Daily News: July 2017

Monday 31 July

Muslims who attacked white Liverpudlians can't explain senseless/mindless violence?
Khurram Rahi charged with rape after a 14-year-old attacked twice on same night
Trump removes Muslim federal judge for allowing Sharia in America!
Italian Mayor says we’re at war with Islam! Issues Ban and doesn’t care who it offends
"I am a Migrant. Treat me with respect!" (This from someone who wants us disappeared!)
As 113,977 invaders land in Europe, Germany “struggles to deport” them!
Passchendaele: What a genocidal elite were doing to the rest of us 100 years ago!
Philip Hammond is playing a calculating game of Brexit sabotage
Piers Morgan blasts JK Rowling for 'disgraceful lie' over Trump tweets on disabled boy
The REAL reason America's 'Frankenchickens' have to be washed with chlorine!
Eric Schneiderman ('leads Trump resistance') wants third world in America but not in Israel!
Britain's border controls in crisis 'because of seasonal workers?'
The tycoon who owns the freeholds of 40,000 homes!
Doctor Amitabh Kumar molested girl on bus after watching porn - Let him to treat patients again?
Mayor filmed snorting powder in toilet demands bigger official car to reflect prestige/status!
Sunday Times sacks Kevin Myers after pointing out best paid BBC women are Jewish
'We’re being IGNORED!' Macron supporters grumble as leader's popularity DIVES
Eric Schneiderman ('leads Trump resistance') wants third world in America but not in Israel
2015: London is the TB capital of Europe due to mass migration and poverty!

Sunday 30 July

More than 800 children as young as 10 have been given sex change drugs in England!
Children as young as 3 visiting doctors confused about their gender? (This is bulls***!)
Mother says antidepressant drugs turned her son into a 'psychotic killer'
Tramadol: Fears over painkiller ‘as addictive as heroin!’
Head of Cambridge University equality group says 'ALL white people are racist!'
London Bridge terrorist taught at Islamic primary where he 'radicalised children as young as four!'
Two men arrested after girl, 14, raped twice in SEPARATE attacks on the same night!
Exam boards remove references to terrorism to 'protect students from distressing content?'
Sadiq Khan: Brexit can be STOPPED if Labour pledges to re-run EU referendum!
French airport worker punches English dad holding baby!

Saturday 29 July

Rotherham scandal: £30K of ratepayer cash spent on Common Purpose training for Council staff
COMMON PURPOSE: The secret society running GB?
Stop Common Purpose!
COMMON PURPOSE: The fingerprints of David Bell and Julia Middleton!
Series: Leveson Inquiry exposed!
2012: Disturbing questions about the influence of 'people who know best!'
Mohamed Elmouelhy says Whitey will be extinct in 40 years. Muslims must fertilise our women!
Archbishop: Europe’s future has the face of ‘young Muslim immigrants!’
Serving life for Iraq War veteran's murder? Grab your £200,000 compo now!
Rahad Hussain charged with acid attacks
Mitu Ahmed threatened man with knife and told police he had a bomb
Do you know these men? CCTV released after horror double rape
Mubarek Ali pimped girls out at £150-a-time! Released just 5 years into 22-year sentence!
CCTV images released after teenager raped twice in Birmingham
LIVERPOOL: Councillor attacked by Muslim gang
LONDON: Member of hip hop group WSTRN and other savages jailed after home attack
Anh Nhu Nguyen pretended his family died in Grenfell Tower - Got almost £10,000 from victim relief fund!
HAMBURG: Machete-wielding Muslim 'screaming Allahu Akbar' kills one, injures others!
INDIA: Church leader shot dead after refusing to bow to anti-Christian threats
Care home boss stole from resident - NO JAIL!
SIEMENS: Former Greek Minister guilty of money laundering!
Immigrant steals from sleeping Italian! (Talk about gratitude)
Britain would be £156 billion a year better off WITHOUT a deal with EU!
British soldier who fought ISIS in Syria arrested on terror charges in Turkey!
Fury as Hammond warns Brexit transition deal WILL continue until 2022
UK taxpayers' money given to Guantanamo detainee 'passed' to jihadis who died in Syria
Overwhelmed by migrants and abandoned by the EU, Italy's government is at tipping point!
Soldier lost both his legs in Afghanistan - Birmingham hospital can't treat him - He's a Scot!
We must not let the Remainers fudge Brexit! It would cost us a good deal
Brexit was 'INSANITY,' says Ireland's former PM
Senior eurocrats spoiling for trade war with Trump's USA? (F***ing nutcases)
NIGERIA: John Fashanu spent two days in jail after being accused of £23,000 land-selling scam
Spoiled, mega-rich rock star sneers at Brexit! (Crap lyrics, Mick!)

Friday 28 July

The left is trying to re-write history to pretend mass migration is natural
MURDER: Danny Pearce stabbed to death by moped muggers
Rochdale grooming gang get legal aid to fight deportation!
The rapes began 30 years ago when she was 12 - Now 3 men are jailed
BRADFORD: Public warned not to approach dangerous fugitive, Waqas Hussain
Victim of 'Asian' rapist, 15, raped again by 'Asian' driver she flagged down for help!
Kevin Bokanga and Joynal Miah duped the elderly out of £200,000 - Now 3 men are jailed
UN warns of mounting immigrant tension on Greek islands
4 Kosovo Muslims (and 2 others) planned attack on US military facility
Hammond wants to keep UK 'tangled in EU free movement!'
Slovakian leader's SHOCK admission: The EU doesn't work and we all barely know each other!
LITTLEJOHN: God help the British Navy! Next they'll tell us Nelson was gender-fluid!
Ken Livingston's former race-relations adviser, advises thus!
NASA confirms sea levels fell during the lat two years! Media silence
Americans consider Blacks more likely to be racist than Whites!
Why free speech is in serious peril in America (And not just because of the Left)
Sadiq Khan slams UK diesel ban just WEEKS after praising France for SAME policy!
Macron mocked for dates with celebrities as he CRUMBLES in polls
A history of political correctness: 20 year's after Penn’s “Water Buffalo” incident
The Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and Soviet regime
Swedish shop refuses woman service for not wearing hijab!

