Daily News: July 2013

Wednesday 31 July

The mother of Stephen Lawrence being made a Baroness!!!
Mountaineering massacre in Pakistan. Will it happen again?
Desmond Brooks stabs 3 women in Brixton, one fatally
Foul footballer Marlon King arrested following hit-and-run that left man with head injuries
Black men rape 12-year-old in Walthamstow
Leading surgeon Ashraf Elnazir conned vulnerable widow out of her £1m fortune
HUMAN RIGHTS! Cops won't return couple's stolen caravan to protect Gipsies living in it!
CCTV: Man suffers fractured jaw in unprovoked Birmingham bus attack
CCTV: Liquid squirt assault by Asian on London bus
Britons prescribed a record 1,900 tablets every MINUTE!
DIVERSITY! 6,350 'beds in sheds' set-up by rogue landlords in Slough alone!
Killing babies no different from abortion?
Third army reservist dies after Brecon Beacons SAS training exercise!
Surgeon Ghulam Malik demanded £2m compo! Said colleague tampered with his crutches!
Muslims are more criminal because Islam teaches them to attack non-Muslims?
EDL man with tattoo of blown up mosque arrested for inciting racial hatred
BBC attacks Humphrys for telling the truth on welfare
The totally distorted worldview of immigrant youth
Fracking? Do it in the North East, says Osborne's Lordly father-in-law

Tuesday 30 July

'No motive' for acid attack on Mum walking kids home from school (Immigrants having fun?)
DR Sadhanshu Garg, who was jailed for the manslaughter of Lisa Quinn, may lose job
Hungarian immigrant, Laszlo Gyarmati, charged with body in suitcase murder
Lorry driver, Jakub Murlewski, jailed for killing pedestrian
Black pensioner Lyndon Plummer arrested for double rape 30 years ago
Linas Censa accused of raping a 52-year-old woman in park
Kamran Mohammed roped family into crash for ash scam
Dr Ali Janjua amassed a £6,320 debt in unpaid parking fines
More than 80,000 Bulgarians set sights on Britain
Eight in ten nurses 'forced to ration their care because they are too pressed for time'
It is not racist to ask people who are here illegally to leave Britain
The European tide has turned but can we be honest about it?
Fury over foreign workers flown in for £2.7bn tunnel project
Britain a refuge for war criminals? (How many MPs voted for Iraq War?)
Israeli tycoon/dictator's wife/$2.5bn Guinea mining deal: FBI investigating Beny Steinmetz
Inflation has killed the minimum wage
BLAIR WARS: At least 60 dead in Iraq
Tulisa and rapper Mike GLC to answer police bail over 'drug deal' claims

Monday 29 July

Mass immigration is plunging our nation into crisis
The Tories are just as desperate as Labour to hide the real truth about immigration
VINCE WANTS MORE! Cable attacks 'stupid and offensive' Tory migration crackdown
MPs' £120k of freebies: Royal Ascot, Wimbledon, Olympics, Baftas and even pheasant shooting!
Why do we let these leeches get rich on our money?
TURKEY: 400,000 children sexually abused by relatives in past 20 years?
Clleon Smith on trial for partygoer murder
Skunk weed killer, Vaseel Ullah, thought he was the angel Gabriel
Nicky Jacobs in court for hacking PC Keith Blakelock to death
Convicted killer Dean Gabay confessed to revenge slaying
Mohammed Azim's rape victim forced to watch harrowing CCTV footage of attack
Dance rapist Ahmed Bourkiss jailed for 8 years
Gateshead: Cops hunt Asian rape suspect
Joel Nasser jailed after lover impaled on railings
Lily Liu Mayer helped launder hubbie's £1.7 million haul
Gang members who plotted to retrieve machine gun linked to shootings jailed
Tsunami appeal fraudster Christopher Uwagboe jailed for two years
Nigerian fraudster impersonated Karen Yeates
Millionaire Out-of-hours doc, Ravi, Sondhi, had to be called 114 times before responding
NHS 111 helpline IS unsafe admit bosses
Describing UK economy as being 'on the mend' is a near-Orwellian redefinition of recovery
Pro-Israel Celebrities
“The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives”
Thousands of Syrian Police who joined the Rebels are on US Payroll
Home-grown apple sales have fallen for years as supermarkets fly in bland imports
Now 300 firms accused of using rogue detectives
The greed of the Local Government Association Labour Group

Sunday 28 July

Homeless woman hit over the head with a bottle and raped by Mohammed Azim
Dr Muhammed Rahel Shaikh charged £250 to fix whiplash insurance report
Desmond Tutu would 'rather go to hell than worship a homophobic God'
'I am private eye who spied for financiers protected by police'
Come and take our jobs, Britain tells EU workers
'Disney World can keep better track of its visitors than Britain'
Migration figures just 'a best guess'
Immigration ‘sums out’ by tens of thousands
Nick Clegg refused to pay his bar bill for thousands of pounds!
Why such outrage over porn filters? The idea seems perfectly reasonable to me
Pedro Vargas kills six in Florida
Do not adjust your set: BBC did waste £350m
No hope of justice for Jill Dando (Murdered by Serbia in revenge for BLAIR WAR on Belgrade?)
Raped, plundered, ignored: central Africa state where only killers thrive

Saturday 27 July

Al-Qaeda has a strategic alliance with Washington against the Syrian government?
Soldier's wife dragged into a field and murdered by a stranger!
Gipsy burglars jailed for life after bludgeoning farmer to death with a crowbar
10-YEAR TREASON! 500,000 migrants get council housing! Families on waiting list at record high!
Despite unemployment at 2.52million, EU advertises 800,000 UK jobs throughout the Union!
Brussels offers UK firms £1,000 cash 'bribes' to hire foreign workers!
Rise in teachers buying stab-proof vests as classroom attacks soar!
Cop watchdog says no evidence found so far on police plotting to smear Lawrence family
Big banks paid corrupt detectives to spy/hack/steal personal data in run-up to financial crash
Cameron's solution to our ageing problem? Let them die!
Six Poles get 75 years for involvement in Carlisle murder
Massimo Capazzo subjected young boys to “truly wicked” acts of depravity over a 5-year period
Derby: woman hit with a brick and raped
Pregnant woman attacked by Asians after refusing to give up her bag
Nasreen Akhtar, a polling station clerk, helped nieces, Tameena Ali and Samra Ali, to cast fraudulent votes
Hasnain Raja and Najeeb Aslam deny robbery, sexual assault, blackmail and firearms charges
Creepy MP says adults should be able to enjoy online porn without government 'lecturing'

