Daily News - July 2007

Lindsay Ann Hawker’s Parents Make Appeal in Japan for Murderer
More Patrols After Muslim Terror Attacks
Man Charged over Schoolboy Death
Police Name Murder Suspect as Elroy Otway
Israeli President’s Sex Case Delayed
US Led Raids Kill 26 in Baghdad
Israel Launches Gaza Air Strikes Killing 7
BLAIR WARS: US Troops Face Iraq Murder Charges
Ex-Chairman Blair Launches Stinging Attack on Muslims
Not on our behalf, that’s for sure!
Britons Left on the Street as Immigrants Move in
Brown Pledges Immigration Shake-up
50 years too late, you vote-grabbing c***!
Foreign Diplomats Free to Rape Rob and Murder in UK!
Off-duty cop Knocked Unconscious with a Brick
Gives a whole new slant to the phrase "taking care of us", doesn’t it?
Blacks and Asians Rob and Sexually Assault Man in Park
More London Stabbings: Another Death
Doctor Death’s Lethal Payload
Dr Death is Iraqi – but that doesn’t have anything to do with ex-Chairman Blair
BNP Told to Stay Away from Scotland
Shami Chak-rabarti says "Scots have the confidence to unite against all forms of extremism."
Ex-Chairman Blair Says Significant Groups are Here Conspiring to Commit Terror!
Who brought them here? Who keeps bringing them? Who keeps on telling us they’re wonderful!
Cover-up of Asian-on-White Savagery in Doc Bomber’s Town
More London Stabbings: Another Death
We Will do Our Utmost but Terrorists Might Succeed!
Encouraging words from new Home Sec
15-year-old Michael Morgan is Latest Little Lad to be Stabbed to Death
Lies Earned Asian Mother-of-Three £37,000 in Benefits
More London Bombings are on Way Says UK Muslim Leader
Anjem Choudary was the threatener
British Muslims Must Show Which Side They are on!
This Creature WILL Swing!
When the British get their country back
81-Year-Old in Wheelchair Mugged by Middle-Eastern Looking Man
2 More Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
First Picture of Hannad Hasan, Somali Murderer
First Picture of Tristan Walker: Black Man Wanted for the Murder of 17-Year-Old Girl
Jewish Oligarch Berezovsky Faces Coup Charge
US Kill 26 in Iraq
Israel Slaughters 7 More Palestinians in Gaza
Israel’s Finance Minister Resigns over Embezzlement Charges
Israel Faces Corruption Epidemic
Asian Terror Cell in the NHS
Numbers Leaving Armed Forces Reach 10-Year Peak
The USA Knew 2 Weeks Ago That We Would be Attacked
Mordechai Vanunu Jailed Again
Brown Attacked over Appointment of Digby Jones
Blair Must Make up for Failure in Palestine
Chairman Blair Launches Attack on "Absurd" Islamists
Iraqi Kurd Asylum Seeker Deinies Stabbing 2 Brits in Plymouth
12 NHS Staff are Al-Qaeda Suspects!
Another Cop Stabbed in London!
Hammer Muggers Beat British Lad to Death in Benidorm
Don’t Tell the British About the EU Treaty
Almost 128,000 of the 277,000 Doctors on the GMC register were Trained Abroad!
Including the 12 who tried to blow us up the other day
Brown Bans Ministers From using "Muslim" in Connection with Terrorism!
Zimbabwean Asylum Seeker faces Charges of Kidnap of Toddler
Illegal Immigrant Has Unprotected Sex with 15-Year-Old
Zimbabwean Sex Beast Had Sex with Mental Patient in his Care
Youth Worker hid 100 Wraps of Crack Cocaine up his Behind!
The Government Lied About Foreigners in Council Housing
200,000 foreigners were known to be living in UK council and housing association houses in 2006
Alan Johnston is Freed
The kidnappers knew the game was up once Hamas took over in Gaza
Outrage as Political Crimes Exposed
Now EU Says We Must Not Link Muslims with Terrorism!
UAF Mayor, Mark Meredith, is Disrespecting BNP
Guyanan Immigrant Trawls City Centre Bars for Victims
3 British Nurses Killed in Traffic Accident in Mozambique
What were they doing over there when they are needed here?
Backlash Fears as Asian Newsagent is Firebombed
Senior Cop Meets Muslim Leaders in Bid to Reassure
What about reassuring us white Brits? We are the ones they want to bomb!
Gangs in Turf War
1,800 False Passports (Value £1 Million) Seized
Damilola Killers Lose Appeal
Both are black
Gang "Happy Slapped" Gary to Death

