Daily News - January 2009

Blears concern for 'ignored poor'
Trusting shopkeeper keeps store open on day off... and leaves customers a note and honesty box
Boozy Britain's bloody New Year: A 999 call every seven seconds in alcohol-induced mayhem
Benefits Make Parents Better Off
IF THEY DECIDE TO SPLIT! Our politicians have betrayed us
Britain 'to take in foreign terror suspects so Obama can close Guantanamo Bay'

Pink plague: Stores are accused of making girls' toys just in pink to encourage pester power

BLAIR WARS: UK soldier killed in Afghanistan

England rugby star faces assault charge
The Tongan-born winger made his England debut in last year's Six Nations tournament. Lesley Vainikolo Shops 'sell knives' to children
Two-year-olds 'to be screened for speech problems'
Poor teachers fuelling 'loathing of books'
School ban will keep junk food 400 metres from pupils
Peter Mandelson's return to Cabinet delays list of ministers' interests

Demeaning? They don't know the meaning
Two arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after mass brawl
The new £4.7m school that won't call itself a 'school'... because it has 'negative connotations'

Amir Khan's £50,000 Car gets Samashed Up
British telecom firm severs ties with Israeli counterparts
Teenage offenders treated to exotic Hawaiian party - funded by taxpayers' cash

A century after its birth, is the state pension on its last legs?

Dead woman, 83, found taped up

NHS Squanders Millions on Agency Staff!
The NHS is paying up to £128 AN HOUR for agency nurses!
Whitehall is failing to count the 170,000 extra migrant workers in the UK
The Blunkett Bobbies who solve just one crime every four years
Frail pensioners could be fitted with electronic tags to save money on night cover

Views of 3,100 middle England residents on gipsy camps rejected... They were deemed 'racist'

The new £4.7m school that won't call itself a 'school'... because it has 'negative connotations'
Teenage Pregnancies Triple in Leafy Suburbs!
That New Labour's sex education campaign for you
Muslim bank manager suing former HBOS managers for sex and race discrimination
British Muslims fighting alongside Taliban, commanders claim
Chancellor Alistair Darling on brink of second bailout for banks

Hate preacher Omar Bakri instructs followers to convert aliens to Islam

A White View of Life in the UK
White People are Ill-at-ease, Marginalised, Angry and Ignored

Decline of a White Estate
Broken Britain: Hackney Kids

Broken Britain: NEETS
Asians Shoot 14-Year-Old Girl
The Thought Police May Now Hack Your Computer!
Without a warrant!
EU Job Centre for Immigrants Opened secretly in West Africa!

The NHS are Selling are Donated Organs to Foreigners!
This is a Place of Learning Not a School!
Says Linda Kingdon, the latest freak to emerge from the foetid PC swamp
Children as Young as Four Being Sexually Bullied in School

3,500 pupils were excluded for sexual misconduct in 2007
"The Psychologist Of The Murderer, The Rapist, The Bully”
How Jewish comedian describes Israel’s attack upon Gaza
Self-Hating Jew!

How a writer at The Jewish Chronicle describes Alexei Sayle!
Government Claims of Cracking Down on Immigration are a “Gigantic Bluff”!
Our own MPs, including some Labour, are saying this
Britain 'Must Set Population Limit to Safeguard National Security'!
This is what the experts are saying
1.8 Million Immigrants Have Moved into London Over the Last Decade!
Whilst almost 2 million Londoners have moved out!
Catholic Priest, Peter Carr, Jailed for Schoolgirl Abuse

New Planning Laws Threaten Village Life

£50m NHS Bill to Beat the Language Barrier
Billy Bragg: Blears' Fears

War Veterans' Clubhouse is Handed to Travellers

BBC Gives 'Too White' TV Doll a Darker Face

Make Southall the UK Capital

Anjem Choudary says Southall should be the centre of power “when Islam takes over the UK”
Bristol: Muslim Admits Killing White Builder

Asian Sex Offender Attacks Teen with Hedge Trimmer

Sex Clinics 'To Open' In EVERY School so Pupils as Young as 11 can be Tested Without Parental Consent
Orange Drinks with 300 times more Pesticide than Tap Water
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith Fights Move to Relax Law on Ecstasy

Morris Dancing to Become Extinct 'Because Young People are too Embarrassed to Take Part'

As Gaza is Torn Apart by War, where is Middle East Peace Envoy Tony Blair? He's been on HOLIDAY
Ofsted Crackdown on Dull Teaching
Failed Asylum Seekers Who are too Violent to Send Home

Terrorists Could Use 'Insect-Based' Biological Weapon
145 crimes ... but still no jail!
Politically Correct Parents Ditch 'Offensive' Traditional Fairy Tales 
10% of parents say Snow White and 7 Dwarfs should be re-titled because 'dwarf reference is not PC'!
Pakistani Woman Given Asylum Because She's 7ft 2in Tall
Kidscape Gets 3 Calls a week Reporting Children Being Sexually Bullied
Michele Elliott says this is "an increase from three per year previously.”
Owner Leaves Shop Unattended All-day in White Town

