Daily News - January & February 2010

Sunday 28th February

Islamic radicals 'infiltrate' New Labour!!!
Paedophile? Father stopped from taking picture of his son on children's train ride
Scots Ban Top English TV Shows
No 11 housekeeper fired after 30 years… For using Alistair Darling's shower
Blair's GMTV favourite Gloria De Piero lined up for Hoon's seat
More sex education means more teenage pregnancies... Always!
Key No10 figure tells how he was pushed and shouted at by the PM
1,000 pupils a day commit physical and verbal assaults
Gateshead Hilton security guard stabbed
New Labour's hypocrisy over immigrants
Army to Tackle Unruly Pupils
Mossad Killing Was Hardly a Slick Operation
Terrorists 'could hijack new meters to cause blackouts'
£3m cost of keeping 12 terror suspects on control orders
Inextricably linked to controversial mosque: the secret world of IFE

Saturday 27th February

Immigrant health tourists owe NHS £22 million, Department of Health reveals
The sinister forces behind that threat to banish school skirts
BLAIR WARS: Sergeant Paul Fox Killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Martin Kinggett kiled in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: RAF Man Killed Just Before 21st Birthday
Savage Attack - Sohail Hussain and Ali Mushtaq aren't Racist as they were Drunk!
Bodies in the boot: Ji Peng and Lu Yao Jia on trial
Visa Scam of Bogus Students
MI5: Judge says security service is dubious and untruthful
'Rothschild' conman 'swindled vulnerable divorcee out of £300,000 and got her pregnant'
Cameron needs to start telling Britain the truth
Met Office £12m Bonus Farce
Russian prosecutor accuses Britain of harbouring fugitives
Harriet Harman's creepy husband to contest Birmingham seat
England and Wales' population broken down by race, sex, age and place

Friday 26th February

'50,000 people die from malnutrition a year in NHS hospitals'!
Immigration Has Soared Five-Fold As Labour Leaves Our Borders 'Wide Open'
Asylum Cases Target 'Unachievable'
Insult to 7/7 victims: Families' fury as the suicide bombers share same inquest
Chishala Bwalya guilty of rape
BLAIR WARS: British servicemen killed in Afghanistan: UK casualty toll now 265
More than 100 RBS bankers get a bonus of at least £1m!!!
Operations cancelled 'because of chaotic criminal record checks on surgeons'
Immigration minister Phil Woolas admits his children have suffered because of immigration
EXPENSES: Commons official quits after he is arrested over fraud
Children 'over-exposed to sexual imagery'
Muslims jailed for UK citizenship fraud
Reform Jews grill Chris Grayling on arrest law
Muslim students in worship row at university
Gordon Brown: I'll change war crime arrest law to suit the top folk

Thursday 25th February

UK Passports For Foreigners Up 58%
BLAIR WARS: UK Servicemen Killed In Afghanistan
Harman Criticised Over By-Election
BLAIR WARS: Airman Killed in Afghan Blast
Now We're Merely an Outpost of the Brussels Empire
A chaotic fight between hordes of youths
Woman Repeatedly Raped by Dreadlocked Person with Distinctively Thick Lips
Gang of Thugs Force Teens to 'Lick Our Boots' in Humiliating Attack
Do You Recognise Man Who Attempted Rape?
E-fit of Exeter sex attack suspect
Asian Atif Hussain Wanted for Sex Attack on 10-Year-Old
Nurse Yolanda Worgs Stole From Elderly Blind Patient
Man Mugged by 4 Asians
No Jail for Fiona Smith who Glassed Woman
Traveller slashed by knifeman at Northwood Hills underground
Shoppers Terrified as Gangs Behave Like Animals
New Labour Councillor Frank McGrath Laundered Money for Drug Trafficker
Violent Thugs Named and Shamed
Britain's most obsessive stalker Jason Smith jailed for Facebook terrorism
Julian Clary and Peter Tatchell Upset - Council Refuses to Increase Naked Gay Sunbathing
Teen Savagely Attacked by Gang of 10
Teen Brutally Attacked by Gang of 20
Have-a-go-hero Slashed with Knife after Tackling Church Robber
Teen Girl Sexually Assaulted by African
10 Gun-Toting Men Burst into Flat
Man Stabbed Twice by Muggers
Man Suffers Horrific Injuries after Man Smashes Bottle into his Face
Thugs Savagely Beat Man with Baseball Bat
Commuters Terrified as Thugs Turn Railway Station into War Zone
Ashley Hutchinson, Denzil Rochester and Duane Isaac Jailed for Woman's Brutal Mugging
Sex Beast Adelani Akamo had only been in UK 10 Days
Jane Austin Politely asks man to Stop Smoking on Bus - He Punches her in Face
London rape cases up 500 in a year
Now One-in-4 Mums is a Single Parent!
Rape 'now gang weapon of choice'
Girl, 12, raped by tattooed attacker as she walked to school
Patients 'routinely neglected' at NHS hospital where hundreds died in squalor
BETWEEN 400 AND 1,200 DIED AT HOSPITAL ‘SET ON SAVING MONEY’ - Martin Yeates, CEO of Mid-Staffs hospital, got a £1 million plus pension pot and more than £400,000!
Scottish Deputy First Minister Pleaded for Leniency for fraudster Abdul Rauf!
We've found your van... but it's too dangerous to get it back from traveller camp', said the Policeman to the victim!
Cheerleader, 15, had leg amputated after doctors dismissed her cancer as 'growing pains' FOUR times
Violent gang members 'prize' middle-class girlfriends who can stash weapons and drugs
We're in Crisis says New Labour Veteran
Millions of Pensioners hit by £450m tax rip-off
You ruined my life, a 'demented' Brown told Blair
The fresh — and not so fresh — faces of the Tory diversity facelift
Call to attract female, gay and ethnic minority judges
Labour Teen Births ‘Disaster’
Fury As Council 'Secretly Hires Pool to Muslims'
Foreign inmates await deportation from Dorchester jail
'Nursery Neets' Struggle at School
Shaming of Osborne's brother: Doctor suspended for giving drugs to his prostitute lover

Wednesday 24th February

New Labour despises anyone who loves Britain, its values and its history
Shahid Malik, the UK's Justice Minister, is "confident" that, in 30 years time, the UK's Prime Minister will be a Muslim
Israel's Immigrant Children Fight Deportation
Europe President is a "damp rag"!
David Lothian Jailed for Stabbing Innocent Woman next Door
Corrupt Top Cop Ali Dizaei Knocked out in Prison after excrement was poured over his head!
Girl, 8, tells court of moment 'she watched stepfather Simon Downer murder her mother'
Whatever Became Of Society's Sense Of Responsibility?
Nigerian Preacher William Dorgu Beat and Sexually Assaulted Children
Jermaine Carl Bullen and Kieran Heakin in Court over Savage Headteacher Attack
Schools MUST teach diversity says Balls!
EU judges: Somali mum of 4 has no right to be here but we must give her a council house!!!
'Blackburn Resistance': Gang 'filmed preparations for terror'
Amy’s dad: Hurry up with Blackburn asylum seeker decision
Daniel Elliott Charged with Rape of Teenager
Drug Dealer Eidnan Mehmood Avoids Jail because he's Shy!!!
MOD Failings 'Threaten Security'
Sex Predator Ashley Coles Jailed for four years
Asian 'Community Leader' Janaid Qureshi Sexually Attacked Woman
Gerard Costa guilty of attempted rape bid
British woman who converted to Islam killed by suicide bomber
Why Britain is Spongers' Heaven
Families have become poorer under Labour
Gordon Brown is a sulking bully-boy hoist by his own petard
Benefit Cheats Claim in 20 Countries
New Labour 'Chaos' Keeps Foreigners in Jail
Ed Balls branded a coward by religious groups in sex education row
Senior bishops want gay weddings in churches
Hull bus attack woman Belinda Mould admits assault
Council Wants to Sell Land for £1 - to Build Houses for Asians!!!
Plans to Double Size of Mosque
Ethnic Adult Learning Project gets £337,000 Lottery Money
Film Studios to give Ethnic Teens Role in Movies
Jews leave Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitism
Cuts 'a Risk to Prison Stability'
Cops Give Cash to Muslims
Deportees Must have a Choice of DVD's to Watch
Woolas Calls Charity Boss ‘a Prat’ Over Bullying Row
Ministers admit failure over cutting ‘shameful’ teenage pregnancies
New Labour Gives Free Health Care to Failed Asylum Seekers but Isle of Man Brits have to pay!
Man Fined for Calling Red Indian Mrs Flying-Eagle "a Mooching Asylum Seeker"

