Daily News: January 2018

Wednesday 31 January

'Labour students' call for the execution of the Queen!
Doctors told to display rainbow flags to make waiting rooms LGBT 'safe spaces!'
Teachers ATTACKED and knocked unconscious as school assaults rise 24%!
Douglas Haig identified as SECOND 'person of interest' in Las Vegas massacre!
Illegal immigrant stopped by paedo vigilantes on way to meet 12-year-old to be deported
Cop who kissed and groped abuse victim after sending her 'raunchy texts groomed others!'
Sweden gives Iraqi custody of kids conceived with 13-year-old he raped on their wedding night
Populist parties look to dominate Italian/Hungarian elections and do well in Sweden!
German News Group admits to increasing booing sounds during Trump's Davos speech!
Poland turns tables on Jews in Holocaust debate!
ADL (Jewish censors) partners with Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google to end 'cyberhate' on web

After Obama-Farrakhan bombshell, footage emerges Of Democrats hugging Nation Of Islam leader!
Trump will pull TRIGGER on EU and punish Merkel for 'cooking the books' over trade
62-year-old teacher assaulted for confiscating smartphone
Austrian Chancellor says Czechs, Hungarians, Poles and Slovaks have in right on immigration!
Brexit transition deal is like the NORMAN CONQUEST fumes Jacob Rees-Mogg
TEBBIT: 'The BBC has become the supporter of a foreign organisation called the EU!'
Or undemocratic Lords! Patten brands Brexit 'APPALLING' in 'I hate referendums' rant!
SNOWFLAKES v BLIGHTY! Ignorance of a generation who never wanted for anything!
Old fools and busybodies: Pro-Brussels peers tell Johnny Voter to bog off!
Fury as mum fined £600 and threatened with jail for putting cardboard box in WRONG BIN
Special treatment for some murderers: Oscar Pistorius behind bars
'Glee' actor commits suicide following guilty child porn plea?

Tuesday 30 January

Appeal for help tracing schoolgirl, Caitlin Lowry, 15
Jaynesh Chudasama in court over three teenage boys killed in smash!
Xeneral Webster denies murder of nurse, Joanna Rand!
Religious teacher, Umar Haque: 'We are a death squad sent by Allah!'
'Lion of London Bridge' spared jail for 'racist' rant! (JAIL HIS ACCUSERS!)
Elderly Muslim caught raping a dog!
EU chief says UK MUST follow EU laws during transition despite no say over setting them!
Merkel reportedly savaged Theresa May in a secret meeting in Davos!
Theresa May must get 'TOUGHER': Rees-Mogg issues warning to PM!
Liam Fox says 'LET REMAINERS like Hammond WIN' Brexit fight! (Traitor all along?)
Cops set aside crying rooms for menopausal WPCs! (And these are protecting us from evil?)
Did Gavin Williamson make alarmist Russia accusations to deflect attention from his affair?
Theresa May faces growing calls to quit!
Gambling ads soar 500%! Kids exposed to millions more adverts since Blair relaxed laws!
WPC singled out for criticism over Poppi's death may get promoted to Chief Constable?
The 10 safest countries in the world for women
Then 'raped' by Harvey Weinstein: Rose McGowan reveals life of abuse
Dad suspected of helping daughter's husband rape and strangle her found dead
Your Labour Party no longer exists? (Mine died when Harold Wilson was elected leader)
Award for most sexist, misogynist bunch of vile hypocrites goes to THE GRAMMYS!
Oh, look an anti-Trump snowflake!

Monday 29 January

#DIVERSITY: Jaynesh Chudasama charged with 3 counts of death by dangerous driving!
Armed robber, Patrick Smeda, a hit-and-run killer! 16-year-old Thomas Edwards the victim
'Grooming alerts' call for social media!
FBI claims Lesin got so drunk that he repeatedly fell on things until he killed himself!
Trump on May's Brexit negotiations: "I would have taken a tougher stand!"
‘People don’t want that!’ Rees-Mogg SAVAGES idea of a ‘vassal state’ transition period
May told to clarify stance on Brexit or face risk of no-confidence vote
Turks bomb northern Syria! Many victims of operation against ISIS-defeating Kurds!
Italian populist leader promises to deport 500,000 migrants!
Merkel: ‘Disgrace’ that Jewish institutions in Germany need protection!
Britain's civil servants are part of 'WORRYING' plot to KEEP UK in EU, says MP, Kate Hoey
Left-wing students call for Rees-Mogg to be BANNED from giving a speech!
So, comrades let's talk about YOUR tax deals!
Ex-trade secretary, Peter Lilley, may be denied peerage for lobbying for Chinese company!
Turks invade northern Syria! Many victims of operation against Kurds!
Demonstrators burst into Blighty UK Cafe! Churchill was 'imperialist scum,' apparently
IKEA's Ingvar Kamprad was a WW2 Fascist and a Nazi sympathiser?
2008: Orthodox Jews burn New Testament in Israel!
Celebrities 'paid firm to boost number of followers on Twitter?'

