The rape was not racially motivated!

On 24 December 1993, The Evening Standard reported thus:

"Two girls were repeatedly raped by a 25-strong gang of youths after being dragged from the street as they went to buy a McDonald's takeaway. The two victims, aged 14 and 15, were ambushed by the mob, some of whom could have been as young as 12, and dragged into an alleyway in Rushey Green, Catford, as they walked to the restaurant.

Detectives. who have painstakingly interviewed the girls were shocked at the savagery of the attack...

Although the victims were white and most of the rapists and the mob who egged them on were black, DETECTIVES WERE STRESSING THAT THE RAPE WAS NOT RACIALLY MOTIVATED."
Detective Inspector Phil Kent said:

"It is an absolutely dreadful attack. The sheer numbers involved in this is extraordinary."
'Although the victims were white and most of the rapists and the mob who egged them on were black, detectives were stressing that the rape was not racially motivated.'

The goverment picks up on a bogey word ('racism') first used by Leon Trotksy, a mass-murdering Russian Revolutionary, and runs with it. They begin levelling it at us in earnest in the early sixties to quell the rising tide of anger against mass migration and the preferential treatment given to the immigrant by the establishment.

Then, in 1965, they invent the first race law to deal with a problem they, themselves, created. Since then, raft after raft of ever more draconian anti-indigenous legislation has been rammed through parliament to deal with this articially constructed crime. Almost all of it at the behest of the Jewish Board of British Deputies. (Trotsky was also Jewish)

Alongside these new-fangled edicts the media and the educationalists wage a remorseless campaign of political correctness designed to promote the alien and make the British people, particularly the young, feel guilty about things they never did.

This campaign is so effective that, by 1993, after two young girls are raped by a 25-strong gang of black youths, the knee-jerk, PC reaction of 'detectives' is to excuse the behaviour of the savages who raped them by saying it was 'not racially motivated.'

The powers-that-be have constructed a system, and a set of laws to promote that system, where the accusation of 'racism' can only be levelled at the indigenous tribe. No matter how heinous the crime, almost no criminals may be classed as 'racist' if they don't fit the home-grown demographic.

Hundreds of thousands of British girls and women have been raped over the last few decades by all manner of fellows alien to these islands. When did you last witness the PC Crowd snarling at them? The on-message wagtail is much more likely to be seen making strenuous efforts to excuse and 'understand' the non-native criminal than condemn him.

Don't you get it yet? THEY are at war with us! The police, the Judiciary and the parliamentarians wouldn't want you to think that hundreds of thousands of British girls and women have been raped over the last few decades by nasty racists! The barbarity of the foreigner must always, in the final analysis, be excusable. Wheres the dislike of his brutish ways and presence amongst us (racism) must always be condemned. That is the ethos of the Multicult and the social engineers that created it.

You see, if you were ever to think the black gang-rapists commit such crimes because they despise us, as opposed to merely acting out a purely random criminality, it might actually cross your mind to do something rather drastic to those who have been encouraging and promoting such people for so long.

As it is, common sense would have strung them up anyway. The crime was dreadful enough, don't you think? But then common sense would have flogged the 'detectives' and hanged the social engineers whose engineering had, for so long, encouraged so many of immigrant origin to behave so badly towards us as well.

This crime occurred nineteen years ago. Common sense has been notoriously absent all that time. Very little at the top and, disgracefully, even less at the bottom.

How so?

Have the social engineers been booted out? Are the immigrants still pouring in? You get what you vote for, ladies and gents. You get what you deserve. Unfortunately for our little girls, they get it as well.

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