Thursday 27 July

Dozens of police officers battle to bring 'riot' under control in east London
MANCHESTER: Muslim gang attacked strangers because they were white 'non-Muslims!'
The left is trying to re-write history to pretend mass migration is natural
Active TB increased 30% in Germany's year of massive immigration! (2015)
One in four elderly people hit with HIDDEN care charges!
Bullying "carers" guilty of abusing the elderly!
Jihadi bride', 17, 'married an ISIS fighter over SKYPE and plotted to launch UK attack
HONOUR KILLING! Celine Dookhran, 19, kidnapped, raped and murdered
UK will pay £50bn Brexit bill? And the French want MORE? F*** off!
Minister who abused women in congregation said it was ‘God's work?'
Will my baby granddaughter pay the price of my fight for equality?
'We're here, we're queer, we hate the f****** president?' (Now there's a surprise!)

Wednesday 26 July

Huge drop in sperm count may lead to human EXTINCTION! 60% drop in fertility since 1970!
Black savage battered white girlfriend's 5-year-old son to death for losing a shoe! Doctors warn 63,000 people will die in the next 5 years unless cheap alcohol is tackled!
More than 600,000 pupils in England taught by unqualified teachers!
Rise in child gender distress referrals in Scotland
Merkel welcomed refugees - Now many are suing her government!
Poland in crisis! Globalist traitors battle Nationalists!
The NHS care fund they don't tell you about
It is the presstitutes, not Russia, who interfered in the US election!
Was the French election stolen?
Jewish school fails 3rd Ofsted inspection for not teaching LGBT issues
Randi Weingarten’s ‘Racism’ Rant
Killers jailed for 90 YEARS after drive-by execution
‘Detective raped daughter, 21, and assaulted mother?’
FARAGE: 'Brexit BETRAYAL!' Tories have 'sold out' UK with open borders u-turn
'We'll thrive out of the EU,' says food tycoon!
Farage blasts Corbyn saying the gloss is coming off his image with the young
EU at war! Brexit and member states tear apart united front
'You are to BLAME!' German MEP rails against Verhofstadt's anti-UK Brexit role

Tuesday 25 July

Honour killing? Really? Mujahid Arshid charged with rape, murder, attempted murder and kidnap!
TODMORDEN: Rukhsana Bibi helped secret lover murder elderly husband so they could cash in
Fraudsters swindled £1.1m out of the taxpayer for non-existent work helping migrants integrate
Jordanian soldier murders three unarmed US Green Berets
INDIA: Girl, 10, 6 months pregnant after 'being raped by her uncle' This plan to let us pick our own gender deeply worries me
Tory suggests lesbian minister's sexuality could be behind decision to change transsexual policy?
An alarming shortfall in hospital doctors is causing devastating problems!
Spanish police BRUTALLY attack 'British tourists!'
'FREE Poland!' Thousands flock to streets as Poland tussles with EU over control
POLAND: Why are thousands of people marching in the streets?
‘Don’t THREATEN us!’ EU in chaos as Italy launches FURIOUS attack on Austria over migration
Can pills for depression turn you into a killer?
'Project Fear is WRONG,' says economist!
Top Republican aide predicts mutiny against Trump

Monday 24 July

Hungary's leader accuses EU and billionaire George Soros of trying to 'Muslimise Europe!'
British women have shorter lifespans and the second worst life expectancy in Europe!
EU's own lawyers admit Brexit Divorce Bill is LEGALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO ENFORCE!
Passenger arrested after trying to open a plane door during flight from Poland to Luton
Suspect in rape and slavery ring speaks little English 
Oh, look! The benefits of diversity! Knife-wielding thug attacks customer in McDonald's! Choose your own gender WITHOUT seeing a doctor: Government to rip up rules!
Government lesbian tells C-of-E it's time to accept same-sex marriage!
Liam Fox demands face-to-face showdown with BBC chief to protest 'unbalanced' Brexit reporting
Gay men and prostitutes allowed to give blood 3 months after sex
Stefan Molyneux asks a Jew why the hypocrisy on immigration
FOREIGN AID: £64m of your money is given to dictator in Rwanda
Radio station cancels Richard Dawkins appearance over Islam tweets
German schoolgirl who ran away to join ISIS says she wants to come home? TOUGH!
City businesses delighted by diluted Brexit - but demand MORE

