Daily News - June 2012

Saturday 30 June

African village where every family gets £7,000 from us! Jeffrey Sachs (Jewish) responsible
Orville Vaughan get 13 years for 1980s rapes
Jealous Czech cyber-stalker strangled glamour girl after marriage proposal rejected
Sentences of laughing gang-rapists cut - They're not dangerous apparently
Al Amin Dhalla jailed indefinitely for stalking Dr Alison Hewitt
Mustafa Gurpinar murdered 14-year-old who tried to faight fair
Ten plead guilty (8 ethnics) over bank card scam targeting elderly
Parents Tell of ‘Sex-grooming’ Nightmare
Raging boy of 10 breaks teachers' legs - (Ethnicity not mentioned)
Celebrity fixer Faisal Madani jailed for Eva Herzigova scam
Ali Sivanyzadeh molested passenger in back of his cab
Former EBRD banker Andrey Ryjenko and sister bribed - Laundered more than $3 million
Andre Malagiac and Rasha Aghju ringleaders of ‘cash for crash’ scam
Donald Ray Dokins charged with murder of one-year-old baby in 'gangland execution'
Revealed: the scale of sexual abuse by predator cops
Rupert Murdoch does not like “the English”
Beware Tony (Traitor) Blair's ambitions
TV fitness guru Angie Dowds commits suicide after lesbian affair ends
Gypsies in High Court battle to live at beauty spot
Minorities feel most British! (Treated better than us) Besides Guardian would say that
Jew and Muslim groups condemn German circumcision ruling
Female journalist gets enriched
Put bankers in the dock!
Betrayed by a 'trusted adviser': 28,000 small firms fell victim to another cynical bank fiddle

Friday 29 June

'Macabre' isn't the word! Miss Holocaust Survivor crowned!!!
Israel subjecting Palestinian children to 'spiral of injustice'
Ismail Khalil raped and robbed virgin at knifepoint
'Dangerous' mugger, Omar Brown, jailed
Asylum seeker Salah Nashia staged a "prolonged and sustained" hammer attack on ex-wife
Eddezider Herak raped and prostitued trafficked woman - his mother sold her off
£60,000 benefits scam - Majed Mohammed-Redah is NOT JAILED!
20 more banks were rigging interest rates! Bankers now face criminal inquiry
Trough-gobbling Barclays boss won't go despite pressure from PM
Ex-NHS chief Gary Walker bunged £500,000 severance pay and bound by "super-gag"
Paedophile spared extradition to US on human rights grounds!
London 2012 Olympics: Muslim converts held over 'Games plot'
Amy Winehouse's boyfriend Reg Traviss charged with two counts of rape
Jermaine Defoe's step-bro caught with knife and cannabis: FINE ONLY!
Romanian con artists busted
10 months on, most jailed rioters back on streets despite harsher sentences
Number of NEETs rises by 8,000 in a year

Thursday 28 June

Indefinite prison term for Nottingham rapist James Hamilton
Mohamed Ben El Hassan raped one woman and attacked another
Laughing gang-rapists Rezgar Nouri and Mohammed Ibrahim pose no risk!
Samuel Prime-Fearon denies murder
Tony Blair wants to be Prime Minister again!
British schoolchildren are some of the 'most unhappy and under pressure' in the Western world
C of E priest Gordon Rideout charged with 38 sexual offences against 18 children
Barclays Bank fined 290m for attempting to rig the money markets!
Immigration staff, solitaire and sham marriages
Month-old baby bled to death after he was circumcised
Littel pain relief for the elderly in some NHS hospitals
Jeremy paxman slays junior minister, Chloe Smith
Warsi gets to keep her job despite breaching ministerial code

Wednesday 27 June

Coming soon? Scientists 'manipulated viruses to produce new mutated strains' of bird flu!
RBS computer failure 'caused by Indian employee in Hyderabad! (That's globalism for you)
Fraud Ring in hacking attack on 60 banks!
African immigrant (former cop!) killed partner in front of kids
Betting shop killers, Olamide Akanbi, Olarenwaje Akanbi, Dagazau Ali caught on film
Jagdeep Sandhar ran over and killed 74-year-old Joseph Fox
Kieron Caesar stabbed party-goer Ricky Walkington twice
Blackmailing arsonist Leroy Brown jailed for 8 years
Black man punches, spits at, verbally and racially abuses ASDA staff
Crack/heroin possession: Linford Christie's son arrested
BBC Rogue Traders' Dan Penteado admits benefit fraud
Nurse Gugu Shabalala left patient on hospital floor (Not paid to look after people like him!)
Rashidat Oshido stole £75,000 in benefits - jailed for just 11 months
Loveless Makombe dragged lady through care home, forced pills down throat of another
Overseas students offered university places in front of UK teenagers!
Chief inspector: Cops spend more time at desks than they do fighting crime!
Sex in prisons to be studied by PC Crowd (Howard League)
British forces in Syria?
Fiance of Gloria De Piero, MP, in Twitter porn blunder
Job Seekers' scheme 'just slave labour'

