Daily News - January 2008

Bra Used to Smuggle Cocaine into England
Our Rail System is an Unmitigated Disaster and the Politicians are to Blame!
Cop Stole Almost £100,000 from Vulnerable Pensioner!
Muslim Leaders Back Livingstone as Mayor
I'll just bet they do!
2 Charged with Attempted Murder: 2 Blacks Sought
New Labour Failing Working Parents!
1.4 million kids live in poverty despite having a working parent
Branded Terrorists for Taking Pictures of their Grandchildren!
NHS at Breaking Point with ‘Half a Million’ Extra EU Patients
Stop Marrying Your Cousins, You Asians!

British Pakistanis were 13 times more likely to have children with recessive disorders than the general population.
Mosque Extended Beyond Planning Permission: Council Does Nothing
Brit, 102, Moving to New Zealand. UK is too Crowded!
Statue of Jesus with an Erection Offends!
The Jewish husband of the woman whose exhibition contains the erect Jewus inherited a fortune from the arms trade and has extensive gambling interests in Las Vegas. He is also one of David Cameron’s major financial backers. He is also a major backer of the Coservative friends of Israel group.
Turk Tries to Kill Wife Outside School
Dilek Guvec was taking the girl to school when Haydar Guvec appeared and said: "I'm going to kill you."
Farm Failures Increased by 27pc in 2007!
Black Man Stabs Policeman in Head
Female Bouncer in Gay Bar Bullied for Being Straight
Hundreds of Rescued Girls Forced back into Prostitution!
Female Circumcision in Britain
The immigrant savages of 28 African and some Middle Eastern countries practice it
Roger Kerslake is the Deputy Chairman of the LICENSING COMMITTEE on Torbay Council
Angry mobs across the country rampaging in protest at what they claim was the rigged re-election of President Mwai Kibaki
Tory Coucillor Done for Drunk Driving
504,000 Under 35s on Disability Benefit!
I wonder how many of these are immigrants?
Rape the Mob's Latest Weapon in Kenya
Boys as young as five have been gang-raped by the African savages
Hanged 4-Year-Old Could Have Been Copying TV
Israel Kills 9 in Attack on Gaza Strip
Children's TV presenter, Mark Speight, Arrested after Girlfriend's Sudden Death
His girlfriend was fellow presenter, Natasha Collins
LET'S WELCOME THE MUSLIMS!Young Mothers' Deaths Linked?
Amy Kimmance and Jasmine Pickett: Killed by Hospital Infection?
Foreign Doctors May be Employed: OURS May Not!
Low Energy Cause Rashes and Migraine and Increase Risk of Seizures!
THEY didn't tell us us that did THEY?
Many Hospital Wards Closed by Vomiting Bug
Work Pensions Down by a Million Under Labour! Scandal of 27% on Electricity!
German-owned npower's 6.8 million users will see some bills up by £229 a year!
Half of English Teens Falling Short on Three Rs
Patients Left to Starve on NHS Wards
Human Rights Rules Allow Drug Dealer, Amir Ali, to Stay in "Comfy" Cell!
Mums Condemn School's Halal Meat Decision!
Headmistress Sue Mortimer. It informed them the halal meat, which involves slaughtering animals in a special way for consumption by Muslims, had been used in all school meals
As Many as 4.5million people have Fled London/South East in the Past 10 years in Search of a Better Life
Councillors Protest over Refusal to Fly Flag
Poles Send £1.8 Billion Home to Poland!
Another Teenager Stabbed to Death in London
Foreign "Girlfriend Batterer" is Only Goven a Warning!
Tallon Lee Baranaskas to a suspended sentence of 110 days, with 12 months supervision, District Judge John Stobart said: "The court will have no patience with you if you do anything like this again. If you do, I want you to come back in front of me. I will send you away - and that is a promise."Baranaskas battered Katy Chance, threw a TV at her and tried to strangle her
Government Annouces Crackdown on Crime
After importing hundreds of thousands of foreign criminals there's going to crack down? Bulls***!
Schools Failing to Nurture Gifted Children
What? You've only just noticed? THEY'VE been at it since the 60s
Rail Bosses Award Themselves Millions!
New Migration After EU Relaxes Borders Even More!
Insulting Brits Make Indian Telephone Operators Sick!
Flu Cases Soar Over ChristmasJury's Racial Attitudes Questioned!
Overflowing UK Needs Urgent Solution!
Pop Star Puff Supports Cop Queer for Mayor

TUC Traitors Tell Govt to Make it Easier for Asylum Seekers to Work!

