Daily News: October 2014

Friday 31 October

Fireman Sam creator versus PC slime at Gatwick
Cops 'put cap on arrests' in sex abuse inquiry! (WHY?) Dozens of paedos still on streets
Mixed-race single mums and kids with no dad - £100k vision of a 'Real Birmingham Family!'
Confirmed: Our foreign aid fuels corruption!
Home Office helped rewrite Fiona Woolf's letter seven times over links to Brittan!
Teenage drug use by teens doubles in a decade! A fifth of 15/16-year-olds using drugs
Soft justice Britain: Ministers admit 32 murderers and rapists are on the run
27 children sexually exploited in Stoke-on-Trent in 2013 - dozens more still at risk
CCTV image of black man who randomly stabbed a stranger in Walthamstow
UNUSUAL! Wanted rapist, Tahir Shah, hands himself in at Blackburn Police Station
CCTV appeal after Asian indecently assaults teenager on Leicester bus
Woman feared African student Obinna Nwafor would 'strangle her to death'
Mustafa Osman, who raped a 23-year-old woman, gets 8.5 years
‘Holocaust' critic defrauded Austria and his aunt
UKIP popularity upsets comedienne: disagrees 'vehemently with UKIP’s views on immigration'
How our EU bill doubled thanks to Tony Blair
Bishop quits post after report accuses him of covering up for paedo priest
Trendy teaching is inefficient and harmful
Fiona Woolf: Abuse victims call for inquiry head to quit
More children talking to ChildLine about suicide
ISIS exacts bloody revenge on Sunni leaders who sided with Iraqi government
Miliband facing Scottish wipeout
Primary school teacher by day but BURGLAR by night
Don't weep for these so-called British jihadis
ISIS: Children as young as FIVE trained to fight and kill
Anas Sarwar Resigns As Deputy Leader Of Scottish Labour
Clegg aide tried to spin drug report
Clegg and a deadly gamble over drugs
'UK intervention in Afghanistan was a waste of life'
Woman and her grand-daughters murdered by mob in Pakistan
8 women come forward to accuse Canadian radio celeb Jian Ghomeshi of sexual abuse

Thursday 30 October

Field reports! Army cadet poppy seller threatened! Adelso Saws charged
"Child sexual exploitation the new social norm in some areas," says Ann Coffey, MP
Curbing immigration would be a 'disaster' for Britain, says Tony (traitor) Blair!
Jayda Fransen confronts Tories and tells Muslims Rochester is English town
Tesh Ndlovu: "We've taken measures to eliminate all white people in South Africa!"
"Diversity" is a genocidal scam!
USA: 4-year-old girl beaten to death by mother's black boyfriend
Black people telling the irrefutable truth?
Michael Jordan hates black people?
The Satanic paedophiles Of Hollywood and their corruption of children
How the establishment is trying to destroy UKIP
Globalisation and The Crisis of the Nation State
Why DO the Left despise patriotism?
Backing for MP who linked former Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, to paedophilia in Commons
Thousands of Ethiopians tortured as Britain hands over almost £1 BILLION in aid!
The Emir of Qatar is still funding ISIS!
Hundreds of 'missing' children at risk in Greater Manchester
Anger at NHS 'mismanagement' as number of foreign nurses soars
Disabled brothers face eviction from childhood home - Council says it's too big for them
Disabled builder evicted from tiny flat by housing association forced to lives in cave
Why the Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Won’t Go Away This Time
26,312 criminals on the run after being granted bail because of crowded prisons
Wanted: New Guardians of the Democratic Process
Libyan soldiers hunt down and sexually assault women in 'a pack' whilst training here
Girl, 11, sexually assaulted by Asian in Manchester street
Tory backbenchers accuse ‘teenage spin doctors’ in Downing Street
Immigrant drug dealers posed for selfies with cash and cannabis
New sham marriage farce: Imam accused of conducting 580 bogus ceremonies walks free
Britain's biggest bike thieves? (Not a native Brit to be seen)
USA: Dead White victims can no longer testify against Blacks
USA: Lakim Anthony Faust pleads guilty to four counts of attempted murder
Cameron accused of breaking Military Covenant on care of wounded heroes
The moral imperative to get tough on immigration
Cameron faces embarrassing revolt over European Arrest Warrant
Tesco chiefs face jail! Serious Fraud Office to investigate
Islamic State crisis: Turkish PM rejects Kobane criticism
This evil man should be executed! The cops who aided/abetted should be jailed
Syria's awkward relationship with their allies-by-default
British people are ignorant about almost everything (says left-wing journalist)

Wednesday 29 October

Labour MP links Leon Brittan to 80s child abuse claims
Cops attacked for 'unacceptable attitude' to victims of child sex abuse
Guardian says we were 'washed-up and living on past triumphs' until DIVERSITY arrived!
Jewish Journalism: Part 1
Jewish Journalism: Part 2
QATAR: Supporter of terrorism or loyal friend to Britain, a country it's buying up?
A swamped system that just can’t cope
Calais mayor says our benefits system is an El Dorado for immigrants
Asian cabbies protest: 'We're being treated like paedophiles!'
Return of the trough-gobbling tw*ts!
Muslims (one draped in ISIS type flag) and UAF throw Lee Rigby memorial flowers at EDL
Nigel Farage v Trades Union funded UAF
Roma families forced to flee after attack on their home (Their home?)
Rotherham child abuse was raised 'at highest level'
The Mind readers of Garron Helm
Immigration - what a mess!
1-in-4 British children are living in poverty - worse than Poland and Portugal
Jitendra Lad murdered "nicest family in the world" then killed himself
Beytullah Gunduz recruited assassin for the hit on Zafer Eren
Gambian diplomats 'cheated British taxpayer out of £5million
Gul-Nawaz Khan Akbar, who applied for £100,000 grant, accused of fraud
'People think that's what Asians are doing', says man banned from approaching girls
Teenage girl was punched in face by Asian in Swindon attack
DIVERSITY! Former Girl Guide, Tareena Shakil, has gone to Syria
Alshah Azmi tried to bring Sharia Law to her school
And the bride wore a hidden camera
Lesbian football star, 20, found hanged after rowing with her girlfriend
Labour's voice of equality? I don't think she believed a single shrill word she said

