What the EU Says Goes

On 4 September 2009, Douglas Murray, the Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, wrote the following in The Daily Express:

“Exactly one month ago at the beginning of August, our immigration Minister, Phil Woolas trumpeted another plan to control immigration into the UK. A new points-based system was to be introduced. A Home Office Minister declared: 'We are going to be tougher about people becoming citizens. There won't be an automatic right any longer.' The words 'shut', 'gate', 'horse' and 'bolted' came into my head in no particular order. But now it is September and it turns out that Phil and his friends could have saved the paperwork. Never mind all those points to be handed out on the basis of whether or not someone applying to become a British citizen has 'useful skills' - such as the ability to speak English or pay taxes. Woolas could have spared us all this because YESTERDAY IT BECAME CLEAR THAT DECISIONS DON'T GET MADE IN WESTMINSTER BUT IN BRUSSELS.

On Wednesday the Brussels commissioner for freedom, security and justice JACQUES BARROT URGED ALL 27 EU COUNTRIES TO VASTLY EXPAND THEIR ASYLUM SYSTEMS to prepare an EU-wide 'Joint Resettlement Programme'. THE PLAN IS TO SPREAD REFUGEES FROM WAR-TORN COUNTRIES, MOSTLY FROM AFRICA, AROUND THE EU. FIGURES SUGGEST THAT BRITAIN WOULD HAVE TO TAKE AROUND 5,300 REFUGEES. The Government claims that the scheme is voluntary. Nothing could be further from reality WHAT THE EU SAYS GOES. WE SIMPLY DON'T HAVE POLITICIANS WILLING TO STAND UP TO THEM. Home secretary Alan Johnson recently said that he didn't lie awake at night worrying about the UK population increasing to 70 million (currently a record 61 million). WHEN THE UK STATISTICS AUTHORITY RELEASED FIGURES SHOWING THAT ONE IN NINE CURRENT UK RESIDENTS WAS BORN OVERSEAS, PHIL WOOLAS ATTACKED THE MESSENGER, CLAIMING THAT ITS RELEASE OF SUCH FIGURES, RATHER THAN BEING IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, WAS 'SINISTER'.

It is increasingly clear that the Government not only doesn't know what's happening to this country, IT WANTS TO PREVENT US FROM KNOWING… While the Home Secretary doesn't seem to worry about immigration, it is increasingly clear that THE VOTERS WHO PUT HIM IN OFFICE DO. IN POLL AFTER POLL THE PUBLIC SITE IMMIGRATION AS THEIR TOP, OR NEXT-TO-TOP CONCERN. YET THE POLITICAL CLASS IGNORES IT. For the bureaucrats of Brussels, forcing a few thousand more immigrants into Britain is the work of a morning. But for the people of Britain it is something we pay for - literally - over a lifetime.

The EU has tried to sugar the pill by bribing the UK with the offer of 4000 euros (that is, about £3500) for every new immigrant that we accept. this is not just demeaning, it is a disgrace. As the think-tank Migrationwatch recently revealed, AN AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WOULD COST THE TAXPAYERS AN AVERAGE OF £1MILLION OVER THE LIFETIME OF EACH IMMIGRANT. And that's based on the cost of an immigrant aged 25 who marries and has two children and earns a salary near the minimum wage. Needless to say a great many of those people being forced on this country by Brussels will be either incapable of or unwilling to work. And THANKS TO THE HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS FORCED ON US BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO ARE FORCING IMMIGRANTS ON US, ONCE THEY ARE HERE THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO. This country has spent four years trying to deport the Al Queda cleric Abu Qatada. To be Osama bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe is quite a big thing. But it's not big enough to get him out. EUROPEAN LAWS STILL WON'T ALLOW IT - IN FACT THEY'VE EVEN ORDERED US TO PAY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE WE'VE CAUSED HIM.

Most asylum seekers won't reach the high standard of evidence we have against Qatada. These immigrants, whatever they do, will stay here. It is time we did something. OUR ENTIRE POLITICAL CLASS AT WESTMINSTER, AND MUCH OF IT IN BRUSSELS, SEEMS TO LABOUR UNDER THE BELIEF THAT WE ARE A COUNTRY YOU CAN PERFORM ANY EXPERIMENT ON. YOU CAN DESTROY OUR SOVEREIGNTY, CHANGE THE FACE OF OUR NATION AND TELL PEOPLE WHO OBJECT THAT THEY ARE BACKWARD RACISTS. YET SUCH PEOPLE HAVE NO ANSWERS TO THE EVIDENCE BEFORE OUR VERY EYES. ONE IN FIVE MURDERS IN THE UK IS COMMITED BY A FOREIGNER. Recently a failed asylum seeker was convicted of kicking a 28 year-old sales assistant to death for the sake of a DVD player, some personal trinkets and a travel card.

SOMALI GANGS AND OTHERS BRING GENUINELY DISGUSTING, BACKWARD BEHAVIOUR TO OUR STREETS. YET OUR POLITICAL CLASS WON'T FACE UP TO THE FACT THEY ARE IMPORTING MORE OF THIS. There is an answer. The Tory party, fearful that something will spoil their clear run into office, will not mention immigration in case they are accused, as they were under Michael Howard, of playing a 'race-card'. We must make it clear that a party which fails as completely as the current Government has to protect our borders, our sovereignty and our very security is a party we will not vote into power. THEY ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY AND TAKING US FOR A RIDE. It is time we told them where to get off.”

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