Tom Algie left a note telling Boxing Day shoppers to serve themselves and then leave payment in a box
Former New Labour Councillor Denies Porn Charges
Ben Williams sat on Liverpool City Council's children's services committee!
Sultan Barack Charged with Darren Plumley's Murder
Marks and Spencers Slash 1,000 obs Deaths from Hospital Blunders Soar 60% in 2 Years!
As NHS staff 'abandon quality of care to chase targets'
Arrogant Surgeons Murdered Little Bethany!
They experimented on her without her parents knowledge. They killed her!
BBC Accused of Institutional Indecency!
Porn star, Ron Jeremy, is Jewish
2,700 Jobs in Danger at Waterford Wedgewood

So, the government will, once again, allow the sub prime/credit crunch bankers to bleed the rest of us dry
Disabled Woman Repeatedly Slashed by Feral Scum
She had confronted them after they killed her dog
It is not Racist to State that Gypsy Camps Cause an Increase in Crime and Mess
It's a statement of fact!
Drugs Charity Director Was A Cocaine Dealer!
Karen Stott and her half-breed sons are now in jail
Islamic Extremists drawing up Lists of Britain's Leading Jews
What goes around comes around, I reckon
40 Die in Israeli Blitz on Gaza School!
43% of Cops Convicted of Serious Crime

432 were thus convicted in 21 of 39 police forces between 2005 and 2008
Boy Dies at the Hands of New Labour's Health Service
Doctors refused to make a house call and told Daniel Farr's Mum to give him paracetamol tablet instead
UK One of Worst Places in Europe for Measles
3,645 Patients Died in England Because of Errors by NHS Staff Last Year!
A 60% rise in the last two years!
One of World's Richest Men Commits Suicide After Credit Crunch Losses
A Diabetic is Diagnosed in Britain Every 3 Minutes
The number of people diagnosed with diabetes has soared by 50 per cent in just a year
Dr Naveen Shivan to be Extradited
He sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl
Premier League - Ameobi in Messy 'Burglary'
Gulzaman Khan Jailed for Attempted Rape of Teenager
Terrifying Gang of Carjackers Jailed
Millionaire Nokhiaz Khan was jailed for just 4 years
Asian Sex Offender Attacks Teenage Girl With Hedge Trimmer
Judge Heather Lloyd jailed Rizwan Asghar for less than two years!
Tory Leader Meets with Asian Leaders in Bolton
I don't think he met with any white community representatives
Katie Gutierrez-Perez Jailed for 7 Years
She was drunk when she killed 15-month old Finlay Woods
Atheist Buses Denying God's Existence Take to Streets
Ariane Sherine, who first thought of the atheist bus adverts, is Asian
Kriss killer admits assaulting prisoner

Enforced Ethnic Quotas for Police

Let's Print More Money! Labour's Latest Big Idea to Fix Britain's Economic Crisis
Weimar says “Hello”!
Jobs Dry up but Poles Stay to Reap the Benefits

Bad Service and High Prices are Putting off Tourists from Visiting Britain

How 4,000 Civil Servants are Paid an Estimated £133m a Year Despite Not Actually Having a Job

Police Warn British Jews of Revenge Attacks
The Big Question: Why Has MI5's New Chief Gone Public, And Can We Trust What He Says?

Wireless Internet Users at Risk Due to Security Failures Warns Which!

Three in Court over Passport Thefts
Asian "Smashed Up" 79-Year-old Lady Then Set Her on Fire!
Frail, 6-stone Ellen Portsmouth died 24 hours after Irfan Slaim's 'ferocious' attack on her
Kirklees Cops Taught 'Islam Awareness'
Deported Thief Loses Legal Fight

Muslim Punches & Racially Abuses Louise Holt - No Jail Time

The Moment an Estonian Gang Held up a Jewellery Store
Serious Fraud Office Launches Probe into British Links to $50bn Madoff Scandal

Secretly for Sale: The Private Schools Fearful of a Panic Exodus
Securitas Robbery Jury Discharged
Paul Allen, 30, of Chatham, Kent, had been accused of conspiracy to rob, kidnap and possess firearms
Muslims Charged Over Stolen Passports
Britain 'Formally Asked to Take Guantánamo Prisoners'
Gaza Conflict has Caused Fury among British Muslims, Leaders Tell Gordon Brown
Russian Oligarch Alexander Lebedev 'Made an Approach for Evening Standard'
Spare Me the Tears Over the White Working Class
Another Brit-hating rant from media darling, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
"It's Clear There was Substantial Provocation!"
Said Sheriff William Totten to torture-killer of Kriss Donald, Imran "Baldy" Shahid
Boycott Jewish Shops!
Says Italian Trades Union!
EU to Take Over Britain's Vital Oil and Gas Supplies!
Who thinks New Labour will stand in the way of this EU theft?
770 Palestinians v 14 Israelis Killed in Gaza Conflict

3 of the 14 Israelis were killed by an Israeli Tank
Large Rise in London Measles Cases Mixed Sex Wards Still "Blighting NHS"!
Despite all New Labour's promises!
Young Mothers Die of Pneumonia after Medical Staff Say They had Flu
I wonder whether the "medical staff" were immigrants?
Israeli Soldiers Told 110 Palestinians to Take Refuge in a House and Warned Them to Stay Indoors
Then the REPEATEDLY bombed it, killing those inside. Over half the dead were children
Starved to Death in an NHS Hospital!
Damning inquiry highlights case of patient left without food for 26 days!
Israel Herded 110 Palestinians into a house and then Bombed it! leaving 30 dead
That's what the UN is saying - 30 people, half of them children, died
BBC Spending £15m a Year of Our Money on New Channel for IRAN!
And Iran doesn't even want it!
Asian Gangs Terrorising Elderly and Disabled Residents
Village Postmaster's Son Shot Dead in Cold Blood by Armed Robbers
(We don’t know who they are)
British Energy Prices Rising FOUR Times Faster Than Other EU Countries

