!
CNN fires Chris Cuomo “effective immediately!”
America is becoming a lawless society!
BLM: "Never has mob violence been so richly rewarded!"
Rudy Giuliani: Mass organized crime retail invasion!
Government insists it's not in public interest to reveal how many Afghans are on watch lists!
Vitriolic France seems intent on trashing the precious Franco-British relationship!
FRANCE: Illegal immigrant accused of luring police officers into a violent ambush!
ARTHUR: £140,000-a-year children's services boss won't say sorry!
Tory MP labels Labour's far-left 'useful idiots' for spreading Chinese Communist propaganda!
Woke activists, take note: there is no public appetite for erasing British history!
Gregory Hood’s speech from the 2021 American Renaissance conference!
Jussie Smollett - Lying!
Ghislaine Maxwell squirms as Jeffrey Epstein's massage table is unfolded at her trial!
Andrew took at least 4 flights on Epstein's Lolita Express jet!
‘Pope, You Are a Heretic!’ Francis confronted by Greek Orthodox priest!
Why WERE two 6ft men allowed in my Zara changing room as I stood there in a bra?
'The right to free speech mustn't be trumped by demands to shield reputations of the famous!'

Saturday 4 December

COVID: Dr. David Martin names the people who are killing humanity!
Candace Owens: 'Australia currently, make no mistake, is a tyrannical police state!'
1 in 44 American children now has autism, CDC reports!
Majority of England's Omicron cases ARE double-vaccinated!
Inside Australia's COVID internment camp!
COVID-19 is a designed bioweapon with a toxic structure that may be replicated in vaccines!
5-year-old died 4 days after Pfizer shot, CDC/VAERS data show!
Jessica Rose, Ph.D., says the VAERS 'is telling a very frightening story!'
SAGE calls for Work from Home and vaccine passports! Predicts 5 more years of Covid misery!
'Stay Home' and 'Stay Safe?' Lockdown doomed Arthur! How many more has it put in peril?
Dark days of lockdown have given abusers perfect cover to attack children!
So if we force people to get jabbed what's next, compulsory gastric bands for fatties?
50,000 at-risk children may have 'dropped off the radar' of social services during pandemic!
PROF KAROL SIKORA: The scale of the cancer crisis is nothing short of catastrophic!
Angela Merkel leaves a woeful legacy!
‘The cancer legacy could be worse than the damage caused by Covid!’
Routine health checks for millions of over-75s scrapped until APRIL!
A betrayal of children to ban experts from asking tough questions before they change gender!
Accountant Ibraheem Egunbambi raped woman who turned him down at party!
Man of ‘possible Middle Eastern origin’ tried to ‘Buy’ woman’s daughter outside school!
Fugitive parents of Michigan shooter Ethan Crumbley are ARRESTED!
Ghislaine Maxwell's 58-page rule book for staff at Epstein's mansion!
China is colonising the Commonwealth!
Woke children’s books have pushed everything else off the shelves!
Sleazegate has a sting in the tail for Boris Johnson! MACRON - Boris, clown and out!
A letter from the past that predicted the future!
The Green Knight and the death of chivalry!
EU is ‘power mad’ over Covid restrictions! ‘Thank goodness we left’, says Farage!
Conor McGregor: ‘It is time to talk Ireland leaving the European Union!’
Duchess of Cambridge confronted Meghan Markle over 'bullying of Palace staff!' (Left in tears)

Friday 3 December

The Doomsday Prophecy of Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: "If we do not immediately stop mass vaccination campaigns all around the world, the world will experience an international catastrophe of mass mortality!"
Australia has fallen!
Media stirs up Omicron hysteria, points finger at unvaccinated!
Pfizer doc shows FDA cover-up of vax death! Jab killrd 3x more women than men early on!
Government waves goodbye to billions lost to Covid fraud!
USA: COVID cases falling in 5 least vaccinated states!
Boosters forever? Vaccines Minister says we'll 'probably' have to get COVID-jabbed every year!
Restaurants teeter on brink of collapse! Whitehall's Covid guidance vague, muddled, frightening!
Covid fraudsters stole £4.9bn after government took a month to put in basic checks!
A cautionary message on COVID vaccine safety!
What an absurdity for my mother-in-law's death at 99 to be included in the daily Covid toll!
Safeguards smashed in the race for a gene therapy ‘vaccine!’
The chilling new ‘advice’ on vaccine heart risk for children!
Deafening silence of health watchdogs over danger of child jabs!
Ireland’s outrageous masking of eight-year-olds!
Europe’s omicron panic has left the Continent in a very dark place!
Compulsory vaccination looks most attractive to governments that the voters do not trust!
Government waves goodbye to billions lost to Covid fraud!
Merkel announces restrictions on unvaccinated, vote on making jabs compulsory!
Greece to fine unvaccinated eElderly 100 Euros per month!
AUSTRIA: 55% back forced vaccinations? (Says who?)
'You are a killer!' Rod Stewart erupts at anti-vaxxers! (Why are celebs so stupid? Discuss...)
Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was tortured by ‘evil’ stepmother Emma Tustin!
Jersey backs euthanasia – who will be next?
Free speech must be protected!
ORBAN: EU ‘is wrecking itself!’ Punish members who stop illegal immigrants? Fund Soros orgs?
Ann Coulter: Tips on fake news for Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal!
Men with large amounts of money tried to BUY young girl from her mother on Yorkshire street!
Jeffrey Epstein's access to the Clinton White House laid bare! Paedo visited at least 17 TIMES!
Jussie Smollett: The trial that is liberal America's worst nightmare!
Amol Rajan's anti-Wills and Kate tweets unearthed!
Azeem Rafiq's gambling debts paid off by Professional Cricketers' Association!
MEGHAN MARKLE: A dark day for truth and free expression!

Thursday 2 December

Tucker Carlson: We’re in for a whole new pandemic! (Yawns, dozes off...)
Detection of graphene in COVID-19 vaccines!
MALHOTRA: Report reveals increase in risk of heart attack following the mRNA COVID vaccine!
Lancet letter demolishes COVID vaccines!
Fat Minister says kissing is bad for our health! 'Avoid kisses under mistletoe!'
VAX - A poison with an agenda!
Natural immunity is robust, complete and durable!
The frogs have begun fleeing the Government's boiling pot!
FDA panel recommends Merck COVID pill, despite ‘more questions than answers!’
Ignore the latest nonsense about ‘variants,’ stay focused on dangers of COVID shots!
CEO of Reuters (Fact Check) is an investor and board member of Pfizer!
Dr Aseem MalhotraL:“The vaccine may have played a significant role” in the death of my father!"
They were high performing athletes until COVID vaccines destroyed their health!
Link between COVID vaccines and myopericarditis - New Data
Top ICU doctor suspended after suing hospital for banning life-saving COVID treatments!
Is Omicron the death knell for our pubs and restaurants?
'Trigger' of blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists!
Newsweek journalist: ‘Why I’m not vaccinated!’
Rand Paul: ‘Vaccine hesitancy’ is ‘response to misinformation’ from Fauci/‘big government types!’
Between 240,000 and 740,000 cancer cases missed during the pandemic!
Cancer ‘catastrophe’ beckons as GPs focus on £15-£30 Covid jabs!
Bill Gates and the rush to sell vaccines!
The vaccine gold rush and the damning ivermectin tape!
Two more rounds of booster jabs to come as Government orders ‘variant-proof’ Covid vaccines!
Too many people have a vested interest in this permanent Covid emergency!
More misery for patients as GPs to suspend routine medical checks to give Covid booster jabs!
I do not trust Boris to save Christmas - His army fear-mongering little helpers can do one!
30,000 homes are STILL without power six days on from Storm Arwen!
FARAGE: Trump now senses his opportunity to win back the White House!
Trans children suffered severe injuries as a result of puberty blockers in Swedish hospital!
Now Science Museum is hit by trans row as bosses plan to change display!
Parents face jail over death of eight-week-old daughter found with 60 broken bones!
BLM calls for boycott of 'white companies' during holiday season to support 'Black Xmas!'
The EU's plot to ban 'ladies and gentlemen' was pure wickedness!
Welcome to Common Sense Street! The gulf between the ruling elite and the rest of us!
Michael Buerk: Freedom of speech under threat at ‘increasingly woke’ BBC!
The sidelining of Michael Vaughan by the BBC and BT is rank hypocrisy of the worst kind!
Worst play ever would be funny if it didn't epitomise hard Left tripe passing for theatre today!
Alec Baldwin didn't point the gun and didn't pull the trigger? Hollywood celebs are weird!

Wednesday 1 December

Covid deaths fall by 7%!
"On December 18, with London in tier 3 restrictions, members of his top team held their own festive bash in Downing Street!"
Starmer accuses Boris of 'taking the British for fools' after PM dodges questions over 'lockdown breaking' party in No. 10 last Christmas!
Up to 740,000 potential cancer cases ‘missed’ by GPs during pandemic!
PATHOLOGIST: You are being lied to! Stop the shot!
The 'sudden death' of Scotland international rugby star, Siobhan Cattigan, aged 26!
Megan Creevy, 28, 'dies suddenly' after dropping off children at school!
'Beautiful and kind' mother-of-two, Amelia Smith, 23, 'dies suddenly' in her sleep!
ITALY: Miss World contestant, Layla da Costa, 24, 'dies suddenly' at home!
WALES: "Kind and caring" 14-year-old, Kai Lloyd, 'dies suddenly!'
Dr. John Graham, head of State University of New York, 'dies suddenly!'
Geri Halliwell’s brother Max 'dies suddenly,' aged 54!
NORWICH: Father-of-three, Will Perrera, 'died suddenly' near his home at the age of 36!
COLORADO: Chief Jeff Teschner of County Sheriff’s Office 'dies suddenly' in his home!
Popular Birmingham councillor Penny Holbrook 'dies suddenly!'
Tragedy as man 'dies suddenly' in Stafford street!
USA: Star volleyball player 'dies suddenly' at 22!
PERTH: Restaurant boss, Paula Tabourel. 53, 'dies suddenly' in her sleep!
USA: Edgewood High School student, Parker Iverson, 16, 'dies suddenly' Thanksgiving day!
Rangers fan, Jack Woods, 'dies suddenly' following an asthma attack!
Singer Chris Daughtry cancels shows after stepdaughter, Hannah, dies suddenly, aged 25!
Omicron variant sends vaccine makers’ stocks soaring!
Austrians who refuse COVID vaccine could face prison!
Sporty plumber, 26, DIES 12 days after getting the Pfizer Covid vaccine!
Tory MPs blast Government for enshrining Omicron regulations for 4 MONTHS despite promising to review curbs in 3 weeks!
'Time to think about mandatory vaccination' across the ENTIRE EU, says Ursula von der Leyen!
Cowardly Johnson threatens pupils with the Omicron ogre!
Fauci has ‘dark history’ that must be exposed!
Federal Judge temporarily blocks COVID vaccine mandate for halth workers!
FACE nappy; muzzle; mask - Face coverings are a sign of compliance!
We can't be expected to live like this, to march day and night to this relentless drumbeat of anxiety!
Up to 740,000 potential cancer cases ‘missed’ by GPs during pandemic!
UK led the ‘vaccine’ rush, but did we know anything about gene safety?
Help us, beg Aborigines facing forced jabs. This is a crime against humanity!
Nancy Pelosi goes maskless at crowded DC event!
TCW poll: Are you back behind a mask?
After 20 months of misery and lies, enough is enough … We want our lives back!
The Power Of The Powerless!
LONDON: Achilleas Costa charged with murder of father and daughter!
Thug FLY-KICKS pensioner as he confronts hooded mob breaking into his motorhome!
Swedish researchers face prosecution for blowing whistle on immigrant prevalence in rape verdicts!
4-year-old put in freezing cold school Covid 'isolation shed' because he had a runny nose!
Never Forget: Holodomor Memorial Day!
Social worker who left little girl with 45-year-old paedo lover is struck off!
CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely!
Ghislaine Maxwell's first accuser blows the whistle...