Tuesday 28 October

Muslims (one draped in ISIS type flag) and UAF throw Lee Rigby memorial flowers at EDL
Immigrants really are swamping parts of UK, says former Home Secretary!
Pensioners left homeless after council spent £90,000 evicting them
Labour slipping in polls - UKIP are at 'all-time high!'
Afghanistan: That we can't even leave a memorial behind says everything Teenager gets nine years for killing girlfriend with gangster's pistol
Police hunt Asian "plumber" who sexually assaulted schoolgirl, 12
Bolton teacher Jamshed Javeed admits terror offences
Archbishop Welby (ex-oilman, Jewish dad) warns MPs not to portray migrants as a 'menace'
Lloyds Bank confirms 9,000 job losses/150 branch closures (Govt owns 25% of bank)
Children don't trust cops (After Rotherham who can blame them?)
French culture minister admits she 'reads very little'
BLAIR WARS: Iraq bomb attacks leave at least 34 dead
Are we right to censor the brutality of war?
Detective mum traps 'monster' churchwarden who sexually abused her son
After the bluster, Cameron admits we may be forced to give hundreds of millions to EU
Judge attacks blundering Border Agency over 'catastrophic' failures
Thousands more face being struck off by ‘overstretched’ GPs (That's immigration for you)
Council tried to keep baby's death a secret to protect social workers
City clean-up chief says bankers' outrages will be punished? (Spin & b***ocks)
Family of dead jihadi says Government made it too hard for him to return (Shame!)
Poster girl for Kurdish freedom fighters beheaded by ISIS
That £1.7billion bill and the ultimate EU irony

Monday 27 October

Murder by Blair
From local council's racial awareness officer to Jihad
"We're swamped my migrants!" admits Defence Secretary (Whose f***ing fault is that?)
Former Labour minister Frank Field hits out at Ed Miliband for being soft on immigration
Ordeal of OAP who quipped 'I'm not Muslim' at airport (Thought Police should be executed?) South Africa's football captain shot dead by burglars
EU threatens to fine Britain unless it pays £1.7billion bill
Labour councillor Janine Bridges quits Party over handling of Rotherham child abuse scandal
Judge Constance Briscoe removed from judicial office after jail disgrace
Thousands of illegal immigrants escape deportation! Officials are failing to act on tip-offs
Roger Daltrey: "They brought 5m people into this country and we can’t get into our hospitals!" Boycott threat as another link between Woolf and Brittan is revealed
UKIP sets sights on winning 100 seats as 31% of voters say they may back Farage
Making UK pay £1.7billion for France's economic failure is madness says ex-French minister
Wealthy Africans spending almost £4million on London property every WEEK
Brother of "British" jihadi who died in Syria charged with preparing to carry out terrorist acts
Tony Benn and the proof of Labour hypocrisy!
A poignant symbol of wasted sacrifice
The EU is trying to use Britain as a cash machine
After demanding £1.7bn from UK, ex-Commie EU chief gets £100k-a-year pension for LIFE
Forced to marry, convert and endure forced labour and rape in Boko Haram captivity

Sunday 26 October

Having destroyed Saddam’s secular state, boosted Islamists against secular Assad, and urged on the ‘Arab Spring’ with rhetoric and bombs, they now claim to be surprised and horrified that Sunni fanatics are close to taking over the Middle East
Mugger murderer, Sabul Miah, who slashed OAP's throat, on run from OPEN PRISON!
Django Unchained actress, Daniele Watts, faces lewd conduct charge
Undercover police officers 'may have duped more than 100 women into having affairs'
'It was Reeva's bad luck she met him, sooner or later he would have killed someone'
GPs paid £100k... just to work at weekends!
Did Lord Lucan, who murdered Sandra Rivett in 1974, survive?
German Chancellor says she won't support Cameron's proposed migration reforms
So was this ANOTHER party with Leon Brittan you forgot, Mrs Woolf?
This is turning into a farce - Fiona Woolf must stand aside says Simon Danczuk, MP
Russell Brand running for Mayor of London?
Where does Ed stand on immigration? Depends who he is talking to
For years I was accused of being racist just for warning about immigration. Now I'm a Lord
Woolf must quit for sake of the victims
Young mum battling cervical cancer was denied smear test 4 times
Nearly a third of voters prepared to support UKIP
SWEDEN: Prison for LGBT leader for drugging and raping young men in his apartment
UK child poverty survey reveals cold facts about freezing homes
British terror experts warn ‘It’s a question of when not if’
Miliband ‘is losing the working class’

Saturday 25 October

MP Denis MacShane and Home Office failed to act on Rotherham grooming 11 years ago!
The ‘Martyrdom’ of Garron Helm
Fiona Woolf: All you need to know about Britain's self-deluded, incestuous elite
Jaylen Fryberg: Red Indian killer
Jewish Chronicle reader reaction to Ed Miliband’s pro-Palestine stance overwhelmingly negative
Assange reveals Google's links to US government
European Rabbis seek even more laws against 'anti-Semitic hate speech'
Labour's Justice Secretary, Sadiq Khan, wants more non-white judges
Crisis for Labour as Scottish leader quits
89 violent prisoners among almost 200 let out of jail for driving lessons!
Eleven teenagers arrested over rape of woman
Heena Solanki made her young daughters drink acid, strangled them, then killed herself
Asian or mixed race man raped 21-year-old in Eastbourne
Junaid Hamidi, 28, charged with murder of Sheikh Zubair Hamidi, 48
Five Asians deny murder of Ikram Ullah Khan
"Predatory" child rapist, Nasir Ahmed, jailed for 16 years
Violent Chinese thug we thought had been deported from UK
Schoolboy fighting for his life after being stabbed on a bus
White bus driver loses his job after being goaded into fight by black yobs
Town councillor Joseph O'Riordan accused of attempted murder of his (much younger) wife
72-year-old man raped by a priest in a boys' home 65 years ago
Drugged-up ex-cop, 'obsessively jealous' Jonathan Sutton, murdered pregnant girlfriend
Women walk past headless corpses in the street without raising an eyebrow - ISIS rule in Syria
Iran hangs Reyhaneh Jabbari despite campaign
If our computers, cell phones, electronics get fried we'll know what to blame?
How Vladimir Putin helped resurrect the Russian Orthodox Church
Your horror stories about Labour's NHS shambles
Christian school faces closure for failing to invite Imams to assembly!
UKIP + Ken Clarke = "We mustn’t compete with ignorance and bigotry!"
The BBC is its own police, prosecutor, judge and jury
Immigration: what needs to be done
New York Ebola doctor even went out when he was contagious with symptoms of virus
Why should the English pay to fix Labour's NHS disaster in Wales?