Sunday 28 January

Conservatives' LGBT group linked with paedophile ring!
Acid attack epidemic: RECORD number of incidents in London last year!
Suicide bomber kills 95, wounds 158 wounded in Afghan capital
German women protest against migrant violence!
African gang jailed for forging immigration documents
Germany: More dangerous than Mongolia, but not as bad as Gambia
Jewish Casino mogul resigns as Republican finance Chair following sex abuse allegations!
Dutch teenager attacked by migrant mob!
MURDER by MERKEL! White teenager killed by Kazakh classmate!
Nick Clegg admits Rees-Mogg is RIGHT about Brexit?
Philip Hammond is behaving like a 'one man government!'
Calais migrants swell to near-Jungle levels after Macron demands and Theresa acquiesces
Czech election: EU panics as populist Zeman wins! He wants a EU referendum!
HPV virus is the cause of our fastest-growing killer cancer!
Hospital worker steals her own mountain bike back after cops refuse to investigate!
Blackadder star killed by a drugs overdose administered by NHS medics?

Saturday 27 January

Three teenage boys killed after being hit by a car at a bus stop in London!
HOPKINS: 'South African farmers raped, tortured, murdered en masse!
Sadiq Khan blames surge in crime on cuts - Why not redeploy ‘hate crime’ cops? Instant fix!
DAVOS: George Soros attacks both Trump and 'harmful' social media!
SOROS: Trump is trying to ‘establish a Mafia state!’
German children’s channel promotes child marriages with immigrants?
TfL apologises for tribute to defence of Rorke’s Drift on Tube after one a***hole complains!
Jacob Rees-Mogg warns May: 'The less Brexit, the more likely you are to get Corbyn!'
Britain in 'talks with EU bosses to extend Brexit transition to three years!'
Labour Party suspends feminist anti-transgender campaigner for 'women don’t have dicks' tweet!
Moroccan gang war on streets of Amsterdam?
'James Bond is a sexist, racist rapist', claim millennials!
Nick Knowles accused of years of 'intimidation, emotional cruelty and physical abuse' by wife!

Friday 26 January

HOPKINS: 'South African farmers raped, tortured, murdered en masse!' MSM silent!
In England and Wales, 5.3m violent crimes were recorded in 12 months to September 2017
The BBC kept Brexiteers off the air for a decade!
Corbyn sacks Jewish peer after he attended Presidents Club dinner!
Should President Trump read FISA memo during State of Union address?
Swedish woman stopped from raising money to publish book about migration and rape link!
Hammond goes full Remoaner, wants ‘closest possible relationship’ with EU!
Rees-Mogg’s Brexiteers feeling rebellious over customs union
Jacob Rees-Mogg and Philip Hammond at odds over Brexit
VATICAN: Owner of World's Biggest Banks and Top Global Companies!
Raheem Kassam v Unpunished by Twitter
Blair at Davos: "We now know we need most of the European migrants!"
Labour MP says Corbyn will be the 'greatest PM!' BOOED by Question Time audience!
Page 3 girl says Presidents Club was a ‘meat market’ where ‘groping came with the job!'
Harvey Weinstein aide says she had to clean up semen after his many sex sessions!

Thursday 25 January

Dept for Work and Pensions fired Adam Crawford for saying there are 'only two genders!'
Secretary to the Treasury says economic forecasts on impact of Brexit are 'no longer applicable!'
Left’s open door immigration policy leads to 'erosion of the nation state,' says Belgian politician!
Between June 2016 and June 2017, 37,000 knife attacks occurred in England and Wales!
585 rapists SPARED prison over five year period!
MUSLIM SCHOLAR: Raping a child is not as bad as failing to say your prayers
NEWSWEEK: “Sexual abuse of children will always exist... Sometimes it leads to great art!"
Leaked Intelligence documents show greater threat of Islamic terror than Government admits!
The War on Men!
DAVOS: Merkel attacks 'Walls' and 'Poison' of populism, defends globalism!
The Guardian claims Brexit is a 'threat to LGBT rights!'
2010: 700 children born with genetic disabilities due to cousin marriages every year!
Israel's plan to force out African migrants
STRZOK: “Technical glitch” responsible for FBI losing texts from thousands of employees?
Emily Thornberry ‘snubbed by White House!’ Emily who?
Breitbart's Kassam suspended from Twitter after firing back against Leftist harassers!
BIRMINGHAM: Female jogger attacked by four “Asian youths” in park!
Airline steward, Zohaab Sadique, smuggled £100,000-worth of heroin into Manchester Airport
Barcelona attack terrorists, who accidentally blew themselves up, 'targeted Eiffel Tower'
Priest claims there has been a dramatic increase in demonic activity across Ireland
Deepcut Army recruit ‘was kept shackled’
Unchecked migration will undermine security, says Belgian politician
PRESIDENT'S CLUB: 'It was a whore party, we were expected to have sex!'
Tory MP defends Ruth Smeeth

