Daily News: March 2019

Sunday 31 March

Trump LASHES OUT at Mueller report on Fox News - 'If this was a novel NO-ONE would buy it!'
LONDON: Manhunt under way after a series of random stabbings! Black man sought
RIVERS OF BLOOD! Carlton Donaldson gets life for the murder of Dan Baird
EDMONTON: Woman left fighting for life after being stabbed in back
BIRMINGHAM: Police issue urgent CCTV appeal after double stabbing in Medleys nightclub
BRISTOL: Brothers Razwan and Naveed Hussain jailed for 'barbaric' machete attack!
Hunt for black robbers with London accents after man stabbed in stomach!
Hunt for black robbers with London accents after man stabbed in stomach!
HUDDERSFIELD: Man in his 60s 'slashed across his face without warning' in knife attack!
HUDDERSFIELD: Abdul Latif Salih and Bahaldin Doud raped teenager in town centre subway
SLOUGH: WW1 monument destroyed by bearded men?
Bradford councillors warn of ‘Asian’ attacks on whites!
Canada’s Foreign Minister says “white supremacism and Islamophobia among the ‘gravest threats’ facing the world!”
Heiress threatened with acid attack by black lover who punched and kicked her in face
Armed police in Birmingham city centre after stabbing
Thug brandishes eight-inch blade at Starbucks drive-through!
Mothers sending their boys to Somalia to escape gangs and knife crime!
GHANA: British girls and teacher attacked at gunpoint during school trip - Rape charges brought
USA: Samantha Josephson kidnapped and murdered - Nathaniel Rowland arrested
As Nigeria falls apart, hundreds of Christians are being massacred
NIGERIA: Muslims burn four churches and 28 homes, rape and murder Christian woman
Macron’s France: Three Church attacks every day!
German pensioner dead after alleged assault by migrant teen!
They enrich us with their culture?
Brussels sets £39bn price on emergency talks after no-deal Brexit!
May’s Cabinet faces total collapse as forces range against Prime Minister
Brexiteers much nicer than Remainers, experts confirm!
Jon Snow: "I have never seen so many white people in one place!"
Anti-Brexit Labour/Tory MPs officially register new political party - Change UK (CUK)
Brexit Betrayal Day!
Facebook bans white nationalism! (But not black/brown/Jewish nationalism)
Lord Deben spread fake Green news!
NHS racial equality boss fired for racist discrimination against white colleague!
FINKELSTEIN: Israel provoked the Six-Day War in 1967 and it was not fighting for survival
Presidential hopeful, Cory Booker, and AIPAC boss plotted to stop the Senate boycotting Israel?

Thursday 28 March

Facebook bans white nationalism! (But not black/brown/Jewish nationalism)
Does pollution cause PSYCHOSIS?
Parliament votes against all 8 Brexit options!
TUSK: EU cannot ‘betray’ Britons who signed petition and marched to stop Brexit!
No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Commons votes down 8 different Brexit proposals
LITTLEJOHN: Mrs May broke Brexit... Now Brexit has broken her!
Brexiteer Steve Baker brands May’s speech a ‘pantomime,’ threatens to QUIT Tories!
Brexit BETRAYAL: Farage issues warning to Parliament - 'you'll face a MASSIVE backlash'
Rebel Tories draw up shock plan to put Labour's Watson and Cooper in the Cabinet
Lord Deben spead fake Green news!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Teen shot dead, man stabbed in the head in separate incidents!
Nursery nurse killed in 91mph chase when her boyfriend fled police
Thug brandishes eight-inch blade at Starbucks drive-through!
Mothers sending their boys to Somalia to escape gangs and knife crime!
BIRMINGHAM: Police issue urgent CCTV appeal after double stabbing in Medleys nightclub
Armed police in Birmingham city centre after stabbing
GHANA: Gunmen charged with rape after British girls and teacher attacked during school trip!
SWITZERLAND: Africans face trial in connection with transgender woman’s death
Grindr user arrested after 3 men were attacked with increasing severity
German pensioner dead after alleged assault by migrant teen!
Trump LASHES OUT at Mueller report on Fox News - 'If this was a novel NO-ONE would buy it!'
Trump slams the 'treasonous' FBI for launching the Russia probe
Britain's oldest policeman, 74, chases down 29-year-old and arrests him

Wednesday 27 March

Chicago cops call for federal probe into 'highly suspicious' conduct of prosecutor who 'intervened in Jussie Smollett case on behalf of Michelle Obama's ex-aide
80% of knife crimes go unsolved - Thousands of potential killers free to roam
Shocking moment a black mother barges a woman in front of a London bus!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Six knifed across capital in ONE NIGHT!
Birmingham mosque attacks not far-right or terror-related, say police
Leo Varadkar knows he'll be defined by Brexit. That's why he's desperate to pass the buck
In order to stop the Brexit betrayal, Leavers must play a ruthless final hand
ANTIFA plan MASSIVE disruption of Brexit demo’s on Friday
EU says Europe is the ‘ideal refuge’ for migrants fleeing ‘poverty, climate change!’
Most Britons think Parliament is ‘determined’ to stop Brexit!
European Parliament passes widely criticized copyright directive!
Theresa May is 'devoid of basic human skills', says senior MEP
Verhofstadt compares Farage to cowardly Blackadder character
3 years of attacking May’s Brexit deal then Rees-Mogg CAPITULATES!
Tusk says MEPs MUST support British REMAINERS and a second referendum!
Cherie Blair to schoolchildren: 'Most African women's first sexual experience is rape!'
Violent Hindu extremists shut down 100 Christian churches!
New England Patriots Jewish owner, Robert Kraft, pleads not guilty to soliciting prostitution
Cardi B confirms she drugged and robbed men during her stripper days!

Tuesday 26 March

Home Office secretly gave £30,000 to legalise paedophilia group in 1970s, ex-civil servant says!
70,000 deaths a year caused by increasingly sedentary lives - Even more than lung cancer!
BREXIT: Remainer Parliament seizes control from Remainer Government!
How your MP voted as Parliament took control of Brexit process
Leo Varadkar knows he'll be defined by Brexit. That's why he's desperate to pass the buck
In order to stop the Brexit betrayal, Leavers must play a ruthless final hand
Remainers steal what's left of Brexit as MPs seize control of exit!
Brexit BETRAYAL: Farage lashes out at 'dishonest' Oliver Letwin - 'Say one thing, do another!'
Brexit BETRAYAL! Theresa May has put 'final torpedo' into real Brexit by blocking No Deal!
Most voters believe Parliament is trying to block Brexit, poll reveals!
Theresa May ATTACKED by former Brexit Minister after MPs take control!
A million 'people's vote' marchers? 312-400,000 more like!
Admirals and Generals warn entanglement with EU military post-Brexit will harm security!
BREXIT: Cops vow to prosecute truckers who 'go slow' after May breaks 29 March promise
BREXIT: Ministers resign after voting against government - May reeling
Another General Election on the cards?
Most voters believe Parliament is trying to block Brexit, poll reveals!
BIRMINGHAM: Three teenagers stabbed to death in 12 days
LEICESTER: 'Savage' rapist, Zakarya Etarghi, shattered a woman's skull and left her for dead!
Child rape victim claims Bradford, Rotherham, Rochdale gangs ‘linked!’
Breast ironing awareness 'needed in school!'
Teaching union official suspended after saying 'one child stabbed' better than knife arches!
ITALY: Five-month-old boy dies after botched circumcision performed by parents
Irish bishop says Muslims are no more likely to commit terror attacks than Christians!
NIGERIA: Christians die, Media keeps mum!
Prague Imam tells Muslims to arm themselves!
'WISDOM!' Macron hopes old woman injured by his Thought Police is wiser now!
BBC spends too much time on gender and race diversity, says Michael Buerk!
Gay head wins discrimination case after primary school sacked him over sex with teenage boys
Sir Philip Green accused of 'flouting law' as minister vows to overhaul NDAs
Sir Philip Green faces Met police inquiry over allegations of sexual assault and racial abuse
Police struggle to cope with surge in crack cocaine use as drug squads are axed
In 45 years, we have killed 60% of Earth’s wildlife

