Daily News: April 2013

Tuesday 30 April

Andrew Johnson, who confessed to murder of Danny O'Shea, 18, now blames Nugent Rowe
Alex Wilson-Fletcher and Abdelkader El-Janabi guilty of raping boy, 14, in Debenhams' toilets
75-year-old stabbed to death outside primary school in Small Heath, Birmingham
Winning Deal Or No Deal contestant Caroline Banana admits fraud
Court officer Yasemin Ozyukselen jailed for flirty phone calls with jailed rapist Shahed Ahmed
Ravinder Kaur ‘put mercury in boss’s coffee in revenge for complaints about her work'
Man, 18, jailed for Hammersmith Tube robbery
Dappy in court to appeal assault conviction
PFA embarrassed after black comedian repeatedly uses word n***** at awards dinner
Vote Farage, get Labour! Cameron getting desperate!
Cameron brings ANOTHER crony into Downing St!
What the Left doesn't want you to know about Britain's £200 billion welfare bill
LITTLEJOHN: So what if UKIP is a protest party? How else do we protest if not at the ballot box?
Tony Blair enjoys luxury stay at taxpayers' expense
No more cushy number? Jailbirds to be denied Sky Sports and 18-rated DVDs
Parents must teach children the difference between right and wrong
Tony Blair's traitorous immigration legacy
Serial rapist targets tourist in Bali
South African witchdoctor found cooking Afrikkaner body parts
OBAMA 2006: “whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation”
Another Brutal Hate Crime Murder in the United States

Monday 29 April

Keith Alder, 66, lost his legs after savage beating by Ladislav Balaz and Bartolomej Makula
£20,000 reward! Black mugger who killed Geoffrey Bacon, 90, still at large
St John’s Wood cafe rampage thugs jailed for 43 years (Look at their names)
Ipswich: teenager fights off black phone thief
Drug dealer Hesham Mohammed Ali abandoned his kids but can stay as he has a girlfriend
Raja Abbas guilty of insurance fraud - NO JAIL!
Black and Asian Londoners jailed in Dubai on drugs charges
Man exposes himself at Stockwell Underground (CCTV image)
Teachers and governors (sacked) covered up poor standards at 98% immigrant school
Immigration: British public close to despair! (Closer to rebellion hopefully)
Ken Clarke Brands UKIP candidates 'clowns,' 'comedians' and 'closet racists'
Ken Clarke says fear over migrants ‘is daft’
What kind of society treats smacking as a war crime and teaches kids how to watch porn?
The private postal staff who drop, throw and kick your parcels
Mad cow infected blood 'to kill 1,000’? (30,000 carriers in UK)
Politicians cannot fix economy say voters
Blair makes a fortune on lecture tours and you pay for his stay!
BBC exec gets £800,000 golden goodbye just weeks after new DG imposes £150,000 cap!
Sperm donor who has fathered 49 children arrested over sex assaults
Dubai drugs trial: David Cameron 'concerned' over torture claims
Officials Found Guilty In Obama, Clinton Ballot Petition Fraud
2012: Orville Vaughan gets 13 years for raping two teenage girls in the 1980s

Sunday 28 April

Turkish immigrant, Mehmet Ali Ozen, charged with murder of Charlotte and Darren
A week after immigrant Turk murders English people, national newspapers remain silent
Benefits clerk Vjid Ashraf masterminded £91,000 fraud siphoning off pensioner cash!
Algerian council officer, Azam Magre, took £63,000 bribes from friends for lucrative contracts
Boxer Kevin Heartbreak, aka Majib Sediqy, conned Aviva out of £52,000 in crash-for-cash scam
Samuel Zeria charged with murder of Zafer Erin
Man beaten up by Blacks as he walked home from collecting a curry
Asians hurl insults at car occupants and assault young man with hockey stick - NO JAIL!
Man left injured by Asian attackers
Sex attack footballer Marlon King arrested after Porsche involved in serious 3-car crash
Home Office fury as drug dealer immigrant wins right to stay in UK
Dr Sunil Parmar fraudulently invoiced NHS for more than £6,500
Dr Rajith Ramachandran accused of groping 6th form student (Can't remember examining her)
Tax dodgers hide behind top charities
Council worker Khalid Baqa watched terrorist propaganda in his office
BURY: Men arrested in child sex investigation
Israel pushing US into another war? Big brother about to switch off your fridge? UKIP leader pictured shaking hands with EDL supporter (Shock, horror!)
Baroness Warsi and the demons of hate
You can't bash a burglar after all: Government's tough rhetoric branded a farce
BLAIR WARS: RAF's role in US drone attacks that killed hundreds of Iraqis
Anthony Grainger: Cowboy Cop murder? (No riots after Anthony's death)
Manchester diocese requests gay, lesbian and transgender-friendly Bishop!
NHS reforms will kill cancer patients!
In past 3 years, 8,182 10-to-17-year-old robbers were not jailed - 4,999 reoffended!
Insecticide firms in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees
Tax dodgers hide behind top charities
Ken Clarke Brands UKIP candidates 'clowns,' 'Comedians' and 'closet racists'
Officials Found Guilty In Obama, Clinton Ballot Petition Fraud

Saturday 27 April

RACIST? Those who make most use of this made up bogey word are ANTI-WHITE!
Anti-racism lessons INCREASE pupil intolerance! (Kids see through the anti-white bull?)
Keystone Cops/Thought Police/establishment savages burn Andrew Pimlott to death
Bet PC Crowd love Samantha Lewthwaite! (Trains suicide bombers and married 7/7 bomber)
Predatory bully Mohammed Imran Amjad groomed girl from the age of 12
'You treated her like a piece of meat': Judge jails Asians who forced girl, 13, into sex slavery
Jailed, Asian terror gang behind plot transform Birmingham into a 'little war zone'
Khalid Baqa was found with 352 computer disks of terrorist material
Benefits clerk stole £91k of winter cash for elderly
Romanian travellers arrested as police swoop on West End street beggars
UK to pay for foreign jails in a bid to repatriate more prisoners
600,000 move out in decade of 'white flight' from London
EU v UK: Immigrants set to get more benefits!
Now the EU wants to make it EASIER for migrants to work in Britain
Racism/Romanians/chemical castration: what UKIPs really believe? (If so, I'm sold!)
High street banks leaving poor families 'at the mercy' of loan sharks?
Tiny tax bills of IT firms paid millions by the state
Lord Leveson's refusal to probe lawyers' affair is 'staggering' says Tory MP
The Wanda Maddocks story - cont.
Private school pupils 'at greatest measles risk' (Top folk steer clear of MMR?)
Max Clifford is charged with eleven counts of indecent assault

