Daily News - March 2012

Saturday 31 March

Drug dealer, Dukajin White, jailed for 21 months
Romanian immigrants, Marcu Kvec and Puiu Horbas stole £5,000 of gold bracelets
Marcios Dos Santos and Jordean Thomas murdered security guard at brothel
Drug-dealing mum, Loraine Demir, gets 3 years

Lorry driver, Joao Pedro Correia Lopes, charged with killing Nora Gutmann, 97
Milton White jailed for Haringey rape after 22 years
Somalian immigrant, Fareed Issa Tariq, guilty of rape
Terror as armed black man steals from woman with child
Britain caught in a mire of corruption
1-in-4 children live with 'addict' parents!
Secondary school pupils have ability of a FIVE-year-old!
Girl of five youngest UK victim of forced marriage
Doctor and nurses putting lives at risk because they can't speak English
Queen Mother born to family's French cook?
Ex Tory media adviser accused of offering potential donors chance to form policy
Outrage as energy boss pockets £10m pay package as families struggle with bills
Even I’m starting to wonder: what do this lot know about anything?
Galloway leaves Labour humiliated
Dental X-rays for asylum children criticised
Mentally ill Dewani can stay in UK
Ken Livingstone accused of breaking tax rules over Labour donation

Friday 30 March

Joao Pedro Correia Lopes charged with killing Nora Gutmann, 97
Ringleader of international drug gang Mohammed Nazir ordered to hand over £310,000 illicit profits
Drug dealer Barry Wizzart deliberately ran down PC Matthew Jenkinson
The Scotts made £250,000 from VAT scam, got £32,000 a year benefits and lived in £2m home
Davina Travi jailed for rewarding boys with sex
Pesticides linked to honeybee decline
Let's roll out the grammar schools
Minister for utter hypocrisy: Tory who attacked tax dodgers invested in firm doing just that
Department of Health blew more than £100,000 on tea and biscuits in THREE MONTHS
And not a woggle in sight: The new Scout uniform for Muslim girls
David Cameron accused of presiding over 'shambles' on fuel as panic buying gets worse
Terror suspect could be made British citizen
Oyster card-holders 'fined' £4.60 a time for walking through Paddington station
Scotland Yard spends £40m investigating phone hacking. £4m more than on child abuse
George Galloway secures landslide in Bradford West by-election
Scotland Yard press chief Dick Fedorcio resigns

Thursday 29 March

East European immigrant, Eduard Mereohra, killed pensioners David and Dorothy Metcalf
Shawn Tyson was arrested after a shooting but released. Hours later he murdered two Brits
Shawn Tyson gets life for murder of British tourists
'Prowling' gang 'shot professional dancer'
Muggers Placide Kamwiziku and Kembo Didonga leave man blinded in one eye
Teenagers on trial for murder of Swiss Cottage man
6,000 young girls 'at any one time are at risk of rape by gangs'
'Tensions' between cops and community cause of riots (Nothing to do with black criminality then)
Secret courts, the cover-up of a Mafia-style shooting and an unaccountable police force
Teacher Lorraine Collin called on pupils to observe minute’s silence for serial killer!
Judge gives illegal Gypsy camp a year's grace (They were told to leave 5 months ago)
Dominique Strauss-Kahn called women 'luggage' in 'text messages planning sex parties'
Peers attack Prime Minister’s pledge to increase foreign aid to more than £12billion a year
Number of Britons working past 65 soars despite immigrant employees
Deputy mayor at Leveson inquiry
Lords prove foreign aid wastes your cash
Peers recommend more diverse judiciary (More top jobs for THEM, less for us
Equality boss Trevor Phillips to quit after six years
Rupert Murdoch hits out at 'enemies, old toffs and right wingers'
Despite poor reputation, Callaghan was a better man and premier than Blair or Brown
Orthodox Jews seek support for controversial boundary line around Hampstead
Sex offender increase at Moorland Prison 'outrageous'
Mayor's '£500,000 a year' for aides

Wednesday 28 March

Fareed Issa Tariq found guilty of rape
83-year-old died of heart disease after hours spent waiting for striking ambulance
Muslim cleric says it's permissible to kill Alawite women and children
Phishing gang nabbed after woman robbed of a £1 million life savings
Trayvon Killing: Tweet Forces OAPs From Home
Mexican burglary gang behind bars
"Tanned complexion" man sexually assaults 13-year-old
Chef murder: Ruairi Bicknell, Akeem Salako etc lived ‘life with no boundaries’
Kalee Powell and pals attacked women celebrating Royal Wedding
Sex attacks soar by 11 per cent in Manchester city centre
Nottingham Imam, Yazeid Osama Aqqad, jailed for sex attack on boys
Sexual assault in Worthing: E-fit of suspect
Mass immigration + political correctness = Grant, Kolawole and McCalla
USA: Black teens set white kid on fire
Boy of 16 'had no chance'
Benefits adviser, Mohammad Lulu Miah, stole nearly £30,000 - NO JAIL!
Slagging off Whitey (by Maureen Messent, PC anti-Brit)
Israel cuts contact with Human Rights Council ('Human rights' is for Whitey not for THEM)
Riot "families aren't getting the support they need" (Report Chairman: Dara Singh)
Clegg's 'panel of experts' highlights 'forgotten families' and blames poor parenting for riots
As UK agonises over Abu Qatada, Italy simply ignores Euro judges and kicks out fanatic
British citizen arrested in Somalia on suspicion of trying to join Al Qaeda backed Islamic group
Rowan Williams: fixation with gay rights, race and feminism threatens society