Asian Jailed for Rape
BLAIR WARS: Soldier Killed on his Birthday is Buried
Teenage Girl Charged with Murder Jailed
Paedophile Vicar is Still Being Paid!

Scot Brown Says No to English-only Votes
Rwandan Murdered 10 UN Peacekeepers
Bush Refuses to Rule out Libby Pardon
Libby is Jewish
Bush Gives Clemency to top Jew Warmonger
Illegal Immigrant Perv to be Deported
UK Bedbug Infestations on the Rise
The Majority of Polish Immigrants PLAN TO STAY PERMANENTLY!
Pressure now on to Trace Brothers of Bomber
Huge Black Gang Attacks Teenager
3-Year-Old Toddler Kidnapped in Nigeria
Asian Charged with Attempted Murder
Miznur Rahman Found Guilty of Inciting Murder
Illegal Immigrants on the Run in Leatherhead
British Builders Used as Slave Labourers in Sweden
45 Muslim Doctors Planned US Terror Raids!
Stevenage School Hands Out Leaflets on ANAL SEX to 13-Year-Olds!!!
In lurid detail sexual positions and how best to have anal intercourse was discussed
Interest Rates Hit 6 Year High
3 Muslims Jailed for Holy War Campaign
Mizanur Rahman Found Guilty
He had called for British soldiers to be brought home in body bags
29-Year-Old Mum Died After Excess Sunbed Use
Murdered by Fashion and Advertising
The Forgotten Survivors of 7/7
Government Challenged over Switch to Cheap Drugs
BLAIR WARS: 17 Killed at Wedding Party in Iraq
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad Killings Rise Sharply
BLAIR WARS: Iraq Checkpoint Attack Kills 17
BLAIR WARS: Iraq Violence: in Figures
New Labour Threaten Kiddies who "Bully" Gays
EU Plots VAT on Food and Clothes
Black Premiership Footballer brings in Illegal Immigrant?
Our Kids Being Deprived of Their Cultural Heritage
Black Who Shot Jeweller Whilst Committing Robbery Freed Against Advice
TV "Sting" Solicitor Struck Off
Asylum Seekers Moved Out of City
Failed Asylum Seeker Guilty of Planning Terrorism
A Third of New Nurses are not Employed 6 Months After Qualifying!
Half the physiotherapists and 1-in-5 midwives are also unemployed. I wonder how many are white?
MPs Laugh at Appointment of Fat Cat "Comrade" Digby
Pupils to get Lessons in Respect!
What, even the Brixton, Tottenham and Hackney ones?
Israel Slaughters 11 More Palestinians in Gaza
Nigerian Kidnappers Threaten to Kill 3-Year-old Girl
Al Gore’s Son in Drug Treatment
Chairman Blair’s Legacy: A Nation Engulfed by Debt!
Oladopo Oyediran Killed his own Baby
Asperger’s Teenager Jailed for Raping Boy
Flood-Hit Hull a Forgotten City
Idiot Prescott is MP here
Inept and Nasty Polish Dentist Struck Off
Black Men Shoot Dead Minicab Passenger
BLAIR WARS: US Marines Investigated for Falluja Barbarity
BLAIR WARS: Iraqi Kurds Tortured Prisoners
The Kurds provided Blair with much of his phoney get-the-war-started evidence
BLAIR WARS: Suicide Bomber Kills 26 in Iraqi Village
Thousands of Britons Have Heart Disease but Don’t Know
Miliband "Turns his Back on Madeleine’s family"
Miliband is a second-generation immigrant Jew
Non-Chairman Brown Employs an Old Lib Dem Wilsonite
Shirley Williams was in at the PC beginning
Andrzeg Jaroszewski broke into House and Sexually Assaulted Aberdeen Woman
He put his hands over his victim's mouth and punched her before demanding sex
Series of Shootings in Bury: Tauyyab Ulshan Amin Charged with Attempted Murder
Black Man Gets 16 Months for Suggestive Comments and Fondling Boy
Cosmetic Giant, L’Oreal, Fined for Using too many White Women In Advertising
8 Al Quaeda Suspects Working for Police BUT THEY DON’T DARE SACK THEM!
29 people were killed elsewhere
Police Hunt Asian Sex Pest
Blown Up, Raped and Murderously Attacked by Jamaicans
If Rachel North was ever PC, I hope she isn’t now
Rachel From North London
Interpol Boss Criticises Britain’s Immigrant Checks
Harley Street Sells Risk Free Skin Whitener
Ooh, that’s not very PC, is it?
Gordon Brown Offers Pathetic £14,000,000 Aid Package to Flood Victims
It was GB’s earth-sucking business pals that caused the climate change that caused the floods!
BLAIR WARS: Death Toll in Amirli up to 130
Asylum Seeker Acquitted of Attempted Murder
He may still be found guilty of malicious wounding
Glasgow Terror Suspect Organised Cross-Community Events in Ulster
The Terrorist who became a Traffic Warden
Brown Politicises Civil Service Even More
Emrah Guney Sexually Assaults Teenager
Tory Leader in Wales Condemned for Anti-BNP Nastiness
Vultures Prey on Flood Victims
Soldier Dies and 3 Hurt in Big Basra Battle
Brown Accused of Abandoning Flood Victims
Secret Evidence that Could Have Saved Sally Clark
Keith Brown Stabbed in the Back in Stoke
The BBC failed to mention that Keith was murdered by an Asian or that he was a BNP man
The Race War of Black Against White
Lone Nurses at Risk of Attack
66-Year-Old Anne Morris’s Death in Spain
She was knocked down on a pedestrian crossing by a drunken biker with no tax or insurance
3 Asians Guilty of 21/7 Bomb Plot
Stupid White Liberal was Raped as Soon as She Criticised Mugabe
Asian Beast Commits Suicide in Court
His brutality left his baby daughter quadriplegic, epileptic and partially blind
Let’s Reward the Hoodies!
Happy-clappy Cameron is at it again!
One Day My Dear Muslims, Islam Will Govern Britain!

