Daily News - August 2007

Pensioner Ernest Norton Murdered by Kids
They pelted him with stones and he died
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Dies
70 Iraqis were also killed today
Black Nutcase Mum Killed her Kids after Social Services Allowed her a Home Visit
Imran Latif held over Attempted Murder of Mum and Unborn Baby
Black Man Drives His Car into a Group of Women
Asian Sexually Assaults Woman in Manchester
8 Million Brits in Serious Debt
Housing Associations in Bid to Support Refugees
Members of Black Police Association Probed
Eastern Europeans Cause 15% of Fatalities on Rural Roads
Failed Asylum Seeker, Giwa-Osagie, Pleads Guilty to Rape of 21-Year-Old
Immigrant Child Killer May Never be Kicked out of Britain
1400 Health Workers Have Criminal Records
Black Pop Star, R Kelly, to be Tried for Child Porn
4 Asians Commit Vicious Sex Assault
Postmasters Who Speak Out About Cloures face Losing £60,000 Pay Off
German Government Promoting Incestuous Paedophilia?
Scouts Banned from Eating Burgers and Bangers Because of Religious B****hit!
Another Black-on-Black Murder in London
18teenagers have been killed so far this year in London (two were white)
Baby Murder in Britain
Sumairia Parveen repeatedly tortured her baby stepson before he died
Asylum Seeker Kids Will be Given Free University Education
Now only English children will NOT be entitled to free education in Scotland!
WHERE THEY THRASH THE BAD! In other words, where the PC Crowd does not rule
Top Gay Cop to be Lib Dems Choice for London Mayor?
Brian Paddick pioneered a softly-softly approach to drugs in Brixton!
Doreen Lawrence says Boris Johnson Would Destroy London’s Multiculturalism!
If this is true I’m voting for blondie!
Britain Faces Asylum Crisis from the New Sangatte
Muslim Fury as Jihad the Musical Comes to UK
Asian Jeweller Convicted of Sex Assault
Corrupt Foreign Passport Officer is Jailed
Muslim Jailed for 4 Years for Gang Sex Attacks on 15-Year-old Boy
Black Jackals Stole Dead Kids ID
Tunde and Oriyomi Williams got more than £1 Million out of the scam!
Do Not Approach Sharif Balogun!
Middle-Eastern Stabs and Slashes Stranger 5 Times
Stephen Cowens Killed by Ghaffar Ahmadi
The Afghan Knocked Stephen down in Bradford and did not bother to stop
Black MPs Against Boris for Mayor
Marine Sentenced Over Iraq Death
Iraq Progress Disappoints USA
BLAIR WARS: Cheney Insists Iraq Surge Working
European Heatwaves Have Doubled
BLAIR WARS: Stress Risk for British Troops
BLAIR WARS: The Army Ignored My Illness
BLAIR WARS: UK Troop Reserves Almost Gone
"Healthy" Fruit Juices Harming Baby Teeth
Athritis Drug Blocked for NHS!
Black Horse-Slasher Freed to Play Football!
Islamic Extremist Free to Spread Hate
Teenage Youth Worker Shot Dead by Black Gunman
Our Foreign Sec’s grandpa was one of many Jewish soldiers in the Red Army
Barred from Government Job for Being White and English

Primary Schools are Being Run by Islamic Group
Tony Blair Promised to Ban!