Friday 24 October

How the friend of Red Ed's dad ('man who hated Britain') hobnobbed with traitors!
MI5 spied on Jewish historian for decades, secret files reveal Sir Alan Duncan says expansion of Israeli settlements is "unacceptable!"
Funding of any party in the UK (must be) decoupled from the influence of the Israeli state!"
Shlomo Sand: ‘I wish to resign and cease considering myself a Jew!’ ‘IDF don’t see Palestinian people as people, children as children’
US drawdown in Iraq, Afghanistan dents Israeli arms exports
Zionism's crimes?
In Britain, 80 die EVERY DAY from flu/pneumonia! More than anywhere in Europe
Anjem Choudary says he 'doesn't accept' that British law is valid in the UK!
The dangerous clown who WE pay to spout bile in the name of Islam
Thousands of illegal immigrants escaping deportation because of bungling officials
Government's shocking failure to solve scandal of foreign criminals!
Cameron confident Fiona Woolf will act 'with integrity' despite connection to Leon Brittan?
The Mayor of Milton Keynes, Lib Dem Subhan Shafiq, resigns after vouching for serial sex offender
Sex scandal mayor Subhan Shafiq linked to alleged immigration racket
Asylum vicar 'who ran conveyor belt of bogus marriages' freed!
Top Yorkshire cop 'likely' to face investigation over Rotherham abuse
Victims' anger as Clegg backs boss of abuse inquiry!
One in six deaths due to lack of exercise? Britain is worst in West for inactivity
Briton dies after being shot trying to reason with robbers in Brazil
Jason Richard Stevens killed in Brazil during robbery
UKIP marches to 13-point lead in crunch Rochester by-election
Schoolboy, 13, put in isolation for a day - His short back and sides were too short
69 years on Chief Rabbi gives his blessing to even more Holocaust "testimony!"
'If we poison the natural world we poison ourselves,' warns Sir David Attenborough
When we win our country back scum like this will be strung up!
Cop jailed for 'totally unwarranted' attack on innocent motorist
Drunk cop kicked his girlfriend in the stomach - NO JAIL!
Mexican drug cartel tracks down crusading citizen journalist and kills her
A pox on the Equalities and Human Rights Commission
EU budget: UK will have to pay extra €2.1bn by December
British business drowns under Brussels barrage of 1,139 laws and red tape
'Execute travellers' Tory councillor Alan Mellins suspended
ISIS is earning $1 MILLION per day in black market oil sales
A primary school headmistress who earns more than the PRIME MINISTER???

Thursday 23 October

In Israel, racism exists deep within the law, is taught in school and spread in the media
We got it all so wrong on Afghan war says admits army chief
668+ youngsters sexually abused in Sheffield as traitor top cops 'turned a blind eye'
Unholy Beasts! Archbishop 'put welfare of sex abuser priest before child victims!'
£1billion-a-year failure of government to guard our borders! 729 immigrants arrested in two days
‘Blood on its hands’: UK govt fails to find foreign criminals
New picture emerges of Sex Abuse Inquiry boss's links to Leon Brittan
I fear an Establishment cover-up over the paedophile scandal
Pollution causes autism? Breathing toxic air in first years of life linked to disorder
Libertarian Alliance: on Garron Helm and the right to utter abuse
Muslim convert and son of Canada’s immigration chief shot dead a Canadian soldier
Does Shadow Business Secretary, Chukka Umunna, really think we're "trash?"
Voters dismissed as trash, Ibiza villa he calls the White House! Meet the 'Labour Obama'
Insp Mustaq Patala convicted of beating wife but not guilty of rape: now he wants compo
Mugger, Monir Saleh, gets 3.3 years for pushing over 93-year-old with walking frame
Mongolia: Tour guides took 9 hours to get Andrew to hospital
Thieving Tunisian fraudster 'ate (67-year-old airhead) out of house and home'
ISIS fighter, 15, says jihadis threatened to behead him if he didn't join
The dirty secret that Labour wants to hide
Danish opposition wants total end to illegal immigration
INDIA: Prescription drugs killed young teachers James and Alex Gaskell
Why is the death of this baby cloaked in secrecy?
Youngsters 'are glued to their smartphones and making social calls at work'
The luvvie newsreader, the bluff Yorkshire Tory and a furious scrap
Labour MP, Fiona McTaggart, fights for "Britsh citizens... fleeing Ebola" to get benefits
'Justice has NOT been done - only Oscar knows the truth' (WRONG! We all know he's a tw*t!)
Will ANYONE admit they're in the ruling class?

Wednesday 22 October

Jew fury after Nigel Farage forms pact with "Holocaust deniers!" (Those who dare doubt 6m died)
If immigrants misbehave, we should "blame" them?
Taxi firm offers white drivers on demand after Pakistanis jailed for raping our girls
Muslim triple killer who murdered white girlfriend has sentence appeal thrown out
Philip Spence guilty of hotel hammer attacks on three women
'You will always be the girl that got raped and no-one will like you,' said the enricher
Robbed at knifepoint by black man as he waits for taxi in Tyldesley
E-fit image of black knifepoint robbery suspect
Criminals stroll into UK unchecked, commit crime then plead human rights to dodge deportation!
Immigrant criminals cost taxpayer over £1bn every year
Chair of historic child abuse inquiry ('close friend' of Leon Brittan) urged to quit
Stroke victim died after being turned away from hospital (staff were going home)
British MPs vote for Palestine!
KINCORA! THEY are already censoring the Elite Paedo info
How NHS Wales wastes money on bureaucrats yet has lethally long waiting lists
Sorry Sir Nicholas, you may be a High Court judge but you're wrong - marriage is special
Turkey is unfit to join the EU! It's better disposed towards ISIS than towards the West!
ISIS releases sickening video clip showing Syrian woman being stoned to death (her dad took part)
RESULT! "Briton" Mamunur Roshid 'killed fighting in Syria'
Diversity dope (now an ISIS fighter) sends a message
'I've been raped 30 times and it's not even lunchtime,' says Yazidi woman
Next stop England! Running battles between African mobs in Calais
The Man has Gone Mad, Just Like the Whole Country
Hong Kong governor says the 'poor' will dominate politics if we allow democracy
Raheem Sterling partied until 3am day after he was 'too tired' to play for England

Tuesday 21 October

USA 2009: "Columnists, bloggers and broadcast pundits who shape the national debates"
Paris Opera cast refuse to perform for full-face veil woman
Four rapists among sex offenders given cautions by Humberside Police
MP gets Liverpool lad jailed over "offensive" "communist Jewess" tweet
Alan Duncan's 'apartheid' attack on Israel settlement building angers Jewish groups
Police fear serial killer Darren Deon Vann may have murdered many more women
Oktay Kilic pleads not guilty to killing Mark Berney
A-level student 'stabbed to death by Brixton youth
Ex-Hull FC player Gareth Raynor denies rape
Black man sought over rape of 21-year-old near Eastbourne Pier
Omar Hussain raided pregnant friend's house
Thousands of paedos will escape punishment because cops can't cope
BILL ODDIE loves immigrants but appears to loathe the British!
USA 2009: "Columnists, bloggers and broadcast pundits who shape the national debates"
'I was secretly on CIA payroll': former German newspaper editor
Dr Udo Ulfkotte on infiltration of German media by CIA
Now raise the stakes against Europe's elite
Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald denies claims of a cover up on child abuse allegations
IRA's Gerry Adams covered up rape?
Luisa died after doctors failed to spot her cervical cancer more than 50 times
Western aid 'is funding ISIS fighters!'
The only place where Britain is irrelevant is INSIDE the EU