Monday 25 March

Globalisation and liberalism is on the verge of collapse but who and what comes next?
FRANCE: Four in ten say revolution is the solution to the country’s problems!
Bernard Henri Levy calls Yellow Vests 'Nazis,' demands France support Macron!
Archbishop Justin Welby: Hatred of Muslims is blasphemy!
DONCASTER: Romanian teenager charged with murder of woman hit by car
LONDON BLOODBATH: Shopkeeper murdered during Pinner robbery
Asylum seeker blames sex assault on ‘vulnerable’ man on Newcastle’s ‘immorality!’
LONDON BLOODBATH: Child among injured after shots fired in gun attack!
Britain's knife crime epidemic is being fuelled by a sick gangland game!
Jihdi Bourhan Hraichie etched an ISIS slogan into a cellmates head!
Children aged NINE are damaged by cannabis!
MPs are claiming 22 per cent MORE in expenses than they did at the height of 2009 scandal!
Brexit's two tribes and a real threat to civil unrest in Britain!
Cabinet ‘Palace Coup’ unravels as Gove and Lidington bottle it!
TRUMP v Fake News: "A complete and total exoneration!"
Donald Trump brands Russia probe 'ILLEGAL' and sends STARK warning to Democrats
‘Has anyone heard from slimy Adam Schiff today?’ Don Jr. trolls House Democrats!
BBC Chief says use of term ‘Mainstream Media’ is ‘assault on freedom!’
ISIS doctor begs to be allowed back into the UK because of 'what he did for the NHS!'
Switzerland to deport terrorists even if they face death penalty at home!
MYANMAR: New evidence reveals Rohingyas massacred scores in Rakhine State
Jewish comedian is front runner in Ukraine's Presidential election!
Germany also had a Jewish Bolshevik Revolution - in 1918

Sunday 24 March

Israel lobby donors back breakaway British MPs
MAYDAY: Cabinet Coup! ‘End is nigh, she'll be gone in 10 days!’
BERLIN: Tens of thousands march to ‘save the Internet’ from new EU censorship regs!
Chief Secretary to Treasury says: No Deal better than long extension!
Remainer Tory Ministers plot long Brexit delay and second referendum?
BREXIT BETRAYAL: Govt preparing to REJOIN EU - ‘Complete contempt!'
No 10 Policy Board Chairman says: “It’s all over for the PM... Everyone feels betrayed!"
Cabinet coup! May told she must go as ministers plot to install Michael Gove in No 10!
The greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the British people - How MPs killed Brexit!
German politician fears Farage leading ‘anti-elite parties’ in EU elections!
British Government rules Christianity is NOT a Religion of Peace!
Butchered for a wrong look: Azaan had never met the boys who killed him!
Mustafa Ahmed asked terrified ex-girlfriend if she would rather be stabbed in the leg or eye!
Christina Edkins: How the tragedy unfolded and questions posed by fresh inquiry
Teenager stabbed in Leicester city centre
London BLOODBATH: Man rushed to hospital after vicious attack outside McDonald’s
LONDON BLOODBATH: Hounslow stabbing victim, 17, is capital’s 29th murder victim in 2019
Drug dealers Ratib and Asad Ali and Janaid Rehman forced boy to deal cocaine/heroin
Thug let off 21 times for carrying a knife!
ITALY: African school bus attacker unrepentant, would do it again a hundred times!
Migrants menace Brit truckers with ‘bats, chains, knives, guns’, and rape threats!
‘A fatal decision!’ Macron deploys armed soldiers for Yellow Vest protests!
Behold a modern top cop!
HITCHENS: The trial of 'Soldier F' is the final proof that the IRA won!
Comic Relief 'hoarding' £117million as charity pleads for cash to help hungry/homeless in UK

Saturday 23 March

Politicians lie - Dishonesty is the default position!
Politicians lie - Dishonesty is the default position! (2)
MI5: Number of far right terror cases ‘absolutely dwarfed by number of Islamist cases!’
JAMES GRAY, MP: 'EU is doomed to fail!'
Steve Baker MP: “National humiliation... Wrong Conservatives have the levers of power!”
'We didn't vote to be STITCHED UP!' Brexiteers SNAP at MPs betrayal!
‘Complete political FAILURE!’ Theresa May attacked
‘She’ll be FINISHED!’ May faces backlash after allowing vote to CANCEL Brexit!
EU PLOT! Brussels launches COVERT operation to force-through Norway-style exit!
BBC presenter APOLOGISES to Brexiteer MPs amid calls to be SACKED!
Next CEO: ‘No Evidence’ of Brexit hit to spending, customers will save money in No Deal!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Teenager stabbed to death - 28th murder of 2019
Birmingham pub bombings: 'Men responsible' named by IRA bomber
Thokozani Shiri stabs boy, 16, who loses his gall bladder - Jailed for just 34 months
DERBY: Immigrant career criminal repeatedly tried to rape girl, 14
Southall restaurant knife brawl left seven enrichers injured
Now our girls can't chat in the street without being harassed by pig-ignorant invaders
Montreal priest stabbed during morning mass
Germany: Migrant crimes concealed to ‘avoid stirring up prejudice’
French army receives authorisation to shoot YellowVest protesters!
GALLOWAY: Macron lectures UK on democracy while France burns every Saturday
Outnumbered - What did he do to deserve this?
Barbra Streisand on Michael Jackson and his victims: 'It didn't kill them!' They were 'thrilled to be there!' His 'sexual needs were his sexual needs!'

