Spare Me the Tears of the White Working Class

On 5 January 2009, the ubiquitous PC journalist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, said this in The Independent:

“SPARE ME THE TEARS OVER THE WHITE WORKING CLASS. Their kith and kin, it seems, have turned against incomers AS SELF PITY OVERWHELMS THEM. A new government report finds that they feel ‘betrayed’ and abandoned. Ruined by 'ethnic minorities' THEY CRY INTO THEIR ANTIMACASSARS AND THREATEN TO VOTE FOR FASCISTS...

Parliamentarians, the media, even the people who claim to speak for immigrants… are flocking TO INDULGE THE ALWAYS-WRETCHED AND COMPLAINING CLASSES...

Criticise them and they, who detest PC, bring down the wrath of Alf Garnett on your head... What they believe – HOWEVER STUPID OR VICIOUS – must be awesome...

One writer, Liz Jones... sees through the cultural protectionism. Responding to beer-swilling blokes in Wibsey Working Men's Club, in Bradford, who said on television that they had lost their place as the backbone of the nation because Asians were overtaking them, she wrote:

Here's an interesting thing, Yasmin, no matter how 'stupid' we are, no matter how 'self-pitying,' 'always-wretched and complaining,' 'vicious' and 'beer-swilling,' people like you keep on flocking here in order to live alongside of us, don't they?

Now why would that be, I wonder?

Alibahai-Brown adds:

"We are blameless citizens and residents."
Are you really? Take a look in the mirror, Yasmin. Do you not see a hate-filled enemy of the British people? What about the contents of the Rogues' Gallery? Check them out and tell us, are they not just a little blameworthy? How much harm do you think the Gallery's occupants have done to the British people over the years? How many British people have been murdered, raped, prostitued and drugged-up by that little lot?

What about the 7/7 bombers? Don't such as them count in your blameless equation? Alibhai-Brown adds:

"Many of us would not live elsewhere".
Oh we do know that, Yasmin. No matter how many times you condemn us, you wouldn’t want to live in a land where your own kind predominate, would you? I wonder why that should be?

"I hope one day we can truly belong, our rights and responsibilities no different from those who arrived and laid claims long before us on these MONGREL, OFT-INVADED ISLES".
The last significant invasion of these islands, other than the recent invasion of the immigrant hordes, took place in 1066.

William the Conqueror declared war on us back then, our own government declared war on us in 1948 when the Windrush colonists were not sent straight back where they came from. THEY have been at war with us ever since.

Ladies and gentlemen, Alibhai-Brown’s snarling, insanely ungrateful and hate-filled dismissal of the plight of the indigenous Brit might give you a bit of a clue as to why some of us are so disenchanted with the Multicult.

Consider this: during the 4 June 2006 edition of Dateline London, the woman who penned the sneering commentary cited above was asked this question by presenter, Gavin Essler:

"What's wrong with white guys, by the way?"
To which she replied:

No one, not the BBC, not the police or the judciary, certainly not the media, the politicians or the PC Crowd, not even the long-suffering British public, has ever questioned the right of this pathologically ungrateful Muslim refugee from Idi Amin's Uganda to want the white man gone.

I guess that's why she gets to preach genocide (never mind 'racial hatred') without fear of the consequences.

If you're not British and native-born, there just aren't any.

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