Daily News: February 2013

Thursday 28 February

Brent's top ten most wanted suspects (100% non-Brit)
Brent's top ten most wanted women (100% non-Brit)
Brent's top ten most wanted burglary suspects (90% non-Brit)
28,000 Romanians held for crimes in just 5 years! Only 68,000 living here!
Asians abducted 13-year-old and forced her into sex slavery after drugging her
Levi Miller and Abdul Azam stabbed stranger Ryan Dobson, 18, repeatedly 'to restore street cred'
Police charge Jakub Ostrowski and Mariusz Florowski with murder
Osman Ahmed Mahdi charged with murder
Clement Morgan gets eight years for knife and pepper spray attack
Man jailed for vicious bottle attack in Cricklewood store
Pradeep Moorthy, Andre Turner, Suresh Kadungala, Waseem Aslam guilty of massive charity fraud
Abshir Mohamed hunted on suspicion of drugs offences
CCTV: Black man threatens to stab passenger at Willesden Junction station
Liar doctor, Rosemin Najmudin, jailed for 9 months Brothel madam, Min Li, raked in £130,000 from Transport for London vice den Drug dealer Valentine Emmanuel Onyeabor back behind bars after two years on the run
Top Cop: "Gang culture is... glamorised by TV... gang members are seen as role models"
Report reveals more failures at Met Police sex crimes unit
Police warned over ‘slap-on-wrist’ cautions
US SUPERCOP recipe for cutting crime? Arrest less, send fewer to prison!
Downton ('in da hood') introduces first black character (plotline: race relations in 20s!)
300,000 pensioners aged 70 and over still working ('too poor to stop')
Did Labour suppress reports on NHS 'culture of fear' that could have saved lives?
MoD wastes £6.6bn on kit/supplies it doesn't need preferring to save by cutting troops
Vicky Pryce admits deception left Eastleigh with a criminal MP
Taxpayer owned RBS hands out £607m in bonuses despite losing £5.2billion!
The wicked witch and the Falklands traitor
NHS hit by new death cover-up on day Man With no Shame faces showdown meeting
Councillor: 'Disabled children cost too much and should be put down'!
Immigrant dies at the hands of (South African) police
Lib Dems show they are the true ‘nasty’ party
Afghan cop drugs 17 colleagues before calling Taliban to come kill them
'Rape victim', 15, sentenced to 100 lashes for engaging in pre-marital sex
Roller skating star, performer at Olympics Opening Ceremony, jailed for having sex with fan, 14

Wednesday 27 February

This is what teaches us nowadays!
This is what judges us nowadays!
Judge Constance Briscoe arrested for 'lying to police' about role in exposing Huhne
Invasion of Iraq: Blair says we're still abusive (And invasion of UK by immigrant?)
Met rape unit encouraged woman to drop case against murderer
Police pressured rape victims to withdraw claims to help them meet crime figures!
"Huge homosexual underground" in the Catholic Church
Former Friar says 'homosexuality is a ticking timebomb for the Catholic Church'
Serial sex attacker, Parminder Singh, gets 11 years for two separate rapes
On trial for a string of sex crimes, Peter Stafford-Simpson plays the race card
Girl sexually assaulted by Asian on bus
Suran Uddin, Mohammed Sheikh and Hamza Ali abducting girl, 13, and forced her to become their sex slave
Romanian criminals terrorise our streets
Jailed: the shameless Romanian who stole poppy cash tins on Remembrance Day
Clegg calls journalists 'self-appointed detectives' for exposing scandal he covered up
Should Britain stop paying benefits to migrants? (Should your mother be a woman?)
Morrissey: If men were gay there'd be no wars! (If men were gay there'd be no people) Government conspiring with Kremlin to cover up truth about ex-KGB spy's death
SCAM MARRIAGE: Brides/grooms for sale in Wales
Shannon Sibley confronts bullies who punched her 9-year-old and ends up in court!
Roger Scruton: When will the Conservative Party fight for England?
Ex-IMF chief Strauss-Kahn tries to ban kiss-and-tell 'half-man, half-pig' book
EU orders us to pay back £86m for failing to obey farming rules
Head teacher suspended after knife-wielding pupil put in isolation room to cool down

Tuesday 26 February

Oxford exploitation trial: Man 'prepared girl for gang rape'
Black savage gets just 4 years for knocking random women unconscious (from behind)
Wasim Akram's gang hunted victims "like a pack of animals"
Accused killer Yunis Sagir went for seaside jaunt after racing away from murder scene
Osman Ahmed Mahdi refused bail over Valentine's day murder
Skunk nut, Richard Henry, stabbed Carmel Charles 17 times - manslaughter only!
Illegal immigrant brothel madam murdered by former employee
Savages launch random attack on young mum (ethnicity unmentioned)
Kevin Hutchinson-Foster supplied gun that caused 2011 riots
Drug addict madam of £1m-a-year 'banker's brothel', Vera Fosuhene, spared jail!
Derek Rose and Jakir Uddin plotted to blackmail Tamara Ecclestone
Tens of thousands of foreigners driving illegally in Britain!
FARCE! Judge overrules plan to boot out immigrant crooks Britons among 19 tourists killed in Egyptian hot air balloon crash
Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns as head of Catholic Church in Scotland! (Misconduct allegations date back 30 years) Scotland's Catholic Church faces 'grave crisis'
Bad sleep 'dramatically' alters body
BP oil spill trial told it 'put profits over safety'
Hate preacher Abu Qatada's family wins 'anti-harassment' injunction
Fury of the Lib Dem women: Police to probe sex claims after plea by 'victims'
'It's hardly Jimmy Savile!' How Clegg loyalist dismissed Rennard sex assault claims
Patients' groups blast Cameron for shielding the man with no shame
Cameron's a liar and after your vote! (Says he'll stop migrant benefits)
Mr Slippery eases Romanian 'invasion' fears?
Food giants not acting ethically says Oxfam

