Daily News: March 2013

Sunday 31 March

Was the real purpose of the Iraq war to restrict oil and raise oil prices?
Invasion of migrants into every corner of England makes mockery of PM's promise to close door
‘Jobless UK must close borders’ say MPs
Top PC C-of-E cleric, Giles Fraser, sneers at Lord Carey
'Cash for crash' car dealer, Mohammed Javid, jailed after £80,000 scam
Call the police and they sue YOU! Slag WPC wants £50,000!
Blair heads for gold-rush Burma: Former PM opens new front to his personal empire
Lisa Nandy, MP, shadow Children’s Minister, starred in sex photo casebook
Sir Patrick Moore's final rocket: Shoot our leaders 40 years into space
British safari guide spent five months in African jail wrongly accused of massacre
The number of convicts aged over 60 has more than doubled since 2002!
More schools hiring unqualified teachers 'to save money'
Brother of Zaid Al-Hilli questioned by French police over Alps gun murders
Lib Dem MP, Mike Hancock, faces new sex probe
Is a civil War coming in America?
New Cyprus bombshell! Brits are told they may lose EVERYTHING over £85k
Stop drug dealers flooding Scotland with crack, heroin and diazepam on the Internet
900,000 choose to come off sickness benefit ahead of tests
Fattest countries in the world revealed

Saturday 30 March

Multiculturalism: a Communism for twentieth century
Victim of domestic black-on-white violence urges others not to suffer in silence
"Pillar of community" brute, Shahid Hussain, walks free after violent attack!
Bangladeshi students Sufian, Khan and Hasan charged with rape of 15-year-old
James Freeman, Asa Jacques and shfaq Ishaque charged with attempt murder
Oluwafemi Akinteyo gets 14 years for burglary and GBH
14-year-old girl raped on top deck of bus
Saulius Salyga gets 6 years for sexual assault
Indian student Trunalkumar Patel sexually assaulted women on buses
Burglar Evaidas Baciulis jailed for 18 months
Cameron accused of betraying Christians by former Archbishop of Canterbury
The PM's done more than any leader to make Christians feel they're persecuted
One in seven families on homeless benefits are immigrants!
Migrant families worsen an ongoing housing crisis
President Obama signs ‘Monsanto Protection Act!’
Murderer, Rehan Asghar, has sentence reduced for being 'exceptional role model'!
New virus MORE deadly than Sars! Second "Briton" dies taking death toll to 11
"British" sisters kidnapped and raped in front of father after being stopped at Libyan checkpoint
Great Lives: Bishop Bell
Shop that advertised 9 jobs received applications from more than 1,200 people
Family of suspect in toddler killing charged with cover-up
Americans with venereal diseases could surpass those with jobs
Teaching assistant calls in the cops after Italian waiter lover harasses her
Stand firm and cure this welfare sickness

Friday 29 March

Why does the Left hate the working classes so much?
Former Minister says Thatcher aide was paedo who preyed on boys!' Did Hague know?
Medicines stockpiled ahead of biological war on UK!
Anthony Dryden attacked and killed: Azeem Aslam and Ibreham Zeeshan in court
Mohammed Javid claimed £80,000 in cash for crash accidents and fake home insurance claims
Ramzan Ahmed gets 4 years for cannabis production and handling stolen goods
Anjem Choudary won't be prosecuted for urging followers to claim 'Jihad Seeker's Allowance'
Romanian pickpocket stole 15 phones in distraction thefts lasting just 5 seconds
Keep out, judge tells Romanians as gang is jailed for 82 years
Your jail is like a holiday says £1m Romanian raider
Search and rescue privatisation: Government to sell off service to Yankee firm!
Children's heart surgery suspended at Leeds hospital! Too many dying
Former British Marine, Brett Williams, beaten to death by rugby fans in South Africa
We will not change human rights law admits minister!
Crackdown on 'education tourists' to target illegal immigrant children? (Believe when I see)
Brown's ex-spin doctor to publish New Labour's darkest secrets? (Believe when I see)
Gold-plated public sector pensions 'set to cost every family £1,500'
It’s the cold, not global warming, that we should be worried about
MPs want immigrant ban to save British jobs? (Oh? That'll be a first then)
Eurocrat (Jewish?) rants at Cameron: You will break up the EU
Migrant debate shameful says EU chief

Thursday 28 March

Asian cops 2.8 times more likely to be investigated for corruption than white officers
BBC Radio 4 - Rochdale Abuse: Failed Victims
The sheer scale of child sexual abuse in Britain (1998)
Are Pedophiles Running Blair’s War Machine? (2003)
Iblal Fiaz, Khasim Fiaz and 8 others deny serial rape of a child (for more than 4 years)
Mohammed Imran Amjad guilty of child sex offences
Serious sexual assault in Harrow: Asians sounght (CCTV)
Kosovan refugee Jeton Lama raped investment banker, 23, as she walked home
12 men (11 Black) jailed for murder of John Lee Barrett at Rochdale nightclub on Christmas Day
Sex groomer Quasim Inayat jailed for attacks on vulnerable women
Girlfriend of teenager accused of murder admits lying to police
What Jimmy Savile really did
Girlfriend of teenager accused of murder admits lying to police
'Bosnian Fagin' on trial for 'using 500 child pick-pocketers to steal £1million a year from tourists
Police watchdog slams Norman Bettison over Hillsborough
Cyprus has finally killed myth that EMU is benign
David Miliband a colossus? He’s a greedy failure in a cosmic sulk
Hacked has cosied up to Labour to such an extent 7/7 father 'can't distinguish between them'
Full-time mothers penalised by Government says Bishop of Exeter
EU wants another £1.2bn from Britain
British troops now in Mali
Has DOG meat been found in our food?
Cameron praises Jews for helping to 'make Britain the richly diverse and inclusive place it is today'
Judges admit Abu Qatada is 'very dangerous' but HIS human rights come first
Bogus lawyer Giovanni di Stefano guilty of deception, fraud, money laundering and forgery
Gravesend shop worker guilty of lottery fraud
Lance Corporal Jamie Webb killed in Afghanistan