Tuesday 30 November

All Omicron cases 'mild to moderate' so far says Doctor who first discovered it!
Prof Dalgleish: Why is Omicron being treated like Ebola?
Dr Angelique Coetzee: I've seen nothing in this variant that warrants Britain's extreme response!
The Omicron Variant: Much ado about nothing?
If we don’t stand up to our hysterical Omicron overlords now future as free people is lost forever!
Omicron fails to live up to the hysteria!
BIDEN: The omicron variant is no cause for panic! (Truth? From Beast 1? Wow!)
Austrians who refuse COVID vaccine could face prison!
USA: COVID cases surge in 5 most-vaccinated states!
Australian Army puts Covid-19 ‘close contacts’ into Quarantine camps!
Covid vaccine injury and death figures are up again!
Why face masks became the symbol of a divided Britain!
USA: Forced to get vax to stay on lung transplant list, 49-year-old COVID survivor dies!
Covid Nightmare!
Liberty and the case against mandatory masks!
Brought to book – Fauci the great corrupter!
UK to impose maximum fine of £6,400 for not wearing a mask!
The PC brigade cancelled Christmas long before Covid did, Boris!
It couldn’t happen here? Don’t be too sure!
Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal: ‘Why should I distinguish between white people and racists?’
The ongoing cover up of the global elite’s child sex blackmail operation!
39 Men, 3 women (South Asian) charged after investigation into child sex abuse in Kirklees!
Trans children suffered severe injuries as a result of puberty blockers in Swedish hospital!
UK deports convicted people-trafficker for 3rd time in under 2 years!
Boris government donates £90,000 to open borders NGO that wants migration system destroyed!
Everything Biden touches turns to ash!
And they call themselves philosophers!
Where do you think we are on the freedom spectrum?
BLUNKETT: Radio 4 has been hijacked by excruciatingly unfunny and hectoring Left!
UK bureaucrats abandon term “Christmas” for fear it may offend minorities!
Democrats ‘fabricated’ claims in January 6 subpoena!
Student lefties at Arizona State University demanding Kyle Rittenhouse be withdrawn from university!
Barbados drops Liz as Head of State, trading a Queen for a Chinese Emperor!
Persecution of Michael Vaughan by virtue-signalling mob an outrage that demeans us all!
The Sussexes are to blame for the race slur witchhunt!

Sunday 28 November

Gates Foundation sent $54m+ to China/Wuhan Institute of Virology since start of 'pandemic!'
Merck drug, molnupiravir, less effective in cutting hospitalisations/deaths than previously stated!
The tyranny of Boris Johnson’s mask mandate!
Anti-Lockdown protests in Australia!
Pfizer's UK boss says he'd allow his six-year-old daughter to be vaxxed!
Anti-vaxxers ambush TV’s Dr Hilary Jones and shout at him: 'You have blood on your hands!'
OMICRON: Neil Oliver's cynicism is "in the red!"
mRNA COVID vaccines dramatically increase endothelial inflammatory markers and ACS risk!
The Government is still fighting the wrong war on Covid-19!
OMICRON: Return of mandatory masks: BoJo's ‘tighter rules!’
ET's absent dad (Chris Whitty) says Brits will accept fresh restrictions! (Like f***, we will!)
HITCHENS: The panic-makers long for another shutdown!
Senior Irish medical official says he never said schools were COVID safe! (He did)
‘The great UK-bound migration!’
Rape victim forced to quit therapy because she feels threatened by a 6ft trannie!
Women are being sold down the river – by charities terrified of the trans mob!
USA: Security guard dies protecting a TV crew reporting on smash-and-grab looting in Bay Area!
Nine in ten people living in the countryside haven't seen a cop for a week!
Cardinal: Europe can avoid ‘self destruction’ developing Africa, so migrants can stay home!
If people arrive illegally, they must be sent away!
Now Whitehall's woke 'blob' tries to ban Christmas!
Biden blames others for his own energy failures!
Climate extremists have terrified a generation into not wanting children!
Top Frog, Michel Barnier, says he'll let ALL asylum-seekers travel to the UK!
Notre Dame Cathedral to become a woke Disneyland ‘Theme Park?’
School accused of ‘indoctrination’ after ‘partisan’ lesson on Meghan and racism!

Saturday 27 November

LIVERPOOL: Teens murdered 12-year-old girl who suffered 'catastrophic injuries?'
Five Derbyshire cops served with misconduct notices after model stabbed to death by stalker!
Asgar Taj, Osama Saeed, Mohammad Chaudry charged with dangerous driving death!
Gang of ‘organised burglars’ loot Chicago stores ahead of Black Friday!
Judges and people smugglers are united in disregarding the importance of borders!
High Court judge orders police to arrest left-wing lawyer, Soophia Khan, over dishonesty claims!
Rival savages blast each other in broad daylight in vicious Birmingham gun battle!
COVID: Excess deaths last winter? There were 7,000 more in winter of 1967-68!
Coroner rules Michelle Barlow was killed by blood clots caused by AstraZeneca Covid jab!
Biden slammed for calling Trump’s travel restrictions racist, xenophobic, ehen enacting his own!
Biden's agents in Texas school district arrest concerned parents in their own homes!
Biden's election = Decade of liberal rule? Or crime out of control + migration crisis?
Biden’s Build Back Better - IRS audits for working class, tax cuts for the rich!
Democrat Pat Burke wants insurance companies to deny cover to unvaxxed who get COVID!
'Fit and healthy' mum-of-2 died from blood clot caused by AstraZeneca Covid jab?
14 ACIP Members who voted to jab your young children and their ties to Big Pharma!
The WHO (China’s Puppet) calls for mandatory Covid vaccinations!
Austrian Police Officers rebel against mandatory vaccines!
All 4 Botswana 'new variant' patients werefully vaccinated!
Anti-vaxx nurse Kay Shemirani will face trial for organising anti-lockdown rallies!
Half man, half turnip!
BLUNKETT: "Nigel Farage might end up being prime minister!" (If migration shambles continues)
Meet ‘Mistress’ – the Girl Guides’ transgender Commissioner!
Major rise in homeschooling in England for ‘philosophical’ and health reasons!
‘Communism is a plague,’ says Lithuanian MP - China threatens war over Taiwan embassy!
St. Louis Health Director says those who oppose COVID policies = “Lunatic Fringe!"
Dr Byram Bridle, Part 3: The harm vaccines do to children!
We need to take back our lives from the permanent Covid panic-mongers!
Lockdowns 'are an abuse of power' – The Left has 'paternalistic' obsession with them!
Memo to the Guardian: Have you muzzled the facts on masks?
Parliament is dead – it just doesn’t know it yet!
Action heroes of the vaccine battle!
How the BBC's golden boy Amol Rajan conned me into royal hatchet job!
REVEALED: Georgia Frost, middle-class actress who let trans hate mob loose on JK Rowling!
Militant French fishermen block lorries at Calais after shutting down port!
Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner wants cash from Mid East leaders for his investment firm!
ONS estimates '862,300 people caught the virus on any given day?' (They're 'avin a larf!)
It’s time to scrap the divisive and patronising term ‘BAME!’
Beijing’s billions are buying up the Commonwealth!
Macron’s petulance worsens the migrant crisis!
BBC under pressure to reinstate Vaughan - Rafiq says furore 'made bigger' than necessary!

Friday 26 November

LIVERPOOL: Teenagers arrested on suspicion of murdering 12-year-old girl!
Zelenko says CDC response to COVID 'a crime against humanity, mass murder, genocide!'
'Fit and healthy' mother-of-two died from blood clot caused by AstraZeneca jab!
Dr Malone: Children who have had COVID at higher risk of adverse effects if vaccinated!
Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks!
Dr Aseem Malhotra exposes vaccine-related heart problems on GB News!
‘Staggering’ backlog of missed cancer diagnoses could hit 50,000!
Sajid Javid says 'worst-ever' super-mutant Covid variant will make vaccines 40% less effective!
USA Georgia school board meeting. Crime? Not wearing a mask!
Vaccine ‘dramatically’ increases heart risk, says new study
Deafening silence of health watchdogs over danger of child jabs!
Dr Byram Bridle: The unanswered vaccine safety questions, Part 1
Dr Byram Bridle, Part 2: The damning jab science is being ignored
COVID death toll under Biden will surpass death under Trump in less time!
Farage slams border force, Priti Patel as ‘not fit for purpose!’
And the new President of Interpol? Torturer Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, UAE’s security forces boss!
BORIS OUT? Tory MPs sign letters of ‘No Confidence’ in him!
Boris is is aiding and abetting the people smugglers and will pay with his job!
'Migrants are told they have to cross... Or else they will be shot!'
No wonder they risk life to get here! £40 a week, free mobiles, 4-star hotels, asylum lawyers!
UK receives 37,562 asylum claims in a year! Applications reach highest level since 2004!
Tantrum diplomacy of tinpot Napoleon! Macron's irrationality driven by Brexit rage!
NYPD officers shot in struggle with Bronx gunman!
Former Democratic lawmaker charged with violating election laws!
USA: Emloyees in 2 states charged with election fraud!
Trump says Mark Zuckerberg came to The White House looking for “goodies!”
Anti-British woke brigade are hellbent on destroying our history!
Michael Vaughan - GUILTY until proven innocent!
Gay Santa: Norwegian postal service ad gives Father Christmas a boyfriend!
Norway makes Santa gay!

