Daily News - December 2008

Arrogant Social Services Boss is STILL Being Paid £2,000 A Week
Another £9.3bn Down the Drain? Ministers Told 2012 Olympics 'Will Bring Little Benefit to Britain'
Civil Servant 'Hacked Son of Ex-Lover to Death in Revenge after She Ended Affair'
Extreme Preacher Abu Qatada Jailed Indefinitely
Religious Leaders Condemn Anti-Israel Carols in Church
Thousands More Children at Risk
Asylum Seekers Compiled 'Hit List' For Pakistan Revolution from London
Secret Plot to Join Euro
Healthy Baby Died 10 Days After MMR Jab!
Rapist's Mother Threatened Victim
Lonnita Newton told the woman her other son was going to shoot her
Big Brother Thought Police Will Soon be Able to Demand Your ID
BLAIR WARS: Bush Regrets Iraq WMD Failure
Tory Councillor Quits over IRA Links!
Maria Gatland was Croydon Council's Cabinet Chief in charge of children, young people and learners
Lancet Report Says 15% of British Girls Have Been Exposed to Sexual Abuse by Age 18
5% of boys have been similarly exposed
News from America: Sergeant and Wife Slaughtered by Black Marines
Jan Pawel and Quiana Pietrzak were murdered in their home by Jan's own subordinates
Britain's identity is in danger of being lost for ever
Coroner Michael Wright Whitewashes Jean-Charles de Menezez Case
He has ruled out a verdict of unlawful killing! 
Jail For Black Gang Who Targeted Trains
Feral Black Said "Just Let Him Die"!
April Bright was 17 when she stabbed Mohammed Muse Nassan to death
Another Big Pay Day for Muslims
Saleca Parkar's boss called her 'tent 'ead' in an email. Now she's £75,000 richer!
Drug Addicts Get £11,400 for Breach of Human Rights!
Because Winchester Prison wouldn't give them any drugs!
British Playboy Threw his Own Girlfriend Off a Cliff
Caroline Byrne "knew too much" about the palayboy's Jewish boss, Rene Rivkin
EU Aims To Improve Asylum Rules
BNP Targets Councillors
School Cancels Nativity To Make Way For Eid
The Headmistress is one Amber Latif
Speaker Michael Martin Blames Serjeant at Arms for Raid on Damian Green
<AHREF=" ? http: article5282721.ece health industry_sectors business tol business.timesonline.co.uk />Ruling Due On DNA Database Case
Jail for Black Gang Who Targeted Trains
Tony Blair Hails Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Appointments
Drug Addicts Win Human Rights Compensation For Being Forced To Go Cold Turkey
A Quarter Of 14-Year-Olds Forced Into Sex, Says Survey
Diary of Anne Frank to be Dramatised on BBC
Would the BBC dramatise a German girl starving to death in the Weimar years?
The Big Brother State – By Stealth
Bristol Teen Kills Himself "Over Religious Teachings"
Solicitor, Rache Taylor, was lover, lawyer and financial advisor to a drug dealer Pardeep Bains
Burglary Suspect Crushed to Death by Lift
Pistol P was black
Asylum Seekers in Thornton Heath Street Battle!
"It's political correctness gone mad"!
A teacher has been suspended for make a kid do some press-ups!
Is This How Barristers Behave Nowadays?
Is this what they look like?
14-Year-Old White Girl Raped by Black Gang
O'Neil Denton, Weiled Ibraham, Yusuf Raymond, Jayden Ryan, Alexander Vanderpuije, Jack Bartle, Cleon Brown and two others
Asians Sentenced for Murder
Yank Who Drove wrong way Killed 3 Brits
Blackburn Post Office Worker Stole £170,000
Boxes Searched in BNP Probe
32 Illegal Workers Arrested in Early Morning Factory Raid
Vauxhall Chiefs Deny Begging Government For Cash in a Bid To Save 5,000 UK Jobs

22 Children Struck Down With 'Salmonella Poisoning' After Outbreak at Primary School
Minister's 'Training to be Leader' Costs £2,000
Unemployment Set To Hit 2m As 1,000 More Jobs Are Axed
Mandelson Accused Over HBOS Merger

The Council That Spied on Paperboys
Women Over 55 'Invisible On TV'

