Daily News: October 2017

Tuesday 31 October

Indian billionaire arrested for bribing doctors to prescribe killer drug, Fentanyl!
Toxic air kills 40,000 a year! Pollution levels in 43 UK towns and cities breach safety limits!
Black Death 'global outbreak' warning! Plague spreads to 9 countries!
The toxic ingredients in shampoo!
In 2016/17, 34,205 under-10s needed hospital treatment for tooth decay!
Foreign aid MADNESS laid bare!
Britain discriminates against Christians fleeing ISIS?
Jumped up Juncker fanning Europe’s flames! Resentment of Brussels mounts!
MAP: Euroscepticism is spreading across Europe!
POLISH MEP accuses the EU of creating more problems than it solves!
The Left sees NHS as an International Health Service and want it kept that way!
Couple planned terror attack after bonding on a Muslim dating site! Allegedly
PETITION! To prevent genocide, grant white South Africans refugee status in the USA!
Arrest warrant issued for Weinstein accuser (drug possession), hours after Rose McGowan asked 'are THEY trying to silence me?'
Corey Feldman fears for his life! Named Hollywood paedos to cops in 1993 - Nothing was done!
Robert Fisk says the poppy is racist! What a contemptible distortion of the truth!
Defence Secretary Michael Fallon ADMITS repeatedly touching radio host's knee!
'Sex pest' MPs could face HUNDREDS of allegations with some potentially criminal!
Party whips keep SECRET info on MPs misbehaviour to use against them on tight votes!
Topless feminists chant abuse at Jewish director, Roman Polanski!
Bercow the little goblin, gripped by his own sanctity

Monday 30 October

You 'reproducing white children?' You're 'part of the problem!' A New York University Professor says so!
Taxpayer-funded council housing for ISIS savages when they return? TREASON AT THE TOP!
Why do we allow them to do this to our innocent children? (The Left says we must?)
Former Icelandic minister claims US sent 'planeload of FBI agents to frame Julian Assange!'
Julian Assange: FBI supplied Stephen Paddock weapons to carry out Las Vegas massacre!
GUARDIAN headline! 'Trump, Assange, Bannon, Farage bound together in unholy alliance!'
Antifa groups went to G20 Summit in July and met with Al-Qaeda/ISIS to plot Trump's downfall?
Man tries to rape a woman in a lift in front of her child!
95% of BBC viewers think multiculturalism has failed!
Tories’ dirty dossier revealed? Hardly! All 36 ‘sex pest’ MPs are blacked out!
Why do we allow them to do this to our innocent children? (The Left says we must?)
Former Icelandic minister claims US sent 'planeload of FBI agents to frame Julian Assange!'
Man tries to rape a woman in a lift in front of her child!
Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein known as 'the pig' at Cannes Film Festival!
Weinstein Company's first movie in wake of Harvey scandal flops!
MOROCCO: 15 Muslim teens treated for rabies after raping infected donkey!
German mag calls Austrian Chancellor Baby Hitler! Pictured at crash that killed former leader!
German Migration Office doesn't send refugees back even when homelands are safe!
Pakistani Christian attacked by a gang of Muslims in Derbyshire!
Number of NHS managers rises as nursing recruitment falls!
Criminal who tortured prostitutes CAN'T be deported! (Devoted time to charity - Not a danger)
Labour MP claims that Remainers are more educated!
Students afraid of being marked down if they support Brexit in essays!
Scottish salmon sold by Co-op, Tesco and Sainsbury's is crawling with sea lice!
Rise of the 'Knockout Game' leaves New Yorkers terrified!
MSM now claiming it's a CRIME to investigate Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia!
DAVID ICKE: The Political Class and the Sabotage of Brexit
DAVID ICKE: The blatant cover-up of the Las Vegas shooting

Sunday 29 October

Little girls should not dress up as Elsa from Frozen because it promotes 'white beauty?'
Purpose of 'hate' laws is to shield the political elite from scrutiny!
'Date rape' drugs in Westminster? (Ever wondered why we are where we are?)
Mohammed Ismaeel charged with raping schoolgirl, 14
People-smuggling ring transported 1,100 Afghans and Syrians across Europe - Dozens arrested
Lesbian paedo steals man's ID and persuades hundreds of young girls to perform sex acts
Rohingya refugee crisis: the role of Islamist terrorists
Freedom fighter or curse? The man behind the Rohingya insurgency
Theresa May set to allow prisoners to vote?
'Brussels has failed!' UK could save '£90BILLION' by leaving the EU!
'No EU state will recognise Catalonia!' Brussels turns on Barcelona
Portillo: 'The EU loathes democracy!'
Tory MPs demand clergy becomes less white and less male! (Tories - the new Liberals)
Stephen Crabb, former Tory leadership hopeful, sent woman sexually explicit messages?
Prostitutes in Liverpool sell their bodies for less than a meal deal!
Stop Funding Hate: a nasty, elitist campaign for press censorship!
Holiday in South Africa? Are you dense?

Saturday 28 October

Brit-hater Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wins award for outstanding contribution to the media!
PC Vicar bans 'Onward Christian Soldiers' from Remembrance Day service!
Crime soaring but arrests fall by 48% as cops focus on 'hate crime!'
Arrests plunge by half in a decade! Cops accused of 'soft justice' amid soaring rates of crime!
New flu strain could kill thousands of elderly - Understaffed hospitals face turning patients away
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leads US President Trump to war with Iran?
James Harding 'frustrated at the constraints imposed by the BBC’s impartiality!'
Britain’s universities guilty of 'clear and extreme bias' against Brexit and conservative views!
European Investment Bank may refuse to return billions of euros of British taxpayers’ money?
Navy kicks NINE sailors off nuclear submarine for testing positive for drugs!
Spanish PM SACKS Catalan police chief as tensions boil over on streets of Barcelona
Theresa May says Britain will not recognise Catalonia's declaration of independence
Almost 60 women have now accused Weinstein of crimes including rape!
James Toback says anyone who calls him a sexual predator is a 'c**ksucker'/'c**t!'
Free speech supporters kicked out of a Toronto library
Hamburg police hunt for failed asylum seeker suspected of murdering his baby daughter

