Daily News - February 2009

The Secret Soviet Past Of Sleaze Peer Truscott
Tycoon Backs Grandparents Fighting Gay Adoption Bid

Miliband Ignored Union Warning Of Anger Over British Jobs

Now We Know Who To Send The *** To! Police Probe Jo Brand's Anti-BNP Race Joke

Financed By The British Taxpayer, Brutal Torturers Of The West Bank

Huge Car Bomb Found Near Primary School Blamed On 'Dissident Republicans'

I Am Like Titian, Gordon Brown Tells Baffled World Leaders

BBC Wasted Legal Fees To Protect 'Rape' Personality

Police 'Ran Away' From Jeering Gaza Demonstrators

BLAIR WARS: Tributes Flow For Corporal Danny Nield, Latest British Casualty in Afghanistan

Police Hunt Gunman After Man Shot Dead In Street

Obama's Half-Brother Faces Charges For Drug Possession
Third Of Britons 'Have No Savings'
Oligarch 'Paid Peer £600,000'
Archer And Black To Be Ousted From Lords
Learning to Love
Greed culture has damaged our children
Children's Lives 'Harder Today'

Drunken Sailors Left Out Of Rhyme
You Can Go And Work In Europe, Mandelson Tells Strikers
eachers Threatened Over £30-A-Week Payouts

Nurse Suspended For Offering To Pray For Elderly Patient's Recovery

Foreign Murderers Found Living In Britain

Eighty foreign murder suspects are discovered in Britain
When Did The Bobby Turn Into The Slobby?

Now It's War: Brits Vow To Fight For Jobs

The Great Jobs Revolt: It's All Brown's Fault
Pay Us £100m Or We Will Let Illegals In, Threaten French Family Business
16 Out Of 27 Tory MEPs Admit Employing Wives Or Relatives

Pensioners Will Have to Care For Disabled Adult Children as Labour ‘Rushes’ To Close NHS Homes
Israeli Warlord Vows Face-Off With Iran
17,000 Asylum Seekers' Files Lost
Yes, Please Minister: Cabinet Civil Servants Given £1MILLION in Bonuses

Britain 'Sickest' Country In Europe With Worst Rates Of Obesity And Teenage Pregnancy

2008, the Year Of The Telly Addict: Brits Spend 26 Hours a Week Watching TV
'Rubbish and Bulls**!
For Centuries The Lords Has Been A Beacon Of Integrity. Now It Is A Byword For Sleaze
This Is Blair's REAL Legacy

Sanctions Planned 'if Peers Guilty'

Robinho 'Arrested Over Sex Assault'
Anti-Radicalism Campaign 'Set Back' Immigration: Britain 'Is To Blame'
Teenager Guilty Of Boy's Murder

Murder can neither read nor write
Nazi Jibe Councillor Investigated

Two Blacks Jailed After Pub Murder

Recession is the Birth Pangs of a New Global Order, says Brown
Absent Parents May Lose Passports
Fishery Owner Bans Foreigners

Campaigns to Protect Native Species 'Are Racist'

Cricket Team Told It Can't Call Itself 'The Crusaders'... in Case It Offends Muslims And Jews
Thousands May Strike Over 'British Jobs' Dispute

In The Very Last Reel, The 'Black Baftas' Are Saved By The BBC And Film Council

Hain Protest Against BNP Sparks Row With Activists

BNP Faces Vehement Political Opposition

Foreign Worker Oil Jobs Probe
Why Is Military ID Not Good Enough for Pub Doormen?
Why foreign worker row will erupt into a headache for Gord
Gay Pride Flag Flies At Police HQ

The Moment a Women Is Stabbed by Asians
BBC Presenter Ashley Blake Accused Of Wounding

Carol Thatcher Calls Black Tennis Player "a Golliwog"

600 Workers Strike at Langage Power Station!
Asian Charged with Attempted Murder of White Boy after Gang Fight
Major Political Parties Unite to Stop the BNP
As my father used to say "THEY all p*** in the same pot"!
One in Three workers at 2012 Olympics Site is Foreign!
They are advertising as far afield as Australia
Muslim Divorcee aged ten Launches Book about her Ordeal!
14-Year-Old Says she was Gang Raped by Ahmed Gelle and 2 Others
The othere "cannot be named". How onvenient for them.
Arsonsonist Set Fire to his Foot
Then Lee Sood set fire to his getaway car!
The father of the French President is Hungarian. His mother is a Jew
2 Obama Minster Quit in Tax Scandals Army Officer Arrested in Afganistan
Owen McNally dared to leak truthful information about civilian casualty figures
Shella Roma Admits Making Leaflets Encouraging Terrorism
One-in-Seven Social Worker Jobs is Unfilled

Mandelson Blames British Workers!