Friday 26 July

Is genocide institutionalised now? 600 more elderly dying each week in 2013!
Taxpayers will 'help migrants to buy UK homes!'
Hepatitis C diagnoses rise by a third in England
Cameron's on a mission to export gay marriage around the world
University Hospital of Wales 'dangerous', surgeons warn
Rapper Wiley booed off stage: attacks Cumbrians as ‘inbreds’, ‘cretins’ and 'witches!'
Black youth jailed for just 3 YEARS for killing 'heroic' off-duty policeman
Micah Golding and Rikko Marks murdered Adrian Locke
Romford: Nabeel Ahmed raped and assaulted a vulnerable young woman
Woman raped in Crawley alleyway by Asian man
'They (British Blacks) brought their gang warfare to Greece!'
Members of public tackle black gunman
Sri Lankans deported from the UK after raids on East Yorkshire newsagents
Black man gives himself up surrounded by armed police next to a playground
Satanic cult blamed for ritualistic killing of Dartmoor foal
Hunt saboteur, 68, 'drove his Land Rover into £90,000 racehorse then attacked woman rider'
Ex-head teacher Robert Haines charged with child sex offences
Why DO the Left sneer at Cameron's bid to block porn?
Archbishop attacks Wonga's yet CoE pension fund invests in one of Wonga's key backers!
Blairs turn a fast profit on £1.3m house
Stafford nurses Tracey-Ann White and Sharon Turner struck off
Wall Street hedge fund once worth $15billion indicted for 'hundreds of millions' insider trading
On top of the fourth plinth now? A blue cock!
Halliburton (biggest Iraq War carpetbagger) guilty of destroying Deepwater evidence
Rapper Wiley booed off stage in Cumbria: attacks them as ‘inbreds’, ‘cretins’ and 'witches!'
Attack on 'blasphemous' art work fires debate on role of religion in France

Thursday 25 July

Will baby prince be circumcised by a Rabbi?
46 Orthodox Jewish paedos who "terrorised" their community named by Brooklyn DA
Nationwide boss says bankers' pay is 'too hard to understand' for common man
8 million Britons suffer from anxiety disorders costing UK £10billion a year!
The shadowy lobbyists waging a propaganda war to keep Britain in Europe
I want to export gay marriage around the world says Cameron!
Defence bosses axe army hero three days short of his £260,000 pension!
Billions of pounds of British aid money is paid with almost no checks on how it is spent!
Hauled to court drenched in blood, "British" tourists who 'executed' London teen
Ruby Love murder: had a history of violent outbursts
Murder mob (Asian) made mocking calls to friends of student they had just beaten to death
Disqualified driver, Furqaan Mohmed, leaves 12-year-old boy fighting for his life
Iztullah Qudra and 2 unnamed 17-year-olds charged with rape of boy, 14
"Danger to women," Sajaket Khan, jailed for 11 years
8 Pakistanis/Indians arrested in Gretna wedding sham
15-year-old sexually assaulted by African/Asian youth in Milton Keynes
Iwona Malinska spent hotel boss's salary after it was funnelled into her bank account
Drunk burglar Mohammed Uddin asked neigbour to 'come and rob some houses with me'
Burglar Cleese Buck found in wheelie bin: said he wore gloves because he had been playing in goal
senior nurse Jean Mberi stole mental health patient's bank card
Bulgarian dentist advised nurse to perform oral sex daily
Heart attack boy, 6, left to die in mix-up over ID
UKIP leader blasts Cameron for 'crocodile tears' over immigration
Flaunting their ill-gotten gains, the £85million conmen who brought misery to 2,300 Britons
IRA man murdered in same week as another fell to his death
It's normal for gay, drugged-up nurses to sleep on the job and carry knives!

Wednesday 24 July

Immigration a constant drain on public services says Cameron! (And the man who, in 2011 alone, let in 536,000 immigrants and 213,000 foreign students will fix this? B***OCKS!)
TREASON! White teenagers least likely ethnic group to go to university!!!
The UK's oldest person, Sant Kaur Bajwa, has died (survived by 40 grandchildren)
Hackney council replaces drawing of street because it's 'too white'
Joseph Haigh, 14, almost killed by gang of 15 Muslims (aided/abetted by LiLabCon/PC Crowd)
Another soldier murdered (THEY are keeping this one quiet)
Nationwide appeal for Michael Easy, Southampton's most wanted man
Malani Kumwenda denies rape and a string of assaults Bogus cabbie, Lotfi Belhadj, convicted of student sex assaults in Swansea Young woman sexually assaulted in Watford
Drunk father-of-9, Usman Hamid, struck Sabrina Phillipson in a taxi
Admare Jinga sentenced for 'HIV cure' fraud
I'm so rich I spent £1m on perfume in two months, says Saudi 'princess' swindler
Seven High Wycombe Asians found NOT GUILTY of rape!
Media done for hacking (rightly) but fat cat firms/lawyers/insurers and other elite folk aren't?
Recession has made children more insecure, unhappy and isolated (Fat Cat bankers/politicians responsible for recession)
We'd drift into irrelevance if we left EU says Prince's adviser ("Advised" Blair on Iraq)
Four million under-35s will be forced to live with their parents!
Students stripped of A-levels at 'outstanding' 6th-form college! (Teachers accused of cheating)
Pregnant women using nasal sprays for colds/hayfever increase risk of rare birth defects Russia set to 'grant NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden political asylum'
Should British taxpayers help to fund homes for EU immigrants?
Human rights claim halts gypsy eviction
A&E crisis: shortage of consultants a 'considerable concern'
"This anti-immigrant ad campaign is racism!" Says Guardian's Kadija Sesay
When Mubarak fell Egypt was bright with optimism now the future brings only fear
Muslim rape wave in Sweden Anti-white racism has reached critical mass in America
Black gang brutally attacks Indian student in Australia (It's everywhere now)