Tuesday 26 June

Islington Council social workers considered sending African boy to Congo for exorcism! Parents claim he's possessed by evil spirits! They spent £4,000 on this PC b***ox!
Councils will have 'no money' for main services by 2020! Because the PC Crowd are spending our money on exhorcisms and 'evil spirits!'
UK Eurovision acts flopped 'because of skin colour!' More PC b***ox!
Knives out for twitterers who called black penalty takers rude names! Even more PC b***ox!
Criminal gangs should start their own businesses says BLACK MP! The biggest PC b***ox of them all!
Doctor's son stabbed to death by bicycle gang
Watford striker Troy Deeney jailed after brutal nightclub assault
Muslim nations 9 of top 10 countries persecuting Christians - Surprised UK isn't in there
Lax security at London Olympics
Coca-Cola colouring linked to cancer: still available in UK despite US health alert
Threat to Britain from the Arab Spring: UK extremists travelling to Al Qaeda training camps
Teenage brothers in line for damages: judge rules social workers caused ‘havoc’ in their lives
What did the fed-up Russian mum do with her kids? She "threw them away”
A Taliban fighter claiming asylum in Britain?
Bank robbers should become bank bosses, the skills are the same

Monday 25 June

Paedo kingpin Shabir Ahmed blames white community for not looking after girls
Teacher with penchant for schoolgirls, Keith Ogunsola, jailed for rape
Following first date, Peter Ramsey raped and battered woman leaving her unrecognisable
Delroy Clive Gordon raped and sexually assaulted his former lover
PC Crowd would rather call David Starkey a racist than criticise Rochdale paedos
Former soldier, Keith Davies, attacked by 5 Asians - HE is arrested!
Small core of youngsters commit staggering 86 crimes by age 16 (no mention of ethnicity)
Blair shameless on migrants
Half of care homes failing the vulnerable: Hundreds at risk of abuse
Battle of Britain? More evidence of dumbing-down
2p could be taken off tax if ‘morally repugnant’ tax dodgers (Jimmy Carrs) paid up
World quiet over Gaza attacks
Israel's inhumane control of water poisons Palestine
Campbell diaries: Blair barred Goldsmith from putting 'reality' before the Cabinet
UK government authorised 'war crimes' in Iraq

Sunday 24 June

EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief!!!

So now it's up front and official! Global government, the indigenous, Nordic folk of Europe don't count, Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, we're there already.

Simple question, ladies and gents. Who the f*** do these creeps think they are? World government run by the Sutherlands, Blairs, Bushes, Obamas, Camerons, Cleggs, Milibands and the multinational corporation owners and international financiers (greedy bankers) that own them all FOREVER?

Yeah right. I PREACH HATRED of the Sutherlands. I preach even more HATRED of those who pull his strings. HATRED. Real and abiding.

BLAIR WARS: Taliban soldier who killed in battle wins fight to stay in UK!!!
More postal vote fraud - (Asian culprits not mentioned)
Keenan Bispham and Romario Watson jailed for bombing Nottingham police station
Mohammed Abdul Hasnath gets 14 months for terror offences
CORRUPTION! Former Essex and Pakistan bowler Danish Kaneria banned for life
Former prostitute Rong Chen at centre of sex traffick trade
Cameron to axe housing benefits for feckless under 25s
Scotland Yard accused of plot to hack phone of Foreign Minister and top female cop
Soft jails are no deterrent for boastful crims
Archbishop of Canterbury renews attack on David Cameron's Big Society
Race to open first new grammar school in 50 years
Divided society cries out for Gove’s stone bl**ding obvious, old-fashioned solutions
Illegal immigrants found in lorry on M25 at Thurrock

