Daily News - June & July 2009

Jamaican Double Cop Killer to be Released after only 7 Years!
Gay Asian Set Fire to British Boyfriend

Kai Orgles Stabbed Syden Pearson to Death

Hunt for Bangladeshi Killer, Abdul Salam

Asian Murders White Man, Almost Murders Another - Jury says Manslaughter

Christopher Folkes Murdered by Asians
Asian Who Stomped on White Man's Head Charged with Murder
Mansoor Ahmed Murdered White Woman by Stomping on her Head
Sandy Daniel Stabbed Fiona Newton to Death

Double Murderer, Mohammed Ali, Jailed For Life

David Grabowski Charged with Murder

Schoolboy's Killers Facing Life

He Died After Being Kicked in the Head by Asians
African Kills OAP
Murdered for Confronting Drug Gang that Supplied His Brother

Kandeepan Balasubrahaniam "Manslaughtered" Craig Marshall

Mark Daniels Murdered by Elroy Otway and Unknown Gunman

Legal Lunancy let Balazs Asztalos kill a little girl!

Katsiaryna Komar Charged With Murder
Ginatautas Psenaska Accused of Landlady's Murder

Lynden Forrester Jailed For Killing Young Mum

Drunken Belgian Hit-and-Run Driver Jailed for 6 Years

Asian Admits Killing Mum-of-3

Kidnapped Tourist Edwin Dyer Beheaded by Muslims
Beza Mbeboh Admits Killing Diplomat Dad
Young Girl 'Starved To Death By Mother And Step-Father'
Police release e-fit of Rapist and Murderer
Asian Killer 'May Have Raped Two More'

Arnold T. Ross charged with Murder and Rape of 8 month old Baby
'Night Stalker' Serial Rapist Strikes 9 Times in Fortnight

Muslim Rapes 13-Year-Old Virgin
Woman Raped and Robbed by Marek Musial
Pakistani Charity Worker, Sohail Ayaz, Admits Raping Boy
Mohamed Nasr and Mubaraj Abdulwali Charged with Raping 15-Year-Olds

Asians Dragged 'Random' Victim into Car and Raped Her

Javed Iqbal Charged with Raping woman in Ice Cream Van
Girl Raped by Black Man Black
Boy Arrested in Rape Inquiry

Black Savages Rape and Torture Couple

Man Raped by “Dark-Skinned” Cabbie
5 Immigrants Charged with Rape

Asian Raped Woman with Learning Difficulties
Four years for Rapist
Police seek Nigerian for Rape
Woman Raped in Cheetham Hill
Teacher Blames School for Putting Her in way of Rapist
Rapist, Nachman Stal, to be Extradited

13-Year-Old Raped by at Least a Dozen Men!

'Creepy Young Negroes' Rape Teenagers

Huseyin Cobanoglu: Savage Turkish Rapist Jailed
"Blonde with Blue Eyes" Raped by Immigrant
6 Muslims Groomed and Raped Young Girl
Adebayo Awosabya Raped Woman in Nightclub Toilet

Somali Immigrant Gets 10 Years for 5 Counts of Rape
Taxi Driver, Baber Khan, Jailed for Sex Assaults
Failed Asylum Seeker Jailed for Rape
Javid Iqbal on Rape Charge
Achim Ferar Jailed for Rape

Asian Sex Attackers Raped 16-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint

Sadistic Rapist, Justin Georges, Faces Life Sentence

18-Year-Old Teaching in India 'Raped by Taxi Drivers'

Donovan Smith charged with car park Rape

Timofey Yarmak in Court over Alley Rape
Abdelsalam Hassan tries to Rape 14-Year-Old at Knifepoint

Police Errors 'Left Football Coach Rapist Free to Attack Women for 4 Years'

Appeal for Dark Skinned Man after Sex Assault

Asian Jailed for just 6 weeks for Sex Assault

Woman Sexually Assaulted by Asian Taxi Driver

12-Year-Old Sexually Molested

Asian Sex attacker still at large after CCTV blunder
Black Serial Sex Attacker Facing Jail