Monday 25 February

CCTV footage shows gang attack victim with bat and knife
Kriss Donald killer's poisonous doggerel nominated for a prize!
18-month-old boy dies in hospital: Parents held on suspicion of murder
Former boxer Herbie Hide 'offers to fix showpiece matches for £1m'
Somali armed robber sues Government for £50,000! (Attempts to deport gave him nightmares)
British primary school where every single pupil speaks English as a 2nd language!
2012: Did you vote for this? No? If you voted LibLabCon, YES, YOU BL***Y DID!
Acne pill banned in parts of Europe linked to deaths of 7 British women over 3 years!
NHS foots £1m bill for Polish mothers to return home to give birth!
"Rotten tyrannies like Israeli Occupation have never lasted forever"
Afghan President expels US special forces amid claims of torture and murder
Blade Runner battered Reeva with cricket bat: brother faces charge of manslaughter!
Caesarean births ‘can raise risk of allergy’
Eight million Britons have no savings, study reveals
Pregnant asylum-seekers ‘at risk’ of developing mental and physical health problems
Debt crisis: pound slumps to a 17-month low after downgrade
One new disability benefit claimant every nine minutes
Ashcroft drops his support for Tories over PM's gay marriage 'obsession'
Why voters must always reject the Liberal Democrats
The night a young female researcher ran in tears from Lord Rennard's room
Revealed: the damning new claim against Clegg
Portas' Government-backed scheme to save High Street descends into farce

Sunday 24 February

Bullied for being white by migrants, abandoned by traitors, Aaron, 9, commits suicide!
Only Left-wingers could think killing and maiming is a giggle
MPs' computers used to access hardcore porn more than 2,500 times!
UK's top cardinal accused of 'inappropriate acts' by priests
Serial criminal Rodney Wallace jailed for 10 years
Did acid attack girl, 20, throw burning liquid on HERSELF?
FA anti-racism ambassador resigns: (called another Black an n-word!)
Clegg was told about Lib Dem sex scandal four years ago!
Nigerian President spent $1million of aid money on festival featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z
'Avoid London, it's full of Pakistanis,' Romanians warn fellow migrants
Top judge says EU immigration law rules ours!
Immigrant crime soars with foreign prisoners rising
Briton arrested in Italy over murder/attempted murder of gay men
Finance mogul who handed the Tories £3million 'to be given a peerage'
Diplomats paid 'danger' money to work in holiday destinations
BBC knew of Jimmy Savile's 'dark side'
More IVF for gay couples and over-40s on the NHS
Luton: Students celebrate diversity day
NHS foreign doctors must speak English say ministers (They shouldn't be here, you scum!)

Saturday 23 February

Oxford child sex: 'He branded me so people knew I was his'! (girl, 11)
Bulgarian addict guilty of beheading Jennifer Mills-Westley
Council youth worker, Jasmine Nassif, egged on thug gang as they battered and stabbed soldier
Knifeman Zulquarnian Dogar slashed Alison Newell's face in her own home
Shane Barnett bitten and pushed into the path of a bus by a black stranger
Jew accused of sexual assault against children does a runner
Teenager sexually assaulted by Asian
Cops relaunch search for alleged serial sex attacker Kamaljit Singh
Human trafficker, Dawid Siwak, kept men as slaves
Muslim cleric took thousand from sponsors for mosque he never intended to build
Nicola Reyes detained for 'murder' in Dominican Republic (No charge for 7 months)
Immigrants ‘fear risk of racist attacks’: DON'T COME THEN!
Church minister gets 15 years for subjecting family to shocking sexual abuse (Why no name?)
MENTORS! (Jobs for cons - Latest government gimmick)
Families of Muslims plotting terror failed to tell cops about Pakistan trips
Anorexic girl 'sent home to die' because of NHS cuts!
Police chief email accused Hillsborough group of lying!
EU wins new powers to supervise national budgets!
UK loses top AAA credit rating for first time since 1978!
10 women claim Lib Dem's Chief Exec molested them and Nick Clegg's office knew about it!
So much for BBC transparency! 90 pages Savile report blacked out, no one blamed
Is Ed's pal, John O'Farrell, the sickest man in politics?
Teens more likely to try drugs if they know their parents did too
Jewish IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, branded 'king of the pigs' by ex-lover
Rothschild v Rothschild: 'Financial genius' Nat brought down by his own cousin

Friday 22 February

Pryce trial exposes 'breathtaking ignorance and stupidity' of jurors! (Only 2 white)
The 'real threat 3rd World immigration poses to our health/standards?'
Resignation of Pope linked to discovery of network of gay prelates in Vatican
Will a Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope? (NO CHANCE!)
'I don't recognise Israel and I don't debate with Israelis'
Chaim Halpern, head of the Golders Green synagogue, held over sex assault claims
Four held in Jewish sex abuse probe
100,000 'hard core' criminals have at least 15 convictions and the number's rising
Bulgarian drug addict who beheaded British woman was a 'ticking timebomb
British woman, 19, 'raped and robbed' by French farmer
Shazad Rehman and Bilal Hussain charged with raping and assaulting schoolgirls
City centre sex attack: Asian sought (CCTV)
Crooked vet Francisco Cruz facing jail
Next 7/7 foiled: Muslim terrorist cell plotted to murder 2,000
'Four lions' gang led by 23-stone jihadi nicknamed 'Chubbs'too fat to fight
British bombers' plot for new 7/7 foiled: Muslim terrorist cell plotted to murder 2,000 people in Al-Qaeda-backed atrocity in supermarkets and town centres
By not sacking David Nicholson, the establishment colludes to protect its own
NHS spends £15million (750 nurses' salaries) on gagging 600 whistleblowers
Culture of secrecy killing trust in NHS
BBC's Savile report: "any criticism at all of management has been taken out!"
Was no one connected with the Savile scandal sacked?
'I slept with Arsenal striker': says fat cat coucillor Brian Coleman
GET WHITEY! Tube worker who posted 'racist'/'anti-Muslim' messages on Facebook suspended
"Racist" (Englishwoman who told truth) spared jail
Leveson press proposals 'against the law... would have chilling effect on free speech
The EU: where any politician who looks after his country is 'parochial'
Taxman names and shames small firms while corporate giants STILL go unpunished
Lib Dems launch investigation into 'sexual harassment cover up'
Soldier 'forced to re-mortgage house' to pay for new arms and legs
Political rhetoric could see racist attacks on east Europeans rise says Romanian ambassador
Baby smugglers should be shown mercy not treated as people traffickers says judge
Refugees could get EU right to ‘choose’ Britain!