Friday 26 April

Teachers encouraged to introduce porn into the classroom!!! ('Porn can be great!!!')
Pupils should be taught 'not all porn is bad' advise experts!
Declassified UK reports predict 1948 war in Palestine and Arab defeat
Declassified UK reports predict 1948 war in Palestine and Arab defeat
11-man Jihadist cell wanted to kill up to 2,000 Britons
Wanda and Ivan Maddocks jailed in secret! The new injustice
15-year-old due in court over stab murder
Hurled yoghurt led to Nii-Azu Kojo-Smith stabbing Liam Woodards to death
Muslim cop, Inspector Mohammed Razaq made fraudulent insurance/mortgage claims totalling £46,000
Dealer David Goldsmith jailed after drugs worth £13,000 seized
'I’m blessed, Jesus blessed me' said rapper Aggro Santos before raping woman
Two Muslims and a Muslim convert jailed for preparation of acts of terrorism
Terror trio jailed
Disgraced trainer Al Zarooni banned for 8 years in Godolphin drug scandal
'Raped' by anarchist Malcolm Blackman in St Paul's protest camp tent
'It's alright to kill someone these days, isn't it?' Adam Whelehan: product of a traitorous age
High Court rules police must not treat 17-year-old rapist, murderers etc as adults
Now police tsar wants a spin doctor!
Support for the EU plunges to all-time low across Europe
Antisemitic UKIP candidate suspended! SHAME!!!
UKIP candidates do not subscribe to the 'Holocaust' exaggeration! BNP members in their ranks?
‘Lazy’ MPs to enjoy 12 extra days of holiday
Tibetan monks and woman self-immolate in protest against Chinese occupation
Clegg: No discussions about leaving human rights convention over Qatada Freddie Starr rearrested over sexual abuse allegations

Thursday 25 April

The UK's ten most violent places to live are all in London! (55% non-native now)
Computer games 'led knife gang to lose touch with reality' (Nothing to do with Black savagery)
Drug dealer Genson Courtney was executed by his own uncle, David Pinto
Shuhel Mahboob Ali wanted to get teenager pregnant so he could abuse their Kids! (Allegedly)
13-year-old was drugged, raped and endured pregnancy and abortion for two years after being abducted by Asian gang
Nurul Ahmed charged with High Wycombe rape
Woman threw herself into Regent’s Canal to escape black sex attacker (6 attacks last 5 weeks)
I'm a Celebrity star Aggro Santos raped two girls after gigs
E-fit: men try to drag woman into car
Pharmacist Ashoo Hayre Puri struck off for ‘shocking and frightening’ sexual assaults
Hotel owner Santokh Mahal admits sex assaults on staff
Dentist Jagdev Singh Wasu struck off for dishonesty and poor clinical care
15-year-old stabbed by black youth on bus
Three more Asians arrested in Leicester sexual exploitation case
Goran Ahmad gets life for raping one woman and sexually assaulting another
1,000 criminals use human rights laws to evade deportation
"I’ve never heard of anyone being jailed for trying to look after their father"
Was Iraq war nurse Katrina Brown fatally poisoned by radioactive dust from our own bombs?
3,000 patients may have died needlessly in just one year at 14 hospital trusts
Another chilling lurch towards a secret state
Supermarket swamped with 4000 applicants for just 150 jobs!
Crisis for Europe as trust hits record low
4 million extra patients a year flood A&E after Labour decision to let GPs avoid night work
Danger of diabetes rises by 22 per cent with each fizzy drink
Cops knew Milly Dowler's phone had been hacked in 2002 but did NOTHING for nearly a decade
Google's tiny tax bill shows how greedy and ruthless it really is Sack the Blairites, Miliband!
The young people have unrealistic job expectations and write applications in text speak
Rainbow Nation's Marikana massacre "was pre-arranged"
ABU QATADA: Withdrawal from European Court of Human Rights considered?
Abu Qatada case is a total wipeout for public protection
At last, EU wakes up to 'useless' Ashton: MEPS condemn indecision by foreign policy chief
Britain faces a surge in squalid migrant camps

Wednesday 24 April

"The world’s nations, when they see the success of the Jewish people, they envy us and hate us"
Sunbed death woman, 26, 'used banned tanning jabs'
Eight members of 20-strong BLACK gang convicted of killing 15-year-old
Danny Cohen named as new BBC director of television
Somali drug addict, Ayanle Adan, gets 26 years for decapitating pal in cafe
HIV paedo, Stelios Kimpriktis, jailed for having sex with boy, now working near kids?
Ricardo Dwyer, who shot two men in gangland feud (allegedly), facing retrial
Dr Rajith Ramachandran groped teenage patient
Delaney Barnett-Rohoman stabbed love rival and murdered his friend
Hai Ban Tran's Vietnamese gang made £120million from skunk (must pay back just £25,000)
Drug Baron, Milad Finn, must pay back £200,000 or get two more years
Iqbal brothers get 12 year for gang attack on market trader in parking row
Guntoting son of Chinese official offered £5,000 bribe to his Uni professor!
Plastic surgeon Dr Ioannis Alexandridis faces ban for cavalier approach
HUMAN RIGHTS: Qatada wins again!
Feb 2012: Immigrants accused of a QUARTER of all crimes in London
Most common surname in London? PATEL!
25,000-man Muslim march calling for laws to silence critics of Islam
2012: It's Time to Slay St George's Day (by Greg Jenner who is Jewish)
Jailed in secret for trying to rescue her father from care home!
Rein in the cosmetic surgery cowboys
111 helpline blamed for chaos in casualty!
NHS boss gets £100,000 bonus despite hospital's responsibity for 2,400 'excess deaths?'
Sun's deputy editor, Geoff Webster, in court on bung charges
A million people fit-to-work have been on benefits for 3 years

