Daily News: February 2016

Monday 29 February

Muslim babysitter cuts off child's head - parades it around outside Moscow Metro!
Child sexual abuse in Halifax now! 25 ("mostly Asian") men charged!
Elite political class has LIED to us about immigration! (Lies x a million)
Blair's lethal lies over Iraq exposed: Former PM repeatedly deceived Cabinet
Sickening lies. Serial deceit. And proof Blair has blood on his hands
Why did the Chilcot inquiry fail to probe contradictions in Tony Blair's story?
The truth about Iraq that Chilcot has yet to tell
Cherie Blair's law firm banks £1.6m in a year after deals with dictatorships/autocracies
In or Out, here's 100,000 reasons why the EU is broken
British-born children held back by foreign pupils
Sharia in UK: Wife-beating and child marriages are a shocking reality!
Outrage as honeymoon murderer releases rap video from prison cell!
Branded a racist (by left-wing traitors) for bringing my sex abusers (Mohammed etc.) to justice!
Birmingham Council did not keeping proper missing children records for 6 YEARS!
Mohammed Syeedy charged with murder of Rochdale Imam
Islamic studies tutor raped 14-year-old girl, got her pregnant
Black couple stole £50,000 of cars during two-year burglary spree
Gang of Gipsy women let off bangers on Paris Metro as they stole from passengers
Operation Fear? More like Operation Pull The Other One!
What Europeans REALLY think of the EU!
Angela Merkel DEFENDS open door policy and slams protesters!
The corruption that fuelled Ukraine’s 2014 revolution won’t go away
Boy, 15, quizzed by Thought Police after deputy head found him looking up UKIP's website!

Sunday 28 February

Shocking claims Tony Blair led a mass migration conspiracy to ensure Labour's rule!
Pink Floyd star on why musicians are terrified to speak out against Israel
EU supremo, Jacques Delors, says it wouldn't be a problem if we left the EU!
Sharia in UK: Wife-beating and child marriages are a shocking reality!
British-born children held back by foreign pupils
BBC ‘tributes’ to Savile praising ‘safety of 60s’ are STILL online!
Whitewash by BBC's own Savile report ‘means there must be a full public inquiry’
Jewish MP: “Jewish Money” Runs UK Goverment!
Democracy has departed the West!
‘Shame’ over THOUSANDS of out of hours deaths
Is Obama too big too jail?
Rotherham child sexual abuse victims to take police to court
Sister of murdered teen Alan Cartwright speaks of agony a year after his death
Jessica Brady tells of sex assault on Tube after Ilyas Firah is jailed
SLOUGH: “Mohammed Younas committed atrocious offences on a young boy!"
E-fit of black man released after 'violent and unprovoked' attack in Croydon
Judge lets Romanian rapist back into Britain because it would break EU law to deport him!
From Communist to Neocon: The ethnic blindness of David Aaronovitch
Foreign Secretary hurls four-letter abuse at anti-EU rival!
£886million! The sum YOU pay in benefits to out-of-work EU migrants in just one year
Jude Law's minders attacked by Calais Jungle migrants during charity visit
Sanders campaign Australians steal Trump/Clinton hoardings? (This a Jewish thing, Bernie?)

Saturday 27 February

89% (90,431 voters) of Daily Express readers want to leave the EU! (VOTE!)
The Great migrant con! MPs accused of ‘cover-up’ - 630,000 registered to work here in 2015!
Rotherham savages, (Labour pets) Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain jailed for 79 years!
The Pakistani bus driver has raped 12 little boys and doesn't think he's done anything wrong!
Rotherham victim claims she was raped by town councillor 'Akhtar!'
SOMALIA: "Here, rape is normal!" (Normality brought to us by LibLabCon)
Sex-change 'carer,' 'Claire' Darbyshire, murdered father
BBC is already failing its impartiality test, claims Tory MP
School/Cop Mafia! “They are almost like the thought police. It’s shocking!”
Father beaten up by gang who gate-crashed his daughter's party
Tories at war!
Labour MP accuses John McDonnell of giving paedos & terrorists 'a free run' to join party!
The European Union - The great deception!
Politicians STUNNED as young anti-EU girl makes passionate Brexit case on Question Time
Malala Yousafzai: Trump’s Muslim immigration ban 'full of hatred!' (We MUST listen to her?)
More sexual harassment by foreigners in Germany
Rennes: Police warn people not to walk through town alone because of attacks by migrants
Six Muslims abduct Christian nurse and gang rape her repeatedly
28 dead: Burkina Faso terrorist attack ‘targeted white people’
Portland Community College ‘to shame whites’ for a whole month
Should Blacks pay reparations to Whites?
Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, to launch attack on Nigel Farage!
US plan B (like plan A) aims to destroy Syrian sovereignty

Friday 26 February

In BRITAIN girls as young as 6 are being forced to marry!
Cops 'took part in Rotherham child sex abuse and ignored pleas from victims!'
EGYPT: Muslim rapes granddaughter, 2 - Mother drowns child to preserve honour!
Black criminal goes straight and shoots dead 3 and wounds 14 more in Kansas factory!
EU's migration system is just ten days from 'completely breaking down!'
Algerian jailed for eight years for raping German student
One in five homeless in London are Romanians! Figures double over past year
More than 130,000 migrants have vanished in Germany! 13% of arrivals in last 14 months
Cameron's mentor Michael Howard says his EU deal is a 'failure!' Backs Brexit!
Top Tories say Cameron's EU deal will NOT cut migration!
Labour MPs ordered to join national campaign day to support the EU... apart from Jeremy Corbyn
Brexit is a return to normality, not a leap in the dark
Zuckerberg tells Facebook employees to stop crossing out 'black lives matter' on firm's graffiti wall
Afghan refugee takes class on "how to behave with women", promptly rapes Belgian woman
Former Labour MP, Tom Harris, is an unashamed Zionist!
Economist Magazine: Trump ‘Unfit,’ He 'Must Be Stopped!' (No media bias though)
Savile dressed as a Womble to rape 10-year-old boy and sexually assault girl, 12
Louis Theroux told BBC bosses Savile had slept with a 15-year-old - Not reported to cops
Quick, throw another DJ on the bonfire! It was only a matter of time for Tony Blackburn
Cancer drugs taken by more than 12,000 patients a year may be AXED in NHS funding crisis!
Zuckerberg tells employees to stop crossing out 'black lives matter' on Facebook's graffiti wall
Immigrant rapist gets to be deported after second rape? (Deportation unlikely)
2015: 25% of Norway's sex offenders have immigrant background
Woman raped and robbed in Doncaster - Cops provide no description of attackers
Migrants who threatened to cut throat of 6-year-old lied about age to get into classroom!
BBC abuse reports: Staff 'knew of Savile and Hall complaints'
SAVILE: Esther Rantzen's response defies belief (2012)
Esther Rantzen admits "in some way, we colluded with him (Savile) as a child abuser!"
Esther Rantzen wants cops to stop investigating historical child abuse investigations?
Swiss MP has had enough!
‘War in Syria robbed it of 40 years of social and economic development!’
Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook
NY Times Columnist jokes about assassination attempt ending Trump’s Campaign
"We're taking over this Country": Ottoman subculture threatens Germany - video

