Daily News - November 2008

Former Tory Leader's Cousin and John Haase's £400,000 Bribe
The Jew, Michael Howard, gave the drug smuggler and gunrunnera royal pardon from his 18-year term in 1996 Arabic is the Language of the Future!
Says the French President, Nikolas Sarkozy, whose father was a Hungarian Jew
White OAP Tackles Black Armed Robbers
And sees them off - Around 50 others just stood around and watched
BLAIR WARS: Afghanistan SAS Chief Quits in Equipment Row
4 of his soldiers were killed when their Snatch Land Rover hit a landmine
Conman Pastor Loses Extradition Appeal TRAITOR!
Tony Blair Helped the Jew Rupert Murdoch Overcome an Official Investigation!

The investigation was jeopardising one of Murdoch's big investments
Alcohol Consumption Doubles Since the 1960s!
Mandelson's Billionaire Friend 'Denied US Visa over Link to Crime Gangs'
Oleg Deripaska is Jewish - Like so many of the Russian Oligarchs
Chink Flasher to be Deported
Oxford Council Set to Axe Christmas
Multi-Faith Prayers Being Considered for Parliament!
Bailed Paedo Rapes Boy, 10!
Traitor Unions Call for the Right to Expel BNP Members
That is, the right to expel those who dare to stick up for the British in Britain
3 Tunisian Terror Suspects Extradited
2,200 Children Excluded from School in England

During the school year 2006/7. Education education, education, eh, Tony?
Britishness is Under Threat from Brown, Warns ex-Archbishop of Canterbury!
Ministers Hit by New Security Fiascos
Creepy Mandelson Refuses to Register Meetings with Oligarch
Courtney Bryan Jailed for Life!
BNP Row Teacher Sacked by School
Why did the Keystone Cops Employ Someone Who wouldn't Touch Pig Products?
Olaitan Ilori - Nigerian Lawyer and Illegal Immigrant Traficker - Appeal Fails
Unruly Pupils Will be Punished With... A FOOT MASSAGE!
You couldn't make it up, could you?
The Shameful Truth about the Great Drugs Disaster
125,000 Indian farmers commit suicide after being conned into using GM seeds!
6 Asylum Thieves Want £300,000 for Being Locked up For a Few days!

This whilst their claims were being processed!
Man Stabbed by Blacks in Levenshulme Long Terms for Fatal Robbery Gang
BLAIR WARS: Sgt Stansfield's Death was an Accident?
Barclays Bankers' £500,000 Banquet! 40% of All Drink Drivers are Immigrants!
How many Britons have keen killed and injured by the PC Crowd's favourite folk?
15-Year-Old Boy Attacked by Asian Men
Good quotes at this site
Trevor Philips Speaks up for More Immigration
White, Married Men Most Likely to Commit Suicide in Jail!
And yet the media and our MPs have conned us into thinking the alien was more at risk!
Greedy Bankers Won't Pass on Interest Rate Cuts!
The Culture of Excess at the Top of the Public Sector
Illegal Immigrant Killer Cannot be Deported - It Would Breach his Human Rights!
Ahsan Sabri was unlicensed and improperly insured when he roared through a red light at 60mph and ploughed into Sophie Warne
Britain Will be Hit Hardest by Economic Slump say EU
British Schoolgirl Murdered in New Zealand
15-year-old Liberty Rose Templeman was found dead in a stream
Disgraced HBOS Boss Back on £60,000 A MONTH!
Timo Glock Denies he Deliberately let Lewis Hamilton Through
He started the last lap 18 seconds in front of Hamilton!
Frank Field Branded "the New Enoch Powell" by Bishop
Bishop Peter Selby - TRAITOR
Man Attacked and Robbed by Black/Asian Family
Terrorised by 3 Black Men

Council Murdered 92-Year-Old Anne O'Kane
Says Mark Logan BNP Councillor for Gooshays
Uzbek Immigrants Raped a Woman in a Chelmsford Park
Jamoliddin Tulaganov and Nuriddin Shakhabutdinov raped her after she rejected Tulaganov's advances
TB Rise in Midlands Linked to Immigration
50% of the people affected are from a South Asian background
Jobless Foreigners who Go Home Can Still Claim Benfits Here!