Friday 27 October

“There will be a gigantic backlash if politicians do not end open borders!"
Dear white people, you’re never racially discriminated against so shut up!
Arrests plunge by half in a decade! Cops accused of 'soft justice' amid soaring rates of crime!
Now cops tell us 'dislike' and 'unfriendliness' can be hate crimes!
LUTON: 'Care worker,' Sabah Khan, wanted her sister's hubbie so she stabbed her 68 times!
Mugger savage dragged lady, 92, over cobbles!
White woman knocked out! Black men take videos, rob her, take selfies!
Migrants send the British population SOARING!
'Worst nightmare!' UK will keep 'hated' EU fishing rules beyond March 2019!!!
Pro-EU Tory rebels 'deadly serious' about their threat to wreck Government Brexit plans!
We must accept EU courts having power in Britain after Brexit?
Barnier’s plot to keep Britain in the EU - and the reason why is SHOCKING!
'It's the Brexit Bashing Corporation!' Jacob Rees–Mogg renames the BBC
University lecturers plying students with 'stop Brexit' propaganda!
'Sex pest' MP scandal rocks parliament!
Foreign aid madness: Pump billions into social care, new report urges
AfD's populism hits German parliament - Merkel's establishment CAN'T handle it!
German Parliament changed a 150-year-old tradition to prevent AfD MP, 77, from becoming 'Father of the House!'

Thursday 26 October

Transgender activists beat up a 60-year-old woman in Hyde Park!
ROTHERHAM: 12 Asians face 45 charges for sex offences against underage girls, 1998 to 2003!
Hospital superbug MRSA is spreading into the community!
Cops find child porn on computer of Bruce Paddock! (Las Vegas killer's brother)
LAS VEGAS: Stephen Paddock an arms dealer and sex trafficker?
Las Vegas shooter's laptop missing its hard drive!
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's brother arrested in child porn probe
Las Vegas SWAT team evidence contradicts official narrative of Sheriff Joseph Lombardo and FBI’s Aaron Rouse
ACCRINGTON: 14-year-old arrested on suspicion of murder
Cash-for-crash gang's associates offered jurors £500 to find them not guilty!
MP Jared O'Mara watched bouncers give woman black eye after she rowed with him!
Corbyn tried to persuade Jared O'Mara NOT to resign from Equalities Committee!
Actress says Harvey Weinstein forced oral sex on her before masturbating in front of her
Natassia Malthe says Harvey Weinstein 'raped me after the BAFTAs!'
Jacob Rees-Mogg brands Mark Carney an 'enemy of Brexit!'
Former ambassador says EU is ‘trying to SCREW us!’
Juncker plot to WRECK Brexit?
Make Africa White again?
The Chinese want a white New Zealand!
Creepy German cops versus the folk
Berlin security staff pushed young refugees into prostitution?
Theresa May says she will celebrate the centenary of Balfour declaration with ‘pride!'
Idi Amin said he expelled Jews because they were bankrupting Uganda and Israel is criminal!
Students urge Cambridge to 'decolonise' more courses or ‘risk perpetuating institutional racism!’
MEXICO: Karla Jacinto believes she has been raped around 43,200 times
Mel B appears in 20 sex tapes? (Imagine my shock)

Wednesday 25 October

Black Death plague warning: 124 DEAD and hundreds infected as 'killer outbreak spreading!'
Mass Islamic immigration is destroying Sweden
SWEDEN: Migrants from Muslim-majority countries commit 84% ‘very violent’ rapes!
No-go zones - Hamburg, a city of migrant gangs!
EU tells Catalans - You're on your own! Madrid can impose direct rule!
Brexit the 'stupidest thing any country has ever done (apart from Trump)', says ex-NY Mayor!
USA: HIV-positive school assistant charged with sexually assaulting 42 children!
Ukrainian general calls for the destruction of Jews!
70 BILLION reasons why the EU doesn’t want Britain to LEAVE Brussels
Foreign Aid - STOP it NOW and spend BILLIONS on NHS and elderly! (Petition)
400 scientific papers published in 2017 say global warming is a myth!
Dr. Adam Kotsko says: 'We (white people) should commit mass suicide!'
Jailed for attempted murder in Germany, allowed into UK, rapes woman in own home!
Rapist challenged police to ‘catch me if you can’
WW3! Qatar is MORE DANGEROUS than North Korea, says Bannon!
Rochelle Gutierrez: Mathematics operates with unearned privilege, 'just like whiteness!'
George Bush senior sexually assaulted actress from his wheelchair? (How the elite behave?)
"My Week as a Muslim" - More virtue-signalling rubbish from Channel 4!

Tuesday 24 October

100,000 Brits sign up for polygamous dating site helping Muslim men find multiple wives!
LONDON IS FALLING! Now more dangerous than NYC! More rape, robbery, violence!
Tony Blair calls for second referendum in attempt to derail Brexit!
LITTLEJOHN: At last - a politician who says what we all think!
Police forces failing to tackle modern slavery in UK, report shows!
4,000 London children (as young as 12) traffic drugs to rural towns and cities every year!
May’s second-in-charge, Damian Green, attacks Breitbart News, saying 'fake news' could get another MP killed!
Robert Devereux's pension pot!
COVENTRY: Asian couple try to entice a child into their van!
Muslim in Germany: We want an Islamic world! After your death you will see!
Saudi cleric says women are to blame for rape!
Labour Party now celebrating Russian Revolution!
GERMANY: 18.6million, over 1-in-5 of total population, now from foreign background!
MERKEL: Give Turks billions more to stop immigrants getting to Europe!
Harvey Weinstein was 'infatuated' with Kelly Brook - He 'repulsed' her!
Harvey Weinstein: British assistant 'paid £125k for silence!'
House of Lords: 17 peers accused of pocketing £400,000 for doing nothing!
Banker who bragged about making £5.5m by rigging markets found guilty of fraud
Israeli cops arrest suspected extremists who 'threatened Arab men for dating Jewish women'
ATHENS: Greek priest declares war on Zionism/globalism!