Thursday 25 February

Children born now have less chance of bettering their lives than those born in 1946!
Maternity wards are in meltdown - "FOREIGN-BORN WOMEN" and LibLabCon traitors to blame!
They knew and did nothing! Police and councillor ‘protected Rotherham grooming ringleader!’ Muslim says Pakistanis 'burying heads in sand' as 6 found guilty of Rotherham sex abuse!
"Carer" offered her home to young girls so Asian gang who 'owned Rotherham' could rape them!
Pakistanis must face up to this grooming evil Another ONE MILLION migrants are on their way!
Cutting migrant influx now a matter of survival for Europe, says Austria as it blasts the EU
French to LET migrants head for Britain! Former Labour foreign secretary Lord Owen says EU membership is 'dangerous for British security'
What’s good for big business isn’t always good for Britain when it comes to the EU
French President suggests EU states might expelled if right-wing governments come to power!
US warns Britain: If you leave EU you face barriers to trading with America
Downing Street admits Brexit ‘scaremongering’ letter WASN’T signed by ex-military chief
Falling like dominoes: Now Dutch wants own EU vote & Czechs say they might leave
First arrest after raids over toxic diet pill linked to 5 deaths
'Oh God Rob, I’m hit’ Last words of British terror victim as she dies in husband's arms
Gang member Anwar Hussain who 'murdered carer' can get damages - HUMAN RIGHTS!
Michael Tanouye tried to rape woman in jet toilet - NO JAIL!
‘Drunk migrant sparked BRAWL in asylum centre after trying to STAB worker in medicine row!’ Woman, 23, 'gang raped in street' sparking manhunt for group of 'dark-skinned' men
Maltby pensioner Tommy Ward dies in hospital 5 months after home raid
Deepcut sergeant ordered Cheryl James to have sex with another soldier night before she died!
Cops kill 'gentle' church caretaker! Thomas Orchard dies in custody!
As he looks forward to Super Tuesday, creep no. 1, Ted Cruz, pledges allegiance to Israel!
TRUMP: We won Nevada now let’s annihilate the Republican traitor bosses in Super Tuesday!
PILGER: "Obama's drone campaign is lawless violence on an unparalleled worldwide scale"
Cologne's top cop says most New Year's Eve sex attackers won't be caught! Blames 'bad CCTV'
I no longer give to charities whose bosses take home fat cat salaries
Saudis and Turks prepare air, sea and land war against Assad (More of the same then)
Raped and beaten daily! Yazidi woman details 9 months of hell as an ISIS sex slave
'Gang-raped' black girl now admits sex was consensual AND that she had sex with her own dad!

Wednesday 24 February

The greed of Big Pharma is killing tens of thousands around the world!
Most meat is tainted by GM! Cattle are routinely given modified feed!
DETROIT: 4-year-old white girl and mum burned to death by mum's black boyfriend
French Jewish teacher 'made up' knife attack by Isis thugs!
OOPS! Jeremy Corbyn's supporters face anti-Semitism investigation!
Iraqi who raped boy in Austrian swimming pool kept in solitary for his protection
Charles, the paedo bishop and a 23 year-old cover-up by the Church
So much for principles! Top Tories who flaunted anti-EU views now put careers first!
Supporters of PM's campaign to stay in EU rake in £94m in handouts from Brussels!
Tony Blair (bought-and-paid-for NWO prostitute) claims UK will break up if we leave EU!
Gove claims Cameron's EU deal is NOT legally binding and it could be undone by judges
Tories' fury as Sir Cover-Up freezes out anti-EU ministers!
Being preached at by this lot fills me with despair
Canadian Judge rules White scholarship would threaten “safety of the state!”
Israeli winner of Berlin Film Festival brands Netanyahu government 'fascist'
Belgium reintroduces border controls to halt arrivals from Calais 'Jungle'
Police in Cologne launch investigation into who leaked info about cover ups!
Capetown University: Negro students burn the culture of the "white devil"
Private school pupils dominate UK arts scene
Bankrupt 50 Cent taunts system/shares ANOTHER photo of himself with stacks of cash!
Fake tan, too short skirts: Luvvie Kristin Scott Thomas blasts UK women

Tuesday 23 February

We will continue to come in the hundreds of millions! (You have been warned!)
74 per cent of dodgy medics struck off in UK are foreign!
BBC's head of religion, Aaqil Ahmed, sneers at critics of Calais Jungle Songs of Praise
Now Cameron turns nasty with savage attack on Boris!
CAMERON: The hatred is now naked!
Well done, Boris Johnson - but now watch your back!
Black gang, who shot at police helicopter during 2011 riots, to appeal
Tomas Driukas shook his five-month-old daughter to death
Drug dealer Masum Ahmed jailed for life for murdering Shuel Ali Hussain
Darren Fu subjected youngster to 'appalling and brutal' sex attack
Black gang who shot at police helicopter during riot to appeal
Police seek 'dark-skinned' men after woman gang-raped in Burnley
'One-man crimewave' Japheth Wellington dragged pregnant woman from her Audi
Darren Fu subjected young lad to 'appalling and brutal' sex attack
AUSTRIA: 'Come here at night? I would rather order a taxi straight to hell!'
Migrants said they were 15, then raped boy at Swedish asylum centre and filmed it
The Human Tidal Wave
Wikileaks reveals Hollywood’s hand in repairing Israel’s broken image
Halal-bert Square: BBC to build a mosque on new £15m soap set
'We were WRONG, we are SORRY' Senior Labour MP pens open letter to UKIP voters
Britain’s Jewish Communist traitors
Wikileaks reveals Hollywood’s hand in repairing Israel’s broken image
The Fed is the only thing preventing complete US collapse!
Horrifying drug that turns users into 'CANNIBALS' hits Britain's streets!
Oklahoma University begins 'Year of Diversity' shaming students into admitting 'privilege!'

Monday 22 February

NORWAY: We will abandon international law if Sweden collapses!
Scented candles/air fresheners add to pollution that kills 40,000 a year in UK!
Cameron and the cynical lie that's festered for 45 years
Cameron tried to buy Boris off with Home/Foreign Secretary job!
Cameron's claims (lies) don't add up
Boris Johnson's views on Brexit have veered like a shopping trolley
Fury as Cameron says the idea of our being sovereign outside EU is an illusion!
Reform? No, we've achieved NOTHING!' says Iain Duncan Smith
Cherie Blair's rank hypocrisy (part two)
Anti-immigrant patriots cheer as planned refugee shelter goes up in flames
If it wasn't bad enough in the Calais jungle, now they've got Jude Law!
Number of migrants entering the Hungary from Serbia doubles
Swedish media hid race of Swedish woman's Berlin killer!
Syrian policy in meltdown as US backed rebels fight each other
Donald Trump Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs
A true Jewish gent, Mortimer Zuckerman, paints Donald Trump as the anti-Christ!
Hillary Clinton’s six foreign policy catastrophes
The Rotherham grooming scandal
Murder victim's terminally ill mum begs for suspect's extradition from India
Drunk plane passenger Jinu Abraham pulled down his trousers and urinated in the aisle
ISIS blamed for horror bomb attacks in Syria which kill 140
USA: Black man stabbed British tourist in head after he refused to give up his bag
USA: Black men rape and murder 15-year-old white girl
USA: Black? Male? Craigslist? The perfect roommate? what could go wrong?
USA: Bronx pit bulls attack: Black on white violence as bad as it gets