Tuesday 23rd February

New Labour Ministers "were urged to ignore voters’ 'racist' views" !!!
Walid Salem walks free again: Serial criminal who terrorised businessman bailed
Ionel Rapisca 'shoved woman onto railway track after row about him smoking'
Dr Pierina Kapur 'removed toddler's bladder after mistaking it for hernia'!
Anglican bishops back end to ban on gay civil partnerships in church
Kobina Essel murdered Hackney manager
Benefits Bill Could Hit £20bn!
With the election's just weeks away New Labour ends early release for inmates
Asian businessman applies to join BNP in Staffordshire!
The culture of fear at No 10
David Cameron's 'Obama Army', ready to change the face of the Tory Party
Single Parent Prejudice Challenged
‘Desperate’ Jack Straw’s Prisoner-Release Ploy
George Osborne's Brother Faces Medical Ban
Israel tells Britain 'Don't get overemotional' about Dubai hit as more fake UK passports are linked
Violent convict killed girlfriend just days after being freed

Monday 22nd February

Government 'concealed real intentions on immigration'!!!
Tahir Afzal gets 10 years for raping a 14-year-old girl twice
Asian-on-White gang attack in Oldham
Now the Dead Must Pay Council Tax!
Police Chief: My Prayers are Foiling Criminals!
Army Fights Plan To Build Mosque Next To Sandhurst
Corrupt WPC jailed for tipping off crooked boyfriends
Brown’s Office Staff Made SOS Calls to Anti-Bully Helpline
A Tyrant, a Bully and a Reign of Terror at No 10
7,000 Win Squatters’ Rights to Live in UK
Shopkeeper, 63, beaten to death with a sledgehammer by gang of hoodies
Domesday Book 2010: Strip clubs soaring, libraries disappearing... Life in modern Britain
Tory drive to raise ethnic MP quota if Cameron wins election
Schools should not force girls to wear skirts - It discriminates against transsexuals!!!

Sunday 21st February

Celebrities paid £325,000 to appear in Government ad campaigns!
So much for Labour crackdown on cannabis: 5 out of 6 people caught with the drug escape court!
Fury as town halls spend £1.4m on 'away days'
BLAIR WARS: Another big push, another procession of coffins, another unwinnable war
BLAIR WARS: Thousands of British troops wounded in Afghanistan
Mansions For Scroungers: We Pay £16m A Year to Keep Families in Luxury
Millions of anti-terror cash spent on luxury London flats for police chiefs Third woman raped in Harringay
From Kabul to an M1 service station: Afghans dying to get into Britain
Lina Dia Bavi claimed more than £30,000 in Government cash
Akinni Constantine terrorised Tottenham
Gordon Brown Begs Voters to Forgive his Mistakes
Cherie Blair Forced to Bail Out her Own Women's Charity
Hate Cleric's Free Trip to Foster Sharia Law
£16m Bill For Civil Servants’ Flights
BLAIR WARS: Hero Soldier Identified as David Walker
Brown's £1.16 bilion Benefits Cheats
Only 45 Poor Children Make it into Oxbridge
Scandal Of Cut-Price 'Teachers'
Gordon Brown ordered to 'curb volcanic temper' after he was accused of abusing Downing Street staff
Projectile vomiting MP downed so much champagne during drinking contest on official trip friends feared he might die
Thousands of illegal immigrants win right to stay in Britain under 'squatters' rights'
'Invisible' children at risk from unofficial fostering

Saturday 20th February

BLAIR WARS: More than 17,000 episodes of troops going AWOL since 2003
BLAIR WARS: Lt Douglas 'Dougie' Dalzell killed in Afghanistan
Olusola Akinrele Killed the Baby he Fathered to Stay in Britain
PCs to Let Criminals Off if Shift is Ending!
Children at top hospital had to wash in buckets
Murder convictions of Azam, Nadeem and Asif overturned (to be replaced by violent disorder)
Kasha Peniston shot dead sister, 12 - Now he gets 9 years for further gun offences
Iman Omar Yousef remanded in custody over Birmingham 'acid' death of 3-year-old
EXPENSES: Harriet Harman Blocked Publication of "the most unreasonable" Claims Made by MPs!
Shock For New Labour as Rebel Purnell Quits!
77% Want a Cut in Immigration
Councils Reveal Home Truths About Immigration
Flights take Polish criminals home: the cost to you is £25million
EXPENSES: Liam Fox must wait to learn fate over £25,000 overclaim appeal
White Pupils Held Back By £250m Bonus For Schools
Senior cop calls for community service to replace short jail sentencesHow about the birch to replace them both?
Fury over U-turn on sex education in faith schools after amendment
15% Pay Rise For Council Bosses
Top Tories tell Israel they will change law so foreign "war crime" politicians can't be arrested

Friday 19th February

Elton John claims Jesus was a 'super-intelligent gay man'!
Privacy Victory for Gypsies
Israeli Ambassador Quizzed Over ‘Hit Plot’
'They are a different type of people to me' - Tory MP's verdict on passengers in standard class!
Harriet Harman faces investigation after admitting £650,000 awaydays were taxpayer-funded
Brown signals change of plan as fear grows of a double dip recession
Illegal immigrants working in Home Secretary’s 'canteen’?
White British pupils 'least likely to study maths A-level', professor warns
BLAIR WARS: Two British soldiers killed in Taliban offensive
Thousands of prisoners 'not on DNA database'
UK denies advance knowledge of fake UK passports

Thursday 18th February

Woman Sobs as She Relives Moment Man was Murdered by Gang
C4 documentary to show how brothers' skulls were rebuilt after hammer attack
Hospital sells vital drugs abroad for £300,000 profit!
NHS safety failings 'kill 40,000 a year'
Eruteya Odogun Raped 16 year-old - Gets Just 3 Years Jail
Family of Boy Raped by Huseyin Cakmak Slam Sentence Cut
Woman Brutally Raped by Anthony Mosquito
Saudi prince quizzed over murder of servant 'on CCTV hitting aide'
BLAIR WARS: Fallen Soldier's Poignant Last Letter Home
Corrupt Cops jailed for selling seized drugs to dealer
Man's Skull Fractured by 20-Stone attacker
Rapper Jay-Z Bans White People from BRIT Awards Party
25 years on, will PC Blakelock's killers finally face justice?
Beast Wanted for 6 Sex Attacks
Reece Appleby Raped 12-year-old: Due in court
Parviz Yousefi-Tazehkand Sexually Assaulted 12-year-olds at Swimming Baths
Supermarket Worker Shot in Neck by Robbers
Police Hunt Muggers who Stabbed Man
Police hunt gang who attacked shop assistant
Gang Breaks 16-Year-Old's Nose
No Jail for Wealthy Businessman who Sexually Assaulted Hotel Staff
Erasmo Dello Iacono Encouraged 9-year-old to Flash Knickers
Man tried to lure 13-year-old Girl into park
Frederick Appiah Had Child Porn on IPod
Dan Akinode Abused Young Girls as they Waited to Watch Disney Film
Ethnic Population has Doubled - City Should Now Celebrate its Diversity
London HIV Centre for Ethnic Minorities Opens
Man Upset after Gay Porn Confiscated
The Racial case against the Winter Olympics
Parents' anger after Son is Circumcised while in care
Imigrants Living Rough on Busy Roundabout
Convict Village to be Built!
Pakistani Homes to be Given £400,000 Face Lift
Police Given Islamic Training
Gay Man Jailed for Passing AIDS to Partner
Gay Tory MP says homosexuals should be encouraged to adopt!
Has Europe's "security collaboration" with Israel has crossed a line into illegality?
Israelis Grilled Over Hit Squad ID
Terror leader Ilyas Kashmiri warns British athletes
Now Migrants Get A 'VIP Club'
Number Of People On Dole Hits a 13-Year High
Harriet Harman faces investigation after admitting awaydays on the taxpayer
The elderly see their lives and savings ebb away

Wednesday 17th February

Why choose us, ask Britons whose identities were stolen by Mossad hit squad?
Saudi prince held after servant is beaten to death in London hotel
Britain's immigration boom is stretching schools and hospitals to breaking point
Imam remanded on child rape charges
Iman Omar Yousef charged with 'acid death' murder of her 3-year-old daughter
Frozen family budgets squeezed as inflation DOUBLES in two months
New Zealander 'admitted strangling' British teenager Liberty Templeman
Plotter's wife Cossor Ali 'knew he was planning to blow up planes'
Judge tells rapist Allah Karam to expect long sentence
British soldier Sean Dawson, 19, 'killed by friendly fire' in Afghanistan
One in ten 'underemployed' as record 2.8m workers trapped in part time jobs
BBC presenter Ray Gosling admits mercy killing of gay lover
Fury as Attorney General rules out tougher sentence for torture brothers
Parents 'avoid telling children off for fear of upsetting them'
Most Jurors 'Don't Understand Law'
Can anyone explain what the Conservative Party stands for?
George Osborne's brother 'prescribed drug to cocaine-addict prostitute who wasn't his patient'
White middle class families singled out by Government for encouraging underage drinking