Tuesday 23 July

Ted Heath 'stopped cottaging for gay sex to protect his career' says Tory MP (2007)
Black Panthers fighting back against Golden Dawn in Greece? (C4 b***ocks)
Poison party drugs alert as two more young women die
US military intervention in Syria would create 'unintended consequences' says top general
Obama's UN nominee Samantha Power "will lobby for Israel to get a seat on the security council"!
Fury at BBC over claims Woolwich suspect was assaulted
NHS over-medication caused dementia patient to him to die of brain haemorrhage
Thousands of career criminals let off with Community Orders immediately re-offend
Azeem and Zeeshan Aslam are charged with killing 42-year-old Anthony Dryden
Brixton: housing officers shot in eviction attempt
Residents furious as club where man was murdered stays open
75-year-old pensioner sexually assaulted by mid-Eastern type in Salford
NORWICH: Serious sexual assault by black man on teenager
BOURNEMOUTH: woman inappropriately touched
Taxi driver Iqbal Ahmed convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage girl
Dr Bai Bai Ahmed Kabai charged with making 245 fraudulent applications for NHS jobs
Park Lane gipsies back after just three days!
Barrister Nadine Wilson-Ellis said she was single mum to get council properties
Tina Nash, who had her eyes gouged out by previous partner, assaulted by Roland Alli
Polish father abandoned two-week-old baby daughter on priest's doorstep
Woman's body found stuffed inside a suitcase at sports ground
NEWMARKET: Asians attack young woman and steal her £1,000 bike
UK’s Muslim taxi rape Jihad epidemic & the Islamophile coverup
Lonely hearts widow lost £300k to black conman
The EU red tape that's strangling the NHS
'Whitehall whitewash' that claims EU is GOOD for Britain
Mid-Staffs nursing chief: I’m not to blame
CIA backs $630,000 study into how to control global weather through geo-engineering
Just 1-in-8 Unite members plans to join Labour Party
Olympics bosses receive £2.8million in golden goodbyes? Why?
Influence on MPs must be exposed and regulated
HOME OFFICE: Ask them nicely and they'll go home!
Justice for Trayvon but where is Justice for Christopher Cervini?
1.5 Jews and a negress tweet their excitement over the Royal baby

Monday 22 July

'Jill Dando was shot dead by olive-skinned assassin but police ignored my evidence'
Rioters set Paris ablaze over ban on Islamic veil!
Abuse at St Francis Boys Home kept secret for 60 years
Half-Jewish oilman Archbishop defending bankers now!
BBC employees committing 500 crimes a year!
USA: Dante Taylor charged with murders of Terri and Stacey Moulton
South Africa: Witch-Doctor who cooked farmer’s genitals declared insane
Justice at last for Keith Blakelock? New evidence emerges
Ahmed Ahmed charged over murders in Milton Keynes
£80k of crack cocaine/heroin found iStephen Sancroft's car
‘Vile tirade of abuse’ on Bromley South train
Ministers defend PCC's power to sack chief constables
Rape and attempted rape in Turkey
Britain's first Muslim MP to quit Britain for Pakistan government role
Why did the BBC let Russell Brand insult Andrew Sachs again?
70 Olympic athletes and coaches are still in Britain after claiming asylum last year
Labour clings on to council gravy train
Six Indians convicted of gang-raping Swiss tourist
Zionist regime reacts positively to Egypt coup
At last! The PM'S acted over online porn
How the burden of EU red tape costs businesses billions
Park girl, 15, dies after taking £3 ‘ecstasy’ tablet
Britain's diversity was lauded during the Olympics. But (thankfully) no longer

Sunday 21 July

More than a dozen soldiers die, hundreds seriously injured attempting SAS selection course!
What became of helping others before ourselves?
A third of people diagnosed with throat cancer infected with HPV (oral sex) virus
Anger over government'spayoff snub to victims of asbestos
'Justice for Trayvon' rallies? How about Justice for Jonathan Foster rallies?
'Justice for Trayvon' rallies? How about Justice for Jonathan Foster rallies?
Ex-MI6 boss threatens to reveal secrets of Iraq dodgy dossier (don't hold your breath)
I believe sinking of Belgrano made MI5 murder my crusading aunt
Ukrainian immigrant detained over Mosque bombing also accused of Muslim's murder
Armed black men rob Finchley shop
Upper crusts getting sorted by diversity now! (Tee-f***ing-hee! Sammy Aibangee charged)
Man threatened and robbed at south London station
EDL protest: bottles thrown at cops (BBC doesn't say the EDL were guiltless)
A woman is raped in India every 20 minutes!
Janet Jackson's husband fired Norwegian woman after report rape in Dubai?
McCluskey gives £75,000-a-year key role to ex-mistress
Meltdown of Mowtown - Living in fear on Detroit's empty streets
Man arrested over shooting murders in Milton Keynes
Peter Hitchens' latest accurate-ish rant
I was told I couldn't adopt a child... 'because I didn't have frizzy hair!'
Liz Jones thinks Kate should have adopted at 40! (Don't want white folks reproducing)
It’s almost impossible to take children anywhere without spending vast sums

Saturday 20 July

Nothing works in city where 82.7% are black and 7.8% are white!
Detroit files for bankruptcy
Dubai sentences Norwegian woman who reported rape
27.5% of sex attackers never jailed! 76.6% are out here with us!
Former radical Islamist Maajid Nawaz to stand as Lib Dem candidate for London seat!
Taking statins for more than 10 years 'doubles chances of most common breast cancer!'
'Ladette culture' blamed for rise in drink-related deaths
Naeem and Nabeel Ahmed and Hassan Raza convicted of raping vulnerable young girl
Asians convicted for rape of 18-year-old
Catholic chemist, Piotr Majchrowicz, ordered to stop religious rants Mahad Ahmed denies murdering 3-year-old son
Lottery winner Thomas Sissala fleeced taxpayers out of more than £50,000 in benefits! NO JAIL!
Jasna Badzak disapproved of her boss's UKIP politics and stole £3,000 from him
Five pimp/traffickers in court
Dealer Stephon Sancroft found with drugs worth tens of thousands of pounds
Teenager punched and robbed of mobile phone
Unprovoked attack by Asian
Doctor Safaa Ismail cleared of holding trafficked woman prisoner
BBC chief Tony Hall gives 'crony' a £600,000 deal
4 in 10 women now the family's biggest earner
Pope's bank clean-up man 'found stuck in lift with rent boy'
Foreign relations a factor in decision not to hold public inquiry into death of spy
Some idiots need to be flogged and sent down a mine