Friday 22 March

Trump ‘sent from God to save Jewish people from Iran!’ Pompeo's EXTRAORDINARY claim!
260,000 packs of blood pressure pills recalled - They 'may contain a cancer-causing chemical!'
Evil paedo killer gets life for rape and murder of six-year-old
'Traveller,' Jason Wilsher, guilty of the murder of Arthur Gumbley
Alice told cops about Trimaan Dhillon's stalking - She was left unprotected and he cut her throat
Former mayor Jawaid Ishaq ordered to pay almost £140,000 or face more time in prison!
Man wanted over sexual assaults on buses in Hackney, Islington and Camden
USA: Murder victim's father lunges at his son's killer's supporters!
Five members of two gangs involved in a drugs turf war jailed
Southall restaurant knife brawl left seven enrichers injured Immigrant school bus driver who abducted 51 kids and set bus alight is a paedo!
Transgender activists target prison reform conference over claim of ‘transphobic’ policy
BREXIT: EU leaders agree Article 50 delay plan!
EU leaders ignore May’s Brexit extension request, set their own April deadline
May leading UK to ‘national humiliation!’
Online petition calling for a second EU referendum hijacked by bots adding false signatures!
Hugh Grant: ‘Every sane person’ wants British Government to cancel Brexit!
Elite luvvies scramble to cancel Brexit citing bot-bumped petition
Growing number of Tory MPs tell May to quit amid Brexit chaos!
Leader of the 1922 Commitee tells May Tory MPs want her gone!
Juncker says EU has more important issues than Brexit
MEP says EU should only grant Article 50 extension if UK holds referendum 2/general election
Sweden needs more migrants to keep welfare state afloat?
Study claims western-born Muslims more likely to be radicalised
New populist party goes from zero seats to largest party in Dutch election!
Cambridge snowflakes rescind Jordan Peterson’s visiting fellowship
BBC bosses unveil an all-female Newsnight line-up!

Thursday 21 March

True toll of porn! Girls who hate their bodies and young men who can't perform!
Gender-fluid sex worker shocks Twitter by filming him/herself licking airplane toilet seat!
VICTORIES FOR OUR ENEMIES! Verhofstadt's blistering attack on Brexit and Trump!
PM's speech provokes fury among MPs as they brand her a 'disgrace!'
Tories blast Theresa's 'toxic blame game'
Tony Blair accused of ‘undermining democracy’ – ‘You are not an MP!'
After promising Brexit on March 29th 108 times, May now requests delay to June!
Furious MPs turn on May after she accuses them of responsibility for Brexit delay!
Former Downing Street aide savages May on BBC Newsnight
Labour bosses fear election wipe out because voters see them as ‘the Remain Party!’
Parents should be allowed to keep children from LGBT sex lessons, says Andrea Leadsom!
European Commission is working on making Migration Pact legally binding!
PIMLICO: Black man; 30s; 6ft; baseball cap; red jacket - Do you know this rapist-mugger?
London BLOODBATH! Youth fighting for life after brutal stabbing in Wandsworth
ESSEX: Haxhi Shehu and Fitim Prenci had 81kg of cocaine in the boot of their car!
RIP the British ‘Bobby’ – Murdered by PC lunacy!
Senegalese bus driver kidnapped 51 Italian students and threatened to "carry out a massacre!"
Geert Wilders slams Dutch open borders policies after Utrecht ‘terror’ shooting!
A marine vet speaks: "We’re really good at going places and just killing people!”
SWEDEN: Serious crimes committed by returned ISIS fighters!
MACRON'S FRANCE! Brigitte Bardot faces prosecution for inciting racial hatred!
Islamist extremism caused 84,000 deaths worldwide in 2017, new report says

Wenesday 20 March

1,000 days after the Brexit vote, democracy is ‘all but dead’ in UK, says Donald Trump Jr!
Labour bosses fear election wipeout because voters see them as ‘the Remain Party!’
Theresa May ‘to be ousted by MONDAY’ as she asks EU for 3-month Brexit delay!
Theresa May 'on her WAY OUT!' Her final days of office!
Gloating Verhofstadt LAUGHS at state of Brexit – 'Better than the FIRE!'
Tony Blair meddles in Brexit deal yet again
END OF MAY: Liz Truss eyes leadership as she blasts Brussels!
Tory Brexiteers threaten to go on strike if Theresa May delays Brexit by a year
BREXIT - 'Nobody (in government) knows what the f*** is going on!'
Majority of Britons don't trust politicians to ‘do the right thing by the country over Brexit!’
Brussels to block our participation in EU elections if Brexit delayed fearing populist surge?
'We will never let the forces of hate divide us!' Sajid Javid praises Islam!
What the Treasury said in May 2016 (prior to referendum) versus March 2019 actuality!
Powerful 'skunk' (94% of cannabis on London's streets) raises psychosis risk 5-fold
Deputy head snorted cocaine while watching live-streamed video of children being abused
PIMLICO: Black man; 30s; 6ft; baseball cap; red jacket - Do you know this rapist-mugger?
Labour's Lord Ahmed of Rotherham in court with his brothers charged with child sex abuse!
ESSEX: Haxhi Shehu and Fitim Prenci had 81kg of cocaine in the boot of their car!
7 black benefits assessors submit false housing claims and divert £1million+ to own accounts!
HACKNEY: Police shoot knifeman after officer slashed
Racist and gay hate past of Speaker Bercow?
'I'll go to jail for my beliefs!' Caroline quizzed by Thought Cops after transgender mum outraged
County lines gangs fuel record surge in child slavery!
2011: Utrecht terrorist Gökmen Tanis (white shirt) calls Chantal Hanse a slut - Media silence
What they don't want you to know about the NZ mosque attacks
UTRECHT: Gökmen Tanis 'has the IQ of a shrimp' and 'a rap sheet from here to Tokyo!'
INDIA: Brothers arrested for 'gang-raping their sister, 12, before beheading her with a sickle'
NIGERIA: Armed gangs wipe out 15 villages in mass Christian slaughter! MEDIA SILENCE!
Was Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' girl poisoned to silence her?
CIA files show America helped Saddam as he gassed Iran!
Neocon Elliot (Mad Hatter) Abrams - "the problem is, Maduro is still there!"
Pope Francis rejects resignation of French Cardinal convicted of abuse cover-up!
ITALY: Matteo Salvini’s party doubles popularity!
Justin Trudeau hit by another resignation as scandal continues
ISRAEL: You will NEVER see this broadcast on mainstream media!
Ex-Nazis ‘gave Mossad the edge in Six-Day War!’
Air pollution may damage a man's ability to perform in the bedroom
World's happiest countries - Finland top, South Sudan bottom!