Tuesday 23 April

Doreen Lawrence: Stephen's sacrifice 'has made Britain a better place!' (Not for the many, many British people killed, raped, prostituted, drugged-up, mugged, burgled and ethnically cleansed by immigrants, it hasn't)
Roger Millar murdered by drug dealer, Shelton Sibanda, and his gang
Polish immigrant, Piotr Naja, assaulted wife and killed sister-in-law
Leeds United youth player, Simon Lenighan, accused of rape in hotel
Steroid dealer, Cookie Amin, jailed
Some immigrant crims can avoid jail by promising to leave for 5 years!
Up to 350,000 Romanians and Bulgarians coming!
'We can't cope with any more immigrants!' (Can't cope with the ones we've got!)
Banned slimming drug kills medical student. Sarah Houston
Grandfather 'branded a drama king' by hospital staff died from neglect after bleeding to death
Report into Mid Staffs scandal said Union failed to listen to nurses’ warnings
A third of pupils 'can hardly communicate' when they start school
Gerry Adams denies keeping quiet about brother sexually abusing daughter to save his career
Top doctors sent home for fighting!
Dzhokhar Tsarneav says brother was driving force behind Boston attack
Russian Oligarchs/wealthy financiers withdrew £2billion from Cypriot banks after tax-raid tip off!
Godolphin trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni faces horse doping inquiry
Ex-Fifa vice president Jack Warner bans Trinidad and Tobago cops from releasing murder stats!
Left-wing think-tank says, ‘Strip OAPs of benefits'
Hopes of millions of pensioners could be 'highly damaged' by EU proposals
Angela Merkel: 'Europe has the last word in certain areas'
NHS 'culture of fear' stops nurses raising patient safety concerns
Cops axe St George's Day parade!
Romanian crime a problem in UK admits their own PM! Poll shows many plan to come
8-in-10 Pret a Manger workers foreign despite being set up by British entrepreneurs!
'Political correctness gone wild!’ Teachers mustn't use red ink in case it upsets pupils
Panorama: Inside Britain’s Sharia Courts

Monday 22 April

Teenagers stabbed in Tottenham fight
Fatal shooting drug related
Fake cops terrorised families across Greater Manchester
Leeds primary schoolchildren attacked their teachers 109 times in 2012
Ayo Ogunlaja jailed for knifepoint robberies
Asians jailed for stolen car conspiracy
Serving cop, Osman Iqbal, charged with misconduct, money laundering and drug dealing
Frankfurt School of Political Correctness
Ex-drug addict heir to £100m Mountbatten fortune is to marry nurse from Eritrea
The cult of St. Stephen v the mass murder of white Britons
Boston Marathon suspect may never be able to be questioned (False flag?)
Bangladeshi women in Wales worse off than those in their own country! Send 'em home then!
"Racism is an invidious and devastating cancer in society" says Archbishop of York
Could the Boston bombing have been staged?
Fox News admits FBI have been involved in 17 False Flag Terror non-events
Schools Minister says nursery children aren't taught manners
'Open door to fanatics': Russia says MI5 should watch 'extremist Islamic' exiles
Black Police Association says force still 'racist' (Racism slur is code for anti-White)
Anglican school drops Christian hymns from assemblies! (75% of pupils Muslim)
No puzzle about what drove Boston bombers 8,000 NHS staff on six figure salaries
Pakistani kids fail to rise and some nationalities 'uncertain' about hard work
Schools Minister says nursery children aren't taught manners
Two thirds of nurses think patients in their own hospitals are at risk of neglect
Four in ten students may default on their loans
Porn heiress youngest to make this year's Rich List!
Some magistrates 4 times more likely to send criminals to jail than others
Britons are over worked and under paid
Boston Marathon suspect may never be able to be questioned (False flag?)
Black Police Association says force still 'racist' (Racism slur is code for anti-White)

Sunday 21 April

‘Bringing Brixton to the countryside!’ Stedham Tories don't like it up 'em!
Norwegians convert to Islam for Bieber tickets? (Dumbing-down + PC brainwash = SHEEPLE)
It's not just the Tories who should beware UKIP
"The nicer we are to them, the more of them there will be!"
Fight against racism (White folks) continues says our Ugandan Archbishop
Teenage twit investigated by KGB-in-UK over new age bogey words
Horror of slave raped while being passed between middle class Indian families
2,500 needless deaths at single hospital in 10 years!
Did Sarkozy take £40MILLION from Colonel Gaddafi to fund election campaign?
FBI tracked Boston bomber 'for 5 YEARS' after Moscow spoke of links to Chechen terrorists
Boston Bombers: family reveal beaten wife's Islamic conversion
Bomb suspects mother says her sons were "set up"
Blair aide reopens bitter feud with axed 'mad cow' mandarin in speech to Kazakhs
‘Wrong animal’ in quarter of meat products
MMR jab remains controversial
Pakistani mother found dead with her throat slashed
Britain's richest man! Uzbek Arsenal owner Alisher Usmanov
Ed Miliband attacked by own party over secret George Galloway meeting

Saturday 20 April

Have Bush, Obama, Clinton etc. committed war crimes?
BOSTON: 'The fog of war on steroids?'
UK stripped of top credit rating
Teaching unions put adults first children last
GlaxoSmithKline 'paid rivals not to sell cheaper copies of its drugs'
Premature babies died because NHS staff did not wash their hands properly
Russians, rulers of the Rich List
Adil Hoque jailed for attempted rape and sexual assault
Cleon Smith charged with Camberwell murder
Andrezj Kwiatkowski charged with homosexual rape and robbery
Arish Mohammed suspected of 'dreadful' sex attack
Drug dealer Milad Finn acquitted of murder (Must pay £232,000 or face extra jail)
Sheldon Green carried out a spate of armed robberies
Romanian gang posed as traffic police and robbed tourists
Enkarta Balapovi raped enslaved woman repeatedly. Others guilty of ABH
Mohammed Tabib Shafiq charged with attacking middle aged man and woman
‘Creepy’ restaurant boss, Nadeem Aslam, forced himself on a much younger woman
Judge spares paedophile! Brain tumour 'made him download child porn!'
Judge attacks porn sites after rapist, 14, attacks 4-year-old girl
Convicted paedo attacked 5-year-old after sex offender treatment cancelled
India: Neighbour kidnapped 5-year-old girl and raped her for four days