Sunday 23 July

3-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jews told 'non-Jews' are 'evil' by London school!
College kids pledge to REMOVE TESTICLES if Trump builds wall!
Gay men now allowed to donate blood!
Acid attacks ‘a gang initiation’ says former criminal-turned-GOVERNMENT-ADVISOR!
Storm into church screaming: “I will f***ing kill you and all the English!” NO JAIL FOR ZANA!
Secret government cuts ‘sound death knell for the NHS!’
Statins in new link to back disorders
BBC has 'wilfully ignored' positive news on Brexit, Liam Fox says
Now it's illegal to show women doing all the housework there's never been more rape on screen
White man stabbed by feral Blacks in Lambeth
NYT reporter accuses white women of racism whilst walking!
US contributed to creation of ISIS!
Stop the Christian genocide in the Middle East!
Deadly botulism toxin ‘could threaten the UK!’ Dozens of cases diagnosed in Europe
EU negotiators are 'irrational' and 'bizarre'
Only one conviction for vote cheating? Offence is not taken seriously enough!
Professor Green accused of 'defending rapists' at Britain First march in Rochdale
Brexit changed her view of Europe? Merkel imported 3rd world hordes in a fit of pique?
Corbyn's Labour election 'lies' exposed for young voters to see
'We will THRIVE not just survive!' Businesses in Brexit heartland defy EU scaremongering
'It’s a disaster!' Labour MP says he'll fight to STAY in single market
EU has upper hand? Deprived of UK cash bloc will be on brink of COLLAPSE
Mueller wants to “kill the political career and maybe take away the freedom” of President Trump?
Osborne and Gove pocketed £17k payoffs after being booted out of Cabinet!
Israeli student steals items from Auschwitz death camp!
Top CIA man once said: says "Jesuits form the greatest intelligence service in the world!"
RICHARD & JUDY: Stop sniping Sadiq Khan! Britain NEEDS Donald Trump!
Ooh, look! David Beckham plays farmer! Bet the Wellingtons are Jimmy Choo!

Saturday 22 July

ELITE PAEDO RING: UK Government deletes entire database of evidence!
By the numbers! The untold story of Muslim opinion and demographic
Italian mayor: we have been invaded and overwhelmed by immigrants!
Gang member: Using acid in muggings is a win-win! Cheap, available, not illegal
DIVERSITY! Paedo magistrate had regular sex with 12-year-old boy!
College kids pledge to REMOVE TESTICLES if Trump builds wall!
Sex beast, Akiel Flemming, roamed uni halls of residence looking for victims
Mother only learned about Marvyn Iheanacho's violent past after he battered her son to death
LONDON: Teenage girl, 19, found dead in freezer ('Honour killing' suspected)
MANCHESTER: Mike Grimshaw murdered by "yobs" outside his own home
Teacher Florina Pastina dies after being bludgeoned with a hammer in Croydon
One-legged Albanian double killer living on handouts for 14 years FINALLY booted out
Violent carjacker Waqas Hussain on the run!
173 ISIS bombers are planning to attack Europe
Council spends £28,000 putting a refugee family up in a Holiday Inn hotel for TEN MONTHS!
Sex attacks by asylum seekers in Baden-W├╝rttemberg doubled in 2016!
MANCHESTER: Locals threatened with dispersal notices so Muslims could have prayer protest!
'Everything will collapse!' German courts ‘overwhelmed’ by asylum seeker claims!
Charity boss lived the high-life as he fiddled £1.3m meant for homeless!
She understood every word they said!
Afghanistan: Boys are openly used as sex slaves by soldiers
FINLAND: Bus driver refuses to allow Somali to board without ticket - Gets FIRED!
Farage fumes at EU as he gets his OWN £80,000 bill!!!
The politics of hatred will never win justice for Grenfell
Syrians burn burqas and shave off beards as they celebrate being liberated from ISIS!
ISIS fighters dress up as WOMEN in desperate bid to flee Mosul!
Trump calls EU ‘VEHICLE FOR GERMANY’ and slams Merkel’s ’catastrophic migrant mistake’
Ilie Nastase says: "Racism is not a delicate issue in Romania!"
The big chill on free speech hits Britain?
Thought control in the UK: Britain’s state-sponsored intimidation of Whites
Theresa May — Friend of Israel and the organised Jewish community
From Communist to Neocon: The ethnic blindness of David Aaronovitch
Remembering Greville Janner on Holocaust Memorial Day
The power of the Holocaust lobby in Britain
Beneath mask of the Human Rights, British Jews advocate increase in refugees!

Friday 21 July

Council officers delayed investigation of Labour politician's paedophilia ahead of election!
Violent crime soars by 18 per cent - Warnings on falling police numbers ignored
London postman charged with taking part in the execution of six prisoners of ISIS
USA: "RANDOM ACT!" Marcus Bivins stabbed Jeanne Huntoon to death on college campus!
FIVE MORE YEARS before we get our borders back!
EU bosses want to punish Britain!
Barnier THREATENS 'grave consequences' if UK ignores Brexit bill!
There’ll be an ‘EXPLOSION’ if Britain doesn't pay the exit bill, threatens Barnier!
'We owe NO money!' Jacob Rees-Mogg rails against Brexit bill
Jacob Rees-Mogg savages has-been Blair!
'No one is reversing Brexit - we are leaving!'
Brussels forces Poles to edge with threat to PUNISH nation for defying EU
Infectious diseases on the rise in Germany! Experts link to migrant crisis
'Everything will collapse': German courts ‘overwhelmed’ by asylum seeker claims!
Ethnic and sexual minorities over-represented at BBC, despite claims of discrimination!
BBC's top earners oppose Brexit and controlling migration!
Chris Evans is worth it! (£2.25million BBC salary) Why? His mum says so!
2013: I deserve my £330,000 BBC salary, says Yentob
For decades, Alan Yentob was the dominant creative force at the BBC
PC GONE MAD: Girl, 5, fined £150 as council workers shut down her lemonade stand
The Weakest Link! (And you don't think we've been dumbed down?)
Friends with Hitler, the Russian Communists, the CIA and the Rothschilds? Who was he?
Blacks are attacking White heritage!
One sure way to get the attention of a left-wing politician

Thursday 20 July

Cambridge spy John Cairncross escaped prosecution as brother was top government advisor!
After buying 38 homes since leaving no. 10, Tony and Cherie move into commercial property
ILLUMINATI LEADERS? Now Angela Merkel makes 'that sign' with royals Kate and William
So THAT'S why the BBC is so keen on public sector pay rises...
Greed and the death of public service ethos in Britain
Emily wants more? Is she worth it? Bye, Emily!
In 2016, more Americans died (59,000) from drug overdose than died in Vietnam!
The Left is no longer liberal
Jacob Rees-Mogg second favourite to replace May after popularity surge
You will work until you are 68! By order of the bankers' pals!
Europe is undermining its security by undermining Israel?
Rabbi admits white genocide is the goal!
'But sir, it’s an American ship.' 'Never mind, hit her!' When Israel attacked USS Liberty