Sunday 21 February

Jeb Bush ends presidential bid after Donald Trump wins in South Carolina
Dave's on edge of disaster, says Cameron's former speechwriter IAN BIRRELL
Revolt of the EU rebels: Gang of Six race to defy Prime Minister
Michael Gove: We are freer, fairer and better off outside the EU
David Cameron's new EU deal could INCREASE migration to the UK, critics claim
Polish PM claims victory over Cameron after failed crackdown on migrant benefits
FARAGE: EU is a burning building! RUN for the exit door!
The six most negative pieces of 'remain' campaigning in the EU referendum
Full list of UK MPs - IN/OUT/Undecided
Tory chief Raj Singh 'hit and racially abused' local activist
Albanian drug dealers caught with £120,000 of cocaine in Corley
Irate customer Karzan Ahmed who smashed up Coventry bookies appears in court
"12-year-old" Afghan who assaulted British foster father is actually in his TWENTIES!
Crime in Berlin today
German journalists get instructions from US intelligence services?
58% of kindergarten children in Vienna don't speak German as their native language!
KOS Bishop: Foreign reporters pay refugees to play victims of drowning!
British pupils ordered to ‘CONVERT TO ISLAM’ for bizarre homework assignment
88% of South African cops are HIV-positive?
Serbian embassy staff kidnapped by ISIS killed in Libya by US bombers
Jewish big shot warns Iceland of 'negative repercussions' over boycott of Israel
Charity with links to Prince Charles is targeted in paedophilia probe!
Esther Rantzen wants cops to stop investigating historical child abuse investigations?
Gerald Depardieu's expletive-laden anti-Hollywood rant
'Olympic legend Jesse Owens tried to stop me giving black power salute at 1968 games!'

Saturday 20 February

Myrtle Cothill, 92, must return to S. Africa after losing deportation battle!
35.8 million tourists" visited Britain last year! (HOW MANY LEFT?)
Black gang murdered Grant Bodell in cold blood
GERMANY: Child raped “ruthlessly” at refugee centre by immigrants who filmed the assault
GERMANY: Refugees committed 208,344 crimes in 2014-2015!
GERMANY: Christian activist Heidi Mund charged with “agitation against the people!”
Now Germany threatens sanctions against EU states over immigrant chaos!
BELGIUM: Migrant rapes worker at asylum centre after attending course on how to treat women!
AUSTRIA: Girl, 14, gang-raped in school by migrants (Teachers, other pupils did nothing)
Danish PM says EU ‘cannot handle’ another year of refugees pouring into Europe!
Sweden must age-verify migrants after adults masquerading as kids attack, murder locals!
Invader crime crushing Swedish police!
Europe facing biggest terror threat in DECADE as THOUSANDS of ISIS militants at large!
Big shot Jew warns Iceland of 'negative repercussions' over boycott of Israel!
CAMERON'S CLIMBDOWN: Farage blasts 'pathetic' EU deal as PM caves in on migrant benefits
'Be brave Boris' David Cameron's ex-aide urges Johnson to join Brexit campaign
Cameron defends 'truly pathetic' EU deal as 'closest' friend Gove defects to Brexit camp
EU is turning Greece into a DESTITUTE slum, blasts FREDERICK FORSYTH!
EUneeds Britain MORE than we need them, business giant Theo Paphitis blasts
Anti-Brit Hope not Hate leader banned by Black Muslims! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Brit-loathing ANTIFA leader, Nick Lowles banned from Uni for being Islamophobic! Ha-Ha!
Hillary emails reveal true motive for Libya intervention
ASSANGE: A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war
Israel wants $50B from bankrupt USA!
NEW YORK: Jew caught red handed spray painting swastikas and anti-Jewish hate messages!
Jewish felons: The problem of criminality in observant communities
Saying Jews are white is 'anti-Semitic!'
Black teacher fired for saying Jews are ruining America
Strangling the Israel Boycott
Dozens of Turkish military vehicles cross Syria border, dig trenches!
US-supplied arms in hands of ISIS, Turkish president says!
EGYPT - Four-year-old boy sentenced to life in Egyptian for murder!
TOTTENHAM: Gyuldzhan Hadzhieva charged with murder of Shenol Erol Ali
NHS in 'financial free-fall' as deficit soars to staggering £2.3 BILLION in England alone
'I'd ban them if I could' Teacher blames sun bed tans for her skin cancer
Declassified papers reveal UK policy of accusing Soviets of everything!

Friday 19 February

Increase in diversity makes residents of an area feel unhappier, more socially isolated!
Let in more migrants, demand luvvies! (Force them on poor white folks, they don't count!)
145 celebs want more migrants! (Open up your mansions and bank accounts - problem solved!)
Top Tory activist quits the party in fury at David Cameron's failures on EU
'We'll kill any deal that is good for Britain!' (Martin Schultz' thoughts via Mail Online)
Immigrant bullies German boy (Politicians AND luvvies did this!)
British air strikes have killed or injured just SEVEN ISIS fighters in Syria
Dozens of Turkish military vehicles cross Syria border, dig trenches
'Russian operation in Syria is our salvation' says top Syrian Catholic bishop
150 'burned alive by Turkish military,' most of them Kurds
ISIS use chemical weapons against Kurds in Iraq (Who supplied them? Turkey? USA? Saudis?)
Erdogan’s son under investigation in Italy over allegations of money laundering
MPs call for probe into Cherie Blair's law firm and HSBC over alleged money laundering
Quadruple amputee who lost all 4 limbs to meningitis told to prove disability or lose benefits Martial arts expert Troy Ktori gets 12 years for murder of ex-soldier Charles McInally
Care worker Aleem Dass sexually assaulted terminally ill cancer patient
Blackmail gang forced a farmer to pay out almost £200,000 - He feared for his family
USA: Immigrant savage murdered family of 3 and their housekeeper after ransom paid