MI5 is Monitoring at Least 219 Muslim Terror Groups in Britain!!!
Woman in her 40s in Raped by North African
Prisoner Sues Over his Human Right to Have a Sex Change
Many Teachers Not Up To The Job
C of E Should Challenge Islam say Experts
Jewish Fence Approved for Borehamwood
Zimbabwe’s Top Cleric Urges Britain to Invade
Jabar Ahmed Stabbe Rabid Amin 16 Times
Ruhela Khanom Listened to ipod Under Headscarf During Trial
Alex Ferguson Advised Chairman Blair for More Than a Decade
Government by celeb. Yeah, that’d be good
Asylum Firm in Huge Fraud Probe
Islamic Charity Linked to Car Bombers
Judge Jails Labour Councillor Pervert
Neil Redrup was a Ministry of Defence database manager at the time
Former Labour Councillor Jailed for 14 years for Attempted Murder
Edward McEvilly was the Deputy Leader of Sefton Council
Robert Franks Stopped a Shoplifter: Security Guard said Not My Business
And so did his manager - Jerry Stampfer!
Kurdish Pervert Escaped Deportation to Rape Student
Muslim Would-be Bombers Guilty
Animal Imprison Epileptic and Torture Him Until he Dies
Amanda Baggus, David Lehane and Scott Andrews should be executed
NHS Hygiene Warning Issued