Asylum Seekers Escape from Detention Centre after Starting Yet Another Fire
Immigrant Gypsy Kids Being Prostituted by Their Elders in Scotland
Just 5 Years for Murderous Black Robber
Immigration Courts are Shambolic and Utterly Unjust
Immigration is Changing Rural England Life
Across England and Wales, almost a quarter of all babies born in 2006 were of foreign-born mothers
Government Lab Caused Latest Foot-and-Mouth Crisis
Martin McGuiness Launches Derry Gay Pride
What Churchill said About Immigrants
4,000 People a Week are Trying to Leave UK
Whites Keep Britain Racially Tolerant
So says the Ugandan-Asian race-mixer, Yasmin-Alibhai Brown
Kids Told to Write "Allah is God"
Kate Moss and Chavs Now Sum Up Britain
BLAIR WARS: Traumatic Stress
Award Winning Film Maker’s Death Divide’s Britain and Israel
Criticism After Immigrant Break Out
US Military Loses Track of 190,000 Weapons in Iraq
US Private Sentenced to 115 Years for Rape and Murder in Iraq
He and 4 others raped a 14-year-old and then killed her and her family
37 More Innocents Slaughtered in Iraq
Labour Fails on North-South Gap
MPs Want More Foreign Students
And more collaboration with foreign universities!
Post Office "Sorry" for Blackmail
Great New Homes in Oldham Ready for Asian Tenants!
Secret Amnesty for 500,000 Asylum Cases
Polish Ship Crash Captain was DRUNK!
Ilyas Akujee Gets Just 3 Years for Killing Little White Boy
Keystone Cops Forgot to Report Dead Body
Anthony Hughes was left lying in the street for 4 hours
Migration Scam Costing You £2bn
Black-on-Black Shooting

2 Girls Raped by Yet Another "Dark Skinned" Man
Asian Doc Sacked for Dishonest CV
Another Muslim Plot
Channel 4 Platform for Muslim who Wants War
Hundreds of Swans Stolen and Eaten by Eastern European Snot
Asian Sexually Assaults 24-Year-Old Woman
Obesity in Mums Linked to Birth Defects
Artist’s Impression of Black Rapist
Black Hit-and-Run Merchant Seriously Injures 2 in Oldham
Rizwan Umar Jailed for Dealing Heroin and Crack Cocaine
String Him Up!!!
David Watson is white and has been dealing drugs since he was 12
Lesbians Whose Kids were Fathered by a Drag Queen
Horrific Sex Attack by Black
Asian Dumped Food Waste in Burnley Canal
56-Year-Old Arrested for Ejecting Burglar from His Flat
Tevita Leo-Latu Suspended for Racism
The Maori rugby star had previously smashed a woman’s nose who argued with him
Cops Hunt Asian Attacker
1-in-10 of Britain’s Homeless are Former Servicemen!
Black Postman Stole 800 Credit and Debit Cards
Ullyses Carbon Charged with Murder of Anthony Kearney
We are not told that Carbon is black. He is!
White Victims of Race Hate Are Ignored!
Abu Hamza Hit with Legal Bill for a Million!
Charity Worker Left for Dead for Being Polite
Left for dead by a foreigner, that is
Britain's Cancer Epidemic: Due to Sun, Booze, Fags and Fat
All things that the elite gangster profits from
Diversity Is Dreadful Says the Liberal Scholar
We wuz wrong then, eh, Prof? And the "racists" were always right!
How Lithuanian "Care Assistants" Punish an 88-Year-Old:Put a Plastic Bag Over his Head
Between 1997 and 2005, 592,000 of OUR HOUSES WERE GIVEN TO IMMIGRANTS!!!
According to the House of Commons Library
Labour Leader Brands Harmless Postcard Racist
Asian Mugger Injures 77-Year-Old Woman
Asians Hurl Racist Abuse at 23-Year-Woman and Break her Arm
Child Protection Officer Exposed as Paedophile is Still on Police Payroll!

Rochdale Councillors Give Go Ahead for 100m of Curry Houses
Modern Life Pushes up Cancer Rate
Big businessmen and the politicians who protect them are responsible
GP Out-of-Hours Complaints Soar
BLAIR WARS: Baghdad Raid Kills 30 Iraqis
BLAIR WARS: US Forces in Iraq Reach New Peak
Asian Doc Charged with Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old
And Making Indecent Photos of Kiddies
Ban Koran Like Mein Kampf
Man of Middle-Eastern Appearance Attacks 19-Year-Old Girl
BLAIR WARS: 2 More Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Wiltshire Council Jobsworths Won’t let 79-Year-Old June Tend the Flowers
Drama Group Not Allowed to Stage The Full Monty
They MUST have a black actor
Immigrant Horror at Care Home!!!
Serial Killer Gonzales Found Dead
In South Africa More Than 1,000 Die of AIDS EVERY DAY
In happy-clappy Nelson Mandela land, that is