Monday 20 October

JUSTICE? Gary Smith and Lee Newell strangled child-killer, Subhan Anwar, to death!
TREASON! Christian school 'downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly!'
Rejoice! London's ISIS rich-kids die a squalid death in Syria's dust
It’s a good time to be a shareholder in the merchants of death
A life without benefits? Hate cleric Anjem Choudary wants to hang out with ISIS? Bulls***!
Abu Hamza's son led kidnap gang who tortured man for three days over £15,000 debt
Black man with 4 wives, 7 fiancées and 5 girlfriends sets Austria's record for bigamy
NIGEL FARAGE: Why did we win? Because WE don't play you for fools
Lavrov: Russia cannot lose Ukraine
Red Ed blow as Scots turn backs on Labour! Tories ahead in polls for the first time since 1950s
How culpable were Dutch Jews in the slave trade?
Meltdown in Labour-run Welsh NHS with cops probing allegations of horrifying neglect
Taliban boy aged THREE trained for war! (Says he's 'going to shoot people')
Why the NHS ISN'T safe in Red Ed's hands
This 'crackdown' on trolls shows Cameron thinks we're all stupid
A generation poorer than their parents: Wages for under-30s stuck in 15 year slump
LibLabCon attacked by 'Poverty Tsar' for 'lamentable' child poverty failure
Taxpayer-funded grants were paid ‘under intense pressure’ to Cameron-founded charity
Taxpayers footed £1m bill for free schools that never even opened
Gaps in mental health care for new mothers cost UK £8bn a year

Sunday 19 October

Hannah Graham, 18, (born in England) kidnapped and murdered by Jesse Leroy Matthew? Lord Carlile: "Online hate is the very fabric of terror! We must tear it down!" (What? We're not allowed to hate dishonest politicians any more?)
Zimbabwean immigrant Bernard Finlay murdered mum-of-2 Tracy Self in 1997. Deported?
Mohammed Abbas convicted of sex abuse of 12-year-old
If you smoke or play music, I'll have you whipped, says 'Supermarket Jihadi'
Coming to your leafy suburb shortly! Man pistol whipped and knifed in own home by Blacks
Man exposes himself to woman on Jubilee Line tube
Diane-Louise Jordan (Songs of Praise/ex-Blue Peter) gets police warning
KNIFEPOINT TERROR: Woman robbed outside Derby supermarket
Knifeman yelled 'Allahu Akbar' before stabbing policeman in the head
Dark-skinned bag-snatcher drags lady, 91, to ground for a few pounds
Gypsy ‘weddings for profit’ across Yorkshire and the north
Corrupt cop took bribes from grooming gang, claims charity
Woman with guide dog told to leave TESCO store!
Fury from child sex abuse victims as Rotherham council boss gets £40,000 payoff
Cops 'devastated’ by Rotherham scandal? (They got rumbled, must have been upsetting)
Bullying was rife at Rotherham council
Child abuse scandal was a 'cover up by public officials', says Keith Vaz
“Is it in Israel’s Interests?” — Single Loyalty Zionists Show their Hand in South Africa
Image of baby girl being 'beheaded' found by Kurds on dead ISIS jihadi
So how long will it be before we invite the IS jihadis to a white-tie dinner?
No, it’s not the economy, stupid. It’s immigration!
"Dementia patients restrained and their broken limbs ignored by swearing staff!"
PC Councillor, Pat Rackley, (Labour) doesn't like UKIP telling the plain truth
NHS in Wales faces ‘meltdown’ - waiting times at record levels!
BBC’s new "Head of Statistics" twists casualty figures to whitewash Gaza massacre
Teacher at top school tries to make boys sing Kim Jong-un songs!
UK Parliament comes to effective end 1 November 2014?

Saturday 18 October

Top cop warns 600,000 children may have been victims of child sex gangs!!!
West Midland police report: 75% on-street child sex groomers Asian, 82% of victims white
Dozens of children at risk of sexual exploitation in Stoke-on-Trent
Children are being 'trafficked' across the North-East for sex!
‘Key towns’ identified for child sexual exploitation in Hertfordshire
Child Abuse: There may be 'many more Rotherhams' warns police chief
Missing Rotherham abuse scandal files 'fuel public suspicion of a deliberate cover-up’
Rotherham abuse scandal: Files 'went missing!'
Rotherham abuse scandal: Who was in charge?
Rotherham paedophilia: Joyce Thacker (Common Purpose) gets £40,000 pay-off from Council
Unwanted immigration means 'at least 42,000 homes need to be built in London each year!
Immigration causing 'pressure on housing' in London, claims report
A million MORE immigrants will flood Britain before EU vote, warns Farage!
Taxpayers fund £77,000 hotel bill for immigrant and daughter to stay for 4 years
Immigrants in 20s put in Kent schools with pupils as young as 11
Beaten, burnt, raped: dowry violence shames Britain? (Shames diversity-mongers, not us)
'2,000 police officers' are implicated in corruption
Match.com dating fraud: 4 Africans con 12 women out of £250,000
Gypsies: John 'Boy' Ward had his cousin shot dead on doorstep of caravan
Company boss Mohammed Aneizi accused of raping woman in 5-star hotel is acquitted
CCTV images of two black yobs after serious assault in Erdington
Girl assaulted by 11-year-old East European with stick embedded with nails
Four Muslims charged with terrorism offences
Posing with Ed Balls at fifteen, at twenty Reyaad Khan is a notorious jihadist!
White woman abducted by Asians near Barkingside police station
Karan Patel, Bodrul Miah and Sahil Baadkar get Bournemouth ASBOS
Man exposes himself to woman on Jubilee Line tube
America's bombs are making ISIS stronger!
Brothers behind the largest drug ring in Detroit history sentenced to life in prison
Transgender woman can’t be diversity officer because she’s a white man!
999 crew dump body near bins
WHO officials 'bungled chance' to blot out Ebola
Worst Airports of 2014: Islamabad airport in Pakistan is the worst in the world

Friday 17 October

2013: 22,000+ rapes and 666,700 cases of 'violence against the person' in England/Wales!
Rapes in England and Wales now at their highest ever level!
Cops 'are too busy with CRB checks to track sex offenders!'
Dalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe
Matab Uddin charged with manslaughter of of Oliver Farrell
Stab victim Christina Edkins could have been saved by mental health services
Ajay and Ravinder Singh Soni attacked pub-goer with a hammer
Cop hunt train yobs who left schoolboy suffering nightmares
17 year old suffers unprovoked attack by a member of a large black gang
Woman slashed by Black during cashpoint robbery
Detectives seek witnesses to Bedford assault
Cop and council failure to help young girl after sexual abuse ended in suicide
Stalker Daniel Vorderwulbecke 'bombarded Lindsay Lohan with more than 1,000 texts
DIVERSITY! Last month 467 new cases of FGM needed treatment in England
4,000 women/girls treated for FGM in London's hospitals since 2009
Jews, ‘Israelis’ and the Israel Lobby
2008 rape of 15-year-old in Doncaster by African immigrants only seen on Crimewatch now
Brown plummets to new depths in attack on English votes
UKIP understands public despair at mass immigration
Energy bills leap £410 in a decade...even though we're using 17% less
40% of five-year-olds lack basic skills to start school
Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to hang for 'blasphemous' comments
The only way to make the Eurocrats listen
Peter Jones gets life for murder of elderly neighbour Whilst out on parole
Sex and drugs help lift Italy out of recession
Texas: No Freedom Of Speech For Pastors Who Criticize Gays
Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter thrown out of navy over cocaine
Student threatened with beheading after wondering why there was no 'white student union'
Barnardo's blamed sex abuse victim for assault in flat owned by them!
Dalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe

Thursday 16 October

The West's Middle East war is not aimed at ISIS, but AT ASSAD!
Asian child abuse gangs known to cops freely walk the streets says former detective
Four black men open fire on two white PA State Representatives!
Countries that refuse to take back their criminals should be refused foreign aid!
In 2008 Obama administration ignored CDC advice to prevent Ebola outbreak
Israel's deepening isolation: UK Parliament votes to symbolically recognize Palestine
Jobbik Party “should worry the Jews”
African asylum seekers say Ireland isn’t doing enough for them
Jewish jailbird: 'My Ponzi scheme was smarter than Madoff’s
East Ukraine humanitarian crisis a cause for Hollywood celebs?
4 more African nations getting billions in aid from us join space race!
In 2008 Obama administration ignored CDC advice to prevent Ebola outbreak
Asian child abuse gangs known to cops freely walk the streets says former detective
Labour MP, Chuka Umunna, wants to force universities to hire black professors
Britain: Muslim rape gangs run wild
MONEY: Ebola could impact virtually every American
The Jews Who Wrote The Protocols Of Zion?
What does it take to get a paedophile locked up?
Homeless Romanians demand housing
Lord Freud (Welfare Minister): Disabled people 'are not worth' the minimum wage National Union of Students refuses to condemn ISIS! It would be 'Islamophobic!'
UKIP 'most trusted to deliver for England'
Detective passed on names of 26 victims of grooming gangs - bosses did nothing
Former MP, Shahid Malik, wants Muslim Prime Minister
Romanian girl was sold to sex traffickers by her own mother!
Cops took away mother's panic alarm before she was strangled by ex
Deaf mute trafficked from Pakistan aged 9, beaten raped, kept as a slave wins £100,000 compo
Nicolae Patraucean butchered Rivka Holden - jailed for 25 years
Lizzy Idahosa and Jackson Omoruyi made £70,000 from trafficked victims
Rupert Murdoch's daughter buys £38.5million home after marriage split with Matthew Freud
Children banned from toilet during lessons unless they have a sick note!
A £1.3trillion bill for Miliband’s green folly

Wednesday 15 October

104,000 vulnerable people suffered abusive treatment in care in 2013 - 46 old folks died
Foreign aid is a waste of money
Bradford Council sent abused girl back home to rapist father (Ethnicity not disclosed)
Jewish spy, David Greenglass, who sent sister Ethel Rosenberg (Jew) to electric chair, dies
Israel condemns British MPs’ vote to recognise Palestinian state
Obama's Chicago crony, Penny Pritzker, (Jew) "in charge of handing internet to tyrants!"
Iconic Jewish businessmen wants Red Ed (Jew) fired!
Israeli settlements “wicked cocktail” of occupation and illegality says gay MP
Now ISIS-friendly Turkey is bombing Kurds
The definition of a traitor (from 2003)
The party of mass migration, backs more curbs on migrant benefits? (Yeah right)
Blair calls for global lessons in religious respect (More globalist control via religion)
Cops say they 'could have done more' for Rochdale child sex victims
"In Asia... a white person is not fully human?"
Guardian's black journalist says Brits must "face up to sex abuse in the white community!"
Five members of Asian family held by terrorism officers
Company boss Mohammed Aneizi 'plied woman with drinks at posh Mayfair club then raped her
'Honour stabbing victim refused arranged marriage'
Asian gang attacks men with baseball bat ISIS advances on Baghdad and Kobani despite air strikes as Turkey bombs Kurds
19-year-old Swede showed kindness to Romanian beggars - They raped her
So little diversity in the British media? (More non-Brits required!)
10,000 new cases of Ebola a week are possible!
Why is Children In Need sitting on a £90million fortune?
10million hospital visits last year were caused by heavy drinking
OFSTED: Trojan horse schools haven’t fixed problems
Ed Miliband is 'not interested in fairness?'
Ebola screening at Heathrow is 'a joke'
Forced to go to school despite years of bullying my son killed himself
It'll be a different story when they take over the world and you're all wearing burkhas'
Mr Absent suddenly won’t stop barking!
Alan Sugar: 'Eastern European immigrants see us as the land of milk and honey'
26,170 of HIV/AIDS patients (34%) are Africans. Africans comprise 0.8% of the UK’s population

Tuesday 14 October

Education levels were higher in 1890 than they are today!
Turkey's President: ISIS is not enough, Assad must be destroyed as well!
Turkish President declares Lawrence of Arabia a bigger enemy than ISIS!
ADL Spies: The Strange History of the Anti-Defamation League
Stopping Cyber Hate: A new "crime" discovered by friends of Israel
Israel is for the white man!
Our kids terrorised by Slovak gypsies! Teachers too PC/cowardly to deal with it!
2013: Roma in Sheffield: 'When it goes off, it will be like an atom bomb here’
Gangs of sex abusers targeting children are operating across the country, MPs warned
Paedo doctor, Ahmed Masood, repeatedly assaulted a young girl - Jailed for 9 years
Men stabbed in a massive brawl at Belsize Park underground station
Mohammed Irfan Bajiwala abducted an 8-year-old boy and sexually abused him
14-year-old schoolgirl left unconscious after assault by black gang
Akeel and Asif Hussain jailed after machete attack in High Wycombe
Victor Silve and Carlos and Antonia Ferreira jailed for 13 years for arson attack
Polish lorry driver tried to smuggle ONE MILLION cigarettes into Britain
Is Tabraiz Hussain Britain's clumsiest drug dealer?
Shah Ahmed found guilty of sexual assault on bus
Former Harley Street practitioner Errol Denton loses fight to quash conviction
Moment immigration officers swooped on sham wedding
Couple return home to find Polish intruder asleep in their bedroom
Orthodox Christian priests, churchgoers face threats in Ukraine
Politicians who promise to cut migration are liars unless they're also ready to quit EU

Monday 13 October

"There are so many Jews at the top of Britain’s Conservative party!"
Jordan Brennan dies after attack - Orientals sought (CCTV)
Labour Party in meltdown? (Fingers crossed)
Wife of shamed Jewish Tory moves out of family home (He's off to the nuthouse)
Betrayal: nine in ten care homes and hospitals fail patients
21% of British doctors might not help if they came across an accident!
Foreigners snapping up starter homes across UK to take advantage of booming property market
Mark Carney says bank bosses who caused 2008 financial crash "got away with it!"
BLUNKETT: Don't mention Ed!
£12billion in UK aid has 'no discernible impact' on developing countries
Screening 'won't stop ebola from reaching Britain'
'There are racists in UKIP!' says Chuka Umunna
Pressure growing on Miliband as panicking Labour MPs squeal!
Defrock the cheating bishop demand furious husband
SAS stops ISIS convoy with just TWO bullets
Health staff prepare for DOOMSDAY Ebola outbreak (Ain't globalism wonderful)