Friday 19 July

Let's open Europe to immigration!
'No limit to what this Government will privatise!' UK’s blood supply sold to US private equity firm!
Coroner condemns paramedics who refused to save drowning man 'for health and safety reasons'
An undercover cop and growing doubts over the 'plot' to smear the Lawrence family
Top bloodsuckers: Five rail bosses' £11m 'reward for failure' gravy train!
The summer heat has killed 760 Britons so far!
Eritrean immigrant, Mehretab Zemicael, charged with the murder of Gary Briscoe
RESULT! Michael Adebolajo attacked in jail!
Anxiang Du in court charged with murdering a family of four
Police believe rapist Mohammad Saleem may be responsible for other crimes
Jewish company director, Jeremy Lawson, made and distributed images of child porn! NO JAIL!
Khalid Osman, a wealthy teenager accused of rape, faces retrial
Hamiza Ali repeatedly had sex with a 12-year-old
20-year-old stabbed twice by Asian with hypodermic needle
Arjun Sehgal pleads guilty to sexual assault saying he was high on legal drugs
Asian knifeman robs prostitutes
17-year-old girl escapes Asian pervert
Burglars threatened woman with a gun
Eastern Europeans arrested over Mosque blast
Lib Dem wagtails kick out MP who accused Israel of being an 'apartheid state'
Ecstasy-type drugs blamed for a catalogue of deaths
Alcohol is killing more women
'Plotters trying to stall EU vote'
£2.7billion handed out in pay-offs to state workers in 1 year!
In wake of Savile, 9,080 historic sex offences reported in 2012-13
These creeps will swing as soon as we take our country back!
‘Supermouse’ found in Covent Garden Tesco gorging on raw meat

Thursday 18 July

Muslim taxi rapists
TREASON! Now the coalition is saying we need 7MILLION MORE IMMIGRANTS!
New wave of immigration would be total madness
10 years ago, Dr Kelly's body was found. The cover-up is a great scandal of our age
Peter Tatchell says not all sex with kids is abusive and harmful (1997)
Tony B Liar's spin doctor says he was more honest than Winston Churchill!
Thatcher's FIVE attempts to get Jimmy Savile a knighthood as aides warned of his strangeness
Margaret Thatcher insisted Jimmy Savile be knighted!
After encouraging Syria's destabilisation now we must intervene to stop Al-Qaeda taking over?
‘Lone Wolf’ attacks are now the main terror threat to the UK
Olympic legacy ‘at risk’ as ministers approve school playing field sell-off
Six policemen could be sacked over jokey 'racist' text messages
310 Britons report being raped/sexually assaulted overseas last year!
Disabled man mugged at cashpoint on birthday by Calvin Humanikwa
Sunday school teacher, 77, charged with racially abusing travellers
Call to leave EU is backed by 71%!
Dear Malala, why we shot you - Taliban
Fraudster family tricked elderly into handing over cash for fine wine in £4.5m scam
Let's open Europe to immigration says yet another Jew
We are all Greek Jews! ('Fraid not Benjy, I'm a Golden Dawn fan!)
East European gangs brazenly target victims in broad daylight on Paris streets
Spray tan for teenagers could cause breathing problems
Government's policies 'environmental disaster' (Countryside being concreted over)
House of horrors in Afghanistan
'Prime Minster for Benson and Hedge Funds'
Firms 'cut corners' to cream profits off public
Farage attacks 'spineless and clueless' Miliband
Can you pass a test for five year olds?
What did I learn from editing a national newspaper? Always challenge official version

Wednesday 17 July

Blood money: UK’s £12.3bn arms sales to repressive states
Muslims threaten to stab jailbirds who eat pork in front of them?
Painkiller generation: Third of young people taking over-the-counter pills every day
Now Germany admits mass immigration threatens 'social peace'
Swiss banks' Holocaust fund paid out $1.24 billion to victims, heirs!
Devastating report demolishes Labour's claim that the NHS was safe in its hands
Mark Hemmings, 41, left to die after 999 pleas
‘Doctors missed 9 chances to save girl’
The day Labour lost the moral high ground on the NHS
How bad is NHS crisis? Boss says: ‘I don’t know’
Brandon Francis and Levan Greenfield face life for nightclub murder
Ausras Maslovas murdered Petras Miernykas after inviting him to his lorry for a drink
Junior Bayode gets 11 years for 20-strong mob murder
Surjeet Chana, 65, helped gang steal homes of elderly in £5million scam
Oxford Mail wins legal battle to name latest paedophile suspect as Bilal Ahmed
Date for Mohamed Mohamed's trial for attempted murder set
65-year-old man assaulted by teenage Asian
Saeedurrahman Abdulqayyum fined for possession of images of sex with animals
Shener Rutfulla charged with assault by penetration
Hamiza Ali jailed for sexual activity with a child
East European vandalised cars
Dr Ali Janjua amassed a £6,320 debt in unpaid parking fines
Sasha Marsden, 16, stabbed 58 times by David 'Demon' Minto (allegedly)
Bisexual wanted over murder of pensioner is arrested
Silly girl, daft mother, Turkish waiter and a chilling tale of our times
Dutch couple held hostage in Yemen will be shot unless captors' demands are met
Mexican drug baron boiled his enemies’ babies alive
Science graduate stopped 70 TIMES by cops after splitting from PC lover
20 Indian children die, 27 ill after eating free school dinner covered in insecticide
Ex-BBC chief Caroline Thomson gets £2m pension!
'Britain needs to be in Europe': Clegg doesn't want us to have EU referendum
Should beggar gangs in Britain be sent back to Romania? (Stupid question of the decade)
The absurdity of the European Court of Human Rights
UK police accused of supplying target information for military 'kill list'
Serious Fraud Office chief who worked at home spent £100,000 on travel costs!
BBC admits pay for top bosses soared by 60 per cent! Patten to leave?
150 human hybrids grown in UK labs for past three years? (2011)
David Miliband paid £70,000 for just 3 days’ work advising venture capitalists!
How The Media Controls Society
USA: White couple murdered, raped, mutilated by black men
Special relationship? Cameron is allowing Yankee vultures to bleed BP dry