Saturday 23 June

The rise of the black serial killer
The Outrageous Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism!
Marcin Cwiakalo charged with murder of Mark Blades
Ilyas Ashar says slave girl was 'happy'
Woman raped by taxi driver "of Indian appearance"
Jailed: Refugee who came to UK on fake passport bailed to stab girlfriend 57 times
14-year-old admits stabbing foster carer 10 times after he was grounded
Zakaria Mohamed jailed over Amina Adan's murder
Behead-threat Asians, Abdul Miah and Liban Mohammed jailed for kidnap
Dwayne Bryer raped woman in front of her young son whilst high on cocaine
£1.4million NHS fraud: Joyce Trail pretended she had fitted dentures to dead patients
14-year-old schoolgirl attacked and dragged towards alleyway by black man
NHS manager Sajid Khan held £146,143.10 of NHS money without repaying funds - NO JAIL!
Bogus immigration adviser Muhammed Shakoori charged £700 for two letters
'Killing season': Patients at risk when junior doctors start new jobs
Deaths of hostages held by Somali pirates 'increasing'
PC Wagtail Harriet Sergeant: check her out
Jimmy Carr ripped off his dad just like he ripped off taxpayers
Whilst the IRA get a handshake it's still open season on British Nationalists
Miliband won't back migration cap despite saying they got it wrong on immigration!
If Miliband thinks voters will ever trust Labour on immigration he's wrong
The white girlfriends Obama erased from his past
Question Time 'texts' facing the axe
Immigrant has heart attack gets honorary doctorate

Friday 22 June

Shabir Ahmed: fiend who ran child sex empire convicted of 30 rapes
Ashley Cole's pal Chris Nathaniel charged with murder of Danny O’Shea, 18
Murder victim was Jamaican gang member
Nana Oppong and Kevin Powell charged with murder
Shopper beaten and robbed of £10,000 Cartier watch by black man
Asian female robs and stabs taxi driver
Clegg must not dictate our children’s futures
Girl grabbed on way from school by black man
Who is this thug?
Keith Vaz's crooked race lawyer pal struck off
English second language to a million pupils! One in six don't speak it at home!
50 years too late Miliband says Labour was wrong to brand worried Brits racists and bigots
Clegg vows to scupper plan for tough O-levels! Labour/unions throw up hands in horror!
Child of the year: does it have to be half blonde, half negro?
Legacy of Dale Farm: after £7m traveller battle, green belt site is fly-tipper paradise

Thursday 21 June

Danny O'Shea murder: O'Neil Wareham, Ferron Perue, Nugent Rowe, Paul Boadi etc charged
'Face' of man wanted over 7am Regent's Park rape
Handsworth rapist, Mohamed Sadiq Hussein Hassan, was bailed, now he's on the run
Double shooting: 'Gangland' murder squad called in as couple shot in their own home
Sexual assaults lead to 12-month suspension for pharmacist, Roshan Lal
Curry house of horror: Rotting mice found in Brick Lane restaurant
7million breadline Brits one bill from disaster
Only OAPs reject gay marriage says Tory Minister (and they don't count, eh?)
Return of the O-Level! Gove plans to scrap dumbed-down GCSEs and National Curriculum
Britain full to bursting: population up 10% in 15 years (they're the ones we know about)
Stop giving foreign criminals a right to stay in the UK say MPs
Teenagers 'worse at maths than in 1970s'
Bishops sitting in House of Lords 'claiming thousands to attend Westminster'

Wednesday 20 June

Top doctor says NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year!
Sandeep Dosanjh, Ranjot Chahal and Navdeep Gill cheated taxpayer out of £39m in just 69 DAYS
Zakaria Mohamed admits stabbing TV girlfriend 57 times
Dartford thugs jailed for more than six years
Met’s Trident Gang Unit arrests murder suspect, seizes cash, weapons and stolen credit cards
Notorious burglar, Keith Bramble, jailed after brutal attacks
Drug dealer Johnny St Louis jailed for cocaine plot
Payout for illegal immigrant sex offender
U.S. Govt Thought Police clamping down on self-reliance
Is the Church of England about to adopt anti-Semitism?
Stop giving foreign criminals a right to stay in the UK
Misconduct: MBE paramedic didn’t bother trying to revive 93-year-old
Cherie Blair attacks 'yummy mummies' who choose children over careers
Pupils from broken homes to be given boarding education
Jury shown CCTV of PC Simon Harwood shoving newspaper seller an hour before he died

Tuesday 19 June

Ogad Singh chops off daughter's head: as you do when daughters elope
Ahdel and Mubarek Ali raped 4 girls and forced them into prostitution
RAPE: Detectives seek Abdul Bieeu
Attempted rape in Hounslow - Do you recognise this Asian?
Amar Shah, Majid Ali and others 'attacked vulnerable man with bricks'
Olukorede Fajinmi killing wasn't murder: he stabbed first
Jermaine Sawyers, Cori Lindsey and Omar Harrison jailed for brutal knife murder
Failed asylum seeker bludgeoned father to death in front of his family
School praised by Ofsted ‘for allowing transgender pupils to express themselves’
No invite to a hen party? RACISM! Marilyn Rowe gets Nicola Newman in trouble
The nurses too busy to save a life
Fraudsters steal £42,000 from 'Boris Bike' hire scheme, diverting fine refunds to pals
Troops betrayed by enemy within
Police want to question three men over Ealing riots
Obama allows 800,000 illegal immigrants to stay
French Jews outraged at exam question: 'Israeli strikes on Gaza genocide?'
Men who drink 7 cups of tea 50% more likely to develop prostate cancer!
The World Economy Beast is beyond control
As 1.25m appointments cancelled, striking GPs won't lose a penny
Cricket star, 23, dies after being hit by tube train as he fled police
PC Simon Harwood's 'gratuitous act of aggression' left Ian Tomlinson dead
Hypocrisy! Senior Labour hacks to become crime commissioners despite saying it was ‘bad idea’

