Daily News - February 2011

Monday 28 February

Angela Gordon, who starved her own child to death, balloons to 18st in jail
Raj Binder Kaur beat her mother-in-law to death
Mohammed Gul convicted for making extremist videos, London
The British public have had their fill of immigration
Half of Britons could vote for the far-RIGHT
Storm over NHS junket for gay staff
Meat from chimpanzees 'on sale in Britain' in lucrative black market
Moe Dirrassruba charged with burglary and robberies
Asians more likely to be anti-immigration than white Britons
Patients still being denied right to die at home because of NHS failures
The city transport chief earning £540,000 a year
Shameless Mandelson defends Gaddafi clan as he claims Blair was 'absolutely right' to make friends
Universities being asked to repair problems in society
Police spend £11,000 on new slogan
Libya: LSE 'should strip Gaddafi's son of PhD'
Ministers urged to give more help to young offenders
Ashley Cole Chelsea shooting investigated by police
Blair made secret calls to Qaddafi

Sunday 27 February

Half of Britain 'would vote for far-Right parties if they gave up violence'
Tax chief's £4,200 for expenses for India trip where he spoke for just 35 minutes
Peers and MPs blow £500k on Westminster art spree... including £10k portrait of Tory Lord accused of having affair with single mother
Wealthy minister earns £2m subsidies in EU farm subsidies which his department tried to cover up
Fund school sex lessons, Jacqui Smith tells porn barons
Stupefied in the gutters of the new Gin Lane, we’re just where our leaders want us
Anti-immigration poll 'disturbing'
Muslim Brotherhood slams UK arrogance
UK Labour bullied DPP to help Qaddafi
Qaddafi deposits £3bn in London
UK Economy: 150,000 businesses on the brink
Cameron and Clegg must show leadership qualities
Abortion is safer than having a baby, doctors say
Archbishop says the Church will resist Government moves on gay marriage
Revealed: UK’s secret £10 billion talks with Libya
Sex attack suspect Morris Simpson is on Ant & Dec
Chelsea defender Ashley Cole shoots club intern Tom Cowan
Cancer sufferers refused life-extending drugs despite Government pledge
Lloyds will not pay corporation tax until profits hit £15bn
British worry me, says Israeli PM Netanyahu:
Exposed: Gaddafi Inc.

Saturday 26 February

The disturbing sexualisation of little girls revealed
'Explicit' striptease Wii game is approved for children as young as 12
Nigerian benefit fraudsters net £1m by claiming 500 people are living in ONE three-bedroom flat
Trucker whose lies began the Iraq war
Alphonse Kruizinga convicted of killing
Black robber shoots at woman
Islamic terrorist propaganda student Mohammed Gul jailed
Killers contest 'whole life' tariff
Now single mums don't have to name the father on birth certificates
UK Al Qaeda man loses his appeal over torture claim
Taxpayers foot bill in £1million EU gravy train
Food buyers 'conned by false labels'
This level of overcharging is totally unacceptable
Inside the private world of London's ultra-Orthodox Jews
British fashion star John Galliano held over 'racist attack' on Jewish woman
George Bush boycotts conference after hearing Julian Assange is also on the bill

Friday 25 February

Today’s Britain: child sex plot man, Turon Ali, walks free
Young jobless total 'set to soar'
Scottish Government announces funding for Auschwitz school trips!
'YouTube terrorist' Mohammed Gul jailed for five years
Record rise in immigration as 240,000 given right to stay in just one year
Please help us, my good friend Tony Blair: Gaddafi's son asks for former PM's help to 'crush enemies'
Pensions: how the baby boomer generation was betrayed
Skunk politicians accuse senior cop of being 'utterly irresponsible' - Peter Fahy dared to tell the truth about the cuts
Chistiaan Winkel jailed over fake sex drug scheme
Lovestruck teens go missing over 'forbidden relationship': April’s boyfriend is Asian
Britain to double Yemen aid package to £90m by 2015
The once forceful Foreign Office is now a paper tiger
Anti-social convict goes to court to finish sentence at home
Michael Gove is accused of breaking promise as funding for school repairs falls by £86,000
Julian Assange fury as he faces extradition in rape case
Makes you proud to be British! (No it doesn't)
Eleven fraudsters who lived life of luxury on welfare payouts... and cost Britain £1million