Police can't Object to Gipsy Camp...Because it's Racist

Ofsted Said 15,000 Useless Schoolteachers - 9 Years on, How Many Have Been Fired? Just 10!
Gordon Brown's Second Bank Bailout 'To be Ready within a Fortnight'
Poles Demand Action Amid Fears
Hate Crime Has Increased During Economic Downturn

St Kitts Has Just Hanged its First Man for a Decade and Believes it is the Only Way to Beat Violent Crime
Israel Moved Dozens of Civilians to Safe House - Then Bombed it 24 Hours Later!
The Great White Backlash: Working Class Turns on Labour over Immigration and Housing

Migrant Workforce Surges by 175,000 Despite Recession
Woman Brutally Attacked by Eight Africans
20-Stone Black Woman in Naked Protest

Four Found Guilty Of Grants Fraud

Black Savage, Pascal Simpson, Murdered Mark Beard
Kazmierczak Charged with Stabbing Kirsty Hollingsworth to Death
Teenager Dragged off Street and Raped by Negro
BOGUS Doctor Sexually Assaulted 82-Year-Old
Yaqub Hussain was sentenced to a minimum of 2 years 3 months in jail
Brazilian Pervert Sexually Abused Girls and Women
Adilson Cardosa played with himself whislt abusing them on buses
Black Drug Dealers Kidnap, Torture and Rape Young Woman
Iffy Ndidi, Tunasho Chisanga, Modele Adenekan and 2 others were charged

Kamran Karimi was staring at a little boy as he abused himself
Somali Pirates Drown WIth Ransom
Prince Harry Can't Say What he Wants!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown says so!
'Our Little Paki Friend': Harry in Race Row after His 'Offensive' Remarks are Caught on Camera

Minister Pays to Help Daughter Win Place at Oxbridge Despite New Labour's War on 'Unfair Advantage' 7ft 2in Pakistani Woman's Asylum Bid is Rejected (But She is Still Allowed to Stay in Britain)
Man in Court Charged with Murder after Burning Body Was Found Beside Motorway

Anger After NHS Pays £90,000 to Celebrities to Front Public Health Ad Campaigns
Rock Star Pete Doherty Flees Scene of Mystery Death
Civil Servants Get £40,000 Home Perk
Tony Blair to Earn £15m in Two Years
Cabinet Minister Admits Immigration ‘Free For All’
UK Jews Demand Israeli Ceasefire
UK Slump 'Is Worst for 28 Years'

Islamists Target Teen Crime Gangs in London
Girl Dragged off Street and Raped

Somali Pirates Drown WIth Ransom
I wonder if Big Brother helped the to drown? Whatever, sometimes God is good!
Prince Harry Can't Say What he Wants!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown says so!
We allowed a migrant free-for-all during Blair years!
Admits Cabinet minister, Hazel Blears, trying to score some brownie points
Ex-MP, Oona King, to be Channel 4's Head of Diversity!
Oona King is an ultra-PC, black Jew
Devout, Christian Policeman Sacked

PC Graham Cogman dared to complain that his force was promoting gays
Family of Afghan Rape Victim Cut her Open and Remove Foetus!

Without anaesthetic!
Racism Still Persists in Police
This is code for "some white cops aren't kissing our black behinds"!
Gordon Brown's Police Force!

Are Your Children More Equal Than Ours, Mr Hoon?
Energy firms are Keeping Prices Artificially High Exporting Gas from Britain to EU
This during one of our coldest winters in years
14-Year-Old Gang Rapes by Asians at Christmas
One rapist was short, fat, "dark skinned" and spoke with a Pakistani accent
Kristian Fenwick Brutally Attacked by Asians
Friends Mark Anniversary of Murdered Bristol Cabbie
Colin Winstone was murdered by Davidson Charles
Second Foreigner Charged with Darren Plumley's Murder
Denis Mehmetoglu and Sultan Burak are the men in custody
Second Muslim Chaplain Needed for Whitemoor Prison
There are so many of them, you see. You listening, you lemmings?
Our Lottery Money is Disappearing Abroad!
Top Jewish DJ Acts as Pimp
Natalie Dylan is selling her virginity to the highest bidder
THE GATES OF HELL Ehud Olmert Gave Bush his Orders!
He told Bush the USA "could not vote in favour" of the UN resolution on Gaza!
Negroes Carjack Council Leader!S
ir Richard Leese was injured as he tried to stop them stealing his car
Immigrant Baroness Becomes a Director of an African Private Equity Firm
Three months after it received over £15m from Lady Amos's Department!
Israel Asks US for Arms, Air Corridor to Attack Iran!
Census Reveals Parliament Once Worried About Jewish Immigration!