Wednesday 24 January

'They’ll take over eventually!' - 'They’re taking our culture, bit by bit!'
Axe attackers, Mohammed Sajid and Habibur Rahmen, charged with causing GBH
What Uganda's leader thinks of Trump
Labour forced to ditch plans to charge white people more for Corbyn speech!
DAVOS: Indian PM says attacks on globalism must be stopped!
SWEDEN: 90% of Moroccan graduates lied about their age!
In deal with Chinese Commies, Vatican asks legitimate Bishops to step aside for illegitimate ones!
Blair and Clegg setting Parliament 'against the people!'
Girls' school head warns of danger of focus on gay and transgender issues!
In England and Wales, more than 15,000 deaths recorded in second week of January
The other Brits politicians kill! Soldier who served with Harry in Afghanistan hangs himself!
Woman racially abused and kicked mum-of-3 in stomach during attack on Tube
Playboy crime lord ran one of UK's biggest ever rackets trafficking 'zombie' drug!
SWEDEN: Highest ever levels of radiation found in wild boar - 25 times safe limit

Tuesday 23 January

Disabilities caused in babies by epilepsy drug a 'scandal!'
Acid attacks spread from Khan’s London to the Home Counties!
EU will 'stick two fingers up' and STEAL our fish if we take back control!
EU pension fund on brink of collapse: Taxpayers must bail out hundreds of MEPs?
Yvette Copper: No-deal Brexit will make it EASIER for terrorists to attack UK!
More than a MILLION elderly people 'going hungry in their own homes!'
More than a MILLION pensioners struggling to keep warm!
Is Government considering massive ‘back door payments’ to secure EU deal?
Sadiq Khan backs Jewish community in coroner dispute
Mary Hassell provokes outrage in Jew/Muslim communities by refusing to put them first!
Coroner says no death will be prioritised on religious grounds - Says staff have been ‘bullied’
Illegal aliens quietly being relocated throughout US on commercial flights?
Petition to get SAS veteran Bob Curry housed reaches 316,000 sigs!

Monday 22 January

Leroy Campbell raped and murdered Lisa and tried to kill her mum! No compensation!
Sam died after jumping out of window to escape Ide Faysal and Abidiqader Shidane!
Two stabbed in Luton shopping centre! (DIVERSITY?)
11-year-olds who want to change sex offered treatment that could leave them infertile?
NHS patients 'dying prematurely' in corridors, doctors warn!
MACRON: French would probably vote to leave the EU if given the chance!
MINISTRY OF TRUTH! Government's answer to 'fake news!'
215 MILLION Christians experience high levels of persecution" around the world!
Six US agencies conspired to illegally wiretap Trump! British Intelligence also
German women speak out - MERKEL arrests them for "hate speech?"
Racism in the UK! (Via Jeremy Corbyn)
BRISTOL: EIGHTH university 'suicide' in 18 months!
Mandelson's secret vow to help Brussels!
DAVOS! The party from hell!
Cops accused of hushing-up arrest of senior officer's son
DEMOCRATS! Who does George Soros' son hang out with?

Sunday 21 January

Admiral Rogers saved the day! Hillary, Obama, FBI - TREASON!
Italy's Chief Rabbi - Migration is out of control!
Army chief refused to take Lariam that made squaddies ill!
FACEBOOK to use surveys to boost ‘trustworthy’ news! (Zuckerberg gets to decide the truth?)
Romania joins Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in rejecting Muslim migrants!
'Democrats put politics above national security... and our country’s ability to serve all Americans!'
GOTCHA! (BBC gets got!)
Αfrican immigrants in Germany...
Cops called after primary school intimidated into dropping ban on hijabs!
Italian election favourite, Matteo Salvini, says the EU “can go f*ck itself!”
FACEBOOK to use surveys to boost ‘trustworthy’ news! (Zuckerberg gets to decide the truth?)
French Lefties in Parisian migrant areas want diversity but whine when 'diverse' schools fail!
'Aggressive and rude' Romanian-born policewoman loses claim for racial discrimination!
Thatcher 'wanted a whites-only South Africa?' (But not a White mostly UK?)
Corbyn making Whitey pay more than ethnic minorities to hear a speech!
13 more innocent men are put through rape hell by establishment lawmen!
UKIP leader's mistress called Muslims 'the cancer of this earth!'
MoD bosses won’t spend £2m on a hotline but blow £1.5m on cost cutting consultants!
Caught by paedo hunters, Pakistani immigrant says he didn’t know it sex with a kid was illegal!
POLL: Jacob Rees-Mogg should take over from Theresa May!
Terror bobbies on the CHEAP?
John Cleese speaks!