Making it more difficult ofr the native Brit to find work!
Foreign "Students" Who Overstay are not Being Deported!

Child Porn on Lib Dem Coucillors Laptop!
Studies Suggest Circumcision Can Cut HIV Infection by up to 50%!
So our Jewish chums are less likely to get it. Interesting
Asians Sentenced to 32 years for Gang Attack 7 Asians on Trial for Attack upon White Schoolboy
Wasis Khan and 6 others are on trial for the hammer attack on Henry Webster
Romanians Jailed for Cash Machine Scam
"Muslims Cause Mayhem with Explosives!" Says Mayor Robert Bennett!

Anne Frank's Diary to be Made into a Musical!
How unspeakably grotesque
British Girls See Their Dad Shot Dead by African Savages
Fred Picton-Turbervill had cooperated but he was shot dead anyway. All for a laptop, 4 mobile phones and £80
Government Ignores 25,000 Illegal Immigrants Every Year!
Israel's Richest Man Emigrates to Britain!
Lev Leviev has moved into a bullet-proof house in Hampstead which he bought for £35mforeigners are not asked to pay tax on income earned overseas
48-Year-Old Punched Repeatedly and Raped by Ethnic
Sleazy Peter Hain in New Donations Scandal!
Examination Flaws Give Pupils Wrong Grades!
Drivers Who Kill Could Escape Jail!
Military Live in Substandard Homes!
Car Ban for 140mph Khan!
Amir Khan, what an example to the youth of this country
Cutting Immigration 'Will Put 9p on Income Tax,' Labour Think Tank Warns!
At least that's what Dr Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah thinks. Why are we not surprised?
Eastern Europeans 'Targeted by Angry Asians'!
Ah the joys of happy-clappy Multicult land!
Asian Family Failed to Help Murdered Wife!
African-Asian ex-Europe Minister, Keithy Vaz, couldn't care less what WE want!
16-Year-Old Blinded by Blacks
Repeatedly Burned by Black Burglars!
Negress Jailed for Sex Acts in Front of Child
Shot in the Back by a Black
Scottish Nationalists Wanted to Kill English People at Random
Wayne Cook and Steven Robinson are members of the Scottish National Liberation Army
Insanely Jealous Pedro Mkhonta Stabbed his girlfriend 27 Times
The Old British Story is Over – Time to Imagine a New One
Says Gerry HASSAN!
Sex on the Job Asian Cop Sacked
God Told Him to Kill, Cook and Eat his Girlfriend!
Christopher Lee McCuin is black
Judge Administers Joke Justice
Judge Timothy Clayson Freed 4 Violent Asians
The Great Immigrant Explosion
Believers Lost £3 million to Black "Christians"!
Black Seventh-Day Adventists con fellow churchgoers into parting with millions
Now The Ethnic Girls are Murdering the Fathers aof Their Own Unborn Kids!
Dimple Scaife murdered Jake Mackay. Who'll bring up her kid, I wonder? WE WILL!
Haydar Guvec Guilty of Stabbing WifeMother Died After Giving Birth Due to "Clerical Error"
A clerical error by whom, we wonder
Disabled Brent Martin Killed for Sport

Cool Britannia, eh Tony?
18-Year-Old Charged With Killing Dave Stimpson
Talos Miller was also been charged with robbery. Talos? Sounds black to me
Hypocrite Straw Reprimands Magistrate Who Walks Out on Muslim in a Niqab
Ethnic with no Licence Killed 16-year-old Thomas Hutton
Edmund Adade didn't now the Highway Code, overtook on the inside, mounted a kerb and struck Thomas. Edmund Adade overtook on the inside, mounted a kerb and struck the 16-Year-Old
Creepy Lee Lasper Bids to Become TV Celeb!
Dental Treatment in England is Most Expensive in Europe!
Asian Heroin Dealing Brothers Jailed
Asian Threatens Couple with Knife
Gun Held to Man's Head by Asian Robbers
Leon Nangle: Black Knifeman Mugger Jailed!
8-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted by Black