Monday 18 June

The House that Traitors Built: Yobs taunt/spit on wheelchair-bound pensioner
African Immigrant Daniel Kiunsi to sue the UK for £11 million for making him UNHAPPY
Care home failings 'are fuelling child sex abuse' MPs warn
Marchel Ngum jailed for robbery and weapons offences - loses council home
Murder/manslaughter: Jermaine Sawyers, Cori Lindsey, Omar Harrison guilty
Dangerous driver, Dharsen Panchali, gets five years for killing teenager
Nadeem Yasin charged with murder
Reading robbery: e-fit of black suspect
Drug dealers Tahir Atlas and Sejad Malik jailed
Airline fraudster Victor Bassey refuses to tell immigration staff where he is from
'Right to a family life' lets Ramos brothers who killed man in his own home stay in UK
Ban on bangers! Schoolchildren denied pork for 'religious reasons'
'The end of slavery led to hunger and death for millions of black Americans'
James Murdoch and other News International executives had 'secret' mobile phones
Rio Ferdinand accused of endorsing Asian cigarette firm that promotes smoking to children
From Vietnam to the Iraq war why Britain's leaders must always toady to Uncle Sam
Tony Blair’s ambition
Baroness Warsi under fire once more
Greed is driving wealthy doctors to strike
Wokingham school worker on 19 sex charges

Sunday 17 June

Killer brothers, Nuno and Luis Ramos, overturn deportation bid
NO JAIL for Gurmeal Mount Everest Singh: he broke a man's jaw in an unprovoked attack
Yunus Chehalfi stabbed man 3 times after asking Alhusain Ali to take his feet off seat
Will amputation nurse, Stella Nthinya, be struck off?
Sex beast, Akter Ahmed, blamed skunk for series of attacks
Aaron Tucker, drug dealer, jailed after naked chase
PROMOTED! Councillor Aftab Hussain gave positive character reference to Rochdale paedophile
Ali Abdul-Waga robbed Michelin-starred diners. Nasir Muhsen, Caleb Williams also charged
Danilo Restivo killed Heather Barnett in Bournemouth and Elisa Claps in Italy
Awuah Ohene-Gyan wanted extra cash for needless treatment but refused to treat pets in pain
Former councillor Mabon Dane is a pervert and "a follower of Islam"
Leveson threatens to quit over Education Secretary's claim the inquiry is damaging free speech
BLAIR WARS: Alex Guy killed in Afghanistan
Bush threatened to 'get rid of' Iain Duncan-Smith if he didn't back Blair over Iraq
Send your last text – it's time to live like a criminal
‘Make parents pay for crimes of very young’
Why try to take baby from EDL mother but not from ‘terrorists’?
Another insult by TV chiefs - BBC snubs air heroes
Judges who allow foreign criminals to stay in Britain
Baroness Warsi, her extremist business partner and lunch with the Prime Minister
Baroness Warsi and the 'extremist' who went to Downing Street
Rupert Murdoch 'pressured Blair on timing of Iraq war'
Homosexual minister brands church leaders ‘intolerant’ over gay marriage stance
School governors more interested in lunches, uniforms and plumbing in the loos than standards

Saturday 16 June

Notts. schoolboy, 14, arrested after he 'stabs 26 classmates' with syringe
Matthew Quesada murdered Alan Smith for asking if crying daughter was alright
Victim of 'gang initiation': young woman clawed and kicked by gang members
Sex gangs preying on children in Brighton and Hove
Cabin boy (first Brit to have sex change) awarded MBE for services to transgender equality!
Sergei Zolotovsky, who killed ex-wife and mother-in-law, sentenced to life
Neglect by doctor Sharad Shripadrao Pandit led to TB death of schoolgirl
Asia Parveen subjected girl, 10, to 45-minute beating for not reading enough Koran
Shafilea Ahmed's sister told friend her father 'did it'
Campbell's diaries tell how Rupert Murdoch 'tried to rush Blair into Iraq War'
Nigerian benefits adviser, Olatunji Kazeem, stole £130,000 from needy clients
BLAIR WARS: Lance Corporal James Ashworth killed in Afghanistan
Cherie/Euan Blair investigated for breaching planning rules at Euan's £1.3m bachelor pad
10% of Nigerian visa applicants wrongly allowed to settle in UK
Middle-class poverty. Feral gangs. Neo-Nazis. Athens waits for the volcano to explode