Youth Charged Over Alley Murder
Shannon, Baby P ..Now Child No3 Is Failed
Mosques are a "Land Grab Not a Place of Prayer"!
Racist! Fascist! Nazi! Oh, hang on, it was a Jew that said it, er.....
Cockroaches Found in Ahmet Sakar's "Dirty" Kebab Shop
Anthony de Asha Stabs His Wife to Death
HIV Scare for Leicester Women
Kalvin Markall Charged Over £20m Heroin Haul
How Labour Has Made Families Poorer
11-Year-Old Schoolgirl Fights Off Abduction Attempt
Cops Hunt Asian Men

15-Year-Policemen Forced Out by Gay Mafia
Christian cop, Graham Cogman, objected to being bombarded with emails promoting Gay History Month etc.
36 Pubs are Closing Every Week!
The Credit Crunch and Greedy Bankers Have Skint us All
Shed no tears for this Labour Stooge who Forgot how to Police!
Black Cricketer Faces Charge of Attempting to Smuggle Drugs into the UK
Chris Lewis was found with 9lb of cocaine worth about £200,000 at Gatwick Airport
3 Black Beasts Guilty of Raping Teenager
Rogel McMorris, Jason Brew and Hector Muaimba were found guilty of rape. McMorris also poured caustic soda on the 16-year-old
Dr Edwin Onugha Indecently Assaulted an IVF Patient!
Tesco Continue to Sell Irish Pork!
In defiance of safety advice from the UK's official food watchdog!
Social Services Boss in Baby P Case Sacked without a Payoff!
Cameron: Scrap the Human rights Act!
This act stops us deporting foreign crims. He's after your votes ladies and gents
What Brit-hating slimeballs they are
First Pictures of "Feral Dogs" who raped a 14-Year-Old White Schoolgirl
I would blowtorch the genitals from them all
Black Teenager Gets Just 14 Weeks
Lemar Boyden assaulted cops, branshished a knife and threatened to shoot them
Black Dad Jailed for Attacking Baby!
Tafari Brown also stabbed his white partner, Lisa Cole
Paul Dec Left with Brain Damage
He also suffered a broken jaw, broken ribs and punctured lungs after the attack by Kamaljit Singh
More than 180,000 Asylum Seekers Set to Stay!
Human Rights law makes it difficult to deport them
Northampton Council threaten to Evict 89-Year-Old!
George Robinson kept feeding the birds
Christmas is the Pathway to Hell!
Says hate preacher, Anjem Choudary
40% of Small Businesses Have Considered Closing Down! Black Mother in Court over Baby Murders Romario and Delayno Mullings-Sewell were stabbed to death

Freudian slip from Gordon the new Messiah! Tony the old one was crap too
Creep Teacher Tells Tots There's no Father Christmas!
"She has done it maliciously". Yep. Rumour has it SHE was a Muslim!
Teachers 'Beat And Abuse' Muslim Children In British Koran Classes

EU Aims To Improve Asylum Rules
School Cancels Nativity To Make Way For Eid
Ruling Due On DNA Database Case
Jail for Black Gang Who Targeted Trains
Tony Blair Hails Barack Obama's Foreign Policy Appointments
The Big Brother State – By Stealth Bill-By-Bill: From Pay to Poverty
Shannon Neighbour Raised Alarm 3 Times About Conditions She Endured - Social Services Did Nothing
Modern Day Bootlegger Raked in £10m Through Illegal Moonshine Empire
Schools Banned From Requesting Photos And Birth Certificates of Prospective Pupils
Fury Over Executive Paid £1m a Year by Government to Reduce Third World Poverty!
Clipboard Brigade To Probe Our Private Lives As Government Plans Sexual Preference Quiz 
Is Brown’s Mortgage Rescue Another Empty Pledge?
Labour's Still Happy to Steal Our Cash to Encourage Idleness
Warning Over Internet Painkillers Revealed
The Cruelty of UK's Pork Suppliers

We're Freezing At Night, Say Prisoners

NHS 'Wastes Hundreds of Thousands of Pounds On Staff Umbrellas'

Foreign Offenders Could be in UK Without Police Knowing Their Past

Jacqui Smith, The Lady Bracknell of Labour

Retailers Accused of Ignoring Bangladeshi Workers' Plight

Now Labour Makes It Even HARDER to Sell Your Home
Officers Overpower Muslim Rioters During Jail Protest
Jail for Drink-Driver Who Killed Father and Son in 120mph Crash 'While Performing Sex Act'

Schoolgirl Saved by Kindness of Strangers after Being Stabbed 20 Times by Drunken French Chef


Cigarettes face ban from display in shops and supermarkets

Officer Amerdeep Johal 'used police files to find blackmail targets'

