Daily News: September 2019

Monday 30 September

EU intentionally collapsing European countries with illegals - Coudenhove Kalergi plan!
Jewish MP vows to keep her job despite condemning the Labour Party over anti-Semitism
Gina Miller: "If anyone is killed or hurt, I will hold Boris responsible!"
Media pushes ‘inflammatory language’ narrative as lefties hang effigies of Tories from bridge!
"Here's what they were saying before the referendum!"
Bunging the EU billions shows the toxic ineptitude at the heart of May's Brexit deal
'Act of treason and traitor!' Express readers say Benn Act is ‘worse than surrender!'
Rees-Mogg: The British, ‘like Gulliver, tied down by feeble, feckless politicians!’
Jacob Rees-Mogg launches blistering attack on John Bercow!
Charlotte Edwardes: Number 10 denies journalist's claim that BoJo squeezed her thigh?
Douglas Murray – The Cancel Culture will cancel itself…
Why do American Jews idealize Soviet Communism?
The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel!
Booker: ‘I have problems’ with Hunter Biden’s actions!
Let's get real: Democrats were first to enlist Ukraine in US elections
Hungarian Family Minister: ‘Globalism is a bad choice’, slams Trudeau!
Saudi Prince 'takes full responsibility' for Jamal Khashoggi's deat but denies ordering murder

Sunday 29 September

Million-dollar Miliband! Pay soars to $911,000 at US refugee charity that fleeces British taxpayers!
Britain in opioid crisis as pain-killer poison cases hit new high!
Zombie drugs haunt Britain's jails with one in 10 prisoners testing positive!
Twelve Americans have died of vaping-linked illness and 805 have severe lung damage
Shocking moment moped savages launch violent stabbing attack on a man in street!
What is Cultural Marxism?
Rex Tillerson is right, Bibi Netanyahu is a liar — Like the other Zionists!
The 'Jewish' conspiracy is British imperialism!
Women tortured, brainwashed and prostituted by the Illuminati - How the world is really run
Britain was never 'Great' and America was 'snuffed out' long ago
Rex Tillerson is right, Bibi Netanyahu is a liar — Like the other Zionists!
When a man becomes a "THEY!"
HITCHENS: Gloating liberals may soon regret the power now being wielded by Supreme Court judges!
Brexit: Is Britain's democracy all but dead?
Blair met top EU negotiator to request Brexit delay according to shock claim!
Jacob Rees-Mogg: Corbyn is a bungling Bolshevik who hates everything that made Britain great!
Barrister pulled the wool over 11 judges' eyes and polluted our public life for years to come
Supreme Court and John Bercow act as if voters have no political rights, expert says!
Plot to allow Bercow to send 'surrender letter' to Brussels! No 10 probes 'foreign collusion!'
When it comes to abuse, Labour and its 'oh, poor us' cohorts are as bad as anyone else!
BoJo: 'Surrender Act? More like the Abject Capitulation Act!'
French fishermen to launch post-Brexit blockade to take revenge on UK?
So where were you the moment they killed off British democracy?
Maitlis joins condemnation of BBC treatment of Munchetty! (Out come all the PC screechers!)
Vegans threaten to sue over policy of serving milk to nursery children!

Saturday 28 September

NIGERIA: 300+ men/boys shackled and sodomised in 'house of torture' Islamic boarding school!
PAKISTAN: Government makes it mandatory for schoolgirls cover up to keep from being raped!
Jihad is the only solution, says Muslim of the Year finalist!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Murder rate set to surpass last year’s decade-high level!
LONDON BLOODBATH: 16-strong knife gang singles out white victims!
Child rape suspects freed in New York/New Jersey after cops refuse to hold them for ICE!
German Federal Council passes bill sentencing those who denigrate EU flag to 3 years in jail!
Verhofstadt warns Brexiteers could end up on the guillotine like French Revolutionary leaders!
FARAGE: Labour now a REMAIN party that wants open-doors, no-control mass migration!
BoJo's links with Jennifer Arcuri 'blown out of proportion,' says Theresa Villiers!
DOMINIC GRIEVE: We'll go to court to stop Boris Johnson and we will win!
Bojo's inflammatory language? Many of his critics set Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria on fire!'
Boris has an embarrassing problem – His sister!
John Major worked to ensure Margaret Thatcher wouldn't stand again so he could replace her!
Pope Francis endorses essay trashing Americaa's Conservative Christians!
Trump attorney says Ukraine 'whistle-blower' complaint was 'written by a law firm!'
Rep. Andy Biggs introduces motion to censure Adam Schiff!
New York City aids migrants by imposing speech code on Americans
Now BBC blames Dan Walker for Naga Munchetty's 'racism' comments!
Douglas Murray on Gay Pride mission creep – ‘I don’t want sex at my bank!’
Human Rights crowd wants 25 Labour members to testify before anti-Semitism probe!
112,000+ Britons give up their jobs to look after loved ones with dementia every year!

Friday 27 September

"Vote REMAIN or you'll have the blood of Jo Cox on your hands!"
Britain’s Remoaner establishment is fomenting Civil War!
Cabinet minister warns Britain will erupt in violence and rioting if Brexit is not delivered!
Amber Rudd 'preparing to stand as caretaker Prime Minister if MPs boot out BoJo?'
Gina Miller in brutal clash with BBC QT audience member! Accused of halting Brexit!
So where's the outrage when Brexiteers are demonised?
When it comes to abuse, Labour and its cohorts are as bad as anyone else! (They're WORSE!)
Did a Labour MP really say, 'you should be in a ditch, dead?'
All 118 archbishops and bishops in the CofE condemn 'unacceptable' language used by MPs
EU is trying to ‘cram mandatory migrant quotas down the throats of European countries!’
Jodie Chesney, 17, died from 7-inch stab wound! 'Knife passed almost entirely through her body!
Nassar Iqbal stalked girl, 15, before car park sex attack
Hundreds of crime victims exploited for sex by cops pretending to be 'knights in shining armour!'
Police watchdog says 35,000 police staff have not been 'vetted properly!'
'Clueless' Cleveland Police 'putting public at risk'
Bank scammers are stealing £1million a DAY in fraud epidemic!
Babies who grow up breathing polluted air have a 50% greater risk of dying before they turn one?
Top Erdogan advisor says Turkey and Iran targeted because goal is to establish Greater Israel!
Trump racism row! 150 black broadcasters want Naga Munchetty ruling reversed by BBC!
LA Times columnist spreads fake polling news on impeachment!
Hungarian Minister says: ‘Globalism is a bad choice’, slams Canada’s Trudeau!