Tuesday 19 March

'We will never let the forces of hate divide us!' Sajid Javid praises 'compassion of Islam!'
UTRECHT MURDERS - Turk kills three people on a tram
Eyewitness says Turk who murdered three in Utrecht yelled 'Allahu-akbar!' Media silence
UTRECHT KILLINGS: Police say two more suspects detained! MSM silence
Roos Verschuur - 19-yo Dutch girl murdered by Turks in Utrecht - Media silence
Turkish President showing Christchurch footage at rallies, NZ fears for Kiwis
In response to the NZ mosque attacks, Muslims burn down Christian church in Pakistan
Shaun Lyall murder two months on!
WPC haunted by faces of young victims of drug dealing paedos, Asim and Tahir Abass
Seven people injured in a 'slashing attack' at a London restaurant
'Brutal, cunning, clever!' India's fake taxmen target 64-year-old mourning mother's death!
Asylum seeker who subjected 'vulnerable' man to violent sex attack blames 'immorality' of Newcastle!
NORWAY: Knife attacker injures four in Oslo school
GERMANY: Baby fitted with artificial anus after parents Ismail and Nina inflict sex injuries!
Robin Tilbrook, Chair of the English Democrats and a Solicitor, begins case to block May government from extending Article 50
Andrea Jenkyns warning to MPs: Public ‘waking up to fact their vote counts for NOTHING!’
Ministers accuse Bercow of trying to 'sabotage' May's Brexit deal!
The vanity of a deluded man must NOT be allowed to override wishes of 17.4m people
'Smirking Bercow!' Britain is facing up to TWENTY months of Brexit delays!
BERCOW: Me, me, me… the twitchy windbag was at his despotic worst
‘She’ll be FINISHED!’ ERG issues stark warning to Theresa May over Brexit delay
Brexit BETRAYAL: Civil Service rife with ‘anglophobia’ seeks to KILL Brexit says insider
Believe me, the Civil Service is trying to sink Brexit! I have seen it from the inside
MPs admit General Election almost inevitable after Bercow's intervention
Irish deputy PM says May agreed to backstop long before ratification in withdrawal agreement!
No Deal Brexit gets MAJOR BOOST! UK agrees £30bn agreement with Iceland and Norway
The top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal!
Farage working with Italy’s Salvini to block Brexit delay!
BORIS: May’s deal does not deliver Brexit, ‘we simply become non-voting members’ of EU!
Kate Hoey, MP, criticises MSM for ignoring ‘slaughter’ of African Christians!
Most new UK doctors are recruited from abroad for the first time!
Vulnerable women are turning to the streets to survive - Universal Credit to blame?
Second-generation immigrant says 'English is a dirty word!'
Fertility doctor who used his own sperm without consent fathers 48 children!

Monday 18 March

VETERANS TODAY Brenton Tarrant article: Conspiracy theory or food for thought?
VETERANS TODAY Brenton Tarrant article: Conspiracy theory or food for thought? (2)
NZ’s ghoulish opportunists! Exploitation of slaughter new low for PC Crowd!
Matthew Parris on the PM: "She is mean. She is rude. She is cruel. She is stupid!"
How Brussels 'KILLED OFF British industries and THOUSANDS of jobs!'
Voting Leave was the only way working-class votes could disrupt the status quo!
MAY: Back my deal or ‘we will not leave the EU for many months, if ever!’
https://twitter.com/LightTheWay16/status/1107574925513162752"/>BoJo: "The Government is willing to collaborate in the final sabotage of Brexit!"
Tories' last chance to reject May's deal, press reset and undo her appalling mistakes!
BoJo warns EU will use Irish backstop as ‘indefinite means of BLACKMAIL!’
PORTILLO: EU will exploit Brexit extension for further demands!
NORMAN LAMONT: History will never understand Tory MPs if they kill off Brexit
Ruthless swindlers threaten 10,000 UK residents a day with prison from call centre in India!
70 MPs want ever more immigrants allowed in!
Watch the film Labour MPs didn’t want you to see
Shaun Lyall murdered in Cleethorpes - Somali immigrant, Abdi Ali, sought
Killer hunted after woman stabbed to death in Leigh, Manchester
Pervert taxi driver Tawab Khan jailed for seven years
Sex beast gets 11 years after filming himself raping student and sharing it online
TURKEY: Who did this to tourist, Emma Higginson? Declan Marshall freed
STOKE: Teenage gang threatens children, steals their mobile phones
Kate Hoey slams media as Christians slaughtered with ZERO coverage!
SWEDEN: Malmö Nightclub closed after huge blast
LEFT-WING activists turn our schools into political weapons pushing propaganda!
Nigerian Christians under siege - Attacks claim 120 lives since February - Media silence
MACRON'S FRANCE: Informant on terror watchlist murdered pregnant wife?
In 'Rape Day' computer game players assault/murder women amid scenes of necrophilia/incest!
NICE WORK LAMMY! Comic Relief down £8m in wake of row over ‘white saviour’ celebs

Sunday 17 March

Autistic boy tells school his parents object to sex change treatment - Boy taken into care!
DAVID STARKEY: 800 years of democracy is unravelling before our very eyes!
Universities accused of failing working-class, white males!
BBC breached neutrality by using stars to ‘peddle socialist nonsense’ on Red Nose Day?
Did a commonly prescribed anti-depressant drug stop a 24-year-old's heart beating?
'Monstrous sadistic animal' Atif Muhmood who tortured Christopher Moore to death jailed for life!
Latest London stabbing victim is cousin of GMB's Alex Beresford
BLACKBURN: Pensioner kicked and punched in face by Asian gang!
Yellow Vests: 15,000 protesters, 100 arrests, MACRON vows ‘severe punishment!’
Crime Wave UK: 21,500 knife and weapons crimes in 2018!
UK: All adults automatically organ donors unless they opt out in new law
SWEDEN: Serious crimes committed by returned ISIS fighters!
Theresa May told by 50 Tory associations she'll be held responsible for any Brexit betrayal!
What Yvette Cooper said BEFORE the referendum
Dominic Grieve will face a no-confidence motion at his annual Tory association meeting
May’s senior aides want her to ‘fall on her sword’ and ‘go with dignity!’
Brexiteers are mobilising. 17.4 million patriots are united - We want our country back!
Theresa May says MPs have 3 days to back deal or REMAIN under EU RULE!
Leavers and Remainers CLASH on Farage's Brexit BETRAYAL march
EU BOMBSHELL! Brussels and Labour 'to MERGE England and France in new region?'

Saturday 16 March

THE WHO! Roger Daltrey's opinion of the EU!
British truck drivers threaten to block ‘planes, trains and roads’ if Brexit is delayed!
Google's Jared Cohen was prepared to help Hillary Clinton achieve her aims in Syria!
Muslim accuses Chelsea Clinton of stoking anti-Muslim violence at NZ victims' vigil
Andrew Neil skewers Dominic Grieve – 'You're rigging second referendum!'
Why would you want to REMAIN in a a club whose elite members despise you?
Secret documents reveal plans for Britain to RE-ENTER EU in 2020?
FARAGE: The betrayal of Brexit and what to do about it!
Wrong answer, try again! Parliament to vote on May’s Brexit deal for third time!
Esther McVey reveals Brexiteer MPs feel they will be FORCED to back May's Brexit deal!
Ex-ambassador says EU is very good for Germany, not so much much for everyone else!
Tory Eurosceptic and DUP MPs ready drop opposition for fear EU departure threatened?
Theresa May is ‘FINISHED!’ Downing Street aides think PM must ‘go with DIGNITY!'
Thomas Peter subjected wife to years of violence and abuse adultery before he murdered her
99 stabbings in 8 WEEKS - Shocking scale of Birmingham's knife crisis
49 killed and 42 wounded in mass shootings at mosques in Christchurch
ISIS spokesman whines: ‘What’s our crime? We just wanted to apply Sharia!’
Gerard Batten on Tommy Robinson versus Cambridgeshire police
Emily Thornberry defends the right of ISIS terrorists to return to the UK!
Muslim student sets fire to Christian school to ‘protest’ against Trump!
Muslim scholar says Muslims should smuggle suicide bombers and biological bombs into the USA!
Merkel government has let in thousands of war criminal immigrants?
The growing effeminacy of the West will lead to a more authoritarian state!
Jewish Neocons behind Venezuela coup attempt?
Former aide gives SHOCKING insight into Royal life!

