Daily News - April 2010


White Working Class prepare to ditch Labour
Eight years for Jamal Ibrahim who raped teen in doorway
Leyland paedophile rapist Delwyn Savigar jailed
Judge rules Christians have NO special rights as he throws out case of sex therapist who refused to work with gay couples
Couples 'up to £200 a MONTH worse off than single mothers'
July 7 ringleader's fingerprints taken years before suicide attacks just discovered by cops
British girl, 10, fights off two men who tried to rape her in Dubai
BLAIR WARS: Army commander killed by Taliban bomb on Helmand patrol 'requested more helicopters'
BLAIR WARS: More than 100 soldiers have had limbs amputated after roadside bomb attacks in Afghanistan
Social services missed SEVEN chances to save girl, 14, who was 'brainwashed' into having sex with her father
Immigration: Policies of the parties
Gordon hates everybody - Labour voters included
Eighty prisoners a day let out early
Immigration amnesty was a modest plan. Electioneering has killed it
Child arrests over 'racial' fight outside school
Dover to lose all immigration staff as UK Border Agency in Kent cuts 30 jobs
Facebook vigilante posts 6,000 photos of convicted paedophiles and sex offenders online as 'invaluable tool for parents'
Foreign workers got council jobs without proper paperwork
Belgium bans burkas!
Wives of terrorist suspects 'CAN claim benefits', say European judges
£8bn to Pay for New Labour Benefits
Gordon Brown Fails to Dodge Migrant Question Again
BLAIR WARS: Gordon Brown's dithering has betrayed our soldiers
Immigrants sought after Bognor rape.
Benefit cheat Inyat Hussain told to give back £40,000


Gordon Brown Calls Pensioner a Bigot
Gulamyr Akhter Charged With Ex-Lover's Murder
£8m Scandal Of The Illegal immigrants too Violent to Deport
A Greek Tragedy That Could Soon Be Staged in Britain
New Labour are the real immigration bigots
BLAIR WARS: More British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
Ex mosque director Mohammed Hanif Khan denies sex charges in Stoke hearing
Tony Blair is Very Close to being Indicted for War Crimes
Congolese man lobbies for 'racist' Tintin book to be banned
The roots of racism are in our brains!
Pupils in TB alert at Eton
New al-Muhajiroun/Islam4UK Front Operating in Tower Hamlets


Former Land Girl dies after she is left to 'wallow in her own filth' on NHS ward!!!
Nick Clegg made £300,000 from house in Brussels after getting £140,000 from taxpayers
BLAIR WARS: British soldiers killed by US 'friendly fire' in Afghanistan 'would have lived if they had a radio headset'
Motorist who reported vandalism at Cop Shop told to PHONE call centre
Lib Dems' £100,000 donation from 'nom-dom'
Paedophiles 'Swap 2m Porn Images'
How Civil Servants Waste Your Money By The Billion
Michal Kalinowski 'stabbed landlord 83 times'
Russell Crowe threatened to Kill Holocaust Survivor with his Bare Hands
Soccer star Solano in rape probe
Christian Candidate in Trouble for saying "Pakistani's Should Just Go Home"


New Labour candidate John Cowan sacked after boasting about his sexual exploits online
Hattie's little secret on the migrant deal
Girl, 14, arrested over murder of 'paedophile' she accused of rape
Jack Straw says sorry over Muslim veil comment sparking accusations of political opportunism
Illegal immigrant Tian Bin Xue who killed pensioner, 91, caught 4 years later hiding in cupboard of Chinese takeaway
The master forger Abdullah Azad helped up to 15,000 illegal immigrants stay in Britain
Russian Oligarchs 'set to flee Britain because of New Labour's tax policies'
Police admit more than 300 sex offenders are missing in Britain
Shell drafted letter Tony Blair sent to Gaddafi while Prime Minister
Life terms for Blue Lagoon 'slave' murderers
Jamal Coleman jailed for 'frenzied' stabbing
What has happened to education?
Curfews for robbery suspects as Met targets increase in knife crime