Sheffield United star collapses on pitch! TV feed cut when announcer asks if he’s had COVID jab!
Dr. Bryan Ardis - Why you should not trust Hospitals: You have been warned!
Dr. Ryan Cole - The COVID perspective from the Lab - Developments and concerns!
Dr. Ray Page - COVID-19 in the most vulnerable: The immunosuppressed!
Dr. Dan Stock - COVID prevention and early treatment!
Dr. Peter McCullough - COVID-19 vaccine safety, efficacy and urgent need for early therapy
Dr. Richard Urso: COVID Update
Dr. Kat Lindley - Early treatment panel, part 1!
Dr. Amy Offutt - Early treatment panel, part II!
Dr. Angelina Farella - Early treatment panel, part 3!
‘Dr. Fauci, Mr. Hyde!’ RFK, Jr. shares details about new book!
Sen. Bob Hall - Early treatment panel wrap-up!
Texas COVID Summit - Opening remarks by Sheila Page, DO!
‘If you get the Pfizer vaccine, you’re more likely to get Covid’: Industry analyst flags FDA study!
Pfizer Study: Vaxxed kids catch Covid at essentially the same rate as unvaxxed kids!
They are purging humanity, there's nothing left lose! David Icke and Alex Jones!
Double-jabbed French Prime Minister contracts Chinese Coronavirus!
Australian army puts Covid-19 ‘close contacts’ into quarantine camps!
Europe must consider mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations, says WHO official!
Vaccines were never a route to eliminating Covid entirely
Lockdown was based on faith, not evidence!
COVID: 2,500+ will die of lung cancer because no 10 said stay home if you have a coug!
Unions say Tube travellers are 'openly ignoring' order to wear masks on a 'large scale!'
Domestic abuse soared in lockdown!
Lethal Injection: Frontline E.R. doctor's chilling account of unusual vaccine-induced illness!
Fleeing Lockdowns, death jabs and health passports!
Mass child sacrifice in plain sight!
Hitman, Anis Hemissi, shot dead Flamur Beqiri as he walked with wife in Battersea!
Transgender prison population climbs by a fifth in two years!
Blacks loot Los Angeles as lootfest engulfs the nation!
Black lies matter!
Woke crime experts: Using ‘looting’ to describe group burglary is racist!
Texas funds ‘comprehensive forensic audit’ of 4 largest counties!
In toppling Thomas Jefferson, the woke mob has shown that it wants to destroy America itself!
Hillary Clinton: Americans don’t ‘appreciate’ Biden’s cccomplishments!
Macron humiliated as Belgium refuses to back him in fishing war!
France estimates illegal migrant population between 600-700,000!
Emmanuel Macron's hatred of Brexit has blinded him to the unfolding human catastrophe!
Anti-British woke brigade are hellbent on destroying our history!
Teachers are 'quitting their jobs' after being falsely labelled 'paedophiles' by students!
Cabinet Secretary blamed as Boris Johnson’s popularity hits all-time low!
Keep it up, White-haters!
Germany will legalise CANNABIS!
Ex-Attorney General Geoffrey Cox STILL working as a barrister during Parliamentary time!
Andrew Joyce: On Jews and vampires!
Elederly hag's bedroom polaroids!
Gay Santa: Norwegian postal service ad gives Father Christmas a boyfriend!

Wednesday 24 November

GENOCIDE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA? Coordinated radiation and injection attacks on the N. American people?
Vaccine Scandal in Slovenia – Bottles have codes for placebo, vax or KILL SHOT!
Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete the immune system, INCREASE all-cause mortality by 20%!
Risk of cancer from mRNA injections in children!
General Hospital actor Steve Burton FIRED for refusing COVID vaccination!
CUMMINS: The basic data says it all – Simplified and clear!
Vaccinated English adults under 60 dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated the same age!
Schizophrenics 4 times as likely to die of COVID-19 as the rest of us!
Official data shows 40% increase in excess deaths of under 65s! Covid vaccines to blame?
Dr Niaz says cancer rates are 20 times what they should be!
SARS–CoV–2 spike protein impairs DNA damage repair!
Mandatory jabs? Legally impossible!
Proven uselessness of the Covid vaccines!
By-election candidates answer crucial Covid policy questions – 1
Another 'sudden death!' Geri Halliwell's brother, Max, 54
Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!
Another bulletin from the Guardian Ministry of Misinformation
Liberal Democracy being subverted by fear, warns Supreme Court Judge!
Americans die because of woke prosecutors! Violent career criminal freed to commit carnage!
$5 million bail set for man accused of plowing through Christmas parade!
ROTHERHAM: No cops were sacked over child grooming scandal!
Liverpool bomber used fake Jordanian passport to enter Britain!
Life for killing police, firefighters, paramedics, nurses! Widow saw killers smirking in the dock!
61% of spouse killers in Switzerland are foreigners!
'Opportunities were missed' to help SBS soldier who took his own life!
Polish Official slams biased left-wing CNN/BBC reports on Belarus border crisis!
Girl Guides probe Commissioner who identifies as trans after disturbing' social media messages!
The questions our heroic media should be asking Johnson!
Boris 'watered down' social care pledge after backtracking on 'guarantee' to protect homes!
Tory MPs: Letters of no confidence in Boris Johnson have been submitted!
Once a prime minister’s authority goes, the end can be swift and brutal!
Hillary Clinton "Plot against the country by people who want to turn the clock back!"
School pulls event with former Islamic State sex slave over fears it would 'foster Islamophobia!'
Sympathy for the underdog – our proud tradition the woke would destroy!
Is cancel culture ... canceled? Dave Chappelle is nominated for a Grammy Award!
'We need to fix male behaviour!' Woke Benedict Cumberbatch calls for end to 'toxic masculinity!'
Why did the BBC give airtime to Meghan's mouthpieces?

Tuesday 23 November

Vaccinated English adults under 60 dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated the same age!
CUMMINS: The basic data says it all – Simplified and clear!
Covid fraud: £3.5bn could be lost from pandemic support schemes due to scams/error!
FDA asks court for 55 years to fully release Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine data!
You are five times more likely to die of the jab than Covid!
This perverse ban on ivermectin, cheap and proven to work!
If forced vaccination doesn’t work, then what?
Austrian Interior Minister warns of increasing 'radicalisation' among anti-lockdown protestors!
Le Cercle is a secretive, privately-funded, transnational discussion group!
What THEY didn't tell you about Nadhim Zahawi!
Why aren’t we resisting the EU annexation of Northern Ireland?
SUMPTION: Absence of moral scruple in pursuit of public good is first symptom of totalitarianism!
I don’t need lessons in wokeness!
The victims of Waukesha Christmas parade killer, Darrell Brooks!
Milwaukee DA bailed Darrell Brooks after he ran over mother of own child! Days later he kills 5!
Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. wrote rap songs ranting about Trump, white supremacy!
China says Kyle Rittenhouse not-guilty verdict proves American democracy has failed!
Wisconsin Democrat suggests mass murder at Christmas parade was 'karma' for Kyle's acquittal!
KYLE: Biden attacked my character with actual malice - I have lawyers looking into lies about me!
Catholic League condemns Biden administration’s war on men!
Parents killed in own home after parking row! Children in house at time!
Lesbian, Savannah Brockhill, beat lover's baby daughter to death?
The case of Colin Pitchfork is proof our parole board is not fit for purpose!
Pakistani Council repeals law allowing chemical castration punishment for convicted rapists!
Mothers died ‘after catching herpes from same caesarean surgeon!’
Boris admin's 'outrageous' decision to cancel £500,000 support for Rotherham victims!
Epstein and Ghislaine were blessed by the POPE!
French fishermen's new threat to Christmas!
Private companies charge councils a fortune to find accommodation for young people!
Why the Conservative Party is doomed!
Two years in power and no nearer solving the immigration riddle!
Conservative, honest! Boris quotes Lenin to promote build back greener!
Boris must turn the boats back or face an almighty political backlash
Boris Johnson was flapping like a wet hen during toe-curling CBI speech!
DICK: "Barmy, politically correct bureaucracy burdening the thin blue line!"
JK Rowling blasts trans activists pictured outside her home showing her address!
JK Rowling got many death threats after family’s address posted on Twitter by trans activists!

Monday 22 November

ENGLAND - ONS Data: 31,315 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine during first 8 months of 2021 whose deaths did NOT 'involve COVID!'
ENGLAND ONS DATA: 35,924 die within 21 days of Covid-19 vax during first 8 months of 2021!
In UK, age group 50 and older, there are more COVID-19 fully vaccinated than not!
California man killed by Covid vax described horrific pain/suffering before death!
Health Minister: By the end of winter 'everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dead!'
Brother of DOUBLE-JABBED surgeon 'killed by COVID' wants us to get booster? (NO THANKS)
Rand Paul: Why do Democrats STILL IGNORE risky virus research?
Test & Trace still spends £1m a day on private consultants after MPs label scheme eye-watering!
Europe erupts against Lockdowns, vax mandates! Protests in Rome, Vienna, Netherlands!
Tens of thousands protest in Brussels against Lockdown measures!
Fauci's coming after babies next!
"Maskne, a form of acne caused by constant mask-wearing," and the rest...
How many stupid pills have you taken, BoJo?
The 4-way switch that keeps crooks in clover!
We’ve got a cheek to call out Qatar over human rights!
CNN goes full racist: ‘Nothing more frightening’ than angry, white men!
WISCONSIN: SUV plows through Christmas parade - Over 40 injured, 5 dead!
Five killed, 40+ injured after car ploughs through pedestrians in Wisconsin!
Reese Witherspoon: A world where Kyle Rittenhouse goes free isn’t ‘safe for any of us!’
Colorado: FBI raids homes of top GOP election official and 2020 election sceptics!
Never Trumpers Jonah Goldberg, Stephen Hayes quit Fox News citing Carlson documentary!
Rittenhouse lawyer in conversation with Chris Cuomo!
Rittenhouse Attorney: ‘I quit answering phone’ after inundation of death threats!
Armed BLM protesters join Socialist rally for ‘justice’ in Kenosha!
How the Left twisted self-defence into ‘white supremacy!’
Conversations about racism deeply counter-productive? (Only Whitey can be 'racist!')
The woke mob wants to replace virtue with 'correct-think!'
The case of Colin Pitchfork is proof our parole board is not fit for purpose!
Cost of Covid fraud: £3.5bn could be lost from support schemes due to scams/error!
Epstein and Ghislaine were blessed by the POPE!
‘National Emergency!’ Germany may introduce mandatory vaccines!
Illegals indoctrinated with far-left ideologies in Italian schools!
Croatia police say German reporter helped migrants cross illegally!
Bill Maher says 'wokeness' is killing the Democrats! "Reason why you're so toxic is because you have become the party of no common sense!"
Dacre blasts the civil servants who sabotaged his Ofcom job!

