Daily News - July 2006

Serial Date Rapist Jailed for 18 Years
Gay Wedding MP Criticises C of E for Not Recognising Fairy Marriage
Cop Shot by Black Man
Black Man Murders 93-Year-Old Lady
Seven Jailed for Computer Heist
Black Throat Slasher Gets 23 Years for Murdering Pensioner
Black Burglar gets Three-and-a-Half Years
Disgraced Asian Death Crash Coucillor Claimed £12,000 Expenses
Illegal Immigrant Peddles Crack While Waiting to be Deported
Education Scandalous Says Director General of the CBI
Asian Rapists Get 11 YearsSex Infections Continue to Rise
Two Asians Rape 26-Year-old
First Ever Multi-Faith Service in Westminster Abbey
Slovakian Cannibal Chews Up Hereford Pensioner
Black Hitman Executed Little Girl and Dad
Asians Jailed for 19 Years for Trafficking Heroin
Black-on-Black Murder in Nottingham
Young PC in Year-Long Coma: Two Blacks Sentenced
Jailed for Benefit Fraud
77-Year-Old Black Activist Sexually Assaulted a Schoolgirl
Asian Perv Dentist Jailed for Just 8 months
Asian Drug Barons Jailed for 19 Years
BBC Bosses Award Themselves Huge Pay Rises

Prescott Holidays with US Supercasino Billionaire - Meets Him 7 Times!

Councillor Abuses Boy
72 per cent Oppose Immigrant Amnesty
I'm Not Quitting Says Prescott
Latest Dead Soldier Named
Video of 7/7 Bomber Released
Happy Slap Black Injures Woman
Asian Blows up his Business for Insurance
More Rape Claims Against Asian Doc
Stabbed Three Times by Mediterraneans
1 million Asian Fraudster Jailed for 7 Years
Video of Second 7/7 Bomber Released
Pensioners Put Yobs to Flight
Biggest-Ever Fraud in NHS: Nigerians Responsible
Yank Rapes Woman, Murders Her and 3 Others in Iraq
New Labour Said 13,000 Would Come: In Fact, 562,000 HAVE ARRIVED!
Road Rage Stabber: E-Fit
Asylum Scam: Senior Black Home Office Official Sells Fake Documents
Asian Shopkeeper Put on Sex Offenders List
Berlusconi and Tessa Jowell's Husband Face Fraud Trial
Summer Smog Killing Thousands
Cameron Takes Ethnic Advice on Immigration
Top Tory Boy: Let's Be Nice to Hoodies
Nutty Gulf Veteran Kills Family
Patients Put at Risk by NHS Cuts
Raped by Foreigner
Asians Molest 21-Year-Old
Health-and-Safety Closes Kensington Indian
Out-of-Work Asian Has £25,000 Heroine at Home
Rapes in Mental Hospitals
British Jew Murdered by Blacks in Washington
Foreign Nut Pushed 52-Year-Old in Front of Train
Dumped Girl is Trafficking Victim
Jewish Activist Murdered by Blacks in New York
Black rapes Schoolgirl in Swindon
Gang Banned From City
It's That Man With the "Tan" Again
Asian Teen in Court for Stabbing Old Bloke
The Circumcised Have 60% Less Chance of Contracting HIV!
Record Complants Against Doctors
11-Year-old White Girl Gang-Raped and Sodmised by 10 Blacks in US
Scrap Penny Lane! We Want Liverpool's Strets Named After Black People!
Another Asian Doc Assaults Female Patients
Abi Titmuss Asian Stalker
Suleiman Robs Bookies at Knifepoint
Loans for Peerages: Lord Levy Tells Gulam Noon Not to Tell
Asian Sex Beasts Hunted
Graduate Refused Job for Being White
Blair's Unofficial Envoy to Middle East Arrested
Living Alone Doubles Heart Risk
Serious Sex Attack in Gloucester
Sister of Black Murderess Jailed
Judge Frees Asian Backstabber in Public Interes
Bank Scam Fraudster Freed
77-Year-Old New Cross Fire Activist a Paedophile
Horror at Prescott as Acting PM
Serious Sex Attack by Black
Asian Guilty of Attempted Murder
UK Commanders Order 500-lb Bombs Dropped on Afghan Town
Autism More Common Than Thought
Loans for Peerages Scandal: Sainsbury Quizzed
Ban BNP Teacher Says Union
Somalian Sex Offender Escapes from Cops
News from America: Rape-Murder of 14-Year-Old
Asian Dentist Struck Off for £200,000 Fraud
Lib Dem Councillor Jailed
Autism at Record High
Black Hoodies Attack Mum in Front of Kids
Serial Sex Attack Nutcase Jailed
Black Gang Slash Man
Killer's Sister Jailed for 2 Years
"Honour Killers" - Two Pakis Stab Sister/Cousin to Death
Sack Levy say MPs
Israel Slaughters Lebanese Civilians
Black-on-White Murder of 11-year-old White Boy
Corporal John Cosby Killed in Basra
Muslim Clerics Still Preaching Hate
Police Seek Black Stabber
Iraqi Guilty of Murdering Blonde Lover
Algerian Paedophile Charged with Rape and Murder of Little Girls
No Charges Against Killer Cops
Body of Beautiful Jogger Found
Dutch Court Refuses to Ban Paedophile Group
Brits Under Fire in Lebanon
Teenager Murders and Flees to Greece
No Charges for Menezes Cops
How Iran Punishes an 8-Year-Old for Stealing Bread
Tory Councillor Racist?
Foreigner Rapes Woman in Tooting
Tanzanian Immigrant Rapes Young Woman and Leaves Her for Dead
Two Blacks Sexually Assault 13-Year-Old
Black Mugger Breaks Both Wrists of 61-Year-Old Victim
Body of Beautiful Jogger Found
Asian Drug Barons Jailed for 19 Years
Greek Youth Stabs 16-Year-Old to Death
Stabbed Five Times by Black Man
Prepare Prison Food Properly for Muslims
Tossers on TV
Bogus Sham Marriage Lawyer Jailed for 5 Years
Cherie Blair at Centre of Sleaze Row
Wedding Party Stoned by 20-Strong Asian Gang - Media Blackout
By 2016 1.5 million "British" Workers Will Live Overseas
Polish Magazine Says 1 Million Poles Have Moved to Britain