13-Year-Old Somali Girl Begged for Mercy Before She was Stoned to Death
She had been raped by 3 Somali men - nthing happened to them
THEY Will Give Senior Asian Cop £300,000 to End Racism Claim
Eastern European Rapist-Pimps Jailed for 52 Years
Chinese Illegals Jailed for Drug SmugglingGrandma's Outrage at Cps' Response!
Her grandson had been mugged by a gang of Blacks
Illegal Immigrant used Killer’s Passport for 10 Years
Tony Blair Failed to Act in Menezes' Case!
The Poison Dwarf Says Internet Bloggers are Undermining Democracy!
We're undermining PC lies and spin, Hazel. You wouldn't want that, now would you?
Criminals Muset Fear Justice says new Top Judge
BLAIR WARS: MoD pays £2.4m to aKosovan -18 times what a British Soldier got After Losing both Legs
Iranian in British Army Guilty of Spying for Iran!
It wouldn't have taken a genius to work that out and yet the MOD failed to spot it
You guessed it! Rahm Emmanuel is a Jew!
Drunken Somalis Spat at 67-Year-Old Carl Cadogan
Fuad Buraleh paid with his life for his disgusting behaviour
Disposable Income Falls 30% in Just 2 Years!
Mum Dies after Doctor Cancels Ambulance to 'Cut Costs'
Why isn't the doctor named!
Health-and-Safety Nazis Have Vandalised More than a Million Gravestones!
Gino Hargreaves, 15, was attacked after leaving an alcohol-free disco
Britain's Self-Interest Must Rule!
"Not the vanity and money lust of the Blair era"!
Mum Says She Can't Understand how Liam McCalmon Could Murder Her Son
Ben Tilling was his friend and the family had looked after the black savage
Dramatic Rise in Rape and Sex Offences
Tony Virasami Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter of Kevin Tripp
More PC B***ocks!
Coronation Street this time!
Black Savage Gets Just 34 Months (out in 17) for Killing Richard
Michael Cameron, who was on bail for another attack at the time, punched Richard Blakeway without warning
Asian Sexually Assaults Woman in Aylesbury
Psychosis Higher in Immigrant Groups
Britain Is Now Official 'Global Hub For Drugs' EU Warns!

Thousands Of Under-5s Suspended For Attacking Pupils And Teachers!
Dalai Lama 'Undermined' As Miliband Says: China Rules Tibet
Shop Girl Told To Remove Poppy!

Terrorist Warned of Hitting Devil's Place!
Asians Jailed for Sex Attacks on White Girls
Who Will Be Obama's Teasury Secretary?
There are 3 names in the frame: they're all Jewish
Yassin Elmansouri Stabbed 3 Boys
And left his knife embedded in the skull of one of them
Sex-Slave Asians Ruined Teenager's Life!
With a great deal of help from the politicians, the press and the PC Crowd!
"Police, Churches and Council Slapped a Glossy Pretence on Teenager's Death"
A top cop told this whopper: "There is no gang culture in the city"!
Obama Faces a Cold War Threat "
AND A WARNING FROM ISRAEL"! Don't talk to Iran, or else!
Prashant Modi is Suing for 'Trauma' After Being Detained
The rich, Indian playboy sexually assaulted a woman and got a suspended sentence only

YES! If the PC Crowd, Big Brother and the International Financiers have their way
Record Afghan Opium Crop Threatens New Heroin Crisis Here!

British Teens Take 2.5 Times as Much Cocaine as Their EU Counterparts!
Caught on CCTV! An illegal Immigrant Carrying a Man's Head in Bag!

Mohamed Boudjenane murdered him just hours after he raped a woman in his flat
Winston Churchill's American Ma had More than 200 Lovers!
Britain now official drugs capital of Europe as more youngsters use cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines PAXMAN, AMOS & DIZEE RASCAL
Queen Mother Was ‘Ghastly Bigot’, Says BBC Presenter
On our side then!
Mandelson Discussed Tariffs With Oligarch!
Fagin’s Army Of Romanian Children Earns Gang Millions In UK
Anti-Smoking Drug Linked To 10 British Suicides

No 28: Two Held Over Teenager Stab Death
Terrorism Threat In UK 'Growing'

Report Identifies UK Terrorist Enclaves
Traitor Brown: I'll Join Obama's Moral Crusade!
Ban On Votes For Prisoners Is Illegal, Says EU!
Scandal Of Care At Top Children's Hospital!
Former Manchester City FC Owner Thaksin Shinawatra Banned From Britain!
Is Mandelson The Uncrowned King Of Poland?
Female Jogger Attacked And Raped
Kazakhstan Leader ‘Secretly Owns’ £50m Home in England!
Hospitals Treat Drunks Aged 10
Steep Increase In 'Neets' Revealed
On A 'Working' Trip To Cuba, Union Boss Is Havana Ball
As more and more Britons are losing their jobs'
Sadistic' Bangladeshi Psychopath Gets Life

Abdullah Al Jaber raped two white girls on holiday in Devon
Old Soldier Banned From Football Grounds After Shouting Racist Remark