Sunday 21 November

Neil Oliver: Will we remain silent while a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores!
California man killed by Covid vaccine described horrific pain/suffering in writing before death!
Cast off without a thank you after 11 years of dedicated care home service!
17-year-old girl dies of cardiac arrest weeks after receiving Pfizer Covid vaccine!
Rotterdam: At least two people shot during violent Lockdown protests?
Thousands protest upcoming Lockdown in Vienna!
Greece to ban unvaxed from indoor spaces!
The dismal truth about the EU has finally been exposed! Unjabbed don't count!
Bill Maher says wokeness is killing Democrats! 'You've become the party of no common sense!'
BLM calls for federal murder charges against Kyle Rittenhouse!
Virginia policeman fired after donating to Rittenhouse’s defence fund wants job back!
Joe Biden told to 'apologise' to Kyle Rittenhouse for white supremacist label!
Jewish Congressman Jerry Nadler wants Kyle Rittenhouse's 'not guilty' verdict overturned!
NBC late-night talk show host Amber Ruffin slams 'f***ed-up' jury for Rittenhouse acquittal!
Crisis After Crisis! 'Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense,' episode 189
America is a tinderbox and the whole thing will blow up if one more match is lit!
Poppy Day suicide bomber stayed here 7 years despite his asylum claim being rejected!
I warned of the migration crisis for 20 years! Lefties vilified me and Tories failed to act!
Even liberal Denmark is sending its refugees home to Syria now 'it's safe!'
Priti Patel calls the Home Office 'not fit for purpose' as 600 migrants cross Channel in a day!
HITCHENS: The outgoing UK Border Chief had one job and he didn't believe in it!
EU calls for more legal immigration to stop illegal immigration!!!
Migrant crisis puts Tories in peril!
The Left's great Blob of obduracy blocks every path to reform!
Boris Johnson has united every Tory faction – in anger at him!
Marriott Hotel, Prague, caves to pressure from China, refusing to host Uyghur event!
China's concentration camps exposed!
The 4-way switch that keeps crooks in clover!
Why are we repudiating the values that allowed the West to triumph?
Nigel Kennedy: BBC is a pitiful and desperately politically correct institution!
Lesbians who don't want sex with transwomen are 'sexual racists?' Stonewall says so!
Teachers mock parents for their LGBTQ concerns - Teacher knows best!
Tory MP wants probe on alarming spread of extreme trans ideology in schools! Harming children!
Term 'same-sex' is discriminatory and should be banned from Strictly, professional dancer says!
Ex-lover of Zac Stacy is terrified NFL star will come after her as he's released on $10K bond!
'I need to get home to see my child!' NHS worker to eco-zealots blocking Lambeth Bridge!
Now anti-Yorkshire Muslim, Azeem Rafiq, accused of sending 'creepy' texts to teenage girl!
The great petrol panic a scare story fuelled by a Brexit-hating ex-Radio One newsreader?
David Beckham faces new backlash over £10million deal to promote Qatar!
Impeachment: Where feminism went to die!
Emmerdale race probe! Actress' accent mimicked by two co-stars on soap set?
Royals at war with BBC over 'tittle tattle' documentary!
Bury Market!

Saturday 20 November

General Michael T. Flynn lays out plan to save America and the world!
Archbishop Viganò's call to unite in anti-globalist alliance against dark forces of globalism!
VACCINES - The lies of the lying elite!
Europe stripping unvaxed of their rights, exploding the EU's claim to be a champion of liberty!
Austria: Unvaccinated could face prison as country locks down and announces vaccine mandate!
Austria called 'dictatorship' after making vaccination compulsory!
Mexico Minister of Health ‘wouldn’t vaccinate his own grandchildren!’
USA: 18,853 deaths and 139,126 serious injuries following COVID vax, say CDC data!
Australian Open 2022: Unvaccinated stars can't play!
People died at 20% higher rate than normal after second COVID shot, Swedish study shows!
‘Why I’m not vaccinated!’ Newsweek journalist makes her case!
Vaccinated doctors dying, unvaccinated quitting or being fired! So who'll run the hospitals?
Orthopedic surgeon who performed 800 surgeries a year can't work due to COVID vax injuries!
Dutch cops fire on anti-lockdown rioters! Anger at Covid restrictions turns increasingly violent!
Oklahoma National Guard ‘goes rogue’ after new Commander rejects vaccine mandate!
The genocide of American seniors! 8 dead in fully-vaccinated Connecticut nursing home!
The Vaccine Death Report - An unprecedented genocide!
Demonising the unvaxxed, ignoring the data, inviting ridicule!
Joe Rogan: Vaccine Proof ‘One step’ towards China’s ‘social credit score system!’
Dutch cops open fire on anti-lockdown rioters amid 'orgy of violence!'
Huge spike in people left to die at home and not found for ‘weeks’ during pandemic!
Across the world people who have received two jabs of vaccine are being infected with Covid-19!
Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll never guess!
December 2020: The horrible history of Big Pharma!
Mental Health deaths rose during pandemic!
Whatever Happened to Tradition? Where was conservative opposition to the lockdown?
The gruesome twosome pulling Sturgeon’s strings!
Sajid Javid DELAYS plans to make GPs reveal how much they're earning amid face-to-face appointment chaos!
Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all counts!
Lefties have a collective mental breakdown over Rittenhouse verdict!
VP Harris reacts to Rittenhouse verdict: ‘A lot more work to do!’
Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty breaks Hollywood: ‘I weep for this country!’
Joe Biden can be sued for defaming Kyle Rittenhouse!
Kyle Rittenhouse: Biden angry after teen cleared of shootings!
Leftie 'Independent' falsely claims Kyle Rittenhouse 'shot three black men with rifle!'
'Judge, jury, defendant, it’s white supremacy in action!' America's left explodes!
Biden, 'The Squad' and liberal media smeared Kyle Rittenhouse, branding him white supremacist/domestic terrorist!
‘If that’s not self-defense, nothing is!’ Trump congratulates Kyle Rittenhouse!
ROMFORD: Valentin Lazar faces life for murdering mother-of-two found strangled and beaten after being grabbed off street!
Poppy Day suicide bomber was at a mosque 'all day, every day' during Ramadan!
“Disturbing and Violent!” Black Teens beat Asian student for no reason!
Mistakes made both prior to and during the 2015 terror attacks in Paris! (130 died)
Met Police's handcuff guide 'is treating trained officers like children!'
Tucker: Here is what Biden’s relatives told me about his cognitive decline!
Church of England complicit in failed asylum seekers attempts to stay in Britain!
Ex-Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre launches blistering attack on left-wing civil servants!
Channel crossings to Britain 'are being plotted in Germany by criminal trafficking gangs!'
NIGEL KENNEDY'S symphony of rage against the warriors of woke!
Wokery be damned! Political correctness takes a back seat as Benidorm Brits join Fancy Dress Party!
Activist teachers recruit middle schoolers for ‘LGBTQ clubs,’ mock parents!
What climate science tells us, what it doesn't and why it matters!
Ajmal Shahzad: 'I've never experienced racism in cricket!'
Why ARE some insults still seen as more racist than others?
Paedo financier Jeffrey Epstein 'kept framed picture of a grinning Prince Andrew' like a trophy!
Meghan behaved like such a gormless, desperate reality TV star!
Meghan's fave animal charity in jeopardy! Rows over 'bullying, racism, homophobia, wasted cash!'

Friday 19 November

CDC forced to admit it doesn’t collect data on natural immunity to COVID!
France's fifth wave of Covid is not a 'failure of vaccines?'
Fauci admits hospitalisations among the vaccinated are rising!
Joshua Henry, 14-years-old – Pfizer death!
Just how rare are ‘rare’ vaccine injuries?
Founding member of UB40, Astro, has died after a 'short illness!'
Lockdowns return to Europe!
How much is Big Pharma making from Covid vaccines?
We’re serfs in the State of 'So What?'
Judge bans MSNBC from Rittenhouse trial — Reporter arrested after following jury bus!
Identity of man who kicked Kyle in face comes to light!
Protesters arrested outside Rittenhouse courthouse after reporter attacked!
Chilling moment killer stalked his victims in knife rampage!
Lord Ahmed tried to rape young girl and sexually assaulted young boy when he was a teenager!
Ex-Jets running back Zac Stacy jailed after footage showed him brutally beating white ex!
'Yorkshire is racist' guy, Azeem Rafiq, apologises for anti-Semitic slur - Called Atif Sheikh 'a Jew' who wouldn't pay for meal!
McCarthy’s epic speech forces recess, delay on planned ‘Build Back Better’ vote!
The BBC-Government mutual protection racket!
The climate scaremongers: A weekly round-up!
It’s time for another Grand Remonstrance!
The EU has shown its illiberal double standards!
Fiona Bruce is accused of 'unconscious racism' on Question Time!
Tory MP Geoffrey Cox picked up £54,000 for 45 hours' work!
LITTLEJOHN: The softest touch... in the wuurlld!
CofE school CANCELS Winston Churchill and JK Rowling!
Nadine Dorries fires back after row with BBC's Kuenssberg – Cancel culture is everywhere!
Beckham's vile multi-million World Cup deal with human rights abusers of Qatar will cost him!