Thursday 18 February

Why DO so many Lefties and luvvies loathe this country?
White students undergo weekly ‘deconstructing whiteness’ program at US University!
Three million UK workers are now foreign! (This is what sheep vote for)
SCUM! Cherie Blair facing corruption probe threat over £420,000 deal with despot!
Cherie, human rights hypocrite! The damning dossier!
Tony Blair insists migration of two MILLION EU workers has been GOOD for the UK!
Red Ken compares Tony Blair's New Labour government to NORTH KOREA
Hoverboard teen stabbed in neck - Police seek Black man and Asian
Former Judge, Constance Briscoe, avoids £89,000 in costs for perverting course of justice
Child sex grooming ringleader says he was convicted due to anti-Muslim conspiracy!
Prithvi Sridhar raped student after offering to accompany her home from night out
Stockbroker turned drug dealer is jailed alongside Olympic hopeful boxer
Schoolgirls beat woman to death then took mocking Snapchat selfie
Depraved monster jailed for only 4 years as cops praise courage of girl he attacked
Six patients a week suffering botched operations on NHS!
Midsomer Murders - More PC indoctrination!
NORWAY: Children of Muslim refugees harass, kick local girl, steal her bike
Sweden forced to hire £65,000 a day cruise liner to house 2,000 refugees!
GERMANY: Huge influx of migrants blamed for a BILLION EURO shortfall in health service by 2017
GERMANY: Immigrant crime went up by 79% in 2015! Sex assaults and murder on rise!
AUSTRIA: Immigration has turned some areas into "no go zones" for women
USA: Lonnie Franklin jr. denies the murder of ten women
UK Open Borders leader says he’ll ‘bring UK Government to its knees!’
2014: Clinton's Jewish Treasury Secretary was behind the move to deregulate Wall Street

Wednesday 17 February

TRAITOR BLAIR: 1) We must give up more power to Brussels! 2) Mass migration is good for us!
Criminal convictions for EU migrants up 40% in 5 years! 700 found guilty every week!
US/UK have known since 2013 Assad did NOT use Sarin in Ghouta! Turkish false flag most likely
Labour MP: Forget sovereignty - I want UK to stay in EU because my BROTHER lives in France!
Junior doctor, Rose Polge, 'left suicide note mentioning Jeremy Hunt!'
PEGIDA spokeswoman: 'Forget decency, fight sex jihad.. Grab your pitchforks & protect Europe!'
'Battered woman,' Sophie Butler, stabbed batterer, Norasab Hussain, to death (OK by me)
Rochdale child sex ringleader convicted of 30 rapes uses 'human rights' to fight deportation!
Woman raped by asylum seeker tells court he 'shouldn't be allowed remain in the country'
Women smuggled into Britain as sex slaves by traffickers threatening black magic curses!
Nurse Florence Obadiaru smuggled Nigerian into UK to work as sex slave
Dr Eltayeb Elkhabir told Sinead Doyle "you have the devil in you!"
Enquiry hears Nigerian doctor attempted to take blood sample with a scalpel!
Fury as 'travellers' block busy road and leave motorists in freezing cold for 5 hours
900,000 patients with just ONE out of hours GP!
Swedish women set up vigilante 'molestation guards' in public pools
SWEDEN: Muslim arrested after pouring lighter fluid and torching attack victim!
Muslim belief is ‘closer to the teaching of Christ’ than some churches, says Christian Pastor
ORBAN: Immigrants are “a horde of evil”
Brexit won’t kill EU-UK trade – unless Brussels really is malicious and inept
The pro-EU brigade have hijacked Prince William! Eurosceptic fury!
Royalty is against its own nation! More power to the global few!
Nick Griffin talking sense on Islam, immigration, race
Luvvie Emma Thompson sneers at Britain! (Again! Sneering at Whitey seems to be her thing)

Tuesday 16 February

Data shows air-strikes on Syrian hospital launched by US-led coalition jet?
Paedo who called for sex with children to be legalised joins the Labour party!
Liberation of Aleppo: What the Western media doesn't want you to know
Russia is getting it RIGHT in Syria, it's the UK getting it WRONG, blasts ex-army chief!
Russian Ambassador drops a bombshell! USA expected ISIS to seize Damascus by October!
CIA knew of impending ISIS attack days before Paris!
DIVERSITY! 2-year-old left for dead by Nigerian family! They thought he was a witch!
Labour's candidate for London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has links to Islamic extremist!
London Mosque opened by Prince Charles now hotbed of radical activities
Mayor of London wannabe, Sadiq Khan, gave a speech as the 'black flag of jihad' flew!
Inside the London mosque where the ISIS Beatles came together
Try to stop girl bleeding to death? Palestinian? Get knocked out of your wheelchair by Israeli cop
Syrian refugee, Hassan Kiko, rapes 15-year-old Swiss schoolgirl- Gets just 4 years in jail
Young mum sexually assaulted and soaked by 'Indian appearance' men at Tesco
BBC commits another £3.5m to keep diversity schemes running!
Councils/Unis to be banned from boycotting Israeli goods! It 'undermines national security!'
Your child's life in their hands: Life and death calls to 111 answered by TEENAGERS!
Cover-up storm over heart victim's 20 calls to 111 hotline
Labour's candidate for London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has links to Islamic extremist!
Canada: Syrian refugees in Alberta welcomed with prayer: 'destroy enemies of Islam!'
Juma Munyankore gets 10 years for knife attack!
BBC criticises ex-director for siding with Israel! (No BBC bias when Danny Cohen was boss!)
SUPER DELEGATES! The 700 elite fixers of hte democratic party
Belgian Muslims sue Animal Welfare Minister for ban on on Halal slaughter
Arrested by Luton police for the crime of wearing “political uniforms!”
Pope + married woman = Saint John Paul 2! (Who knew?)
People in Spain/Italy live to a ripe old age - Bad news for Scandinavians and Brits
Homosexual soldiers' first kiss after wedding... (F***ing YUK! Why this b***ocks, Mail Online?)
Oh the irony! Even Stephen Fry hates the PC Twitter mob he helped create
The YUK bucket Grammies!

Monday 15 February

Muslims make up just one in 20 Britons but one in SEVEN prison inmates!
Surjat Mistry and Lemar Wali charged with murder of businessman
Teenage girl tells jury how ex-Luton policeman Mohammad Arshad raped her in his car
Tommy Robinson attacked, hospitalised - "Religion of Peace" again, Dave?
French Prime Minister warns more Paris-style terror attacks are a 'certainty'
Pope claims immigrants are "miracle seed" for a barren Europe
Jobsworths ban Who fan’s ‘offensive’ Union Jack jacket
Sanjeev and Minu Chopra kept female slave
Poll points to five-party Welsh parliament as UKIP support grows
Poll shows growing support for leaving EU
Scaremongering about EU exit is a cheap tactic
Jewish former Governor, Eliot Spitzer, tried to choke Russian woman in New York hotel?
Bush opposed racial profiling of Arabs on planes BEFORE and AFTER 9/11!
Greece: Police tear-gas anti-refugee protesters as scuffles erupt on Kos
Syrians thank Russia for liberation from US-backed moderate terrorists
Ex-President Jimmy Carter: The United States is an Oligarchy...
How the Clintons enabled the 2008 economic crisis and financial coup d'etat
NHS call handler with no training was left alone to deal with 400,000 people
Now BAFTAS hit by w***ers protesting lack of Black nominees
Blair to bang drum for Brussels - Brexit camp delighted
Kanye West $53million in debt! Asks Mark Zuckerberg for help