Sunday 12 October

ROTHERHAM: Labour's former Lord Mayor Barry Dodson charged with child rape! (July)
Private Eye on Labour's ex-Lord Mayor of Rotherham, Barry Dodson (Paedo?)
Labour to introduce "nuclear option" quotas for female and black and ethnic minority judges?
Britain must ditch European Court of Human Rights!
"Afraid? So the Tories should be!"
Lib Dems now the party of no-hopers!
Labour is lumbered with Miliband (Tee hee!)
'Ed, you're a complete disaster as our leader... Stand aside now!'
Blunkett regrets introducing Regulation Investigatory Powers Act? (Yeah right)
Lady Warsi: MPs must recognise Palestine
BLAIR WARS: Car bomb attacks in Shia areas kill 38 people in Baghdad
FARAGE: LibLab Con "just offer spin and people hate being played for fools!"
/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2789512/record-poll-surge-gives-ukip-25-survey-hand-farage-astonishing-128-mps-puts-ed-miliband-new-low.html"/>Record poll surge gives UKIP 25%
Sex sting Minister, Brooks Newmark, (Jew) resigns over new scandal
Illiterate? Criminal record? Welcome to the House of Lords
Disgraced former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne says: 'I'm a martyr like Saint Sebastian'
Tony Blair 'emulated Hitler's oration techniques', Boris Johnson says
Pay squeeze worst since 1870s, study finds
Faleh Ghazi Albasman stabbed his daughter to death
Black men set pitbull on disabled girl in a wheelchair
Cops use vacuum cleaners to suck up heroin after dealer Tabraiz Hussain tossed it
Student's 'selfie' sends defiant message to 'olive-skinned' attacker
Just five arrests in Rotherham in the wake of the town’s child sex abuse scandal
Child abuse policy at school run by Muslim based on sharia law
Bradford restaurant closed down after inspectors find 120 cockroaches
NORWAY: Failed asylum seeker kills 3 on bus (Aided/abetted by PC Crowd!)
KOBANE: Turkey stubbornly refuses to help the Kurdish town
15-year-old Yazidi girl captured by ISIS and sold into slavery
'They brainwashed our boys... and made them watch beheading video'
British doctor with extremist links struck off
Jihadi kidnap and murder handbook
Toxic mussels could devastate Britain's wetlands
18,304 Britons asked for dodgy CVs to be removed from Google
Cops refuse to reveal who they've hacked'

Saturday 11 October

Our sneering political elite and rage that could change politics forever
Nigel Farage: 'We don't want immigrants with HIV' (Hear, hear!)
Exam chiefs approve 'dumbed down' Russell Brand A-level
Pakistani collectivist political culture at root of Rotherham pathology
Council take autistic man from parents - he chokes to death in care home they force him into
In 2012, China (now world's leading economic powerhouse) received £27m+ in aid from UK!
Men (Muslims?) arrested in connection with the murder of missing teen Paige Chivers
Mohamoud Amin caused the death of fireman Rob Pope
Faleh Ghazi Albasman stabbed his daughter to death for using a mobile!
Mohammed Karani's stupidity killed a mother-of-four - He's jailed for just 11 months!
Indian 'holy man' (46) raped schoolgirl (12) brought to him with stomach complaint
DIVERSITY! Black gangsters stole £6.5million from pensioners, schools and hospices
Man seriously assaulted by Asians with pit bull
Why have six ex-pupils of the 'Eton of comprehensives' been linked to terror?
In 2012 around 24 per cent of UK children lived in single-parent households
Cops warned they are targets of Lee Rigby-style killings
Life-and-death struggle of Kurds desperately fighting ISIS (As Obama/Cameron do what?)
"Austrian" girls who fled to Syria to fight with IS want to come home
Jewish girl has joined ISIS!
Secrecy row over cops who 'Tasered innocent man to death'
Panda eyes, strange lips... what Jack Straw says puts voters off Red Ed
Lib Dems lose their deposit for the seventh time since 2010
IDs of 200 child sex victims of Jersey care home scandal could be leaked
Immigration: MPs tell Cameron and Miliband to wake up to public anger
My party's too scared to talk about migration says Labour MP

Friday 10 October

Cleaners wanted... better chance if you speak Polish!
We spend 7 times more on legal aid (for immigrants?) than France!
Douglas Carswell makes history as UKIP's first MP with 12,404-vote victory
'Cameron, Miliband and Clegg are dull as ditchwater' says Farage
COMMON SENSE! We should not let in migrants if they've got HIV, says Farage
How to import a pandemic? Ebola suspects WON'T be tested, they'll be asked how they're feeling!'
Briton dies of suspected Ebola in Macedonia - despite NOT having been to Africa
Britons continue to pay the price for immigration
White Cambridge graduate wife still loves black rapist husband (PC Crowd will be pleased!)
Kiranjit Uppal jailed for 1996 murder after 17 years on the run
Philip Spence attacked three women in their hotel
Tarik Hassane, Gusai Abuzeid and Rawan Kheder plotted terror attack on London?
Noman Qureshi and Israr Khan tried to smuggle heroin worth £40million
Bank manager Umar Mughal gave £830,000 to fraudster (he wanted to eat his fish and chips)
Businessman Osaro Osaigbovo laundered almost £200,000 for lonely hearts gang
'I'm filthy-minded, perverted, submissive!' Shrien Dewani used Gaydar to trawl for group sex
Milton Keynes taxi rape councillors, Stuart Burke and Subhan Shafiq, given new roles
19-year-old indecently assaulted in a pub by Asian
Anjem Choudary: I don't feel sorry for the beheaded
Rio Ferdinand wants more black and ethnic minority coaches promoted
Political correctness is going to lead to Ebola gaining a foothold across the West
Dave follows path of least resistance, kowtowing to masters in Brussels/Washington
Anti democratic empires always sow the seeds of their own destruction
Does anyone can believe that the British economy is in good shape?
Everything is racist unless the Mind Controllers say otherwise
Rural roads are 10 times deadlier than motorways
Blair packed Number 10 with 'beautiful girls who were half in love' with him says Andrew Marr
Out-of-hours GPs 'are fuelling a huge rise in drug-resistant bacteria'
'I cut off my hair in disgust after Savile and his friend raped me'
Thai murder suspects RETRACT confessions (It was 'beaten out of them?')
Stephen Fry tweets support for Jewish LGBT project, Rainbow Jews
'Hero' nurse infected Nazis with STDs? Now THEY honour her with plaque!
Cows in nappies? Which silly moo dreamed that up?