New Labour's 'secret weapon' Blair makes £350,000 for four hours work!
Ed Balls fined for driving whilst making a mobile phone call
Lib Dem immigrant amnesty 'gives 2.2m the right to stay'!!!
More than 7,000 parents hit by truancy convictions
'Starve the workshy into taking a job'!
Fury Over 1m Illegal Immigrants!
Gypsies: Britain Here We Come!!!
Social mobility in England 'lags behind other countries'
Archbishop backs Lancaster BNP debate ban
Immigration Remains Vague From David Cameron
Bungling doctor Dr Arun Rauniar faces suspension by GMC


Refugee charity attacks Clegg on illegal immigrant amnesty
Former Education Secretary Ruth Kelly stands down as MP - a day later she buys £1.8m house next to best Catholic schools in Britain
Miliband wastes £80,000 changing official font on Foreign Office logo
Nick Clegg: a man of extraordinary privilege whose family own a chateau
Super-Rich Rebuild Their Fortunes
New Labour Spent Almost £5bn on Benefits for Drunks and Drug Addicts
Primary schools reject thousands of children
UK home to 1million illegal immigrants
Harpreet Singh - Third man charged over mutilation death
Mohammed Smoured in court over girl's murder
Aaron Miller remanded on two rape charges
14-Year-Old Boy Sexually Attacked by Cevdet Yildiz
Nurse Paula Grant was Cruel to Mother and Dead Baby
Zuzana Tologova and Ladislav Tatar Target Winston Churchill’s Daughter
Black Arrested after Teenage Girl Sexually Assaulted in Playground
No Charges for Asian taxi driver after Sean Richards almost Killed
Veaceslav Andrienco appears in court charged with six counts of rape
Darren Williams and Hal McCollin Jailed for Running Drugs Factory
Students punished for celebrating St George's Day: They were encouraged to Celebrate South Africa Day!
Pickpocket Gary Rhoden jailed after targeting elderly
Adnane Beldjoudi Raped woman who thought he was a cabbie
Muslim voters ‘hold key in marginal seats’
Convicted Tory Fraudster David Ginley is Arrested Again for Election Fraud
Eldon Lloyd Malcolm Guilty of Stabbing James Little 8 Times


Is this what Jolly Jack means by a safer Britain?
British grandmother returns home after 23 years in Spain and is branded an asylum seeker
Algerian pilot wrongly accused of training 9/11 hijackers in line for £2m payout
Teachers handed 'patronising' checklist on 'how to spot a poor child'
The bank rubber Conrad Zdzierak disguises himself
Children as young as EIGHT being offered free condoms!!!
Deported For Fourth Time, The One-Man Migrant Crimewave - Hakim Benmakhlouf was given £3,000 to leave England!!!
It's Over for Brown but New Labour May Cling on to Clegg
Devious Clegg Is As Big A Fake As Blair
Labour Migration Madness
Gordon Brown refuses to apologise for Labour 'lies'
Prison population tops 85,000 for first time
Blackpool footballer DJ Campbell arrested over stabbing in London
Ali Farhani guilty of imprisoning girl in Mayfair
Billy Bragg and BNP clash over St George's Day
What's happened to the UK's population?
'Holocaust' tax dodger jailed for hiding funds in Swiss bank account
Woman, 89, Brutally Raped in her own Home
Abdi Osman in court over attempted rape


Soaring unemployment, pay freezes for millions but Billions more for bankers
Dying boy, 8, was denied ambulance because he 'wasn't poorly enough'
Goldman's banker Tetsuya Ishikawa always asked: Where's the brothel?
Violent crimes are up by 750 a week... and Labour's preferred figures prove it
Nick Clegg Says ‘Let Islam Prayer Call Ring’
Ban Mobiles For Children Under 12, Says Expert
Sikh police banned from joining firearms teams wearing turbans
Tory candidate arrested after scrap with John Prescott
Lib Dem’s UK immigration plan to direct migrants to Scotland
Streatham Common sex pest ban blocked by court
Ali Ugurel jailed for rape and kidnap of woman
Obrian Macsoni and Neal Price charged after rape and burglary
Yousaf Choudhry snared in police sting at McDonald’s
Shafique Miah accused of sex with teenage girl, 13
Two Blacks Rape Woman


Jermaine Carl Bullen jailed over head teacher assault
Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register - It could breach their human rights!!!
South Park creators warned over Muhammad depiction
Nick Clegg in Nazi slur on Britain as he claims 'our delusions of grandeur' are more a cross to bear than German guilt
Nick Clegg 'received donations directly into his bank account'
Dirty tricks of the REAL nasty Party(the Lib Dems)
Long-term jobless hits 13-year high in new blow for Brown
Nick Clegg's Crazy Immigration Policy
In 2009, Hospitals turned away 750 women in labour
Conservative party to send gay MP to quell EU extremists
Unemployment benefit claimants in the new constituencies