Tuesday 16th February

Blundering Anaesthetist Wasfy Yanny 'poses continued risk to patients'
Gloucestershire GP surgery 'too busy' to see dying baby
BLAIR WARS: Mark Marshall killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Blast kills UK bomb expert in Helmand
BLAIR WARS: 5 more civilians killed by allied forces in Afghanistan
Generation Jihad: Young people 'brainwashed with Al Qaeda propaganda'
Why not give Essma a Harrods account as well as a £2m mansion?
Now Taxpayers Foot the 'Huge Costs' for Civil Servants to Get EU Jobs
The Olympics omen: Riots, traffic chaos and £2.4bn overspend
Met Commander Dizaei 'to contest corruption conviction'

Monday 15th February

Essma Marjam, a single mother-of-6, finds £2m mansion and then gets you to pay £7,000 a month housing benefit/rent
Dwayne Walker Strangled David Daly and Chopped him up
Commander Dizaei has had his day... so have 40 years of argument by smear
"Britain's underworld belongs to the Muslims"!
BLAIR WARS: NATO strike kills more Afghan civilians
BLAIR WARS: Dave Greenhalgh killed by explosion in Afghanistan
Woman Stabbed To Death After Row with Spanish Lover
Thug Almost Killed Me But Court Let Him Flee to Romania!
Pope meets Irish bishops on child abuse scandal
Rajveer Sehangera Killed Pensioner
Gang rapist Dawid Wysocki gets 8 years
True Cost of Labour Lies on Immigration and Climate Change
Mary-Ann Leneghan's Killer Throws Boiling Oil Over Rapist who Refused to Convert to Islam
Racist Thug Kevin Thomas Jailed for 9 Years
Paul Barzey, Troy Tutinand Alexander Davies Jailed for Armed Robberies
Police Hunt Those who Raped Teen
Kaissa Traore kidnapped her own daughter and demanded a Million from her British dad
Dung-Spraying Thief Victor Gonzalez-Cespedes Jailed
Police Hunt Pervert
Police Hunt Sex Attacker
Cop loses racism claim
Billy George Daley sought in sex assault probe
Bus sex pest Karim Abdul jailed
Police Hunt Asian who Sexually Assaulted Girl
Black muggers partially sever man's thumb
New Labour Shame as Number of Violent Teen Thugs Double
Serious and Organised Crime Agency turns spotlight on police corruption
Survey: Majority of women say some rape victims should take blame!
Somerset Gypsies survey their accommodation needs
Poor Kids Trail in Language Skills
David Cameron in row over black and gay candidates
Israeli politicians may provoke arrest to force law change in Britain

Sunday 14th February

NATO kills 12 Afghan Civilians
'My hell at the hands of Ali Dizaei': Victim of corrupt Met commander tells of campaign of intimidation
Ali Dizaei "was in overall control" of the slaying of barister Mark Saunders!
40% of primary school teachers have a "shocking lack of mental arithmetic ability and basic maths knowledge"!!!
Emirjan Hysaj jailed over takeaway murder
Immigrants to be taught how to queue
New Labour in ‘secret 10% death tax plan’
Tory MP accused over links to Nigerian politician
'Mendacious Mandelson' duped BBC
DJ at Prince Harry nightclub faced cocaine charge before drug overdose
BLAIR WARS: Bomb kills British soldier
'Every Hindu and Sikh should be praising the BNP'
How David Miliband obfuscated over Binyam Mohamed torture cover-up
MI5 watchdog slammed over torture probe
A stain on this nation's name

Saturday 13th February

"White Flight Exodus": number who say they are 'white British' in decline!!!
10,000 City bankers hit £1m jackpot: 'Grotesque' payouts are set to double
Collapse of the euro is 'inevitable': Bailing out the Greek economy futile, says FRENCH banking chief
BLAIR WARS: The SAS's secret war: The book the MoD doesn't want you to read
Angela Gordon admits to starving her daughter, 7, to death (with her partner Junaid Abuhamza)
EXPENSES: Julie Kirkbride wants a £100,000 lobbying job - just like her disgraced husband
The new McCarthyism sweeping Israel
Root out corrupt officers, police told
Vicar: Women Should Shut Up
Jailed Crook Kills Honest Man who Shopped Him
Drinkers Asked For Fingerprints!!!
Airport body scanners violate Islamic rules on nudity
Is Brown about to call a snap election?
Concern grows over gambling in UK

Friday 12th February 2010

8 “Smooth Money Makers” Jailed
£225k benefit fraudsters Javeid Akhtar and Banaras Ali back on state handouts
"Kill him" dog pair Mehmet Koc and Matthew Joannou deny wounding with intent and attempted robbery
History of England starts at 1700, says university!
Drive-by shooting - Have you seen Reshino "Gino" Arapaj
Housing Minister: It's OK To Lose Your Home
Recession hit streets fill up with empty shops
New Labour has made marriage a thing of the past
Labour’s ‘100%' Death Tax
BLAIR WARS: British soldier killed in Afghanistan blast
BA Christian loses her appeal against cross ban
Gordon Brown: I should have been PM not Tony Blair
Brown Admits Making Leadership Deal
Outrage At £11m Translation Bill
Asylum Seekers Get Millions In Compensation
Teacher who French-kissed schoolgirl, 14, spared jail because of heart condition
Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri warns of Israel 'threat'
New Credit Card Scam

Thursday 11th February 2010

Using immigration to turn Britain into a nation of Labour voters is so shameful I can hardly believe it!
New Labour is Guilty of a Sickening Act of National Betrayal
Poorest Britons suffer 17 more years of ill health and disability
Brown's 'reign of terror' at Downing Street
Faisal Madani to face trial over £300,000 fraud
The real benefit cheats? The Stasi ranks of Hard Labour
Lakhvinder Cheema left ex-lover to die in agony after poisoning him
Satpal Mahal-Singh 'killed autistic son with bleach'
Equality chief Trevor Phillips faces inquiry for 'trying to influence parliamentary probe'
Elderly patient was abandoned for two days in hospital store cupboard
Two South Americans arrested for brutal murder of British businessman
EXPENSES: It's unfair to axe my golden pay-off says New Labour MP facing charges
School bans Valentines Day cards
BLAIR WARS: David Markland killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Injured Troops 'Could Be Eased Out'
Exposed...Proof That Mi5 Knew All About A Uk Resident’s Torture
Judge's Anger As Immigrant Smuggler is Jailed
Benefits Families ‘Better Off By Not Working’
Goldstone Expert Complained of 'Jewish Lobbyists'
Anti-police NUM leader Ian Lavery offered safe Labour seat at Wansbeck
Cameron aide who quit over expenses lands top lobby job

Wednesday 10th February

New Labour threw open doors to mass migration in secret plot to make a multicultural UK!!!
Billionaire Playboy Farouk Abdulhak must be tried for murder
Man and puppy stabbed repeatedly by a vicious gang of thugs
Allah Karam denies ‘drop rape charge’ phone call
Usman Akram 'jailed for raping teenager
Mahmood Jan tried to have sex with girl, 14
Imam of Stoke mosque accused of committing serious sexual offences against boys
Asian attacks 13-year-old girl
Sami Gendy facing jail over sex assaults at job interviews
Asians face sex charges
17-year-old girl assaulted by Chinaman
Ruslan Boidakovs accused of rape and assault
Community leader Kenroy Ferguson gets 9 years for stabbing
East Europeans steal £500 from blind woman
Redbridge Stabbing: Five Black Men sought
Woman sexually assaulted by "dark-skinned" man
Mohammed Asghar killed Lisa Collins
Keith Potts - New Labour Party child Porn Councillor
Government forced to publish U.S. torture allegations
Teenager scarred for life after brutal rush-hour bus mugging
Nasar Mohammed gets nine years for his involvement in gang rape
Sir Andrew Green: the public are too polite on immigration
Labour changes its tune over immigration limit as election looms
How Labour 'Encouraged Immigration To Win Votes'
BLAIR WARS: John Moore and Sean McDonald killed in Afghanistan,
BLAIR WARS: Troops Poised For Taliban Offensive
BLAIR WARS: Rise In Illness Among UK Troops
Ex mosque spiritual director Mohammed Hanif Khan in court on sex charges
Abraham Olaniyan Forced Patient to Eat Excrement
Jail for Tube and bus gang who terrorised commuters
Rapist Reynold Leon Reid who held victim hostage jailed
No Burkha Ban Says Jack Straw
Vera Duckworth ‘Vote Labour’ Calls Illegal
Benefit claims by those too fat to work have soared under New Labour
Now Labour recruits army of child spies to report anti-social neighbours
Playgroup shut after toddler is 'sexually assaulted'
85% of young people want more grammar schools created
Scottish 'terrorist' Mohammed Atif Siddique freed
Metropolitan Police 'still institutionally racist'
Immigrants 'exploiting loophole at Stansted Airport to enter the country'
Ali Dizaei disciplinary charges dropped 'due to politics'