Friday 19 April

The Invention of the Land of Israel!
True scale of EU fraud at least 12 times greater than officially acknowledged!
How can exposing truth be a crime? (That's how globalism/elitism/PC work)
'Crisis economy'? You're in as bad a state as eurozone says new Bank chief
Thatcher's right-to-buy legacy: 40% of ex-council homes now owned by private landlords -
Why was black paedo, on probation for attack on girl, 12, free to rape girl, 11?
"Student" Abdifatah Yusuf gets 5 years for vicious attacks on women
Harjaskaran Singh charged with rape and grooming
12-strong black/mixed race gang attack man in broad daylight
Andrew Pishides claimed £176,000 in benefits while running three businesses
Narinder Singh gets 14 months for snatching woman's iPhone
Four jailed for plotting UK terror attack
Immigrant prostitute: 'I regret not working in the sex trade as soon as I got here'
Courier fraud hits London! 2,229 victims, mostly elderly, in two years!
Romanian beggars back camping in Marble Arch a year after they blighted run-up to Olympics
Blair 'deserves a funeral as big as Thatcher's!' (He deserves a funeral alright)
BBC promotes drug zealot's plan for heroin 'shooting galleries'
EU demands access to British police files!
Manchester: heart disease capital of Britain! 3 times more likely to die here than London
Urban Classic Proms will star punks, rappers and rockers!
G4S director becomes housing association's new CEO
'You have prostituted your high office!' MP attacks mandarins for praising Thatcher
Smacking does children no harm if they feel loved (Tell that to the PC Crowd)
Postcode lottery affects chances of cancer survival
Head of Barclays investment banking Rich Ricci retires after pocketing £18million!
Do prisoners get a cushy ride in British jails?
Half UK's swine flu pandemic drugs flushed down the toilet!
Internet drug dealing on the rise
20% of drug users taken advantage of sexually!
Jimmy Savile may have abused 1,350 victims!
Let farms grow GM food says PM's personal scientific adviser
Qatada: May accused of giving in to Europe
All Muslims are 'terrorists'? Why should we be 'interested in black history'?
Conspiracy against PressTV!
Tories 'need to woo more ethnic voters'
Two million children at risk of measles

Thursday 18 April

Hitenkumar Shah guilty of multiple rape of little girl, 7
14-year-old boy raped by Abdelkader El-Janabi, 55, 'encouraged' by Alex Wilson-Fletcher
Thug who attacked student fails in his bid for freedom
Gangsters grooming girls of 13 for sex and gun running
Teenager attacked with meat cleaver in carjacking terror
Arsonist who tried to rape student came here after release from Latvian nuthouse!
olive-complexion jogger assaults young woman, 19, walking her dog
Asian taxi driver abuses and punches 18-year-old female passenger
Mobeen Ul Haq banned from Tube atfer sexual assaults and outraging public decency
Girl, 15, sexually assaulted by 'Indian appearance' man in Launceston
University student, Lauren Lafayette-Ede, robbed Rolex/Cartier watch sellers
Foul-mouthed and nasty mother, Anisha Mitchell, gets five year ASBO from school gates
NSPCC says 520,000 children maltreated by parent/guardian in 2011 (just 58,000 protected)
Number of stay-at-home mothers hits record low (falling by 500 a day!)
Ed Miliband has surgery on limp wrist!
Ex-SFO head spent £25,000 on flights and 5-star hotels in ONE year!
UKIP soars to new high in the polls Fears for economy as jobless rise by 70,000 to 2.56 million!
EU 'losing £4 billion of taxpayer cash to fraud'
Are you too white, rich, able-bodied and straight to be a feminist?
Thatcher's funeral had no real hatred, no real love and no real grief
Hundreds of protesters turn backs on Thatcher's coffin
It's insane that we're fleeced by the energy giants AND help them avoid tax!
Last-ditch appeal to highest court to boot out Abu Qatada
Catherine Kieu 'chopped off husband's penis and threw it in garbage'
Pollution may ‘wipe out’ a generation of seabirds

Wednesday 17 April

Hotel porter, Soby John, an Indian immigrant, raped TV star in her room
Immigrant Poles on trial for 'fatal attraction' murder of graduate
Shane Watson murder: Shylon Wishart and James Cartwright guilty
Life sentences for drive-by shooters Sanchez Thomas and Kyrone Daley
Jahleel Nafiu charged with stabbing Sydney Annan in the head
Leon Pacquette allegedly shot dead 18-year-old Rio McFarlane in drive-by slaying
Black burglars hit woman over the head with a hammer
Moudud Ahmed jailed for repeatedly punching his girlfriend, 17
"Dark-skinned" man assaults 11-year-old
Cliter Lemes Do-Amaral denies sexual assault
EU judges rule terror suspect wanted in US can't be deported! (Bad for his mental health)
Sex attacker, Mustafa Alia, caught after victim bit off a chunk of his tongue
Sex-case osteopath's jail term increased
De’Marquise Elkins mugs white mum and shoots her then her baby (in the face)
RACISM! Jobseeker Max Kpakio sues Virgin for £55,000
City banker, Latifa Bouabdillah, cashes in at claims tribunal!
'We are ALL Thatcherites now'? Only a silver spooner with limp wrists could say that
Harman warns of 'full-on' laws to control Press
BLAIR WARS: '55 killed while almost 300 are injured' in Iraq
Choirboy who suffered years of abuse by a priest awarded £200,000 compensation
1-in-10 miss out on first choice primary school thanks to high immigration levels
Npower (German-owned) paid no corporation tax on profits of £766m over three years
Why the Left should hate Blair more than Thatcher