The BBC Will "Fast Track" Young Ethnics!
Sweetener Can damage Your Health!
1,000 Victims of Binge-Drink Britain are Hospitalised Every Day!
Clinton Victory Fixed!
Arranged Marriage Teen was Murdered
Prince Phil Wrote Cruel Letters to Diana
Nottingham Council Spent £52,000 on a Cannes Beach Party!
28.2% of Oldham's Primary Schoolkids are Immigrants!
This figure does not cuont second-generation immigranst! 13.5% of British Primary Schoolchildren are immigrants!
Crimes by Freed Inmates Up 39%Bangladeshi Beasts Jailed for 18 Years Each
Twenty years ago, the Clichy estate in east London was virtually a no-go area for non-whites
Poles Taking Sex Diseases into Poland: Britain Blamed
Black Gang Guilty of Dealer Murder
Human Rights Act Being Abused!
Britons believe immigrants and asylum seekers take advantage of the Human Rights Act
2.8 Million Brits Affected by Novovirus so Far!
Cannabis Abuse Rates Soaring
Immigrant Criminals Not Being Properly Dealt With!
Black - Eastern European Row - One Dead
Black Jailbird Fails to Return
Secret Bonuses Double Salaries of Northern Rock Staff!
Bin Laden's Son Wants British Visa
So he and Brit bride can live in Cheshire and have a surrogate baby!
Brit Workers Unemployable: Poles Fab!
Creepy Hain's Career Hangs by a Thread - Tesco Link
Shadow Chancellor George Osborne Admits Getting £500,000 in Secret Donations!
He blames officials for not declaring them
BLAIR WARMONGER Was Vietnam Protesterm in his Youth!
MI6 chief John Scarlett was accused of allowing the Government to exaggerate evidence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction
Labour Cronies at Big Lottery Fund Spend £77 million on Fat-Cat Salaries and Bureaucracy!
Whilst cutting donations to good causes
Are Peter Hain's Morals any Less Fake Than his Tan?
Al-Qaeda's White Army of Terror
Black Footballer's Dad is Boss of Seedy Crack Den
Jermaine Pennant plays for Liverpool
A Million Immigrants Have Gathered in Libya. Next Stop UK!
The Sinister Newspeak that Makes Cynics of us All
Cheating, Lying Black Olympian Jailed
Marion Jones got just 6 months
BLAIR WARS: Army Hero Left to Die: MoD Blamed
I Feel Like an Alien in my own Home Town!
Traitor Blair Fuels Speculation Over EU Presidency!