Friday 15 June

BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed as UK death toll in Afghanistan reaches 418
Black killers urged to explain stabbing death (Blowtorch the nuts: explanation immediate)
Salah Nashia bludgeoned ex-wife to death: she wouldn't back application to stay in UK
Jamaican immigrant Junior Hall gets 11 years for raping girl, 11
Guardian manager, Junior Roserie, subjected girl to years of torment
Hudson De Oliveria imported cocaine from native Brazil
Student immigrant route 'wide-open' door to Britain
Tagged criminals released early committing 900 offences in a year
'British' suspected Islamic terrorist arrested in Germany
Wanted for £24,000 benefits fraud BBC Watchdog's rogue trader hunter, Dan Penteado
The Jews just can't win?
'I am so rooting for you, we're definitely in this together': What Brooks told Cameron
Embarrassing text revealing cosy relationship between David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks
Cameron’s 'chumocracy’ no substitute for a political mission
Secondary school bans girls from wearing skirts to prevent sexualisation of pupils
UK allows undercover police to have sex with suspects!

Thursday 14 June

Shareholders vote against trough-gobbler Martin Sorrell's £13m pay deal
Rochdale Grooming Case Is 'Tip Of Iceberg'
Life for 15-year-old who murdered Steven Grisales
Leroy James’s death filmed on his own mobile
Tagged but free to kill: nearly 60% tagged criminals break their curfew
Child grooming scandals 'tip of the iceberg', says Government minister
Met Police ‘worst in country’ at dealing with crime victims
Four arrested over stabbing of teenagers in Wandsworth
Bogus doc 'Big Bad Wolf' may have 'treated' up to 700 'patients'
Dale Farm took 10 years. This farmer and his digger saw off invading Gypsies in 3 hours!
Pensioners working beyond retirement DOUBLES in 20 years as so many are broke
Cosmetic surgeon to the stars, Aamer Khan, pressured woman into going under the knife
Behind Enoch Powell's image lay a man of exceptional integrity
Having a job is no guarantee of escaping poverty in modern Britain
Thousands of children entitled to free school meals are still going hungry
25% of N.I. object to gay neighbour, 50% to Gypsy in-laws
Homosexual lifestyle strongly linked to depression, suicide
Ken Maginnis speaks out on gays! Party distances itself from his remarks

Wednesday 13 June

Do you know these Asians who viciously attacked 2 students?
We need Muslim-Jewish unity against the far right (white folks)
Israeli Nukes Are Deployed Underseas On Subs Bought From Germany
More Scientists Say Earth Is On The Verge Of Collapse
Israel to put thousands of Africans in detention camp
The Chinese Kleptocracy Is Like Nothing In Human History
School teacher Hasnain Manji sexually abused children for more than 22 years
Abdoulaye Diallo jailed for three attempted rapes
Serena McFadden and Samina Natawala jailed for police hate campaign
Mohammed Amjad, Haroon Mahmood and Mohammed Suleman Farooq deny child rape
Croydon charity chairman, Michael Williams, avoids jail for fraud
Police officer knocked unconscious by Black in Kingsbury
Robert Ekaireb charged with murder of missing wife
Valdevane Da Silva and bank cashier Christopher Lewis stole £42,000 from pensioner account
Suspected rioters accused of terrorising shops and restaurants
Muhammed Asad Niazi accused of murdering ex-girlfriend with hammer facing retrial
Ali Abdul-Waga robbed diners
Asian family convicted of kidnapping in marriage rowAfter Asians jailed for child rape Rochdale's Labour leader says it's 'wrong' to accuse Asians!
Crime statistics for England and Wales: what's happening to each offence?
Online porn 'is turning children into sex attackers'
21/7 Tube bombers in human rights claim that they were wrongly convicted
75,000 visas handed out each year to foreign students who never go home
Young people 'locked out' of owning own home
Church, state and an unholy mistake
John Major says Murdoch DID demand changes to Government policy in return for support
Holocaust survivors now saying they suffer from PTSD! (More publicity, more German dosh!)
Michael Gove's curriculum attacked by expert who advised him