Tuesday 27 March

Kennedy, Dimona, and Israel’s Deadly Secrets
Pensioner, 78, died after road rage spat turned into 'Starsky and Hutch-style' car chase
Anjum & Akhtar Dogar, Mohammed & Bassan Karrar, Jamil & Ahmed held on child sex:charges
The moment a girl, five, is gunned down and paralysed as she dances in shop
Kembo Didonga and Placide Kamwiziku left man half blind in iPad robbery
Police hunt Asian sex attacker
Ipswich: Denisas Boicovas charged with rape
First black Heathcliff fails to turn up for racial abuse sentencing
Dominique Strauss-Kahn faces vice ring charges
Tuberculosis on the rise in London
BBC: "'Honour' crime victims living in fear in the UK"
‘Don’t attack Iran!’ Anti-war protests hit UK and Israel
Grandad banned from living with his family
BLAIR WARS: British soldiers shot dead by Afghan army officer
Student visa fiasco: one in six handed out goes to worker
Cameron forced to disclose £25million donors he wined and dined
Cash for access: The Tory donor who profited from links with Libyan rebels
Cash for access: donor boasted over transaction tax veto

Monday 26 March

Rolling in it: Romanian gangs behind 9-in-10 cashpoint robberies rake in £30m a year
Immigrant drug dealer who left wife beats deportation due to 'family rights'
Hate-preacher Abu Qatada is delighted with his more expensive taxpayer-funded home
4,000 jailbirds seek teaching jobs!
Police warning as illegal immigration doubles in just a year
This rising tide of mass immigration must be stopped
Donor dinners: Dave and Sam's secret meals with millionaires force Tory treasurer to quit
Tory treasurer told donors they could have access to PM and influence policy
Black actor James Howson faces sentence for race abuse
Congressman Hank Johnson thinks Guam will 'tip over and capsize' if US troops set foot on it!
Tories lurch from 'one City spiv to the next in their search for a Treasurer'
Lessons of Toulouse (Check out ironwand's comment)
You pay £28,000 for 70 MPs to get iPads on expenses!
Russian banker shot in London street was seeking political asylum here

Sunday 25 March

Gezim Delijah charged with murder
Spencer Yiadom and Anton St Paul jailed for Norwich Rose Lane car park murder
DR Imran Khalid Khan charged with sexual assault
Islamic guide to a happy marriage! 'Pull her by the ear, beat her by hand or stick'!
Mixed Race UK: Many more mixed than previously admitted (How the BBC gloat!)
Disgraced former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, quits Fianna Fáil
Drug-resistant strains of TB out of control warn health experts
Nursery workers so illiterate they struggle to read stories aloud!
Boris Johnson blames 'chillingly bad' schools for London riots
Tory treasurer resigns after 'selling secret meetings with David Cameron for £250,000'
Want to treat the poor? Give them a few Rich Teas!
Europe's Muslim nightmare (In Jewish webzine - Gloating or getting worried?)
Hans Blix: US, Israel source most of IAEA allegations
Speaker John Bercow (Jewish) rakes in £600k profit on sale of taxpayer-funded flat

Saturday 24 March

Oxford child sex inquiry: Anjum Dogar, Akhtar Dogar and Kamar Jami remanded in custody
Millions could be left homeless by secret plan to force elderly to pay £100,000 for care
Ezekiel McCarthy, 84, charged with murder of Desbert Welsh, 50
Symieon Robinson Pierre charged with kidnapping and GBH. (His dog savaged the 5 policemen)
300,000 claimed asylum in EU last year!
Ashaun Townsend fourth man charged with John Barrett's murder
Romanian immigrants, Ionut Nicolae and Vasillica Tirei get 10.5 and 9 years for sex trafficking
Ryan and Lloyd McCalla and Carlene Wilson conspired with reggae star, Smiley Culture, to supply cocaine
Russian banker left in coma after 'assassination bid' had testified in murder case
Study of Polish at GCSE surges 867% in 6 years as schools use immigrants to boost results
Dead pensioner 'lay on the floor bleeding for up to 10 minutes' (Muslim nurse was praying)
With no evidence against them, social workers took couples' baby away for 9 months!
Boom in sham marriages - Gypsy fixer kept cropping up at ceremonies
Schools 'left to teach values as parents fail to do their job'
These fat-cat laywers should be in the dock
May warns of 'mass immigration'
BBC documentary says top cops recruited lawbreakers to bring down Murdoch rival
Religious education 'undermined by Coalition reforms'
Tuberculosis rises 8% in London - HPA figures
Hackney gangs jailed in 'The Wire' raids

Friday 23 March

Stop White Genocide!
Modern-day slavery in England: Little girls in care 'bought and sold' for sex
Playground memorial to Aberfan children ripped up! Health & Safety Nazis say it’s 'too dangerous'
Kids who speak English as main language now in MINORITY in 1,600 schools across Britain
Sergei Zolotovsky murdered his wife and mother-in-law
Funeral for Nigeria kidnap victim Chris McManus
Drugs gang killers, Spencer Yiadom and Anton St Paul, jailed
Russian banker, German Gorbuntsov, in coma after attack
Simeon Ferguson served just 16 months for killing Liam. Let out early he left another brain damaged
Gangster Anton St Paul convicted of murder
Brookside star, John Regan, jailed over club murder
Woman's eyes burned in chemical mugging: Black women sought
Brutally attacked on the doorstep of his home by black man
Caged: Romanian Gypsy families (Tanase/Calin) who terrified kids and shoppers
Why was Al Qaeda fanatic allowed to roam free?
Lavinia DeSuze guilty (Covered up for her murderer son)
'They begged for their lives with their trousers down'
Imiela attacked mum-of-two 25 years ago. A decade before he carried out M25 rapes
Sentamu attacks 'aggressive atheism’
UK must stump up a further £1.8billion to bolster EU’s bloated coffers!
Saved for old age? Savings provide paltry return now. Chancellor penalises us further
Baroness Ashton likens Toulouse killings to troubles of Palestinian children
Religious education 'undermined by Coalition reforms'