Three Guilty of Raping Teenager

Migrant Benefits Rules Changing

UK Doctor's SOS Over Arranged Marriage

Three Children Killed By Abuse In England EVERY Week
Immigrant Amnesty Bill To Cost £4billion
Radical Plan To Get One Million Off Benefits
Former England Black Cricketer on Cocaine Smuggling Charge

Alcohol Warning to Parents After Baby Deaths

Text Slang Seeping Into Everyday Language

Childcare Is Bad For Your Baby, Working Parents Are Warned
The Hidden Death Toll from Errors by NHS Staff
Banks under The Cosh As £1 Tumbles Towards €1
Long-Term Unemployed Must Show They Are Job-Hunting to Gain Benefits
Working Mothers 'Put Children at Risk with Low-Quality Childcare' Says UN Report
The Junk Food Gene: DNA Flaw Means Two-Thirds Of Us Can't Stop Eating
Sex Attacker Jailed for Attempted Rape 12 Years Ago after His DNA Was Found on Craft Knife
Scandal as More Patients Suffer from GP Errors
Britain Set To Be Fat Capital of The World

German Minister Slams UK Spending
NHS 'Still Failing on Safe Care'
College Fraudsters in New Visa Scam

Exiled Youth Lead 'Double Lives'
Asylum 'Amnesty' Claims Rejected

UK Runs 'Guantanamo Camps', Says Detainees

Labour Accused Of 'Moral Crime' as 5m Adults Lack Training
Archbishop of Canterbury Accused Of Creating Confusion in The Church

'Cancer Rsk' of fertility drugs
Israeli Envoy to U.K. Accuses Church Service of being Anti-Semitic
Black Footballer Held in Assault Probe
Marlon King allegedly assaulted a 20-year-old woman. He plays for Hull City
Lord Lester Resigns Because Scared Labour is Not Putting Immigrants First
Don't fret milord, if they get in again they'll start putting your pets first again
The First Imperative is to Preserve their Cultural and Ethnic Identity
What is "imperative" for immigrants is illegal for the native Brit!
College Fraudsters in Visa Scam!
Commies Send BNP Member Christmas Card with Anthrax Written Inside it!
The card also had white powder in it!
The "Afro-Caribbean" Rammed a Knife into Jack Large's Head! 
The unnamed savage got away with manslaughter! Why? He said he thought he had been called a racist name!Scum Lawyers Struck Off!
Jim Beresford and Douglas Smith made millions by ripping off sick miners
Pope Brands Global Financial System as 'Self-Centred and Lacking Concern for the Poor
That would be right
Reverend George Fisher Changes Words of 12 Days of Christmas!
No wonder folks aren't going to church any more with clowns like this about!
Sharon Shoesmith Tried to Block an Investigation 6 Months after Baby P's Death
Choir Banned for Being too religious!
17 Knives and 73 Razor Blades Confiscated in Top Security Jail
Shambolic' Attempt to Fly Kurds Home

Gordon is Crap Say Germans!
2.3 Million Homes At Risk of Flooding!
Guns and Knives on Our Streets
Chaotic Council Team Failed Boy P

Councils Spend £430m on Publicity! Cost of 2011 Census Soars
THEY want to discover the true immigration figures - so THEY say
Millions Still Can't Find an NHS Dentist Despite Labour's Health Care Promises
Children of 9 Being Recruited to Stash Guns and Deliver Drugs!

Poor White Boys Lagging Behind Schoolmates

Smith Warns of Zimbabwe 'Influx'

Oxford Rugby Team Get Diversity Lessons

To help them kowtow better to their future Lords and Masters
Christians Should Back Atheists in Their Campaign Against Sharia

Britons Spend More Than Three Years with Cold and Flu

The De Menezes Killing: Where Are THEY now?
Cressida Dick and John McDowall have since been promoted!
Seven Mistakes That Cost De Menezes His Life

The biggest mistake was allowing Keystone Cop cowboys to play with guns in the first place
Why Labour Is at Fault for Dental Farce

Muslim Drugs-in-Knickers Smuggler Jailed

Woman Who Preached Jihad Charged with 5 Other 'Al Qaeda Militants' over Suicide Plot to Kill EU Leaders
Two-Thirds of Teachers Allow Children to Use Slang And Text Message Speak in School Tests