Tuesday 16 April

THE END OF BRITAIN! we owe TEN TIMES what our entire economy is worth!
Boston marathon bombed! Authorities search for 'dark-skinned or black male'
Boston explosions were 'false flag' attack committed by US government?
Financial crisis caused by too many bankers taking cocaine!!!
IMF's chief economist says George Osborne is "playing with fire" with fiscal policy
'Odd' UK bank bosses have avoided formal charges says chief financial regulator
Negus McLean 15, 'murdered by hunting posse'
Asians sought after woman raped near Glasgow's Queen's Park
Muhammed Khalil battered his wife and got his mistress to say he was the victim
Care in the community nut scars pubgoers for life
Romanian nurse, Mircea-Paul Anghelina, jailed for sexually assaulting a child, struck off
Mohammed Ali, nutcase who thought he was a celeb, stabbed father-in-law to death
Esther Prescod struck off for moonlighting while claiming sick pay
1988: The whole story of Zionist conspiracy
£41,000: What average working family need to earn to match benefits Labour wants
GM meat/fish to go on sale! Scientists press ahead despite public outrage
Do boy bands and bankers deserve what they get get?
Conservative claims about benefits are not just spin, they're making it up
Why we need a total purge of BBC top brass
Caste discrimination must be outlawed? (Subcontinental immigrants will not be impressed)

Monday 15 April

Britain running out of workers! (Why was "Young jobless to hit 1m" headline yesterday?)
How We Happened to Sell Off Our Electricity
Who sunk the Titanic?
Surgeon Harish Chandran killed Ryan Senior, 16
Skin cancer hits 200,000, twice the official toll: cases have risen 80% in a decade
NHS boss charged with torture and 18 murders in Bangladesh
Parents mark murdered son's 30th birthday with appeal to catch Asian killers
Thief Rafael Varela was Ministry of Defence employee!
Jewish groups urge Senate to disarm Americans!
Blitz on benefit cheats! (Will THEY be blitzing immigrant cheats as well?)
Thatcher was loved and hated for sound economic reasons
Thatcher snatched £130bn of Scottish wealth as she axed 250,000 of our jobs
New World Order truth in movies - WWZ
Jewish crime lord behind £35million cocaine haul sues screws over no kosher food
Turkish president warns of Holocaust if “intolerance” continues
Anti-gun US Mayor demanded gay sex at gunpoint
Why single mother f***ing suck!
Brighton Council to provide 'safe rooms' for addicts to inject crack/heroin?
Britain's Got Sleaze!

Sunday 14 April

The Left's grip on Britain is tightening!!!
Croydon police chief slams courts for letting repeat offenders off the hook
Romanian immigrant, Filip Ion, raped good Samaritan concerned for his welfare
Aisha Delaney jailed for terrorising elderly after 119th conviction
School teacher, Suwei Shang, stabbed husband, Damien Keenan, to death
Heena Solanki killed her daughters, then herself
Conman, Lincoln Warmington, banned from Salford Quays for five years
Only 50% of Manchester's MOST WANTED are foreign!
Mohammed Tabib Shafiq charged with two counts of assault
Top Mormon leader warns against ‘tolerance trap’
Nabil and Naeem Ahmed, Anas Iqbal and Hassan Raza charged with child prostitution
Michel Oulai inflicted more than 40 separate injuries on Charles Oppong
Charlene Ashley punched Shinead Wilkins without warning
Jackson impersonator, Irfan Khalid, spent months at Jihadist training camps in Pakistan
Mohammed Tabib Shafiq charged with two counts of assault
Make a "racist" joke and a bloke with a mixed-race sister will paralyse you
40 years of abusing children – and not a day in prison
One in ten charged with rape in Avon and Somerset is a foreign national
'As a government we are even more radical on enterprise than Thatcher'
HITCHENS: Let's remember Maggie for what she really was... a tragic failure
A journey across Margaret Thatcher's Britain Thatcher's legacy: how have the privateers fared?
Top cop in charge of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday has provoked outrage
NHS reveals hospitals' child heart surgery mortality rates
Youth unemployment expected to rise above a million when official figures published
Nearly 200 cases a day of abuse of the elderly
More than 10 percent of emergency mental health beds were axed in 2012
Grant Shapps, MP (Jew) under fire over website 'sham'
Airmiles Andy is back at the despot's table dinner table
Christian vows to take Muslim bullying case to Luxembourg
MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield says health officials are responsible for measles outbreak ENGLAND (The one the traitors made) "We were lucky and escaped to Grimsby"
Asylum seekers need more Bradford homes

Saturday 13 April:

Hesam Khosravi, who filmed himself raping a young woman, gets his sentence increased
Sanjay Vyas jailed for assaulting girl asleep on a train
Violence erupts after Ukrainian youths rally to ‘beat the Jews’
Control of the media? IT MATTERS!
Princess Diana fund: Money diverted to pro-immigration campaign!
'Hounslow slasher', Sasha Masamba, sentenced to 18 years in prison
'Compensation culture gone mad': Cop awarded £10,000 after falling off a chair
If WE were in charge Rehtaeh would not be dead and the rapists would be dealt with
Now Blair henchmen warn on drift to Left
Roy Hattersley divorces wife, 82! (May now marry Maggie Pearlstine, 65)
Bimbo One big fan of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians!'

Friday 12 April

Orthodox Jew covers himself in plastic bag!
ARCHBISHOP TUTU: "We're one of the most violent societies!"
Judge Joanna Korner frees 'Community Coach of the Year' who abused girls as young as 6!
Britain facing rape epidemic! Gangs targetting children's homes!
WWII veteran, 99, banned from ceremony for hero brother! (Might be mistaken for a terrorist)
Lead levels in Chinese rice up to 60 TIMES higher than 'safe' level for children!
Dr Sunil Kotecha's Walk-in Centre diagnosed tonsillitis: Sophie Coldwell died of cancer aged 17
Shadwell slasher, Sijil Miah, appears in court
Hamza Farjani gets six years for stabbing PCSO Major fraud: Robin Choudhury funnelled vast sums of money to relatives
'Greedy' bank cashier, Serkan Gulen, preyed on old folk
Commonwealth worker Pradeep Moorthy stole £375,000 from the poor
No jail for 'Britain's Best Dad'! Keith Preddie walks free after assault on wife

DUBAI: 'Someone's trying to kill me!' Evelyn Clarke was dead moments later
Our arrogant invasion of Iraq 10 years ago went so tragically wrong
Terry Lloyd: unlawfully killed (murdered) by American Marines in Iraq
Criminal probe into scandal-hit hospital where 1,200 patients died needlessly
The US Army’s list of “Domestic Hate Groups”
A third of over-50s feel isolated: it's as bad for their health as smoking 15 a day
Orthodox Jew covers himself in plastic bag! (Good idea!)
France's top rabbi quits after being found to be a liar and a plagiarist
£20,000 bribe to quit UK council homes?
Conservative donors defecting to UKIP
Army 'could be putting troops' lives at risk' by failing to check ageing munitions
EMU plot curdles as creditors seize Cyprus gold reserves
BBC refuses to ban Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
Judge wants racially motivated banana thrower to work in immigrant community!