Thursday 26 September

Labour to scrap controls on immigration and hand foreigners the right to vote!
55% of British voters want election NOW and blast 'establishment plot' to block Brexit!
She wants to be PM in government of national unity! Red Marge can go f*** herself!
Installing Harriet Harman as PM would be an anti-democratic outrage!
Boris to Remainer Supreme Court – ‘That decision was wrong!’
Brexit spiked!
Brexit Party rises in the polls, as Leave supporters back election pact
From the rule of law, to the rule of lawyers!
Boy, 5, 'put on record as sex offender’ after hugging classmate!
Greta Thunberg's coach is funded by George Soros, Bill Gates, Bono and co.
Rise of 'eco-anxiety!' Psychologist says schoolkids are being damaged by climate change debate
Labour MP understands why Jews would seriously consider leaving if Corbyn became PM
GOLDERS GREEN! Lib Dems give Labour turncoat, Luciana Berger, the safest seat possible!
Trump-Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ has a political bias
231 House Democrats vote to proceed with impeachment of Donald Trump!
MPs demand millionaire bosses are stripped of assets after they 'plundered' Thomas Cook!
LONDON BLOODBATH! Two men stabbed to death in separate incidents
27 South Londoners charged with drug and firearm offences after dawn police raids!
Uptake of all 13 child vaccinations drops!
Robert Sparks, who stabbed his wife and two stepsons to death, apologises before execution
Jihadi bride Shamima Begum begs to come home! AND?

Wednesday 25 September

Enemies of the people, democracy and our country?
Enemies of the People sabotage Brexit again!
A sinister, nebulous shadow government is holding Brexit hostage!
EU crisis: Eurozone fears as trade figures ‘go from bad to worse’ before Brexit
Super-soft Brexit (BRINO) or Remain: The second referendum choices Labour is offering
'Who runs this country?' BoJo's allies blast judges' 'constitutional coup!'
LITTLEJOHN: Why don't we drag John Bercow in front of the Supreme Court?
Ex-barmaid with a spider brooch who spun legal web that snared Boris!
BBC upholds complaint against Newsnight's Emily Maitlis over sneering Brexit debate!
National Crime Agency says: No evidence of criminality by Brexit campaign, Leave EU!
FARAGE: Labour's Corbyn ‘cult’ is waging ‘relentless war’ for hard-left!
MPs may think they can postpone Brexit without consequences, but we'll be the judge of that
Britain has become a Republic with Bercow at its head!
The hypocrites on Labour’s front bench will betray ordinary schoolchildren
Trump asks Ukraine President to probe Biden & son! Dems launch impeachment proceedings
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man repeatedly stabbed at Hillingdon station in front of commuters!
Russian company boss found murdered in her £900,000 Ealing flat
LONDON BLOODBATH: 16-month-old baby girl dies after clinging to life for 4 days
Pro-migration activist Audrey Coignard murdered in her Paris home! Immigrant sought!
Hospitals in Germany under siege

Tuesday 24 September

Supreme Court awards victory to REMAIN! EU wins! The 52% lose!
Greed of the Thomas Cook fat cats! Bosses creamed off £47million in years before collapse!
Decades after denials, unrepentant former priest admits he was a major IRA bomber!
UK schools are teaching six-year-olds about masturbation!
The 'safer' painkillers experts fear are as risky as opioids!
Jon Snow: 'a lot of people... have died since the last referendum,' so how about another referendum?
Hospitals in Germany under siege!
Brexit betrayal! Politicians lie. Dishonesty is the default position!
YouGov’s poll of over 1,100 Labour members finds two thirds are ashamed of Britain’s history!
Farage lists 3 of the many economic catastrophes that beset Labour - Gordon Brown smirks
FARAGE: Labour's Corbyn ‘cult’ wages ‘relentless war’ for hard-Left!
THE terrifying extent of left-wing extremism in the Labour Party is laid bare today!
Israel jailed him for blowing the nuclear whistle - Now he says they assassinated JFK
How the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult runs the world - David Icke dot-connector
The CIA coined and weaponized the label “Conspiracy Theory!”
14.3million illegal aliens living in USA, costing Americans $132billion a year!
In Germany, Jewish funds help keep Mediterranean migrant rescue missions afloat!
Greta Thunberg and pals file climate complaint against 5 countries (Why not China?)
Check out the face on this! If looks could kill...
STUPID CELEBS! Hollywood praises Greta Thunberg: Put her in charge of everything!
More proof that Americans are tired of Leftist trash: Emmy’s have worst ratings ever!

Monday 23 September

200,000 customers face up to a fortnight wait to be repatriated after Thomas Cook collapses!
The Thomas Cook bosses who received £20m in bonuses in last 5 years as company collapsed
HUMPHRYS: ‘Kremlin’-style ‘BBC Thought Police’ want to ‘mould’ UK in liberal-left’s image!
SABOTAGE! Lib Dems write to EU President urging him not to do a Brexit Deal with BoJo!
Labour set to give all foreign nationals living in UK right to vote in general elections for first time
Brussels will put up hard border if there’s a No Deal Brexit, Juncker admits
Swedish reporter, Bechir Rabani, was about to expose billionaire George Soros when he died
DIVERSITY! Wesley Streete charged with the murder of Keeley Bunker
SLOUGH: Boy, 15, stabbed to death in 'skate park play fight!'
Man stabbed to death outside Southall shop
Care Home Horror! Paedo, killers and drug dealers apply to look after the elderly!
Muslim of the Year nominee probed by cops after being filmed saying 'jihad is the only solution!'
Number of sex assaults reported by Tube passengers soars by 42%! 1,200+ in the last year
Celebrity eye surgeon Bobby Qureshi struck off the medical register
Scotland takes twice UK average of refugees!
Italy: Pro-migration former Mayor on trial for aiding illegal immigration
Eating meat could be banned like smoking, says top barrister!
Eating meat is a crime against humanity! Ban it, says top barrister Michael Mansfield!
Ministers ‘drop plan to cut university tuition fees’ despite pledge by Theresa May!
Panicking Euro car giants demand EU strike new Brexit deal or face economic meltdown
UK fishermen furious at quota madness demand hard Brexit: 'France don't give away wine!'
Labour's £20m property empire that has not paid tax for 15 years!
No more ‘best male’ and ‘best female’ awards at the Brits! Gender categories abolished!