Monday 23 October

UK cops slammed for using public funds to produce video promoting Islam!
'Czech Trump' storms to victory: Billionaire anti-EU populist wins!
The only way to deal with British ISIS fighters is to KILL them!
Romanian criminals avoid jail by coming here, then use human rights to avoid deportation!
Don't call mothers 'women!' They're 'pregnant people!' We must be more inclusive of transgenders!
Your child isn't obese, he just needs a 'healthier weight status!' Fat words out, PC b***ocks in!
Human rights' solicitor and persecutor of British soldiers, Phil Shiner, disqualified
Europe's discontent! Voters across the EU are rejecting everything Brussels stands for!
How UK pays millions to 'British' pensioners in YEMEN who might not even exist!
EXPOSED: Hollywood’s Paedophiles!
38 women accuse another Hollywood Jew (James Toback) of sexual assault!
Harvey Weinstein 'created Project Runway to gain access to models!'
Actresses claim Jewish director Michael Winner demanded to see their naked breasts!
Tormented' Theresa May begged for Brexit help from Jean-Claude Juncker?
The hospitals with no-one to keep tabs on health tourists!
KINGSTON: Boy, 17, sprayed with acid
Schoolboy threatened by 'mixed heritage' knifeman who told him 'I'm going to kill you!'
Haringey Council: £300,000 for ex-rave DJ to open a chicken shop near 34 others!
SEPSIS! Father-of-3 'thought he had a cold' - Both feet and a hand had to be amputated!

Sunday 22 October

FENANYL: 10,000 times deadlier than heroin! Killed 15 in a British city + 64,000 in the US!
Poppy Day cancelled by the cops!
Terror deaths have increased 8-fold since 2010!
CRIME rose 31 percent in Greater Manchester in the last 12 months!
Violent crime surge in UK, but our police are too PC to do anything
British Police criticised for partnering with Muslim group to promote Islamic propaganda!
Cops heavily criticised on social media after posting 'be nice' to Muslims video!
Lincolnshire police propagandising for Islam!
Britons returning from ISIS territory ‘DO NOT justify prosecution’ says terror watchdog!
Britain: Islamists share their thoughts re ”hate speech” re “Muhammad!”
Famous Islamist and Oxford Don, Tariq Ramadan, accused of rape!
'White people are devils! I hate you!' - Black man rants at passengers on the tube!
Youngest world leader bans George Soros’s foundations from Austria!
The British Lion - 'We have to go back!'
The Bank of England has too many white men, UK lawmakers say!
The Jewish crew that helped pave the way to John McCain’s nomination!
‘If nobody dares, I’ll pull the trigger!’ Philippine President warns criminals
Shocking video shows a savage DROP-KICKING a cat into a car!
HITCHENS: A smacking ban? It may come back and slap us in the face!
Obama, Clinton and the Uranium One Scandal!
American woman tortured and raped in Pakistan breaks her silence

Saturday 21 October

“White, Christian France is finished! Terminated! The future of the world is race-mixing!”
25% rise in sex attacks, half committed by immigrants!
DIVERSITY in BIRMINGHAM! Woman, lying on the ground, kicked in the head by passer-by!
DIVERSITY shoots FIREWORKS into a London bus!
Boy, 15, dies after 'horrific' stabbing in Manchester!
Officers parade in bear costumes, paint their nails and wear high heels as crime stats SOAR!
Just because they slaughtered innocent civilians over there, doesn't mean they'll do so back here!
Madness to let jihadi terrorists come home unless it's at Her Majesty's Pleasure!
New York rabbi gets 1-to-3 years for stealing $5 million intended for disabled children
Murder in Maine - Somali Muslims beat Christian to death!
The man leading the fight to make restrooms gender neutral is a convicted child molester!
Choking deaths increase by 17% - Adults have 'forgotten' how to chew their food!
Anti-Semitism! 'Why so many Jews like me want to leave Britain!'
Which of these must we not criticise, the soldier or the mob?
Goldman Sachs threatens to move 6,000 British jobs to Germany because of #Brexit!
GROPER! Corbyn-supporting 'intellectual' journalist, (boasts of his feminism) apologises

Friday 20 October

Pollution killing thousands in the UK as world on the brink of crisis!
ENGLAND NOW! Crime up 13%, rape up 22%, 1-in-9 burglaries solved!
Heavy on citizens, soft on criminals! Whatever has happened to our police?
DIVERSITY! Cops hunt thieves who took Alzheimer's sufferer, 77, to withdraw life savings!
Flying Squad appeal after armed robbery at bookmakers!
Romanian Gypsy jailed for child abduction after taking 2-year-old into toilet cubicle at McDonald's
Violent assault in Woolwich - Who is this savage?
DIVERSITY! Men sentenced to 23 years in £7million theft conspiracy!
'Fahad Akbar' wanted for sexual assault!
MI5 says Islamist threat is 'unprecedented' and has increased 'dramatically' over past year!
Home Secretary Amber Rudd admits there are 'probably over a million foreigners here illegally!'
Electoral Commission fines pro-Remain group for filing false returns!
Over for EU? CHEXIT on the cards as Czech Republic party leader calls for referendum
Czech Republic set to elect eurosceptic PM this weekend!
'I hate you!' Final words of cop killer, Torry Twane McNabb
Harvey Weinstein in EIGHTH rape probe launched by police!
Left-wing, feminist journalist, Sam Kriss, forced to apologise for sexual harassment!
Disgraced Kids Company founder insists she is not to blame for charity's demise!
'We don't want a second referendum!' QT audience FURIOUS at Labour and Lib Dems!
John Redwood shreds Alistair Campbell for 'falsifying' Brexit in heated clash
Ann Widdecombe in STITCHES after Owen Jones calls Corbyn 'PM-in-waiting!'