Tuesday 16 July

The truth behind the child abuse cover-ups!
Could Truth Topple The American Empire?
Soldiers on death yomp 'begged us for water!'
PM's wife behind Cameron's sympathy for Syrian Al-Qaeda and Jihadi rebels?
Two decent people and a bunch of scum! What traitors have made of our world
Inside the £5m Brixton mansion block where 75 squatters lived rent-free for 32 YEARS
Up to half of crimes written off by Scotland Yard!
Liverpool Care Pathway scrapped after report says it is excuse for appalling care
'20,000 extra NHS deaths' on Labour's watch! (The murderers should swing!)
Council begs Romania for help with Gypies = no help from traitorous UK government
Israeli PM threatens to strike Iran
Israel says Polish ban on kosher slaughter unacceptable
Pakistani rapist, Shafqat Ranjha, still not deported after 7 years
Woman raped by black man in Levenhulme
Jonathan Joseph wanted by police following acid attack
Dangerous driver Akim Hussain jailed for knocking elderly lady down
Asians hunted over Bradford to Keighley train race abuse claim
Media faces Ofcom probe after Anjem Choudary interviews following Lee Rigby's murder
Fatcat rakes in 45% more than previous boss but RSPCA spends less on animal welfare
'Charles is paying a lower rate of tax than his servants!'
Entire Luxembourg government resigns after spying/corruption scandal forces its PM to quit
Check out the idiot!
Lib Dems accused of 'reckless' plan to weaken Trident

Monday 15 July

Kieran's killer, Imran Hussain, jailed for life Labour ‘spin to blame for NHS deaths’
Labour's NHS denial machine: Ministers covered up hospital problems as thousands died
Catalogue of abuse that killed off the Care Pathway
Patients admitted to hospital are '27% more likely to die at weekends'
Cocaine found on MPs' toilets across Palace of Westminster! Does Labour have a corrupt relationship with the unions?
Territorial Army soldiers marched to death on hottest day of the year
More soldiers and veterans killed themselves last year than died in battle!
"Mother, should I trust the government?"
Missing schoolgirl vanished after Turkish waiter boyfriend tried to strangle her
Play centre calls cops after dad ignores orders NOT to sing Happy Birthday to daughter
Pensioner stabbed to death protecting paedophile neighbour from inmate he met in jail
Boko Haram leader calls for more schools attacks after dorm killings
Death of the high street: Town with just 15,000 people has TWELVE charity shops
Tavistock: the best-kept secret in America
Ukraine - 1933: SIX MILLION die!
Senior Rabbi intimates that Orthodox Zionists should be wiped out!
Italian senator says black minister has 'features of orangutan'
Israeli man's penis bitten by a snake! (Shame!)
MPs’ anger at Ken Clarke’s EU backing

Sunday 14 July

Doomed to die by the NHS! Thousands dying needlessly!
Report on Bin Laden killing describes US raid on Pakistani compound as a 'criminal act of murder'
Miliband says warmongers like him triggered chaos but we should intervene in Syria? (You Jewish, Dave?)
Free Syrian army clashes with jihadists (both rebels) in wake of assassination
Does Labour have a corrupt relationship with the unions?
Asian thugs attack "white scum" father with baby son!
21-year-old seriously injured in brutal unprovoked attack by four black men
Mohammed Inayat in court on murder charge and four counts of attempted murder
Drug-taking Wallington doctor Namasivayam Thiagalingam jailed for £70,000 fraud
Everson Joseph jailed for carrying out 5 knifepoint robberies in one week
Hunt for knifeman who robs escort girls
Carl Gray wanted for racially aggravated common assault
Kilburn imam charged with conducting sham marriages
No jail for carer Larisa Wild
McCluskey union's secret report calls UKIP a 'pre-Fascist' party
HUMAN RIGHTS! Keystone cops protecting IDs of hundreds of thousands of criminals
Why does the impartial BBC not tell the story of the great majority?
George Zimmerman not guilty of murder of Trayvon Martin
Most Welsh 'would vote to leave EU'
‘Whitewash!’ Blair fixer picked judge for David Kelly Inquiry hours after his alleged suicide
DIVERSITY! Labour Baroness gets sorted courtesy of Jemal Mohammed Amin
Whistleblower says criminals are roaming free because of G4S blunders
Acne drug Roaccutane linked to teenage suicides
The dirty secret of Britain's power madness
US Food and Drug Administration bans bisphenol-A (BPA) use in infant formula packaging
Jail for police chief who got friend to take speed points
Saudi princess bailed on charge of human trafficking in California
Seven UN peacekeepers killed in Sudan ambush
Jeremy Paxman's diplomat brother 'let embassy be used to sell bogus bomb detectors'
Schoolgirl, 16, on the run with Turkish waiter
Manic Street Preachers taking legal action against EDL for using their song in demo