Wednesday 27 March

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, attacks traditional marriage 120,000 Romanians/Bulgarians are already here! In some parts one in ten are Eastern European
Girls of 13 pressured to pose for home-made blue movies: pornography becoming part of everyday life
2009-2011, £14.7m spent on 600 agreements silencing whistleblowers
More children die unnecessarily here than in any of 14 other western European countries
Russian teenager flees adopted parents in US
Two years after Fukushima is Japan facing a cancer time bomb?
Spain and Italy next? Cyprus-style raids on accounts to be used to bail out economies?
Mardy Miliband quits politics for 'dream' charity job in U.S.
Eleven men arrested by Savile inquiry detectives... just THREE will be charged
Disgraced dentist Shabbir Merchant boasted about sex in toilets to newly qualified nurse
HALF A MILLION children were drunk in the past month
Judges order a retrial for the murder of British student but can't force Foxy Knoxy to attend
Harman's murder defence for battered women demolished wrecking Labour's legal reforms
1-in-5 migrants heads to Britain: 566,000 end up in UK in just a YEAR
Gary and Phil Neville's father Neville Neville arrested over alleged sexual assault
£40million of cocaine found aboard private jet owned by French tycoon
Syria: 'up to 100' British Muslims fighting in war
Abu Qatada deportation decision due
Border Agency must tackle immigration backlog now say MPs
Clean slate for thousands as minor crimes cleared
Jailed, paedophile choirmaster and wife whose victim committed suicide

Tuesday 26 March

2010: The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11
World War on Whitey! Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap her black 'rapist'!
WITH TEACHER SUPERVISING self-harming pupil given razor to slash themself!
EU deluged with 'fake gay' claims from Africans seeking home in Europe
Top cop removed from sex abuse probe after naming politicians as suspects!
Teenager thought she would die as Bubacarr Suwaneh raped her 3 times in Plymouth park
James Freeman, Asa Jacques and Ashfaq Ishaque charged with attempted murder
Robert Worrell found guilty of Robbery after extradition from Spain
City conman Nicholas Levene (Jew) defrauded clients of £316m (Must pay back only £1)
Damien Fogo pleads not guilty to murder of Germaine Edwards
'Hollywood' fraudsters who conned Loose Women host Andrea McLean jailed
Islamic girl's school sex assaults: NO CHARGES!
One of the nastiest and most immoral political acts in modern times
Debt misery for 630,000 families trapped in negative equity homes
More than three hours of TV 'makes youngsters naughtier by the age of seven'
Keep 'em out, Dave? They're already here!
Cameron's benefit tourism pledges unravel (Of course they do)
Migration crackdown smoke and mirrors and will do little to curb Romania/Bulgaria invasions
Migrants must get benefits say EU: Brussels threatens to stop new crackdown
Foreigners 'can qualify for state-subsidised mortgages'
Should Britain only pay benefits to those who have put in to the welfare pot?
The Labour party has failed us. We need a new party of the left
Russian oligarch 'died from hanging'! Friends claim Berezovsky was murdered
Guardianistas call for 'people's assembly against austerity' (Nationalise banker wealth instead)
Gangsters' secret ban from enemy territory
999 ambulance service probe after 13 deaths
Israel laying foundation for Syria intervention?
US-led death squads will unleash genocide across Syria
Syria's militants advancing US imperialist agenda in Mideast
Obama law fears South American ties to Iran
Ben Zygier 'Israel's biggest traitor' and 'betrayed Mossad agents to Hezbollah'
So, Boris, what IS the truth behind the accusations made in that bruising BBC encounter?
The euro's in crisis, so why is our Foreign Secretary in Rwanda with Angelina Jolie?

Monday 25 March

"If this extreme cold continues we could be looking at 30,000 deaths" (So that's what it's for)
All-white schools told to mix with other races or be labelled 'failing' (2007)
'Dishonest' Blair and Straw accused over secret plan for multicultural UK (2009)
Russian elite wage war in England - Our government does nothing to stop them
Donor organs meant for NHS patients sold to wealthy foreigners for megabucks!
Racist incitement by Israeli public figures doubled in 2012
Immigration may lead to 'TB time bomb'
Backlog of 320,000 migrant cases will take 24 YEARS to clear!
Growing threat of gas rationing! Government plays down shortage fears
Building society worker, Benjamin Sookia, stole £750,000
Jessica Davies thought Indian rapists would kill her
Hope not Hate? Truth not Lies more likely!
BBC's good news of the day! From serial offender to an "email service for prisoners" entrepreneur!
Jewish Oligarch, Boris Berezovsky, flew teenagers to Britain for sex
Wave of backing for the stay-at-home mum who mauled Clegg on radio
Did animal rights activists beat huntmaster's dog to death
Boarding school where boys 'preyed on girls and ten pupils were sexually abused'
Now it's Breivik the musical! (Wonder if David Greig mentions his admiration for Zion?)
Hate preacher's benefits rant
Mega mosque in a suburb 90% white 30 years ago and the polite apartheid dividing Britain
100,000 foreign students in UK illegally (and the rest!)
School in Essex bans triangle shaped flapjacks after pupil hurt
Primary School where 10% are Muslim, will soon provide HALAL ONLY meat to pupils!
Palestinians, Israelis mock Obama's hopelessly naive speech
Number of cops suspected of conspiring in 'Plebgate' rises to 10
English MPs could finally hold sway on England-only laws
Dames Judi/Helen top list of most inspiring women of all time (Dumbing-down works)
It’s bobbies, not buildings we need in the fight against crime
Hero or Villain: Greg Dyke

Sunday 24 March

Poisoned? Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky found dead 'in bath'
Assassination fears over death of Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky
Union of French Jewish Students suing Twitter for £32 million
Matthew Fallon murdered in Tottenham
Romanian immigrant Dolonescu Dumitru fraudulently claimed more than £100,000 in benefits
Davies Adekunle arrested with 3kg of impure heroin: Judges cut his sentence from 8 to 6 years!
Aamna Aliani helped steal £150,000 from a string of bank accounts
Drug dealers' selling ecstasy and heroin on ebay and the police are powerless!
Kevin-Prince Boateng says racist footballers should be sacked
Money Talks: UK spends fortune on translations for immigrants
Rise in violent five-year-olds
'If girls look sexy, boys will rape' say Indian men
Miliband admits biggest obstacle for Labour is lack of trust in politicians
Britain's most economically divided neighbourhoods where rich and poor live 'cheek by jowl'
Get all your money out of Europe now!
Robbed by EU bankers
Cyprus bailout: Kremlin 'could punish Europe' in reprisal for bank levy
Cyprus crisis: Germans tire of paying bill for eurozone's financial failures
Where are the political leaders Britain needs?
North Korea 'ordered foreign diplomats to sell drugs on the street for hard currency'
The imam opposes organ transplants but has been employed in an NHS hospital for 3 years
Russian tycoon arrested and charged 'after trying to enter Britain using false passport'
Fight for freedom? 'Duvet Dave' would rather be in bed
Parent blamed over unruly pupils
I’d get Britain out of the EU now says Joan Collins