Baby P Council Appoints a Replacement for Sacked Social Services Boss - On a Salary Of £200,000 a Year Taxpayers May Have to Fund Bail-Out of Car Industry as U.S. Meltdown Threatens 1m British Jobs
The Wedding With No Bride And No Groom as Brazilian Marries Pole 'By Proxy' to Stay in Britain

Have You Got Weedkiller, Lighter Fluid and Sugar in Your Home!
If you don't like Jews that's enough evidence to lock you away for 7 years 3 months nowadays!
Church Leaders Fear Religious Christmas Stamps Will Be Scrapped

I Begged Them And Told Them I Was Still A Virgin, But They Said, "You Ain't Going to Be No More'':

Data Chief Accuses No.10 of 'Corrosive' Spin over Premature Knife Crime Figures Release

Life Terms for Bus Stab Murderers

Starfield Badza and Junior Lumbango stabbed Billy Ward to Death
BLAIR WARS: Four Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan!
Bernard Madoff, the creature behind the biggest fraud in Wall Street history, is a Jew!
Illegal Immigrant Nut Molests Woman Whilst she was Asleep!
Raj Kumar had previously sexually assaulted a woman in 2001
"Few Local People will Benefit from the Olympics Jobs Boom"!
Australia is the Target of Israeli Crime Syndicates
Police Charged £9m by Phone Firms to Use Tracking Data!

Lollipop Gap Puts Children at Risk
Courts Too Easy on Knife Crime

Sats Fiasco Boss Enjoyed Yacht Club, Chelsea Flat And Free Flights
All Funded by the Taxpayer!
Blair Was Always A Catholic Says Aide
Shaun Woodward, Gordon's Richest Minister, Buys £5 Million Island Villa!
BLAIR WARS: Taliban's 12 Child Bombers

Food Firms 'Mislead Using Adverts'
BLAIR WARS: Four Killed in Afghanistan Named
Livingstone Praises Menezes Chief
Livingstone is pure evil
Dizzee Rascal Held in 'Bat' Probe
UK Gives Aid Package to Pakistan
F*** off! Give your aid to us, you slimes!
Flu Cases on The Rise in England

Fourth Man Remanded Over Murder
Man Stabbed with Machete in Raid
Key Mugabe Ally Is Free to Live in London
UK Needs Help Warns Archbishop

We feel we are going down the tubes
Poorer Pupils Drop Out After Grants Fiasco
Social Services Chief's Husband Was a Drug-Addicted Terrorist!
Cancer Sufferer Beaten to Death as He Prepared to Spend Last Christmas with Family
BLAIR WARS: Soldier who Shot Himself in Iraq Was Father of Two

Corporal Lee Churcher died at the contingency operating base in Basra
Anti-Defamation League Join YouTube to Fight On-Line Hate
In other words: the Jews are about to censor anything that reflects badly on them
We are now 20,000 Troops under strength
12-year-old Schoolgirl Paralysed by Cervical Cancer Jab!
Ms Abdulla, a Somali refugee, Said she was So Devastated she is Thinking of Leaving Britain!
UK Innocents May be Branded as Criminals Abroad!
Treacherous Nu Labour is giving other EU members access to its 'Big Brother' databases
Headmasters Should "High-5" Pupils to Improve Exam Results!
What if we force our kids to eat watermelon, will that improve results too!
Iranian Conman Steals from 6 Churches!
He has also stolen from parishioners after they welcome him into their community
Bus Driver Attacked by Asians
Aspiration Gap for White Poor
Ten Thousand Polish Women Came to Britain for NHS Abortions Last Year!
BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Killer Drivers from Eastern Europe!
Accidents on British roads involving Eastern European drivers have soared 8-FOLD in just 6 years!
40% of Drink Drivers are Foreign!
Hampshire Council May Lose £7m With Madoff
Bernard Madoff is a Jew
Terrorism Advisor Wanted for Terrorism!
Mohamed Ali Harrath is a Scotland Yard advisor on terroist matters, FFS!
50,000 Jobs at Risk In Break-Up of Royal Mail
British Banks Losing Billions To ‘One Big Lie’ In Biggest Ever Fraud
Thousands Face Pension Cut After Overpayment Blunder
US Accuses Britain Over Military Failings in Afghanistan
Cost-Cutting Computer Meant to Save £57m Left Taxpayers £80m Bill

Asylum Seekers Should Get Benefits, Says Leading Tory Think-Tank
Mother Told to Take Down Her Christmas Lights in Case They Offend Her Non-Christian Neighbours

Million New Jobs Go to Migrants As Slump Deepens

State Bosses Are Living The High Life at Our Expense
Staff Pose Flu Risk To Patients
A Million Poor Pupils Denied Free Meals
BLAIR WARS: Highest Rate of Deaths And Injuries Since War Began
Jails Get Go-Ahead To Continue Using Pain to Control Children

Only 1-in-10 with Multiple Sclerosis are Being Treated with Key Drug!