Friday 15 March

Christchurch shooting: 49 dead in terrorist attack on two mosques!
New Zealand terror - First photo of suspect gunman, Brenton Tarrant
Detectives found GUILTY of 'deliberately sabotaging child abuse investigations!
Daughter of council boss implicated in Rotherham child abuse helps support victims?
Former Thames Valley Police officer Glenn Jones tried to meet child for sex!
Cologne NYE sex attacks: 650 complaints filed – Just three men convicted
15-year-old boy attacked by gang immigrant thugs in Dublin - Media silence
Murderer of French Jew showed signs of Islamic radicalism
TRUMP: Brexit negotiation went ‘badly’, PM May ‘didn’t listen’ to my advice!
BREXIT - Trump says Theresa May didn't listen to his advice!
Commons votes overwhelmingly to back May and delay Article 50 for at least 12 weeks!
As PM May moves to delay Brexit, all the times she promised to deliver it on time
‘Sheer ARROGANCE of the losers’ BBC QT audience ERUPTS after attack on People’s Vote!
Britain's future to be decided by MACRON and MERKEL: MPs have given up Brexit control!
UKIP leader asks EU countries to block the Brexit delay - ‘Do us a favour!’
Majority of Britons don’t want Brexit delayed!
This Brexit is starting to look like a bad war movie…

Thursday 15 March

‘ISRAEL aided India air strikes’ claims Pakistan as tensions soar!
Oligarchs, IMF and Zionist lobby building independent state in Argentina?
Every outlet who peddled Russiagate for the past 2 years needs to apologise!
Svenson Ong-a-kwie charged with murder of Jodie Chesney, 17!
Martine was raped and murdered 11 years ago! Playboy son of billionaire still at large
Police release recording of 999 call of pensioner who died after being burgled!
Ex-Liberal leader knew Cyril Smith was a paedo but it 'never occurred' to him to hold an inquiry!
GERMANY: Migrant crimes concealed to ‘avoid stirring up prejudice!’
GERMANY: Syrian immigrant murderer acquitted due to psychiatric illness caused by war!
GERMANY: Iraqi asylum seeker denies raping girl, 14, but admits murdering her 'after consensual sex!'
Macron is a 'DICTATOR!' Yellow Vest leader warns French President ahead of EU elections!
"Great Britain is great only because of the immigrants," says immigrant!
Which Cabinet ministers ABSTAINED? May hasn't sacked them!
In the Commons Theresa May said we'd be leaving EU on 29 March 108 times!
Theresa May said 'No Deal is better than a bad deal' 32 times!
BETRAYAL: Cabinet plot to delay Brexit by up to two years!
Theresa May's former advisor says she is responsible for losing control of Brexit!
Did your MP betray you? How did they cast their 'NO DEAL' vote?
Dominic Grieve attends secret secret reverse-Brexit meeting with other plotters
Remain rebel ministers tore up centuries of convention in vote to rule out No Deal!
‘Parliament no longer represents the people!’ May loses control of her own policy!
Anti-BREXIT parliament votes to prevent peoples' 'No Deal' Brexit!
Tory Party MEP tells government to ignore vote to take 'NO DEAL' off table
‘Total DISGRACE!’ Farage gears up to save Brexit and brands Parliament ‘LIARS!’
Farage tells Europe to reject Brexit extension!
Nigel Farage LAUGHS in Guy Verhofstadt's face as he rages with conspiracy theory
UKIP leader and MEP cut off by EU chief during passionate speech!
Europe is LAUGHING! Front pages show what they think of UK shambles!
Woman told to cover up before flying out of Birmingham, UK!
Facebook's data-sharing deals with 150 companies face criminal investigation in USA!
Meghan is 'difficult' to deal with and 'Harry is miserable?'

Wednesday 14 March

50 times Theresa May said we will be leaving the EU on the 29th of March no matter what
Theresa May said we'd be leaving on 29 March EU 108 times!
'Prime Minister in name ONLY!' Bernard Jenkin issues May 'TIME LIMIT!'
Disgraced ex-Labour MP Fiona Onasanya votes against Brexit while wearing ankle tag!
Good riddance to May’s withdrawal agreement – a turd rolled in glitter
Even before parliament has voted, EU prepares to delay Brexit by another year!
How much more can we take as Remainer MPs seek to crush views of 17.4m voters?
'Cox has completely f***** us!' Anger, disappointment and humiliation in the Commons
Philip Hammond threatens MPs with £20billion 'NO DEAL' warning!
Sajid Javid: ‘Foreign terrorist fighter’ Begum solely responsible for death of her child!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Triple stabbing at Brixton concert
Rick Singer got 800 rich kids into colleges and ran a nationwide admissions bribery scheme!
OXFORD: Woman in her 20s stabbed in Co-Op car park by black man as child watches
Catholic Church abuse SCANDAL: Judge sentences paedo Cardinal Pell to 6 years in jail
'Trudeau can not govern Canada now people know what he has done!'
Israeli President and Gal Gadot wag finger at Netanyahu after 'anti-Arab rhetoric!'
First British woman with super-gonorrhoea caught it through unprotected sex in Ibiza!

Tuesday 13 March

Omar Khadr killed a US Army medic and maimed another soldier - Justin Trudeau got him out of an American jail and saw to it that he got millions in compensation!
Growing list of women traveling alone in dangerous countries who never come home!
JUNCKER has spoken! "It is this deal, or Brexit may not happen at all!"
Dominic Grieve gleefully claims the UK is NOT leaving on March 29!
Blair SAVAGED! Brexiteers fury at Macron intervention - ‘This is TREASON!’
Will MPs 'cower before EU bully boy tactics?'
EU President says UK's experience trying to leave the EU will serve as a 'deterrent' to others!
EU will punish Britain for delaying Brexit by demanding billions more!
The mindless murder of James Brindley - his family speak out
Ryan Passey murdered by Kobe Murray - Family focused on justice!
Three innocent young men killed by knives - Their families want your help!
10 years on, police arrest rapist taxi driver, Shipu Ahmed!
British backpacker, 23, found naked and dead near her hostel in Guatemala
Facebook bans Zero Hedge!
Immigrant savages gang-raped a 17-year-old firl in Huddersfield town centre
Tommy Robinson – ‘I’m going to stand for parliament!’
Somalis fly sons to Africa to escape deadly knife violence in Khan’s London!
Jeremy Hunt says officials are working on getting children born to 'British' jihadis out of Syria!
Israeli President and Gal Gadot wag finger at Netanyahu after 'anti-Arab rhetoric!'
Anne Frank Centre says returning jihadis deserve same rights as Jews persecuted by Nazis?
Is it time for the Jews to leave Europe?
German Military accused of ‘purging’ populist supporters from ranks!
Michelle CONFRONTS Paul Mason for 'off-air BULLYING' – 'you find it funny?'