Saturday 23 March

We on the Left made an epic mistake on immigration!
Eating too much salt blamed for 2.3 million deaths a year worldwide!
Abraham Nhliziyo tried to rape pensioner in her own home - she fought him off
Knife-wielding, black robbers attack man in home
Mohamed Taleouine caught with a sub-machine gun by Counter Terrorism Command
Aaron Adusei allegedly gunned down Randy Osei-Boateng in broad daylight
Steaming gang's £500,000 crime spree earns 11 year spell in jail
Robert Worrell raided Sainsbury's whilst on day-release
Asian doctor who groped trainee saying ‘that’s what juniors are for’ struck off
Women reveal the extent of perverted Davinderjit Bains' crimes
On benefits in Birmingham, the African war criminal we can't kick out
Now Moldovans plot move to Britain using ‘granny’ loophole
Barbados is "not a safe place" - travellers raped, wrong man prosecuted
'Reducing immigration would do enormous damage to the UK' says top Lib Dem
Nick Clegg is still completely wrong about immigration
Half the squatters in London are Romanian! Thousands coming next year
Britons reject idea of military intervention in Syria by 59-point margin (68% - 9%)
Netanyahu apologises to Turkish PM for Gaza flotilla raid (Want him to shaft Syria, Benny?)
Single mum-of-6 on benefits and the Belgravia mansion she wants you to pay for
The Crown family: investing in weapons, war and Obama
Armed Forces and police to face further spending cuts!
Goldman Sachs (Golden Sacks) granted approval to build a new “banking factory” in the City
The reclusive train driver who saved the BNP
2,200 NHS staff were paid off then re-hired costing tens of millions
Southern Europe lies prostrate before the German imperium

Friday 22 March

Mikael Jalal Hussain denies violence and rape
Demushi, Darebiye and Hassan jailed after violent assault
Major terror attack on scale of 7/7 foiled every year in UK (And still THEY keep shipping in the terrorists in their many millions)
Modassar Hussain raped a disabled man in kitchen of the takeaway where he worked
Saudi Prince jailed here for sex abuse/murder of manservant to do rest of time at home
Reverend Nathan Ntegeto to stand trial for 500 sham marriages
Rapper killed in drive-by because of running feud between brother and Sanchez Thomas
Killer copied torture scene from horror film (Sliced through victim’s spinal cord)
PCSO Oguz Batmaz was dealing cocaine and passing on police secrets
Cashier Suraj Bhandal stole bank customers' identities to get £45,000-worth of credit
Lottery winner Thomas Sissala was £56,000 benefits cheat
Woman died after a series of botched procedures by Dr Nikolaos Papanikolaou
Dr Humayun Iqbal faces ban after canteen grope
Anaesthetist Rajat Subhra Banerjee slept as his patient lay on the operating table giving birth
Iraq: Did My Son Die in Vain? (He didn't die for us, Geoff, he died for THEM)
Up to 30 deaths at baby hospital where NHS boss left with a £225,000 pay-off!
60% of patients wait 2 days before an appointment, 10% wait more than a fortnight
Broken leg patient at Stafford 'died after getting head stuck in bed railing'
Sex-change school teacher (kiddies, Mr Upton is Ms Meadows from now on!) found dead
£25,000 sex swap ops for jailbirds and transfer to women's prison! Taxpayers foot bill
Clegg backs 'zero tolerance' on immigration? (Is an election in the offing?)
Budget 2013: IFS warns of £9bn tax rises after election
Planning minister’s war on the countryside
African dancers, bongo drums and a Punjabi hymn... Britain's oh-so modern Archbishop
Abu Qatada 'preached extremist material online' while under house arrest
Women who wash intimate areas with shower gels/soaps increase risk of STIs!

Thursday 21 March

Drums and black dancers in Canterbury for the oilman Archbishop
Kilburn imam, Mohammed Mattar, charged with conducting sham marriages
Show-off, Subhan Nawaz, jailed for 2.5 years after ploughing into a woman
Car thief catapulted 80-year-old widow 25 metres to her death in 60mph hit-and-run
ETHNIC CLEANSING! ‘White slags’, ‘old white basterds’, ‘white people move out!’
ETHNIC CLEANSING! Craig Coleville told he isn't British! Now his Canadian bride must go!
Pensioner, 80, robbed in High Street, Watford (Gypsies?)
A slap in the face for two million stay at home mothers
Left-wing academics trying to sabotage Gove's reforms of school curriculum
Gypsy, Roma, Irish traveller, West Indian pupils 3-4 times more likely to be expelled
Barclays pays out £40m to 9 fat cat bosses
Netanyahu reaffirms US-Israel bond on Obama visit but talks tough on Iran
Elderly people are 'terrified' of the future (Why wouldn't they be in BlairWorld?)
Gap in pupil exclusions highlighted
Jim Davidson re-arrested over fresh sex offence claims

Wednesday 20 March

Black on White Crime, America's Hidden Victims
6th poverty-stricken Bulgarian sets himself on fire! (Labour says just 4,613 of these are coming)
Trust in all politicians slumps to all-time low (But sheeple will keep on electing them)
Sugary drinks could be causing 200,000 deaths a year worldwide
Work stress now biggest factor driving harassed Britons to drink, drugs, depression
DIABETES: Thousands face blindness, strokes, death because of variations in treatment
Superbug risk from farming medicines: Healthy animals 'shouldn't be given antibiotics'
Black Yank tells us why "white skin is a moment in history" (and we must shed it ASAP?)
Black Yank gets just 5 years for murdering student Nicola Furlong in Japan
Hit-and-run car thief Nathanial Teague killed 80-year-old pensioner Alice Lucas
Asians wanted over Burnage kidnapping
Erika Butkeviciene and Stella McNulty get life for the murder of Nigel Clarke
Romanian held over sex attack at Whitby
Abu Hamza's son calls for holy war!
My Imam abused me nearly every day for 4 years in mosque
Teenager mugged by Asian
Leicester restaurant (Muslim) ransacked by 40-strong Sikh mob
Qasar, Arfan, Ryan and Holness sentenced for violent disorder
Man with No Shame misled MPs
CCTV image of Asians released after girl, 17, sexually assaulted in Harrow
TV actor accused of rape asked if he could ‘do stuff’ with alleged victim
Little girl's life saved! (Diversity v Tattoos - Contrast and Compare)
10 YEARS TOO LATE Prescott questions legality of Iraq invasion!
US/Britain not only bathed Iraq in blood they promoted sectarian war now threatening the region
Statins in new health alert! Daily pill can cause kidney damage
Our Ugandan Archbishop says foreign aid is a social and moral obligation
COVER-UP! Celebs’ sex assault files kept ‘secret’ to protect THEM!
Golden Dawn - International Newsroom
Labour's BS figures put Romanian/Bulgarian wannabe immigrants at just 12,700!
Prescott questions legality of Iraq invasion on eve of tenth anniversary
If they had a scintilla of decency, Blair, Campbell and Scarlett wouldn't show their faces in public
British woman leaps from hotel window in India after man tries to rape her
Police overhaul of missing persons cases 'could put children at risk'
NHS 'had culture of sheer bullying'