Thursday 24 February

LIBYA: "We are living a nightmare and we have asked the Government and they have just totally ignored us.
“The sheer scale of what has occurred is changing Britain irrevocably!!!"
Libya: Tony Blair 'too close' to Gaddafi regime
Net migration rose by 36% in New Labour's in 2010: 572,000 foreigners entered the UK oin tending to stay!!!
More than 100 RBS bankers paid over £1m!!!
How will America handle the fall of its Middle East empire?
64,000 children in care!!!
Woman on benefits owing £3,500 rent can't be evicted: New EU human rights ruling could lead to tenants refusing to pay
Nigerian stole 350 IDs to claim £1.3m benefits
Bad-mannered police get 58,000 complaints in a year
Wife of arms dealer in Aitken scandal gives Tories £300,000
Hooded air gun thugs shoot 11 pupils on lunch break at school
Why Jacqui Smith and others seeking glory in their disgrace heralds the death of shame
Muslims who burned Remembrance Day poppies spared jail
Census forms to be printed in 57 languages
Teachers and nurses face pensions being slashed
Supply teachers 'cost schools £293m last year'
Illegal shisha dens 'attracting children'
Battles between British troops and the Taliban double
139 war criminals given the right to settle in Britain permanently

Wednesday 23 February

England has to squeeze in another 10 million people in the next 25 years
Facebook confession snares illegal immigrant rapist John Ssewagudde
Nkosinathi Mabanda admits infecting Walsall woman with HIV
Cameron vows Britain will not allow Iran “to cast a nuclear shadow” over the Middle East
Woman gang raped by Middle eastern men
UK contributed to Mid East instability by backing autocrats!!!
Migrants, Labour and democratic vandalism
One migrant a minute lands in Britain
Rude, arrogant, lazy: Patients' verdict on NHS staff as two in three tell of poor care
The 90,000 young Britons out of work on sickness benefit
Anger as word 'marriage' vanishes from birth statistics
Jewish psychotherapist wins payout after she was told returning to NHS job would be 'like working for the Gestapo'
Beyond parody! Posing in a mac in front of a sex shop, porn queen Jacqui Smith blames sexism for her downfall
Milk from cloned cows given green light by Defra
Gove: more single parents should be allowed to adopt
'Three million immigrants came to Britain under Labour'
Egypt to build democracy with UK arms!
Thousands at risk of alcohol death in UK
Young mother attacked on bus in pram argument
'British justice has lost the plot': Now businessman forced to pay £5,000 damages to thieving employee!!!

Tuesday 22 February

Four Muslims slash R.E. teacher's face and leave him with fractured skull
Gary Smith's crime? 'Teaching other religions to Muslim girls'!!!
New Labour's 'betrayal' let in 3million extra immigrants!!!
A million Britons left during the Brown/Blair time of treachery!!!
New Labour Legacy: The UK has a 'huge numeracy problem'! Remember 'Education, education, education'?
Many people see being bad at maths as a "badge of honour"!!!
New Labour Legacy: The UK has a 'huge numeracy problem'!
Many people see being bad at maths as a "badge of honour"!!!
Timothy Geithner backs George Osborne's spending cuts
Geithner, Obama's Treasury Secretary, is Jewish
Hypocrisy goes on!
Cameron takes arms dealers with him on Egypt visit to promote democracy!!!
MPs blast defence chiefs' £8bn waste on just four failed projects
Foreign squatters given legal aid to fight eviction from £1million house
Hundreds of repossessed homes in Ireland to be sold by auction
Family torn apart in 15-minute court case
The Beckhams, Harry's debauched nightclub and the cheapening of the House of Windsor
The killers on Britain’s conscience
Schoolboy Ahmer Rana a.k.a Daniyal Shahzadwho, posed as homeless orphan exposed as a fraud
Porn, My husband and me - "I knew my husband liked porn