Tuesday 9th February

Dover to be sold to the French to help reduce Government's debt!!!
Criminal in uniform: Commander Ali Dizaei used race card to dodge jail for years
Christian teacher 'forced out' after complaining Muslim pupils praised 9/11 hijackers 'as heroes'
Damning verdict on immigration service after 13 years of New Labour government
Mohammed Anhar charged with murder
Nasar Mohammed on trial for terrifying rape
Kurds on Benefits Ran £25m Racket
Illegal immigrants' £24m 'dirty' drug money
Sikh firebomb trio have sentences cut
Santigie Conteh jailed for sexual assault
Cancer victim assaulted by Wlati Singh on deathbed convicts him from beyond grave
Tackling gang crime has cost Birmingham £38m
Tony Blair attacks Iraq Inquiry and Britain's 'obsession with conspiracy theories'
Girl, 12, married to 80-year-old man!
At last, the truth about a dirty deal
Cherie Blair in Row Over Rising Star
Uproar as French MP Backs 'Brave' Immigrants
BLAIR WARS: UK soldier killed in Afghanistan
Teachers 'need better qualifications'
Surgeons flown in by NHS operated on the wrong toe leaving me crippled

Monday 8th February

Metropolitan Police Commander Ali Dizaei Jailed for Corruption!
Immigrants Handed 1.3m Jobs in Britain!!!
Town Hall employee says: "Islam is the dominant religion in the UK - If you don't like it, go live somewhere else"!
Suicide of Surgeons’ Knife Killer, Laith Alani
UK economy 'faces crisis' warns former IMF economist
Police seek Asian man over Leeds sex attacks
Gang with Hammers, Axes, Bricks, Knives Murdered Defenceless Boy
Marcio Reis De Sa Barros Murdered 94-year-old Pensioner
Passengers left stunned after Muslim bus driver pulls over and begins praying in the aisle
Primary schoolgirls getting pregnant aged 10
Hunt for sex beasts Attif Hussain and Mamod Korbani
Rape-accused Alasoji Osinowo denies having sex with girl
Brown is Betraying the British Working Class
A Third of criminals in the dock already have 15 convictions
Armed robbers disguised in burkhas carry out £4,000 raid
Threat from 'Generation Jihad' could last 20 years
Borough welcome for 20,000 illegals
Too Late For New Labour
Exiled billionaire Berezovsky, who made his money from privatisation, begins libel battle over claim he killed Litvinenko
Labour’s ‘Reckless’ Student Visa System is ‘Rife With Cheats’
Harriet Harman Accused of Double Standards Over Shortlist
Muslims 'Must Do More to Identify Terror Suspects'
New Labour Could Field a Donkey And Still Get 30 Per Cent
Tory PR guru Graham Davies held over 'sex attack' on a cleaner
Sikh judge Sir Mota Singh criticises banning of Kirpan
Prisoner vote ban 'means election could break law'
Child asylum seeker numbers rise in West Midlands

Sunday 7th February

Church of England is "living in the past" says Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC's head of religion
Rape-accused Alasoji Osinowo denies having sex with girl
Games firms must save children they've made into health timebombs
New Labour's ASBO fails to protect us
Scandal of unwanted Gypsy sites
Harriet's husband needs a safe seat: Harman 'goes missing' on all-women shortlists
EXPENSES: MPs at centre of scandal get £48,000 golden handshakes!
Tories would back war with Iran! Just like they backed war with Iraq
EXPENSES: Tony Blair's £245,000 bonus from Sedgefield sale!
Victim hits out Cherie Blair for freeing thug
Baroness Cherie - postscript to an era of sleaze
Sleaze Probe for PM Gordon Brown
Tory candidate Adeela Shafi’s home repossessed over £324k debt
Expert says violent crime is increasing
BLAIR WARS: 4,000 British troops set for biggest battle
Marek Daniluk charged with harassment after 'stalking' Keira Knightley
Boozer, love cheat and drug-test dodger - Meet the new England captain Rio Ferdinand
Sajid Javid set to be Tories' first Muslim MP
Website Shuns Sir Fred Goodwin
Now Pupils Told to Strip at Tesco
£19m School Bill For Parents' Translators

Saturday 6th February

EXPENSES: Multi-millionaire, Mohammed Sarwar, claimed the most expenses in 2009 - £192,000
Expenses MPs try to dodge trial using 1689 law
Michael Brown murdered Andrew Diack - Jailed for 16 Years
New Labour has erased God from political life warns Bishop of Durham
THEY made a killing out of swine flu - WE wasted £1bn and were exposed to harmful drugs!
Police Hunt Christmas Day Robber Joey Karma
‘Sulky Brown Obsessed With Saving His Own Skin’
Brown 'didn't care about expenses – only himself'
BLAIR WARS: Memo 'shows Blair Iraq war deal with Bush' Politicians Must Abide by Laws They Set for Others
BURNLEY: 1-in-40 homes have been burgled
French Politician Jailed For Smuggling Migrants To UK
Teachers 'lack violence training'
Anthrax-laced heroin batch emerges in London
Geert Wilders : I’m very concerned for the future of Europe
BAE Systems fined £286m for bribes scandal after admitting using cash to win contracts

Friday 5th February

389 greedy politicians are named and shamed
New Labour Attacks the Forces that Made Britain Great
African immigrant James Rhule Admits Rape
Jai Birmingham and Jamie Cunningham guilty of male rape
Schoolboy loses fight for compensation
Sex Predators Sadiq Hussein and Abdillahi Adan raped teenager
Illegal immigrant Merhawi Ghebe jailed for rape at holiday camp
Tahir Afzal gets 10 years for rape of schoolgirl
Sex predator Habib Biroj to be deported
Wanted: Asian who committed sex attack
Shopkeeoper Iftikhar Hussain Accused of Sex Assault
Serious sexual assault by Asian
'Torture brothers' social services under fire again
Don't expect us to attend every 999 call says Chief Constable
Patient died after out of hours doctor Dr Mukhtar Hussain 'missed heart signs'
'Incomptent' GP Daniel Ubani will escape justice over unlawful killing
Man, 94, stabbed to death in his home as he battled intruder
Cameron: Gay African refugees should be given asylum in UK
"Openly Gay" Tory councillor suspended for bullying
What a Criminal Situation
Christopher Farley guilty of killing footballer's half-brother
Starved Birmingham girl: Junaid Abuhamza blames upbringing
Spending on quangos rises by £10bn despite Gordon Brown’s pledge
Cell phones cause brain cancer say scientists
Judge Cherie Blair spares frees Muslim Shamso Miah for being "a religious man"
Premier League's Israeli Manager to Face Brothel inquiry
'Troubling' Rise in Jewish Attacks
Germany court summons bishop over Holocaust denial
Asian pervert on the Loose in Leeds
Stabbed south London teenager 'savaged by dogs'

Thursday 4th February

National identity at risk from immigration, warns women's group!
Time to 'lance boil' of resentment over 'unfairness' of immigration says New Labour MP 13 Years too late!
Pope condemns gay equality laws
Brown put troops' lives at risk by 'guillotining' defence budget months after Iraq invasion
Foreign Criminals not Being Sent out of Britain
'Abhorrent sexual deviant' GP allowed to work on
Suspected drug dealer Adamo Kizey arrested for carrying gun to class
London teachers trained to spot terror recruits at age 11
Foreign doctors must undertake English tests before becoming GPs!
'Deceitful' GP Saroj Adlakha, who sent daughter for late abortion, struck off
Fiddling MPs Will Get Away With It
Cherie Blair in the dock for religious stance
Rats attack the railways
Whistleblower's claims about Cardiff asylum office
Mohammed Bassat sentenced for umbrella affray at Luton march
Tzipi Livni: I'm coming to Britain