Thursday 19 October

Theresa May vows to make it easier for people to change gender!
Hundreds of women dying needlessly each year! NHS failing to screen for genetic cancers!
English tests for foreign nurses made easier because failure rate is so high!
'It's sad as hell!' Swedish Ambassador says we're 'in the process of dismantling democracy!'
LAS VEGAS: Story about hotel worker who talked to Paddock scrubbed from internet!
Julian Assange: FBI supplied Stephen Paddock weapons to carry out Las Vegas massacre!
Harvey Weinstein: On Jews and the Shiksa
Tycoon George Soros transfers $18bn to his Open Society Foundations!
Student Calum Gill was killed by 'his first Ecstasy pill!'
'Depraved' Somali sex gang who raped Bristol schoolgirls jailed for 32 years!
Rap 'star' charged with 29 rapes! (This is enriching?)
DARLINGTON: Illegal immigrant, Abdel-Aziz Al-Shamary, raped older woman on riverbank!
Savage late-night attack! Cops refused to publish crystal clear mobile image of 'Omar!'
Drink-driver killed his best man after doing 3-point turn on M20, then driving wrong way!
Polish women's sham marriages to Indian men stopped by officials!
BALTIMORE: Radee Labeeb Prince murders three co-workers and injures two others!
Merkel murders another German woman! (Via immigrant pet)
White genocide is real! In their own words 
Families ‘mugged’ by Lloyds directors! Disastrous takeover cost them their life savings!
4 MILLION+ are 'living on the brink of financial meltdown!
Hammond launches probe into British bank ‘money laundering’ to South Africa
Unis allowing students to ban controversial speakers to face fines for not protecting free speech?
Alas, poor snowflakes! Cambridge University warns of sex and violence in Shakespeare!

Wednesday 18 October

Head of MI5 says Britain is facing biggest terror threat in 3 decades!
English tests for foreign nurses made easier because failure rate is so high!
Savage jailed for murdering girlfriend's son, 5, has 3 years added to 'unduly lenient' sentence
PCSO Orhan Yigit raped abuse victim and demanded sex for helping her escape marriage
‘Moped thugs murder man for his iPhone 7!'
Murdered baby 'labelled "Satan in a Babygro" by gay adoptive dad!
EU is stalling to get MORE cash out of us, warns Davis!
EU runs risk of 'financial crisis' by punishing UK 'just to make a political point!'
Boy Scouts of America to admit girls!
FBI uncovers evidence of Hillary Clinton's corrupt Uranium deal with Russia
Those Dirty Clintons! Bribery plot uncovered by FBI
Bill Clinton mocks Brexit voters!
Russians captured by ISIS 'executed after refusing to reject Christianity and become Muslim'
ISIS ousted from their 'capital,' Raqqa!
If Stephen Paddock had fired into a black crowd, half the country would be on fire!
'Help Catalonia, save Europe!' Spain JAILS separatist leaders!
Financial analyst claims US is great because it's run by WHITE people!
Black Death! Madagascar struggles to contain plague outbreak

Tuesday 17 October

Met Police fail to investigate thousands of crimes!
Old Bill in La-La Land as burglars run amok!
BBC’s Crimewatch AXED after 33 years! Police are 'furious!'
No crime today? Playtime for on-duty cops!
Kuwaiti immigrant raped woman on a riverbank weeks after grant of refugee status!
DIVERSITY! Britain's biggest single 'crash for cash' insurance plot foiled!
Grinning teenage savage faces jail!
'Free pass' for cannabis growers! Criminals now routinely let off with a caution!
Rochdale inquiry: Boy 'was raped by Cyril Smith!'
Britain WILL get a deal but Brexiteers will HATE it!
'Not enough!' Merkel underling demands MORE cash from Britain!
Eurosceptic party led by 'the Czech Trump' clear favourite to thrash mainstream parties!
Jean-Claude Juncker orders new Austrian leader to form PRO-EU government!
Weinstein: The Left’s culture war protects its own monsters!
Harvey Weinstein helped pay Bill Clinton's legal bills after Monica Lewinsky!
Winslet’s hypocrisy over Weinstein, Polanski, Woody Allen! Hollywood will never change!
Harvey Weinstein investigation grows! NYPD now investigating!
James Corden is a 'porcine, pandering tool' for making jokes about Weinstein's 'sex abuse!'
Funny time for the Chancellor to declare tax war on older people!
Dog mistakes man for fire hydrant - Easily done!

Monday 16 October

Transgender boys to board with girls at £15,000-a-year private school!
100 old people are injured in care homes EVERY DAY! (Shock report)
Asian gent tells truth on Question Time - 'Immigration has destroyed this country!'
Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals? Journalism is now, officially, insane!
Pussycat Dolls' Kaya Jones says band was a front for a 'prostitution ring!'
Harvey Weinstein and 37 years of abuse!
Harvey Weinstein investigated by British police over THREE new sex assault claims
So Emma, after the Weinstein tirade, why DID you sign petition to help paedo Polanski?
Rose McGowan says Lisa Bloom is a 'snake' who tried to pay her $6m to say 'Harvey's changed!'
Woody Allen on Weinstein: 'You don't want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere!'
We won’t give back a cent of Harvey Weinstein’s $250,000 says Clinton Foundation
Marr SLAPS DOWN Clinton after suggesting Brexit campaign was a 'BIG LIE!'
AUSTRIA: Eurosceptic Sebastian Kurz declares VICTORY in nightmare for EU
Hammond's BREXIT TAX! Chancellor to target pensioners?
PUERTO RICO: Local officials 'withholding'/'mishandling' crucial supplies?
CIA planned to assassinate Greek PM in 2009 for ties to Russia?
SAS wipes out 15 ISIS jihadis just before they decapitate Christian family
ISIS jihadi Sally Jones forced ‘son to behead goats in decapitation training
March of the politically correct brigade is a worry!
‘Saying firemen is SEXIST?’ Female fire chief wants to ban ‘outdated’ word!