Thursday 21 February

Bradley Manning: Governmental persecution of the truth teller
What YOU vote for! Mosque approval granted
Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali convicted of terror plot
INDIA: (What Cameron panders to) 3 young sisters raped, murdered, thrown down a well
Hospital beds blocked by mentally ill migrant criminals!
8,000 criminals given community service 11 times before being jailed
Brent's most wanted (100% non-Brit)
'Forced to have backstreet abortion aged 12 by (Asian) child sex ring'
Oxford exploitation trial: Girl 'became sex slave aged 11'
Property developer, Robert Ekaireb, denies murder of his pregnant wife
Romell Martin charged over Peter Hagan death
Ding murders: Anxiang Du extradited to UK
Omer Jama Abdi murder: fellow Somali sought
Steve Sola wanted in connection with series of fraud offences
Raymond Agbo and Akua Owusu faked church donations to fleece taxman
Car-crashing drug dealer Kenneth Muthoni jailed for a year
Why will no one face justice?
600,000 move out in decade of 'white flight' from London: White Brits nnow a minority
Come clean on figures for EU immigration Boris tells Clegg
Asian hornets that eat honey bees among army of non-native species on way to UK
EU parliament chief tells Italians not to vote for Berlusconi
Phil to Filipino nurse: 'Your country must be half empty you're all here running the NHS'
Dinner lady sacked for serving Muslim children with non-halal meat
Mother of 11 children poster girl for the scrounging classes

Wednesday 20 February

3.7 million people have been made redundant since the 2008 recession!
Why did 620,000 white Britons leave London? (Millions of non-white people invaded?)
Kieran Butterworth stabbed to death in Leeds - Ghanu Stout charged with murder
Gezim Delijah charged with killing Barnehurst pensioner: trial adjourned until May
Adeeb Sultan and Raja Khan raped and sexually abused 14-year-old
Julio Dos-Santos and Takudzwa Hunda accused of raping 20-year-old
Predatory pervert, Aaron Raji, jailed for raping 16-year-old girl
Wealthy businessman Cengizhan Cerit jailed for trying to rig Ashford by-election
Farouk Dougui, Jabey Bathurst and Simohamed Rahmoun guilty of £1million fraud
Respected accountant, Rishi Gosain, acted as a pimp to 50 prostitutes
Security guard violently attacked at Willesden Junction station
Wembley immigration adviser, Furrah Kosimov, jailed for role in £20m marriage scam
Did Jakir Uddin blackmail socialite and offer to sell her intimate secrets?
Convicted wife withdraws Gambia appeal - She murdered William West
Indian mother-of-4 raped and tortured as she slaved for family
12-year-old girl "inappropriately touched" by Asian
Al Qaeda’s Top Recruiting Tool: The CIA!
Houses bought for £70,000 under Prescott's regeneration scheme on sale at £1.00 EACH!
Moaning about immigration will damage trade says Gavin Barwell, MP
Bulgarians 9 times richer moving to the UK!
Cameron: "No limit" on student immigration from India"!
India's premier tells David Cameron: Let more migrants into UK!
Cameron gives India yet more of our money!
Hair dyes used by millions of women linked to cancer-causing chemicals!
Everyday chemicals causing cancer, asthma, birth defects and reduced fertility!
Gender bending chemicals in your home, food and car linked to many diseases!
Eating chips more than once a week raises risk of prostate cancer by a third!
'Obese children must be given gastric operations to save their lives'! (Diet and excercise?)
Coronavirus: Sars-like virus death reported in UK
Fuel bills will keep soaring warns energy watchdog
China 'aiding hacker attacks on west'
Is Britain ready for another Jewish PM?
5,000 children born through fertility treatment in 10 years - Now lesbians to get IVF

Tuesday 19 February

Was Pope about to be served with arrest warrant for child rape?
Polish thugs cause irreparable damage to Scarborough Castle (aided/abetted by politicians who imported them)
Cameron: "no limit" on student immigration from India!
Debt Despair: 6,000 UK suicides as austerity shows no mercy
Romanians '8 times better off if they come to Britain'!
Violent drug dealer, Devon Newell, killed girl, 13, as he tried to evade capture
'Hounslow Slasher', Sasha Masamba, stabbed women in face and neck, laughed and ran off
Adeeb Sultan and Raja Khan raped and sexually abused 14-year-old
Jury fails to reach verdict in Rachel Manning/Shadihul Ahmed murder trial
Jailed for 35 years, gang who made £20m from 2,000 sham marriages
Gay Village rape monster cabbie, Elhadi Sakhri, jailed
Highly paid IT manager, Amardeep Uppal, cheated bosses out of more than £130,000
76-year-old knocked unconscious by dark-skinned man
Philip Mackenzie attacked by eastern European gang in Dover
Illegal immigrant dealt crack cocaine so she could send children to private school
Black man exposed himself to 15-year-old and masturbated in front of her on bus
Filthy Chinese restaurant stays open despite 6 warnings over state of kitchens
NHS boss, Sir David Nicholson, praised hospital as its patients died
Cameron paralysed by migrations his global overlords insist upon?
Just a third of us want to stay in EU: 70% think economy would be same or better if we left
Top Doc sacked for blowing whistle on poor care at 3rd Nicholson hospital
Contrary to what THEY tell us, just 14% want drug laws liberalised
PC cops produce jargon-filled 'mission statement' that doesn't even mention crime
USA'S WAR ON WHITEY! 11 million illegal immigrants legal in 8 years!
Tax dodgers (Jimmy Carr) should be routinely ‘named and shamed’ by Government
Most are out of touch with the natural world