Wednesday 3rd February

Hossein Abdollahzadeh charged with the murder of Agnieszka Dziegielewska
Any cab that has a St George symbol in it will have its licence suspended!!!
BLAIR WARS: 'Blair Lied and Misled Cabinet on Iraq War'
England ‘Is Cesspit For Breeding Islamic Terror’ says Wole Soyinka, first African winner of Nobel Prize for Literature
DEMENTIA: There are 821,884 sufferers and it costs the UK £23bn a year
Cops get 4 hours overtime just for answering the phone after their shift ends!
"Control immigration"! Say the women of Middle England
England 'one of the most child-unfriendly places in the world'!
David Cameron's 'pact' with Gordon Brown over BNP
Asian gang attack 15-year-old
Sexual predator hunted after city centre rape
BLAIR WARS: Liam Riley and Graham Shaw killed in Afghanistan
Over 27,000 televisions bought for prisoners in the past two years
Children taught sex education are more likely to have intercourse younger
Nottinghamshire police accused of under-reporting gun crime Gordon Brown: I was right to borrow so much money
Ugandans Sue us for "Crimes" Committed in 1800s!
Banks raking in cash with 'highest personal loan rates in a decade'
University registrar offered forged degree certificates to Africans in exchange for spanking sessions
UK Population ‘To Hit 85m Unless We Cut Immigration’
MP Phil Woolas answers your questions on immigration

Tuesday 2nd February

Pope Benedict attacks New Labour over Equality Bill
Fat Cats Bankers Still Get The Cream
"I am Allah, I am God" says Asylum-Seeking Serial Rapist, Allah Karam
Westminster Council gives Gang Members Abseiling Holiday in the Lake District!
Man suffers homosexual attack by Durmus Akca
Woman Suffers Sexual Attack by Black Man
23 Birmingham Schools ditch Christian School Assemblies IN FAVOUR OF MUSLIM or MULTI-FAITH ASSEMBLIES!
BLAIR WARS: Roadside bombs kill two soldiers in Afghanistan
20,000 children 'at risk' of neglect in bad nurseries
Ahmed Faraz charged with terror offences
Now Moldovans Will Win The Right to Live in Britain
BLAIR WARS: Blair’s Delay That Left Our Boys Without Body Armour
EU Holidays Paid For By Taxpayer
Lawyers on £1m a Year in Legal Aid Shambles
Teen arrested for serious sexual assault (Earlier reports described him as Asian)
Home Carer Carla Nyatsanza dragged 86-year-old Alzheimer's victim along the floor
20% of Sweden's population is of foreign origin
Chubby Asian ‘Got out Penis’ on Train
Teenager pleads not guilty to dog-strangling blackmail
Who got the lowest ever Mastermind score?
N-Dubz band member in court after being accused of groping students
9-year-old Russian girl raped in Goa

Monday 1st February 2010

500,000 hospital patients sent home too soon every year - 1,500 A DAY re-admitted for emergency care!
'Three-Quarters Suffer Depression'
Mohammed Caid jailed after a homosexual rape and a sexual assault
Church of England won't let BNP use its buildings
Iraq to sue USA and UK of their use of depleted uranium bombs
Lonely divorcee kills himself after falling for £82,000 Nigerian internet dating con
Iraq to sue USA and UK of their use of depleted uranium bombs
Police Hunt negro who glassed and stabbed man
Why, after 22 drug convictions, isn't Pete Doherty in jail?
The police who don't want to go out alone
BLAIR WARS: 'Gavin was proud to fight for his country - now he's fighting a new battle'
Drunk Driver Depinder Lal Jailed
Iraq war protestors condemn 'coward' Blair
Benefits Britain Exposed
Millions rely on scant overnight GP cover
Rattled Brown Fights Off Claims Of Violence To Staff
Most Of New Labour Jobs ‘Boom’ is in State Sector
Brown is the Worst Prime Minister in Britain's History
Second man arrested in murder inquiry
Princess Diana 'regretted marrying into German family'
EXPENSES: Have they no shame?

Sunday 31st January

Advert for 'reliable workers' banned by Jobcentre Plus BECAUSE IT DISCRIMINATES AGAINST UNRELIABLE PEOPLE!!!
Ministers passing too many 'bad' laws, say former Mandarins!
Teenagers groomed for prostitution by UK gangs: the "gangs" appear to be Asian mostly
Brown to give all of UK's available corrugated iron sheets to Haiti!
Professor to launch 'Nuremberg' war crimes prosecution against Blair
Chilcot War Inquiry: Blair lied, say 8 out of 10!!!
Search for Asian Sex Attacker Continues
Soyab Patel Jailed for 3 Years for trying to kidnap women
Raped by their saviours!
Angry Gordon Brown 'hit out at aide and yanked secretary from her chair'
Terrorists 'plan attack on Britain with bombs INSIDE their bodies' to foil new airport scanners
Students who break visa rules can stay in UK!
Blair son's glamorous friend is chosen for safe seat

Saturday 30th January

Lithuanian immigrant Mantas Kraucevicius gets just 4 years for kicking a homeless man to death
Drink-driver Stefan Stanko killed two pedestrians and left a 12-year-old girl brain-damaged
Ajmal Afridi, Imtiaz Syed and Tayyab Hussain jailed for photographed rape
Messianic yet mellifluous - Baron Bellicose, the war guy in a beautiful suit
MoD penpusher got £84,000 bonus - 5 times the salary of a squaddie fighting in Afghanistan!!!
Iraqi Immigrant spat on hero's medals!!!
England is where we all want to end up!
754 high-risk prisoners on the run
GPs refusing to work nights and weekends
Children as young as five to learn about minority faiths!
Socialite Farah Damji, 'London's most dangerous woman', jailed for £17,500 housing benefit fraud

Friday 29th January

Prejudiced Scots to blame for poor state of Gay and ethnic mental health in Scotland!!!
14-year-old Boy Stabbed by 5 Blacks
Nana Wallace, Richard Agyemang and Martin Danquah Jailed for Robberies
“This culture of anger, aggression, weaponry... on the streets of South London is horrifying. Our society has lost something", says Nurse
I saw 6 Asians Surround a White Boy - I knew something was Wrong"
Schoolgirl Rapist Jailed
Rajveer Sehangera ploughed into Donald Fisher while 'messing about' in his father's car
They Gang-Raped a 13-Year-Old Girl
Hammer Thugs Attack 80-Year-Old Pensioner in Church
30-strong gang attack: Victims' Faces Rebuilt
Four Wanted after Attack on Rail Worker
Teens on Train Mugged by 10-strong gang - Cops have only just released details!
Dolaver Atwal Gets Just 2 Years for Sexually Assaulting 71-Year-Old Pensioner
David Estephane Raped Student
Just one in 135 criminal cases ends in prison
Blair's 'we're with you' letter to Bush kept secret from Iraq inquiry
MP sparks race row after accusing immigrants of 'importing medieval views' about women
Pay and Expenses: Greedy MPs on £450,000 a Year
How New Labour Used the State to Punish Working Families
87-Year-Old MAN Sexually Attacked
Psycho Pushed Man onto Live Tube Track
No Jail for Tory Councillor who Sexually Assaulted 16-Year-Old
Prison Officer Jailed for Affair with Acid Rapist
Mugger Burns Man's Face with Cigarette
Violence among women soars as record 250 are arrested every day
The femme fatale, two Tory lovers and claims of a violent bust-up at her home

Thursday 28th January

Benefit blunders that meant £1m was paid to just TEN people
Michael Brown murdered Andrew Diack
Allegedly, Sadiq Hussein and Abdillahi Adan raped a vulnerable teenager
Bogus Cabbie Mohamad Caid was convicted of homosexual rape, attempted rape and sexual assault
Whitehall mandarins attack 'sofa government' and slam Brown
Why our timid, self-serving mandarins are as culpable as Blair
Black Robbers set victim on fire
Chlamydia Measures 'Inadequate'
Sajed Ahmed Hussain faces 4 charges over fire that killed Paul Barker
Helen George thought she would die as Fabian Pylee attacked her
Boy "left fighting for life" by "eight-strong gang of black males"
David Cameron thinks kids should be taught about gay relationships and "equality
The cops never came as woman called 999 twice before being murdered!
Asian Gang Rob Teenager
Children of better-off parents left in tears
CCTV images of alleged bus thugs
Doctor Sanjay Vyas jailed after train sex attack on sleeping woman
UAF's Pete Doherty to be questioned about Goldsmith heiress's 'drug death'
Aretha Wilson slashed Leonardo di Caprio's face
Woman flashed by black man
£230m a Year Bill to House Asylum Seekers
Booze Problem in 11-Year-Olds

Wednesday 27th January

Tony Blair 'Warned By 27 Lawyers Iraq War Was Illegal'

In my opinion, Tony Blair is the greatest traitor that ever held power in the UK.