Territorial Army Centre to be Turned into a Mosque
Black Man Stabs Stranger out Walking in Shropshire
Dishonest Asian Councillor Spared Jail
Lib-Dem Again
BLAIR WARS: We’re Being Picked Off One by One
90,000 Immigrants Don’t Use English When They take Their Driving Test!
BLAIR WARS: Retake Basra or Get Out!
Asian Doc, Rashid Sandhu, Charged for Attack on 13-Year-Old Girl
Competence of Foreign Docs Probed!
Brown’s Government Gags the Military!
Race-Mixing Slut and Druggie Boyfriend Murder her Little Girl
Fresh Picture of Black Suspect Issued
BLAIR WARS: Dead Soldiers Named
Priest Jailed for Sexual Abuse
Asian and his Teacher Girlfriend Groomed Child for Sex
Guyanan Immigrant Accused of Rape 46-Year-Old
Immigrant, Ihsan Juhoor, gets 4 Years for Rape of Teenager

Asian Raped 14-Year-Old in Toilet
Eastern European Raped Derby Woman
Young Mum Builds up Image of Black Rapist
Foreigner Charged with Rape
Asian Restaurant Owner Bought Epileptic Sex Slave for his Staff
Widow Fills Out Death Certificate Because Doctor Couldn’t Speak English!
Christians Getting Worried by Government Cuddling up to Islam
Sex-Grooming of White Girls by Asians is Exposed
Women Flashed at by Eastern European
Cops Looking for 3 Black Men After Shooting
BLAIR WARS: Funeral for Afghan Marine
Government Must Act on E-Crime
Some hopes
Rochdale Council Spends £1.5 Million Kitting Out Asylum Seeker Flats
Afghan Heroin About to Flood Scotland
Almost all of them of non-native origin
Asians Rob Clubber at Kinfepoint
Tory Slams Labour MP for Telling the Truth!
Asian Charged Over Fatal Stabbing
Toddler Dies From Horrific Injuries
Sky doesn’t mention the ethnicity of the parents
Shropshire Man Stabbed by Two Blacks
Guess What THEY Have Created this £50,000 Job For?
Helping To house sex offenders in Dumfries And Galloway!
England’s Dirtiest Hospitals Revealed
Topshop Clothes Made With Slave Labour
Imran Khan Jailed for Rape
Tamara Alisha Gornall Charged with Gun and Drugs Offences
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Asian Killed Australian With Drugs
Asian Rapist Sought
Yet another truly evil government scam!
Foreign Students are Better at English Than Ours!
Education, education, education, eh Tony?
Man Sexually and Physically Assaulted in York
Young Christian Man Tortured and Gang Raped by up to 30 Pakis!!!
Egyptian Billionaire/Mossad Agent Murdered in London
York Man Sexually Abused by Foreigner
Asians Beat Up 22-Year-Old in Club Toilet
3-Year-Old Covered in Sh**, Beaten and Left Naked in Street
No mention of the ethnicity of the attacker
Senior Asian Cop Had Sex in Police Office
8,350 People from Eastern Europe Arrive Here Every Day!!!
46-Year-Old Hit Over Head with Wheel Brace: Black Men Sought
Eastern Europe Cashpoint Scam in Beverley
Asian Charged with 2 Rapes
UK Damaged by Blair’s Not Calling for Ceasefire in Lebanon War
Failed Asylum Seeker may be Allowed to Stay Despite Criminal Convictions
East Europeans Rape 30-Year-Old in Glasgow
US Marine Jailed for 8 Years for Iraq Killing is Freed