Sunday 14 February

GERMANY: Immigrant pushes young woman under a subway train!
DENMARK: Muslim rapes 18-year-old while she lies with her head in her own vomit
GERMANY: Migrants stab father who escapes onto frozen lake with his child - Child dies!
GERMANY: Refugee with knife rapes bakery employee!
Offenbach/Germany: Muslim immigrant beat up 10 year old girl
Englishman, 57, raped with a zucchini in German park by 'Southerners!'
Second person killed at a Swedish refugee centre in space of a month
Gypsy beggar gangs in Sweden - part 1
Gypsy beggar gangs in Sweden - part 2
Mahibur Rahman deliberately knocked down group of revellers - WHY? The road was blocked
Iraqi "Britons" arrested gun-running in Turkey
Black teen repeatedly kicked woman in face before launching horrific scissor attack
9/11 was your brother's fault! Trump says Jeb Bush's brother 'lied' about WMDs
Syria’s winners and losers are becoming clear
'It's a national SCANDAL!' Deadly diseases from past return to UK!
Grandma dies of thirst on NHS ward (Nurse wouldn't give her a drink in case she wet the bed)
How they misled voters before on the EU
Family break-ups cost taxpayer £48billion a year in extra welfare and legal costs!
Migrant patients costing Britain four times what they pay into NHS
NHS is to blame for 400 suicides a year?
Sacked manager: ‘I deserve the £800,000 NHS had to pay for calling me a whore!’
Ten ways you've FAILED Britain, Mr Cameron!
Greedy MPs claim £800,000 in freebies in last year alone!
Saudis tells UN, aid workers to leave areas near rebel bases in Yemen
Merkel's attack dog threatens trade war after Brexit, says 'You can't survive without us!'
Countryfile is bigger than The X Factor!
JOHN CLEESE: We can't have comedy and be politically correct at the same time

Saturday 13 February

Ignored by the PC Crowd, mass migration and multiculturalism encourage contempt for women
A terrifying truth LibLabCon still won't face - Gangs of Pakistani men target white girls!
French Mayor calls for a ban of Islam 'the only solution for most of France's problems!'
Jobless Britons denied work in favour of Eastern Europeans! (12 years of this!)
Beyoncé's Black Lives Matter Super Bowl poster boy was high on drugs then stabbed me!
Pub landlord 'told by council officers to remove Union Jack jacket because it might offend people'
HUMAN RIGHTS! Identities of suspected killers/rapists on the run kept secret!
'We're full' says Austrian Foreign minister - No more refugees!
Eurozone austerity? For many but not for the privileged few!
Cameron will wheel out Obama to make the case for staying in the EU
The beginning of the end for Schengen?
Even Ed Balls admits the EU needs 'proper borders'
Tory MPs threaten revolt against Osborne over £34 billion tax raid on pensions!
Exposed: Sadiq Khan's family links to extremist organisation
Leon Brittan was ‘against banning paedophile rights group!’
‘15-year-old boy' who murdered Swedish social worker is in fact an adult
Dutch village gets what it voted for!
Norway’s “please don’t rape” classes!
Arthur Simpson-Kent charged with murder of ex-EastEnders star Sian Blake and her children
Ibraheem Giwa is jailed for gang rape of 11-year-old in East Ham
Factory owner, Mohammed Rafiq, jailed for slave workforce - Hungarian traffickers also jailed
Taxi driver who planned to go to Syria with jihadi bride found guilty of terror offences
Marcus Bent guilty of affray and possessing a meat cleaver and cocaine - NO JAIL!
Former World's Strongest Man fined £40,000 when refugees found hiding in UK-bound lorry
Obama’s SEAL Team 6 - a cover up?
Beyoncé's 'Black Lives Matter' Super Bowl poster boy was high on drugs when he stabbed me!
Queen of cynicism: No stunt's too shameless for Beyonce
Purdue University staff member calls for rape of pro-life college students!
Netanyahu's bullying wife and the former housekeeper awarded £30,000 in damages
Zionist, Charlie Wolf, loses it on-air: “Shut it Mr. Barrett!”
Jewish domination Of British media - 2015
Alphabetical list of Whites murdered In South Africa since 1994 - Help required

Friday 12 February

Number of sex attacks at this year's Cologne festival nearly 4 TIMES higher than 2015!
GERMANY: Leftie politician stabs himself 17 times then says he was attacked by the Right!
Heppenheim: Four Afghan refugees molest 17-year-old German
Orban accuses Germany and Turkey of secret pact to flood Europe with 500,000 more illegals!
Traitors' immigrant pals beat up young woman in Paris subway
Brussels in SHOCK as Italian PM declares: 'EU is like orchestra on Titanic'
Imam says Danish Government should let Muslims have child brides! (Part of their culture)
Austrian serial sex criminal - Muslim
Child sexual exploitation report reveals 310 girls and 40 boys victims in North East England
Ex-boyfriend stamped on pregnant woman’s stomach! Black savage gets life in jail
Speeding driver (black) who killed two young sisters gets just 4 years!
Tesco worker (non-native) attacks shoppers! (Thanks, LibLabCon)
Vigilantes patrol town after reports of rape threats being made against school children
Cousin of 'terror twins' helped friends travel to Syria and join ISIS
NHS doc Julius Awakame told victim of satanic abuse she needed an EXORCISM! (Not struck off)
Slovakian children 'told English to bow down to them' (Thanks, LibLabCon)
Migration minister's town snubs request to take Syrian refugees! (Refugees = For plebs only!)
LITTLEJOHN: Gay jihadis, human rights and an ISIS cell in Cirencester!
Transgender girl, 13, now only boy in an all-girl grammar school! (Revolution behind schedule!)
Tina's boyfriend was a druggie so Social services took her kids away - Tina killed herself
Jon Gaunt destroys Weyman Bennett (UAF) over Tommy Robinson's right to speak at University
Henry Kissinger’s genocidal legacy: Vietnam, Cambodia and the birth of American militarism
It’s almost over for Hillary: This election is a mass insurrection against a rigged system
Bernie Sanders’ brother gets front line role with British Green Party!
UK Envoy: British-Israel relationship stronger & deeper than ever!(In Westminster bubble, maybe)
‘We've SURRENDERED control of our nation’ by staying in EU, blasts Farage!
FARAGE: Cologne shows we should leave EU! ‘Notting Hill’ types won’t even mention migration!
Surging number of attacks in German migrant centres sees Christians/women/gays flee Muslims!
Turkey orders EU to hand over MORE cash or it will unleash MILLIONS of migrants on Europe!
Headteacher tells parents to stop their kids URINATING in playground! (Ethnicity?)
JAILED: Pervert ex-cop who took thousands of photos up girls' skirts
Top Gear: photo of new host Rory Reid (black) posing with shotguns