Gordon Brown is the second greatest.

Bassetlaw's MP, John Mann, has voted the same way as both of the aforementioned anti-Brits 100 per cent of the time since he entered parliament.

Boy Rapist Balal Khan Locked Up for Just 3 Years Because He Said 'Sorry'
Police Hunt 12-Year-Old Asian over Sex Attacks
Criminals from 160 countries inhabit our crowded prisons: One in seven inmates
Nicolas Sitko found guilty of Eastbourne club murder
Gay couples should be allowed to ‘marry’ in church, New Labour Minister says
Christian Group want a White Actor to Play Jesus: Anti-Racists Outraged!
Complaints against out of hours GPs rise by 50% in two years
Waving Goodbye to the Handshake
£84,500 Bonus for MOD Civil Servant
Close Filthy School That Shames UK Say Parents
Taxpayers Must Fund Transgender Group

Tuesday 26th January

13-year-old Balal Khan robbed then raped a 20-year-old woman
Asians outnumber white children in Birmingham primaries for first time
Lib Dem Mayor of Camden Faruque Ansari quizzed over disability benefits ‘fraud’
Over 1.7 million British youngsters live in "severe poverty"!
Gay rapist Hissein Atie battered paedos after catching them at it in prison chapel
Teenage 'monster' raped girl, nine, while on bail for sexually assaulting 10-year-old
Blair's lucrative deal with hedge fund that bet on bank failures!!!
BLAIR WARS: The crusades of "virtuous" Tony Blair have come back to haunt us
BLAIR WARS: 'Britain faces decades of conflict' warns Defence Secretary
Children as young as seven 'should be taught about sex', Government says
Save the Children says severe child poverty 'going up'
Government defeated three times over church gay plan
£11bn Wasted By New Labour in Public Sector
Government Will Force Employers to Take Test to See How Racist They Are
Schools forced to build new classrooms as councils try to cope with soaring birth rate
‘Coward’ Gordon Brown Accused Over Debt
Mohamed Ali Harrath, Islamic TV chief, is held over terror claims
Sarkozy U-turn on French burka ban over fears of 'terrorist reprisals'
Israel says 2009 record year for anti-Semitism
Victims should be allowed to stay
Drunken X-Factor Male Model Chuka Aforkah Blamed Racist Police
Migrants Freed to Head to Britain

Monday 25th January

Double-Murderer, Laith Alani, Won't be Deported: He Might Pose a Danger to Iraqis!
Only two out-of-hours doctors for 600,000 people!!!
Murder enquiry: Police want to trace Raeben Borhan Kareem
Ben Kinsella's Killer 'Taunts' Family Online!
Careless Driver Phoebes Mutasa Killed Robert Jolley, 17
Black Gang Jailed for Ian Jones' Murder
Rapist Deepak Sehdev jailed for 5.5 years
Violent Thug Mohammed Osman Khan will stay behind bars
20-year-old woman glassed: Black woman sought
Footballers threatened and slashed by gang
Burglar Amandeep Mehan threatened to slit throat of young mum
Sunny Khajuria's Hotel in Blackpool voted filthiest in Europe
Police appeal over sex assault
Ashaq Sattar racially abused police officer
11-year-old girl punched by man
We Are Betrayed By New Labour's Sick, So-Called Justice
60 Child Sex Offences Every Day!
£250,000 ring of steel as Judgment Day looms for Tony Blair
BLAIR WARS: Tony Blair Was Told ‘War Is Illegal’
Widdecombe: Gay laws threaten free speech
Harriet Harman's law 'will force churches to hire gays'
Anjem Choudary Vows to Establish Sharia Law Across Europe
CCTV in the sky: police plan to use military-style spy drones
New Study Explodes Myth that Immigrants Boost Our Pensions
More 7/7 Attacks to Hit UK Says Muslim Leader
The MP, his bogus landlady and £13,000 claim for rent on a flat he already owned'
New Labour insiders fear decision to hold Iraq inquiry could cost votes
Moral compass? Those giving evidence at the Iraq Inquiry are covering their own backs
£200k Pay To Stay Home!
EXPENSES: David Chaytor 'made false claims for consultancy work'
Controversial cleric Yahya Ibrahim to tour UK universities
Why does Harriet Harman hate marriage?

Sunday 24th January

Killers of Kriss Donald want compensation for being put in solitary!
Gay Campaigner Peter Tatchell says it's "racist" that the Queen is White!
Double Killer, Laith Alani, can't be deported because he might kill again!
David Kelly post mortem to be kept secret for 70 years
Man's home invaded, held at knifepoint by armed Asian gang
Child rapists, drug dealers and robbers let off with warning
Evil Goes Unpunished as Society Loses Moral Fight
Cherie Blair spares queue rage thug Shamso Miah because he is a 'religious man'
Asylum seekers in line for payout after delay
Nightmare for villagers as gipsies fight for right to stay in protected beauty spot
BLAIR WARS: "Tell my mother I love her" - the Dying words of Peter Aldridge
Stressed-Out Soldiers Turning to Crime in Civilian Life
New Labour MP David Chaytor used daughter in expenses scam
Council Bribes to Spy on Neighbours
Health chief walks into top NHS job after £150,000 payout
UK on Alert for Women Bombers
Taxpayers Face £5m Bill to Fund Torture Brothers
Bribes For Better Parenting Won't Fix Our Broken Nation

Saturday 23rd January

Pensioners to miss out on half a billion in allowances
Care Homes for the Elderly Scandal Deepens
Gordon Brown Refuses to Follow Obama's Crackdown on Greedy Bankers
UK Terror Threat Level at Severe
Why Continuing Poverty in Britain is New Labour's Fault
Poor children deceived into taking 'worthless qualifications'
Derron Bailey jailed for killing
Expenses MP Harry Cohen Loses His Payoff
Gulamyr Akhter charged with murder
Met police figures show 48% rise in London gun crime
Police hunt Asian suspect after four sex offences
Children, 12, taking legal high drug meow meow on school bus
July 7 detectives accused of expenses fraud
The making of two monsters
BLAIR WARS: The Iraq blunder that could finish Brown off
BLAIR WARS: Soldier is 250th to Die in Afghanistan
Left's Migration Madness
59 sex offenders get 'ticking off' only