Sunday 15 October

Las Vegas survivor dies suddenly after posting detailed account of multiple shooters!
This is a CHILD at a Gay Pride rally!
Rogue scientists may have tampered with TEN THOUSAND blood tests!
The UK hospitals where you are twice as likely to die of sepsis
Human suffering behind family firms deliberately driven to the wall by corrupt financiers!
KATIE HOPKINS: Why I won't let doctors give my 8-year-old son Max the flu vaccine at school!
Drivers who kill while speeding, racing or using a mobile phone will face life sentences!
Hollywood’s heinous ‘Casting Couch’ culture that enabled Harvey Weinstein!
Almost no one has been thanked at the Oscars more than Harvey Weinstein!
Actress, Lysette Anthony, claims Harvey Weinstein raped her in her London home!
Judy Finningan: 'He (Harvey Weinstein) flashed his bits and said I was frigid!'
Rapists among hundreds of sex offenders let off with a caution in London!
"I started listening to the Koran," says would-be murderer
Birmingham Islamic faith school guilty of sex discrimination
Israel, Palestine and what a Curzon declaration might have looked like!

Saturday 14 October

Air pollution kills more than 500,000 Europeans every year, finds report!
Police hold recruitment workshops excluding white male applicants!
Why does EU's new £47m European history museum ignore Britain's great achievements?
Stop appeasing the EU!
Corbyn advisors were investigated by MI5 for wanting to 'destroy democracy!'
Macron recognises EU flag as OFFICIAL EMBLEM of France!
EGYPT: Muslim chases, then stabs Coptic Bishop to death!
Mosque plan sparks backlash in London's Jewiest neighbourhood!
Plans for mosque in Golders Green meet mounting opposition from Jews!
Muslim march on in Southend-on-Sea, England!
Media blackout! Arrest of armed black man at a school - Did he want to kill all white kids?
Refugee who ‘launched sex attacks on six women' says he was suffering PTSD!
Madihah Taheer allegedly spent hundreds to help husband plan deadly attack!
These six people all died after being hit by cyclists!
'Glamour model,' Chloe Hammond bit off Julie Holloway's ear!
Afghan migrant sexually assaulted 14-year-old at church camp in Sweden
COMMON PURPOSE: The secret society that runs Britain!
Piers Morgan LASHES OUT at Hillary Clinton's One Show appearance
'How disgusting to shame the victims!' Twitter users call for boycott of Donna Karan!
Weinstein scandal shames Hollywood actresses who kept quiet to profit from his power!
Weinstein told Bond Girl Eva Green that she'd never work again when she fought him off
Harvey Weinstein: ‘He was a bully!" They laughed off rumours!
MP says: 'I've been sexually harassed too many times to give you an example'

Friday 13 October

A tactical analysis of the Las Vegas slaughter
Black Professor says Union Jack is ‘not a symbol of pride, but OPPRESSION!’
Are white boys now an oppressed minority?
LITTLEJOHN wonders why we continue to take notice of those who are offended by everything
Cops accused of ‘wasting time!’ 'Hate speech' arrests up 900% in some areas!
'Peston on Sunday' excludes white job seekers!
Can you identify these rapists?
Girl drugged and seriously sexually assaulted as 3 different men attacked her in one hour!
Germany: More dangerous than Mongolia, not as Bad as Gambia!
Ministers are forced to halt flagship Brexit bill as Tory backlash looms!
The EU is still demanding bucket loads of UK cash to start talking trade!
Pharmacist breaks silence and reveals drugs he’s been delivering to Congress!
Harvey Weinstein offered Myleene Klass a SEX CONTRACT at lunch in Cannes
Hollywood is in chaos, and all because of one man: Harvey Weinstein!
Weinstein is being investigated on BOTH sides of the Atlantic!
George Clooney speaks out on Harvey Weinstein: ‘Disturbing on a whole lot of levels!’

Thursday 12 October

5.4% of the population of England and Wales is now Muslim!
In media/law, there is no such thing as fact. There is only partisan opinion!
Violence-hit prison ships in hundreds of rapists/paedos to 'stabilise' it!
Grooming gangs are STILL abusing girls across the country!
Ted Heath was 8-out-of-10 guilty, top cop who led inquiry into former PM told MPs!
Alice Ruggles, 24, murdered by stalker ex, Harry Dhillon! (Dhillon = Indian surname)
Black savage set homeless man's tent on FIRE then stood back to admire his handiwork!
City worker, Leroy Margolis, was driving 'suicidally' when he killed unborn baby!
PETERBOROUGH: Jazab Altaf stole a bicycle in a drunken and “cowardly” attack!
Teenager stabbed in Bilston park robbery! (CCTV of suspects)
Black cyclist rides into people then attacks them for no reason!
Trump's Justice Dept moves on Harvey Weinstein! FBI must act or he'll 'do a Polanski!'
TV full of people like Weinstein, says Gabby Logan! (Did you ever speak out, Gabby?)
Bond girl Léa Seydoux joins growing list of actresses accusing Harvey Weinstein!
Cara Delevingne claims Harvey Weinstein tried to force himself on her!
Lindsay Lohan doesn't want us plebs finding out about Weinstein's behaviour?
Harvey Weinstein's f**k you to the world! (As he whines that pals have ditched him)
Harvey Weinstein is a CBE?
Hollywood accused of hypocrisy over Harvey Weinstein
I'd vote Brexit now, says Treasury minister! (After her dept's dire predictions didn't materialise)
How the £9bn Duke hardly paid a penny in death duties!
BREXIT: Our Jewish Speaker Parliament 'can do what it wants' and vote against our wishes!
British White Widow terrorist Sally Jones 'killed in drone strike!'
Archbishop of Canterbury suffers from depression?
CNN analyst says Whitey can't complain about Black protests! (As she complains about Whitey)
Theresa May still couldn’t say she’d vote Leave. Here’s why it matters
Prison Planet: Young actor fired for being a Conservative!
Eminem is a complete idiot!
Theatre to stage musical on imaginary death of Katie Hopkins (Guardian article)

