Daily News: August 2014

Sunday 31 August

The self-loathing of the British Left is now a problem for us all
Shock poll reveals Farage's staggering 44-point lead over the Tories
If Dave and his pals are our 'clever elite' why does Nigel make them look so stupid?
PUTIN: ‘Anything US touches turns into Libya or Iraq’
The Times: heads must surely roll in Rotherham!
PRESCOTT: Rotherham abuse shouldn't have been allowed? (He allowed it 1997-2010)
In 2003, the authorities tried to jail Nick Griffin for warning us about Muslim paedos
ROTHERHAM: the real scandal is much wider
ROTHERHAM: 'Muslim leaders fully aware of problem but did nothing'
ROTHERHAM: child abusers 'brazen', says care home worker
I was intimidated and branded a racist for bringing Rochdale abuse gang to justice
Rotherham, Rochdale and How to destroy the PC Cult that made rape of children possible!
Cops plan mass raids on sex gangs: (Way too late, scum)
ROTHERHAM: Dossier proves top cop refusing to quit WAS alerted to horrific scale of grooming
LORD AHMED: What links jihadis and Rotherham? Mosques failing to give moral leadership
ISIS fighter planning to 'bomb UK' is Morrisons security guard - cops let him go!
How 'drunk' crime scene detective derailed £100million 'axe in the head' case
Homophobia row as BBC cuts Doctor Who lesbian kiss scene to avoid offending Asians The bell tolls for Cameron's cosy clique

Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification
The Common Purpose Rogues Gallery
SCOTLAND! Groomed girls let down by officials refusing to act!
Secrets of Communism - Mass Murder
Dutch crew film Turkish secret service aiding alqaeda
Kansas police kill suicidal teen, stopped family from helping
Nick Griffin claims he influenced Syrian vote
Sunbed study finds repeated use increases skin cancer risk
Hundreds join NATO protest march in Newport

Saturday 30 August

Khan is most common doctor name in UK! Patel 2nd! Ahmed, Ali - 6, 9 = TREASON!
Why no one will admit migration is reason our primary schools are bursting at seams
ROTHERHAM: The abuse is STILL going on and now it’s even worse
ROTHERHAM! Files were seized in grooming cover-up!
ROTHERHAM: Asian taxi drivers billed council for fares after they raped young girls!
ROTHERHAM! Advice for those who make colossal blunders in public life... RESIGN!
ROTHERHAM! A Pakistani woman, I'd welcome a police force that didn't rely on Imams
Ex-Rotherham council boss to be questioned - did officials wipe computer files?
A culture of shame perpetuates abuse. I know, I was a victim
Islamic Supremacism and Rape
10,000 patients wait more than 62 days for cancer treatment despite urgent referrals by GPs
Skin cancer rates rising fastest in older men
Holiday villa fraud that's hit countless British families
Terror target Britain (Terror made by traitorous social engineers)
Hospitals sent us home too early
Homeless E. Europeans rounded up in London crackdown: TWO end up on flights home
Pensioner with NO feet 'too fit to qualify for blue disabled parking badge!'
Dr Mohammad Tariquezzaman struck off - Is there no end to these seedy Asian Docs?
'It's better not to mess with Russia': Putin's nuclear warning to West on Ukraine
The Paedophile Information Exchange and the Left-Wing Establishment
Treason at Unite - Jack Dromey, MP, in 2007

Friday 29 August

Cameron's pledge to slash net migration to "tens of thousands" in tatters (560,000 in 2013)
The US/Saud/Qatar/Turkey made ISIS to defeat Syria, you know that, don't you?
Cops refused to treat rape allegations as crimes: Sex crimes unit pressured not to record rapes
ROTHERHAM: 'Muslim leaders fully aware of problem but did nothing'
ROTHERHAM: Sex abuse monster flies to Pakistan and says: I'm living the high life
ROTHERHAM: At 13 Lizzie was raped. Now, the Muslim is free and taunting her on Facebook
ROTHERHAM: cops spent 'great deal of time' trying to disprove victim abuse
ROTHERHAM: Children's chief clinging to £115,000 job despite complacency
ROTHERHAM: Shameless crime tsar STILL won't go
Another migrant killer: Andrzej Wojcicki was looking at mobile when he ploughed into Owain Jones
Horrific moment Jamal Jones stabbed Dean Mayley (mental age of 9) to death
DIVERSITY! Samantha Adeokun 'punched, kicked and beat Peter Davegun to death
Man stabbed after being chased by black gang
Haroon Sahebzabzada charged over Feltham stabbing
Man stabbed after attempting to intervene in argument between black man and blonde
Danny Binks: Turkish knife gang stabbed me in heart for nothing, 5mm deeper I'd be dead
Phoebe Skinner was lured to an alley and raped by Paksitanis
You can't deport me... I am gay says Jamaican thug
Cops release e-fit of man wanted for questioning over indecent assault
Ravel Morrison threatened to throw acid in ex-girlfriend's face?
DIVERSITY! In Britain thousands are kept in servitude by beatings, brainwashing, hard labour
Racists are those who try to destroy Britain and despise the British people
1400 children sacrificed on the alter of political correctness
Political correctness: a disease of the liberal elites all too easily exploited by non-whites
Anybody out there still think Enoch Powell was wrong?
ISLAM: Nick Griffin's solution
Yazidi women held as sex slaves or sold off as jihadi brides
One in five pupils still failing the three Rs
FALSE FLAG? UN say 43 peacekeepers detained by an 'armed group' at Syria-Israel border
Those Blair letters in full... Dear Pol Pot, Love Kettle
EXPENSES: Ambulance boss Anthony Marsh who earns £232,000 a year a trough-gobbler?
DIVERSITY: ‘Witches’ chop off Indian dad’s hands and burn him alive in front of son

Thursday 28 August

English kids among world’s unhappiest
In the face of such evil who is the racist now?
Rotherham sex abuse victim: I told police names of 250 men who raped me but they did NOTHING
How MPs have dealt with past cases similar to the Rotherham child abuse scandal
Political correctness: a vile, perverted ideology wrecking our society and ruining innocent lives
The political class has created this terror in our midst
Rotherham child abuse scandal a tale of apologists, misogyny and double standards
1,400 girls abused and rapists are on the loose but we won't take the blame!
ROTHERHAM: 'It's a massive cover-up': Social workers knew the truth but called ME a liar
From sex abuse gangs to jihadis, state's fear of seeming 'racist' lets evil thrive
Police tsar must go says girl who was abused at 11
1,400 are abused and no one at fault (again) ROTHERHAM: Many more heads must roll
Rotherham child sex abuse scandal will cost the taxpayer £200m’
Rotherham officials oversee child protection elsewhere in Britain!
Enoch Powell was RIGHT to warn against immigration, claims Tory Gerald Howarth
South Yorkshire Police crime recording criticised in new report
Councillors and council staff criticised for "avoiding public discussion" for fear of being thought racist
Pakistanis in UK fuelling corruption, says Attorney General!
Ex-mayor Barry Dodson faces child sex abuse charge
2012: Labour MP Sian James + thugs try to hide causes of South Wales suicides
The Bridgend suicides, Common Purpose and the TETRA system
Common Purpose – the Basics Brian Gerrish: COMMON PURPOSE and Neuro Linguistic Training
Common Purpose at the heart of the Conservative party
Do you really care what the state is doing to your childs brain?
Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
MH17 Fully Exposed! Truth About the Ukraine false flag
Albanian immigrant, Vladimir Ismaili, sentenced to 14 years to 14 years for trafficking
Black savege, Jamal Jones, murdered Dean Mayley. 3 black savages got away with manslaughter
Terrified 16-year-old girl tortured over £50 debt
Woman sexually assaulted on Paddington train
Appeal following assault of off-duty officer
Student punched in the face at Notting Hill Carnival for telling man to stop groping her
Gang of muggers targeted single professional women
Catholic priest and former children's home boss abused boys in their care
Centuries of shipbuilding in Portsmouth come to a close
Public executions are weekly ritual in ISIS-controlled parts of Syria
Cameron under pressure to follow Germany with EU migrant crackdown
Police must do more to tackle the rise of anti-Semitism? (See off the anti-Gentiles!)
International Monetary Fund boss facing corruption inquiry
Overcharging by outsourcing giant Serco costs NHS millions
We share blame for creating 'jihad generation', says Muslim
John Major's views on immigration are predictably wrong
Blair-faced cheek of Middle East envoy
GAZA: No victory for Israel despite weeks of devastation
Scientists sniffing out the Western allergy epidemic
Syria conflict: Islamic State 'committed war crimes'
Tories plan to use Boris as a 'UKIP killer' at General Election
EU chief Juncker tells Cameron to send a woman to Brussels or miss out on top jobs
Shocking pictures show final days of student who overdosed on methadone