Tongue bitten off during attempted Rape
Girl, 14, fights off Dark Skinned Sex Attacker

73-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted by Asian

Asians Charged with Sexual Offences Against Schoolgirls
Police issue E-Fit of Ipswich sex attacker

Sex Attacker, Ekene Anoliefo, Jailed For 12 Years

Asian Exposes Himself to 12-Year-Olds

E-Fit Released of Sex Attacker
Black Sex Attacker's Sentence Reviewed
Hidden Surge in Classroom Sex Attacks

8-Months Pregnant she was Assaulted by Asian Pervert

Dr Chetan Somaiya Found Guilty of Patient Sex Assaults

Violent Black Train Robber Jailed

16 of the world's most wanted men are on the run in the UK

The Children as Young as 7 Forced to Carry Knives for Gangs
Dangerous Foreign Paedophile is Jailed
Zimbabweans Jailed after £1m Fraud 

International Manhunt Nets Paedophile Balazs Asztalos
Heroin Smuggler, Samantha Orobator, Jailed For Life in Laos
Woman 'Tried To Smuggle Cocaine Worth £40,000 Into UK Under Her Wig'
Illegal Immigrant, Rakhi Shahi, Guilty Of Biggest Visa Scam Seen Here

Asian Cricket Team Attack White Umpire

An Illegal Immigrant, His Two Wives and Britain's Biggest Ever Visa Scam
Black Woman calls Man 'White Pig' - HE gets Arrested!

40-strong Black Gang Terrorise Estate
Kardw Rustam Guilty of Indecent Assault
Father Attacked by 15 Asians
Rizwan Munir Dragged Shop Worker into Street at Knifepoint

Asian Thugs Threaten to Shoot Unarmed WPC
4 Serbs, 3 Jews and 3 Asians Convicted of Drug Smuggling

Table Tennis Champ Jailed For Sex Abuse
Champion Golfer Attacks Rival With 8-Iron
Terror Suspect 'Staked Out Mall'
Asian 'Pizza' People Smugglers Jailed

Asians Jailed for £650,000 Drug Smuggling Operation

Asian Drug Smugglers Jailed for 16.5 Years

Mum-of-2, Asima Faisal, claimed for 15 children she didn't have!
Ashley Burnel Gets 18 Years for Attempted Murder
Failed Asylum-Seeker, Hossein Hosseini, Shone Laser at Plane

Black Teen Roasted her Ex-Roommates Kitten in Oven!
My £440,000 Home Ruined By Gypsies
Police Hunt Black Muggers

Woman sexually assaulted by Asian

Pakistani Heroin Smugglers Jailed

Muslim Mum claimed benefit for 15 fake children

Negro sentenced for frenzied knife attack
Asian Masked Man Shoots at Wedding Car 
Hushen Ali Racially Abused Woman in Wheelchair
Black Gang Jailed for Kidnapping Woman

Britain's Most Prolific Phone Sex Pest, Badredean Barbar, Jailed

Six Black Men Jailed over Gun Plots

Junaid Abuhamza Struck Children
British Dad in Coma After He Was Hurled Off Balcony by Spanish Mob
'We Should Have Had Victim Raped,' Said Girl Gang Thug
Couple Beaten in Asian Road Rage Attack
Elroy Otway Jailed for Life for Shooting

Quarter Of Men in South Africa Admit Rape Survey Finds
Asian Student Sentenced Over Terror Bid
Pensioners Battered to a Pulp by 4 Asian Men
Woman, 89, Attacked by Asian/Eastern European Men
Asian Gang Charged with Attempted Murder of White People
Asian Man Tries To Abduct Boy Aged 10

15-year-old Schoolboy Battered and Slashed by 3 Blacks
African girls lured to vice by voodoo
Gang Rape: Is it a Race Issue?