He expressed "regret", apparently
Isolated Gaza a Jail for Its People
Israelis Kill 4 in Gaza Raid
Secret Bonuses for Royal Mail Bosses: Paid Millions to Wreck Post
Black Mugger Threatens to Stab Woman
2-Year-Old Girl Stabbed to Death in Knife Attack
Foreigners Commit 20% of the Crime in London
5 More Police Forces Own Up to Using Teenagers on Beat!
Indian "Bogus Bride" Jailed
African Ticket Collectors Jailed After £45k Scam
Gregory Akinyode and Gbadedo Ishola are the guilty parties
Another Black Kills her Kid: She too was "Was Cleared by Social Services"
Khorram Azim Strangled and Stabbed Kevin Beckingham to Death on Feb 12 2006
Why have never heard about this Asian-upon-Brit murder until now? Silly question really
Experimental School Sex Abuse Horror
Priest to the Stars
Exodus: Brits Fleeing Their Own Land
Female Patient Beaten to Death on Mixed-Sex, MIXED-RACE Ward!!!
Telahum Tedola is the immigrant killer!
Green Belt Threatened by House Building Blitz
And how many homes will be given to unwanted immigrants?
"Equality" Group Hit by Hate Campaign
Oh dear
Report into Knife-Killer Nut Withheld
Top Cop Urges Alcohol Action
BLAIR WARS: 175 Killed in Iraq on One Day!
Older Patients Rights Abused
Higher Tuition Fees Fuelling Student Debt
Foreign Students are Better at English Than Ours!

Eductation, education, education, eh Tony?
Man Sexually and Physically Assaulted in York
Shot 5 Times with a Nail Gun: 3 Blacks Sought
David Russell was minding his own business
Black Hit-and-Run Merchant Seriously Injures 2 in Oldham
13-Year-Old Raped in Leicestershire
The BBC doesn’t mention that the rapists were "dark-skinned"
Elderly Women Have Their Bags Snatched by East European
Prison Population Set to Hit New Record High
Black Youths Kill Another Londoner
He complained about them throwing litter into his car
Two Speeding Drivers Killed 3 OAPs
Quote: "The kids… see us as cool"!
BLAIR WARS: Suicide Rate in US Army at 26-Year High
Australian Globalists are emptying our country of its best workers
Is Britain Policing or Appeasing Islamic Extremism?
"Tanned Complexion" Man Sexually Assaults in Horsham
Muslims Want New Mosque in Oldham US and Israel in £30bn Arms Deal
BLAIR WARS: Yazidi Bombings: Death Toll Now Over 400!!!
BLAIR WARS: Another Brit Killed in Afghanistan
Two Gangs of Refugees Fought a Vicious Battle
Black Gang Slashes, Pistol Whips and Stamps on Student
Two Foreigners and One T****g Attack 21-Year-Old in Canterbury
Demand for a Military Hospital Grows
The words of a former cop
Multi-Million Pound Memoir Deal for Traitor Blair

Gordon Brown Sends Scots Crony on Permanent African Holiday
High Blood Pressure is Out of Control Around the World!
One in four adults already has the condition!
Yet Another Asian Doc Faces Abuse Claim Hearing
Dr Shekhar Chandra is the guilty party
Dear Son, Let me Tell you what Immigration has Done to Us
They Went to New Zealand to Escape UK Violence
And their son was murdered by a Chink!
Woman in 2-Hour Sex Ordeal at Hands of East Europeans
Black Gatecrasher Jailed for Rape
Anthony Pryde, what a nice guy
87-Year-Old Florence Died after Asian Doc Kicked her
Dr Kari Venkatatatnam Babu kicked her accidentally, apparently
Funeral of 30-Year-Old Killed by Immigrant Doormen
Albanians Jailed After Burglary "Binge"
Artan Doda got 5 years, Fran Doda got 7
I’m a Foreign Tycoon You Can’t Ban Me
Black Gang Rob Teenager on Train
UKIP MEP Found Guilty of Fraud Charges
Little Girls Threatened by Gun-Wielding 10-Strong Gang of Blacks
BROTHEL: 7 Chinamen Arrested
The Rise and Fall of a Muslim MP
Innocent White Teenager Attacked 9 Times in 4 Years
Iraqi Asylum Seeker Raped 15-Year-Old Girl
Young Turk Murdered by Litter Lout Blacks
Oldham Drug Dealers (mostly Asian) Jailed
Bangladeshi Sought after Jumping Bail
Mohammed Korim is the wanted crim
Black Robber Molests Lap Dancer
Woman Tells of Minibus Sex Attack by Asian
Zaheer Arshad got a community punishment only
Armed Gang of Blacks Attacks Car Family
Diana Fund to Spend £10 Million on Asylum Seekers!
KILL BECKS AND ROONEY! Al-Qaeda is after them!
BLAIR WARS: Top Turds get Swimming Pool as Troops go Thirsty!