Tuesday 12 June

Failed asylum seeker, Ako Amin, boasted: 'The hammer didn’t do it I had to strangle her'!
Shahriar Firouzian accused over Cambridge University student's death
The rise and fall of Brixton's GAS gang
Tyrell Shannon, Callum and Quamai Nugent, Asha McDevitt jailed for disorder
Father of Mohamed Merah suing French goverment for "murder" of killer son
Why did Clare Sly kill her boyfriend? Perhaps Dionne knows
There are more than 250 gangs in London
2,000 British troops to be sacked today!
Thousands of teachers go back to school to learn basic maths and grammar
How many corrupt cops does it take to mace, beat up and arrest an innocent man? 19!
Jewish extremists daub Israel’s holocaust memorial with 'Thank you Hitler' graffiti
What Zigi Shipper (the latest Auschwitz 'survivor') told the England squad
Did Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement hang herself after fellow soldiers raped her?
UK pension performance among worst in developed world
Gay marriage plans to 'force Church to split from the state' for first time in 500 years?
Brown says Murdoch was lying: Declaration of war on his empire 'did not happen'
Statins 'leave 40% of women patients exhausted': At low risk? Don't take them
Sex offenders treatment concerns
Record fall in 'NHS satisfaction'

Monday 11 June

Cops seek 11,000 fraud factory users. BBC don't mention crims Jaipal Singh, Arun Thear
Teenager raped by black man in Regent’s Park
Plot to traffic £50million worth of cocaine: Daniel Persson-Negucic jalied
Pritpal and Satpal Ruprah smuggled £22.9 million drugs into England since 2005
Foyez Ahmed charged with murder
Miroslav Wosik charged with murder
Laura Wilson murdered by Ashtiaq Asghar: Report hid sexual exploitation Rapper K Koke (Kevin Georgiou) charged with Harlesden shooting
Jamaica drug kingpin 'Dudus' Coke jailed for 23 years
27,000 charities survive on taxpayers cash and lobby for politicians' pet causes
Firms spend millions sending recruits to remedial classes to learn the 3Rs
Obama in 10-Point Drop among Jews
After decades of eductional treachery: children go back to basics in maths
Google/Apple deploy spy planes able to photograph sunbathers in back gardens
HUMAN RIGHTS: We'll change the law if judges refuse to deport foreign criminals
Bercow lashes out at critics who he brands 'snobs and bigots'
Foreign crims will no longer be able to argue 'right to family life' to stay
David Cameron left daughter in pub

Sunday 10 June

JAPAN: Massive sardine die-off! Fuckushima?
England should walk off if racially abused say Labour (Or Hodgson just picks an all-white team?)
Clare Sly and Derrick Vassell shot dead. Son/girlfriend bailed (Chechez les ethnics?)
Oldham murder: Knife victim named as 38-year-old Razu Khanum
Brothel above NatWest bank run by Kim Li
The War on British pubs is a war on British culture
Mosque near Olympics site in ‘terror link’ investigation
Surgeon’s £250 charge to fix whiplash insurance report took Dr Muhammad Shaikh 18 minutes
London bus drivers vote to strike demanding £500 to turn up for work during Olympics
New immigration clampdown demands £20,000 salary for Brits to marry a foreigner
Pop goes the Monarchy: Queen listens to Paul McCartney: I hear the end of the Royals
Strivers nil, skivers £49,000!
Baroness Warsi and the 'extremist'

Saturday 9 June

'Couldn't give a toss'! says Shovell King whose 'devil dog' savaged a little boy
Stanislav Jano and Robert Ziga wrenched engagement ring off finger of hospitalised stroke victim
Algerian immigrant Hamza Boutouil not guilty of murder/manslaughter 'cos he's nuts
Bank worker Harprit Shari admits £80,000 fraud
Sahil Jain cheats taxman of £330,000 in VAT scam
Knifepoint rapist Salim Khan jailed indefinitely
Bus driver 'did not follow training' over rape case
Mohammed Ismail facing sentencing after admitting possession of weapons
'Rogue trader' Kweku Adoboli tagged and freed on bail
Rape detective's arrest sparks Met review of 63 cases
Thanks to Hollywood, new generation thinks it was just US won WWII
If there are so many SURVIVORS how many did the Nazis actually kill?
Sponsors pick bosses to carry Olympic flame and drop local boy
Britain condemned on human rights in UN report by Iran, Russia and Cuba!
Enough weasel words, Dave. The British people must be given a vote on Europe
It's time to stop using the word 'Asians'
We must face up to the harsh truths about Syria
Stark choice under new immigration rules: exile or family breakup
A fantastic week but why was it so white?
Because most immigrants don't care for our traditions, culture or history, Kelvin. Just like you and the rest of the PC Crowd!