Monday 18 February

Israeli soldier posts Instagram image of Palestinian child in crosshairs of rifle
Hate preacher pocketing £25,000 yearly benefit calls on fanatics to live off state
Muslim preacher urges followers to claim 'Jihad Seeker's Allowance'
Bulgarian Deyan Deyanov on trial for beheading British grandma, Jennifer Mills-Westley
Two more teenage victims of brutal Britain
Teenager shot dead, man badly hurt by Black and Asian/Turk
Nigerian criminal deported 8 years ago returned to run £2.7MILLION lotto scam
Izabella Kettner stabs partner: JAILED FOR JUST 18 WEEKS!
Nurse Smellen Chiyangwa regularly stole drugs from Christian hospital
£500,000 legal aid to traveller family who grew rich on slave labour
Immigrant crime soars with foreign prisoners rising
I'd be overjoyed if this was the end of the foreign criminals fiasco but don't hold your breath
EU’s freedom of movement laws are like manna for Bulgaria’s mafia dons
Who will go head to head with MigrationWatch asks black Guardian hack?
Jewish ex-Immigration Minister, Hindu Lord and Tory twerp launch Migration Matters
French court orders Twitter to reveal details of Anti-Semitic posters!
Only 1 in 3 wants to stay in EU!
Too much TV turns children into criminals
Guernsey couple cycling around the world have been killed by a truck in Thailand
Millions will see pensions slashed
Doctors and nurses being prevented from exposing poor care by ‘Stalinist’ gagging orders
Iceland boss ‘wouldn’t eat value supermarket products because they won’t contain much meat!'
English teenagers 'worst in Europe' at languages
Teachers who stand up to abusive pupils deserve praise not harassment
The State must not be allowed to intrude this far
Older mums hit bottle to beat stress

Sunday 17 February

Mid Staffs: No one wants to talk about the real scandal of our time
Former minister set to be arrested over child rape claims!
Why is Mo Farah being paid £250,000 to run a half marathon?
TRUE LABOUR! John O’Farrell EXCITED by Brighton bombing - DISAPPOINTED IRA failed!
Future Tory MP? 'My son can't go to state school he wants to be a surgeon!'
PETER HITCHENS: Don't muzzle our 'cruel' lawyers I'll need one to keep me out of jail
Black-on-Black murder: Teenager killed and man badly hurt
Man jailed for sex assault on Nottingham teenager
Black footballer's dad guilty of threatening/assaulting son's ex
Help trace Greenwich police's most wanted suspects
Peter Jacovou jailed for 8.5 years for AK47 possession and for drugs crime
Chislehurst fire house turns out to be cannabis factory
Government 'ignored' 2011 horse meat warning
Customers who buy cheapest food are most at danger from tainted meat
Horsemeat: Ireland knew three months ago - safety chiefs hid contaminated burger evidence
Yet another Holocaust Scam
Chief Rabbi defends Rupert Murdoch during Israel tour
Jewish lawyer arranged his own murder in order to frame Guatemalan government
Home Secretary: It's MY job to deport foreigners who commit serious crime
Theresa May criticises judges for 'ignoring' deportation law
Sacha Baron Cohen best-paid British actor in the USA
US crime writers? Top Cops? Lesbians are evrywhere these days

Saturday 16 February

Primary schoolkids aged 10 playing 'the raping game!'
NHS whistleblower: 'It's like Stalin's Russia: speak out and you're crushed'
Gang of Turkish lawyers guilty of biggest (£20 million) 'brides to order' scam)
Solicitor Tevfick Souleiman and immigration advisers Cenk Guclu, Zafer Altinbas and Furrah Kosimov found guilty of marriage scam charges
Asher Johnson, Jerome Green, Lewis Johnson and Reece Garwood deny Thomas Cudjoe murder
Albanian Muslim, Muhamet Hoti, charged with stabbing wife, Ganimete, to death
Murdered in prison: Asian monster who tortured and beat 2-year-old to death
Moment bus passengers see woman killed in Polish crash-for-cash plot
Radoslaw Bielawski, Jacek Kowalczyk and Andrzej Skowron jailed for cash-for-cash killing
CCTV image released of Asian wanted in connection with sex attack in Leigh
Teenager sexually assaulted by black man in High Wycombe
Bangladeshi immigrant, Abdul Mannan, sexually assaulted student in his taxi
Nurse Jane Appassamy recruited patient with history of violence to bully care home resident
Care home patient died when nurse Fikisiva Mbananga's inadequacy gave her no chance of survival
Nurse Joshua Lenyatsa gave patient wrong drugs and said 'we're all human'
Adeel Ahmed sexually assaulted girl 83 bus from Oldham
Jasper Hippolyte gets 2.5 years for drugs offences
Do you recognise these 'high risk' foreigners?
Moment N-Dubz rapper Dappy and entourage start massive brawl on petrol station forecourt
Michael Dollo, Rickell Rogers and Sodiq Adebayo charged after brawl
Missing teen may have been killed trying to stop paedo abusing a child
Peter Hesketh: Jail for priest who fleeced a sick man of £61k savings
'My dad the Mafia underboss' Retired Bishop of Lewes denies child abuse cover-up
Whitewash fears as BBC is accused of cutting criticism from Savile report
Senior cop Andy Rowell arrested on suspicion of passing information to journalist
Elderly in danger as fuel oil bills jump 20%! Rural families £400 out of pocket
Horsemeat found in hospital/school/pub meals - contaminated meat sold for 6 MONTHS
Shocking investigation into coming immigration from Romania and Bulgaria
Bulgarians and Romanians 'will reject hard work'
Daughter of Labour Chairman joins UKIP
Former Labour minister lands £300,000 BBC job: James Purnell faces accusations of bias
Cameron must defy the EU on migrants

Friday 15 February

Stressed MPs to get mental health clinic! (Treachery drives you nuts!)
Daniel Jones jailed for 10 years for 'manslaughter' of former girlfriend
Child murderer Subhan Anwar killed in jail: RESULT!
Man wanted over 'devastating' Manchester hit-and-run
Eight years jail for Keighley park rapist Khalid Mahmood
'Dangerous predator' Jermaine Robinson jailed for brutal attack Manchester's most wanted
Elderly woman robbed on way home from church
Shopkeeper says Iraq is safer than Birmingham after fighting off two armed robbers
Muhammad's idea of interfaith dialogue: Have your critics murdered
The police force is beginning to look and act like a law unto itself
Enid Blyton racist anti-Semite! (The demonisation of the decent continues)
Victimised for blowing the whistle on NHS chiefs
Dame Barbara Hakin threatened to sack whistleblower and 'axed inquiry into 670 deaths'
British people priced out of owning a house by immigration
BNP forces Govt into humiliating climb down following illegal persecution of members
Cameron guru: Boys as young as 11 sexting girls with explicit images
Whitehall chaos over immigrant numbers
Coalition must come clean on immigration nightmare
ASBO bans thief from entering any public toilet in central London
Conviction is 'safe': Ali Dizaei loses appeal
How the Left's old boy network helps appoint the top mandarins
London 2012 stars in shock at Pistorius murder charge
The dark side of the Blade Runner/(spoilt, ar*se-kissed celebrity)
PPI fraud is hurting Lloyds, says man who took bank to the brink of collapse
Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell charged with child sex offences