BP's Profits Rocket to £18bn!
JD Wetherspoon Pub Refuses Entry to Soldiers!
Why do We Pay One Quarter of All Our Council Tax?
For the gold-plated pensions of council workers!
The Age of the Snitch
Why do the Left Hate the Family?
Because the Left is at War with us, Ms Mooney
British Jobs for British Workers

Nationalism has its Roots in Socialism as Well as Facism
Politics is Broken so What do we do?
We do? We leave it to the politicians!
High Street On The Skids After Collapse Of Icelandic Retailer Baugur
Bailed-Out Royal Bank Of Scotland Bankers Set For Millions in Bonuses

How Half Our Police Force are Unprepared for Major Disasters And Emergencies, Report Warns

80% Of Serial Burglars Are STILL Handed A Soft Sentence

Man Arrested Over 2003 Knife Murder Of Jogger Margaret Muller
he Mail doesn't bother to mention that Christopher Olokun also murdered Bernard Hegarty in 2004
Victory For Illegal Wildcat Strikers As Firm Offers New 50-50 Deal
Chocolate-Covered Stowaways Discovered En Route To Factory
Teenage Triple Jump Champ, Daniel Lewis, 'Drove Getaway Car 
Thousands of School-Leavers To Work As Teaching Assistants
Charles Clarke: Tony Blair Schemed "to Promote Me Within Cabinet"
Brown Promised He Would Help Me Get A Job?
Shandy-Drinking Officers Face Ban
MPs in Knife Crime Figures Quizzing

Hungry, So We Cooked And Ate My Girlfriend?

Maxim Golovatskikh and his friend, Yuri Mozhanov ate Karina Bardu¬chyan
 US Accused Of Blackmail Over Terror Trial Evidence
Binyam Mohamed was arrested in Pakistan in 2002 and taken to Cuba
The Big Question: At What Age Should Children Be Held Responsible For Their Criminal Acts?

Labour MP First To Be Sued For 'Laziness'

Health Minister Ann Keen
Carol Thatcher Golliwog Row

Firms Must Consider Local Workers Under Deal To End Foreign Labour Dispute

MEP Attacks Brown's Opt-Out On Tough Illegal Worker Law
Sex Assault On Teenage Girl

Pope Orders Bishop To Reject His Denial Of The Holocaust

Brown Warned On Boosting Far-Right Groups

Jahche Te Manawa Kaha Brougton Confesses to Karen Aim's Murder
Hunt For Asylum Seeker On Rape Charge '
Terror Leaflet' Woman Pleads Guilty

Lord Ahmed Must Be Prosecuted For Treason

19 Held As Suspected Illegal Immigrants Flee
Man Pulls Out 13 Of His Own Teeth With Pliers 'Because He Couldn't Find An NHS Dentist'
Man Wanted After Race Attack
'Tonight' Date For Nurse Telling Of Her Ordeal At Hands Of Latvian Thugs

The Latvians were jailed for just 32 months for doing what they did to Dorothy Hodgson
Gang Of Children - Some As Young As TEN - Caught Slowly Roasting Puppies Over Bonfire
US 'Threatens' Britain

US Ordered UK to Keep Quiet on Torture - Miliband Complied
Muslim Wife-Beater Smashed Anne Marie Whelan's Jaw
Mohammed Bhatti, who had 63 previous convictions and stabbed a man, was jailed for just 20 months
Mohammed Waqar Gets Just 18 months for Killing Simon Bampton!
The Cops First said it was a White Man
Now they're saying it was Blacks or Asians who put Caroline Johnson on life support!
Man with "Dark Skin" Sexually Assaults 14-Year-OldTwo Black Men Shot at Woman with BB Gun Asian Gunman Arrested after Shooting Himself in the Leg
Head Sues Bosses in Landmark Race Case
Erica Connor's "troubles started in 2003 when 4 Muslim governors were appointed"!
Wannabe Doc Locked up For 8 Years

Naheem Zafar robbed a shop at gunpoint
David Wells, 61, Kicked, Punched and Head-Butted in Bradford!
The paper doesn't tell us the ethnicity of the attackers. Why not, I wonder?
Royal Mail Looks To Shed 16,000 Jobs As It Aims To Cut Costs

Report Exposes Culture Of Boredom And Misconduct Among 'Plastic Policemen'

Banish Big Brother: The State's Surveillance Powers Must Be Curbed, Say Lords

Blair Hails 'God's Love' in Extraordinary Speech as He Stands Alongside Obama at Prayer Breakfast
Classroom Chaos: The Schools Suspending A Third Of Pupils A Year
Kevin Fairweath Opened Fire Indiscriminately after Nightclub Argument: He is Jailed For 10 Years
How 'Doctor Death', The World's Most Wanted Nazi War Criminal, Became A Muslim
The Skoolz Minister Who Must Try Harder: Jim Knight Gets An 'F' For 'Fail' In Spelling On his Blog
Jet-Setting Public Sector: £18 Million Bill For Civil Servants and Ministers yo Fly The World In Style