They had every right to be! Looks like parliament was on our side back then
Britain Has Fewer Hospital Beds Than Lithuania or Hungary!
Parliament Gives Israel a Bashing!
And yet so many MPs are "friends of Israel". Interesting, isn't it?
Dying Pensioner Left in Hospital Bathroom for 12 hours
Because of overcrowding!
Violent Gipsy Burglar, Wayne Connor, Escapes from Custody
Other members of his family have escaped in the past year
Black Judge Allows Bernie Madoff To Remain Free on Bail!
Despite the Jewish Fraudster having mailed jewellry worth £1m to friends and family
Labour to Guarantee £20bn of Loans to Small Business

Arrests Made over Post Office Killing of Craig Hodson-Walker

Girls Bullied for Longer than Boys, Study Shows
£10,000 ‘Golden Handcuffs’ for Teachers

Now Every Child Starts Life with a Debt of £17,000

Taxpayers Foot Bill for Migrants to Go Home

Prisoners Convert To Islam for Gang Protection

Nationalism, Thoughts and Ramblings
African Illegal Raped Teenager
Amos Moobeng absconded whilst on bail
Asian Gang Shoot 14-Girl in Face During Violent Robbery

Political Correctness Comes to Coronation Street!
Labour Paid a Paedophile Yank to Help Them win the Election!
Homosexual, Tim Russo, didn't even have a work visa!
First Gay "Superhero" to be Foist on OUr Kids!
Stan Lee, (Stanley Lieber) Thom Creed's creator, is Jewish
The PC Mafia at the BBC Name "Racists"
And tell the world where they live!
Pretty Girl Beaten up Just for being English
By some Scots "hard nut"
Arrogant Asian Doctor Killed Patricia Leighton!
Priya Ramnath ignored doctors' instructions and injected bunyon patient Pat with adrenaline
2-Year-old Dies from 107 Injuries Inflicted by her Asian Parents
Sanam Navsarka’s arms and legs were broken
Knife Crime Could Continue to Rise Until 2018!In Defence of the White Working Class!
Leo McKinstry rebuts Yasmin Alibhai-Brown's vicious, PC attack upon us
Poland Unearths 1,800 the Bodies of 1,800 Germans!
They all died in WWII - Many of them were women and children
It's an Injustice NOT to Marry Girls aged 10!
So says the most senior Saudi cleric, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh
Israeli Prime Minster gave Bush his Orders
Asian Tory Accused of Rigging Bradford Election in 2005!
Haroon Rashid tried to win the Bradford West seat by using bogus postal votes
Hampshire Man Loses £130,000 in Internet Scam!

An internet scam involving Nigerian fraudsters
BLAIR WARS: Liam Elms - Killed in Afghanistan on New Year's Eve
Secret Plan to Disband the Gurkhas
Bush Gives Blair a Medal - FOR LOYALTY!
91-Year-Old Dies AFter Council Send her a Bill for £16,000
Dorthy Hacking "'was forced to take out a second mortgage to foot an unnecessary £16,000 council bill"! Minister Shoots Herself in the Foot: Brown's Guru Ridiculed for 'Green Shoots' of Recovery Gaffe
It’s his Asian Baroness Vadera
Could Teenage Boys Get Lessons on Porn?

Labour Kids Fail to Make Grade at GCSE: Half Leave School Unable to Read, Write or Add Properly

Boom Time for Useless Jobs at Eight out of Ten Town Halls

Labour's Passport Giveaway: 275,000 Migrants A Year Could Get UK Citizenship
Imam 'Forged Disabled Wife's Signature' So He Could Secretly Divorce Her
Sainsbury's Chief Linked to RBS Job

State Grammar Schools Beat Private Sector for A Levels

Alexander Lebedev Back in Talks to Buy The Evening Standard

The Hunt for Britain's Most Powerful Muslim Women

They are supposed to be “role models”!
Ketamine Tops Cocaine as New Drug Of Choice
Anti-Semitism on The Rise in Britain

War on Terror Was a Mistake! Says David Miliband - who voted for it!
Lenin on Anti-Semitism East European Gypsies to be INVITED to England by PC Council!
Councillor Peter Robinson is the traitor at Lincoln Council advocating this idea
Immigrants are only "guests" - They do not Belong"!

Say black immigrant - the Archbishop of York!
EU MPs Pass Resolution Promoting Abortion and Gay Marriage
Council Wants to Spend £500,000 to Spare Gypsies' Delicate feelings!
MPs Fiddling Again!
They're going to stop block publication of their expense receipts!
Jewish MP Compares Israeli Troops in Gaza to Nazis! Saudi Scroungers Trash £2m House!
The Al-Ameri clan live on income support and the council pays the rent of £41,640 a year
Now Town Hall Will be Able to Spy on Us Too!
UN Slams Air Strike on Compound
Pensioner Dies in Handbag Snatch
Ron Heather Refuses to Drive "No God" Bus

Black-on-Black Murder
Elijah Dayoni stabbed 14-year-old David Idowu to death
NHS to Pay Fatties up to £425 to Lose Weight!
Will the 'bribe' be returned when they put the weight back on
Leon Craig Ramsden Murdered Father-of-3, Paul Gilligan
With a Nationalist Government in Power Ramsden would swing
Israel Accused of Using Illegal Phosphorous Shells in Gaza
Blair Wars: 2 More Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Elijah Dayoni Smiled as he Stabbed a Schoolboy to Death on a Football Pitch
Muslim Businessman Jailed For Two Years
Farhad Hakimzadeh defaced up to 150 Priceless British Library Books
Illegal Immigrant Took Part in 23 Knifepoint Gang Robberies!
South African immigrant, Terashiya Chiloane, was jailed for just 3.5 years
Family Lived in Fear of Black Killer
After Pascal Simpson Stabbed Mark Beard in the back, he got away with manslaughter!
Chinese Conman Battered Pensioner to Death
Wang Yam, Alan Chappelow's murderer, was an MI5 spy! I kid you not
Muslims Want to turn Pub into Mosque