Chidren of 16 May be Given the Vote!
Yep! That's what our overseers want. More gullible youngsters.
Forcing Teens to Stay on at School is Useless!
Says a Government-funded study by the National Foundation for Educational Research
Secret Government Plan Will See Jailbirds Get Even Shorter Sentences!
Bumsuck Cameron: Amir Khan is a Role Model!
Yep. Hurtling down the motorway at 140mph is defintely something he should be given credit for
Gordon Brown Wants Your Body!
Immigrant Scam: Half of Private Language Colleges Struck Off!
What You Can Not Ask A Job Applicant in Airstrip 1
Muslim OK - PC Traitor BAD!
What's the name of the traitor?
African Conmen Fleece Pet Lovers
Oxford Bishop Backs Islamic Call to Prayer
Rt Rev John Pritchard want us to "enjoy community diversity". Some hope!
Garry Weddell was bailed after he killed his wife, only to kill his mum-in-law
Girls Aged 3 Hitting Puberty!
Black Gang Kill Shopworker, Stab Others Over a Stolen Orange!
EU Threaten OUr DNA Files!
So even more killers and rapists can escape justice!
US Veterans Prone to Murder
Over 121 US soldiers have been charged with murder after returning from the BLAIR/BUSH wars
Taxi Driver Robbed at Knifepoint by Blacks
White Fight (Ethnic Cleansing) is Getting Worse
Said Trevor Phillips, black Chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission
Asian Accused of Rape as Others Watch
Shkelezen Elezi, of Coleridge Close, Cowley, denies attacking the woman on Christmas Eve
Gay Chief Held for Child Porn!
Jamie Rennie is due to face trial accused of "possessing an indecent photograph of a child"
Tory Councillor Will not be Investigated!
Was Abdul Loyes involved in human trafficking and illegal immigration?MUSLIMS and Christians will be buried in the same village cemetery, under plans agreed by the land's council owner
Photofit of Asian Who Committed Sexual Attack
Diana's Mum Called her a Whore for Sleeping with Muslims
3 cheers for Diana's mother
Schoolgirl Raped byGang who Poured Caustic Soda Over her Body to Destroy DNA Evidence!
Killer Bug Hits Gays
Immigration - The UK's Biggest Fear
Gang of 6 Asians Attack 2 White Girls
Naked Rape Victim Left for Dead by Pole
Polish Peeping Tom to Sign Sex Register for 7 Years
Polish immigrant, Emilian Wowra, Brutally Attacked Matthew Webb
Security Guard Jailed for Just 2 Years Violent for Sex Attack!
Adnan Bari strangled and molested a 14-year-old he was supposed to be protecting
Muslim Store Worker Refused to ServeCustomer BuyingChristianity Book! "UNCLEAN", she SAYS!HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ILLEGALS GIVEN NI NUMBERS BY GOVERNMENT!
Is it any Wonder People are Fleeing London?
Asian Driver Attempts to Abduct Woman
Moroccan Immigrant, Son of Diplomat, al Qaeda's Top Cyber Terrorist
16-Year-Old Raped by Foreigner
Jamel Motsepe is also charged with the false imprisonment of a woman earlier in the evening and theft. Foreign Nuts Put Asylum Staff in Fear of Their Lives!
Black Fraudster Must Pay Back £160,000
Asians Deny Murder of Black
Murderer Escapes from Hospital!
Tories Target Creepy Hain's Incompetence
Israeli Raid on Gaza Kills 18 Palestinians
Teenager Left Needing 32 Stiches after Black Gang Attack

Dentist Shortage Hits Millions!

Foreigners Murdered 19-Year-Old Alex Holroyd
Hanif Sigbah Mohammed, Javid Mohammed and Joannis Thompson are charged with killing him
Pervy Muslim Cop is Caged!
Mohammed Arfaan Ali Hussain groomed a 15-year-old and a 13-year-old for sex. He was jailed for just 3 years
Polish Rapist Burgles Old man‘s Home and Causes his Death
Polish criminal, Dariusz Szopa, raided the mobile home of 87-year-old William Lywood
1-in-4 Poles Plan to Stay for Life!
Asian Jailed for Sex with Sick Girl in Hospital Loo!
Oliver Balicao admitted sexual activity with a child but was cleared by a jury of raping her. WHY?
Immigrant Jailed for Funding £4m Property Empire with Benefits!
Saheed Ladega and the mother of his 5 kids, claimed £170,000 in housing and council tax benefits
Haulier: Immigration is Out of Control!
Asylum Seeker Stabs, isn’t Deported and Rapes!
Caliph Ali Asmar should have been deported in November 2005 after he stabbed a man in Leeds
Blessing Eziashi-Obiamago Can Carry on Nursing!
Even after she gave a patient the wrong medication and was reprimanded for not washing her hands and other hygiene issues
25-Year-Sentence Upheld for Asian Heroin Dealer!
Khalid Mahmood Malik lived a life of wealth and luxury
Drug Dealers Jailed for Beating Man to Death
Jaime and Hernan Ramirez clubbed Kennie Williams repeatedly with a brandy bottle
14-Year-Old Boy Stabs 13-Year-old Girl Outside Her School
3 Drunken Bums Kicked Dad to Death
More Immigrants for Cumbria, Please!
Says Diane Ward, Copeland Borough Coucil's regeneration projects officer
Any Website Bans Must Include far Right Say Muslims
Yep. Shut us up between you, you Muslims and you Traitors
The Courts Overturn Ban Stopping Rapist Seeing Prostitutes!

