Stunning Statistics - 2010

According to a July 2010 report by the Optimum Population Trust think-tank, whose patron is Sir David Attenborough, England is the most crowded country in Europe and the fourth most crowded in the world.

Researchers measured the “ecological footprint” of each country’s citizens to judge the resources they were consuming and how many people they could sustain if they had to be self-sufficient. They gave the UK a self-sufficiency rating of just 25.8 per cent. At current levels, our dependency on other countries’ resources is predicted to increase to 90 per cent by 2032. This means that, if we had to rely on our own food, water and energy, we could sustain only 15 million people, a quarter of the current population of around 60 million!

OPT chairman Roger Martin said of England:

"It's now the most densely settled country in Europe. The 10 more ‘Birminghams’ projected for the next 22 years underline the urgency of stabilising our numbers as soon as possible. You don’t have to be a little Englander or an eco-survivalist to conclude that in an era of growing shortages – food, energy, and water – being so dependent on the outside world puts us in a very vulnerable position. With the rest of the world, including many countries much poorer than the UK, supplying three-quarters of our needs, it’s also morally questionable.” Britain is More Crowded Than India and China!

At 4.09 pm on 15 July 2010, a News 24 presenter told us this:

"Every day there are 26,000 victims of crime in Britain".

According to a March 2010 report by the Care Quality Commission, 42 out of the 167 NHS trusts inspected had failed to meet basic hygiene standards.

According to an April 2010 inquiry by the UK Border Agency, up to 3,400 hospital workers supplied by just one company, ISS Mediclean, were likely to have been illegal immigrants. Link

A 29 April 2010 report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies informed us that, half of single mothers would lose more than £100 a week in benefits if they began to cohabit!

The worst hit ten per cent would lose a massive £214.07 a week! The analysis also warned that to eradicate the penalty for couples with children, taxpayers would have to find nearly £24 BILLION a year for extra benefits and tax breaks!

The Married Couples Allowance, the last tax break for married couples, was abolished by New Labour. Link

On 18 April 2010, The Independent reported thus on the Afghan campaign:

"An IoS poll shows 77 per cent of Britons want our forces to come home and a majority believe our presence makes UK streets less safe from terrorist attack". Link

Analysis reported in June 2010 by the Medical Research Council's biostatistics unit at the University of Cambridge found that the death rate of UK troops is twice that of 2006, when they were described as being involved in the fiercest fighting since their involvement in Korea 50 years ago.

For the 12 months up to May 2010, the killing rate for British troops in Afghanistan reached13 per 1,000 "personnel years". During February and May, the death rate of UK military personnel reached 9.9 compared with just 2.7 for US forces in Afghanistan. During the four previous months, the UK rate reached 12 compared with 3.9 for the US and between May and October last year it peaked at 17.3, twice the figure of 8.4 experienced by American forces during the period. Link

In June 2010, official Whitehall figures revealed that the Iraq and Afgan wars had cost British taxpayers more than £18 billion.

The figures do not include soldiers' pay or monies for long-term injury and mental health care incurred during the course of these wars. Link

According to a 12 July 2010 study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, government estimates of the national debt, forecast to reach £932million by Spring 2011, do not include the cost of civil service and town hall pensions and projects funded under the Public Finance Initiative.

Adding these liabilities to the official figure would add £1.13 TRILLION to the UK's overdraft. This equates to £78,000 owed by every household in the country. Link

A June 2010 analysis from the government's Higher Education Statistics Agency reported that more than 50,000 of 2009's university graduates had not landed graduate-level jobs and another 20,000 were thought to be unemployed.

Many more were taking masters degrees in the hope that their job prospects would improve.

A separate June 2010 study found that up to 270 graduates were applying FOR EVERY JOB IN 2010. Link

A July 2010 National Audit Office report revealed that the life expectancy gap between rich and poor people in England was widening.

In Blackpool, for example, men live for an average of 10.7 fewer years than men in Kensington and Chelsea. Similarly, women in Blackpool die 10.1 years earlier than those in Kensington and Chelsea. Link

Statistics released by the Department for Children, Schools and Families in April 2010, show that in 1997, when New Labour came to power, there were 866 schools in England where more than 50 per cent of pupils spoke English as a second language.