Sunday 22 September

Sexualising Children! 6-year-olds to be given COMPULSORY SELF-TOUCHING LESSONS!
Labour shadow minister insists Britain ‘must’ pay massive reparations for slavery!
Asthma drug Montelukast can cause suicidal thoughts or hallucinations!
SLOUGH: Boy, 15, is stabbed to death 'following an altercation!'
2018: 60 rapes and killings last year carried out by offenders on bail!
Meshach Williams stabbed to death in Harlesden! Youth, 16, charged with murder
Muslim taxi driver threatened to sodomise Christian converts in viral video - NO JAIL!
NO GO ZONE! Immigrant criminals laugh at Swedish laws!
“I will rip your head off!” Exposing the violent hatred of Abdul Hamid
‘We live in a narco state’ lawyer gunned down in liberal Amsterdam - Moroccan Mafia suspected
FRANCE: Tear gas, mass arrests as Cops crack down on anti-Macron protesters again!
Lt. General Riley explains how the EU is taking over the UK's Defence and Intelligence capability!
Brexit fury: Tory rebels to stand despite Johnson’s Remainer banishment!
FERRARI: Cameron never understood Brexit as he was deaf to the British public
David Starkey condemns Varadkar's 'dangerous’ behaviour as ‘revenge against England’
BBC bias blasted by John Humphrys over ‘Kremlin’ style behaviour and anti-Brexit sentiment
They are laughing at us! Humiliating us! Refusing to budge - Boris must give them NO DEAL!
HITCHENS: Supreme Court? Fiction! It may as well pass judgement on a bottle of wine
HYPOCRISY! Labour want private education abolished despite sending kids to private school
Tom Watson is a tainted bruiser addicted to his scheming
Lifeboat skipper quits RNLI! 'It's in the grip of political correctness and is misleading the public'

Saturday 21 September

Drug Propanolol 'reduces implicit racial bias,' study suggests!
Heart drug Propranolol makes people less racist!
Can the blood pressure pill propranolol cure racism?
Shamaila Musarat jailed over spouse visa scam! £2,500 for 'partners' to come to UK!
Javed Ahmed started a fire in a hospital which caused £68,000 worth of damage
West Ham station: Police appeal after 'shockingly violent' attack on tube staff!
ROTHERHAM: Mohammad Ahsan groomed and abused vulnerable young girls - Gets 18 years!
Mum of teen murdered by Dave's brother condemns Mercury Prize winner for paying tribute!
Thieving police worker, Agnes Alexander, caught in undercover sting!
Odious arrogance of a Jihadi 'Beatle!'
RSPCA chief exposed as a vegan extremist calling for Smithfield meat market to be shut down!
Rebels to stand for Conservatives despite BoJo’s Remainer banishment?
Emily Thornberry compares the Liberal Democrats to the TALIBAN
Scottish government drops ‘Stalinist’ law assigning every child a state guardian!
Salvini now most trusted political leader in Italy
Hungarian Minister: With Salvini Europe was safe!
Former police chief (USA) expresses shock at Swedish gang violence!
Prince Andrew 'had sex with Virginia Roberts aged 17?' No further action being taken say cops!
Epstein paid doctors/psychiatrists to prescribe Xanax and lithium to medicate his 'sex slaves?'
Climate strike kids would all fail this elementary global warming test…

Friday 20 September

EXTINCTION! There are 3 billion fewer wild birds in USA/Canada than in 1970!
White Nationalism Hearing: 175 killings in 8 years versus 84,000 in one year for Islamists! If only we could turn everyone into White Nationalists, just think of the number of lives that would save!
1.3 MILLION Britons took hard drugs last year as cocaine and ecstasy use continues to soar!
One in five pupils in England leaves the education system without basic qualifications!
Dave wins 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize - Dedicates it to his brother, who is in jail for murder!
University student, Tendai Muswere, first in UK to be jailed for making a GUN with a 3D printer
Medi Abalimba arrested at Mayfair nightclub accused of swindling Love Island star ex-girlfriend!
Teenage girl sexually assaulted on train from Manchester Piccadilly
Virginia Roberts claims Jeffrey Epstein forced her into sex with Prince Andrew
Judgment day: the danger of courts taking over politics!
Juncker admits UK doesn't need the EU!
Brexit Party outraged as Lib Dem shouts in EU parliament: 'Bollocks to Brexit!'
'F*** Boris Johnson!' Rapper holds up effigy of BoJo's severed head!
Bercow could bypass BoJo and recall MPs HIMSELF?
Remain media quiet as court rules No Deal Brexit does NOT breach Irish peace deal!
David Cameron denounces Trump as ‘protectionist, xenophobic, misogynistic!’
Tory Party suspends members over Islamophobic tweets!
Rebels to stand for Conservatives despite BoJo’s Remainer banishment?
VIDEO: Corbyn mocks captured SAS men and brands British soldiers in Iraq ‘lawless!’
Sadiq Khan wants to spare criminals jail if they happen to be women?
Multicultural Malmo police tell public to watch out for bombs!
‘ISIS fighter’ locked up in Syria DEMANDS he be forgiven and brought HOME to America!
Marine Le Pen proposes national Referendum on immigration
Justin Trudeau in blackface has made satire redundant!
Trudeau must apply the same high horse standards to himself he applies to everyone else!
'Blackface' disgrace of world's most right-on leader! Trudeau has exploited every 'woke' cause!
Israel steps back from the abyss into which Binyamin Netanyahu had been leading it
The Zionist cover-up of organised crime!

Thursday 19 September

Mocking captured SAS men and branding British soldiers in Iraq ‘lawless,’ Jez? Tut-tut!
Hey, Greta! 90% of plastic waste comes from Asia and Africa!
Russia has blocked 3 Israeli strikes on Syria this month!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man stabbed multiple times' in playing field attack!
Councils ‘unwittingly helping drug gangs recruit children!’
YARMOUTH: Modern slavery drugs gang trafficked children! 40 years in prison!
Muslim nutcase threatens to kill Tommy Robinson!
PRESTON: Cops explain why 'hate rant' taxi driver will not be charged
SOUTH AFRICA: Pregnant mum, Karen Turner, hacked to death! Husband repeatedly stabbed
Doreen, 81, fights off would-be cash-point mugger!
USA: Emmanuel Aranda threw a 5-year-old boy from a third floor balcony!
Dominican Republic: 15-year-old had a crush on Nairobi Mont├ęs - So he drowned her!
‘Allah hu Akbar’ migrant who stabbed police officer had ‘Islamist sympathies!’
COVER UP! Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez killed 4 Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga
Daisy Filby, 90, died after waiting two hours for an ambulance was let down by "systemic" failings!
Lt. Gen. Jonathon Riley on threat from hidden EU deals!
BREXIT: Brussels appears content to belittle Britain!
Jacob Rees-Mogg praises Nigel Farage and says he could get role in Government
PESTON: Stop crying over prorogation, MPs - You’re reaping what you sowed!
Michel Barnier was the WORST man to lead EU negotiations!
Corbyn has betrayed Britain's working class!
Brighton school boss and Corbynite councillor sends daughter to £40,000-a-year Roedean!
Yet Again the BBC promotes left wing propaganda!
Cameron shoots stag and names it Boris as he sneers at PM's Brexit plan
My Brother's pregnancy and the making of a new American family? (THEY murder worlds!)
Labour Friends of Israel scrap plans to host stall at conference fearing for Jewish delegates
How the Israel Lobby works
The Epstein connection to 9/11
Harvey Weinstein helped Gwynneth Paltrow win an Oscar - Why is she at war with him?
Justin Trudeau ('diversity is our strenth') wore BLACKFACE!