Saturday 13 July

WTF! Teacher cleared after Government intervenes! (Sent sex texts to boy who then killed himself)
Teachers denied schoolboy, 10, water on hottest day of year to avoid upsetting Ramadan Muslims!
Savile's crimes covered up by West Yorkshire Police?
Union vote-rigging scandal far more extensive and disturbing than Red Ed admits
Schizophrenic stabbed girlfriend 17 times in front of cops
Fahim Chauhdry killed pal in 70mph crash after giving him his first ever ride on motorbike
Father killed in his own home 'over son's love triangle'
Disruptive schoolboy, Dawda Jallow, stabbed teen to death when he begged for return of stolen mobile
Wife-strangler, Moni Badiuzzaman, in court
Another Nigerian, Mary Konye, charged with acid attack on Naomi Oni
Bungling doctor, Salawati Abdul-Salam, still making 'serious errors' 7 years after she failed to spot a baby girl's fatal condition
Sencer Sevket jailed for seven years for £1.5m con
Mohamad Salim, who unwittingly raped a transsexual, jailed for eight years
Sadiq Malin wanted booze. When the shopkeeper refused to serve him, he stabbed him 5 times
ID of man accused of raping Bullfinch trial victim being kept secret
Carer Hilda Pratt attacked disabled woman and threatened to kill her family with witchcraft
Mustafa Ali cheated the Student Loans Company out of £370,000
16-year-old subjected to ‘shocking’ sex attack by Black
Police appeal after sex assault by Asian in park
Czech criminal allowed into Britain robs elderly charity worker
Sex attacker, Mohammed Hoque, threatened to throw victim off a balcony (allegedly)
Finance worker, Coral Collins, must pay back less than £5,000 of the 14k she scammed: NO JAIL!
Johirul Islam terrorised bank manager and threatened to kill him for not granting a loan: NO JAIL!
Adesbi Adegbola, who lived here illegally for 17 years whilst working for the NHS, jailed for 6 months
Prostitute Sara Al Amoudi claimed to be a Saudi Princess in order to con couple out of £14 million
Welcome to world, Ms Melua! Georgian celeb 'shocked' after being mugged for her iPhone 5
Sidney Cooke gang paedo jailed for rape and killing of boy invited children into his home
Judge hits out at asylum lawyers
Migrant backlog soars to 500,000 - it'll take 37 years to clear say MPs
Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather attacks coalition's plans for immigration reform
Judge hits out at asylum lawyers
Most babies will be born out of wedlock by 2016
Gangland monster labelled 'rough diamond' by Hacked Off QC
Ethnic criminals have "human rights", married white folks don't?
More scaremongering b*llocks from the Pentagon
Celebrity airheads love it but Nando's chicken isn't as wholesome as they think

Friday 12 July

Most gang members are nuts say researchers
'Good guy' argues with neighbour: cops kill him
Internet rapist, Husaini Master, 52, jailed for 6.5 years
Bradford barber, Arshad Mahmood, tried to rape boy, 14, who went for a haircut
Jail for 'inept' arsonist, Rana Kamran
Furqan Amjad, Qasim Hussain and Ased Afzal tried to bribe girl they groomed
Woman tripped and robbed in Crawley
Baby stabbed 90 times with scissors by his Chinese mother
Cheery milkman banned from WHISTLING
Somalian pirates killed my husband - would I be next?
Arras Hussein in court over beheading murder
Merkel justifies NSA eavesdropping surveillance
G4S and Serco face £50 million fraud inquiry
EXPENSES! Foul, New Labour snarler, Denis MacShane, (ex-Europe Minister) to be charged
£1 BILLION credit card spree by civil servants
Former BBC DG says Trust DID know about Mark Byford's £1m payoff
Foreign embassies owe British taxpayers £68 MILLION in unpaid fines
Hitler's pilots shoot down Battle of Britain 'myth' (2000)

Thursday 11 July

Air pollution 'harmful for those with failing hearts' (Air pollution kills 30,000 of us every year!)
Astonishing! How officials missed enough immigrants to fill Manchester!
Most worrying terror threat to UK? Chemical weapons in hands of Cameron/Hague's Syrian rebels
Who'd have thought a Lib Dem would sell off our post office?
Former head of social services Brian O'Leary gets 9 years for paedo crimes Insp Mustaq Patala charged with rape: Arif Patala, Nighat Anwar also in court
Oluwaseye Bammeke barged 80-year-old out of his way at a bus stop - she died
HUMAN RIGHTS: Albanian murderer can't be extradited
Man racially abused by Asians then stabbed
Marcel Vasile jailed over Romanian sex slave case
Rania Alayed disappearance: Husband on murder charge
Oxford child exploitation inquiry: Berkshire man arrested
Stab a Brit who tells you to go back to your own country? NO JAIL! Muslim Tae-Kwon-Do champions forced Underage girls into prostitution
Dr Amit Kumar Banerjee accused of “sexually motivated” examinations
Dr Inayat Inayatullah said Linda Geden had swollen glands - she died of cancer
'Alleged' sexual assault on woman in Hemel Hempstead by Asian
WANTED! Rasta Ahmenehet
Hamzah Malik ripped expensive necklace from woman and threw it away
Zaheer Abbas jailed for sex with girl, 15
Braintree dentist, Raghuvir Patel, accused of sleaze, bullying and hygiene failings
DIVERSITY! In some parts of Britain, 70% of children live without fathers
Aspartame (in Coke, Pepsi, 7UP, Sprite) linked to weight-gain, diabetes and heart disease
Just 1-in-10 quangos abolished despite Coalition promise to wield axe
Ed Miliband: 'I'm a Zionist and oppose boycotts of Israel'
Concern over Ed Miliband's Zionist credentials
‘My wife was fit and healthy... now she is just another statistic" Health Service doesn't care? Countless health bosses lavishly paid off then re-hired to do almost identical jobs
Baby boom Britain! Highest number of births since 1971 fuelled by migrants and older mothers
'Political correctness gone mad!' Carnival committee scraps bonny baby contest
Human Rights and the Supreme Court of Europe
William and Kate's baby will be related to J-Lo/J-Zee's!?
Belgium: name Mohamed strongly associated with academic failure?
Lord Patten: 'Shock and dismay' over BBC payments? (Yeah right)
If you are allergic to black people, don't come in!
Eddie Izzard travels to Iraq to report on Syria refugee crisis? Why the PC creep?
City regulators get £550,000 of taxpayers' money for 6 months of doing nothing
Lamar Odom smashes photographer's cameras (marital strife with Khloe Kardashian)