Thursday 22 March

Family of former terrorist allegedly put 'foreign-born' Obama through school
Mohiuddin Bablu jailed for murder
Shawn Tyson due in court for murdering British holidaymakers
Filip Petre charged with murdering Maldives honeymooners
Ruairi Bicknell, Akeen Salako and others on trial for murder of Polish chef
Braz Alves junior owned and ran 3 brothels - NO JAIL TIME!
Child exploitation in Oxford: 12 arrested - "Victims and offenders come from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds" - In other words, diversity at work
Liver disease deaths at record levels in England
Budget 2012: 'Granny tax' hits five million pensioners
Is ANYTHING you're wearing made in Britain? Cheap imports swamp the High Street
Red Ken in new race row: claims wealthy Jews will never vote for Labour
One third of our taxes goes on benefits

Wednesday 21 March

Laying the groundwork for the Toulouse massacre
The 3 Coming False Flags
48% of Britons question loyalty of the Jews!
BLAIR WARS: Yet another soldier killed in Afghanistan
Asians attack Burnley teenager twice
Big Pharma Creates Resistant “White Plague” Through Mass Drugging
Jeevarajahs told pensioner he had won £10: then claimed £157,000 lottery prize for themselves!
Polygamous Muslim unions on the rise in Britain
Toff in ‘intimate relationship’ with drug-dealing crim says he forced her to riot
France: Mass murderer NOT White Fascist! Mohammed Merah is Algerian immigrant
Sakab Mahmood charged with 'sexual assault by penetration'
Serious assaults by cyclist in South London: Black man sought
Dalkeith Jarrett flung his child’s kitten from balcony
Care home manager admits 'groomed' girl wanted to go 'for her safety' and 'our own'
Ivory Coast student attacked by 4 mixed-race thugs
Tremaine Lee and Derico Smith charged with John Lee Barrett's murder
£10,000 stolen from cash machine in Plymouth robbers steal £10,000 cash machine: Black man sought
Plot to kill Dr Alison Hewitt: Al Amin Dhalla arrested
Kazeem Kadiri jailed for raping woman as she slept
Thuy Khai Nguyen jailed for cannabis factory death
Vatican reports on Irish child abuse scandals
New York Mets owners settle Bernard Madoff lawsuit: Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz are Jewish, as is Madoff
BLAIR WARS: Ex-soldier denies landlady murder
Honey trap killing to be subject of new BBC film
Bhajed Adan gets 8 years for robbery and brutal assault
Ken Livingstone: I will make London a beacon of Islam
EU: Poland Tries to Block EU Emission Goal
Toulouse shootings: race, religion and murder

Tuesday 20 March

Dutch RC Church 'castrated at least 10 boys' in the 1950s!
Double murderer, Sergei Zolotovsky, faces court in hospital bed
6 Muslims filmed themselves as they raped and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old schoolgirl
Mother of riot killer, Darrell Desuze, ‘cut up his clothes to cheat justice’
Thug stabs police dog and its handler after he committed knife attack on his own father
'God told me to do it': Immigrant waiter cut off his English manager's head
Somali pervert, Bashir Barrow, wins right to sue Britain
Obesity is being 'fuelled by gender-bending chemicals in toys and tin cans'
Mohammad Amir claims Salman Butt and Mazhar Majeed tricked him into spot-fixing
Report into Rudolf Hess death fails to answer unexplained questions about his 'suicide'
Widdecombe: Christians are being persecuted yet again
I'm prepared to risk unpopularity over developing the countryside says Cameron
Nurses don't have time to talk because shortage of qualified staff is 'compromising care'
Pay-as-you-go proposals will allow wealthiest drivers to bypass jams
Muslim juror who refused to take veil off ordered to stand down by judge
Punitive tax rates crippling British economy

Monday 19 March

Albanian immigrant, Jonathan Limani, admits beheading Christopher Varian
Asher Picort jailed for father, policeman and dog stab attacks
Asher Picort jailed for father, policeman and dog stab attacks
Stephen Fahri gets 6 years 8 months for running down a policeman
Tabassum Gulnar got here from Pakistan with £500k of heroin in suitcase
Sham marriage: Milan Cina got 5 years, Andzelina Surmaj, who absconded, got 3 years 8 months
Gavin Lawson wins 7-figure payout from Mayuk Modessa's insurer's. Modessa, who was speeding, was fined £90
"Racist" jailed for a year
Check out George Edwin, who murdered Terry Gregory and served no time at all, here
Clegg announces £200,000 "to show racism the Red Card"
Check out the 'racism' Clegg and the PC Crowd will never condemn here
'Honour code' supported by young Asians, poll says
Britain axes aid to India? (So why are we still giving it £260m a year till 2015?)
We pay to translate 165 languages, Pidgin English among them, so foreign jobless can get dole!
Danger doctors ignore sanctions as powerless GMC fails to police its bans
'It's not the first time I've had a fight when drunk' says Eric Joyce
Gay prisoners to marry inside some of Britain's toughest jails
Children sent home from school for carrying weapons
Four French Paratroopers murdered
Partygoer stabbed to death at home of heavyweight boxing champ Herbie Hide
Agency doctors being paid up to £20,000 a week to cover NHS staff shortages