Wednesday 18 September

Prescriptions for dangerously addictive opioids have almost doubled in the past 5 years!
UK transgender charity instructs teachers on puberty blockers to 12-year-old kids!
Macron admits immigration is a ‘working class problem’ that doesn’t concern liberal elite!
Manchester locals must not walk their dogs because it's a violation of Sharia!
BBC accused of pushing ‘PC agenda’ with rainbow flag-waving rendition of ‘Rule, Britannia!’
Dad on benefits has no intention of getting a full-time job - It's 'not in his psyche!'
Brexiteers are 'insular, closed and selfish' says Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson
Six out of 10 Scots want to remain in UK!
Millionaire Remainer Gina Miller begs for cash in bid to halt BoJo’s Brexit!
The Lib Dems are no longer a democratic party
Bercow branded 'narcissistic' over ‘power mad’ Brexit rant in New York
Muslim who who shouted at Boris in hospital is an Oxford-educated Labour activist
Gina Miller: Loss-making company, false claims of law degree, shameless self-publicist...
Most fleeing to Europe are ‘not refugees’, EU official says!
EU Parliament rubber stamps arch-Globalist Lagarde as new head of Central Bank!
Girl scout Jodie was stabbed to death by drug gang trying to earn respect in 'pathetic' turf war!
BIRMINGHAM: Police hunt for tattooed eastern European thug who attacked 3 women
BLOODBATH LONDON: Woman and man shot in separate shooting in Haringey
Slavik family 'degraded' men kept in cramped Peterborough rooms!
Muslim girl in burqa says bus driver 'smells of curry' calls him a 'dumb f***!'
Black female digs up and steals flowers from war memorial on anniversary of Battle of Britain!
8-year-old girl, only German child in a class full of migrants, stabbed by Muslim student!
Ninth illegal alien in Maryland 'sanctuary' county charged with rape!
USA: Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine turns on his own gang after arrest
AFGHANISTAN: Taliban kills 24, wounds 30 at election rally!
Bill Gates says he wishes he hadn't met with Jeffrey Epstein in 2013!
Dad on benefits has no intention of getting a full-time job - It's 'not in his psyche!'
Cash machines closing fastest in poor areas!

Tuesday 17 September

Women who have taken contraceptive pills have a 33% increased risk of diabetes!
Black-on-White violence in Minnesota! Where Obama seeded so many Somalis
INSANE! Couple hide gender from their baby to protect them from 'unconscious bias!'
Scrabble Assoc labels definition of verb 'jew,' ('haggle, get the better of... swindle') offensive!
Mass prescription of statins is a 'public health disaster' fuelled by the 'cholesterol con!'
Patient safety is being endangered by crippling NHS shortage of 40,000 nurses in England!
BRADFORD: Immigrant savage, Haji Kaloga, jailed for raping 11-year-old girl!
KNIGHTSBRIDGE: Man ‘stabbed in the buttocks by muggers for his watch!’
Crime in Britain will never be beaten until we stop giving burglars a licence to steal
Black female digs up and steals flowers from war memorial on anniversary of Battle of Britain!
Heckled BoJo set up for a fall by EU chiefs in Luxembourg!
BoJo took his begging bowl to the EU - and Luxembourg laughed in his face!
Sadiq Khan calls for Brexit cancellation and Labour to back Remain!
Brexit Secretary suggests UK could stay tied to EU until 2022!
Woke, anti-Brexit BBC kills off yet Aanother British institution!
Remain Media quiet as court rules No Deal Brexit does not breach Irish peace deal!
Fury at Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel after BoJo stitch up!
Chuka Umunna works the falafel munching faithful into a froth
Piers Morgan tears into Chuka Umunna for 'shameless' Brexit pledge!
Brexit rebellion in Lib Dems! Revolt at Swinson’s ‘extreme’ plot to cancel Article 50
Farage lashes out at Luxembourg PM for 'ritually humiliating' Boris!
Duncan Smith in furious attack on Remainers - 'You created UK's crisis!'
Lefties hate Tories and nothing will change that
Trump demands NYT staff involved in the Brett Kavanaugh misconduct 'smear' RESIGN!
British Government secretly funds a network of Muslim lifestyle websites!
Fascist Twitter suspends social justice hero Titania McGrath
HOLLAND: Mosques found to be teaching Sharia, death for gays and apostates
Makeup artist brands Boots racist after she finds security tags on ‘black hair care’ products!
Jeffrey Epstein 'tried to SUE Sarah Ferguson for calling him a paedophile!'

Monday 16 September

Transgender group Mermaids says children as young as 12 who question their gender should be offered puberty-blocking medication!
Girls' rights ignored! Transgender pupils free to use whichever changing room/toilet they want!
PROMS: Brexiteers wave Brexit Now banner, Remoaners pull it down! Security ejects Brexiteers!
Lib Dems applaud as Guy Verhofstadt proclaims the end of nation states
Lib Dems cheer EU’s Verhofstadt as he hails ‘World Order’ of ‘Empires!’
Chuka Umunna: A Lib Dem government would cancel Brexit!
Farage lashes out at BBC for giving 'insignificant' Anna Soubry 'so much TV coverage!'
BBC Proms outrage as show hijacked by Remainers – 'they must hate their country!'
LAST NIGHT OF THE PROMS: Brexiteers hold up 'Brexit Now' banner - Remainiacs pull it down. Guess who got ejected by security guards!
Former port chief says No Deal border ‘chaos’ widely exaggerated!
Multimillionaire David Cameron’s huge net worth revealed!
Sadiq Khan's former policing adviser says his children are 'not safe' on the streets - So he defects to the Liberal Democrats? THEY are all nuts!
Labour's top anti-white clown hails song lyrics describing white ‘shame’, ‘evil ancestry!’
Over 90,000 migrants lodge asylum claims in France and Germany in 2019!
Swedish journalism under threat! Could become propaganda! (It already is)
Pregnant women who take paracetamol risk giving birth to a child with behavioural problems!
NHS blunders! Surgeons operate on the WRONG organ or limb 270 times a year!
LONDON BLOODBATH! Three jailed for ferocious attack at East London youth centre
Footballer, 21, stepped in front of train 12 hours after ending relationship hit by his use of steroids
Australian judge tells Islamists that their belief (Shari'a) has no place in any civilized society
House prices are rising at twice the rate of wage growth!
There are 276 global intelligence files that mention actor, George Clooney, by name!