Thursday 14 February

Immigration: The UK’s bordering on breakdown!
Asian paedophile ring turned teenage girl into a sex 'automaton'
Israeli scientists grow human eggs in the lab!
Blair/Brown 'superhead' and Cameron adviser deny involvement in a £2.7million fraud
US high school students suspended for wearing flag bandanas and chanting “USA! USA!”
New Zealand MP Richard Prosser tells it how it is! (Then backs down)
Mylee Ward, 3, died of dehydration after Dr Mushfikur Rahman failed to carry out basic tests
10-year pay slump! We’re earning less than we did in 2003
Race-hate killer Imran 'Baldy' Shahid rushed to hospital after being attacked
In 2004, Robert Heneghan, 10, got ASBO: in 2012, Heneghan, 19, murdered Sam Bee
SOUTH AFRICA: Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius shoots dead his girlfriend
Terrorist 'Brit' killed fighting in Pakistan
Day Datsun and Basil Razak face jail for car fraud
Sick pay nurse, Neelam Jaswal, banned from the profession
Nurse Fikisiva Mbananga gave inadequate CPR: patient dies
'No limit' on student immigration from India as Prime Minister opens door to Asia
Ministers make no attempt to estimate number of Romanian/Bulgarian immigrants coming here!
Fake whiplash claims push up insurance bills by £118 a year
A&E waiting times 'at their worst for 10 years'
One in four UK citizens have never worked
NHS chief and the whistleblower paid £500,000 to keep quiet over second hospital
Camden council plans to move 761 poor families from London
Martin Grant has sex with 14-year-old boy: NO JAIL!
'Forced’ birth control' practiced on Africans in Israel
MP criticised over Jew/Palestine remarks
Jimmy Savile’s victims sue BBC
Nervous Lib Dems beg for Tory truce

Wednesday 13 February

Arber Barbatovci and Ahmed Mikhaimar charged with 16-year-old's murder
Abdirizak Abdi, Dervis Bayram, Raffael Scialo, Danial Burgess etc charged with murder
Black savage barges in at bus stop attacks pensioner when challenged
Coach driver Jasminder Singh Dhesi illed two people after drinking super-strength lager
Dr Bala Kovvali admits causing Andrew Fellows' death by gross negligence
Police arrest man in Hawaii over brutal rape of a barmaid in Britain
Death threats after clothing and jewellery worth £200,000 go missing - Jermain Defoe arrested
Day of shame for British banks: Watchdog accuses them of gambling your nest eggs
Former boxing champ Luqman Nazir jailed after crashing during 100mph police chase
Shagufta Mahmood caught with 877 stolen visas worth £8million - NO JAIL!
Convicted mobster Gianfranco Techegne can stay in UK
Gang rape in South Africa: Girl, 17, 'mutilated to death'
Food and drink companies using same dodgy tactics as tobacco companies to protect profits
Hospital staff who care for vulnerable patients have less training than cab drivers or bouncer
Police raid UK abattoir at centre of horsemeat crisis Opening door to more EU immigrants makes me nervous says planning minister
Thug cops face axe: Violent officers will be 'struck off'

Tuesday 12 February

Minister's damning silence: Mark Harper stonewalls on Romanians/Bulgarians immigration
Minister intimates estimates of Romanian/Bulgarian influx may never be published!
Abattoir in Romania revealed as main source of contaminated products
Now Tesco admits its bolognese is made of horsemeat!
Armed Asian gangs fight in Accrington
Debt-ridden black businessman, Barry Bell, stabbed partner 6 times
Traitor Judge lets Pakistani brothers who conned taxpayer out of £315,000 walk FREE!
'Astute' barrister Rohan Persahd stole £600,000
Barrister Rohan Pershad faces jail for £600,000 tax dodge
Big cannabis gangsters Hung and Ngat Le jailed for 8.5 years
Edward Law caught with more than 893 'sickening' porn films and images
Nurse Stephen McEvansoneya caught with porn film at work
Care home boss Grace Jesuorobo struck off over unnqualified staff
Nasty nurse Deborah Yohanna-Washington gets a caution only!
Nasty nurse Maggi Abraham, who left elderly patient bleeding, suspended for just 6 months
Gangland slayings in Israel? Israel has an 'underworld'? Aren't Jews supposed to be pink/fluffy?
Drunk cop, Danny Dance, put to bed in a cell BY PRISONER!
Horsemeat! Who the hell knows what goes into our food any more?
Care home staff threw 91-year-old grandma's wedding ring in rubbish bin after she died
Are we facing outbreak of 'virtually untreatable' TB (How many Africans do we import every year?)
Mid Staffs: 14 hospitals under investigation!
I deserve my £780,000 bonus, insists RBS chief
More 'rich immigrants' wanted by Lib Dems!
A Mosque for Wanstead!
Will the next pope be black? (So that's why he resigned!)