BLAIR WARS: Did Nato Forces Kill Tom and Danny?
Jews Face Worst wave of Hate for a Quarter of a Century
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap
Boy George Jailed for 15 Months 4 Charged with Post Office Killing
Anselm Ribera, Christopher and Declan Morrissey and Adrian Snape were charged the murder of Craig Hodson-Walker
Labour Supporter Jailed for Attack on BNP Man's House
Jailed for 24 weeks, Daniel Searle was ashen-faced as he was led from the dock
Bus Driver in Boycott Over 'Atheist' Vehicle

(I’m not sure if you’ve got this already)
90,000 Building Jobs to Go
MET Officer In Embassy Demo Dilemma
He was protesting outside the Israeli embassy
Taxpayers Foot £1m Bill for Publication of Expenses but MPs STILL Want to Cover Them Up
King Con Stole Our Lives: British Widow Tells How She Fell Victim to Bernie Madoff

Woman Horse Rider Kicked out of Tesco Store Because She Was 'Too Smelly'

Danny Penman Traced the Origins of 'British' Pork to a Polish Factory Where He Made a Shocking Discovery
Blears In Gaza Extremism Warning
Muslims won’t listen
The Recession Crimewave

Lifeguard Jailed for £60,000 Sickness Benefits Swindle

His name is Joseph Olroy, I don’t know if he is British.
Prince Harry May Be Questioned by Royal Military Police Over Leak of 'Paki' Video
'Car Bomb' Doctor Mohammed Asha Back to Work
Laughing Black Knifeman, Eleijah Dayoni, Caged for Gang Kill
Union Chief Derek Simpson's Secret Deal Over Perks And Pay Rise
Obama's stepma stays in Britain
Muslim Civil Servant Suspended Over anti-British Blog

Treasury official, Azad Ali, is responsible for a 'Killing British Troops Is Justified' blog
Brown Throws Another £200bn at the High Street Banks
More more for greediest and most corrupt members of our society
Red Faces at Tesco as Dozens of Staff Post Insulting Comments About its Customers on Internet Forum

Zac Goldsmith Strikes Gold With Gamble on Obama Victory

Minister in Sleaze Row over Research Job for Partner at Taxpayers' Expense
Taxpayers Fork out £60,000 for Minister's Dinner Party ... To Discuss The Credit Crunch

Muslim Scholar Due to Speak at Obama's Inaugural Prayer Service 'Has Terrorist Links

Metropolitan Police's Ethnic Recruitment Processes Under Scrutiny

Hit-And-Run Killer Jean Renee Mukadi Cannot Be Deported

Taxman’s Vision Wastes £1.5m Search Begins for ID Cards Watchdog
Immigration Rules to be Tightened

BLAIR WARS: Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Waiter Killed In Restaurant Brawl
It happened in east London and he was a Pakistani
British Jews Attacked for Pro-Gaza Solidarity

Church Raises Fears over Human Rights Act
Starbucks Smashed And Looted As Anti-Israel Protests Turn To Violence

Barack Obama Plans to Make US Relationship with Britain Less Special than Before
Oleg Deripaska: Profile of a Major Foreign Borrower
The Rise Of Mixed-Race Britain: 21st-Century Britons Are No Longer Either Black Or White
One in four children in inner-city primary schools is already of mixed race
I’ve Never Lived With A White Man, But Racism Is Still There In My DNA

Says Liz Jones
British Girl, 15, Marries Muslim Waiter she met on the Internet

The Thieving Bankers Want More of Our Cash
And Gordon's going to give it to them!
Looks Like Our Soldiers Don't Like Immigrants Either!
73-Year-Old Burglary Victim Tied Up By Black Burglars
Standards Watchdog Condemns Sneaky Wallet-Stuffers!
That's our MPs I'm talking about
Tory MP on Trial for Careless Driving!
Simon Burns hit a cyclist
Jack Large, 14, Was Stabbed in the Back and the Head
And yet his black killer gets just 5 years for MANSLAUGHTER!
Black Savages Jailed for Caustic Soda Rape

Scale of Gaza Destruction Emerges
Illegal Immigrants Seized at Derbyshire Service Station
Phillips Clears Police of Racism

Brazilian Passport Forgers to be Sentenced
Vanessa Silva Moreira Uehara and 3 others were all illegal immigrants
Ministers Quietly Adopt 'Pay-As-You-Throw' Bin Tax Power

Britain Is The Least Racist Country In Europe, Says Equality Head Trevor Phillips
Student Teacher Left Scarred for Life after She Was Glassed by GIRL Thug

British Muslims 'Went on London Reconnaissance Mission to Help July 7 Bombers'
'Knives Are Weapon of Choice for Violent Criminals'
New Figures Reveal
Taxpayers Facing £1 Trillion Bill as Darling Bails out The Banks...Again
Jobless Toll 'Will Soar to 3.4 Million'
Pupils 'Wear Stab Vests to School'
BLAIR WARS: Corporal Richard Robinson Killed in Afghanistan
Britain Has 'New Attitude to Race'