Thursday 18 November

BIRMINGHAM: Zephaniah McLeod stabbed 8 strangers at random, killing Jacob Billington!
Pfizer lied about dead in COVID vaccine trials! 21 vaxxed died v 17 who weren't jabbed!
Lockdown: Depression 'has doubled' during Covid pandemic, says Health Secretary!
BRADY: Vax passports would lock in the shift in power from the people to the elites forever!
Signs of corners of the British MSM asking questions about the vaccine still outweighed by contagion of State madness!
How Covid-19 causes blood clots!
Texas doctor resigns after hospital suspends/investigates for vax warning/Ivermectin praising!
Austria discussing FORCED VACCINATION of everyone before Christmas?
Austria rises against "health dictatorship!"
Germany to follow Austria's lockdown apartheid! Covid restrictions for 14m unvaxxed?
Likely Merkel successor Sholz says mandatory vaccinations should be on the table!
History of ENTRUST, the company awarded the contract for Digital Passports in UK!
The unvaccinated – lock ’em up!
Freedom Caucus tells Speaker Pelosi they won't fund govt while Biden pushes vax mandates!
The unnerving new Tesco advert is one more tiny step on the road to medical apartheid!
Max Igan - After leaving Police-State-Australia!
MTV star Jagnoor Aneja dead at 40 after heart attack! Pal says he was ‘healthy!’ (VACCINE?)
FBI launch urgent probe after 'SMALLPOX found in Merck facility in Philadelphia!'
Thousands of women are battling with undiagnosed autism?
Why Christians must prepare for the Metaverse!
Tucker Carlson: Why did the people in charge let Kenosha be destroyed?
General Flynn on how America is under attack aided by traitors within the country!
Many arrested in Kenosha after BLM protesters clash with Kyle Rittenhouse supporters!
Ann Coulter: Get Rittenhouse!
Hidden on page 1,647 of Biden’s huge spending bill, illegals get billions of dollars!
If the Tories don't tackle immigration, a crisis will become a catastrophe!
Migrant children made to cry, paraded for waiting cameras on Poland border!
Boris admits that he 'crashed the car' over sleaze in humiliating mea culpa
BETRAYAL! Poor pensioners and Northerners will lose out under Boris plan to cap care costs!
Police find suspicious packages after raiding pub and asylum hostel linked to suicide bomber!
Liverpool bomb exposes asylum shambles!
‘Suicide bomber a Christian convert?’ He was a failed asylum-seeker gaming system with CoE!
'Christian convert' Al Swealmeen abused ‘dysfunctional’ asylum system to stay in UK!
Church of England under scrutiny for converting asylum seekers following Liverpool bombing!
Yorkshire Cricket (1863-2021) RIP!
Sturgeon keeps the Sword of Damocles dangling over Scotland!
2nd ‘Rust’ crew member sues Alec Baldwin! ‘He did not check the gun!
Alec Baldwin 'intentionally' fired gun toward Halyna Hutchins on 'Rust' set, according to lawsuit
Visa share price slumps 5% after Amazon bans their UK-registered credit cards!
USA: Rapist from 'rich and influential family' guilty of assaulting 4 teen girls! NO JAIL!!!
Questions that by-election candidates should answer!
Nine Insulate Britain eco-warriors jailed for blocking British highway!
Insulate Britain biologist (travelled world in a gas-guzzler) condemns her punishment as obscene!
Princess Beatrice is urged to follow David Cameron out of scandal-hit tech firm Afiniti!
It’s the lax parents who really need a lesson at Fat Camp!

Wednesday 17 November

The atrocity Liverpool so nearly suffered, the thousands of undocumented migrants hitting our beaches every month and the Establishment conspiracy of silence that puts us all at risk!
60-fold increase in athlete heart attacks since vaccine roll outs!
"Covid-19 vaccines are making people MORE susceptible to catching Covid-19?"
Fanatical followers of the Covid regime: A Jim Jones-style cult?
Are our politicians facing their Ceausescu moment?
Damning silence of MPs and media as vaccine toll rises!
‘Guinea Pig Kids!’ Fauci’s legacy of cruel experiments on kids!
Germany to follow Austria's lockdown apartheid?
The vaccine professor who even dimwit Hancock should be able to understand!
Covid: Swansea cinema refuses to ask customers for pass!
Church under fire after Liverpool suicide bombing for helping asylum seekers to ‘game’ system!
Twenty years after 9/11, we still don’t know how to stop radicalisation!
Hundreds of thousands of 999 calls re from patients asking why ambulance hasn't arrived yet!
School officials secretly 'transition' girl, 13, into 'transgender male!' Parents sue!
USA: FBI using counterterrorism tactics against parents who voice concerns about education!
Department of Justice and Education bureaucracy have ‘declared war on parents!’
Judge tells Kyle Rittenhouse jury to ignore Joe Biden!
Prosecution’s star witness in Kyle Rittenhouse trial has a lengthy criminal record!
Britain is plagued by organisations that hate their most loyal supporters!
Democrats may force women may to register for Selective Service draft!
'The more it's allowed, worst it will get!' Ex-Border Force head blasts migrant failures!
Lord Adonis apologies over Parliament rule breach for not declaring Remaniac interests!
The spiraling demise of a world driven by greed!
Aristocrat in rape claim avoids prison after being declared unfit to stand trial!
Why must every man on TV today be a monster? Tidal wave of male-hating shows!

Tuesday 16 November

Planet Lockdown FULL INTERVIEW with Catherine Austin Fitts!
Anna de Buisseret’s advice to care workers and NHS staff - Don't quit!
Europe heads the stampede to medical apartheid!
BBC admits Covid figures error!
If Bill Gates himself says the jabs don’t work . . .
"This war... was declared on us, our way of life, by the globalist elite!"
COVID: Forced to wait up to 2 years for life-saving scans, thousands of heart patients may die!
Chris Whitty urges pregnant women to get Covid vaccines!
‘Corona Apartheid’ – Austria imposes stay-at-home Lockdown on unvaccinated!
Farage on Austrian Lockdown for unvaxxed: ‘Dark times for freedom and liberty!’
Sleight of hand that ‘won’ Covid vaccine approval for Pfizer!
‘Guinea Pig Kids!’ Fauci’s legacy of cruel experiments on kids!
The spiraling demise of a world driven by greed!
The unsung heroes of New Zealand!
"There was nothing to suggest" the asylum-seeker would become a suicide bomber?
Farage condemns 'weak leaders' after taxi explosion outside Liverpool hospital!
Labour's shadow Health Secretary sent condolences to Liverpool suicide bomber's family!!!
Priti Patel vows to 'stop 100% of migrant crossings!' (What? AGAIN?)
'The more it's allowed, worse it will get' Ex Border Force head blasts migrant failures!
Rasuili Zubaidullah involved in the gang rape and murder of Leonie, 13, ‘snuck into UK on refugee boat?’ Black cops finally jailed for killing British aristocrat tortured to death in Kenyan cell!
Organized riots will be launched in Kenosha, WI, after the in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse!
COP26 clown show ends in crocodile tears!
LITTLEJOHN: Why are we giving a Friend of the Earth a small fortune to slag us all off?
Boris government sends soldiers to fortify the Polish border!
Anatomy of a media hit job — how press pushed Clinton’s lies against Trump!
America must die — So that the people can live!
Would U.S. survive a civil war? Academic warns of serious threat to the current order!
Today Russia is more free than the the "free world!"
Lord Adonis apologies over Parliament rule breach for not declaring Remaniac interests!
Woke warriors have just been handed a terrifying new weapon!
The new war on terror is a Jewish war against white people?
Jack Ruby: Israel's smoking gun!
Once THEY said the fat in cheese and milk was bad for our health - Now THEY says it's GOOD!
Rock group's frontwoman URINATES on a fan's face in front of horrified audience!
Adele has turned herself into an over-packaged, self-important musical Meghan Markle!

Monday 15 November

Chemist describes wife's adverse reactions post vaccine trial/authorities' subsequent lack of care!
COVID/VACCINES: Why have we doctors been silent?
Fauci admits jabs did not work as advertised and vaccinated are in great danger today!
French folk 65+ will have vax passports deactivated if they don't take booster shots!
SEATTLE: Boy watches dad die as vax mandate staff shortages delay emergency response!
875,653 adverse events, 18,461 deaths reported to VAERS in USA!
2 million at-home Covid tests recalled over false positives!
HHS documents admit CDC never isolated Covid-19 virus! PCR tests useless! Hoax unravelling!
CDC and FDA are concealing hundreds of serious COVID-19 vax adverse events from the public!
Virginia pharmacy administers wrong, adult-sized COVID vaccines to young children!
Israel to vaccinate five-year-olds - Austria sentences millions of jabless to Lockdown!
Care home residents 'are still being betrayed!
Profits trump health in Big Pharma’s sinister game!
Home truths about jab victims!
Matt Hancock saves the world!
Matt Hancock's lover bins bag of empty booze bottles outside their lovenest!
The autism wars are stifling research!
Female Household Cavalry soldier collapses in street on Remembrance Sunday! (Vaxxed?)
Thousands of injured war veterans denied full disability benefits in 'cruel' move!
How can the NHS tackle climate change when it can’t even treat its own patients?
COP26 – the hypocrites’ jamboree!
Liverpool explosion: Three arrested under Terrorism Act after car blast at hospital!
Hero locked suicide bomber in his taxi after being told to take him to Poppy Day parade!
LONDON: 9,255 hospitalised after being stabbed between April 2012 and March 2021!
Prosecution admits a ‘reasonable jury’ could acquit Rittenhouse of first-degree murder!
Trans rapists ‘must be housed with male prisoners’, peers urge!
Chicago Bulls star's bullygirl daughter, 14, fhrew punches at different tournament!
US military covered up 2019 airstrike that 'killed dozens of civilians' in Syria!
Ghislaine Maxwell 'set up powerful men with women they'd like!
Devastating revelations on the betrayal of subpostmasters!
Our asylum system is broken. It's time to rip it up and start again!
Intolerant woke warriors are destroying British values!
Woke 'Human Rights' officials are taking over the country!
Irexit is coming! Britons jubilant as EU states buckle under UK economic pressure!
You ignored a democratic vote! John Major faces huge backlash as he hits out at Boris!
White House Responds To ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chants!
Pelosi’s days are numbered — GOP has largest midterms lead in 40 years!
Why is there such a lack of concern over China's determination to keep burning coal?
'Everybody's so worried about offending everybody!' Patricia Cornwell reveals frustration!

Sunday 14 November

Top Doc: We can expect more of the same and worse if people don’t speak up against mandates!
12-year-old in Germany dies after Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine!
Bill Gates: mRNA vaccines don’t stop transmission – We need a new way of doing vaccines!
Brazilian President tells WHO Director “people are fying” after COVID shots!
CDC finally reveals estimate of how many Americans have ‘natural immunity!’
It all makes sense once you realise they want to kill us!
The end of truth is nigh!
‘Damning’ footage of Ashli Babbitt shooting - Capitol cops did absolutely nothing to stop it!
Listen carefully, Joe – you don’t govern Britain!
Biden and Kerry’s green 'Great Reset' punishes America, rewards China!
Trump attacks ‘sellout’ Republicans, demands they face primary challengers!
Let's all feel sorry for Epstein's pimp!
Ghislaine Maxwell is a monster in designer clothes, says alleged victim!
Khan’s London - Bloody evening leaves man dead, woman in 80s stabbed, two shot!
Rotherham gang rape still happening - Cops, politicians couldn't care less!
Black girl punched Asian girl in face during a California high school basketball game!
But Black Lives Matter, right?
Uncle Tom’s Cabin and the origins of wokeness!
Pupils at prestigious public school will receive lessons in 'white privilege!'
Los Angeles exposed to radioactive dust after explosive demolition?
Remembrance Sunday – they died for the freedoms being stripped from us!
First trans officer to serve openly speaks of 'proud moment' for LGBT+ vets at Remembrance!
The 'democratic' centrist-progressive alliance hinges upon 'Build Back Better!'
Twitter’s treatment of Project Veritas reveals double standard on leaked materials!
If this sprawling orgy of environmental excess is the best hope for the planet, we're doomed!
Rees-Mogg broke rules by not declaring £6m in loans from Cayman Islands-linked company?
FARAGE: Last week I was cancelled - Dr Hussein Khambalia puts politics above the dying!
Woke cannot survive being exposed as a bad joke!
'Woke' church leaders are at odds with their congregations!
Churches have become 'easy targets' for criminals with more than 4,000 offences in a year!