Monday 21 February

Schools told to go easy on disruptive gypsy children! OR FACE ACTION UNDER THE EQUALITY ACT!!!
Prince Andrew's choice of chums: 4-days with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a Jewish billionaire hedge fund manager
PM paves way for privatisation of public services
What price will we pay for Blair's sordid Faustian pact?
Libyan massacre that should shame Blair
Protests gather pace as Gaddafi's son vows to fight to the end
Nurse in the NHS for almost 40 years sacked and threatened with deportation after being branded an 'illegal immigrant'
250,000 deaths from alcohol abuse 'unless Government acts'!!!
CIA man, Raymond Davis, held in Pakistan shot dead two men
Blair's deal: British weapons used in massacre of over 300 Libyans
Ministers ‘too cosy with the alcohol trade’

Sunday 20 February

Schools told to go easy on disruptive gypsy children! OR FACE ACTION UNDER THE EQUALITY ACT!!!
Prince Andrew's choice of friends: Jeffrey Epstein is a sex offender, a billionaire hedge fund manager and Jewish
Rwandan genocide suspect Celestin Ugirashebuja working at a seaside care home
Manchester United's Ravel Morrison escapes jail after threatening robbery victim
Muswell Hill mugger Dion Coppin jailed
If we want our human rights, then bring them back home
"Bonkers" Reading test for six-year-olds to include non-words
Rapists and killers demand right to benefits
'Israel's isolation may affect financial ties with Europe'
Protesters Invade Barclays Over Tiny Tax Bill
The Army is to be cut by up to 20,000 troops leaving it at its lowest level since the 1820s
Brown's "faith" attack on Blair
Greedy MPs and rapacious bankers are just as dishonest as benfit cheats
Britain's system of rubbish collection is a marvel of waste and mess
VE Day generation enjoyed lives of affluence - But thanks to self-indulgence, their children face a different future
Nothing in Cameron’s bearing, conversation, background or nature suggests he cares about crime and punishment
David Cameron apes Blair with £1m 'sofa squad' of unelected advisers
Ministry of Silly Ideas spends thousands – on walking lessons
How the Guardian was gagged from revealing Barclays tax secrets
PM paves way for privatisation of public services
Leader of Tube thieves jailed again for refusing to give back £90,000
Rapists and killers demand right to benefits
Army facing huge cuts after withdrawal from Afghanistan
Criminal justice system 'meltdown'
Liverpool fatcat’s insult to voters
A little humiliation is just what most criminals deserve
Lib Dems call for age of criminal responsibility to be raised to 14!!!
China to give Britain £50m in aid so mobile phones work on Underground by the Olympics
Blair's behaviour was third rate - He played a crooked hand
Storm as Sam Cam's community centre axed by Labour council
Forest fiasco minister faces new humiliation
Gay hotels investigated for breaching equality laws
White couples must be allowed to adopt ethnic children

Saturday 19 February

Could the King's Nazi links wreck Firth's Oscar dreams?
Shohidul Islam robbed two bookies at gunpoint then bludgeoned, throttled and slit the throat of Savannah Gold
£80bn wiped off value of pensions after inflation rate was underestimated for 12 years!!!
Bahrain royal family orders army to turn on the people
If we want our human rights, then bring them back home
BBC Commie Andrew Marr on £600,000 a year!!!
The Lib Dem council 'fat cat’ earning £570,000
Wounded soldiers to be forced out of the Army
Gritting over the winter could have killed thousands of trees
Mervyn King must stop blaming China for Western ills
I'm not guilty of murder because she provoked me says Lindo
Why Alibhai-Brown believes Beyonce is betraying all black and Asian women

Friday 18 February

Fraudster Fawad Ahmedmasterminded £350,000 bank scam while working as a cop!!!
Fury at Euro judge's warning over UK quitting human rights court
Kendall Anderson bludgeoned his mother Rashida 20 times with a claw hammer - She took away his play station
Junk food generation faces diabetes timebomb
Wife blast soldier Nicholas Fabian was gay flings sex addict
19 men questioned after three stabbed following mass East European brawl in Trafalgar Square
Another blow for workers in the 'squeezed middle'
Citizens Advice Bureaux under threat from cuts
Deanna Delamotta: Who's the real beast of this ugly TV spectacle?