Monday 11 February

Shocking truth about immigration! 5million were not born here! IT IS WAR!
The £48m handed out in foreign aid the Government KNEW would be wasted
A trusting public betrayed again
MILLIONS of poverty-striken Bulgarians want to move to Britain
Texas: parents gain access to secret school curriculum
Jack Straw's ex-drug dealer son thinks AID to India should continue!
Adultery website got 52,000 hits in 7 months from Parliament's computers!
Child exploitation in Leicester: Aabidali Mubarak Ali and five others charged
18 months after the riots, just 15 out of 200 convicted foreigners have been deported
Muslim extremists use fringe TV to call for terror, murder and the torture of gays
Four million British adults have never worked in their lives
African aid money "lines the pockets of civil servants... and politicians"
Inequality on the rise! Top 1% of earners now get 10% of everything!
WALES: Mass immigration and diversity imposed
Generous deal for the elderly? No, just cynical smoke and mirrors
Incompetent hitmen, Jason Richards and Ben Hope, jailed for 40 years each
GLOBALISM: Romania produces 14,000 tons of horsemeat each year, mainly for export
Italian and Polish mafia gangs blamed for horsemeat scandal
MPs quietly water down safeguards on secret justice while focus on gay marriage
Obama is pushing gun control at home but he's a killer abroad

Sunday 10 February

10,000 mobile phones stolen in London! IN ONE MONTH! (Diversity rules)
Yellowbelly, PC or under orders from Top Traitors? Met cops run from Muslims
Another coward cop (Bet the PC Crowd love this guy)
Child trafficking at Elm House: Leon Brittan mentioned in this article! Grace Adeleye caused 4-week-old baby's death in botched circumcision: NO JAIL!
Coventry machete robbery: Sebastyon Alexander Wint jailed for six years
Black savages beat passenger up for asking them to stop pressing bell
Baby found gasping for breath after drunk babysitter Najma Kosar fell asleep on top of her!
UK's biggest mosque under investigation after scheduling fundraiser for convicted would-be killer
Super rich richer, majority squeezed
Millions of poor Bulgarians want to move to Britain! (Surprise, surprise!)
Do MI5 and cops conspire to more than just protect elite paedos?
Bristol hospital trust accused of neglect and mistreatment of babies and children! Named and shamed: Big food brands risking your health! Preachers of hate spread violent word on British TV!
MPs celebrate UK's kebab industry entrepreneurs!
Horsemeat scandal international! (That's globalism for you!)
ISRAEL: Government ministers star in scathing UN settlement report
Mosque built on Cameron's doorstep despite residents' concern
Chris Huhne used parliament to try to get speeding points dismissed
Was Beckham's charity to benefit from £70k-a-month salary claim a tax dodge? Muslims want to take over the UK
Donald Duck accused of racism!

Saturday 9 February

Forces Chief: ‘Everything done in Every Marxist insurgency being done in USA today’
18 years' for Andy Ho, who killed brother and stabbed parents
Ahmed Mikhaimar and Arber Barbatovci charged with 16-year-old's murder
Most dangerous foreign suspect ‘living in Havering’ police warn
Soby John admits raping reality TV star
Ghazi Rahim repeatedly stabbed and slashed victim
Black man violently attacks shopkeeper in North London
Security guard violently attacked by black men at Willesden Junction train station
Indian Woman charged over attack on Indian general in London
Romanian pickpocket Iulian Cojocaru found with 44 mobile phones down his trousers
Underworld feud: gangland boss, Ali Armagan, shot dead outside Tube station
Marek Lupinski beat up and tried to suffocate lover: 15 months only! DRUGS: Ope Olawaiye, Kieron Brown, Steven Anderson, Korey Lawrence-Marcel charged
Nurse to suicidal patient: 'Fight a black woman I will beat you down to the ground'
Bungling Bulgarian midwife storms out of hearing before being struck off
Carl Davies killing: three men charged on Reunion island
Care in the Community? 11 nuts at just one mental health trust went on to kill!
Met to bring in foreign cops to tackle overseas crims! (Stop importing immigrant crims instead)
Brewer trial: Frances Andrade driven to suicide by brutish legal system?
Convicted of indecent assault! Abusive choirmaster and twisted wife
Despite the Cameron spin, Britain will end up paying MORE (Blair's fault)
Measles cases at 18-year high
Now PC Crowd tell us Attenborough's animal kingdom isn't gay enough
'Little savages' raised in nurseries! Daycare linked to aggression in toddlers
VOTER FRAUD: Tory candidate Cengizhan Cerit caught out by spelling mistake
Schoolgirl, 14, gang-raped in India: 10 days later NO ONE arrested
Pupils and patients may have eaten horse meat 'regularly'
Extrajudicial killing: official US policy?
Cultural Marxism: the corruption of America

Friday 8 February

Israel enters the civil war in Syria
Obama indicted in Federal Court? (Don't hold your breath)
Extrajudicial Killing: Official US Policy
Man City footballer Courtney Meppen-Walter killed two people whilst driving at twice speed limit
Dangerous driver Zain Khan jgets 7.5 years for schoolboy's death
Surin Uddin denies forcing 13-year-old girl to become sex slave
Andre Nathaniel-Rock defrauded charities, public bodies, businesses of hundreds of thousands
Police release CCTV image of Small Heath bank robber
'Respectable' GP receptionist Shahnuz Chaudhry and family in fake clothing scam
'You're an animal, Stafford nurse, Bonka Kostova, told frail dementia patient'
WHITE FLIGHT: 'I feel like a stranger where I live’
Mayor visits Pakistan to promote Blackburn (Benefits, housing, corner shops, Mayor jobs await!
NEW GUINEA: Mum, accused of being 'witch'/'killing a boy with sorcery' tortured and burned alive
Huhne made me have an abortion! (Bad for career + second mistress)
Why was killer freed to murder our mum? (Because those you vote for are at war with you!)
German job centre offers out-of-work teenager a job in a brothel
USA: Manhunt launched for black cop turned serial killer
Findus frozen lasagne (made by French company) 100% horse meat!
Tory MPs’ warning over new tide of immigrants
Indian women forced into prostitution in Middle East