Friday 8 June

20p short, she begged for 8 minutes before being ejected. Then Joseph Moran raped her
Gang of 6 Blacks 'lured" cops to pub blaze before opening fire
Gangsters Kervin Kavuala, Zeleke Forde and Shane Lewis murder innocnt man, Daniel Smith
Eddy Shah on rape charge
Heart surgeon Ahmed Abdelgawad lay on floor at Tesco so he could look up woman’s skirt
Jarrad Beddow ‘defied WMD alert and sent Iran chemicals’
Career burglar Simon Berkowitz notches up 250th conviction in half a century
R.J. Williams who broke lightbulb-eating record arrested after trying to rob bank twice
Chattering classes: British primary school where pupils speak 31 different languages!
Aaron Cook: World Taekwondo Federation say PC traitors broke code of ethnics
The PC Crowd is everywhere! General Peter Wall wants more ethnics and women in the army
10 Somalis live free in £2m home
Why did they wait 64 years to say this? Forced marriage: more than 7,000 every year!
Romanians who return to Mayfair camp don't like the attentions of photographer

Thursday 7 June

Birmingham riots: Jermaine Lewis (6th black) convicted over police shooting
Muhammed Asad Niazi murdered mum 'in front of two-year-old daughter'
Osman Bangura and Isaac Walters guilty of murder and manslaughter
Catherine Zaks murdered in Poland by 'pure evil' bus driver Miroslaw X
‘Wicked’ care worker, Corrida Richards, preyed on vulnerable elderly
Sex attacker Harbinder Singh Rana invited on to royal barge alongside Queen
Female screw Zanib Khan shared hours of intimate phone calls with inmates
Owner of "devil dog" Garfield King blames little boy's parents
New Afghan ambassador Mohammad Daud Yaar accused of fraud
Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea Spreading says UN
Forced marriage outlawed? 'Little more than slavery'? (Believe it when I see it)
Panorama attacked over 'sensationalist' Euro 2012 racism claims
New 'massacre' reported in Syria's Hama province
"Al-Qaeda hasn't gone after Israel" or America. "It seems to go after" their "enemies"
Thousands complain over BBC Jubilee coverage (Boss says everyone did very well)
Cut in police numbers has contributed to rise in crime top cop warns
Sayeeda Warsi's business associate also attended London meetings
Labour 'too reluctant' to talk about English national identity

Wednesday 6 June

Murderer Paul Flint absconds on day release
MURDER: Shofique Uddin, Gulbahar Begum, Rahela Begum charged
Temidire Owolabi shot James Bryant: jurors will 'burn in hell' for finding him guilty
Mohammed Rohail Rasheed charged over crash which left man with serious injuries
Adem Demir caught 'absolutely armed to the teeth' following nightclub fracas
Dilek Dag, Altin Yadirgi, Dilan Eroglu jailed for bomb attack on club
Archbishop of Canterbury tribute to Queen = sermon on City greed/immigration
Nobel Peace Prize? Anti-war Obama becomes Lord High Executioner
Leaders plotting EU superstate with the Germans in charge
Unsung heroes carrying Olympic torch? Sponsoring companies' staff more like
Unemployed bussed in to steward river pageant
Not another Labour stooge at the BBC
Israel, Iran, red lines and ticking clocks as tensions mount in the Middle East
Black police reporting racism 'labelled troublemakers'
Daha Essa held-up on train at knifepoint: now facing deportation? Don't make me laugh!
David Cameron's 'bizarre' decision to investigate Sayeeda Warsi but not Jeremy Hunt
Now stage set for sensible immigration policies?

Tuesday 5 June

Face-to-face with Bulgarian who broke into her home and confronted her in shower
Ali Rehman gets 11 years for part played in gang rape 15-year-old
Roshane Channer and Ruben Monteiro see sentences doubled for rape of 11-year-old
Calvin Fairweather charged over street stabbings
'Cannibal' porn star Luka Magnotta arrested in internet cafe viewing stories about himself
David Cameron refers Baroness Warsi to independent adviser on ministerial interests
Facebook crime every 40 minutes: Killings/grooming - 12,300 cases linked to the site!
Why is France getting 'MP for London'? The BBC is too ignorant/controlled to answer
BBC got pageant so wrong because it holds patriots in contempt
Inane celeb-driven drivel: BBC attacked for dire coverage of Queen
"Muslims that arrive here do not believe this country belongs to us, to the white man"
US drone kills up to 17 in Pakistan, the third attack in 3 days!
How to get everyone to hate you! (Obama knowa how)
Another 165,000 innocent people put on DNA database despite Coalition vow

Monday 4 June

Boy held after teenage girl's death
Somali immigrant, Daha Essa, faces deportation after knifepoint hold-up
Terrifying moment gunman opens fire in London bookie raid
Woman raped by foreign accent man while out walking dog
Gedu Bibi gets just seven years for killing daughter's boyfriend
14 jailed over Nottingham riots (check the names)
Five people stabbed in Thornton Heath
Labour says Tory peer Baroness Warsi should 'face police inqury' (for once I agree)
Female screw Zanib Khan 'exchanged sexy letters and phone calls with 7 inmates!'
Thousands of EU students owe £20 million in unpaid loans! Just 9 have been taken to court
Saudi Princess 'does a £5m runner from 5 star Paris hotel' with entourage of 60!
BLAIR WARS: Corporal Michael Thacker killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Another soldier shot dead in Afghanistan's Helmand
Jews hurt in France by North Africans
St. Petersburg bans promotion of ‘gay lifestyles’
UKIP leader Nigel Farage names Enoch Powell as political hero
150 dead in Nigeria plane crash: Police overwhelmed by looters
Hamburg warzone: 700 arrested as leftists clash with neo-Nazis