Wednesday 27 August

Official report into Rotherham Child Abuse
1,400 girls beaten, gang raped and trafficked in just one English town
White teenager hacked to death by black mob 'because he survived attack previous year'
Girls as young as 11 doused in petrol and told they would be raped by Asian paedos
Ben Babington-Browne died in helicopter crash in Afghanistan (it wasn't suitable for mission)
'wannabe gangster', Maruf Yousaf, gets Asbo for bullying and robbing elderly and disabled people
How can this happen in a civilised country?
How fear of being seen as racist stopped social workers saving up to 1,400 children from sexual exploitation at the hands of Asian men in just ONE TOWN
1400+ British children subjected to 'appalling sexual exploitation' by Muslims in just one town - LibLabCon & PC Crowd refused to stop it
Britain is now home to two million illegal immigrants!
Top cop refuses to quit after report into abuse of 1,400 youngsters in Rotherham
OUTRAGE as sex assault immigrant walks free
Police hunt for Blacks after brutal attack on taxi driver
Preston stabbing: Seven held over Jonjo Highton's death
Asian or Mixed-race man broke in, stole stuff and threatened home owner
Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman (black) believes lack of diversity in books stops kids from reading/pursuing the arts
BBC accused of censorship over Rotherham child abuse by failing to mention that gangs were Asian
Justice for Charlene - Karen Downes Full Interview
Man attacked by three Blacks
Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman (black) believes lack of diversity in books stops kids from reading/pursuing the arts
Ed Miliband says he will increase Muslim representation in the parliament
Appeal for dog walker to come forward after sex attack by Asian
Man robbed in daylight town centre attack
Majority of Young Americans Don't Support Israel Anymore

Tuesday 26 August

True scale of Rotherham child sex abuse was 'downplayed'
1,400 victims of child grooming by Pakistani gangs: Rotherham Council slammed
Rotherham Council leader (Labour) resigns over child sex scandal
Jimmy Savile abuse report: what the cops did not act upon?
The Jimmy Savile Hellgate - Thomas Sheridan
The War on Terror is a fraud: It is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous
Notting Hill Carnival: Three men stabbed in violent clashes
'Stop counting foreign students as immigrants' says traitor Heseltine
Free in 7 years? Rosdeep Adekoya beat toddler son to death - Why wasn't she tried for murder?'
Afghanistan: US leaves - Taliban returns (never left) So our dead died for nothing?
Hardliners being paid thousands to advise young, at-risk Muslims? HARDLINERS?
What qualifications do you need to be a suicide-bomber?
Lethal IRA bomb attack on England - 1939!
Asian sexually assaulted woman whilst she slept on a train
Nobel prize winners: Eurozone recovery is 'dismal failure'
Russell Brand hits back at anti-Semitism claims after death threats
DIVERSITY! Black stabs another man on Metro - Scum film rather than help!
ISIS beheads own intelligence chief in Aleppo for ‘passing information to the Brits?’ WOW!
40 UK universities are now breeding grounds for terror
Brooklyn DA exposes hidden perversions of Orthodox Jews
Asian sexually assaulted woman whilst she slept on a train
Nobel prize winners: Eurozone recovery is 'dismal failure'
Hardliners being paid thousands to advise young, at-risk Muslims? HARDLINERS?
Left-wing transvestite and PC champion, Eddie Izzard running for Mayor of London!
Boko Haram Muslims ‘execute’ 2 for smoking cigarettes
Force sex education on all schools, says Clegg!
Israeli teenagers: Racist and proud of it
German business confidence shattered, lowest in 13 months?
Gateway to Jihad
CIA chief: ISIS (made by USA/Saudis) attack against West coming 'sooner rather than later'
Desperate to curry favour, Mr Clegg?
China welcomes its ‘old friend’ Robert Mugabe with a 21-gun salute
India's rape shame continues

Monday 25 August

Don't blame British Muslims/Jews for world crises! (They're different to Muslims/Jews elsewhere?)
Three out of four illegal immigrants “disappear” successfully every year!
Islamic State militants capture key Syrian air base! (Are they fed info by Traitor Elite?)
Smiling "Britons" boarding a flight for jihad! (STOP CALLING THEM BRITONS!)
British rapper posted a photo of himself holding a severed head on Twitter
British society created 'jihad generation' says Muslim ex-army officer
Four men stabbed in the space of 24 hours in London (That all?)
Man dies following assault by black man on Lady Pit Lane, Leeds
Dr Ravindra Sondhi to face a second inquiry into his conduct
20+ 'powerful elite' figures part of paedo ring that abused our children for decades?
Jimmy Savile abuse report: what the cops did not act upon?
Traitor Blair made millions advising Kazakh dictator PR advice on massacre of civilians
Governor at Trojan Horse school hired guards to bar staff bought in after Ofsted inspection
Council chief paid £318,000 for a 4-day week!
Israeli air strikes level Gaza apartment block! Residents had just 10 minutes to get out
Ban jihadis? The human rights crowd won't like it!
Jihadis should forfeit right to live in Britain
Holocaust survivors and their descendants accuse Israel of ‘genocide’