Tuesday 19 March

Blair does not regret Iraq and implies we should intervene in Syria
'Decapitate Joss Stone' black men had an "arsenal of weapons" with which to kill soul diva
Pair 'hatched plan to kill Joss Stone... because of her links with royalty'
Arturas Ardavicius gets 20 years for two rapes and attempted murder
African benefit cheats "received more than £244,256 into undeclared bank accounts"
Carjacker Ahmed Kadoora, who held meat cleaver to woman's throat, gets just 3 years
Restaurant boss, Shuhel Chowdhury, made a fortune smuggling illegal immigrants to the UK
Senior surgeon Dr Humayun Iqbal accused of groping junior doctors (racial abuse defence)
Nurse at scandal-hit Stafford Hospital admits twice recording dead patient as 'asleep'
"Britain's Best Dad" (GMTV - 2010) assaulted his wife and could face jail
Adonia cruise ship Britons 'shot' in Bridgetown, Barbados
We pay £60,000 a WEEK for wealthy peers' posh nosh!
British ministers betray our boys in Cyprus!
Straight, gay or bisexual? Council asked this question in survey about WHEELIE BINS!
Recession devastates family incomes leaving 'squeezed middle' 9% poorer
Teenage boy accuses soap star of raping him on a 'weekly basis'
I MUST travel first class to do my job, says Man With No Shame
May backtracks: convicts can still use right to family life to avoid deportation

Monday 18 March

MI6 and CIA were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD!
Girls 'feel under pressure to look like porn stars'
MP: “One of the main barriers to full equality... is the fact that women still have babies”!
Black men hatched plan to kill Joss Stone considering her a she-devil
Anti-White racist murders ignored by police and media
Tanveer Akhtar sexually assaulted women on Tube - NO JAIL!
Picture gallery of Greater Manchester's most wanted
Mohammed Zahid Bhatti and Farukh Farooq wanted for kidnap and assault of a woman
Bogus landlord Fazool Gajraj jailed for two years
African mother-of-6 demands to be moved back to Belgravia after benefit cap forced her out
Ipswich Town's Guirane N'Daw charged with assaulting a woman
Man attempts to abduct girl, nine, in Richmond in daylight
Emma West trial re-scheduled for the fifth time!
Chris Huhne's wife swaps Holloway for a Kent mansion
Since 2006, 130 foreign doctors have worked here despite being guilty of misconduct abroad!
PC copette attacks 'macho, white, middle-aged male' top cop culture (after a promotion, love?)
UK smallpox terror threat downgraded after nearly £80mn ‘wasted’ on vaccine
Peril from 'patriots'! LA Times' attempt to demonise "patriots" ("white, right-wing Americans")
Family break-ups 'cost taxpayers £50bn a year!' (Housing, crime, health, social care etc.)
Indian tribesmen arrested for brutal gang rape of Swiss tourist
We fuss over mums then tell them to dump kids in baby farms and go back to work
Pope Francis's critics say document suggests he betrayed priests
Coronavirus: is this the next pandemic?
Israeli settlers release sewage on Palestinian farms
Settlers Polluting Palestine
List of academics assassinated in Iraq during invasion/occupation
Football: Greek player banned for life over Nazi salute
Hugo Chavez and the global poverty conspiracy
Only an Incipient 'Terrorist' Denounces State Murder!
Europe’s political elites betray the middle class
We fought and died for freedom of expression. Who are Miliband/Clegg to throw it away?
EU raid on Cyprus banks should ring alarm bells here
'Wake-up call' over religious education

Sunday 17 March

60,000 Brits to lose MILLIONS after £8.7billion EU bailout taxes all Cyprus' bank accounts
Cop condemns his own force for letting a house burglar off with a warning
Council chiefs allow troubled 16-year-old to set up home with his 33-year-old care worker
What hotel told Christian jobseeker: 'You can't work here, you'll upset the atheists!'
The plastic surgeon that killed Colin's Henrdy's wife is still working!
20,000 patients died 'because ministers ignored repeated warnings'
£6billion bill fuels fears of private NHS takeover
Waqar Hussain denies child sex offences
'Legal high' blamed for sickness at Nottinghamshire school
Judge says not jailing serial burglar a mistake and still lets him walk free!
Brits are too polite and scared of offending 'vocal and aggressive Muslims'
Labour MP locks herself in toilet on purpose in time-wasting ruse
Huge wave of immigration is passport to chaos for all
Tony Blair, Kazakh police and human rights questions