Wednesday 11 October

A million+ illegal immigrants are unlikely to be ever removed from Britain! TREASON!
BRITAIN: In 2016, someone died after using heroin/morphine every 5 hours
British Transport Police ban white men from recruitment workshop!
‘Christian duty to fight Satan’s Soros plan to bring migrants into Europe’ – Hungarian MP
Censorship is Killing the Spirit of Social Media
Twitter has gone from bastion of free speech to global censor
SOUTH LONDON: Teenager held by police after 74-year-old woman dies in late night car crash
HIV-positive paedo thought he was meeting a boy of 12 for sex!
Hollywood's leading ladies cuddle up to Harvey Weinstein!
How NBC 'killed' Ronan Farrow's Weinstein exposé
Audiotape of sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein!
The Human Stain: Why the Harvey Weinstein story is worse than you think
Harvey Weinstein accused of raping actress at 21!
Weinstein raped Italian star and forced himself on Jolie, Paltrow, Arquette and Sorvino?
Soros, Bannon, and the anti-Semitism of Israel's prime minister?
High levels of RADIATION found across Europe baffling experts
PARIS - THOUSANDS march against Macron!
FARAGE: "The clearest proof yet that that The Great Brexit Betrayal is under way!"
FARAGE: ‘The time for appeasing the EU is OVER!’
Sister-in-law of tube bomber gets good job after council fails to carry out background checks!

Tuesday 10 October

Vegas gunman shot hotel security guard BEFORE he opened fire on crowd!
The specifically Jewy perviness of Harvey Weinstein
Who else knew? Winslet and Close admit to hearing Harvey Weinstein rumours!
Matt Damon called 'spineless profiteer who stays silent' by Harvey Weinstein victim!
Fashionista Donna Karan defends Harvey Weinstein, sayinging victims were 'asking for it?'
Shame of the female A-listers who refuse to denounce Weinstein!
Hillary won't give back a cent of the millions Harvey Weinstein gave to Clintons!

Philip Giraldi interview: Jewish Americans pushing Wars!
America's Jews are driving America's wars!
LEYTONSTONE: Knifeman 'on the run with a machete' after man slashed! (No description!)
Somali, no right to be here, sues in European Court - Gets council house/benefits!
NEWCASTLE: Last member of 18-strong Asian grooming gang is jailed!
Rapists and wife-beaters flocked to join ISIS? (Imagine my shock!)
Jihadi jailed for helping the London July 21 bombers got a high-profile council job!
Top prosecutor 'lied about knowing of sex abuse claims against MP Cyril Smith!
Van driver tries to lure young girls to his van with doughnuts!
Swedish lawyer begs government to 'lift the lid' on country's immigrant rape problem!
Gay beast killed 18-month-old (Satan in a baby grow) 2 weeks after adopting her with husband!
The Strategy for Islamic Cultural Action outside the Islamic World! Top girls' schools scraps the 11-plus because the exam puts too much stress on children!
Oxford students BAN Christian union from freshers' fair, saying religion is 'damaging!'

Monday 9 October

Was the US military indirectly responsible for General Asapov’s death?
Pakistani women are 'shockingly badly integrated' says official audit!
Inquiry to examine claims of abuse by Cyril Smith in Rochdale
QUENTIN LETTS: 'Richard Branson is Britain's most condescending swine!'
What has Saturday Night Live said about Weinstein sex scandal? ZERO! Media blackout!
Media figures applaud Harvey Weinstein firing! ‘The enabling needs to end!’
Globalist slimeball (BBC commentator for many years) calls UK a 'useless country!'
Pornography to blame for child on child sex assault claims doubling!
Sex offences by children rise 71% in 4 years! 7,866 such crimes recorded in 2016!
In first 9 months of 2017, Swedish migration board reported 2,875 serious incidents against staff!
Who are the world's biggest arms companies?
HACKNEY: Sadik Kamara sprayed acid at shop worker then punched/kicked her to the ground!
Kidnap gang pretended to be cops and threaten dad with RAPE!
Black men 'allegedly' raped white woman to 'teach her a lesson!'
‘Western laws now clash with moral nature of man!’ – Russian Orthodox Patriarch
Has Israel effectively colonised the United States?
Black Death plague outbreak in Madagascar
Dianne Feinstein: An exemplar of our hostile elite
Lord Patten (ex-EU boss) blasts Brexit as ‘national self harm’ and denounces referendums!
Theresa May ‘must keep Boris and SACK Philip Hammond to save Brexit!’
STATIN WARNING! Patients ‘used as guinea pigs’ - shock claim from experts!
Bodyguards are the must-have accessory for a nation on edge
Playtime is OVER! Brexit bill talks just a ‘game!' Denmark warns Brussels