89-Year-Old Woman Attacked by Asian Gang

Seized By Throat - Woman Who Asked For A PC's ID
Sons of Asian Councillor Smash Teeth of Teenage Girl
CCTV Images of Blacks Released in High Street Stabbing Inquiry
Conviction of Gypsy Family Reduces Crime Rate in County to 20-Year Low
Daniel and Matthew Mykoo Guilty Of Serial Muggings

Asian Gang Jailed After 'L' Car Pursuit
Asian Armed Robbers get 14 Years
'British' Baby-Stangling Mum Freed by Greek Court
East Europeans Jailed for Passport Fraud
Oxford's Most Wanted Criminal to Feature on TV

Charlotte Church's Black Ex Faces Heroin Charge

Black Savage Gets Life for Amy's Murder
Stockwell Strangler Wins Appeal: Convictions Reduced to Manslaughter
Filipino Immigrant Chops Off Patrick McGee's's Head

Black "Double Jeopardy" Killer Jailed for Life
Lying, Asian Drunk Left Girlfriend to Burn
Samuel Johnson and Andre Sampson Charged With Double Murder
Black Rapper Who Killed White Producer Gets 30 Years
Lotto Williams and Chris Joseph Charged with Jourdan Griffiths' Murder
Black Teenagers Cleared of Ben Hitchcock's Murder!
David Alberto Charged with the Murder of 64-Year-Old
John Joyce
Samuel Johnson and Andre Sampson Charged with Murder of White Men
Mossab Belhocine Battered David Cooper to Death
Ola Akiniyi and Adeshina Oniwinde Stabbed Ryan Whyche 11 Times
Failed Asylum Seeker who Murdered David Cooper Jailed for 24 Years
Mustaf Jama denies murdering Sharon Beshenivsky
Temman Dias on Trial Accused of Strangling Battersea Women

Abdinasir Hassan Killed Waiter For 'No Reason'
Adam Chadwick Murder - Blacks Arrested

Egyptian "Animal Raped 14-Year-Old: 50-Year-Old Mum Committed Suicide
Kulvinder Ram Stabbed Michelle Emery 17 Times!
Family and Friends defend Black Killer
Bulgarian Killed Young Motorcyclist

Marcin Orlowski Charged with Murder of Martin Highwood, 79
Black Hit-and-Run Killer gets Just 3.25 Years
Mathsar and Choudry Hussain Jailed for Hit-and-Run Death of Thomas Dolan
Brit Wife Suffers Frenzied Knife Attack by Tunisian Husband
20 years Jail for Asian who deliberately ran over White Father
Parents of Murdered Teen Leave the Country
Sasikala Navaneethan Cut her Children's Throats!
Daiva Pupeliene jailed for killing husband

The Black Savage Who Lured Her Boyfriend to His Death
4-month-old baby died: Chana Al-Alas and Rohan Wray arrested
Lu Yao Jai and Ji Pend Charged with Car Boot Murders
African Wife, 29, Accused of Murdering Millionaire British husband, 76!
Asian Cop Checked Files on Killer Brother
Kriss Donald accused 'too scared to name real killers'
Ryan Musgrove shot dead by masked gunman on a mountain bike

Glen Rycroft battered his Gay Lover to Death
Transsexual Serving Life Wants Move to Women's Prison
Home Counties Prostitution Ring Broken Up By Police Raids

African Carer Admits Vile Sex Attack on Pensioner 
£10m heroin haul found in Charlotte Church’s ex-boyfriend's house
Serial Pervert Ejaculates over sleeping Ballet Dancer
Drug Dealer Jailed For Kitchen Knife Attack

Romanian Gypsy Hits Policeman Using a Year-old Baby as Weapon!
Black Gang Rapists' Sentences Increased
Illegal Immigrant Deported For Sex Attacks Returned To UK
Teacher 'Linked To Drugs, Guns And Criminals'