Tories Vow To Remove Inter-Racial Taboo in Adoption
Labour Should Raise Number Of Ethnic Minority MPs, Minister Says
Exhausted British Troops Must Not Go Straight From Iraq To Afghanistan!
Even If Obama Wants A New 'Surge', Warns Armed Forces Chief
19-Year-Old Race-Mixing WAG Stabbed To Death!
Was her killer foreign? Amyleigh Barnes' Facebook "friends" would suggest that he is
Traitor Council Bans Staff From Saying 'Singing From The Same Hymn Sheet!
In Case It Offends Atheists!
Strictly Awful? John Sergeant Marches On!
Three cheers for a great, British bloke!
Police Crisis Over Alcohol And Migrants Muslims' Free Speech 'Threatened'!
Oh dear! Let's all have a good cry then, eh?
Campaigners Fight Asylum Centre
Traitor MPs Seek To Censor The Media!
Abu Qatada Arrested After 'Attempts To Flee'!
Academics Are Not Immigration Officials
Top Jewish Commentator Calls Black a 'Spear Chucker'
That's what Jim Rosenthal says Tessa Sanderson is!
RBS throws SECRET £300,000 champagne party... weeks after £20bn taxpayer bail-out
8-Year-Old Hispanic Shot His Own Dad Dead!
Vincent Romero and Timothy Romas were both killed with a hunting rifle
If he was, he CANNOT be President!
At 15, the Black Girl had a Gun and was the Leader of a Gang
But Tracey Miller's a nice girl now so let's all give her a banana!
The 14-year-Old Was Raped by 9 Hackney Schoolboys!
Hackney? That's where all the white folk have been ethnically cleansed from, isn't it?
Nigerian Mother-of-5 on Benefits and Living in a £1m House!
Irfan Salim Charged with the Murder of Ellen Portsmouth
Ellen, who was 79, was attacked in her Burton home
Gay Musical for 11-Year-Old Schoolkids
“Do not obey British law. We must fight and die for Islam”!
The words of Omar Bakri, preaching to Muslims in the UK via a videolink from the Lebanon
Caerphilly Council Advises Staff not to Use the Word British!
BBC Presenter Sacked Because She Didn't Want an Asian Cabbie
Drug Dealer, Huseein Torh, to Appeal 25-Year Sentence
Sir Ian Blair to get £400,000 Pay Off!
60-Year-Old Loretta Patterson Beaten by Blacks
Get Your Snouts Out of the Trough!
Says MP's Watchdog!
Final Salary Pension Schemes Facing 'Extinction'!
Credit crunchers (Brown and Blair's pals) drives them £100bn into red!
Why Would a Texan Energy Firm want to Bung Jack Straw Three Grand?
Jack Straw (part-Jewish) is facing an official investigation
WWI Soldiers' Hatred for the Leaders Who Sent Them to Die

The same disgusting self-servers ruled then as rule now
19.5% of Foreign Drivers Breaking UK Motoring Law in at Least one Respect!
14.9% are SERIOUSLY at odds our motoring laws!
BLAIR WARS: Forces Making Do in Afghanistan!
Thai Sex Gang 'Made Millions' from Call Girls
The Traitors are Looking for 800,000 Foreigners to do OUR JOBS!
From outside the EU! More Africans, Asians and God knows what!
Welsh Council Bans the word "British"!
Because it's offensive! The homosexual former MP, Ron Davies, is behind the ban!
Policeman Fired for "Racist" Jibe!
Credit Crunch? Recession? Not for This pair of Muslim Money-Grubbers!
Frog Muslims, Samira and Hanan Fariad, won £10m in compensation from their City bosses!
The PC Crowd want them forgotten: The British Nationalist wants them back at the top of the heap!
89-Year-Old War Hero beaten Up in His Own Home!
Ricardo Morrison Charged with Amy's Murder Review Ordered Atfer Baby P's Death
So they've told us tha the lodger, he mother and baby were white. Now what about the "Nazi memorabilia" killer
MPs to Acknowledge that Commons is too Male and too White
'Vicar of Dibley': Clergywoman kicked out over wife-swapping and drunkenness
15-Year-Old Shot Dead in Derby
16-Year-Old Virgin Prostituted by Czech, Albanian and Turkish Pimps
The Pitayayanakul Brothers Ran 20 Brothels Across London!

They are known to have made at least £3.2m from prostitution
Ken Clarke MP: Britain is on the Brink of Meltdown
Being Old is not a Licence to be Racist!
Says the PC media skunk, Carol Midgely, condemning her grandama!
Pitbull Sicko, Liaquat Ali, Caged
"It's To Do with the Weed"!
Says a teenager over the killing of Kadeem Blackwood, 15
BLAIR WARS: 68% Think Our Troops Should Withdraw from Afghanistan within a Year
African Mam Kills her Kids
Probably thought they were witches
Iraqi NHS Doc, Bilal Abdullaa Wanted to Give Us "a Taste of Fear"
He also branded the Government 'democratically-elected murderers' - He got that bit right
UK Faces Blackouts Within 10 Years!
Because of government 'dithering' and closure of coal power plants
Smiling Schoolboy - Scowling Gangster!
Kadeem Blackwood, 15, was both (But we're only supposed to mention the one)
Sainsburys Gives Booklet on Sex Positions to 8-Year-Olds!