Jaswinder Singh won the appeal against a Sexual Offences Prevention Order at Preston Crown Court
Britain has Lost Control Over Polish Immigration!
Admits Paul Fox, the Consul General at the British Embassy in Poland
Rich Immigrants Avoid English Language Test!
Bungling Black Robber Blasts of his own Ball!
Immigrant Rikki Tainsch Sexually Attacks 15-Year-Old
Look at This Creep Suing for £35,000!
Headscarf wearing Bushra Noah is p***ed off because she didn't get the hairdressing job she wanted!
Irish Jews Pi**ed Off with President McAleese!
Traitor Brown Gives India £825,000 of Our Money!
Dog Saves Girl from Black Man!
Black Rapist Jailed 5 Years Later
Kenny Obire was jailed for 9 years
Harekrishna Patel Smuggled Thousands of Indians into Britain
Asian Revenge Killer to Get Plastic Surgery on US!
Gurmit Bassi, 42, and a hired hitman also cut the woman's throat
A Syphillis Epidemic is Coming!
Because of Foreigners?
Growing Numbers of Muslim Women are Turning to Violent Terrorism!

The Test That Let's in One Immigrant Every 3 Minutes!
BLAIR WARS: Darry Gardiner Killed in Afghanistan

More MOD Laptop Thefts Revealed
Pensioner jailed for Shouting at Yobs who Threw Stones at Ducks!
We Want to Offer Sharia Law to Britain

Home Secretary Admits to Fear of London‘s Streets!
C4 Attacks Red Ken‘s Shocking Drinking Habits!
Lesbian Soldier gets £400,000 In Sex Harassment Case
Kris Donald‘s Killer Orders Revenge Raid on Hospital
Jews and Turks Steal US Nuclear Secrets?
FBI Denies Corrupt US officials to blame
Government to Give Bailiffs Power to Break into Your Home!
New Labour Renames Islamic Terrorism “Anti-Islamic Activity”!

To woo Muslims, of course
White Brits Feel They have Less Power!
Less power to influence Government decisions than ethnics, that is!
Jamaican Drug Dealer Jailed for 6 Years

Graham Warren Shot Dead by African Robbers

Coffee Raises Miscarriage Risk!

Mobiles Linked to Disturbed Sleep!

Gaza Crushed by Israeli Embargo
Roadside Bomb Kills British Soldier in Afghanistan
5 other soldiers were injured
Ministers Fear EU Treaty RevoltTrain Fares Rip-Off is Worst in Europe!
British Muslims are too Extreme!
Says Deputy PM of Iraq
UK Govt Sleaze Committee Refuses to Investigate “Friends of Israel“
France Bans Immigrant Lorry Scanner: It Might Breach Health and Safety!
Arsenal v Arsenal: Black v White
Emmanuel Adebayor head-butts team-mate Nicklas Bendtner
Mongolian Diplomat‘s Son to Escape Rape Prosecution!
Yep, New Labour’s “system provides the anonymity to carry out fraud without detection”the postal vote is a New Labour scam
50 Reasons to Leave the EUBush and Co Issued 935 false Statements about Iraq in Just 2 Years
Bush and officials stated on at least 532 occasions that Iraq had WMD
Black Girls Jailed for Drug Smugglings
42% of Disadvantaged Kids Start Drinking Before 13!
Elite Mongolian Charged with Schoolgirl Rape
Black Mammy on Hunger Strike!
Oh, what a catastrophe
The government is at war with the British people!
Government Says: 3 Little Pigs Story Could Offend Muslims!