Sunday 24 August

FBI agents to guard UK airports against jihadi fanatics? Yanks to guard us? WHY? We need Big Brother to wipe our behinds now? Sinister - the globalising project in full swing?
"Our generational struggle against a poisonous ideology?" Hey, Dave! Why does LibLabCon keep on beckoning the ideology in?
My father, the Earl who raped me as a boy!
MP: I spent 12 hours on a trolley in agony and could have died at overcrowded A&E
A young mother condemned to die by trendy, stupid politics
Tarik Rashid and Mohammed Munir pleaded guilty to 12 hygiene offences
Poll: Most Israelis oppose intermarriage (whereas Jews promote race-mixing for others outside Israel)
Yank cop shoots dead British mother-in-law and wife and their kids
USA: Ali Muhammad Brown, the Muslim terror spree killer they're not telling us about
Hostility toward Christianity is a global phenomenon
Labour and Tories "weigh up grand coalition" to keep UKIP at bay
Spoiling for a fight, boxer Simon Tarry killed John Millett
Former Archbishops believes we must banish British jihadis
1-in-4 foreigners who sign up for ISIS is "British" - half already back in UK!
NO PROTESTANTS! USA's 9 most powerful judges all Catholics and Jews
NEW WORLD ORDER - Communism by the backdoor
Part 2 The NWO - Communism by the backdoor
UK border controls in chaos
SAS in high-tech hunt for Jihadi John?
Asylum teen unlawfully detained and Brits must pay for the blunder
Luton is a 'Hotbed of Extremism!'
USA National Security Council confirms the authenticity of the James Foley video
The James Foley video is obviously fake?
Sweeping social media a new meme: “If you watch James Foley video ISIS WINS!”
ANALYSIS: The beheading of James Foley is a fake?
"Beheaded" James Foley is NOT James Foley?
Jim Foley beheading a Fake?
NATO's Plan to Divide the Middle East, Oded Yonin, Bernard Lewis
Holocaust survivors condemn Israel's Gaza 'genocide'
327 "Holocaust" survivors (and their descendants) condemn Israel’s assault on Gaza
Ann Summers (Jacqueline Gold - Jew) launching range of underwear called ISIS
'Asbos for terrorists?' 'ISIS killers quaking in their boots?'
John Bercow warned by his biggest backer: Allow us to grill Carol Mills or face losing your job
Sir Cliff Richard in police quiz over child sex claims
Alcoholic doctor Shibley Rahman struck off for 'stalking' Abi Titmuss
The crucifixion of Malky Mackay by the PC Crowd - Brits cannot take the p***!
Israel blows up Gaza apartments as death toll surpasses 2,100
Senior Miliband aide in 'Northerners are backward' storm

Saturday 23 August

Nicholas Fairbairn - the other paedophile at Margaret Thatcher's side
CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zionist Matrix
It's a disgrace that Conservative ministers are all white says Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
RIFIND: US and UK should back Assad to defeat ISIS says senior UK MP
Manhunt in Dudley after teenage girl attacked by black man
Cops appeal for witnesses after boy robbed in Derby by black man
Ireland’s biggest food retailer drops Israeli produce as European boycotts surge
Saudi Arabia beheads at least 19 people since 1 August (Where ISIS get behaviour from?)
Rapper, hacker, travel guide writer. Did one of these British extremists behead James Foley?
Belgian Muslim, 13, now with ISIS along with 5,000 other Muslim teens?
2,800 sex crimes in British schools (Proportion of non-natives committing them?)
The coming apocalypse
Shah Emran Ali was driving at 60mph and overtaking a schoolbus as he pleasured himself
USA's National Security Agency working hand-in-glove with repressive Saudi regime
Obama's 'helplessness' an act: Snowden reveals scale of US aid to Israel
Kevin Sorbo: “Ferguson riots... (are) an excuse to be the losers these animals truly are”
“Children under eight are not allowed here – especially ones with penises!”
French President Francois Hollande blames Britain for rise of IS jihadists
Friend of Lee Rigby's killer jailed for distributing terrorism material
Naushad Faruk 'tricked famous glamour model into posing naked'
USA: Mother fed daughter tapeworms to make her skinny for beauty pageant
We can't save the world AND keep slashing back our army
A year's a long time in Middle East politics
Nick Clegg, Leon Brittan, William Hague, Derek Laud, Cyril Smith, David Cameron and the child-abuse connection
Birmingham council illegally sent children into care in Jersey
Leaders of the UK, USA and Europe appear to be controlled, in part,through child abuse rings?
Britain First protest

Friday 22 August

German minister, Gerd Mueller, accuses Qatar of financing ISIS
No media/race frenzy when black cop shoots dead unarmed white guy
Allan Powell gets 11 years for attempted murder
Bangladeshi sex slave in Bradford disowned by her family because she was raped
CLARKSON WARNED! "No one is bigger than the BBC!' (Except perhaps Danny Cohen et al?)
The British girl vowing to be the first woman to kill Westerners!
The sadistic reign of 'jihadi John'
ISIS offered to swap James Foley for 'Lady al Qaeda
So why did the BBC give airtime to this Islamic State fanatic?
Romanian crime gang's £16m fraud!
Mohamed Ali paid a drug addict to murder his wife, Amina Bibi
A time for action, not words, on extremism
Hunt for the jihadist killers on our streets
UKIP want to cut top tax rate to 40 per cent and ban benefits for migrants
Why isn't Ukraine a cause for Hollywood celebrities?

Thursday 21 August

How London became the child abuse capital of the world
Charlie Burns, 19, chased 'like a dog' by a black gang and stabbed to death
Hassan Hassan and Colin Anderson charged with the 2010 murder of Charlie Wright
Chris Penman asleep at home when he was stabbed 23 times by love rival Awat Akram
Saqib Hussain may have been “showing off” moments before he ploughed into a Ford Fiesta, killing Noreen Ryan
Cash machine thieves Florin Silaghi and Vasile Pop jailed
Teenager stabbed, cop injured at illegal rave
Fahim Khan, Mohammed Hussain, Rubel Miah and Javed Miah deny murder
Muslims charged with sex trafficking and rape
Teenager kicked in head 5 times by Asians in brutal robbery
How do "Britons" become IS murderers? Britons don't - LibLabCon's pets do!
JAMES FOLEY BEHEADING: Hunt for ISIS butcher identified as 'John'
West will see more horrors like this, (James Foley's murder) say military chiefs
"British" jihadist Nasser Muthanna takes to Twitter to praise execution of journalist James Foley
Will ISIS behead Steven Sotloff next?
An atrocity that must shake the West awake
"Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future,” said Archbishop of Mosul
'Russian tanks, artillery and 1,200 fighters' deployed in Ukraine? Kiev was lying!
Haji & Sons, Bury Park, Luton, failed 4 consecutive hygiene inspections
Slag mother of 8 mixed-race kids (£2,000-a-month benefits) says she'll use surrogate to have more
Traitor Labour doesn't value family life says Red Ed's ex-aide, Maurice Glasman
Double Gloucester cheese could go! EU regulations killing off cows that produce it
S. Africa, Nigeria, India, Kenya lead the world in...? - HIV infections!
Israel 'playing games' as human rights organisations denied access
GAZA severely short of water for drinking and bathing
North Devon Sunrise granted £250,000 to continue work with ethnic groups
Thousands head for Hampshire to take part in Jalsa Salana