Melda Weeks helped her son, suspected of the murder of Amy Morrison, evade arrest
Equality Watchdog Pays Women 15% Less!
White staff also earn the most, except for Trevor Phillips of course
Bungling Cops and Government Officials Brand 12,000 Innocents!
Paedophiles, Thugs and Thieves!
Open Verdict over Hanged Tourist
Although, curiously, 6 Indians are due to stand trial for Stephen Bennett's murder
Huge Asian Gang Attacks 15-Year-Old! HIV Scare for Female Club-Goers!
The HIV-carrier's a loon - my guess is he's African. So who likes black nuts?
Black Footballer Gets 3 White Girs Pregnant at the same Time
Gabriel Agbonlahor - an absent dad of the future
Death by White Trash
The Murder of Baby P
Asian Rapes Teenager in Leicester Park
Pakistani Immigrant, Muhammad Amjad Hussain, Jailed
He was a big time drug money launderer
Illegal Immigrant, Nasser Chawki, Carried out Revolting Sex Attacks on Tube
Photofit of Sheffield Sex Attacker: He's Asian
Boateng's Wife Accused of Bullying Staff

Migrant Builders' threat to Olympic "Skills Legacy"
4 Ministers Warned Social Workers in Haringey were 'Out of Control'!
And they did sweet FA
Black Mother Who Killed her Kids Tried to Abandon Older Boy Earlier
Jamaican Illegal Immigrant 'May have Infected More than 400 Women'!
With the AIDS virus! Hands up, girls, whose been doing what the PC Crowd wants?
20,000 Jobs Lost in 4 Days!
10% of Parents think Jaffa Cakes, Chips and Cola Count as Fruit and Veg
These will be the teletubbies that voted for Tony Blair
Asian Fashion Designer Raped and Molested Young Girls
Ministers Planning Big Crackdown on Benefits

To pay for what the Blair/Brown bankers did!
BLAIR WARS: Extra 2,000 Troops to be Sent to Afghanistan
BLAIR WARS: Dead Marines Named
Robert McKibben and Neil Dunstan were killed by a roadside bomb in Helmland province
Foul Liar Says he was "Forced" into Having Sex with Hannah!
Maninder Pal Singh Kohli murdered Hannah Foster after raping her
Man Charged with Raping Two 13-Year-Olds!
The BBC doesn't bother to tell us that the "man" is Manshur Ali!
Serial Sex Attacker (Black) Jailed Indefinitely
Duwayne McCallum must serve a minimum of four years and three months
Black Teen gets 5 Years for Possession of Gun and Ammo
Binak Hasa and Jeton Jashari Deny Rape Charges
Taxi Driver, Shahjehan Islam, Jailed for Attempted Rape!
Asian Tries to Abduct Teenager!
Brazilian Immigrant Punches Ref in Face!
Polish Immigrant Assaulted Woman
Robert Tokarski was jailed for 40 Months
Ex-Druggie Wannabe Pop Star Weeps for Killer Brother
And we're all supposed to feel sorry for her!
Cops AND Robbers!
Police with theft and assault convictions allowed to stay in jobs
Chinese Fraudsters Help Immigrants Cheat on 'Britishness' Exams
German Surgeon Suspended for Stalking his Own Secretary
Claims that Mass Immigration has Benefited Economy 'Wildly Overstated' by the Government

BNP's Victory Sparks fears of Surge in Votes Across Britain

Parents Condemn BHS for Selling Sex Paraphernalia Next to Kiddie's Toys

A spokesman said it was "harmless fun". Philip Green, who owns BHS is Jewish
Hospital worker Sexually Assaulted Woman as she Lay in a Coma!
I wonder why the Mail doesn't tell us the pervert's ethnicity?
Cushy Jail is like 'Being Sent to your Room for Stabbing Someone' say Teens!
Dying "Lockerbie Bomber" Denied Bail As He Appeals His Conviction
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi had nothing to do with it. The powers-that-be fitted him and Libya up ENERGY FIRMS 'PROFIT FROM THE POOR'!
Muslim-on-Black Murder
156 of 189 Dead or Seriously Injured Children were not Protected!

Man Facing Trial for rape of a 3-Year-Old
The BBC does not mention his ethnicity
How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties
Black Red Dwarf Star Gets Community Sevice for Assault!
More Illegal Workers Slip Security Job Checks
Former Nurse, Kamila Lakhan, Jailed for Just 18 Months!