Saturday 13 November

ENGLAND: 2,683 fully vaxxed over 50s die within 28 days of positive COVID test in last 4 weeks!
VAERS COVID data show 875,653 reports of adverse events, as 5-year-olds start getting shots!
21 studies showing vaccine mandates aren’t based on science!
320+ toxic substances detected in U.S. tap water!
‘Rare’ and serious condition linked to Moderna vaccine!
Covid vaccine holdouts are caving to mandates, then scrambling to 'undo' their shots?
Time to Think – The basic data says it all – Simplified and clear!
Cops blast protestors with WATER CANNON as Netherlands plunges back into Lockdown!
Unvaxxed carers from same Birmingham home heartbroken at being forced out of job they love!
COVID: 'Independent SAGE' wants major clampdown despite admissions/cases FALLING!
There’s no hiding from lockdown damage now!
Virginia pharmacy wrongly administered COVID vaccines to 112 children under age 12!
Researcher speaks out on Pfizer COVID vaccine trial, calls it a crazy mess!’
No jab, no job an affront to a free society - How you can fight back!
If the mask brings you out in spots, sling it in the bin!
SLOG: Call for united resistance to living hell!
SLOG: Covid virus as a Trojan Horse and the “vaccines” as the hidden army!
SLOG: The unaccountability of unelected advisors and their false promises!
SLOG: The capacity of 7/8ths of the population to prefer nonsense to reality!
'How I won the Covid war,' by Matt Hancock! (£100,000 book deal? Really?)
Project Fear and the invasion of Narnia!
‘The Measles Book!’: 35 secrets you won't learn from government or media!
Tucker defends Kyle's use of force against a paedo who ‘tried to touch the wrong minor!’
Kyle Rittenhouse’s mom says Biden ‘defamed’ her son!
Killer knifeman on the loose in Brentford!
'Incredibly worried' EU warned over 'poor' treatment of member states as exodus looms!
A week in the life of Woke Central!
Why do we send so many idiots to university?
> 'Incredibly worried' EU warned over 'poor' treatment of member states as exodus looms!
ELITE! Former Barclays boss Jes Staley exchanged 1,200 emails with Jeffrey Epstein!
Donald Trump, defender of democracy!
Militants storm US embassy in Yemen, seize hostages!
ANDREW NEIL: £3million for a gong? Scrap the 'useless and dangerous' House of Lords
Pig-ignorant bus driver who refused to let girl, 16, board a bus 'showed no compassion!'
SNP 'to put tampons/sanitary towels in male toilets! May be needed by trannie civil servants!'

Friday 12 November

Cardiologist Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial died in his sleep 2 weeks after his 3rd Covid jab! In a July tweet, he said: 'For those that won’t get the shot for selfish reasons... I won’t cry at their funeral!'
Aaron Siri - Representing 'avalanche' of patients with vaccine injuries!
Germany considers new Lockdowns!
Hamburg Christmas Market to segregate vaccinated and unvaccinated!
Austria threatens to lock down unvaccinated citizens!
Italy to restrict activities of anti-vaccine passport protesters!
Could this Jewish ban on Covid vaccines turn the tide?
New York Rabbis: It's ‘absolutely forbidden' to give Covid-19 vax to children, young men/women!
NHS is 'on its knees' even WITHOUT a Covid surge!
Never mind the cold, open a window to let the Covid out!!!
Care home boss breaks down in tears after having to sack 6 members of staff!
The rise of the unvaxxed second class citizen!
Russia preparing to invade Ukraine? That's what the White House says!
Liberals demand new Judge in Rittenhouse case after patriotic ringtone heard on his phone!
CBS News declares Kyle Rittenhouse a murderer, even though verdict hasn't yet been reached!
LeBron James attacks Kyle for crying - It backfires!
Crime-ravaged Seattle is now so dangerous it can no longer protect its own workers!
Most 2020 ballot images from 56 Georgia counties have been destroyed!
Tucker Carlson unleashes on Republican during clash on Russia!
Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen says Biden’s infamous laptop “doesn’t exist!”
Toddler killed in zebra crossing 'hit-and-run' horror outside primary school!
The tories-on-the-take club: Cash and freebies galore for MPs!
14 MPs are using expenses loophole to fund London flats!
Whatever happened to the buck stops here?
France accused of Brexit ‘spite’ as 1,000 migrants cross Channel in a day!
Lightweight Dorries will make the BBC’s job even easier
Exodus at BBC amid Stonewall fallout?
DIVERSITY at Asda says girl cannot shop there - Inappropriately dressed!
‘Liberals’ are now the new authoritarians!
Stay angry, Jordan Peterson!
What if the Wokeists aren’t really stupid?
'Selfish mother' Katie Price may be kept away from some of her children!

Thursday 11 November

ZELENKO: Vaccination campaign is 'premeditated, first degree murder and genocide!'
Aaron Siri - Representing 'avalanche' of patients with vaccine injuries!
The Netherlands - After jab!
Number of people dying at home is highest in 20 years - 21,471 excess deaths!
19 x higher rate of myocarditis in 12-15 study deleted just before FDA discussed injecting 5-11?
Care workers 'betrayed!' 60,000 unjabbed staff forced out of their jobs!
USA: CDC manipulated studies in order to prop up official COVID narrative!
GERMANY: 12-year-old died two days after taking the Pfizer vaccine!
Covid relief scheme FRAUD! 340 firms registered to just FIVE addresses!
Javid doubles down on vax mandate as NHS jab-for-job could see 73,000 quitting!
Kennedy: 'This outlaw gang has stolen our democracy, civil rights, our country, way of life!'
Eric Clapton tells RFK, Jr.: ‘This has got to stop!’
COVID: No cinema, theatre or concerts for Wales' new pariahs! No freedom for the anti-vaxxers!
Husband died after 'extremely rare' vaccine reaction
CNN admits Covid vaccines don’t work, destroy your immune system, then calls for MORE shots!
France steers citizens away from the Moderna vaccine, citing the risk of heart inflammation!
Michigan school district shut down after staff suffered adverse reactions following Covid jab!
Pfizer secretly added heart attack drug to children’s COVID Vaccines … WHY?
NBC News' Dr. John Torres exaggerates COVID risk to kids, reports incorrect stats!
Did lockdown loophole let Geoffrey Cox dodge travel ban?
Shameless Tory Geoffrey Cox made at least £5.5MILLION as he 'moonlighted' in 'second job!'
Confessions of a dangerous extremist!
The sexual predator in the White House!
Rittenhouse Judge OBLITERATES Prosecutor!
LeBron James mocks Kyle Rittenhouse for crying during trial testimony!
CARLSON: Kyle Rittenhouse trial is the most bizarre court proceeding ever!
George Floyd’s ‘nephew’ threatens Rittenhouse jury in shock video!
Tulsi Gabbard: Rittenhouse ‘tragedy never would have happened’ if police protected people!
LAPD advises city residents to ‘cooperate and comply’ with robbers!
Big Bank climate pledges ‘cannot be trusted!’
Hurty words hurt football millionaires so much those who say them must be jailed!
Academics and students terrified - Fanatics bring a dark age of intolerance to Britain's campuses!
Invaders at the gates of Europe!
Mob of 2,000 attacking Polish border? Half are coming to the UK!
How I organised Anni Dewani's murder!
DIVERSITY: Robber pulls gun on London shopkeeper!
Do Tory leaders really want to stop the Channel migrants?
This feckless Tory Government has charted a course to absolute failure!
Keir Starmer: The self-styled bastion of democracy and his 48 attempts to block Brexit!
Labour MP, Charlotte Nichols, needed a wheelchair after ‘drinking heavily’ on flight!
Taliban took Afghanistan because officials invented soldiers to pocket their wages! 300,000-strong army didn't exist!
Top Brass cover-up! US Army 'lied' about deaths of 4 soldiers at hands of ISIS!
VP Kamala's bizarre speech at COVID lab in Paris mocked!
Ghislaine Maxwell LOSES bid to bar sexual abuse psychologist from testifying at her trial
My child insists on binding breasts as growing numbers of teens question their gender!
BEGALA: Trump and his GOP ‘death cult’ are a ‘threat to the nation!’
The Clintons and the rape of Haiti – Part 1
The Clintons and the rape of Haiti – Part 2!
The Clintons and the rape of Haiti – Part 3
Israeli Ambassador to UK chased from debate by angry mob!
John Cleese cancels himself before Cambridge student union can after they blacklist historian!

Wednesday 10 November

Ask yourselves why 73,000 nurses will refuse to get jabbed despite all the threats!
11,600 people caught Covid in hospital and died!
The NHS trusts under the microscope for patients catching Covid and dying!
UK: Covid deaths fall by a tenth and hospitalisations dip by 17%!
Pfizer CEO calls people who spread misinformation about Covid vaccines 'criminals!'
Anxious, depressed Brits suffer equivalent of 6 YEARS of memory decline in lockdown!
Macron to make Covid booster mandatory for over-65s!
Mandatory coronavirus vaccines could force 123,000 staff out of health and social care!
May 2021: COVID vaccine profits mint new Pharma billionaires!
VACCINE: "I was actually asked not to tell my story by someone close to me!”
Cover-up of severe vaccine reactions and fraudulent clinical trials exposed by whistleblower!
NHS vaccine mandates would bring the health service to its knees
Top NIH unvaxxed scientist willing to lose job and license against vaccine mandates!
Covid deaths plunging - Vaccine damage soaring!
USA: Big Bird, CNN push vaccine propaganda on kids!
Van Morrison sued for libel over anti-Lockdown remarks by N. Ireland Health Minister!
Kids will be traumatized for decades by COVID policies, says child psychiatrist!
Nightmare! The cruellest betrayal! Elderly disappear into care home neglect!
A bonfire of the civilities!
Could laughable eco-hypocrites get any more ridiculous?
Attenborough and his climate cohorts are scaring the young into mental illness!
Michael Vaughan shows we are now living in a ‘guilty until proven guilty’ Orwellian state!
Hit-and-run Emma Moughan killed cyclist while 10 times over limit of cocaine!
Multicultural Europe swept by week of migrant violence and ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacks!
Swiss Court convicts Afghan in absentia for raping 2 children!
UK Border Force refuses to turn migrant boats back to France!
Diversity-mongers 'move against the Baby Boomers' in the TV world!
COX: Tawdry truth about the Dishonourable Member for the Virgin Islands!
'Brazen' Tory Grandee Sir Geoffrey Cox faces sleaze watchdog probe for using his taxpayer-funded Commons office to take private legal work!
Which Labour MPs earn the most?

