Daily News - June 2010

Wednesday 30 June

Footballer Ashley Cole: "I hate England and the f***ing people!"
This was said just before the £120,000-a-week hater set out to represent England in the World Cup!
EU calls Israel 'obstacle to peace'
Human rights DO NOT APPLY ON THE BATTLEFIELD! Supreme Court quashes landmark ruling
Marcin Skibicki and Pawal Pilipow deny dumbbell murder
Immigrant Paedophile Raped 10-Year-Old - Claims She Led Him On
Watford hospital porter, Mohammed Khan, jailed for rape and sex assault
Teenager stabbed in neck after clash with gang
Police hunt suspects in vicious slash attack
Taxi Driver, Younis Hussain Zaman, in court after Clitheroe sex attacks
Man slashed in knife attack (mixed-race culprit)
Man Glassed by Asian Thugs
CPS barrister, Sarfraz Ibrahim, took a £20,000 bribe to drop assault case
Young girl Attacked by immigrant in underpass
Cherbru Medhanie Habtaek Charged with Sexually Assaulting Vulnerable Teen
Asian Doctor, Veeresh Kumar, to stand trial
Black carjackers steal £125,000 supercar at knifepoint
Police Hunt 13-Year-Old Sex Attacker (black)
Fat Blacks try to Abduct 7-Year-Old Girl
Jail for gang who tied up shop family
Illegal immigrant sisters jailed for NHS fraud
Son of hate preacher Abu Hamza jailed for attacking police at London demonstration
How welfare has managed to take 'work' out of working class
'Torture' man Rangzieb Ahmed wins appeal right
Hunt for violent, black train attackers
Shyan Myrie Wanted for Assault
Janusz Sloser charged after Jesus statue wrecked
Boy struggles free from black attacker in Stockport
Thieving Tamils Drove a Merc, a BMW and a Porsche
The British towns where one worker in two is an immigrant
Hospitals hoodwinked into taking on poorly-trained foreign locums
Clarke overturns Tory policy by declaring 'prison doesn't work'
Sanctimonious dwarf! Enraged Minister insults Speaker Bercow after Commons rebuke
Travellers set up camp on land owned by Rugby School
Irresponsible Fathers 'Will be Forced to Support Children'
Calls to protect South Asian brides
Murder squads may be abolished to keep police on the streets
Black, Death Row female wants Dave Cameron to save her
Gay club founder causes Facebook furore with Muslim boycott
Footballer, Sol Campbell, to marry heiress, Fiona Barrett
“Islam teaches us that we all originate from Adam and Eve... we are all brothers and sisters"
Standards board to probe mosque plan
Hague praises 'impressive' mosque site

Tuesday 29 June

Parliament handbook advises that MPs are often vain, drunk and plain stupid
How Useless Top Cops allowed serial sex attacker Kirk Reid attack up to 100 women
Drs Rabie Mohamad and Aravind Pillai did not spot broken back, inquest told
Don't Let Immigrant Cap Hit Growth, Govt Told
Public sector pension figures 'were fiddled under Brown'
£5m Benefits for Disabled Immigrants who Went Home!
Firms told to provide foreigners with private health insurance to take pressure off NHS
The welfare revolution is only just beginning
Workshy will have to look for job or face a three-year benefits ban
Peers to receive £300 to attend House of Lords to stop them fiddling expenses
"Serious” sexual assault prompts police appeal
Over-50s to Retire in Penury
Crook, Joseph Gompertz, Let Off Jail Because 'It's Cheaper'
UK 'Must Earn its Way in the World'
Sex Attacker Marched Girl At Knifepoint Past Villagers
Big cut in number of police on streets
Play School host, Floella Benjamin, takes her seat in the Lords
US tops list of unpaid London traffic toll fees
Radio star, David Fane, suspended for saying: "Jews were expendable"
destruction of Palestinian homes in E. Jerusalem approved despite 250 defects in plan
'Ten big media lies' about Israel
It STILL costs less to holiday in Cyprus or Turkey than to stay in the UK

Monday 28 June

Black man tries to abduct 7-year-old
Foreign doctors' lack of English is threat to patients warns BMA chief
Image released of 'crying' black thief
Police probe bus indecency by Asian
Peace campaigner, 85, classified by police as 'domestic extremist'
Vatican anger over child sex abuse raids in Belgium
Metropolitan Police to be criticised over black rapist, Kirk Reid
Foreigner sexually assaulted 11-year-old in Corby park
BLAIR WARS: Four Norwegian soldiers killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Army bomb disposal expert killed in Afghanistan
CIA defends $100m Blackwater contract
Global trade union rebuffs Israel boycott
Turkey blocks Israeli flight on trip to Auschwitz
Senior police officers face sack over blunders that let serial sex attacker roam free
Foreign diplomats owe millions in unpaid charges and fines
Attempted rape of British teenager on holiday island
BLAIR WARS: Stephen Gilbert killed in Afghanistan
Diplomatic staff in London 'commit serious crime'… including sexual assault and human trafficking
South African Airways crew member Elphia Dlamini on smuggling charge
We need to be candid about immigration
Now we must pay for Blacks to learn how to Walk in High Heels!
Black men 'to blame for most violent city crime'
Lib Dem Vince Cable forces Home Office to water down cap on immigration
Opposing Controls On Immigration is Absolute Madness
The Romanian gipsy and the daughter he sent to beg on Britain’s streets
Boys Charged With Murdering Man
Probe into Muslim Book Sales
Millions face incapacity benefit cuts
Ministers plan to send more jailbirds to bail hostels
Duncan Smith considers incentives to relocate jobless
Cleaners jailed for stealing England's pants

Sunday 27 June

Scot has Nose and Fingers Chopped Off by African Gang
Violent inner-city crime, the figures, and a question of race
First Jewish Speaker snubs Church of England to appoint first black Vicar of Westminster!
Racial violence moves to towns and villages!
'Britain poor-rich gap to widen further'
The UN Office on Drug and Crime says the UK has the largest national cocaine market
Stabbed to death after watching Royal Philharmonic Concert
No further action over Solano rape accusation
BT boss attacks 'illiterate' job applicants
Welfare dependency and lack of discipline are turning black boys into criminals
So don't give 'em the welfare and cane the b*ggers when they misbehave!
Israel's UK ambassador tipped for UN post
Israel seizes oxygen machines donated to Palestinian Authority
BBC boss tells head of religion, Aaqil Ahmed, not to discuss his faith
George Osborne's budget cuts will hit Britain's poorest families six times harder than the richest!!!
Child sex abuse defendants could be granted anonymity!
Illegal immigrant, Komba Cisse, jailed for selling crack cocaine
Six arrested for suspected marriage sham
Asylum seeker Ahmed Warfa groped women
15-year-olds held over Darlington man's murder
Tories ‘back down’ over immigrants’ English test
Diane Abbott fumes after being branded a racist!
Family’s fury as New Labour MP leaves £1m to Polish wife
Cap on non-EU migrant workers splits Government
These cuts are a con – we’ll soon be just like Greece
BLAIR WARS: Soldier Dies in Afghanistan on Armed Forces Day
BLAIR WARS: British Soldier Dies in Hospital
Cut Bureaucracy not Vital Services
Government Must Impose Limits on Immigration
London ad aims to promote Islam
Tony Blair's County Durham constituency club to close