She stole £228,000 benefits and mortgage fortune to help build a secret property empire
Now MPs Want More Gays in Parliament!
Asian Muggers Leave 70-Year-Old Lady "with Horrible Facial Injuries"
Black Barrister Thrown in Jail Cell After Biting Cop
Where Elizabeth Joseph commenced 'ranting, praying and singing loudly'!
Black Women Now Outstrip Whites On Pay
3 Men Stabbed at Urban Music Awards
The Telegraph doesn't bother to tell us that the knifeman was black
Ministers want to Double Number of girls Using contraceptive Jabs and Implants!
Communist Spy Stood for Labour as a Parliamentary Candidate!
Cynthia Roberts, Agent Hammer, spied for the Czech government!
Royal Bank of Scotland Blew £30,000 on Blenheim Palace Party
Serious Violent Crime Going up NOT Down, Home Office Chief Admits
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Inadequate Screening Risks Letting Thousands of TB
Sufferers into UK!
6,800 Bullies Were Suspended from School Last Year!
Almost all of them were allowed to return!
So Much for Boateng Socialism!
Paul Boateng, Britain's first, black Cabinet Minister, is now Lording it in Cape Town
Dalai Llhama Undermined as Miliband says: China rules Tibet!
Our Foreign Secretary is a Second-Generation Immigrant Jew!
BLAIR WARS: Legal Aid For Iraqis Accused Of Killing Two British Soldiers!
Home Office Scheme Funds New Houses for Failed Asylum Seekers!
They get £6,000 each from the taxpayer if they pusg off
Homeowners to be Forced to Sell Their Land to Gypsies?
BNP Planning to Take Control of Police Through Direct Elections
French Make Britain Pay!
The Frogs say we must pay to fly Afghans home who never even got here!
The Liberal Intelligensia Did So Much to Destroy the Family!
They must share the blame for what happened to Baby P
The Serial Attacker Whose Human Rights Came First
Rapist Anthony Rice strangled and repeatedly stabbed Naomi Bryant
Two Die in Stabbing Spree
The Express hints that the stabbed and the knifemen were black
CBeebies Actor Jailed for Child Porn Offences!
Man Arrested and Locked in a cell Overnight!

He smacked his son's leg
BNP Membership Lists Revealed by THEM
UK Net Immigration up to 237,000 in 2007!
300,000 UK Visas are Being 'Wrongly Issued' Every Year!
These give the immigrant the right to enter this country
C.Diff 'a Factor in More Deaths' than are Recorded on Death Certificates!
Dr Mitra Nikkhah Denies the Manslaughter of David Townsend
Child Abuse Lessons Not Learned!
54% of Adults now Believe that British Kids "Behave Like Animals"!
Who was in charge of our our society whilst our kids were degenerating thus?
8 out of 10 Social Workers Support Baby P Sackings
77-Year-Old Grandma Tortured and Battered to Death

Who made this society? Not the British Nationalist!
Dr Jaydeep Mandal Pierced Sally Thompson's Jugular Veib and She Died!
Sally was just 20
Homeless Couple (English) to Spend Winter camping in a Graveyard!
£2.4m a Year to House 16 Families in Large Private Homes
I bet those THEY are housing thus are not English!
She Went to a Nightclub Alone and Got Drunk

Then Udi Yamini Raped her
DJ Rod Lucas is sacked after appearing on BNP membership list!
Another Victim of the Leaked BNP List!
Four At-Risk Children Die From Abuse Every Week

95% Of Violence Victims Do Not Seek Compensation
Jack Straw's Justice Dept doesn't tell them about it
Asian A-Grade Student Turned Triad Murdered Michael McGrath
577,000 Immigrants Came to Live Here in 2007! 591,000 Came in 2006!
Supermarkets Are Cheating Shoppers Says Which!
White Girl Stabbed To Death In Bedroom After Horrific Attack 'By Her Boyfriend'
Public Services Cannot Cope With Immigration Flows
MI6 Launches Ethnic Minority Recruitment Drive

Three Quarters Of Brits Unable To Name Great Britain's Three Countries!
Asian Taxi Driver Attacks Passenger with Hammer!
Teenager Murdered for Writing a Love Letter
This is what those who hate us have been importing for the last 50 years
Osama Junior's asylum bid binned
Ashok Kalyanjee Murdered his Two Little Boys
The boys' mother, The boys' mother Giselle Ross, is British
Apparent Lynx tells you not to use too much in confined spaces. Did you know this?
Sack Strictly judges Says Cabinet Minister
Jim Murphy is after the popular vote. He wouldn't get mine for all the tea in China
Rural Communities Are 'Struggling To Adapt' To Influx Of Migrants, Says Charles
Fury Over £100million Plan For Hundreds Of Gipsy Sites Across The Country!
EU Is Costing Britain £106K A MINUTE - That's £900 For Each Man, Woman And Child In The UK