Sunday 15 September

RNLI buys burkinis for Africans as it axes 100 UK jobs!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man found with stab wounds in Edmonton - Second murder in 24 hours
We've been left to the mercy of thugs and louts while the police do nothing!
Warmonger Bolton left 'in fury at Donald Trump for suggesting easing sanctions on Iran!'
Don't refer to 'boys and girls!' It could lead to violence or murder, warn NHS bosses!
It’s now easier for a teacher to decide your little girl is a little boy than it is to give them aspirin!
Netanyahu says 'wide-scale' war in Gaza will begin 'at any moment!' 'No choice!'
HITCHENS: These fantasy-land feminists don't even care about women!
'A knighthood for selling his country out' Farage savages May's Brexit man, Olly Robbins
If the Supreme Court backs the Remainers forget democracy, lawyers will rule!
MPs are using parliamentary sovereignty to deny national sovereignty!
Britons have completely lost confidence in country’s MPs!
'We will never forget this betrayal!' Brexit Party says Remainer MPs days are numbered
Labour Leavers switching to Brexit Party, not Tories!
Remain media quiet as court rules No Deal Brexit does not breach Irish peace deal!
Cameron promised no second referendum! ‘When the British speak, they will be respected!’
CAMERON: Smug elitist who didn't get it then and still doesn't now!
Tory rebel Sam Gyimah defects as he slams 'populist' Boris!
ITALY: Migrants drift to Leftist-controlled areas for higher welfare benefits!
With Salvini gone, new government invites migrants to land in Italy!
Media-promoted gay sporting icon, Gareth Thomas, has HIV!

Saturday 14 September

REFERENDUM 2016: Britain's ruling classes were the only group to vote to stay in the EU!
USA: Why are global organisations attacking a talk at Clovis Community College?
Time for the media to tell Americans about Congressional plans to give Israel $38 billion!
Israel-Palestine timeline!
Corbyn's brother on climate change lessons in schools: "Propaganda and lies in the interests of globalism... People who have been brainwashed want everyone else to be brainwashed!"
LONDON BLOODBATH: Horror as man hacked to death by machetes gang in Camden Town!
Janice Farman found dead in Mauritius - Kamlesh Mansingh robbed and strangled her!
ROMFORD: Gang chased Lyndon Davis down an alley and murdered him yards from his home
LONDON BLOODBATH: Josiph Beker, 17, stabbed outside KFC on Edgware Road
Junior Bryan denies 26 charges (rape, assault, false imprisonment, drugs, prostitution)
Underage girl was locked in Huddersfield house for days and raped by many Muslims!'
Inquests into Manchester bombing may not go ahead! Government refuses to reveal MI5 secrets!
Moped gang rob terrified 12-year-old girl of her iPhoneX outside school gates!
Moped gangs risk lives knocking over cyclists on busy roads!
Sex abuse scandal: UK's top cop Cressida Dick, tries to shift blame to her deputy!
VIAGRA! Dozens suffered persistent erections and 28 have died in the past two years!
Criminals shouldn't fear cops and jailbirds must have access to the internet insist Lib Dems!
David Cameron is proud of his gay marriage legacy!
Juncker blasts EU's incoming President for wishing to ‘protect our European way of life!’
Farage's Brexit Party have just signed their first pact with the Tories!
Farage launches attack on BBC's Andrew Marr! (About time!)
Huge applause as Richard Tice raises prospect of 'legal action' against Bercow at rally
Dominic Grieve condemned after Remain rant - ‘Off the rails!
Cameron incendiary attack on Boris and Gove - 'Appalling and mendacious!'
Hartley-Brewer's response leaves Blackford red-faced! 'OK from Merkel but not from Boris?'
BBC lesbian, Steph McGovern, issues humiliating apology after cheap jibe at BoJo!
Nick Ferrari savages Remainer Femi on 'biased' and 'twisted' no deal Yellowhammer papers
BBC embarrassed as 'boring' new politics show sends Twitter into meltdown
USA: Police find thousands of fetal remains in home of former abortion doctor!
2016: Hillary emails reveal true motive for Libya intervention!
British child migrant packed off to Australia demands compensation for 4,000!
Sam Smith: Another weirdo breaks cover!

Friday 13 September

Victorian London in colour in the 1870s! (Before WW1, WW2 killed so many off and DIVERSITY took over)
Zak Bennett-Eko, father of baby ‘thrown to his death off Manchester bridge,’ charged with murder
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man killed and second hurt in Camden High Street
Serial killer's dealer, Gerald Matovu, jailed for Grindr murder
WEMBLEY: Courtney Ellis charged with the murder of Craig Small!
COLCHESTER: Murdoch Brown murder - One black man, one white seen running from scene!
Shahid Hussain charged with 2 May 2019 murder of Haslingden tattoo artist, Michael Dale
OLDHAM: Momodou Jallow and Daniel Kamara charged with murder of Joe O'Brien
BIRMINGHAM: She murdered Peter Flux, 74, because he wouldn't lend her £20 to buy drugs!
Adrisse Grey murdered fellow inmate Stephen O'Donnell over DVD player
UK knife crime: The first 100 fatal stabbings of 2019!
In 2018, 173 people were killed in domestic violence-related homicides in the UK!
Just one in THIRTY rape complaints leads to a jailed rapist!
Gang created vast network of fake companies/documents so 900 illegals could stay! NO JAIL!
BANGLADESH: Gang-rape victim forced to marry rapist so cops can avoid prosecuting suspects!
Cancer patients miss out on vital care as specialist nurses struggle to cope with huge workloads
Now only half of adults are married!
Rod Liddle on BBC bias - 'They all think the same... not a single one of them voted leave!'
EU officials regret getting into bed with Remainers
Tory Brexiteers urge BoJo to reverse rejection of Farage and join up with Brexit Party!
Bercow threatens BoJo with 'procedural creativity' and compares him to a BANK ROBBER!
EU big shots lose their massive pensions if they criticise EU in public!
British were always 'part time Europeans', says Jean-Claude Juncker!
Merkel fears Brexit Britain becoming ‘economic competitor’ on EU’s doorstep!
Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White House!
Barbara Spectre is back!
Czechia, Hungary, Serbia fight ‘white plague’ of low birthrates with pro-family policies!
Italians prefer Salvini coalition to new Leftist government!
Think-Tank: Half of Italians could be Muslims by year 2100!
For the first time US elite states: 'beyond any doubt' explosives destroyed the WTC on 9/11!
Saudi government official who helped 9/11 hijackers WILL be named by the US!
JFK's speech on secret societies! "We are opposed... by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy!"