Wednesday 19 July

The Rise of Acid Attacks in the UK
Unable to confront the migrant crisis, Europe is committing suicide!
Merkel refuses to set an upper limit on number of refugees coming to Germany!
'Lion of London Bridge' investigated by cops for 'vile racist rant!'
USA: Muslim opens fire on police from bus in front of terrified passengers!
CANADA 2015: 'Honour-killing' Muslim dad murdered THREE daughters for dating wrong boys!
Mustafa Ahmed sprayed a heavily pregnant woman's baby bump and her boyfriend with acid!
Pervert bus driver Mohammed Uddin used his position of trust to sexually assault woman
Broken Britain: Horror knife haul!
ETHNIC CLEANSING: Turks executing unarmed Kurdish civilians in Syria
Asylum-seekers riot during folk festivities in Schorndorf
Single German woman stands up against a horde of Muslims!
Growing evidence student fraud could have significantly boosted Labour’s support in the election!
Brussels chiefs ‘desperate to PUNISH the UK’ to save EU!
Galloway says Blair and 'millionaire friends' will do anything to thwart Brexit 'miracle'
Pointless waste of foreign aid cash cannot continue!
'Cladding companies refuse to reveal test results after Grenfell?'
Labour MP warns her party that thwarting Brexit bills makes them 'look like liars'
Gay couples should 'bloody well' be allowed to marry in church, says our Jewish Speaker
Not enough 'women', 'people of colour' in film 'Dunkirk,' USA Today complains!
The ADL and domestic spying: Roy Bullock case revisited
Shut it, Sadiq, you petty little pipsqueak!

Tuesday 18 July

SWEDEN: Mass immigration, necrophilia and child porn will produce a more tolerant society?
Acid attacker reveals how gangs target rivals' girlfriends!
USA: Woman calls 911 to report rape - Gets shot dead by Somali cop London teacher says the Left are brainwashing our children!
Government ‘SCRAMBLING to hit targets’ as foreign aid spending soars!
Children refused compensation by Government agency who say victims CONSENTED to abuse!
Mom encourages 8-year-old son to be a ‘drag queen’
Hillary Clinton ‘covered up’ paedo ring at State Department?
'State tries to get me killed because I oppose Islam' - Tommy Robinson
Had enough of Merkel? One-third of Bavarians want to become INDEPENDENT from Germany!
‘Appalling lack of patriotism!’ HS2 contracts worth billions go to foreign firms!
The dumbest SJW music video ever!
Douglas Murray explains the Swedish immigration disaster
Question: Is Angelina Jolie a monster?
'I'm fed up of living in a PC world!'
Labour MP SQUIRMS over U-turn on Corbyn's pledge to CLEAR student debt
ISIS flog teenagers for playing football
Sadiq Kahn claims there should be 'no red carpet' for Donald Trump during UK visit!
R. Kelly holding women against their will in sex-obsessed cult?
NHS needs 2,000 more foreign doctors? TRAIN UP OUR OWN!
DENMARK: 2nd/3rd-generation immigrants worse in school/more criminal/more religious
Architect of Vote Leave brands Brexit Secretary David Davis as 'thick as mince
A million Britons living with dementia?
Trump vows to protect 'Made In America' products
Transgender Bruce Jenner may run for Senate to push LGBT agenda!
Atlanta spends $200K on rainbow crosswalk promoting ‘LGBT pride’

Monday 17 July

POPE FRANK (Jesuit no. 1) attacks Steve Bannon! (Our guy in the White House)
Worries as 171,000 Romanians and Bulgarians enter UK in three years!
The next Obama? Abdul EL-Sayed!
The British Parliament Operation in London! (Lone Jihad guide team statement)
'Islamisation' of Paris - A warning to the West
Schoolgirl, Leah Kerry, 15, celebrates end of term - Dies after taking 'legal high!'
ASHBY: Thief dies after hero restrains him - Hero arrested!
Savages launch doorstep stun gun attack on victim and his mother
Cornered by vigilantes, paedophile begs for mercy
Muslim school where child died taken over by the Government
Christian says Muslims in Egypt beheaded his cousin because he wouldn’t convert to ISLAM
Muslim woman writes Islamic sex guide to help tackle abuse and is immediately abused
INDIA: Woman brutally beaten by in-laws for giving birth to a GIRL!
A year after failed Turkish coup thousands seek asylum in Germany
Former Imam of Grand Mosque in Mecca, Adel Kalbani, says ISIS have same beliefs as we do!
Muslim leaders make formal complaint over 'Islamophobic' banners at London Pride
ATL Union calls for compulsory ‘gender diversity’ training for teachers!
Blair insists Britons don't want Brexit but his OWN opinion poll reveals we DO
'Have you failed?' Blair left speechless after his EU legacy questioned
Senior German politicians hit out at the UK over its Brexit policy
Philip Hammond working to 'frustrate Brexit,' says Minister! Sees Brexiteers as 'smarmy pirates!'
BBC stars to be offered protection from abuse after huge salaries are revealed
Boris Becker 'lost his £100m fortune investing in Nigerian oil firms!' (Oh dear, how sad)