Wednesday 20 August

ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by the Israeli Mossad”
Muslim leaders against gay marriage (huge list) (Homophobia, Dave?)
Army preparing to use lethal force against “unarmed civilians” during “full scale riots”
SAS hero Chris Ryan says UK must tackle jihad threat before it gets back
Miriam Clegg paid £400 an hour by mining giant that tramps on rights of Saharan tribesmen
ISIS butcher with British accent beheads US journalist James Foley
America funds ISIS to destabilise Syria: This is how it ends
Do you want us to let you die?
90 rapists have escaped with a caution over last four years
GCSE students who can't write a full sentence
Online porn is too easy to access, say 80% of 18-year-olds
Cameron must recall MPs over Iraq crisis says ex-head of Army
Stroke patients are more likely to die at weekends because of poorly-staffed wards
Clarithromycin, an antibiotic taken by millions, linked to heart deaths
Suicide by train: 15-year-old Charleigh Disbrey and Turkish lover, 18
Emmanuel Okubote 'kidnapped couple and threatened them with gun whilst wearing electronic tag'
Boston, Ekpo, Emu and Nusi deny charges of fraud and money laundering
Polish bus driver killed cyclist Owain James after looking at mobile photos behind wheel
Suspected rapist, Christopher Adjei, escapes from court building
15 dead from rocket strike on refugee convoy in Ukraine: 350,000 civilians displaced by fighting
Ukrainian air-traffic control sent doomed flight MH17 over the conflict zone in Donetsk region
ISIS butchers threw living women and children into mass graves
GENERAL: Our panic stricken politicians are leading us into another bloody shambles in Iraq
Half of GPs admit dishing out 'useless' antibiotics to get pushy patients off their back
Fears of another MH17 tragedy as experts warn Syrian extremists have HUNDREDS of missiles
No crisis in prisons says Chris Grayling amid soaring suicides
SYRIA: Assad steps up campaign against ISIS strongholds
Gaza slaughter resumes after Israel turns down viable peace deal
BSkyB to take 20% of talent from black, Asian or other minority backgrounds
My children have turned into monsters says nice liberal parent
West antagonises Islam in Mid East for Israel/Washington and floods our world with Muslims
Lesbian Muslims from Iran tie knot in Stockholm (Imam gay too)
Cosmetic surgeon Krishnamurthi Nulliah struck off

Tuesday 19 August

Malaysian airlines' ‎MH17 disaster: INFO WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED!!! (Signed Ukraine/Netherlands/Belgium/Australia)
Whatever Happened to MH17?
Captured Ukrainian team planned attack on Russian humanitarian aid convoy
How ISIS Ended Up Stocked with American Weapons
General Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi, who overthrew Egypt's democratically elected President, is a Jew
Israeli ambassador calls Egypt's Al-Sisi a "national hero for all Jews!"
Muslim leaders against gay marriage (huge list) (Homophobia, Dave?)
Drug dealers Hassan Hussain, Yasin James and Martell Warren murdered Sbrina Moss
Hunt for bow-legged Polish immigrant after savage Wimbledon attack
Gambling businessman Shy Dahan used fake bank documents to pretend he had £20m
Burka-clad gangsters jailed for 58 years for £1.5million smash and grab raid on Selfridges
OPEN BORDERS: 20 million arrive/leave every year without proper checks!
700,000 immigrants 'do not try to learn English'
Peter Righton: Paedo at centre of historical abuse inquiry was Home Office advisor
3/4 of asthmatics 'at risk from fatal attack' - they wrongly believe they have it under control
Using force against Iraq extremists is justified says Pope
The Shelling of Gaza: Zio-Lie Machine Exposed
Did Schoolgirl, 16, die after taking ecstasy-style drug at party?
Why the world is dying to come here
Dutch Justice Ministry employee: ISIS a Zionist conspiracy
ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by the Israeli Mossad!”
Muslim leaders against gay marriage (huge list) (Homophobia, Dave?)

Monday 18 August

How children are brainwashed in America
Parliamentary paedophile ring hushed up for decades
500,000 troubled families cost taxpayers £30billion a year
Stress at work 'raises diabetes risk by 45%
CELEBRATING DIVERSITY! From a petty criminal and feckless father to ISIS Jihadi
CELEBRATING DIVERSITY! Mo Farah's brother Omar is behind bars on a burglary charge
DIVERSITY! Dusan Bako charged with child destruction after hitting pregnant girlfriend in stomach
Pictured: Asian youths cops want to question after violent bus robbery
Dr Tasnim Arif missed a "red flag symptom" as she assessed toddler and Harry died
CELEBRATING DIVERSITY! Children call lesbians names - cops launch manhunt
Africans migrate from Libya to Calais to here waved through by Italian and French cops
Ebola outbreak: university campuses on alert as new term begins
Dirty takeaway list, August 2014
Poisoned customers to sue Chinese restaurant
The EU would put Goebbels to shame and Lib Dems lie
Sainsbury's strips kosher food from its shelves over fear of attacks by anti-Israeli protesters
44% of Gordon Brown’s aides took over charities/think-tanks then carried on attacking Tories
New Labour's 'government in exile'
Businessman cleared of being a racist after calling girlfriend "English!"
Britain's most hated woman? My daughter brought it on herself (Not Harriet Harman?)
'I wouldn't have married him if I'd known' say Frank Maloney's ex-wife
You're talking sh*t, Ashley!

Sunday 17 August

Prisons spent £1million hiring interpreters in 2013 because 1-in-8 inmates is foreign!
Don't let Americans put hormones and pesticides in our dinner, warns Jamie Oliver
USA: Morgue attendant (black) had sex with up to 100 bodies!
JULIAN ASSANGE: "The world is going crazy!" (Went crazy long ago)
Austim Mitchell, MP, says: "Ed's 'apparat-chicks' are exactly what my party DOESN'T need!"
Victim of (enriching and diverse) Polish thugs tells of his appalling ordeal
This is our problem too! UK Jihadis found with membership cards for Liverpool FC!
Red Len's plan to sell off £6million Unite mansion to China
MP says: As long as this top cop stays, paedos/sex abusers will get away with it!
ISIS 'kills 300 MORE Yazidi men and kidnap their families
Please, let American jets bomb my prison
Bombshell email accuses Bercow of secret power grab
British hacker teaching Jihadis how to steal from accounts of rich/famous to fund terror
Gaza protestors 'wreak havoc' in Tesco store W*NKERS! Clegg is 'disgusting', Miliband is 'confusing' and Cameron is just 'frustrating'?
KISS bassist, Gene Simmons, (Jew) tells those with depression: ‘F***you, then kill yourself!’
Ukrainian troops pictured beating man accused of being pro-Russian spy
Abolish the Lords! And lose all the creeps and dodgy donors
BBC cannot be a law unto itself
The countryside really hates Dave (I got it from the horse's mouth)
The Zionist plan for the Middle East

Saturday 16 August

More than 10,000 Christians murdered by coup government (led by Jews) in the Ukraine
The world’s not been this dangerous for 30 years and the West’s arrogance is to blame
Why don't "British" Muslims condemn maniacs killing for Islam? (They're enrichingly diverse?)
The ultimate diversity? 'ISIS want to impregnate Yazidi women and smash our blond bloodline'
How the West can end the Jihadi carnage (Why would USA/Saudis 'end' what they made?
TOP COP: 'British extremists are going to come home if they start losing' (So let them win?)
British Muslims who want to live under the Islamic State: so why can't they go?
Muhammad is now the most popular name for baby boys in England and Wales
Diversity did this - the EU kind
Drug dealer, Jake Austin, gets 18 years for the murder of John O'Donohue
Married father-of two, Mazafer Maroof, jailed for raping a 16-year-old girl
Pensioner violently assaulted and robbed by Brixton Blacks
Man ambushed and robbed by Asian thugs
Woman assaulted and robbed by black duo
Drug baron, Kenneth Oranyendu, 'The Chairman', jailed for 7 years 4 months
"Estate agent who glassed me only spared jail because she's a woman!" (BLACK woman, Ron)
Hairdresser Sinan Inan 'massaged woman's breasts during appointment'
Dr Shahid Ayyoub, who was jailed after sexually assaulting a patient, struck off
Black bus driver dismissed over road rage incident
Health fears over meat seen crawling with flies delivered to Lahore Meat suppliers
How 50 migrants a day try to sneak into ‘El Dorado’ Britain
Why is the RSPCA killing so many pets?
Upsetting minorities will put Cameron on a shortcut to oblivion?