Wednesday 10 July

Syria: Nobel Laureate tells the truth - Cameron/Hague/Blair are lying!
Christians beheaded in New Jersey, USA, by Muslim! Media blackout
Lord Sainsbury (Jewish) and Blairites manipulating Labour selection process says Len McCluskey
The top 10 breakfast cereals most likely to contain Monsanto's GMO corn
Former Tory MP joins UKIP after 'watching country go down the pan'
14-strong drug gang jailed for 30 years (Check out the DIVERSITY)
Diversity! 450,000 gang members in 2011! Theresa May says gangs use rape as a weapon!
Gang violence ‘out of control’ in Feltham prison
Joss Stone murder plot: Junior Bradshaw jailed for 18 years
Romanian pimp Marcel Vasile jailed for 15 years
Newcastle's Cheick Tiote 'used a false Belgian driving permit to get a UK licence?'
Michael McDonagh and Patrick Connors picked on the old and infirm
What about the victims' rights? Meddling European judges at it again
NHS spends £430m on pay-offs for sacked bosses only for 1 in 5 to rejoin!
Working nights hits women's fertility: Odd hours 'make it 80% harder to become pregnant'
Female MPs are useless not victims of sexism says Ann Widdecombe
Latvian tarts emptying bank accounts of stupid Brits
We've become immune to Human Rights lunacy. It's vital we stay angry
Meddling in our affairs must stop now says Justice Secretary
Police investigate Rupert Murdoch over secretly recorded meeting
Snowden's revelations are in a different league from WikiLeaks
In today's corporations the buck never stops. Welcome to the age of irresponsibility
Blair praises Miliband's plan to take on unions
John Terry's father charged with racist attack (Cops decline to elaborate)
A chance to fund your own porn film?

Tuesday 9 July

TREACHERY! 84 schools have NO white British pupils at all!
Media blackout in USA! Christians beheaded by Muslim in New Jersey!
4-year-old died from 'incomprehensible cruelty' of Magdalena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek
Former Newcastle United striker Nile Ranger charged with rape
Metropolitan cop Errol Patterson (black) charged with repeated rape
Girls, 11 and 16, sexually assaulted off Brighton beach by Asians
22-year-old woman racially abused by Asian men
First-class Asian performs sex act on train
77-year-old woman mugged by Asian in Leeds
Fatih Top charged with committing a serious sexual offence on 18-year-old in his taxi
Dr Imran Khan denies sexually assaulting 13-year-old schoolgirl
One in five Tory party members ready to switch to UKIP!
Taking high doses of vitamins could reduce your life expectancy by up to a quarter!
Osama Bin Laden stopped for speeding a year after 9/11: Pakistani cops let him go!
Andy Murray deserves to be knighted says Cameron, chasing votes
EU immigration policies fuelling extremism says greasy pole MP, decades too late
'Gutting' of Jillings child abuse report angers victims
I love nature. For this I am called bourgeois, romantic – even fascist

Monday 8 July

Care abuse: Jillings report published after 17 years (too much redacted to be of use)
Cops release more CCTV pictures of London rioters (Loadsa ethnics)
Pregnant woman stabbed: Leon Harrison sought
Taxi driver, Ahmet Baser, gets 7.5 years for the rape of a young passenger
HUMAN RIGHTS! Rapist, Washington Kavhai, can't be deported his pop songs will put him at risk!
16-year-old attacked and robbed in park by Black and Asian
Police hunt Birmingham robber (black - CCTV) who targets women
50% of jailbirds spending Prisoners get £500,000 a week in legal aid to complain!
UK the world whiplash capital!
No benefits here for you, Poles tell jobless Briton
Beauty lotions/household products blamed for skin allergy surge
You English? You're more likely to be wary of the EU than the British!
'Appalling' state of NHS
Falkirk has revealed the rotten state of all our political parties
Gangster boss infiltrated Scotland Yard by paying corrupt officers
Channel 4's plan to air Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan is a cynical stunt
Saatchi blames divorce on Nigella

Sunday 7 July

Virginia and Nkosiyapha Kunene plead not guilty to manslaughter of their five-month-old
Traitor judge frees ABH drug-dealer, Jesse Fleischer! Beaten-up girlfriend gets him banged up
Newlywed Ray Cottam killed in Mexico hit-and-run
Brazilian referee stabs player to death! Crowd beheads ref! Ah the joys of diversity!
3 pints of beer a week can dull your brain by 20%! (Tell me about it!)
Ash die-back? Now a (foreign?) beetle is killing our oak trees!
Rise in criminals as young as two!
Nigerian schoolchildren burned alive by Islamic extremists
Charles Saatchi and TV chef Nigella Lawson to divorce
Inquiry into policy that 'kills off' patients
Extreme weather patterns still a mystery? (B***OCKS! It's THEM!)
The BBC is edging closer to criminality
A national network of volunteers! Muslims should not be intimidated into pacifism!
Putin humiliates the cannibal-backing warmongers at G8
BBC trying to convince us the heart-eating Syrian rebel is a nice guy really?

Saturday 6 July

CIA ‘wanted to kill Lockerbie bomber before trial’
African rioter/looter can't be deported because of 'right to family life.'(He's childless/unmarried!)
Thousands of calls to 101 police number unanswered
Would-be MP, Karie Murphy, at heart of Labour's election seats storm
Cops to probe Labour vote-fixing scandal
Scandal that exposes Miliband's weakness
Church of England must accept gay rights says half-Jewish oilman Archbishop
The madness of rewarding single mums while refusing tax breaks to boost marriage
Gay marriage? Once again, Pope Frank puts two fingers up at the PC Crowd!
The Army turned its back on the suffering of one of its bravest men
BBC boss who landed £866k payoff and walked straight into another public-sector job
DIVORCE: Children more likely to be violent, take drugs and have underage sex
10% of us won't seek help for STDs? We're 'too embarrassed?'
Drunken teens and a betrayal by teachers
30 dead in Muslim Brotherhood's 'day of rage'
Cops to apologise for stealing dead children’s identities
E-fit released after sexual assault in Greenhithe
'Saudi princess' sued for £14m following claims she is a fraudster