Thursday 17 February

Nine years for Crawley machete attacker, Antonio Batsimba
Public confidence in rule of law undermined by the actions of unaccountable judges here and in Strasbourg
At last, a victory for the rights of the majority! Judges reject appeal by Muslims
So it WAS all based on a lie - Don’t hold your breath waiting for Blair to be held to account over Iraq
Paul Atta raped student at knifepoint
Women warned to stick together after gang rape by "middle-eastern" men
CCTV image released after Soho sexual assault
"The gunman is described as black"
"The offenders are described as black"
"The robbers, who witnesses described as Asian"
"The thieves were described as Asian"
Asian grabbed woman and tried to force her into a car
Thousands more will have to sell homes for elderly care
End this human rights insanity!!!
Record 20% of young people are now unemployed
Heavy cannabis user stabbed millionaire's wife 12 times with screwdriver
EDL partners with far-right US Jewish group
I was savaged for saying my party sold its soul by letting gambling boom

Wednesday 16 February

CBN: Civil War in France
Mohsan Malik found guilty of raping two women
Gang who plotted machine gun murder of Eccles shopworker
Former GMTV reporter Lara Logan suffers 'brutal and sustained' sex assault in Egypt
OJ Simpson 'beaten to a bloody pulp in racist prison attack
Israel 'may have to re-enter Lebanon'
Youth unemployment rate hits highest level since records began
Prime Minister appoints 'pro-Euro' policy guru
Muslims call for gay-free zone in East London
Pervert Yousaf Choudhry snared in police sting at McDonald’s
Robbers Zaishan Jahangir and Joel Samuels threatened families at gunpoint
Sarfaz Nazir gets four years for drug dealing
Asian sexually assaults woman in Burnley
Sadaquit Ali charged with attempted robbery and offensive weapon possession
Cameron's Cabinet Office Collaborates with EU Brainwashers to change the way we think!!!
There's no place in the Big Society for our forgotten older generation
5,000 lottery grant to teach gypsies to breakdance!!!
Manchester City footballer Kelvin Etuhu pleads guily to assault
Rugby league's Greg Johnson arrested after ‘glassing bride-to-be’
Family robbed at home by Black and Asian armed gang
Superbug's spread across West Midlands
North-south health gap worst for 40 years
We are not safe doing business in Russia
The Government has the money to expand foreign aid, but not to fund the RAF properly
Elderly face eviction from NHS beds!!!
Defector who told the West about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction admits he lied
Shocking cost of Greater Manchester's 'lost' and runaway children
Fluoridation: The scam of the century
Wealthy Yank ‘killed British wife by stabbing her 23 times

Tuesday 15 February

Foreign doctors 'up to six times more likely to be banned'
1998: 20 to 33 per cent of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature
The scale of Benefit Tourism under last Labour Government only now becoming apparent
A million British children have suffered abuse or neglect
Why on earth are we giving £1billion in aid to India? a country that can afford its own space programme?
Seven in 10 young criminals will re-offend within a year of release
NHS shamed over callous treatment of elderly
Nicolas Sarkozy declares multiculturalism had failed
'Humiliated' drug dealer Luke Walsh-Pinnock sues police
Dutch Government Won’t Protect Jewish Population
Divorced father Jean Francis Say murdered his children whilst he was looking after them
Tory Prime Minister is upholding the idea that traditional morality is bigotry!!!
Gay immigrant waiter Vincent Ma had nipple tweaked by customer - And wins £21,500 compensation!!!
Jamie Oliver: British kids are wet compared to East Europeans
Edirin Onogeta-Idogun jailed for sending son back to Africa!!!
MoD sacks soldiers by email
Councillors' payouts have soared as local services face savage cuts
Anti-fascists slam LSE’s invite to ‘racist’ Sarrazin