Friday 15 August

Nightmares at Elm Guest House. Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay
Cliff Richard - Paedophile? - Various allegations
'I'm totally innocent' says Cliff Richard
Dutch government official claims Islamic State militant group is 'Zionist plan'
Patryk Strutkowski and Pawerl Bugajski murdered a Kurdish refugee
Teenage boy (ethnicity?) admits killing man with mental age of nine in Greenford
Good Samaritans chase away 'violent robber (black) who stabbed man for mobile phone'
Theobalds Grove train assault by Black man
Black men try to drag 13-year-old into car in Chesham
Black men wanted In connection with pensioner robbery
Don't they have EU rules in Europe?
A brave and decent father betrayed by soft touch Britain
What's Bothering Cherie Blair?

Thursday 14 August

Anglican Vicar of Baghdad: “Child I baptised cut in half by ISIS”
Couple found shot dead at home after long battle to stop traveller site opposite their home
USA's National Security Agency "accidentally" caused Syria's internet blackout in 2012!
I was raped aged 4 by a top aide to Thatcher!
Immigrants take four jobs for every one that goes to a Briton!
Man stabbed in the heart after ‘bumping into someone while texting’
Tory councillor, Monika Juneja, facing fraud and 'pretending to be a barrister' charges
The black flag of ISIS flies over the East End!
POPLAR: Nun tears down black and white Jihadi flag
Bournemouth University student Emmanuel Mutandi charged with rape at Boscombe churchyard
Gormless slapper, Chloe Phelan, and Yusuf Faisal Issah, caught trying to use fake credit cards
Seema Bassi, who owned £2.6million property empire, claimed £74,000 in benefits
Horrific injuries suffered by Jess Rowles after she was punched by an Asian taxi driver
Woman punched and robbed by Asian in brutal subway attack
‘Fraud’ tycoon Mukhtar Ablyazov owes £500,000 a day interest on unpaid claims
HAMPSHIRE: 8 men rescued from suspected slavery on Little Testwood Farm in Calmore
900,000 OAPs failed by lack of home help
Loom bands cancer warning - 'charms' found to contain massive levels of deadly chemicals
Israeli soldier celebrates wearing a 'Deployed, Destroyed and Enjoyed Gaza 2014' T-shirt
Top websites crash as web 'starts to run out of space!'
BLAIR WARS: Jihadis paraded severed heads of their victims through our village
BLAIR WARS: Iraqi children 'drinking their parents' BLOOD to stay alive'
Ditching EU human rights law would be a disaster says MP (Add him to your notebooks)
Prolific paedophile abused girl, 10, after he was allowed to live near a PLAYGROUND
How convenient! Ennobled City boss had donated £333,000 to the Tories just weeks earlier
How hippy crack craze killed our brilliant son
Mentally ill lacking help? Only 3-in-10 with a common condition receive treatment
50 years after last execution in Britain, UKIP MEP calls for reintroduction of death penalty
Donations to UKIP overtake those to the Lib Dems for the first time
Cleared, the Lib Dem who said he'd bomb Israel!
Jews want name change for French hamlet 'Death to Jews'

Wednesday 13 August

Washington threatens the world!
Sex education for US 14-year-olds now features sex toys, oral sex and, of course, BONDAGE!
MH17: US intelligence challenges Obama to present evidence of Russian complicity!
MH17 - “US intelligence sources had concluded... Ukrainian government forces were to blame!”
Flight MH17 shoot-down scenario shifts
Death toll in Ukraine conflict doubles in 2 weeks, reaches 2,086 - UN
Gaza's children: 'Israel is creating a new generation of enemies'
Eugene Curley linked to Werritty scandal hired by Tories’ election strategist
Students hand out 'Isis recruitment leaflets' to British Muslims on Oxford Street
British rapper turned ISIS jihadist poses with severed head
'You are not too young to die': British jihadists bid to recruit 15-year-olds
2007: Greenspan admits Iraq was about oil - deaths put at 1.2m
LITTLEJOHN: Democracy? No, Britain's now a judicial dictatorship and it's time for revolution!
Gaza's children: 'Israel is creating a new generation of enemies'
Yo, Bush! Yo, Blair! Are you happy now?
NHS cancels 16,000 operations at the last minute in just three months
Middle class is a dirty word to the BBC says June Whitfield
Paul Kohler left with 'life changing' injuries after savage beating by Polish burglars
Woman strangled, dragged by her hair and raped in a park - Cops hunt black man
Restaurant worker accused of raping student
Woman punched and robbed by Asian in brutal subway attack
ISLINGTON: Black man tried to snatch schoolgirl in broad daylight
Boy, 14, raped girl aged ten after watching online porn - Judge condemns
Estate agent who smashed glass in man's face avoids jail! (Her 18th court appearance for violence)
'They just didn't listen': Parents of murdered woman tried to warn authorities
String 'em up!
UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge is hardly a Hitler supporter
UK government to block arms exports to Israel if military action resumes? (B***OCKS)
Belmarsh prison is ‘too harsh’ for poor Andy Coulson! What a shame!
Check out 'hard-up' trough-gobbler, Mark Simmonds
'We are outnumbered 285-1': Calais cops admit they can't prevent UK migrant surge
John Major: 'Immigrants have Tory instincts and do not come here for benefits'
> On Iraq, the public’s conscience stirs but MPs are impotent
Kurdish reporter walks into No Man's Land trying to interview ISIS jihadists

Tuesday 12 August

Blank cheque to make up law! Human Rights Act lets us override MPs says UK's top judge (Jew)
Foreign criminal danger 'is increasing', warns police minister
The Elite, the ‘Great Game’ and World War III
For Israeli arms makers, Gaza War is a cash cow!
Hillary Clinton blasts ‘unfair’ world reaction over Gaza, cites anti-Semitism
“ISIS” in Iraq = Same fanatics NATO armed and supplied in Libya and Syria
BLAIR WARS + ISIS = "I can still hear screams of children we left behind"
Black female who glassed stranger spared jail despite dreadful record of violence!
Haroon Ashraf slashed pregnant wife, sprayed aftershave in her face and battered her for 3 hours
Violent sexual abuse and murder of children for profit
South Africa: White ANC MP assaulted and strangled by black criminals
The Cardiff jihadist who wants to die a 'martyr'
Abuse inquiry at second school linked to Cyril Smith
Trojan Horse purge 'threat to Christmas'
Is paracetamol safe?
Russia told by Europe not to send 'aid convoy' to rebels in Ukraine
Unemployed Britons To Blame For High Levels Of Immigration, Says IDS!