Rise In Measles 'Very Worrying'
Black England Player Richards Arrested

Cost Of Olympic Stadium Doubles
Anglican Church Leaders To Bring In 'Relationship Counsellors' Over Sexuality Dispute

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson Calls Gordon Brown 'A One-Eyed Idiot'
NHS Staff Face Sack if They Discuss Religion
Labour Financial Backer Defects To Tories

Britain Offers To Accept Palestinians Who Fled Iraq
Stabbed In The Back Walking Dog

NHS Facing £700m Negligence Bill!
Asian Gang Left Gay Man Permanently Paralysed
£13m Health Centre to be Named After Keith Vaz's Mother!
CCTV Image of Mugger Who Threatened to Stab a Boy in the Heart
"Evil" Black Train Gang Beat Up and Rob Students

Rhio Walters Lee, his cousin Theo Walters, Nana Araku and Reece Patterson
Gangs Net Thousands In Cashpoint Stings
Campaigners Protest At BNP Leaflet Handout

Special Report On What Happens Now And What It Means For The Future

Muslim Peer In ‘Student War’ Slur

Register To Vote Or This Man Gets Elected

Police Investigate Councillor Ramesh Patel’s “Ethnic Cleansing” School Remarks
Fine Threat To Proud Dad Flying The Flag

Britain Ready To Follow U.S. Lead On Capping Bank Bonuses

Boris Backs Thatcher Over 'Golliwog' Sacking As Complaints At BBC Treatment Soar to 3300

Bigamist 'Captain Cad' Sails Off Into The Sunset With His Third Wife... Leaving Two More At Home

Bulgaria Set To Steal India's Crown as Call Centre Operations Move Closer To Britain
For 7 Years’ Service, Council Boss Gets A Whopping £100,000 Pension

Peter Gould retired at 54 from his £215,000 job as Chief Executive of Northamptonshire County Council. Grammars Send Private School Applicants To Back Of The Queue
NHS Bosses Beg Youngsters To Take Sex Disease Test - And Offer £260,000 Of Free Movie Tickets
Teacher Awarded £280,000 After Being Attacked By Pupil Who Was Only Suspended For One Day
Doctor Convicted Of Killing Intensive Care Patient With An Injection Of Adrenaline Avoids Jail

Priya Ramnath was convicted of manslaughter
£18 Million Bill For Civil Servants And Ministers To Fly The World In Style

A Conspiracy That Is As Foul As It Gets
Rapist Attacked Former Lover After Hiding In Shed For 10 Days

Michael Thomas, white, a wealthy haulage contractor and racehorse owner
Michael Phelps Forced To Pay High Price For Folly Drug Adviser Dismisses Ecstasy Risk
David Nutt, He is the chairman of the Home Office's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). Former Barrister Jailed For Fraud
Carol Castell von Castell was found guilty in her absence in 2006 of an £80,000 insurance swindle
Man Admits Fatally Stabbing Youth
Chien Nguyen, 19, from Hackney, east London, stabbed Tung Le in the heart
Measles Cases Reach A 13-Year-High Prompting Epidemic Fears
Cambridge Shoe Protester Is German Pathology Research Student

Record 200 People A Day Declared Bankrupt, Says Insolvency Service
School Children Pass GCSE For Knowing Fewer Than A Fifth Of The Answers

Gay Teacher Who Boasted Of Promiscuous Lifestyle Told: 'Keep Teaching' 

Scandal Of Disabled Civil Servants' Pay
Sarkozy Insults PM's Economic Policies

Sorry I called him One-Eyed and Scottish but ... he is an Idiot

Schools Told: Share Badly Behaved Pupils

Boris: We Need More Black Men In Teaching
The First ID Cards Are Here - But No One in The UK Can Read Them

Rivals Dismiss BNP Election Threat
Asylum Seekers Mohammed Ali and Alik Madi Raped a 17-Year-Old

They were jailed for just 5 years
Flights Could Be Rationed, Says Environment Tsar Lord Turner

Council Tenants Offered 'Bribes' To Move

Muslim Doll On Sale In Asda

Junaid Hussain and Mohammed Ishtiaq Jailed for Road Rage Attack 
Hip Hop Guru Napoleono Maddox Has Got Learning All Rapped Up

Drop Foreign Labour And Hire Travellers, Farmers Told
Drug-Dealer Tahir Khan had Bullets And Body Armour At Home

Drug Dealers Wasir Hussain and Tammy Vinter get 14 Years
Peterborough: Pakistani Bottom-Enders vs Pakistani Top-Enders
'No One Here Sees Them As A Racist Product'

'Williamson To Examine Shoah Evidence'

Gordon Brown’s Bank Boss Glen Moreno Had Links To Tax Cheats

NHS Boss Lynda Hamlyn Angry At Organs For Foreigners
Briefing: Surveillance: They’re Watching ...
Expenses Row:
'Lodger' Deal Earns Jacqui Smith £100,000 As She Claims Sister's House Is Main Home

Troubled RBS Wants To Pay Staff £1bn Bonus After Taxpayers' £20bn Bail-Out

Foster Parent Struck Off: a Muslim Girl In Her Care Became A Christian!