Wednesday 21st April

Man Brutally Attacked by Gang of 8 Asian Thugs
Asian thug attacked dad in Burnley maternity unit
Robber Rips Man's Finger Off!
Innocent Schoolboy Stabbed After Race War Erupts
Shafique Miah accused of sex with 13-year-old
Abused girl calls for Zulfar Hussain to be deported
Mohammed Soboh Murdered his Mother-in-Law Pauline Knowles - Sheused to be his wife before he married her daughter!!!
Yoyoh Binti Salim Udin is suing her former employers
Brown's Election Campaign Dealt Huge Blow as Jobless Total Hits 16-Year High
Will Christians swing the 2010 UK election?
Sadistic charity boss tortured Liverpool women
Michael Bowden jailed for 'phone rage' murder
Goldman Sachs sparks fury after revealing a £3.6billion pay and bonus pool for its banker
Brown savaged by young Radio One listeners over Labour's record on immigration
Lib Dems' Immigration Policies 'Are Just Laughable'
Atheist Nick Clegg discovers religion in time for polling day
One night doctor to look after 400 hospital patients as 48-hour working week cuts cover
Just don't mention the Great Leader!
'8% rise' in violence on children
Tomas Navickas charged with murder
Richard Ciborowski charged with murder of Chorley woman
Sixth attempt to deport African prince
Nine face trial for biggest UK jewellery robbery
Rugby league player Gareth Raynor admits internet scam

Tuesday 20th April

Virunas Kalasnikovas admits the murder of 17-year-old Darren Loader - Andrej Mackevic denies it
Will Freed Rapist and Serial Paedophile Zeki Hilmi Serve Just 3 Years?
Darren Glen Stabbed to Death by Sister's Boyfriend Denham Denver Rainford
Police hunt Eastern European sex beast
Miguel Da Silva Murdered White Girlfriend
Jerome Carney Charged with Pushing Girl onto Live Train Tracks
Paedophile Immigrant Jaunius Kundrotas, Claims Child Porn was Michael Jackson Research
Khalaf Agha Charged with Rape
Bradley Ennis Jailed for Beating Pregnant Girlfriend
Babar Khan bit and punched his girlfriend
Robber stamped on boy's head
Rape victim dies 4 years after brutal attack by Jakub Tomczak
E-fit of rapist released
Burglars Maslah Hassan and Mohammed Ali sexually assaulted student
More Paedophile and Grooming Arrests
Heroin? No, I was talking about Dumpling and Jerk Chicken said Emmanuel Okubote
Bogus taxi driver Manzoor Hassan jailed for sex attack
Lib Dem Council Raises Pakistani and Bangladeshi Flags - But Refuse to Raise English Flag on St George's Day
British Jobs for Foreign Workers
Women to blame for earthquakes, says Iran cleric
Ilford election candidates warn over immigration
Council secretly gives another half-million to Islamic fundamentalists
The Sevenoaks candidate and the 'frightful conspiracy'
The answer to the BNP is more immigration!
White Man Stabbed 12 Times by Sister's Boyfriend
Goldman Sachs banker facing fraud charges bags share of mega £3.2bn payout
England branded least patriotic nation in Europe as citizens are too scared to fly the flag!!!
Lesbian mothers become first gay couple to sign up as parents
Police power could be given to nightclub bouncers and security guards
The Lib Dems' stance on immigrants is their most dishonest (and dangerous) policy yet
Surgeon Dr Sulieman Al Hourani cut off testicle 'by mistake'
Culture of greed that makes society poorer
EXPENSES: Anthony Steen claims on expenses for London home
Binge-drinking 'well-established' in north-west England