Immigrants Blamed as Council Tax SoarsThe non-PC Way to Deal with Savages
Bernard Dwyer-style
Livingstone's Lying Black Aide Quits
Rosemary Emodi, deputy to Mr Livingstone's race adviser Lee Jasper, quit her £100,000-a-year post after taking a free trip to a £200-a-night beach resort
Why I Blew the Whistle on the Mayor!
By Atma Singh, Red Ken's former crony
Bully Vicar Gets the Boot?
The Police Fiddle While Children are Killed!

Banker Faces Jail for Taking Foreign Student's Place in Exam
Extremists who Prey on Young Minds
Asylum Seeking Criminal Worked for Immigration Services for a Year!
I bet a lot of British lads would have liked his job! He has been promoted and has the final say on who can and can't stay in this country
Gun Crime Up 4%
Labour Mayor Jailed for £37,000 Benefit Fraud
John and Catie Walker were jailed for 12 and 8 months respectively
The Corrupt and disgusting South African Blairite is gone! HOORAY!!!
Ethnic Armed Robbers JailedImmigrant Nut Killer Cound be Out Just 6 Months after Sentencing!
Sherzad Muhamed to stab 66-year-old Richard Cromarty more than 20 times
Illegal Immigrants Fleeced Taxpayer Out of Millions of Pounds!
Portuguese Black Raped 12-Year-Old Girl!
Nelson Claudino, 26, is alleged to have "picked" up the girl in Blackburn and plied her with drink firsthttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/nottinghamshire/7208862.stm
The Attempted Murder of Jessica Knight
Frenchman, Kristoffer Beddar, stabbed the 14-year-old schoolgirl 30 times!
Asian Gang Behaved Like a Pack of Wild Animals!
47-Year-Old Ian Dewhurst was attacked because he had the "misfortune to walk past them"
Cameron Sends his Daughter to Exclusive School!
Married Asin Cop Groomed Underage Girls for Sex!
It's All About Da Money!
Says money-grubbing Pascal Chimbonda
Willie Nagel, the Jew Behind Peter Hain's Resignation
Big-time Hain sponsors, Abrahams and Mendelsohn, are also Jewish
BLAIR WARS: Andrew Cutts Killed by Friendly Fire!
Syed Mustafa Zaidi Charged With Child Cruelty!
Superbug Trust Chief, Rose Gibb, Gets £75,000 Pay Off
90 patients died at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust
Alcohol-Related Deaths Rising!
Timeline: Creepy Hain Funding Row
If Londoners Don't Like It "They Can Get Another Mayor"!

Says Red Ken
Scandal of Britain's Romanian Gangsters!
WANTED FIREFIREFIGHTERS! (But Preferably not White Men)
What Labour's Asian Councillors Do in Oldham!
Thugs Attack and Smile for Camera!

Blacks Attacking Whites Who Do Not Fight Back
Teenage Thugs who Tortured 12-Year-Old and Recorded it on Mobile Escape Jail!
A furious family hit out today after a yob gang who tortured a 12-year-old girl were set free - because magistrates claimed they were powerless to cage them
£1m Asian Driving Licence Scam
Benefits Cheat Asylum Seeker Had £550,000 in the Bank!
Phoney Asian Doc Gets Suspended Sentence
NHS Maternity Units Falling Short
Kent Community Housing Trust to Celebrate Diversity in Local Community!
Along with the Cops and Asylum Seekers and Firefighters!
Judge's Scathing Attack on Failing Home Secretary!

Chink Mugs Chatham Woman!

Ujima, The Biggest Black Housing Association Goes Bust!
It is the first housing association to do so. After having received more than £300million of public money!Teenager Groped in Broad Daylight by Asian Perv
Failed Iraqi Asylum Seeker Jailed for Sex Attacks

Black Mugs 16-Year-Old at Knifepoint
Uzbek Immigrants Rape 39-Year-Old
Jamoliddin Tulaganov and Nuriddin Shakhabutdinov raped the woman in Chelmsford
Hundreds Killed in England by Heath Ledger Pills!
Village Schools in Closure Threat!Youth Gangs Triple Child Murder Rate!