Thursday 7 February

Danny O’Shea murder: Ten-strong black gang planned to ‘exact revenge’
TURKEY: Beverley Mitchell raped twice, repeatedly beaten by lover, dead and no one knows why
Drugs baron, Aadil Ahmed, jailed for just 8 years!
Sexual assault by mixed-race man in Reading
‘Middle-class’ robber, Diallo Allen, burgled house just 3 DAYS after judge refuses to jail him!
Mehdi Mangoli, 34, charged with having sex with two under-age girls on same day
Black gang of twelve sentenced after ‘steaming’ dozens of mobile phone shops
Jalal Badakhchani, 71, sexually assaulted woman on tube
Spain: Horse kicks illegal immigrant in face after he tries to have sex with it!
Filthy conditions at Mugran Alnilain Restaurant posed an imminent risk to health
Gay pervert Liberal MP, Sir Cyril Smith, was sexually abusing boys years before investigation
Are Israel and the US Becoming Fascist States?
"Time to profile white men" wonders Jewish journalist?
590,950 immigrants came here in 2010! (Tories promises to drastically reduce migration)
Tony Blair and Iraq robbed a generation of faith in politics
Yankee Prof, Robert Hahn, urges government to let in even more immigrants!
Job ad was all in Polish! Labourer vacancy posted on government websites
Website for elderly shut down over 'racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic' comments
Homosexual paedophilia: Catholic priest and head of boys' home arrested
After 30 years of waste, EU moves to end fish-dumping scandal
Social services and schools ignore patterns of sexually inappropriate behaviour!
3,063 patients died needlessly at just five NHS trusts during the time of 'targets'
Jobsworths who want to please politicians more than patients destroying NHS!
NHS culture at Mid Staffs that tolerated low standards and sold patients short
Sir David Nicholson refuses to quit as NHS chief after worst ever hospital scandal
House prices rise 43-fold since 1971!
Those who oppose gay marriage aren't bigots: liberals who demonise them are!
Greed and dishonesty laid bare as scale of Libor rigging revealed
Luxury yacht owners being paid to smuggle people into Britain
Gay/lesbian asylum seekers come to here for protection! Border Agency 'inhuman and degrading!'
Tory plans to bring back O-levels sabotaged by Clegg
Australian doping inquiry finds drugs rife in country's sport
Horsemeat in ready meals?
Berlusconi brother an the Balotelli 'little black boy' remark

Wednesday 6 February

Germany pleads for help! Romanian/Bulgarian migrants threaten 'social peace!'
Gay marriage law passed by 400 traitors! (Blame the sheeple voter)
Scientists now say polyunsaturated fat 'doubles heart risk'! (Told us opposite for 50 years!)
Widow of 81 starved to death after council forgot about her for nine days
Brutalised by nuns: Ireland's 10,000 slaves of the Catholic workhouse!
Harbinder Singh Khatkar charged with 3 rapes and 6 other sexual offences in Derby
Bogus minicab driver, Ellie Feghaly, raped passenger
Mohamed Fadel El Anssari gets 23 years for rape/attempted murder of Durham woman
Raped and sold for sex by Akhtar and Anjum Dogar and Kamar Jamil from age of 12
Isaac Dawson tried to claim reward for murder he committed himself!
Teenage girl's attacker, Michael Ayoade, launched identical attack on woman year before
Junior Nkwelle murdered after he was "less than respectful" to girl, 14
Marek Lupinski repeatedly pounded Marlgarzata Pula's face and tried to smother her
'Islamic' bomb hoaxer Nicholas Roddis jailed
Morrison Okeorji: a brute in charge of a mental health ward!
EU plot to seize control of our seabed
Ex-soldier and daughter, 12, found living in graveyard
Hospital 'box-tick' culture cost hundreds of lives in biggest NHS scandal
Education Secretary most influenced by Cultural Marxist and Jade Goody, FFS!
Argentina's Jewish foreign minister says they will take back the Falklands
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by a lying LibDem slag
Top RBS 'casino banker' to step down over Libor rate-rigging scandal
Writer fined for making insulting remarks about Islam survives doorstep assassination attempt
Has the government decided to protect bank profits/bonuses rather than Britain?
Immigrants to be banned from taking driving tests in foreign languages?

Tuesday 5 February

CNN Goldman Sachs and the Zio Matrix
Israeli President Shimon Peres applauds Hollywood's influence on youth!
Mikel Cela tortures an Englishman and stabs him in the back: MANSLAUGHTER ONLY!
Ahmed Mikhaimar charged with murder of 16-year-old
Ussama El-Kurd, wife Randa and son Husain jailed for laundering £170million!
Drug Baron Ozgur Ozdemir flooded south coast with crack cocaine/heroin from his prison cell
Romanian pickpocket gang 'shoulder surfed' city slickers
Ameer and Sameer Tahir caught with sickening stash of child and animal porn
Mbaeazeni Lukhele told fellow nurse hers was a 'stupid culture' when she refused to kiss him
Symphorosa Ouma repeatedly hit the elderly patient, shouting 'dirty, old man'
When cleaner groped elderly resident's breasts care home manager Grace Kasonde ignored it
You're a pathetic loser, a joke: Son savages CHRIS HUHNE
CHRIS HUHNE's son brands dad "the most ghastly man I know”
A politician who ran out of lies: CHRIS HUHNE faces jail after decade of deceit
CHRIS HUHNE thought he was above the 'little people' who abide by the rules
Coming your way courtesy of those you vote for even more EU criminals!
As 'Nadine' Williams waited for sex change did he rape a woman?
Watching TV for too long 'cuts male fertility by half'! (Genocide Whitey however you can!)
Train fares rise 3 times faster than cost of living since privatisation!
US Vice-President says British exit from EU will damage world peace/prosperity (That a threat?)
Kidnap/detention/torture after 9/11 attacks! At least 54 countries co-operated with USA
Cost of cleaning up Sellafield reaches £67.5bn with no end in sight! Footballer charged for telling Zak Iqbal to go "back to your own country"
Harvard says Black names more likely to produce ads related to criminal activity
Conservative councillor suspended after anti-Islamic Facebook comments
All faiths take part in World Hijab Day to understand/appreciate Muslim culture
Church primary school has more Muslim pupils than Christians!
Thatcher had 'psychopathic tendencies' says actress (as do most politicians)
'Even BABIES must wear the burka' says Saudi cleric
Asian knifeman ‘wanted Queen to help him get back £170,000 stolen in property deal'
Gay marriage Bill support urged by senior Conservatives