Sunday 18 March

Ukrainian teenager 'gang-raped, dumped in a ditch and set on fire by sons of former government officials'
BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU! CIA wants to spy on you through your TV!
Israeli fraudster, Israel Perry, fights UK attempt to seize assets
Murder probe over death at home of boxer, Herbie Hide
Anti-White Multiculturalists Are The Real Extremists
Jewish tycoon Philip Green celebrates 65 with George Michael, Jennifer Lopez & 100 A-list pals
Goldmine for crims! Indian call centres selling your credit card details & medical records for 2p!
Taxman denied £1bn+ as rich and famous register townhouses, mansions and castles abroad
Sentamu 'not up to leading the church' - That won't bother the PC Crowd
Mothers turn to prostitution to pay for childcare
Man fights for life after serious attack by "Russian"
Furtive briefings by MI5 and the Government's BIG LIE over secret justice
Catherine Wood fights to reclaim £6.4m she gave Jewish lover, Shlomo Add
The real story behind Labour leader and NHS rally that never was
Gay partners of knights and peers may be given courtesy titles in latest equality drive!
Alan Sugar slams parents for bringing up a generation fit only to claim benefits. Nothing to do with the government and big business then
Angry about gay marriage? Mr Slippery will be SO happy
NHS pays £20,000 a week for a doctor

Saturday 17 March

Mohammed Hirsi licked knife after stabbing former PC Paul Fyfe to death
Was Laura Britain's first white 'honour killing' victim?
See other Britons murdered by immigrants here!
John Barrett murder: Jermaine Wilson, Rummal Ingram, Olushola Watson, Anton Ogle charged
Violent kidnappers, Martin Dias, Derwin Ellis and Arron Miller, jailed
Terror as feuding gyspy clans battle in Manchester street
Cops should have taken drug smuggler Reece Staples to hospital
Ladislav Pokuta charged with raping 19-year-old in Great Yarmouth
Woman sexually assaulted by 'mixed race, possibly Asian' man in Bournemouth
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan mass-murderer named: Robert Bales
Reward for failure: '£250,000' for borders chief who relaxed terror checks
Corporal Anne-Marie Ellement committed suicide after being overworked and bullied
Cheltenham festival has become magnet for gangsters and the sex industry
Attempted mugging in Ashford Kent - man with a Polish accent sought
George Hibbert: The doctor who broke up families
Neotame: 13,000 Times Sweeter Than Sugar And More Toxic Than Aspartame
Kissinger: 'If they (Israel) strike now Iran will not have a great deal of international support
Ask why people are antisemitic says leading Catholic writer
Ed Balls stabs Gordon Brown in the back! Excellent! Let's hope Brown does the same to Balls
Lancashire Police appeal to find absconded murderer
Derby mosque plans approved despite concerns about size
Thatcher had a secret meeting with Murdoch before he bought The Times (He always denied it!)
Ugandan immigrant front-runner for top job in Church of England
Judge accuses BUPA of putting "profits and cost cutting" ahead of care
Chip shop forced to remove Union Jack sign
BBC's £15,000 travel bill for Gary Lineker's chauffeur ride!
Rowan Williams: 'a lot of ignorance and... dim-witted prejudice about... Christianity'
All aboard the Whitehall gravy train
Revealed: Police plans to fire rubber bullets in London
Harman struggles to explain funding of Labour 'real jobs guarantee'
Student who filmed roommate having gay sex guilty of hate crime!

Friday 16 March

Cops spoke to rapist bus driver Khalile Maqsood over a similar matter
London riots: Police release new images
Sixth man, Daniel Oyetoro, charged over killing
Nathan McLeod gets life for murder
Karama Mohammed Karama gets ASBO
Somali pervert wins the right to sue Britain
'Good Samaritan riot thugs jailed for almost ten years
Liam Fox ordered to pay back £3,000 for letting Adam Werritty live in taxpayer-funded home
Mouth cancer cases soar above 6,000 a year thanks to oral sex
7,000 MORE British women than thought have faulty breast implants
Health chief warns: age of safe medicine is ending
‘Disgrace’ of home care that sees patients left in soiled beds and not given medication
Loneliness is 'deadly for the elderly'
No damages for nuclear test veterans
Don't use the words husband and wife!
Muslim Gangs Terrorise Denmark
Home Secretary had 'no appetite' to review Yard's original phone-hacking investigation
Top Cop blamed "drunken Liverpool fans" for causing Hillsborough disaster
Fox ordered to pay back £3,000 for letting Adam Werritty live in taxpayer-funded home
White women teachers ‘can’t deal with racism’ in classroom, says MMU report
Blunkett Bobbies complain of sore feet because they have to walk the streets
Welsh government secures funding future of Holocaust education
Trinity Mirror cuts pension contributions to pay US creditors
MP's stepson guilty of killing his missing lover
Sticking with Gordon Brown’s flawed policy keeps people in poverty
Half a million incapacity benefit claimants are fit for work
Gay rights activist Peter Tatchell campaigns against homophobic band Killing Joke

Thursday 15 March

Telford gang rape: Rashid, Hussain, Choudhrey, Rafiq and Saleem guilty
Rhiryd Richards' (black) victim criticises passenger apathy (LibLab voters?)
‘Brazen’ drug gang (Robert Mido, Fergani Lubaki etc) locked up
Released early and deported: Frog fraudster who owes UK taxpayers £44m
Polish woman arrested in wedding dress about to wed Pakistani stranger
'Hackney Heroine' Pauline Pearce Lib Dem candidate! (Exposed as 'drug fixer' after riots)
'Very Serious allegations' against top cops must not be aired at Leveson Inquiry!
Bishops ‘no longer reflect multicultural Britain’! Must give up seats in Lords says Clegg
Goldman Sachs manager says bank has ‘toxic and destructive’ culture and ‘morally bankrupt’ staff
Islamic penal code forces 16-year-old to marry her rapist! She commits suicide
Boy, 5, wants his hair cut! Dumb mum reluctant
Greg Smith: Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs
Premier League - £1.5m-a-year stars 'risk bankruptcy'
Fabian Hamilton urges government to ban sale of Nazi memorabilia - Hamilton is Jewish
Met cops assault autistic boy
Whitehall mandarins avoid responsibility for mistakes that cost us hundreds of milions
We must quit the EU to become an economic force
Primary schools and rapidly increasing birth rate (Note lack of fast-breeders in BBC picture)
Labour has no strategy, Ed Miliband aide admits
Clarke attacks British Legion for opposing secret justice
Ofsted: English standards in primary schools 'too low'