Thursday 11 February

In 2014, a top US Air Force scientist admitted HAARP weather control was no conspiracy theory!
BREITBART: Rolling coverage of Europe's refugee and immigrant crisis
GERMANY: A 75-year-old Grandmother speaks out!
Algerian shouted 'Inshallah' as he raped German student, then asked if she had enjoyed it
Trump thumps Merkel on migrant madness!
Swedish cops trying to rescue 10-year-old rape victim forced to flee angry immigrants
Ron Paul slams Government plan for 'mandatory depression screening" of all Americans!
Treated as a criminal for trying to protect the public: Special Constable, Andrew Blades
LITTLEJOHN: From the US to the EU, we're seeing nothing less than a revolt against smug elites!
Ayoub Khalifa admits raping another man in Sunderland city centre
Churchyard rapist Ahmed Mohammed Bakr Hassan jailed for five years
Luton councillor Mohammed Ashraf to face trial over travel agency fraud
Usman Tahir ‘targeted and preyed on vulnerable women’
Ramazan Karapinar charged with string of sex assaults in south London
Mawadat Kazmi smashed a bottle into a youngster's face, scarring him for life
Hunt is on for lawyer Nisa Ul Haq convicted of human trafficking
1922 Committee Chair says up to 100 Tories ready to campaign to leave the EU!
Vengeful persecution of whistle blowers in the NHS is yet another triumph for Lord Leveson!
White guilt propaganda video shown to High School students (Situation normal)
Female prison guard on the run with immigrant who raped 15-year-old girl

Wednesday 10 February

Victory for Trump in New Hampshire with 35 per cent of the vote!
Humiliation for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire!
DEEPCUT: A horrifying regime of violence and sexual abuse
DEEPCUT: Police failed to quiz men in 'Deepcut love triangle'
Corbyn condemns PEGIDA, praises diversity during visit to London mosque!
Corbyn to deny Jack Straw chance to join House of Lords because of IRAQ? (Good for Jezza!)
Corbyn suggests Blair should face trial for war crimes over Iraq war! (A treason trial also!)
The creeping corruption of Britain's civil service
Three million more unwanted immigrants on the way!
AUSTRIA: American girl helps homeless Muslim “refugee” - He rapes and strangles her
6,000 invader “incidents” per day in Germany!
Norwegian Police Chief warns mass immigration threatens civil unrest!
The REAL reason junk food is so bad for us
The hell of chronic fatigue can drive sufferers to suicide
FTSE hits 3-year low: Bank shares take a beating on another day of market turmoil
Black-on-black stabbing outside of McDonald's in Bromley
Taxi driver Zafar Iqbal Qurashi who attacked woman outside Tesco is spared jail
Fraudster, Luis Nobre, posed as Pope’s banker to fleece Dutch firm out of £73million
Zimbabwe drought - population need food aid (More refugees on way?)
ISIS in Iraq slaughters three hundred people in Mosul
George Osborne's psychiatrist brother begged patient (his suicidal lover) not to report him
Council fells 3,000 trees in England's greenest city!
'Drugs ring' in Met Police chief's stately backyard?
Lenny Henry jokes about setting Charlotte Rampling's house on FIRE!
Kanye West declares Bill Cosby innocent!
2007: Kuwaiti woman, Salwa El Mtayri, wants to make Christian women sex-slaves!

Tuesday 9 February

Sepsis kills 44,000 people in the UK each year!
ZIKA VIRUS will send human race back TWO MILLION YEARS! (This the latest CIA toy?)
Jewish fraudsters fleeced investors out of £79.5million and blew it on Bentleys and yachts!
Mother of boy, 10, raped by Iraqi now regrets telling her kids 'migrants need our help!'
After 12 Asians gang-rape white child, Muslim councillor says some think she's partly to blame!
Child rapist Choudhry Hussain flees UK after being allowed to attend funeral
Sickening moment teenager punches elderly man unconscious
Top doctor says immigrants are bleeding NHS dry!
We can put refugees on buses!" Leaked memo shows Erdogan blackmailed Europe for billions!
Establishment election fraud exposed! TRUMP - More establishment voter fraud!
American women aren't voting for Hillary Clinton?
EU on brink of 'terrifying crisis' Five of Europe's big banks are in danger, warns expert
Deutsche Bank is shaking to its foundations! (How to destroy a country by Angela Merkel)
TREASON! Sharia-run Government buildings in London where alcohol is BANNED!
David Cameron has just become the best advert for leaving the EU!
The EU is a "ball and chain around the ankles of our economy!"
Calais Jungle in Dover MORE likely if UK STAYS in the EU, blasts Tory MP!
Ex-Labour Minister comes out for Brexit
PC gone mad: NASA accused of censoring Christians 'after BANNING the word Jesus'
Is one in ten of our kids really mentally ill?
France's far-right FN Party are ISIS' top target
Black people invented everything!

Monday 8 February

12 Muslims repeatedly gang-raped 'utterly worthless' white schoolgirl, 13!
YOKO ONO: I had a fling With Hillary Clinton in the 1970s! WOW!
Black Panthers? Egomaniacal slags can preach anti-White violence at the Superbowl now?
New documents cast doubt on Julian Assange rape charges in Stockholm!
Ron Paul slams Cruz and Hillary: They are both "owned by Goldman!"
Madeleine Albright: 'There's a special place in hell for women who don't help' Hillary!
Grandmother dies after Dr Sherine Ibrahim refused her a vital scan at weekend?
AUSTRALIANS? Dylan Djohan, Ashwin Kumar, Waleed Latif rape 17-year-old in Croatia! NO JAIL!
Seven arrested in Spain for 'supplying arms to ISIS' disguised as humanitarian aid
Afghans who attacked Munich pensioners after sexually abusing women arrested
One in four Germans say they back a policy to shoot unwanted illegal refugees at their borders
PEGIDA! Irish leader hospitalised, former French General arrested!
Deodorant and antiperspirants a DANGER to your health?
Carers accused of 'diabolical attitudes' from being late to neglecting patients BORIS: WHY didn’t Cameron try harder to claw back control of our borders?

Sunday 7 February

Rotherham councillors and cop accused of 'sex with abuse scandal victims!'
Oregon rancher Robert Finicum murdered by Obama's FBI/OSP terrorists?
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchs
Corbyn urged to act against 'systematic misogyny' of Muslim men in Labour party
Every 96 minutes woman in UK genitally mutilated! (LibLabCon responsible)
Austrian teen gets same sentence for swastika tattoo as refugee for anal rape of 72-year-old!
Waitress raped on way home from Cologne carnival as sex assaults DOUBLE
Sexual and violent invader attacks in Saxony
NORWAY: Migrants should be rounded up and put into detention centres says politician
Muslim cop, Tariq Dost, arrested for assaulting a child
Care Home boss, Yousef Khan, guilty of the manslaughter of Ivy Atkin, 86
Leicester: Disgraced Muslim solicitor convicted of £1m stamp duty fraud (Appeal fails)
Christmas Day carjacker dragged victim along the ground
Nigerian arrested as €150,000 worth of cannabis seized
Disgraced lawyer Nisa Ul Haq given 5.5 years jail for human trafficking
Black passenger battered train manager when asked for ticket
3 black men attacked walker in Wigston
Nigerian arrested as €150,000 worth of cannabis seized
Woman robbed at knifepoint while waiting for a bus - Black man sought
Black burglar sought
Police smash black gun gang
Majid Zameer threatened threatened a female guard at Stockport station
BIRMINGHAM - Jailed in January - Gallery of criminals locked up last month
OFSTED's Stalinist Thought Police should be flogged/branded!
HITCHENS: Go ahead and vote OUT... we'll NEVER leave the EU!
Tried for a sex crime... because I brushed past a film star in rush-hour
Help For Heroes 'drove soldier to verge of suicide,' bullied whistleblowers
Anti-Islam protests by far-right group PEGIDA in Britain, Europe, Australia
UK prisons now JIHADI RECRUITING GROUNDS due to hardline anti-western imams
ISIS auction off decapitated heads as sick jihadists explore grisly new avenue of income
Guernsey REFUSES to take in refugees as island's ‘Islamophobia’ means they aren't safe
EU FARCE: Abu Hamza’s criminal daughter-in-law who is 'severe UK threat' CAN'T be deported
How can we trust the PM when he says he would still join the EU?
EU must stop giving aid to countries refusing to take back failed asylum seekers!
Fat cat who gets taxpayer cash to house asylum seekers on salary of £960,000 a year
VIENNA: Iraqi rapes boy at swimming pool, says it was a 'sexual emergency - No sex in months
Internet paedophiles being let off with just a warning!