President Blair: Former PM Set To Become EU Chief As Sarkozy Battles To Win Him The Post
Johnson is Attacked by Docs Over Super Clinics as He Declares: 'I Couldn't Care Less Which GP I See' Secret Police Unit Set Up To Spy On British 'Domestic Extremists'
Tyrant Supermarkets Shamed Over F-Word Books For Sale Online
Exclusive: Thatcher Has Had Death Threats
Government Plans Travel Database
UK Supermarkets' Ethical Clothing Standards 'A Sham'

Voxpops: What Do You Think Of The English?

A lot of foreigners in England were asked about it
Rise In Illegal Immigrants Entering Britain

Christian Care Home Victorious in Gay Dispute

British Teenagers Have Lower IQs Than Their Counterparts Did 30 Years Ago
Holocaust Bishop Richard Williamson Defies Pope's Demand To Change His Views
Rise In Antisemitic Attacks 'The Worst Recorded In Britain In Decades'
Half Of London Teenagers Afraid Of Attack By Gangs

Election Fraud has Increased Since the Postal Ballot was Introduced!
That is WHY it was introduced. To make it easier to rig elctions!
Video Of Pakistani Militants Beheading Polish Engineer
Former Head of the Met Wants Church to Ban BNP
Illegal Immigrant Gets Legal Aid to Sue Us!
Sarmadi Sayid, who was jailed after being caught with a fake passport, is suing us for £118,730!
Scandal of £1Bn Banker Bonuses!
Cannabis May be Linked to Cancer!

The Minister for Dodgy Expenses!
The trough-guzzler, Jacqui Smith, is our HOME SECRETARY!
Murderer's Black Mammy Charged over Amy Leigh Barnes' Death
Ricardo Morrison's mother, Melda Weeks, is a WEST MIDLANDS POLICE OFFICER!
RBS To Axe 2,300 Jobs.. But Still Plans To Pay Out £1bn In Bonuses To Bankers
Black Cop Charged With Helping Son Accused Of Murdering Teenage Model

UK Launches Ad Campaign To Show That Britain Is Not Anti-Islam
Shiny Chin To The Fore Miss Piggy Struts Into Parliament

Ed Balls: Minister Fears Rise Of Fascism Amid Economic Gloom

Sex Pest Jailed For Bus Attacks

What If You Had A Racist Friend?

MP Blasts Far Right Protest In Birmingham

Cop Hunt as Bogus Cabbie Rapes Girl, 19

'Killer Of Harry Potter Actor Had No Remorse'

Cops Hold 'Gay Camp' for Kids
BNP Opponents Stage Exeter Protest

Cambridge: Asian Repeatedly Stomped on Unconscious Soldier's Head

Parents' Disgust As Sex Pests Walk Free

Asad Mahmood and Haqnawez Razzaq sexually touched three 13-year-old girls
Prisoners' Legal Bill 'Colossal'
Traitorous Synod Votes In Favour Of BNP Ban
The Church of England votes to exclude any who would stick up for the native Briton
Young Girls 'Sexualised' By Clothing And Toy Manufacturers

Race Row Would Have Blown Over If I Kept Job, Says Sir Ian

Cop hunt for 'Joker' Gun Thug

Anthony Lee Perry, black
More Than 560 Immigrants Arrested Big jump in illegals on lorries
Muslim Mothers Given Web Advice
Teenage Boy Injured In Shooting
Operation Trident deals with gun crime in London's black community
Head Teacher Forced To Resign: Branded Racist For Trying To Axe Separate Assemblies For Muslims

High-Ranking Foreign Office Diplomat Arrested Over Anti-Semitic Gym Tirade

Business Faces Fine After Illegal Workers Discovered
UK Teens Volunteer For The IDF
Anyone Else Would Be Sent To Jail
Jacqui Smith: I Have Done Nothing Wrong

New Protest Over Jobs For Foreign Workers 
How Labour And The Bankers Are Ripping Us All Off
Fatal Crash Driver 'Used Laptop'
Headteacher Resigns In Row Over Scrapping Muslim Assemblies
Just 35 Illegal Immigrants Deported After Security Guard Scandal
Britain's Islamic Finance Sector Bigger Than Pakistan's, Report Claims
Closing the Bridge on Mayday is RacistCameron Urges Faith in Capitalism!
Just when the world's greediest capitalists have screwed everything up
Catching Fish is Akin to Torturing Kittens!
Say Animal Activists PETA.
Bedhopping Adulterer Blasts the BNP!
According to his wife, John Hemming, MP, has had no less than 26 affairs during their marriage
Cops Seek Asian Sex Attacker
Women Targeted by Black Sex Attacker