Immigrant Jailed for Sex Act on Bus With Boy!
No Jail Time for Asian Attackers!
Nurul Hussain, Ajmal Hussain-Kabir and 2 others beat up Aaron Ward
Conservative Activist Tried to Rig Election
Black-on-Black Murder

Bilal Abdulla Guilty of Plotting Home-Made Bomb Attacks
Abdulla was an NHS Doctor at the time
British Banks Lose £1Billion in Madoff Fraud
Councils Failing to Keep Children Safe
Two Million Face Christmas on Dole
Alarm Over 8-Year-Olds Who Smoke And Drink
British Millionaire Probed by FBI After Thousands Are Duped by Pay-Day Scam
Another Jewish Fraudster Takes the P***
British millionaire, Aaron Gershfield, has duped thousands, apparently
Rhys Jones's Teenage Killer Was Stopped EIGHTY Times by Police

Sean Mercer should swing!
Ali Dizaei, President of the Black Police Association, Wants ANOTHER Free Handout!
The bloke's a joke. He's certainly not a f***ing cop!
Glasgow Bomber Bilal Abdulla Jailed for 32 Years
Royal Mail Revolt by Labour Mps Begins with Resignation of Jim Mcgovern

Fairy Mandelson wants to sell our heritage off to foreigners
Derby Bosnians to Get £268,000 Lottery Grant!
There are 63,042 White British Muslims Living in England and Wales
There 890 White Irish and 115.841 other white Muslims according to the 2001 Census
Churchgoing Pensioner Beheaded in Dispute Over Noise!
The neighbour who beheaded Patrick McGee is thought to be Filipino
IMF Chief Warns Of Riots In Response To Economic Crisis
Dominique Strauss-Kahn is Jewish
Mandelson Set to Spend £1bn of Taxpayers' Cash to Rescue Luxury Car Maker Now Owned by Indians

Despite the fact that Jaguar/Land Rover is owned by tycoon Ratan Tata!
NHS Patients Are Cheated by £100m A Year Extra for Their Dental Work

BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Dies in Afghanistan
Disestablishment of Church of England would 'not be end of the world'!
SAYS ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY! Traitors are everywhere, aren't they?
Illegal immigrant Tried to Flee Britain SIX times!
But THEY won't let him go and it's cost us £250,000 to keep him here
Fears Raised Over More CJD
Ambulance Crews Face Record Calls
Lords' Expenses Top £18 Million
Black Brute Killed His Baby
Courtney Bryan had been suspected of injuring kids while living with 4 diferent families
Boy Raped Sisters After School Sex Lesson!
Absolute proof that the PC "teach them all about it when they're young" way is WRONG!
'Lord Road Rage': Peer Of The Realm With £315m Fortune 'Went Berserk' in Attack on Motorist

Baron Graham Kirkham punched and scratched a man in a road rage attack
Psychopath Napper Finally Admits Murder of Rachel Nickell
Keystone Cops were Wrong about Colin all Along!
Tough Punishment for Youth Knife Crime Is 'Misguided' Says PC Sentencing Panel

British Muslim, Rangzieb Ahmed, Convicted of Being Al-Qaeda Mastermind

Cash-Strapped Parents Desert Private Schools for The State System

Up To 75,000 Families Will Lose Their Homes Next Year in Repossession Crisis
BBC Fined £95,000 for Phone-In Fakery

And Licence Payers Will Foot The Bill!
Archbishop Savages 'Drug Addict' Brown

Immigrant Quota Raised To 21,000!

To Help Farmers Harvest Crops! Use out of work Brits you traitorous a***holes!