Monday 12 March

Bestial Romanian savage kicked mother-of-two, Julie Hunt, because he missed his bus
15-year-old due in court charged with murder of Jodie Chesney
Knife crime rising more steeply outside London!
700 child knife crime victims in West Midlands last year!
Macron's Thought Police brutally beat defenceless Yellow Vest protester!
Macron's Thought Police kick Yellow Vest protester in the head!
The Yellow Vests: Forgotten wounded!
Tony Blair is secretly advising Emmanuel Macron on Brexit! 'Unacceptable' behaviour
Civil servants 'doing everything in their power.. to frustrate Brexit!' Leave voters stupid, racist!
Gove says we must back PM's deal to 'heal the bitter divides!'
David Davis SNAPS at Marr over Brexit - 'BBC is the worst!'
Brexiteer Leadsom reveals how Barnier is making Brexit 'IMPOSSIBLE' for UK!
Farage RIDICULES group of 'deeply disturbing' Remainers!
EU to demand multi-billion pound increase from Britain in return for Brexit delay!
BOJO: Brussels has treated the British Government with contempt over Brexit
Faced with Brexit scare stories, the stubbornness of the British people is most heartening!
UK: Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt studying how to bring ISIS kids to UK!
ISIS 'wife' defends rape of Yazidi women because it's 'allowed in the Quran!'
What an ISIS wife has to say about Yazidis being used as sex slaves!
In 2014, the Tory leadership was planning to help rather than reject returning 'British' jihadis!
Swedish ‘Islamophobia expert’/ISIS fighter arrested in Syria!
ESTHER MCVEY: We need to scrap the foreign aid target and spend money on policing!
Civil war looms for Labour as Watson challenges Corbyn's authority
5 of the 7 wealthiest people in Australia are Jewish!
Multiculturalism to blame for rise of Arab gangs in Germany!
Orban: No place for multiculturalism in Hungary!

Sunday 11 March

WAKEFIELD: Woman hammered and stabbed by Musa Tangigora in off licence robbery
WAKEFIELD: 20 people arrested for child sexual exploitation
Triple stabbing at a nightclub in Birmingham
ILFORD: Two stabbed after mass brawl outside chicken shop
Teen driver, Hartley Wiseman, involved in two hit-and-run crashes in a month!
Teenager stabbed on Muswell Hill bus after 'innocently catching the eye of his attacker!'
Judges with blood on their hands: Dramatic fall in thugs convicted of violent crimes sent to jail!
Eye-rolling Mayor Sadiq Khan is all talk and no action, says DUWAYNE BROOKS
HITCHENS: The real cause of knife crime? DRUGS! (And immigrant criminals?)
German Mayor under guard after migrant arrested for killing young woman
Christian Basilica in Paris No-Go suburbs extensively vandalised
Theresa May to QUIT? Main contenders are 'ready' to lead!
EU 'strangling innovation' and trying to wreck UK-US relations, claims Trump's 'man in London'
May WARNED by Rees-Mogg: Rotten Brexit deal means we'll NEVER leave EU!
No police holidays ahead of Brexit - Met fears 'civil disorder!'
Useful idiots in the Cabinet destroyed our only leverage, says IDS!
FRANCE: Yellow Vests march against Macron for 17th weekend straight!
Ilhan Omar and the Corbynisation of the American Left!
Propaganda in the UK - TV ads and soaps
How the "Backstop" breaches international treaties!
Public do NOT fear NO DEAL Brexit says poll!
Congress Democrats vote in favour of illegal immigrant voting!
Michael Jackson 'was the dirtiest, most unsanitary person in Hollywood?'
Esther Rantzen's mother forced her to socialise with creepy, molestor 'uncle!'

Saturday 10 March

Diane Abbott BLAMES UK for DEATH of Shamima Begum’s child!
Diane Abbott fears she will be raped or murdered by trolls!
Leftie luvvie, Will Self, gives MP Mark Francois death stare during Brexit row!
Brexiteer demands Remainer APOLOGISE to 17.4million Leave voters on national TV!
'Every racist and anti-Semite probably voted for Brexit!' So, every black, Asian and Jew 'probably' voted to stay in?
Potential mayor blames immigration for 'horrific' gang violence!
Amazon banned 9 academic books questioning aspects of the 'Holocaust!' Why?
TEXAS: Paedophile rapes 3-year-old, infecting her with chlamydia and gonorrhea!
Foster parents sue authorities over ‘ISIS trained’ child migrant bomber!
UK: Ugandan woman gets 11 years for FGM! (About time someone got done)
ISIS: Tunisian man and 'German' wife charged in ricin toxic terror plot!
African immigrants enrich Flanders with their culture!
Ilhan Omar: Obama’s a ‘pretty face’ who got ‘away with murder’
Al Gore brands UK politicians ‘cowards’ for not forcing second Brexit referendum!
Iain Dale explains why May’s downfall is close!
Favourites to REPLACE May as PM - short odds on her stepping down THIS MONTH!
Beware the Europhile fifth columnists, says Sir Bernard Jenkin
Unexpected immigration was major factor behind Middlesbrough school places crisis!
32 months later, traitorous former PMs call for a Year's delay to BREXIT!
Katie Price using her kids to promote low fat syrups? Fans claim they're 'full of rubbish!'

Friday 9 March

Yossi Gurvitz: When Israel is mighty!
May cooked up her phoney Brexit deal with Angela Merkel in July 2018?
Deep State UK - How the Cabinet Office got Lisbon Treaty by parliament without MPs seeing it!
Disturbing study reveals connection between brain damage and hepatitis B vaccine
Newcastle rape and trafficking trials collapse over police failings!
Mystery 'hit-and-run' death of Alan Powell, 80, 100 yards from his east London home
Spaniard stabbed 6 times then chased down London street murdered in row over a girl?
LONDON BLOODBATH: Teenager stabbed to death in West Kensington!
Halifax rape gang members who used girl as ‘sex toy’ lose appeals!
Fifth ISIS 'Beatle' unmasked - West Londoner, Hudaifa Elgerbouzi!
French men stabbed and tortured by immigrants! (Very graphic - MEDIA SILENCE)
Massive repression in France against #Yellowvests AND peaceful citizens!
Yellow Vests: UN demands Paris investigate ‘excessive police force’
Remainer elites: ‘Making lies sound truthful and murder respectable!’
The top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal
Rees-Mogg: 3 constitutional perversions have been used by Remainers to block Brexit!
QT audience ERUPTS as Raab warns of ‘DAY OF RECKONING’ if Brexit voters are betrayed!
QT audience boos Labour's Margaret Beckett for saying second referendum needed!
Hartley-Brewer tears into Labour Mayor for 'INSULTING' Brexit voters!
MPs warned about using 'parliamentary tricks' to HALT Brexit - 'Brits will be VERY ANGRY!'
Philip Hammond accused of 'BULLYING' Brexiteer MPs into backing deal!
Wikileaks 2007: Globalist hog, Gordon Brown, promises to help Turkey to membership of EU!
Public satisfaction with National Health Service at 11-year low
WOMEN! Holiday in Iran! (Some kind of cruel joke by the Independent’s Saudi investors?)
R. Kelly was acquitted in child porn trial - Former lawyer says he was 'guilty as hell!'
Michael Jackson - PAEDO! He paraded young boys as parents, music execs and fans did nothing