Child Sex Offence Figures Revealed
Future Generations Will Pay High Price for Bankers' Greed
Fijian-Asian Slits the Throat of his British Wife
Ramond Singh killed Wendy after after they rowed over the inheritance she would give to her son
Church Asked to Ban BNP Members!
Vasantha Gnanadoss, the erpson asking, is an Indian immigrant
Romanian Immigrant Raped Girl so He Could Get English Lessons in Prison

Scotland Yard Chief Quits With £80,000 Pension... To Take Up £120,000 Job With Quango
Con Air: Radio Station for Prisoners to Cost Taxpayers £2million
Parents Want More Men to Be School Teachers, Survey Shows

I Can't Wait for Baby No 11, Says 'Rampant Rabbi'

Religion Divides Us More than Race, Say Britons

Councillor Denies Benefit Fraud
Lib Dem Councillor, Daniel Martin, is the bloke doing the denying
Government Gives £1m to Anti-Extremist Think-Tank Quilliam Foundation

Rapist, Andries Daniel Els, Jailed After Attack On Teenager
Be Bolder on Diversity, MPs Told British Woman Marries Fijian Savage - He Slits her Throat
MoD Launches Investigation After Racist Facebook Comments
Stabbed by Asians for A Mobile Phone
Unprovoked Attack on Teen Boy by Five Asian Men
Anger As Foreigners Win Power Station Jobs

Hit-and-run Driver, Rajesh Khunti, Left Graham Phillips a Body that "Doesn't Function"
The judge can't give him more than two years!
Armed Robbers, Damian Kaczynski and Adam Romulewicz, Jailed for 8 Years
Jemal Bennett Charged with Stabbing Young Woman
Two People Shot in Their Home: 4 Black Youths Sought
Economic Slump May Spark Racist Underclass!
Trevor Philips is at it again
56% of Brits Think There'll be a Black Prime Minister in 20 Years!
Ah, but do the Britsh want one?
Our Women are Risking Their Lives to Look Brown!
Actually, they're risking their lives to look orange
Jaypal Khaira Committed 6 Knifepoint Robberies in 36 Hours!
Obama's Stepmother Lives in Council House in Berkshire!
Did she come here to scrounge off our benefit system?
Asians Throw Bricks at Passing Motorists
15-Year-Old Attacked by Asians in Park
Asians Stab 15-Year-Old for his Mobile Phone
Devout Muslims" Left 52-year-old James Ferguson with Brain Damage!
One of them, Farhan Moosajee, who was jailed for 5.5 years, was a CARER!
Illegal Immigrant Returned to England and Raped a Teenager
Jamaican, Peter Delisser, was jailed for 5.5 years
MPs Say that More than 30,000 People may Depend on Drugs Containing Codeine!

Toddlers who Dislike Spicy Food are Racist!
Fury As Northern Rock's 4,000 Workers to Get £8.8million in Bonuses
Government U-Turn on Plans to Keep Details of MP's Expenses
Drug Dealers who Peddle Heroin And Cocaine are Less Likely to be Jailed Than Seven Years Ago
Britons Laid off to Give Jobs to Foreigners

Christian Fireman Wins Apology Over Gay Stance

Council Bans Jargon And Orders Staff To Return To 'Common Sense Speaking'

There Will be Just 2 London-Listed Banks Left by End of The Year!
Russian Oligarch and ex-KGB Spy Buys London Top Newspaper!
And not a peep out of Brown Commie Government!
One in Seven Bright Pupils "Failing in School"

University Obama's Internet Team to Work Campaign Opposing the BNP!
Raped by PC Crowd!
They put the Romanian criminal, Ali Majlat, before the English woman he raped
Yank Millionaire Sells Gypsies Land for a Dollar
Craig Smith is "appalled" at the way they are treated. I'm apalled at the way they treat us
Girl Dragged into House and Raped by South African Immigrant
Amos Moobeng went on the run after being bailed
Just hours after attending a function with local dignitaries
2,500 Jobs are Lost Every Day!

Knife Robberies Soar by 18%!

No Wonder MPs Don't Want Us to See Their Expenses!
A lot are just plain Criminal!"
Sell any Sterling You Might Have. It’s Finished!"
Says US investment guru, Jim Rogers
Jewish Internet Boss on Sex Offenders List
Police: Violent Crime Figures Unreported
The CPS Let the Pakstani Killer Go!
Syed Raza was charged with dangerous driving after killing by Michael Rowley and his son Jonathan
Former Lib Dem Councillor Denies Sexual Assault
Peter Hain, MP, Guilty of Serious Failings
Headmaster bans Girls from School

Failed Asylum Seekers have a 90% Chance of Avoiding Deportation!
Fewer than one in ten unsuccessful applicants is being ejected by New Labour
Pope Could Welcome "Holocaust Denier" Back into Fold!

A letter from Obama praised Dawn Butler. It was sent from her own office!
Fury as Injured Soldiers Wake Up Next To Taleban Fighters!
Human Rights Legislation Allowed Paedophiles to Abuse Boys!
We're a Nation on the Brink of Going Bankrupt
More Britsh Obamas! Brown Admits "I Never Saw it Coming"!
1-in-4 Final Salary Pension Schemes Face Axe!
Falklands Veteran, HMS Intrepid, Broken Up!