Corrupt Police Constable Jailed For Trying to Blackmail Sex Offenders

Cancer Causing Dioxins Found in Irish Beef!
But Products Are Already on UK Shelves!
"Totally Unprovoked Attack by a Group of Black Youths" in Barking
Totally Unprovoked Attack by 15 Youths in Barking
A young man was stabbed twice. We are not told that the gang was black
Twice Deported Illegal Immigrant Got Back in ands Raped a Girl
Peter Delisser "was well known to police and immigration authorities"
Immigrant Nurse Suspended for Ignoring Dying Man
Herbert Simondac's behaviour was "deliberate and there was "no evidence of any remorse"
The Lusitania WAS Carrying Munitions: British Governments Lied
15_Year-Old Girl Kicked and Stamped on by Huge Asian Gang
Straw Comes Clean About Cantaxx Cash Gift
Essa Suleiman Stabbed Policeman and Dog
Blacks Attack Soldiers with Weapons
Our traitorous politicians have sold off our ability to defend ourselves!
MURDER "Black Men Sought"
3 Chinese Jailed Over Sex Trafficking
Magistrate Resigns!
Dick Soper is fed up seeing criminals walk free after a quarter of their sentences!
MFI: Yet Another Credit Crunch Victim
High Court Judges Say Sex Offenders Register Breaches Human Rights!
The human rights of rapists and paediphiles, that is!
Key Aide to Gordon Brown is Director of Anti-Putin Group

The pot stirrers, Jon Mendelsohn and Mikhail Khodorkovsky are Jewish. As is Lord Levy
New Labour to Give Bailiffs Power to use Force on Debtors

Even if they're Black or Asian, Gordon?
Welfare Booms Under New Labour Panic as Global Cables Cut!
Never mind, it's only the global t**rags who are panickingI

Black Bank Robber: It's All the Fault of Jamaican Yardies
ROCHDALE GANG RAPE: 5 Asians Charged

Imtiaz Syed, Tayyab Hussain, Mohammed Usman Raja and two others were charged
Straight Brits Infected with HIV Has Doubled in Just 4 Years
Fanatically irresponsible cub-Saharan Africans - there's your answer
Revealed: Perk that Lets Lords Couples Claim Living Allowance Twice even if They Share a Home
Labour MPs revolt over Brown's plan to charge 27% interest on emergency loans to poor

Faulty gene makes children who live near power lines more likely to develop leukaemia

Dear Mr Editor, That Jacqui Smith is doing a fabulous job, her HUSBAND writes to newspaper

Diana Fund gives millions to Clinton charity, despite his betrayal on landmines

New forensic evidence could free Libyan convicted of Lockerbie bombing

Muslim Court Rejects Divorce Plea by 8-Year-Old Girl Who is married to a 58-year-old man!
Tories Lose 40,000 Members Since Cameron Took Over
Wingeing Immigrants Get Bigger Houses!
They are, of course, living off welfare benefits
Chinaman Stabs Irish Guard

BLAIR WARS: Another Soldier Killed in Afghanistan!
And yet the NatWest bank is threatening the Addymans with repossession!
Bankruptcies to Triple! Red Cross Called in as Flu Crisis Brings NHS to Its Knees!
Thief Told to Pay Back Just £1!
Mark KNight Stole £25,000 of Lead from Rochester Cathedral!
The Weak Bishops Destroying this Nation's Soul
Bankers at 4 City Firms Collect £6.4 Billion in Bonuses!
THEY are at war with us, ladies and gents, AND THEY are taking the p***!
The herbal hazards that could threaten the unborn child
African Caught with £350,000 of Cocaine
Tory Resents paying Tax to Support "Imported Spongers"!
Of course, as son as he was rumbled, Glenn Broadbent apologised for telling the truth
India:Where Christians are Being Burned Alive
UK Signed Away!
SAS soldier Andy McNab warned of problems with those returning from Blair's wars
5 British Pubs are Closing Every Day

Our Kids Need Happiness Lessons to Stop Them Becoming Depressed!
£1m Pay Rise for Boss of British Gas
Whilst 16 million of his customers face huge bill rise
Now the Ultra PC Want LESS Immigration!
The immigrants must be colonising their leafy suburbs
Afghan Mother of 7 to Spend Christmas in £1.2m House and Taxpayers Will Foot The £12,500-A-Month Bill
Illegal Immigrants Jailed For £500k Credit Card Scam
Police Officer Named on BNP List to Face Misconduct Panel

David Miliband Celebrates Chanukah
Pope Attacks Blurring Of Gender
Iran: BBC Reporters in Tehran Are Spies
'Ashamed' Broker Who Lost European Royals £1bn in Madoff Fraud Dies After Slashing Wrists

Does this bother Madoff, we wonder?
Jobless Total 'Heading for Record 3.5million'
'No Apology' for Detained Indian Doctor

Fake Colgate Recalled From Shops

Four Convicted of Takeaway Murder
300 Victims of Abuse to Sue Councils for Neglect
Probation Chiefs ‘Undermine Plan for Criminals to Wear Punishment Jackets’