Saturday 20 January

A third of the 200 peers who voted to make it harder for journalists to investigate corruption exposed by media!
In 1946, Jews planned to kill 6 million Germans by poisoning country's water supply!
Top cop tasked with tackling FGM excuses lack of convictions saying it has 'many nuances!'
"Barnier’s business is to nobble the British economy... The mission is to destroy Britain!"
WHITEY NEED NOT APPLY! Yet another BBC job exclusively for anyone but us!
Team USA confronts abuser Larry Nassar - He cries and cowers with fear!
Investigators still don't know why Stephen Paddock embarked on mass shooting! (Yeah, right)
BITCOIN created by US government to fund top-secret CIA and MI5 missions?
Nurse who gave her life to the NHS died after weeks of botched care!
Mujahid Arshid raped and murdered niece Celine Dookhran with Vincent Tappu's help
Knifeman jailed for murder of rapper in Harlesden barber shop
Cops swamped by prostitutes trafficked by Romanian gangs - Closing a brothel a week!
Parminder Thindh sought for sexual assault of 12-year-old girl on Manor Park bus
Police Officer attacked with bottle outside Stockwell bar
SWEDEN: No-go zone police station bombed!
Labour in-fighting over transgenders on all-women shortlists turns ugly
Britain’s ‘Migration Museum’ is decidedly Jewish!
Gorka releases list of officials who will fall over FISA memo
Portillo LASHES Osborne for OUTRAGEOUS Remainer claims!
L’Oréal’s Muslim model has made numerous anti-Israel posts on Twitter! Ha-ha!
Diane Abbott's charity spends all its cash on a party?
The royals are not the Kardashians, Miss Markle!

Friday 19 January

'Worse than Watergate!' House intel memo reveals FISA abuse by senior DOJ and FBI officials!
New evidence shows McCain helped fund FBI plot to frame Trump?
Researchers find highly drug-resistant strain of TB in asylum seekers!
EU fisheries policy has RUINED British fishermen fumes Brexit minister!
Sex attack victim sacked by HMRC for taking too many sick days before Jason Okwara's trial!
Hungary says: STOP SOROS!
SADIQ KHAN: "I cannot solve knife crime by myself! Neither can the police!"
Polish President thanks Trump for fighting Fake News!
'Bigoted students' brand Jacob Rees-Mogg an 'extremist!'
Anti-Brexit Newsnight presenter, James O'Brien, (confessed 'BIAS') leaves BBC!
Michael Douglas pleasured himself and harassed former employee with sex talk!

Thursday 18 January

Billionaire George Soros set to make millions from the collapse of Carillion?
Akshar Ali and Yasmin Ahmed murdered Ali's Muslim convert wife, mother-of-4, Sinead Wooding!
In September 2015, a drugged-up Polish nut broke into Nicola Cross's home and murdered her!
Nepalese chef 'stalked' and killed British backpacker girlfriend
Hit-and-run Muslim smashes his £22,500 Mercedes into a crowded Indian takeaway - NO JAIL!
Live-in carer, Beauty Mufakazi, ‘pulled Huntington’s Disease sufferer around like a rag doll!'
Dylan Farrow: Outrage after 'years of being ignored!'
TORIES! Soubry is right? Rees-Mogg is right?
Arabic classes overtake English and French in Sweden!
'Macron wants to DRAIN JOBS from UK!'
Emily Maitlis was skewered by Foreign Office Minister Harriet Baldwin!
Juncker says the EU’s hands are 'outstretched' to welcome us back into the bloc!
'You put the EU over your PEOPLE!’ Fiery Farage BLASTS Irish PM
Merkel’s own party members demand she resigns so they can have a ‘fresh start’

Wednesday 17 January

Former soldier dies while sleeping rough in Edinburgh!
Fat Cat Carillion boss owns six-bedroom chalet in the Alps and a £1.2m Dales mansion!
Is the banking revolution a fraudster’s charter?
Peter Sutherland's migration legacy punctured!
ROME: “White race doesn’t exist,” says leading Jew
Oxford teacher got gender of a student wrong - Lost his job as a result! Now suing school
Julian Assange on humanity versus the establishment machine
FAKE NEWS via the mainstream
PASSENGER SAFETY: Paris metro are refusing to stop at certain stations
Plastic is choking the planet and we must all act now!
Loneliness affects nine million Britons? Thanks, LibLabCon!
Minister for the lonely!
STURGEON: Expanding population (via mass migration) 'essential to our economic prosperity!'
Lithuanian criminals used 'slaves' to collect donated to charity donations
FFARAGE: Barnier is working with Remoaners to KILL Brexit!
Emmanuel Macron’s migrant demands to UK are indefensible
Switzerland preparing to END EU free movement with Brexit-style referendum
Piers Morgan tears into Chuka Umunna over second Brexit referendum