Wednesday 14 March

Kwame killers picked him at random while hunting gang rivals by cab
Exposed: crooks who owe Britain £600m
Our own Government used us as guinea pigs in germ warfare trials!
'They like us naive': Our teenagers groomed for a life of prostitution
Cocaine worth £350,000 found in chocolate
The injustice of Britain's rape laws
Campaign brings shocking scale of sexual violence to light
Riot murderer, Darrell 'Smokey' Desuze, wanted to join police!
Darrell Desuze: Murderer of Richard Mannington Bowes, gets just 7 years (Out in 3)
The bad-boy 'gangsta' poses of teenage thug, Darrel Desuze
Afzal Arif gets 33-year sentence for the murder of Gavin Clarke
Disability benefits conwoman Tina Attanasio caught on waterslide during luxury holiday
1-in-5 Brits don’t know which countries are in the UK (half think Everest is our highest mountain)
Dumbing-down is how THEY keep control. The stupid are much more likely to believe the mainstream lie
If it's not our best against your best then what's the point?
The point? The destruction of the nation states of the Western World and the demoralisation of their peoples, that's the point
'They've sold him down the river!' Richard O’Dwyer's mother speaks out
BLAIR WARS: Voters want an Afghan endgame admits Cameron
Cheap food diet of care home elderly: Nurses condemn penny-pinching managers
Don't fly the Union flag! (It might offend the Scots)
Camelford: Carole Cross inquest verdict due
Armed cops surround veiled woman thinking she was a bomber
Rebekah and Charlie Brooks arrested over hacking 'cover-up'
EU states to be given access to our DNA bank? Thousands of Brits could be extradited

Tuesday 13 March

Ahmad Otak charged with the murder of teenagers Kimberley Frank and Samantha Sykes
When the British Nationalist comes to power in Britain, the PC Crowd will be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting every immigrant-upon-Brit crime committed in this country since 1965. That's the year Harold Wilson's traitorous government began putting the foreigner first with the introduction of the orginal race law.

1-in-10 women have been raped; a third sexually assaulted; 80% too scared to report it!
6 years for corrupt solicitor, Ritesh Brahmbhatt, who smuggled drugs into jail
Antoni Imiela trial: Serial attacker 'raped stranger' in 1987
Prolific mugger, Rhiryd Richards, out in less than 11 months for ‘astounding’ 6-week spree
Azhar Ahmed charged over 'racist' taunts against British soldiers killed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: British soldier quizzed on suspicion of murder of girlfriend Leanne McNuff
Overhaul of benefits system risks pushing 250,000 children into poverty
Paedophile (volunteers) chemically castrated! HOORAY!!! (What about those who don't volunteer?)
One soft drink a day raises 'heart attack danger' by 20 per cent!!!
Scandal of 'unqualified' experts who advise our family courts
Miliband turns up at football match after claiming he was too ill to attend NHS protest
Colonel Gaddafi 'gave Nicolas Sarkozy £42million to fund his 2007 election campaign'
Whose side is the Archbishop of Canterbury on? (Whichever side is the most PC)
Red meat is blamed for one in 10 early deaths
'Israelis' arrested at Heathrow after making 'inappropriate comments about Iran'
Marriage is good for children and the state MUST back it says Duncan-Smith
Eric Joyce resigns from Labour after assault charge

Monday 12 March

Kim Frank/Samantha Sykes murder: "There were people round... most nights, usually Asian men"
Nigerian immigrant, Anthony Iyare, gets 4 years for sexually assaulting two young women
Piotr Ziobro deported after committing more than 30 'violence and disorder' offences
CHIGWELL: E-fit released of burglar/bogus cop
'Plastic Brit', Yamile Aldama, wins medals for any nation that will have her
Jewish MP, Lynne Featherstone, battles to STOP Christians wearing crosses to work!
GPs 'can't be bothered' to visit pensioners in care homes
Rapper Coolio arrested - housed in same jail as his son!
Hundreds of dangerous, escaped criminals to be named
Hopes of curbing EU human rights law dashed - EU botwags Clarke and Clegg to blame
Full time mothers here suffer some of highest tax burdens in developed world
Indian restaurant opened by Home Secretary raided by immigration officials
Yorkshire Ripper fighting for the right to a pension!
Stephen Lawrence's mother calls for new probe into 'corruption' claims
High-flying Muslim career women willing to 'share husbands' because of lack of suitable men
Let us pray in the nude and wear hooded robes in our cells!

Sunday 11 March

BLAIR WARS: US soldier murders at least 15 Afghans, most of them women and children
Firdosh Mohammed Umarji charged with rape of 3 little girls
Christians have no right to wear cross at work, says Government (But Muslims and Sikhs have every right to wear burqas, turbans and ceremonial swords)
Our children are learning lies (Feb 2005 John Pilger article)
Memorial to Afghan dead is wrecked by vandals IN ESSEX!
Iran: We'll fire 150,000 missiles at Israel if attacked! (Can't say THEY haven't been warned)
Nigerians alerted terrorists holding British hostage Chris McManus! (We all knew this, didn't we?
The future of Britain is no longer decided at Elections or at Westminster
Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media
Gay marriage: RC Archbishops step up fight (About time the Church stood up for the majority)
Russian billionaires buying up England! (The 3 mentioned are Jewish)
Politicians, town hall fat cats and quangocrats wine and dine tycoons and prostitutes in Cannes
HUMAN RIGHTS: 'War criminal' Joseph Lissa wins right to stay in Britain
UN Special Envoy: My 130 days in the hands of al-Qaeda's African monsters
Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media
Delia Smith mounts defence of religion in face of 'battle' with 'militant neo-atheists'
Racism against black and Jewish people is all in their minds
Girlfriend of British photographer tells of gun struggle with men hunting 'white man'
British gas cuts Mosque's £19,000 bill to just £5,000. Paper claims victory
Cameron 'forced to visit' Kazakh dictator?