Saturday 6 February

#RIPTwitter: Twitter will soon be run by an algorithm and people are furious!
Trump must challenge secret computer counts in NH & SC!
Somalis live by their own laws and cause devastating repercussions in Britain!
Nigerians' reputation for crime has made them unwelcome in Britain says country's president!
4,630 men & 1,492 women died by suicide in 2014!
'What has the Church come to?' Gucci plans Westminster Abbey fashion show!
Muslim women 'stopped from becoming Labour councillors' by Muslim men! Labour looks away!
One-in-four Germans support using firearms against immigrants!
LibLabCon imported this, then called us "racist" when we complained!
AUSTRIA: Cops hid refugee attack on child!
10-year-old boy raped by Iraqi immigrant at pool in Vienna!
EU says Foreign criminals with British children cannot be automatically deported!
British teen, 18, walking home from work in Spain, gang-raped after being dragged into car
SWEDEN: Parents rage after Government announces migrant camp in grounds of school!
Sadistic 'Reservoir Dogs' gang jailed for a total of 71 years
“Rape is natural” say refugees in Belgium!
BELGIUM: 5 Rapefugees and "radicalised boy" gang-rape drunk girl at a party
The Clintons’ political legacy of dishonesty
‘I want my country BACK!’ Farage SLAMS politicians for thinking UK can't run itself
Imtiaz Baig groomed a teenager on Facebook then raped her in a hotel
Sadistic 'Reservoir Dogs' gang jailed for a total of 71 years
Gang tortured victim by stabbing him and flaying his skin
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: I don't like white men, I want them to be a lost species!
Seattle Mayor launches rules to force local businesses to comply With SHARIAH LAW!
Ron Paul warns Republicans not to vote for Ted Cruz!
Refugees go clubbing in Russia, harass girls, wake up in hospital next morning!
CAMERON! We might throw out your deal, MEPs warn
DRESDEN: The worst war crime of World War 2!
Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance. Why did we burn its people?
The ‘ISIS terrorist claiming to be a Syrian refugee’

Friday 5 February

Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!
92% of Brits want to QUIT the EU!
EU on brink of 'terrifying crisis' Five of Europe's big banks are in danger!
Attitudes harden towards refugees from Syria and Libya!
Pound will collapse if Britain leaves the EU? Goldman Sachs guilty of 'hysterical scaremongering!'
BELGIUM: 7 men 'laughed, danced and sang in Arabic as they gang-raped unconscious girl,' 17! "The people do not want Germany... to become a different country!"
"Arabic should be mandatory for all children in schools in Germany!"
Young woman raped in Cologne! Afghan refugee suspected (Will Merkel be tried for treason?)
Cologne victim reveals her terror after ambush by 'North African' men on New Year's Eve
Germany ‘receives HUNDREDS of tip-offs that ISIS jihadis pose as refugees'
Germany: Gang of youths punishes Kiosk owner for selling alcohol
Five black immigrants kidnapped girl and gang-raped her for days
Swedish police attacked, struggling in 'NO GO ZONES' as migrant crime rockets
15-year-old Danish girl was waiting for a taxi when Muslims attacked her for the fun of it
CALAIS MAYOR: Deport British "No Borders" scum who tell Calais migrants to ATTACK cops!
Abuse, violence & rape threats by migrants! Crewe residents accuse cops/school of cover-up
This ethnic creep tried to grab a 12-year-old schoolgirl in Kirkby!
Who will speak for the Tory Party? Cameron doesn't
Moscow claims Turkey is planning to INVADE Syria!
Did Hillary give Wall Street special favors in exchange for $675,000 in speaking fees?
Could antacids halt cancer in its tracks?
DIY skills are dying out in men
May Appleton, 87, forced from home she's lived in for 60 years by housing association!
PC Sarah Cohen sacked for helping paedo fiance!
Israelis jailed for burning to death Palestinian teen, (2014 Gaza slaughter followed)
Israeli ambassador recalled to Jerusalem - Late-night visits to London residence a concern
Bernie Madoff had secret plan to destroy evidence of his $64billion Ponzi scheme
2010: Oliver Stone - Jewish control of the media is preventing free Holocaust debate!
How Britain's most multi-cultural high street USED to look!

Thursday 4 February

European court challenges Britain's right to deport foreign criminals!
Ted Cruz dirty tricks 'stole' Iowa caucuses! Trump calls for new election
Trump calls for NEW ELECTION in Iowa after Ted Cruz 'stole' victory
Iowa's secretary of state condemns Cruz over deceitful campaign mailshot!
Trump supporters think Microsoft fixed it for Rubio in Iowa!
Trump supporters accuse Microsoft of rigging the caucus against Trump!
Did Microsoft rig results to damage Donald Trump campaign?
Jewish media mogul, 92, steps down as head of CBS - Replaced by Jewish media mogul, 66
Zuckerberg's Facebook pays just 4% corporation tax around the world! (Zuckerberg is Jewish)
Microsoft (2nd biggest corporate donor to Rubio) technology counts votes in Iowa!
Scores of immigrant trouble-makers moved to single Stuttgart camp
Cologne NOT a one-off! Sexual harassment ('by North African young men') is Europe-wide!
Migrant crisis countries see quality of life plummet!
5,000 migrant children disappear into criminal underworld of abuse in Germany?
Police in mass raids across Germany hunting ISIS jihadis (beckoned in by Merkel)
Scores of immigrant trouble-makers moved to single Stuttgart camp
Merkel's popularity at 5-year low as immigration spirals out of control
Not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrants. Sweden’s record is shameful!
50+% of French don't want Muslim in-laws & think Jews too rich/powerful/care more for Israel!
David Cameron vows to give BILLIONS more to Syrian refugees in bid to ease crisis
Cameron finds another £1.2 billion for Syrians!
Cameron prompts anger telling MPs to ignore views of eurosceptic grass roots members!
EU deal FARCE: PM's plan is ALREADY falling apart!
EUROSCEPTICS GAGGED: Boris silenced with top job, Gove too 'scared' to call for Brexit
Rejected for a restaurant job? Polish staff 'REFUSE to work with English!'
Cambridge student who vanished in Egypt stabbed many times, burned and suffered slow death
Navinder Sarao, who helped spark £350billion Wall Street crash, made £4m in one day! Young Londoners forced out of capital because of 'housing shortage and ballooning rents!'
RMT chief says Tories should be shot!
Abulancewoman head-butted/punched and colleague assaulted by patient Gankhuyag Aldtangere
Robots and AI to 'ELIMINATE' all human work by 2040!
UK TERROR WARNING: ISIS threaten DOOMSDAY ATTACK on major tourist spots in London
Move to England, The Welfare Country! (Tory Councillor branded ‘racist’)
Rising number of EU students apply to British universities as UK applicants fall
'Top Secret' Hillary emails contained names of CIA operatives?
Asylum-rejected Afghans attack pensioners - Afghanistan too dangerous to deport attackers!
UN panel 'rules in Julian Assange's favour'