By 2009, children in 1,545 English schools spoke English as a second language, a rise of 78 per cent! Link

On 24 June 2010, an Office for National Statistics report informed us that 3.8million British children (30 percent) are living without their father or mother.

More than half of these rarely see their missing parent. Link

Home Office statistic published in June 2010, showed that 1,719,000 under-16s were assaulted in 2009.

This group is three times more likely to be victims of violence than adults. Total offences against children topped the two million mark. The the total number of recorded crimes in England and Wales, including those against adults, exceeded 12million. Link

Many crimes, of course, will not have been reported by an increasingly cynical public.

A ccording to a study led by Professor Greg Brooks from the University of Sheffield, published in May 2010, more than 100,000 16 to 19-year-olds lack the basic skills needed to function in society.

About 17 per cent are functionally illiterate and 22 per cent are essentially innumerate. Link

On 5 May 2010 CNN News quoted a YouGov poll of more than 4,000 people.

77 percent of the British people questioned said that net immigration should decrease or that no immigration should be allowed at all. Link

A World Health Organisation/John Hopkins university study published in The Lancet on 12 May 2010, which looked at global death rates in children under five, found that the number of such deaths was worse in the UK than anywhere else in Western Europe.

The UK, with a population of around 61million, had 4,324 deaths in children under five in 2008, while France had 3,090 deaths in a population of 64million. In Germany, with a population of 82million, there were 2,943 deaths, while Italy recorded 2,350 deaths in a population of 60million.

However, Turkey, with a population of 73million, recorded almost 30,000 such deaths. Link

Prime Minister, David Cameron, and David Miliband (New Labour leadership favourite) are both keen advocates of Turkey being given EU membership.

On 22 March 2010, a parliamentary report stated that more than 50,000 people were dying prematurely in the UK every year and thousands more were suffering serious illness because of man-made air pollution.

The Independent said this:

"Air pollution is cutting life expectancy by as many as nine years in the worst-affected city areas. Pollutants from cars, factories, houses and agriculture cause childhood health problems such as premature births, asthma and poor lung development. They also play a major role in the development of chronic and life-shortening adult diseases affecting the heart and lungs... Treating victims of Britain's poor air quality costs the country up to £20bn each year.

Nearly 5.5 million people receive NHS treatment for asthma and more than 90,000 people were admitted to hospital as a result of the disease in England in 2008/09. US research has found that the lungs of children who live in highly polluted areas fail to develop fully." Link

On 21st of March 2010, The Daily Telegraph told us this:

"There have been at least 2,233 investigations into PCSOs (Blunkett bobbies) for alleged misconduct... A total of 16,300 PCSOs are now serving nationally. Since the role was created 167 PCSOs have been charged with crimes, while 276 have been dismissed...

Critics – including many regular officers – have branded them 'plastic policemen' or 'CHIMPS', which stands for 'completely hopeless in most policing situations'." Link

According to the Office for National Statistics, a breakdown of the ethnicity of the 18,091 men and boys who police took action against for a range of violent and sexual offences in London in 2009-10 shows that:

54 per cent of those proceeded against for street crimes, (muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property) 59 per cent of those proceeded against for robbery and 67 per cent of those proceeded against for gun crimes, were black.

Just over 12 per cent of London’s population is black.

These figures suggest that black people are five times more likely to be involved in prosecutable street crime, gun crime and robbery than other Londoners. Link

On 3 June 2010, The Daily Telegraph published figures obtained via the Freedom of Information Act demonstrating that the BBC’s Journalism Trainee Scheme had gifted 47 per cent of the places available since 2007 to candidates from ethnic minorities.

64 per cent of the available places had been given to women, of whom 48.5 per cent were non-white. Link

The Telegraph quoted Trevor Phillips, (black) the Chairman of the government quango, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, as having said:

“One of my friends chaired the board for BBC trainees. Thousands apply. He went in and said, ‘I’m going to make sure this year it’s not all white boys from Oxbridge’. So they advertised in the right way, sifted the candidates in the right way and actually it worked.”