80 Foreign Murderers Welcomed to Britain: Albanian Killers are on Interpol 'Wanted' list

Council Tax Levy for being Middle Class: Labour Plan to Base Bills on Social Background

Repeat Abortions among Teenage Girls have risen by 70%

150,000 foreigners swell UK workforce: Record number get permits as Britons lose jobs

150,000 foreigners Swell UK Workforce! Record number get permits as Britons lose jobs!
Obama's new Middle East envoy George Mitchell could put Tony Blair out of a job

Peter Hain and Jack Straw Censured over Undeclared Gifts

Black Isle councillor in immigrants’ scam claim 90% of failed asylum seekers remain in UK
Illegal immigrant jailed for part in robbery spree
Princess Anne rewards young Muslim volunteers
Blacks-on-Black Murder
Damien Solowabe and Tobi Peters stabbed Lyle Tulloch, 15, 12 times
Church vows to keep faith with its schools, despite Muslim majority

BRITISH PENSIONERS ARE SO HARD UP They get Handouts frmo Iceland!
Knife Crime Soars as Credit Crunch Deepens!
Dead IRA and UDA Murderers to Get Same Compensation as Their Victims!

A-Levels Destroyed by Government Interference!
Israeli Soldiers Told They May Face War Crime Prosecution
New Labour's Mixed-Sex Ward Failure
Councillor Says Immigrants are Cheating the Waiting List for Council Houses!
Britain's first ever 'black on black' SUPERGRASS gets sentence halved
Knees-up at the Treasury as Britain plunges into recession
And Alistar Darling still enjoys party life
Ireland Destroyed by Obscene Greed and the Euro!
Arrogant, Ignorant: Is Miliband Our Worst Foreign Secretary Ever?

New Labour Admits They got it Wrong on Mixed-Sex Wards!
Police Hunt Charlotte Church's Black Former Lover over £20m Heroin Haul

BBC Refuses to Air Gaza Appeal
The scum at the BBC are still kowtowing to the Zionist, I see
Regev Tries to Shift Blame for Phosphorous onto Hamas!
he Israeli government spokesman is an utterly disgusting immoralist
When THEY knew a large, black man had done it! Mark Minick still wears a tag!
The Petulant and Pompous Obama-Huggers Raise Their Heads
Jury Discharged in Burnley Rape Case
Muhaamad Ansari claims he was forced to commit a sex act just to get rid of a 15-year-old schoolgirl
Well Done That Guardsman!
He clipped a foreign tourist round the ear after the tourist took the p***!
Raymond Chan Accused of Raping a Teenager
During 10 Years of Labour Organs of 700+ Brits were Given to Foreigners
Afghan President Says US slaughter of Innocent Civilians "is Strengthening the Terrorists"
UK Lockdown BlogIllegal Immigrant Admits to a Rape and Other Attacks in 48 Hours
Guyanan, Ryan Subryan, admitted 7 attacks altogether
"The Jews control the media", says Peter Preston!
And the First Woman in 84 Years to Give Birth on the Tube is?

POLISH! Two midwives sent Julita Kowalska away from St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington
Israel Barks: The US Media media Wags its Tail!

Peter Preston, former Guardian editor, says: "There was no balance, no fairness

Nigerian Identity Theft Racketeer on the Run

Why did the Cops Bail Aare Akintola, an illegal immigrant, when he stole more then £5m?
Mum of X Factor Winner Alexandra Burke in Benefit Fraud Probe

Melissa Bell gets almost £28,000 in tax-free benefits every year!
Muslim Garage Owner Jailed for Fraud

Abdul Musa would take the blame for other Muslims if they were trapped by speed cameras
Black Teenager Stabbed by Other Blacks as He Left Party

The party was a charity fundraiser for One World Foundation Africa. It campaigns against youth violence
Soviet Britain Swells Amid the Recession
And you thought the recession was an accident?
Which BBC "Personality" Made 40 False Rape Claims?
Middle Class Women in Grip of Cocaine Addiction
5 times more women are cautioned for cocaine possession now compared to 2002!
Outrage as Former Top Cop Keeps his £1m Riverside Flat!
Sir Ian Blair stays with his wife Felicity in the 3-bedroom, glass-fronted apartment overlooking the Thames
Is Britain Going Bankrupt? The Short Answer is – YES!
Wife-Beating, Adulterous Tory MP Attacks BNP at Holocaust Memorial Service

Azwar Majeed Face Jail for £1m Tax Fraud!
He once owned Crawley FC
Asian Seduced a 15-year-old and Battered her with a Rolling Pin
Harpinder Nandra is a convicted robber
Senior Asian Cop Resigns Over Jury Lies
Det Insp Nav Riaz will still get his pension
The Royal Bank of Scotland Loaned a Russian Oligarch £2.5 billion
AND THEN WROTE IT OFF! Leonid Blavatnik is a Jew"
Multiracial Britain is a Success" says the Tory Leader!

Yep. That's what David Cameron thinks. Perhaps he should have a word with all the white-flight folks
Illegal Immigrant "Drug Farmer" to be Deported
I'll believe it when I see it
Lord Sleazebag Boasts about what he Costs to Change Law
Labour's Lord Taylor of Blackburn said some companies paid him £100,000!
Church of England Schools Where Every Pupil is Muslim!
Innocent Dad Battered to Death by Gang of Yobs!