Saturday 10 March

Canada ‘will always stand by’ Israel says Canadian Prime Minister
BLAIR WARS: 90 Iraqi students killed for having 'strange hair and tight clothes'
Younis Sagir and Ozan Toprak charged with murder
WPC killer, Magdi Elgizouli, is 'safe to be freed' where there aren't many cops around!
Polish scrap metal thieves found guilty of Stonebridge murder
Cops link Tariq Goss's train death to earlier knife attack on wife
We were robbed blind by Britain's Bernie Madoff! (Kautilya Pruthi)
Sonia Limbu and Pargarsh Kaur Sahota filmed beating frail dementia sufferers SPARED JAIL!
Beau Isagba gets 7 years for Malaysian student attack
Cancer patient beaten up and robbed at knife-point by White and Asian
Hunt for Eastern European Gypsy 'flash mob' raiders
Mohamed, Aaron, Ghazil, Jon Pierre, Kenyata, Remahno etc. accused of burglary
Shabaaz Hussain: Somalia terrorism funder jailed
The Age of Authoritarian Democracy
Elaine has lost faith in Britain
TV presenter Fiona Phillips condemns the care of Alzheimer’s patients
Healthcare needs of elderly considered a 'secondary requirement' in some care homes
"A minority... associated with the levers of power"
Putin, a former spy chief, has "riddled the West with... secret agents"
GAY MARRIAGE: Pope condemns 'powerful, political and cultural currents'
238 mllionaires + 3 fat cats walk away with £42m! Still the bankers won't lend to small firms
Paedophile priest who abused boys for two decades jailed for 22 years
I nutted two Tories: No jail for Eric Joyce after admitting drunken brawl in Commons bar
Young black male unemployment soars to 56%!
Cambridge students protest against Dominique Strauss-Kahn visit

Friday 9 March

Mother-of-3, Kerry Holden, murdered "defenceless" Luke Moran "over nothing"
America-Israel: "crazy... doomed... increasingly delusional and dangerous"
Lisa Brinkworth gets enriched!
Ex-public schoolboy falls from balcony of model Diana Nekoye Sifuna after gunmen burst in
Romanian Gypsies Aurel Zlate and Alexandra Oaie beat 7-year-old "like a carpet!"
Cab driver Abdul Walizada sexually assaulted a female passenger
Killer Karl Henderson (black)sues prison chiefs over 'abusive' cards from victim's son (black)
Money laundering drugs gang boss Jia Jin He jailed
Teenage yob, Kean Lamb, banned from throwing ANYTHING unless he's playing sport
Pargash Sahota and Sonika Limbu guilty of abusing elderly care home residents: NO JAIL!
Dr Ayoola Makanjuola denies sexual assault
Significant numbers of far-right in UK think armed conflict legitimate
Hostage rescue ends in tragedy: Briton and Italian killed
Parents’ fury over porn available on Freeview to millions of children
33 years for transsexual and transvestite who raped woman
IRAN: Netanyahu warns on attack timing
The greatest club in the world? Athletic Bilbao use only home-grown players!
BBC spends £6.5m relocating 549 staff to Salford
Paedophiles jailed for 'outrageous' offences have 'unduly lenient' sentences increased
BLAIR WARS: Britain must brace itself for more bloodshed in Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS - Every day we linger means more lives wasted
Savers have suffered enough, Mr Osborne
The civil service has still not learnt to mend its ways
Dr David Ison, new Dean of St Pauls, backs gay marriage

Thursday 8 March

Most Americans instinctively sympathetic to Israel... They care little or nothing about the Palestinians
Foster carer's lover, Winston Britton, repeatedly raped 3 children!
Serious sexual assault in Bristol: muscular, black African with 'broad nose and fat lips' sought
Gangland shooting spree: Eastern Europeans killed and injured
Britain's Bernie Madoff, (Jew) Kautilya Nandan Pruthi, (Indian) fleeced 800 victims of £115m
Girl woke to find she was being raped by Qamar Shahzad
Asian gang harrasses and assaults 14-year-old
Rebekah Brooks given police horse on day she dined with Commissioner Ian Blair
Ed Miliband is "an unelectable laughing stock!" According to Labour listeners
Caught in a gang war on the school run
Yeovil sex attack: mixed-race man sought
Rochdale attack: Asians sought
Yeovil burglary: East Europeans sought
SNP activist, Thomas Ball, calls dead soldiers 'a bunch of child killers'
Pakistan cites spicy food as reason to block plans making sexual abuse of children illegal
"We have too many foreigners... says increasingly desperate President, seeking re-election"
Fatal flaws in Warrior's armour! Years after coroner demanded better protection nothing done!
SCUM! "The mission is necessary for national security" says our lying Defence Minister
General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter says our soldiers are "lions led by donkeys"
40+ teachers at under-achieving school strike over 'dangerous' pupils
Millions of Brits could see tens of thousands of pounds wiped off their pensions
The ‘Aftershock’ That Could Wipe Out Your Life Savings
Church of England priests bailed in sex abuse inquiry
'Survey snub' for gay marriage
Britons 'proud of their history'
Heart Pill 'Makes People Less Racially Prejudiced' (less inclined to protect their own kin)