Monday 11 August

Immigrants comprise 73% of TB cases in the UK
Maidan and pro-autonomy political movements in Ukraine
Fresh evidence of how the West lured Ukraine into its orbit
Yank multimillionaire spared jail for raping 3-year-old daughter (It wouldn't be fun for him)
Beau Biden DEFENDS judge who gave du Pont heir probation after raping his 3-year-old
Asked her to switch off mobile, what does Lashonda Williams say? 'I kill white people like you!'
BLAIR WARS: Old, unfunny Jewish Comedienne says Palestinians "deserve to be dead!"
BLAIR WARS: ISIS Jihadis stood over bodies and celebrated as they burned 500 Yazidis alive
Now UK must join bomb raids on Islamic fanatics say MPs (Putting right the sh*t they made)
Letter found at Bin Laden's hideout warned of Islamic State's extreme brutality
BLAIR WARS: 7-year-old "Australian" boy brandishes the head of a Syrian soldier!
BLAIR WARS: Horror and despair on besieged mountain!
BLAIR WARS: Britain's moral duty to the people of Iraq
BLAIR WARS: These U.S. air strikes are just a PR stunt
Netanyahu pushes to define Israel as nation state of Jewish people only!
Israeli soldier admits he did compose sniper Tweet saying he killed 13 Gaza children
Calls to class far-right Jewish settlers as terrorists after Israeli soldiers attacked
Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert handed six-year jail sentence
BLAIR WARS: Our leaders denial about Islamic revolution exposes their own naivety
Home Office blunder allows Bangladeshi murderer to stay in UK
Archibald Reverent Foster tried to murder two women in Bromley
CCTV images released following robbery
Cops hunt black man who randomly attacked woman in Mellows Park, Wallington
Mixed-race man killed Robert Hart
Arson attack on a war memorial
Acid attack: E-fit of black suspect released

Police release image of Asian sex attack suspect
Woman assaulted in park by black man as she waited for her boyfriend
Woman has her bottom grabbed by a black man in Kettering
Help Somali family living on a bench outside TK Maxx in Tooting? F*** off home!
2005: Big Brother Derek (Google "Derek Laud"/paedo) backed Cameron
HIV+ nurse Rosemary Namubiru tried to pass on her disease' to a child?
After all Cameron's pledges to kick out criminals, deportation-avoiders rose by 50% in 2013!
Patients stranded in ambulances for 8 hours! A&E departments too full to take them
Did hypocrisy cost Sayeeda Warsi a safe seat as an MP?
GAY BINGO game gets pupils to rate favourite TV shows on equality

Sunday 10 August

DIVERSITY! 600,000 die annually from common-area defecation in India!
UKRAINE: Ron Paul says USA is 'hiding truth' on downed Malaysian Flight MH17
UKRAINE: What Washington, westminster and the Western media don't tell you
UKRAINE: What You're Not Being Told
UKRAINE: The video report deleted by the BBC
BLAIR WARS: Religious leaders say ISIS persecution of Iraqi Christians is genocide
BLAIR WARS: Crucified by Caliphate monsters: Iraq descends into apocalypse!
BLAIR WARS: ISIS threatens to execute 300 Yazidi families
BLAIR WARS: Bombing cannot mask media/politician shame over Iraq carnage
Hashtag Headache: Israel tries to silence those protesting Gaza offensive online
'It's Madness! US opposes ISIS in Iraq, supports them in Syria'
Sheldon Adelson supports immigration to U.S. but not Israel
Top rabbis move to forbid renting homes to Arabs, say 'racism originated in the Torah'
Israeli lawmaker calls for genocide of Palestinians
Baruch Lebovits, Brooklyn rabbi charged with sex abuse, gets plea deal
Orthodox Jewish man admits to sex 8 times with teen boy
Alleged Israeli organ trafficker arrested in Cyprus
Double murderer can head for UK after Home Office blunder
Imran Hussain got 14.5 years for smuggling drugs into Birmingham
Kathy Lette reveals how she (reluctantly) helped set this serial rapist free
Alison met Al Amin Dhalla via London dating agency (he turned out to be a stalker)
Walking free, the terrorist we can't deport
Meet Mr and Mrs Brum - they're a model (non-white) couple!
Baroness Warsi: The Prime Minister’s bitchy allies scorned me as working-class ‘brown woman’
MacShane: the prison whimpers of a bought-and-paid-for anti-Brit
England soccer hero Sir Tom Finney leaves just £115,000 in his will
Thousands at risk from anti-blood clot drugs
Dragons' Den BBC con!
Tory MPs in plot to dump Dave for Boris
Billionaire Square: The most exclusive address in London (foreigners only!)
Shock new heart attack figures shows urgent need for action
Federal Statistics of black on white violence in the USA
French court declares Islamophobia a crime
The Left's anti-White racism
Britain paying a high price for our blame culture
1935: The racial awakening of the German people

Saturday 9 August

I was warned I could be responsible for Leon Brittan's death if asked about paedo dossier
Cops to probe why arrest of Lord Janner over child abuse accusations 20 years ago was ‘blocked’
African boat people arriving in Europe will top 100,000 by mid-August
The seriousness of the crisis: 69% of schoolchildren in London are non-white
Synagogue sprayed with pro-Gaza grafitti
Former Sussex cricket star Uday Joshi challenging conviction for molesting a teenager in 1979
Company boss banned from placing job ad saying applicants must 'speak excellent English'
Terrified schoolboy threatened with a knife by other youths
Four bailed in council corruption probe
Palestinians returning home find Israeli troops left faeces and venomous graffiti
Dr Shahid Ayyoub massaged 22-year-old's breasts with oil (She went to see him with whiplash)
‘Endemic corruption’: Rogue ex-Met officers sold ecstasy tablets on the black market
Filipino Nurse Abducted and Gang-Raped as Violence Grows in Libya
More than ten thousand killed in Kiev’s punitive operation in southeastern Ukraine
GAZA: “It was justified. It was proportionate,” says Netanyahu
Over 10,000 killed in Kiev’s punitive op - Ukrainian MPs
Transgender Israeli singer (over-hyped PC icon) lectures Europe! "Shut your mouths about Gaza!"
Brussels plots fresh City of London power grab
BLAIR WARS: UK to bomb Iraq to avert genocide inspired by US/UK invasion in 2003?
ISIS: Lined up and executed, their severed heads put on display
'They have vicious plans for them': Fears for hundreds of Yazidi 'slave' women captured by ISIS
Ancient tribe they couldn't wipe out... until now?
Cameron sends former boss of tax-dodging Google to the House of Lords!
A British Jew, I’m terrified by the anti-Semitism suddenly sweeping the country
Romanians caught smuggling Afghan migrants across the English Channel
What the history books don’t tell you about life in Britain during the Great War
Government Minister's son quits Royal Marines after assaulting men outside nightclub

Friday 8 August

89 ethnics arrested in connection with sexual offences in Newcastle and surrounds
Black predators jailed for raping and abusing schoolgirls in Newcastle
Csaba Safian and Sandor Mohacs jailed for sex trafficking
Black thugs jailed for stabbing a man 11 times in front of his children on Christmas Day
Obama’s monsters ball! The White House opened its doors to Africa’s most evil dictators
First black woman to sit as a judge in the UK removed from the judiciary
Woman’s eye socket and nose smashed in unprovoked attack by black man
Police arrest East Lancs sex offender, Imran Khan
3rd world Britain:Twenty pupils have tested positive for TB in Newham,East London school
African immigrants arriving in Europe by boat to top 100,000 by mid-August
The Israeli deputy speaker calls for ethnic cleansing in Gaza
From One War Criminal to Another
Israel looks more like a fascist state than the Middle East’s 'only democracy'”
"The horror of Gaza is a crime made in Washington and London, as well as Jerusalem"
9/11 was a nuclear event?
SOUTH AFRICA: Coloured men convicted for murdering their German employer
The War on Whites is All They Have
Gaza Ceasefire: After 1,800+ Dead, What Led Israel to Stop the Assault?
GAZA: "A Hideous Atrocity": Noam Chomsky on Israeli attack & US Support for occupation
Israeli leader Netanyahu 'has approached US lawmakers to help avoid war crimes charges'
Terrorists march on as Britain looks away
Moscow’s food ban could cost EU $16bn, spark crisis in Europe
FRANCE: Domino's Pizza stops delivering to Muslim areas (too dangerous)
France: Muslim smashes up historic church, media dismisses it as "mental problems"
GAZA: Blasting hospitals, killing medical personnel (AMNESTY)
Patients left waiting for an operation rises to 3.2 MILLION under the Coalition
Smartphones blamed road death toll jumps by 13 per cent: 380 killed in first 3 months of 2014
‘King of Bling’ Ranbir Singh Suri gave the Tories £300k - Now he's a Lord!
School pervert carried on as hockey club coach/chairman because cops and council kept it secret
Epic slaughter engulfs the rest of the region but where are the protests? I PROTEST!