Sunday 3 June

Polish rent boy, Pawel Rodak, stabbed Roger Gray 114 times
Jovan Roberts charged with murder of Luke Harwood
Brandishing an AK-47, Madonna kicks off 'world peace' tour IN ISRAEL!!!
Troops, settlers force village to recite ‘I love Israel’
Israeli Army Invades Gaza, Opens Fire At Farmers
Washington’s Hypocrisies
Anthony Holt: “I want to be seen by someone who’s English. This is England"!
Channel 4's 'shocking' sex education film aimed at five-year-olds
Rothschild heiress marriage to Goldsmith scion over - now with rapper Electronica
Rudy Eugene tore off 70% of Ronald Poppo's face with his teeth
Tory peer Baroness Warsi and her secret business
Spain is in 'total emergency’, the EU in total denial

Saturday 2 June

Obama/Israel Stuxnet virus created to destroy Iran nuclear prog now 'out of control'
Crazed Turkish killer who slaughtered wife and mother-in-law jailed for 36 years
Obsessed with Hannah Rhind, Shumsheer Ghumman gets 9 years for plotting to murder her dad
BLACK armed robber, Henley Stephenson, disguised himself as WHITE man
Christopher Walters charged with Luke Fitzpatrick’s murder and attempted murder of his father
Drug dealers Saleh and Siddique Ahmed jailed
Paramjit Singh denies murdering father-of-three
Burglar Alex Vedat gets 8 years after threatening family with knife
Zariq Zaman jailed for six weeks after fleeing country to avoid giving evidence in murder trial
Victim critical after attack outside Small Heath mosque
Inside the mind of a monster: child sex abuse of Franciscan priest revealed
US student Alexander Kinyua 'ate roommate's brain and heart'
Promiscuity, separation and divorce reach epidemic proportions in Britain warns Bishop of London
Anne Robinson: My parents supported Enoch Powell
United Nations honours tyrant Mugabe as a tourism ‘ambassador’!
Has any country ever changed so much in 60 years?
Bloodshed and betrayal: The futility of our soldiers' deaths in Helmand
RACIST! Sandra Hynes complained about black nurse after she was left with punctured lung
Teachers helped schoolgirl, 15, have an abortion without her parents' knowledge
The gipsy family who made £2million and dodged £500,000 in tax so they could live in luxury homes and buy fleet of cars
Britons face £5bn bill to help out Spanish

Friday 1 June

How UK Government hid secret Lockerbie report!
Illinois Dept of Agriculture destroys 15 years of research proving Monsanto kills bees
Israel proposes work camps for illegal migrants
Danai Muhammadi and Farhad Mahmud murdered Melissa and Mark Crook and baby Noah
Ensar Gol guilty of double murder of wife and mother in law
Turk grins as he's told he'll get life for murdering English bride and mother-in-law
Sex predator, Amir Marzouq, jailed for groping young women on London Underground
'Class-A drug dealer' kidnapped, tortured and beaten to death by Samuel Prime-Fearon
3 found guilty of shooting at police after 'luring' them to scene of firebombed pub
Ezekiel Charles-Sterling guilty of murder
Faces of Westminster burglar suspects
Care home nurse Sarita Mittal ‘threw pills at patients like darts’ to avoid germs
Nurse Marriettah Attelluh, who urinated in front of a patient, keeps her job
Year in prison for drunken ship crash captain Miroslaw Pozniak
Generation growing up skewed by internet porn court hears as rapist, 12, spared jail
London 2012: Pupils learn 'we'll kill you' song
Incapacity benefit Nazis find Paul Mickleburgh (14 heart attacks) fit for "work related activity"
4m homes where no one works!
People admitted to hospital because of alcohol up 10 per cent in a year
Jeremy Hunt risks £3,000 fine running red light and ignoring no entry signs as he bikes home
As depth of Hunt's support for Murdoch laid bare, Cameron gives him clean bill of health
BBC man Petroc Trelawny ‘facing 10 years in jail’ over new charge
Tamil asylum seekers due for deportation reprieved
Tory minister Nick Herbert insists government still committed to gay marriage
(March news) Catholic leader calls government's gay marriage plans 'madness'
OBSERVER editorial (March): "At last we're learning to cherish difference!"

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