Monday 19th April

Older People 'Ignored By Society'
Pakistani Paedophile Who Groomed White Girls Can Stay in UK
Nurse Katie Cullen stabbed 130 times by asylum seeker Iman Ghaefelipour
Mother raped and left for dead by Jakub Tomczak dies 4 years after savage attack
New Labour's 'votes for paedophiles' leaflet sparks row
Illegal immigration: is an amnesty the answer?
Deadly attack on gay man 'like Clockwork Orange scene'
Robbers wear dresses in Newquay jewellery raid
FSA launches inquiry into Goldman Sachs fraud charge
Traffic warden faces the sack after foul rant about motorcyclist’s wife
Critics Ridicule Gordon Brown's Immigration Policy
Gordon Brown’s Economic Policies Are ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Says Ex-Labour Minister
Brown faces backlash after telling voters to put immigration crisis 'into perspective'
Up to 3-in-4 Babies Will be Born Outside of Marriage!!!
Travellers send children to private school and drive BMW after fleecing taxpayer in £100,000 benefits scam
Two arrested over girl's murder
Black Schoolboy arrested after 16-year-old fatally stabbed
Jermain Defoe caught performing sex act in car
Tony Blair stranded in Israel - At least he's with his best friends!
New Labour promises Mandarin in schools
Immigration is not fuel for BNP support – IPPR study
If you’re half black, half white, you’re totally delicious - So says The Times' mixed-race journalist, India Knight!

Sunday 18th April

Afghanistan: Conspiracy of silence as 77 per cent of Britons want our forces to come home
General Election 2010: Charities attack New Labour's record on health
MP Frank Field accuses Gordon Brown of destroying the economy
Immigration – The subject no politician wants to talk about
Cameron berated by ex-soldier during walkabout
Secret 7-page document details claims of bullying by Gordon Brown’s hardman Charlie Whelan
Former Prescott adviser’s secret demand for £1m
Fabrice Tourre: the high-flier at centre of huge Goldman ‘fraud’
Council Tax: Half a Million Households Paying Wrong Bill
Dr Shiverdorayi Raghavan earned £490,000 in 2008-09 - He's a GP!
British cake firm in race-hate row over Polish president’s death
Flowers for Agnes, but dope and guns for the boys
Minister faked snap of himself at students’ anti-BNP rally
Where Jacqui Smith fears to trend

Saturday 17th April

Sam Fitzgerald may have been Murdered by Gang
Double Rapist Allah Karam to be Deported
Rasuljon Kuchkarov Punched and Raped Woman
Women Savagely Beaten and Sprayed with Chemicals in Street Attack
Good Samaritan Stabbed by Asian Thugs
Teenager Attacked with Metal Bar by Asian Gang
80-Year-old Deliberately Run Over
Man Stabbed and Left for Dead
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black
Actress Blinded in Glass Attack
Diego Martinotti Sexually Attacked Student in Street
Paul Chigbu Sexually Assaulted Fashion Student
Tunu Meah Spits Repeatedly in Woman's Face
Waqar Ali Attacked Teachers with Baseball Bat
Black sex attacker chased on to tracks by staff
Appeal after thugs beat man unconscious
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Asian
Another Woman Sexually Assaulted by Asian
Blood And Crips Taking Over Britain
Vitalij Kovaliov Assaults Woman in Theatre
Men Beaten with Sticks and Blades by Gang
Police Hunting Tube Robber
Members of Black Mafia Deny Throat Slashing
Children Flee from Asian Stranger
Anger over plan to let 14-year-olds Teach Sex Education
Goldman Sachs boss in the dock on toxic mortgages!
The truth behind Brown's bogus statistics
How Gordon Brown secretly imposed a ruinous tax that has wrecked the retirements of millions
British bishop convicted of "denying Holocaust" by German court
Illegal Immigrant Amnesty is an Outrageous Concept
Retailers still selling over-sexualised clothing to kids
Civil servant get six years for selling passports to 13 Nigerian illegals
Kardelle Rowe Masturbated Outside Nursery
Lecturer Paul Hwang used hidden camera to spy on female students as they showered
Fanatic Hunt in Schools a £12m Flop
Nelson Mandela's wife tells Britain: Stay out of Africa this time!
Everyone's terrified of Cherie - She still sees herself as a socialist who can help New Labour's campaign!