I'd string them up. What do you think our courts will do?
Al Qaeda Killer Demads Female Prison Staff Wear Veils!
Kamel Bourgass murdered Det Constable Stephen Oake
Black BBC Presenter Charged with Assault
Ashley Blake was carrying an offensive weapon
Rabbi Charged with Raping a 12-Year-Old Boy in a Toilet WALKS FREE!
The boy is now in Israel and thus no evidence was offered against Moshe Reichman
E-Fits of Knifepoint Sex Attackers
Serious Sexual Assault by Eastern European
Hogging the glory in the good times
Shirking responsibility in the bad - That's Gordon Brown for you
Iceland Set to Appoint Lesbian PM!
1-in-4 Have Been Victmis of Credit Card Fraud!
"Jewish Money Controls America and Most Western Countries"!
The words of South Africa's Deputy Foreign Minister, Fatima Hajaig
Urgent call to expose “Friends of Israel” in Britain!
Hit-=and-Run Driver, Jean Renee Mukadi, Killed Simon Lawrence!
Mukadi, a Congolese immigrant, was jailed for just four months
Lord Ahmed Threatens Parliament with 10,000 Muslims

How Footprint Embedded On Man's Head Is Helping Police Track Down His Attacker
Britain 'Facing A Deeper Recession Than Any Nation'

Britons Walk Out In Foreign Jobs Protest
Shocking Truth Laid Bare: Britain Faces 20 Years Of Crippling Debt
Immigration: Britain 'Is To Blame'
Says Eric Besson
Tough Child Alcohol Guidance Due

Jail Violence A 'Growing Concern'
'Too Many' Cannot Read And Write

Half A Million Poles 'Will Stay In Britain Despite Recession'

Tamil Leader ‘Bought Equipment For Terror Group’
"They Say We're Too Old To Care For Our Grandchildren"!
Social workers have handed the kids over to GAY MEN for adoption!
Rasty Mohamed Punched and Spat at Jobcentre Staff Over BENEFITS!
He also tried to strangle a policeman! He was jailed for just 164 days!
Asian Sex Assault At Burnley Skate Park

Peter Hain MP Urges Supporters To Drive BNP Out Of Town
Hospital In Tropical Disease Alert

World Gets Its First Gay Leader

Dungavel Criminals Seek Damages
Zimbabweans Timeko Pusey, Jamaika and Leroy Millar are after the loot
Killer Rapist, Kristoff Emmanuel Alauya Gets 22 Years' Jail
13-Year-Old Girl Hit Over The Head And Robbed by 3 Black Girls 
School Stages Lunchtime Pole-Dancing Demonstration For Pupils
Scourge Of The Ladette Thugs: Rising Tide Of Violent Crime Committed By Young Women
Another Day, Yet Another Bail-Out: £50bn To Rescue Ailing Firms
Immigration Chaos Gives Thousands The Same Birthday
‘Bullying’ Can Be Good For You Says "Expert", Helene Guldberg, a Former Commie 

Stop Stealing Our Jobs: Protest Over Foreigners 'Taking Work From Locals'
Ex-Lover (Indian) Quizzed Over 'Poison' Meal That Left Cleaner Dead And FiancĂ©e Fighting For Life

Army Puts Jobless Britons Before Foreign Recruits
BNP Police Officer Back On The Beat After Being Cleared In Met Probe
Tony Blair: I Suffer Doubts Over Iraq

Lord Foulkes Of Cumnock Paid £36,000 To Introduce Eversheds' Clients

1-in-40 Chance Pound In Your Pocket Is Fake

Author's Murderer Wang Yam Jailed For Life
Brightest Children 'Failed By State
School Teachers Who Fear Promoting Elitism'

Damilola Thug 'Used Compo To Deal Drugs'
TV Doctor, Aivar Bracka, ‘Abused His Male Patients’
'British Jobs For British Workers': Wildcat Strikes Spread 
The Peers For Hire At £25,000 A Time... And They Don't Have To Reveal Lucrative Second Jobs
Girl, 3, Sees Father Stabbed To Death OnWay To Visit Mother And Newborn Baby

Silenced Christian Soldiers: Sandhurst Chaplain Bans Creed 'So Services Won't Offend Minority Religions' Government Spends £57million Keeping Foreign Ex-Prisoners but Record Number Of Criminals Are Freed The Bits Of Britishness We Miss The Most
Obama Slams 'Shameful' £15bn Wall Street Bonuses

Two More Youths Charged Over Murder of Rizwan Darbar
Kirkland Gayle and Anthony Maina have been charged with his murder
Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Exploiting 'Under-18' Loophole 
Arab Businessman Denies Assaulting Girlfriend
Maher al-Tajir is alleged to have pushed and kicked Deborah Barker
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed In Afghanistan
Sex Tape Trainee PC, Asfan Khan, Loses Appeal 
Muslim Father Guilty Over Ritual Beating
Asian Wife Jailed Over Rap Band Killing
PM Stands By 'British Jobs' Vow
Hazel Blears: 'Political Campaigning Is Like Sex'

Deglobalisation: What Is It? And Why Britain Should Be Scared

Why Tony Blair Is Having A Ball

Alex's Brother is an Illegal Immigrant
El-Hadji Diouf Threatens to Stab Anton Ferdinand
War Hero sid Takes on Gun Thug at Bookies
Woman's 'Terrifying' Rape Ordeal at the hands of 4 Asians

Immigrant Rapist,  Ryan Subryan, Gets 18 Years For Attacks
Muslim Population 'Rising 10 Times Faster Than Rest Of Society'

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