Tuesday 16 January

Latest from the BBC! Is it transphobic not to date transgender people!
Jewish candidate for President of Russia makes fun of Russian Church
EVEN IN RUSSIA! Few are willing to condemn the media taboo of criticising Jews as a group!
CARILLION: Tony Blair’s government introduced Public Finance Initiatives!
Fury over Carillion fat cats: Bosses could (MUST!) face severe penalties!
CARILLION: A giant Ponzi scheme that deserved to go to the wall!
Shrink who urges leniency for pervs backed rapist Worboys’ release!
Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses overwhelmingly want BREXIT!
Cops suspended! - Texts discuss raping crime victims!
Flu jab rip-off: Private GPs accused of cashing in on crisis!
Royal Mail refuses to print commemorative stamp for Brexit
SOROS pledges renewed fight against Nationalism
US Sports coach, Larry Nassar, molested at least 140 girls?
Who is Larry Nassar? 12 unanswered questions
Simone Biles says she was abused by Larry Nassar
'East Asian' baby found murdered in Aldershot
CBC says Canadians who have big families should be shamed! Import immigrants instead!
Thuis is Uganda's parliament!
The mass brainwashnig of Germany (Paul Joseph Watson)
Paedophiles rule the world! (Paul Joseph Watson)
F*** the Pope! (Paul Joseph Watson)
STUPID LUVVIES! Emma Watson writes open letter acknowledging her "white privilege!"
ANOREXIA! Victoria Beckham’s shocking and shameful promotional image!

Monday 15 January

British government spending on foreign aid more than double OECD average!
JUNCKER: Leave EU and we’ll make your lives a misery!
NO POWER FOR MEMBER STATES! Farage reveals EU's plans for Europe!
Barnier to meet Remainiacs! Soubry, Umunna and Grieve head to Brussels!
EU trawlers steps up illegal 'pulse' fishing, devastating British fisheries ahead of Brexit!
Rape, murder and misogyny! Real victims of 'migrant crisis' are Europe’s women!
Historic German church demolished as mosques multiply across the country!
Senator Lindsey Graham: America is not owned by Americans, it belongs to the world!
This is art, apparently!
Amazon CEO announces $33 Million in scholarships for 1,000 illegal immigrants!
German TV airs show teaching children to become Muslim and pray to Allah
Guardian brands Breitbart's Raheem Kassam 'new face of the hard right!'
Immigration: Backlash over failure to deport foreign criminals!
Home Office worker, Shamsu Iqbal, 'lynchpin of plot to let illegal migrants stay!' Falsified records - hundreds benefitted?
The system freeing the taxi rapist is broken! Aided and abetted murder of my cousin!
Police release picture of Ameer Makame in hunt for acid attacker!
Gypsy murderer, Levi Bellfield, brags: 'I eat better than most out there!
TRAITOR POPE says it's a sin if fear makes us hostile to migrants!

Sunday 14 January

Leicester council sent care children list to taxi firms!!!
Transgender boy, 10, starts transgender dating site for kids?
Northumbria Police warn “offensive” comments about grooming gangs will not be tolerated!
To let brave soldiers suffer in silence isn’t just cruel, it’s a DERELICTION OF DUTY!
Nuke false alarm terrorises Hawaiians!
Trump fans disrupt Sadiq Khan speech to left-wing Fabian Society, attempt citizen’s arrest!
Chief constables complain about £100 million cost of historic paedo investigations?
MERKEL/SCHULTZ: Migrant crisis over - Now we let in only 220,000 a year!
Brexit 'No Deal' will cost EU £500billion? GO FOR IT!
MP accused of ‘touching up’ ex-MP Tom Blenkinsop now PM's Minister for sex scandals?
HITCHENS: Face it: sometimes those stale, male MPs are the best choice
Murder in Trafalgar Square
AUSTRIA: Don't let Nazis govern protest!
You can't criticise Jewish misbehaviour in South Carolina now?
Institute for Historical Review Director Mark Weber banned from Britain!
2013: Repeat paedo, Jose Luis Aguilar, raped and murdered a 9-month-old baby

Saturday 13 January

UN boss unveils plan plan to promote global mass migration!
Psychiatrist: The West is marching into ethnic replacement without even realising it!
Furious protesters BURN EU flags after Juncker visits Bulgaria
Sabrina Kouider and Ouissem Medouni burned body of au pair in garden of Wimbledon home!
Police arrest 20 men for alleged involvement in Calderdale grooming gang!
HALIFAX: 20 men arrested for “non-recent child sexual exploitation!”
Romford finance chief, Chasjit Verma, stole nearly £1m from charity for luxury trips!
Conman Manish Patel filed 2,000 fake claims for late trains!
12-year-old found with heroin, wad of cash and knife
Rapper Nelly, Cornell Iral Haynes Jnr, arrested for rape!
School creates rich and poor zones for kids whose parents didn't pay £6 sub for new kit?
Police dog tests too hard for women? Cops ordered to change way they recruit dog handlers!
OBORNE: Labour v Trump - Labour governments gave red carpet treatment to far worse!
American embassy in London really WAS sold for 'peanuts' to Qataris
'Dangerous' new fishing measure will 'discriminate' against UK ships and put crews at risk!
Student left battling blood clot and pneumonia took PILL for just six months!
The truth about 'sh*thole countries!'
KASSAM: Sadiq Khan's London is a sh*thole!Toby Young farce a diversion. New OfS more worrying than anyone thought!