More anti-white man machination from the PC Crowd at the Beeb then.

In June 2010, Savills, one of Britain’s largest estate agents, said that of the properties worth more than £750,000 sold in London in 2010, 55 per cent had been bought by foreigners. Link

Corexit, the dispersant used by BP to help clear the spillage from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, is 11 times more lethal than oil alone. Link

Corexit was banned in the United Kingdom over a decade ago. Tt was banned it because, compared to other dispersant’s, it was found to be more toxic and less effective.

On 9 June 2010, The Daily Mail informed us thus:

"Of the new jobs created by the Government taken by those born overseas, only 576,000 were from within the EU - and who therefore could not be stopped from coming here. Double that figure - 1,130,000 - were actively granted work permits by Labour, despite Gordon Brown's promise to deliver 'British jobs for British workers'...

British workers took the brunt of the recession... Over the two years to Oct-Dec 2009, employment among UK-born people fell in absolute terms (by 608,000)...

Critics described the House of Commons Library research as the final proof Labour was lying when it promised 'British jobs for British workers'." Link

3,720,000 foreigners were employed in the UK at this time.

On 6 July 2010, the BBC told us this:

"Courts in England and Wales are owed £1.3bn in unpaid fines, confiscation and compensation orders. The figures were revealed by a National Audit Office report into financial management at the Ministry of Justice." Link