Thursday 11 April

Thatcher protest sends Ding Dong the Witch is Dead surging up the charts!
Britons 'less likely to have a job than East European immigrants'!
Witness refuses to give evidence in Luke Fitzpatrick murder trial Piotr Zygner, Pauline Mucha and Sylwester Kawalec deny murder
Latvian Elina Jaksone and Cypriot Gagik Manucharyan guilty of £920,000 fraud
Robin Singh sought over 2011 rape
Attempted rape by Asian
Abdifatah Yusuf responsible for a mini crime wave in Haringey
Syrian immigrant Ali Rashid banned from every swimming pool and spa in Britain
Radu Critea twice over drink-fly limit while preparing to take off from Heathrow
Nigerian sham marriage groom chooses 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face' for bride
Former Met chief 'sexually assaulted teenagers by his pool after offering them Cava'
Ministers back call for Thatcher statue on the fourth plinth
Glenda Jackson last night launches attack on Thatcher
Now two top judges back secret arrests
Abolish every tax haven in the world, says socialist president Francois Hollande The dangerous absurdity of hate-crime laws
Atheism kills, persecutes and destroys. Wicked things are done in its name
Jewish Lord's insidious proposal: spectre of secret police!
BBC puts gagging order on new director-general
Big banks 'more dangerous than ever'
Jewish businessman hired Israeli intelligence experts in battle with SFO
Inquiry into NHS emergency care: patients put at risk by catastrophic failings
5 million lose out on pension windfall
Blair "flatly rejects argument that New Labour 'created' the financial crisis"
Egypt's army complicit in torture and killings during revolution
Tony Blair isn't worried about parties to celebrate HIS death

Wednesday 10 April

Anwar Rosser charged with murder of four-year-old Riley Turner
Mohammed Rabnawaz and Jameel Ahmed jailed after drugs and shotguns find
Rapist Khalid Mahmood, who also tried to abduct a 10-year-old, jailed
Tina Bell and Jacek Adamczewski charged with murder of Polish man
Opemipo Jaji charged with raping 11-year-old had attacked another schoolgirl a year before
Boys admit killing near-blind Paula Castle, 85 (The unidentified 'boys' are black)
Social worker, Soifar Rahman, carried out 'gross and blatant' abuse of child and vulnerable mum
'Hounslow slasher', Sasha Masamba, faces jail
Somali child rapist we can't deport released! Strasbourg says he must get damages!
Mohammed Hussain admits £435,500 drugs deal, Rayman Hussain admits related charges
International drug courier, Milton Soares, jailed over plot to smuggle 100kg of cocaine into Britain
Footballer Nile Ranger ordered to carry out 120 hours unpaid work for pulling girlfriend's hair
Mustafa Al-Bassam took part in cyber attacks on CIA and US Serious Organised Crime Agency
Melinda McCormick tortured and set on fire while she was still alive by black savages Chinese pervert has emergency surgery to remove live EEL from his backside
Britons want to ban schechita and brit milah
Hillsborough mum says minute silence for Thatcher would be 'insult and disgrace'
Childcatchers! Britain: 2013 - What the sheeple vote for!
Church of England covered up vicar's sex abuse of orphaned teenager for 26 YEARS
Veterinary drug bute (painkiller for horses) found in Asda corned beef
How to save the EU by the Jewish financier responsible for Black Wednesday
Rupert Murdoch: Lady Thatcher was an inspiration (Says one Global Elitist of another)
30 years of loathing for Baroness Thatcher explodes in celebrations of her death
It's better to grow up in Slovenia than Britain
Scotland still expects the Bank of England to bail them out if they split from the UK!
Bosses' pay up 16% as workers get 1%!
Church of England gives blessing to recognition of civil partnerships

Tuesday 9 April

Lee Jasper: "Black people in Europe and UK can't be racist!"
50 Iraqis took drugs to fake battle stress and claim benefits here, costing millions
Sharia law in Britain: councils failing vulnerable women?
Annual Israeli report logs 30% rise in anti-Semitic incidents worldwide!
'We don't know who's here and who’s not' immigration is ‘out of control’
Emma West tram rant trial set to start
Christopher Zeb and Poppy Knight turned girl, 14, into their sex slave
Monica Bircham fleeced taxpayers out of £156,000! NO JAIL!
Patient dies covered in sick after nurse Barbara Manansala failed to raise the alarm
Nurse Beatrice Adebowale did not summon help for a dying patient
Jealous nurse, Sebastiano Mauro, slashed his ex-girlfriend's horse
Boris Johnson: Brits lose jobs to migrants because don't work as hard!
Price of first class stamp 'could soar to £1 if Royal Mail privatised'
BLAIR WARS: Soldier 'killed by smoke shell'
Teenager stabbed in the face on Pimlico estate