Monday 14 February

Terrorist who trained 7/7 bomber released after 5 years
Quarter of RAF trainee pilots to be sacked in defence spending cull!
Scandal of 150,000 illegal immigrants on benefits!
Barclays bank pays £252K bonuses to 23,000 people!!!
Muslim school of hatred exposed
1-in-3 Graduates ends up on dole!
BLAIR WARS: Exhausted bomb hero hammered by too much work
Ten human rights cases clog up our courts EVERY DAY!!!
Thousands of illegal workers claiming benefits: Loophole in the law costs taxpayers millions
Inaccurate gas meters lead to millions paying too much
Expenses cheat MP Eric Illsley mugged at knifepoint before he was sent to prison
How charities lose millions to 'Fagin' gangs
BBC accused of ‘dumbing down to get more ethnic minorities on air’
Richard Keys accused of racism after tape 'catches him labelling black player choco'
Death threats, racial attacks and catalogue of crime in the Commons
Banned hate preacher still broadcasting after 'Jews are enemy of Islam' claim
220 town hall bosses earning more than David Cameron

Sunday 13 February

"Abusive monster", Aram Abdul Razaq Azis murders former partner, Joy Small before killing himself and their children!
Muslims 'are good for Britain' says Tony Blair's sister-in-law Lauren Booth
Immigrant mother-of-six Ingrid Gulasova married Nigerian illegal Adegboyega Adekunle for £750
You cannopt live in a globalised world... without immigration says German Jew, Anetta Kahane
MEPs put child pornographers' rights before victims: They will "water down laws BACKED BY THE UK GOVERNMENT"!
Secret film shows Muslim pupils being beaten and 'taught Hindus drink cow p***'
Mosques 'teaching extreme views' to children
Family of 14 gypsies face eviction for terrorising their neighbours - Will they trash YOUR street next?
Baroness Scotland's former housekeeper gets flight to Tonga paid for by the Government (and when she gets there she will apply to RETURN to the UK)
Alexandra Aitken, her Sikh husband and what his friends and family really think
Doctors demand schoolgirls be vaccinated against genital warts
Forest sell-off 'threatens rare wildlife'
Gay 'marriages' to be allowed in church
Pupils must not be forced to eat halal Church tells schools!!!
Bosses employing disabled workers snub plea by IDS to cap their salaries and hand themselves £1.5m BONUS

Saturday 12 February

Gang wanted free hit from contract killer, Simeon Henderson
Facebook sex attacker, Alpha Gray jailed for six years
East European immigrants Jaroslav Balog and Jiri Soukal jailed for just 18 months!!!
Gurmeet Singh Ubhi murdered his daughter
EU blows staggering £230m sending MEPs and bureacrats to paradise destinations!!!
Baby boy dies after 'being placed in broken incubator with Do Not Use sticker'
DJ Roni Size to stand trial for GBH
Jewish barrister David Friesner faces theft charges
Sex assault by Asian in Burnley alleyway
Sex attacker Ikram Ayub Surgan has jail term cut
Asian motorist tried to snatch little girl
Convicted sex offender Kanapathy Veerasingham molested schoolboy
Abraham Lincoln 'tried to deport slaves' to British colonies
Police 'using gobbledygook to bury bad news in lengthy statements'
Birmingham City Council 'to shed 7,000 jobs'!!!
More than 9,000 wait for dentist in Selby and York
BLAIR WARS: Lewis Hendry and Conrad Lewis killed in Afghanistan
Violence is the most common first-time crime for under-17s
Sex-swap ex-fireman weds lesbian Jamaican (fourth time she's tied the knot)
Judge gives go-ahead to add fluoride to water supply despite overwhelming public opposition