Saturday 16 March

African Cardinal: Paedophilia is an illness, not a criminal condition!
Did Socialist Workers Party cover up NINE rapes?
Victoria Cross for Afghan hero L/Cpl James Ashworth
Erika Butkeviciene and Stella McNulty murdered Nigel Clarke
On day African charged with schoolgirl's bus murder, cops say crime on public transport falling
Alhussain Ali is fourth to be charged with Pimlico murder
Baby's body found in Bolton with request for Islamic burial
Opemipo Jaji on trial for park rape of 11-year-old schoolgirl
Ferdoush Hasan, Raabsan Khan and Abu Sufian accused of raping schoolgirl
Swiss woman 'gang-raped' in central India
Mother of sex attack victim reveals her daughter’s two-year ‘nightmare’
Chinese TV star Edward Law had 893 sickening films and still images on laptops
Estelle's cousin, Jude Lebaga, in kidnap plot
Psycho blackmailer, Joseph Fontan, jailed for eleven-and-a-half years
Credit card fraud: Aliani, Mensah and Kwarteng went on spending spree after theft
Brother of murdered girl jailed over gun stockpile under floorboards
Cockroaches swarmed in toppings at Anayatula Karemi's filthy takeaway
Zaimir Dardha and Leart Berberi charged with £500,000 drug trafficking
New Forest firms fined more than £60,000 for employing illegal workers
New Forest firms fined more than £60,000 for employing illegal workers
NHS bad practice warnings 'ignored by Government' says Sir Brian Jarman
Proof that you can't trust Labour on immigration
Phone hacking: Rupert Murdoch hit by 600 fresh claims
Former Chief of Fraud Office apologises for unauthorised payments (£1m) to colleagues
Phone hacking: Cops quiz former Mirror editor Richard Wallace
Labour to use 52 female-only shortlists after men win 17 out of 18 open contests

Friday 15 March

Bill Maher: "The Israelis Are Controlling Our Government!"
10 supressed inventions!
Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick guily of racketeering and extortion
POLL: Iraq war increased risk of terrorism? (56%) Blair should be tried as a war criminal? (22%)
Iraq 10 years on: the legacy of war
UK faces threat of murderous attack from Far Right extremist?
'28% of South African schoolgirls HIV positive!'
Hunt for dangerous criminals launched by Met
Imran Khan gets life for the murder of Anthony Power, 78,
Banned driver Eliott Antwi gets 5 years for killing Charlie Gunner
Barry Normah killed cyclist
Bungling doctor Hisham El-Baroudy responsible for man's death
Giedruis Valatis cleared of murdering "racist"!
Mental health worker Kuldip Kumar Kauldar sexually abused elderly patient
Irish League goalkeeper Alvin Rouse faces rape charges
Rajwait Singh charged with rape, solicitor Vikram Singh faces sex and immigration charges
GP Davinderjit Bains filmed sex assaults Asian thug who kicked and stamped 78-year-old to death jailed for 26 years
After 440 British soldiers have been killed, MoD admits Afghanistan 'an unwinnable war'
Police seek Asian in connection with sexual assault in Shaw, Newbury
Richie Foyle sentenced to 4 years for robbery
Marcel Maden get 7 years 8 months for firearms possession
Roberto Penta charged with nine counts of theft
Criminal barrister Edward Agbaje evaded £80,000 in income tax and VAT
Bassar Al-Issa gang face jail for £1million tax scam
Bank cashier Serkan Gulen stole £10,000
Vet Francisco Cruz invented pet insurace scam
British tourist gang-raped by 3 Arabic men including 70-year-old
Former MP Sir Cyril Smith 'bullied police investigating claims he molested young boys'
Drunken thug on probation battered girlfriend in the street - NO JAIL!
'Turned into a living skeleton' in 2 weeks during care home stay that cost HER £1,500
Stirling Moss: 'I don't want a poofter to be me in a film of my life'
Grandma gives schoolchildren as young as 13 cannabis to bake drug-laced brownies
Pope Francis, the Falklands and the "usurpers"
Eric Joyce, MP, brawling again!
Eric Joyce, MP - What REALLY happened
Deputy head who gave yob pupil a slap forced out

Thursday 14 March

Lord Ahmed blames Jewish media owners for his prison sentence!
The wrong people are being punished in Britain today
1936: "Do Labour really want peace?" Cecil Day-Lewis (future Poet Laureate)
The hawks were wrong: Iraq is worse off now (Got what they wanted: destruction/subjugation)
The problem with Cameron's "global race": we're losing it
Porn is destroying a generation of young people
Mother assaulted in front of her son by black schoolboy
Drug dealer, Fabio Robinson, wanted by the police
AMAZING! Only 8 of 21 "banned from Nottingham city centre" are foreign!
8-year-old killed in car crash - Ranvir Singh guilty of aggravated vehicle taking
Wanted man: Mylo Christian
Manchester City star Carlos Tevez charged over car ban
Odosa Usiobaifo admitted conspiring to facilitate illegal immigration
Victory in court ruling over violent migrants
The problem with Cameron's "global race": we're losing it
5,000 a day tell Cameron to curb influx of Romanians
Outrage at new migrant flood: Public force MPs to debate block on benefit tourists
Dave Lee Travis defiant after second arrest on sex assault claims
The left has no monopoly on PC - Just try being rude about Thatcher

Wednesday 13 March

Have white Britons been left powerless in their own land?
Anthony Power, 78, beaten to death - Imran Khan in court
Thomas Brittain murder: Andre Vella arrested
NHS Fitness to Practise cases (See the ineptitude imported to doctor us!
Doctor Alex Oghorodi raped nurse in Gillingham flat
Health centre manager Ashok Patel guilty of fraud
Paedophile rape: Edward Edunya, Desmond Agyei, Ade Atitebi etc charged
Suliman Ali and Ahmed Ahmed raped a woman in Central London
Nishaan Mehta jailed for raping vulnerable teenager
Abdul Miah raped 15-year-old girl at knife-point in horrific 90-minute ordeal
Illegal immigrant, John Jambu, gets seven years for knifepoint rape
Jerone Thompson raped and robbed young Japanese woman
Alfred Licaj gets seven years for raping foreign student
Seven Columbian immigrants jailed for pickpocketing the elderly
Cable thief George Bogdan Ilie, who brought chaos to the ECML, is jailed
Alin Al-Badi caught putting a skimming device on an ATM
Aqab Razaq Hussain charged with attempted murder
'Antibiotics useless in 12 years'
Hospital left veteran, 94, in bloody pyjamas for FIVE hours
Mother gave her daughter three ecstasy tablets as a 13th birthday present!
‘Chemical cosh’ drugs put elderly at risk of stroke
DUMBING-DOWN! 35% of adults can't do simple sums past 100 without a calculator!
Cost of living has risen 4 times faster than pay in the past 5 years
Removing just one illegal immigrant with no valid passport or visa can cost £25,000
"Do we really need silly innuendo about the race of the next Pope?"
Muslim hate preacher urges followers to claim 'Jihad Seeker's Allowance'
They spent 11 years transforming scrub land into stunning garden... and now?
You've no right to a house near your parents!
BBC spends £130,000 a year of licence fee money on counselling 'stressed' staff
It’s time other comedians spoke to the nation besides lefties like Jeremy Hardy!
Outrage at new migrant flood: MPs forced to debate block on benefit tourists
Chris Huhne, 'bullied for money' by prison inmates, segregated for his safety! (RESULT!)
Is Britain too soft on preachers of hate? (The PC Crowd is: WE'D string 'em up!)
Victory in court ruling over violent immigrants!
‘Sugar can’t admit when he is wrong’