Sunday 16 July

'You will own them!' ISIS orders UK supporters to KIDNAP non-Muslim children!
Government won’t publish its own report into who funds Islamist extremism (Saudis) in UK!
Tainted water from Fukushima is to be dumped into Pacific Ocean!
Record house prices stopping couples having 160,000 children! (THEY are replacing us!)
36,000 illegal immigrants discovered April 2016 - February 2017!
BOOTED OUT then LET BACK IN!!! 113 previously rejected asylum seekers now enrich us!
Islam, free speech, and the self-hatred of the "lunatic left!"
War Veterans Party aims to fight in EVERY SEAT in next general election!
Schools are brainwashing pupils to believe Tories are 'evil?'
Asian immigrants outnumber Europeans for the first time in Australia!
Just one in five House of Commons committees chaired by MP who backed Brexit
Nursery downgraded by Ofsted for failing to teach ethnic diversity
Farage RAILS AGAINST 'loathsome' Tony Blair's attempt to 'REVERSE' Brexit
YOU spend millions on airfares for failed asylum seekers who refuse to leave UK
AUSTRIA: Somali savage brutally beats Austrian woman because her dogs are 'unclean!' Fashion exec beats off gang of EIGHT moped robbers!
'F*** white people!' Cops deserve to be terrorised = £50 fine! What EU nationals get after Brexit (More than we ever got: 1066 - 2017)
King's College will replace busts and portraits of founding fathers with ethnic minorities!
Philip Hammond says public-sector workers are ‘OVERPAID!’ (Nurses are overpaid?)
France is 'attempting to DESTROY Britain's finance industry?'
Labour MP attacks ‘racist’ Black Country flag designed by schoolgirl!
Remoaners plotting against Brexit threaten to undermine our democracy
TFL gender neutral rules are an assault on traditional values
Senator has blood clot removed! Why? Let the warmongering f*** die!

Saturday 15 July

BBC: Schools must hire 70,000 extra non-white teachers to reflect pupil demographics!
Hassan Nasrallah urges Muslims to 'spread child marriage to the West!'
Nick Clegg begs for second Brexit referendum - Says young people should have TWO votes!
Why is my 6-year-old son being taught "Mohammed was so special" at school!
Police thwart 5 terror plots just minutes before attack launched!
CIA Director admits lying to Trump regarding Syria chemical weapons attack? (14 July)
Seymour Hersh - "The continued lying by the Trump administration about Syria’s use of sarin!"
Congressman: ‘Suicide’ of GOP operative who tried to obtain Hillary emails is “awfully suspicious”
Acid attackers strike AGAIN! (Ethnicity of attackers?)
Is Britain's highest paid vice chancellor (£451,000 salary) worth it?
Youngster stabbed in Brick Lane, London
GREECE: Nigerian arrested for beating and robbing 14 pensioners
AUSTRIA: City in fear after immigrant gang beat and rob 6 elderly women
GERMANY: Six African refugees rape and beat 9 MONTH PREGNANT woman!
German women killed in Egyptian resort by knifeman 'looking for foreigners!'
Muslim gangs take control of 55 zones in Sweden!
Lord Adonis - Brussels worship has warped his judgment!
Top Australian law school teaches Sharia Law 'benefits!'

Friday 14 July

STATINS! Heart medicine pills 'do more HARM than good!!!'
Gary Cohn is Trump’s leading candidate to succeed Janet Yellen at the Fed Res
FOREIGN AID FURY: Civil servants get £800k in bonuses 'as cash spent on GYMS in Africa'
Radical Islam in UK funded by public donations? (Nice one, LibLabCon)
65% of the steel for new frigates will come from overseas!
Want to smuggle in 17 Albanians? No Border Force patrol at vulnerable Marina for a year!
Terrorists mostly from ‘appalling family backgrounds,’ says ex-High Court judge
Polish lorry driver smuggled 22 Afghans into Britain!
Ajaz Karim, one of four ex-staff from top school, charged over historic sex abuse
Top IRA Hyde Park bomb suspect got £50,000 in legal aid! Families of dead soldiers got ZERO!
Teenage robber arrested following five acid attacks in north-east London
Burger van msn convicted of public order offence over anti-Islamic comments
Middle class children used as drug mules by exploitative gangs in rural towns!
Toddler dead with MEOW MEOW in his system! His DNA also found on migrant mum's syringe
Work more than 55 hours a week? Your risk of developing serious heart problems up 40%
Half of Turks in Germany do not work! Majority 'not interested in a job!'
ISIS militants are thrown to their deaths and shot (OK by me)
Arranged-marriage bride kills herself! (Forced to take virginity test - hubbie wanted second wife)
More Christian refugees arriving under Trump than Muslims
Loretta Lynch granted Trump jr's Russian lawyer special visa to enter America!
Left-wing Democrat Congressman, Ron Dellums, lobbied for Trump jnr's Russian lawyer!
Trump witch hunter Adam Schiff had at least $16,000 in Russia-linked investments in 2016!
Out of control! Muslim immigrants take Italy-France train, FIRST CLASS, no ticket!
Kenya beheadings: Radical Islamists targeted Christians
"Racist language! Time to ban Marx and Englels?
BBC hired ‘bodyguard’ for political editor after abuse by Corbyn-backing hate mob
Trump brands Alex Salmond a 'HAS BEEN' in angry 2am phone call
Labour peer claims leaving single market will be as bad as APPEASING HITLER?
Idiot with tattoo across half his face complains nobody will employ him
Gentiles are "supposed to be" slaves of the Jews? Who knew?
1932: Congressman Louis T. McFadden

Thursday 13 July

Cases of syphilis and gonorrhoea are soaring and it's only going to get worse!