January 22 to beginning of year

£30bn Fraud Bill 'Twice Estimates'
Marcin Orlowski Killed Pensioner
Jack Straw: I Could Have Halted The War
57% pay rises for staff at Goldman Sachs: Bank claims it showed 'restraint
Labour is dreaming up 33 new crimes a month
Sleazebuster targets Labour MP Harry Cohen's £64,000 'golden goodbye'
Jailed ex-magistrate Nirmal Kumar Sharma told to pay back stolen £4m
Two Eastern European Women Rob 84 Year Old
Hull woman woke to find rapist on top of her
Gangland shootings lead to big rise in London gun crime
Aaron Wembo Stabbed For Pleasure
Record lobby day for Zionists
Immigrants Get First Dibs on Olympic Jobs!!!
The Poles have NOT Gone Home!
BNP Leader Challenges MEPs to Donate a day's Attendance Allowance to Haiti Fund!
Immigrants ARE Driving Down the Wages of the Poor
One child in four thinks bacon comes from a sheep!!!
Cop charged over 7 rapes and 17 indecent assaults
Adeel Ayub jailed after being filmed sabotaging food at Asda
MPs to act as 'judge and jury' on their own expenses rules!
How You Pay For Cadbury Sell-Out!
Muslim Cops Condemn Terror Policy
The State is Wasting Billions
Bishop of Winchester warns Christians may have to give up public sector jobs
Government Department appoints Muslim activist Wakkas Khan as faith adviser!
Reading stabbing: former boyfriend Gulumayr Akhtar arrested
"Wrong colour" Doctor gets six-figure payout
Youth stabbed Asians for Pleasure
Pole Beat and Molested Blonde after Offering her a Lift
Adem Yalgin Raped 22-Year-Old as She Slept
Lithuanian immigrant gets 8 Years Jail for Raping 86-Year-Old
Kurdish Asylum Seeker gets Just 5 Years Jail for Raping Teen
Man's Face Slashed by muggers
Adam Dzivra gets Just 9 Months for Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old
Jack Straw provokes police fury
Half of teachers quit classroom because of violent pupils and red tape
One in three government mandarins has a £1m pension
Hospital costs: £2.7bn legacy of New Labour's licensing free-for-all
Asain Hussain Deliberately Runs Over White Man: OK says Judge!
Jobless Rate of Caribbeans and Africans 20%
Police appeal for witnesses to vicious Gang Attack
Woman Sexually Assaulted
Man Fights for Life after hit-and-run Horror
Double Rapist Imtiaz Hussain arrested
Teen's Nose Broken
White Student robbed at Knifepoint by Asian
Two women Attacked
Chishala Bwalya Charged over Rape
Policeman Suspended over gey Rape claim
Assault on Mobility Scooter man
CCTV images Released of Robbers
15-Year-Old Girl Raped by "Wide-Nosed" Monster
"Disciplinary panel had made up its mind that the claimant was going to be dismissed"!
1.07 million Incapacity Benefit Claimants Did Not Return to Work in Last Decade
Porn shame of hundreds of police staff
Boy, 11, arrested 50 times - Cops can't do anything until he's 12
CBI chief attacks 'shameful' education system
Harriet Harman to become New Labour's 'face of the election' Man killed in double shooting
Village schools given 'raw deal' by New Labour
Immigrants' family appeals costing taxpayers £1million a week
Harriet Harman Tried to Water down Child Pornography Law!!!
Multi-millionaire Tory George Osborne rebuked over mortgage claim
'The public think we are mad for giving soft sentences,' says soft judge
Blair's kit delays and Brown's defence penny-pinching cost British lives in Iraq
Day by day, the case builds against Tony Blair
Almost 50% of black people aged between 16 and 24 are unemployed!
Birmingham girl 'starved quite deliberately' - Angela Gordon and Junaid Abuhamza deny murder
NHS to close hospitals across London
Ban Butter says heart surgeon Shyam Kolvekar
Double Rapist James Asuma Jailed for just 3.75 Years
Serial Sex Attacker Nooroz Khan has his sentence reduced to Just 6 Years!
Usman Majeed Jailed for Drug Crimes
Chinese couple made £500,000 from immigration scam
Odai Salah in court on double murder charges
Asian Rachid Riahi Murders His White Step-Father
Police alert as sadist Andrew Delsol is freed
Asian Approached 13-Year-Old Girls and Offered them Money for Sex
Police Release Picture of Rapist Buckling Up His Belt
Tian Bin Xue Killed 91-Year-Old Woman
Tory Councillor Suresh Kumar Jailed for Corruption
Doorman Shot after refusing entry
How Council's Treat Residents
Fury as Hewan Gordon is allowed to stay
CCTV helps Convict Aubrey Appiah
Violent Muggers Threaten to Rape and Murder Victims
Woman found murdered in Reading
Mercy for Ali Majlat - He Raped a Girl to Get a Cushy Cell!
Shop Girl Stabbed to Death by Mugger on Way Home from Work
Hamza Citizenship Battle Will Cost Taxpayers a Fortune
Judge Rules Terror Suspects Can Claim Compensation
Cherie Blair's Stepmum 'Called A Bitch And Fired'
The 31 missed chances to stop 'Hell Boys'
Alastair Campbell 'must face a second grilling by Chilcot inquiry'
When it comes to asylum, the lunatics really have taken over
Children’s lives 'being put at risk by prescription errors'
Batini Mpofu guilty of spa sex attacks in Leicestershire
Hate Preacher Says UK Will Be New Bosnia
‘Delight’ as London super-mosque near Olympic site is blocked
Whitehall delivers damning report on PM's leadership
Six-year farce of asylum seeker who WANTS to go home
Migrants ARE driving down wages of the poor
Eveline Kelmenson murder: Detectives "appealing for help from East European community"
Ed Balls won't mend broken Britain
It Is Time to Stand Up to This Plague of Violent Crime
Britain's 'top ten' doorstep crime suspects revealed
BLAIR WARS: Lee Brownson and Luke Farmer killed in Afghanistan
'Inaccurate' data boosts police arrest rate
Odai Salah charged with murder of elderly couple
New Labour's computer blunders cost £26Billion!
Gulf between rich and poor cities widens!
Secrets of Gordon Brown’s 'Fund With No Name' to oust Tony Blair
'Find me some obviously sick children': Said Tony Blair on hospital visit
Fury at £1bn bonuses for Goldman Sachs' UK staff
Human Rights: Scotland Yard refuses to release will of 7/7 mastermind
Double standards row as Ed Balls refuses to ban smacking at Mosque schools
New Labour's drugs Tsar scoffed at fears of skunk danger
You can't hide the truth any more, Tony
Robber Brown's Council Tax Lies
Councils Waste Millions on Euro Vanity Projects
Gypsy Threat to Our Beauty Spots
Jastin Chandrakanthan accused of neighbour's murder
Robber targets fifth Kent betting shop
Chinese super-rich eye London homes
Baroness Uddin caught in second expenses row
Anjem Choudary: I’m smiling because sharia is coming
"Rising immigration is damaging race relations" says Lord Ahmed
Tory Health spokesman accepted £21,000 donation from private health firm boss
Islamist preacher who lectures at top London university 'groomed suicide bomber'
JP Morgan defies Obama by paying out billions in bonuses
Revealed, the 1,300 serial offenders who are not yet 18
Embarrassment for Cameron as Tory councillor declares there are 'too many P***s' in his town
75,000 Crooks Freed Early
BLAIR WARS: Army Chief says We Can't Defeat Taliban
Ex-Wrestler, 69, K.O.s East European Muggers
How Our National Culture Was Lost In Translation
Al-Qaeda threat: Britain worst in western world
Rural Britain hit by knife and gun crime
Taxpayers' £600,000 a year bill to support Tony Blair's Middle East role
Teen dies after knives and bats brawl between rival gangs
‘World’s worst banker’ Sir Fred Goodwin returns to business
Teachers are losing faith in New Labour
Giles Coren wantes to know if he should f*** and kill the 12-year-old boy next door?
Appeal after Sex Assault by "Dark-Skinned" Attacker
Eruteya Odogun Facing Jail for Raping Teen
England Supporters Should Not Wear Stab Vests in South Africa!!!
Asian Sexually Assaulted Girl, 15
Gang Accused of Raping Man in Park
Perverted Tory Councillor Cautioned for Kerb Crawling
Slawomir Blasiak Jailed for Raping Teen
Oladipupo Aderupoku Groomed 13-Year-Old Girl
Shah Amran Raped Woman
Police Appeal Following Two Sexual Assaults
Tory MP Praises £300,000 Lottery Grant for Immigrants
Daniel Abeyomi Repeatedly Raped Woman
Pupils Warned after Foreign Sex Pest Targets Girls
Callous "Dark-Skinned" Conmen Steal Pensioner's Life Savings
Oliver Mahdavi Groomed 12-year-old - No Jail!
Mark Ramdin Charged with Rape
Just 3 Years for killer Imran Hussain
Just 18 months for killer Wojciech Saklak
Suleman Malik Raped and Stabbed Woman
Rappers Threaten to Kill Woman who didn't like their Music!
Renukanth Subramaniam admits running criminal web community
Labour has failed poor white families Minister admits
Anton Sanderson and Wayne Edwards get life for killing their 76-year-old grandad
Black hole in local government pensions hits £60billion
250 innocent people added to police DNA files for every one removed
BLAIR WARS: Aaron Lewis killed in Afghanistan
Spitfire Hero Forced To Sell House To Pay Care Home Fees
Police Watch Gypsy Squatters Find New House
Send Criminals to Jail as a Last Resort Say MPs
Have white working-class Britons been left behind by New Labour?