Tuesday 12 March

Banker Admits "We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis"
IRAQ 2003: SAS went in day before - TO PROTECT ISRAEL!
'Sinister’ EU plan to brainwash children!
Global warming stopped 16 years ago reveals Met Office!
54 paedophiles arrested for grooming young girls in Bradford
Report on human trafficking highlights low number of prosecutions
Brothels owned and run by foreigners rife in South Croydon
Mohammed Noor almost decapitated by Saima Gul and Fazli Rahim
Jealous boyfriend Younes El-Mami murdered Lianne Burns on Caribbean island
Teens accused of torturing boy and forcing him to perform a sex act on them
Bradford groomers rounded up (and how the left protected them)
Ben Igbinedion charged with the murder of a three-year-old boy
Death by dangerous driving: Elliott Antwi killed Charlie Gunner, 18
Dr Humayun Iqbal accused of molesting two junior colleagues
Linh Mai Le and Tra Thank Hoang guilty of £1.2m worth of cannabis production
Albanian who raped Japanese student jailed
Drug addict Jefferson Joseph behind 35 house burglaries in Brent
Cops snare prolific NCP car park thief Guram Sikharulidze in Westminster
Abshir Mohamed wanted for drugs offences
Ed Miliband: 'I'm a Zionist and oppose boycotts of Israel'
The Filth ignored 1964 report on Savile! BECAUSE OF HIS CELEBRITY!
RESULT!!! The sneering careerist who "lied and lied again" locked away!
Man With No Shame makes NHS boss who gagged staff no. 2!!!
Drug addict parents sedated toddler every night 'to catch up on their sleep'
Falkland Islanders vote Yes! (Of course they do! Who wants to be a non-Brit?)
British travellers snubbed over India visas
Europe today has 'chilling parallels' to pre-World War I says Luxembourg PM
Oscar Pistorius wants to leave South Africa (I bet he f***ing does!)
Sex pests probe at Islamic top school
Pulling gang members back from the brink? (They'll all be famous architects?)

Monday 11 March

Has Labour's open door immigration policy wrecked Britain forever?
Labour calls for immigration cut after letting in 3.2 million foreigners!
2009: Exposed: Labour's lies on migrants
Superbugs 'will send the health service back to 19th century'
One dead and two injured in early morning knife rampage at Tottenham house party
Wield a knife in Wealdstone? ASBO only for Abdul Raham Saleh
Wayne Collins, who got 18 years for firing at cop helicopter, fights to clear name
Asian brothers to be charged with plotting to attend a terror training camp
Human rights ruling could let 50 sex attackers roam unchecked
Cops investigated over handling of crimes against women
Money wasted on interpreters who can't even speak English!
Exposed: Labour's lies on migrants
South Africa’s ‘freedom’ dripping in blood
8-year-old boy marries 61-year-old woman! 'Dead ancestors told him to tie the knot'
632 anti-Muslim hate incidents in year (There'd be none if they weren't here)
Violence in Pakistan as Christians' homes are set on fire
Councillors for hire who give firms planning advice!
Germany's anti-euro party is a nasty shock for Angela Merkel
'Cameron loyalist' says PM’s inner circle too posh/male/white! (Too male/white? PC b***ocks!)

Sunday 10 March

10 years after Iraq invasion, Blair government condemned by senior diplomat/military chiefs
Saddam's statue: the bitter regrets of Iraq's sledgehammer man
New global elites changing the face of Europe (now even The Guardian is saying it!)
Teenager raped 90 times in one weekend despite authorities saying no risk
15-year-old killed Paula Castle, 85 (Black ethnicity unmentioned)
Est London has an Asian child-sex ring too
Date set for Sharlana Diedrick stab-killing trial
26 years for Demetriou gang! (Conned investors into paying £35m for worthless land)
Kicked 'like a human football' by gang of yobs (Yob description: "TANNED")
Bungling Romanian thief gets 12 weeks courtesy of sympathetic judge
Romanian cable thief who brought misery to thousands of passengers jailed
Queen fights for gay rights? (The betrayal goes very deep)
Give cheated islanders chance to go home? (Where was Prescott when his govt denied them justice?) 2009: The Jonathan Bowden Interview
World's savers being Wiped Out! History says this leads to bad things
Zionist Imperialism
Nigerian militants 'kill seven hostages including Briton'
US and Europe in 'major airlift of arms to Syrian rebels' (80% of whom are non-Syrian)
The PC Crowd, the press and our traitorous politicians will tell you this is not racist!
The ties of loyalty are unravelling in David Cameron's Cabinet
HSBC chief set to earn £8m bonus

Saturday 9 March

Black who murdered white girls taught to hate by US college professors!
Romanian shoplifters blitz stores
Muslim school leader chased woman in park with penis hanging out!
Black bus murderer stabbed Christina in the chest then calmly walked away
Christina's African killer sectioned! (Hidden away so we forget him AND HER)
The BBC are now telling us Christina's killer is "British National"!
Schoolgirl Christina Edkin's bus killer struck without a word
Met in talks to bring back Yemen playboy wanted over student’s murder
2012: Death by PC Crowd/immigrant: Harry Connolly, 19 months, died at hands of 4 inept doctors
BRADFORD: 14-year-old Chloe Metcalfe goes missing
'Racist Comments' Officer Kevin Hughes dismissed despite acquittal!
Mohammed Muqtar murdered gambler Shaspal Bahara for his winnings in attack 'of rare savagery'
7 foreigners charged With rape and trafficking of 14-year-old
Keighley rapist, Fiazul Islam, jailed for 11 years 3 months
Scottish bishops accused of covering-up at least 20 child-sex allegations!
Scottish priests 'out of control sexually', says former abuse adviser
Comic Relief cash given to ex-IRA bomber!
Marks & Spencer trolley rage victim dies in hospital (Killer's ethnicity?)
Keystpne cops took 6 days to respond to 999 call from victims whose home was raided by gang
Keystone Cops let triple-killer own shotguns despite violent history
Warning to parents over teens visiting Blackburn (Jack Straw's constituency) shisha cafe
France to expel radical imams to tackle 'global Islamic jihad'
Failed asylum seeker jailed for child sex assaults
Deadly virus sweeping globe from Middle East! (Think THEY will stop Mid East migrants coming?)
Hate preacher’s vile rant at Muslim cop
Fury over fatcat bankers! 500 Barclays and RBS staff to be paid more than £1m!
Virgin tells girl who fought Taliban to cover up uniform! (Might offend some)
Veteran's widow, mum-of-11 next door, and what's wrong with Britain
Jeremy Kyle show staff 'goaded man into punching guest