Monday 4 February

Averell Harriman: Dictator of Russia - 1942-1944 (REAL HISTORY)
Iran responsible for Lockerbie? Revenge for 290 Iranians killed by USS Vincennes! (Elite knew)
£20,000 payout to father of Ben Kinsella's killer! (Breed a murderer? Hit the jackpot!)
Leicester: Five in court after sex crime probe
Rats in Kebab Shop cost Yasar Sen £4,000
Asian ice cream man who assaulted Blackburn rival spared jail
Troy Brown: 'I'm one of those black men that get 23 years for killing a police officer'
Couple attacked and robbed in own home: mixed race man sought (CCTV)
Police seek Harbinder Khatkar in connection with serious assaults in Derby
16 of Europe's most wanted criminals on the run in the UK
Hunt for most-wanted foreigners
Tasered outside Buckingham Palace! Talhat Rehman on knife charge
Omar Ali tried to pay for fish/chips with gun, now jailed for assaulting lover
Muslim Night Patrol: Cops ignore harassment
Tenerife beheading: Jennifer Mills-Westley's Bulgarian murderer in court 2 years on
Criminal gangs a benefit to society?
When you COULD call the midwife! (1950s: before the alien hordes arrived)
Bashar al-Assad accuses Israel of trying to 'destabilise' Syria
Cops stole identities of 80 dead children
Marks & Spencer was 'warned over asbestos risk'
Blair still advising both Cameron and Miliband
"Self-employed" Romanians bypass immigration controls
Tories accuse Cameron of betrayal over gay marriage
EU to set up 'troll patrol' to tackle Eurosceptic surge (Cash for Commie insult monkeys)
Migrants handed £1m a week for kids back home as thousands of Brits stripped of child benefit
Romanian influx? We're already here says envoy (AND we built the Olympic village)
Foreign aid is a kick in the teeth to the British public

Sunday 3 February

Police smash Asian gang's £10m fakes empire
Body of Sasha Marsden, 16, set on fire after she was stabbed death
Sorient Sigba: Jail for Professor Pimp
Sheetal Bhayani charged with possessing property relating to murder of Carole Waugh
Dwayne Fulgence shot dead pal, Marlon Campbell, for blocking his path
Minta Adiddo stabbed wife up to 20 times before running her over
Bank worker Michael Pryce stole £650,000 from two wealthy customers' accounts
Drunken Bupa nurse, Heather Muleya, ignored patients (didn't want to be a 'British Bum Cleaner'
Saudi preacher spared after raping, killing daughter
BLAIR LIED ABOUT ATTENDANCE AT BILDERBERG IN 1993? (The year before he became leader of the Labour Party)
MEPs urged to block BNP and Europe's Nationalist Parties from £300,000 EU Funding
Interview with Eustace Mullins exposing Federal Reserve
Arab jihadis took bloody sharia retribution on Mali's black Africans
Google sued by dozens of customers after 'snooping on 10million iPads and mobiles'
FOREIGN AID! £2.65billion more for them, £2.65billion less for us!
40,000 teachers will risk sack rather than teach “importance of gay marriage”
MAFIA betting rings rigging top international football matches
Jew says tribes make war if central government not there to enforce peace (Global elite must rule)
SWEDEN: Göran Rosenberg wants to ban posters with blonde children
David Cameron and Tony Blair become chums
BLAIR LIED ABOUT ATTENDANCE AT BILDERBERG IN 1993? (The year before he became leader of the Labour Party)
Famed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle slain at gun range in N. Texas
Footballers ‘brainier than most students’ (Student = Dumbed-down/brainwashable or 3rd world)
Corrupt top cop Detective Chief Inspector April Casburn jailed
Denying marriage to gays is wrong/prejudiced says Education Secretary
Israeli columnist targeted by anti-Semitic hate mail
2004: Predominance of Jews in American porn

Saturday 2 February 2013

Teacher turned pimp, Sorient Sigba, jailed for running bankers' brothel/cocaine den
Naomi Oni scarred for life by acid attacker wearing Muslim veil
Aids-ridden Zimbabwean immigrant, Lovemore Dube, laughed in woman's face as he raped her
Liverpool footballer Raheem Sterling charged with assaulting woman
Former Newham registrar, Azu Akpom, jailed for helping gang illegally claim £4m in benefits
Armed robbers Momim Hassan and Tajwar Shahshot at passers-by in jewellery raid
Gang rivalry, Mark Duggan and the unavenged murder behind the London riots
Body of Sasha Marsden, 16, found burning in Blackpool alley
US war veterans' suicide epidemic (Genocide by Global Elite)
Former Archbishop Lord Carey claims Christians are 'under attack'
African pop star refuses to leave after being denied British passport
Barclays lent Qatar £6bn to buy shares and avoid bailout during 2008 financial crisis
High Court ruling: divorce cases to be settled by Sharia and religious courts?
The town that's had enough: We visit the town with the country's biggest influx of East Europeans
Poland road scam costs us £100m
Britain hands over £100m to Polish students
Quarter of a million Twitter users' personal data stolen by hackers
Snoopers' charter costs £400m before any data has been collected!
A show of hands! How the Socialist Workers Party cleared a comrade of rape
Put our Armed Forces before foreign aid!
The day our political class lost all sense of shame
Is horse meat still on sale in Britain?
Tories warned not to discriminate against Romanians and Bulgarians
If we don't have common language we'll all suffer (we're suffering now!)

Friday 1 February

Emma Bate and Parmajit Singh robbed and murdered Richard Sherrat
Councillor Shabir Hussain calls on criminal son to surrender to authorities
Man's jaw broken by mugger: E-fit
Brixton gang stab man IN COURTHOUSE!
Kevin Hutchinson-Foster supplied Mark Duggan with a gun
Pervert cop gave 3-year-old an STD when he abused her
Mark Duggan, whose death provoked 2011 riots, poses with murderer and would-be murderer
'Married' lesbians murdered pensioner, Barry Reeve
31,771 complaints against cops in England/Wales in 2012. Many not properly investigated
20 Cumbria cops tackle homophobic hate! (No police shortage in Carlisle then)
Israeli fighter jets strike scientific research center in Syria
Russia condemns Israeli air strike on Syria
Israel in violation of Geneva convention: must withdraw settlers from West Bank
Criticise Muslims? You have 'thinking deficiencies and old racist views!'
Transgender awareness course for naughty coppers!
Cameron praises Afican kids, sneers at British
Risky sex to blame for NO drop in HIV among gay/bisexual men in a decade
546,174 Poles in England and Wales courtesy of Blair, EU and PC Crowd
Danger of toxic hip implants used in Britain kept secret for years
How the smug Left give their kids a leg up
Burger King burgers contaminated with horsemeat

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