Friday 16th April

Mayoress forced to apologise after making online joke about immigrants
Jabed Ali charged with murder of a 6-year-old girl
Richmond Nkhoma and Raymond Small charged with murder
Jeweller stops thieves with samurai sword which he had wrestled from one of the robbers
Women warned not to walk alone at night in Soho after third rape
Tory wife quits to stand for BNP
Anti-knife crime campaigners stabbed in row over football
3,400 Illegals Are Working For NHS
Girl's rape ordeal in park
'Safer' not to defrock paedophile priests, says Catholic Church official
Cameron: 'I will empower UK Jews'! What? Even more than they are now?
The Nightstalker - Delroy Grant in court
Disabled Motorist is Beaten to Pulp by 10-Strong Gang
Do you recognise these Rapists?
BLAIR WARS: 7 Britons feared dead in suicide car bombing
Schoolgirl shot in takeaway was 'innocent victim of black gang violence'
Man With Penknife in his Car gets a Criminal Record
Fury Over Rights Law for Rapist
Britain 'Risks Civil Unrest if Gay Rights Win Over Religious Beliefs'
Chip shop owner Balbir Singh Bachra sold freshwater fish as cod
Threefold rise in GPs who offer abortions after rules are relaxed
TV Debate: Gordon Brown is Down and Out!

Thursday 15th April

Lib-Dem Election Manifesto: Let Illegal Immigrants Become British Citizens!!!
Single mother (black) who couldn't sort out childcare demands £1.1m - 7 times more than Army offered hero who lost legs
NHS contractor hired up to 3,400 illegal immigrants to work in hospitals!!!
BRAINWASHING WORKS! Brits believe mixed-race people are the 'most attractive and successful'
Inmate gets £4.7m for brain damage in Brixton Prison
Girl, 16, shot at takeaway
First British executive jailed for corrupting foreign officials
Nasty attack on Burnley couple
Illegal immigrant falsely claims £50,000 to train as nurse

Wednesday 14th April

You've Got Wind, Foreign Doctor Tells 3-Year-Old With Cancer
Immigrant gang of eight molest girl, 14 - None faces charges!!!
Widow's fury as failed asylum seeker Delshad Aziz gets only nine months for death crash
Cherie Blair accused of 'profiting from plight of Gurkha veterans'
Asylum seeker travels 50 miles to Britain strapped under school trip coach... and emerges with a grin and thumbs-up
Civil servants charged astonishing £1bn for taxi rides, restaurants and hotels to state credit cards
Primark withdraws padded bikinis for 7-year-olds after being accused of exploiting 'paedophile pound'
Immigration is a major concern for Asian voters
Police Hunt Naked black in Cream Stockings in Kids Playground
Business leader attacks Tory immigrant cap that would 'irritate Chinese and Indians'
Doctors: 'Epidemic' of preventable childhood diseases
Civil Servants £1BN High Life
Innocents branded yobs and pervs in crime record blunders
Liars! £644,000 fines for bosses at Northern Rock who fiddled the figures
Inner-city school buys mansion to keep pupils safe from knife crime
Manchester City Council leader held over assault claim
Canterbury City councillor on sex charges
Gay Quarter scheme for Leicester
Yemeni Jews to be given sanctuary in Britain

Tuesday April 13th

Immigration tops the agenda for Barking constituency
Girl molested by kids of ten - and they won't be prosecuted
Family angry over Delshad Aziz nine-month sentence for killing father-of-two
Bishop 'blames Jews' for criticism of Catholic church record on abuse
Judge in charge of family courts criticises ‘arrogant social workers’
Levi Bellfield Faces Milly Dowler Murder Rap
BLAIR WARS: Two war-weary Marines destroyed by the liars in Westminster
General Election 2010: Gordon Brown Blasted Over Immigration Plans
Why work when I can get £42,000 in benefits a year AND drive a Mercedes?
Parents ordered to tell off their sons for illegal skateboarding even though they're 29 and 24!
Vatican climbdown on sex abuse guidelines
'English' Pupils Become Minority
Pupils With 39 Languages Put School in Crisis
Idi Amin's son Faisal Wangita charged over fight
Pensioners face five-year wait for a bus pass after 'sneaky' rule change
'Anti-Christian' judges should be banned from religious cases, says Lord Carey
Thank God for the one man who has the courage to stand up to our ruling elite's assault on Christianity
Teenager stabbed to death by Asians in a Cardiff house
Tory Councillor Charged with Abusing Kids
What the Hell is the Son of Idi Amin doing in Britain?
Expenses MPs Devine, Chaytor and Morley get legal aid!!!
Teachers fight off armed would-be immigrants who tried to sneak aboard a school bus in Calais
'This will outrage British taxpayers': Deal to rescue Greece to soak up millions
NHS relax superbug safeguards for Muslim staff: Women can now cover up with long-sleeved uniforms despite health warning
Tony Blair's billionaire friend Victor Dahdaleh raided over '£700m bribes'
Tory Councillor Charged with Abusing Kids
What the Hell is the Son of Idi Amin doing in Britain?
Expenses MPs Devine, Chaytor and Morley get legal aid
Muslims Attack George Galloway - Call Him a Filthy Kaffir
Teachers fight off armed illegals who tried to sneak aboard a school bus in Calais
23 Anti-Fascist Thugs in Court
Gordon Brown has run out of excuses for his broken promises
Muslims Attack George Galloway - Call Him a Filthy Kaffir
Selection by mortgage: Top comprehensives have far fewer poor pupils than grammars
NHS Bosses Handed 6.9% Pay Rises
New Labour 'Has Failed To Improve The Nation's Health'
Labour Surrender To The Left Puts Us All In Danger
Cambridge students 'to get pole dancing lessons to combat stress'
General Election 2010: Labour manifesto to signal return to Blairite agenda
Anti-Semitic party wins favour in Hungary
Gordon Brown has run out of excuses for his broken promises