40% of Convicts Involved in Prisoner Scandal Told They Can Stay Here!
10,000 Britons Die Needlessly Every Year As GPs With Out-Of-Date Training Miss Vital Cancer Symptoms Pentagon wants Our Troops Redeployed from Iraq to Afghanistan!
"Holocaust" Denier Wins German Extradition Fight
Iranian Millionaire Stole Pages out of British Library Manuscripts
Farhad Hakimzadeh cut pages out of countless priceless ancient manuscripts
'Firebomb attack' at BNP member's house
BIG BROTHER: Teachers Check Kids' Underwear!
To make sure they are wearing the right colour bras and pants
Man of Middle Eastern Appearance Raped Another Man on New Year's Day
Asian Restaurant Staff Gang-Raped Customer
Prince Ahmed, Mohammed Kashem and Sibbir Ahamed are accused of the attack York's Mogul restaurant
Volcker Issues Dire Warning on Slump
Yet Another Jew who was head of the Fed Res telling us where THEY went wrong
Many of them have never had a proper job in their lives and they include plenty who previously belonged to Communist organisations!
Hazek Blears admits: "Where the BNP wins votes, it is often a result of local political failure"
Eastern Europeans Sought After Cemetary Rape
GANG RAPE! She was 14-Years Old, White and a VirginAnd then she was raped the Kingzhold Boyz! Schools Fined Millions for Expelling Violent Pupils!
Who Would be Part of the BNP?
Well, most Brits would, if Nationalism hadn't been lied about for the last 70 years
Prisoners are Being Offered IVF Treatment!
Prince Andrew takes a Holiday with Gun Smuggler How Minister Cashed in on Contacts
Stephen Ladyman, another pig with his snout in the trough
£2million Cost of Junkie's 14 Kids
One by one they got put into care
Al-Qaeda Convicts Stage 30 Jail Bomb Plots The Government is Losing its Battle to Curb School Bullying
The government ISN'T BATTLING - that's why!
Speak out Charles, our Teenage Politicians Never Will Stop charging us for gas and electricity we haven't used Britain's energy suppliers are sitting on a £4billion cash pile they have taken from customers' bank accounts without their consent
BNP Activist Tortured by Police?
And the Problem that Must be stamped out...
Black Councillor Denies Benefit Fraud
Kenyan Ambassador Admits Obama Born in Kenya
Muslim Fanatics Hijack British Prison!
Wigger Nut Murders His Entire Family!
String him up! String up the white guy who murdered the blacks!
Lewish Hamilton Gets His Own Set Of Stamps

Unlike all the white Formula 1 Champs that went before!
Once it was a Mark of Shame - Now it's a Badge of Pride!
Being mixed-race, that is. Yep, that's what THEY want us to think alright
Mehrdad Arasteh Insisted that a Trainee Dentist Sat with her Legs Wide Open
Whilst he sat between her open thighs!
Sean Downs Murdered Nathan Westhead
But got just 2.5 years for manslaughter
Former Territorial Soldier Jailed for 5 Years!
Phillip Peter Kent, a memorabilia collector owned a decommissioned WWII rifle
Migrants Boost UK Population by 1.8million!
A leading Think Tank insists they need extra rights!
Number Of Migrants Coming Into The UK Is Rising!
Islam 4UK makes the BNP seem like Tinkerbell when it comes to violent bigotry and prejudice!
Labour peer Lord Ahmed to be charged over fatal 'text message' crash on Christmas Day
New Labour's Lord Desai Calls for Disestablishment of the Church of England
That's your grateful immigrant for you
300,000 Foreigners Wrongly Allowed Into UK Every Year
Three Arrested In Human Trafficking Crackdown
Asylum-Seeker Charities Are Just Playing The System, Says Woolas
Four At-Risk Children Die From Abuse Every Week!

In New Labour Wonderland!
95% Of Violence Victims Do Not Seek Compensation
Two thirds are unaware they are eligible. Jack Straw's Justice Ministry doesn't tell them!
577,000 Foreigners Came TO STAY in 2007!
591,000 CAME IN 2006!
Servant Of The Queen 'Outed' On BNP Membership List
Oriental Grammar Schoolboy Turned Triad and Murdered Michael McGrath
McGrath let a Triad gang hide drugs in his home but had been helping himself
Immigration by Numbers
If you want your country back VOTE FOR A BRITISH NATIONALIST
Supermarkets are Cheating Shoppers says WHICH MAGAZINE!
Why are we not surprised?
Teenage Girl Stabbed To Death In Bedroom
I wonder who Jane Treasure's irate boyfriend was?
What Does the Leaked List Reveal?
John Rentoul's snide appraisal
Chris Keates is the General Secretary of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women teachers Public Services Cannot Cope with Immigration Flows!
MI6 Launches Ethnic Minority Recruitment Drive!
Nosey Top Cops Looking Closely at BNP List!
Less Than a Quarter of "Brits" Know How Many Countries make up Great Britain!
"Education, education, education", eh Tony? I call it dumbing-down
UK Cops Did Not Tell Albanian authorities of Sex Abuse at Orphanage!
David Brown, for whom they covered, was found guilty of "sexual relations" with minors
TOMMY Bristol Couple Tied Up and Robbed in Own Home
By "four big, black guys"
Top Security Muslim Prisoners Get £3,500 Curry Treat!
Global Think Tank says Immigrant Workers Need Extra Rights!
Jail for Nazi Jews!
Law Firms Help Asylum Seekers Submit FAKE Claims!
Maaureen Lippman Admits Using Drugs
Lippman is Jewish
5 Muslims Caught Sneaking into Britain IN A LORRY LOAD OF HAM!
Their religion forbids them from contact with pork
Blair's Former Science Minister to Give New Labour ANOTHER £2m!
That £22m so far by my reckoning! Lord Sainbury is Jewish
Black Man Tries to Abduct 15-Year-Old