Friday 12 January

LONDONISTAN: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches!
BOMBSHELL VIDEO! Twitter engineers admit censoring conservatives!
The Default Position? Twitter censors patriotic content!
Poland wants to be free from Brussels?
Italy's top patriotic party campaign poster proclaims: 'Slaves to Europe? No Thanks!'
Left-wing activist STUMPED - FAILS to answer simple question
Illegal immigrant who swindled £32k in benefits is jailed
'EU PROPAGANDA BUREAU' to open in Anna Soubry's constituency!
Transgender Big Brother 2009 star finds fame, turns to prostitution, dies...
93 dead in flu outbreak! Mother 'broken' after teenage daughter, 18, dies
TRUMP: 'Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?'
Police 'seriously concerned' for two schoolgirls presumed to be with this man...
John Anderson angered the traveller family he worked for - What happened next?
Senior NHS clinician wins restraining order against her ‘coercive’ husband, Luckson Augstine

Thursday 11 January

Tick Tock!

At the 'anti-Semitism' trial of Alison Chabloz, Gideon Falter said...
Italian Archbishop says uncontrolled migration heralds 'crushing and extermination of our society!'
President of EU Parliament tells Hungary and Poland they must accept liberal values or leave!
66% of British Muslims would not give police terror tip-offs!
German study: 29.9% Muslim students ‘would fight and die for Islam!’
DIVERSITY! CCTV of murder suspects 'in Rizlas row!'
HUDDERSFIELD: 29 (Muslims + Everton La Bastide) accused of child sex abuse!
Antoni Imelia (serving 7 life sentences for multiple rapes) considered for release!
HUDDERSFIELD: Katelyn Dawson, 15, died after BMW smashed into pedestrians at bus stop
TOTTENHAM: Security guard is SHOT three times in Nationwide raid!
Nearly 1,400 babies injected with jab linked to test animal DEATHS by Oxford academics!
JUSTINE Greening sacked after sabotaging Tory hopes of future electoral success?
Merkel and Macron could push Europe into financial disaster
Obama funded opposition media in Hungary?
At least 485 scientific papers published in 2017 question consensus on climate change!
Pro-Corbyn group Momentum shuts down its youth wing over vile social media attacks!
'I would be judged for flying patriotic England flag' - Newsnight guest blasts PC Britain
COULTER: Europe’s migration policy is “suicidal madness!” Interview
Alison Chabloz on trial for anti-Smitism!
COULTER: Europe’s migration policy is “suicidal madness!” Interview
Alison Chabloz on trial for anti-Smitism!
Israel to pay $9,000 to any civilian willing to help deport asylum seekers by force!
Hollywood's hypocritical actresses will have to do a lot more than wear black designer dresses

Wednesday 10 January

17-year-old pours acid over 6 takeaway delivery drivers in London!
Pope: Muslim migrants’ rights more important than national security!
Culturally enriched Sweden now faces a deadly hand grenade crisis
Health tourists (foreign fraudsters) cost the NHS around £2billion a year!
Jared Kushner received $30m from an Israeli firm after joining White House?
Sex gang victims were 'sacrificed' to avoid Labour losing votes in the Asian community!

Tuesday 9 January

WPC heroine SACKED after calling gypsies 'scumbags' and posting 'Bring on Brexit!'
Widow, 80, murdered at her allotment by fellow gardener, Rahim Mohammadi
17-year-old pours acid over 6 takeaway delivery drivers in London!
Shopkeeper killed after refusing to serve 'three black males' cigarette papers
Asylum seeker Munir Mohammed and pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan plotted terror attack
Swedish woman dies after being violently raped by African migrant
IRELAND: Boys 'from Eastern Europe' accused of thefts around the country
IRELAND: Mohammed Sarwar commits sex assault on man with intellectual disability on a bus
Australia: African street gangs invade homes, terrorise residents!
Health tourist racks up Britain's biggest ever unpaid NHS bill - £530,000 debt!
Eight in ten Brits DEMAND the Government use BLOATED foreign aid budget to help the NHS
New Cabinet member, Clare Perry, calls Brexiteer MPs 'Jihadis!'
Syria reports Israeli attack on military outposts near capital
Peter Sutherland, dubbed 'father of globalisation,' is dead! (3 cheers for the Grim Reaper!)
Rabbi: 'Nations coming against the Jews... Germany is the biggest threat!'
Jewish 'white' chap with anti-Trump sign
Farage's reaction after leaving Barnier's office!
New Cabinet member, Clare Perry, calls Brexiteer MPs 'Jihadis!'
Labour MP Jess Phillips has comes to Lily Allen's defence! Lily is 'inspiring,' apparently
David Cameron thought Barack Obama was a self-absorbed narcissist!
President Winfrey! Oprah is 'actively thinking' about running for president!
Weinstein used Oprah and Naomi to seduce me!
'Not one of those fancy people wearing black... would have lifted a finger!'