Sunday 11th April

Children speaking English in minority in 1,500 schools
Nhalnhoa Monyai jailed for Northampton triple rape attack
Roy Amor killed himself after some sneak complained about a "racist" joke
British democracy: no better than Uzbekistan's
The Curse Of Immigration
Parts of UK are 'very, very overcrowded,' admits Nick Clegg
Health Minister Phil Hope is ordered to return £42k expenses then gets £38k back again!
Balraj Singh Charged with Stab Murder
Harminder Randhawa charged with wife's murder
NHS relax superbug safeguards for Muslim staff just days after Christian nurse is banned from wearing crucifix for health and safety reasons!!!
John Prescott, Ruth Kelly and MPs tainted in expenses row ‘to be given peerages’
BLAIR WARS: Troops pay ‘blood price’ as ex-MoD chief protects £1bn helicopter contract
Obesity And Alcohol 'Blighting NHS'
Muslim staff escape NHS hygiene rule
Met allows Islamic protesters to throw shoes
Keep trains out of my 5,000-acre back yard says Lord Rothschild
Gordon Brown: ‘Come on, come on. Look at my achievements’
Charity that sterilises addicts to come to UK
Scotland Yard without top ranking ethnic minorities

Saturday 10th April

Romanian gang 'mutilated children so they would earn more money begging on the streets of Britain'
Anguished letter to Brown and Cameron reveals devastating toll of immigration on schools, housing and hospitals
City that can't cope any more: While this Czech family are thrilled with their new council house, such largesse is ruining communities
The pupils aged nine who are given lessons in 18-rated Grand Theft Auto
Omari Roberts stabbed burglar, 17, to death: He will not face trial
This is How the World Ends for New Labour
Britain’s top Catholic ‘protected’ paedophile
British oil worker shot in Ethiopia named as Jason Read
International jewel thieves Yuri Harris and Maher Ghalainijailed in London
Burglar Bruno Apicella betrayed by DNA
The Titan primaries: Super-sized schools to cope with pupil boom Forget the election. The real war is between New and Old Labour