Teenage Gangster Poses 'Eating' Cash With Knife And Fork
Black Gun Courier Gets 3 Years
Iraqi Rapist Almost Cut Man's Face Off
Burglars Terrorise Grandparents and 3-Year-Old Grandson
Huseyin Cakmak Convicted of Raping 17-Year-Old Boy
Knife-Mugger Marlon Batticks Jailed for 10 Years
Peeping Tom, Mohammed Gulfraz Razaq, off to the Nuthouse
Pants Sniffer, Karim Bourouba Admits Owning a Gun
79-Year-Old Sexually Assaulted by Red-Haired Asian
Raj Mohammed Shabir Denies Offences of Sexual Activity with a Child
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black in Newcastle
Man Steals Interior Designer's Rolex
African Drug Smuggler, Edwin Atuegwu Mbonu, Jailed for 6 Years
Nigerian Care-Home Worker Suspended After Sex Assault
Attempted Murder of teenage White Boy: 9
Asians in Court
Ricardo Tavares "Viciously Attacked" Loving Couples
Asian "Beast" Repeatedly Raped Woman
Laimonas Bendzius Raped 14-Year-Old at Knifepoint
Iraqi Immigrant Has Sex with 12-Year-Old, Says its OK!
Antonio Domingos Baraken Charged with Raping Little Girl
Sri Lankans Jailed for Rape
Black Man Sexually Assaults 20-Year-Old
Muslim Paedo, Sohail Ayaz, Worked for Children's Charity
Fat Asian Tries to Kidnap 15-Year-Old
Sikh Firebombers not Keen on Sister marrying a Hindu!
Cops Hunting "Tanned" Sex Attacker
Black Rapist Meets Cameron at Memorial Event!
Black Rapist Jailed for 7.5 Years
Immigrant Serial Sex Attacker Caged
Sikh Fraudsters Caught by Own Video
Black Law Student Cheated her way out of a Big Bill
Asian Accountant Hurls Acid in Courtroom Attack
Black Gang Attacks Man with Machete
Asian Punched Young Woman before Sexual Attack
Bungling Career Crim, Ali Waliyat, Sentenced Next Month

Cops want to Speak to Gerome Campbell about Sex Assault
Teacher Keith Ogunsola Sexually Assaulted 4 Schoolgirls
Ahmed Charmaga and the Tawfiq Brothers Scammed £600,000
Kazi Razak Raped Woman Repeatedly
Kandeepan Balasubrahaniam Slashed Open Craig Marshall's Stomach
Black 'Strangler' Wins Murders Appeal
Drug Mule, Kayti Dryer, Found With £83,000 Of Cocaine
Mohammed Abdur Rashid Claimed £90k Benefits for Mother Living Abroad
Jamaican Dealer's Human Rights Plea: I'm an undeportable Lesbian! 
Cop 'Attacked by 40-Strong Mob
Khalil Mohammed Charged with Attempted Murder
Lithuanian Immigrant Accused of Raping an 86-Year-Old
Black Solicitor Jailed for Seven Years
Asian Robs Post Office Dressed as a Woman
Biker Pulls Gun On Police Officer
Girl Is ‘Gang Raped’ After School Prom

Fraudulent failed Asylum Seeker Queen Hanson Jailed
Black Sex Attacker, Leon Henry, Banned from Town

Teenager Brutally Mugged by gang of 20 Blacks

Abdirahman Said Galayr in Axe Attack

Asian faces two Sex Assault charges
Jason Khalili Jailed for Slashing Staffie's Throat
Asian Taxi Driver, Abid Mehmood, Gets 7.5 Years for Rape

Police hunt Black Gang after Violent Robbery

Asians Rape and Sexually Abuse Teenager
Taxi Driver, Abid Mehmood, Jailed for 7.5 years for Aylesbury rape

Kulbinder Kumar’s Sexual Assault on Girl at Bus Stop

Muslim ex-public schoolboy Gets 10 years: Guilty of Suicide Bomb Plot

3 Mohammeds Jailed for Sex Abuse of 14-Year-Old
Serial rapist, Jawid Armani, to be Sentenced
Faizan Mujahid Shut Up in Nuthouse for Rape of Disabled Woman
Mauro Patrice Lopes Jailed for Rape of 89-Year-Old Pensioner
Chinese Woman Came here to Study: Ends Up Running Brothel
Gun Culture Sweeps Through Sheffield Estates
Jayesh Parmar Groped Woman Whilst on Phone to Wife
Asians Shout White Trash at Social Worker
Asian Heroin Dealer Blames Free Drugs
Congolese Asylum-Seekers in "Massive Benefits Racket"
Alex Declan Waldron Sliced Off Man's Ear!"
20-Strong Gang Attacked 16-Year-Old