How It Pays Not to Work under Labour

Soldiers Denied Gifts Over Christmas

Frank Skinner to Present BBC Programme on Television's Bad Language

Dizzee Rascal Given Police Caution After Road Rage Incident
Lord Mandelson Slopes Off with Nat Rothschild
Iranian President To Deliver Channel 4's Alternative Christmas Message

Qatada Prison Rant Is On Web

Troops Are Denied Gifts

Cameron Under Pressure Over Treasurer

The Thought Police Steal John's Life Savings!
Just because he doesn't trust the greedy bankers!
Black "Evil and Twisted" Civil Servant Murdered Lover's Son
Government man, Gerard Tony Paul, was responsible for "child protection"
14-Strong Asian Drugs Gang Faces Jail
Gay Muslim Thief Stabs and Robs his Lover
Ahsan Mahmudd stabbed Adrian Poleglase 7 times and setfire to his flat
Muslim Mum-of-8 Thinks Living in £2.8m Council House is Great!
Check Out the Tory Wallet-Stuffers
How Strictly Makes Families Yearn for Yesterday's Britain
The State's Wallet Stuffers Living the High Life At Our Expense
No More Heroes, No Golden Age: The Archbishop of Canterbury to Deliver Blunt Christmas Sermon

Muslim Mother of 8 Living in £2.6m Council House Admits: 'I'm Not Going to Pretend It Isn't Great'

Muslim Woman Jailed for Life after Murdering Husband Just 33 DAYS after Their Wedding

BLAIR WARS: UK Marine Killed on Christmas Eve
Cardinal Concerned Over Distrust
Nearly 600 Held in Burglary Raids
Victims Of Crime 'Not Put First'
As a Christian, I'm Terrified
Millions Facing 'Financial Meltdown' in New Year

Britain 'Too Dangerous' for Carol Singers
Desmond Tutu Ashamed of South Africa's Failure
Council Official Evicted Elderly Tenants from Bungalows

Then Kristine Reeves moved in herself!
Children's Books are Becoming So Violent and Sexualised
In Falinge, Rochdale, only 300 out of 4,500 Residents Work!
Welcome to the country's benefits capital
Oxford Council Gives Homeless a Train Ticket
And tells them to go back where they came from (Are immigrants treated thus?)
Fines for Laddettes Treble Since 24-Hour Drinking was Introduced
Gay Teen Gets "Homophobic" Mum Arrested and Put on Trial
Support for Families Suffering Fuel Poverty Fails to Reach the Needy

How Sahar Daftary's Death Fall Exposed Polygamy in Britain

We Can't Help You, Police Tell Man Who Found Son's Stolen Car - But Give Us £125 to Tow It Home

1.5 Million On Sickness Benefit for Five Years

Migrant Hordes Hell-Bent on Reaching Soft-Touch Britain
The Next Labour Generation Politician: Chuka Umunna
Age-Ratings Plan for Websites
New Immigration System 'Won't Work', Experts Warn

Muslim Groups 'Linked to September 11 Hijackers Spark Fury Over Conference'
Nation's Heritage 'Left to Decay' after Budget Cuts

Butler-Sloss Urges Courts to Recognise Sharia Divorces

Big Brother CCTV To Spy on Pupils Aged Four - Complete With CPS Evidence Kit
Home for Retired Missionaries Loses Grant - Because It Won't Ask Residents If They Are Lesbians
Spiked Drinks And Derailed Trains... The Official U.S. Warning for American Tourists to Britain

Top Tory’s Role at Firm That Plugs Labour Health Policy
Peek Inside Our Schools And Shudder For This Is The Future

Another Soldier Dies, Another Leaf In Blair's Memoir
Bishops Attack 'Immoral' Labour Recession
'A Test Of Character'

Which Politician Would Pass A Test Like That?
Young 'Ignore Alcohol Campaigns'

Polish Man Accused Of Christmas Killing

Muslims Boycott Bank Over Closed Accounts
Anti-Drink Ads 'Waste Millions'
Nurse Found In Car Boot 'Knew Black Male Suspect'

Slaughter in Gaza
The Jews have killed more than 300 Palestinians in just two days
Rift Deepens Between Government and Church of England!
Native Species in 'Biodiversity Freefall
Look How Stupid We Are Nowadays!
I wonder how many of these stupid people are non-Brits
Check Out the African Freeloaders!
This is what the PC Crowd has been saddling us with for the last 50 years
Behold an Airhead Bimbo Who Loves a Black Murderer

The treacherous slag is prepared to put her children in jeopardy to be with him!
15,000 Teachers Call in Sick EVERY Day!