Friday 11 February

Teen's boyfriend murdered defending her from stalker 'Alphonse Serges Kruizinga
Woman verbally abused before jaw broken by Asian gang
Mohammed Hafiz, Arfan Rafiq, Simeon Henderson, Ryan Manning and Akmal Afzal jailed for shop murder
Public sector's 'Madoff-style' pensions pyramid will spark crisis
EXPENSES: Labour MP Eric Illsley jailed
Council fat cats ensure that the poor suffer
DUMBING DOWN: Nick Clegg’s quotas will debase universities
Judge's disgust at failure to deport Chinese sex criminal refused asylum here in 2002
1.8m on sickness benefits 'are fit enough to work'
Lady who took food thrown out by Tesco handcuffed and charged with theft
Taxpayers' £340 extra a year EACH to support pension bill
Guilty! MP Jim Devine who would not own up to fiddling expenses
12,000 children 'missing' education
Baroness Ashton is worst in Brussels
Young offenders are mollycoddled by justice system
Child workers' checks to be cut

Thursday 10 February

Rubal Ahmed and Mohammed Rashid rape 15-year-old virgin in park
In 2010, more than 90,000 driving test candidates couldn't understand Emnglish road signs!!!
Kilroy Propaganda - The PC Brainwash1
Kilroy Propaganda - The PC Brainwash2
Ambrath Khatoon used dead girl’s ID in passport and benefits swindle
Bank clerk, Saalih Ahmed, 'opened 42 fraudulent accounts in £350,000 scam'
William Hague 'lobbied strongly' for oil companies run by Tory donors
91 Lib Dem council leaders attack spending cuts!!!
'Super head' Dame, Jean Else, has honour revoked for misconduct
Blair push for private finance deals 'cost NHS dear'
Israel on the defensive after Hague's rebuke over 'belligerent' language
Her first Kiss and poor Jemma died
Boy, 16, stabbed in gang attack
British Legion accuses Cameron of U-turn over new law to honour war heroes
Thug who threw brick into a talented athlete's face, fracturing her skull, fined just £200
Archbishop backs axe killer: Rowan Williams says prisoners should get the right to vote
BLAIR WARS: Two soldiers killed in Afghanistan
MPs today have an historic opportunity to start taking back control of Britain's laws and destiny. They must seize it
Now patients will have to ring call centre to see GP
Scandal of jihad fighter moved to open prison
Quango moved north to cut costs then paid £2m redundancy bill to workers who refused to be sent to Coventry

Wednesday 9 February

General Synod backs ban on clergy joining the BNP
Wikileaks: Gordon Brown urged commander to play down Afghanistan failures
Bus drivers and waitresses aren't fit to judge us says says Tory peer, Lord Lang!!!
Muslims slits daughters throat 28 times: BBC its a tragedy for the Father!!!
Drunken teenage yob Jeroham Duncan stamped on man’s face
What does BBC think of Radio 4's 10m loyal listeners? Too many white, Southern and elderly
EXPENSES: MP Eric Illsley resigns after £14,000 fraud
'Britain's worst mother' abandons children for Tunisian waiter AGAIN!!!
Sonia Carr, Wiltshire Racial Equality Council and "Jungle Drums" - "A silly woman and a nincompoop council"
Muslim threat to sue David Cameron for libel
L-test drivers who need help to read English road signs
'Insensitive' Jobcentre told me to dress as a man to get work says transsexual
Taxmen 'stretched to breaking point': 'Catalogue of incompetence' laid bare
'Migrants need to be represented in Dail'