Don't let's be beastly to the Germans


"Men of Tunisian, Spanish, Bosnian, Polish and Brazilian ancestry form the German squad, together with the Turkish midfielder Mesut Ozil, who recites the Koran while the German national anthem is sung."

I wonder whether the German people are entirely happy with the wealth of non-Teutonic types in their World Cup squad?

I wonder whether they are as content as the PC Crowd would have us believe we are with the preponderance of non-indigenous folk representing England?

Ah well, at least the Global Villagers let the Gerries have a German manager.

Saturday 26 June

Moin Ahmed, Juned Choudhury and Syed Aslam accused of sexually abusing young girls over a 20 year period
"Charity helper" Thomas Kamau stabs "friend" Teddy Harrison at a party - Judge says Kenyan refugee is "a force for good"!!!
Romanian migrants convicted of mugging pregnant woman
Baby dies after blundering doctors gave him TWELVE times the normal dose of epilepsy drugs
Hospital worker Naraindrakoomar Sahodree jailed for rape of woman with MS
Black Robber Smashed 88-Year-Old Woman in Back of Head
E-fit of Black Robber Who Threatened to Stab 6-Month Old Baby
Algerian Yamine Ladghem-Chikouche to Face Murder Trial
14-Year-Old Raped by "mixed-race" man
Asian Paedophile Sanjiv Dale had HALF-A-MILLION Child Porn Images
Ashraf Amrani Jailed for 7 Years for Horrific Sex Attack
Witness Appeal after Woman Raped by Black
NHS waited 2 Years before telling Patients that Nurse had AIDS
Brutal Black Rapist David Brown is Jailed
Woman Stabbed in the Neck by Blacks
Aman Kassaye guilty of £40m raid on Mayfair jewellers Graff
Asylum seeker, Mahira Rustam Al-Azawi, got £700,000 in benefits, three houses and private school for her son
Gravy Train Kinnock accused of tax evasion in Denmark
NHS loses 800 patients' private files every day
Serial burglar escapes jail after judge learns Nathan Bradford is apprenticed to Jamie Oliver
Government accused of 'conning' millions in pension 'guarantee' which sees them £70 a year worse off
A whistleblower's account of council work where staff pull six-month sickies
Eight deny role in £50m fake mortgage application scam
Regina Aghedo sentenced for defrauding NHS of more than £18,000
Robber jailed for five years after repeatedly shooting victim in the neck
Akhtar Hussain Grabbed Woman between the Legs
Man needed 20 stitches after attack
No Jail for Asian Paedophile who had Level 4 Child Porn on X-Box
City barber fears his career is over after black robbers stab him in arm
Gangland triple killer wins £44,500 from Home Office for 'negligent dental care'
Gypsy Chased Tory Councillor Down the Road
Professional Boxer Tony Salam Launched Sex Attack on Woman
Police Hunt Black after Vicious Attack on Cyclist
Enzo Arach Charged with Sexual Assault
Man Bottled by Mixed Race Man
Police Hunt Sticky-Fingered Black Bandit Leroy Lawless
Asian Paedophile Sanjiv Dale had HALF-A-MILLION Child Porn Images
Ashraf Amrani Jailed for 7 Years for Horrific Sex Attack
Jail for black driver Chris Howard who lost best pal in car crash
Teens are Savagely Beaten and Spat upon by Black with 4 inch Afro
Ringleaders of Asian Gang "The Bronx Boys" get ASBOS
Nine Black Gang-Bangers Arrested
Police Hunt Foreign Pervert who Sexually Attacked Petrified Teen
Man Brutally Knocked Unconscious from Behind by 5ft 2in Black with Bad Teeth
Regina Aghedo sentenced for defrauding NHS of more than £18,000
Akhtar Hussain Grabbed Woman between the Legs
Park has become "No-Go Area for Whites" says Councillor
Man needed 20 stitches after attack
Mixed race man asks 11-year-old girl for sex
City barber fears his career is over after black robbers stab him in arm
Tory Councillor Smacked Behind of Girl, 16
Professional Boxer Tony Salam Launched Sex Attack on Woman
Witness Appeal after Woman Horrifically Raped by Black
Police Hunt Black after Vicious Attack on Cyclist
E-fit of Black Robber Who Threatened to Stab 6-Month Old Baby
Asian Paedophile Sanjiv Dale had HALF-A-MILLION Child Porn Images
Drunken speedster Chris Howard left "best pal" to die in crash
Asylum cheat Mahira Rustam Al-Azawi got £700,000 benefits, 3 houses and private school for son
Teens are Savagely Beaten and Spat upon by Black with 4 inch Afro
Police Appeal after Bus Passenger Hospitalised after Bottle Attack
Eight deny role in £50m fake mortgage application scam
5 Years For Blackburn Terrorist
Moin Ahmed, Juned Choudhury and Syed Aslam accused of sexually abusing young girls over a 20 year period
Mixed race man asks 11-year-old girl for sex
Enzo Arach Charged with Sexual Assault
Black thug, Elliot Ricketts, wins cut in sentence
Man Bottled by Mixed-Race Man
Ringleaders of Asian Gang "The Bronx Boys" get ASBOS
School sends home more than 20 children for racist chants during World Cup game