Head of the Roman Catholic Church in England Backs Illegal Immigrant Amnesty
Cormac Murphy O'Connor is Irish. Another foreigner trying to destriot England
Penzance Pensioner Threatened with Eviction

He answered a questionairre too honestly and was told his "forcefully stated opinions will not be tolerated". Mother and Daughter who stumbled on open air gay sex told to 'use a different path' by Cops
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Muslim Solicitor Rakes in the Cash Take Down the Scottish Flag - it's Racist!
We've had complants says Fife Council! Who from, say I?
Remember How We Were Todl the Serbs Were the Bad Guys?

Apparently the Kosovan Albanians Harvested the Organs of Hundreds of Serbs!
Pensioner Raped Pensioner IN SOUTH LONDON!
I guess we know what ethnicity Verley Gordon is then
Lecturer Died at Ill-Equipped Treatment Centre
Dr John Hubley was in for a routine operationBBC Girl Shot Dead Hours after Arriving in Somalia!
Kate Peyton feared BBC bosses would not renew her contact if she didn't accept the dangerous posting! Strictly Judges Face the Axe!
BBC fears viewing figures will plummet after Sergeant's exit!
Death Threats as BNP Members are Named!
Maninder Pal Singh Kohli Found Guilty of Hannah's rape and Murder
Wigger Murdered his Black Family
Asians Charged with Manslaughter of their Baby
Black Gang Attack Woman
Lord Lester v Sean Gabb London's Most wanted Robbers!
What a surprise! Most of them are first and second-generation immigrants!!
Boy George Wanted Sex with Rent Boy Despite Him Being HIV-Positive!
Boy George has a Jewish Star of david tattooed on his bald pate
Disabled Man Mugged by Two Blacks
And he gets taken to court for describing them in "derogatory terms"!
BIlly Bragg "Gleefully" Toasts the Release of BNP Membership Details!

Maninder Pal Singh Kohli Raped and Murdered 17-Year-Old Hannah
What Enriching Career Criminal, Ishi Malik, Said to the Paramedic
Aren't Artist's Impressions Supposed to Help Catch Criminals?
Then how come so many black/Asian crims seem so white?

Says Stephen Hockman, QC! I bet Hockman's Jewish
Asian Dragged from Tube Train by Cops
Union in Secret Deal to Save New Labour from Bankruptcy!
Teenage Muggers and burglars to be LET OFF if They Say Sorry!
The crime won't even appear on their record! You couldn't make it up!
Massacre In Mumbai: Britons Feared Dead Or Held Hostage
Experts Warn Of 'Catastrophic' Drop In School Science Standards!
Police Chief Ali Dizaei Could Face Charges Over Arrest Of Man At Restaurant
Labour MP Attacks Violent and Broken Society
Frank Field harks back to 'Golden Age' of the 1950s (before they brought most of the aliens in)
Blair Gives Cash to New Labour!
Those he took care of have bunged him £12m snice he left office!
A Report on Ali Dizaei's Conduct is Passed to the CPS!
15-Year-Old Schoolgirl's Immigrant Parents Charged with Her Murder
Black Archbishop Doesn't like Immigration Minister Talking Tough!
PC Crowd Orders Nurses Not To Call Patients 'Love'!
Akim Adelaja Kept 11 Pitbulls in a One Bedroom Flat!
Black Gang Sexually Assault Woman in Bristol
Rat Infested Curry House Closed - Salam Uddin Fined
Unemployment in Barnsley Soars by 60%
19-Year-Old Stabbed in Unprovoked Murder Bid
The cops are looking for 3 "dark-skinned" individuals
Another Croydon Murder 19-Year-Old Raped by Bogus taxi Driver
The Cops are looking for a middle-aged Asian
BLAIR WARS: 2 More British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Cops Spend £30,000 On Flip Flops!