Monday 8 January

Viktor Orbán says 2018 will the year 'the people’s will' is restored in Europe, as Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration leaders take the fight to the globalist establishment!
3 judges are among 12 lawyers being probed over suspected £15million legal aid swindle!
W***ERS! Parliamentarians made 24,000 attempts to view online pornography in four months!
Farage calls remainer Adonis a 'a twisted WEASEL!'
Farage reveals questions he will ask Barnier in Brexit meeting today
Canadian MP says those who think ISIS jihadis should be jailed are 'white supremacists!'
Could all NHS staff be FORCED to have the flu jab?
Only 5 areas in UK still safe as killer Aussie Flu SPREADS!
Gunman jailed for 12 years for gang shooting raps and fires mock gunshots behind bars
Hunt for gang who ‘blew up’ Camden cashpoint forcing market into lockdown
Trump Jr is a patriot and a good man, says Bannon! 'Treason' comments meant for Manafort
Children deluged with TV gambling adverts!
SAS hero BEHEADS ISIS fanatic with a SPADE after ammo runs out
Oprah for president in 2020? Here’s everything you need to know
Sweden: One dead, one injured after hand grenade explosion at Stockholm Metro
Police arrest Israeli organ smuggling 'mastermind!'

Sunday 7 January

KISSINGER: 'It's a war between the Jews and the non-Jews!'
HITCHENS: Knife crime is soaring, killers get just 3 years and the cops refuse to protect you
Doctor apologises for ‘Third World conditions’ in UK hospitals!
Ladym 81, dies after waiting nearly 4 hours for an ambulance!
Lily Allen says victims might've raped/abused by somebody else if Muslims hadn't done it!
Theresa May to remove ‘stale, male and pale’ ministers?
Scotland first to give refugees/asylum seekers the vote? = Election-rigging by globalists!
Government does not know where hundreds of ISIS terrorists now are?
The most notorious honours list in political history - Wilson's 'Lavender List!'
Pakistani protesters burn US flags after Trump says he is cutting aid to the country!
GERMANY: Asylum seeker on the run after robbing and attacking people with an axe!
SWEDEN: Director-General of Security Service says terrorism is now the “new normal!”
Macron suggests blocking websites during election period to fight 'Fake News!'
End of Merkel: Voters want German Chancellor to QUIT
Brexit leaves UK with ‘world leading economy!’ Bank of England experts humiliated!

Saturday 6 January

Slavery victims in the UK are now more likely to come from Britain than any other nationality!
Britain sinking under unproductive Muslims costing £13+ billion a year?
Labour MP admits politicians have betrayed the the white working class!
800-pupil Islamic boys' school WILL be built in Blackburn!
What Lily Allen thinks of White girls!
Brexit partially fuelled by backlash from locals unhappy about immigration
Jewish author, Michael Wolff, taunts Trump after 'Fire and Fury' goes on sale
Patients ‘forced to lie on the FLOOR with people stepping over them’ at Yorkshire hospital!
We should use the money we spend on foreign aid to help the NHS!
Serial thief, Nafisa Akhtar, triumphant after being freed! (She promised not to steal again!
'I feel utter disgust' John Worboys's ex-wife blasts decision to release him
What's to stop Worboys terrorising his victims again?
Worboys is a monster who has exposed our rotten system of justice!
OJ Simpson to sue 'racist' hotel for $100m after it banned him for being drunk and disruptive

Friday 5 January

The brutal truth is this - Uncontrolled immigration is killing our NHS!
Tony Blair is trying to sabotage Brexit, claims Norman Lamont
You campaigned on America first – Break that promise and you will lose us!
This is what a real feminist looks like
Outrage as ‘black cab rapist’ released early!
'No immigration entitlements?' Travel freely around Ireland and commit murder!
Woman, 44, 'has throat slashed in frenzied attack opposite nursery school!'
NOTTINGHAM: Gangsters to cops: 'You're not welcome here - this is a Kurdish street!'
'I'll KILL that PIG (Weinstein) for what he did to my daughter!'
Deaths from 'Aussie flu' DOUBLE in a week!
The flu jab DOESN'T work!
A REMAIN majority by 2020? 450,000 Brexiteers die each year?
BLIAR: Traitor uses NHS crisis to fuel Brexit fears, contrary to evidence!
Woody Allen 'has a vivid obsession with young women and girls'
More children in 'socialist' Lambeth go to prison than university?