Brazilian Sex pest, Adilson Cardosa, Jailed for 18 months

Bankers Say Sorry It's Not Our Fault
It's not ALL their fault. The politicians who kissed their a***s are also to blame
Fresh Protests in UK Workers Row
HBOS Executive was Sacked and Gagged for Warning of Disaster

Sir James Crosby, chief executive of HBOS, was a Gordon Brown advisor when he sacked Paul Moore!
Traitor Bishop says Joining the BNP is not Compatible with Christianity
Black-on-Black Murder
Child Smokers Paid to Quit!
Asian Couple Jailed for Toddler Murder
Sanam Navsarka suffered more than 100m injuries at the hands of Subhan Anwar
Police will not Investigate Four Members of the House of Lords
The Lords were accused of being willing to change laws in exchange for cash
Non-UK born workers employed in Britain went up to 3.8 million in 2008!
An increase of 214,000
Anti-gang move after race attack
MPs Shun Free London Homes As Expenses Claims Are Put In the Spotlight

England Vow To Stand Up To Racist Chants

Fined Just £1,500: Asian Driver Who Killed Toddler Thomas Hussell!
Zahed Khan ran Thomas down as he was leaving school with his pregnant mum
Oxford: Closing Bridge on May Morning is RACIST

"Islamic Terrorism less serious than Bird Flu" says Top MI6 Spy

Brown Under Fresh Pressure on 'British Jobs': Figures Show Employment Up Among Foreign Workers

Village Fury Over £8,000 To Be Spent Teaching Romany Songs To Schoolchildren
Jacqui Smith's Ban On Anti-Muslim Dutch MP Triggers Diplomatic Row With Holland 

Anglicans Called On To Convert Non-Christian Believers
AM's 'Keep Out' Warning To BNP

The Domino's Branch Where You Can't Get A Pepperoni Pizza - Because They Only Do Halal

Don't Attack Us Please, UK Ads To Say On Pak TV

Prince Harry In New Race Storm

Volatile Mix Of Jobs And Race Will Give Ministers The Jitters
Axe Falls On St George: Parade Is Halted!

The Council said ut attracted "racist" thugs!
Couple Wrongly Accused Of Abusing Their Baby Can't Have their Kids Back!

A court rules it's too late!
Dutch MP Vows To Defy Home Office Ban And Fly To Britain To Show Anti-Islam Film

Unemployment Hits 12-Year High of 1.97million
Serious Fraud Office Launches Inquiry Into 'Criminal' Practices By Banks

Did a Widow, 97, Freeze To Death at her Private Care Home During one of the Coldest Nights In 20 Years?

Every Email And Call Will Be Stored Under New Law

Statistics Chief Karen Dunnell Inflames Row Over Foreign Workers

Britain Ready To Send 300 More Troops To Help 'Surge' In Afghanistan

No Criminal Charges For Peers In Sleaze Row

It Makes Your Blood Boil

The luxury life of Gordon Brown's guilty banker, that is
Figures Show 39 Pubs A Week Shut

Collared, Archbishop Who Put His Sons On Chimney

Senior MPs Ready To Grill Brown

Primary School Receptionist 'Facing Sack' After Daughter Talks About Jesus To Classmate

Prince Charles Attacks Establishment For Abandoning Grammar
Christianity In Decline Because Of Political Correctness

Mother And Boyfriend Guilty Of Inflicting 107 Injuries On Child

Zabheen Navsarka
Foreigners grab 200,000 Brit jobs

Merchants of Hatred! 13 Asians Left a Schoolboy for Dead
Two years on a serious case review has been ordered into the claw hammer beating of Henry Webster
Shahida Maqsood Falsely Claimed more than £20,000 in Benefits

The Iraqi Immigrants Said the Magic Word "Family"!

And, hey Presto, they get past Calais border guards and into 'Eldorado' Britain!
Illegal Immigrants On The Run
Woman Falsely Claimed £20,000
Shahida Maqsood, 43, a freelance NHS employee
Why did 13 Muslims Attack Henry Webster with a Claw Hammer?
BBC In New Swearing Row After Radio 5 Guests Call Dutch MP A 'W*****'?
Yes, We Sell Sambos - But It?s Nothing To Do With Race

Married? You?re in a Minority Now as Wedding Rates Fall to Record Low
City Trader Terry Freeman Arrested Over £40 Million 'Ponzi' Fraud
'You've Seen Hannibal Lecter: This Is Real'
Aleksandras Skirda and Vitas Plytnykas cut off Jolanta Bledaite's head
Black Gang Hold Up Family Waiting For Dinner Guests