Asian Gang Beat and Rob Teenage Boy in Dewsbury
He was dragged off his bike and knocked unconscious by the Ravey Terror Squad
Bully Boy Campbell Considered Suicide
He should have done more than consider it!
BLAIR WARS: The Chairman’s Closest Aides had "War Doubts"
BLAIR WARS: Our Jewish Foreign Sec Warns Iran!
I wonder if he’ll warn Israel too? (Israel has WMD, Iran doesn’t)
BLAIR WARS: New Security Chief says Terrorism Fight May Take 15 Years
BLAIR WARS: US Senate Steps up Iraq Pressure on Bush
BLAIR WARS: US Iraq Chief warns of "Long Term Endeavour"
BLAIR WARS: Abducted Sunnis and Many Others Found Dead in Iraq
Gabrielle Browne Was Victim of Brutal Immigrant Freed Early from Prison
Mohammed Kendeh had been spared jail for 6 previous sexual assaults
Top Muslim Lawyer Accused of Bribery
She tried bribe one of those accused of the abortive July 21 bombings, apparently
5 Labour Councillors Defect to Tories
Asians Gang-Raped 15-Year-Old Boy

And the gang-leader, Mohammed Naseem, got just 6 years
He has another wife and Jane Felix-Browne has been married 5 times previously!
Asylum Seeker Found Guilty of Malicious Wounding Only
Shaho Ahmed had stabbed and slashed two Plymouth lads without warning
Boy Stabbed in Stomach for no Reason in Chingford
The cops are looking for a wigger and a n***er
5 Black Men Rob Off-Licence
African Immigrant Guilty of Benefit Fraud
Keystone Cops Let the Would-be Bombers Slip the Net
CCTV Footage of Asian Arsonist
Black Man Attacks and Racially Abuses White Couple
Nigerian Brings in 4 Kilos of Cocaine
He was jailed for 9 years
4 "Olive-Skinned" Men Attack Backpacker in Thetford Woods

Black Hijab Wearers Mug 82-year-old Lady in Ilford
UK Needs a 2-Child Birth Limit
Why didn’t they tell this to the fast-breeding immigrant 50 years ago?
Al-Qaeda Threatens More Terror Attacks on Britain
24,000 Patients Get the Wrong Treatment!
Female Circumcision is Now a Problem in Britain
Tintin is Racist says the Commission for Racial Equality
By a Lesbian Jew Snapper and the Murdoch Press
James Houliston died at the hands of a "rark-skinned Asian" gang member
Britain Now Top Target for Muslim Terrorists
Lowry Turner Loves her Mixed-Race Baby
But asks why does she feel so alien?
Short "Dark-Skinned", Pock-Marked Pervert Sought
Asian MP’s Thief Son Freed Pending Appeals
One Black DJ Shoots Another Dead: Guess Why!
He didn’t like the way he deejayed!
73-Year-Old Newcastle man Found Dead in Tunisia: Foul Play Suspected

Another Soldier Dead in Afghanistan
Soldiers Deaths were Avoidable
NY Firefighters Attack Giuliani
UN Concerned over US Iraq Policy
Iraq Vendetta Kills 11
Brown Downplays Iraq Terror Link
BNP Activists Found Not Guilty of Explosive Charges
Toxic Sensodyne on Sale in UK!
It had Arabic writing on the packaging
Top Cop Warning on Migrant Sex Offenders