Thursday 4 January

Poll of voters shows two-to-one support for President Donald Trump’s immigration policies
Death of the West: Paris, France edition
Influx of young male migrants fuelled rise in violent crime says Merkel government study!
Spate of violent offenses in Germany linked to inflow asylum seekers
Kasim Lewis appears in court accused of murdering barmaid in Finsbury Park
Egyptian asylum seeker arrested after stabbing man to death Irish street rampage
'Unprovoked assault' three Asian males on lone man in Batley
Tube knifeman gets sorted!
£62,000 toy thief, Usman Humaydun, tells judge he's scared of imprisonment - NO JAIL!
LONDON: Sexual assault aboard 96 bus - Name the enricher!
Distraction theft at Natwest Bank in Barking - Name the enrichers!
South Africans burn trains at an alarming rate
Netanyahu says Africans are a threat to Israel's Jewish character! Not what Jews say here, is it?
The State of Hate in America
Traitor Pope says those who question mass migration promote violence, discrimination, xenophobia.
Macron tells EU citizens to resist Nationalists!
'It's insane!' Nick Ferrari LASHES foreign aid handouts while NHS slides into CHAOS!
Emmanuel Macron promises ban on fake news during elections
NY University hires Prof who said all he wanted for Christmas was white genocide!
Vince Cable plots House of Lords 'revolt' to undermine Brexit bill!
Tony Blair's Brexit - Why isn't this traitor in jail?

Wednesday 3 January

HULL: Prostitute gives birth then goes back to work just 30 MINUTES later
Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg favours decriminalising paedophilia and trafficking?
In California you can be prosecuted for criticising Islam on Facebook!
France on verge of shutting down more than 100 mosques that preach hatred?
25% of illegal aliens eligible for Obama’s DACA program are “functionally illiterate” in English!
In London last year, Sadiq Khan presided over rises in all manner of crime!
Ron Paul rejects "the twin tyrannies of socialism and cultural Marxism"
Theodore Johnson killed his wife in 1981; he strangled a lover to death in 1993; in December 2016, he murdered a girlfriend
ENGLAND: Up to 55,000 NHS operations may be deferred until 31 January!
Kasim Lewis charged with the murder of barmaid, Iuliana Tudos, 22
NWO and the Illuminati are real!
Britain's Hate Speech Police
Terrorists were handed nearly £800,000 in legal aid!

Tuesday 2 January

a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHbrOg092GA "/>CIA agent risks all to expose the shadow government!
London Police no longer investigating minor crimes! (Unless they are ‘hate crimes!'
Senior screenwriter admits the BBC lies to 'summon forth' a 'better version of the world!'
LONDON: Four dead in New Year's Eve stabbings
Muslim-led organisation reveals 84% of paedo rapists are of Asian heritage!
"The Labour Party is no fishermen’s friend! Unless they are French, Dutch, Belgium, or Danish!”
Aussie flu claims its first deaths in Ireland!
Hospitals put on alert over ‘worst killer flu’ in 50 years as deadly strain sweeps Britain
PARIS: New Year's Day assault on a female cop filmed by her attackers
Merkel security THREAT! Germany at risk of terror attack unless borders tightened
Women sexually assaulted in Berlin on New Year’s Eve! (So much for safe zones)
Germany starts enforcing hate speech law
"We won't be blackmailed!" Central Europe refuses to bow to EU open borders dictat
Pope Francis has done more to divide Catholics than any pope in 150 years! Repent or resign!
Clinton backer paid $500G to fund women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct
Lorde called 'bigot' in newspaper ad following Israel concert cancellation
What Happened to Germany’s Social Democrats?
BBC drama McMafia gives us a chillingly real vision of how Russian crooks invaded Britain
Over 11,000 homes across the country have stood empty for over a decade!
‘EU cannot cherry pick Brexit deal’ Davis hits out
Lord Tebbit savages Heseltine and Vaz - OK by me!
9/11: Decade of Deception

Monday 1 January 2018

Macaulay Culkin: Satanic Hollywood elites murder children during rituals?
Ex-Met detective John Wedger on political and police cover-ups of paedophilia and ritual abuse!
Woman requests female nurse for a smear test - Gets a transsexual with stubble and tattoos!
GERMANY: 15-year-old girl stabbed to death by 'child migrant' in drug store
‘They Won’t Change Our Way of Life’? London celebrations overseen by SAS snipers
We’re losing our identity amid a wave of moral outrage!
Forced to sleep with Cambridge students when I was just 14, claims former 'sex slave!'
Flu jab doesn’t work for over-75s, health chiefs admit!
Foreign students 'will be cut' from immigration figures by ministers!
Norwegian police raise concerns about ongoing radicalisation in ‘Quran schools!'
NHS privatisation soars as private companies win 70% of clinical contracts in England!
'Best friend' jealous of her fair skin scarred her for life in acid attack
USA: Man accused of killing a student protected from deportation under child migrant program

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