Thursday 12 September

UK ranks BOTTOM for cancer survival rates for five types of tumour!
Farage election pact proposal rejected by No 10 - MISTAKE!
Boris attacking Farage is a foolish, unforced error!
The legal war of attrition against Brexit
Staying in the EU is now unthinkable! Brussels is causing our agonies!
EU is being 'outplayed' by Boris Johnson?
Grieve’s attempt to politically assassinate Cummings!
Bercow’s seething contempt for Brexiteers
Did Bercow 'kick' Rees-Mogg?
Bercow's net worth: The staggering fortune Remainer speaker accrued in parliament!
Blair and Mandelson advised Remain alliance on stopping Brexit
MPs push to resurrect Zombie May’s soft-Brexit treaty!
Boost for BoJo as English judges say PM's Parliament shutdown can't be legally challenged
Shocking moment student, 17, was stabbed to death in front of horrified KFC diners!
Hunt for thief who broke elderly woman's arm and stole her handbag
Stockholm sees 14% rise in rape reports since last year
'I was traded 14 times among the jihadists!' Yazidi sex slave reveals horrendous ordeal
East European teen 'died from obesity' after 'hostile' mum brought takeaways to hospital bed!
Michelle Obama says she doesn't have ' anything in common' with Barack!
Leading Jewish thinkers and activists convene in Jerusalem!
‘It is my job to scare Palestinian children!’ Israeli forces justify intimidation of small children
Black-on-Jew hatred? You won't see this on TV!
Ghislaine Maxwell ('Epstein's pimp') tried to give Petronell Wyatt a very public sex lesson!
Gwyneth Paltrow invited Weinstein to parties and thanked him for appearing in her TV special!
The moment Emmerdale actor Asan N'Jie threatened to kill Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas!

Wednesday 11 September

Scottish judges rule Boris Johnson's prorogation unlawful! Party lines form, chauvinism rules... So be it! AND THE DEVIL TAKE THE HINDMOST!
Fears of pandemic grow after 19 new superbugs found that attack blood, kidneys, bowels!
AMRITSAR: Archbishop prostrates himself and apologises for atrocity on behalf of Britain!
Gender transition poses ‘serious and irreversible damage’ to kids, top psychiatrist warns!
Plastic surgeon says sex-change operation ‘utterly unacceptable’ and a form of ‘child abuse!’
LGBT supporters verbally abuse Christians protesting Down syndrome drag show!
REGENT'S PARK: Teenager stabbed to death – Capital's 105th killing of the year!
'I’m going to f*****g knife you!' Emmerdale's Asan N'jie threatens to KILL Hollyoaks, Jamie Lomas
Gang of 9 men and one woman accused of grooming girls as young as 12 with drugs/alcohol
British paedophile found living alongside children in Bulgaria!
'The Political Left' and Arabella advisors’ half-billion-dollar 'Dark Money' network!
Former Navy chief Lord West urges MPs to probe foreign takeover of defence industry giant!
'Hero of Brexit,' Lord James of Blackheath, threatened over EU Defence Union"
Remainer MPs demand access to the personal mobile phones of Number 10 aides!
Lefties attack EU Commissioner role for ‘protecting our European way of life!’
UK employment and earnings rise as European economies continue to falter!
Most Britons want Brexit referendum respected, poll reveals!
Angela Merkel says there is hope for Brexit deal 'right up to the last day!'
Former Port Chief says No Deal border ‘chaos’ widely exaggerated!
Farage will agree election pact with Tories if they are allowed a free run at 90 seats!
BoJo's Brexit-hating Irish nemesis, 'Big Phil' Hogan, given top EU job!
Disgraceful, posturing MPs waved placards, scuffled and 'behave like students!'
A rapping Shadow Minister, a frontbencher who told an activist to 'get on your knees b****’ and a Green MP who suggested an all-female Cabinet would solve Brexit! Meet those YOU voted for!
Tuition fees in England among highest in the world... As salaries for graduates continue to fall!
Pepsi admits that Aquafina bottled water is just tap water!
Fire chiefs BAN Fireman Sam mascot for not being 'inclusive enough!'
'No woman has ever refused to join the fire service because of Fireman Sam!'
AFRICA: Gary Lineker's terrified son was robbed and beaten when 60 fans attacked him!

Tuesday 10 September

Diversity-obsessed BBC bosses are overlooking the white working class!
Transgender is ‘mental disorder!' Sex change is ‘biologically impossible!’
One in four people is taking addictive prescription drugs!
GPs are doling out pills that are harder to get off than heroin!
Theresa May's 'rotten' cronyism! Gongs for Olly Robbins and other inept advisors!
Boris plans to BLOCK 'pompous' John Bercow's 'automatic' path to a peerage! HOORAY!
Partisan pipsqueak Bercow has left BoJo in danger of being arrested for trying to deliver Brexit!
Bercow ensures successor is chosen by a Remain Parliament! Harman and Bryant favourites
Vindictive, hypocritical, biased... John Bercow was one of the worst Speakers in history
Commons descends into chaos as MPs scuffle at the Speaker's chair!
Poison Dwarf Speaker Bercow jumps before he is pushed!
'You can't hide forever!' Boris Johnson vents fury at 'yellow belly' Jeremy Corbyn!
Eurocrat fears closer relationship between UK and USA after Brexit!
EU gets 27 new European Commissioners - NO BRITS ALLOWED!
Home Secretary Priti Patel slams the way police were treated under Theresa May!
Netanyahu accuses rivals of plotting to ‘steal’ Israeli election!
Banned driver, Mubashar Hussain, admits causing policeman's 'life-changing injuries!'
Jailed GP, Thair Altaii, struck off after secretly filming 19,000 images of his female patients!
‘Legacy of torture and murder!’ Zimbabweans dance to celebrate death of tyrant Mugabe!
MEXICO: Gang tortures man by getting pit bull to bite his genitals off!
Meghan Markle crowned Britain’s top social climber!

Monday 9 September

BBC education film claims there are 'more than 100 gender identities!'
Five million Britons get prescriptions for addictive painkillers every year!
Children should be banned from starting school until they have had MMR vaccine?
E-cigarettes may damage the heart, scientists say!
Robert Mueller helped Saudi Arabia cover up its role in 9/11 attacks?
Tammuz Brown stabbed teenage 'peacemaker' to death outside Clapham South Tube!
Woman stabbed to death in street minutes before man is gunned down just 300 yards away
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man shot dead in Sydenham street
David Blunkett told of sex abuse by Asian men in Rotherham in 2006!
Two enriching diversities shot dead after breaking into Florida home!
USA: Illegal immigrant arrested for domestic violence - Not deported he shoots a deputy
Massachusetts Mayor, Jasiel Correia, extorted fortunes in bribes from marijuana dealers?
Shoplifters - FRANCE...
Underage migrants cost France two billion Euros per year!
Swedish criminologist links changing criminal norms to rise in violent crime
Macron and Merkel look to ban anti-mass migration countries from EU passport-free zone!
EU's erosion of UK constitution has been 'carefully hidden for 46 years!'
‘What will we do without Amber Rudd?’ Said no one, EVER!
Rory Stewart to team up with Lib Dems in election deal
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell excludes NO DEAL from future referendum!
Swiss politician celebrates democratic revolt 'from the people' against 'church of the EU!'
Why is billionaire George Soros a bogeyman for the hard right?
Pop hag O'Connor apologises for saying she doesn't want to spend any more time with Whitey!