Gun-Toting Immigrant Spared Jail!
BLAIR WARS: Des Browne Denies Failing Troops
16-Year-Old Rape Victim Speaks
Why Blue-Eyed Boys and Girls are so Brilliant
3 Murdered as Knife Crime Soars
Knifepoint Robberies Double in 2 Years
Redheads Could be Extinct in 100 Years!
Andrew Holland: Mahmud Maksoudian Murdered Him!
Another young Brit murdered by an immigrant. Do you think the Tony Blairs gives a f***?
Sexual Assault: Carlos Sought
Too Scared to Leave Our Homes
Headmaster-Murderer Freed Early!
Louvain Luvunzu Loves his New Life in Scotland
Mixed Black and White Gang Attack Father and Son
Britain Invaded by Deadly Mosquito
Black Assaults 16-Year-Old on Bus
hat Pervert Cops Do 6 Die in Israeli Missile Strike
BLAIR WARS: Iraq Bomb Death Toll Reaches 344
BLAIR WARS: The British are Retreating From Basra
Shaho Abu Talib Ahmed Jailed for Just 4 Years
For stabbing a teenager in the chest
Everyone at CBBC is Gay or Childless and Don't like kids
Says Kirsten O'Brien, a BBC presenter
Widow’s Shock at Pro-Immigrant Decision Half-Castes back Behind Bars
Colin Joyce and Lee Amos will be back out before you know it
Gang Crime Due to Absent Black Dads
Says Jack Straw, who did his best to succour and promote black values throughout his career
A & E Closures Put Lives at Risk
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan General Hints at Pull Out
Black BBC Guru Took Kids Cash Then Went on Jaunt with it!!!
Yolande Beckles – what a star!
Yet Another casualty of Oppressive Political Correctness
Gordon Brown’s Britain: How to Lose the War on Terror
Black Men Rob Store
Court Order Extended Against Convicted Rapist Jaswinder Singh
He was running a brothel from his Preston Home
5 Asians Arrested for £900,000 Theft
17 Mostly Asian Drug Dealers Banged Up
Asian Dentist Suspended for Using Dirty Equipment
Black Stabbers Caught on Camera
Killer Boy Admits Appalling Behaviour
Blacks Bailed over Shooting

Zohra Moosa Wants More Black Cab Drivers
Sharon’s Killers Stabbed a Fellow Jailbird!
Learco Chindamo Poses a "Genuine and Present Risk" to the Public!
Get Your Head Kicked in? DON’T BOTHER THE COPS!
Write to your MP instead!
Last Year 385,000 Brits Left the UK and 574,000 Immigrants Came!
The 574,000 figure doesn’t include foreign students and illegal immigrants
BLAIR WARS: 14 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq!
Failed Asylum Seekers CAN STAY!
Hoodie Shoots Dead White 11-Year-Old
Reece Jones was walking home from football practice at the time
Jesse Jackson Calls for Slavery Apology
Cops Waited 3 Months Before Telling Public About Immigrant Rapist
Black Students Force Out White Teacher

More than 25% of all Babies Born in UK Now Have a Foreign Parent!