Britain is wide open to illegal migrants! Ports face huge security crisis
French Archbishop says higher Muslim birth rate is changing the country
No checks at small ports allow illegal immigrants to enter Britain!
Refugees to get 7-bed home while 1,132 wait on council list!
Romanian criminal deported 5 years ago got BACK into Britain 13 times!!!
Whatever Brussels may claim the EU is still imploding and here's why
Huge increase in fatal terror attacks - Western Europe rocked by ISIS
USA: Are you a culturally incompetent African? Beat heavily pregnant women with impunity!
Germany expecting up to 300,000 more Syrian, Iraqi immigrants in 2017!
How Merkel's Germany PROFITS from Greek debt misery - £1BILLION pocketed so far
Labour's mask slips on this 'Day of Rage!'
She reported rape in Turkey - They treated her like dirt!
GERMANY: African refugee tortures 5-year-old stepdaughter in religious ritual - NO JAIL!
Shafi Mohammed Saleem charged with encouraging politicians Europhile Macron admits Germany thrives on weakness of other 'dysfunctional' EU economies
Vince Cable sneers at Brexiteers! (Old, nostalgic folks with irrational immigration fears)
Labour threatens to block BREXIT!
Woman, 96, to be deported to Scotland after moving to Australia to spend final days with family?
YOUTH WORKER watched 6-year-old boy being raped online and urged film-maker to smack child!
Grandmother, 94, 'could have died' after being left waiting SEVEN hours for ambulance
Children in the First World War
Shia LaBeouf threatens to kill cop with gun? (Celebs, eh?)

Wednesday 12 July

Between January and May 2017, there were 5,645 violent knife related offences in London alone!
Lib Dem sneers at Brexiteers saying many are old/nostalgic with irrational fears about migration
UK Cop: ‘There are areas we have to ask Muslim leaders’ permission to patrol!’
Cosmetics chain Soap & Co ‘paying workers as little as £2.05 an hour!’
Criminals could be spying on you inside your own home through household gadgets
'What happened to me could happen to others!' Sex assault victim speaks out!
Ofsted chief inspector brands a Muslim school's gender segregation policy unlawful
'Project Fear is back!' Seething Farage launches savage attack on BBC's 'anti-Brexit bias'
Brave boy drowned trying to rescue two girls from a river
Bad news for Brussels! Populism here to STAY as voters turn away from EU
Prison nurse who had relationship with footballer inmate jailed for 20 months
Captured jihadis are paraded for the cameras in Mosul
US journalist attacks BBC host for trying to incriminate Trump Jr.

Tuesday 11 July

Boy, 5, youngest person in Britain' investigated by cops for sexting!
Church of England wants £1,300 cost of applying for British citizenship cut for immigrants!
G20 summit ends with almost 500 injured police officers!
Nasty Islamic school FINALLY named! (Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham)
Sikh gang 'helped nearly 70 Afghan illegal immigrants sneak into the UK
Israel backs Hungary, says financier Soros is a threat?
A German Mayor's answer to immigrant unpleasantness
Fuming radio callers lambast Vince Cable over Remain crusade!
‘Lone wolves rise up!’ ISIS calls on jihadis to attack US and Europe!
Trump administration savages Obama over his handling of ISIS
US Army Sergeant, Ikaika Kang, arrested ‘after swearing allegiance to ISIS’
UK’s longest extradition case? Taxpayer cash? Guess the ethnicity...
IRA bombmaker apologises for murder of 21 in Birmingham? (Retribution preferred)
May announces inquiry into contaminated blood scandal that left 2,400 dead
'Leave her alone!' EU boss Juncker defends Merkel
Sack Tory MP recorded saying 'n***** in the woodpile?' (F*** PC!!!)
"Opportunity to f*** over the Government?" (Language, Lib Dems!)
Former EastEnders actress tried to smuggle six pounds of cocaine into the UK!

Monday 10 July

Church of England to hold special services for transgender people?
Muslim radio station broadcast 25 hours of hate speech calling for holy war!
African immigrant will be most visible man by Queen's side as Prince Phil's retirement looms!
ONS says 1.3m East Europeans now live in UK (Only 14,000 British citizens live there)
Middle-class students are the most enamoured of Corbyn’s bribe/offer
Thousands of EU migrants pocket £3,200 a year for kids they left at home!
London's Brexit capital to vote to take back control from Sadiq Khan's 'mini EU'
Remain MPs from all parties unite in plot to fight against Brexit
EU threatens to revoke approval for Brexit deal unless May 'offers more'
The Grenfell Tower block fire and its aftermath
70 firefighters battle 'huge blaze' at London's Camden Lock Market
Immigrant trafficked/sexually assaulted girls, 13/14, whilst on bail for raping 17-year-old!
4 stabbed outside Harrow-on-the-Hill train station
Pensioner fights for life after Cypriot driver mows down beachgoers
Sweden on brink of civil war? 61 Muslim no-go zones! Police helpless!
86% of recently arrested 'underage' migrants in Sweden are actually adults
SWEDEN: Immigrant kicked 9-year old girl in the head!
What happened to Elise? Tourist found hanged/half-eaten on Thailand's 'Death Island!'
Immigrant (to USA) of the Week: Henry Bello Obotetukudo
New York cop tells it like it is!
French cop charged with helping jihadis join ISIS!
How Labour Friends of Israel tried to undermine Jeremy Corbyn!
“Murderers!” – Tony Blair’s Jewish aides could be prosecuted?
Nazim Ali claims Grenfell victims 'were murdered' by 'Zionists who fund the Tories!'
Criticism of George Soros is antisemitic, says Israeli official
ADOLF HITLER: Ken O'Keefe and a truth THEY will never tell you?
In Sudan, renounce Islam = Forced to flee - In UK, criticise Sharia = Face death threats and hate!
Putin’s spokesman praises Donald Trump after ‘win-win’ G20 talks!
Jacob Rees-Mogg hits back at Labour MPs!
Employee pays for cop's brownie? SUSPENDED! (Customer who didn't get same calls him racist!