Sunday 8 September

Paedo Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell AND Harvey Weinstein were all guests at Princess Beatrice's 18th birthday party!
StemExpress CEO admits selling beating baby hearts, intact baby heads!
Police called after schoolchildren protest gender neutral uniforms!
Diane Abbott lashes out at 'fascists hanging about' at anti-Brexit protest!
Rudd launches vicious attack on BoJo, accusing him of assault on decency and democracy!
Remainer Rudd quits government and Conservative Party!
Brexit blockage proves Global Elite will fight tooth and nail!
Brexiteer Tories in talks with Farage over election pact!
Outside Westminster people are backing Boris over the wrecker MPs
Philip Hammond says 'it's my party and I won't have it taken away!'
Boris won't have to obey rebel law banning NO DEAL?
Boris Johnson tells biased Speaker, John Bercow, 'You're out!'
DAVID STARKEY: Parliament has succeeded in thwarting the will of the voters!
HITCHENS: I read with disgust of the case of Che Ambe, who hacked off another man’s hand!
Home Office ditches Muslims paid £2.5m to deradicalise jihadi brides after bullying accusations!
MARYLAND: 17-year-old African refugee, Barba Koroma, stabs his father to death
Robert Mugabe, tyrant of Zimbabwe, presided over the despoliation of the ‘jewel of Africa!’
Female imam says new Islamophobia definition shuts down criticism of radical Islam!
Mossad's master of deception: Super-spy Eli Cohen
MP John Mann quits Labour to become government's anti-Semitism Tsar!
'Servant of the people,' Frank Field, was Labour, now he's an Independent!
USA: Black unemployment at record LOW!

Saturday 7 September

LONDON BLOODBATH: 15-year-old stabbed to death - Suspect, 16, charged with murder
BRADFORD: Edvinas Gilius blames a spider for the crash that killed Janet Cawood, 58!
LONDON - EXETER: County Lines drug savages who 'preyed on children' jailed!
County lines gang forced children as young as 13 to flood streets with heroin and crack cocaine
Identical triplets jailed for 46 years after DNA linked them to gangland plot to supply guns
Smartly-dressed security guard savagely beats up homeless man outside Savoy Hotel!
Drug offences increase 50%, robberies up one-third on Britain’s railways!
Sophie Parkinson, 13, took her own life after looking at ‘suicide guides’ on the internet!
BAHAMAS: 'People are shooting each other for food and water!'
Landmark probe into microplastics found in food and drink to be funded by watchdogs!
Voters can see through the pious pretences of this hypocritical Parliament!
'Brexit martyr!' Boris Johnson will break the law to force No Deal?
Jo Johnson - A calculated act of brotherly sabotage!
Labour’s Brexit policy reveals contempt for three million of its own voters!
EU PANIC: Merkel ordered to veto Brexit delay! No deal is 'better for Germany!'
BBC Question Time: Brexiteer ‘nearly walks off’ after ‘worst’ ever political debate!
Gina Miller and John Major fail to stop Boris shutting down Parliament
Boris Johnson has drained the Swamp and saved the Conservatives?
Boris Johnson could go to jail if he refuses to delay Brexit!
BoJo forced to change election date - It clashed with Jewish holiday!
“Greater Israel!” The Zionist plan for the Middle East
Petition to deselect Yvette Cooper MP signed more than 22,900 times
2015: Baroness Wilcox lives 200 yards from Westminster - Bills taxpayer up to £5,700 a month for travel
Swedish scientist proposes cannibalism to fight climate change!
Robert Mugabe: Freedom fighter? Brutal dictator? Both? You decide...
Social media storm erupts over Nandos UK Halal policy

Friday 6 September

French psychologist declares migrant mental health a public emergency!
Hunt for woman who stubbed cigarette out in puppy’s eye!
Madalin Nitu, Genghiz Iasear and Ionel Ciocan accused of raping teen in Bognor Regis
SOLIHULL: Hitman Martynas Okmanas gets 28 years for trying to kill a housewife!
Mohammed Patman, Darya Khan planned to kidnap/murder woman who renounced Islam
BBC gets 1,200 complaints after Songs of Praise broadcast its first gay wedding!
How many times did Corbyn say he wanted an election?
Pro-EU campaign funded by Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup, Morgan Stanley, Airbus and Eurostar!
QUESTION TIME! What part of democracy do you not understand?
BOJO: 'I'd rather be dead in a ditch than delay Brexit!'
Labour plot to delay General Election until November, thereby making BoJo out to be a liar!
Boris's agenda isn't 'extreme' or 'hard-Right' – and voters know it!
Economists say bankers' commercially driven propaganda was behind Project Fear forecasts!
Voters can see through the pious pretences of this hypocritical Parliament!
Vice President Pence says USA ‘stands with the UK’ over Brexit!
Farage calls for pact with Tories, vows to destroy Labour in the north!
Media manufacture ‘outrage’ over Boris' ‘big girl’s blouse’ taunt!
John McDonnell's second home exposes double-standard at heart of Labour's socialist agenda
Luciana Berger joins Lib Dems, her THIRD political party of 2019!
Hungary promotes childbirth as alternative to mass migration at pro-family conference
Burning children in Africa!
Idiot reporter, Lucy Thomas and Sky News get their behinds kicked!
Piers Morgan imitates Konnie Huq’s Brexit rant

Thursday 5 September

UK sees rise in suicides, men remain most at risk!
Is your diet drink killing you? Just two glasses a day can lead to an early death!
Black savage, Che Ambe, chops off white lad's hand? Judge says; 'your parents are to blame!'
SHEPHERD'S BUSH: Five arrested (3 women) after two men stabbed outside shopping centre!
LONDON: Charles Roberts, 66, killed by Rolls Royce driven by multi-millionaire, Hassan al-Thani
LUTON: Bogus delivery driver brutally attacks three women in their home!
Why do the majority of MPs and civil servants wish to stay in the EU?
Brexiteers are on the right side of history and Remainers will soon be out of a job!
After years of demanding an election, Corbyn bottles it!
BoJo purges party of anti-Brexit rebel former Ministers!
BoJo 'set to try again with new General Election bid on Monday!'
MICHAEL HOWARD: "Arrogant rebels were holding PM to ransom!"
Remainer Bercow isn't just demeaning his office, he's damaging our entire political system!
Brexiteers must bring down John Bercow before he launches his most ruthless plot yet!
EU migrants will be allowed to flow into Britain for up to 3 years even if there is a No Deal Brexit
Macron Reforms! French schools forced to fly EU flags!
Italian cops fear new Leftist coalition will be ‘anti-Police!’
Hypocrite Harry needs to get off his high horse and stop preaching ‘do as I say not as I do!’
Vegan takes neighbor to court over BBQ smoke and odour!