Thursday 7 March

Afghan immigrant guilty of plotting to spray sulphuric acid on his own 3-year-old son!
Afghan father guilty of acid attack on own son over custody battle!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man stabbed to death in Leyton!
14th stabbing fatality in 16 days! '3 men chased him barefoot down the road!'
UK children given lessons on how to treat stab wounds!
ISIS bride's father blames Britain for letting her flee to Syria without a passport
Coming shortly to a little village near you! Third World football! (With human heads)
VERHOFSTADT: EU elections ‘last chance to end Nationalist nightmare!
Bank of England downgrades No Deal Project Fear predictions by half!
Corbyn holds secret talks with Tory Remainers to keep Britain SHACKLED to EU!
Brexit SHOCK! Theresa May has offered EU the 'crown jewels' of national security?
Secret EU PLOT to SABOTAGE UK's future trade deal with US revealed!
Is Theresa May condemned to the most wretched legacy in British political history?
The British defeated the EU - you should be demanding surrender terms, not offering them!
Dominic Grieve hosts French minister for discussions on Article 50 and second referendum
Grenoble: 65 vehicles burned after several nights of riots
"Anti-Semitism is DESTROYING my party,' rages chief toadie, John Mann!
Liberty, identitarianism, censorship and Bolshevik threat!
GEORGE GALLOWAY: Zionism and Nazism cooperated!

Wednesday 6 March

Tim Pool holds Twitter execs to account! Good stuff!
TRUE French resist efforts to censor criticism of Zionism!
MPs demand Britain double refugee intake, import five times more from Africa
Britain’s ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT population growing by 70,000 each year!
Crimewave Britain: Military ‘READY’ to be deployed says Defence Secretary!
Man arrested in Leicester over the murder of girl scout Jodie Chesney!
LONDON: Schoolboy, 14, arrested by cops over series of chilling sex attacks on women!
Tashan Gallagher raped a 6-month-old baby girl and posted it online!
Smirking thug poses for selfie outside court after dodging prison for second knife offence!
Stop and Search v BOJO: Until we tackle PC squeamishness, thugs will carry knives without fear!
KHAN’S LONDON: Bacon, jam, butter ad banned from public transport!
Baroness Warsi slams 'institutional' Islamaphobia in Tory party after 14 members suspended
Jailed black MP loses appeal after representing herself at hearing!
‘Improvised explosives’ found at London Heathrow and City Airports, Waterloo Station!
Planned Parenthood doc said she would “break the baby’s neck” if born alive after abortion!
OSLO: Immigrants behind 70% of violent crime!
ANTWERP: Historic European city now majority-minority!
MH370 JET: Investigator 'was GUNNED DOWN after BREAKTHROUGH!'
The American Catastrophe: Drug, alcohol and suicide deaths hit record levels!
Macron attacks Brexit, calls for ‘European Federalism’ in pre-election war cry!
MACRON: 'Brexit is a lesson for all of us - We can’t let nationalists exploit public anger!'
BREXIT CHAOS: May ‘not hopeful’ of backstop breakthrough!
UK may be FORCED into customs union as EU official says talks going BADLY!
(((Alan Sugar))) calls for 2016 referendum to be 'CANCELLED!'
Britain's elderly living in 'real fear' of moving into care homes after they get worse in third of council areas
Olympic legend wants ban on transgender women in sport – Liberals say she's 'fuelling hate!'

Tuesday 5 March

Pollution can harm quality of sperm cells!
Norman Finkelstein: "Israel intentionally targets children... reporters... disabled persons!"
Crash-for-cash gang plagued Luton’s roads scamming £1.2m from insurers!
CAMBRIDGE: Drug dealers murdered Peter Anderson in frenzied knife attack
BRADFORD: Muslim gang jailed for rape, abuse of children in foster care home!
LANCS: Runshaw College ‘stabbing’ - Armed gang ‘threatened students!’
LONDON: Schoolboy, 14, arrested by cops over series of chilling sex attacks on women!
Masked teen gang boasts about carrying knives as they come face-to-face with retired top cop
I made a mistake’ – Dutch ISIS fighter wants to go home with Brit Jihadi bride!
MACRON: 'Dear Europe, Brexit is a lesson for all - We can’t let nationalists exploit public anger!'
MACRON: Innocent couple beaten by Thought Police in Toulouse
In MACRON'S FRANCE, Marine Le Pen is to be prosecuted for anti-ISIS tweets!
Macron denounces Brexiteers as 'anger mongers' in EU vision!
Theresa May branded an 'IDIOT' - 'Thatcher wouldn't have done that!'
Government abandons efforts to win real concession from EU on Brexit ‘backstop!’
Brexiteer MP warns voters will 'RIOT IN STREETS' over second referendum!
KISS OF DEATH! Tony Blair gives anti-Brexit rebel MPs, second referendum stamp of approval!
Danish PM says 'UK political system is melting down!'
Honour the dissidents! Defend free speech (particularly if it's true)!
Sir Shifty filmed kissing grimacing worker as 'naughty' girl sits on his knee!
ORBAN: Migrant crisis ‘will happen again in an even stronger form!’
Exodus from LGBT ‘brainwash’ school as Muslim parents take 600 children out of class!
India and Pakistan going to war would make the migrant crisis look like a tea party!
Olympic legend wants transgenders in female sports banned! Liberals accuse her of fuelling hate!
'Leaving Neverland' - It's not just Michael Jackson fans losing faith