Thursday 7 August

Helen Reece, of the LSE, says we must relax rules banning perverts from caring for kids! (HUMAN RIGHTS!)
British students stabbed to death in Borneo by local thugs
Rule 1: Talk About Anything Political in Hollywood ... Except Gaza
Lavrov warns against intentionally hushing up events in southeast of Ukraine
Are paedophilephiles simply daft, or is there something else going on?
BLAIR WATS: 40,000 Iraqis stranded on mountain after Islamic State death threats
Family secret: What the left won’t tell you about black crime
Vladimir Putin and the madness of humanitarian imperialism
Russia delivers all data about Boeing crash to EU (23 July)
President Obama: $33 billion in commitments to Africa!
70 women 'victims of peeping Tom doctor,' Lam Hoe Yeoh
Civil servants used government computers to downplay killings
Injured heroes still waiting for payouts three years later as Iraqis get £20million
Plebgate MP backs Warsi in calls for Israel arms ban
Black barrister, who lied to cops over Chris Huhne, removed from the judiciary
Behaold a £120,000 art project!
Dangerous gang of armed robbers jailed for a total of 94 years
70 Brits struck down by vomiting bug in Mallorca and Menorca days after 100 fell ill in Egypt

Wednesday 6 August

Yet another writer admits faking her Holocaust memoir
How ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi became the world's most powerful Jihadi
ISIS leader a Jew? Conspiracy theory claims al-Baghdadi is Mossad agent and Jewish
Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of Jewish parents, Mossad agent
Sex offenders including paedos should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told!!!
LSE's Helen Reece says we must relax rules banning perverts from childcare! (HUMAN RIGHTS!)
Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg described a 'child-rape assembly line' in fundamentalist Jewish sects!
CHILD-RAPE! In ritual bathhouses of the Jewish orthodoxy, children are systematically abused!
Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg releasing new movie on how immigrants give us better food
Archibald Reverent Foster who attempted to murder two women caged indefinitely
Islam helps to boost British values, says ex-archbishop
Was Saqib Hussain showing off before he killed Noreen Ryan?
British teacher Christine Robinson 'beaten, raped and stabbed to death' at safari lodge in S. Africa
Black man rapes woman in Boscombe churchyard
Border controls are a ‘failure’, says outgoing immigration chief
Cover-up! 59% of supermarket chickens have lethal bug (watchdog won't say which stores)
Clegg's hypocriscy over migration
Gazans pick through the wreckage of their homes during ceasefire
NHS pays for Josie Cunningham's boob job but not surgery to help disabled child WALK
Has Ebola spread to Saudi Arabia?
‘Honeymoon is over for white people in South Africa’ says Malemas Blacks
Scumbag Celebrities
Charlize Theron - lover of anything Black?
Pro-Palestine activists shut down Staffordshire factory supplying arms to Israel
CNN correspondent sued for alleged drunken attack on medical workers in Baghdad
NYC Mayor to spend $3.1 Billion on Soviet style forced neighbourhood integrations
Bradford takeaway boss blamed his poor food hygiene on poor English
PM pays a high price for his box-ticking
There was sex abuse at my school, says Robert Peston
Boko Haram ‘terrorists’ executed by the Nigerian army (What a shame)
Blair is still giving advice to both Cameron and Miliband

Tuesday 5 August

Tories drop pledge to cut migration!
Judge say victim statements make 'no difference!' (Yet more LibLabCon deceit. Had enough yet?)
UKIP on course to take FIVE seats from Labour!
GAZA 2004: Israeli officer says he was right to shoot frightened girl, 13, 10 times!
Israel let US in on plans to destroy Gaza economy in 2008 – Wikileaks
Psycho son of a psycho father says "We need to flatten... flatten all of Gaza!"
Israel, your brand is tanking
Henry Siegman, Leading Voice of U.S. Jewry, on Gaza: "A Slaughter of Innocents"
Gaza is indeed a holocaust
Baroness Warsi quits as Foreign Office minister over Gaza
Human Rights Watch: Israel targets fleeing Palestinian civilians!
IDF should learn from Syrians how To "slaughter and crush" enemies says Rabbi
Export licences granted to 130 UK defence manufacturers to sell to Israel
GAZA: Israelis kill British aid worker 'delivering medical supplies to a hospital'
Second Gaza ceasefire collapses after Israeli F16 kills girl, eight
How the West bankrolls ISIS!
US secretly backs rebels (ISIS etc.) to fight al-Qaeda in Syria
America's Allies are funding ISIS
ISIS “Made in USA” - “Geopolitical Arsonists” seek to burn region
The US's clandestine operations aimed at Iran and Syria have bolstered ISIS and Al Qaeda
Ron Paul to Obama: Let’s just leave Ukraine alone!
The lesson our sabre rattling leaders can learn from the Great War carnage
Elie Wiesel plays the Holocaust trump card in Gaza
BBC is run by 'media studies twerps' says Sir Jonathan Miller
Father kills thief who took son's phone
F1 boss Ecclestone offers German court $100million to drop charges
Michael Berkley-Matthews gets 8 years for sexually grooming boy
Woman raped in a disabled toilet at St James' hospital, Leeds, by East European
Cowboy builders jailed for charging pensioner £100,000, cleaning him out of life savings
Gang of crooked gem dealers made £1million conning elderly victims
Thelma Idahosa, 29, swindled £8,500 worth of cosmetic surgery in 2012
I'm hot and in a bikini! WPC Saheena Tegally texts Porsche driver with no insurance she let off!
3-times over-the-limit Vicar crashed car, attacked cops, posed as an IRA man, threatened murder!
Sovereign citizens seen as top terrorist threat by US law enforcement
Harriet Harman attacks white, middle classes who dominate theatre and opera
Scottish mum taken ill on holiday dies of 'infection and dehydration' after weeks in Turkish hospital
Bob Carr says Australia has a pro-Israel foreign policy
500 council bosses earn more than Cameron