Wednesday 4 September

Just two glasses of diet drinks each day may raise the risk of an early death!
More than 13,000 people in the UK have been born out of 'extreme inbreeding!'
Mouthwash can reduce the benefits of exercise!
LONDON BLOODBATH! Teenager stabbed to death in Newham
PARK LANE MURDER! Ossama Hamed fled to Morocco after the stabbing!
Man in his fifties is punched and shoved onto the tracks at Stockwell Underground!
Trainee lawyer, Wilfred Marodza, raped woman 4 times before striking again two hours later
FELIXSTOWE: Police seize record haul of 1.3 tons of heroin
ISIS butcher who beheaded 20 members of a Syrian family held to account in Hungary
USA, France and Britain arm Saudi-led coalition - Thus complicit in Yemen war crimes?
‘Parliament has betrayed the People!’ Brexiteers react...
Theresa May smug-faced next to arch-Remainer Ken Clarke as rebels team up against Boris
Philip Hammond admits receiving legal advice from the EU!
Full list of rebel Tory MPs who will lose the whip
'Bloodbath of the Remainers!' 21 rebel Tories will have the whip withdrawn!
Jacob Rees-Mogg attacks anti-Brexit MPs
As snap election looms, Nigel Farage throws Boris Johnson a lifeline
Vice President Pence tells truculent Ireland to cooperate with Britain on Brexit!
‘Tin Pot Dictator!’ Remainer meltdown!
Bercow accused of getting 'too personal and ranting like a lunatic!'
Speaker Bercow CHEERED by Remainers for mocking BoJo's 'do or die' Brexit vow!
LIAR! Shadow Attorney General Chakrabarti says 'thugs march women out of No 10 at gunpoint!'
UK Government statistics office undercounted EU migration by 240,000!
Trump to Sadiq Khan after golf taunt: Focus on knife crime!
HS2 railway may now be delayed 7 years and cost as much as £80 billion!
Here's why 'protecting white culture' is absolute idiocy! (By average snowflake)
Media refuse to cover Roger Waters concert in support of Julian Assange!

Tuesday 3 September

SEGREGATION! In just 20 years, white British population falls by more than HALF in parts of UK!
Top Republican 'very concerned' about Twitter, Facebook, Google 'oligarchs' censoring free speech and pushing a leftie agenda!
Netanyahu vows to apply 'Jewish sovereignty' over Palestinian West Bank!
PC gone mad! Furious parents launch campaign against gender-neutral school uniform!
Food banks increasing in schools for pupils' families
He would kill the wife if she disagreed? DIVERSITY enriches us all!
Rotherham rape gangs review results in six more convictions!
The silence surrounding grooming gangs
BRIXTON: Lee Casey stabbed to death. Levi Paschal charged with murder and conspiracy to rob
Drug-dealer rammed his BMW into WPC when she tried to stop him mowing down 10k runners!
British tourist, 18, stabbed in the stomach as he fights off a mugger in Magaluf
SEATTLE: White woman attacked by black women for no reason!
Ava Macfarlane, 5, died of sepsis just hours after A&E medics sent her home with paracetamol!
Afghan who stabbed American tourists went to Holland to 'protect the Prophet Mohammed!'
Modelling agent alleged to have dirt on Jeffrey Epstein vanishes!
London’s anti-democracy Brexit protesters have no idea what Fascism actually is!
Ex-deputy Speaker says Bercow is working in 'open opposition to the people who voted Leave!'
James Goddard arrested after shouting 'Corbyn is a traitor' and blocking the Labour leader's car
Konnie Huq's crazy Brexit rant! 'Like having your head chopped off!'

Monday 2 September

Transgender star Kellie Maloney tried to kill herself because she missed life as boxing's Frank
WATFORD: Luke O'Connell stabbed to death after car crash!
Convicted paedo rapist Roman Polanski says he's ‘harassed’ in #MeToo era!
British holidaymaker raped by the 'Beast of Kavos' horrified after he is freed 45 YEARS early!
Crime lords post brazen photos of parties and feasts behind bars!
NHS medics fail to spot nearly half of cancers in time because of a crippling staff shortage
11,000 British men die from prostate cancer every year because of late diagnosis!
Sadiq Khan brands Trump ‘poster boy for White nationalism!’ Attacks Farage, Orban, Salvini!
Idiot equates Boris to Hitler, Franco and Mussolini! Applauded by similar idiots...
Jeremy Corbyn and panic-stricken Remainers are resorting to blatant lies after days of hysteria!
The people will never forgive Remain plotters if they don't back down!
Anti-Brexit protesters burn British flag outside Parliament during Momentum-backed rally
Green Party politician arrested at London anti-Boris protest!
Back me or I'll sack you: Boris issues the ultimate threat to rebel MPs!
Iran vs Israel: Tensions soar as Netanyahu warns 'We must strike first!'
THE CIA AND THE MEDIA - By Carl (Watergate) Bernstein
Ellen Degeneres is willing to do whatever the CIA asks?
Hollywood and the Pentagon, a big dirty secret!
Senate passes bill to enshrine $38-billion military aid package to Israel in law!
Disgusting pervert drinks others' urine at festival!

Sunday 1 September

How did the world lose its marbles? Dogma has turned common sense into hate crime!
Left-wing mob screams 'Nazi scum' at chap who doesn't vote the same way!
Terry Christian says Brexit voters should be deprived of medicine, left to ‘starve and die!’
Britain IS in the grip of a coup – and it's being led by fanatical Remainers!
BoJo's allies plot to topple 'saboteur' John Bercow amid fury at his 'blatant Remainer bias'
Sadiq Khan compares Donald Trump and Boris to the NAZIS in new rant!
Farage tells Boris to ‘face down Remainer rabble and blackmail from EU!’
The mask has slipped. Behold, the true face of Remain!
Boris will trigger a General Election within days if No Deal plan is blocked
Stupid youth!
Migrants storm Kent beaches!
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! The link has been removed from Facebook
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS arrive on the Italian island of Lampedusa!
On one day 500 illegal migrants land on Lesbos!
SWEDEN: Municipality inundated with migrants faces tax crisis as native Swedes flee!
WATFORD: Man stabbed to death following three-car smash!
Paedo who fled to Africa jailed for nine years in his absence
EXECUTION! British lawyer for Albanian gangsters is shot three times in the head!
France: One killed, nine wounded by knife-wielding Afghan migrant!
INDIA: Sexual slavery! Women forced to take multiple husbands to combat 'wife shortage!'
Jamie Bulger killer Jon Venables 'to be freed within days and given money to move to Canada!
Israeli Orthodox Party vows to resist Palestinian sovereignty!
Allied central bankers owned the Nazi war machine!
Deadly record of carriageways without a hard shoulder exposed

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