Were Simon and Natasha victims of the web? 13 young people hanged themselves in Bridgend in 2007!
Just 1-in-100 Says "I'm Gay"
Contrary to what the PC Crowd have been telling us for the last 60 years!
56% of British Women are Afraid to Walk Alone at Night in Their own Neighbourhoods!
36% of Men are similarly afraid!
Gun Aimed at BBC Radio Presenter
He had previously been jailed for raping a 10-year-old
684 Britons Quit UK Every Day!
Red Ken's Black Aide: Cops Move In!

Asylum Seekers Sent Off in Community Relations Football Match!
16,286 Poles Receive Our Child Benefit for 26,711 Kids Living in Poland!
That's £21.4million Traitor Brown gives them from our money!
Another Gigantic Payout for the Great Traitor!
At least 4 foreigners were involved
Shamed Tory Misued his Allowance

China Arnold was drunk when she put her month-old daughter, Paris Talley, in the oven. So that's alright then. Did a Pole Murder Georgina Edmonds?
Illegal Immigrant Fraudsters Jailed
Big Brother Britain Taps 1,000 Phones a Day

Councils, police and intelligence services are tapping and intercepting the phone calls, emails and letters of hundreds of thousands of people every year
Gay MP Wants to Give Kiddies Sex Advice!
They are Raping Our Women in India Too!
"Western women in India... are generally presumed promiscuous"!
Francesca Edwards Got What She Deserved!
A black gigolo now has the money that should have been theirs
Customs Seizes Hundreds of Rats Destined for London Restaurants!
340 kilos of headless rats were on their way to African restaurants
52-Year-Old Attacked by 6-Strong Asian Gang
The BBC says: "Immigration has raised the birth rate so fast that some units have closed"!
Tory MP Quizzed After 2 Kids Assaulted!
Parviz Khan Admits Plot to Behead British Soldier!
700,000 Caught in Brown's Sneak Tax Trap!
Will they all end up in the hands of Russian Oligarchs, we wonder?
Rapist Cricketer Caged!
Saltburn player, Mohammed Fazal, was jailed for 5 years for raping a 21-year-old in March 2005
Senior Home Office Official Denies Bogus Visa Scam
Aisha Ajia has been handing out visas to illegal immigrants
Don't say Mum and Dad! Don't Assume Pupils' parents ARE NOT GAY!

New Labour is now about to force Stonewall's gay agenda on our little boys and girls!
Warning After Third Sex Attack by Asian in Bradford
Young Woman Indecently Assualted by Black

Congolese Teacher Threatened to set His Children on Fire!
After his wife confronted him about his infidelity
Tyrone Spellman Killed his own Baby!

Because she touched his Xbox console!
6 Blacks Attack and Rob Couple on Bus
UK Workers Outnumbered by Foreigners on London Sites!
Disgusting Old Brits are Spreading Sexual Disease
"swopping partners and of women going on foreign holidays to pick up men" are to blame, apparently had led to a rise in sexual diseases among the over-50s
Cheating MP's GAY SON AND "FRIEND" Were on the Payroll!
Derek Conway was suspended from the Commons for 10 days for paying an annual £11,773 salary, plus bonuses totalling more than £10,000, to his younger son Freddie while he was a full-time student in Newcastle. Town Hall salaries Soar As Vital Services are Cut!
There are now 30,000 middle managers in town halls across Britain receiving almost double the average national wage
3,000 Violent Criminals Freed Early!
Because of jail overcrowding
Cops Arrest 13 Immigrant Smugglers
Turks who specialise in trafficking Chinks, apparently
Chink Childminder Guilty of Killing Baby Boy
Obesity Drug Use Increases 8-Fold
Two Poles Rob and Murder Asian Boss
Jiri Motl, 33, and Vladmir Brandejs, 27, were facing life imprisonment after they were convicted of murder at Manchester Crown Court
Give Us Land Say 53 Asian Families!
Give us Land? Nobody ever gave it away to the British!
Black Gang's leading Light Jailed for Shooting

Anti-Gypsyism Promoted by Extremists says EU!

Funny that. I thought it was promoted by Gypos thieving and begging and acting like tw*ts!
Patriotissm Lessons Might Glorify Britain's Morally Dubious Past!


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