Illegal Immigrant Gang Murdered Stephen Jeeves
Black Men Rob Store
Court Order Extended Against Convicted Rapist Jaswinder Singh

He was running a brothel from his Preston Home
5 Asians Arrested for £900,000 Theft
17 Mostly Asian Drug Dealers Banged Up
Jehovah’s Witness Escapes Jail for Sex Attacks on Kiddies
Judge Tom Crowther thinks paedophile Michael Porter deserves no jail time!
Red Ken Sobs for the Slaves!
Pass the sick bag!
Judge Grants Reprieve to Congolese Asylum Seekers
Manhunt for Bailed Immigrant Rapist
Harun Rashid is "dangerous"
Shot in Face in Letchworth: Black Men Held
Woman in her 40s Raped by Eastern Europeans
Scotland can Learn from Congolese Refugees
£20,000 Cash Bribes for Kids who Pass Their GCSEs!
E-fit of Eastern European Burglar
The burglar is female!
Now the Yanks are Slaughtering Us as Well!

Black Burglar in the Bedroom!
Young Woman Dies Following Park Attack
Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby were attacked because they were Goths
Another Foreigner Nicking Our Fish!
Teens Attacked by Black Burglar
Black Footballer Jailed for Lying
Vincent Pericard plays for Stoke
Black Drug Mule Dies Swallowing 2kg of Drugs!
"African Prince" Jailed
Otorme Egigba = Prince Ejiro Akpotor
Stroke Care Failing Patients
BLAIR WARS: Democrats Condemn Bush Over Iraq
Krzysztof Loboda Admits Rape
Machete Gang (Black) Rob Newsagents
Guns Sell for £50 as Victims Get Younger and Younger
Muslim Attempts Rape During Mosque Break
Massader Khan: what a nice chap he must be
Immigration into Midlands on the Rise
Black Robber Targets Lone Women
The BBC doesn’t tell us that Christopher Piper and Jeffrey Rice are black
Fariman Khan, Drugs Mastermind, Gets 12 Years
The PC Crowd Are at it Again!
Head Killer to Get New ID
11-Year-Old Attacked by Gang on Golf Course
Shami Chakrabarti: Harry Potter is a War Criminal
Britain Scouring the World for Foreign Olympians
23-Year-Old Dies After Savage Gang Attack
Pollution May Boost Asthma Risk
NHS Payouts Top £80 Million!
Arsonists Blamed as Greece Burns
Israelis Kill 7 Palestinians
Shriti the Shriek’s Dad Pays his Workers 62p per Day!
Shriti Vadera is Gordon Brown's unelected International Development Minister
Thus does Martin Bell describe the Blair era
Cops "Don’t Want to Know" About Teenage Gunmen!
BLAIR WARS: The death of Troy, Fozzy and Mumbles
After all the Blair, Thatcher, Heath and Wilson treachery?
Teens Shot at a Party in Tottenham
Spotlight on UK’s Spiralling Gun Culture
Why Violent Crime Has Doubled in a Decade
Asian Tesco Manager Caught Having Sex With 16-Year-Old Shelf Stacker
How to Scrounge of the State – by Gordon Brown!
Ignoring Immigration is not an Option!
130 Cops Take Part in Gay Pride Parade!
Lib Dem Traitors say AMNESTY for 600,000 Illegal Immigrants!
Immigrant Who Stole 4.3 Million is Freed Early!
Joyti De Laurey has served just 3 years in jail
Immigration Divides England into 2 Zones
Immigration Figures are "Simply Not Credible" says Migration Watch
Britain is Protecting the Biggest Heroin Crop of all Time!
That’s what our soldiers are doing in Afghanistan, is it?
New Labour Claims all Muslim Donations are Legal
Blacks and Wiggers Beat and Steal
Man Attacked by Foreigner as he sat in his Car
Anna Ford Tells Truth About the BBC
54 Arrests on First day of Notting Hill Carnival
Injured Soldier Offered Less Compensation than a Typist with a Sore Finger
Hedgehogs and House Sparrows Under Threat
New Labour Policies are killing them
African Immigrant Charged with Killing Stephen
Tutu Kabalika was the immigrant charged
Shooting Cast Shadow Over Carnival