Friday 5 July

Family of doctor accused of Rwandan genocide say UK Government is failing him
The racism unleashed by Cameron, Hague, Obama and Hilary Clinton in Libya
Kieran was looking for a job when sniggering stranger Imran Hussain stabbed him to death
'Lucky to be alive': British teen stabbed 19 times for 'kissing Turkish girl' back on feet
Bite mugger, Gavin O’Connell, snared by his DNA
Woman sexually assaulted on Chichester train
Knife/pepper spray attacker, Clement Morgan, sees prison sentence reduced
Woman sexually assaulted in park - (It's that "tanned" man again)
£1.3bn in housing benefit paid out wrongly
James Bulger killer Jon Venables to be freed
How the unions got Red Ed in a headlock
Chris Hollins' career stalled after he criticised the Beeb's new HQ
White woman attacked by black women for playing black song
5 Kid Welfare Mom: "Somebody Owes Me"

Thursday 4 July

Former CIA asset says Bush & Cheney knew about 9/11 months before it happened
Ex-news chief, Helen Boaden admits to BBC’s ‘deep liberal bias’ on immigration
Toll of mass migration on UK - half of us suffer from strain on schools/police/NHS/housing
EU meddling has cost Britain £5billion
EU membership undermining British values and fanning extremism say historians
Mandeep Sandhu and Balbir Nawal's Asian gang stole £170,000 from customers
Somali immigrant and serial criminal, Abdulah Abdirom, prowled the streets looking for victims
Wealthy teenager Khalid Osman raped a drunken woman at his luxury apartment
Mandeep Sandhu and Balbir Nawal's Asian gang stole £170,000 from customers
Somali immigrant and serial criminal, Abdulah Abdirom, prowled the streets looking for victims
Shahab Reza and family organised huge translation fraud
Illegal immigrant nurse Sheila Chikware faces jail and deportation
Nurse Frederick Ogunsanmi booted frail patient up the behind
Dr Inayat Inayatullah faces a fitness to practise hearing
Rogue landlord Askar Miah fined £36,000 for putting tenants at risk
Ali Halimi punched his wife as she held her child and punched her again when she fell - NO JAIL!
Blind stroke patient, 79, died from pneumonia after being left outside in rain by nurses
Warning over Pakistani cousin marriages
Now they're saying it's not unlawful to be stabbed to death?
Russian doctor beating defenceless heart patient viciously: he died soon after
Children's diets worse today than wartime: now 1940s illnesses making a comeback
The unions are destroying the Labour Party
91 female protesters raped/sexually abused in Tahrir Square in 4 days?
Sars-like illness kills Qatari man in London
Helmand's most senior female police officer is shot dead
A £200 bill won't stop foreigners abusing our NHS
Intellectuals catching up with ordinary folk on EU
Jet set John Bercow: Speaker's 20-stop global tour racks up £100,000 in travel expenses

Wednesday 3 July

After 20 months of non-stop PC harrassment Emma West gets suspended sentence
In 9% of homes English isn't the first language (Who voted for this?)
Killer footballer released by mistake back in prison
Dean James gets six years for stabbing a bouncer
Wendell Baker jailed for life for rape of Stratford pensioner
Gypsies threaten parents/attack teachers/kids get police escort to school (PC Wonderland!)
Give illegal immigrants an amnesty to stay in Britain says Traitor Boris Boris blamed for Islington crime rise amid plummeting police numbers
Labour council chief executive gave himself a £26,000 pay rise as others were on a pay freeze
Baroness Ashton's 500-strong army of EU chauffeurs
Economic recovery 'will take 20 years', warns Britain's top civil servant
I fled city life to protect my daughter, 8, from a barrage of sexual imagery
Al-Qaeda's Anwar al-Awlaki 'spent thousands on prostitutes as he spread radical Islam'
Mandela's grandson suspected of illegally exhuming relatives' bodies
Farage won't buy Oyster card... THEY can spy on him

Tuesday 2 July

9/11 and Zion: What Was Israel’s Role?
TREASON! English is not the native language of 1,061,010 children in England’s schools!
Gay perverts adopt Russian boy - Guess what happens next?
Churchill lied to save Britain? Blair did it to save himself!
How the western media promotes war in Syria
Hundreds of British soldiers off to Libya to train army battling with Al Qaeda? (What is this s*it?)
EU should extend further into former USSR says David Cameron (World Government then)
HALESOWEN: Serial mugger (black) sought
Channel 4 to broadcast Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan! (Switch off C4 for a month?)
Leroy English charged with manslaughter of Matthew Fallon
Woman fights for life after she is stabbed repeatedly in car park
Prosecution claim Brandon Francis stabbed Jamie Sanderson, 20, to death
Mohammed Islam ordered victim to smile as he filmed himself raping her
Ibrahim Hassan and Shah Hussain accused of publishing inflammatory material online
Roland Omotola stole cash deposits from people hoping to rent homes: NO JAIL!
Slovakian immigrant Bachar Slavomir jailed for downloading child porn
String him up! Jean Farrar, 77, battered to death by serial burglar Daniel Barnett
Did Vatican priest Nunzio Scarano (Don 500) plot to smuggle £17m to help friends?
Free banking to be scrapped by EU!!!
Gove plans to let hedge funds and venture capitalists cash in on schools?
Hackgate: Cops knew of illegal record checks for financiers but took no action
Chinese lantern started huge fire at Midlands recycling plant!
UK always 'a few days away' from serious food shortages, warn MPs
BBC's attitude to our cash reveals so much
Jennifer Lopez sings 'Happy Birthday' for brutal dictator!

Monday 1 July

NHS paid for this woman's 36DD breasts but refused an operation so this boy could walk!
Communist terrorist jailbird whose release prompted white genocide to be first non-Brit honoured in Westminster Abbey?
With 7 kids by 3 women, violent West Indian thief can't be deported!
900,000 working families to lose out on childcare benefits
2,641 criminals nabbed £13.5million from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in 2012! Six chemicals we consume in our food and drink that should be banned
8 Foods eaten in the U.S. banned in other countries
2002 warning on diseased beef was not acted upon by FSA
Pakistani sisters, 15 and 16, killed along with their mother for dancing in the rain!
Traditional remedy Milk of Magnesia banned by EU!
Ed Miliband 'sticks two fingers up to public' over EU referendum
There are fewer car crashes - so why are whiplash claims up?
'Independent' charity campaign to make us spend yet more money masterminded by ministers!
Teenager stabbed 17 times for 'kissing a Turkish girl'
Impact of housing benefit changes 'worse than feared'

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