Friday 25 June

Dr David Kelly: The new evidence that points to a cover-up by Tony Blair's government
Hunt goes on for "20-strong gang" (Asian) who scarred Reece Johnson for life
Reece has told us what The Bolton News article did not:
“They attacked me because of the colour of my skin. They were very racist.”
European MPs tell Israel: Lift Gaza blockade completely
EXPENSES: MPs 'steal' £2m from taxpayers
EXPENSES: Harry Cohen spends more than £4,000 on his bathroom
Nation of broken families: 1-in-3children lives with a single parent or a step mum/dad
BLAIR WARS: 4 British soldiers drown in Helmand
Naeem Majid Butt sought over 'honour killing' in Blackburn
Hungarian smuggler, Norbert Dusnoki, jailed
Hungarian immigrant, Viktoria Kazi, faces jail for spree with stolen cash
Fury as hospital boss in Britain's worst superbug outbreak given £190,000 payoff!!!
Immigrant baby boom drives up British population by double the rate of previous decade
Living in Sin Costs us Billions as Marriage Goes Out of Fashion
Primary schools face meltdown in call for 103,000 extra places
A Nation of Strife and Strain
British children getting fatter at twice the rate of Americans

Thursday 24 June

"Draconian regulations whose covert intent is to bring about the expulsion of as many Palestinians as possible"!!!
'Mossad hit men targeted Erdogan' (Turkish Prime Minister)
Netanyahu: Israel's legitimacy is under attack
Belgian indictment against Israel's Barak and Livni
New Labour hopeful, Diane Abbott, gets roasted!
Bournemouth Councillors, Spencer, Powell, Beesley and MacLoughlin (Tory) under investigation
Young Muslim attacked, burned and robbed in broad daylight (Only the Turkish media mentions the ethnicity of the attackers)
Bernard McGrath was murdered by his wife, his daughter and her black husband (allegedly)
African immigrant, Dennis Kacheche, pleaded guilty to sexual activity with a child and not guilty to rape
Obama sacks Military Chief in Afghanistan "for criticising his civilian masters"
'Go on the rob, sell weed': drug dealer caught after police find his 'to do' list
Rangzieb Ahmed to appeal terrorism conviction
Tory budget cuts: 4-in-10 courts to close; police stations axed
BP undersea robot crash spills more oil into Gulf of Mexico
Swingers swapping partners 'fuelling sex infections in over-45s'
Charities' £350m bill for criminal record checks on volunteers
You Can't Ban The Burkha, Say Eurocrats!
Sex Crimes Probation Staff Warning
BLAIR WARS: Four Marines Killed in Four Days
BLAIR WARS: Michael Taylor killed in Afghanistan
'Unacceptable' delays for sex offender treatment

Wednesday 23 June

Donald MacPherson and Luciano Schiano stabbed to death - Claudio Lamponi and Massimo Manai deny murder
Girls of NINE lured by gang culture of drugs, sex and violence
Ethnic diversity at school has a negative effect on learning!!!
Judge did not jail African Paedophile Dennis Kacheche and he struck again!
Romanian with Black Teeth Sexually Attacked Teenager
Is this the Black Underpass Knifeman?
Albanian Gang leader, Behar Dika, ran £10m drug ring
No Jail for Tory Paedophile, John Richard Barnett
Mohammed Sajid Walks Free from Court after assault
Man who had sex change wins right to receive pension five years early!!!
One in five 18-year-old boys living on benefits!
'Greedy, manipulative and cunning' - Judge's verdict on NHS manager Zahid Ali
Muslim Teens Get Oscar for Making Jihad Documentary
News reader, Jon Snow, Gets Hitched at 62 - His bride is 35 and black
Muslim Inmate attacks Prison Officer
London council in religious row after 'banning prayer for poetry readings'
Top US military commander in Afghanistan criticises Obama and co. - Oops!
Yorkshire hospital patients face tests in HIV scare
We musn't call stillborn babies 'angels' as 'religious word may offend'!
HYPOCRITE HUHNE: What he told the voters in 2007
Transsexual Jan Krause waged five-year spying campaign on neighbours
Dutch police to use 'decoy Jews' as concerns grow about mounting "hate crime"
Ousman Bojang Jailed - He Bit His Brother's Thumb Off
Just 38% of failed asylum seekers are deported!
Akinwale Arobieke fondled teenager
Jail for gun runners, Perrie Reese-Mason Ogodo and Israel Ankers
Police Looking for smelly Asian
The top lawyer, his lover and a sex session that led to bloodshed
Work to Tackle Youth Gangs 'Patchy'
Smiling Gordon Brown... The Man who Left us in a Mess
Paramedic who downloaded hardcore gay pornography on duty 'escapes with caution'
Welfare spending: Soaking the poor
Doctors' errors may allow rapists to go free
Burkha Bandits Attack Adverts
Travellers move on to Police land
Ishaq Kanmi Faces Jail for Blair & Brown Fatwa
Alderrahim El-Harti Fought Off 9 Cops and a Rottweiler

Tuesday 22 June

David Cameron: 300th Death is a 'High Price To Pay' but Afghan War Must Continue
It's a "high price" Cameron and his warmongering ilk will never pay!
Sentencing postponed of rapist Mohammed Khan
Jailed ex-Met commander Ali Dizaei refused appeal
Men who sexually attacked girl, 14, 'being protected'
Black boy detained for Facebook insult murder in London
Immigration officials swoop on bogus marriages
Police repeat appeal for most wanted Wayne Edward Worrell
Ethnic differences found in schizophrenia brain structure
Schoolboys throw acid in stranger's face after he refuses to give them cigarettes
'I am fit to practise', says drunken GP fondler, Dr Ralph Vadas
BLAIR WARS: 3 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 3 days
Yorkshire hospital patients face tests in HIV scare
Nigerian Olumuyiwa Otti imprisoned over sham marriage
Jaimie Bulger's killer, Jon Venables, faces child porn charge
Credit card fraudster Theogones De Montford scams 35,000 motorists
Serial burglar Nathan Bradford escapes jail because he was Jamie Oliver's apprentice chef!
It's Chris Huhne's hypocrisy and lies that matter - not his sex life
Sex Cartoon For Primary School Pupils Under Fire
Bishop Walter Mixa, ally of the Pope, faces new child abuse allegations
Cornwall councillor quizzed over 'sex assault'
Diane Abbott plays race card to excuse sending her son to private school
Nimby's revenge: Threat to sell off land to 500 travellers in row over pylon
EU Fat Cats Paid More than UK Prime Minister
Restaurant could be fined £50,000 for employing illegal workers
Hungarians from non-EU states can work in Britain
Etiquette lessons given to three-year-olds
Preston BNP activist cleared over anti-Muslim leaflets