Tuesday 9 November

When in doubt, fiddle with the vaccine figures!
AUSTRALIA: "Hospitals under enormous pressure," despite political elite's vax brutality!
More fatalities, more serious reactions to the vaccines!
UK COVID-19 vaccines Yellow Card analysis! (1,738 dead admitted to so far)
Cover-up of severe vaccine reactions and fraudulent clinical trials exposed by whistleblower!
The courts are backing the Covid vaccine madness!
VACCINE: "I was actually asked not to tell my story by someone close to me!”
Bayer exec admits '2 years ago' 95% would have refused experimental 'gene therapy' injection!
Head of NHS England caught telling lies about Covid hospital admissions!
Covid infections picked up in hospital have killed 11,000 being treated for something else!
Making jabs compulsory will only add to care home woes!
Matt Hancock wants to censor the trolls who censor him - Funny, that…
Jabs Forever! UK may change definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to mean 3 shots!
Jill Biden makes kids say 'thank you' for vaxing them!
Thrilled to get the first two Covid vaccines, I won't be getting the booster!
Vocal chords cut from puppies so Fauci researchers wouldn't have to hear them screaming?
NHS chief ridiculed over claims of ‘14 times as many Covid admissions as last year!’
Freedom lost in the libertarian capital of the world!
Expansion of mail-in ballots will fuel voters' concerns over election integrity!
We are exposed to 24 thousand microplastics in our living rooms!
Thought Police sorted!
FBI/CIA may be weaponised against Americans to fight 'domestic extremism!'
Rittenhouse witness admits he was only shot after chasing and pointing gun at him!
LINCOLNSHIRE: Schoolboy, Marcel Grzeszcz, murdered friend, 12, and tried to behead him!
Terrorists taking psychology courses to convince prison bosses they are deradicalised!
The number of sex offenders living in Yorkshire - and how many live in your area!
BMW demolishes lamppost and smashes into bollard before occupants get out and walk away!
Leftist media in racist meltdown!
Travis Scott has repeatedly given a snarling middle finger to the safety of his fans!
White men need not apply! Going for a job when you know the chips are stacked against you?
After 11 years of Tory rule, Britain is still run by a hypocritical Blairite elite!
Six-jobs Andrew Mitchell and the MPs who are coining it!
European energy prices soar as Putin holds back gas supplies!
The woke investment crowd will leave us powerless to defend ourselves!
Who does Meghan Markle think she is?

Monday 8 November

MSM IS LYING? They did not die by crush at Houston concert?
List of world class athletes who died or suffered severe injuries after COVID-19 vaccine!
Refuse vax, lose NHS job! Double-jab refusal = Hundreds of care homes close! 60,000 quit/fired!
Belarus vaxxes 25% of its citizenry, 4,679 die of Covid - Israel vaxxes 90%, 8,109 die!
Vax manufacturer blamed for bad batch of COVID vaccine - US government cancels contract!
Death, destruction and cruelty visited on humans and animals with COVID vax!
Vaccine patches – a milestone on the road to mass suicide?
Where has BMJ editor Peter Doshi, a vaccine sceptic, been hiding until now?
Matt Hancock: Jab NHS staff before winter hits!
HANCOCK: The case for compulsory vaccinations for NHS staff is overwhelming!
Govermor Newsom not seen in public since COVID booster on October 27!
Double jabbed elderly/vulnerable now dying of Covid due to waning immunity!
USA: Vaccine injury data excluded from reports!
808 State bassist and keyboard player Andrew Barker dies at the age of 53? (Vaxxed?)
Myocarditis ‘tends to be mild’? Tell that to this vaccine victim
Newsmax will not enforce vax mandate at company!
What changed us from warriors to worriers?
Coroner slams GPs/hospital doctors who repeatedly missed sepsis that killed mum of 5!
Microplastic danger in home 100 x worse than feared! We inhale up to 7,000 particles every day!
Must we thrust racism down our children’s throats?
Travis Scott and Drake are sued for inciting crowd that left 8 Astroworld festivalgoers dead!
Fan begs for Travis Scott show to be stopped as 'someone had died!'
COP26's largest delegation? Fossil fuel industry! 500+ with links to oil/gas interests at summit!
The harrowing reality of reporting rape!
Eight in ten women who suffer sex attack don't tell the police!
64,325 Category One registered sex offenders in England and Wales at March 2021!
Cannes rocked by knifeman terror rampage – Police officers stabbed!
Indian cricket coach stole man's identity and overstayed visa in UK by 7 years!
FO still pays bundles to gay group months after Liz Truss swanted it to ditch diversity scheme!
Tony Blair was the sleaziest! Burley shuts down Labour MP!
UK to ditch £15bn EU science deal! Brussels freezing out British researchers?
2020 Swing State Lawsuit: Nearly 26,000 dead people found on voter rolls?
Joe Biden yells at reporter when pressed on payments to illegal immigrants!
Biden sent 70 secret night flights of migrants from border to Florida!
Candace Owens asks important question after Ashley Biden’s alleged diary published!
Gary Lineker humiliation after Brexit vote U-turn!
METHANE! Camilla blown away after hearing Joe Biden ‘loudly’ fart!

Sunday 7 November

1) Imperial College has multiple ties to Chinese military and relationships with Qatar/Saudi Arabia 2) Imperial College makes 'cancel' threat to 19th century scientist over race theories!
64,325 Category One registered sex offenders in England and Wales at March 2021!
Long list of athletes who “suddenly” died or were seriously ill!
Ministers plan to bring back tests/quarantine for those refusing 3rd Covid jab!
Thousands of unjabbed care home staff set to quit for NHS as compulsory vax law comes into force!
UK travellers who refuse Covid booster jabs could face travel restrictions!
LATVIA: Employers can suspend, dismiss unvaccinated workers!
Austria to bar unvaccinated from restaurants/salons/hotels/public events with 25 people+!
Dementia assessments by GPs have plunged by a third since start of pandemic!
As we transition from democracies to tyrannies, America still offers hope!
Embracing wokeness is electoral Kryptonite for Biden's Democrats!
Democrat plot to offshore American jobs rubber-stamped by 32 Republicans!
Ghislaine Maxwell sex-trafficking trial screens 600 jurors for bias against 'wealthy!'
HOUSTON: Man suspected of injecting fans with drugs where deadly stampede erupted!
Travis Scott continued to perform his set for 30 minutes as people were crushed to death
HAMBURG 2020: Girl, 15, gang raped for hours by 12 men! (10 immigrants)
Germany sees two gang rapes a day, half suspects are immigrants! (Merkel made this happen!)
'Rotherham is a death trap. Nobody is safe!'
Three injured in knife attack on German train: Syrian arrested!
The climate grandstanding in Glasgow leaves ordinary voters cold!
The hypocrisy of COP26 exposed!
Cop26 is a gigantic flatulent mess of incoherence and sanctimony, says ex-no10 special adviser!
COP26 crazies call for ‘end of capitalism,’ ‘Black liberation,’ abolition of police!
UK to ditch £15bn EU science deal! Brussels freezing out British researchers?
Labour MP Zarah Sultana is forced to apologise after joining 'cops are assassins' protest!
Tory donors 'who pay £3 million get seats in the Lords!' Wealthy backers 'guaranteed' a peerage!
We do need a regulator for our MPs. Let’s call it ‘the electorate!’
No. 10 furious at John Major after his 'we are the masters' taunt at Boris Johnson!
Rose Paterson told of article linking her to corruption allegations hours before taking her own life!
Kathleen Stock: It wasn’t just students lying and hounding me, it was colleagues too!
Disfigured and left in agony by budget dental treatments!
M&S 'diversity managers' give staff pronoun badges so customers know how to address them!
A brief history of lies about the church!
Notes from the sticks: Sour charity!
Katie 'car crash' Price hit with a repossession order for her £1.3M 'mucky mansion!'
METHANE! Joe Biden farted at Cop26! Camilla can't stop talking about it!

Saturday 6 November

VACCINES: Cult sacrifice! Injecting children live on television! Kill everyone! Agenda 21!
OSHA considering permanent Covid vax rule with 7 requirements for Americans!
Long list of athletes who “suddenly” died or were seriously ill!
Ex employee tells BMJ, Pfizer 'vaccine' trials falsifified data!
Biden’s vaccine mandate is worse than we thought!
Are vaccines driving excess deaths in Scotland?
COVID: Telegraph removed their own journalists' article after a few hours!
British holidaymakers to face new travel restrictions unless they are TRIPLE-jabbed!
Aaron Rodgers blasts lefties for ripping vaccines under Trump then loving them under Biden
11 states take Legal action against Biden’s vaccine mandate!
USA: 3 more teens die after COVID vaccination! 18,078 dead, 131,027 seriously injured!
UN plan to vax children without parental consent!
6 studies showing why children don't need and shouldn’t get a COVID vaccine!
Cancer survivor says Pfizer vaccine injuries ‘far worse’ than cancer!
Professional biker describes life-altering vaccine injuries after second Pfizer COVID shot!
Moderna had a long history of failure. Then along came COVID!
Cardiac Arrest! Hockey player, 24, dies ater collapse on ice! 80% of League vaccinated!
Black community ‘demonized’ for COVID vaccine scepticism!
Pfizer's Covid pill cuts deaths/hospitalisations by 89%? (What, like Ivermectin/Hydroxychloroquine?)
47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of COVID masks! 32 more confirm negative health effects!
German footballers suffering heart problems on the pitch!
We’re not in a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated,’ Peter Doshi explains!
Effigies of Dominic Cummings, Matt Hancock and Joe Biden burned in Lewes, West Sussex!
8 officers injured as protesters burn Boris effigy and launch fireworks at cops!
‘Our country is under attack’: RFK, Jr. speaks on CIA and totalitarianism!
The madness is all too much. Stop the world, I want to get off but you can’t!
Voters say this government is mired in worst sleaze for decades!
Two years, 43 U-turns! How Boris has caved in over and over again!
'Woke' BBC axes Michael Vaughan from cricket coverage!
FBI raids homes of Project Veritas journalists!
British troops trounced Yanks in war games because US military ‘is focused on culture wars!’
‘Russia Collusion!’ — It was Hillary’s team that did it!
Border Force is REFUSING to turn back migrant boats despite Priti Patel's promise!
Eight killed, 'hundreds' injured at rapper Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston!
BIRMINGHAM: teen vigilante killers bump fists to celebrate brutal murder!
Moroccan charged with raping woman on steps of Copenhagen court!
GP Rumi Chhapia jailed for 3 years+ after stealing £1.1m to pay for gambling habit!
Violinist Nigel Kennedy’s son jailed after £15,000 cocaine bust!
Rittenhouse prosecutors left scrambling after their own witness ruines their narrative!
If the Inuit are right, the ‘experts’ will be too darn frightened to break ranks and tell us!
You know the trendy trainers that the green, 'woke', PC, Antifa and BLM types wear? They create more than half of the carbon emissions of aviation industry!