Tuesday 8 February

Call for Israel to join NATO! "European NATO member states... MUST admit the state of Israel!
Drug-dealer Marlon Kelly jailed for murder
Michel Andrade de Souza guilty of New Year's Day rape
TV boss Muzzammil Hassan found guilty of beheading wife
Footballer Ali Fuseini 'aided in alleyway sex attack'
Kids who eat junk food have lower IQ
Paramedic ‘refused to enter pub to treat collapsed woman’ who later died
Gypsies in a £1m council house living on £70,000 a year handouts
Seven new human rights cases against Britain every day - Strasbourg court's judgments cost us £2billion a year!
Islamic sect in fight for 'mega-mosque' at Olympic site
Poorest London councils pay executives twice as much as Prime Minister
Judge jails girl, 17.for blinding mother
Couples turn to benefit fraud because we don't support marriage says Iain Duncan Smith
£1.2m bill as Euro mps go on jolly to Uruguay
‘Time bomb’ criminals in hostels
Lockerbie bomber: US puts Gordon Brown in the dock
Tom Sutcliffe: Secularism is the word Cameron is looking for
Drinking at London 2012 will feel less 'British'
Labour seeks prison vote stance after ex-ministers row
Serious incidents at NHS revealed

Monday 7 February

Ed Miliband finds new role for Spencer Livermore - the 'most powerful gay man in Britain'
'Europe's human rights court is out of control... We must pull out'! Says top British judge!!!
Pupils could be handed condoms between lessons!!!
British firms help Egypt dictatorship!
George W Bush cancels trip to Swiss Jewish Gala over torture claims
Honey bee collapse threatens global food security
'Racist US bankers' to blame for credit crisis Says the black boss of top PC Quango
BLAIR WARS: Soldier 'killed in rifle accident'
Ed Miliband's Justice Minister Sadiq Khan left isolated after race attack on Cameron
Referring to gossip as 'jungle drums' = Six-month racism probe!!!
Officials run up huge bill for foreign jollies
Romanian immigrants 'sell Big Issue to gain benefits'
Cuts 'destroying big society' concept
Gun fired by Asians during armed shop raid
Britain slams Germany over Afghan war

Sunday 6 February

Jamaican Cops who double as state executioners
Labour MPs who mocked disabled Tory were like 'hyenas going for the kill'
How African fraudsters now make £80million a year ripping off women (and a few men) so desperate for love they'll believe anything
BBC 'migration' boss leading move to Manchester travels 4,000 miles to work (and avoids paying any UK income tax)
Raoul Moat police force spend £50k on 'steel ball in a hula hoop' while axing 450 jobs
Officer in charge of 999 calls for anti-social behaviour is arrested... for anti-social behaviour
Worker at ‘police’ nursery arrested over child sex attack claim
Fury as Labour ‘smears’ David Cameron after he attacks multiculturalism
Egypt, People Power... and the truth we dare not speak
Police 'to lose 10,000 officers'
UK opens asylum door to smuggled children
'Target brothels or sex trafficking in UK will rise'

Saturday 5 February

Our multi-cultural failures have bred hatred - What British nationalists were saying all along

WikiLeaks: US agreed to tell Russia Britain's nuclear secrets!!! Truly the Great Satan!!!
Gilbert Deya nephew Paul Deya jailed for murdering son
Ali Koc charged with attempted murders
90% of Britons demand tougher border controls
UK among less democratic EU states
Britain facing 'unstoppable wave of home-grown suicide bombers'!!!
More than one murder a week is committed by a thug on bail
Rapist Mohammed Alim cornered by father of teen victim after she spots him in the street
UK pays somalia £80 million - They kidnap us we dole out the dosh!
How the serpent shed his socialist skin: Is there any bigger hypocrite than Peter Mandelson?
Brian Sirjusingh betrayed Queen by giving reporters tour of palace - Gets a £30,000 job with cops
Siege at heart of passport system
WikiLeaks: Tony Blair's fees the talk of Beijing
Muslims must embrace our British values
Behind the closed doors of England's most secretive court
BLAIR WARS: Soldier dies in shooting accident in Afghanistan
Blair: We want to engage with whoever will rule Egypt