Friday 9th April

So much for Brown's pledge of British jobs for British workers
Mass Immigration is a Disaster and Labour is to Blame
IMMIGRATION: What NONE of the parties will tell you
Gordon Brown 'Has Insulted Our Intelligence'
Self-styled guru Michael Lyons accused of raping seven vulnerable women
Hackney's most wanted: Carlton Mason
Janaid Qureshi, Asian 'Community Champion', Jailed for Rape
Serzan Budak, who left a young woman scarred for life, will be out of Jail in weeks
Killers 'were ready to do violence'
Scot Fighting for Life after Attack by 'Middle Eastern looking' Thugs
Serzan Budak Left Young Woman Scarred For Life - He'll be out of Jail in 8 Weeks
Car clamper Clifton Hoffman is locked up
Police release image of Robber in Nurses Uniform
Hackney Police reveal most wanted: Carlton Mason
Do You Recognise These?
Man Strips Naked in Town Square
Charges Will be Dropped Against Black-on-White Murderer
Man Stabbed to Death
Deadly Chinese Triad War in District
Foreign Monsters Jailed for Robbing Woman, 86
African Who Tried to Sell Morgue Photos 'will be deported'
Robert Fraiser Rammed '12-inch Dumbbell up Victim's Backside'
Black Knifepoint Robber Threatens 11-year-old
Lennox Sheedy (black) on Rape Charge
Polish Passenger offers Wife to Taxi Driver to settle fare
Kosovan Refugee Caught with Dagger - Judge says "I don't Blame you for carrying a weapon - it's Dangerous in East London"
Killer David Estephane Jailed For Raping Student
Off-duty London police officer has arm broken by gang
Stalked Strictly star terrified he'd be attacked by Muslim convert Toneeta Beckford
In 13 years of New Labour, the richest have got even richer
Raid on 'gipsy palaces' of Romania smashes the gang sending child thieves to Britain
Thug PC jailed for 'torturing' handcuffed girl who he forced to beg for mercy
Criminals evade efforts to seize millions of pounds of assets
Halal Meat Protest Outside KFC
Muslim woman strangled by her burkha in freak go-kart accident

Thursday 8th April

New Labour's Employment Shame as 92% of New Jobs go to Immigrants!!!
Balls forced to drop plans for compulsory sex lessons at age five
Antonio Da Silva Jailed for Rape
Victoria Bukky Osoteku in court over Victoria Tube station death
Young Father Stabbed to Death in Unprovoked Attack
Oliver Balicao Raped Teenage Patient
Muslim who Murdered Elderly Man will only be Charged with 'Involuntary Manslaughter'
Appeal after 56-Year-Old Woman is Raped
Antonio Da Silva Jailed for Rape
Machine gun killers in gang attack are captured on CCTV
Robbers Strangle Taxi Driver
Teenager Attacked on Bus by 10-strong gang
Mugger kicks woman in the face for handbag
Police release efit of Gun Mugger who Targets Women
Teenager Subjected to Sex Assault by "Dark Skinned" Man
Female shopkeeper beaten to the floor by masked robbers wielding batons
Police seek Asian attackers
Doctor Bajrang Singh accused of sexual assault
Police hunt for finance director George Avwunu
"Britons are Fat and Lazy" says Indian Nurse
So How Can We Improve Your Life, Mr Migrant?
Prisoners: How They Are Treated Like Private Patients
Gypsies Who Get Interest-Free Loans Courtesy of You
Foreign Doctors 'Must Pass An English Exam'
New Labour Has Totally Lost Touch With The British People
BLAIR WARS: Another British soldier killed in Afghanistan
Army builds 'mosques' on North Yorkshire firing range
Neither political party will tell the truth and voters are burying their heads in the sand
A Rogue's Gallery of criminal debts revealed
New Labour has failed to reduce 'Neets', say MPs
Half of Kids in Borough are Non-White
Dentist Roger Klein asks "Do you want to see the goods?"
Floating restaurant given go-ahead - Gay Cottagers Threaten to Sue

Wednesday 7th April 2010

“Every trespasser, namely white whores, we will rape them and kill them... White kids will be burned”
Gender-bending chemicals 'triggering early puberty in girls and putting them at risk of diabetes and cancer'
German tourist raped by black man as she left London hotel for cigarette
It's a very bad day for Christianity
Baroness Scotland 'lied about seeing passport of her illegal cleaner'
NHS left with 34m stockpile of swine flu jabs - £300million was squandered on jabs we didn't need!
Stay-at-home fathers 'up 10-fold' - 600,000 men, are now their child's primary carer!
First Asian woman MP 'could be elected' this year
Schools 'relentlessly centralised' under New Labour
From Algeria to Zimbabwe, the atlas of nations in ONE hospital
Gordon said he's always truthful. That's a good one!
Robbers given lower fines than motorists caught speeding
Good riddance to this rotten Parliament
The worst classroom bullies? Politicians
Tax: £1,000 A Year Bombshell If Brown Wins Poll
Shanty Town Migrants Told: Work Or Go Home