Monday 21 June

Chris Huhne - The Lib Dem Minister for Shameless Hypocrisy!
Aylum seeker cheated taxpayers out of £200,000 in benefits
Kicked out of A&E, the dying man dismissed as a drunk
BLAIR WARS: UK's £20bn bill for Iraq and Afghan wars!!!
Mohammed Choudhury 'lunged at judge's head with meat cleaver'
Shot fired at officers who pulled a man over for using mobile while driving
8,500 criminals must be spared jail say governors!
Tiger Woods' sex scandal has cost him £20m in lost endorsement deals
The shine's coming off the Lib Dems faster than a guardsman's boot in a farmyard
Expats in £46m Benefits Scandal
Asylum ‘Easiest in UK’
Art Exhibition Inviting Visitors to Wear a Burkha Branded 'Waste Of Money'
Police 'attacked' after east London anti-racist march
Six sought after man critically hurt in Nottingham
Two questioned over Samurai sword attack at party
EU Adds Funding for Israeli Defense Contractors
Drinks Cabinet? Government spent £17,500 on wine since election

Sunday 20 June

Four Anti-Fascists attacked by 30 Asians
Lebanese Official blames Israel for drug Trafficking
Italy does not want to become 'multi-ethnic' says Silvio Berlusconi
Third Black Charged with Savage Murder of Teenager
Jury told how Richard Bateman and Matthew Stacey were murdered by Andre Sampson and Samuel Johnson
Police hunt for black flasher in Wandsworth
Poison Peddlers Jailed
Doctor Yenugula Srinivas in court on grope charges
Sex assault suspect, Muhammad Shakeel, missing
Kosovan Asylum Seeker Ervis Kola Slashes Man's Face
Naheem Malik Stole £600,000 of Growth Hormone
Cocaine dealer Anthony Reid hid machine gun and ammo in child’s room
Shahzad Khaliq Peddled Crack and Heroin at School Gates
Asian Brutes Jailed
Dreadlocked Robber Matthew Newman Jailed
Dimitrios Evangelou finds a Mouse in his Slush Puppy - He's so "traumatised" he needs large compensation
Elderly Parkinson's Sufferer Robbed by Gang of Gypsy Women
Third of Youngsters do not approve of Britain becoming more multi-cultural
Police hunt Hubert Noditza who wanted to ‘marry girl, 8’!
Muslim women protest against genital mutilation
Asian Sexually Assaulted Girl, 14
Police Hunt Violent Axe Robber wearing Ape Mask
Landlord told to Remove Racist Flags
Hollie's Case Will Open Up a Hornet's Nest
White Woman Furious She Has to Cut Grass on Muslim Hubby's Grave
Being with your foreign spouse is a right, not a privilege
Footballers attacked by gang in Luton
New threat to shechitah as Euro MPs vote to label meat
Teenager Sexually Assaulted By Asian
Lottery grant helping kids learn street dancing
Taxi Driver Jumal Miah Jailed for Sexual Assaults
Abduction Attempt by Long-Nosed Asian
Shanus Barrett Stabs Three
School Controls White Pupils Behaviour by Break-Dancing
At Least Two Women Raped in series of Sex Attacks
History of Asian Yorkshire revealed
Bogus Staffordshire vets convicted of fraud
BLAIR WARS: Death rate of UK soldiers in Afghanistan 'four times higher' than US
BLAIR WARS: Ashley Smith killed in Afghanistan
Cover-up: Cherie Blair's court remark to Muslim
Piotr Moczulski in court over missing woman's murder
Texan Stages Pig Races to Protest Neighbor's Plans to Build Mosque
Natural Gas Bonanza for Israel: Possible Oil Field as Well
HMV forced to take down 'Anyone But England' World Cup display after racism complaints
Senior Lib Dem Minister Leaves Wife for Young Model!
Robbie Earle reveals how his tickets came to be used in a brewery ambush
4,500 miles from the Gulf disaster, BP boss takes watches yacht race
Inside the Muslim Eton: 20 hour days to produce elite Muslim leaders
Frank Field: Reward Loyal Dads With £2,000
Residents Stop Gypsy Site
Exiled Tycoon Asil Nadir Hoping to Return to Britain
Spy Cameras for Muslims Could Sweep Britain
Legal challenge to ban on Muslim preacher Zakir Naik
UK allows Kyrgyz president's son to stay for now

Saturday 19 June

Four Anti-Fascists attacked by 30 Asians!
Lebanese Official blames Israel for drug Trafficking
Italy does not want to become 'multi-ethnic' says Silvio Berlusconi!
Tory MP tries to kill himself BUT FAILS! Mainstream politicians can't get anything right, can they?
Karl Lashley charged over Shepherd's Bush murder
Piotr Moczulski charged with murder over missing woman
Tory MP tries to kill himself BUT FAILS!
Why Obama loathes the British
The 20,000 Whitehall 'experts' costing us £2billion in wages
Angolan WREN, Teresa Matos, (asylum seeker) jailed after smuggling £2m of cocaine on warship
Drunken Mohammed Miah escapes jail for strangling a sleeping swan
Schools calling in 'life coaches' for pupils aged seven!!!
Taxpayers Foot Illegal Immigrant's Health Bills
Don’t Expect Middle Classes to Make All the Sacrifices
Labour leadership: Ed Balls promises diversity fund for would-be MPs
School plan 'takes money from poor'
Refugees' perspectives on Britishness
What drove Melanie Phillips to the right?
Jail for Dutch smugglers after lorry stopped at Killingholme
Homophobic attack on couple
Muslim Who Abused Troops is British Boxing Champ
Illegal bushmeat 'rife in Europe'
Methodists set to clash with Jewish community in UK
'Anti-Israel' A-Level textbook slammed

Friday 18 June

BP, Nalco sued over dispersant used in Gulf spill
NALCO is owned and run by Jewish interests
Scientist died after drug error by out of hours GP Dr Karmang Dabagh
Leyla Ibrahim saw 4 innocent men arrested after slashing her own face and crying rape
Former Mr Gay UK, PC Mark Carter, charged with male rape
Man Admits Killing Brother Aged 9
BLAIR WARS: Soldier Killed in Afghan Blast
Mistakes during surgery 'twice as high' as offical figures show
Every 20 SECONDS a child falls victim to violence in Britain
Alleged Paedophiles, Majid and Ombur Hussain, Yasir Saghir, Zafar and Mohammed Hussain in Court
Bournemouth school pupils told off over 'racist' video
Teenager shot in chest
Dad knifed dropping off kid at school
Sham marriage gang smashed
Nigerian immigrant, Henry Ohachu, jailed over sham marriage scam
Sex attacker strikes on bus
Illegal immigrant, Stefan Sebastian, avoids jail so he can get NHS treatment
Probation for Nigerian couple who beat children
Dozens of CCTV cameras which 'targeted Muslims' mothballed - The "civil liberty" crowd complained
Child Crime Exposed: Youngsters More at Risk Than Adults
Fury at New Labour's £67bn A Year Public Sector Pay Bill
Council Boss Adam Wilkinson Quits With £365k Payout
Benefits Blunders Cost Taxpayers £100 a Second
EU Mustn't Oversee the UK Budgets
Sorry Dame Helen (born Ilyena Vasilievna Mironov) but You Can’t Say That About Britain
70% rise in number of black and Asian people stopped and searched
Coventry farmer defends bacon substitute for Muslims
Officers seize a shotgun, cash and cannabis in Bristol
Have you seen this man? Gordon Brown does a disappearing act