Cost of maintaining the heroin addiction of convicts to cost us £110 MILLION a year
49 minutes: That's how long the average British family spends together every week!
Mistakes during surgery 'twice as high' as offical figures show
Three-quarters of Britons want to emigrate!
England, the sick woman of Europe: Slovenian women live longer!
11 million Brits not working
Welcome to part-time Britain: 7.8m workers are not full-time!
Almost half of all schools in England do not provide a good education, says Ofsted
Third of Youngsters do not approve of Britain becoming more multi-cultural
UK voted worst place in developed world to bring up children
Do 48% of all Black American Women have Herpes'?
One in five 18-year-old boys living on benefits!
ILLEGAL snooping by town hall staff is up SIXFOLD!!!
Ex-Labour Ministers get £1.2bn in pay-offs
Benefits Britain: 700,000 families pocket at least £15,000 a year
Nine out of ten on incapacity benefits 'are fit to return to work'
New Labour Spent Almost £5bn on Benefits for Drunks and Drug Addicts
Up to 3-in-4 Babies Will be Born Outside of Marriage!!!
Record Number Of Immigrants Given British Citizenship
Half of Asian Women Chew Baccy
South sees 7,000 foreign speeding drivers 'not fined'
English is now the second language for 1 in 6 primary school children!!!
Almost 1m pupils speak English as second language!!!
1.4million on Benefits For Past 9 Years
GPs write 150,000 prescriptions for alcoholics in a year
More foreign doctors struck off than British-trained medics
There was known to be 15,000 British victims of fraud in first six months of 2010!
Scandal of the Taxpayers’ Money Wasted in Europe
25% Of Young People 'Will Be Neets'
Hundreds of households hit with bin fines bigger than those given to shoplifters
State spending on benefits doubles to £152bn since Thatcher era
There is known to be up to 500 Spies in Britain
328 Quango Chiefs on More Than £150k a Year
NHS loses 800 patients' private files every day
Fury at New Labour's £67bn A Year Public Sector Pay Bill
The NHS trust made £1.8m parking profit and clamped 1,700 cars in ONE year!
Just 38% of failed asylum seekers are deported!
£50bn a year in welfare benefits is handed to the middle class
Public pensions to cost you £4,000 a year
One in four 'work all day without break'
NEW Labour's £1.3 TRILLION last spending spree revealed
New Labour spent £1.8bn on consultants in 2009
Immigration soars 20% after New Labour's 'crackdown'
Killer immigrants!!!
Health tourists’ debts cost NHS millions
Jews are 8 times over-represented in UK parliament!
Two Post Offices a Day Close
$1 Million! That's what fraud-probe bank Goldman is paying EACH of its 5,500 City staff
New Supreme Court is 33% Jewish!
Stay-at-home fathers 'up 10-fold' - 600,000 men, are now their child's primary carer!
Half of Kids in Borough are Non-White
UK home to 1million illegal immigrants
Children as young as EIGHT being offered free condoms!!!
University heads given pay rises of up to 28% at the peak of recession!!!
Banker's £63m jackpot: Anger and disgust as fat-cat culture hits new record
Gypsy gang jailed for 'half UK's caravan thefts'
Two thirds of fiscal fines go unpaid
62% have suffered mental health problems - That's life under New Labour and the Tories for you
'Record numbers of heads' sacked
UK petrol tax rises are SIX TIMES higher than the rest of Europe
Burkha Ban: Two-Thirds in Favour
At £2 a line, cocaine is now cheaper than a cup of coffee
Gordon Brown 'blunders cost every family £50,000'!!!
HSBC banker earns £27,000 a day, more than the annual average salary
Cases of self-harm up 50%!!!
Number of NHS bureaucrats increases SIX TIMES as fast as number of nurses
BLAIR WARS: £36 BILLION Black hole in defence cash - 6 times official estimates!!!
£2.1m Bill for each Euro MP... How Can They be Worth That?
£5million!!! What it can cost the taxpayer to support a single mother-of-3 on benefits
In 2007/08 school year, 7,035 children were taken to hospital after being injured at school!!!
A & E assaults rise to five an hour!
'Unfit' mother of 10 costs council £2.5m
Anti-Semitism rising worldwide, US report finds
AMERICA NEARS TIPPING POINT! Minority babies will soon outnumber white ones!
Cost Of Protecting Tony B for a day is £273,000
25% Of Workers at Jobs Blackspot are Immigrants!
One in ten doctors in Britain is from the EU - Very few took a language or competence test before working here!
The police spend just one in every eight hours investigating crime!!!
A quarter of female students have been sexually assaulted
Poorest Britons suffer 17 more years of ill health and disability
'50,000 people die from malnutrition a year in NHS hospitals'!
Immigration Has Soared Five-Fold As Labour Leaves Our Borders 'Wide Open'
Now One-in-4 Mums is a Single Parent!
BETWEEN 400 AND 1,200 DIED AT HOSPITAL ‘SET ON SAVING MONEY’ - Martin Yeates, CEO of Mid-Staffs hospital, got a £1 million plus pension pot and more than £400,000!
NHS safety failings 'kill 40,000 a year'
Immigrants Handed 1.3m Jobs in Britain!!!
A Third of criminals in the dock already have 15 convictions
EXPENSES: Multi-millionaire, Mohammed Sarwar, claimed the most expenses in 2009 - £192,000
Over 27,000 televisions bought for prisoners in the past two years
389 greedy politicians are named and shamed
DEMENTIA: There are 821,884 sufferers and it costs the UK £23bn a year
Spending on quangos rises by £10bn despite Gordon Brown’s pledge
20,000 children 'at risk' of neglect in bad nurseries
500,000 hospital patients sent home too soon every year - 1,500 A DAY re-admitted for emergency care!
'Three-Quarters Suffer Depression'
Benefit claims by those too fat to work have soared under New Labour
New Labour Shame as Number of Violent Teen Thugs Double
BLAIR WARS: More than 17,000 episodes of troops going AWOL since 2003
77% Want a Cut in Immigration
BLAIR WARS: Rise In Illness Among UK Troops
20% of Sweden's population is of foreign origin
Labour is dreaming up 33 new crimes a month
One child in four thinks bacon comes from a sheep!!!
Half of teachers quit classroom because of violent pupils and red tape
One in three government mandarins has a £1m pension
1.07 million Incapacity Benefit Claimants Did Not Return to Work in Last Decade
Almost 50% of black people aged between 16 and 24 are unemployed!
Black hole in local government pensions hits £60billion
250 innocent people added to police DNA files for every one removed
Suicidal despair of 1 in 3 young jobless
£20.8bn Cost of Housing Benefit
169,000 immigrants claimed dole within 6 months of getting an NI number
London family receives record £279,000 housing benefit

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