Sunday 9 July

Millions of Africans' will flood Europe unless it acts now, warns European chief!
450lb of drugs and 13,000 mobile phones seized at jails in England and Wales in one year!
ENFIELD (April 2017): Omar Warner charged with the murder of Damien McLaughlin
Murder probe underway after double stabbing outside pub
Madness: Massive debt is the norm for today’s youth!
Accountant who nearly destroyed disabled people charity by stealing £200k jailed
Hamburg destroyed: G20 protest 'like civil war' with masked rioters smashing all in path
Hamburg's G-20 security failure
‘Everybody went totally mad!’ Second night of violence in Hamburg
15,000 police seize Hamburg as rioters ‘destroy country!'
HAMBURG: View from the bus!
Pope Francis slams Trump’s ‘dangerous’ G20 alliance with Putin
WARNING TO ALL GERMANS! Immigrant tells it as it is!
Left: Moderate lefties... Right: Violent Nazis... (Or so politicians/media would have us believe)
102 shot, 15 fatally, in Chicago on July 4!
Mafia moves in on aid money poured in to deal with Europe's migrant crisis
Soros-funded women’s march organises protest against NRA
Putin's 2016 Christmas Address: ‘New World Order’ is normalising paedophilia in the West!
Secret plan to put ARGENTINA'S flag on Falklands?
Business peer savages 'BBC propaganda machine'
EU wastes taxpayers' money on ghost offices for its MEPs
A Jewish High Sheriff for Lancashire
HITCHENS: Want a new passport? Be prepared to unfasten your trousers!
How fashion magazines 'bully' people into buying things they don’t need
School detention is a kind of violence, says 'conflict guru,' Maria Arpa

Saturday 8 July

“The globalists are setting us up for failure in World War 3!”
EU underestimates migrant crisis! May be flooded by 'biblical exodus' of millions Africans!
Replacement migration: Average IQ scores dropping across Europe!
Grenfell Tower: Tragedy isn't a valid defence for flouting immigration law
Police say London is a 'modern day slavery hotspot!'
'Jeremy Meeks' gang killed my son!' Mother's fury at his celebrity status
MAURITIUS: Janice Farman murdered! Gang stole jewellery and money and escaped in her car
Why abuse of the elderly is as bad as any hate crime! (It's worse)
81-year-old Koran teacher jailed for child sex abuse
It's official: Osborne's 'Project Fear' warnings during EU referendum were wrong
Emmanuel Macron investigated for $450,000 taxpayer-funded trip to Vegas!
FOREIGN AID: UK cash to be spent on overseas natural disaster insurance?
EU is demanding billions for things which might never happen
Hamburg day after left-wing 'intellectuals' protest against G20. 111+ police officers injured!
HAMBURG: Machine gun-wielding unit deployed to stop violent protests disrupting G-20
Lefties looting in Hamburg!
Looted by Lefties in Hamburg!
Nothing says "Down with Capitalism" quite like Calvin Klein underwear and Nike trainers!
HAMBURG: Will this police officer keep his job? Hope so!
Obama vindictive down to the wire
EGYPT: 'ISIS jihadis go on Christian killing spree' in fresh spate of attacks
Inside G20 Summit riots! Rioters and police during brutal clash
Law firm that hounded troops suspends paralegals who touted for clients among Grenfell victims!
Video shows close-up footage of Boeing 787 with monster chemtrail
Britain's first pregnant man gives birth to a baby girl? Institutionalised insanity!
Jay-Z accused of antisemitism on new album
George Clooney is a complete idiot!

Friday 7 July

Hamburg day after left-wing 'intellectuals' protest against #G20. At least 111 police officers injured!
Hamburg news updates as THOUSANDS of Lefties protest Trump, Putin
5-year-old boy ‘said sorry as he was battered to death' by mum’s boyfriend, Marvyn Iheanacho
HOLLAND: Nearly 10,000 migrants suspected of crimes!
Nigerian fraudsters pretended to be MPs, police and judges in £10million benefits scam
Teenager charged with terrorism offences
Trump issues full-throated attack on Islamic terrorism and government bureaucracy
Judge leading Grenfell Tower inquiry loses cool as he is heckled by residents/survivors
Linda Sarsour: "Our top priority... is to please Allah, and only Allah!"
Moment cop-hating Bronx gunman walked up to van and assassinated female officer
Ferrari GRILLS expert on spread of menacing extremists in UK jails
'Attention-seeking' Jemma Beale guilty of falsely accusing 15 men of rape/sexual assault
Drink 4+ cups of coffee a day? Higher proportion of abnormally-shaped sperm!
Christian protesting same-sex marriage shoves lemon meringue pie into Qantas CEO's face

Thursday 6 July

Black youth kicks Englishman in the head and kills him: jailed for just 4 YEARS (Out in 2?)
Manchester Arena attacker 'did NOT act alone!'
'EUROPE IS DYING!' Italian MP's furious rant at EU chiefs over migrant crisis
Bristol has among the highest levels of FGM in the country!
Vatican police break up drug-fuelled gay orgy at home of secretary of one of Pope's key advisers!
Bill Gates warns immigration is a serious issue - we should listen!
UK terror convictions rising, BBC Jihadist database shows
CNN's descent from a news organisation to Thought Police
Deliberately ram car into Eid worshippers? (Why no clamour over this terrorist? He's a Muslim!)
AMSTERDAM: Asylum seeker jailed for brutally raping 3 women at knifepoint
Scum women jailed over 'sickening' torture of vulnerable internet date
Vicar stole £14,500 from parishioners and church funds to pay for rent boys!
Chilcot says Tony Blair was NOT a ‘pretty straight sorta guy!’
We are NOT biased against Brexit, BBC's Jewish news boss tells MPs!
Pro-open border Clooneys plan to leave UK - They don’t feel safe because of terror attacks!
Jacob Rees-Mogg: The witty Brexiteer who isn't afraid of saying what he thinks