Monday 4 August

Children of mixed race are at greater risk of suffering from mental health problems!
Terrorists could use Ebola to kill large numbers in UK? (Terrorists? Not LibLabCon?)
Ebola scare as woman dies at Gatwick
IDF soldier: I've seen how shockingly we treat Palestinians
500,000 homeless, no medical supplies, morgues overflow, another UN shelter is bombed
According to US officials, "funds for Hamas came... directly and indirectly from Israel!"
Israel is worried that it will face war crimes challenges
GAZA: 'Israel is the Jimmy Savile of nation states' says comedian Alexei Sayle
Pope Francis should cast out Netanyahu’s demons says Nicaraguan President
Ban Ki-moon outraged over Israel's deadly strike on Gaza UN school
Did Israeli army deliberately kill its own captured soldier to destroy Gaza ceasefire?
John Pilger: Gaza, Ukraine & Western media bias
How can journalists be objective when writing about dead children?
We should celebrate that we are a multi-cultural nation, says Michael Gove!
The 5ft 2in heroine who saved a jogger from sex attacker
British Jihadi in Syria boasts about his role in the 'execution' of prisoners
Bosnian Muslim used human rights law to stay here then carried out string of sex assaults
We've already got far too many fatherless families without the NHS deliberately creating more!
French riot police to bulldoze camp of migrants bound for UK
Clegg to state the bl**ding obvious: "We've lost the faith of public on immigration!"
Natan Sharansky: The future Of Europe's Jews is under threat!
This House of Cronies discredits our politics
Where are the statesmen to stop the suffering?
Cameron ‘degrading’ Parliament - dishing out peerages to up to 20 cronies
Ed Balls' think tank wants immigrants to have full British citizenship!

Sunday 3 August

Hamas DID NOT kidnap Israeli soldier he was killed in action! Israel/MSM media were WRONG!
Israeli defence minister: 'If we don't get our soldier back... we should start levelling Gaza!'
GAZA: 'It's like the Apocalypse' says British doctor
Netanyahu tail warns US dog: Do not 'ever second guess me again'
We are still living with WWI's appalling legacy in Ukraine and Gaza
Australia: Bob Carr's texts to Julia Gillard reveal 'extraordinary' influence of pro-Israel lobby
Indian businessman wants to buy buy Saddleback mountain in Lake District?
We have just one Ebola isolation facility with 2 beds in it!
Ministry of Defence routinely gives dangerous drug to 2,500 troops every year
NHS to fund sperm bank for lesbians! More fatherless families paid for by US!
The NHS is for those who really need it
Nick Clegg goads Tories? (HE GOADS US!) Saying immigration is good for UK!
Inside Blair's lair: 5 spin doctors, a ministerial red box, deals with dictators
Wikipedia guru blasts European court after slamming ‘forget me’ laws
Solar superstorm could destroy Earth at any moment? (So apocalypse won't be down to THEM?)
Knife thug freed so he could go on holiday joined in Malia murder
Police appeal after woman ‘grabbed’ on Church Street, Preston, by gang of Asians

Saturday 2 August

DIVERSITY! Secret trade in monkey meat that could unleash Ebola in UK!
Out of control! Killer Ebola virus may soon reach Britain!
Pregnant AUSTRALIAN mother-of-two faces deportation despite having BRITISH husband
Scandal of 780,000 UK jobs touted in Europe!
MH17: What did US spy satellites see in Ukraine?
When genocide is permissible
GAZA: 'Child Murderers' note pinned to front of Surrey synagogue
'We TORTURED some folks' after 9/11 says Obama (Anyone surprised?)
Did Israeli sniper brag about killing 13 Palestinian children?
Let more elderly die, says top doc! Patients with low quality of life 'should not be saved'
The State has made us too selfish to care for our parents
'Wait until 30 to have children' says Labour star (Brits will vanish more quickly then!)
Retired British teacher 'beaten, raped and stabbed to death' at remote safari lodge she ran in South Africa
DJ murdered in Vauxhall - Suspect Jeffrey Okafor ‘living comfortably in Nigeria’
Abdul Bah charged with rape of woman in Uxbridge
Hungarian trio get 25 years for brutal Hampstead Heath attack
Ifeanyi Onuegbu died on Eurostar train - He swallowed 110 wraps of cocaine and one burst
Afahan Hussain gets 12 years for vicious knife attacks
Sexual assaults in Birmingham: Cops hunt Polish immigrant, Marcin Wawrety
Convicted drug dealer Kaysie Wright must pay back £8,631 under Proceeds of Crime Act
Pervert doctor Davinder Jeet Bains (filmed himself sexually abusing patients) gets sentence cut
Divorcee on benefits left penniless after spending £18k on Tunisian toyboy (With another now)
why did Downing Street keep Sebastian Crump's paedo stash secret for six months? (
Councils lose millions in parking fines because foreign drivers don't pay them
Jewish Groups Get 94% of Homeland Security Grants
The still-gaping holes in Britain's borders
Lib Dem councillor takes £180k job in Saudi Arabia but keeps his perks!
From Eritrea and Sudan, the new migrant queue at Calais
Stay-at-home mum accuses Miliband of putting ‘no value’ on housewives

Friday 1 August

Whistleblower: Ukrainian Troops Shot Down MH17 and the US knows it!
BBC/schoolbooks/exam boards faked history, smeared Florence Nightingale, sanctified negress
Pupils aged 5 to 11 suspended 9,080 times for attacking teachers in 2012/13 school year!
Commonwealth Games athlete tested for deadly Ebola virus! (Here comes the NWO cull?)
EU immigrants are more likely to have jobs if they live in the UK than British people
Mass migration hurts us all says top LEFT-WING economist!
Drugs taken by half of OAPs 'can cause mental or physical decline'
Dave's Wars: Libya is now officially a failed state
One-in-three women under 24 in South Africa are HIV-positive
Illegal immigrant Duberney Jaramillo Restrepo raped 10-year-old girl
Violent armed robber serving life absconds from OPEN PRISON!
1,000 convict thugs who should be in prison: Killers and rapists on run after breaking release rules
MPs' expenses: Khalid Mahmood stayed at five-star hotel with his girlfriend
Asian youths spit at girl and punch her in face on Birmingham bus
What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine?
Christopher Spivey arrested after claiming Lee Rigby's murder was an anti-Islam HOAX
Mommy’s Courtroom Seat Saves Convicted Murderer
Hunt for Asians who made off with £50,000 by selling someone else's house
Premier League footballer Ravel Morrison punched and slapped his ex-girlfriend and her mother
Rock stars Peter Gabriel and Bobby Gillespie urge arms embargo on Israel
The Chosen psychopaths dance before entering Gaza
The US government must immediately end its ongoing deliveries of large quantities of arms to Israel Israeli air strikes flatten entire Gaza street in just one hour
Non Muslims banned from Birmingham cinema!
Gypsy driver threatens to run people over - hits councillor
75.4% of Brits aged 20 - 64 in work in 2013, compared to 79.2% of EU nationals!
Prisoners abscond from jail 'every other day'
EU says British taxpayer must fork out £2.7 billion over next 7 years to help Portuguese
GAZA: UN spokesman bursts into tears
West Ham's Ravel Morrison remanded in custody after assaulting ex and her mum
Marina Usaceva was using two phones in her Jag shortly before she caused fatal crash
Bald black man put on Rasta hat and wig before mugging woman violently
Brits on holiday ARE ugly, drunk vulgarians (#LibLabCon voters then?)
Medal-winning weightlifter Francois Etoundi head-butts Welsh rival in athletes' village
Private school 'ignored warnings about teacher who abused young boys'
Elite black poster girl cops claims she was bullied after winning racism case
Dr Dhanuson Dharmasena accused of being involved in female genital mutilation
'There will be anger, frustration and embarrassment,' Congressman calls for release of 9/11 papers

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