Murderer Richard Harrison-Allen to face retrial
Court rejects Ali Aden Mohammed's appeal
Senior member of extreme Islamist group teaches at LSE
Tesco is ‘too dangerous’ for chief constable to buy his own sandwich!
Lord Carey’s comments on immigration promote racism, bishop warns
Saqib Hussain jailed for hit-and-run crash
Butcher murdered by Fida Utmanzai
Illegal immigrant jailed for sex attack
Man Raped in Enfield
Landmark Pub to be Converted into Islamic Prayer Hall
Stop-and-search terror powers declared illegal
Scandal of Websites Aiding Foreigners to Scrounge off Britain
£25,000 Benefits? It’s Allah’s Cash Says Preacher of Hate
Ban on Islamists is Pointless - They're State Sponsored!
Thousands of students from suspected bogus colleges in UK
BLAIR WARS: Tony Blair gave secret promise to George Bush
Dino Christodoulou and Robin Arnold jailed for Albania orphanage abuse
BLAIR WARS: Bomb Hero Daniel Read Dies in Second Blast
Immigrants Squat in Your House and You're Powerless
The Romanians at No 76: We'll go if you pay us £2,000, say squatters
Mandarin accuses Blair of refusing to heed anyone who queried rush to war
'Dangerous sexual predator' Delwyn Savigar facing lengthy jail sentence
Clegg: Faith schools should teach being gay is normal
Iraq debacle was dreamt up by two crazy men on a sofa
Risk-averse Britain may lose stomach for war, warns minister
Life for Michal Marchlewski: He raped a beautician
Foreign doctor gave fatal overdose
French councillor admits smuggling immigrants into UK
Eastern European gang linked to death of London woman
Three times as many women as men signing onto sickness benefits under New Labour
Man raped by Asians in Manchester
Women Suffer Unprovoked Attacked by Gang
Kabeer Hussain Jailed for £100,000 Drug plot
Woman Punched by Thugs after Snow Ball Attack
Diversity Drive was a 'Waste of Money'
El-Hosain Charkaoui jailed with nephew for drug crime
Balham rapist jailed 20 years on - Victim committed suicide
Mohammed Moosa and Faisal Ghani face teenager rape and drugs charges
Muggers threatened to rape woman
Mastermind of 7/7 Bombings Mastermind was a British Intelligence Asset!!!
Wojciech Saklak jailed over death
Javid Iqbal jailed for ice cream van rape
"Dark-skinned" Mugger threatened to rape woman
Harminder Chana, Abdul Rob and Atif Khan jailed over £33m Kent heroin deal
Murat Karabeyas, Jagtar Johal and Michael Liddell deny Halloween murder
Yob Who Threw Bleach in Mum's Face will be Free in 6 Months!
Amra Hartley Murders 77-Year-Old Margaret Hartley
Kasha Peniston shot dead 12-year-old sister: Cops catch him with a gun
Taxi Drivers Suffer Racist Abuse
Roshan Dantis Guilty of Meat Cleaver Murder
Thugs Deny Attempted Murder
New Labour Celebrates Diversity
Police Hunt Gang of Muggers
Paedophile who had 61,000 Kiddie Porn Pics to Serve Just 4 Months
Illegal immigrant Murders His Mum
Big Brother Star Sisqo Had Baby with 14-Year-Old
Barman Glassed by 50 'Wild Animals'
African Nations Gun Attack: Togo Stars Must go Home
Workers From EU Claim UK Pensions
Muslims in Troops Demo Hit at Justice
Thousands of migrant workers arrive in Lancashire
Five men guilty of threats at Luton homecoming parade
BLAIR WARS: Another Afghanistan victim
Ed Balls accused of tying schools up in £1.1billion of red tape
Defence Minister's Niece 'Slit Lover's Throat'
BLAIR WARS: 5,000 Troops 'Unfit for Frontline'
Social services ignored pleas to help pensioners Jean and Derek Randall
Top Met chief Ali Dizaei 'bullied web designer and falsely accused him of assault'
Jermaine Naaman Ford-Simpson and D’Andre Gunn jailed
Police issue CCTV pics of stab suspects
Human Sacrifices on Rise in Uganda
Bradfordians asked to open their homes to destitute asylum seekers!
Blair-for-hire bags a new job
Brown accused of 'blocking helicopter purchases'
Shameless bankers line up £6bn bonus pot
BLAIR WARS: British war reporter dies in Taliban roadside blast
More than half of population believes nation is divided by religion
Schoolboy son Danish Minhas 'hired hitman to kill his strict mother'
Youngsters becoming unemployable due to limited vocabulary
Immigration system not stopping bogus students
Black Rapper Kano helps Ed Balls promote diplomas
Britons are suspicious of Muslims
Criminals licensed to work as taxi drivers!
UK Muslim TV channel linked to al-Qaida cleric al-Awlaki
Lord Mandelson 'to get BP job after Election'
Jihadists groom children under 10 in the UK!
Lobsang Hassan charged with murder
Lib Dem Matthew Byrne Raped 7 Women and had 9,000 Child Porn Images
Rape at Canada Water tube station
British woman tells Dubai police a waiter raped her
Three Held Over Plane 'Bomb Threat'
Britain’s Drunkest Driver Marcin Ziebacz 5 Times Over Limit!
Labour Drafts in Foreign Workers as 2.5m Britons On The Dole
Asylum Seekers Given £10m Too Much in Benefits Bungle
Why The Public is Hostile to the War
New Labour Has Betrayed the British Working Classes
Latest twist in Mandy's Westminster power game
Open door for migrants to work on Olympics as 20,000 British builders laid off
We can't actually hate New Labour more
The church fights back against Islamification
Saturday Hassan charged with Murder
CCTV footage shows fatal stabbing
Asylum Seeker Ahadullah Khughiani Gets 8 Years for Gang Rape
Magistrate Iris Josiah Sacked for Misconduct
Tories covered up cash donations from Goldsmith, Reuben and Rothschild
Man stabbed to death chasing muggers
Man who ran New Labour reveals chaos at No 10 in new book
CCTV tackles racist grave vandals in Manchester
Schools face millions of pounds in cuts for being prudent
Rapist sentencing deferred due to deportation 'problem'
Knifeman hated Britain and wanted to go home
Immigrants pose with high-powered machine guns on Bebo and YouTube
Family Viciously Attacked by Gang with Hammers
Vicious Unprovoked Attack on a Father - Gang Runs off Laughing
Man stabbed in Derby 'as feud escalated'
Women Raped by Reggi Said
Man tries to Snatch Girl
CCTV image of Robber
Police in hunt for missing sex offender Davinder Singh
Father Kicked and Stamped on Son, 4, then Beat Pregnant Wife
Attack on Woman
Police hunt Central Line groper
Sex Attacker Mohammad Kashif Chishti allowed to Keep Job
Police Hunt for Perverted Sex Attacker
More than £28m spent on legal aid for asylum seekers last year
Asylum seeker lived rent-free in council flat whilst earning £75,000
BLAIR WARS: Robert Hayes dies in Afghanistan
United Airlines pilot was more than three times over alcohol limit before Heathrow flight
Court hears Muslims calling British soldiers 'rapists', 'cowards' and 'scum'
Guard 'planned' fatal robbery at Matalan store
Officer gave dealer Syed Imtiaz Ahmed 'police data for free cocaine'
Edgaras Sliburis and Kestutis Jaraminas charged with rape of teen
Boy, 10, stabbed teacher in chest with a pencil - let off with a warning
New expenses watchdog proposes to rip up reforms and return power to the MPs
We face a food crisis - New Labour's contempt for countryside to blame
‘Bottler’ Miliband Gets Blame For Coup Fiasco
Immigration Officials Raked in £15m Bonuses!
Passport Plot: 6 Accused
Police Told: Don't Discuss Crime, It Upsets The Public!
Sham marriages on the rise
To what extent does Anjem Choudary represent the Muslim population?
Helpful Nurse Might Have AIDS
Perverted Man Cut Free after getting Penis stuck in Steel Pipe
Blair: We will defeat terror when we understand it is global
New Labour MP Harriet Harman gets £350 Careless Driving Fine
Fear Of Being Burgled Keeps Britons Awake At Night
'British Soldiers Are Like Nazis', Says Hate Cleric
Arrival of 30,000 migrant IT workers 'deprives Britons of jobs’
London Gangs Groom 10-Year-Old Girls for Sex!
65-year-old florist punched to the floor and kicked in the head
Serious Sex Attack by "Tanned" "Foreign Accent" Man
Chinook Disaster: MOD Document said Helicopter was "Positively Dangerous"
Manhunt after teen is raped by "tanned-skin" man
Illegal immigrants employed at UK Border Agency
Teenage Girl Robbed in Street
Peterborough: Mohammed is Top Baby Name Third Year Running
Criminal Thug, 11, Arrested Again
£20.8bn Cost of Housing Benefit
Jobless Youths 'at Risk from Drugs'
Prince Charles Told Tony Blair War In Iraq Would Be ‘Madness’
Home Office Took On Illegal Staff
Suicidal despair of 1 in 3 young jobless
The two-faced truth about immigration
'One in six' children have difficulty learning to talk
Hassan Salahi charged over woman's murder
Al-Qaeda target British soldiers returning from Afghanistan
169,000 immigrants claimed dole within 6 months of getting an NI number
Murderer Syed Asif Raza Tries to Claim Asylum in Britain
Britain must produce more food!
Muslim Asylum Seekers Get Council House Upon Arrival
Jobs for illegals at Home Office
First Savage Race Attack of 2010
Foreign workers take 22,000 jobs amid recession
Lynda La Plante says BBC would take Muslim boy's script over hers
London family receives record £279,000 housing benefit

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