Wednesday 7 March

BLAIR WARS: 6 British soldiers killed in Afghanistan - Death toll now 400+
CAMERONOWAR! Iran trying to build nuclear missiles capable of hitting London!
By conjuring the Holocaust, Netanyahu brought Israel closer to war with Iran
Man left fighting for life after attack by Asian
Polish squatters accused pf murdering fellow Pole
MURDER: Asare-Minta, Menga, Boye, Zakari, Kongola, Damali etc. charged
“Totally innocent” teenager ('first time' in Brixton) hunted down and killed by black youths
Con merchant, Sukhinder Kaur, who won't stop stealing from the elderly, gets ASBO only!
Surjeet Chana key figure in plot to make millions by stealing homes of elderly
25-year-old victim... got into what (she) believed was a taxi - Amir Ali is charged with rape
Danish Javed charged following sexual assault
Sex attack by 'mixed-race' man in Yeovil
Illegal immigrant Ibrahim Diouf gets 15 months for robbing Gloucester woman
Bodyguard 'stole £12million in jewels', replacing them with 'worthless fakes'
Crooked solicitor Ritesh Brahmbhatt smuggled drugs and phones into prisons
USA: White boy set alight by blacks
Joseph Ebelechukwu threatened to curse ticket inspector, Linda McDonald
Paewand Ali: "I hate the English and I hate Americans and I am Kurdish"
Police probe into Ken O'Keefe (Israel "must be destroyed") dropped
BAN ROCK MUSIC! It makes us racist!
'Criminality is endemic' in Southall!' says Councillor Benjamin Dennehy! (Cometh the hour...)
Camelford water poisoning: Aluminium in Carole's brain 'beyond belief'
Royal Bank of Scotland, 82% publicly owned, transferring hundreds of jobs to India!
We're still seen as the nasty party says Tory minister
Church organist 'befriended then sexually abused two young girls over ten years'
Crime age should be raised from 10 to 14 to protect children say MPs
One school in three is not making grade and requires immediate improvement
Courts' support of Occupy will let criminals escape prosecution
Church should 'warmly welcome' gay marriage says ex bishop
Loan companies poorly regulated

Tuesday 6 March

Ishola Adeyomi Adeoye plied 14-year-old with alcohol then raped her
£115MILLION fraudster Kauitilya Pruth conned a string of celebs
Fraudster Chibuikem Uzoma-Ubani opened 725 bank accounts aided by brother and foreign females
Mum of two “signed her own death warrant” by telling Abdul Kadir to stay away
Joan Bakewell blames teen mags for sexualising girls with 'coarsening trash on a huge scale'
We're too scared to let our children go out to play
Met Chiefs 'filled their boots' with gifts
Netanyahu: it's time to talk about the costs of NOT stopping Iran
Netanyahu is "laying the ground... for the possibility of an Israeli strike"
It took Hitler 5 or 6 years to wipe out 6m Jews. Ahmadinejad will do it in 5 or 6 minutes!"
We must protect true meaning of marriage, says RC leader
Jamaica's PM says we should apolgise for slavery and think about compo
Busy parents 'relying on schools to teach their children morals'
Companies to get £6,000 if they find job for ex-cons
Tens of thousands of children misdiagnosed with ADHD
Britain has become addicted to immigration
Unarmed Anthony Grainger shot dead in car by cops - No riot ensues
Libyan rebels force black Africans to eat flags
Key dates from history that every pupil should know

Monday 5 March

Muslims desecrate British WWII cemetery in Libya (VIDEO) - And we must COHERE with these?
Nothing being done to stop massive electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets
Cops investigate scandal-hit race relations charity - Naz Malik and Saquib Zia sacked
Malachi Augustus Francis arrested for shooting
Armed robbers jailed
Ex-Brent councillor Atiq Malik duped resident into paying him £3,000 for council house
Owner of 'magnet for gang members' nightclub, Seeven Aurokium, must pay fine
850 sex offenders disappear: Number missing after signing register doubles in 2 years
Prisoners, terrorists, Gypsies should get MORE human rights says equality quango
'7/7 widow' and the bomb factory found in a house
Outrage of 7/7 families! Courts plan 'would let security services hush up their errors'
1-in-3 teenage girls have been 'sexually assaulted by their boyfriends'
Netanyahu: No Lebanon on the map!
Elton John heralds “Jesus-like” Australian gay activist, Peter Tatchell!
Parents 'don't know where child is'
Schoolgirl, 10, takes cocaine in playground after finding drug dealer's stash in Pringles tube
Muslims to conquer the heart and soul of Europe
Germany to be conquered by Islam
With his closest aide gone, Cameron will prove to be little more than an empty suit

Sunday 4 March

8.4% of US marriages now inter-racial - The breeding out of Whitey continues apace
Serial rapist, Dahir Ibrahim, appeals against conviction
Jewish immigrant MP says 'they only rioted because they had lost hope'
In your country, people who work hard pay for people who don’t want to
William Hague 'under the thumb' of anti-Israel diplomats say pro-Israel MPs
Libyan attacks on British war graves: No gratitude from those we helped
Shabby treatment of army heroes is hard to stomach
Boris Johnson: Ken Livingstone a 'tax dodger' and a 'hypocrite
Far-right supporters agree with armed attacks
Boy, 17, dies in south London stabbing spate
Israel will deliver ultimatum to Obama on Iran's nuclear plans
Cardinal Keith O'Brien, leader of Catholic Church in Scotland, attacks gay marriage
Judge Jonathan Taaffe blames Patrice Evra for Man Utd fan's attack on wife!!!
'Disillusioned' Tory MEP defects to UKIP because of row with Baroness Warsi
Britain's most selfless mother! Julie Jones took in her late best friend's 5 orphaned children