Sunday 8 October

Why did neither the BBC, nor Sky cover this protest against terrorism march?
NOT TERRORISM? "Obvious to me that it wasn't an accident as it was a pedestrianised zone!"
Parents want NHS to give their boy treatment so he can be a girl? (Child abuse!)
25,000 operations cancelled in hospitals last year due to lack of beds!
Cops tighten crackdown on 'vile internet trolls!' National unit launched to tackle online hate!
Call for new inquiry into Westminster child-sex ring cover up! (Top cop on our side? Wow!)
At last... a policeman who isn't just a political pawn!
Authorities LIED about Paddock’s hotel check-in date! What else are they hiding?
NBC edits video from Vegas shooting!
There WAS more than one shooter! THEY are lying to us!
There WAS more than one shooter! THEY are lying to us! (2)
Liberals must 'back off' pushing sex change surgery for children, says Salman Rushdie!
Donald Trump says he is not surprised by 'Harvey Weinstein revelations!
Lawyers who keep Hollywood abuse secrets are to blame, says Weinstein producer
Samaun Shan: 'Depraved' Trafford rapist jailed for eight years
Fraudster, Mohammed Taj, tried to claim £100,000 in compo after pretending injury in bus crash
Immigration judge who got case after case wrong is STILL in a job!
HITCHENS: May deserved her ghastly humiliation after doing much to help kill the Tories
'Mindless' students compete to see who can get the most ambulance call-outs for drunkenness!
Black-washing White history and mythology!

Saturday 7 October

TERROR? Car mounts pavement outside Natural History Museum - BLACK man arrested!
Polish President says forcing immigrants on countries will lead to EU break up!
Rotherham Council has been nominated for a “social work employer of the year” award!
‘Western laws now clash with moral nature of man!’ – Russian Orthodox Patriarch
Russia identifies Las Vegas shooter as CIA arms pilot?
Info from White House - Las Vegas gunman made an ISIS propaganda tape!
Ex-Trump official says Paddock made ISIS propaganda tape - THEY won't reveal it was terror!
Stephen Paddock was an undercover FBI agent selling arms to ISIS in the USA?
Valet entries prove Paddock checked in 3 days before date given by authorities!
New ISIS infographic on Vegas shooting claims Paddock converted six months ago
Las Vegas: ISIS expert claims group COULD be behind massacre
Muslims arrested in ISIS plot targeting New York City!
PILGER: "We are the political mainstream now," says Corbyn. Yes, but at what price?
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist says mainstream media is dying!
Antifa group plans nationwide 'deface Columbus day!'
Berlin has become a centre for migrant youth gang violence and drugs!
More than 1,800 violent jihadis in Germany - Up 64%!
'The EU wants weak states!" Portillo LASHES Brussels' plan behind Catalonia chaos!
BREXIT TRAITORS! 26 British MEPs who voted AGAINST starting EU trade talks!
Macron shows no regret after being caught calling French workers 'sh*t-stirrers!'
'Everyone will leave!' Macron's EU plan will cause many more Brexits!
EU: Catalan belongs in a multicultural Europe
EU doubles down on its support for police brutality in Catalonia!
Former president of Afghanistan on the legacy of US intervention
Board members of Harvey Weinstein's company QUIT ahead of internal inquiry into sex abuse scandal

Friday 6 October

Ex-Trump official says Stephen Paddock made an ISIS propaganda tape and admin won't reveal Las Vegas was a terror attack!
GRINDR - Hairdresser 'deliberately infected four lovers with HIV!
Paddock 'spent decades hoarding guns and did NOT act alone!'
Catalonia WILL break away if Spanish police continue 'horrific' violence, says UKIP leader!
'Everyone will leave!' Macron's EU plan will cause many more Brexits!
Top Commie says Macron fooled the French into voting him into power!
Somali drug dealer, Mohammed Abdillahi, and gang attacked Augustus Fenton like 'wild animals!'
Pharmacist who showed beheading video to a child guilty of distributing terrorist propaganda!
Sabbir Ahmed/Muhammad Khan launch firework attack - Donna left with life-changing injuries
BRADFORD: Hoodie stalks OAP, drags her to the floor, stamps on her and steals handbag!
Bulelwa Qondela stuffed toilet paper in mouth of a dementia sufferer and kicked him in chest?
Gypsy who made residents’ lives a misery jailed! (They're jailing their pet footsoldiers now?)
Cops abuse their position of trust for sex routinely!
Decades of sexual harassment accusations against Harvey Weinstein!
Democrats filmed with serial sexual predator, Harvey Weinstein!
Britain is too selfish to care for its elderly, says minister!
Devil worship, murder and a thirst for human blood - Allegations dismissed by Ted Heath probe
Cops have opened compensation floodgates after recording 26 Heath abuse claims as crimes!
Council forced to pay out £1.8million for a SINGLE (pothole) compensation claim!
Second Solihull councillor in anti-Muslim tweet probe!
California defies Trump by protecting 2.6million ILLEGAL immigrants!

Thursday 5 October

Why did Theresa May wear a bracelet with face of Trotsky's Commie girlfriend on it?
Sir Edward Heath 'would have been questioned' over child abuse claims!
Smoking cannabis DOES make people more violent! (Yet Clegg and co. want it legalised!)
Donors to anti-Trump 'resistance' group revealed!
Tony Blair wants to mediate IN Catalonia? (That's it folks, you're f***ed!)
EU shows its moral character backing violence in Catalonia!
Brussels defends use of ‘proportionate force’ in Catalonia!
'Why isn’t NATO bombing MADRID?’ Ex-UK diplomat blasts EU for 'destroying nations!'
Nurse dies after acid attack - Xeneral Webster arrested
Mother-of-two tries to help homeless man find a flat and get off drugs. He kills her. And her son
12 more Muslims to stand trial over child sex abuse in Rotherham!
Black man threatens to kill 3-year-old in terrifying robbery spree!
Five teenagers jailed for spate of knife-point robberies on east London taxi drivers!
Jailbird won £74,000 compensation after guards opened his letters! His guide on how to sue!
Police hunt axe-wielding moped gang who stole designer handbags worth £300,000
Identify these mindless idiots!
Top Tory MEPs side with arch EU bad guy, Guy Verhofstadt!
UK Chamber of Commerce demands EVEN LONGER Brexit transition!
Romanian Gypsies inflict a measles epidemic on Greece!
Strange things about the Las Vegas massacre
Young man pictured shielding woman from Vegas gunman revealed to be Army soldier
Russian church leader warns EU on immigration!
Blight unto the Nations: Anti-racism and the dual nature of Jewishness!
Roman Polanski faces a new police investigation over an allegation of child rape!
Gogglebox star lands prestigious job in the Cabinet Office!