Cops Seek Black Nightclub Ear Biter
Croydon Subway Goes Halal
Jabbar Hussain, who Battered a 93-Year-Old War Veteran, Jailed for 10 Years

Watford: Pregnant Woman Attacked by Violent Negress

Sex Offender, Mohammed Jamil, Sentence Delay due to Deafness
University Defends‚ 'Racist’ Council Member
Race Inquiry Landlord Arrested Again
Illegal Migrant Jailed – For Trying To Go Home
The Jewish Conspiracy In Asia 

Chinese bestseller, 'The Currency War," describes how Jews plan to rule by manipulating the financial system
"Let Kids try Ecstasy" says anti-BNP Lily Allen

Labour Allow Muslim Extremist into Britain to Attend Hamas Festival

New Report Says Racism Still Rife In Police Force

Birmingham Swamped by Asylum Blunder!
The Council erroneously granted full citizenship hundreds of asylum seekers and was then forced to house them when there are more than 30,000 on waiting lists
Entire South African Airways Crew Arrested for Drug Dmuggling
This is the second time in one month a South African crew has been arreted for drug smuggling!
Traitor Judge Jails Family Man for Confronting a Heroin Dealer!
Sheriff Robert McReadie jailed Peter Drummond for entering John Nellies' home and flushing the dealer's drugs down the toilet!
Says the former Head of MI5! I've got news for you, Stella - we already are one!
16-Year-Old Sex Attack Victim "Traumatised"
Her attacker was of mixed-race or Mediterranean appearance
Paulo Jorge Nogueira da Silva Gets Just 3 Years for Killing Six Members of Same Family

Jewish Doctor, Paul Hirschowitz, Denies Sex Charges
Inaugural Conference for Combating Antisemitism Opens in London
Thus do World Jewry and their bought politicians gather to censor he truth about the Jews
The Neasden Gang Wanted Their iPods so They Shot Them Repeatedly
Daily Mail says victims were East European but doesn't bother to tell us that that gang was black
Teachers Uged to Live Like Asylum Seekers!

Free housing, free furniture free furniture & appliances, free transport, free gas & electric, free sky tv etc.
Traitor Blair Wins $1m Leadership Prize!
Israeli Jews gave it to him!
Cops Hunt Escaped Nutcase Killer
Paul Caesar is black
BLAIR WARS: Stephen Kingscott Killed in Afghanistan
UK has One of the Highest Rates of Childhood Asthma in the World
Over a million children are currently receiving treatment
Black Prison Officer Ran Drugs Racket in Wormwood Scrubs
Patricia Ollivierre was caught with more than 17 grams of heroin and a large block of cannabis
Risky Tan Jab warnings Ignored
Tessa Jowell's Husband Sentenced to 4.5 Years in Jail!
David Mills, the brother-in-law of a former Director Public Prosecutions, will NEVER serve any time
East Europeans Rape Young Woman for 7 Hours
More than one in seven jobs in Britain is being filled by a foreign-born worker
HBOS Risk-Taking Dumbed Down
Britain has taken in around four times as many workers from Europe as there are Britons working in the EU
Ruling class now engaged in an increasingly vicious war against our traditional British culture and values
New Labour and the Bankers are Ripping Us All Off! 
Kevin Tripp, a Total Innocent was Killed by "large Black Guy," Tony Vorasami
Nine Metropolitan police officers suspended over alleged property racket
Entire Crime Squad Is Investigated For Corruption!
Black Banker Faces Jail After Smashing a Bottle Over Financier's Head

Colin Sharpe is black
A Lesson In Filth

Church School Pupils Told To Write Down Rudest Words They Know!
 Tesco Bars Girl For Carrying A Balloon!
It's A Health And Safety Risk!'
Half Our Children Try Cannabis By 16'!

Britain Tops European League for Abuse!
Bin Laden hate Preacher Set For Huge Human Rights Damages!
Pensioner Faces Jail For Refusing To Pay Council Tax!

He is refusing to pay becaise the Gypsies next Door have committed '250 Crimes'
Vile Torture, British Agents and Questions Miliband Must Answer

British Commuters Pay Twice The Price Of European Rail Fares!

NHS 'Lacking' On Child Protection

Harriet Harman: Britain's Most Deluded Woman?

Jacqui Smith To Be Investigated Over £116,000 Homes Expenses Bill
Neighbours claim she's only there two nights a week!
Anger Over Labour's 'Secret Plan To Push Up Council Taxes'

Terrorist attack "Highly likely" Home Sec tells the Germans but not US!

Guadeloupe Protesters Turn On White Families As Man Is Shot Dead

EU Jewish leader: Anti-Semitism spurred by economy, not Gaza war
Strom In A Coffee Cup: Who The F*** Is Howard Schultz?