Friday 4 February

Disabled man attacked and robbed by Asians
Thug who beat puppy got her back when he got out of jail
EXPENSES: Despite the crackdown, MPs pocket £2m a month and want more!!!
Migrants 'must teach their children English'
MP says image of Commons would be improved without daily worship
One in three doctors in Britain now trained in a foreign country
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: The unpalatable truth about forced marriage
Shameful Muslims who refused to honour a war hero
WikiLeaks: British Muslims travelling to Somalia for 'jihadi tourism'
Rights of terrorists suspects have overtaken those of the general public
Britain has become a 'safe haven' for foreign terrorists, Lord Carlile warns
Six jailed for shooting 'peacemaker'
British people most anxious about immigration
Viscount Trenchard's son jailed for Tesco fraud
Rapist Amos Moobeng targeted white girls - Now he's whining in jail
Ex-prison officer jailed for abusing girl with learning difficulties
MP Kris Hopkins says too many kids start school unable to speak language
Asian driver fined for racial abuse of traffic warden

Thursday 3 February

Richard Ciborowski killed partner, Deborah Ryan
Moise Avorgah guilty of stabbing murder
No-win, no-fee lawyers line up thousands of convicts to claim compensation for being denied their polling rights
Baby whose mother strapped him in front of fire for 3 days died after social services missed 17 chances to save him
Jack Straw handed Blair 'route map for regime change' in Iraq
Concern over anti-Semitic incidents
MPs Expenses Trial: Jim Devine ‘Faked Cleaning Bills’
Now a mere 37% of NHS doctors are white Britons
UK passport is a vital key for terrorists
EU silent as Muslims persecute Christians
MPs must assert British democracy on prisoner votes says EU
Top judge Sir Nicholas Wall calls for unmarried rights

Wednesday 2 February

Muslim Imam Mohammed hanif Khan raped boy of 12
Facebook beast, Junaid Bhuta, accused of raping 12-year-old
Muslim cleric, Mohammed Hanif Khan, accused of raping boys in his mosque
Teacher, Ashraf Miah, molested girls as young as 4 during Koran lessons
French Video of Tower Hamlets telling it how it really is!!!
Mohammed Ayub Khan denies double murder
Bus driver shut doors on gang who stabbed teenager to death
Imam guilty of sexually abusing boys
'Rush-hour bus driver Sarfraz Khan was high on cannabis’
Black and white robbers
Islamic terrorist Rajib Karim landed job with BA
Teacher, Ama Bankah, sacked for making pupils wear picture of a hanged child
Lying asylum seeker can stay here because she had kids by an HIV alcoholic
9 bailed-out Lloyds fat cats earn over £3.4m a year!
Baroness Ashton in PC row over word 'Christian'
WikiLeaks: The 9/11 gang that got away
Spectre of civil wars as global inequalities worsen
Gordon Brown ordered Pakistani president to kill Osama bin Laden
UK may be forced to give prisoners the vote
£10.5m of taxpayers' cash spent on prison gym equipment
Immigration squeeze on schools
£10k cost of a bogus marriage in Britain
British jobs for British graduates!

Tuesday 1 February

Schoolgirls stage mass walkout after teachers reprimand them for linking arms!!!
Iraq Vet, Jason Robinson v drugged-up gunman, Shazad Mahmood
Old folk forced to attend 9 court hearings after cutting 5p wire!!!
Midwife Martha Okuonghae struck off after risking lives of mothers and babies
Crime map of Britain: Where thugs strike the most
New website shows five incidents of anti-social behaviour every minute
373,ooo say no to the EU!
Antisocial behaviour: ‘let army sort the yobs out’
Immigration: French let illegals head for Britain
Top Labour councillor, John Friary, quizzed over child grooming
Daughter of disgraced former Tory minister Jonathan Aitken weds Indian lover
BP's Russian arm looked at deals with rogue states
Judge jails Czech sham wedding bride pregnant with third child
Good evening, caller, you're through to Jackboots Jacqui

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