Friday 8 March

Labour betrayed the working class over immigration
'This man is worrying me on the bus' tweeted lovely schoolgirl murdered by Black
Huddersfield: 48-year-old woman assaulted by black female
Middlesborough: woman raped by Asians
Brent: 20 Most wanted! (2 Brits, 1 Irish, 17 non-native)
Race hate monster Imran Shahid vows cons who battered him will feel his wrath
5-strong gang that carried out brutal robbery jailed for 25 years
Knifepoint mugger, Ayo Ogunlaja, threatened to stab two
A-Level tutor Attah Ullah ran drugs den from internet café
Just a quarter of criminals caught with a knife are jailed
Dentist who left patient looking like a 'werewolf' keeps his job
Domestic violence figures are disturbingly high
Brooks and Coulson due in court on bribery charges
Internet porn leading children on 'unstoppable march into a moral wasteland'
Immigrant Party hack wants to make it harder for migrants to get benefits? Yeah right
Diane Abbott warns Labour leadership not to 'pander' on immigration
Diane Abbott: There must be no right turn on immigration
A sneering public school Trot: Chris Huhne was always heading for a fall
RESULT! Huhnes reunited in dock as scorned wife's plot backfires
The mad hubris of us politicians: it brought me down too
Not even one in three Lib Dem voters still back the party
Ministers' cover-up over abortion of unwanted girls (in ethnic communities)
My rapists were rewarded, says Somali woman
'Lord' Alan Sugar: the rudest man in Britain
Posh and Becks meet the Sarkozies! YUK!

Thursday 7 March

16-year-old Christina Edkins murdered on school bus by black stranger
Disabled woman robbed by Asian youths
Shazad Rehman and Bilal Hussain get 17.5 years for drugging and raping underage girls
Two years for Aminur Rahman who tried to sell officer crack cocaine
CCTV: Robbery by black man at Forest Gate station
15-year-old boy suffers an “unprovoked attack” by a gang of five Asian males
Black man attacks teenage girls on bus
Oldham: Asian sexually assaults 4 teenage girls and a woman
Black man attacked Mark so savagely paramedics couldn't tell colour of his skin!
Jew accused of sexual assault against children absconds
Ethnic gang launch unprovoked attack on commuters
Sanu Miah lashed out at DLR inspector, stole her phone and fled the scene
Hiram Braithwaite broke into the wrong house
Female genital mutilation: "British" girls face worst risk
2011: Cops 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic'
Processed meat 'to blame for one in 30 deaths!' (Ah, the many ways THEY kill us!)
Pensioner on Care Pathway without family's consent dies after 8 days without food or water
"Briton" hunted as police crack IRA and Mafia fraud scheme
Anti-racism singer pleads guilty to racial abuse
Syrian rebels could bring their fight to UK! (And Hague's on their side!)
Vicky Pryce guilty! Was there a Lib Dem cover-up

Wednesday 6 March

Refugee poster boy unmasked as gang boss behind plot to flood country with £1.2m of cocaine
Oil tycoon, Michael Prest, 'is hiding his fortune using a cheats' charter Mark Walsh tried to save Luke, stabbed by a group of black men in hoodies
Bedford brothel murderer Gang Wang jailed for killing madam
Cem Duzgan's alleged killers appear in court
Cezar Bivolaru passed out drunk in the home of his 95-year-old buglary victim
Addicted to painkillers, Dr Hung Kor wrote out false prescriptions
Engineering graduate, Norman Faridi, caught with terror manuals
Fadzai Jaravaza didn't follow NHS procedures: 5 patients got poor advice, a 6th died
Ex-probation chief: ‘Powder keg of cuts and crime could reignite riots’
Kabul Bank fraud: Sherkhan Farnood and Khalilullah Ferozi jailed (Our lads died for this)
Kabul Bank fraud profited elite (This is what our lads are dying for)
Retired police sergeant, Ian Poskitt, caught flashing! (LibLabCon voter?)
Lib Dem Peer: UKIP fuelling same 'distrust' of foreigners that triggered WWI!
The Man With No Answers: Nicholson tells MPs he knew NOTHING about the Stafford scandal!
Insomnia or a bad night's sleep 'can triple your risk of heart failure'
Retired police sergeant, Ian Poskitt, caught flashing! (LibLabCon voter?)
Modern childhood 'ends at age of 12'
Top Cop who wrote report into security breach at Prince's 21st held over Press leaks
Vince Cable calls for tax on pensioner benefits

Tuesday 5 March

12-year-old sexually assaulted (Nasal hair/scabby lips/ear stud/gold tooth/dreadlocks/BLACK)
Muslim child rapist, Ejaz Akhtar, gets 15 years
Suliman Ali and Ahmed Ahmed found guilty of rape
Rahman Saidi found guilty of killing friend in Handsworth hostel
Drug dealers jailed after £1.3 million cocaine haul seized in Leicester
The Tyneside taxi crooks who took everyone for a ride
Clegg son to follow Tony Blair’s boys to exclusive school
4.2million people in the UK speak English as their second language
Damning report reveals shocking premature death record
Nicola Edgington: Freed to kill by police blunders
Banks are 'stabbing business in the back'
Foreign firms cash in on fracking boom in the UK
Israel scorns US faith in diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear ambitions
Witches, Warlocks and Federal Reserve Chairmen
Why SHOULD a crackdown on immigrants mean a crackdown on everyone?
HSBC lavishes £1m payouts on 200 staff (fined £1.2bn for money laundering recently)
Ministers trample on open justice: Lib Dem MPs ordered to back plan for secret court
£16bn EU aid snub for Britain and Poland
Multiculturalism a swear word in Westminster? (We've been swearing at it for decades)
Cardinal Keith O'Brien to face Vatican inquiry over sexual misconduct
Vatican accused of covering up Cardinal Keith O'Brien's 'sexual conduct'
Battle to keep out EU migrants
Anger at £15m bill to take care of migrants
Top Cop murders wife then kills himself?
John Kerry: US will 'empower' Syria opposition
When did 'unkempt' become a racial insult?
Defy the EU and stamp out benefit tourism
HITCHENS: Am I too soft on Anthony Blair?
Life for feckless father turned killer (16 kids by 14 mothers)
Genocidal multiculturalism The great printer rip off: Ink costs more than vintage champers