Wednesday 3 February

BBC jobs reserved for 'diversity' candidates only!
Leftie Guardian clamps down on 'toxic' free speech on 'race, immigration and Islam!'
Top German journalist admits German media only says what government wants it to say!
Not only Germany covered up mass sex attacks by immigrants, Sweden’s record is shameful!
Stockholm neo-Nazi “attack” invented by controlled media!
All you Swedes can DIE! DIE! DIE!
Race War Sweden: Moslems stage revenge attack!
Hey, Sweden! Hey, Merkel! Hey, LibLabCon! Check out the diversity!
A German girl wonders why...
Financial MELTDOWN set to sink EU as German banks lose £14,292,610,000.00 in 90 DAYS!
Shock video highlights attitudes of migrants towards Germans!
Germany will spend £450 MILLION housing up to 10,000 refugees at Holiday Inn hotels!
The end for Merkel? Chancellor’s popularity PLUMMETS as Germany faces £36bn migrant bill!
Fury as politician tells young girls to 'STAY AWAY from migrants to avoid sex attacks'
Diversity free Iceland still ranked most peaceful nation on earth!
15-year-old Danish girl blinded for the fun of it by African Muslims!
DENMARK: Female victim of refugee molestation to be prosecuted for defending herself!
Homeless Italian dies of cold in cardboard box home next to 4-star hotel housing 'refugees!'
A MILLION migrants arrived in Europe by land, air and sea
What has happened to the West and its men?
9-year-old UK Muslim saved from marriage to Afghan cousin, 18!
Romanian immigrants exploited EU law to import girls for use in sex racket
Black thief jailed after stealing laptop from six-year-old boy's funeral!
USA: Lakim Faust wanted to kill as many white people as possible!
Fugitive Jewish fraudster caught in South Africa after 10 years on the run
'Lord' Morris Mendoza, who speaks on behalf of Weymouth Jews, unmasked as a 'sex pest!'
60% of French believe Jews bear some responsibility for recent rise in anti-Semitism!
Household plastics additive link to premature birth!
Cameron's EU deal - Tory MP says ministers are now 'POLISHING POO!'
Cameron’s EU deal is a JOKE: PM blasted for ’a slap in the face for Britain!’
'Reject this pathetic deal' Farage slams PM for 'utter surrender' to EU dictatorship
A deal full of spin and sell-outs! What Cameron wanted out of the EU and what he got
Big majority of Telegraph readers reject David Cameron's EU deal
Household plastics additive link to premature birth!
Jimmy Carter: US campaign funding is 'legal bribery'
BANGLADESH: Young woman has ACID thrown in her face by husband after row over dowry
Patriotic and anti-Fascist protesters clash in Dover
Daryush Valizadeh (Roosh V) thinks rape on private property should be legalised!

Tuesday 2 February

Political correctness is killing comedy, says John Cleese! (It's killing our whole world!)
Mum of girl, 16, raped by 3 Somalis was terrified of attackers' relatives!
Rape cases doomed by poor evidence
Violent migrant drug dealer CAN’T be deported – because he WANTS to stay in UK!
Refugee dad arrested for attempted murder after children thrown from window in Germany
GERMANY: 350,000 migrants will get unemployment benefit this year!
Asylum seekers to cost Germany €50bn within 2 years – forecast
Muslim in Germany! "I sh*t on Germany! I sh*t on Germany!" (Thanks, Merkel)
LEIPZIG: Police chief warns of "pogrom mood" in the population
35 TIMES more refugees have landed in Greece compared to this time last year
Migrant centre banned from holding memorial to murdered social worker in case it upsets refugees!
Immigrants attack pensioners who stood up for woman they were harassing
Zimbabwean farmers evicted in favour of 'British' doctor! (Runs weight-loss clinic, Nottingham)
Russian air-strikes help ISIS says Hammond (Yet ISIS is in retreat since Russia intervened!)
Our troops may be forced to free prisoners of war... because of human rights!
Justice? Al Qaeda police killer gets legal aid... The same amount victim's family got!
'My perfect daughter was stitched up' says dad of jihadi mum
PM blasted over 'SHAM' EU deal: Cameron is 'playing us all for FOOLS'
EU referendum: Don't wait, vote NOW in Express' exclusive poll!
Leicester schools join refugee welcoming project (Lemmings)
Britain First claim 'censorship' after Facebook removes Luton 'Christian March' video
The funding of Pro-Israel Senators and Congressman

Monday 1 February

Immigration is causing serious social breakdown
At least 10,000 refugee children vanish into sex work/slavery after arriving in Europe!
MoD blocks release of Deepcut death files! (Total corruption at the top? Who knew?)
Statins DOUBLE the risk of diabetes!
Swedish towns have become terror hubs. Lawlessness is rampant, violent crimes skyrocket!
GERMANY! Muslims rape little girl for 30 hours, top cop sides with Muslims!
Germany’s vice chancellor calls for Eurosceptic party to be monitored by government!
ANOTHER Merkel U-turn: Refugees must ALL leave Germany once ISIS is defeated
Turkey shells civilian homes on Syrian border, Russian MoD has video proof!
No apology: Oliver Letwin stands by £3m Kids Company bailout ahead of MPs' damning report
ISIS suicide bombing at Muslim shrine kills at least 60 people
Mental health care is in crisis after government cuts
So It Begins: Bloomberg Op-Ed Calls For An End Of Cash
Clinton gets $6 million from Soros! Money winners revealed ahead of Iowa caucus
Poachers arrested after helicopter pilot, Roger Gower, murdered in Tanzania
NIGERIA: Boko Haram burns children to death and kills 50 villagers
Iraq witch-hunt lawyers set sights on Afghan claims
Why does Cameron escape blame over collapse of Kids Company in scathing report?
Israel forcibly injected African immigrants with birth control!
Jeremy Corbyn won't back Britain!
Israel spied on the U.S. even before the state was founded!
Watch out Tony! Cherie's quietly getting filthy rich too!
Are You Being Served star John Inman sexually assaulted boy, 13, in 1970s?
Student, Saima Ahmad, demands lifetime supply of chocolate! (No wafer in KitKat)
Boob job scrounger? Media-made icon of the modern age, more like!

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