Thursday 17 June

No Diversity or Multicult in Israel!
Our Jewish chums won't tolerate at home what they insist upon outside Israel
WORLD CUP CRIME! BBC Crew suffer gunpoint robbery in St. Mandelaland!
Anti-English incidents on the rise
Instruction to schools: 5-year-olds should be taught all about sex!!!
Police hunt Asian sex attackers
Muhammad Shakeel wanted over hotel sex assault
A quarter of British children have been victims of crime!!!
11 million Brits not working
Public school was the making of my son says hypocrite, Diane Abbott
Business as PC Usual at No. 10 - Cameron welcomes gay celebrities!
New Labour councillor Keadean Rhoden in court accused of benefit fraud
German GP was 'incompetent' rules GMC - Why was he allowed to work here in the first place?
Welcome to part-time Britain: 7.8m workers are not full-time!
Facing jail, the schoolboy 'happy slappers' who killed a pensioner just for kicks
Almost half of all schools in England do not provide a good education, says Ofsted
Robbie Earle Could Be Quizzed Over World Cup Tickets
Nobel Laureate Gary Becker says immigrants should pay
BLAIR WARS: Steven Birdsall killed in Afghanistan
Royal Marine stabbed by London gang
Primary school assistant Tyrone Cox jailed for gun supply
Lithuanian bride Elvyra Ziogeviciene gets dress in 'marriage scam'
Chris Evans apologises after tweeting 'offensive' African joke
Obama forces BP to set up huge compensation fund for U.S. oil spill victims - British pensioners will pick up the bill

Wednesday 16 June

Baljinder Singh Kooner held him down while Guljinder Singh Gurewal cut his throat
Albanian hit-and-run killer of Ricky Burlton, 20, escapes from hospital
Jourdan Griffiths murder: Sentence Due
Bungling drug dealer, Gervin Chambers, jailed for five years
Woman Raped by Chuks Alinwe and Michael Boadu in Rainforest Cafe nightclub
E-fit issued of Asian sex attack suspect
16-year-old subjected to sexual attack by Asian gang
Serial Nasty, Ian Joseph, gets another ASBO
Cops release e-fit of Asian robbery suspect
Gay Iranian, Majid Naderi, had fake documents
E-fit of black sex attacker released
Drunken illegal immigrant Daoudi Hassan attacked Michael Warhurst
Police reveal Hackney's most wanted, Trevor Kettle, (black) Lorenzo and Nevada Hamilton (black)
E-fits of Asians released after serious assault
Teenage witness sobs at Ramin Rahamti's rape trial
Cricket bat attack hell as players brutally beaten in park - Six Asian suspects are wanted
Police Hunt Violent Asian Muggers
AIDS-ridden Silvanus O'Sidhe gets 9 years for raping vulnerable man
Black Gang 'general', Joland Giwa, on hunger strike awaiting deportation
BLAIR WARS: Michael Pritchard was killed by a sniper - One of our own!
BLAIR WARS: Jonathan Monk and Andrew Breeze killed in Afghanistan
£50bn a year in welfare benefits is handed to the middle class
Murdoch unveils plan to take full control of BSkyB
Council chiefs spent £300,000 on recruiting 7 executives then hired their OWN worker!
She's known as Madame Lash - Multi-millionaire donor Lord Hamlyn was a client
Call to slash NHS costs with £10 charge to see your GP
Incapacity benefit axed in 4 years: Payouts to go in crackdown on workshy
Labour MSP caught on microphone praising 'dark, dusky' woman
Rory Bremner 'afraid' to joke about Islam
BLAIR WARS: 3 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 24 hours
BLAIR WARS: Marine dies of injuries in Afghanistan
Migrant charity in administration amid cash problems
PC Jamie Slater offered sex in place of motoring offences
Thousands of failed asylum seekers rely on charities for food
UK breaking European convention against trafficking
BLAIR WARS: £8 Million - Britain's compensation bill for dead and injured Iraqis

Tuesday 15 June

SO THAT'S WHY WE'RE IN AFGHANISTAN! There's a trillion dollars worth of mineral wealth out there!!!
Stephen Mack murdered 2 men in separate attacks in the space of 4 hours
Immigrant GP, Jerome Ikwueke, could have saved Baby P!!!
US emboldens Israel to kill Americans!!!
16-year-old raped two seven-year-old boys AND WASN'T JAILED!!!!
Nightmare vision for Europe as EU chief (a Communist in his youth) warns 'democracy could disappear'!!!
ITV World Cup Pundit, Robbie Earle, sacked over World Cup tickets
Public Pensions in Crisis!
Black Gunman Killed two Revellers with one bullet
Corporal Stephen Walker killed in Afghanistan
How King's Lynn views the influx of immigrants from eastern Europe
Grandmother died 'after mumbling German doctor Werner Kolb botched hip operation'
School bans pupils under 15 from wearing skirts
EU chief warns 'democracy could disappear' in Greece, Spain and Portugal
Lord Trimble appointed to flaotilla inquiry by Israel
Ed Balls was a Tory at university
We want GM-free guarantee on food say two in three families
Woman fined for erratic driving caused by niqab headscarf
Anti-paedophile database halted weeks before launch for 'commonsense' reasons
Public pensions to cost you £4,000 a year
BNP leader invited to meet Queen at Buckingham Palace garden party
Raul Beia and Dean Langley found guilty of importing cocaine
Ethnic minorities believe top professions are closed to them
Bertie Ahern says security chiefs pressed Tony Blair not to call inquiry
Now Cameron invites the gay community to join his coalition