Monday 8 April

Thatcher dead
Margaret Thatcher and the pit strike in Yorkshire
Jimmy Savile's extraordinary access to Thatcher detailed in secret files
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims say bloggers who insult Islam must die!
USA: Black teens murder white baby for the fun of it
IRAN: "The time has come for the world to take a more assertive stand" says Yuval Steinitz!
BLAIR DAMNED! Saddam's WMD 'could fit on the back of a lorry'!
Once she was "anti social, racist, sexist," now she's PC and paid £15,000 a year!
Trainee doctors paid more than £2,000 A DAY by NHS in 'out of control' agency scandal
Did Labour's rising star Chuka Umunna use a fake identity to edit his Wikipedia entry?
WikiLeaks releases 1.7m US diplomatic and intelligence reports!
11 Afghan children die in Nato raid
UK plc hoarding £318 billion in cash
Did the Bushes and Oliver North have CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal murdered in 1986?
2010: Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt says LSE psychopath!!!
'We don't know who's here and who’s not': ex-UK Border Agency boss admits
Protestants 'work harder' and their mental wellbeing affected more when they're unemployed Secret arrests' plan threatens to turn Britain into a 'banana republic'
Migrant controls hit by massive backlog
The Government must reform the welfare state now
The devil took over my body' says Dutchman accused of stabbing Sarah Groves 40 times
Ashley Blossom charged over burglaries and sex assaults
Minicab driver lured to dead-end street and robbed by Black at gunpoint
Pharmacist Roshan Lal fondled teen's breasts while checking heartbeat
Surgeon Saed Dzumhur cleared of misconduct despite providing poor care to patients

Sunday 7 April

Tony Blair and Iraq: The damning evidence
Beano and Dandy comics 'too politically correct!'
School football coach subsitutes boy! Asian mum calls cops accuses him of racism!
Foul, PC media darling says "disabled parking bays are perfect for my Land Rover!"
Boris Berezovsky: Confessions of a dead oligarch
Comrade Cruddas' beautiful Irish Coast 3rd home where he writes Miliband's manifesto
Miliband shoots at a footballing fascist and scores an own goal
FARAGE: 'I could work with Labour?'
2012: Notts cops had 1,000+ violent criminals apologise to victims instead of going to court!
Suliman Ali and Ahmed Ahmed get 21 years for raping young woman
Hospital worker Sajin Kunjappu Panikkassery pleads not guilty to rape of patient
Polish wife killed husband by stamping repeatedly on his head (Can't be deported)
Banned by children's hospital in deaths scandal, Dr Nihal Weerasena was investigated 8 years ago
British woman found stabbed to death in 'drug fuelled frenzy' on Indian houseboat
Christopher Aluma and Natneal Tefsay charged with murder of teenager
Two Bicester women sexually assaulted by black burglar on same night
Kunal and Vishal Chaudary, Kovacs, Berki, Mosa and Abel charged with trafficking of women
Cops seize guns in Newham raid
USA: Thomas Haywood, 67, charged with sexual assault of his mother, 85
USA: White couple murdered: black boyfriend of black adopted daughter charged
Migrants face legal aid clampdown
Sharia court tells 'abused wife' to stay
EU policy chief's bumper pay-off! Ashton in line for £133,000 a year, no work involved!
Labour go to war on welfare?

Saturday 6 April

Was Czech immigrant, Tory MP and media magnate, Robert Maxwell, (Jew) a Soviet spy?
Half-Jew oilman Archbishop demands higher spending on foreign aid!
Cherelle McKenzie-Jackson, 14, ordered the death of a schoolboy
Women attacked and mugged by 4 Blacks, an Asian and a White
Young man left fighting for his lfe: Abuzer Erdem charged
Jerome McDonald denies murder of Janelle Duncan-Bailey
Shaquille Douglas and youth, 16, jailed for violent knifepoint burglary
Dr Babatunde Oshinusi faces 9 charges of sexual assault
Stock markets across the world reel from grim outlook
Former cop, Davinder Bajwa and his father jailed for perverting the course of justice
Bonnita Read jaile for fraud
Britain faces £6bn bill to help others join euro!
Keith Vaz wants immigration 'consensus'
UKIP beat Tories again in latest by-elections
Drug companies pay doctors £40m for travel and expenses
Why do the police now think it's OK for people to have sex in public?
Limerick councillor facing expulsion over migrant comments
Third major oil spill in a week: Shell pipeline breaks in Texas
How dangerous is the radioactive Wave headed toward the US?

Friday 5 April

Scientist who could only get a job in a call centre commits suicide
Associated Press bans use of 'illegal immigrant' to describe illegal immigrants!
Call illegals ‘irregulars’ says top Eurocrat! She wants term 'eradicated'
‘Secret’ benefits for migrants! (250,000+ Bulgarians/Romanians arrived in past 5 years)
'Whitewash' on Romanian migrants: study fails to reveal how many will arrive
Official: Ministers have no idea how many Romanians/Bulgarians will come next year
Fazli Rahim and Saima Gul jailed for murder
Rapist Festus Aguebor lured victim with promise of job interview
Jealous boyfriend Michel Oulai stabbed lodger to death
Mohammed Yasin smashed Stewart Burn's leg in 4 places in vicious road rage attack
Father-of-17, Donald Ewers, pointed gun at Mormon missionaries
Tamer Abdelhamid, Rilwan Oshodi, Annette Jabeth fleeced lady out of £1 million life savings
Fugitive fraudster, Naeem Hayat, funnelled £330,000 of stolen cash through Crown Court!
Milan Zeidler swindled thousands of pounds from the company he worked for
Jilted thug, Emmanuel Idowu, punched dancer ‘to teach her a lesson’
Foreign-accent man assaulted woman in Chesterfield
Majeed Othman raided betting shops after gambling away his cash on gaming machines
Dr Nikolaos Papanikolaou struck off for showing reckless disregard for patients
How Jeremy Kyle helped create Mick Philpott
Dean of Durham sneers at di Canio (Sadgrove is a Jew: yet another at top of the CoE)
Labour's cannabis experiment 'pushed up hard drug use and crime'
Unions chiefs plotting general strike?
Bombshell report calls for City ban on 'reckless' bankers (Ban? As opposed to Brixton prison?
As if jobs weren't hard enough to come by, 250,000 advertised by EU! (France just 14,000)
Health tourism is costing NHS 'billions: part 2
Cameron insists we're within range of Korea's missiles (Sounds like Blair)
Internet secrets of 'jetrosexual' Chuka Umunna the party-loving MP (Labour's Obama)
Call illegals ‘irregulars’ says Eurocrat
Knife amnesty in Southampton yields hundreds of blades
Notts hospital 'prioritised money over care' Priest and organist child abuse jury retires
Bee-harming pesticides should be banned