Beause ofstress/government meddling
Benefit Fraud Up - Convictions Down
Celeb Offered Crib Sheet in Preparation for Mastermind!
I'm the only trans-sexual in the village
Death Camp ‘Sweethearts’ Feted by Hollywood Admit Their Love Story Was A Fake
Care Home for Elderly Christians in Gay Row

White Man Stabbed In The Head In Early Morning Attack 
Muslim Extremists Claim Jesus Christ Would Have Been Locked up in Prison
21-Year-Old Moroccan Charged With Limerick Stabbing
Boom-Time On Benefits: The 140,000 Families Who Claim £20,000 A Year In State Handouts

300,000 Jobs 'To Go in Next Three Months' In Recession Bloodbath

Young Woman 'Stabbed And Left for Dead' In Children's Playground 

Israel Bars Journalists from Gaza Buffer Zone as Troops Prepare for Ground Assault
Britain Slides Down the Global Wealth League as the Value of the Pound Plunges by 25 Per Cent

Father Dies After Six-Hour A&E Wait, Despite GP's Note That Said He Had To Be Seen Immediately

Fresh Blow for Brown as Bishop of London Warns People Are 'Addicted to Borrowing'

Knife Deaths at a Record Six a Week

Teacher Who Wore Trainers Fired
Plans in for Immigration Centre
Running Dry, Running Out: We're Wasting Too Much Water Despite Warnings To Turn Off Taps

Additive May Increase Cancer Risk, Says Study

Schools Suspend 1,000 Violent Pupils Each Day
Church's Policies Are Biggest Cause Of Moral Decline
Council Disregard Objections of 3,000 Residents to Traveller Site as 'They Are Racist'
Israel Prepares for 'Long Weeks of Action' In Gaza as More Palestinians Die in Air Strikes

£45m Bill as NHS Pays Heavy Price to Treat Obese Patients

Benefit Fraud up, but Convictions Are Down by 2,000

Airport Security Branded 'A Total Failure' After Man Flies To Pakistan Using His SISTER'S Passport
Teenager Arrested After Pensioner Found Hacked To Death With An Axe In Her Own Home
Fresh Blow for Brown as Bishop of London Joins Blitz on Brown's Economic Record
Politicians Have Turned the Welfare System Into A Monster That Is Slowly Destroying Britain

Patients to Rate GPs on Website
Hospital Breached Hygiene Rules
Beggars With Children Get Asbos
David Cameron Says Gordon Brown is 'Dropping Bombs' on Britain

Police 'Could Solve 400,000 More Crimes If All Performed At Best Level'
Changes to Housing Benefit Leaves Poorest Priced out of Town
Jury service for illegal immigrant

'No Place For Politics Of Hate And Division'

BNP Leader Calls Bangladesh Poll a Farce

Hospital Sends War Hero, 101, Home to Die Wearing a Nappy and Clutching a Bag of Soiled Clothes
Number of Britons Seeking New Life in Spain Rises by 12%
Couple Have SECOND Set of Black & White Twins

Private Firm May Track All Email And Calls

Two Ambulance men Arrested Over 'Wilful Neglect' of Dying Disabled Man

The 'Nanny State' Guide to Giving Children of Five Alcohol
Sex Offenders, Terrorists and Fraudsters Turn to the Web as Online Crimes Soars to £2billion a Year

Staff at Hospital which Ignored Dying Man for 6 Hours Posed as Hollywood Stars for Calendar Shoot

Alcoholic Liver Disease Soars among the Young as Hospital Admissions More than Double
Ministers' Pension Pots Worth TEN Times Private Sector Average 

Primary School Brings out DVD to Teach Pupils How to Blow Their Noses and Control Sneezes
Law Firm in Race Row with Links to Labour's Keith Vaz is Closed by Watchdog
Incompetent, Vain, Arrogant, Treacherous and Self-Deceiving - Our Politicians Haven't Changed a Bit
Anger over Knighthood Given to Treasury Chief, Nick Macpherson
Double Shootings 'May Be Linked'
Handover of Prisoners to Iraqi Authorities Blocked by European Court

Celebrity Big Brother Contestants Psychologically Tested to Avoid Repeat of Shilpa Shetty Racism Row

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