Thursday 9 October

Black man confesses he murdered his white mother then raped her corpse!
Middlesbrough at breaking point over asylum seeker numbers
Girl, 6, left lying face down for THREE HOURS waiting for an ambulance!
Lib Dem MP 'told aide to destroy evidence of Cyril Smith's sex abuse!'
Traitor? To the voters our smug elite forgot, Douglas Carswell’s a hero
Nigel Farage savages Gordon Brown
Poor white pupils turned off school: lessons celebrate other cultures, shun British traditions!
The death of the Left in British politics cannot be ruled out (Rope and lamppost available)
Why won't UK test air travellers for Ebola?
Ghost town Britain: 16 high street stores close every day!
ROCHDALE: Cops investing allegations of Labour and LibDem DEAL on paedophiles! Ebola travel ban is racist? Rotherham locals speak out
Micheal Kearns died after four bouncers pinned him down
'Totally innocent Christopher Foster attacked by hooded gang: Aytach Lisani stabbed him to death
Ahmed Abdullahi charged with attempted murder and failing to stop after an accident
Armel Gbio denies 3 charges of sexual assault on 13-year-old girls
Asian rapist hunted after young woman attacked in Edinburgh
Victim of black rapist waited 5 years for justice after cops dropped case
Daniel Imparato attacked bystanders with a metal scaffolding pole - NO JAIL!
CCTV of terrified cashier being tied up during Tottenham robbery
Extortionist PCSO Kabeer Yousaf seen leaving brothel in uniform zipping up flies
Moussa Diarra anally raped his young wife then genitally mutilated her
Rise in cases of ritual child abuse linked to witchcraft beliefs reported
Jewish activist Anetta Kahane says "immigration is the future!"
Israel mob says "n***ers go home!"
UKIP is un-British says Nick Clegg! (He's 75% foreign & married to a foreigner)
Now Cleggy's hurling empty threats at the jihadis. How they must be chuckling
Sorry, Mr Clegg, we won’t be fooled again
Sect leader Jaroslav Dobes raped thousands of female followers
'Hell is unfolding' in war-torn Syrian border town of Kobane
Now ISIS clashes spread across Europe
Italy at war over gay marriage
China 'overtakes U.S. as the the world's largest economy'
'Pampered' Calais migrants complain camp food is too bland
Foreign drivers escape speeding fines

Wednesday 8 October

Skin cancer rate went up 400% between the 1930s and 1960s!
London becomes the birth-rate capital of Europe!
Shocking rise in ritual child abuse cases linked to WITCHCRAFT
Britons continue to pay the price for immigration!
KOBANE: Women and children take up arms in last desperate stand! Turkey/USA do nothing!
Kobani about to fall: Turkey’s act of abandonment marks irrevocable breach?
Lib Dems declare migrants 'make Britain great' (and Brits are passé?)
UKIP MEP retweets anti-Semitic blog, 'Cigpapers'
BISHOP: ‘There’s a growing sense across the country that something is seriously wrong’
Doctors cost us £610,000 to train but 3,000 a year leave for Australia and New Zealand
NHS gives go-ahead to patient database despite concerns
20-year-old woman punched to the ground and kicked by black men
Disillusioned with Labour, RMT union chief plots a new party for the left
After daughter brought 249 packets of heroin to nursery, Ashley Tull charged
Cameron should apologise for not cutting immigration
Frank Bruno sectioned twice in 18 months

Tuesday 7 October

JEWISH CHRONICLE: Web giants unite to fight online hate (Truth Jews don't want told?)
KOBANI! Where are all-talk Cameron and Obama? Where is NATO?
More snooping powers required says crime agency boss!
ISIS poised to seize Kurdish town as traitor NATO sits and waits on Turkish border
20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless!
The US would love to break Hong Kong away from mainland China
Russia Today declares 9/11 an inside job!
NHS and social care 'at breaking point', medics and charities warn
Child migrants Nottinghamshire memorial rededicated
68 rape cases re-opened after cops wrongly concluded no crime had been committed
Parvinder Aullakh denies masturbating in court
Washed-up ex-pro Medi Abalimba pretended to be Chelsea star
Irish-American professor, John O'Keefe, wants MORE UK IMMIGRATION!
'Racist' school excluded English speaking students from trip!
"Government and business should never be apologetic about... (black first) affirmative action"
Explosion at Iran nuclear site kills two amid speculation Of Israeli sabotage
British citizenship so cheap on world market that it means absolutely nothing now
Calls for Miliband to step down by MPs who fear election 'catastrophe'
Can anyone trust Clegg and Co again?
Where's Hacked Off now the police are at it?
Lebanon faces Isis and Nusra incursions
MPs are fat, self-indulgent and drink too much - What else is new?
Middle class pensions targeted: Lib Dem plan to protect the public sector from cutbacks

Monday 6 October

BBC Saturday Morning Live - Is multiculturalism a failure? 95% = YES v 5% = NO
Operation Yewtree investigating 12 new suspects including police officers and politicians
Manchester sex abuse: 402 victims, 242 suspects in 10 months to January this year
Middlesbrough Council reveals 60 youngsters at risk of being "groomed" (raped and prostituted)
Ebola could hit UK ‘within 3 weeks!’
Ebola now -Spanish Flu then - QUARANTINE!
Farmer who lost 800 acres of land during last winter's flood refused compensation!
How Obama's 'Arab Spring' created Islamic State
Prescott savages Miliband as Tories pull further ahead
Grannies with Kalashnikovs facing bloodbath! (What ARE the Yanks doing out there?)
Government urged to tackle Gulf states funding Islamic terrorism (That'll be the day)
'There's people who detest me on left and right,' says Nick Clegg, forgetting about the middle
Sexual predator Saquib Hamid who groomed young girls with drugs is jailed for 12 years
Counter-terror police raid Islamic academy in London with links to extremists
'Drunk' Belgian doctor in C-section death of British mum
BBC plans yet more Holocaust propaganda! (BBC's TV boss is Danny Cohen - get it?)
How DID police miss Alice suspect's body?
UK 'should be allowed to limit migrants in exchange for staying in EU?' (Politicians = pathetic)
Child exorcist trying to rid streets of 'drug dealers, robbers and badness'
Israelis hoist ISIS-inspired black and white flag in anti-African march in Tel Aviv
Lancashire deputy police crime commissioner Ibrahim Master faces investigation
Poorer pupils 'should jump schools queue': Plan would punish middle classes

Sunday 5 October

There is a paedophile elephant in the corner of Labour’s living room
Cameron thanks Muslims for strengthening society and making Britain a 'success story!
Cameron: hair gel, snake oil and terminological inexactitudes
Withering assessment of Lib Dems’ hapless leader from party’s former media boss
Cops admit they were told Jimmy Savile was a paedo a DECADE before he was exposed
Sex Pistols star got drunk with MPs and watched them head off with prostitutes
Man who stood up to gang (ethnicity unstated) that threw stones at house, stabbed 15 times
Faleh Ghazi Albasman stabbed his daughter to death
EBay crook, Habibur Rahman, sold 'skimmers' that clone bank cards at cashpoints
Mohammed Feroz threatened to throw acid in face of Sunrise Radio's Gail Sayles
Black men beat victim with a metal bar in Birmingham
Middle-class brothers go from college to waging Jihad in the Middle East
Children at English school banned from going on school trip because they speak English!
ISIS fighting with weapons from USA and 'moderate' Syrian rebels
Anjem Choudary linked to Islamic extremists who brainwash Belgians into Syria jihad
African immigrants worry about backlash from U.S. Ebola case
Aids: Origin of pandemic 'was 1920s Kinshasa'
The police are not fit to have these powers