Foreigners Owe NHS £100,000,000
Grim Bank Holiday Toll on Our Lawless Streets
GCSE Essays "Sickeningly Violent"
£400,000 Lotto Cash to Help Asylum Seekers Claim Their Benefits
Top Israeli Rabbi Says Soldiers who Don’t Pray will get Shot!
BLAIR WARS Two Brothers Die So One Gets to Go Home
Frazier’s Sister Was Raped and Murdered by Blacks
Justice for the Drug Dealer
Police Plea on Genital Mutilation
Husband of Margaret Hodge Lets Chindamo Stay!
Margaret Hodge’s Husband Sets Sex Attacker Free!
Many Nurses Would not Report Elder Abuse!
Childcare Standards are Falling!
US Military Will Not Attend "Friendly-Fire" Inquests
Black Communist Mandela Greatest Leader Says Brown
And yet South Africa is the murder, rape and AIDS capital of the world!
Keith Cowell, his 17-year-old son Matt and one other were shot in the head
Paki’s Sex Attack on District Nurse
The nurse was looking after Sultan Bahadur’s mother
1-in-5 Homes Relies Entirely on Benefits
Blacks, Pakis and Bangladeshis are the most unemployable
Labour Get Back Into Bed With Muslim Extemists!
Hitler Oak Axed!
Black Soccer Player Nicked in Heroin Raid
Zat Knight plays for Aston Villa
People in Ethnically Diverse Areas are Less Trusting of Each Other!
This wasn’t what the PC media was telling us for the last 30 years, was it?
Brown says: Green Belt Must be Sacrificed!
So unwanted immigrants can be housed, eh Gordon?
Oxfordshire County Council Must do More for Ethnic Minorities!
Mohammed Golli hit with £5,500 legal bill
The Shadow Minsters for Militant Islam
Sayeeda Warsi and Paul Goodman. Goodman is Jewish
AIDS-Ridden Asylum Seeker Raped 24-Year-Old Bradford Woman
Zimbabwean, Nqobizitha Ngwenya, was the lovely, fluffy immigrant who did it
Asian Sexually Abuses Oldham Woman
Asian Charged with Offences Against 15-Year-Old
Home Office Fails to Deport African Sex Offender
The Racists Don’t want a Muslim Cemetery in Castlemilk
Did Muslim Lawyer Offer a Bribe?
More Muslim Cartoon Protests!
Lung Disease Rates on the Rise
Warning Over Out-of-Hours Care
Dentist Removes Himself From List!
A dentist 30 years, John Oon Tek Tan has just discovered he’s crap!
Nurses Fear Elder Abuse Errors!
BLAIR WARS: Iraq Meets only 3 out of 18 Targets
BLAIR WARS: Deadly Cholera Outbreak in Iraq
Fifth of Teens are Drink Driving!
Youngsters’ Writing Standards Fall
Spanish Docs let Our Son Die from a Nosebleed!
Being in Europe Cost is £114,000 a Minute!
Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Another Russian Billionaire Flees to UK
"Toxic Toys" (Made in China) Warning!
Claire Stabbed 20 Times by Asian Assassins
Keith Cowell, Matthew Cowell and Tony Dulieu were all shot in the head
Britain is Worst in World for Armed Robbery
Mum Gave Birth in Car Park: 'Hospital Didn't have Midwife'!
Pay Soars for FTSE-100 Bosses!
Thousands at Risk from Inadequate Childminders!

A third of UK’s Biggest Businesses Pay no Corporation Tax
Schoolboy Killers Burst into Tears
Superintendent Keith Lumley says YOU CAN’T CALL THEM HOODIE SCUM
If they terrorise your girlfriend, that is
Social Services Will Take Your New-Born Baby!
Stephen Coulson’s Black Murderer Gets Life
Lincoln Peter stabbed him to death
Michal Piotr Kwidzinski Raped a Woman 3 Times
He also attacked a cop. He had been here just a week
Woman Raped by Bogus Cabbie then Told to Push-Start Car
Sexual Predator Has Jail Sentence Quashed
George Sofroniou had previously managed a brothel
Mohammed Ahad Charged With Sexual Assault
Naeem Waqas Rehmat Assaulted 2 Women and an Underage Girl

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