Wednesday 5 July

Saudi Arabia has 'clear link' to UK extremism, report says!
Tony Blair should be prosecuted over Iraq war, high court hears
ROTHERHAM: Police watchdog investigates whether ex-Commissioner lied on oath!
Downing Street accused of burying terror report to protect Saudi Arabia!
Bill Gates warns Germany's open door immigration policy will overwhelm Europe!
BROKEN BRITAIN! Nearly 46,000 children are now in dangerous gangs, says report!
Criminals on probation 'murder 76 people a year' and rape more than 1,000!
Police arrest 17-year-old over 'horrific' attack on woman in Leicester park
'Untouchable' drugs gang jailed!
Stalking victims being let down by police and prosecution service
Policewoman assassinated in New York, shot dead by 'cop-hating' Black!
Three-quarters of students will never pay off their loans! Debts highest in developed world!
Top Tory lesbian says foreign aid must be protected!
Families living in wealthiest parts of the country must accept new homes, says Sajid Javid
SNP shame as Scotland hospitals in 'CRITICAL condition'
EU tells Britain to take in more Med migrants!
MACRON BACKLASH: French leader savaged for acting like Versailles ROYALTY with new plan
Ex-Grenfell Tower resident admits rejecting TWO ‘inadequate’ flats
Severing ties with the EU starts in DAYS!
Christopher Hitchens on religion

Tuesday 4 July

Secret files reveal NHS bosses knew patients were being infected with contaminated blood!
ENGLAND 2016: "More than 1,200 children rescued from sexual, domestic, labour slavery!"
Gang chase and stab victim to death after smashing up his car
Haroon Syed plotted nail bomb attack at Elton John’s Hyde Park concert on anniversary of 9/11
Knife thug FREED 8 years early after court staff wrote wrong sentence on prison forms!
Rip off Muslim veil and say: 'It's our Britain, stick by our rules' - 15 months jail!
ISIS poster girl Sally James wants to come home? (Made bed, now lie)
Muslim migrant murders elderly Austrian couple
Sweden is home to 2,000 Islamist extremists - TEN X number before the migrant crisis
As Yarl's Wood residents moan about the food, what did they expect to eat in rural Beds?
Indigestion pills 'may increase the risk of an early death?'
Transgender model TV star jailed for £25,000 benefit fraud

Monday 3 July

'I am a sl*g... I drank, did drugs, slept with men older than me... I am only 13!'
Refugee jailed for trying to poison supermarket food still here – 7 years after being ordered out!
2014: Asylum seekers rake in millions by sub-letting London flats paid for by the taxpayer!
SWEDEN: 94.2% of gang criminals and 92% of rapists have foreign backgrounds!
White South Africans face perhaps the greatest threat to their existence in centuries!
Julian Assange hits back at threats from ‘tolerant liberals!’
Theresa May’s terror plans condemned by watchdog!
EU-funded Libyan coastguards are selling refugees to people smugglers?
Crisis on hospital wards as more nurses quit than join amid rising workloads and low pay!
British cyclist dies and two others injured after being hit by car in Romania
'You've lost!' Marr blasts Labour MP as she refuses to accept UK leaving single market
Deluded Diane Abbott insists Jeremy Corbyn WILL be PM!
Will Kids Company Camila and her BBC stooge EVER face the music?
PC Mohammed Khan Goes to war with Jonaya?
Sir Philip Green's daughter shares kiss with world’s ‘hottest convict?’ (Imagine my shock - NOT)
CLOWN WORLD: How Scary Spice lost her fortune

Sunday 2 July

Student union president, Zamzam Ibrahim, would like to 'oppress white people!'
"I call on my fellow Muslims to stop blaming VICTIMS of child sex gangs!"
Kevin Malthouse murder - 3 others in 'life-threatening' condition
Wombs for men? Operations on NHS so transgender born boys can have babies!
"An aircraft carrier with no planes is a metaphor for uselessness!"
BBC accused of using licence fee money for 'crazed' videos!
Former Morrisons security guard, now with ISIS, says the good days in Raqqa have gone!
Safety consultant hired to inspect Grenfell Tower urged council to hide failings?
Boss of building firm that owns Grenfell insulation company is a government adviser!
Police hunting mugger who dragged screaming woman, 92, along street
BBC struggle to find Rotherham Europhiles
BBC accused of using licence fee money for 'crazed' videos
UK to withdraw from 50-year agreement allowing 5 other countries to fish offshore?
Girls Aloud star knocks motorcyclist off bike then hurls abuse at him for denting Porsche!

Saturday 1 July

Foreign aid budget should be spent on problems here!
Foreign aid bill soars by 40%! Department's budget nearly doubles in 7 years
Students boast about VOTING TWICE in the General Election!
Europe’s attempts to solve migrant crisis are failing!
Should YOU be taking paracetamol?
'Why did 101 MPs vote against the will of the people?’ QT audience savages Remoaner voters
Joshua Stimpson charged over death of student in shopping centre car park
Doctor Henry Bello was fired for sexual harassment - Cue murderous rampage!
“According to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever... By raping me, he draws closer to God!”
British charity boss who fell for a bogus Calais refugee in fear of her life?
Ryanair, BA and Thomson cheat passengers out of millions by refusing to pay compensation?
Move to lower the voting age to 16 has nothing to do with young people's rights
Ferrari condemns Remainers for being 'more pro-European than pro-British!'
Macron's election promises DESTROYED as he's told France needs AUSTERITY
The rise of 'designer nipples?' (More designer brains needed!)
Mel B has squandered her $50 MILLION Spice Girls fortune

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