Saturday 4 October

Child sex inquiry into Jewish MP, Greville Janner, was blocked by top cops
Detectives sat on list of 2,345 paedos for 14 months and DID NOTHING!
Families of Afghanistan dead say their loved ones lost their lives for nothing
‘The Catholic priesthood blighted my youth and the youth of people like me’
Ultra-PC luvvie and Labour stalwart, Emma Thompson, sends daughter to private school
Parents' fury after primary school introduces unisex toilets to prevent "transphobia'
Israeli newspaper says Jack the Ripper only killed prostitutes because of anti-Semitism?
Black youths who murdered learning difficulties man Dean Mayley jailed jailed for up to 15 years
Asian thugs attack man in wheelchair
29 years for 'untouchable' Muslim sex gang who preyed on 13-year-old
Cops appeal for info on Black gang that left girl with horrific injuries
Jess Rowles suffers horrific injuries after being punched by Asian taxi driver
Immigrant Kurd raped young woman in Glasgow
Rajeshwar Bhinder stabbed a security guard in Boscombe’s Sovereign Centre
NOW S. Yorks cops spring into action! "Hate crimes" rise in wake of Rotherham sex abuse
DIVERSITY! Pakistan is home to 1.5m street children, 90% of whom have been abused
Muslim asks about discrimination and (apart from 6m mantra) gets awesome answer!
Bill Cosby: ‘We Can’t Blame White People’
Wikileaks 2010: 1 in 3 British Muslim students back killing for Islam and 40% want Sharia law
Migrants under camper-vans and the crisis of Britain's porous borders
Mark travelled world on his bike with help from strangers. Back home he's murdered by Blacks
Now Jihadi John beheads Alan Henning
ISIS move in on Syria border town day after Turkey's PM vowed to save it (Where is the US?)
The patients kept in filth in NHS-funded private mental health hospital
Tory plans to shackle human rights judges REJECTED by Europe
Human Rights farce must not be allowed to continue
Thatcher went soft on enemies after IRA Brighton bombs
Children 'too stressed' for school?
European Convention on Human Rights: What has it ever done for us?
Former porn star Luka Magnotta killed and dismembered student
Jose Mourinho says there is no racism in football
Children as young as 13 caught drink driving in Lancashire
Schoolchildren chanting "Allah Akbar" in Bolton, England

Friday 3 October

DIVERSITY! Pakistan is home to 1.5m street children, 90% of whom have been abused!
HUMAN RIGHTS! Seize power from Euro judges? (Why only now? Why not in 2010?)
The Odessa massacre: a catalyst for the entire Ukraine conflict
DIVERSITY! Eight Albanians arrested over rape of Havering girl, 13
Rehman/Shapal/Rasheed/Amini/Ali guilty of sexually exploiting Sheffield girl, 13
Police ignored minicab sex attack leaving Alaksur Rahman to strike again just 10 days later
Award-winning solicitor Shadab Khan laundered money for £10 million drugs baron Khalid Malik
Burmese man confesses to murder of British tourists in Thailand
2,744 people have been trafficked for slavery and exploitation in the UK
Multiculturalism makes ISIS a threat to Britain
ISIS: Mass executions of 1,500 at a time, girls abducted as sex slaves, children used as soldiers
Hate crime on rise in wake of child sex abuse in Rotherham?
LITTLEJOHN: Why did security stop me, not the jihad teen?
European politics dances to the drum of the far right? Bull! They're after votes!
German politician posts anti-Semitic video of 'Rothschilds controlling the world!'
Jewish and Muslim leaders hold coexistence meeting in Israel

Thursday 2 October

Church of England vicar told girl, 13, to rape her nine-year-old sister!
Ethnic gang murdered Donald McNichol as he looked for jobs
Boy, 15, stabbed five times on Croydon tram by black man
Kemal Roma charged with rape and sexual assault relating to two teenage girls in Hastings
Mohammed Arshad posed as student to film woman in university toilets
Shanty town in suburbia: London river beauty spot is home to 30 Romanians!
543 of the 8,000 GP practices in England could soon be forced to shut!
Britons 'too worried to marry or have babies'
Top civil servant wined and dined by bankers and bosses
Banksy's anti-immigration mural destroyed
Yazidi girls: Raped, tortured and forced to watch beheadings by ISIS
ISIS behead five Kurdish fighters, including three women
ISIS extremists 'changing tactics to avoid death'
Labour's black MPs demand all-black shortlists and racial quotas
Nick Griffin expelled by BNP!
Girlfriend's 'revenge porn' pictures were viewed 50,000 times on adult websites

Wednesday 1 October

LibLabCon + 9,000 homeless old soldiers + 500,000 immigrants in council housing = TREASON!
Jewish neuroscientist Gennadij Raivich says he's fathered 58 children by insemination!
Theresa May outlines plans to tackle Islamists AND "neo-Nazis (PATRIOTS) in Britain"
Human rights court 'is a threat to democracy' says ex-Lord Chief Justice
Political correctness at BBC led to Florence Nightingale being smeared as "racist!"
Dead deputy headteacher ("Martin Goldberg, who is Jewish") ‘filmed students changing’
Pervert deputy head who secretly filmed boys could have been stopped 2 years before
Hannah Witheridge 'was raped by two men before being killed'
£500,000 SCAM! 179 divorcing Italians all at ONE Maidenhead address!
Romanian gang jailed for selling fake IDs to illegal immigrants
Violent robber Mohamed Mohamed denounced for targeting elderly people
Cops seek black man after Croydon tram stabbing
Sex attacker Shakeel Razaq chased through streets by victim's sister
Young woman followed and inappropriately touched by Asian
Burglar, Charlton Andre, who climbed a tree in attempt to escape, sentenced
Dr Benjamin Nnabugwu Ogbonna removed woman's ovary - operation wasn't clinically justified!
Cross-dressing 5-year-old, Romeo Clarke, banned from playgroup - Scum mum outraged
Liam Fox launches stinging attack on government’s immigration policy
UKIP’s shadow lengthens as more high-profile Tories jump ship
Millionaire Tory donor defects to UKIP with £100,000 donation
Savage who kicked a cat dogged by animal rights campaigners
Hunt for "British" jihadi girl age 15
Ebola is in America - Man may have infected others
"Fans are 'disgusted' by Jewish designer's skeleton-chic Instagram snap"
Labour MPs in open revolt over Miliband's refusal to block Scottish MPs voting on English laws!
Did British Gas kill shopkeeper, Anthony Waters?
"Wilson’s Labour government can most politely be called a catastrophe!"

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