Black Singer Says Old Racists are a Write-Off
Bush and Poodle Blair Give Israel a Week to Smash Hizbollah (and the Lebanon)
Gay Cops in Religion Probe
Convicted Asian Child Rapist Charged with Rape- Murder of Two Little Girls

Violent Crime Figures Soar
Hit-and-Run Asylum Seeker Kills 91-Year-Old Olive
Lord Levy Nominated his own Secretary for an MBE
Working Parents Look After Their Kids for just 19 Minutes a Day
A Third of Male Fish Change Sex - Gender-Bending Chemicals to Blame
One in Three Students Quits University
Asylum Seekers Bussed on to Posh Estate
Drunken Black Stabs Serbian Girl to Death in Massage Parlour
BNP Slags Off Schools Distorted History Lessons
Global Warming Causes Hottest Ever July Day
Street Crime Rises
Cameroon Black Sought Asylum Because of a Voodoo Curse!
Lebanon Has Been Torn to Shreds
Somalian Brothers and Black African Gang Rape Teenager
Black Beast Murders Wife and Two Stepchildren
Illegal Immigrant Murderer Jailed for Life
3-Year-Olds to be Taught Homosexuality in Schools
Young African Wife Murders Old, Rich Brit Husband
Immigration Scam Mastermind Remains Jailed
14 Illegal Immigrants Worked at Home Office
Livingstone "One-Man Dictatorship"
1752 Children Under 12 Raped in 2005
Honest Doc Calls Superslag a "Walking Social Disaster"
A "British" Jury Cleared This Asian Rapist of Raping Terminal Gran
Fake Marriage Fraudster Jailed for 5 Years
Yet Another Asian Doc Struck Off for Groping Patients
Filthy Chicken Factory Owner (Asian) Jailed
Somalian Sex Attacker EscapesAsian/Chinese Gang Fight
Counclillor's Son Arrested: Councillor Says Police are Racist
Asian Paedophiles Chase Whistleblowing Mum
Enormous Number of Heroin and Cocaine Addicts
Foreign Office Minister Criticises Israel
Asian Killed in Asian/White Street Fight
Black and Mixed-Race Girls Targeted for Pregnancy Reduction by Goverment
Immigration Controls Inadequate
31-Year-Old Asian Abducts 15-Year-Old British Girl
45,000 Bulgarian and Rumanian "Undesirables" Are On Their Way!
Scots are Getting £3 Billion Too Much at Expense of Poor English
New York Society Hails Cameron: The New Blair!
More Than 1,500,000 Foreign Workers in Britain
Countess Quits Asylum Tribunal
703 Corruption Charges Leveled Against Home Office Officials in 2004/5
Israel's War is Our War Says Half-Spanish bisexual Tory Boy
Biased Reporting of "Racist" Attack
US Abuse of Prisoner in Iraq Was Routine Says Rights Group
Cruelty to Kids from Tony B's Thought Police
Thought Police Cruelty to Kids
Colombian Cocaine Gang Jailed for 57 Years
Hospital Superbug Cases Rise
Hospital Fail to Tackle Superbug
Belgian Charged with Murder of Mother and Daughter
Briton Shot dead in Marbella
Flying Our National Flag to be Legalised
A Prisoner in Her Own Home For Two Years
80-Year-Old Mugged by Asian