Failed Doc, Virginia Jibowu< Wants £300,000 Compo!
She says the white students didn't want to hang out with her!
Asian Thugs Threaten to Shoot Female Vicar

Two-Year-Old married to a Dog in India

And yet over here the politicians are on their side!
Hate Preacher, Abu Qatada, Awarded Compensation!
The European Court of Human Rights reckon his human rights were breached!
£2trillion - The Terrifying Total of our National Debt... £33,000 For Every Man, Woman And Child In Britain
Pupils Study 7/7 Attacks From Bombers' Viewpoint

Pioneering Move to Fight Race Hate
Deporting Gay Asylum-Seeker 'Was Unlawful'
Muslim Schools Ban Our Culture

Black Trainee Doctor Sues College For £300,000 for 'Racist Bullying' By Fellow Students

Argentina Expels Holocaust Bishop 

Jacqui Smith Bars Extremist U.S. Christian Preacher Aiming To Protest Over Pro-Gay Play
Primary Schools Are Accused Of Turning Out Philistine Pupils
Under This Rule, Even Osama Bin Laden Is British

Education System 'Deficient'
Threat Of Industrial Action Looms As Prison Officers Reject Modernisation Plan

Politicians 'Ignoring' Polygamy
Gun Victims 'Cover Up Injuries'

Drug Use Teacher 'Can Continue'

Government Raid On Pension Funds To Rescue Schools Building Scheme

Moldovan Women Kept As Sex Slaves In London Win £600,000 Compensation

Qatada Wins £2,500 For Illegal Detention

The Full Extent Of Labour's Curbs On Civil Liberties

The March Of The Atheist Movement

EU Not Sending Enough Troops To Afghanistan, Says Minister
American Owner Of 60 Dogs On The Run After Neighbours Are Mauled
Black Stab Girl, Sarah Harper, Caged for 9 Years
Harper twisted a 7in steak knife into Lydia Lawrence, piercing her liver and kidney
Nigerian Defrauds Hampshire Woman of £70,000
Home Repossessions Hit 12-year High
40,000 properties were repossessed last year
Nun Tells of Sex and Suffering Inside Indian Convent
The Full Extent of Labour's Curbs on Civil Liberties

The BNP Take the Safest New Labour Ward in Kent!
Asians Ahmed Gelle, Saaid Shire and One Other Raped a 14-Year-Old Girl

Two Dead in North London Gang War between Somalis and Afghans

Pensioner 'fined' for energy-saving effort in Brighton
Ten Years After Macpherson, Police Race Quotas Are Axed

British Muslims 'Providing Taliban With Electronic Devices For Roadside Bombs' 

Police Hospitalised Over HP Sauce Shock
BNP Council Win Brings Fear Of Rise In Extremism

Police failing us still - Doreen Lawrence

Brown Could Face A Ticking Off By MPs Over Failing To Declare £1,600 In Rent

Buying Some Wine? Spy Cameras Will Be Watching

Smith 'Raises The Bar' To Cut Migrant Workers
High Life For Sir Humphrey : Extraordinary Freebies Enjoyed By Britain's Mandarins Revealed
Banned Dutch MP Flies In... And Is Sent Straight Home Again

Decorated Ex-Soldier And OBE Killed Himself After Losing '£1m In Madoff Swindle'

GPs To Get Bonuses For Giving Teenagers Contraceptive Implants And Jabs Without Informing Parents Losing Your Job Is Not So Bad Says Bishop
Labour 'Smeared ONS Fact-Finders' Over Report On TRUE Number Of Foreign Workers In Britain
Migrant Children Are Wandering 'Destitute' And 'Spreading Disease' Says NHS Report

Camilla's House? It's Just Past The Caravan Site... If Gypsies Get Planning Permission Approved 

Illegal Gypsy Camp Near Tessa Jowell's Country Retreat Is Allowed To Stay For Next Four Years
The Family Of Iraqi Illegals Who Sat in  a Lorry in Calais to be Driven Here For a New Life on Benefits
The Man Holding The Balance Of Power Is A Maverick Ultra-Nationalist

Avigdor Lieberman will demand a senior cabinet post
The Intolerance Towards Christians In The Public Sector Is An Affront

Says Archbishop Sentamu
Bebo Users Suggest Slang Terms

Afghanistan Operation Costs Soaring

Foreigners Flock In As British Jobless Hits 10-Year High

BLAIR WARS: Uk Soldier Dies In Iraq Gun Tragedy
Rise In Attacks On British Jews

Top Civil Servant Attacks Education Policies

Asylum Seeker Family Wins £150,000 Compensation

Boris Johnson In 'F-Word' Tirade Against Keith Vaz

Cost Of War In Iraq And Afghanistan Rises To £4.5bn
'British Jobs For British Workers' Pledge Exposed
Cheating Wife Given Classes After Paying Hitman £800