Monday 4 March

'CIA killed 9/11 author in black ops hit'
Lech Walesa under fire after anti-gay comments (From the PC Crowd, not from me)
Sep 2007: Debra Cagan, top Pentagon tart, (Jewish) "I hate all Iranians!"
Valentine Cannings stabs classmate outside college for 'giving him a dodgy look'
Detectives want to speak to Joel Hutchinson about Nottingham stabbing
Drug godfather, Aaron Giacopazzi, jailed
Online porn blamed as children aged FIVE quizzed over sex offences!
Children in custody strip-searched more than 43,000 times in under 2 years
Cardinal Keith O'Brien sorry for sexual misconduct (Decades too late)
1-in-20 of us has diabetes! Cases rise by more than a third in 6 years
Sitting down can send you to an early grave!
British Goverment promises Romanian immigrants access to UK benefits!
‘Secret’ benefits for migrants
LABOUR CALLS FOR THATCHER STATUE! (My dad: 'They all p*** in the same pot)
British wages fall faster than the rest of Europe: Pay drops by 3.2% in two years
For 2 years Ireland’s immigration policy has been in the hands of Alan Shatter, a Jew
Judges let Taliban suspect stay in Britain
Ashton's £240m EU ministry is attacked as wasteful and clueless
Vince Cable: Europe could be plunged into war if Euro collapses (Thus spake an A1 EU-gobbler)
Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation
It was soft policing that killed this boy, not being too tough
Obama's brother accused of attacking 2 of his 12 wives and seducing schoolgirl
I know where the political common ground is, Dave. Do you?
Tories must win back support of working-class (Good luck with that)

Sunday 3 March

Gay sex rings, 'The Filth' corrupting the Vatican - why the Pope REALLY quit
NHS starves 1,165 to death!
Nurses at top children's hospital left suicidal by stress
NHS patients placed on 'death pathway' by doctors never previously involved in their care!
Soaring number of girls suffer mental health problems linked to sexualisation of environment
Sick Birmingham duo (Asian) plied girl, 14, with drink/drugs for sex
Hunt on for Hounslow car rape suspect
Romanians and Bulgarians snap up 175,000 jobs in the UK already!
'No borders' anarchists aid migrants en route to the UK
The march of secret justice! At least 15 cases a year to be held behind closed doors
Secret payouts for terror suspects reach £30m1
Six-figure payout for this Keystone Cop!
LibLab Cameron "will not lurch to the (Tory) Right"?
Why we must be allowed to kick out terrorists

Saturday 2 March

Asylum-seeking nut strangled homeless Mark Morrison then demanded to see Queen
Asian predators sexually assaulted 14-year-old girl for FIVE DAYS!
'Good Samaritan' Carlos Machado plundered dying cancer patient's savings
Islamic terrorists planned attack on British soil with guns and home-made bombs
Girl, 14, 'set up... kind and humble' schoolboy, 15, to be murdered by her boyfriend
Immigrant taxi driver fined for refusing to pick up blind couple and their dogs
EU immigration rules are against national interest
Convicted fraudster, Jasbinder Bedesha, gets an extra 10 years for failing to repay £14m tax
Cannabis farmers Hung Le and Ngat Le jailed for 5 and 3.5 years
Police appeal for witnesses to woman raped by Somali in Hounslow
Nokuthula Matiwaza cautioned for common assault on child
Trainee gym instructor Choudhury (mentor) v fitness instructor Lindo (mentored)
Leslie Ammah shot clubber for 'cock-blocking' him with a group of girls
Fraudsters Alexios and Andreas Kitallide secured £3.2m from unwitting dupes
Hamza Farjani stabbed off-duty cop caught in his sister's bedroom
Ilektra Kanelou kept 7 dogs in high-rise littered with piles of excrement
Phillip Emanuel and Council leader, Maurice Ezekiel, guilty of misconduct
Incidence of HIV in Tower Hamlets five times higher than national average!
Islamic event described as 'great success' by Burton-on-Trent council
NHS: bereaved mother vows to fight commercialisation/privatisation
Syria: Europe expected to start arming rebels (these being 80% non-Syrian)
Hospital hired Sandra Haynes Kirkbright to fiddle death figures
Gay mafia accused of bringing down Britain's top Catholic
Germany's intelligence agency paid $240,000 to a neo-Nazi informer

Friday 1 March

Migration Stats: 1,104,000 immigrants in 2 years! (2010-2012)
Nicola Furlong’s (black Yank) killer deserves to die says sister
Three charged over death of Mariam Alam, 3
Sobbing black footballer jailed for crash killings
Mystery over death of Christopher Nicholls (enslaved by jailed travellers)
Black men attack and rob 71-year-oldin South Woodford
Asian postman, Daharam Pal, stole 1,000 letters to pay off gambling debts
Sham marriage gang recruited in nail bar: Brits paid to wed relatives of Vietnamese boss
Aminur Rahman gets two years for drug dealing
Asians/Blacks rob woman in Dewsbury
14-year-old raped by boys the same age obsessed by online porn
Dr Habib Ullah convicted of dangerous driving/failing to provide breath sample
Surgeon Manjit Bhamra still practising despite NHS paying out £2m for botched operations!
1-in-3 nurses doesn't trust own hospital
NHS chief backed by the only people who can sack him
Late-stage breast cancer survival 'lower in UK'
Caffeine so dangerous it should be regulated like alcohol/cigarettes warns expert
Fukushima: 'increased cancer risk'
FRANCE: Black Muslim cabinet minister faces jail for electoral fraud
Police chaplain 'forced out after criticising gay marriage'
UKIP beat Cameron's crew into third in by-election!
Cameron not for turning despite Eastleigh failure
Black women in Israel 'given contraceptive without consent'
China enslaving the world! Now they've got us in their sights
Oversight Committee investigating $340m federal loan to Obama supporter
Million Brits descended from Romans? (Latest propaganda from the Multicult)
Mo Farah, his VERY ambitious wife and the dash for cash

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