Tuesday 6 April

Scandal As Taxpayers Face £1TRILLION Pensions Timebomb
Union Boss: This Is The Worst Government in History!
Hospital has staff from 70 countries Nurses don't even understand 'nil by mouth'!!!
Yahya Gul facing murder quiz - he 'met schoolgirl knife victim on Facebook'
Leading Tory 'Lends' Rent-Boy Cash and Credit Card
Over-55s more worried about NHS and immigration than care plans
New Labour's 24-hour drinking disaster: 47% of all violent crimes are linked to alcohol abuse
Our nice, furry Archbishop... lost in a barbarous world
BLAIR WARS: Mark Turner killed in Afghanistan
More than 50 suspected war criminals living in Britain
Now teachers are ordered to smile at their pupils!
Soldier 'denied payout' after carrying Carling Cup
Drugs And Porn Smuggled Into Prisons

Monday 5 April

South Africa tension grows after Terreblanche killing
5 Arrested after Asian girl murdered
Hallelujah! Archbishop speaks up for Christians!
Fire brigade roars to the rescue at Blair mansion after guess who burns the toast
Gas fat cat pockets £28m in a year as pensioners struggle to pay bills
How ironic that teachers' obsession with 'pupil power' is now putting them out of work
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed by IED in Afghanistan
Cardinal tells Pope not to be distracted by 'petty gossip’
Police 'ignored News of the World phone hacking evidence'

Sunday 4 April

NHS sends confidential patient records to India
White South Leader, Eugene Terre'blanche, 'hacked to death by workers'
Drugs Czar's links to aristocrats group lobbying to liberate laws on drugs
Revealed: US firm issues British visas: MPs were not told
Moise Avorgah appears in court over Hackney fatal stabbing
Victim stripped naked by robbers
Sussex Health Tourism
Archbishop's Easter Wish: World Peace? No, it's 'Don't Vote BNP'

Saturday 3 April

Why is this woman giving up a life of luxury to live in a mud hut with an African?
Triple murderer demands megabucks from prison staff over 'breach of human rights'
National Insurance rise will hit schools, NHS and police for £690million
Power of the pupils: Child 'spies' allowed to sabotage the careers of teachers
Betrayed: Iraq hero is placed behind criminals in queue for a home
Why this election must be a choice between honesty and dishonesty
IRISH CHURCH 'HAS LOST CREDIBILITY' says the Archbishop of Canterbury
BLAIR WARS: Michael Sweeney killed in Afghanistan
London murder rate rises as teenage violence ends bloody month
Interactive map shows how London’s youth gangs claim their territory
University sex assaults linked

Friday 2 April

Teenage Afghan asylum seekers 'in pool sex attack on girl of 13'
Schizophrenic held over mother's stabbing death... 6 years after he killed his father with a claw hammer
Death driver Aaron Chisango is deported
Pregnant Mother Punched in Face by Asian
Male Students Targeted by Black Sex Attacker
Teenager Attacked by Asian Gang
Teen illegal immigrant Jermaine Ramone Clarke jailed over robbery which saw dog and victim shot
Black Burglar Robert Coker Beat Man with Iron Bar
Police u-turn as missing rapist is identified as Yuan Wei Zhang
Asian sought in Bristol assault inquiry
Serious sexual assault on 14-year-old
Man Exposed Penis
Serzan Budak Jailed for Punching Woman in Face
Man Headbutted in Daylight Robbery
Horrific ordeal of girl, 6, who was physically and sexually abused by 23 of her classmates
Woman Sexually Assaulted
Moise Avorgah charged with murdering aspiring footballer
Leonel Manata Climbed Through Window and Crawled into Woman's Bed
New Supreme Court is 33% Jewish!

Thursday 1 April

Parole chief thinks we should be releasing more prisoners!!!
England, the sick woman of Europe: Slovenian women live longer!!!
1,250 council chiefs on £100k plus (and 31 earn more than PM)
New Labour's Betrayal on Mixed Sex Wards
Working class boys let down by 'lack of male role models'
Christian nurse says NHS 'persecuted' her faith and favours Muslims employees
Mehmet Koc and Matthew Joannou jailed for attacking police officers with dogs
Police failings 'led to shooting' in Lincolnshire
Rape case DNA left in West Mercia Police freezer
Protesters silence Israeli musicians in London
Brown under fire from statistics chief over 'incorrect' immigration figures in podcast
EXPENSES: Margaret Moran, MP, is too "sick" to be quizzed but fit enough to lobby for a new job

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