Mum's Passport Battle To Get Baby Daughter Into Scotland
White baby of British mother denied passport - because she was born in Zimbabwe
Nadya Suleman, Octuplets Mum, Bares Her ENORMOUS Stomach Just Eight Days Before Giving Birth

And the US taxpayer must pay for her and her children 
Raja Husaain and Tasleem Akhtar Accused Over Dog Fights
Abdul Azim Motin and Rajwan Hakim Charged With Robbery 
Geert Wilders: Gordon Brown Is The “Biggest Coward In Europe”
"Please Let my Turkish Toyboy live with me"
Kathleen Ekiz, aged 62, married Hakan, 38
India Makes Cola From Cow Urine
Muslim Girl In Baptism Row Was Fleeing An Arranged Marriage
Minister For Upgrades: First-Class Flight For Keith Vaz And His Wife - But The Children Go Business Class

Gay Bogus Lord, Andrew Lee, Claims To Be Prince Philip's Lovechild and Rips Off Villagers

Pregnant Asian Mother Stabbed To Death In Front Of Horrified Shoppers
The owner of a nearby shop said: 'Mitcham is not a safe area. People worry about their safety.
The Wan, Bewildered Figure of Little Alfie Reveals How Our Children are Being Abandoned and Betrayed

4.5 million people on the social housing waiting list: 100 families having their homes repossessed every day
Meet The Parents Three Held In Anti-Terror Operation
Private Ryan Wrathall Killed In Shooting

Ex-Soldier Guilty Of Woman's Murder
Vitas PlytnykasPlytnykas had already been jailed for a drugs-related knife killing in Germany
Unruly Pupils 'Need More Support'
Man Charged With Shooting Murder
Paul Minto shot Shawn Callum
Youth Admits Love Rival's Murder
Khyrie Hylton stabbed Yusufu Miiro because he had befriended Khyrie Hylton's ex-girlfriend
UK's Ban Of Dutch MP Criticised

Caryl Churchill Is Acccused Of "Anti-Semitism"
Church Of England General Synod Calls Asylum Seeker Amnesty

Britain Faces £100bn Cut In Spending According To 'Bankrupt Britain' Report

‘Lord For Hire’ Moonie, The Labour Peer, Is Caught Up In NHS Fraud Inquiry

Gordon Brown’s Bailout Adviser, Michael Klein, Picked Up $42m Wall Street Payoff

Drinkers Could Lose Their Benefits And Be Made To Take Alcohol Tests

UK Policing Policy Body is an £18m-a-Year Brand Charging Us £70 for a 60p Criminal Records Check

Neighbours Make a New Complaint Against Jacqui Smith: 'She Only Stays Here For Four Months A Year'
New Fears For Lloyds As It Plans £120million Bonus Payout
David Miliband Urged America To Send Binyam Mohamed Torture Letter, Says Bush Aide
Revealed: Britain's Devastating 50-A-Year Toll Of 'Baby P' Murders

'Revolving Doors' Row As Ex-Foreign Office Minister Baroness Symons Joins Bank With Links To Iraq Contracts
British Woman Raped On Gap Year Work Scheme In Ghana
BLAIR WARS: Royal Marine Killed In Taliban Firefight in Afghanistan
Bankers Party On Bail-Out Cash
Anti-Terror Police Question Three Serious Sex Attack On Young Woman
They were looking for a man of mixed race, aged about 35
Christians Face Discrimination In Workplace, Say Church Leaders
Christianity In Schools: Why We're Losing Our Religion

Nigerian Prisoners In British Jails To Be Sent Home
Oxford: Angry Workers Throw Fruit and Veg at 'Judas' Union Leaders
British And French Submarines Packed With Nuclear Missiles Collide Beneath The Atlantic
Black Killer Boasts On Facebook: Jail Is Just Like Being On Holiday
Ban On Passengers' Brief Encounters As Train Station Puts Up 'No Kissing' Sign
Nearly A Third Of Parents Never See Their Children After Split From Partner
David Miliband's 'Deceit' Over Guantanamo Bay Torture Claims
Paperwork Keeps Police Off The Beat
Growing Number Of "British" Men Joining Islamic Radicals in Somalia
Archbishop Of Canterbury: Society Is Coming Round To My Views On Sharia
Lieutenant-General John Cooper: Death Of 179 Troops Is Price Worth Paying For Our Success
Anti-Terror Tactics 'Weaken Law'
Wei Cai Wang Jailed For Sexual Assault On Girls Eight Years Ago
New Fight To Stop Mass Fluoridation
Figures Reveal Blair's Charity Empire
Richard Williamson has spent years researching unlike his brainwashed critics
Asylum For Lesbian On The Run From IranNottingham: Muslim Banned from Touching Cars

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