Saturday 3 March

Britain: where all are protected from prejudice unless they are white!
Bradford father jailed for 19 years for raping his daughters
Surjeet Chana, Charles Spiropoulos and Indipaul Sra made millions 'Stealing Homes From OAPs'
HIV maid laced child's porridge with menstrual blood!
Foreigners to be offered free treatment for HIV on the NHS
A witchcraft scandal on our doorstep
Bus driver took sex pest Syed Abbas straight to police station
Asian attacks 3 women in Southampton
£2.3m Olympic fraud: Owo, Olowo, Odukoya, Kargbo, Khan, Kumar, Ayub, Adewale charged
Nigerian immigrant/church volunteer/taxi driver Azuka Oluh and the virgin schoolgirl
Multi-millionaire fraudster Virendra Rastogi gets more than £5MILLION legal aid!
Fury as Romanians who stole £50,000 church lead escape sentences
Girl forced to go with Rochdale Asians
Courtney Ellis, Sean Youngsam and Taffari Adams charged in connection with murder
3 teenagers stabbed in separate Wembley and Sudbury attacks
Mohammed Miah, jailed for taking part in violent robberies, loses appeal
75 US Senators Voted To Let 30,000 Drones Shoot Americans In The Streets
Cops invite security firms to bid for cop roles
Irish social workers are horrified by their ruthless English counterparts
We’ll mock Jesus but not Mohammed, says BBC boss
New pressure for referendum as Britain sidelined in Euro deal
Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando 'murdered by a Serbian hitman'
Injunction lifted: Caroline Spelman's son took banned steroids
2030: The year Britain will cease to be a Christian nation
'I DID ride Rebekah's horse': Cameron finally comes clean
BBC radio presenter gets 6 years for string of sex attacks on young girls
Cameron and the threat to open justice
Cops let foreign crime suspects go due to lack of interpreters!
Caroline Spelman's son 'took drugs after sports injury'

Friday 2 March

17 million adults would fail primary school maths tests! 'Education, education, education,' eh?
Ron Paul and the Monsters
Schizophrenic Marvin Bailey locked up for killing friend
Sinead Gray goes ape: punches two women
Rezgar Sharif Nouri and Mohammed Ibrahim get six years for rape
Fulbright & Jaworski partner Richard Simkin and wife Zakia Sharif steal £100,000 from firm
Hanad Mohamed: Panties Drug Dealer Gets 18 Weeks
Attempted Murder: Amareshwar Arava, Nishanth Puttapaka and Sai Kishore Balguri bailed
Zahid Ali and Babbar Jaleel guilty of drugs and gun crimes
Morrissey says Falklands belongs to Argentina!
Asian perv grabs woman and exposes himself
Chantelle Stanislaus and Jodie Little stole 7 vibrators from Ann Summers
Algerian immigrant, Olivier Isaac, stole £100,000 in benefits
Sex assault on 12-year-old girl by black man
Barbaric torture of 83 children branded witches: Boy beaten to death exposes African crimewave
Witchcraft trial: there may be similar unreported cases, say police
John Otugade, Christopher N'Jie and Errol Jeffrey guilty of murder
Complaints ignored! 'Respected' GP Markandu Ragupathy abused 9 female patients aged 8 to 40
'Honour attack' Muslim sisters sentenced for cutting hair
Padge Victoria Windslowe accused of illegal buttock injections
LITTERING: Grandmother fined £75 after dropping A STRAND of cotton from a glove!
Cops made Anita feel like a liar when she reported being raped
Deadly disease spreading at alarming rate, experts warn
HACKGATE: 'Time to call in those bottles of champagne!' Yates of the Yard fingered
Brawler MP Eric Joyce had affair with schoolgirl 32 years younger than him!
Spanish village's coucillors leases land to grow marijuana!
Labour MP claimed £13 expenses for Remembrance services and £3.15 for Poppy appeal
Secret EU deal forces Britain to take in 12,000 Indian workers despite soaring unemployment
Lifestyle of a phone-hacker: £188 on drink, £566 on dinner, £47 for a bottle of champers
David Cameron 'likely' to have ridden Rebekah Brooks’ ex-police horse
We are fighting Islamism from ignorance, as we did the cold war
'Let's celebrate black success to give teenagers role models'

Thursday 1 March

"The Holocaust is nothing more than an international extortion racket by the Jews!"
Lady Tonge resigns Lib Dem party whip over Israel remarks
Doctors should have right to kill unwanted babies 'as they are not a real person' says Ms Minerva
Bungling robber, Daniel Tesfay, shot dead his accomplice
Kristy Bamu witchcraft murder by sister and boyfriend! And we're meant to cohere with these?
'Predatory' asylum seeker Sajjad Ahmadzai raped young girls
Woman fights for life after attack by maniac (black) cyclist
France/Belgium refuse to close Eurostar loophole allowing illegal migrants to flood into UK
Labour Councillor Agatha Akyigyina says Merton schools may be "institutionally racist"! Why? They expel more black kids!
Cops hunt mixed-race perv
Weeping in the dock, the teenager who used Facebook to plot fatal attack on boy
Schoolgirl, 11, raped by gang members in McDonald's restaurant toilet
Islamist militant thought to be al-Qaeda's new deputy leader hands himself in
Met police officer charged with cannabis production
Harinder Shoker, Darren Peters and Mundill Mahil jailed over revenge death
Newcastle footballer Nile Ranger denies assault charges
Parties unite against secret injustice: Horrified MPs and peers condemn Clarke's plan for court cases behind closed doors
Father of victim of sex grooming gang 'joined BNP after what happened to her'
Grandmother, 75 'was left to die of thirst' after nurses refused to give her enough to drink
EU declares healing waters of Harrogate a health risk
Tory split grows after Cameron’s EU veto ‘U-turn’
MP predicts riots in uk over EU ‘betrayal’
Bail-outs have ruined pension dreams for 1/2m prudent savers
Criminal gangs fighting for territory are behind spate of Salford shootings
Drunken hoaxer Salvatore Chiarelli repeatedly rang 999 for ambulance

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