Monday 14 June

Justice Secretary: 'Don't send as many criminals to prison'
Fears of gang warfare in Birmingham
Top doctors cash in with £76,000 bonus despite budget squeeze
Most of us don't know our neighbours: Britons are lonelier than ever
Writers demand return of Latin to end Labour's 'discrimination' of classics
Special relationship? America's still itching to bash us in the snoot
Police Hunt For Black Music Gig Gunman
Mother-of-Five Faces Deportation Over £120k Benefit Scam - Queen Hanson set up 26 bank accounts
‘Love Tryst Tory MP Cheated Voters’
Huge Rise in Cops With Second Jobs
Cut These Greedy Pen Pushers and Free The Nation
Balls accuses Darling of costing Labour the election
High heels for girls are sexualising children
EXPENSES: MPs clash with watchdog
Huge disparity in NHS death rates
Asylum seekers' survey reveals most find UK 'welcoming' - I'll bet they do!
Ronald Edwards charged with woman's murder
Two men shot in Merseyside alleyway
PayPal Shuts Down Account of Anti-BNP Blogger
Israel sets up inquiry into deadly flotilla raid
Shopkeeper injured in attack by masked Asian men
Spotlight on illegal immigrants in Redbridge

Sunday 13 June

Four injured in urban music festival shooting
How King's Lynn views its new arrivals from eastern Europe
The towns in England where Poles are still arriving
BLAIR WARS: Taliban doubles number of bomb attacks on British troops
Pakistan's intelligence agency 'supports' Taliban
Heart patient died after nurse Krishna Rungen left a swab in his chest
Hospital boss, Kate Levy, covered up Girish Sharma and Klaus von Pressentin's fatal blunder
EXPENSES Chief 'forced to quit' after just 6 months following rows with MPs
Adoption row as the war of the Milibands heats up
Hospitals with the worst superbug infection named and shamed
Bullying Linked to Child Suicides
Prison Towns: From High Street To Prison Street
Who Would Vote to Paedophiles be Set Free Early?
Gordon Brown Will Leave His Mark Forever in Downing Street
Face-to-face passport interviews catch only 8 fraudsters
Dozens of teenage girls have had 3 abortions or more
BLAIR WARS: Another soldier killed in Afghanistan
Sarrazin says Germany 'dumber' because of immigration
International "holocaust denial" conference in Israel (dominated by Jews)
White farmers in Zimbabwe struggle against increasing violence
A boy of Seven hanged in Afghanistan
Duchess of York's new advisor, Shaun Woodward, was a close Brown advisor and is married to Sainsbury heiress
America's ALWAYS tried to do down Britain
the prime intention of the inquiry was emphatically NEVER TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH!!!
Mossad agent, Uri Brodsky, arrested over Dubai murder
Here’s £37bn of cuts to get you started, voters tell PM
Derrick Bird: The police "activity was unco­ordinated"
Ken Clarke to slash prisons budget: Thousands of criminals may avoid jail

Saturday 12 June

Now Gypsies Are Setting Up Camp On Our Cricket Pitches!!!
Five Asians Raped 13-Year-Old
Mohammed Hasan Raped a Teenager
African psychopath, Emerson Melake, stabbed disabled man in throat
Stanley Bailey in cannabis warning over 11 stabbings
Woman Raped by Jamaican 'Facebook Friend'
"Don't F**k with Kurdish Albanians" Screamed the Gang Stamping on Man's Head
Mohammed Khan Raped Woman in Hospital
Donald Williams jailed after stabbing teenager
Anestis Soumelidis admits attempted rape
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black
Slough: Out of Control Blacks get ASBOs
Asian Perv Exposes himself
Ashley Thomas guilty of Luton shooting
Psychologist used false names to avoid £1m property debt
Jailbird Luis Driggs-Gonzalez may stay in UK
'Family man' PC faces sack for using police computer to check up on gay lovers
Police Release Mugshots of Most Wanted
EXPENSES: MPs Lose Bid To Avoid Trial
Muslim community leader,, Noor Ramjanally, illegal immigrant and suspected benefits cheat - He lied about BNP kidnap
Anwar al-Awlaki: MI5 warns of the al-Qaeda preacher targeting Britain
BLAIR WARS: Jonathan Michael Monk killed in Afghanistan
Health: Don’t Get Ill at Weekend
Reverend ‘Hid’ Sham Weddings
Child Benefits Could Stop at the Age of 13
Now Blairs buy Euan a £1.3m townhouse - Taking former PM's portfolio to £14m
Do government's GM-friendly plans make former biotech lobbyist Caroline Spelman Minister for Conflicting Interests?
Muslim protest planned as soldiers march in Barking
Muslims Deface 14 Bikini Billboards
Jewish juror denied Old Testament to swear on
Poland castration law takes effect
World Cup fever in Multicultural Schools

Friday 11 June

Outrage at DVDs Teaching Gypsies to Milk Benefits!!!
I support (England) in Iraq, Afghanistan... But I just can't support it in South Africa" says Julie Birchill!
Japan PM warns of 'collapse' under debt pile
Rev Alexander Brown, Rev Michael Adelasoye and Vladymyr Buchak presided over hundreds of sham marriages
Louise Pollard: I'm trying for Bin Laden's grandchild!!!
"There is only one answer... capital punishment"! 82-year-old Eunice Gale died after 3 thugs attacked her
3 British students killed in South Africa crash
Polish "bride", Kamila Snarska, accused of sham marriage with Amrik Singh Dahnju
NEW Labour's £1.3 TRILLION last spending spree revealed
Mandela's great-granddaughter killed in car crash
Why has Miliband still got his old Jag?
Pensioner, 82, killed by cop car
"Those in greatest need ultimately bear the burden of paying off the debt" says Tory minister Bob Neill
Israel's siege mentality

Thursday 10th June

Career Paedophiles (gay) Murdered Allison McGarrigle
Warning: Leave your spear and shield outside World Cup stadium
"She was repeatedly raped by her two teenage brothers from the age of four"
Jamaican immigrant, Michael Smith, charged with triple shooting
Perri Daniel and Gavin Sahota convicted of causing the death of 16-year-old Sian Ryan
HIV-positive Silvanus O'Sidhe guilty of male rape
Government appoints "envoy for post-Holocaust issues"
'Follow the Islamic way to save the world,' Prince Charles urges
Students 'are a burden on taxpayers', says Universities Minister
Royal Mail about to be sold?
Mad Turk, Murat Altun, decapitates Bishop Luigi Padovese, the Vatican's representative in Turkey
BLAIR WARS: Another British soldier killed in Afghanistan
Ex-City minister Lord Myners slams Labour's 'wasteful' spending
'I don't want to be me any more' said suicide student
Fred the Shred is back after buying £3.5m 'WAG dream house'
Patients 'put at risk' by consultants who will not work in the evening
'I carried my victims for 20 years': Bernie Madoff shows no remorse for $65billion con
Wall Street workers crying into silk hankerchiefs as wages sink to £213,000 a year
One in four 'work all day without break'
Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni ban locals from popular French Riviera beauty spot
The origins of the banking crisis can be traced back to Jimmy Carter
Warning: Leave your spear and shield outside World Cup stadium
One in four 'work all day without break'
Egyptian Jew, Margaret Hodge, elected as chair of key Commons committee