Churchill to be Dropped from History Syllabus
Mass Immigration and Flawed Ideology Creating Concrete Hell
Asian Gun Gang Jailed After Terror Raids
Kaldeep Singh Dulay Convicted of Indecent Assault
MP Values Muslim Faith Petition to Sack a Nasty Black Yank
Says Keith Best, former Tory MP and top government adviser
Sadistic Asian Rapist Deserves his 12-year Jail Term Top Judges Rule
Arun Patnaik was convicted of five rapes
Black Brit Schoolgirls Arrested in Ghana for Drug Smuggling
This Creep Will Swing
When a Nationalist Government is Elected
Black Brute Admits Arson Killings
Immigrant Pole, Wojciech Ciesla, Guilty of Murder and Two Burglaries
Brit Spy - is he Black?
Conrad Black, Thatcher’s Pal, Convicted of Fraud
He used to own the Telegraph
Brazil Orders Berezovsky Arrest
Tony Blair gave him asylum
Convicted Rapist Attends New Labour Bash!
And he contributed funds!
Black Man Held After 3 Found Dead
Yet Another "Dark-Skinned" Man Sought After Rape
Indian Doc Charged Over Brit Bomb Plot
Inspirational Soldier Praised
Brown’s Man says UK and US No Longer Inseperable
Bush Still Saying US can Succeed in Iraq
Cadbury Caused Salmonella because of Cost-Cutting
NHS Care Still a Lottery
Benoit Anamalay - Violent African-Asian Jailed for 2.5 Years
Nigerian Caught Smuggling £1 Million of Cocaine Jailed for 6 Years
Corrupt Asian Solicitor Jailed for 2 Years
African Rail Employees Scammed Company
Asian Gets 3 Months for Assaulting Young Woman
Ghanaian Drug Smuggler Jailed for 7 Years
Leader of Black Steaming Gang Jailed
Terrorists Should be Treated as Prisoners of War
Says Their Muslim Solicitor
Afghan Refugees on £200 a Day
Call for Immigrant Amnesty by Blairite Think Tank
They want 500,000 aliens to be allowed to stay!
Londoner Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver "of Meditarranean Appearance"
Sex Stalker Assaults 3 Women in Hove
He was "tanned" with a "foreign accent"
Man Attacked on Top Deck of Bus
Asylum Seekers Form a Quarter of Terror Suspects
Half a Million Homes Needed in Yorkshire: Guess Why?
Black Race Chief Threatens to Quit Over All White Cabinet
I hope the jumped up black t**t makes good on his threat
Tory By Election Candidate Helped Raised Funds for New Labour!
Effects of Autism Long Lasting
Miliband Defends US-UK Relations
George Bush is A1 then, according to this second-generation Jewish immigrant
The Other Miliband Starts Work onNew Labour’s 2009 Manifesto
Just as David Miliband did in 1997
Council Warning: Garden Birds Too Loud!!!
Catholic Church Must do More to Stop Child Sex Abuse
Fears Grow Over Mega Mosque
Ashdown Says Bush and Blair Were Ridiculously Over-Optimistic in Iraq
Dr Sabeel Ahmed Charged Under Terrorism Act
Black Shot by Blacks Dies
Young Woman Raped by Black in Knifepoint Attack
Tory Mayor Quizzed over Pub Brawl
Only Greens and Raving Loonies Field non-Asians in By Election!
Catholic Cardinal Reaches Priestly Abuse Deal
Catalogue of Failures in Out-of-Hours Patient Care
Corrupt EU Fraud Fund Raided
All-White Schools told to Mix with Other Races or be Labelled "Failing"!
This is ex-Education Minster, Alan Johnson’s Blairite doing!
Nimby Neighbours’ War With Wounded Soldier Families
NHS Clinic to Help Lesbians Get Pregnant
Murder May have a Racial Motive
Wow! That’s Unusual! A cop admitting that Asian-upon-White murder can be racial!
British Death Rate in Iraq Higher than US
Gay Iranian Asylum Seeker Back in England
Probe into BNP Disrespect Claim
Metronet’s Underground Maintenance Company Facing Administration
The public-private partnership wants £1 billion of our cash!
Ayhan Kilavuz - Mad Knifeman: Cops Risk Lives
Asian Crooks Con Legless Dan
15-Year-Old Muslim Stabbed Michael to Death
Black Man Tried to Rape 42-Year-Old Woman
Sentencing of Asian Rapist Deferred After he Sacks his Lawyers
Black Man Rapes 23-Year-Old in Front of her Little Boy
Asian Stabs Young Man for no Reason
Two Speeding Drivers Killed 3 OAPs
NHS Bosses in £84,000 Junket to Japan!
Welcome to Tropical Britain!
There are now 4,000 Suspected Terrorists in the UK
7 Months ago, MI5 told us there were 1,200 of these
Nasty Black Gang Members Get Asbos Only
Scientist to Sue BBC Over 9/11 Spin
The Number of Immigrants in Rural England has Trebled in Just 3 Years!
Coroner Rules 7-Year-Old Olivia’s Death an Accident!
The fact that she was the victim of hit-and-run Asians explains his verdict
Asians Mug and Beat 15-Year-Old Unconscious
BLAIR WARS: Gunmen Kill 29 Villagers in Iraq
BLAIR WARS: Bomb Attacks Kill 85 and Wound 180 in Iraq
14-Year-Old Girl Charged with Stabbing
Jermain Winston Carty Charged with Attempted Murder
Courtney Hunt (black) Murdered Nathan Williams (white)
Mother Builds up Image of Black Rapist
Mixed-Race Man Set White Sunbather on Fire?
30% of UK Households Keep Weapons to Repel Intruders
Half of All Criminals Aren’t Even Hauled before a Court
TV Rapist Appeal Cancelled After Race Watchdog Warns of Violent Backlash
Labour Party Membership Falls to Lowest on Record
NHS Trust to Axe 600 Jobs
4 Muslims Jailed over Cartoon Demo
Brixton Serial Sex Attacker has HIV
Officer Who is too Brave About to be Axed
Health Authority’s Refusal to Fund Cancer Drugs
MURDER: Daniel Tambengwa Sought
NHS Fails on Diabetes Care
Asians Commit Knifepoint Robbery
African Cocaine Smuggler Jailed for 7 Years
Hawry Abdullah Filmed Himself Raping Drunken Woman
2 Blacks, 1 Brown Beat White Homeless Man to Death
Black Attacks and Sexually Assaults Elderly Man
Speeding Sajjad Munawar Mounts Pavement and Kills Michael Parker
4 Asians Attack and Rob Man at Knifepoint
3 Blacks Attack and Rob Man in Gloucester
Asian who Had 12-Year-Old Perform Fellatio on him Has Sentence Slashed!
Black Council Officer Jailed for Housing Scam
Nigerian University Lecturer, Eni Oyegoke, Jailed for Fraud
Black Robs and Assaults 2 Teenage Girls in Woodford Green
Young Mum Gang Raped by 4 Blacks in Glasgow
Asian Taxi Driver Sexually Assaults Young Woman in Cleethorpes
Somalian Muggers Jailed for 2 Years
Man Stabbed by Black in Graveyard
3 Blacks Attack 28-Year-Old Stranger
Asian Murderer of 17-Year-Old Hannah to be Extradited
2 Separate Attacks by Large Gang of Asian Youths
Attempted Rape by Man of Arab Appearance
Black Career Criminal Jailed for 18 Years
BBC Bosses Teach Their Staff Not to Lie!
Talk about hypocrisy!
Terrorists Cell Set on Fire!
Muslim Only Jail to be Built?
Tp protect the poor terrorists from us, one supposes
Now Killjoys Ruin Annual Donkey Derby
Blacks Shoot 3, Kill 1 in Manchester
Immigrant Doormen Charged with Murder of Lee Rayner