Turd Cops Investigate 2-Year-Old
East European Gang Hospitalises Friends
A "British" Jury Cleared This Asian Rapist of Raping Terminal Gran
Black Marches Teenager to Cashpoint at Knifepoint
15-Year-Old stabbed Repeatedly by 3 Black Men
Racist Asian Gang-Member Gets Just 8 Months

Rent-Boy Lib Dem Quitting Politics
Woman Attacked by Yet Another White Man with a "Tanned Complexion
Israeli Pilots Murder 4 UN Observers
Clearly marked UN compound was bombed 14 times. Rescuers were also bombed
An Aternative View of the Lebanon's Tragedy
Arsonists Kill Child
Asian Families Have Eco-Friendly Homes Built by Methodists!
Full Immigration Controls Will not be in Place for at Least 8 Years
Drug Factories in Wiltshire: Asians Arrested
Education Secretary Sneers at Traditional Family
3 Black Men Stab and Slash 15-Year-Old
Cannabis Therapy May be Harmful
Prozac for Paedophiles
Tony B Liar Hauled Over Iraqi Coals Once More
Abu Hamza's Daughter: Dad is a Coward and a Hypocrite
Asian Socialite Flees Open Prison
HIV: Gay Businessman Fails to Turn up for Sentencing
Government Lawyers Double Under New Labour
Painkillers Double Risk of Impotence
Asian Woman Axes Husband to Death
Asians Gang-Rape 15-Year-Old Boy
Afghan Gang Grope Woman Beat Up Boyfriend

Asian Petrolbomber
Yet Another Asian Doc Struck Off for Groping Patients
Killer Cabbie Jailed for 7 Years
Black Hero Rapes 3 Care Home Girls: 2 Underage
Asian Former Cop Jailed for Breaking Daughter's Leg
Black Bomber Targets Bookies
Top Jobsworth Cop Doesn't Want Menezez Killers Prosecuted
More Than 4.5 Million Britons Can't Stand it Any More Now Living Abroad
Foul PC Cops/CPS Prosecute 14-Year-Old Girl for "Pinging" Classmate's Bra!
Armed Robber Shoots Indiscriminately
Israel Backed by Worldwide Army of Internet Activists
Fake Marriage Fraudster Jailed for 5 Years
Hit-and-Run East European Jailed for Just 12 Months
7-Year-Old Olivia is Dead: Asian Hit-and-Run Killers Sought
Immigrant Nut Sexually Abuses Women for 2 Years: Gets Just 3 Years in Jail
Immigrant Home Office Cheat Got His Family into Britain
Mad Axeman from China "Accidentally" Released
Black Man Robs and Beats Shop Owner
Son Finds Semi-Conscious Sexually Abused Mum
Asian Cop Rapes Internet Friend
Lebanon Refugees Seeking New Life in Essex
Tony B Liar's Happy-Clappy Immigrants Did This
Man Seriously Ill: Asians Charged
Attempted Murder in York
MURDER: Foreigners Charged
Home Office Probes Corrupt Officials Asylum Cases
Church Volunteer Says 6-Year-Old "Enjoyed It"
Honour Killing Dad: Appeal Rejected
Canadian Pervert Abuses 40+ Brit Girls Over the Internet
Pervert Reverend Jailed for Life
Muslim MP (Blairite Toady Normally) Critical Over Lebanon
Stabbed Man Critically Ill
Man Pushed Under Train by Care-in-Community Nut: Mental Health Screw Up
Hundreds of Police Have Criminal Records
Algerian "Grooms" 15-Year-Old
Violent Rape by Asylum Seeker
4 Happy Slappers Jailed for 26 Years
Muslim Police Officer Attended Al-Qaeda Training Camp?
18-Year-Old Raped by Mediterranean Type
Radical Past of Top Whitehall Muslim
Top Secret Report: Migration Meltdown
Israel Slaughters at Least 54 More in One Lebanon Raid
Report Says More Than 1000 Prison Staff Corrupt
Asian Rapist Who Jumped Bail Behind Bars Now
Jailing the Farmers and Killing Their Cows
Soldier Death: Ordered to Give Away Bullet-Proof Jacket

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