Wednesday 9th June

Police release CCTV after sex attack on pregnant teen by Asian
One-legged 'serial rapist', Mohammed Farah, in the dock
Gang member, Leon James, jailed for his part in Kent crack cocaine and heroin trade
Teacher, Ugochukwu Okorie, a Nigerian immigrant, molested sisters aged 6 and 10 and took indecent photos of more than a thousand children
Navy Wren, Teresa Matos, smuggled £2m of cocaine on warship
Guess which "Middle East peace envoy" said "I'm 100% on Israel's side"? "
Report warns over demands of rising population
Muslim community leader, Noor Ramjanally, 'made up story he was kidnapped by BNP', court told
Dr Anis Akhtar 'skipped with glee when applying gel to woman's burnt breasts'
Two-and-a-half tonnes of cocaine bound for Europe seized
The NHS trust made £1.8m parking profit and clamped 1,700 cars in ONE year!
How ministers wasted £71m on L-test centres

Tuesday 8th June

City banker Ben McKinney and diplomat Brian Dorsett stabbed by Darius Antoine
Police hunt black pervert who sexually assaulted 83-year-old
Polish immigrant, Michal Mroczek, raped a pregnant woman five times
Czech immigrant Jiri Machac, slit Kelly Turner's throat and left her for dead
Police hunt Asian pervert
Woman subjected to terrifying sex attack by man of Middle Eastern appearance
Two men attacked by masked gang of 15 Eastern Europeans/Asians
Asian wanted: Man suffers head injury after Ealing incident
Woman Punched and Robbed by Two Blacks
Sex trial witness against Ali Hassan is admitted to hospital
Asian Fraudsters fleece men out of £55,000
Benefit fraudster, Bablur Rahman, given prison sentence
Lakdhar Raib spat at and mooned a traffic warden
More Murdoch Propaganda
Lesbian paedophile "preyed" on young girls
PCs ordered to be PC
Two hospitalised after attack by up to 30 animals
Harriet Harman nominates Diane Abbott for New Labour leader!
Prisoners convert to Islam for jail perks
Veteran White House reporter tells ISRAEL "Get the hell out of Palestine"!!!
Goldman Sachs accused of disrupting FCIC's probe into financial crisis
$50bn Jewish Fraudster says: "F*** my victims! I carried them for 20 years"!!!
Sleaze scandal as New Labour MP, Keith Vaz, tries to take charge of crucial committee
British jobs for migrant workers! More than 1.1million jobs were taken by immigrants who could have been refused work permits!!!
Immigration and the shameless hypocrisy of Labour's leadership contenders
Why politicians are held in contempt
New Labour spent £1.8bn on consultants in 2009
Suffolk County Council's spin doctor on £182,000 a year
Gay group refused service - They were NEW LABOUR gays - That's why there's been such a media frenzy

Monday 7th June

Connor Upton Stabbed to Death by Dreadlocked Black
The British study the form book, South Africans smoke vulture brains
Black Dentist charged over 'biggest ever' NHS fraud
Black farmer blames racism for election defeat
Dr Kelly's 'suicide' was questionable. Now, at last, we may get some answers
Manchester United's Jewish-American owners are £1.1bn in debt
Derrick Bird's Thai lover dumped him just weeks before he went on the rampage
'Get ready for pain': says Cameron
'Hypocrite' Balls claims Gordon Brown ignored his warnings on immigration
Ed Balls: Labour's immigration policy hurt wages of British workers
Halt the 'biased' GM review, minister told
GM food and a sinister bid to twist public opinion
Teaching of other faiths 'is sidelining Christianity in schools'
UN Secretary General presses Israel for international probe into deadly raid
Until 1920, Britain’s gun laws were so relaxed they made Texas look effeminate - But we had virtually no gun crime!
The EU 'citizens' initiative' is a stunt to let us pretend we have control over legislation
China's 'cancer villages' reveal dark side of economic boom
Michael Gove's academies plan 'will exclude poorer children'
Ministers backtracking on introducing law allowing greater rights to defend home
Autopsy shows Gaza activists were shot a total of 30 times
Onward Pagan soldiers: 100 UK servicemen classed as witches and druids

Sunday 6th June

Cameron brings in controversial ex BP boss as his Whitehall axeman
Lord Browne is Jewish, gay and a close friend and ally of Tony Blair. Looks like business as usual at number 10 then.
Suspended sentences for Asian men who abducted teens
Father-to-be Stamped to Death by Foreigners
Mohammed Shazad Jailed for Rape of Teenager
Murtadha Elasadi admits "The Girl only Looked 13 or 14"
Serial Rapist Samir Daya told life sentence stays
Unarmed Black Man gets Blasted 6 Times with 50,000 Volt Tazer at a Wake!
Abrahim Abdul Wahid Jailed for £1million Cocaine Haul
Do you Recognise Middle Eastern Thug?
Mosque Leader Pulls a Fast One
Foundation launched in memory of black teen killed in gang war
Mail Order Bride Beats up British Hubby
Muslim extremist inmates at Belmarsh
I’m a Celebrity, would-be London Mayor and now Lord (Lady) Paddick of the Yard?
Ex-Labour Ministers get £1.2bn in pay-offs
Bankrolled by Sainsbury, suited by Boateng... Miliband D. gets some help from his friends
Israeli troops board new aid ship near Gaza
Two pedestrians killed after speeding police car careers off the road
Another Osborne enjoys another tycoon’s yacht: The Chancellor’s brother and son of Deripaska
'Big Brother's' little brother: Illegal snooping by town hall staff is up SIXFOLD!!!
ANOTHER minister lied to the House. Is there no end to Labour's mendacity?
Balls Admission Over Immigration
New Squeaky Clean Labour MP Did Margaret Moran's Dirty Work
BLAIR WARS: More Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Cumbrian Massacre: £20,000 Tax Torment Behind Killing
Schools Fail on Christianity in Religious Education Lessons
Labour MP Kate Hoey Calls For Tony Blair to be Sacked
Avoiding a New Gun Massacre
Labour contender Ed Balls urges EU immigration limits
Arrest over murder of Samuel Ogunro
Teenagers arrested over Ipswich alleyway rape
Britain to give £19 million to Gaza
Health tourists’ debts cost NHS millions
Householders to be given new rights to defend themselves
We were wrong to allow so many eastern Europeans into Britain
The caring killers: Death by night shift
Five years’ for serial knife mugger Adham Khan
Carmarthenshire Front: Anti-Islam website written and run by Schoolboy
Cornwall health bosses tighten foreign doctor checks
Ed Balls: Labour's immigration policy hurt wages of British workers
Blacks suffer high blood pressure because of slavery!!!