Just 1 Joint Raises Possibility of Schizophrenia by 40%!
Asian News says Oldham Whites Want to Live in Mixed Neighbourhoods!
And I’m a pickled onion!
Video Horror at Hands of Polish Immigrants!
787 of the Foreign Crims Labour Freed are Still at Large!
Ireland: Nigerian Rapist Refused Leave to Appeal
1-in-10 Drink Drivers in Rehab Courses are East European
Bloodbath in the Hercules Supermarket
This event happened on the 14th anniversary of the 1993 St. James Church Massacre
Lib Dem Councillor Works as a Stripper
UK Citizens Abandoning the Country in Greater Numbers
Yobs Pelt Stones at Ambulance and Pensioner Dies
More Excuses for Bad, Black Behaviour
E-Fit of "Dark-Skinned" Rapist
£70 Million Promised for Citizenship Lessons and New Imams
Grandmother Guilty of Murder
Nigerian Lawyer Jailed for People Trafficking
Asians Jailed for 12 Years for Rape of 26-Year-Old "White Scum"
2.5 Million Foreigners Have Applied for NI Numbers Since 2002
Six Million Britons are Living in Households Where Nobody Works
James Bulger’s Killer to Wed
Rochdale MP Attacked!
Top Asian Cop Honoured
Black Nurse Gave Elderly Patient Overdose of Wrong Drug and Did not Report it!