So Drunken Girls Can Walk Home Safely!
Brits Troubled by Drunks, Noise and Drugs
Between December and March 25,300 Died Because of the COLD in England and Wales
2,000 Sex Offenders (Including Rapists And Paedophiles) Escape With A Caution Freedom Of Religion Does Not Give Right To Flout Country's Laws!
Says EU Court As Ban On Sikh Wearing Turban In ID Pics is backed
Asian Doc Treated Daughters of 'British Fritzl' for 20 years
Thakur Singh failed to spot any abuse
Support for Gordon Brown Plummets
Frontbench Tory MP Arrested Over Leaks
The Thought Police Had Damian Green in Custody for 9 hours
Councillor Kills Neighbours' Pet Dog Black Savage Detained for Bottling Soldier
18-year-old Wilfred Makaza had previous convictions for shoplifting, assault and attempted robbery
Just Hours after Grace met him She had been Raped, Stabbed and Strangled
Nigerian, Kristoff Emmanual Alauya, arrived here 2 days before he killed
Rev Martin Tullet's Child Porn Shame
African Hugger Muggers on the Rampage
Black, Gun-Toting Drug Dealers Jailed

"Strenuous Efforts": How Labour and the SNP Court the Asian Businessman
You don't even have to read between the lines to see who the politicians care about most
Whose Side is New Labour on - The Criminal or the Victim?
These statistics say it all!
The BNP Won't Divide or Rule! OR ELSE!
Says Asim Siddiqi and Adrian Cohen! Be afraid, folks! Cohen and Siddiqi have spoken!
Black Burglars who Pointed Gun at Little Girl Jailed

MP Damian Green's crime was to reveal truths Labour didn't want you to know
British Muslim, Mohammed Abushamma, admits terror charge
Be careful not to offend gay worshippers, Catholic priests warned
FraudsterAccused by Judge of 'deliberately' getting pregnant to avoid prison - then Allowed to Walk Free

Four Years' Jail for Gem Scam Man
Patrick Dlodlo had been convicted of the same scam 18 months earlier
Charges Over BNP Leaflets
The thought police couldn't make anything stick!
South Africa 'at Risk of Cholera'
Investment in the water quality has fallen sharply since 1980s (When the white folk were in charge)
Care 'Failing the Terminally Ill' Army Spy Jailed for Ten Years
Daniel James aka Esmail Mohammed Beigi Gamasai is an Iranian immigrant
East European Rape Woman in Southport Black Muggers Attack Pregnant Woman
She gave birth in the street immediately afterwards
Foreigner Sought for Knife Attack on Young Woman
Steven Maillard is Swiss and is thought to be using his victim's car
Top Lib Dem Donor Stole £36m from Clients!
Michael Brown is still on the run
Mandelson Says New Labour Not Dead Speaker Martin Must Go!
MPs Unite in call to get rid of Michael Martin
Mental Illness Risk Rises 30% for Women Who Have Abortions
Drug Firms Block Cheap Medicine!

Geldof Magazine Boasts of "Wind-up calls to the BNP"

The Henry Paulson Eclipse Could Be the Global Turning Point

UK 'Closer' to Adopting the Euro
Woman Gives Birth After Assault by BLACKS
Store Worker Crushed to Death as 2,000 Frenzied Bargain Hunters Smash Through Doors

Damian Green Is Accused of Orchestrating Up To 20 Leaks

And Jacqui Smith claims to know nothing
Promotion for PC Angela Cornes Who Ignored Victim Banaz Mahmod
Man Seen Carrying Gun Shot Dead Near Guildford Cathedral
Was he probably black?
What DID Jacqui Smith Know? Now Even the Cabinet Turns on Home Secretary
The Labour Heartlands Where Figures Reveal That Half The Population Relies on the State for a Job
Arrest...or Assault? Judge's Disgust After Soldier Is Held Down And Hit EIGHT Times
Union chief 'Demanded £100,000' To Leave Grace-And-Favour London Flat
Blacks Jailed for 15 Serious Sexual Assaults on 5 Schoolgirls
Text-Message Peer Could Face Jail After Death Crash
Lord Ahmed was reponsible for a man's death
Labour Supporter Arrested for Attack on BNP Member's House
Immigrant Assembly Member Wants Boris's Man to Come Clean
£250,000 of Waltham Council Money Disappears into Thin Air
Emran Hussan Murdered his Wife
DR Parag Bhatt Denies Sexually Assaulting 6 Patients
Cheating Asian Wife Stabbed Husband
Frog, Kristofer Beddar, Stabbed 14-Year-Old Jessica Knight 20 Times
Black Savagery in the USA
Racism and Xenophobia: The EU will Soon Jail You for up to 3 Years
This is code for anyone telling truths the EU doesn't want told will be imprisoned
Historical Revisionism Muslim Prayer Rooms Should be Opened in Catholic Schools!
Say Church Leaders
Lib Dem Councillor Jailed for Grooming 13-Year-Old
Morris Lightfoot is a former Deputy Mayor
An Asian and Two Black Gang Rapists Jailed for 54 Years
Cops to Swap Roles with Asians to Become More Sensitive!

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