Saturday 5th June

Unite votes to boycott Israel
A bad, bad man... it's cringe-making to see Mandelson posing as Labour's great elder statesman
Spending: £1.8bn Consultants Bill in Labour’s Final Fling
Is It Any Wonder We Despise Politics So?
New Labour's Waste Unveiled
Half of large properties in London bought by foreigners
Minister Paul Burstow says ‘death tax’ will be considered by care commission
BLAIR WARS: Matthew Hatton, Mark Hale and Daniel Wild killed in Afghanistan
Case dropped against Polish stalker (alleged) of Keira Knightley
"Like Mecca is to Islam, that's what Appleby is to Gypsies"
Broxbourne MP’s immigration warning
Gaddafi's son says: Tony Blair is our very special adviser
Businessman 'repeatedly tortured and partly decapitated' in brutal murder at his bungalow
Minister: Britain will open the door to Frankenstein food
Stella Rekeic killed friend's baby by feeding him sausage after being warned he would choke
Drunk driver Yasmine Villasana‘s car flies into sky at toll booth

Friday 4th June

Half of recruits to BBC's trainee scheme are from ethnic minorities
Taxi Drivers plan strike over anti-Muslim rally
New Labour squandered billions on fewer but costlier trains
Immigrant murdered judge and legal assistant in courthouse in row over housing benefit
Hit-and-run driver Barry Hardy jailed for killing 'innocent' teenage girl during police chase
Baha Mousa inquiry: former minister admits 'misleading' MPs over Iraq interrogations
Rachel Nickell killer left free by ‘catalogue’ of errors
Boy, 14, detained over Tarka Trail sex attacks
Former Buckinghamshire councillor Stefan Balbuza admits benefit fraud
Arfan Rafiq: fifth man charged over Manchester shop shooting
Report condemns swine flu experts' ties to big firms

Thursday 3rd June

If you hear a "bus passenger expressing racist views" DIAL THE TERRORIST HOTLINE!!!
Kevin Myers: The English are just about everyone's official non-friend
Too many of Israel's people believe permanent war is better than peace
'Remorseless' rapist Mohammed Mohammed jailed for six years
'Rape' victim agreed to sex, says Mohammed Shazad
Police hunt violent black robbers
Mohammed Hafiz and Mahammed Hasan allegedly Raped Girl
'Black Mafia' Boasted About Cutting Man's Throat on Youtube
Ugochukwu Okorie Took Pictures of 1000 Kids
Carer Lorraine Rennie Left Wheelchair Bound Woman Broke
Black Cop Robert Nicholson took Girl into Woods and Molested Her
Paedophile Mohammed Anjum may face retrial
Council Move Victims of Gang - Do nothing about Gang
Nembers of the 'travelling community' arrested for burglary
Victoria station knifeman John McEwan to be freed in 6 weeks
Man found in Peckham burning car 'was shot in the head'
Violent robber, Omari Barrett, locked up
Dr Anis Akhtar Hopped With Joy whilst Rubbing Woman's Breasts
Luis De Melo Abused Girl After Plying Her with Absinthe
Councillor ‘Luthfur Rahman punched and kicked man’
Oxfordshire doctor Yenugula Srinivas charged with sex offences
Asian Fined after Spitting in traffic warden's face
Immigration soars 20% after New Labour's 'crackdown'
Costly guru hired to tell top civil servants: Hippo Time is OK
Cameron in U-turn on rape case anonymity
Police hunt for 3-year-old 'distraction burglar'
These greed merchants are just the tip of the iceberg
Thief Gets a Break From His Tag... to go to the Chippy
Britain is full up - Cameron must act to stem the tide of immigration
Human Rights cases on the rise
Israel dumps British activists in Turkey without passports or money Doctor shortage sees UK immigration recruitment drive in India
Queen Hanson Wanted White Witch to Save Her from Deportation
Chinese vs Scots in Prison Race Brawl
Ban for owner Shahrar Abdolahi after mouse seen in restaurant
Chinaman Told He's Too Yellow for American Passport!
Is New Zealand's ban of no-stun slaughter anti-semitic?
Cemetery Extension Agreed for Muslim Burials to Face Mecca
McDonald's launches ad campaign targeting gay men
Royal Fleet Hotel to be turned into Scientology church
French admit they are racist
Polish Dental Technician Thought 'Swinging' Was Form of Dance

Wednesday 2nd June

Snouts in the trough! 20% rise in civil servant bonuses!
Fresh snub to family from German GP in out-of-hours death scandal
MURDER BY ISRAEL - Britons still being held in prison
Travellers claimed two-storey house was a shed
BLAIR WARS: Scott Taylor killed in Afghanistan
UK Identity cards no longer needed by immigrants
Man mugged and beaten in street by black gang
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian
Vicar's anger at sham weddings
Two child abduction attempts by Asians in Coventry
Record Bangladeshis get UK citizenship

Tuesday 1st June

Woman stabbed to death by "big coloured guy" in newsagents
Named: The 172 civil servants who are paid more than the Prime Minister
Bloodbath on the high seas: Israel faces world fury
Housing benefit families pocket £26,000-plus
I need a peerage to save the planet: John Prescott 'justifies' his about-face on Lords
Egypt runaway bride Amy Robson returns as husband seeks second wife
Cost of maintaining the heroin addiction of convicts to cost us £110 MILLION a year
Jails: £44m Scandal Of Junkies
Girl of 15 Raped As 100 Children Party in a Park
New Wave of Migrants Win Right to Flood UK
1,000 Ways to Claim Benefits in our Bloated Welfare System
BLAIR WARS: UK marine killed in Afghan blast
Gun raiders shoot man in stomach
Top Cop charged with child sex offences
Rajesh Thaper jailed for abducting in-care teen and subjecting her to sex ordeal
Chief Secretary Danny Alexander 'avoided paying capital gains tax on second home sale'
Pavel Plac jailed indefinitely for sexually abusing two boys

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