Friday 5 November

'The COVID vaccine is a greater threat to soldiers’ health/military readiness than the virus itself!'
Anti-vaxxers demand no more lockdowns and brand Neil Ferguson a 'f****** murderer!'
US condemns 28million children to needless Covid jab!
Little people, you WILL believe in Net Zero!
OSHA considering permanent Covid vax rule with 7 requirements for Americans!
A real Australian hero of Covid resistance!
LITTLEJOHN: Cop26 was riddled with hypocrisy
Boris took private jet from climate summit to London for dinner at private members' club!
Helsinki government to stop serving meat and milk to fight climate change!
Landless peasants in thrall to the cloud!
Ousted border chief EXPOSES Biden’s ‘horrific’ border agenda!
LAS VEGAS: 'Drunk' American football star Henry Ruggs kills Tina Tintor, 23, in 127mph crash!
Barefoot, shackled loner accused of kidnapping little Cleo Smith!
Turk accused of deliberately running down German schoolchildren, killing one!
Savage throws sawn-off shotgun from car during police chase!
Sweden: Muslim school head allegedly scammed millions and sent it to Somalia!
Leftie MP gets soft sentence from ‘white court’after acid threat conviction!
Acid threat MP, Claudia Webbe, tells judge she WILL try to cling on as an MP!
Natalie Wood was sexually assaulted by Kirk Douglas when she was underage!
London family 'terrified' after masked gang storms home and threatens them with machetes!
Professor who said trans women shouldn't be in female prisons suffers harassment for beliefs!
'On Shabbat, settlers swarm Palestinian villages with clubs - They pull people out of their homes!'
We have starved, captured and eaten our bird population into shocking decline!
Yorkshire banned from staging England matches over cricket racism scandal!
Guy Fawkes invented the fork? Today's woke lessons actually do more harm than good!
John Lewis' 2021 Christmas ad slammed for being 'pathetically predictably woke!'

Thursday 4 November

Italian Higher Institute of Health adjusts Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to under 4,000!
Biden says 20,000 sites will offer kids aged 5-11 FDA-approved Pfizer 'vaccine!'
"My government lied to me!" Murder by experimental 'vaccine!'
Baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother’s Pfizer shot!
Anyone notice a pattern yet? Young athletes collapsing in 2021 with heart issues!
The damage of masking children could be irreparable!
World's top climate scientists told to cover up! Earth's temperature hasn't risen for 15 years!
‘It’s Free’: Pfizer & Moderna project tens of billions in COVID shot PROFITS!
60,000 unvaccinated care home workers in England face sack within days!
Professor Jonathan Van-Tam refuses to rule out Christmas lockdown!
Britain's Covid vaccine watchdog 'will approve second doses for 16 and 17-year-olds this week!'
Surgeon who operated on Italian vaccine victim, 18: ‘You have never seen anything like this!’
NSW woman, 34, dies from rare blood clot disease after first dose of AstraZeneca vaccine!
Thousands more people than usual are dying but NOT FROM COVID!
Fully vaccinated airline passenger who died mid-flight was infected with COVID!
NHS staff WON'T be forced to have a mandatory jab!
Biden using vaccine mandate to distract from failures?
Bob Odenkirk recovering from 'heart related' issue after collapse on 'Better Call Saul!'
The cruelty and debasement of the Government’s Covid response!
Let children give gutless GPs a taste of their own medicine!
It ws a ‘bloodbath’ for Democrats last night and the liberal media couldn’t handle it!
Bezos, Charles and the COP26 festival of hypocrisy!
Parliament’s chief sleaze inquisitor must quit, says Owen Paterson!
Afghan invasion! Bulgaria sends 350 troops to Turkish border as illegal crossings triple!
UK has granted 96% of licenses requested by French fishing boats!
Italy: 880 schools have more foreign-born pupils than native Italians!
Drug baron, 58, who hid £198MILLION fortune from cops set for freedom after half life in jail!
Probation officers too quick to believe terrorists have reformed, says Fishmongers’ Hall coroner!
Arrests plummet as illegal Channel crossings soar!
Met officers facing sex assault claims were allowed out on patrol because of staff shortages!
Castleview Primary School in Edinburgh has asked boys to wear skirts to 'promote equality!'
SCOTLAND: 12 violent/sexually offending trans jailbirds locked up in women’s prisons recently!
The transgender trap, Part 2!
Kathleen Stock: Colleagues poisoned students against me in transgender debate!
Extinction Rebellion founder’s repugnant rant: ‘Climate crisis will lead to gang rape!’
Pensioners urged to downsize rather than 'rattling around' in homes that are too big!
Mao’s sinister legacy lives on!
The News is being nudged!
Happiness is 24 hours in police custody?

Wednesday 3 November

VAXX: Death by lot number! "This doesn't happen by chance!"
AUSTRALIA: Civil Liberty Exterminated! Daniel Andrews has resurrected the Third Reich!
'Professor Lockdown,' Neil Ferguson, called 'murderer' and 'f***ing disgrace' during lecture!
'Our government will not voluntarily allow this ‘pandemic’ to end!'
Let children give gutless GPs a taste of their own medicine!
Is this the convergence of catastrophes?
How to save the planet by biased BBC, billionaires, royals, celebs and bought politicians!
Prophet of Doom Boris to fly home on private jet from Glasgow Climate Summit!
Prince Charles joins Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau and Zac Goldsmith for drinks!
Green Hypocrisy! BBC took £300K from Saudi Arabia National Oil Corp last year!
Civil war, the spectre that stalks Biden’s fractured America!
Republicans take back control of Virginia House in statewide upset!
Suffer the children: How the young are groomed into the transgender trap!
Anti-CRT parents win school board victories throughout America!
DEA agent charged in MAGA riot says an FBI informant urged him to break into Capitol!
The collapse of three cities!
Knifeman shouting 'Allahu Akbar… France is ruled by the Islamic State' shot by police in Paris!
Man killed daughter's boyfriend for selling her into sex trafficking ring! (Applause!)
'Smart motorways must go!' Clamour grows for Grant Shapps to scrap death trap roads!
Tories bid to OUST Commons sleaze watchdog who suspended Owen Paterson!
Owen Paterson broke rules to lobby for his paymasters and must face the penalty?
Billions on schemes that barely make a difference, little on hydrogen engines which run on water!
Want to fight back against wokery? Cancel a direct debit today
Imperial College told to remove bust of abolitionist because he ‘might now be called racist!’
Why artificial intelligence is always 'racist!'
Lady Gaga suffers ‘psychological difficulty’ after staying in character for nine months!

Tuesday 2 November

17 Big Pharma henchmen who voted to experiment on your kids!
Great Barrington Declaration — Lockdowns a Disaster, especially for young people!
161 slides ask critical questions about kids and COVID vaccines!
Questions that need answering before approval of COVID vaccines for any age group!
Italian Mayor Bans anti-vaccine passport protests!
The professor the government should be listening to!
Purveyors of “disinformation” (truth-tellers) may face jail time in the UK!
Too many of us are not open to the government's mind control and remain ‘awake!’
A wannabe false flag in Australia!
Slovenian PM labels far-left extremist group Antifa an “international terrorist organisation!”
Shame on you, Professor Pushover!
This is why I am so angry!
The elites are laughing in our faces!
‘Trans activists are trying to bully people!’
Loudoun County and the cruelty of trans ideology!
"Come on, man!" The ballad of creepy Joe Biden!
Biden proposal could turn illegal alien families into Millionaires!
Joe Biden caught 'falling asleep' during Cop26 speeches!
Archbishop of Canterbury is forced to make grovelling apology for 'offence to Jews!'
I know I should care, so why does this climate summit leave me feeling cold?
Australian PM undermines Macron’s credibility!
SARKOZY: ‘F*** the Brits!’ They want everything!'
Home Office admits to losing track of over 900 foreign criminals!
Number of migrants crossing the Channel was SIX TIMES higher last month than in October 2020!
Scots schoolgirl, 12, dies suddenly from brain haemorrhage! (Was Gemma Caffrey vaxxed?)
Savage Eddie Achunche drilled 5cm into neighbour’s BRAIN after complaint about late-night DIY!
‘Dangerous’ inmate, Rakeem Malik, threated to murder Theresa May and Jess Phillips!
Shackled Ghislaine Maxwell forced to crawl on hands and knees to get into prison van? (OK by me!)
Houston House of Horrors mom/boyfriend lived with son's corpse in roach/fly-infested apartment!
Terry Gilliam show cancelled over views on trans rights and #MeToo!

Monday 1 November

28,103 deaths 2,637,525 injuries after COVID shots in EU database of adverse reactions!
The vaccine’s toll on men’s sexual health!
F*** Joe Biden!
“Horrific hospital violations of human rights!”
Breakthrough Infections, Deaths Among COVID-19 Vaccinated Rose in Recent Months: CDC
Dr Vincent Wang: Pfizer booster 2nd September - Died 14 days later!
The jab makes it EASIER for the virus to spread! Who will stop this madness?
Fauci Cover-Up Begins - NIH scrubs funding for puppy torture!
One woman’s stand against the outrageous power grab in Australia!
Christine Anderson in the European Parliament!
COP26 – A perfect storm of stupid!
Private jets swarm Glasgow for COP26 - Emit more CO2 than Scots churn out in a year!
Thousands of churches demolished, sold or converted into housing over past decade
'EU bankrupt without British golden goose!' Britons erupt over Frost v France!
Belgium: Woman attacked and seriously injured after being labelled racist!
Barclays boss Jes Staley quits over Jeffrey Epstein investigation!
Russian gang to release private details of David Beckham, Oprah and Sir 'Shifty' Green?
Succumbing to Zionist terror: Why are UK university administrators so stupid?
Sweden capitulates to Israel on Swedes’ right to free speech!
Israel’s sewage war!
Gaza – a hellhole created by Israel!
Private schools surrender to the Marxist myth of privilege!
Teaching of 'white privilege' rife in schools despite warnings it is unlawful!
White civil servants sent reading list to 'confront their privilege' - Must address 'ignorance' of race!
Today's girls need lessons in laughter!
Stand up for the people, Charles, not the global elite!
'No more Charles!' Laurence Fox claims Queen should be last monarch!

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