Thursday 4 April

MURDOCH: "I'm a big one for encouraging immigration!" (Not to Israel, you're not)
Junior Bradshaw and Kevin Liverpool guilty of conspiring to murder Joss Stone
Bubacarr Suwaneh faces jail for triple rape of teenager
Serious Sexual Assault by an Asian man in tradition Muslim dress
Ex-chairman of Brent Youth Parliament Kishan Parshotam charged with beating female student
Lorry driver Anton Maizen charged with causing death by dangerous driving
Reece Middleton gets 5 years for "terrifying" knifepoint street robbery
CCTV released of foreign theft suspects (Romanian Gypsies?)
Asian sought over indecent assault in Linthouse, Glasgow
Van driver Jhangir Akbar denies allegations of sexual assault
Dentist Jagdev Singh Wasu found guilty of 'extremely serious misconduct' and struck off
Police in CCTV appeal for train robbery gang
Surgeon Puthur Rajaraman Damodaran denies sexually assaulting hospital patient
Violent criminals in parts of the country twice as likely to escape with slap on the wrist
The White working class should take citizenship ceremony, poverty tsar claims!!!
Female soldier dying after exposure to uranium in Iraq must raise £110,000 for treatment!
Epidemic of health tourists 'costs us billions'
She's too young to vote but is being paid £15,000 of YOUR money to be a youth police 'watchdog'!
We spend more on aid than Germany (even though our population is 20million less than theirs)
Shame of Barclays bank (paid £170m a year in bonuses!) Staff lost all sense of humility
Israeli troops shoot dead two Palestinian youths in West Bank
More than 42% of housing benefit claimants in Tower Hamlets are immigrants
MP Rob Wilson tweets a pornography link!
UN Arms Trade Treaty Calls for Disarmament of Persons 55 and Older
The Left's frenzied assault on Iain Duncan Smith is ludicrous

Wednesday 3 April

12 years for shooting man who 'c**k-blocked' him when he tried to chat up women
Jamil Ahmed faces trial charged with serious sexual offences against children
'Black male' responsible for spate of sex attacks along Regent's Canal towpath
PCSO Oguz Batmaz routinely accessed police computers for information to pass to criminals
Mohammed Hussein killed by shotgun blast in Lower Edmonton
How police broke £18m drugs ring: Oliver Grassi jailed
Predatory paedophile, Robin Malka, planned to 'breed' a daughter so he could sexually abuse her!
Joseph Crentsil and Oladini Oyebadejo let dead patient's body be dragged across the floor
Equalities Advisor for Westminster Council arranged to have sex with a 5-year-old girl
Vile product of Welfare UK: He bred 17 babies by 5 women and killed 6 of them!
Michael Philpott: a parable for our age
'Lost generation' fears for Europe's youth - more than 19million without jobs!
Israel launches airstrike on Gaza Strip
Revealed: shocking scale of serious crime by Manchester children
Top cop’s ‘will do better’ vow on Jimmy Savile fallout
24-hour drink law blamed for surge in sick days: Labour reform led to 500,000 hangovers
Brits 'witnessed electric shocks, beatings and dog kennel torture of Iraqi prisoners in secret US prison'
Tell youngsters the truth: the UK needs you to work not go to university
Places that immigrants like to call home
UK 'now has seven social classes'

Tuesday 2 April

Hackers promise to "erase Israel" from web in huge cyber offensive!
Ryan Harrison murdered at Guilford station (Ethnicity of suspects not disclosed)
White Genocide in S. Africa: Witch Doctor found cooking Afrikaner body parts
£3k fine for Zabi Karemi: filthy pizza shop was riddled with insects
Schools expel 15 sex bullies a day! Internet porn blamed
'Theft, fraud and under-age sex' at BBC! Dossier reveals crimes never reported to police
Judge who said burglar was brave refuses to jail paedophile because he'd 'have a hard time'!
Steve Jones: another treacherous Leftie pushes the race-mixing agenda?
'Di Canio must explain his controversial beliefs' (Only politicians/PC find them controversial)
Parliament has become the worst enemy of free speech
Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn goes global
MI6 'arranged Cold War killing' of Congo prime minister
Chemical lobotomies: A growing number of children are being prescribed antipsychotics for ADHD
The 'sex pest' Lib Dem MP and the vulnerable mother whose cry for help Clegg ignored
Bowel cancer rates in men soar by a quarter in 35 years
850 BBC staff complain of bullying and sexual harassment
Time to stand up for the country's working people
Stabbed. Kicked so hard my back broke. But sue? No, I was a proper copper
'I could live on £53 a week' says Iain Duncan Smith
The Dictates of Survival

Monday 1 April

Dr Feelgood: drug dealer to the stars (Max Jacobson was Jewish)
Peterborough: Cops 'smash biggest child-sex ring' in UK! 'Various nationalities' blamed
HUMAN RIGHTS: 3 jail terms, 18 convictions, 40 offences and we still can't deport him!
Jobless 'benefit queen' Bushra al-Rahimi sublets taxpayer funded £2m flat for £4,000 a week
Social work student, Mildred Chindo, attacked nurses
£3k fine for Zabi Karemi: his filthy pizza shop was riddled with insects
Immigrants may be behind swan attack
WPC Kelly Jones isn't fit to wear the same uniform as a proper copper
Backlash grows over WPC demanding £50K from burglary victim
Free speech under threat as advertising company "agrees" to remove UKIP poster
Horror in Israel: 30,000 Mossad Spies Exposed
The New Soviet Union: Cyprus shows how the EU destroys democracy
Welby: ‘Put not your trust in new leaders' (No faith at all in half-Jewish oilman Archbishops)
Bishops warns of consequences if Christian faith fades
Grinning Huhne pictured at Leyhill Prison, dubbed 'The Savoy of Slammers'
Jumping the traffic lights... and leaving our conscience behind
Mardy Miliband quits Sunderland Di Canio 'Fascist' protest
Just 1-in-8 on sickness benefit too ill to work: 878,300 drop claim to avoid test
Doctors fear lives will be at risk: staff on NHS hotline only half-trained
Teachers attack ‘rebranded’ sexism

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