Monday 4 March

Finland’s Supreme Court rules sex with children is not ‘rape’ if you come from a culture where it's ‘normal!’
Police finally reveal Jodie's killer was BLACK!
LONDON BLOODBATH: Man stabbed in Soho hours after Jodie Chesney's murder
Boy, 17, stabbed to death in a wealthy village was an 'A* student' at £12,000-a-year school
Children with stab wounds DOUBLE in five years, knifepoint robberies rise 50%!
BIRMINGHAM: On 8 July 2017, Carlton Donaldson stabbed Dan Baird to death
KHAN'S LONDON: Schoolkid brawl leaves pupil fighting for life after being stabbed
German Police: North African migrants more prone to criminality
Gang of migrants allegedly raped underage Italian girls
ISIS Jihadi got medical treatment in Sweden, then returned to fight
South Africa: Daniel Friedman, editor of Citizen news, mocks white farmers murdered by Blacks!
Willem Petzer analyses the video, which was produced by Friedman and James de Rothschild
Top Jewish Magazine sneers at white 'dregs of society,' says Jews have replaced them!
Alan Dershowitz doesn't want the press in paedo Jeffrey Epstein's hearing!
Sir Shifty Green tickles and paws uncomfortable-looking worker he makes sit on his knee
BRUSSELS: Top pro-Israel group sees its budget increase five-fold over the past few years!
To save Brexit, the Conservative party and Britain, Theresa May must resign!
No self-respecting country would accept Theresa May's deal. MPs must vote it down
Amber Rudd 'in safe seat plot' to get ANOTHER Remainer Prime Minister
Brexiteer MP blasts 'STUPID' politicians wanting to remove no-deal option!
Outrage as Swedish Greens blame Swedes for migrant crime, failure to integrate!
Trade Union Barons’ lobby wants Tommy Robinson banned from ‘public spaces’
CALAIS: Dozens of migrants storm ferry in ‘coordinated attack’ on UK border

Sunday 3 March

UN: Israel INTENTIONALLY murdered 189 Palestinians including children, disabled, journalists, paramedics - 6,106 were injured by Israeli snipers!
Ex-aide says Theresa May NEVER believed in Brexit – All just 'DAMAGE LIMITATION!'
Romford stabbing: Sadiq Khan told to fund police not ‘stupid cycle lanes’ after girl's murder
ROMFORD: Teenage murder victim Jodie Chesney was a 'bright and lovely' girl scout
17-year-old boy stabbed to death in Greater Manchester!
BOLTON: 15-year-old boy drugged and raped twice by Bangladeshi immigrant!
CHELTENHAM: Career criminal, Winston Allen, (119 known offences) jailed!
Drug dealers target students at Britain's top universities!
Shock rise in daughters attacking parents! 23,000 cases in London alone!
Jihadi females who want to return say they regret nothing and ISIS will survive!
UK's first 'transgender hate crime trial' halted - Judge says 'no case and never was a case!'
Macron's Thought Police pepper spray man in a wheelchair!
Farage describes May's 'SURRENDER' deal as ‘sheer awfulness!’
BORIS: Many anti-Brexit ‘Chicken Lickens’ in ‘upper reaches of government!’
Brexit Apocalypse? Jaguar signals massive investment in British manufacturing!

Saturday 2 March

Louella and her killer - Embracing evil in the heart of your family
LONDON BLOODBATH! 17-year-old girl stabbed to death in Havering
These are the cowards who attacked the young lad in Bradford!
British mum 'stripped, stabbed and scalped by gypsy gang for having affair!'
JAILED! Black men who threatened police with a 12-bore shotgun during stolen-car chase
Asian sex gang supporters threaten to rape female lawyers!
UK migrant boom: EU migration falls but non-EU migration at 15-year high!
Former Facebook employee says conservative content suppressed!
Lefties who destroy patriots' lives come over all sympathetic/protective of ISIS terrorists?
In prison for fighting AGAINST ISIS! Ezra Levant talks Aidan James' family
Facebook bans Tommy yet Antifa website openly advocating Trump assassination still active!
Threats? Bribes? Prostitutes? Growing scandal threatens to bring down Canada’s Trudeau!
ITALY: Insidious threat of violent far-left anarchist extremists!
French establishment wants Marine Le Pen prosecuted over twitter pictures of ISIS atrocities!
Soros Foundation demands Brussels step up war on Poland ‘or EU won't survive’
https://order-order.com/2019/03/01/no-confidence-bid-launched-against-sam-gyimah/ "/> Sussex Tories fed up with their African MP! BREXIT: Raab says any mention of delay weakens our negotiating powers
EU has treated UK so badly because NO DEAL Brexit would leave a 'financial black hole!' in EU!
4 reasons why EU leaders WANT UK to delay Brexit!
END of Project Fear? Mark Carney gives 'STRONG ENDORSEMENT' of Brexit potential!
Barnier SAVAGES May's deal!
Top Corbynistas at war over anti-Semitism!
Woman's Hour team get impartiality training for 'bias against US Supreme Court judge!'
Cliff Richard 'is demanding another £1.5million from the BBC to cover his legal costs'

Friday 1 March

Ex-Equality boss, Trevor Phillips, say politicians must admit the stone bl**ding obvious - Knife crime is a black issue!
Varadkar's Ireland sparks fury after seizing British trawlers!
Meghan and Harry will raise their baby as ‘gender fluid’ and will avoid stereotypes?
VENEZUELA and 300 Mossad operatives! Zionism aiming for global dominance?
GAZA: UN shows unarmed protesters, children included, killed and injured by Israeli sniper fire!
MACRON and the Jews - A picture is worth a thousand words...
Official wagtail, Tom Watson MP, sings 'Am Yisrael Chai' to the Labour Friends of Israel!
GAZA: Israel committed 'serious violations of human rights' - 189 Palestinians dead
UN says Israel's killings at Gaza protests may amount to war crimes
Michael ‘Sammy the Bullsh*tter’ Cohen is a lying, sniveling, self-serving rat!
Louella's family treated her lover, Ceon Broughton, like a son - He repaid them by killing her!
'Evil' rapper gave Louella fatal drugs dose and filmed her 'screaming like an animal!'
Rapper filmed other lovers unconscious after drug binges too!
BRADFORD: Muslim gang jailed for rape, abuse of children in foster care home
Labour's Lord Ahmed to face trial for sexually assaulting boy and a girl under 13!
Mohammed Amin threatened Muslim woman because she was dressed in western clothing!
Mohammed Amin threatened Muslim woman because she was dressed in western clothing!
Sam Allardyce savages Theresa May's Brexit failure, praises Trump!
Nigel Farage will lead march from Sunderland to London in protest against `betrayal of Brexit!´
Brexit is an historic opportunity for the Tories. Watch them blow it…
Deafening silence when BBC QT audience asked if they agree with Labour MP Barry Gardiner
Brexit BETRAYAL: Two thirds of Corbyn's top team BREAK election pledges to THWART EU exit!
Brexit Boom: Aston sales clear £1bn, INEOS opens new plant, and more...
Former Facebook employee says conservative content suppressed!
One in five children set to miss out on first-choice secondary school!
France will intervene if their ISIS jihadis sentenced to death in Iraq?
Hungary backs ‘Europe of families’, not ‘Europe of migrants!'
Somali pirate arrested after trying to claim asylum in Europe
Justin Trudeau told he can no longer lead and MUST resign
'Meghan doesn't have a heart': Samantha Markle accuses her half-sister of 'lying!'
What a joke the Oscars have become!

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