Housing Chiefs Insist Immigrants not Given Priority
The Funeral of Keith Brown
Keith was murdered by his Asian neighbour
Abu Hamza Bullied in Prison says Wife
Oh dear, what a shame!
BLAIR WARS: Dead Soldier Named
15-Year-Old Girl Charged with Murder
Cameron Failing Over Key Voters
Iraqi Kurds Charged Over Park Death
Israel hails US Military Aid Rise
$30 billion in 10 years
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad Bomb Kills 25
US Plans Huge Saudi Arms Deal
Princess Eugenie in Racism Row
"Model Community" of Corby Now ASBO Capital of Country

Our Childrens’ Fight Videos on Net
MI5 Keeping Bomber Alive
Schoolkids Prescribed Anti-Depressants More than Quadrupled in Blair Decade
Children Banned from Using Swimming Pool Armbands!
Brown Won't Rule Out Military Action in Iran
Floods Force Many to Face Climate Change
Blair Starts Mid-East Misson Impossible
Vicar Spared Jail Term Over Child Porn
Brown Signals Cannabis U-Turn
Shock as Booze Violence Rises
Cheating MP Moves into Love Nest as Wife Moves Out
BLAIR WARS: Dead Bodyguard Wanted to Pay for Wife’s IVF Treatment
Worst Floods in Modern History and the Water Keeps Rising
Olivia Hit-and-Run Death Remembered
The BBC does not mention that the man who killed her was Asian
Foreigner Brutally Assaults British Soldier
Foreigner Raped 18-Year-Old in Portsmouth
Woman Assaulted by Black Man in Dundee
Counting the Cost of Immigration
Poll says 38% of "British" Asians do not Feel British
Er… perhaps that’s because they are NOT British?
The Biggest Threat to Britain’s Carp is Eastern European Immigrants
Black Man Shoots at Police
Brown says World Owes USA a Debt for Fight Against Terror!

Another Bush bumboy then
BLAIR WARS: A Third of Iraqis Need Urgent Help!
US Envoy Accuses Saudis of Destabilising Iraq
Evil Gang Bullied Steven Hoskin to Death
Noor Mohd-Yusoff and Trach Lon Gian cut off Xing Xing Xie’s Head
Then they chucked her body in the Thames
Homeless Numbers Underestimated
Did Olusola Akinrele and Kelly Ann Inman Kill Their Baby?
Natasha Peniston Shot her 12-year-old Daughter Dead
German MP Says We Should Have an EU Referendum
Corruption Mars Iraq Rebuilding
BLAIR WARS: Royal Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Abu Hamza Moans: Stop Picking on Me
Top Fireman wants BNP Festival Banned
Let Bummers Bum, Or Else!
Married Couples will not be allowed to sleep together!
Muslims say: We Don’t Want Pet Food factory here
Car That Hit 19-Year-Old was Racing!
The Chronicle does not tell its readers that the car was being driven by an Asian
Gordon Brown Becomes a Patron of the Jewish National Fund!
Oh they do cuddle up, don’t they?
Gordon Brown Will be "Likely be Friend to Israel"
So says the Jerusalem Post

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