Wednesday 4 October

NWO beast, Amber Rudd, says we could get 15 years for viewing 'far-right propaganda!'
Like mice, humans might soon have their brains controlled externally!
Pentagon caught falsifying paperwork for weapons transfers to Syrian rebels!
Pope Francis tells refugees: “You are warriors of hope!”
80% of Muslims in Britain are unemployed & guess who's to blame? WHITEY!
Jihadi bride begs Angela Merkel to allow her back into Germany!
SAVAGE: Is burning Whites the new ‘knock out’ game for Blacks?
Ahmed Hanachi avoided deportation day before he stabbed young women to death!
In wake of attempted Paris bombing, French Government admits ‘no-one is safe!’
White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslims, says Muslim convert!
“It’s gotta be a set-up!” Neighbour of Las Vegas shooter claims he didn’t do it
LAVROV: US staging ‘fatal provocations’ against Russian forces in Syria!
Like mice, humans might soon have their brains controlled externally!
Trump, Syriza and Brexit prove voting is only small part of the battle
German MEP Hans Olaf Henkel rips into Juncker, Verhofstadt and Barnier over Brexit!
Farage slams ‘antidemocratic’ EU silence over brutalised Catalan voters!
After Catalan crackdown, EU will look hypocritical preaching about democracy!
Germany faces 'time bomb' because of immigrants with 'crazy potential for aggression!'
Gay Tory Remainer says working-class 'tantrum... explains the (Brexit) result!'
Non-whites currently enslave 40 million other non-whites

Tuesday 3 October

Stephen Paddock killed 50+ people at Las Vegas country music festival!
Las Vegas mass murderer had Antifa literature in his hotel room!!!
The Las Vegas shooter had been holed up in his hotel room for 4 days
Killed in the Las Vegas massacre
People crave national identity! The truth Brussels cannot bear!
Transgender reversals! Surge in the rate of self-indulgent oddballs changing their mind!
NHS in a financial crisis - So why are they wasting money on transgender fertility treatment?
Immigration judge, Amir Majid, ‘has little idea of the law!’ He bungled 13 cases!
Sex slave, 20, mutilated and beaten by Bulgarian human traffickers!
Bearded black cyclist crashes into group on pavement, then attacks them!
University student threatens to throw acid in classmate's face and infect her with a STD!
NHS: Bed-blocking 'is causing 8,000 deaths every year!'
Muslim Leader: 'Muslims are not here to integrate. Muslims are here to dominate!'
VETERANS TODAY: The unseen victims of America’s war machine
VETERANS TODAY: We have met the evil empire and it is us!
Operations Gladio and Gladio B
Blood cancer has affected 250,000 in the UK!
Zameer Ghumra told boys to kill anyone insulting Islam!
Jerusalem Post: Defeating the Jewish Alinskyites!
Theresa May vows to act on race review findings? Will 'hold a mirror up to society?'
Campus suicides on the rise! Why are young people falling through the cracks!
Ted Heath's godson condemns Heath inquiry, accuses top cop of 'acting as judge and jury!'
Year after Kanye West bought childhood home, littered with drug paraphernalia it's abandoned!
RACISM! Black actress Chizzy Akudolu is first to be booted off Strictly!

Monday 2 October

Catalans vote overwhelmingly for independence! Beast cops leave 888+ would-be voters injured!
Spanish cops rough up people wanting to vote - Democracy is dying in the EU!
'Allahu Akbar' knifeman murders two young women at Marseille station!
LAS VEGAS: "Holy f***! This girl just got shot in the f***ing head!"
Las Vegas: Multiple casualties admitted to hospital with gunshot wounds!
Somali refugee has been charged in connection with a terror attack in Canada!
Terror attack in Canada as driver with ISIS flag deliberately rams pedestrians
Monarch Airlines goes bust! 300,000 bookings cancelled! 110,000 customers stranded overseas!
University student threatens to throw acid in classmate's face and infect her with a STD!
Ted Heath's Jewish godson condemns inquiry, accuses top cop of 'acting as judge and jury!'
Leanne Mckie’s cop husband arrested after she is found dead
Archbishop of Canterbury ATTACKS BBC over Jimmy Saville abuse scandal
PC gone mad! Schools scrap BC and AD to avoid offending non-Christians! Top British companies help themselves to £44bn profits but refuse to pay workers living wage
Marr skewers Momentum's Jewish boss on Corbyn-inspired Labour infighting
The Kurds of ISIS - Why some join the terrorist group

Sunday 1 October

White girls are 'filthy,' says Suju, the wife of a jailed child rapist!
Britain’s night of carnage! Two dead, 11 injured in 5 knife attacks in TWO HOURS!
EU citizens will have MORE rights than Britons in UK under bizarre TWO-TIER law plan!
Blair blasts Pink Floyd star Roger Waters who compared Israeli government to Nazi Germany
Spanking victims at summer camp where Archbishop Welby once worked demand he resigns!
FARAGE: Racists nearly killed UKIP this week? (B***ocks, Nige!)
End of the EU? Nationalists could storm to power in Austrian election thanks to THIS man
HITCHENS: If the Royal Navy's so 'vital', why have you wrecked it, Theresa?
Lawyer who dared to speak out about Muslim misogyny banned from making keynote speech!
UKIP leader says EU will “negotiate forever” on Brexit if they have the chance!
How Globalism works like the Mafia
92% of left-wing protesters live with their parents!

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