Younis Abdulahi Said Was Not Jailed!
12-Year-Old Girl Robbed and Assaulted by Asians
Woman Assaulted by Black in Ilford
Muslim Rapes 14-Year-Old in City Park
Calais Immigrants Ambush Britons in 'Highway Robberies'
Illegal Immigrant Could be Out in 8 Years!
Teenager Sexually Assaulted by Asian
Latvian Immigrant Denies Rape and Wounding with Intent
11-Year-Old Repeatedly Raped by Black Men
Black Man Indecently Assaults 27-Year-Old
Israel Mukucha Admits the Attempted Murder of Fallon Fraser
Black Man Left Baby with Broken Bones
Have You Seen Croydon's Most Wanted Burglar?
Cops Hunt Romanian Mugger
Black Thug Gets Restraining Order
WPC's Somali Killer Jailed for Life
Naked Asian Assaults 19-Year-Old Woman in Hotel
Asad Mohamed Charged with 16 Counts of Rape
Iraqi Doctor who Attacked Pregnant Woman blames Menopause

White Man Brutally Beaten in Unprovoked Attack by Blacks

Asian Munshar Ali convicted of Raping Teenagers

Rapist Struck Twice after he should have been deported

Rap Music Producer Forced Clamper to free his car at Gunpoint

Man Attacked by 10 Asian Thugs with Baseball Bat

Asian Sex Attackers Caged for Knifepoint Rape of Teen
Child molester Aliyow Sharif-Diyad Jailed for 15 years

African Sex Assault Teacher Denies Abusing 4 School Girls

Police Hunt Women who 'Took a Dump' on Bus

Girl, 13, quizzed over machine gun

Cheating wife faces 'honour killing'

Driver badly hurt in gang attack
Asian human-traffickers two-year sentence
Munshar Ali Raped 13-Year-Olds
Two seriously injured in stabbing: 10 black youths involved 
Attempted murder victim suffers life changing injuries
Asian Guilty of Racial Stabbing of White Neighbour

Drug dealer Venode Kumal Mohan sent to prison for 6 years

Race lawyer 'stole' thousands of pounds from clients

Parenting guru's career in ruins after biting shopkeeper
Drug Dealer, Venode Kumal Mohan, Gets 6 Years
This "Vile", Black Savage Will Never Face Justice
Tony Arabsibia Raped and Cut Throat of Witness
Kebab Shop Worker Found with Gun, Silencer and Ammunition
Rape in Abington Park
Asian Tailor, Muhammand Asif, Gropes Woman During Dress Fitting
Violent, Black Newsreader, Ashley Blake Attacked 17-Year-Old
Homosexual, Nelson Sabian, NOT Jailed for Sex Attack!
Sachmo Quain Guilty of Terror Zone v Stick Up Kids Shooting
Teenager Stabbed 5 Times by Black Savages
Jamaican Drug Dealer, Lucien McClearley, Jailed for 2 Years
"Save the Children" Paedo gets just 4 Years!
Gypsy Raped Disabled Woman in her home
Police release e-fit of Black sex attacker

Asian Burglars who raided 12 Blackburn homes jailed

Teen Boy Sexually Attacked by Brazilian

Black Brothers jailed for supplying gun gangs

E-fit released of Black Burglar

Asians Attack Man with Baseball Bat

Teenage girl escapes abduction attempt by Foreigner

African ticket inspector used Passengers bank details to Buy Goods

Asian drug dealer Ahmed Khan claimed he was a vigilante

Man hit with a baseball bat and robbed by blacks

Mum who told thugs to be quiet suffers bleach attack

59-Year-Old Assaulted by Asian
"The Most Horrifying Attempted Rape"!
Was Young Girl Forced to Marry Illegal Immigrant Who Raped Her?
12-Year-Old Girl Shot by Blacks!
Chinese Immigrant Drug Gang Jailed
Asians Sought for Hammer Attack
Pensioner's Black Mugger Sought!
18-Year-Old Stabbed in Attack by Five Asians 
21-Year-Old Raped in Broad Daylight

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